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  • So with this new patch/update it's said that the oldest of Pirate Legends would get the "Thanks for hitting PL this year" rewards, 3 of my crew today got PL in the last month, 2 of those hit it this weekend. Another 2 crew mates who hit PL probably around September/October have also got their stuff, yet I hit PL on the 13th of May 2018 and have yet to see a single thing, after hard resetting after restarting the game about 10 times. What's going on

  • I'd like to preface this thread by saying that I've already submitted a Tweet and ticket to the support staff, so hopefully they'll get back to me. But I wanted to know if anybody else is having this specific issue...

    When I logged in today I noticed that I could no longer redeem the previous two non-Reaper's Mark voyages for doubloons; the ones associated with The Wilds and The Ancient Isles. See, my health isn't the best, so I'd decided to wait until after I'd completed the requirements to get the Reaper cosmetics for my ship before doing them. I still have them in my inventory, but going to the Reputation - Mercenary Voyages tab revealed their icons to be non-existent. I can't even buy the voyages anymore. (Heck, I can't even purchase the Wanderer's Refuge voyage anymore.) That means I'm essentially out 25 doubloons, which I honestly really need right now, having lost 15 to a mixture of connection issues and the choice to let someone take my place on a voyage I put down 'cause they'd become glitched and unable to finish theirs normally.

    I was under the impression that the only things that'd be time-sensitive would be the rewards, not the voyages. Did I miss something somewhere that said that all Mercenary Voyages would be temporary?

  • This day last year me and one of my best irl friends started our journey to begin Pirate Legends. 1200 hours later we hit PL, and to cut to the point, shortly after, he passed away tragically and surprisingly (he was in his early 20s). I have seen loads of books with people's names on it, I was wondering if you could add a piece of him to the game

  • I really like how the blunderbus for the 1 year anniversary looks, but it just isn't very mechanically practical. The glare and glow the skull has when you aim is way too much and gets in the way. The chains look nice, but when you compare it to any other blunderbus, it blocks a ton of what's in front of you. It would be really nice to tone down the glare and glow with the skull, and to have the chains not take up so much room in front of you.

  • First roaming the seas back in the beta and day 1, it got my heart racing because I didn't know what to expect... combined with the amazing graphics and the smooth game mechanics this game is one of my favorite, but over time (Im not sure if I'm the only one) I feel like the game got predictable and lost that thrill, I know this is a stretch... But how hard would it be to program a random encounter table to almost everything you do? [For example; you load a cannon ball and fire;there is a 1/1000 chance it backfires on you and kills you] if you think about EVERYTHING you can do in the game...why not add some depth to each process already in place,good or bad,add adventure where nobody expects to find it.

  • A bigger ship is what needs in the anniversary update. What pirate movie do y’all know that has 4 people max on a ship operating it. Add a 8-10 man ship and make in mandatory for players that select the ship to go into game chat .

  • He's no longer at Wanderers! Any ideas?

  • Your Feedback is important, but...
    First, be sure to search the forums for keywords about your question, suggestion, complaint. There are dozens of topics targeted to (almost) every case.

    Be clear and succinct about what you want to talk about. Saying "This game is trash" or "I'll stop playing if you do not change [your rant here]" will not solve your problem. In fact, the chance for someone understand your problem and help to solve it is almost zero.

    It doesn't hurt you to search the forums, It doesn't hurt you to post in the specific topics (Mega Threads or something like that),it helps the community, helps the moderators.

    Yes, I know, we have posts about this topics, but I also responded every topic. Cheers!

    Private servers/PvE servers/Passive Modes/Flags that make us immune to any PvP/Safe Zones/Anything about Optional PvP
    This is a ONLINE SHARED WORLD GAME. Look at Sea of Thieves description:

    "Exotic islands. Hidden treasures. Riddles, battles and shanties. The essential pirate experience.
    Sea of Thieves is a new type of MULTIPLAYER GAME that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, YOU'LL ENCOUNTER OTHER CREWS... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?" - SOURCE

    Also, remove PIRATES from a PIRATE game doesn't make any sense! Want Passive mode? Want to sail alone?

    Bring back Temporary Cosmetics
    What brings incentive to the players are the season's exclusive items. These items call players populate servers again. Many games work this way, and this makes each player (and his account) unique. This will take away the essence of the game and the exclusivity of those who work hard to get such items. If you lost something, stop blaming others. Stop asking this. If you don't have time to play, the only one to blame is you.

    Buy/Save Supplies
    Just imagine. You just sink an enemy that attacked you while you are at a fort, they were A10, they bought everything from the game, they have millions to spare. You're just a novice learning how to play. Less than 10 minutes later they come back, 1000 cannon balls, 1000 bananas and 1000 wood planks. What would your chances be? Anything that takes the horizontal progression of this game possibly will not be changed. Want progression, buy ships, buy resources, etc? Go play Atlas.

    Save Voyage Progress
    You turn on your Xbox/PC knowing that you will enter the game and leave within 30 minutes. Why the hell do you think putting an Athena voyage will be a good thing? Is it possible to do an Athena mission in 30 minutes? Yes, it is, if the islands are close enougth, if you plan well, if you don't deliver the merchant ones. If you only play 30 minutes, place a mission that takes that time!

    "But I want to sell Athena's chest, I don't have that much time to play." - Simple. Take time for this. Your life, your priorities, organize your life. To say that you don't have time is an excuse, I have friends who work, study, do things at home and still take care of their kids, they play, even if they stay until dawn, but they play, because they like it. There is no lack of time, there is lack of will.

    Hiding mermaids
    This is not a NINJA game, this is a PIRATE game. The chance to see the mermaid is the same as seeing the player coming toward the ship, because the smoke doesn't appear to them.

    Removing Friendly Fire from Alliances/Alliance Gamertag Colors
    I was in favor of changing colors, but I managed to change my mind for a VERY simple reason: Never trust a pirate.

    When you make alliances, you NEED to deal with who you know and trust. Making alliances with random people is a high risk. Betrayal is a risk. So the least you should know is to identify who's in your alliance. Problems with decorating names? Make everyone wear the same outfit! Put on a unique skin for your alliance members and ship, so it's easy to identify.

    Removing Friendly Fire is also something that does not make sense. The pirate is not part of your crew, he is part of another crew. He can get on your ship, get your more expensive chest, eat your food, steal your cannonballs and loot, how will you defend yourself if you cannot shoot him? That would make it all a mess.

    The person who harms you, is it part of your crew? If so, quit the session, jail him, report him. If not, he is not Griefer. It's simple to understood?

    If the person is from another crew and is being biased, racist or anything like that, just report the subject, or kill and report.

  • For experienced players like me, the seas we sail on are no scary place anymore. Making the Kraken flee or defeating Megs is no big deal if you know how to handle their attacks. What I would love to see would be some new and scary enemies like sirens, which lure you to their island with their beautiful chores; whales which could randomly ram your ship; a typhoon; a hydra; a giant sea snake; sea giants etc.
    Obviously to reduce the chances of getting attacked 24/7 these creatures could be bound to certain areas and locations, leading to crews crowding in such spots. Just an idea for the devs, I am certain that this would be the content every player would add to their wish list.

  • basically the games registers the mouse and key board at title screen etc. but whenever i load a game using m&k it gets stuck at loading screen and you cant actually get into playing the game several freinds saying they same happens to them as well how are you supposed to actually get this to work?

  • I see a Mercenary men's garb, but I don't see a Mercenary dress, is there one?

  • Has anyone else had this issue where theyre missing the new Pirate Legend Cutlass as part of the birthday celebration I? have everything else but no sword? Looked in all the shops, inventory, hideout, etc? Saw nothing? I haven't checked the patch notes yet to see if anything was mentioned. Just wondering?

  • My brother was playing sailing around near Discovery Ridge working on an Athena when he called me into the room. He unplugged his headset and turned the TV sound up and I was met with the noise of a BANJO in the ambient sailing music...
    Am I the only one hearing this?

  • So this new update coming at the end of the month holds lots of cool details, from what I
    saw in the trailer. After that, I really am hoping that Rare starts a pattern with these updates. This one obviously adds new components to the game new ways to play. The next one should be a map expansion. Last time i was wishing on the first star to the right for the north to be pushed back to reveal islands of ice and snow. I can not at the moment remember who, but there is a fan of the game who has made concept art for weapons clothing animals skeletons and more for the said area. Now with summer on the horizon and new adventures waiting to be had I look to the East, in hopes of a sandy waist land full of bananas, monkeys, and maybe a grand bazaar with hidden secrets of genies and jewels. hidden beneath the sand. give it an Egyptian them if you want, all tho i see more of (Disney's Aladdin) feel more than pharaohs and mummys. COMBINE them even. Scimitars and more await in the Mystic Peninsula.

  • I don't really understand why this was changed.
    So as most of you know on PC/keyboard if you hold down Q it opens the Item Radial and with E it opens the Map Radial.
    And if you press these buttons shortly, Q did equip the latest Item you had equipped and E did the same with the last Map.
    But now it somehow changes the last 2 equipped Items on Q but also on E it changes to the last Map and also the last Item???
    I am confused about how this compleetly works.
    But why did it change at all? Is it because of the keyboard and mouse support for Xbox?
    Maybe it's just because i don't get how this new way works, but i really dislike it :/
    What is your opinion?
    Does someone know why this change was made?

  • In the most recent trailer for Sea of Thieves; it showed that the mast on ships can be damaged and broken. Due to this I can assume that will slow you down and hinder your ability to make any forward movement efficiently. So, here is my question.
    What is the point of the cursed rigging ball? If you are able to have the same effect while only shooting the mast. Then why have the cursed counterpart? I'm guessing the cursed cannonballs are just place holders for incoming mechanics to the game.
    what do you think?

  • Ahoy! Filthy rats

    We have going through a loooong way to get to this point and while some may still think that the game sucks outside of the community, we are still here enjoying and having a good time with friends/enemies

    It has been a looong time to get the game like it is today and while I still hope that the guy that gave an eye of sight to an skeleton get diarrea.everything else on the game s extremely enjoyable.

    I'm probably not that constant on the community but thats because I have to work (like many of us) and it takes most of time but god I really love this game

    Today I want to congratulate the rare team and most to the community that if weren't for you guys I will never know what with this game and probably I would never have played it.
    And even knowing that we all still have a long way to continue

    I thank you a lot because (and even if most of you don't care) you had helped to cope with some struggles with my life and will forever thank you for that

    Cheers to:
    Nethoo Prime
    And my personal friends that have played the game with me

    Thank you all

    Wish you Love and fotune

  • I was under the impression that voyages were getting a rework. Not simple just adding a new type of voyage (tall tales).

    There is some serious work needed on stuff like the merchants. I had 1 goal on gold and glory weekend, get my 500 animals sold as PL (of course as someone who hit athena 10 prior to forsake shores ive already sold over 1000 animals) Well we would get some animal voyages done but then the merchant we just be stuck on giving us nothing but cargo for multiple in game days essentially hours and hours of no animals giving us the only option of server hoping to try and find animal voyages just to get an animal voyage of deliver 1 animal. I know cargo was added due to everyone hating the animal voyages but you didnt stop to think about adding a page system to the NPC? or shrink the voyage cards down in size so she could offer a full row of animals and a full row of cargo every day? Also you added cargo to solve the everyone hates merchant problem and no one does cargo. even with the double value. Im pretty sure if you quadrupled value people still wouldnt wanna deal with it

  • RARE! I beg of you to revert sword combat changes!

    Throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay now!!!

    Lets look at this chronologically

    Slowed down effects when swinging removed

    This made it so that you can be constantly moving at full pace while swinging. This did not take account of blocking which slows you down, but has you stand still when blocking. The man swinging at someone blocking is at an advantage and can run around and jump around the person who is blocking (who is Forced to stand still).

    Missed swing Delay added

    This swing delay only happened if you completely missed anything, even the environment gave you a full combo. However, this gave away to an annoyance of switching to banana not being consistent or clear.

    Switching to anything while swinging

    This made it so that you now can consistently pull out any thing while swinging... wanna know what this does?

    You can Cancel any drawback or Delay by switching back and forth, resulting in you constantly sword swinging and stun locking

    First change made Blocking and swashbuckling very mindless.
    Second change made things inconsistent
    but now, throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay!!!

    Il repeat

    Throw away blocking, drawbacks or swashbuckling into the trash because you can infinitely swing without a delay!!!

    Revert the changes.

    +Only make the 2nd and third swings slow your movement down
    +Make it possible to stunlock mid-air opponents
    +Charge attack is now the same as [Block+Charge attack]

    Sword swing Delay
    Sword switch canceling

    The only reason sword was difficult was because it didnt CATCH opponents who were in mid-air WHILE ALSO being slowed down for swinging. Just let the sword catch mid-air opponents, and make the first sword attack forgiving, but constant swinging punishing...

  • I've been enjoying the game for a while and am about to get to Pirate Legend. This weekend has been a mess of griefers, so much so that I am about done with Rare and their products. Multiple times in a row we had our ship blown up by people with whom we were in an alliance (separate alliances). We just wanted to voyage and get something done, but everytime we were done stocking the ship some pieces of human refuse come along and sink the ship for nothing - we have no treasure, yet. If you added PvE servers (which might aid with your sub-par matchmaking system) people who just want to enjoy a casual moment of voyaging could do so and all the people who want to waste each other's time can do so I PvP servers. At the time I have remorse for giving you money and playing every minute of this game that I have.

  • I agree

    1. The skeletons swords, almost everytime you dig the chest, atleast 4 or more spawns on you and immediately all sword attack you while digging the chest sometimes almost killing you instant or bringing your health down over 70% and they're always defending, taking over 7 to 15 hits to finally kill em and you got another 4-8 chests to go plus more spawns nearby

    2. The skeleton TNTs, are very annoying spawning in lots of numbers, most time always have to run everytime away from em if you dont carry useless pistol or sniper after trying to get em to ignite and blow up behind you and take atleast 70 80% health damage almost everytime or killed in action or if lucky not to take damage or unlucky they cancle the fuse until close again. Then another will spawn...

    3. The skeleton shooters, if a hoard spawns with all the guns, good luck, you'll need to die atleast 5-15 times before killing em all, because your best chances is trying to kill the 1 gun skeleton at a time for each death and just hope you dont keep getting aimbotted by more than 3 skeleton shooter, killing you before you get up close to em either sword or shooting em....

    Theres no skills, just based on a lot of time consuming work to deal with all of these skeletons with just 5 bananas in your inventory that you need to have atleast so you have extra health to finally kill 1 or 3 of em after they done 150% damage to you or more before you die lol.

    Nerf the skeletons already or allow us to carry 20 30 bananas instead of suffering from frustration and boredom on deaths/black screen waits over and over and taking long time to deal with the skeletons....

    It should be fun to play.. volcano's are already bad enough with the aim bot tsrgetting system and constant erupting, nerf the skeletons jeez....

  • A lot of my friends love this game, but can’t all play together due to the 4 player limit in a galleon. This ends up in people inevitably being left out.

    I’d love a “fleet” server option when loading into a server to split people in your session into different ships. This server option would obviously be designated to those who want to work in a big group and take on the risk of running into other big groups. You could have a cap on how many ships you could run at one time - 1 of each ship type perhaps. This way you could get a total of 9 friends into the same server to play with each other rather than perpetually server hopping to find your friends.

    Love the game, love the community, love the new update. Just want to be able to play with all my friends who love the game with such a large world map :)

  • As the devils roar lacks rain as it is, i was thinking it needs a separate weather system solely for the area. Like a normal storm it roams the area but the rain has become heated to boiling point.

    It doesn't hurt you as bad like boiling water, in fact it's pretty low in damage. But the dpm is the concern so don't stay in it for to long

  • Check the last 5 Seconds, no makro or whatever, made with my fingers on PC, kinda easier than the last one.

  • If the masts are able to be damaged in the latest trailer, why not also include the sails. If the sails become tattered the ship would move slower. For those aiming at the masts but clip the sails instead.

    Be another reason to keep some of that cloth cargo nearby incase you need some hasty patchwork.

  • i wish there was a way to change your pirates appearance without starting fresh by paying doubloons or gold.

  • I play on PC, and in fullscreen mode.

    However, whenever I grab the contents of a barrel, often my mouse is travelled to the top of the screen, and suddenly the window bar appears, and my mouse loses focus of the game.

    There has been occasions where I have accidently clicked the "x" and closed out the game, losing all my progress.

    In fullscreen mode, this should not be able to happen! Please, get rid of this extreme annoyance.

  • Hey did anyone get the sword?

  • Perhaps just a small suggestion.. sack off the programming team and get someone in that knows how to release a bug free update. Wow! Every beard error you can think of. Can't buy the mercenary stuff. No pl gifts. Surely you'd have tested the release first? Surely? Pretty bad just adding more bugs to a buggy game. Almost time to bring the boat up into the dry docks for good if this game doesn't sort itself out quick sharp. Whoever is resposible for this massive balls up of a birthday gift needs a check up from the neck up...

  • I was getting worried they would miss a lot of the issues but they actually ended up fixing not only just a couple of things, but everything. Well done Rare. That is all

    I don't know if there are any other complaints by people but share gratitude if there's none and if there are issues go ahead and share them too. I'm curious

  • Basically it would restart your company progress while retaining all cosmetics that you’ve obtained. I’ve met people that restart to reach pirate legend again (no idea why) and it would be helpful to have an option for those pirates to retain any exclusive cosmetics.

  • I'm sure this topic has already been brought up, but I think being able to bury treasure would be a cool option. Especially if it equips the player with a marked map of the location. That map could be dropped when killed for other players to find.

  • Is anyone else really quite annoyed they've spent weeks shouting about the March 20th mega update and only just now said that the Mega update is in the future?