See what's new in Sea of Thieves

9th September 2020

Vaults of the Ancients

Tackle treacherous traps and denizens of the dark when you raid the Vaults of the Ancients! Employ enchanted equipment to track down a Vault Key, then take on the Treasure Vault for the loot lying within. What will you find – and can you escape with it?

29th July 2020

Ashen Winds

Ashen Winds summons a fearsome foursome of Ashen Lords for new emergent encounters on the Sea of Thieves. Pirates should be wary of these foes who can bring forth flame and blinding ash clouds… but their skulls are valuable as loot and as fire-spitting weapons!

17th June 2020

Haunted Shores

Flameheart has new forces wreaking havoc on the waves: fleets of Ghost Ships from the Sea of the Damned! These well-armed phantom armadas pose a harrowing new challenge, whether encountered by chance or hunted for the Order of Souls…

27th May 2020

Lost Treasures

It's a time of new trials on the seas, with Daily Bounties and weekly events bringing regular, recurring ways to get rich and win glory! Meanwhile, fans of Tall Tales now have checkpoints to discover or rediscover these stories at their own pace...

22nd April 2020

Ships of Fortune

Become an Emissary and sail under the banner of your chosen Trading Company, pursuing advanced promotions and rewards – while facing a newly surfaced threat. The Reaper's Bones have emerged, thirsting for trophies taken from rival Emissaries...

12th March 2020

Heart of Fire

Plunge into a new Tall Tale combining Flameheart's schemes with the fate of Pendragon's entombed crew! Meanwhile, Pirate Legends clash at Thieves' Haven on a special Athena's Run Voyage, balancing conflict with the lure of new treasures...

19th February 2020

Crews of Rage

Swipe a new Chest of Rage from Molten Sands Fortress or through a Bounty Voyage! Can you cash it in before it blows its lid, or will you let it rage to flame your foes? Beware new Ashen Skeletons that can’t be defeated by fire…

15th January 2020

Legends Of The Sea

Track down hidden legends of the Sea of Thieves as the mysterious truth-seeker Umbra directs you to various mementos of pirates from beyond the Shroud. You can also claim a Gilded Voyage to keep the riches flowing in!

11th December 2019

Festival Of Giving

The festive season brings both peril and presents to the Sea of Thieves! Stitcher Jim has Voyages for pirates willing to deliver gifts to his beloved, while pirates can also challenge the three new Skeleton Lords guarding Ashen Tomes in Forts.

20th November 2019

The Seabound Soul

A new Tall Tale awaits all pirates ready to converse with a ghostly explorer from the past! Embark on this adventure or take Voyages from Stitcher Jim to seek strange, valuable Ashen Tomes all across the Sea of Thieves.