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  • Hello all! It is so awesome to see so many of you creating crews, fleets and guilds in order to find new friends to sail with. Whatever your play style, ge, gender, race, nationality or creed there is a group of people who are as excited to #bemorepirate as you are!

    In order to maintain.. well, order, we are instituting a new rule that pirates who are not interested in joining a particular group not post in their recruitment threads.

    Article 3 of the Pirate Code reminds us that disputes are settled upon the waves, so please keep that in mind when interacting with each other in the community!

  • Noticing a few people setting up Discord rooms for Sea of Thieves it seems time to build a collection all in one spot of links and information about them.

    Post details of your groups in this thread!

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  • alt text
    Welcome to The Blue Devils Recruitment Thread!

    "Ever since men sailed the Sea of Thieves, there have been Tales. These tales strike fear in the hearts of merchants and pirates alike, passed from sailor to sailor via fearful whispers in the dead of night. Some say that these phantom ships do not exist, that they were created to keep the faint hearted on the shore where they belong. Others claim to have seen the flash of blue and the pockmarked black hull, though how they survived, they would not say."

    "One thing is for certain on this wild sea. Any sailor that sees the telltale blue sails on the horizon, aught to do what any reasonable seaman would do..."


    ~ Unknown

    alt text
    Who are we:
    Founded during the first weeks of the release of Sea of Thieves, The Blue Devils is a small, adaptive crew with members from all over the world. As original creators and participants in many community events, We have always been known for our friendly, competitive, and above all, private nature. Now, as Sea of Thieves: Arena approaches, we are opening the floodgates and looking for anyone that values these two primary characteristics:

    • PvP: The Blue Devils have always been centered on one basic principle, "Take what you can, give nothing back!". Our initial days were spent chasing the elusive skeleton fort, and instead of leaving when it was occupied, we made a point to take it for ourselves, no matter the difficulty. Our drive for supremacy pushes us to new heights each time we are challenged in PvP, and we never shy from a fight, even if the odds are stacked against us. We are THE ONLY all PvP crew. Commendations and content are intermittent, PvP is forever.

    alt text

    • Community: We are not your average community, we are an Actual crew. We are small, tight knit, dedicated, interchangeable, and above all else, friends. We help each other, hear each other out when bad times happen, and cheer each other on when participating in community events. We watch each others backs, and let no outside force interfere with us. We are united as one singular force - The Blue Devils.

    Some other basic requirements include:

    • 18 years or older. This is a mature crew.
    • Discord and microphone are required.
    • No other crew affiliations.
    • Thick skin is recommended.

    !!!The Blue Devils is Invite Only!!!
    While we are opening our doors to everyone for the first time, joining our discord does not equal joining our crew. To be invited to join our crew is to join a brotherhood, and it is of the utmost importance to make sure potential members will homogenize with our existing crew. More info on this can be found in our discord.

    alt text

    If these ideals resonate with you, and you have a competitive spirit, please introduce yourself below by providing the following info:

    Discord ID:(Name#1234)
    How long have you played Sea of Thieves:

    The Blue Devils Discord Invite:
    The Blue Devils Twitter:

  • Ahoy!

    I’m about 10 hours into SoT and I’m now looking for people to play with. PC player, 28 yrs old, located in Northern Europe, fluent in english and not afraid to use voice chat. I’m comfortable with the game mechanics and am willing to do which ever job’s needed on the ship.

    Looking for a good time, having fun and making friends.
    Available most afternoons!

    Hope to hear from y’all

    Gamer tag: frugalskew

  • alt text
    Welcome to the Crew of Thieves!

    We are one of the biggest and oldest Sea of Thieves communities around.. Whether you came here to find others and play the game together, discuss the latest news or just want to have a good time, you've found the right place! We are very friendly, no matter what level of skill you bring to the table and always looking for new faces in the community :)

    Discord Link (Click to join us!):

    Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments here you can use the following format:

    Discord name (Name#XXXX):
    Age (optional):
    Platform (optional):

    What we provide:

    • A Welcoming Community open to everyone who joins!
    • Large Community with over 2,400 players!
    • Experienced people that will be able to answer most of your questions or to set sail with!
    • A proper website with the best guides and news!
    • Moderators and rules to make sure everyone is able to have a good time and enjoy their time when interacting with the Crew of Thieves Discord server
    • Giveaways on our social media (Links found below)
    • Carefully set-up Discord server that has lots of features without being too disturbing for people that aren't interested in them (News, Ranks, Lore info, Many Custom Emojis and so on)
    • Rewarding Discord systems that will allow you to have fun and engage with others in unique ways
    • Regular Events that allow or users to team up, have fun and earn some awesome rewards!

    What we are looking for:

    • People that want to have a good time, no matter your interests within Sea of Thieves (e.g. PvP, Athenas Voyages and more!)
    • Friendly, Interactive Members who are willing to help others who need it!
    • People interested in the game, our community, our website, the content we create or even just pirates!

    Discord Link:
    Twitter Link:
    Reddit Link:

    Happy Sailing and we hope to see you on the High Seas!

  • PC Preferred/Xbox Possible (Mandatory Teamspeak Participation)

    Angels of Death: Sea of Thieves Division
    So yer looking to throw yourself in with the lot of us in the Angels of Death are ya? Well ye be standing in the right tavern. Sailing across the vast open seas to the edge of the world and back, Angels of Death is a PC based gaming clan. We operate as an independent organization focused on the acquisition of massive amounts of booty! AOD's reputation on the high seas for overcoming the highest of waves is well earned from 18 years of prosperity and camaraderie.

    While we're all pirates, dastardly acts of exploitation and cheating will be met with the sharp end of a cutlass and bilge rats will be shown no quarter! Ruthlessness aside, the Angels of Death make excellent fleet partners and ship mates. We have the heftiest of purses, access to the many of the merchants across the seas, and routinely out sail our competitors in our collective pursuit of booty.

    We operate a TeamSpeak 3 server and have an exclusive AOD XBOX Club. Our crewmates hail from the four corners of the globe with varying levels of experience from beginners, just gaining their sea legs, to seasoned veterans that can drink anyone else under the table. This is a place where swashbucklers of equal wit and charm can sail together and landlubbers can hone their seafaring skills and become talented pirates in their own right. Members can make use of our growing library of useful information and resources located in our private forum.

    AOD is made up of gamers from all over the world that come from different backgrounds and are made up of men and women of all races, creeds, and preferences. In order to assure that our valued members can relax and enjoy themselves, we enforce a Code of Conduct that is designed to reduce drama and prevent humiliation and abuse. Violations of this code are dealt with appropriately. We are here to play games.

    One of the best parts about sailing with AOD is that you’ll never sail alone. The open sea is a dangerous place, and you can be certain that when trouble finds ya, your clan mates will have your back. We meet at the tavern and play informally on a daily basis as a well oiled machine on the high seas.
    AOD also conducts routine training as needed for a variety of topics, such as navigation, ship piloting, combat training, and other topics as requested by our mates. Every legendary pirate lord has to start somewhere, right?

    In order to be eligible for membership in the Sea of Thieves division, you must meet the following oaths:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Be on TeamSpeak whenever you are ingame
    • Contribute to the forums regularly (once biweekly as the bare minimum)
    • Abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code, found on our clan forums. We are an honor clan that focuses on fair play and good sportsmanship.

    Ready to sail with us? Follow this link to apply and we'll get you inducted into our ranks!

    **After you've applied, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself in a piratey way just for fun

    Check out what else AOD can offer by browsing the rest of our supported games @**

    Catch our streams on twitch!

    I'm hearing some clans, groups, or independent pirates are really hardcore in SoT. The only thing we're hardcore in is our passion for the game and having a good time. AOD is a self styled casual clan, especially within the SoT division. Just want to relax into merchant missions or shipwreck diving? Yup we do that. Wanna go crush a fort and swat away enemy interception? Haha! We do that too. We do it all, but why we do it is simply for the fun of it. No competitive squeaker salt here. Win or lose, it's all about a good time with your mates. Our numbers are strong and steadily growing! Captain Anvil and I cordially invite you to join our crew. Hope to see you aboard ship soon, matey!
    ~Cerulius AOD:SoT Division XO~

  • Xbox GT: letslipthedogs
    Adult gamer here with mic
    I don't like Discord or really understand it.
    Not very good at PVP but trying hard
    Very good cannon man and gun powder barrels at PVE stuff
    Don't like sinking ships just because but if fired at I'm a ruthless pirate.
    If you need a guy like me please let me know.

    Yo Ho Ho!

    You all seen my posts here you know I love the game but I'm losing heart.

  • The East Indian Trading Company

    Um den Wachsenden Missständen endlich einhalt zu gebieten und zum Schutze des Allgemeinwohls gilt für die Sea of Thieves der Ausnahmezustand!
    Per Dekret werden alle die unter einer Piratenflagge segeln zum Tode verurteilt.

    Die Wichtigste Aufgabe der Company ist Ordnung in die Welt zubringen. Das gelingt nur indem alle Personen, die unter einer Piratenflagge segeln oder ein Piratenzeichen tragen, verurteilt und gehängt werden.

    Wir sind ein deutscher Clan der auf den PC Servern aktiv ist. Bei uns gibt es eine klare Rangfolge und es ist immer jemand da mit dem man gerade Sea of Thieves spielen kann. Unsere Hauptbeschäftigung ist Piraten zu jagen und dabei Handelsmissionen zu erfüllen. Bei uns gibt es strenge Uniformsregeln an die sich jeder halten muss und wir legen sehr großen Wert auf Disziplin.

    Man hat die Chance sich bei uns hochzuarbeiten-
    Vom einfachen Marinesoldaten bis hin zum Flottenadmiral. Unsere Dienstgrade:


    -Kapitän zur See
    -Kapitänleutnant zur See
    -Leutnant zur See

    -Fähnrich zur See


    Die Dienstgrade haben alle ihre eigenen Aufgaben. Beispielsweise ist ein Bootsmann oder der Fähnrich zur See der Steuermann.

    Wenn jemand Interesse hat einem Roleplay Clan beizutreten und seine Pflicht im Namen des Kön**s zu erfüllen derjenige kann sich bei mir melden:

    Discord: LannisterLord#6768
    (Einfach adden und anschreiben)

    Steam: [26tesIR]-RexPrussianus

    Oder du joinst einfach auf unseren Teamspeak
    IP: 26tes-Teamspeak

    gez.Lord RexPrussianus
    Vorsitzender der East India Company

    Lang lebe der KöN*g!

  • alt text

    Welcome to Fleet of Thieves! We are a new and fresh fleet/clan with a strict focus on Sea of Thieves. There will never be any reason to expand to other games, because that is not the vision of this group.

    What makes us unique?
    One of the biggest things that we are proud of is simplicity. Our structure and mission is simple, fun, and effective.

    We're also unique because we are currently the largest fleet specific to Sea of Thieves by far! Our Discord has gained over 2,500 members since the launch of the game. This significantly outweighs growth witnessed in similar organizations!

    The progression in our ranks is unique to Fleet of Thieves. In order to progress through the ranks, you have to meet certain requirements. Once you meet the requirements for the next rank, you submit your standing for officer review and begin your work up the ladder! Everyone loves the feeling of something to work for, and we did our best to deliver that to our community.

    We accept people from all walks of life, and that diversity is a part of what makes our fleet strong. People with all different experiences of the game, yet sharing the same passion. We all just want to sail the seven seas and have the best time possible doing so. If that's not proof we're the right choice, I don't have much else to say!

    How does our hierarchy work?
    Currently, there are seventeen roles for rank progression. You are eligible for promotion once you meet the prerequisites of a rank that are found on our website. You submit your standing with the utilization of our Discord bot for officer review to determine that you are ready to move onto the next rank.

    If you're not interested in role progression and are more casual of a person, you'll blend right in too! There's no certain way you have to lean to have a good time here.

    alt text

    Full details on how you advance in these ranks can be seen inside the Discord.

    Be who you want to be!
    We have no strict uniform in-game when it releases, so feel free to dress however you desire. This includes your ship design as well or any other future customization that is unlocked! We may have militaristic ranks.. but we're Pirates! Not the Royal Navy!

    Is there Roleplay?
    This is not a roleplay community/server, but feel free to use your best pirate voice and linguistic if you feel comfortable doing so. It only makes the stories that much funnier and immersive! That means don't worry about breaking character or feeling like you have to come up with some lore behind you and what we're doing.

    Our own Pirate Code!

    • Respect is a must! If ye need to settle something like pirates figure out a duel somewhere else!
    • This is an English-speaking group. We ask that ye be fluent or extremely proficient in it to participate!
    • We don't have a hard-set age limit but you will be expected to be able to handle yourself. Displaying a deep amount of annoyance and immaturity isn't welcome here.
    • Cheating/third-party use in any fashion outside of the normal mechanics of the game is not welcome here. In short, this means following the terms of conditions to Microsoft/Sea of Thieves.
    • Just use common sense! We're mostly lenient and chill with how things go around here and will often only take action when a behavior is affecting the environment that follows these basic rules.

    Interested in joining?
    If you'd like to become an official member of our fleet then fill out this below:

    Discord Tag:
    Time Zone:
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?:

    Example Application:
    Gamertag: Zaakery
    Discord Tag: zach#0001
    Platform: PC
    Time Zone: EST
    What's your amount of experience in the game so far?: I have taken part in every test session for Sea of Thieves since Closed Beta. I'm currently level 31/33/24 with the Factions in-game, and I play everytime I get the chance!

    Join our Discord!
    After you've filled this out and submitted a reply, join the Discord and you will get assigned a role as soon as a staff member checks the thread!
    Fleet of Thieves Discord Link

    Fleet YouTube Promo

  • alt text

    alt text
    ¿Estaba buscando un grupo de corsarios hispanos con los que poder navegar y saquear? Ojo al parche; deje su catalejo y no busque más, éste es el lugar adecuado (¡Yo-ho!).

    alt text

    alt text

    Entre en nuestro servidor desde el siguiente enlace de invitación y preséntese en la #taberna para unirse a nuestras aventuras, echar un trago y convertirse en un caballero de fortuna.

    Servidor de Discord
    Página web

    alt text

    alt text

    ✅ 1. Entrar en nuestro servidor de Discord: Para los despistados ¡no podemos verificaros si no entrais! y por esa razón es el primer paso y más importante.

    ✅ 2. Publicar un mensaje en el foro de Sea Of Thieves en el Hilo Oficial de nuestra comunidad (aquí mismo): Deje un mensaje en nuestro hilo oficial para que comprobemos el estado de su cuenta y para aumentar la visibilidad de nuestra comunidad lo que nos beneficia a todos. No olvide hacer una pequeña presentación, tampoco olvide decirnos su usuario de Discord para que sincronicemos su apodo.

    ✅ 3. Publicar un mensaje en Discord: Mencione desde el canal de texto #verificación a un @Verificador (sin la mención es más difícil que localicemos su mensaje, recuerde que debe aparecer resaltada en color verde), puede dejar un mensaje tal que así:

    Ejemplo de mensaje que debe dejarnos (el @ desplegará una lista con los roles mencionables):

    alt text

    alt text

    Hilo de Guías e información [En progreso...]

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  • Me and my crew of two others want to start a full crew(more then 3) so we ask you to join us

    Must be 13 or older
    must have mic
    must be willing to cooperate
    must have discord

    If youfit these requirements please use this link to join us

  • alt text


    alt text

    Faction Info:

    Why should you join The Cutthroat Pirates Community?
    Our promise to you is that you will have more fun playing Sea of Thieves with the Cutthroat Pirates than you would on your own or anywhere else. We focus on providing leading experiences in Adventuring, Role Playing, and Speed Running, while we also provide a great home for the competitive scene. As the most storied, most victorious fleet in the game we pride ourselves on saying: We work hard and play even harder.

    The Cutthroat Pirates have a long history in the community; from our record breaking Endless Voyage to our countless event victories. We ensure our name is always on the map by being an active discord community, but more importantly: We are a family. Our mad love for Sea of Thieves makes us strive to provide an amazing place for all to grow both in and out of the game.

    We are inviting everyone (18+) from the Sea of Thieves community to join our discord server. The program #BeMoreCutthroat is a way to show people how we do things, and we are committed to training our community members. Everyone who joins The Cutthroat Pirates discord server will gain access to our training manual and our basic weekly events like PvP Galleons, 1v1 training, etc. The aim is to raise the bar in all aspects. We promote deep friendships that go well beyond the game, and we are all about continuous improvement which is what keeps us going.

    In becoming a Cutthroat we encourage you to #BeMoreCutthroat by:
     Becoming an Adventurer, Roleplayer, or Speedrunner
     Practicing your skills
     Taking the game seriously, but still knowing how to have fun
     Helping others and sharing your experiences
     Engaging with the community and showing initiative
     Acting maturely
     Forming friendships

    When joining the Cutthroat Pirates discord server, you enter as a normal member that gains access to:
     Our active LFG
     The Cutthroat training manual
     Ability to participate in our weekly events
     The opportunity to become a Cutthroat
     Must show exceptional skills in all aspects of Sea of Thieves… this includes but is not
    limited to: the ability to sail all ship types efficiently, able to work well as a crew
    member and as a helmsman, can engage in combat confidently and mercilessly. Every
    Cutthroat is expected to know and apply sailing and combat techniques detailed in the

    It takes time to gain the skills necessary to thrive as a Cutthroat, but we are committed to helping you get there! Sail with us and let’s have some fun!

    Being a Cutthroat has its perks
     Can participate in exclusive events (Endless Voyage, Cutlass Tourney, Total War)
     Ability to represent us in multi-fleet events
     Access to the Cutthroat LFG
     Sailing with high calibre players
     Engaging with PvP heavy community
     Weekly community meetings

    Click here to view our ranking structure

    Social Media:
    Our Twitter Page
    Youtube Channel

    Core Values:
    alt text

    alt text

    We only select ambitious and qualified candidates to join our ranks. Potential candidates must exhibit leadership potential, critical thinking skills, communication skills, team-work, ability to work under pressure and fearlessness. However, all are free to join the Discord!


    alt text

    • Conquer the Seas
    • Acquire an Active & Committed Player-base
    • Military Expansion World-Wide
    • Accelerated Naval & Combat Training
    • Rapid Player Progression

    alt text

    alt text

    They say that not long ago, beyond the horizon, a fleet of ghastly and gnarled ships arose from the Blood Sea. The black raised, bearing the distinctive mark of the Cutthroats; notorious and ruthless pirates. Fathers tell their children what they believe to be tall tales of the flag, warning them about the perils of the sea and of the dangers that lurk atop its unforgiving tides. Captains remind their crews of the superstition that so much as a glancing sight of the flag brings with it a cost to bear--a curse that would take the very souls of those that perish to its tattered sails.

    Rumour spread quickly of accursed ships spreading havoc and discord within the boundaries of the Sea of Thieves. A fleet of scorned ships come to reclaim the sea and the treasures she holds--a fleet that causes dread in even the most hardened of pirates.

    Their wake runs red with the blood of those that dare and their ships are pouring with gold. This is the tale of the Skull and Three...this is the legend of the Cutthroats.

    alt text

    If you're looking for challenges, action-packed events, strategic gameplay and organized leadership / teamwork, then this is the place for you. Our members understand the work and commitment needed in order to truly become LEGENDARY PIRATES. We will teach you all the tips, tricks and strategies in order for you to have the absolute edge in combat, naval warfare and player progression. Our vast network of members are not merely gamers, undergraduates, graduates, and employed workers, but they are well-qualified individuals who uphold our goals and retain qualities of leadership, team-work, and loyalty.

    The Cutthroat Pirates are NOTORIOUS for being FEARLESS! No matter what ship or how many ships lie ahead, we will not settle until the sea is ours!

    alt text

    Events we are participating in:

    Events we have participated in:
    Current Record Holders:
    First Place:
    First Place:
    Reigning Champions:
    Third Place:

    alt text

    • Indigo Koolai
    • Ragetrox
    • XithGK
    • iTz K TIMER
    • Hard Locked
    • Geno on a boat
    • Nephrosiss
    • topdog021
    • Seaiayu
    • CmadnessV
    • TheBeast_NY
    • wkd
    • Balin
    • Krak3n_z
    • XxTyl3rDadYumxX
    • Feyne
    • Vince Robert
  • banner

    There once was a time where fabled pirates of old roamed the 7 seas, pillaging as they saw fit. Those are the days of legend. Where brothers, sisters, friends, and foes alike; drank and sang merry tales of old.

    The stories told of these legends are true. The adventures, the achievements, the glory and gold! Sometimes things come back, and sometimes they never stopped existing. You just need to know where to look.

    We legends have been around for a long, long time. Some of us were famous in our day, and some of us have stories yet untold. Some of us are ruthless, and some of us are friendly - but we are all united by a love of the sea.

    These fabled days of old, these are the days that Rogue Legends will bring again.

    We call to you, our brethren. Join us, in our journeys. Become legend!

    Are you looking for a laid back crew? Perhaps you are looking for some new friends to join you on some voyages to pillage and plunder? Are you looking for a fleet that truly welcomes you and makes you feel like you are family/friends? Are you everything a Rogue Legend is:

    Look no further!

    Our fleet is growing fast and looking for more members. We have many Pirate Legends and players that have been around since early alpha in our ranks. So - no matter if you are looking for a seasoned crew to set sail with, a chance to earn responsibility within a fleet via rank progression, mentorship while you learn the ins and outs of this game, or somewhere you can just come and hang out and have a ton of laughs; Rogue Legends has a spot for you.

    What we offer:

    • In house games.
    • Multi - Fleet/Organization events approved by The Pirate Council.
    • Athena specific leveling days.
    • OOS, M & GH specific leveling days.
    • Players from all over the world - there is always someone looking to crew up.
    • Cuddle Puddles.
    • Cookies.
    • In house contests with prizes.

    You do not need to be legend status to join us. We will help you become a Legend

    In order to be eligible for membership in Rogue Legends you must meet the following:

    • Be at least 18 years of age (Firm Rule)
    • Abide by the Rogue Legends Code (provided upon entering our discord)
    • Abide by the Sea of Thieves Pirate Code
    • Use Discord
    • Have a working microphone (some exceptions can be made)
    • Be proficient in the English language, as we are an English speaking fleet.

    How to Join
    To join our fleet and start your journey of becoming a Rogue Legend:

    Leave the required information below in a reply, to this thread.

    If you feel like Rogue Legends is a good fit for you, please leave a post on this thread giving some details about yourself and why you wish to join. Make sure to tag @CodeName-Jenova or @GefahrMcGefahr.

    Tells us a bit about you:
    Why do you want to join Rogue Legends:

    Then use this link to join us!

    Happy Sailing!

  • Hľadáme CZ-SK hráčov, PC platforma. Kontakt na našom Discorde alebo na Xbox app: OpenedRaptor934.

  • alt text
    Amareth - Multigaming Polish Server
    Szukasz ludzi z którymi mógłbyś pograć w wiele
    tytułów wieloosobowych i kooperacyjnych?
    Zapraszamy do nas!

    Co oferujemy:

    • miłą, kulturalną atmosferę,
    • wspólne rozgrywki w wiele tytułów,
    • Trzy klucze z grami na miesiąc do wygrania
      dla aktywnych użytkowników,
    • wydarzenia serwerowe,
    • od połowy listopada uczestnistwo w trasmisjach
      w serwisie Twitch,
    • dostęp do kanałów gdzie na bierząco
      pojawiają się informacje ze świata filmu i gier
      oraz atrakcyjne oferty zakupu gier i sprzętu,
    • pomoc w grach, sprzęcie, oprogramowaniu.

    Co oczekujemy:

    • minimum wiekowe to 15 lat i więcej,
    • kultura osobista,
    • komunikatywność,
    • aktywność na serwerze.

    Link zaproszeniowy na serwer Discord:

    Ważne. Jeżeli nie posiadasz konta na serwisie Discord, polecamy
    je założyć przy dołączeniu do naszego serwera. Konta tymczasowe
    są automatycznie usuwane przez serwer.
    Po dołączeniu do serwera, poczekaj 3 MINUTY, aż Kwatermistrz
    nada Ci rangę uprawniającą do korzystania z serwera.
    Resztę informacji przekaże Kwatermistrz na PW po dołączeniu
    do naszego serwera
    Serdecznie zapraszamy.

  • Bonjour à tous !

    La nouvellement crée communauté de la taverne du grog traître recrute de nouveaux équipiers afin de naviguer ensemble et découvrir de nouveaux horizons !

    Dans l'idéal nous recrutons sans limite de niveaux, que vous soyez nouveaux ou aguerris nous partagerons tous nos expériences, d'age mature (18+) afin d'éviter de choquer les plus sages d'entres vous et avec un esprit de détente car nous jouons avant tout pour nous marrer avant même de rechercher a nous enrichir par tout les moyens.

    Pour nous contacter un seul lien :

    Bonnes aventures à tous et à très bientôt !

  • Hallo zusammen,

    ich suche eine bestehende Crew oder aktive Leute zum gründen einer neuen Besatzung. Spiele selbst auf der Xbox, aber Crossplay ist ja möglich.

    Alleine machts leider zu wenig Spaß... :P

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  • Looking for a crew or even a buddy to sail the high seas with, make some bread.

  • Wir sind 2 Leute und Suchen noch mindestens eine weitere Person.
    Du solltest Skype oder Discord haben nicht zu weit fortgeschritten sein (niemand über Level 30)
    Wir nehmen auch gerne Anfänger auf.
    Zum Alter so ab 13 bis ca. 30 ist alles ok.
    Wenn du interessiert bist Wende dich auf Wgatsapp an die:
    +49 176 47284968 (Max)
    +49 178 1735258 (Jannis)
    Wir freuen uns mit dir Segeln zu dürfen. : )

  • 40-48-44

    Down for higher level quests preferably as levelling up is a b***h by myself.


  • All my levels are 45, just looking for a galleon crew to [Mod edited] around with who have mics. Down for whatever.

  • Just looking for a crew to join. No Mic but I use the quick reply system very well. Add me KooperKlan117

  • I am looking for people to grind to pirate legend with, im kinda tired of solo slooping. 29 year old from Europe, i have a mic and i speak english. Add me to Xbox Live, i play on PC

  • Hi everyone! I am new to Sea of Thieves and looking to join a crew and friends to play the game with! I have the basics of the game down, but I could always use some help, advice, etc! My ultimate goal is to become Pirate Legend.

    I am on Xbox and my GT is KittyUnleashed. If you add me please let me know! :)

  • Salut ,
    je cherche des joueurs avec qui jouer en équipe parlant français.

  • We are not here to recruit people, we are purely here to offer some assistance.

    Maybe your usual crew has taken a hiatus, there is a lot of other games out there taking some attention for a while. However you might still need some doubloons, maybe some help with something not even Festival of the Damned related. We are always here for assistance!

    You might even want to find a new crew to explore with, we are here to sail through this Sea of Thieves.

    alt text

    We can help you reach for the stars (although we cannot guarantee a safe landing)

    alt text

    Old Salts Piratical Training Academy

    With the amazing launch of Festival of the Damned :

    P.T.A. are proud to offer spaces in the academy for any pirates young or old no matter their ability.

    -If you're new to the game and require some help

    --If you've played for a while and want some pointers in the right direction, to try out different ships or ways to play

    -If you're experienced but need assistance with an adventure or a push towards achieving Legend. You might even have a commendation you are struggling with, an achievement you can't get done ?

    -If you've taken a break and would like a refresher course in what's new...

    -Or you want to talk to some people to get more confident with your Sea of Thieves piracy & communication with others...


    We are not asking you to join a fleet, we are simply saying we can be here for you, and offering some time from some of our long time players and legends to anyone that may need some help.

    We are here for you.

    Follow this link, and fill out a very short form, and we are more than happy to help any of you #bemorepirate !

    Always fun and laughter with The Old Salts, but always keep to the code !

  • PL here. Looking to grind Athenas with one other person on a sloop. I usually grind athena solo but im tired of dealing with the order of souls missions on my own.
    Must be 14 or older
    If you dont have a mic i hope you know your way around the auto chat

  • Ahoy There!

    Aussie Rogers?
    The Aussie Rogers are a brand new Sea of Thieves Discord Crew looking for those Pirates that simply wish to join a Friendly, Fun, and Competitive but still relaxed crew. The Discord Server may be only new to the Scene but the Admirals and Members already part of the ARs are quite experienced at all aspects of the game... and are also Pirate Legend! If you are new to Sea of Thieves, we are more than happy to assist those people looking to learn how to play.

    We currently do have a very light Ranking system in the server, only to reflect Alliance levels in game.. so nothing too serious. We do not wish to separate our crew mates too much. We work as a team!

    The members currently in the server are all Australian, but we are now accepting people from all over the globe as long as you can speak the English language and communicate using Discord with a microphone of some sort. ( Xbox 1 players can use Xbox Party Chat )

    No huge rule list or anything, just if you do get a little silly or toxic.. Please do not go overboard and try to upset others. Being funny towards other crewmates in game is completely acceptable. I certainly know us Aussies get a little toxic from time to time aye.


    Catch yas on the seas!

  • Всех, кого смог найти на дискорде - сообществами не назвать, играют 2 инвалида, в какое бы время не зашел. Мне 30, хочу найти конст пати для игры в вечернее время по мск.

  • alt text

    alt text

    Welcome to The Iron Fleet's official recruitment thread. We are a veteran community that has been connecting more and more pirates since before launch! Keep in mind that there is no current in-game support for fleets, but that won't stop us from socializing, playing together, and growing as a community! We accept all pirates regardless of experience, provided they abide by the rules, and will aim to help new players along their journey. We have players from all around the world, so it should never be a problem finding someone to play with. The Iron Fleet is based off the fleet of the same name from George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire." Feel free to role-play along, but it's not required!

    alt text

    1. Follow Microsoft's Terms of Conditions and Rare's Pirate Code
    2. Must be 18+ and be fluent in English
    3. Must have a working microphone
    4. Treat everyone with respect and display maturity

    alt text

    Member Ranks
    These ranks are purchased with doubloons, the currency our server uses. You can earn doubloons through a variety of means, some of which include a daily, ranked based salary, gambling, raffles, and by doing certain "jobs".
    alt text

    Activity Based Rankes
    We have a dual ranking system which grants you the following roles based on your activity within the server. The higher your "activity" rank, the higher your daily wages are!

    alt text
    Pioneers are automatically given the rank of Master Gunner, and Founders are automatically given the rank of Gunner.

    alt text

    To start, we've added an entirely new role and ranking system. While staff ranks (Junior and Senior Officers) will only be given by appointment, every member has the chance to rank up in the fleet, up to the rank of Grand Inquisitor and Legionnaire. These roles are purchasable through the market, so be sure to manage your money well! Each role has a different price, and comes with different salaries (paid every 24 hours).

    In addition to the roles, you can also purchase and invest in a number of trade goods. Want to own your own store and sell your very own goods? Go right ahead! New items from far away lands may show up in the store at any time, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Lastly, we've implemented gambling as a sport and spectacle. You can participate in or simply cheer on a cockfight outside the tavern, throw dice in the back alleyway, or go to a casino type area where you can experience more exotic games, such as roulette and blackjack! You can also buy a ticket to a lottery style raffle, to gain extra doubloons or cool prizes!

    alt text

    To join our ranks and start plunderin' your way across the seven seas, submit the application template, found below, to this thread. In the meantime, join our discord and say hi! Once you've submitted an app and joined the discord, simply tag a Sr. or Jr. Officer to be assigned your roles!

    Discord Name:
    Region/Time Zone:
    Have you played in the tech alpha, closed beta, scale tests, or open beta?:
    Pirate Legend or Athena's Fortune 10?
    Additional info you may want to include:

    alt text

    Discord | Twitter | YouTube

    *The Iron Fleet's name and motto are based off "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin and its televised adaptation "Game of Thrones" on HBO. Head banner made by @The-DOSCON. Fleet rank banner made by @Pocketomi.

  • Hi everyone!!!

     I was just looking for a crew who would be willing to defeat the skeleton fortress with me! The best time to play for me is 6:00 Eastern Time. Please let me and others know if you can or want to!!!

  • The Clearwater Brigade Is Recruting We Help Every One I Just Made The Crew But I’m A Pirate Legend So Come On Over I Also Need Few Officers To Help Run It Just Join Our Discord