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  • 2 hours of gathering supplies and getting powder barrels to go do the skelly ships with a new player that never seen them. Here they come idiot PVP players who want to screw your night up! They did sunk us while 3 of us were on an island. Went and played Destiny Forsaken. Rare there are many other games to play. Pvp will sink SOT also.

  • So, I found a classic song that was popular in 1550-1750, so would be around when Pirates were sailing, from start of the era to finish. And with how it may be easy for one to translate the singing to an instrument, plus they also kinda do it for themselves, could be VERY good for this game.

    On top of that, I would like to see if you guys have any other old songs like this you could suggest here?

  • So I’ve been having a problem lately when I’m trying to get something out of the barrels on my ship and we are not docked it either won’t let me in or kicks me out. Is there going to be a fix for this at all.

  • SoT has been out about 6 months and the long and tired requests for PvE only or safe zones continue.

    The same old pro PvP nasty replies keep coming back to the requests for change.

    So what has Rare done. Well they nerfed a lot of the AI fighting and some weapons. They added in more AI attackers and then expected people to switch from being aggressive nasty people to cooperate and help each other.

    Why is it so flippin difficult for Rare to simply balance out the PvP fighting better so that noobs or less experienced PvP fighters are able to play and enjoy the game without grief from aggressive and experienced PvP types.

    On land or one on one combat, the noob or lesser PvP player should be harder to kill vs a more experienced killer.

    On sea, the crew PvP rating should be balanced up for similar effect.

    This isn't a request for PvE only or safe places but to simply balance out the fighting so that nobody has the feel griefed. Instead, they get a chance to improve their fighting is the get jumped and if not to enjoy their own pirating adventures.

    Is that so blinkin difficult to attain really?

  • I noticed a very small amount of people putting up a ruckus because, and I'm guessing, they aren't good with battling other players on an even playing field (Yes SoT is an even playing field. It all comes down to experience and how well your tactics are.) The whole concept of this game from the very first ad was no micro-transactions and items to give others a step above the rest.

    Many argue that SoT was never a PvP or PvE game or vice versa. The final answer is that this is a PvP game in a PvE world. You got other ships with real players sailing about the world on their own agenda and then you got quest with enemy NPCs and patrolling threats such as the Megalodon. With these known FACTS it is and accepted as a PvP system in a PvE world.

    Now with that being said, some would argue that system preference would allow for better tactics and straight up fighting and I'd have to agree. I'm experiencing this first hand. Never will I go back to play SoT on console, but this is only a factor of input devices...

    Now just because you have poor tactics and end up losing your battles a lot more frequently than others doesn't mean the game was "imbalanced." What it means is that you have poor strategies and give excuses as to why you lost.

    So if you stockpiled gunpowder and knew a ship was coming directly for you yet you ended up sinking and also stated 3 of your additional crew members were on land at the time, then that sounds like you're not very good of a player to begin with...

  • The video that came out couple weeks ago was fun and all - but didn't really answer many questions.
    I'll just start by asking 1..

    If you are in a rowboat, and your ship is sunk... what happens?
    (eg. do you have to row to the nearest shore? do you loose your rowboat if you take a mermaid back to your ship? can another ship carry you and your boat back to your ship? Where is your ship - do you have to die in order for it to respawn? or can it tell you where to go?)

  • Am I the only one who is excited about the delay between seeing cannon fire and hearing cannon fire?

  • So I hooked up a keyboard to my Xbox one and turns out it partly works.....

    These are list of what works.
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 : equipment and weapons
    Space-bar : jump
    Tab : select
    Escape: start
    Enter: accept other half of a button of controller.
    Arrow keys: are directional but doesn't move character just select items in menus.

    So my conclusion is rare is being lazy or something not to complete keyboard and mouse support. Maybe they are scared of us Xbox users kicking butt with keyboard and mouse. At least allow me to use the chat I find it annoying I can do so much but talk with keyboard. ;-) come on rare test my PC skills by giving me support completely and see my 28 years of PC shooters with keyboard and mouse. I'd rule the seas if I could use both because when I'd wanna be lazy I can use controller keyboard mouse when I want wreck for PvP.

  • I know I may be of a small minority for wanting this but I’d love to see a shared voyage system based upon the new Reaper’s Mark flag, where players around a certain area who have the Reaper’s mark and purchase a voyage are given identical voyage quests and each relevant item is removed when someone discovers the chest/defeats the relevant skeleton boss, it’d be cool to have voyages you have to compete to collect (in my opinion, at least) and the Reaper’s Mark would be an interesting dynamic of knowing where your conpetition is. Hypothetically players wouldn’t be able to remove the Reaper’s Mark without voting out the voyage. I’m sure there are many technical reasons this would be impossible and many other things I haven’t considered but I thought I’d put my idea here anyway. Thanks for reading!

  • So first off, let me say that this is one of my favorite games. There is something to be said for being completely in the zone, grinding out your factions, and then relentlessly destroying those that try to take your loot. However, I am starting to notice a caveat. Most of the people that are playing for PVP have an enormous ego and if you bruise it, you might as well turn in what you have and then hop to a new server because they will be RIGHT back and harass you, making it impossible to continue with your athena voyage.

    If this were simply every once in a while, that would be find. However, I am starting to notice a trend. As far as I can tell, if you do NOT want to PvP and, instead, just want to work primarily on your factions, your best bet is to just roll over. Hear me out: If someone comes at you while you are working on, say, OoS. You outplay them, they sink, they get mad, you continue working on your voyage. In most cases, these PvP focused players will be right back to "prove they are better". So you sink them again and again and again, soaking up all of the time you have to play. It's frustrating, despite how fun PvP is.

    So here is the discussion: What do you guys do when you encounter PvP only players? Do you sink them repeatedly until you can turn in your loot? Do you roll over and let them sink you so that they don't get bruised and harass you for the rest of your time on the server?

    I love the way the game is currently laid out but there has to be something that can be done, either through tactics or changes to the game. Originally, I thought it would be cool if after you were sunk, it migrated you to a new server, but that would screw up things with alliances and whatnot. Basically, I'm just curious to read what everyone else thinks could possibly help with this harassment issue. As it stands, when you get a crew with a grudge, it is just WAY too much of a waste of time to fight when I really want to grind out athena voyages.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and discuss.

  • Okay I want everyone to keep an open mind for this question. Is it possible for a solo player on a sloop to sink a bigger ship when in ship battle. I have been seeing a lot of players post that it's all about experience and tactics, so if that's true then a sloop can possibly sink a galleon. Also, do we underestimate solo players as a community? Share your experiences and thoughts!

  • Ahoy there!

    I'm a bit late in the Megathread about the Alliances and as it is now locked, I'm going to create another thread to give my feedbacks after more thoughts and experiences on it.

    I really like that every features in the game are obvious: you need to raise your anchor? just do it. You need to give a banana to another player? Just give him.

    But with the current Alliances system, this is another story.

    In real circonstences, if I'd want to offer an alliance to someone, I'd talk to him, set some terms and sign a contract. But how it is currently implemented in the game, it is working without promoting communication between the players (with your crew and the others) and tends to bring a lot of confusion on how to form one.

    I understand it was easier during the skellieships battle to not leave your ship but this goes against players immersion into the game. I think you are not feeling you're making an alliance with someone else by just raising a flag.

    What I want to suggest is to improve how you are making and disbanding an Alliance.

    First, I'll transform the offer pennant in a normal flag to only signal your intentions, as the flags are meant for. The other Alliance pennants would work are they are now, signaling you're in an Alliance and which one.

    Why? Because I find that the current flag system does not promote discussion before creating an alliance when it is a bit the goal of creating social interactions. Allowing another pirate on his ship already requires a minimum trust in the person, it could leads to more thrilling adventures

    I think forming an Alliance should be working like the voyages, you offer a contract and every players involved need to vote for it. This system could even allow the players to customize the terms with some limits obvisouly.

    You could set those kind of rewards:

    • Team A get 100%, Team B get 50%
    • Team A get 80%, Team B get 60%

    These needs to have limits to be sure players don't abuse it and that it always gives a desire to disband the alliance.

    Players could also fix some consequences for disbanding an Alliance without all parties agreeing for it. You could customize it to be if someone disband your Alliance, they will give you X amount of gold (funds must be retained once the Alliance has been formed). With of course limits on it in order for this system not to be abused. It would be possible to give a goal to the Alliance: the Alliance can be disbanded freely after making X voyages, or after defeating the current active fort.

    Any changes to the contract would require players to vote to accept the new terms.

    These customizations would not be mandatory but would allow players to be freer in the adventures they wish to do.

    This would improve the players experiences by giving them an impression of having formed a contract with someone else to achieve a certain goal. This would not only improve the spirit of Alliances for being uneasy and would remove all the frustration of the flag system.

    Also, I think this kind of system would be easier to expand with new features like the Barrels 2.0.

    I may have forgotten some important things, but I would be glad to hear your opinions on this contract system and if you eventually thought of other things that could be added to it.

    Cheers! :D

  • The devs don't listen to us they listen to the selected few that are pioneers I put a post up so they can read it and they locked it be it was all in caps (Mod edited) I type in all caps all the time it's how I type check out my post alliance with a friend on the same server

  • To anyone now who has played this game for a while, I'm sure you've come across cheaters. Most common one I've run into is the Aimbot where people are able to not miss their shots and see locations of players even through an environment. This is a feature easily obtained by PC players, and unfortunately is ruining gaming experience for a lot of pirates.

    Suggestion: Give an option (not mandatory) for Xbox players to que into a server that is Xbox only. Of course this solution is only a quick fix. The real fix needs to be finding and banning these players (but that is difficult) and players usually find work arounds and continue cheating.

    It is unfortunate that an amazing feature (cross platform with PC/Xbox together), is ruined by the ease of PC hacks. Unfortunately, without the option (again not mandatory) of playing with your own platform only, a lot of players will be frustrated and the perception of "unfair" could potentially ruin gaming experience.

  • What are you excited for that is coming in Forsaken Shores?

  • Hi guys, I've tried every fix I can find on these forums, reddit, etc. and nothing has worked. I figure I'm probably screwed at this point and I'm just not going to be able to install the game but as a last resort I'm posting here just in case somebody has some miraculous solution. I really hope so, I just want to be able to play this game rather than watch it download endlessly. Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated.

  • I don't know why this isn't in the game but don't you think when we anchor are ship it should show an actual anchor underwater.

  • Tried mentioning this in support but they did not really have any help to give and instead told me to post here so here goes.

    Is there any chance you guys can add some sort of safezone or safe bubble or some sort of solo player option a player can turn on to block incoming damage from other online players?? The game lost it's fun so much and so many people are leaving bad reviews on this game because nobody follows the "pirate's code". There are too many online trolls and griefers and competitive players that those who have beat the entire game now just stay docked at outposts waiting for mew players to bring in their treasures just to kill them and steal all their loot. I have had about 8 froends say they have stopped playing the game altogether because of that problem. And those of us that just want to do our own thing and play solo can not do so because of the online trolls and griefers waiting for us on the shores of each and every outpost. I am not saying add a "single player" option but an idea might be to put a "block PvP damage" option in the gameplay options with the "lock player in brig" and other options or something. That way those of us that want to play solo can do so and those that want to play PvP can aslo do so. Or something like that. Please fix this game for the solo players.

  • Given that Forsaken Shores will not be released until the 27th, it would be nice to have a week where we can see how the Reaper's Mark works outside of the BA and also to have fewer CCs in the world.

    Can we please end it?

  • Just wanted to write and say that I think you guys are doing a great job. Yes, we all hit obstacles and road blocks in life. However, ever week, you are growing this game into a more robust experience, and I think you deserve some praise for that. In the old days, its true, you'd develop a game and hope people like it. Now, you can modify and change as the base adopts it. Which has its ups and downs for both paths, but really growing the experience with the community is pretty cool. With an old school game, you just hoped you got enough of a positive response to make a sequel. With new school games, you can really cater to your audience and learn from mistakes on the fly.

    So don't worry too much about deadlines. You need an extra week? No worries! You're doing your best to create something great. I am looking forward to a future expansion with ice wastelands and things of that nature.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I wish rare would put in place somthing if u jump about constantly u run out of breath like what happens when you sword thrust these kind of kangeroos are annoying n mainly pc related players ARGHHHHHHHHH

  • My Idea is, give us an Legendary Item(a Plate or an Cup) that you can find rarely on Islands but 100% in every Skull Fort! It gives you 1/4 Athena Reputation(of a Chest) and some people who do not want the Athena Mission have a new way to make some Reputation!

  • Has anyone else had trouble climbing the ladder to get back on your ship? I can climb it till I get to the top but when I’m at the top and get on the ship I fall into the water.
    No joke to get 3 chests on a sloop took me over 15mins.
    I haven’t really played sense the hungering deep. I was disappointed about how rare did that and the thrones and a few other things but this glitch or whatever with the ladder makes the game unplayable.i was on a dead server so i was able to turn 3 chests in but this continued on the next voyage I did and I quit playing for the evening.

    Going to the ferry would get me back on my ship but still couldn’t climb the ladder.
    Moving the ship didn’t work.
    Changing servers didn’t work.only played on 2 servers though.
    Going to a outpost or different island didn’t work.
    Ladders on islands and docks work but not my sloop.

    Has anyone else had this issue? How was it fixed if so?Is it my Xbox?the update?

    If it’s the update I’m confused on how I can play in the event. Add this on top of the limited time each day to fight the skeleton fleets=extreme frustration and at times unplayable.

  • The other night, my crew and I were going into what we believed to be a suicide mission. On the way we were playing our instruments and drinking. It kind of feels natural when holding your tankard to be able to hold right click to hold your glass to the air to make a toast. Seems like it wouldn't be incredibly difficult to implement and would add that last bit of interactivity with your crewmates. Let me know what you think!

  • So, a thought occurred to me today. At present, the only way to access Athena’s Fortune is by playing the Shanty of Legends in a tavern, yes?

    Well, how about extending that to implement Pirate Legend-specific Tomb raids?

    The way this could work is something like a skull cloud (but maybe something more specific like the Athena’s Fortune emblem?), and this will indicate when a Tomb Raid is active. Maybe this cloud can only be visible to pirate legends (not sure how feasible that would be, but it’d be more practical if only legends could see it).

    There will be a doorway on the larger islands that can only be opened by playing the Shanty of legends and only when a Tomb Raid is active; effectively gating the content to only pirate legend crews.

    Like forts, there is risk associated with doing this (as other legends will also see the cloud and may come to steal the loot or ambush the poor unsuspecting souls currently navigating the Tomb; blissfully unaware that they are in danger).

    Now, as for the content, perhaps this could be randomised on a whole Raid scale or even single chamber scale. Perhaps some chambers in the Tomb could be filled with traps that need to be navigated/disarmed, or require battling skeletons to open the next door, or even just puzzle rooms. This could be done procedurally in an instance like the Tavern of Legends so the content always feels fresh and doesn’t repeat ad nauseum. Anyone entering through the same Tomb entrance would end up in the same instance, leading to some interesting encounters.

    At the end of the Tomb, there would be an easy exit back to the Tomb entrance and a room full of treasure for each of the trading companies (for non-legends in a crew with a pirate legend); the most significant of which would be the Ancient Tomb Chest and the Legend’s Skull, which would both award Athena’s XP at a decently large scale. NOTE: Opening the final door will cause the cloud to burst, just like the skull fort and ship clouds.

    Anyway, that’s my thought for some fresh endgame content for legends (seeing as I will soon be among them). Thoughts?

    As an alternative to having a cloud that anyone can see, maybe a Tomb Raid could be a new type of Athena’s voyage?

  • Can we get a bug fix patch this week? There are alot of bugs that have been in the build for many weeks now. Can we get a patch for some of these this week, if we don't get forsaken shores this week? Especially the inability to access sloop cannonball barrels... please!

  • Grog now that’s a hell of a drink we should pay 10 coin for a drink in bar from the bar w***h and same for if we want to refill our grog on our boat 1000 coin to refill your boats grog because that is like 10 refills also will stop the fat pox ridden pirates from drinking and puking all over the boat also we would have was to spend our gold on also only way we can refill our boat on grog is from paying when ship sinks the grog barrel should still be empty

  • Halloween is just around the corner and I thought to myself "I wonder what event, if any, would Sea of Thieves be doing to celebrate it?" I know the dev's are hard at work with Forsaken Shores, but I thought it could be awesome to to add Skeleton Witches to fight in the game for an event.

    Similar to how bomber skellys were added through an event, I think it would be fun to add magic casting skeleton witches to the game with a Halloween Bilge Rat adventure. These witches would be ranged enemies that cast spells like...

    • Fireball: burns players over time
    • Frozen Wind: Freezes players for a short period to the ground but they can keep attacking
    • Heal: The witch can cast a healing beam to 2 or 3 skellys at a time and be healing them unless you hit her and stop it.

    Maybe a fun addition could be that she only spawns down in the caves that have shrines in them? Then it could add life to the caves and also add a small element of suspense. Normal skeletons just pace and patrol randomly, but for the witch when she isn't triggered you could see her performing some sort of ritual as her non-agro animation.

    I love this game dearly, but one of the things I wish there was more of was a more diverse set of enemies. From one enemy to the next I want to change up my fighting tactics and keep combat fresh and exciting. Please upvote this if you agree and would love to see a steady increase in enemy types!

  • Anyone have some speculations on what the new AI threat might be in the upcoming expansion of the seas?

  • For those of you unaware, there is a mechanic in Sea of Thieves that essentially allows you to instantaneously fire two shots back to back if you have two guns equipped by quickly firing and swapping weapons. You can get guaranteed kills by locking someone in place with this maneuver. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. It is completely ruining pvp encounters and more and more people are discovering how easy it is to do.

    While I don't see issue with equipping two different guns if you'd like, there needs to be a delay when swapping between fire arms. Being able to fire two shots before the second gun is even pulled out is absolutely a glitch and anyone defending this feature is just exploiting the game.

    I love Sea of Thieves and PvP encounters, but after several nights of getting spammed by this double shot, my desire to play is severely diminished. It's incredibly easy to pull off on console and just absolutely broken on PC with the new sensitivity adjustments.

    Has anyone else been plagued by this? Please address this Rare. In my opinion it has become one of the biggest issues in the game.

  • I've noticed it's happening a lot more recently. Can't the webpirates code in a auto-lock system when a thread hits 30 days without a reply?

  • Sorry for long post but these cursed cannonballs need to be addressed ,

    I seem to remember the devs saying something about cursed cannonballs being a rare find in sea of thieves. Obviously with a huge advantage like that rarity is essential to avoid totally breaking pvp ship combat. Why in the name of sanity then are cursed cannonballs common as bananas? There will be at least one on every single island you visit, and often there are even 3 or more on the same island, sometimes even in the same barrel, I had a friend find 7 on one island in three minutes... why would the developers say these would be rare, then make them extremely easy to find?

    The issues with an overabundance of cursed cannonballs are all fairly obvious. Even fighting AI skeleton ships the issue of getting locked into a dance emote or sleep emote was pretty bad (Getting hit with a jig ball then getting hit with another right as you come out of it). Now that players have access to an overly abundant source of these, skilled crews can essentially stock up on jig balls, and continuously fire them at an enemy ship, preventing any form of retaliation whatsoever. From the enemies perspective, they get hit by one cursed cannonball, and then they are dancing right through the fight until their boat is sunk.

    PvP ship combat has been devolved into a simple game of "Who can hit the other ship with a jig ball first" and once you get hit, you might as well scuttle ship, because if you're fighting a good crew you won't be able to play the game again until your boat is sunk, regardless of how skilled you might be. It's just not fun to play like this and takes all the intensity and action out of the PvP combat.

    When encountering a docked ship, you can literally 1:Fire an anchor ball to raise their anchor, and 2:Fire a sails ball to lower their sails, then their ship is literally sailing away into the distance. In the past the sound of a cannonball would cue you to return to your ship and begin repairs, but now your boat could be sailing away within seconds of hearing the first shot. Only solution would be keeping a cremate on the boat at all times, which just isn't fun for the person stuck there, and impossible for a solo player. The game has never been ideal for solo players but now they may as well scuttle ship upon getting engaged.

    I don't have any issue with using the cursed cannonballs to develop strategies that ensure your crews victory, it actually adds and interesting and dynamic element to the game, but when they are so common you can find 7 on one island, they stop being unique strategies and situations and turn into repetitive griefing. I've already been in a few encounters where I've been hit by jig ball after jig ball and been unable to play the game until our boat was sunk, and I've already been on ships where we do the same to other crews. Since the cursed balls are so common I would bet a huge percentage of PvP battles are just going to be games of "Who got hit first?" and being attacked while you are on an island is essentially now a death sentence.

    Cursed cannonballs need to be rare, and the ones that cause the enemy crew to dance/sleep need to be even MORE rare if not removed entirely. Anchor balls should only drop anchor on a sailing ship and should not raise anchor on a docked ship, same thing with the sail balls as this makes solo play nearly impossible when it was already difficult in the first place.

    In my opinion PvP is effectively ruined until these issues are fixed, which is a shame because PvP was the main reason I bought the game in the first place.

    P.S: Lots of people are comparing the cursed cannonballs to powder kegs, which is simply not an accurate comparison as powder kegs cannot be fired from a canon and need to be brought directly to the enemy ship to use. Also powder kegs, despite being fairly common, are still harder to find than the abundant cursed cannonballs (Which will spawn at outposts).

    Overall I love the PvP ship combat in this game and I hate to see poor design decisions turn it into a boring broken mess, hence why I wrote an entire damn essay on the subject haha.

  • Creo que el PVE es un poco incompleto, en un mundo donde el PVP se siente más vivo y completo, pero ese PVP no pretende ser el objetivo principal del juego.

    Creo que un PVE que de más recompensas y más resultados al jugar, daría una mayor experiencia de juego.

    Creo que deberían eliminar los barriles en las islas donde hay esqueletos, y que estos esqueletos arrojan al suelo madera, balas de cañón, plátanos y más y nos dan oro que se acumula en un cofre del bote que se puede sacar para vender y también. Esto nos obligaría a buscar combates en las islas para reponer el barco y razones más reales para la existencia de los esqueletos en el juego.

    Creo que muchos jugadores prefieren evitar las misiones y solo buscan eventos y un ataque o buscan otros barcos para robar, lo que no veo mal.

    Pero, por otro lado, veo que tenemos esqueletos, un megalodon y un kraken que solo parecen obstác***s en un mundo sin sentido o propósito.

  • Are the [Mod edited] going to be able to sink rowboats with canons?