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  • Hello all! It is so awesome to see so many of you creating crews, fleets and guilds in order to find new friends to sail with. Whatever your play style, ge, gender, race, nationality or creed there is a group of people who are as excited to #bemorepirate as you are!

    In order to maintain.. well, order, we are instituting a new rule that pirates who are not interested in joining a particular group not post in their recruitment threads.

    Article 3 of the Pirate Code reminds us that disputes are settled upon the waves, so please keep that in mind when interacting with each other in the community!

  • Noticing a few people setting up Discord rooms for Sea of Thieves it seems time to build a collection all in one spot of links and information about them.

    Post details of your groups in this thread!

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    Sith Empire Remnants
    Xbox Club Link: -
    Discord: "


    Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
    Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

    Welcome to the Sith Remnant's Sea of Thieves Embassy

    Greetings everyone!
    So let me address the elephant in the room; Sith and a pirate game? Well the Sith Remnant is a gaming community with a structure for those who love Star Wars. We span different titles and our while our structure resembles a Sith power structure the gameplay while we play this title will be ALL pirate 😊.

    I am Darth Baum and I am representing the Sith Remnant here at the Sea of Thieves Forums. We plan for the Sith Remnant to surpass our ancestors and become something truly great, something eternal. If you are looking for a clan for Sea of Thieves look no farther than the Sith Remnant.

    "My 'vision' is of an Empire ready to fight across the battlefield of life. That is all I require."
    Darth Marr

    Sith Remnants Goals

    • Grow into one the biggest and successful communities on Xbox
    • Have community wide gamenights on a weekly basis
    • Form successful competitive teams
    • Provide opportunities for everyone to rise to where they wish to be in the Sith
    • To conquer the Sea and know true power!

    Reasons to join (not biased opinions at all)

    • Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)
    • An intriguing and fascinating ranking system
    • The chance to lead if that is what you aspire to do
    • A unique clan system that differs from about every other clan out there
    • A fun-filled environment
    • And Lastly, A clan that works for you!

    Requirements for Joining

    • Must be at least 13 years of Age
    • Must plan on purchasing Sea of Thieves (or have already preordered it)
    • Must join the Xbox Club (Current central hub of communications)
    • Be respectful
    • Have a mic
    • And Most of ALL, Have common sense

    How to Join!

    • Apply to join the Xbox Live Club
    • Shoot a message to one of our officers and leaders
    • Join the Discord Server to get in touch with everyone right away


    Clan Structure and Organization

    The Sith Remnant is a clan based off of the tenants of the Sith Order from the well beloved Star Wars franchise. While we strive to avoid the backstabbing and betrayals that are hallmarks of the Sith Order a lot of the lore is used to base our structure. We will state that it is not a replica of the Sith Empire as we make adjustments in structure to make it a more effective and enjoyable system.

    The Sith Remnant is ultimately controlled by the Dark Council. The Dark Council consists of 5 members who each hold the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. The 5 Dark Lords oversee a distinct Sphere of Influence of the Empire. Together each Sphere promotes the growth and expansion of the Empire to one day reach the heights it once knew.

    • Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy - Handles expanding the Sith and Foreign Affairs. Recruitment, mergers and alliances.
    • Sphere of Sith Philosophy - Handles propaganda and social media and ensures the promotion of the Sith way of life.
    • Sphere of Technology - Handles a lot of infrastructure of the Sith (Sites, Club, so forth)
    • Sphere of Laws and Justice - Handles internal order and harmony within the Sith. Moderation and so forth
    • Sphere of Knighthood - Oversees the competitive forces of the Sith Remnant
    • Sphere of Propaganda - Creates media content and promotional material for the Sith

    "For now, Sidious, know that you are the blade we will drive through the heart of the Senate, the Republic, and the Jedi Order, and I, your guide to reshaping the galaxy. Together we are the newborn stars that complete the Sith constellation."
    Darth Plagueis, to Darth Sidious

    alt text

    This is a community that is always growing so if you aspire to be a part of another great movement then join today. We have many openings as of now and if you have the skills, the enthusiasm, and the tenacity to make your goals happen then you are in luck. This is not a clan where you will be stuck at the same rank forever unless you are truly content with that. I believe, we all believe in giving opportunities for advancement. Your path, your choices are yours alone so what will you choose? There are many ways to make your mark. Join today and walk the path of power. If you have any comments, questions or concerns you are more than welcome to message me!

    Very Respectfully,

    Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Baum, Dark Council Leader
    Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy

  • PC Preferred/Xbox Possible (Mandatory Teamspeak Participation)

    Angels of Death: Sea of Thieves Division
    So yer looking to throw yourself in with the lot of us in the Angels of Death are ya? Well ye be standing in the right tavern. Sailing across the vast open seas to the edge of the world and back, Angels of Death is a PC based gaming clan. We operate as an independent organization focused on the acquisition of massive amounts of booty! AOD's reputation on the high seas for overcoming the highest of waves is well earned from 18 years of prosperity and camaraderie.

    While we're all pirates, dastardly acts of exploitation and cheating will be met with the sharp end of a cutlass and bilge rats will be shown no quarter! Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent fleet partners and ship mates. We have the heftiest of purses, access to the many of the merchants across the seas, and routinely out sail our competitors in our collective pursuit of booty.

    We operate a TeamSpeak 3 server and have an exclusive AOD XBOX Club. Our crewmates hail from the four corners of the globe with varying levels of experience from beginners, just gaining their sea legs, to seasoned veterans that can drink anyone else under the table. This is a place where swashbucklers of equal wit and charm can sail together and landlubbers can hone their seafaring skills and become talented pirates in their own right. Members can make use of our growing library of useful information and resources located in our private forum.

    AOD is made up of gamers from all over the world that come from different backgrounds and are made up of men and women of all races, creeds, and preferences. In order to assure that our valued members can relax and enjoy themselves, we enforce a Code of Conduct that is designed to reduce drama and prevent humiliation and abuse. Violations of this code are dealt with appropriately. We are here to play games.

    One of the best parts about sailing with AOD is that you’ll never sail alone. The open sea is a dangerous place, and you can be certain that when trouble finds ya, your clan mates will have your back. We meet at the tavern and play informally on a daily basis as a well oiled machine on the high seas.
    AOD also conducts routine training as needed for a variety of topics, such as navigation, ship piloting, combat training, and other topics as requested by our mates. Every legendary pirate lord has to start somewhere, right?

    In order to be eligible for membership in the Sea of Thieves division, you must meet the following oaths:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame
    • Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)
    • Abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code, found on our clan forums. We are an honor clan that focuses on fair play and good sportsmanship.

    Ready to sail with us? Follow this link to apply and we'll get you inducted into our ranks!

    **After you've applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself in a piratey way just for fun

    Check out what else AOD can offer by browsing the rest of our supported games @**

    Catch our streams on twitch!

    I'm hearing some clans, groups, or independent pirates are really hardcore in SoT. The only thing we're hardcore in is our passion for the game and having a good time. AOD is a self styled casual clan, especially within the SoT division. Just want to relax into merchant missions or shipwreck diving? Yup we do that. Wanna go crush a fort and swat away enemy interception? Haha! We do that too. We do it all, but why we do it is simply for the fun of it. No competitive squeaker salt here. Win or lose, it's all about a good time with your mates. Our numbers are strong and steadily growing! Captain Anvil and I cordially invite you to join our crew. Hope to see you aboard ship soon, matey!
    ~Cerulius AOD:SoT Division XO~

  • Ahoy mates,

    I'm looking forward to play some good Navy Roleplay, chasing pirate ships and have some fun.

    I'm not much experienced with Roleplay acting, not much known of (English) naval terms and terminologies. I'm willing to learn.
    I'm Portuguese but I fell very comfortable with English (I'm better listener).

    My main character is a PL and Athenas lvl 5. But I'm looking for use my other account character for roleplay (pretty low leveled yet).
    Not great with close combat, but I have some good navigation skills. (Orientation is my strong point)
    I'm playing SoT since firsts alphas.

    I'm looking for some experienced players as well, at least in the matter of roleplay.
    Not aspiring any main role yet, obviously.


    • My other account is @Abelenha (the one I'll be playing for this.)
    • I'm playing on Xbox, so I favor the communication through game chat channel. Don't use Discord much due to this fact.
    • Probably looking for a bigger crew (Galleon)
    • I have plenty of free time.

    Add me, or message me to play.

  • What is False Flag?

    False Flag is a fleet looking to recruit a moderately sized group of pirates to pillage and plunder in Sea of Thieves.

    What is False Flag's focus?

    Our main focus at this time is simply on recruiting kind, like-minded individuals to join with us. Respect will be one of the most important aspects of the fleet, but we will also be putting focus on PvP/PvE content, as well as a handful of roleplaying as the game develops and allows for more roleplay scenarios, etc.

    Why should I join?

    We plan on putting emphasis on the family/friends feeling. Our goal here is to not become so large that everyone seems a stranger, but rather keep the fleet on a relatively small scale so that every member knows one another and has a deeper connection with crewmates! To add to this question, however, our primary members have been playing Sea Of Thieves since the beginning and have much experience under our belt. We have no problem teaching new players the ropes and welcoming them to this wonderful world.

    Are there any requirements to join?

    Currently our only requirements be as follows:
    ***All new pirates who wish to join must post on this thread, making sure to tag me @Capta1n-Cr0ss or @Hidrapond in the post so that it alerts us via notification. Please state why you wish to join and tell us a little about yourself.
    Must be 18 years of age or older
    Have a working microphone [Some exceptions will be made if someone is really interested but cannot speak for good reason]
    Respect every crew member, regardless of position or title
    Always follow through with orders from the vessels Captain

    I am interested, how do I join?

    If you feel like False Flag would be a good fit for you, please leave a post on this thread giving some details about yourself and why you wish to join. Make sure to tag myself, @Capta1n-Cr0ss or @Hidrapond so that we are notified of your interest in joining. Once you've posted here, you will receive a link to the discord via the forum chat. Also, to save us a little time, please post the following in your reply:





    Tells us a bit about you:

    I've contacted someone about joining, now what?

    In order to keep true to our ways and ensure each member is close, we will not be accepting every request to join. Once you've announced an interest in joining, we will take you on a trial run or two in-game to see how you click with the crew.

    First Mate

    Role Details
    Greenie -- Also known as a 'Greenhorn'. These are members who have simply voiced an interest in joining the fleet, and as far as we know, have little-to-no experience on the ocean. These members must get in contact with myself [Capta1n Cr0ss] and sail with me in order to pass through this rank to a fully-fledged member, also known as 'Pirate' rank.

    Pirate -- The meat and bones of the fleet. This is where the majority of our members will be in terms of rank. That's not to say you're not invaluable to the fleet, because you are. You're the men and women who will be crewing our vessels and ensuring all the work that's required aboard them and from your commanding officers gets done. Without you, there are no pirates. Without pirates, what the hell are we doing here?

    Bosun -- also knows as 'Boatswain' .
    This rank is filled by men and women with aspirations to become Quartermasters and higher. The bosun will always be ready to execute the orders of higher ranked officers as fast as possible, and will always communicate with the crew. The members of this role have shown that they are active members of the fleet, both in game and discord. To become a Bosun, a pirate who has proven themselves worthy, members must be nominated by a First mate or Captain. Currently this is the only rank that is decided by the votes of higher ranked members and mods.

    Quartermaster -- This rank is generally reserved for members of the fleet who have proven their worth. These are the members who don't need to be told what to do most of the time. The ones who adjust the angle of the sails without being told, the ones who are always ready to drop anchor at a moments notice, and the ones who are always on the island clanking their shovels against that beloved booty. Quartermasters are selected by a Captain, from the Bosun ranked members; so it is a privilege to be bestowed this rank.

    First Mate -- Similar to Quartermaster, but a step up. First Mate's are once again chosen by those of the 'Captain' role, and will become the right hand of said Captain. These fine lads and lasses are the ones you'll all be taking orders from when the ship Captain is MIA or not aboard the ship. The care of the ship falls into this roles hands at that moment, so should anything happen, know it is your responsibility. Here in False Flag we frown upon being sunk, so make sure that ship stays afloat at all times!

    Captain -- The men and women who have proven their ability in all aspects of the game, but beyond that, have what it takes to command a vessel on the open ocean. This role is NOT for slackers of any kind. Falling into this role means being able to take control of any and all situations. Take care of your crew, take care of your ship - respect will follow, and your crew will follow you to the ends of the earth. Captains are only assigned by myself [Capta1n Cr0ss]. There is a current goal to have the Captain rank at 5 men or less. Once more Captains have come to their rank, a voting system will be created for the fleet. Each Captain will get a single vote in extremely important fleet matters, where the majority votes wins favour [rarely any exceptions]

    Current Members/Roles
    @Avariku [Greenie]
    @Chillvikz [Greenie]
    @EvilHurdle699 [Greenie]
    @mattcharliedad [Greenie]
    @Mumbles69 [Greenie]
    @Stealth7th [Greenie]
    @xxSASu [Greenie]
    @Afrogamer23 [Pirate]
    @AutismusPiratus [Pirate]
    @BangarangBobby [Pirate]
    @blackhawk1599 [Pirate]
    @Captain-TK-20 [Pirate]
    @CptBartRoberts [Pirate]
    @defsuperman [Pirate]
    @Dogged-KOH [Pirate]
    @ElusivePanda666 [Pirate]
    @FountainKlassik [Pirate]
    @Johnney-Larue [Pirate]
    @Jonaldinho [Pirate]
    @Manwe1490 [Pirate]
    @MrBlackHammer03 [Pirate]
    @MrCat192 [Pirate]
    @NidhoggrNOR [Pirate]
    @stonewall93 [Pirate]
    @SpicyZamarion [Pirate]
    @Tebabba [Pirate]
    @UnitedStatesOfA [Pirate]
    @Vapor1080 [Pirate]
    @WickedxGiant [Pirate]
    @LOL-AT-UR-SKILL [Bosun]
    @Noaek [Bosun]
    @NewRednikki81 [Quartermaster]
    @KraK3n-z [Quartermaster]
    @Spent-D [First Mate]
    @Hidrapond [Captain]
    @Capta1n-Cr0ss [Captain][Founder]

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please leave a post here tagging myself or @Hidrapond. If you do not wish to post them here, then please feel free to message us privately! Thank you, and we'll see you on the seas!

  • alt text

    Welcome to Fleet of Thieves! We are a new and fresh fleet/clan with a strict focus on Sea of Thieves. There will never be any reason to expand to other games, because that is not the vision of this group.

    What makes us unique?
    One of the biggest things that we are proud of is simplicity. Our structure and mission is simple, fun, and effective.

    We're also unique because we are currently the largest fleet specific to Sea of Thieves by far! Our Discord has gained over 2,500 members since the launch of the game. This significantly outweighs growth witnessed in similar organizations!

    The progression in our ranks is unique to Fleet of Thieves. In order to progress through the ranks, you have to meet certain requirements. Once you meet the requirements for the next rank, you submit your standing for officer review and begin your work up the ladder! Everyone loves the feeling of something to work for, and we did our best to deliver that to our community.

    We accept people from all walks of life, and that diversity is a part of what makes our fleet strong. People with all different experiences of the game, yet sharing the same passion. We all just want to sail the seven seas and have the best time possible doing so. If that's not proof we're the right choice, I don't have much else to say!

    How does our hierarchy work?
    Currently, there are seventeen roles for rank progression. You are eligible for promotion once you meet the prerequisites of a rank that are found on our website. You submit your standing with the utilization of our Discord bot for officer review to determine that you are ready to move onto the next rank.

    If you're not interested in role progression and are more casual of a person, you'll blend right in too! There's no certain way you have to lean to have a good time here.

    alt text

    Full details on how you advance in these ranks can be seen inside the Discord.

    Be who you want to be!
    We have no strict uniform in-game when it releases, so feel free to dress however you desire. This includes your ship design as well or any other future customization that is unlocked! We may have militaristic ranks.. but we're Pirates! Not the Royal Navy!

    Is there Roleplay?
    This is not a roleplay community/server, but feel free to use your best pirate voice and linguistic if you feel comfortable doing so. It only makes the stories that much funnier and immersive! That means don't worry about breaking character or feeling like you have to come up with some lore behind you and what we're doing.

    Our own Pirate Code!

    • Respect is a must! If ye need to settle something like pirates figure out a duel somewhere else!
    • This is an English-speaking group. We ask that ye be fluent or extremely proficient in it to participate!
    • We don't have a hard-set age limit but you will be expected to be able to handle yourself. Displaying a deep amount of annoyance and immaturity isn't welcome here.
    • Cheating/third-party use in any fashion outside of the normal mechanics of the game is not welcome here. In short, this means following the terms of conditions to Microsoft/Sea of Thieves.
    • Just use common sense! We're mostly lenient and chill with how things go around here and will often only take action when a behavior is affecting the environment that follows these basic rules.

    Interested in joining?
    If you'd like to become an official member of our fleet then fill out this below:

    Discord Tag:
    Time Zone:
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?:

    Example Application:
    Gamertag: Zaakery
    Discord Tag: zach#0001
    Platform: PC
    Time Zone: EST
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?: I have taken part in every test session for Sea of Thieves since Closed Beta. I'm currently level 31/33/24 with the Factions in-game, and I play everytime I get the chance!

    Join our Discord!
    After you've filled this out and submitted a reply, join the Discord and you will get assigned a role as soon as a staff member checks the thread!
    Fleet of Thieves Discord Link

    Fleet YouTube Promo

  • alt text
    Welcome to the Crew of Thieves!

    We are one of the biggest and oldest Sea of Thieves communities around.. Whether you came here to find others and play the game together, discuss the latest news or just want to have a good time, you've found the right place! We are very friendly, no matter what level of skill you bring to the table and always looking for new faces in the community :)

    Discord Link (Click to join us!):

    Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments here you can use the following format:

    Discord name (Name#XXXX):
    Age (optional):
    Platform (optional):

    What we provide:

    • A Welcoming Community open to everyone who joins!
    • Large Community with over 2,400 players!
    • Experienced people that will be able to answer most of your questions or to set sail with!
    • A proper website with the best guides and news!
    • Moderators and rules to make sure everyone is able to have a good time and enjoy their time when interacting with the Crew of Thieves Discord server
    • Giveaways on our social media (Links found below)
    • Carefully set-up Discord server that has lots of features without being too disturbing for people that aren't interested in them (News, Ranks, Lore info, Many Custom Emojis and so on)
    • Rewarding Discord systems that will allow you to have fun and engage with others in unique ways
    • Regular Events that allow or users to team up, have fun and earn some awesome rewards!

    What we are looking for:

    • People that want to have a good time, no matter your interests within Sea of Thieves (e.g. PvP, Athenas Voyages and more!)
    • Friendly, Interactive Members who are willing to help others who need it!
    • People interested in the game, our community, our website, the content we create or even just pirates!

    Discord Link:
    Twitter Link:
    Reddit Link:

    Happy Sailing and we hope to see you on the High Seas!

  • banner

    There once was a time where fabled pirates of old roamed the 7 seas, pillaging as they saw fit. Those are the days of legend. Where brothers, sisters, friends, and foes alike; drank and sang merry tales of old.

    The stories told of these legends are true. The adventures, the achievements, the glory and gold! Sometimes things come back, and sometimes they never stopped existing. You just need to know where to look.

    We legends have been around for a long, long time. Some of us were famous in our day, and some of us have stories yet untold. Some of us are ruthless, and some of us are friendly - but we are all united by a love of the sea.

    These fabled days of old, these are the days that Rogue Legends will bring again.

    We call to you, our brethren. Join us, in our journeys. Become legend!

    Are you looking for a laid back crew? Perhaps you are looking for some new friends to join you on some voyages to pillage and plunder? Are you looking for a fleet that truly welcomes you and makes you feel like you are family/friends? Are you everything a Rogue Legend is:

    Look no further!

    Our new fleet is growing fast and looking for more members.

    Don’t let the words “new fleet” fool you - we have many Pirate Legends and players that have been around since early alpha in our ranks. So - no matter if you are looking for a seasoned crew to set sail with, a chance to earn responsibility within a fleet via rank progression, mentorship while you learn the ins and outs of this game, or somewhere you can just come and hang out and have a ton of laughs; Rogue Legends has a spot for you.

    You do not need to be legend status to join us. We will help you become a Legend

    In order to be eligible for membership in Rogue Legends you must meet the following:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Abide by the Rogue Legends Code (provided upon entering our discord)
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code
    • Use Discord
    • Have a working microphone (some exceptions can be made)
    • Be proficient in the English language, as we are an English speaking fleet.

    How to Join
    To join our fleet and start your journey of becoming a Rogue Legend:

    Leave the required information below in a reply, to this thread.

    If you feel like Rogue Legends is a good fit for you, please leave a post on this thread giving some details about yourself and why you wish to join. Make sure to tag @CodeName-Jenova or @GefahrMcGefahr.

    Tells us a bit about you:
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:

    Happy Sailing!

  • I have the day off, was planning to do forsaken shores but now I guess I will try to do like a big alliance athena thing, but I have no idea how to set that up. looking for a crew

  • alt text

    alt text

    Welcome to The Iron Fleet's official recruitment thread. We are a veteran community that has been connecting more and more pirates since before launch! Keep in mind that there is no current in-game support for fleets, but that won't stop us from socializing, playing together, and growing as a community! We accept all pirates regardless of experience, provided they abide by the rules, and will aim to help new players along their journey. We have players from all around the world, so it should never be a problem finding someone to play with. The Iron Fleet is based off the fleet of the same name from George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire." Feel free to role-play along, but it's not required!

    alt text

    1. Follow Microsoft's Terms of Conditions and Rare's Pirate Code
    2. Must be 18+ and be fluent in English
    3. Must have a working microphone
    4. Treat everyone with respect and display maturity

    alt text

    alt text

    Pioneers are automatically given the rank of Master Gunner, and Founders are automatically given the rank of Gunner. Every member will be provided with opportunities to rank up.

    alt text

    To start, we've added an entirely new role and ranking system. While staff ranks (Rear Admiral (lower half)) and above will only be given by appointment, every member has the chance to "rank up" in the fleet, up to the rank of Commander. The ranks of Captain and Commodore will only be by appointment as well, for distinguished members who serve as moderators. These roles are purchasable through the store. Each role has a different price, and comes with different salaries (paid every 24 hours).

    In addition to the roles, you can also purchase and invest in a number of trade goods. Want to own your own store and sell your very own goods? Go right ahead! New items from far away lands may show up in the store at any time, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Lastly, we've implemented gambling as a sport and spectacle. You can participate in or simply cheer on a cockfight outside the tavern, throw dice in the back alleyway, or go to a casino type area where you can experience more exotic games, such as roulette and blackjack!

    alt text

    To join our ranks and start plunderin' your way across the seven seas, submit the application template, found below, to this thread. In the meantime, join our discord and say hi! Once you've submitted an app and joined the discord, simply tag @Jr Officer or @Sr Officer in the #tavern to be assigned your rank!

    Discord Name:
    Region/Time Zone:
    Have you played in the tech alpha, closed beta, scale tests, or open beta?:
    Pirate Legend or Athena's Fortune 10?
    Additional info you may want to include:

    alt text

    Discord | Twitter | YouTube

    *The Iron Fleet's name and motto are based off "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin and its televised adaptation "Game of Thrones" on HBO. Head banner made by @The-DOSCON. Fleet rank banner made by @Pocketomi.

  • CREED of the SEAS.

    Who are we?:
    We are players who's morals are based on faith. Though this fleet might be full of other Christian players or any who wants to prioritize in helping other crews, Anyone is welcome with open arms and open minds!

    What is our Mission?:
    Our mission is to bring players together and engage in peaceful and jolly co-operation, as well as (Possibly) talking about the Bible if anyone is interested.

    Are there any Rules?:
    Yes there are.

    1. No treating each other like accursed Skeletons. If someone in our crew swears or tries making a fuss, they will have 3 chances to stop, otherwise they are muted in the crew so they can't speak. Trying to sabotage us will result in a brig. Killing another friendly crew will result in the brig for a select amount of time.
    1. Treat everyone equally. We are all, unfortunately, sinners. It's human nature to sin, though we strive to turn away from sin in real life. Another reason why everyone is welcome to join. Only retaliate of anyone tries to attack us.

    What does the banner represent?:
    Basically, a black background with a red Triangle... no real symbolism for the triangle. but the Wine cup, Cross, and Bread all represent Jesus's sacrifice so we may enter heaven, no matter how challenging it may be. (Thanks bro :) )

    How will we meet up? How will I join?:
    I have made a Discord here. If you want to join you may, we will welcome you with open arms.

    If you have any other questions, please leave them down below or on the discord channel. And see you on the seas!

  • alt text


    alt text

    Faction Info:

    Why should you join The Cutthroat Pirates Community?
    Our promise to you is that you will have more fun playing Sea of Thieves with the Cutthroat Pirates than you would on your own or anywhere else. We focus on providing leading experiences in Adventuring, Role Playing, and Speed Running, while we also provide a great home for the competitive scene. As the most storied, most victorious fleet in the game we pride ourselves on saying: We work hard and play even harder.

    The Cutthroat Pirates have a long history in the community; from our record breaking Endless Voyage to our countless event victories. We ensure our name is always on the map by being an active discord community, but more importantly: We are a family. Our mad love for Sea of Thieves makes us strive to provide an amazing place for all to grow both in and out of the game.

    We are inviting everyone (18+) from the Sea of Thieves community to join our discord server. The program #BeMoreCutthroat is a way to show people how we do things, and we are committed to training our community members. Everyone who joins The Cutthroat Pirates discord server will gain access to our training manual and our basic weekly events like PvP Galleons, 1v1 training, etc. The aim is to raise the bar in all aspects. We promote deep friendships that go well beyond the game, and we are all about continuous improvement which is what keeps us going.

    In becoming a Cutthroat we encourage you to #BeMoreCutthroat by:
     Becoming an Adventurer, Roleplayer, or Speedrunner
     Practicing your skills
     Taking the game seriously, but still knowing how to have fun
     Helping others and sharing your experiences
     Engaging with the community and showing initiative
     Acting maturely
     Forming friendships

    When joining the Cutthroat Pirates discord server, you enter as a normal member that gains access to:
     Our active LFG
     The Cutthroat training manual
     Ability to participate in our weekly events
     The opportunity to become a Cutthroat
     Must show exceptional skills in all aspects of Sea of Thieves… this includes but is not
    limited to: the ability to sail all ship types efficiently, able to work well as a crew
    member and as a helmsman, can engage in combat confidently and mercilessly. Every
    Cutthroat is expected to know and apply sailing and combat techniques detailed in the

    It takes time to gain the skills necessary to thrive as a Cutthroat, but we are committed to helping you get there! Sail with us and let’s have some fun!

    Being a Cutthroat has its perks
     Can participate in exclusive events (Endless Voyage, Cutlass Tourney, Total War)
     Ability to represent us in multi-fleet events
     Access to the Cutthroat LFG
     Sailing with high calibre players
     Engaging with PvP heavy community
     Weekly community meetings

    Click here to view our ranking structure

    Social Media:
    Our Twitter Page
    Youtube Channel

    Core Values:
    alt text

    alt text

    We only select ambitious and qualified candidates to join our ranks. Potential candidates must exhibit leadership potential, critical thinking skills, communication skills, team-work, ability to work under pressure and fearlessness. However, all are free to join the Discord!


    alt text

    • Conquer the Seas
    • Acquire an Active & Committed Player-base
    • Military Expansion World-Wide
    • Accelerated Naval & Combat Training
    • Rapid Player Progression

    alt text

    alt text

    They say that not long ago, beyond the horizon, a fleet of ghastly and gnarled ships arose from the Blood Sea. The black raised, bearing the distinctive mark of the Cutthroats; notorious and ruthless pirates. Fathers tell their children what they believe to be tall tales of the flag, warning them about the perils of the sea and of the dangers that lurk atop its unforgiving tides. Captains remind their crews of the superstition that so much as a glancing sight of the flag brings with it a cost to bear--a curse that would take the very souls of those that perish to its tattered sails.

    Rumour spread quickly of accursed ships spreading havoc and discord within the boundaries of the Sea of Thieves. A fleet of scorned ships come to reclaim the sea and the treasures she holds--a fleet that causes dread in even the most hardened of pirates.

    Their wake runs red with the blood of those that dare and their ships are pouring with gold. This is the tale of the Skull and Three...this is the legend of the Cutthroats.

    alt text

    If you're looking for challenges, action-packed events, strategic gameplay and organized leadership / teamwork, then this is the place for you. Our members understand the work and commitment needed in order to truly become LEGENDARY PIRATES. We will teach you all the tips, tricks and strategies in order for you to have the absolute edge in combat, naval warfare and player progression. Our vast network of members are not merely gamers, undergraduates, graduates, and employed workers, but they are well-qualified individuals who uphold our goals and retain qualities of leadership, team-work, and loyalty.

    The Cutthroat Pirates are NOTORIOUS for being FEARLESS! No matter what ship or how many ships lie ahead, we will not settle until the sea is ours!

    alt text

    Events we are participating in:

    Events we have participated in:
    Current Record Holders:
    First Place:
    First Place:
    Reigning Champions:
    Third Place:

    alt text

    • Indigo Koolai
    • Ragetrox
    • XithGK
    • iTz K TIMER
    • Hard Locked
    • Geno on a boat
    • Nephrosiss
    • topdog021
    • Seaiayu
    • CmadnessV
    • TheBeast_NY
    • wkd
    • Balin
    • Krak3n_z
    • XxTyl3rDadYumxX
    • Feyne
    • Vince Robert

  • Any one have a good active Discord group's we can join? Uk Player and times!

  • Image didn't load

    The Pirate Armada we are a new and upcoming fleet inside of the Sea of Thieves world and we ask you to join and make a fantastic Sea of Thieves experience for everyone to enjoy!

    About Us
    We have just started as an Armada at the release of the Cursed Sails Update, July 31, 2018. We believe that there isn't only one way to play Sea of Thieves but many experiences for you to enjoy! The Pirate Armada is making an experience you can't miss out on.

    What makes us, US?
    The Pirate Armada comes up with new ideas to tickle everyone's fancy, such as our monthly campaign. You can read about another pirate's adventurous story! As well as go for our Armada rewards which are handed out at the end of every other week and at the end of each month.

    The Pirate Armada is run on a ranking system. It's it easiest and fastest way to keep a group organized.
    This one didn't load? What!
    Ranking information can be found on our discord, asking a staff member, or soon our up and coming website.

    Yes, even the Armada has rules.

    Be Respectful to all other pirates

    Keep it Civil we try to keep everyone happy and if you screaming at us we can't help you.

    The Pirate Code must be followed at all times. []

    Applying to the Armada?
    It is very simple to apply!

    Xbox/Xbox App Gamertag:
    What are you most excited for in Sea Of Thieves?


    Xbox/Xbox Gamertag: Treylerp
    Discord: Nug#1714
    Platform: PC
    Timezone: MST
    What are you most excited for in Sea Of Thieves? The rowboat!

    Just the same old discord
    The Pirate Armada Discord

    Promo Video
    The Pirate Armada Promo

  • alt text

    The year be 1688, you've heard tales of a Captain and his crew that has a Golden Cutlass which brings riches to any man or woman that follow him. You've had an enough of ya scaffy life and want what they have, at the nearest port, your story begins.

    We are currently recruiting members who are interested in in-game roleplay and would like to experience our own economy system.

    What we offer:

    • Full hierarchy based on peoples skill, knowledge and respect.
    • Fully working economy system which adds depth to character development, wages based on your rank, treasure count and roleplaying attitudes.
    • The ability to make a name for yourself without having everything at the get-go.
    • Friendly and supportive members willing to help each other grow as roleplayers.
    • Weekly Events based on member opinions.
    • A group of roleplayers who actually want to enhance their roleplay.

    Our requirements are:

    • 16 years or older
    • Be able to roleplay in-game [We do not mean by changing your voice, but being able to portray your character as written]
    • Be able to download discord and use it on a regular base.
    • Be able to follow our fleet rules.

    If you would like to join please come by our discord server!

    I hope to see you soon!

    alt text

  • Tactical Fleet [PC | XBOX] - PVP/PVE

    Billions of blue blistering barnacles, we got a bite! All hands on deck!

    alt text

    Ahem, ahoy scallywag!

    We be here at yer service to provide some of the best crew mates these seas has to offer.
    Check out our pamphlet down below if yer interested.


    • Age 18+
    • Discord
    • Microphone
    • Submit an Application


    • Facilitate an Active Fleet
    • Race to Pirate Legend
    • Experts in Naval Combat
    • Provide Naval Combat Training
    • War with Rival Fleets
    • Rapid Advancement
    • Host Creative Events

    What's this crew about?

    • We Provide Legendary Voyages (earn athena rep early)
    • Family-like Community
    • Competitive & Hardcore
    • Casual Friendly
    • PVE / PVP Oriented
    • 20W/1L PVP Ratio
    • Skeleton Fort Farming
    • Guides & Tips for New Players
    • Experienced Leadership (Organized)
    • Custom Colored Ships & Decorations
    • No Minimum Requirement
    • Bi-Weekly Crew Events
    • Promotion Hierarchy (Based on Skill)

    Why choose us?

    • Long-Term Support
    • Skilled Players & Leadership
    • Large Gaming Community
    • Backed by 1000+ Members
    • Large Member-Base Guaranteed
    • Early Opportunity to Grow in Our Ranks
    • We're Committed to Rival the Top Fleets
    • Democratic Leadership - Your Feedback Matters
    • We're International - Member Active 24/7

    We're dedicated to making your experience better. It's why over a thousand members trust us to provide
    them a tight-knit / experienced community that naturally molds itself to everyone's needs.

    Discord Link:
    Click Here

    How to Join Us:
    Step 1: Join Our Discord.
    Step 2: Read and follow the directions in the #welcome channel.
    Step 3: Read and follow the #fleet-instructions.
    Step 4: Submit an Application.
    Step 5: Contact a SOT Officer or SoT Recruiter on Discord.

    Application Form

    Platform: PC / XBOX
    What level are you in all 3 factions?:
    Hardcore or Casual?:
    Discord ID?:

    Application Form Example:

    Platform: PC
    Gamer-Tag: Private Snuffy
    What level are you in all 3 factions?: 45 Gold / 42 Souls / 40 Merchant
    Hardcore or Casual?: Hardcore
    Discord ID?: PrivateSnuffy#1337
    Goals?: Become a pirate legend and wreck face

    Promotion Hierarchy

    E-1: Sailor
    O-1: First Mate
    O-2: Captain
    O-3: Rear Admiral
    O-4: Admiral

    Preferred Role System:

    Our role-request bot will gladly help you assign your desired role(s).

    Helmsman: Ye be steering the ship.
    Boarder: Arr! Board the enemy ship in Pirate vs Pirate combat.
    Handyman: Aye! Stay on ship to repair and help the Helmsman.
    Anti-boarder: Defendin' the ladder and protectin' the ship and her crew.
    Grenadier: Ye be mannin’ the cannons! In charge of cursed cannonballs.
    Crew: Play any role on the ship that isn’t filled!

    Rank structure is enforced - Seniority over the crew will be based on rank. Rank is earned through leadership ability and skill. If you're new or desire to be among the best these seas have to offer, our officers will take care of you and teach you all they know.

    Rank Structure

    Sailor - everybody starts of as a Sailor and if you want you can get promoted to First mate. this will require at least 4 other sailors to vote you up.

    First Mate - Yar! First Mates are trusted by the crew to man the helm during basic naval combat and pillages. In addition to assume seniority over lower-enlisted. If accompanied by the Captain, they will serve as second in command. First Mates are given access to the #officer-chat on our discord to discuss the logistics, conflict, and promotions within our fleet. If multiple First Mates are boarded on one vessel, time in grade will determine which First Mate has seniority or amongst themselves.

    Captain - Captains have proved worthy of naval combat in our crew. They may propose promotions and demotions which causes an issue to be posted in our officer chat. When a democratic order is approved by a Rear Admiral or higher, Captains may also vote on the issue. If a Rear Admiral is present, they will serve as second in command.

    Rear Admiral - Rear Admirals are among the most experienced in our fleet. This is second-highest rank a member can have in our crew. They can assign rank (up to first mate) without requiring the Admiral’s approval and vote on issues in an oligarchic order. They will be in charge of coordinating multiple vessels to approach one objective if present on the same server. Unlike lower ranking members of the crew, Rear Admirals can expel or demote anyone of lower rank. Rear admirals may flag other crews for war without the approval of the Admiral.

    SoT Officer - SoT Officers answer directly to the SoT Leader (Admiral). SoT Officers have all the capabilities of the Admiral and work as their right hand to complete community tasks and moderate discord channels.

    SoT Leader (Admiral) - Admiral is the highest rank a member can have in our crew. Admirals generally have either started the crew or were a former SoT Officer promoted by the previous Admiral. The Admiral has the power to demote and promote anyone in an autocratic order, change the crew articles, and assign titles to anyone, including themselves. The Admiral leads the SoT Officers to carry out community development.

    Applies to all Officers - When in charge of a vessel, they will be responsible for supplies, completing the mission, and whether ye walk the plank for tearing the whole crew apart! (of course we'll swoop ye back up if ye survive swimming amongst the sharks)

    Our Commitment

    If you'd like to get to know us and what we're about, join our Discord:
    Click Here

    You must go through all of our steps to board the tactical fleet. We pride ourselves in having exceptional players, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with all of our members. This process maintains the integrity and quality of our new recruits. We have over 200 members who actively play and compete, so once you're in, you'll not only learn from us, but you'll feel right at home with the rest of the crew.

  • Tactical Adventures/Tactical Gaming has launched it's Sea of Thieves division and is looking for mature, like-minded pirates to join our crews. Don't have any friends that play Sea of Thieves? No problem - join us! Want to join with your friend? No problem - both of you join us!

    Tactical Gaming (TG) is a multi-game, multiplatform, and multinational gaming community. We are all about creating a friendly, respectful environment that instills teamwork and comradeship between members. We have standard practice times every Tuesday and Thursday from 8~10pm EST (NA) or from 7~9pm GMT (EU), with many members playing together around the clock. To find out more, leave a reply or check out our website:

    Head Quarters:
    About us:
    Why TG?:

    If you register, please reply here stating you have done so. Please list TG GRINCHY as the pirate that referred you.

  • Serwer Amareth Discord poszukuje nowych graczy.
    Jeżeli szukasz zgranej paczki graczy-pasjonatów,
    a nie chcesz uczestniczyć w masówkach, to zapraszamy
    do siebie. Oferujemy wspólne granie w wiele tytułów
    zarówno kooperacyjnych jak i wieloosobowych.
    W naszych szeregach są ludzie aktywni, nie osoby
    siedzące na serwerze i nabijające statystykę.

    Co oferujemy:

    • miłą atmosferę,
    • wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
    • "Giveaways"- klucze z grami dla stałych uczestników,
    • pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

    Co oczekujemy:

    • minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
    • komunikatywność,
    • minimalna aktywność na serwerze.

    Link zaproszeniowy na serwer Discord:

    Ważne. Jeżeli nie posiadasz konta na serwisie Discord, polecam
    je założyć przy dołączeniu do naszego serwera. Konta tymczasowe są automatycznie usuwane przez serwer.
    Po dołączeniu do serwera "Amareth", poczekaj 3 minuty, aż Kwatermistrz nada Ci rangę uprawniającą do korzystania z serwera.

    Serdecznie zapraszamy.

  • Levels are 45/43/43/3 with mic. Lets make some money!

  • Moin, es gibt auch noch Seefahrer die ohne Sozialem 24/7 zwang zur See fahren. Es gibt kein TS und auch kein Discord, wie benutzen einfach das Spiel um uns zu verständigen. Zur Zeit sind wir 2 Spieler und fahren mit der Schaluppe umher. Wir spielen seit der closed Beta, zielstrebig jedoch mit dem Fokus auf Spaß. Jeweilige Absprachen was wir in Angriff nehmen wollen finden vor jedee Fahrt statt. Event Erfolge und Fraktionsvorschritt ist uns nicht fremd. Auch kleine Roleplay Einlagen sind hier und da geboten. Wer mit Rumpf, Heck, Bug, Steuerbord, Backbord, Mast, Segel und Krähennest was anfangen kann der kommt schnell zurecht. Auch totale neueinsteiger sind willkommen. Wir freuen uns auf Verstärkung an den Seilen.

  • I really enjoy this game, but I don’t have anyone to play with. So, I was hoping there were some people here who might want to start a crew. I’d like to eventually get enough people to sail a large Galleon together. I’m available to play anytime in the evenings and on weekends. GTAG-Untoten115

    (Edit) Please be sure to send me a message with your freind request telling me you are from Sea Of Thieves. Also don’t bother if you are under 18. I’m 26 and I just don’t think I’ll have much fun in a crew of children.

  • Hello all...
    My name is Luc and I'm looking for a Belgian/Dutch group of players to join...
    I like casual online gaming... relax and fun...

    My SoT banner

    My ingame character name is "ThreeSheetsLuke"... as in "three sheets to the wind"

    "Three sheets in the wind," or "three sheets to the wind," goes back to the early 19th century. The first known use in print is in British writer Pierce Egan's book Real Life in London (1821): "Old Wax and Bristles is about three sheets in the wind." The "sheets" in this expression are not bedclothes, as you might have guessed, but neither are they sails. The sheets are ropes or chains that are attached to the lower corner of a ship's sails and used to extend or shorten the sails. If you were on a three-sailed vessel and all three sheets were loose—in the wind—the boat would wallow about uncontrollably much like a staggering drunk. Old-time sailors would say that someone only slightly tipsy was "one sheet in the wind," while a rip-roaring drunk was "three sheets in the wind."

    Cheers !

  • Founded February 8th, 2018
    (repost, since I deleted my old forum account)

    alt text

    alt text

    What is The King's Navy? - A fleet of privateers for the King, looking to sink savage pirates, protect merchants, and gain influence on the sea. (sailing as members of the royal navy for the interests of the United Kingdom)

    While our focus may be PVP, it is to do so in a manor that entices and encourages roleplay with others at sea. Not to troll or sink every ship left and right without reason.
    alt text
    Requirements to join:

    • Have a working microphone, be willing to use game chat
    • Follow and understand the ranking system
    • Join the discord

    The King's Navy will provide set ranks so that ranks are in synchronization with the different ships and crews that are members of this organization. (the captains of the ships will, of course, dictate who holds what rank on their ship for every rank below officer. Ranks above captain will be dictated by The King's Navy's governing board, more detail below)

    • Fleet Ranks -
      (appointed by the governing board)
      Vice Admiral
      Rear Admiral

    • Officer Ranks -
      (appointed by the governing board with recommendation from a current officer)
      Acting Lieutenant

    • Enlisted Ranks -
      (appointed by individual ship captains)
      Able Seaman
      Ordinary Seaman

    Governing Board:

    Some loyal members of The King's Navy will be invited to join the Governing Board, these are the individuals who will vote for and propose officer candidates and deal with administrative work to keep the Navy on the same page.


  • Ahoi ihr Landratten :)
    Mein Gesuch ist etwas speziell und ehrlich gesagt finde ich es selbst etwas gewagt und sehe es auch als eine Art Experiment.
    Ich stelle mich im Anschluss persönlich und näher vor, schreibe aber ersmtal explizit was ich suche.

    1. Ne fixe Crew, 2-3 Leute für Brigg oder Galleone.
      Ich habe 1 Kumpel der ab und zu zockt, der hat auch noch einen Kumpel der das ab und zu wenn der Kumpel zockt, zockt :P
      Aber ich möchte öfter SoT spielen und das nicht alleine, sondern mit einer Crew, nicht irgendeiner Crew, sondern der Crew! meiner Crew! und zwar regelmäßig, aber nicht verbindlich, ambitioniert casual. Sagen wir 4/7 Abenden in der Woche.
      Mal 3, mal 5 und mal gar nicht und dann 7/7.
      Ihr seht schon es wird nicht ganz einfach :D
      Passen muss es - und nicht nur was die Zeiten angeht.
      Nach dem Motto: Ich suche nicht die Besten, nicht die coolsten, die schönsten, sondern die "Richtigen", die zu mir passen, meine Philosophie zu spielen teilen, ähnlich Zeit und l**t wie ich haben und wo das Verhältnis von Ambitionen etwas zu erreichen und Fun zusammenpassen.

    Könntest du das sein oder könnte ich vielleicht ein 2er oder 3er Team ergänzen?

    Vielleicht denken jetzt viele, was stellt der sich bloß so an.
    Und ich sage euch, ich spiele auch hier und da mal mit Randoms und habe gar keine Probleme, mache tw. gute Erfahrungen,
    aber eben auch bescheidene.
    Gar nicht so oft, aber ich möchte bescheidene Erfahrunge am liebsten komplett vermeiden. Jaja, die See ist kein Ponyhof, ich weiß :P

    1. Philosophie
      Ich liebe SoT weils keine Levels hat. Es gibt nix besch.... als Levels in online MP Games, noch bescheuerter sind Itemspiralen, also wenn man immer bessere Waffen, Perks etc. bekommt. Warum? Weil es die Spieler splittet. Ich mag es gar nicht erklären, SoT hat das alles nicht.
      Es gibt aber dennoch viele "Gamer" die Progress als Motivation brauchen. Brauch ich nicht, mag ich nicht. Ja ich betreibe ihn, er ist Bestandteil des Spiels, aber ich betreibe ihn nebenbei, er passiert während ich spiele und nicht andersherum!!!
      Ich möchte weiterkommen während ich spiele und nicht spielen, während ich weiterkomme. Das ist ne feine Nuance in meinen Augen.
      Ist mir sehr wichtig. Bist du ein Progress Gamer, passt du nicht zu mir!
      Damit sind dann wohl mindestens 50% raus, wahrscheinlich sogar eher mehr :P
      Ist nix perönliches - jedem das seine, alles cool ;-)
      Ich mag es nicht wenn Leute fluchen, permanent off topic labern, über Fussball, Gott und die Welt lamentieren, undeutliche Sprache, permanentes knistern am Mic... ach mir fällt sicher noch ne ganze Menge ein, aber der Trend sollte erkennbar sein. DAs alles kann Mal vorkommen, also knistern, nuscheln, man muss was loswerden, aber bitte nicht dauernd als Nebenprogramm, wenn ihr versteht was ich meine.
      Ich bin keine Spaßbremse, ich rede manchmal selbst gerne und viel, aber i.d.R. dann doch eher weniger und wenn, dann auch nicht zwanghaft und ausschließlich, aber doch überwiegend nur übers Spiel bzw die Spielsession betreffend.
      Ich suche keine Pro's, mir wäre es sogar lieber Leute in meinem Levelbereich zu finden (35,33,30) und keine PL-A10 Spieler.
      Warum, einfach weil es ein cooleres Gefühl ist gemeinsam auf der Reise zu sein. Wenn aber jemand richtig cool ist, ist es mir auch total Latte ob er PL ist.
      Hab schon echt coole Typen getroffen, aber - soviel wie die, die jetzt schon PL sind spielen, spiele ich eh nicht.

    Das Alter meiner Mitspieler ist mir fast egal, wenns passt, aber seien wir ehrlich, ich bin 42 hust, es wäre wahrscheinlicher das es passt, wenn die Herren auch schon was älter wären :D
    Ich sehe mich selbst als ambitionierten casualgamer, der schon auch was erreichen und Erfolge feiern möchte, aber grundsätzlich doch sehr relaxt spielt, nicht flucht, ins Mikro rülpst oder herumjammert.
    Ok, doch sicher jammere ich auch mal rum :P
    Aber es ist ein Spiel, kein Wettkampf. Ich will gewinnen und ich ärgere mich auch, wenn ich Loot verliere, je nachdem wieviel, aber ich raste deshalb nicht aus. Es kann schon auch sein das ich sage: das war's heute für mich, wenn mir ne ordentliche Prise abhanden gekommen ist und es sowieso schon spät und nicht mehr soviel Zeit für weitere Fahrten ist, aber das ist eher selten. Wenn, dann ist das auch genau deshalb passiert, weil ich das Gefühl hatte eben nicht mit den richtigen Leuten zusammen gewesen zu sein.
    Ich würde niemandem die Schuld fürs verlieren geben, bin selbst kein Pro und manchmal zu doof ne Banane zu essen, aber wenn ich merke jemand gibt sich gar keine Mühe oder hat die Reaktionszeit einer bekifften Schnecke und macht nie was man ihm sagt und immer nur sein privates Ding, dann sorry, passt es halt nicht.

    So, was noch?! Ja eigentlich nix. Ich habe wenig Hoffnung das ich Leute finde mit denen ich auf Dauer wirklich klar komme :P
    Bisher sind mir die meißten einfach zu Gamer mäßig unterwegs und rushen durchs Game oder sind einfach zu... verhaltensoriginell :-)

    So noch was zu mir: Ich bin 42, alleinerziehender Vater, n Hund hab ich auch noch und ich höre kein METAL! Wie gefühlt 90% aller Gamer. Ich habe überhaupt nix gegen Metal, manches finde ich sogar gut oder ok, aber ich bin Percussionist in einer Reggae Band und demzufolge höre ich so gut wie nur Schlager... äh Reggae :D
    Ja, das ist total relaxt!
    Ach noch was - Ich mag PvP, nicht immer, nicht zwingend, aber ja warum nicht, it's part of the Game und kann viel Spaß machen, genauso wie es für etwas Frust sorgen kann.

    Was ich nice fände ist, wenn man es schafft sich gut aufeinander einzuspielen, Segel hissen, reffen, ausrichten, Kurs anlegen, Karte und fremde Schiffe im Auge behalten etc...
    Ich steuere gerne, mache aber auch alles andere genausogerne. Ich kann das Schiff sichern oder den Spaten schwingen, das Kommando übernehmen aber - und das ist kein Scherz - auch sehr gut Kommandos annehmen und umsetzen. Ich fühle mich in allen Rollen wohl. Am liebsten ist es mir, wenn man sich dabei abwechselt.

    Wer bis hierher gelesen hat und noch nickt, ist nicht ganz verkehrt und ich freue mich über Post oder Antworten hier.

    Am Ende bleibt nur es miteinander zu versuchen.

    have fun - Stun

    p.s.: wenn ihr noch was wissen wollt, fragt mich gerne.

  • This topic is deleted!

    Need a pirate legend for athena.
    Over 18 please. Send me a message at rx8migs.

  • alt text

    alt text
    ¿Estaba buscando un grupo de corsarios hispanos con los que poder navegar y saquear? Ojo al parche; deje su catalejo y no busque más, éste es el lugar adecuado (¡Yo-ho!).

    alt text

    alt text

    Entre en nuestro servidor desde el siguiente enlace de invitación y preséntese en la #taberna para unirse a nuestras aventuras, echar un trago y convertirse en un caballero de fortuna.

    Servidor de Discord
    Página web

    alt text

    alt text

    ✅ 1. Entrar en nuestro servidor de Discord: Para los despistados ¡no podemos verificaros si no entrais! y por esa razón es el primer paso y más importante.

    ✅ 2. Publicar un mensaje en el foro de Sea Of Thieves en el Hilo Oficial de nuestra comunidad (aquí mismo): Deje un mensaje en nuestro hilo oficial para que comprobemos el estado de su cuenta y para aumentar la visibilidad de nuestra comunidad lo que nos beneficia a todos. No olvide hacer una pequeña presentación, tampoco olvide decirnos su usuario de Discord para que sincronicemos su apodo.

    ✅ 3. Publicar un mensaje en Discord: Mencione desde el canal de texto #verificación a un @Verificador (sin la mención es más difícil que localicemos su mensaje, recuerde que debe aparecer resaltada en color verde), puede dejar un mensaje tal que así:

    Ejemplo de mensaje que debe dejarnos (el @ desplegará una lista con los roles mencionables):

    alt text

    alt text

    Hilo de Guías e información [En progreso...]

  • Hey folks,

    I'm the founder of an 18+ fun, friendly and mature gaming community called CraveTheGame. We are a friendly, fun and laidback bunch that play a wide variety of games on varied platforms, however, we are looking for fellow pirates to join us and team up with for the release of SOT!

    If you think this may be something you are looking for, then please feel free to check us out:

    Website: [](link url)
    Discord (for CTG): [](link url)
    Discord (for myself): misswotsit#9093
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, more than happy to help :D

    See you on the open seas!

    Miss Wotsit

  • Ahoy mate!
    This 'ere be Capt Vonjir, and I be lookin fer able bodied crew, ye see. Got me one o' dem "clubs", 'ere on Xbox n' a weather eye on the 'Orizon. Lookin' te fill me ranks wit' trustworthy crew, fer fame n' fortune n' plenty o' rum! If ye fancy yerself an RPer (Roleplayer/Actor via text/mic), look up me club on yer Xbox app an shoot me an application via parrot. Scrawk! "Aye ye heard me! Now shut it!". Ye can find me crew publicly as The Pirates of the Bottomless Tankard, says I. If ye be look te' meet me in person, ye may find a ship droppin' anchor round the Smugglers Bay. That'd be me, savvy? Aboard the Siren's Bounty.

    Hey, names Sparky. I'm a gamer for charity; actor, roleplayer, cosplayer, and larper. Looking for some friendly people to form a more permanent crew, upon the Sea of Thieves. If you love the game, and don't see yourself leaving any time soon, hit me up! All games have good patches and bad patches, but Sea of Thieves is my home; despite all the pvp elitist trolls. Let them spout their trash, they're just in it to win, not to have fun. If you believe that games are meant to be enjoyable for all, and are against trolling, and happen to be a roleplayer; shoot me an application via the club page or via message.

    My gaming community plays various games, so if you only play Sea of Thieves part time, that's fine. We RP in any game we play, you're still welcome to join us!

    Ingame name: Captvonjir
    Club: Pirates of the Bottomless Tankard.
    18+ preferred, Mic required, RP heavy. New and Experienced Players and Roleplayer welcome. If you have the passion to join in, you're alright in our book.

    You can also reach me 24/7 in my Hideout Discord:

  • I have a small discord portraying the Royal Navy and our focus is trying to realistically portray naval action duting the 18th century.
    Are there any other groups trying to emulate the experience of sailing a tall ship, with realistic terminology?
    It wold be fun to cooperate and exchange ideas and sail together in an immersive enviroment.
    I'm eu based and sailing almost every evening.

  • Hallo,

    meiner Meinung nach ist die Closed Beta schlimmer als die Alpha was Teams und Spieler angeht. Die Hälfte der Spieler ist AFK, setzt den Anker.... oder spielt an den Segeln herum.

    Daher suche ich eine deutsche Crew, die schon in der Alpha gespielt SoT gespielt hat. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn die Closed Beta nicht zum Fiasko wird.

  • Hello there my name is Tristan am looking for a clan to join up with I am 22 years old and I love pirates I have been looking at this game for quite awhile and I am now going to be getting it by Wednesday and I am hoping for a clan with a discord or teamspeak that welcomes new comers :) hope to hear from you soon thanks

  • New pirate clan looking for members. PC or Xbox is fine. Just need a headset and access to clan website. Dates and events will be scheduled on clan website to make tackling much more difficult game content easily done.

    [Mod edited] with your gamer tag to get the clan website.

  • Salve! Cerco una ciurma di ITALIANI (+18) a cui aggregarmi! Il mio nick su xone è RegalNikkolas ! Organizziamo qualche razzia sù! :)

  • Serwer Amareth Discord poszukuje nowych graczy.
    Jeżeli szukasz zgranej paczki graczy-pasjonatów,
    a nie chcesz uczestniczyć w masówkach, to zapraszamy
    do siebie. Oferujemy wspólne granie w wiele tytułów
    zarówno kooperacyjnych jak i wieloosobowych.
    W naszych szeregach są ludzie aktywni, nie osoby
    siedzące na serwerze i nabijające statystykę.

    Co oferujemy:

    • miłą atmosferę,
    • wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
    • "Giveaways" dla stałych uczestników,
    • pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

    Co oczekujemy:

    • minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
    • komunikatywność,
    • minimalna aktywność na serwerze.

    Link zaproszeniowy na serwer Discord:

    Następnie odezwać się na kanale dla gości, aby otrzymać rangę.

    Serdecznie zapraszamy