As we storm into the twilight of Season Eight, get set to salivate over this month’s heavy-hitting Emporium update along with more improvements to ship combat matchmaking following changes made in the last update. Need a quick refresher on the Battle for the Sea of Thieves? Hit play on that trailer...

Sea of Thieves Season Eight: Official Content Update Video

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Ready to see exactly what’s new? Future fashion, Faction action and, er, a frying pan await you in the full release notes for this update below!

Pirate Emporium

The future comes calling on the shopkeepers of the Pirate Emporium this month with a supply drop containing the Halo-inspired Infinite Depths collection. Costume, ship set, weapons and heroic poses – it's a treasure trove of Sea of Thieves-styled cosmetics fit for a chief.

The Battle for the Sea of Thieves

Matchmaking Improvements

  • Further improvements in this area have now increased the size of the matchmaking pools, allowing players to find more crews who have joined the fight. These improvements work towards reducing matchmaking times and improving the suitability of skill-based matches.

Gameplay Improvements

Athena’s Fortune Emissary Flags

  • In the Battle for the Sea of Thieves, Athena’s Fortune Emissary Flags won from same Faction battles can now be handed to the Mysterious Stranger in return for gold and reputation. This ensures that players can profit from same Faction battles as well as rival Faction battles.

Ghost Ship Damage Balancing

  • Player ships colliding with a Ghost Ship during an encounter will now result in reduced hull damage.

Hiding Ship Names

  • Captains now have access to a new setting, providing creators with more control over their Ship’s Crest, Banner and Logbook. Captains enabling ‘Hide My Ship Name From Others’ will now find the ship’s name is replaced when their ship is viewed by any other player.

  • The existing settings for replacing gamertags, ship names and Captains’ gamertags have all been renamed to improve consistency.

Outpost Cosmetics

Mauve Majestic Sovereign Clothing

  • The Outpost clothing shops now stock the Mauve Majestic Sovereign clothing set, available to purchase for gold.

New Vanity Items

  • A selection of additional items have arrived at the Outpost clothing shops, giving pirates more options to customise their look. The Cascade Hair, Twin Tails Beard and Ancient Ward Tattoo can now be purchased with gold.


Free Pancake Puzzler Emote

  • Countless pancakes are tossed, caught and eaten in the lands beyond the Devil's Shroud at this time of year, and pirates have decided they want in on the action.

  • Set sail on the Sea of Thieves between February 17th and February 24th (10am UTC) to have the free Pancake Puzzler Emote delivered to your Vanity Chest, allowing you to join in with the pancake-flipping festivities! The catching, not so much...

Twitch Drops

  • Continue to unlock even more cosmetics throughout Season Eight with Twitch Drops! Stay tuned to Sea of Thieves social channels to find out when Twitch Drops will be active for Partnered streamers, allowing players to earn Eastern Winds Sapphire items.

  • Find out how to link your accounts and more on our dedicated Twitch Drops page.

Fixed Issues


  • Ammo Crates being held by another pirate can now be harpooned.

  • Players attempting to stand on a barrel attached to a ship’s harpoon will now find they slip off into the water.

  • Players using the ship’s harpoon while migrating across servers will now find the harpoon remains usable on arrival.

  • Pirates travelling through the Tunnels of the Damned with a barrel attached to their harpoon will now find they can release the item and continue to use the harpoon when reaching their destination.

  • Gunpowder Barrels aboard a ship will now be detonated by attacks from Ghost Ships, Megalodons and Krakens.

  • Taking resources or fireworks from a crate and then using a Sunken Merfolk Statue to return to the ship will no longer refill the crate with items.

  • The contents of storage containers will no longer revert to default values after migrating to a new server.

  • Exclusive Athena’s Fortune items from the Legend of the Veil Voyage will now progress the Hider of Legendary Secrets Commendation.

  • Pondies will no longer appear in the lower level of Sea Forts.

The Battle for the Sea of Thieves

  • Dropping treasure off the side of the ship while sailing below the waves no longer causes the item to float away above the ship.

  • Players can no longer beach their ship on an island during a battle to be moved outside the battle area.

  • Dying when diving below the waves to hunt another crew will no longer cause the battle to fail for both crews.

  • The Commendations entitled His Favourite Crew and Risk It All now have updated descriptions, clarifying that any Faction ship destroyed will progress this Commendation.

  • The Commendations entitled Quite the Collection and Souvenir! now display all requirements in their descriptions.

Captains of Adventure

  • Captains saving a livery, decoration or Trinket should now consistently find their saved customisations persist between sessions.

  • Crews will no longer find their ship fails to release a Captain’s Logbook when sinking, even when the server already contains many Ruined Logbooks.

  • When browsing the Shipwright’s shop, backing out of a shop type will now return to the previous page instead of closing the menu.

  • After migrating to a different server, the ‘Placed by’ information for a Trinket will now show the correct gamertag.

  • Players can no longer equip the same Trinket in multiple locations over the maximum limit.

  • The Treasured Memento Mori will now appear in the Trinket Box after purchasing.

  • Skeleton Orders found while doing a Fort of Fortune and then completed will now update the Pirate Milestone for Discovered Quests Completed.

  • Pirates’ hands will no longer intersect with the Captain’s Logbook the first time players interact with it.

Legend of the Veil

  • Starting and cancelling Legend of the Veil Voyages should now ensure that treasure from Shipwreck Graveyards is removed from the world.

Pirate Emporium

  • The icon for the Labyrinth Looter Cannons has now been improved.

  • The icon for the Mandrake Cannon Flare has been updated to its finalised form.


  • Harpoons located at the Sovereigns will once again be able to fire down at all angles to retrieve treasure from the ships below without hitting an invisible surface.

  • An active Skeleton Fort at Old Brinestone Fortress once again fires its cannons at ships on approach.

  • Chests can no longer fall under a wooden platform outside the tavern at Sanctuary Outpost.

User Interface

  • Cycling through throwables using an assigned hotkey will no longer cause the cannonball section on a player’s radial to disappear.


  • The ‘Disable Blur’ option now continues to function after travelling through the Tunnels of the Damned.

Visual and Audio

  • ‘A Pirate’s Life’ – The Cursed Captain’s skull will no longer appear to float if a player buries then digs him back up.

  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ – The opening dialogue with the Mysterious Stranger is now present when starting the Tall Tale at New Golden Sands Outpost.

  • Players whispering using the Speaking Trumpet while using non-verbal chat will now find their message is only sent a short distance, matching the distance of a whispered voice.

  • When observing a pirate fishing, players should no longer see their arms move unnaturally across a range of body types.

  • A floating book can no longer be seen at Smugglers’ Bay.

  • Pirates’ mouths no longer intersect with the Craggy Beard when worn.

  • Pressure plate audio effects should no longer be triggered when moving around a specific location in the Pirate Legend Hideout.

  • A spherical visual effect is no longer present when viewing patches of verdant growth at Marauder’s Arch.

Text and Localisation

  • ‘Dark Brethren’ – Text within the Quest Book now appears correctly across a range of languages.

Performance and Stability

  • Further server optimisations made to reduce the frequency of server performance spikes, which can result in players experiencing lag spikes, rubberbanding and server correction during gameplay.

  • Players on lower-performing hardware may notice a small improvement to the speed at which textures load in when approaching an island.

  • Improved server stability to help prevent instances where using the harpoon could cause players to be disconnected from their session.

Known Issues

Localisation Issues

  • The text for some newly added Emporium and Outpost cosmetics is not currently available in all languages, and will temporarily appear in English until this is resolved.

Reduced Server Performance

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While improvements were most recently released in update 2.7.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 8.22 GB
Xbox Series S: 5.07 GB
Xbox One X: 8.22 GB
Xbox One: 5.07 GB
Microsoft Store: 7.94 GB
Steam: 6.75 GB



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