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  • Greetings, pirates!

    The Sea of Thieves update of 2020 is here - Legends of the Sea! This month you'll have new objectives to tackle courtesy if Umbra, a new NPC who some of you may recognise...

    Additionally Duke is back with Gilded voyages and even more additions to the Black Market. See below for more details!

    The latest release notes can be found here:

    This topic has been set up to provide feedback on the new features, updates and activities that update 2.0.11 brings.

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  • Greetings, pirates!

    Our latest update, Legends of the Sea, also brought in the long-awaited Adventure Crossplay Opt Out feature. As this has been such a hot topic across the community, we wanted to dedicate a thread for further, focused discussion and feedback on the feature now that it's available.

    The latest release notes can be found here:

    This topic has been set up to provide feedback on the newly added Adventure Crossplay Opt Out feature.

    As you participate in this thread -

    Keep to the Pirate Code

    As a reminder, the Pirate Code is more than just guidelines (though the reference really never gets old), but the rules of the community and game that we expect all members to abide by when participating on the forums. Any member who fails to abide by the code may find themselves put in the brig, or removed from the community.

    We also have Forum Rules, which we moderate to.

    This thread is for feature discussion and feedback only. If you're looking for help with anything then head over to the Gameplay Guides + Tips category linked below.

    Are you in need of any help? Then look no further!

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    • Underwater Update
      Dive Bell Helm to go in the bottom Sea Level. Coral Reef, Merfolk Ruins, Glowing J e l l y fish, Eye of Kraken in darkest depths. New Sea Life and Spiral Storms. Anchored Gunpowder Kegs with a high tide to low tide on certain islands. You can see your anchor and player Shipwrecks lootable.

    • Conch Shell For calling in Mermaids instead of them always spawning next to you.

    • Server player Increase and a new Man O' War ship that houses 6 or 8 players. Along with Craftable rafts and Strongholds. More visible damage shown on ship.

    • Revamp on the whole Voyage system, right now there's little reason to turn in loot because alot of items ingame are just reskins

    • Boss Ships and new types of enemies. Right now it's boring with these Skeleton lord 1 out 50 kills. Needs more Variety the Marinetime Union, Ancients and Merfolk could be new enemies along with fire skeletons.

    • New Islands like the one from Maiden Voyage, Bring in Ancient Temples and new intriguing puzzles. Marinetime Union Outposts that are unfriendly to pirates. Islands that have cave systems and ruins that don't want to be explored.

  • i have made a post skimming over this idea along with a few others but i believe this needs more attention and clarification.

    a new island to the NW area of the map, right at the edge by the Blood Red Sea. Have it be a beautiful looking island to match the nearby ones but with a giant ancient temple like structure on top where the entrance is at the top. To find this island you would have to complete many riddles and puzzles. You would have to stop your boat by the front of the island due to a big wall all around the whole temple, and a locked gate which requires a random key. The key can only be gained by killing a skeleton Captain who spawns outside of the wall or perhaps on his own sloop near the island and then you get a map to a chest with the key in it. Get the key, go back and unlock the gate for only just your crew and it will load you into a private instance of the raid.

    From there, you will fight through rooms skeletons, skeleton lords, giant spiders,ghouls and witches/necromancers as well as having puzzle rooms mixed in as you descend down the temple until you break into the treasure room. You'll collect like 10,000 gold that is on the ground and from collector's chests, then pull a lever to open a back door which leads outside and back to the gate where you'll carry all of the chests (as there should be a lot of chests to turn in), but gotta remember. Once you leave the raid's instance, you're back in the open and another ship could've sunk yours while raiding and is waiting for you to come out...

    i feel like there should also be a requirement of at least 3 people to complete this as some of the puzzles may require at least 3 people but because of the challange i would recommend 4.
    before every major bossfight there would be a room where you can refill ammo and food

  • I'm playing with my boyfriend, we're new to the game. The game has huge potential, but repeated attacks from other players literally ruin entire game sessions. We deeply regret the absence of a private or pve server ... it's a shame because when we manage to play quietly the game is great

  • Spending hours grinding and getting loot, just to have my boat sunk by my own mega barrel and then to top it off, when I get back to retrieve my loot it’s been way to long and all of it has sunk to the bottom of the sea, this is bull..., either spawn me closer so I can have a chance at the loot I just spent hours getting or don’t let it sink (my god RARE!) , I swear this game makes me grief more than other players do

  • So first of all, thank you for giving us a voyage that halves the time it takes normally for an Athena's voyage...
    Why is it only once...?
    After spending a long time finishing this voyage, a galleon comes along and spawn camps our boat and steals our 3 athena's chest and like 50 or whatever captains chests...
    And cant try that again. Cuz I've spent it. Now they can cash in my one time rewards.
    Is it not possible to have some kind of tracker? Cuz naturally, I'm pretty over the game... whats the point of a pvp arena if nobody plays it, and everybody just comes into adventure to troll people who are trying to play the content.

  • Make the ladders on the sloop retractable for solo players.

  • I'm gunna keep this short and sweet lol

    The mysterious stranger has one, now I want one lol I wanna see a cult of masked pirates everywhere I go lol makes them look more intimidating. Maybe add cape/hood options to go with it.

    Diff styles for gold hoarders, OAS, swatch buckler with diff designs! Omg a glowy legend and ghost one! Yesssss pleasssseee!

  • i personally am a solo slooper and am looking to PvP a lot,but when i do PvP the people either have no loot, are afk or run away. It doesn't help that finding people nowadays is so hard. What happened to the days when you used to see a sloop on a voyage and take it down and take the loot. Nowadays no one is carrying loot so what is the point in PvP. Rare needs to increase server size and make voyages fun again

  • Hi Again every one,
    Today i wanna talk about arena, the Competition, but seriously wher is the real competition? you gain money and exp even if you do 0 point, it dont rewards you for the game you play.
    I would say this.
    ex. 5 ship Arena
    the first 3 gain exp ( 1th gain more than other), the 4th doesnt , the 5th lose it a bit.
    For the money you have a moltiplication method.
    1th the point you made in Arena moltiplicated * 3
    2th same * 2 .5
    3th same * 1. 5
    We can find another way to calculate the way to gain money but the fact is that in this way you will be really rewarded for what you do in Arena.

  • Me and my friend were doing fort of the damned we spend about 2 hours on it just so that some group that loves pvp just came and stole all the time we put into that raid and lost all the progress I love the game but I just don't want to play it when my loot can just be taken

  • I cannot emphasize this enough... since when does lightning strike the same person, ship, etc... not twice, nor three, nor four, but five (PLUS) times within the span of 2mins?

    This feels just as bad as the volcanoes did, back when they were first introduced, where they were basically auto-aiming onto ships.

    Tone the lightning down a bit, please?? I understand being hit maybe once... MAYBE twice... in the span of a couple minutes... but 5+ times? And I've even taken all metal items off of me, thinking maybe they were acting as conductors or something. Nope... auto-sniped by the lightning without fail. Makes trying to fish in a storm pretty much 98% impossible.

    Also.... since when, if I'm standing in the hull of my ship... let's say, on a sloop... can lightning shoot directly thru the wood and hit me? Again, just blows my mind at how OP the lightning is right now.

    Just my thoughts/opinions. Sorry for the rant.

  • Hello! So a lot of pirates named their ships, right? Why can't us pirates? You can set up a system where you'd be able to save the layout of the ship (look of the sails, ETC.) and you'd be able to have multiple save slots using the names of the ship to identify which you'd like to use and when you save it the file will need a name so it can share the name. It seems like a big update but it would sure be worth it in my opinion.

  • Geetins sers and w!nches! I've been on fer a bit o time restin meself at the bottom of some hold fer some time now. SO i been tastin whats in the sea, and not a mite bit proud that some of ye have been peein too much in the sea! How is a barnacle posed to survive in yer yeller tides? No No thats not the point! The point is i would like to sail with a crew who knows what ye are doin... at some point,when im not restin. I tried once more me hand at just cruisin by at got ferociously savaged upon by ghosty !expletives!. Could not keep meh colony afloat. It was a mite bit discouragin. If I had first or second mate worth of the titles i might had a chance with me booty. Bailed as i might i had no time to fight. Sad tail is i tell as i sink the the shadowy depths... "WaIlInG BaRnAcLe, DoWn We gO, tIs WhErE wE kNoW! TiS oUr SoNg, wE WeRe WrOnG!" {you recieve 12 points of Wailing Damage as you flee in terror for your ears, only to realize the Kracken sings back hopelessly in love.}

  • With the addition of Xbox servers (and Arena), it opened a way for new server types.

    I propose the Adventure Mode+. It's the same old Adventure with two changes to it:

    1. The crew size is increased. Sloop = 3 players; Brigantine = 4; Galleon 6
    2. The crew can also be made of two ships with the total of 6 players.
      E1: 1 person Solo Sloop and 5 people Galleon.
      E2: 3 people Sloop and 3 people Brigantine.
      The ships share both the loot and voyage. Players can change the members of each ship at the outpost.

    I think this would make the game more entertaining for many players - especially those with more than 3 friends.

  • During a session in adventure when you/your crew sink player ships a mark appears on your sails and/or ship hull in Roman numeral font. If you are sunk when your ship spawns the marks are removed. Maybe this could also work with a bounty system. When you/your crew sink a certain number of ships your ship is marked on the map as if flying the reapers mark flag.

  • I've seen some posts asking for PVE.
    I don't think that is a good idea, allthough I can understand the frustration doing tall tales being in a cave and then havin your ship sunk.

    I've been thinking about a solution all week and this first thing i've worked with in my head is a bounty system. I'll try to be brief :O

    My idea is that the more you pillage and loot, the higher bounty you get.

    Each player has a personal bounty, and the crew has a total bounty.
    Different ways to recieve higher bounty:

    • The bounty is increased if you sell stolen loot. Example: Sell a stolen Captainschest and you recieve a 400bounty.

    This includes making tall tales item possible to sell for a low reward but for a high bounty. If player sells stolen tall tales item, they might recieve 200 gold, but a 1000 gold bounty increase.

    • When you are killed by a player and you go the to ferry of the damned, you are given a choice to put for example a 1000 gold to increase the bounty of the player that killed you.

    I've chosen these way to increase bounty because they are simple.

    Now to how you collect a bounty:

    There is a new faction in charge of the bounty collecting. When you visit these charachters, you can see the bountys of all crews on the server, from highest to lovest.

    You will be able to buy a bounty quest, where you are given little information about the crew you are going to sink. Perhaps the names of the player in the crew and what outpost they were last seen.

    Additional information can be bought: What kind of vessel (sloop, brig or galleon). What kind skin they have on sails, hull and so forth. Prices for information increases depending on how high the bounty is.

    The way to collect the bounty is a bit of a problem. One thought is that when you sink the wanted crews ship, the nameplate of the ship floats up and you can sell it to recieve, say 50% of the total crew bounty (We can hopefully name our ships soon).
    When you kill a wanted player, some sort of dogtag or possibly a skull drops which can be sold for maybe 10% of the players personal bounty.

    These percentage you collect is subtracted from the crew bounty making it decrase depending on many times you are hunted down and sunk.

    Now I thought about making this legend only material first, but then I thought NO. Maybe you could have a LVL demand for diffent bountys depening on the value. Example, to hunt down crews with a total of 100.000 gold or more you need to be Pirate Legend.

    I'll just post this in the current state it is in, Sorry for spelling errors and such but im sick and tired.

    Please comment with ideas and critique!


  • Na minha opinião, os efeitos do raio no jogo está meio exagerado, onde eu por exemplo, já cheguei a ser atingido três vezes seguidas, dependendo da situação do jogo já cheguei até a morrer por causa disso. Levando em conta a área em que ele atinge, por exemplo, estou em um bar qualquer de um outpost e perco 25% de vida por um raio ter atingido o bar e consequetemente eu também.
    Sugiro que o efeito do raio/relâmpago seja reduzido, e que o mesmo não castigue o mesmo player tantas vezes... 😂😂😂

  • So I gave this quite a bit of time to see if it would send me back to the ship as I found an area that I couldn't get out of. It didn't so I had 7 minutes or so listening to the different items rattling as it thought I was jumping infinitely. I think I will clip some down later for some fun loops.

    Not sure if anything can be done about this but I figured you guys should know.


  • The shrouded shore, a place where no person dares to travel but you, the outpost is located on the edge of the area as it is just to perilous, a whole new area in the nw part of the map constantly covered in the shroud with random storms causing you to lose control(like a normal storm without rain) and your compass never works as there is a far greater threat lurking there than just skeleton lords.

    Mages- a new enemy type using potions(more on them below) and magic to defeat you. There would be 4 types of difficulty.
    Acolytes- like normal skeletons with basic low damage ranged magic and potion and melee attacks
    Cultists-more health and more damage, More resistant to bullets.
    Mages-like skeleton bosses for OoS voyages with many weapons at their disposal and boasting a large health pool.
    Necromancers-the skeleton lord, can teleport, summon minions,uses potions and spells frequently without stopping

    Now for the potions, I feel the pirates should also have access to these. For example there should be
    Healing-heals the drinker
    Water breathing(allows you to breath underwater for longer)
    Venom-poisons victim(like a snakebite)
    Grog-like a throwable grogball

    The quests you would receive from the shrouded shores would be the usual aswell as ones that force you to go into underwater caves navigating huge dungeons to find old evil relics for the OoS and cursed treasure for the gold hoarders and old journals of travellers and pirates who got trapped down there these dungeons would require puzzle solving and fighting many enemies and bosses(this would reduce the monotony of the fetch quests) this would be a highly challenging and highly rewarding area NOT MEANT FOR NEW PLAYERS! it is meant for the veterans who want genuine PvE challenge

  • Has anyone seen one on an unmarked island before?

  • I will be quickly.
    One big island in a unique server, joinable from all server by sealing in a specific point on the map and if you reach the requirement ( ex. be Legend lvl 10) .
    In this server the Open pvp is disabled, you cant kill other player, you cant sink other ship, you have no acces to other stuff like food in the barrel ecc.
    In this server the voiche chat is raccomanded , so you can talk to other player from every where.
    In the Island you the tavern where you can play some sort of game whit dice, betting ur gold.
    You have the Parkour route where you can challenge other player in a tournament every X time or day, and you can win money, title , or skin.
    You have another route where you have to run whit the grog chest , and you can have different type of race, 1player or 2uos or 3 or 4 people, making a realy race, here same like before , you can win title , money or skin, skin related whit the race of course.
    Another is a Aim challenge, for example a cannon can shot barrel in the air and you have to hit that, start whit barrel that become more difficult.
    A colosseum, where you can challenge other player in pvp just whit the sword, here also you can have 1v1 2v2 3v3 or 4v4.
    A sea Race whit your ship, here you will win a skin for the ship.
    Every tipe of competition will have his own ladder, but if you are not a competitive guy you can just go there and chill whit other player, and have that feeling of safety that you cant never have in the seas.
    World Boss event, in this server where ther is this ISLAND at random time a mega Boss will spawn in the seas whit a lot of ship, and you will need the help of everybody to win this battle, if you dont they will conquist the insland and you will have to Free it and repair it before you can use it again.
    This will add many thing to the game
    1 Real chance to have a community in the game
    2 Competition and rewards for those are looking for it
    3 something different, a place where you can stay in peace
    4 Cooperation whit other player to save the Island
    5 Forcing player and community to be organized for free the island in case of conquist from enemy npc.
    6 Cooperation in taking stuff like wood and other thing to the npc on island to repair it.

  • By invulnerability I mean where the player respawned cannot be attacked and cannot attack. That way we can actually have time to see our surroundings before being killed. Was just in a game with my boyfriend and we got griefed by a guy we had just sunk and taken out.

    I hopped on his boat and sunk his ship with a barrel. He got on our boat, one shot my boyfriend (full health btw), who had hit him point blank with the blunderbuss and 3 sword strikes on the way up the ladder (no knock back?). I took the mermaid back, was basically full health, and instantly get 1 shotted. When I say instantly I mean as soon as I saw color on my screen.

    You all can say "get good" but we were dominating the server for the past 6 hours with the reaper's mark. I could say he was hacking, but i'd rather blame it on game-play inconsistency. I killed him the first time, the next time I didn't even have a chance.

  • Introduction to this series of posts here.
    Thread 1: "We don't need more content but revamped content" concept and PvE revamp ideas focused on Skeletons

    (Little disclaimer: as you can probably tell, english is not my first language, I'll try to explain myself the best I can, I really hope you can understand everything)

    In case you haven't read the first thread I want to repeat a bunch of concepts that I think are important for thi argoment too. First of all I think that most of the time game mechanics feel good when the player gets rewarded with something on doing something good and gets punished ONLY if he do something bad, getting punished for no reason almost always feel frustrating. If we talk about "Simulator" genre this is not true, since their goal is to be the most realistic as possible, but in every other game that doesn't want to be specifically simulative this is very important to make the player feels like he's having a good time playing the game. In SoT this is a problem because of how difficulty is managed, in SoT most tasks that are supposed to be harder are actually just more time consuming.

    The first problem with the Devil's Roar are volcanoes, heres why. It happens quite often that as soon as youg et close to an island its volcano starts erupting, since parking your ship too close to the island would either mean sinking or wasting all your wood, you are forced to step away form the island. At this point there's 3 things you can do:

    1. Wait untill the volcano stops erupting, which feels an eternity (maybe fishing meanwhile).
    2. Go to another island (hoping that it wont erupt too).
    3. Shoot yourself on the island so you can try to do your task. Most of the time you will die from the hot water unless you waste some food.

    The Devil's Roar is supposed to be an harder region, but as you can see this is just more annoying. My fix this: volcanoes that are situated inside the islands should have smaller radius so you can park the ship closer and shoot yourself on the island more consistently and without having to waste food. Fighting skeletons or digging chest while the volcano is erupting is actually cool since you need to keep an eye on the sky so you can dodge the rocks that are falling. Other volcanoes that aren't on islands can actually have a greater radius.

    Geysers can be annoying at first, but that's cause you aren't used to keep an eye on the ground, as soon as you get used to it you can dodge it in time, so what's the problem here? The problem comes when geysers spawn under a chest that you are trying to dig, as for waiting that the volcano stops erupting here the same concept: you are forced to wait for the geyser to stop erupting. Fix: geysers can't spawn too close to a chest that is being digged (or on the place where the chest is buried, not sure if this is possible tho O.o).
    The second problem with geysers is that it actually make fighting Gold skeletons and Skeleton captains too much easier, even if I actually like the idea of using the environment to kill skeletons isn't this place meant to be harder? So why is it actually easier? I think this should be removed, nerfed or impossible to do with skeleton captains at least. A new type of ashen skeletons immune to geysers dmg may have a chance to spawn in the Devils too.

    Being unable to walk properly and run is just annoying tbh, keep only the screen tilting effect and remove the other debuffs the player gets.

    New Unique Skeletons
    So, as I said, Ashen Skeletons may be a new variant that has an high chance to spawn in the Devil (this variant could even be the ONLY variant that can spawn here). We already have the model for it. These Skeletons should be immune to geysers and fire damage, they should also have fire related abilities. One I though of is that they may have a charging glow effect (wich can take about 5 seconds to charge), when glowing at max they permanetly get on fire, you can throw water on them with the bucket to extinguish their fire and reset their glowing charge. They could also have some sort of abilities (already talked about of some of these concept but I'm gonna repeat myself):

    1. Sometimens when the skeleton is in melee range he takes out a Firebomb and drinks from it with a 0.5 seconds charging animation, then breaths fire fore about 2-3 seconds in a big cone in front of him dealing damage and setting the player on fire. If you shoot the Firebomb during the drinking animation it explode dealing damage and setting on fire entities too close to him, also the skeleton that were drinking either gets either killed or takes about 80% of his max HP as dmg.
    2. Sometimes when a skeleton is far away from the player he takes out a firebomb and prepare himself to throw it to the player with a 0.5-1 second charging animation, during this time you can shoot the Firebomb to make it explode with same consequences as the previus skill.
    3. Skeletons guns may start glowing, their next shot will set his target on fire on hit.

    Ashen Skeleton Lord abilities ideas:

    1. The Skeleton Lord sticks his hand into the ground for about 5-10 seconds, a lot of Geysers start appearing around him and he takes more damage while doing this.
    2. The Skeleton Lord shoot a special projectile upwards that explode in the air splitting itself in 5-10 small rocks on fire that will fall in a big area aorund the Skeleton Lord.

    New types of chest
    Ashen stuff are worth the double but for no real gameplay reason but "the Devil is """harder""" so here you find more valuable chests", it would make more sense in my opinion if they gave a debuff (like the chest of Sorrow), as for Ashen Skeletons, the ashen chests and skulls should start glowing intensively right before catching fire, as soon as the chest ignites a zone of the ship close to it should catch fire too (or either the player if he's too close or trasporting the chest itself). After thining this idea tho, I realised that the quantity of ashen chests or skulls you might have to deal with simultaniously onboard it might be too overwhelming and would punish players who likes to stack loot. It would be better to have a new chest: the Molten Chest, that is a rare chest that can spawn only in the Devil (1-2 guaranteed in the Devil's Fort) with this effect.

    Unique Fauna
    I think that in the Devil only stronger animals should have survived, one I thought of is a boar: killing it grants you 2 pieces of boars meat (which heals as much as pork). Also, the Boar would not be a passive mob like pigs and chickens, it would attack the player with his tusks. Eventually it could even charge the player, while charging the boar should follow the player but sidestepping with the sword at the last moment should let you dodge the attack.

    On more creature I thought of is a Piranhas like fish in that attacks the player in school of 2-5 units (instead of sharks). They should be bigger and different from Devilfishes (It even could be Devilfishes itself, but I'm not sure how the loot would be managed at that point).

  • The purpose:

    1. To liven up the Devils Roar.
    2. To expand the number of players per server.
    3. To create a new section of the world to navigate.

    The idea:
    Phase1: Create a labrynth of tunnels underneath the Devils Roar that connects islands together.

    Phase2: Create a way that players/ crews can sign into the game as landlocked inhabitants of the labrynth. Essentially player controlled AI enemies that work together to eradicate any pirates daring to venture into the labyrinth.

    Phase3: Give the players a choice of characters to morph into once they choose to be landlocked. Maybe a Cylclops, Ashen skeletons, Wild Boars etc.....

    Phase4: Create commendations for both sides.

    The synopsis: Due to ship/ player interaction and its effect on server stability this can be a way to increase the player base per server and create some really fun pvp scenarios.
    Some details: Each landlocked player gets 20k gold per hour that they can hide in the labyrinth.
    Each server can have up to 6 landlocked players.
    Landlocked players can attack ships but can't board them.
    Pirates can steal their gold.
    When a landlocked player dies he is summoned to the central depths of the Labyrinth and must trek to get back into the fight.
    There are spawn points for pirates within the labyrinth.
    Each morphed character has special abilities and regenerates some upon killing a pirate!😂
    How much fun would this be? A ship comes into the roar and gets obliterated by landlocks so they recruit more ships to battle the landlocks and steal their loot!😂


  • OK so every time I find a Kraken, a Skelly Galleon spawns. The Kraken never bothers them, and when I'm solo I can't fight them both really.
    So, I turn around immediately, patch and bail my way out of the Kraken and either fight or flee the Skellies.

    I'd love to work on my Kraken kills, but I sail alone a lot and when they spawn together, it's awful. They always seem to spawn together!

    Is this a bug? (I hope?)

  • OK, It's nice that you went and fixed the reapers as quickly as you did but now the barrels are broken......again. They sink the minute you ride up to them. Making getting supplies or booty from them impossible.

  • Curious if anyone else who bought everything available for them in the game (yes I’m one of those completionist) has their cosmetics reset after every session of playing? Yes I know it’s on the know issues list, but I’m trying to see if those who have the same problem as me have similar bought items. I have a lot of items that were taken out of the store as well since I am a Day 1 pirate. Wondering if these factors might be the reason for items resetting after every game session.

    The most frustrating one is all the emotes I paid real money for. Those are a pain remapping 5 pages worth. And don’t even get me started in having to rename all my Pets. Love the game, hope they are close to fixing this soon.

    Cheers, D1NO

  • I am playing Sea of Thieves almost from the beginning. New customizations it is nice, but if each of your Arena matches took 15-30 minutes to start, which is half or more then the match, it is just disappointing to the users and doesn't make any sense in playing. I don't believe that you can't fix this issue. There is a lot of rooms with people, you can easily merge them and start the match. So you need to refactor this process, otherwise, I guess you might lose people.
    Do you know while we start playing the Arena? Because we stop playing solo game together with @SeaJoeBlack because we have nothing to do there. It became boring. We finish Tall tales(What was the most interesting thing in the game), we bought everything that we wanted. We took all the forts. So I guess most of the people don't really care about new cosmetics. Why I would need new cosmetics if I HAVE NOTHING TO DO IN THE GAME. I think you have a really serious issue in prioritizations. I understand the need for making at least a minimum money flow to stay in business. But all your updates, are the same thing as before with just different locations. Which is really a pity for tue fans. It is like you don't care and do a view of "updates" exist but you don't really update things that are a pain. All update is the same thing. I took a map and a go to the island and I get the chest or fight the skeleton and get the chest to sell it and get the doubloons.
    Or wait - doubloons. That is another thing that doesn't make any sense in the game. The same as money. Why I need money - if I have nothing do to with them? What is the purpose of doubloons? What does it give to the users? Special cloth? (Really small amount of choice). That I can change doubloons to the gold? Again, what is the reason of gold if I don't know what to do in the game with it? I bought all the skins that I liked on the ship, all the cloth, and stuff. The new one is not so fascinating so I decided to buy it.
    So to the point of what I wrote upper:

    • The algorithm for sorting people on Arena and in the solo game has to be refactored. In the Arena, it leads to huge waiting time. In solo, we are on the server with 2 players. Which leads the game to be boring because the last PVP option is not working with only 2 players on the server(For us it is happening a lot of times). From my perspective, this algorithm should work 100%. So there is no situation when it happens like this. If so, send new users to the server with fewer users or do smth else.
    • The money. The rewards and balance of the money in the game doesn't make any sense.
    1. Finish LAST tall tale story which was the toughest one, with the main skeleton at the end - 3000 coins. Seriously? The same price as for the previous one? The last one is the toughest one. It can't be the same amount. and I thought as far as you go further the amount of money should be increased per tale because they becoming more and more complicated, which is logical.
    2. Arena. Last place - 3000. First place(No matter who much points you earn) - 6000? We kill a lot of ships, took all the treasures and we got only twice more than the guys for the last place?
    3. Regular game. I don't remember all of the cases. But You have it all the way. We killed sceletons and got a really small amount. The balance between each of the companies also.
    • AND THE MAIN ONE. There is nothing interesting left in the game except pvp. Which might be good, but it is not all. Even if you fix an algorithm that will split people correctly - You still have Adventure mode game. What should we do there?
      SO. If you now focused on making money on 100% by adding new cosmetics - this is a problem of prioritizations made before. And this is a problem now.(Hope this is not the case).
      If not, and you just trying to build a healthy business which is absolutely fine, but I guess your prioritisations should be adjusted.
      Main point: You should update the game dramatically to not loose people that are there for a while. Add new islands. Add new items on islands( I am bored to see the same things again and again, it make the game plastic). Don't add the same updates over and over again. Add new mechanics, new ideas. The game is starving without it now. Where are the curses? Some really interesting new stories - which is fully new with not repeating something that I saw in previous tall tales. YOU NEED NEW CONTENT. And by content, I meant not new cloth or a new liver on a ship. New Ideas, new ways of playing the game. Something that will change the way that users are plying the game and make it more excited to play. And because is a pirate game there is so much more to add. Don't stuck in the template of what you are doing all the time. Find something new. Do the brainstorm and add new fascinating ideas so users would have fun to play.
      And again focus on real things that matter. Thing more then one time, if this change really affects the way user play? For example - yes fire, is a really good update and adds a lot of additional mechanics and changes the way users plays. BUT again, if I have nothing to do in the game, if there are no new interesting stories or stuff to do, I don't care about the fire. SO be very precise on things you do. Prioritization is key. Don't mess with people or you will lose them.
      I love this game! So I really care and want it to better. So I hope you will see it, and really change a lot while it is not too late for you guys! Thanks!
  • Was playing the other day with a friend and offloading some loot from our ship when we got to thinking that it would be cool, because we already have the storage chests that work for small items, that it would be cool to have some sort of wheelbarrow or a cart at the outposts.
    This would allow the users to load up to three chests or crates on it and push it around the outpost to deliver your items.
    The wheelbarrow or carts wouldn't be able to be taken onto the ships and when pushing them you would move around the same speed as carrying a chest.

  • So last night we battled two galleons and a sloop for the rights to the FOTD loot. The galleon crew that was originally doing the fort were some long in the tooth hard scrapin Seadogs that warranted our undivided attention. The other two ships were more of a nuisance than a viable threat but created opportunities for us once the vault was opened. As the two galleys were hammering each other we hid some loot and immediately escaped with a Gold Reapers, Red Reapers, and two Bone dust on our Brigantine. By nights end we cashed a value of 61k from the fort.
    Before signing off I messaged one of the original galleons crew (He came into our party chat earlier and declined our terms for an alliance) and Thanked them for the 61k and a great night of fighting. We exchanged several cordial messages with his last message saying "It was the most fun we've had playing the game in a long time". I told him I hoped that his crew got to cash the rest of the forts loot for they surely deserved it and that it was a blast for sure. A couple of gg's later and new friends were made.
    It's worth it to take the time and extend a kind word to your adversaries at nights end (even if you rub it in a little in good nature). It exhibits class and promotes good sportsmanship.
    I wish more people would do this instead of letting anger, pride or arrogance get the best of them. Peace............

    • New regions.
      A swampy, hard to sail one with very brutal storms. The swamp is infested with the swamp people, who were infected by the ancient plague, and the swamp people need some very rare plants to help heal themselves, thus they would make a new company, like the supermutans from the Fallout franchise, some of them would be intelligent, but not all, most of them would be like skeletons.

    The Arctic circle

    The land of true whale hunters, a new type of sea creature would be added, the killer whale. You could harvest the whale for its fat to make whale oil, which you could sell to the hunters, as they are in desperate need of it because of the pirates and the over-hunting of the whales.

    The Distant lands

    The lands of the most feared warriors in the entire Sea, they posses some of the strongest ship types, the man o' wars, they are gigantic ships that attack anyone on sight, kind of like a new skeleton ship. We should be able to pick up the man o' wars. And they also posses other weapons, 2 handed swords.

    The far eastern isles

    With the addition of them we should get a new type of boat, the Junk. They pay alot for supplies coming in from the west, and the west pays alot for supplies coming in from the east.

  • consider Belle for a future expansion should the sea of the damned ever be open to us. I would hope Belle and other Revenants would make their presence on the seas known. The return of Gloria even!