Find a Crew!

  • Looking to finish levelling up your Pirate to 'Pirate Legend'.
    You have the time but need another crew mate or two?
    Then why not look for a crew.
    Looking for other Pirates willing to help you on your way?

    Post your Gamertag, times you are available to play, what time zone and what faction you wish to level below to let others know your intentions.

    Buddy up with others in the same boat and lets see your Pirate after they make it to Legend!

    Remember 15th-18th March is Gold and Glory Weekend The perfect time to finish what you started!

    Good luck all!

  • Hello all! It is so awesome to see so many of you creating crews, fleets and guilds in order to find new friends to sail with. Whatever your play style, ge, gender, race, nationality or creed there is a group of people who are as excited to #bemorepirate as you are!

    In order to maintain.. well, order, we are instituting a new rule that pirates who are not interested in joining a particular group not post in their recruitment threads.

    Article 3 of the Pirate Code reminds us that disputes are settled upon the waves, so please keep that in mind when interacting with each other in the community!

  • Noticing a few people setting up Discord rooms for Sea of Thieves it seems time to build a collection all in one spot of links and information about them.

    Post details of your groups in this thread!

    Previous post here:

  • Requiem

    Requiem is a large Multi-Gaming Community that hosts Sea of Thieves Alliance Servers.

    • Our servers have a 99% uptime around the clock.
    • Our dedicated Staff Team makes sure that these servers are online 24/7.
    • FoTD, Athenas, World Events, Emissary Grinding
    • Fast Gold, Fast Leveling
    • Weekly Events (Meg hunting fleets, Full server Athena runs, and More)
    • Giveaways!

    We have over 11,400 Members and still growing FAST.
    We're always looking for new players that are interested in joining our Community and enjoying the game together.

    Next Event:
    Athena's Run of Champions

    Join now and claim your loot!

    Discord Link:

  • alt text

    Why should you join The Cutthroat Pirates Community?

    Our promise to you is that you will have more fun playing Sea of Thieves with the Cutthroat Pirates than you would on your own or anywhere else. We focus on providing leading experiences in Adventuring, Role Playing, and Speed Running, while we also provide a great home for the competitive scene. As the most storied, most victorious fleet in the game we pride ourselves on saying: We work hard and play even harder.
    The Cutthroat Pirates have a long history in the community; from our record breaking Endless Voyage to our countless event victories. We ensure our name is always on the map by being an active discord community, but more importantly: We are a family. Our mad love for Sea of Thieves makes us strive to provide an amazing place for all to grow both in and out of the game.
    We are inviting everyone (18+) from the Sea of Thieves community to join our discord server. The program #BeMoreCutthroat is a way to show people how we do things, and we are committed to training our community members. Everyone who joins The Cutthroat Pirates discord server will gain access to our training manual and our basic weekly events like PvP Galleons, 1v1 training, etc. The aim is to raise the bar in all aspects. We promote deep friendships that go well beyond the game, and we are all about continuous improvement which is what keeps us going.

    Discord 〛〚 Website 〛〚 Twitter 〛〚 YouTube 〛〚 Merchandise

    In becoming a Cutthroat we encourage you to #BeMoreCutthroat by:

    ☠ Becoming an Adventurer, Roleplayer, or Speedrunner
    ☠ Practicing your skills
    ☠ Taking the game seriously, but still knowing how to have fun
    ☠ Helping others and sharing your experiences
    ☠ Engaging with the community and showing initiative
    ☠ Acting maturely
    ☠ Forming friendships

    When joining the Cutthroat Pirates discord server, you enter as a normal member that gains access to:

    ☠ Our active LFG
    ☠ The Cutthroat training manual
    ☠ Ability to participate in our weekly events
    ☠ The opportunity to become a Cutthroat
    ☠ Must show exceptional skills in all aspects of Sea of Thieves… this includes but is not
    limited to: the ability to sail all ship types efficiently, able to work well as a crew
    member and as a helmsman, can engage in combat confidently and mercilessly. Every
    Cutthroat is expected to know and apply sailing and combat techniques detailed in the

    It takes time to gain the skills necessary to thrive as a Cutthroat, but we are committed to helping you get there! Sail with us and let’s have some fun!

    Being a Cutthroat has its perks:

    ☠ Can participate in exclusive events (Endless Voyage, Cutlass Tourney, Total War)
    ☠ Ability to represent us in multi-fleet events
    ☠ Access to the Cutthroat LFG
    ☠ Sailing with high calibre players
    ☠ Engaging with PvP heavy community
    ☠ Weekly community meetings

    Cutthroat Application Outline:

    Discord Name & 4 Digit Number:
    Region/Time Zone:
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:

    They say that not long ago, beyond the horizon, a fleet of ghastly and gnarled ships arose from the Blood Sea. The black raised, bearing the distinctive mark of the Cutthroats; notorious and ruthless pirates. Fathers tell their children what they believe to be tall tales of the flag, warning them about the perils of the sea and of the dangers that lurk atop its unforgiving tides. Captains remind their crews of the superstition that so much as a glancing sight of the flag brings with it a cost to bear--a curse that would take the very souls of those that perish to its tattered sails.

    Rumour spread quickly of accursed ships spreading havoc and discord within the boundaries of the Sea of Thieves. A fleet of scorned ships come to reclaim the sea and the treasures she holds--a fleet that causes dread in even the most hardened of pirates.

    Their wake runs red with the blood of those that dare and their ships are pouring with gold. This is the tale of the Skull and Three...this is the legend of the Cutthroats.

    Current Pirate Lord: @YourManVP

  • Timezone (GMT +2)
    Mostly can play evening 18:30 +
    Please add me if you want to plunder together

  • alt text

    alt text

    Sick of embarking on quests and voyages alone or with “Open Crew” complete strangers who are difficult to communicate and coordinate with?

    Tired of becoming shark bait mid-game when another crew of other pirates sail in, blast you to smithereens and steal your hard-earned treasure? How about getting ripped to shreds by the Kraken or a megladon while sailing by yourself?

    Lost faith in — or been abandoned by — your current or previous crew mates?

    Sea of Thieves is a truly amazing game, but it’s a lot tougher to go it alone than with a well-coordinated crew of friends you’re communicating with in real time by party chat.

    alt text

    {} ~~ The fleet was initially designed specifically for English-speaking beginning players from around the world, so we’re definitely more than just “beginner friendly.”

    {} ~~ We are an exclusive Sea of Thieves (SoT) fleet/community. We aren’t a “gaming hub,” so all of our fleet members are available to “crew-up” with you for amazing SoT adventures. All of our efforts go into making the fleet the best SoT experience possible for our members.

    {} ~~ All new fleet members are directly and promptly welcomed to the fleet by fleet leadership and personally offered guided tours of the Fleet and its Discord server.

    {} ~~ We’re truly different: You will, without a doubt, not find another Sea of Thieves fleet more special and active than Moody’s Bloody Daggers. It’s something you really need to see for yourself.

    {} ~~ We have an creative, user-friendly, organized, very unique Discord server for chatting, being entertained, staying informed, and making connections. Because we have hundreds of members from around the world, there’s almost always other fleet members available to play with!

    alt text

    {} ~~ Moody’s Bloody Daggers offers something for every type of player at every experience level:

    • A huge player base ranging from beginners all the way up to top-tier Pirate Legends to play and socialize with.
    • A great number of members who prefer a PvE-centered play style, embarking on trading company voyages or participating in world events for you to go on adventures with.
    • A large amount of players who are more PvP-leaning that you can crew-up with to cause chaos on the Sea. (Also see info about “Moody’s Murderers” below).
    • An extremely welcoming community, friendly and free of toxicity, with present and active leadership.

    {} ~~ We regularly hold an assortment of internal and external PvE and PvP contests and competitions — and give out prizes.

    {} ~~ For those who like to live dangerously, we have a PvP crew called “Moody’s Murderers” that we’ve assembled to represent the Bloody Daggers in PvP competitions against other fleets.

    {} ~~ We use a special Fleet Leveling and Ranking system that rewards participation in the fleet with special recognition.

    We’re a friendly, close-knit community, but we’re full of swagger. Those who cross us on the open sea will be given no quarter!

    If you have a headset and are mature and friendly, join us! Unlike some other fleets, we don’t have a ton of requirements you need to meet or steps you need to take in order to join.

    Just please either respond to this post or send me a message, letting me know to expect you. After you’ve done that, just use this link and immediately follow the instructions you’re given upon entry:

    alt text

  • Deaths corner is a Growing SOT Community, that was formed to help people to find crews and groups to play with, As this game is no fun solo! We have areas for Arena LFG and Looking for groups for adventure, Private channels for people that they can control. We do not run alliance servers and we do actively promote PVP within our community, with titles for Legendary Sea dog and Triumphant sea dog being earnable!

    We have a active team of moderators whose soul purpose is to ensure that all of the members in the community have fun and have a nice place to find people to play with. We have creatable chat channels for you to play with your friends instead of having to use xbox buggy partys.

    We are now beginning to branch out and have areas for all sorts of games, Including among us and strategy games. Our community has been really growing lately and we are now looking for even more community members!

    If your interested, Click this link and feel free to ask questions in the support areas, Or the help chat!


  • alt text

    There once was a time where fabled pirates of old roamed the 7 seas, pillaging as they saw fit. Those are the days of legend. Where brothers, sisters, friends, and foes alike; drank and sang merry tales of old. The stories told of these legends are true. The adventures, the achievements, the glory, and gold! Sometimes things come back, and sometimes they never stopped existing. You just need to know where to look.

    We legends have been around for a long, long time. Some of us were famous in our day, and some of us have stories yet untold. Some of us are ruthless, and some of us are friendly - but we are all united by a love of the sea. These fabled days of old, these are the days that Rogue Legends will bring again.

    We call to you, our brethren. Join us in our journeys. Become legend!

    Are you looking for a laid back crew? Perhaps you are looking for some new friends to join you on some voyages to pillage and plunder? Are you looking for a gaming community that truly welcomes you and makes you feel like you are family/friends? Are you everything a Rogue Legend is?

    Look no further!

    Leave us a reply below, so we know to expect you, then follow this Discord invite:
    We are not an alliance server

    We have many Pirate Legends and players that have been around since early alpha in our ranks. So - no matter if you are looking for a seasoned crew to set sail with, a chance to earn responsibility within a community via rank progression, mentor-ship while you learn the ins and outs of this game, or somewhere you can just come and hang out and have a ton of laughs; Rogue Legends has a spot for you.

    What we offer:

    • In house games.
    • PvP & PvE focused Multi - Fleet/Organization events approved by The Pirate Council.
    • Players from all over the world - there is always someone looking to crew up.
    • Cuddle Puddles.
    • Cookies.
    • In house contests with prizes.
    • Non-SoT gaming channels in our Discord

    You do not need to be legend status to join us. We will help you become a Legend

    Rogue Legends are a proud founding member of The Pirate Council

    In order to be eligible for membership in Rogue Legends you must meet the following:

    • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
    • Abide by the Rogue Legends Code (provided upon entering our discord).
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code.
    • Use Party/Game chat or Discord to communicate.
    • Have a working microphone (some exceptions can be made).

    Please note that we are a predominantly English speaking gaming community.

    How to Join
    To join our gaming community and start your journey of becoming a Rogue Legend: If you feel like Rogue Legends is a good fit for you, please leave a post on this thread giving some details about yourself and why you wish to join. After you’ve done that, just use the below link and immediately follow the instructions you’re given upon entry.

    We are not an alliance server

    Happy Sailing!
    Rogue Legends Social Media
    Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

  • Welcome to Fleet of Thieves!
    We are the largest structured clan for Sea of Thieves that you will find! With over 4,500 members, you will have no trouble finding a competent crew to play with any time of day.

    What makes us unique?
    Fleet of Thieves attracts the most players for a reason. We are pleasantly simplistic in the way we run things, and there is no doubt that you will agree. Our structure and mission is simple, fun, and effective.

    The progression in our ranks is unique to Fleet of Thieves. In order to progress through the ranks, you have to meet certain requirements. Once you meet the requirements for the next rank, you submit your standing for officer review and begin your work up the ladder! Everyone loves the feeling of something to work for, and we did our best to deliver that to our community.

    We are proud of our size because it delivers an experience you can't find in other organizations. Almost anything that you want to do inside the game, you will have others with you to do it. Want to take over an entire 6-ship server and farm gold for your favorite cosmetics? We're perfect for that. You want to have an unlimited arsenal of great people who love to PvP for the upcoming Arena? We've got you covered there too.

    Our Pirate Code (Rules)

    These rules are summarized, the full rules are inside the Discord

    • There is a soft age limit of 18. This means you are allowed to be under 18 if you can behave like an adult.
    • You must be fluent in English or close to it.
    • This is not a(n) LFG community. Do not recruit anyone you meet here into your own playgroups/clans/communities. It is disrespectful!
    • The rest of our rules are common sense. Respect others, and don't be that person. We have went a very long time with thousands of people having no strict rules, and it works in our environment perfectly.

    alt text

    How does our hierarchy work?
    People like things to work towards. We provide that for you! Our website has all the information you could need about ranking up. Most of our rank requirements rely on your skill and reputation levels in-game. You submit your standing with the utilization of our custom Discord bot for officer review to determine that you are ready to move onto the next rank.

    If you're not interested in role progression and are more casual of a person, you'll blend right in too! There's no certain way you have to lean to have a good time here.

    alt text

    Full details on how you advance in these ranks can be seen inside the Discord.

    alt text

    Interested in joining?
    If you'd like to become an official member of our fleet then fill out this below:

    Discord Tag:
    Time Zone:
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?:

    Example Application:
    Gamertag: Zaakery
    Discord Tag: zach#0001
    Platform: PC
    Time Zone: EST
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?: I have taken part in every test session for Sea of Thieves since Closed Beta. I'm currently level 31/33/24 with the Factions in-game, and I play everytime I get the chance!

    Join our Discord!
    After you've filled this out and submitted a reply, join the Discord and you will get assigned a role as soon as a staff member checks the thread!
    Fleet of Thieves Discord Link

    Our Website

    Fleet YouTube Promo

  • looking for team playing at night on xbox (gmt -5) am speak french but am speaking english too. see you :) ........ allo je recherche une team pour jouer le soir sur xbox (gmt -5) je parle francais mais aussi en anglais on se vois bientôt :) ...
    @chauvette84 Twitter
    Chauvette84 xbox

  • A large gathering of ships crewed by skilled pirates, sounds like the life, come join the young armada that one day shall terrorise the Seven Seas!

  • Русскоязычный СНГ ru discord по игрe Sea of Thieves. Если вы хотите найти себе друзей ,то присоединяйтесь к нашему крупному дискорд сообществу и отправляйтесь в приключения по бескрайним морям! Там вы точно найдете команду ,получите полезную информацию и помощь по игре!

  • I am looking for determined individuals who are willing to answer to a lover of the sea, and great consumer of Gold, the great Captain Pinkbeard. He will accept newcomers and veterans alike. All he asks for is for a willingness to learn, and for you to obey the Captain's orders til death and beyond.

    Captain Pinkbeard rides the waves every weekday from 9:00 to 5:00, Mountain time of course (from the great Seas of Phoenix, Arizona). He expects to have 4-16 mates, so that, at any given time, there is a real crew of men waiting. He will provide a discord channel, so that all may convene for piracy in the Captain's name, regardless of whether he is present.

    Consider Pinkbeard a fair captain, but an audacious one. He takes requests, but he is unyielding when he makes up his mind. He admits when he is wrong, but rarely is. He is usually friendly, but make no mistake; He is a pirate through and through. He will send you to the brig while robbing a ship while attacking an island while being shot out of a cannon to grab a chest in the ocean during a Meg attack. Got a problem with risky business? This isn't your swagger.

    Think you've got the stuff? Message me for details. Not just any pirate earns the Pink Flag.


  • alt text

    Well, let's be honest. Were not going to lay it out like others do, Were not going to tell you why you should join. Were gonna tell you why we need YOU to join. First off we need members, to allow us to face off against the biggest and most well known groups out there. We need people willing to bravely take on the greatest challenges and push not only our group forward, but the game forward as well.

    Our Goals:

    • Expand and broaden our horizon to find the greatest players and people to grow the fleet.
    • Participate in multi-fleet competitions
    • Associate and collaborate with other communities.
    • Organize our own event for other groups to compete in.

    How can people join?

    Use this link to join our server, make sure to do the tasks asked upon entry to the server.

    • Have a working Microphone.
    • Speak English

    Post Note
    This is coming from me, I'm not the leader of the Sovereign Guard, that honor belongs to @BansheeSquads all I am is a longstanding member and staff. When I joined the Sovereign Guard I joined to have another way to connect with people, That changed after a while, when my reason for being in the fleet was building it up and watching the people in it thrive, I hope that by joining the sovereign guard you can feel the same.

    alt text

    If you're interested, this is our story

    Special Thanks To:
    @BansheeSquads Story Writing, Fleet Leader,
    @neonNotyad12 Fleet Founder, Loyal Member
    @PersonalC0ffee Early member Server setup and management
    Myself: Early Member, Loyal Staff, Story Assistant

    This is the third revision of the Sovereign Guard Recruitment Post

  • I've played over 300 arena games 95% or more searching solo open crew cause I have none too play with and most ppl that aren't afk have a duos partner so needless to say arena is like impossible this . I've only got 29 wins in over 300 games. I play this game solo most of the time im on. Since arena is dying already it would be nice to get the legendary seadog weapons before it dies completely..

    Side note stupid how pirate legend stuff is locked behind "seadog" commendations when that has nothing to do with getting pirate legend since you can achieve it without ever playing arena literally makes 0 sense

    Plus funny how I can use the glorious seadog shovel to dig up chests in arena or adventure towards unlocking the blue arena shovel but there's no alternate way to unlock the pirate legend stuff in adventure... just smarten up add an alternative to get these things, quit forcing ppl into this playlist.. arena was fun and exciting for the first few months now it's just stale this isn't a esport game your attention in better off being used improving other aspects of your great game

  • alt text
    Welcome to the Crew of Thieves!

    We are one of the biggest and oldest Sea of Thieves communities around.. Whether you came here to find others and play the game together, discuss the latest news or just want to have a good time, you've found the right place! We are very friendly, no matter what level of skill you bring to the table and always looking for new faces in the community :)

    Discord Link (Click to join us!):

    Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments here you can use the following format:

    Discord name (Name#XXXX):
    Age (optional):
    Platform (optional):

    What we provide:

    • A Welcoming Community open to everyone who joins!
    • Large Community with over 2,700 players!
    • Experienced people that will be able to answer most of your questions or to set sail with!
    • A proper website with the best guides and news!
    • Moderators and rules to make sure everyone is able to have a good time and enjoy their time when interacting with the Crew of Thieves Discord server
    • Giveaways on our social media (Links found below)
    • Carefully set-up Discord server that has lots of features without being too disturbing for people that aren't interested in them (News, Ranks, Lore info, Many Custom Emojis and so on)
    • Rewarding Discord systems that will allow you to have fun and engage with others in unique ways
    • Regular Events that allow or users to team up, have fun and earn some awesome rewards!

    What we are looking for:

    • People that want to have a good time, no matter your interests within Sea of Thieves (e.g. PvP, Athenas Voyages and more!)
    • Friendly, Interactive Members who are willing to help others who need it!
    • People interested in the game, our community, our website, the content we create or even just pirates!

    Discord Link:
    Twitter Link:
    Reddit Link:

    Happy Sailing and we hope to see you on the High Seas!

  • SoTES Logo

    ¡Bienvenidos a Sea of Thieves ES, la comunidad hispanohablante afiliada de Sea of Thieves!

    En esta comunidad podréis encontrar otros piratas que os acompañen en vuestras travesías en estos mares. También recibiréis noticias del juego totalmente traducidas al Castellano, ¡y también hacemos eventos y sorteos regularmente!

    Donde Encontrarnos

    Nuestra comunidad tiene varias redes sociales en las que nos puedes encontrar y en las que nos puedes seguir.

    • Nuestra web: En nuestra web podrás encontrar todo tipo de noticias e información de la comunidad y del juego.
    • Nuestro servidor de Discord: El corazón de nuestra comunidad. Aquí podrás encontrar a muchos piratas con los que jugar, y podrás participar en sorteos y en eventos de la comunidad, así como recibir noticias sobre el juego.
    • Youtube: El canal de Youtube de la comunidad.
    • Twitter: Cuenta oficial de Twitter de la comunidad.
    • Instagram: Cuenta de Instagram de la comunidad.
    • Twitch: Canal de Twitch de la comunidad donde retransmitiremos principalmente los eventos comunitarios.
    • Telegram: Canal de Telegram para aquellos que no usen Discord.

    ¡Nos vemos en la comunidad piratas!


  • Witam poszukaje ludzi do gry cos o mnie 22 lata w gre gram od stycznia tego roku 45 gold hoarders 45 ranga w soulsach merchant 35 gram glownie pod PVE

  • Bonjour, nous somme en quêtes quelques joueurs afin de créer un ou plusieurs petit équipages et vogué au vent et marrée de Sea of Thieves.
    Nous cherchons des joueurs Xbox ou PC sans niveau particulier et de tout âges.
    Un discord composé en majorité de trentenaire ayant de disponibilité essentiellement au soir et au weekend, où différent jeu sont proposé.
    Bon vent!

  • Looking for a group of people to play regularly with in the evenings. I have ~15 hours, but understand the mechanics, and used to play FPS games (CS:GO/Overwatch) at a pro/semi-pro level and work well in teams. Willing to learn and open to any quests or types of gameplay. I prefer 18+, but don't mind anyone as long as you are mature.

  • In cautarea a cat mai multor romani ce joaca Sea of Thieves, am creat atat un grup de Facebook cat si un server de discord. Daca sunteti romani dornici de aventura alaturi de altii mateloti din aceeasi natie, va invit sa va alaturati ! :3

  • egal ob jung oder alt würde mich freuen wenn ich nette leute zum zocken finde

  • Fleets of Fortune, a Sea of Thieves Alliance, is seeking more friendly and active players for our busy alliance server.

    Why should you join?

    Awesome people, and active, friendly and helpful players from ages 14+, including adults.

    How does it work?

    We get alliance players to queue up at the same time. If we check the map and see that we have 5 boats on the server, then that means the we control the entire server, and we can fill every boat with  players from our alliance. At that point, the 5 boats will start sending out invites to players, until the server is full. Once we fill a server, we have a waiting room or we can start a second server if there are enough people waiting to join!

    Why does this help you?

    Everyone in the server is from the alliance. This means that you don't have to worry about other pirates sinking you and taking all your hard earned loot! Instead, earn tons of gold and reputation as you sail the seas with fellow alliance members.

    This sounds great! How do I join?

    Join the discord server here:

    Join us today!!!

  • -TR-

    Ahoy korsanlar! Yaklaşık 2,5 yıldır sahip olduğumuz Türk topluluğumuzu resmi foruma da duyurmak istedik. Tek başınıza denizlere açılmak yerine Twitter ve özellikle Discord sunucumuzdan kendinize bir tayfa kurabilirsiniz.

    Discord sunucumuzdaki 4.200 korsan ile beraber Sea of Thieves'deki son gelişmeleri (patch notları, geliştirici videoları, etkinlikler vs.) tamamen Türkçe şekilde size aktarıyoruz.



    Ahoy pirates! We would like to announce our 2,5 years old Turkish community to the official forum as well. Instead of sailing the seas by yourself, you can crew up with other players especially in our Discord server.

    With 4,200 pirates in our Discord we give you the latest news on Sea of Thieves (such as patch notes, developer updates and events) in Turkish so you can easily understand what's going on.

    Edit: Sayılar ve bilgiler güncellendi.

  • Interested in climbing the reputation ranks fast? Just want to make some gold? Jando's Fleet is the best community around for PvE content in Sea of Thieves!

    We host daily fleet servers that include:

    • Fort of the Damned
    • Fleets & Forts
    • Athena's & other Emissaries

    Join today! (MUST BE 14+)

  • Hallo! Auch wir suchen noch weitere Mitspieler.
    Wir sind auf unserem Discord Server eine kleine Gemeinschaft von sehr aufgeschlossenen Spielern (Anfänger und Erfahrene) die meistens nach Feierabend aktiv sind. Die meisten von uns sind so um die 30 Jahre. Es sind auch etwas ältere Mitspieler (40+) dabei. Daher wäre es wünschenswert wenn ihr euch ebenfalls in ungefährem Alter befindet. Ab 25+ wäre schon super! Aber am wichtigsten ist uns, dass es zwischenmenschlich passt und man Spaß an der Sache hat! :)
    Bei uns findet sich fast immer jemand zum anheuern oder jemand bei dem man mitsegeln kann, auch wenn’s mal später wird. Je nachdem wie viele wir zur aktiven Zeit zusammenbekommen, teilen wir uns so auf, dass jeder seine Mitspieler hat. Hier wird also niemand zurückgelassen oder vernachlässigt ;)

    Wir spielen nach L.ust und Laune alle Fraktionen, „jagen“ keine anderen Schiffe (so lange man uns keinen Grund dazu gibt :p ), gehen dem PVP aber auch nicht aus dem Weg. Abhängig von der Konstellation kommunizieren wir vorrangig über Discord. Je nach Plattform und Mitspielern, würde evtl. auch XBOX Party funktionieren.

    Egal ob XBOX oder PC Spieler, Anfänger oder erfahrener Spieler, männlich oder weiblich, wenn euer Interesse geweckt ist und ihr Discord installiert habt, added mich und schreibt mir (vorzugsweise) über Discord: xetoN#1120 oder die XBOX App: xetoN 1

    Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

  • text alternatywny
    Amareth - Multigaming Polish Server

    Szukasz ludzi z którymi mógłbyś pograć w wiele
    tytułów wieloosobowych i kooperacyjnych?
    Zapraszamy do nas!

    Co oferujemy:

    • miłą, kulturalną atmosferę,
    • tier 1 server boost (wiele emotek)
    • wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
    • klucze z grami do wygrania dla aktywnych użytkowników,
    • wydarzenia serwerowe,
    • sala kinowa do wspólnego oglądania filmów i seriali,
    • transmisje w serwisie Twitch
    • sesje papierowych gier RPG,
    • dostęp do kanałów gdzie na bieżąco
      pojawiają się informacje ze świata filmu i gier
      oraz atrakcyjne oferty zakupu gier i sprzętu,
    • pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

    Co oczekujemy:

    • minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
    • kultura osobista,
    • komunikatywność,
    • aktywność na serwerze.

    Link zaproszeniowy na serwer Discord:

    Po dołączeniu do serwera, poczekaj 1 MINUTĘ,BOT
    nada Ci rangę uprawniającą do korzystania z serwera.
    Resztę informacji przekaże BOT w prywatnej wiadomości
    po dołączeniu do naszego serwera.
    Serdecznie zapraszamy.

  • Hey all

    I am fairly experienced player looking to join forces with someone on a sloop or 2 people on a brig. Looking for someone who knows what they are doing and not scared / prefers to fight other teams if opportunity arises !!

  • Hello all I’m new to the game and looking for a crew to get to know and have many adventures together. I’m in the US and don’t care who is just prefer if you’d be an adult as I enjoy good company My age and a drink or two while sailing the seas.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hello les pirates

    Je débute l'aventure en pleine mer ce jour ! Commençant je ne connait pas encore grand monde dessus, est ce qu'il y aurait des joueurs débutants ou autre qui serait partant pour faire un équipage et voguer au grès des mers ?

    Je ne cherche pas à être le meilleur pirate, je me prends pas la tête, simplement jouer le soir et profiter du jeu :)

  • alt text
    Добро пожаловать в «Залив морских воров»
    Мы клан, сообщество ориентированное только на игру «Sea of Thieves». Не прошло и месяца с создания, а мы уже объединили более чем 1000 человек, что делает нас самым большим сообществом в игре Sea of Thieves. Мы находим новые способы сделать это лучше каждый день!

    Что делает на уникальными ?
    Одна из главных вещей на что мы делаем упор в нашем сообществе это простота. И конечно же наша структура, дружелюбие, миссия, веселье и эффективность.

    Не следует забывать что мы самое крупное русскоязычное сообщество в игре. Наш Discord канал набрал более 900 участников в день выхода игры и новые участники присоединяются каждый день.

    Наша система рангов
    делает поиск команды и игру максимально эффективной. Ваш ранг напрямую связан с вашими достижениями в игре. Чем выше ранг тем больше прав и обязанностей у вас на корабле. Вы имеете возможность собрать команду игроков с опытом игры или набрать салаг и сделать из них банду морских воров. Каждый член нашего сообщества находит то что ему нужно.

    Критерии отбора
    Мы принимаем людей отовсюду не взирая на пол, расу и возраст, а уж тем более на опыт в игре. Главное это дружелюбность, дух романтики и авантюризма и желание отправится в незабываемое путешествие в «Sea of Thieves» с друзьями.

    Будьте сами собой
    У нас нет обязательной униформы, тоже касается и раскраса кораблей. НО мы будем ходить под единым флагом (когда будет доступно в игре), а в остальном будьте сами собой, носите что хотите раскрашивайте корабль как вздумается.

    Есть ли ролевая игра?
    Это не ролевое сообщество но вы можете использовать голос пирата, лексику и т.д. Мы приветствуем активных ролевых игроков. Всегда приятно почувствовать атмосферу корабля, задраить пробоины, травить паруса и ловить ветер.

    Наш кодекс прост

    • Каждый Настоящий Пират должен гордиться своим громким именем;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один закон – Пиратский кодекс чести;
    • Для пирата существует лишь одна семья – Пиратское братство;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один дом – пиратский корабль;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один образец подражания – его великие предшественники;
    • Жизнь пирата – непрестанная цепь сражений;
    • Самые страшные преступления для настоящего пирата – это предательство и трусость;
    • Пират должен быть всегда готов рисковать своей жизнью;
    • Каждый пират должен быть отчаянным и смелым, трусость в бою карается;
    • Каждый пират обязан подчиняться вышестоящим по рангу;
    • Пистолеты, сабли и остальное оружие должны содержаться в чистоте и полной готовности;
    • Для выражения своих мыслей и чувств пират может использовать слова из пиратского жаргона, разрешённые на корабле;
    • Если любой из членов команды будет уличён в нечестной игре (читерстве), он будет изгнан с позором;
    • Женщинам разрешено становиться пиратом только в том случае, если они не уступают мужчинам в следующих качествах: решительности, смелости и силе воли;
    • Когда пират проходит определённое количество сражений, приобретает необходимый опыт и навыки, он получает повышение в звании, согласно Пиратскому рангу;
    • Чёрная метка – знак наказания, клеймо на репутации пирата за несоблюдение кодекса;

    Готовы присоединится?
    Если готовы присоединится к нашему братству и получать незабываемые впечатления от совместной игры в «Sea of Thieves» с друзьями, заполните и отправьте прямо в этой ветке простую форму:

    Игровое имя:
    Часовой пояс:
    Как часто играете?:

    Заходите в наш Discord
    После заполнения формы, можете присоединится к нам в Discord и подождать пока мы рассмотрим вашу заявку.
    Канал «Залива Морских Воров» в Discord

  • Değerli arkadaşlar Türkçe yamasının gelmesini tüm herkes istiyor fakat bu tamamen geliştiricilerin isteğine bağlı ve yoğun talep olursa bu şekilde sesimizi duyurabiliriz. Ayrıca uzun zamandır faaliyet gösteren oyuncu topluluğumuza hepinizi bekliyoruz bu sayede birçok oyuncu bir araya geliyor.

  • Recherche Quebecois pour jouer le soir assez régulièrement (après 19h). Bonne ambiance et plaisir avant tout. Joueurs matures et Discord obligatoire.
    Pas de stress, pas d'obligation de présence, juste l'envie de jouer et/ou découvrir le jeu.
    Débutant bienvenue.
    Me contacter si intéressé.