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  • I've noticed it a few times now. I'll be steering the galleon and I won't be able to turn my head around. Anyone else getting this?

  • So it has been said before.
    Alliances will change this game forever.and tiptoeing through the game with a fleet should come with a downside: at the cost of loots&xp being split.
    This will eliminate feeling forced,stop people from blindly adding each ship,put some thought into it.and would make small crews ouplaying bigger multicrews pay off.justice for everyone.

    Excluding the upcoming rewards for killing sea monsters offcourse and any multi crew events and big epic boss fights wich Rare will surely come up with.
    Just the regular grind.

    More positive way of putting it^^
    Not spam.

  • I think the game would be better for it if events like this was there for good. In fact I think we should have characters and adventures like this all over the world in Sea of Thieves.

    It enriches the game. Why would we want this to be removed for players that didn't get to do it in the two weeks it's live?

  • So I absolutely love the new item holding rotation our characters get in the menu so much better than a tankard of grog and a goofy grin. One thing however is I would like it to be based on what we have equipped. Like the cutlass animation for example I have equipped the Sovereign cutlass but my character is holding the sailors cutlass in the menu.

    I know that this would take a lot of time and programming but I really think it would add to the new animation rotation wheel.

  • Just before you sink a ship there’s somewhat of a frantic rush to get their supplies. It would be good if when you sink their ship, their barrels of bananas, cannonballs and wooden planks floated to the surface for collection.

  • Hey Pirates! Just wanted to post some feedback on the game. I have played most versions of the game: Technical Alpha, Pioneers Sessions, Closed Beta, Scale Tests, Final Beta. So I've played this game a lot, prior to release. But I've played it that much, playing the full release is the same old content I've played for months, there is some new content, but not enough to satisfy me and the majority of other pirates. I stopped playing it a month after release and only came back to it to see the Hungering Deep... which I completed in 2 hours... what a disappointment. Some of these are my own thoughts and ideas, some I have seen others in the community. This post will be getting daily updates, and please leave any feedback down in the comments. Hope you like the ideas! This post is a summary of the ideas, not fully detailed on all ideas.

    New CONTENT Additions

    New foods:
    (All can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, in exchange for Gold, during Merchant Voyages)

    • Coconut- Obtained only from palm trees (Using Blunderbuss, Flintlock, Eye of Reach, etc.) and Crates. Not barrels.
    • Pineapple- Obtained only from the Player picking off the bush, and Crates.
    • Watermelon- Obtained by Player picking, also found in Crates. Not barrels.
    • Grape Bunches- Obtained by Player picking, also found in Crates. These grapes can vary in colour, for example, green, purple, etc. The colour variation could depend on the location you're in (The Ancient Isles, The Wilds, The Shores of Plenty). The grapes are also used to refill The Ship's Grog.
    • Water- For any pirates that aren't wanting to drink the good stuff, can be found on the second layer of the ship, next to The Grog. Or you can drink it directly from the bucket, although that will make you sick, and tired out. Eww... Salty!

    New Land Creatures (Friendly)

    • Tortoise- Hides in shell once provoked, can eat fruits on the ground, used in Merchant Trading.
    • Turtle- Can eat dropped fruits in the sea.
    • Parrot- Can mimic sounds, for example, gunshots, skeletons, pirate chatter, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Chicks- Found in Chicken nests, placed in a basket, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Lizards- Can kill and eat Chicks, move fast, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Monkeys- Can be lured into a cage using Bananas, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.
    • Land Crabs- Can kill Lizards and Chicks, can be sold to the Merchant Alliance, for Gold.

    New Sea Creatures (Friendly)

    • Whales- Can be seen squirting water out of the sea, and jumping. Also can bump into ships causing some hull damage.
    • Dolphins- Can travel in pods of 4-6. Can be seen jumping out of the water occasionally, used to add more friendly sea creatures to the game. Also can scare off any sharks that are close to your ship.
    • New Fish- Different fish types that can be implemented with the Fishing Alliance.
    • Sea Crabs- These are bigger than the usual Land Crabs, they are slower, but if the player gets too close they will try to attack. Causing low damage.

    New Land Creatures (Hostile)

    • Posion Dart Frogs- These are very small frogs, that can spit small amounts of poison at the player. They are found in tropical areas, but can leap away if the player comes too close and looks at it. This meaning it's very hard to kill with a weapon. But the player shouldn't worry, it can't deal lots of damage. It's only there to make the game more colourful and thriving with life, and of course to make the Pirate's life harder.

    (Any others you'd like to see? Comment them! :D)

    New Sea Creatures (Hostile)

    • Sea Serpents- Have the ability to wrap around a Player's body, dragging them under. Can be killed and drop Sea Serpent's tooth (Rare). Most commonly found in underwater caves.

    (Please comment any others in the comment section!)

    New Enemies:


    • Phantom Pirate- This enemy can be found on In The Phantom's Hideout, and spawns randomly in any of the above water shipwrecks. They are similar to the deceased pirates you see on The Ferry of the Damned. These Phantoms can use all the equipment a Player can, in terms of guns and food. However, they can disappear for up to 10 seconds, and walk through objects. When they disappear, they can be found quicker using the Lantern. They can be killed only when stunned by the Lantern, killed with any weapon.
    • Phantom Parrots- This enemy can be found with/near a Phantom Pirate, they can swoop down from above, and damage the Player. They can be killed the same way as a Phantom Pirate.
    • Phantom Captain- Like the Skeleton Captains, but this time as a Phantom Pirate's Captain, only spawning in after a set number of Phantom Pirate waves. Once killed, they can drop a Soul Box, which is exchanged for Gold at the Order of the Souls. OR it can be used by the player to turn themselves Phantom for a set time period.

    Random Events:

    • Megaladon- Giant shark that can ram the Player's ship, causing heavy damage. This is a random event, like the Kraken. Can be stunned by cannons, to give enough time to sail away. Cannot be killed, only stunned. (COMPLETED!)
    • Giant Squid- Like the Kraken, but smaller, the Giant Squid will wrap all tentacles around the ship at once, and have it's mouth against the hull, with teeth piercing the hull. The giant squid can either go on the left or right of the ship and can drag it to that direction. Can attack sloops, not just galleons. Can be killed in a similar manner to the Kraken. Can drop Cursed Skulls, and Soul Boxes.
    • Giant Crab- These are hidden under sand, close to islands and grab the ship with both pincers, causing hull damage. To kill it the Player must use the Cannons/Guns to crack the shell of the pincers, then use the Cutlass to slice the exposed flesh, for the most effective way. This is a random event and will trigger once a ship has come into the area. This can attack sloops, not just galleons.
    • The Phantom's Hideout- The Phantom's hideout is similar to a Skeleton Fort, but this time the island isn't on the map, nor can be seen when inactive. The whole island can only be seen when active, a vanishing island if you like. Here, Phantoms can disappear for 10 seconds, only to reappear closer to you ready to attack! This Fort can be taken down like the Skeleton Fort when the Captain is dead. Also, looking down a scope directly at the Phantoms, can blind them. (This has replaced 'The Phantom Ship' due to Rare NOT wanting to add AI Ships).
    • Whirlpools- Open up randomly across the sea, causing any nearby Player Ships to be pulled in! Can be escaped from by going fast enough, however, this causes hull damage.
    • Castaways- Can be found on an island, big or small. Just as rare as a 'Message in a Bottle' or 'Golden Artefact', once found, he can either be killed for some money, or the player can drop him off at their desired outpost. Dropping the Castaway off at an outpost will reward the player more than killing. (Credit: @Da-Lootmasta )
    • Phantom Raid- Phantom Pirates take over an outpost, like the Skeleton Fort, however, the Outpost cannot be used properly until all Phantoms are killed. After they are, you can go around to all the shops and the Inn, to claim a reward. The three traders will also give you Reputation for your help.

    Ship Ideas

    New Ships

    • Players could have the choice of selecting a different ship, depending on what voyages they are wanting to do. For example, a Merchant Ship would have a small crane on, to lift supplies and fewer cannons, but move faster. While a Gold Hauder's Ship would have lots of cannons but move slower. (Credit: El Roadkillo)

    Ship Customisability:
    (All can be bought from the Ship Market)

    • New Wheel designs.
    • New Cannon designs.
    • New Cannonball designs.
    • New Lantern designs.
    • New Anchor designs.
    • New Map designs.
    • New Barrel designs.
    • New Mast designs.
    • Modular Ship Interiors- Such as lower decks being swapped out from the regular barrels to maybe a crew area full of beds and furniture, a stockpile of gold/skulls or even a hay-filled pig-pen, depending on what Voyages you are wanting to do. (Credit: @El Roadkillo)

    New Ship Features

    • Rowboat- Can carry a crew, with space for loot. Can be launched from the back of the ship, requires a player to lower the Rowboat and raise the Rowboat.
    • Ship name engraved above the entrance to Captain's Quarters, and on the sides of the ship/rear.
    • Walk The Plank-Players who have to leave the game, whistle on the ship has the option to 'Walk the Plank'. This would make the plank have an actual use, and would be fun to watch a scurvy pirate jump to his long-awaited fate. Even the sharks would love this feature! Free Snacks!
    • Gambling- Long voyage ahead? Why don't you stand around a barrel and gamble away all that gold! This would make long voyages more entertaining, and create panic moments when there's an enemy ship coming your way!
    • Signal Flags- you can raise these to show your intentions. Of course, these could be used with other intentions than the flag shows, but that's part of the fun. Examples of flags: Merchant, Order of Souls, Exploration, Friendly, etc. (Credit: @MorbidSS)
    • Barrels Spawn- When a ship sinks, the Cannonballs/Planks/Banana barrels spawn above the wreck in the sea.

    New Character Content

    Character Customizability:
    (All can be bought from the Clothes Shop)

    • Scars (COMPLETED!)
    • Hair Colour
    • Socks!
    • Glasses
    • Tattoos (COMPLETED!)

    New Equipable Items:

    Musical Instruments:

    • Drums (COMPLETED!)
    • Harmonica
    • Guitar
    • Flute
    • Bell
    • The Music Box- Used to keep snakes calm during voyages, can be placed and activated on the ship.


    • Blowgun- Shoots a dart from a small tube, can be tipped with Snake Poison to cause nausea and poison to the enemy.

    Following Weapon Ideas from @Krieg-Jaeger

    • Rapier- (light sword category) " to the melee weapons. Longer range thrusting attacks that are more difficult to hit with, but can reach further. If they want to add additional mechanics as well, the charge attack is a strike combined with a dodge backwards to quickly riposte and evade attacks. Blocking will see you pushed back slightly on successful blocks.
    • Cleaver- (heavy sword category) the "Blunderbuss" of melee weapons. Slow combo, but wide sweeping attacks with the charge attack being an overhead strike that can send enemies flying back. You can be pushed around while blocking no matter the means.
    • Boarding axe- (Tool type weapon) No combos, but a high attack that does more per hit than any of the swords, though the follow up is much slower. Can pry off boards used to plug holes (Takes roughly as long as to place a Plank) and chop rigging to weaken or even disable a sail (requiring an interaction on the chopped line to repair it).
    • Boarding pike-hook- (Tool type weapon) No combos, the range of a rapier but less damage than a cutlass and as slow as the cleaver. The real reason to take this weapon is for quickly climbing ships! Charge attacks will jab and hook if on a player it will yank them past you. On terrain, it will yank you in that direction.
    • Throwing Knives- (Throwing weapon) Quicker than a flintlock, lower damage, has an arc and CANNOT be retrieved to avoid unlimited ammo during battles. Can be restocked at the ammo chest.
    • Throwing Axes- (Heavy Throwing weapon) Slower than a flintlock but quicker than an Eye of Reach, starts to drop much quicker than Knives but damages only less than a blunderbuss.
    • Coconuts- These can be placed into cannons and fired at ships to cause some damage, and if hit near a player will fill their screen with milk!

    Trading Companies Updates:

    Order of Souls

    New Loot:

    Following Ideas from @angry-squirlz @Hazerblade

    • Gilded Skull: Dropped by Golden Skeleton Captains, this skull is immensely heavy and the carrier is slowed down due to the weight.
    • Ivy Skull: Dropped by Wild Skeleton Captains, this skull blends in very well with bushes, grass, etc. Can poison the carrier, occasionally.
    • Ghastly Skull- Dropped by Shadow Skeleton Captains, cannot be seen well in the night, however, with a lantern, it can be uncovered.

    Soul Boxes:
    (These are Souls of the Phantoms, trapped in a box. Obtained after killing a Phantom Captain. Sold to the Order of Souls)

    • Forgotten Soul Box- 60-400 Gold.
    • Chained Soul Box- 500-1100 Gold.
    • Enraged Soul Box- 800-1300 Gold.
    • Doomed Soul Box- 1000-1600 Gold.
    • Cursed Soul Box- Can create illusions for Players, making them see a Phantom coming out of the box. 2000-2600 Gold.

    Gold Hoarders

    New Loot:

    New Normal Chests:
    Check out @Cows-n-Muffins Chest Designs here

    • Legendary Chest- Golden, with diamonds engraved. 2000-2700 Gold.

    New Cursed Chests

    • Phantom Chest- Only found after the Phantom's Hideout has been taken down, ghostly blue shine to it. 3000-3600 Gold.
    • Hermit Chest- Ruby red glow, with a pair of pincers sealing the chest down. It houses a crab in it..? Yeah... also I forgot to mention it's going to be really hard to keep this chest still! So make sure you keep an eye on it! 1000-1600 Gold.
    • Kraken Chest: Found floating in the ocean after defeating a Kraken, or, is held by one of the tentacles and make the Kraken drop it by shooting it with cannons. This chest offers gold, and a Kraken themed item/clothing. It's best to keep this chest somewhere secure, you'll often see a tentacle come out of the chest and try to damage anything around it. Even the ship hull. (Credit: @Hazerblade)

    Merchant Alliance

    Merchant Items:

    • Crate o' Feathers
    • Jar o' Venom (Also used to tip darts with poison)
    • Pig Skin
    • Barrel O' Rum- Barrel full of grog, different rarities. (Credit: @Ironstout-IV)

    The Fishing Guild:

    With Sea of Thieves having so much water, I was quite surprised to not see any fishing related markets or activities. A new Fishing Market could be added to the game, where players go fishing in a certain area, to catch a certain type of fish. The Player could store the Fish in barrels of water with the lid off, near the Character Customisation area of the lower deck. This could then be brought back to the Fish Market, located on the pier of an outpost, and then exchanged for Gold. This will add the option for a new food source, fish. Which the Player could buy from the Fish Market. I won't list all the possible fish types, I'll leave that for Rare to come up with! :D

    Outpost Ideas:

    • Gambling games- Located in the Tavern, players can play games such as Card games, Dice games, etc. To win Gold! This gives players a reason to not be too hostile towards others on the Outpost, well not during the game anyways!
    • Barber Store- This would make the game more realistic, having an NPC stand behind you, while you're sitting on a barrel. This could also make it so the NPC may not do the correct haircut every time, which adds some humour to it.

    New GAMEPLAY Additions

    • Daily Voyages- Add in Daily Voyages for each Trader that you can pick up from the Vendors on the Outposts. Daily Voyages would provide more reputation than your average voyage, possibly a set percentage of a level. It would provide a more reliable way to progress for more casual players.
    • Weekly Voyage- This Weekly Voyage could be a big voyage, which happens at the end of every week. This could be a high number of Chapters Voyage and even have a mix up of the 3 Traders in there. The Voyage would be just as rewarding as taking on a Skeleton Fort.

    Character Improvements

    • Players should be able to carry two small items, such as Goblets, Skulls, etc. Instead of only carrying one at a time.

    If you have any other ideas, comment them below and I'll add them to the list. This isn't complete yet, and I will be updating it again very soon. So far, I feel like the whole Sea of Thieves Community has died, and it's down to a few people to make it lively again, the Developers really need to add MUCH MUCH more content to the game. I'd be happy with a weekly content update, even if it just adds small things, like parrots. BECAUSE WHICH PIRATE GAME DOESN'T HAVE PARROTS!!!

    @Rare-Employee @Global-Moderators @khaleesibot

  • It's no secret that players have had some issues and concerns with merch voyages. A lot of the post on this topic I've seen usually go on and on about "the problem" without providing a possible solution. I won't go to depth about MA as a hole but rather two particular concerns of mine. If revisited I think it would greatly improve the experience when doing MA voyages.

    • Variety
      Main source of income is chickens, snakes, pigs, and gunpoweder (that's given on a voyage). My suggestion would be to add in more goods for trade. Quite a few people talk about wanting more reasons to fight the kraken and megalodon so why not have them drop a resource for sale?

    Megalodon tooth and scales, kraken ink and tentacle? Sounds like something the merchant might be interested in. Maybe even regular shark scales or the spears in their back.

    • Crate commindations and achievements
      Okay, this seemed so odd to me that I actually started to consider whether or not it was mistake made during development. Maybe someone from Rare can tell me. Banana, wood, and cannonball crate contracts are received by finding a message in a bottle randomly in the world.

    An update was made awhile back that made it to where they are no longer completely empty. I can not stress enough how much I believe these need to be implemented into the exsiting contracts. The commindations and achievement that you get for these require 1000 of these crates to be turned in on time.

    I made a guess that it could take around a year of playing for a few hours everyday to get that. But I was told by a friend that after some calculations it may actually take upwards of 30 years playing every day to complete?? I'm not sure how accurate this is but you don't need me to tell you how crazy that would be.

    I have to assume that they are not in merch contracts now because in it's current state there would be an overpowering amount of suppies on a ship if you could just collect them. But here's my solution. What if on accepting the contract that has one of these crates in it the merchants (or her employees) place a dedicated barrel on your ship that is only active when on the voyage. You can put stuff in but not take stuff out. When being delivered you go tell her you have it or maybe have us carry it.

    The old crates can still be found and turned in (or saved) but this would be the main way. Let me hear your thought on this idea.

  • This topic is deleted!

    It'd be cool to be able to bury your treasure that you have and perhaps have your crew or another go on a small quest you set up to find it.
    I dunno, just a nice touch

  • All of the following were inspired by Greek, Japanase, Welsh and Norse mythology. All were considered to be usable in game permanently, after the time limited campaign is over.

    Theme: Ancient Catacombs
    ~ This new campaign would see crews step away from the seas and their ship and journey far beneath, into a maze of wonder requiring two crews to complete. ( Utilizing the Alliance system)

    Story: Goddess of magic, crossroads and ghosts
    ~ Hecate grows tired of our endless voyages and seeks to liven things up, inviting pirates to test their mettle. She resides in a special maze that she created full of traps, snakes, skeletons, and best of all... ghosts! You can only gain access by gathering all of the special stones she has hidden across the seas. Certain islands will show a ghostly host, which after listening to their tales of defeat at the hands of Hecate, will bestow a stone. Gathering all stones will cause the Phalos stone to activate, allowing you to find the entrance to the catacombs. You can create an alliance at anytime in your search, combining stones to complete a set or venture forth in different directions to locate all. Certain stones come in pairs, one to each crew. They can be dropped/given or if you come to your demise, picked up where you died. Most traps can only be deactivated by the other crew inside the maze, utilize the stones to traverse and fight through. Must have two crews of four, each crew member will have to carry one stone... Can you make it all the way to the end and defeat Hecate at her own game?

    Mechanics: Stones of Hecate
    ~ When gathered together gives access to the Ancient Catacombs. Locating ghosts that roam certain islands, they will reveal each stone needed:

    • Bethel & Betyl; endowed with life, these pair of stones become mobile respawn points. (instead of spawning on your ship)
    • Ahd & Dehr; these stones protect against evil charms, and allows players to see through traps if looked at through the middle of the stone. Recovery from snakebites, when held.
    • Phalos; this stone locates the exact center of the Sea, without it the entrance to the catacombs is inaccessible. Can banish a skeleton captain. (Single use, auto kill)(Turns to powder once reaching the entrance, can be left on ship)
    • Urim & Thunim; these stones reveal supernatural knowledge, a magical map of the maze that only the wielder can read. Can be used to find buried treasure.
    • Singha & Steinn; speaking stones, used to communicate between two crews. Only the wielder can hear the other.
    • Gjoll & Dovik; these stones bind the goddess, bring them together to release her. Fire emits from them, reaching farther than the lantern.
    • Vaidurya; the most precious stone, beauty beyond compare, the prize for slaying the goddess.
      Side quest
    • Seki; if your Alliance is brave enough to steer away from using the map, go off the beaten path and defeat the waiting traps, this stone will be rewarded. Kills anything it comes into contact with. (Can be used on Hecate, comes with a skull vessel allowing for transport, but you must leave behind either Bethel or Betyl)
  • Ever since the update that imposed a 3-voyages-per-day limit, it seems a bit unnecessary to have to spend gold on voyages at all. The amount is already trivial; IMO they should just remove it altogether.


    Basically all voyages should be free regardless of rep level is what I'm trying to get across (since you can only buy 3 per vendor per in-game day now).

  • So I have thought of this for a good long while, and I believe a lot of others would like more shanties too. So... instead of having you compose new songs, i listed a few that would make great in this game.

    1. Barber of seville

      Probably a more recognizable song from many shows and movies.

    2. Notturno String Quartet No. 2

      Not as well known except from a sad Disney short and from an American tail

    3. Votre Toast (from the play Carmen)

      This one is not as popular, again, except from a single part of the song used in a more recent horror game.

    4. In the hall of the mountain king

      This one I bet everyone will recognize

    5. O Fortuna

      Last one here for now bc it's an opera, but same is the 3rd entry.

    If you got any other classic pieces you'd like, put them down below. My kitten is clawing my face rn And gotta end this here.

  • The merchant alliance is the one alliance that is hardest to upgrade and get commendations for. It has repetitive quests for the same items of chickens, snakes, and pigs. Sometimes the player can find a crate of sugar, exotic spices, or silks to bolster their reputation. Another issue with this alliance is that it is the only one that does not have a special item to be formed in a forte horde. To fix these issues my idea is to add casks of rice, fish, and dyes. Crates of cocoa can be added. For the special item for the fort horde a crate of medicines could be added that can only be gotten here. On the animal side of the merchant alliance the cut but poisonous Solenadous, the tree climbing badger Tanra, and the Green Vervet Monkey could be added to be caught. By adding these animals, the player would have challenges overcome. The player would have to calm the poisonous as well as catch the other two animals before they made it out of reach into the trees

  • We're 3 months in after a premature launch of an improperly tested and bug ridden mess called Sea Of Thieves.

    Servers that didn't serve, download after download of so called patches that have at times been virtually impossible to download. 9 GB on day one, what did you bother selling the disc for? Oh, yes that would be to fool people that they had bought a quality game.

    You tell us you want to create an open world adventure game where players come together and have fun. ' Become the salty pirate they want to be' That, is a seriously bad joke when you have seriously little to do which as result leaves less than pleasant people to go into PvP so much so it becomes anything but a sociable fun game for Pegi 12 level and families to play.

    Why bother with Solo player modes [Mod edited]

    Most that seem to say they enjoy the game, don't use the game voice but go via some other mode of comms isolating them into some deliberately hostile and nasty mode of play.

    [Mod edited] for half hearted temporary events that introduce more bugs and are quickly exhausted, and become caping grounds for griefing other players for those that have completed them.

    Well, you and your team have had 3 months to address the issues and to speak to players who purchased the game and registered feedback on the balance and you have not said a word.

    The major update we get is a forums bodge up. Here the game disc has been a coffee mat whilst we have watched, waited and fedback to Rare. All in all a total waste of money, time and effort.

    I cannot wish you and MS well with SoT.

  • I think it would be really cool if players we able to convert their gold into chests and hide it wherever they wanted. Then they could create a series of clues to find the treasure they hid.

  • Well it happened, the worst sot experience I have had and I've been playing since the alpha. Bunny hopping PC player gets on our gallon and starts spewing childish and voluar insults at everyone including a female player in our crew. Nothing we could do about it becuase of the constant auto jumping that is only possible on PC. I'm disgusted by the the way some people play, not for fun or for loot (we didnt have any) but just for the sake of griefing other players. Perhaps if there was a 1 second delay for all players in between jumping, this sort of obvious advantage that PC players have could be mitigated. Or is this how the game is intended to be played? Where because you are on PC you become almost unkillable and are free to harass other players for the lolz?

  • It would be nice if you buy an item and were able to later sell it back for even just a fraction of the cost. At least, that's the whispers in the taverns I've heard a few fellow pirates speak. ;)

  • I am not the type of person to post on forums typically but I feel as a loyal Rare consumer it is necessary in this moment to make this known. Although it was stated that the gunpowder skeleton spawn rates would be decreased following the bi-weekly event, it appears with this most recent patch release this is not at all the case. It seems that if anything they spawn more regularly then when the event was active. I have video of 3-4 spawning at once and this is simply absurd. The community has been very patient with all the issues associated with the game as well as with the excessive grind it holds within its world, this however is making the experience miserable. I do enjoy playing the game however I do not enjoy spending a huge amount of my time on the f***y of the damned due to an overabundance of this pest. Please fix this Rare it is making playing the game I love trying to say the least.

  • This crawly critter has become a recurring character and a bit of a running gag in all the trailers and I hope that never changes. And because of this, I think it's time to officially ask the community:

    What shall we name this cute crustacean? As a community, we've already dubbed our favorite gals Karen and Meg to the point where even Rare has adopted it. So this salty sideways walker ought to be next on our list to be baptized with a (possible) canonical community-given nickname.

    I'm starting to get a "Bad Luck Brian" vibe from this distressed decapod. It always seems to be an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, just trying to mind its own business when it becomes an inadvertent witness of bad things to come or an unwilling participant.

    So let's hear some suggestions!

    Calamity Crab? Cal for short?
    Murphy, short for Murphy's Claw? (hyuck)

    Wow, these are terrible... Let's hear your suggested nicknames! And go!

  • has any one else noticed only one flag showing on Gallon, insted of all 3 masts

  • I have thought the alliance thing over and over.
    And it will make the game inmensely boring.getting lots reward for little effort never makes a game better.Rare should think about creating a secondlife type game because they are now overshooting a bit with pushing alliances down player's throats.
    I called this the online windwaker more ships,not a lot more content.mandatory alliances.
    This game could have been the greatest game ever,now it will be a online LARP chatroom.
    Instead of fasttracking the release of new area's, boss fights,pets,seamonster hunter factions,they decide to force players to interact,these developers need to re-apply for jobs at habbohotel and secondlife.
    Such a waste.

    Since it will release anyway though.FOR THE LOVE OF GOD:split the loot not share, wich would make concidering going with 1 crew still a thing.

  • Me and my captain think about a lot of things for the game while on the sea as we have endless hours I bettween isle during the day. Here are some ideas we thought would be cool to implement

    More emotes

    if you ever played WoW or any other mmo game that has emotes you can find a emote that will make it look like the character is blushing or nervous as if they were around a significant other they were not sure how to react
    Not an explicit way like giving the finger but maybe rasing you fist or something along that(for that one ship that won’t knock it off)
    You know to add viraty
    For when your friend accomplished something and you want to be melodramatic
    A emote that show you throwing your hands on your head either one in frustration or two from being frightened
    Perfect for when your mate “accidentally” sells the pig at the wrong outpost

    Those are the main ones we hope get added one day but I bet there are a ton more that other players can stir up

    Appearance feature
    3)Expressive hair colors
    4)The weapons you carry holstered on you physically able to be seen (more reason to the cosmetics)

    1. alternating peg legs and eye patches and hooks
    2. use more than one of #5 at a time
      That way I can just be purely blind with two eye patches or I can hav Ron legs or no hands something like that#merrik

    Ship features
    -Custom flags
    Now I don’t mean let people draw whatever they want that would lead to some unwanted and profan things being drawn but I mean let players pay to make a custom flag from shapes and other pre given colors and flag styles
    (May be good spot to implement title styles or reason to prsue other event/bilge Rats)
    Alternatively just give use every color shape, size you can think of we can choose from
    -not sure if it’s been confirmed so I’m just gonna sugest it, different cannons
    -more things for private legends
    Give me more of a reason to keep playing after I get my ship customization and fully outfitted some of us live for the cosmetics xD
    -Different color of flames for lanterns
    If me and my gally crew play together I’d like to make it look like a edm club
    -more glowy things
    Whether that’s the wheel,anchor etc.
    A aura thing for your ship(glowing in The cracks similar to Athens chest)
    -different styles of ships
    I don’t mean more ships (that’s cool idea though) I mena let us alternate the back of a sloop so it’s diffrent overhang or a slightly extended back
    Give each ship something unique to customize that other ship can’t have
    More variety=more unique and personal the game becomes.

    I have a lot more ideas but captains yelling at me to get on the cannon
    When I have more time I’ll refer to add to my post

  • I was playing with a friend and came across an unusual glitch. This megladon followed us for at least half an hour. This has to be the weirdest thing I've seen in this game lol. Ironically it was at shark bait cove. Youtube link is below!

    link text

  • This topic is deleted!

    I’m writing this post because there are things in the game where you could just go in to depth massively.
    For instance the captains door should be able to be closed and opened and a option to cutizome it.
    You should be able to name your boat above of the captains door like there is on ship wrecks.
    The captains chair should have a sit command on it.
    In the captains cabin there should be more cutizomable features.
    You should be able to take pictures and place them on the walls in your captains cabin.
    There should be a card game table aboard the ship.
    You should be able to swing down the masts ropes.
    There are tons more.... any ideas?

  • We should have some sort of 'hot item' in the game. A certain chest found in a shipwreck or a new play type, or even once you sink a ship.

    Here's the deal. We would find a chest (davey jones chest?!) and there would be a timer on it, say 1 game week. You would be required to have the item on the ship in order for the time to go down. While the chest/item is on your ship you'll appear on everyone's map that's in the current game. You'll have to survive for so long in order to turn this chest in.

    If another person takes the chest a new timer starts on the new ship, also giving the original ship an opportunity to go get the chest back however the timer slower increases so you'd need to end up holding it for a long period of time if you lose it.

    Of course now we get to the original figurehead idea in the title suggested. After being able to hold maybe 10-50 of these, you'd be rewarded a PVP figurehead of some sort.

    Thoughts?! :)

  • If you like to listen about other peoples troubles, you are at the right place.
    Sit back and enjoy.

    Determined to attack a Skullraid in our Sloop we sail towards it.
    The one in the lower right corner of the map (my favourite location if you ask me).
    Me and my Bro we decided to make two people earn their pay.

    But when we arrived they JUST FINISHED the last wave, sadly. So very sadly.

    Okay two other Sloops closed in, I can understand them just grabbing the Key and bailing right away.
    We don't check the Island we just know they got the Key on their Sloop. We would have done the very same.

    I could go in way more detail about this wierd fight but I focus on the most important stuff.
    The battle was wierd, very wierd. Fate really favoured this guys.
    Maybe just rightfully so cause it seems they have done all Skeleton waves by themself after all.

    And then they put up a battle on open Sea also for around 30 minutes I dare to estimate.
    What a battle that was. At one point they even sunk our Sloop with much luck.
    But we returned very quickly and the other Sloop ( a Soloist ) made them earn their pay as well.

    So the conclusion? The next rounds they didn't had anymore luck against me and my Bro.
    We did not screw up, chased them carefully, looked out for every boarding attempt etc.
    And man did they struggled well. As much as we kept holding our own.

    The battle of attrition was so on I swear.
    But thing is you cannot run forever and even if a skilled Sloop is barely catchable even by Galleons, what good does it do?
    ........ when the guys you still have to kill just know there is NO OTHER DESTINATION you can use this Key on, as the current Fort?

    Yajaja bla bla bla " Not true, sail to the other Forts that can be active and look if treasure is in there, which is only there if someone screwed up and could not open that door back then and WASTED their key beforehand? "
    ... spare me that 'beeeeeep' okay?

    It looks like those two guys did not thought of that or did not believe in such a convenient possibility.

    What happened? At one point we even stopped chasing them. Wanna know why?
    Because we just so happened to come across some floating Barrels on high seas.
    Cause it was a battle of attrition we were determined not to lose.

    So they gained some distance from us, probably realizing we just stocked up.

    So we "leisurely" started chasing them again.
    I mean what could happen we saw the retreating Sloop anyway?
    There was no rush! It was always in broad sight cause you know... due to the abscence of a storm, or not yet implanted fog... or... even Islands.

    Then it hit us: What the- ?! They were sailing towards the RED SEA.
    And pretty straight. Took me just seconds to figure out what was going on and you too right now, ey?
    Yes...! " If we cannot have it, you too will not have it. "

    Which is kinda fine to me you know? Cause again... I would have done the same, keh keh keh.
    BUT... wasn't there a User here somewhere in the forum who said treasure gets teleported back to the border?
    Well, this does not seem to be the case!

    We sailed 3 cubes up and down at the line and checked the water even with a swimming Pirate.
    There ' was ' no ' Skeleton-Key ' swimming ' anywhere. ' :-/

    We got back to the Skullraid and checked the Island as well. NOTHING.
    So if the server did not shut down it probably still swims at this location but I honestly don't care anymore at that point.

    Isn't there really anything one can do in order to oppose the Red Sea's all-destroying power?
    Seems as if there is nothing at this point.

    Well what is the moral of the story? Rare could maybe find a solution yes.
    A~nd... I am still glad we ruined other players relatively hard work. ;)

    Someone who is not determined to fight til the end or invest some time in a Raid just because of some other Players does not deserve to sit on a Throne of goldcoins, gems and relics after all.

    I bet those two Beggars still haunt the Ferry and everyone in the Underworld will know their names and say...

    Eh I mean all the dead will know
    " Look this are the bailers... who thought Sea of Thieves is easy. "


  • Rather than always playing "go fetch", why not merchant voyages that could deliver and supply other outposts?
    This would run along side the current merchant contracts (perhaps 1 in every 6 or so contracts) but with a slight twist.

    Buy a voyage from any outpost merchant.
    The merchant supplies you with her surplus stock that other outposts are in need of. Preferably the furthest outposts from where you've bought the contract.
    Take the full cargo load and deliver the correct items to the respective outpost.

    Outpost 1:
    3 X Banana Crates
    3 X Barrels of Grog
    1 X Exquisite Spices
    1 X Fine Sugar
    2 X Rare Tea

    Outpost 2:
    1 X Exotic Silks
    2 X Fine Sugar
    5 X Gunpowder Kegs
    2 X White Chickens

    Outpost 3:
    1 X Banana Crate
    2 X Barrels of Rum
    2 X Crates of Cannon Balls
    2 X Exquisite Spices
    2 X Fine Sugar
    1 X Rare Tea

    Each outpost pays you a commission upon delivery calculated by items x distance.
    Cancel the voyage and the cargo de-spawns.

    In this example I chose to have ten items for each stop but that could be altered.
    The rep could have a significant increase over regular "go fetch" contracts as you are now a new level of merchant (distributor) and no longer just that one in a million small time poacher / supplier.

    Rare, if you really are listening to us, this could be a great way to introduce more handheld variety into the game. Grog and rum barrels, new food types, almost anything.
    Crates of weapons, sails, utility items and clothing could all be introduced by merchant voyages (and actually sold to the respective vendor if you prefer).
    There could even be unmarked crates of goods with simply coloured labels for identification.
    Rare is free to use my ideas. Just scratch my name in a rock somewhere... but not where there are snakes. lol

    I would personally prefer to do this type of voyage than any existing quest.

  • Ahoy matey! I've seen quite a few post on the upcoming alliance system in regards to how it'll work. Some great anticipation and a little skepticism. Here's a video by Rare with their behind the scenes on Alliances.

    • New Flag Type
    • Sharing Treasure
    • Seeing Alliance Ships On Map

    And yes, voyages can now be placed on other ship tables. Pirate Legends get ready if you know what I mean. Check out the video below.

  • What tropical island story doesn't have coconuts.

    It's another food source and would add to merchant products. Here are some ideas as to how they might work.

    1. 5 or 6 to a crate/barrel.

    2. They can be found in palm trees.

    3. Tree needs to be hit a few times to dislodge them so they fall down, or pirate can climb and pick them.

    4. They need to be broken with a few blows against a hard object before being consumed.

    5. They could be used as cannon balls

    6. Something to eat other than bananas

    And how about some talking parrots. I mean, come on...

    You can't have a pirate story/game without talking parrots. Would be hysterical. They could sit on our shoulders and follow us around, cackling and saying things to annoy us or make us laugh. Great fun.

  • make some extremely cool and extremely expensive items for those who have millions of coins and nothing to do with them. make something that you can work to level up without a limit so legends with athena's 10 aren't just playing to get more money. make more cursed chests. put a merchant item in strongholds. decrease skeleton spawns for solo sloops. decrease gunpowder skeleton rates by a significant amount. add multiple cosmetic sets for legends. make cursed chests rarer and pricier. have books with quests in them spawn athena's voyages every 1000 times or so. make doubloons less useless once you've bought the items for that week. make more enemy types. make combat less tedious when fighting skeletons. give a reward for killing the kraken and meg. have extremely rare voyages that make you go to uncharted islands where the rewards are unique and bountiful. make cursed captains cooler. thanks.

  • They seem to go hand in hand with pirate lore.

    Here's some ideas and detail as to how they might work in SoT:

    1. They can "hide" in shallow waters just below surface, blending in with scenery, or peaking its eyes just above the water, "hide" in marshy swampy areas, on flat rocks out in open, or on sandy beaches. If a pirate is swimming on surface, he/she will not be able to see croc - only two little rock-like bumps sticking up out of water, or waiting just below surface. Pirates in boats, because they are at higher elevation, can see Crocs through water.
    2. If killed, Croc carcasses can be traded to a merchant for large sums (their hides are valuable). However, it should take two pirates to move a dead croc, or one pirate can move one very slowly. They are large and heavy.
    3. They are usually stationary or move slowly, but when provoked, by either being stepped on accidentally or attacked, they can charge short distances very quickly.
    4. They will chomp down on a pirates feet or legs and will not let go until hit a series of times over the head, then the Croc will let the pirate go.
    5. The longer a Croc has your leg/foot in its jaws, the more damage the pirate sustains, until eventual death.
    6. Merchants should not accept any crocodile that has had its hide/torso damaged. Crocs should only be killed with quick blows to the head. Bullet holes and blade cuts on a Crocs torso will not be acceptable as trade.

    I think they would make a fine addition to SoT tropical fauna and add some interesting problems and difficulties, as well as much needed variety in merchant products.

    I'd personally like to see much more tropical wildlife too: parrots, tortoises, flamingos, lizards, geckos, etc

    What do you think?

  • I'm on PC and I've switched my "F" and "E" around however this is a problem when there are more than 8 items. Pressing "F" activates the maps but the second page is forced to "F" only" it doesn't change when you change the interact button. Can the 'more' pages be tied to the same as the interact or at least another option for the second page?


  • The commendations for the Supply Crates (planks, bananas & cannonballs) are a bit out there.

    First off, the voyages ONLY come from bottles, and even then it's not a guaranteed thing. Second, the deadline on them is ludicrous - giving you anywhere from 10-30 minutes IRL, half of which is likely going to be spent getting TO an outpost to collect the crate in the first place.

    Bottom line is, if you don't drop what you're doing the moment you pick up that bottle, you're probably not going to cash in the supply crate on time.

    Either extend the deadlines on these, delete the "on schedule" requirement for the commendations, or add supply crates into the purchasable voyage repertoire

  • I have decided to make this post as I am shocked that the ability to walk the plank isn’t yet already in this fantasy pirate game. I think this definitely should be apart of the game and should have a similar purpose to the brig, but this is just more satisfying as you can see a unwanted crew member walk the plank and fall into the depths. How could this be implemented into the game? What do you think?

  • At first, cashing in a cursed chest or your golden animals can be satisfying, seeing all that gold roll in but as you progress, not even that far into the game, all chests, skulls and animals can become extremely underwhelming as loot and you feel little to no satisfaction to getting the now meaningless amount of xp and gold out of them.

    i think there needs to be higher tier loot or a different system

    your thoughts?