Find a Crew!

  • Looking to finish levelling up your Pirate to 'Pirate Legend'.
    You have the time but need another crew mate or two?
    Then why not look for a crew.
    Looking for other Pirates willing to help you on your way?

    Post your Gamertag, times you are available to play, what time zone and what faction you wish to level below to let others know your intentions.

    Buddy up with others in the same boat and lets see your Pirate after they make it to Legend!

    Remember 15th-18th March is Gold and Glory Weekend The perfect time to finish what you started!

    Good luck all!

  • Hello all! It is so awesome to see so many of you creating crews, fleets and guilds in order to find new friends to sail with. Whatever your play style, ge, gender, race, nationality or creed there is a group of people who are as excited to #bemorepirate as you are!

    In order to maintain.. well, order, we are instituting a new rule that pirates who are not interested in joining a particular group not post in their recruitment threads.

    Article 3 of the Pirate Code reminds us that disputes are settled upon the waves, so please keep that in mind when interacting with each other in the community!

  • Noticing a few people setting up Discord rooms for Sea of Thieves it seems time to build a collection all in one spot of links and information about them.

    Post details of your groups in this thread!

    Previous post here:

  • PC Preferred/Xbox Possible (Mandatory Teamspeak Participation)

    Angels of Death: Sea of Thieves Division
    So yer looking to throw yourself in with the lot of us in the Angels of Death are ya? Well ye be standing in the right tavern. Sailing across the vast open seas to the edge of the world and back, Angels of Death is a PC based gaming clan. We operate as an independent organization focused on the acquisition of massive amounts of booty! AOD's reputation on the high seas for overcoming the highest of waves is well earned from 18 years of prosperity and camaraderie.

    While we're all pirates, dastardly acts of exploitation and cheating will be met with the sharp end of a cutlass and bilge rats will be shown no quarter! Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent fleet partners and ship mates. We have the heftiest of purses, access to the many of the merchants across the seas, and routinely out sail our competitors in our collective pursuit of booty.

    We operate a TeamSpeak 3 server and have an exclusive AOD XBOX Club. Our crewmates hail from the four corners of the globe with varying levels of experience from beginners, just gaining their sea legs, to seasoned veterans that can drink anyone else under the table. This is a place where swashbucklers of equal wit and charm can sail together and landlubbers can hone their seafaring skills and become talented pirates in their own right. Members can make use of our growing library of useful information and resources located in our private forum.

    AOD is made up of gamers from all over the world that come from different backgrounds and are made up of men and women of all races, creeds, and preferences. In order to assure that our valued members can relax and enjoy themselves, we enforce a Code of Conduct that is designed to reduce drama and prevent humiliation and abuse. Violations of this code are dealt with appropriately. We are here to play games.

    One of the best parts about sailing with AOD is that you’ll never sail alone. The open sea is a dangerous place, and you can be certain that when trouble finds ya, your clan mates will have your back. We meet at the tavern and play informally on a daily basis as a well oiled machine on the high seas.
    AOD also conducts routine training as needed for a variety of topics, such as navigation, ship piloting, combat training, and other topics as requested by our mates. Every legendary pirate lord has to start somewhere, right?

    In order to be eligible for membership in the Sea of Thieves division, you must meet the following oaths:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame
    • Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)
    • Abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code, found on our clan forums. We are an honor clan that focuses on fair play and good sportsmanship.

    Ready to sail with us? Follow this link to apply and we'll get you inducted into our ranks!

    **After you've applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself in a piratey way just for fun

    Check out what else AOD can offer by browsing the rest of our supported games @**

    Catch our streams on twitch!

    I'm hearing some clans, groups, or independent pirates are really hardcore in SoT. The only thing we're hardcore in is our passion for the game and having a good time. AOD is a self styled casual clan, especially within the SoT division. Just want to relax into merchant missions or shipwreck diving? Yup we do that. Wanna go crush a fort and swat away enemy interception? Haha! We do that too. We do it all, but why we do it is simply for the fun of it. No competitive squeaker salt here. Win or lose, it's all about a good time with your mates. Our numbers are strong and steadily growing! Captain Anvil and I cordially invite you to join our crew. Hope to see you aboard ship soon, matey!
    ~Cerulius AOD:SoT Division XO~

  • alt text
    Welcome to the Crew of Thieves!

    We are one of the biggest and oldest Sea of Thieves communities around.. Whether you came here to find others and play the game together, discuss the latest news or just want to have a good time, you've found the right place! We are very friendly, no matter what level of skill you bring to the table and always looking for new faces in the community :)

    Discord Link (Click to join us!):

    Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments here you can use the following format:

    Discord name (Name#XXXX):
    Age (optional):
    Platform (optional):

    What we provide:

    • A Welcoming Community open to everyone who joins!
    • Large Community with over 2,700 players!
    • Experienced people that will be able to answer most of your questions or to set sail with!
    • A proper website with the best guides and news!
    • Moderators and rules to make sure everyone is able to have a good time and enjoy their time when interacting with the Crew of Thieves Discord server
    • Giveaways on our social media (Links found below)
    • Carefully set-up Discord server that has lots of features without being too disturbing for people that aren't interested in them (News, Ranks, Lore info, Many Custom Emojis and so on)
    • Rewarding Discord systems that will allow you to have fun and engage with others in unique ways
    • Regular Events that allow or users to team up, have fun and earn some awesome rewards!

    What we are looking for:

    • People that want to have a good time, no matter your interests within Sea of Thieves (e.g. PvP, Athenas Voyages and more!)
    • Friendly, Interactive Members who are willing to help others who need it!
    • People interested in the game, our community, our website, the content we create or even just pirates!

    Discord Link:
    Twitter Link:
    Reddit Link:

    Happy Sailing and we hope to see you on the High Seas!

  • alt text

    alt text
    Welcome to Fleet of Thieves!
    We are the largest structured clan for Sea of Thieves that you will find! With over 4,500 members, you will have no trouble finding a competent crew to play with any time of day.

    What makes us unique?
    Fleet of Thieves attracts the most players for a reason. We are pleasantly simplistic in the way we run things, and there is no doubt that you will agree. Our structure and mission is simple, fun, and effective.

    The progression in our ranks is unique to Fleet of Thieves. In order to progress through the ranks, you have to meet certain requirements. Once you meet the requirements for the next rank, you submit your standing for officer review and begin your work up the ladder! Everyone loves the feeling of something to work for, and we did our best to deliver that to our community.

    We are proud of our size because it delivers an experience you can't find in other organizations. Almost anything that you want to do inside the game, you will have others with you to do it. Want to take over an entire 6-ship server and farm gold for your favorite cosmetics? We're perfect for that. You want to have an unlimited arsenal of great people who love to PvP for the upcoming Arena? We've got you covered there too.

    Our Pirate Code (Rules)

    These rules are summarized, the full rules are inside the Discord

    • There is a soft age limit of 18. This means you are allowed to be under 18 if you can behave like an adult.
    • You must be fluent in English or close to it.
    • This is not a(n) LFG community. Do not recruit anyone you meet here into your own playgroups/clans/communities. It is disrespectful!
    • The rest of our rules are common sense. Respect others, and don't be that person. We have went a very long time with thousands of people having no strict rules, and it works in our environment perfectly.

    alt text

    How does our hierarchy work?
    People like things to work towards. We provide that for you! Our website has all the information you could need about ranking up. Most of our rank requirements rely on your skill and reputation levels in-game. You submit your standing with the utilization of our custom Discord bot for officer review to determine that you are ready to move onto the next rank.

    If you're not interested in role progression and are more casual of a person, you'll blend right in too! There's no certain way you have to lean to have a good time here.

    alt text

    Full details on how you advance in these ranks can be seen inside the Discord.

    alt text

    Interested in joining?
    If you'd like to become an official member of our fleet then fill out this below:

    Discord Tag:
    Time Zone:
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?:

    Example Application:
    Gamertag: Zaakery
    Discord Tag: zach#0001
    Platform: PC
    Time Zone: EST
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?: I have taken part in every test session for Sea of Thieves since Closed Beta. I'm currently level 31/33/24 with the Factions in-game, and I play everytime I get the chance!

    Join our Discord!
    After you've filled this out and submitted a reply, join the Discord and you will get assigned a role as soon as a staff member checks the thread!
    Fleet of Thieves Discord Link

    Our Website

    Fleet YouTube Promo

  • alt text

    Why should you join The Cutthroat Pirates Community?

    Our promise to you is that you will have more fun playing Sea of Thieves with the Cutthroat Pirates than you would on your own or anywhere else. We focus on providing leading experiences in Adventuring, Role Playing, and Speed Running, while we also provide a great home for the competitive scene. As the most storied, most victorious fleet in the game we pride ourselves on saying: We work hard and play even harder.
    The Cutthroat Pirates have a long history in the community; from our record breaking Endless Voyage to our countless event victories. We ensure our name is always on the map by being an active discord community, but more importantly: We are a family. Our mad love for Sea of Thieves makes us strive to provide an amazing place for all to grow both in and out of the game.
    We are inviting everyone (18+) from the Sea of Thieves community to join our discord server. The program #BeMoreCutthroat is a way to show people how we do things, and we are committed to training our community members. Everyone who joins The Cutthroat Pirates discord server will gain access to our training manual and our basic weekly events like PvP Galleons, 1v1 training, etc. The aim is to raise the bar in all aspects. We promote deep friendships that go well beyond the game, and we are all about continuous improvement which is what keeps us going.

    Discord 〛〚 Website 〛〚 Twitter 〛〚 YouTube 〛〚 Merchandise

    In becoming a Cutthroat we encourage you to #BeMoreCutthroat by:

    ☠ Becoming an Adventurer, Roleplayer, or Speedrunner
    ☠ Practicing your skills
    ☠ Taking the game seriously, but still knowing how to have fun
    ☠ Helping others and sharing your experiences
    ☠ Engaging with the community and showing initiative
    ☠ Acting maturely
    ☠ Forming friendships

    When joining the Cutthroat Pirates discord server, you enter as a normal member that gains access to:

    ☠ Our active LFG
    ☠ The Cutthroat training manual
    ☠ Ability to participate in our weekly events
    ☠ The opportunity to become a Cutthroat
    ☠ Must show exceptional skills in all aspects of Sea of Thieves… this includes but is not
    limited to: the ability to sail all ship types efficiently, able to work well as a crew
    member and as a helmsman, can engage in combat confidently and mercilessly. Every
    Cutthroat is expected to know and apply sailing and combat techniques detailed in the

    It takes time to gain the skills necessary to thrive as a Cutthroat, but we are committed to helping you get there! Sail with us and let’s have some fun!

    Being a Cutthroat has its perks:

    ☠ Can participate in exclusive events (Endless Voyage, Cutlass Tourney, Total War)
    ☠ Ability to represent us in multi-fleet events
    ☠ Access to the Cutthroat LFG
    ☠ Sailing with high calibre players
    ☠ Engaging with PvP heavy community
    ☠ Weekly community meetings

    Cutthroat Application Outline:

    Discord Name & 4 Digit Number:
    Region/Time Zone:
    What makes you a potential Cutthroat:

    They say that not long ago, beyond the horizon, a fleet of ghastly and gnarled ships arose from the Blood Sea. The black raised, bearing the distinctive mark of the Cutthroats; notorious and ruthless pirates. Fathers tell their children what they believe to be tall tales of the flag, warning them about the perils of the sea and of the dangers that lurk atop its unforgiving tides. Captains remind their crews of the superstition that so much as a glancing sight of the flag brings with it a cost to bear--a curse that would take the very souls of those that perish to its tattered sails.

    Rumour spread quickly of accursed ships spreading havoc and discord within the boundaries of the Sea of Thieves. A fleet of scorned ships come to reclaim the sea and the treasures she holds--a fleet that causes dread in even the most hardened of pirates.

    Their wake runs red with the blood of those that dare and their ships are pouring with gold. This is the tale of the Skull and Three...this is the legend of the Cutthroats.

    Current Pirate Lord: @YourManVP

  • banner

    There once was a time where fabled pirates of old roamed the 7 seas, pillaging as they saw fit. Those are the days of legend. Where brothers, sisters, friends, and foes alike; drank and sang merry tales of old.

    The stories told of these legends are true. The adventures, the achievements, the glory and gold! Sometimes things come back, and sometimes they never stopped existing. You just need to know where to look.

    We legends have been around for a long, long time. Some of us were famous in our day, and some of us have stories yet untold. Some of us are ruthless, and some of us are friendly - but we are all united by a love of the sea.

    These fabled days of old, these are the days that Rogue Legends will bring again.

    We call to you, our brethren. Join us, in our journeys. Become legend!

    Are you looking for a laid back crew? Perhaps you are looking for some new friends to join you on some voyages to pillage and plunder? Are you looking for a fleet that truly welcomes you and makes you feel like you are family/friends? Are you everything a Rogue Legend is:

    Look no further!

    We have many Pirate Legends and players that have been around since early alpha in our ranks. So - no matter if you are looking for a seasoned crew to set sail with, a chance to earn responsibility within a fleet via rank progression, mentor-ship while you learn the ins and outs of this game, or somewhere you can just come and hang out and have a ton of laughs; Rogue Legends has a spot for you.

    What we offer:

    • In house games.
    • PvP & PvE focused Multi - Fleet/Organization events approved by The Pirate Council.
    • Players from all over the world - there is always someone looking to crew up.
    • Cuddle Puddles.
    • Cookies.
    • In house contests with prizes.

    You do not need to be legend status to join us. We will help you become a Legend

    Rogue Legends are a proud founding member of The Pirate Council

    In order to be eligible for membership in Rogue Legends you must meet the following:

    • Be at least 18 years of age.
    • Abide by the Rogue Legends Code (provided upon entering our discord).
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code.
    • Use Party/Game chat or Discord to comminicate.
    • Have a working microphone (some exceptions can be made).

    Please note that we are a predominantly English speaking fleet.

    How to Join
    To join our fleet and start your journey of becoming a Rogue Legend:

    Leave the required information below in a reply, to this thread.

    If you feel like Rogue Legends is a good fit for you, please leave a post on this thread giving some details about yourself and why you wish to join. Make sure to tag @GefahrMcGefahr or @CodeName-Jenova.

    Discord tag (include #):
    Tells us a bit about you:
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:

    Gamertag: CodeName Jenova
    Age: 29
    Discord tag (include #): Jenova#0007
    Tells us a bit about you: I am the founder of Rogue Legends, Have been playing since early alpha. Levels are 50/50/50/10
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends: Because I have heard really good things about this group and want to see what all the hype is about.

    We will make sure to get you a link to join us!

    Happy Sailing!
    Rogue Legends Social Media
    Twitter | YouTube | Instagram


    Piratas, grumetes, corsarios y capitanes de Sea Of Thieves, os hablo en nombre del grupo Staff de la nueva comunidad de jugadores hispanohablantes.

    Desgraciadamente y como muchos ya saben, la comunidad anterior desapareció en las profundidades del océano junto con todos los barcos y piratas que la componían. La consecuencia ha sido dejar a miles de usuarios perdidos en alta mar sin hogar alguno.

    alt text

    Dejando atrás ese asunto... Os doy la noticia: hemos iniciado un nuevo proyecto, resultado de la unificación de varias comunidades potencia que se crearon tras el cierre de la anterior. Estamos levantando de nuevo y entre todos la nueva comunidad de Sea Of Thieves Hispana, esta vez intentando hacerlo mejor que en la ocasión anterior.


    La comunidad acaba de ver la luz, así que todavía nos queda mucho por hacer y cosas que implementar, pero va rumbo firme creciendo a pasos agigantados.

    Para uniros hacer clic en este link:

    ⛵¡Así que izad vela y desembarcar en nuestro puerto!⛵

    alt text

    ✔️ La verificación ya está activa. ✔️

    Al realizar este proceso obtendréis las siguientes ventajas:

    • Poder acceder a canales de voz como los de la arena o alianzas.
    • Aquellos a los que le guste coleccionar roles: podréis acceder los merecidos roles de Pirata Legendario y Centinela de Atenea, además de otros roles de evento que ya iremos ofreciendo más adelante.
    • Tener completo acceso a la comunidad.

    Para verificaros debéis usar el comando [ !verificar ]. Automáticamente os llegará un mensaje privado en el que os aparecerá escritas unas instrucciones que tendréis seguir. Completadas correctamente las instrucciones de dicho mensaje tendréis a vuestra disposición la experiencia al completo de la comunidad y sus ventajas.

    alt text


    Para daros participación en la comunidad y mantenerla activa, solemos hacer eventos cada cierto tiempo.

    Los eventos son de tipos muy variados, ya pueden ser competiciones dentro del juego o una colaboración para la comunidad creando, por ejemplo, el mejor logo para la misma, como así fue el primero de los eventos.

    Así que una vez verificados, estar atentos del canal #anuncios-eventos, ya que ahí es donde se publicarán los datos del próximo evento.


    Cómo todo buen pirata, está comunidad también tiene un loro como mascota, le hemos llamado Salty.

    Nuestro amigo Salty nos ayuda día a día colaborando con la comunidad, su función es ayudaros con las dudas o problemas que tengáis dentro de esta. Así que, si tenéis alguna pregunta, reporte o sugerencia que queráis comentarnos, no dudéis en hablar la Loro Salty.


    Una vez que os hayáis acomodado por aquí, llega la hora buscar piratas leales que te ayuden. Para ello puedes encontrarlos usando el comando !busco , estando conectado a un canal de voz de barco, junto con una breve descripción de tu plan de viaje, en el canal #comandos . Por ejemplo: !busco Dos valientes grumetes para hacer Tall Tales. Recordar estar conectado a un canal de barco antes de escribir el comando.

    ROLES 🔅

    Existen roles autoasignables en el canal #roles. Hay 4 roles especiales que sirven para estar informados de determinada información que vamos publicando. Son los siguientes:

    • @AvísameComunidad: Os avisa de noticias sobre la comunidad de carácter poco importante que publiquemos en #anuncios  comunidad.
    • @AvísameEventos: Os avisa de los eventos propuestos por la comunidad.
    • @AvísameJuego: Os avisa de las actualizaciones y comunicados del juego.
    • @AvísameOfertas : Os avisa de las ofertas que nos vayan ofreciendo para comprar el juego.
    • @AvísameTwitch: Os avisa cuando un Streamer inicie un directo en Twitch.
    • @AvísameYoutube: Os avisa cuando se publica un anuncio de nuevo vídeo en el canal #videos  youtube.

    alt text

    Síguenos en nuestras redes 📸

    alt text

    alt text

    Equipo Staff de Sea Of Thieves - España


    Aarrr we are docked at galleons grave but we need to pressgang volunteers at the tavern!

    Guards close them exits and drown them landlubbers in Ale so they may volunteer for a fresh voyage. Drag them on board if ya have to!

    This weekend we shall sail together!

    The shipwright is busy preparing me legendary boat for a fresh voyage of adventure and she should be ready to sail soon.

    The boat legendary miss Loraine and me parakeet mr Pino are some fine company indeed but without sailors life on the sea of thieves can be harsh and punishing.

    Therefor i demand all landlubbers , noobs and fresh pirates to sign up ( a x mark will do) and add and join me today tonight and tomorrow.

    We shall explore the murky waters, have fun and be a pirate , hunt megan and karen, deliver reaper chests and do voyages. We shall decorate miss Loraine with treasures and loot , shiny stuff and illegal goods and provide the outposts with their needs.

    -pve , hunting megan, karen and skellyboats, raiding forts, voyages

    • no tall tales

    -pvp always cargo check before we attack we dont waste peoples time by sinking empty ships for no reason. We stay polite and good sport. Give alliances a chance. We first try to parlez from save distance.

    I sail fight and sink with laughter and fun there is no place to cry about lost loot and effort its part of the game. Now you can be a funny pirate and join up for a crazy loot run!

    Boy or girl, noob or legend, age 6 to 99 as long as you talk without insults and play for fun you will be most welkom to join and help us on our voyage.

    Feel free to add me and jump in the game this weekend and stay for as long as you are enjoying yourself :)


  • Wassup my GamerTag is Bluedooo
    My discord is bluedoo#6968

    I'm available to play literally just about any time.
    Timezone is CT
    And idk what faction is so I'm gonna guess the merchant companies? Any how just wanting to level and play with other people... add me

  • alt text
    Добро пожаловать в «Залив морских воров»
    Мы клан, сообщество ориентированное только на игру «Sea of Thieves». Не прошло и месяца с создания, а мы уже объединили более чем 1000 человек, что делает нас самым большим сообществом в игре Sea of Thieves. Мы находим новые способы сделать это лучше каждый день!

    Что делает на уникальными ?
    Одна из главных вещей на что мы делаем упор в нашем сообществе это простота. И конечно же наша структура, дружелюбие, миссия, веселье и эффективность.

    Не следует забывать что мы самое крупное русскоязычное сообщество в игре. Наш Discord канал набрал более 900 участников в день выхода игры и новые участники присоединяются каждый день.

    Наша система рангов
    делает поиск команды и игру максимально эффективной. Ваш ранг напрямую связан с вашими достижениями в игре. Чем выше ранг тем больше прав и обязанностей у вас на корабле. Вы имеете возможность собрать команду игроков с опытом игры или набрать салаг и сделать из них банду морских воров. Каждый член нашего сообщества находит то что ему нужно.

    Критерии отбора
    Мы принимаем людей отовсюду не взирая на пол, расу и возраст, а уж тем более на опыт в игре. Главное это дружелюбность, дух романтики и авантюризма и желание отправится в незабываемое путешествие в «Sea of Thieves» с друзьями.

    Будьте сами собой
    У нас нет обязательной униформы, тоже касается и раскраса кораблей. НО мы будем ходить под единым флагом (когда будет доступно в игре), а в остальном будьте сами собой, носите что хотите раскрашивайте корабль как вздумается.

    Есть ли ролевая игра?
    Это не ролевое сообщество но вы можете использовать голос пирата, лексику и т.д. Мы приветствуем активных ролевых игроков. Всегда приятно почувствовать атмосферу корабля, задраить пробоины, травить паруса и ловить ветер.

    Наш кодекс прост

    • Каждый Настоящий Пират должен гордиться своим громким именем;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один закон – Пиратский кодекс чести;
    • Для пирата существует лишь одна семья – Пиратское братство;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один дом – пиратский корабль;
    • Для пирата существует лишь один образец подражания – его великие предшественники;
    • Жизнь пирата – непрестанная цепь сражений;
    • Самые страшные преступления для настоящего пирата – это предательство и трусость;
    • Пират должен быть всегда готов рисковать своей жизнью;
    • Каждый пират должен быть отчаянным и смелым, трусость в бою карается;
    • Каждый пират обязан подчиняться вышестоящим по рангу;
    • Пистолеты, сабли и остальное оружие должны содержаться в чистоте и полной готовности;
    • Для выражения своих мыслей и чувств пират может использовать слова из пиратского жаргона, разрешённые на корабле;
    • Если любой из членов команды будет уличён в нечестной игре (читерстве), он будет изгнан с позором;
    • Женщинам разрешено становиться пиратом только в том случае, если они не уступают мужчинам в следующих качествах: решительности, смелости и силе воли;
    • Когда пират проходит определённое количество сражений, приобретает необходимый опыт и навыки, он получает повышение в звании, согласно Пиратскому рангу;
    • Чёрная метка – знак наказания, клеймо на репутации пирата за несоблюдение кодекса;

    Готовы присоединится?
    Если готовы присоединится к нашему братству и получать незабываемые впечатления от совместной игры в «Sea of Thieves» с друзьями, заполните и отправьте прямо в этой ветке простую форму:

    Игровое имя:
    Часовой пояс:
    Как часто играете?:

    Заходите в наш Discord
    После заполнения формы, можете присоединится к нам в Discord и подождать пока мы рассмотрим вашу заявку.
    Канал «Залива Морских Воров» в Discord

  • This topic is deleted!

  • To all who heed His Majesty’s Call,

    We are brave, we are ready, and we are willing to recruit you! Fortune favours the brave; but are you willing to join our ranks?

    We just reached 100 members last night and we would like to extend our invite to all of you on the Sea of Thieves Forums. Every day of the weekend, we do events called “Convoys”, where we bring in two galleons on a server and fight piracy, monsters, and skeleton infestations. On the weekdays we mostly do “Patrols” which consists of the aforementioned activities without the extra ship.

    Our organisation is based on chain-of-command. Each captain controls a crew consisted of 15 people so he could conceivably find at least 4 people at any reasonable time. We also have uniforms. (Hunter Hat, Admiral Jacket, and anything else underneath).

    Our YouTube channel is “The Naval British Empire” and every two weeks we do a video of our most spectacular or notable exploits.

    If you would like the invite, please message and I’ll send the link! Be sure to leave your discord name as well. Cheers!

    Lord Admiral von Steinsonne
    H.M.S. Lionheart

    Admiral Gillette
    H.M.S. Providence

    Rear Admiral Cole
    H.M.S. Monarch

    Commodore Nathan Hoy
    H.M.S. Formidable

    Commodore Pickle
    H.M.S. Unicorn

    Captain Archer
    H.M.S. Brookes

    Captain William
    H.M.S. Dauntless

    Captain Garrett
    H.M.S. Warrior

    Captain Horatio Nelson
    H.M.S. Victory

    From these officers of the British Royal Navy

  • Red death gaming are looking for active laid back friendly crew members. We play daily 7pm - midnight eastern time and we are willing to help players learn and reach pirate legend.We welcome pve and pvp players. If you are interested join our discord Tell us what times you can play and we will work out a schedule for example you can only play tuesdays and thursdays , we will hold a spot on our 4 man crew for you to play on those days basically CapnDeath and myself are looking for a tight 4 man crew to play with daily.

  • Ahoy me hearties! I be Chaotic, and I'm looking for a regular crew to sail with.

    I typically play most nights from 7 PM US CDT until midnight or so. I have also started streaming recently, and am a part of the Creator Crew.

    I'm looking for a crew that's down for pretty much everything. I'm maxed on all my reputations, but still enjoy grinding most commendations. I'm a father by day, pirate by night. I play on both PC and Xbox, though a lot more on PC. I'm great at PvE, and decent at PvP.

    If your crew has a spot open, shoot me a message and let me know! Hope to see some great faces on the seas soon!

  • Ahoy thar ye skeevy skallywags!

    As fellow rapscallions, we simple sea folks of the Pirate Armada would like to call an offer to join our merry marauding ranks!
    Whether ye take to buccaneering, privateering, smuggling or full on piracy; be ye a young sea pup on yer first voyage, or a retired and returning legend o the sea; the Armada welcomes ye all!

    Welcome to The Pirate Armada!

    The Pirate Armada is a growing community based on and built around Sea of Thieves. We are a place for fellow pirates to find crew of all play styles, on all platforms. You can share your favorite stories, converse with like minded scoundrels, as well as sign up for one of our bi-weekly events!
    Hope to see you along!

    We welcome new and old players alike, so no matter your skill, the Armada has a place for you. Whether you are a bloodthirsty PvPer, or a casual PvEer, we unite pirates of all walks of life to offer the best experience possible. So join the Armada today, and set sail for adventure, rum and riches!

    Embark on your journey here!

    Hope to see you on our crew, and happy sailing!

  • Come da oggetto cerco giocatori italiani minimo 20 anni, per giocare passando serate di sano svago e relax, socievoli ma sopratutto tranquilli e senza pretese...è un gioco, viviamo come tale...

  • Salut ,
    je cherche des joueurs avec qui jouer en équipe parlant français.

  • I got to Pirate Legend as a pacifist but now I'm feeling bloodthirsty and I need a cut-throat crew. You don't have to be good, just willing to take part in PVP, so we can get some "hooks-on" experience (get it? Instead of hands on?) in fighting.

    I'm also up for just casual play, helping grind to PL, farming Reaper's Chests, do Forts, Tales, whatever, I'm down.

    Microphone kinda essential as I'm on Xbox.

    Add me on Xbox as shadinghades if you're interested! I play most weekends and evenings.

  • Greetings all! You may have seen me on the forums before, but the notifications for the SoT forums refused to work. I got it to work now, God bless. Anyways, I am Lord Admiral von Steinsonne of the British Royal Navy. We have a discord which I will send to you after a message expressing want to be included in is given. Among what we have is an economy system in-house, a crew system where men are divided into 15-20 member crews who sail with each other, as well as a convoy system where two ships (usually 2 galléons or a galléon and 1 brigantine) are on the same server. Just message me which ship strikes an interest in you and I will list their specialty!

    Monarch’s 2nd Flotilla:

    • HMS Monarch -
    Duke, Admiral Cole - Arena and PvP

    • HMS Unicorn -
    Senior Captain Sumptiner - Fortresses

    • HMS Explosion -
    Senior Captain Voyager - General

    3rd Centurions Flotilla:

    • HMS Victory -
    Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson - PvP and Fortresses

    • HMS Executioner -
    Sir Commodore Zore - Arena and PvP

    • HMS Phantom -
    Master-and-Commander UnKn0wnn - All PvP and Combat (Especially Arena)

  • Hallo ich bin ganz neu in dem Spiel und suche Spieler welche mit mir auf See stechen.

    Gerne ebenfalls Anfänger, da ich ja selbst noch nicht viel Erfahrung auf dem Meer habe. Aber auch erfahrene Seemänner, die einen frischen Matrosen anlernen möchten.

    Wer mit mir ein Abenteuer erleben möchte kann mich gerne adden.


  • Salut, je suis nouveau sur le jeu. Je suis un joueur PC j'ai 21 ans.
    N'hésitez pas à m'ajouter sur discord : FFFCuudy#3831

  • alt text

    alt text

    Welcome to The Iron Fleet's official recruitment thread. We are a veteran community that has been connecting more and more pirates since before launch! Keep in mind that there is no current in-game support for fleets, but that won't stop us from socializing, playing together, and growing as a community! We accept all pirates regardless of experience, provided they abide by the rules, and will aim to help new players along their journey. We have players from all around the world, so it should never be a problem finding someone to play with. The Iron Fleet is based off the fleet of the same name from George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire." Feel free to role-play along, but it's not required!

    alt text

    1. Follow Microsoft's Terms of Conditions and Rare's Pirate Code
    2. Must be fluent in English
    3. Must have a working microphone
    4. Treat everyone with respect and display maturity
    5. We have a soft rule of 18+, allowing players under the age of 18 to apply they display maturity

    alt text

    Job Titles
    These job titles are purchased with doubloons, the currency our server uses. You can earn doubloons through a variety of means. Some of these include a daily, ranked based salary, gambling, participating in lottery style raffles, and by doing certain "jobs".
    alt text

    Member Ranks
    We have a dual ranking system which grants you the following roles based on your activity within the server. Members are sorted by this rank.

    alt text
    If you're an SoT Insider or Streamer, let us know! We've got special roles for those as well!

    alt text

    To start, we've added an entirely new role and ranking system. While staff ranks (Junior and Senior Officers) will only be given by appointment, every member has the chance to rank up in the fleet, up to the rank of Captain and Protector of the Realm. The first set of roles are purchasable through the market, so be sure to manage your money well! Each role has a different price, and comes with different salaries (paid weekly).

    In addition to the roles, you can also purchase or invest in a number of trade goods. There are several, unique items in the store with specific flavor texts that are displayed whenever you use them! New items from far away lands may show up in the store at any time, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Lastly, we've implemented gambling as a sport and spectacle. You can participate in or simply cheer on a cockfight outside the tavern, throw dice in the back alleyway, or go to a casino type area where you can experience more exotic games, such as roulette and blackjack! You can also buy a ticket to a lottery style raffle, to gain extra doubloons or cool prizes!

    alt text

    To join our ranks and start plunderin' your way across the seven seas, submit the application template, found below, to this thread. In the meantime, join our discord and say hi! Once you've joined, simply read the rules, hit the emote indicating that you've read them, and a Junior or Senior Officer will get you set up!

    Discord Name:
    Region/Time Zone:
    Experience (if any) with the game:
    Additional info you may want to include:

    alt text

    Discord | Twitter | YouTube

    The Iron Fleet's name and motto are based off "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin and its televised adaptation "Game of Thrones" on HBO. Head banner made by @The-DOSCON. Fleet rank banner made by @Pocketomi.

  • Wir suchen weitere Mitstreiter um gemeinsam das Piraten-leben erträglicher zu machen. Regelmäßige Fahrten mit abschließendem Saufgelage ist das Ziel.

    Schön wäre es wenn du ein gewisses Alter mit bringst, 20 ist muss, Ü30 ist das Ziel, Ü40 ein Traum.

    Von Anfängern bis Legenden sind alle willkommen. TS währe wünschenswert.

    Wenn du Interesse hast schreib mich an oder Adde mich.

  • Ahoi,
    Wir (2 ruhigere jungs) suchen noch Mitstreiter die mit uns in See stechen.

    Gerne etwas Erwachsener und keine Kiddys =)

    Einfach adden =) Ts vorhanden

  • Hallo :)

    Ich (21 J.) bin gerade einmal paar Stunden erst auf Reisen aber vermisse jetzt schon einen Kameraden...
    Wenn du ü18 bist und Humor hast würde ich mich sehr freuen wenn du dich meldest :D.

    Auf zu großartigen Abenteuer!!!

  • Ahoy there ye landlubber! This is the #welcome page of The Pirate Armada, where ye will find all sorts of useful information, including the rules.
    Remember to check out the rules down below!

    All the important information and updates about The Pirate Armada and the game will be posted in #announcements!
    If you want to discuss changes to the armada, vote in armada polls, or participate in community driven events, that will take place over in #the-moot.

    Outpost - Start by letting the armada know who you are in the #introduce-yourself. Write your whole pirate backstory if you want to! You want to find a crew to set sails with and start a grand adventure? Head on over to #crewing-up and use one of the many ship voice channels to communicate. If you just want chat about anything you got on your heart, #rambling-rover-tavern is the place you're looking for, or you could speak up in real time over in The Dusty Beaver voice channel.

    Calm Waters - Have look through your #spyglass to observe the conquest of other pirates, or display your own. If looking isn't enough, you can exchange your #adventure-stories or enter the #shanty-zone for some good old sea songs. Got a heavy heart or a hot head? Good pirates know that #venting your stress helps for stable sailing. All pirates love a good laugh, so meet us in #x-memes-the-spot for a mead and a meme or a grog and a giggle.

    Invite your friends, so our pirate community can grow larger! -

    1 Respect your crewmates!
    Respect your crewmates while out on the seas, as well as here in The Pirate Armada! Discrimination hurts everybody, we are all pirates here!

    2 No toxicity in The Pirate Armada.
    Don't let toxicity radiate into text chat nor voice chat! If you got any boiling thoughts in your head try venting in the #venting chat room, but try keeping it clean!

    3 Strive to teach and learn.
    If one of your fellow crewmembers gets on your nerves, calmly give them the advice they need to become better pirates. Also try to learn from your fellow pirates, so you can work better as a crew.

    4 No spam in chat.
    Don't clog up any of the chat rooms with a repeated messages or pictures, unless you actually try to convey a story. :trumpet~1::dash:

    5 Promote with caution.
    Don't use The Pirate Armada as a platform to promote your own/other communities or groups, unless you have explicit permission or if it's within context. (Or if it's to an allied Discord group)

    6 The Pirate Code!
    Most importantly, follow the official pirate code whilst out to seas. Here is a link to The Pirate Code:

    Pirate Code
    Learn about Rare’s multiplayer experience Sea of Thieves. Discover your inner pirate and plot your course for hidden riches in a treacherous shared world. Grab more information here, Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10

    Our Organization helps to keep everything in order. We currently have multiple roles that can be earned through your contribution to the community and ability to play the game. To Rank up you most meet our pre-existing requirements. If you feel you have met said requirements, just post a message in the #ranking chat, and a officer will gladly help you out! If you seek the Pirate Legend or Athena Legend status, a picture of your reputation levels in-game will be required.

    These are the community ranks, they will gradually change over time as you contribute to the armada!

    @Rapscallion - Has all but mastered the game and showed their love to the Armada.
    @Marauder - Decent experience in-game and is an active member of the discord.
    @Boatswain - Relatively new to the armada!
    @Armada Entree - Just joined the armada!

    @Athena Legend - This person has reached athenas level 10 in-game.
    @Pirate Legend - This person has reached pirate legend in-game.

    @Grand Admiral - Head of The Pirate Armada
    @Ceremonial Admiral - 2nd in command and helps the Armada Admiral.
    @Admiral - The people who makes all the stuff behind the curtains happen.
    @Vice Admiral - Supervises the server makes sure everything runs smoothly.
    @Captain - Highest ranking officer he/she makes sure everyone in the community is happy and following the rules.
    @First Mate - 2nd highest ranking officer and follows through with what the Captain asks them to do.

    @Council Chairman - Spearheads the organization and planning of events in the armada.
    @Skeleton Council - The armada members that create events for the whole armada to join in!

    Are you interested in joining? If you are, fill out the info below:
    Time zone:
    What are you looking forward to in the future of Sea of Thieves:

    Need an example? Take a look!
    Gamertag: MeltDown 666366
    Discordtag: Wolf (MeltDown 666366)#0010
    Platform: Xbox One
    Time zone: CST
    What are you looking forward to in the future of Sea of Thieves: The Arena!

  • Saddly, of all my friends I am the only one playing this game. I've been enjoying the game very much, even alone! But now I feel the need to leave the Sloop and try a Galleon or a Brig. I've been trying to use the default queue of the game, but I only find crews of 2 who are afk most of the time.

    So, I offer my service for any crew that would like to accept me, I am pleased to do any kind of quest! I also have a headset with microphone if that is neccesary. My time zone is UTC. I'm from Europe, and my preferred language is Spanish or English

  • Looking for 1-3 active players to help me grind Skull Forts, Voyages, mostly anything to help me reach my goal of Pirate Legend!

    My Xbox gamer tag is "Regiment147" with a picture of a blue lion.

    I'm usually online at 5pm CDT and I can sail til 12am CDT.

    Send me a message if you have the patience to help me reach my goal!


  • Ahoy all, I be searching for some pirates who are looking for a bit of work with an experienced crew. I cannot promise a permanent position as our crew has players joining and bailing all the time but if ye are interested in working with a fun but very efficient crew then please note the following.

    I will accept all pirates: Any gender, Any race I literally don't care as long as you are competent and meet the 2 rules in the title your good.

    Swearing is not forbidden on board: I myself don't Swear but I can't stop you so I don't, simple as that.

    You must be able to put up with cheerful banter and insults: Please remember that these aren't intended to be harmful but do let us know if our banter hurts you personally.

    We are not an aggressive crew: PvP is not our first choice when it comes to other crews (we will fight if required) but if your hunting for an arena crew then you probably should turn back.

    You will be dealing with Pirate Legends most of the time but don't feel like your not welcome if your not quite there yet we know a lot of tricks and will finish your journey (just don't bail without a word once you do)

    Please be aware that we sometimes get some rough sailors on board who are well shall we deem it "interested" if there is a female on board this is a rare case but it does happen so please be aware of it if your a girl looking to join the crew.
    (Do not be scared by this I have ZERO tolerance for that behavior and captains justice will be swift)

    I think that pretty much covers it just a few quick things about myself and I'll be off hoping that someone will give our crew a go if they need one.

    Been playing since launch
    Pirate legend since August 26th 2018
    Been with Xbox for 4 years
    I live in New Zealand (Yes we exist) and mostly plays from noon to 4pm
    Not a master at PvP but getting better and can get by
    Owns 2 SoT Related clubs: The Sea Of Thieves Outpost (The Newly Created public club for players looking for a crew) and The Tavern of The Emerald Alliance. (This is the elite club and only the most loyal pirates to the crew will be invited)

    That will be all from me I'll be checking to see if any of ye are interested daily and will report and unhelpful or hurtful comments (You can say what you want about me I couldn't care less but still gonna report it if I need to)

  • Hi guys, I've been rolling with a crew for a while, but two people have had to leave. Would anyone like to sail with me for a while? I'm likely to be playing for the next 22 Hours minimum.

    MY Tag is MisterPles

  • ¿Estaba buscando un grupo de corsarios hispanos con los que poder navegar y saquear? Ojo al parche; deje su catalejo y no busque más, éste es el lugar adecuado

    Entre en nuestro servidor desde el siguiente enlace de invitación y preséntese en la #taberna para unirse a nuestras aventuras, echar un trago de grog y convertirse en un lobo de mar.


    ✅ 1. Entrar en nuestro servidor de Discord: Para los despistados ¡no podemos verificaros si no entrais! y por esa razón es el primer paso y más importante.

    ✅ 2. Publicar un mensaje en el foro de Sea Of Thieves en el Hilo Oficial de nuestra comunidad (aquí mismo): Deje un mensaje en nuestro hilo oficial para que comprobemos el estado de su cuenta y para aumentar la visibilidad de nuestra comunidad lo que nos beneficia a todos. No olvide hacer una pequeña presentación, tampoco olvide decirnos su usuario de Discord para que sincronicemos su apodo.

    ✅ 3. Publicar un mensaje en Discord: Mencione desde el canal de texto #verificación a un @Verificador (sin la mención es más difícil que localicemos su mensaje, recuerde que debe aparecer resaltada en color rojo)

    Pedimos máxima difusión para así llegar a ser una gran comunidad.

  • alt text

    Amareth - Multigaming Polish Server

    Szukasz ludzi z którymi mógłbyś pograć w wiele
    tytułów wieloosobowych i kooperacyjnych?
    Zapraszamy do nas!

    Co oferujemy:

    • miłą, kulturalną atmosferę,
    • wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
    • trzy klucze z grami na miesiąc do wygrania
      dla aktywnych użytkowników,
    • wydarzenia serwerowe,
    • transmisje w serwisie Twitch
    • sesje papierowych gier RPG,
    • dostęp do kanałów gdzie na bieżąco
      pojawiają się informacje ze świata filmu i gier
      oraz atrakcyjne oferty zakupu gier i sprzętu,
    • pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

    Co oczekujemy:

    • minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
    • kultura osobista,
    • komunikatywność,
    • aktywność na serwerze.

    Link zaproszeniowy na serwer Discord:

    Ważne. Jeżeli nie posiadasz konta na serwisie Discord, polecamy
    je założyć przy dołączeniu do naszego serwera. Konta tymczasowe
    są automatycznie usuwane przez serwer.
    Po dołączeniu do serwera, poczekaj 3 MINUTY, aż Kwatermistrz
    nada Ci rangę uprawniającą do korzystania z serwera.
    Resztę informacji przekaże Kwatermistrz na PW po dołączeniu
    do naszego serwera.
    Serdecznie zapraszamy.

  • Looking for speaking crew members for me galleon. Shout me up BrookstarTTV. Good pirating. Know ya sailing. Need proper sailors. All others need not apply.