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  • As it says in the title.

  • I know this has been said a lot but it's post mega update where are they you said you'd give them to us post mega update WHERE ARE THEY we need them now.

  • im making ideas for sea of thieves.
    one of the ideas is crew roles, each has abilities that fit the role
    (like navigator has passive compass on a screencorner and first mate fix the ship faster).
    with 8 roles made, the captain feeled underpowered and need to think of an abillity that fits for a captain.

    so i ask the forums if they know something.
    now i ask: what would you do if you are captain?

    so would you kindly give a answer/idea for in the comments

    happy sailing

  • A month ago I hit my 250 voyage completed for order of souls and got the accommodation. However, the Xbox achievement is stuck on 98% can you fix this bug? I’ve put in several tickets on this and got no feed back other than it’s being passed on.

  • Due the mystical magic of the pirate generator my pirate is Polynesian, and that's awesome! Cultural diversity in gaming, hazar!

    My mind went wild about how to dress him to fit the part of a strong tribal warrior turned pirate; with a penchant for fishing of course.

    I've been lucky with hair, make-up, and some body tattoos... but clothing is very European, so I feel limited with options to achieve this goal.

    It would be really awesome if artists at Rare could add more culturally diverse clothing so players can become e.g. Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, African, Islander pirates.

    ...and in my case, it's strange I can't wear a lavalava and I'm in a Polynesian setting. Cross-dressing unfortunately isn't a workaround substitute, lol.

    Anyone else rocking a non-european pirate? What attire do you wear?

  • Is there any way you can turn off or fix or unbug my account? I’m so sick of the narrator talking to me and I know it was an issue and it was supposed to be fixed but it’s not! I’ve put in 3 tickets and nothing! I’ve stopped playing the game because she won’t shut up telling me everything I’m doing!

  • As much as I know its my own fault for solo playing I have to admit it gets old spawing on a port and dieing instantly to another player before i can fight back. Xbox one is just a haven for port camping and the probelms that go along with it. Even if i manage to get out of the start spawn i still can't land anywhere to sell my loot. Just seems like it would be worth while to introduce a port protection of sorts. Might help the trolling a little. Open waters by all means pvp islands by all means pvp forts by all means pvp but ports should really be a pvp safe zone.

  • First of all, I want to say that the Tall Tales are something I've wanted for a while. A storyline quest is a great addition to the game and something I was excited for. However, there is one large problem, and it's very dangerous for Sea of Thieves and is something that needs to be said and discussed.

    Sea of Thieves is different in many ways from most games. But most importantly, it's unrelenting loot-stealing PVP is one of the most adrenaline pumping, exciting PVP styles I've ever played. Not only is it exciting for the PVPer, but the PVEr has to be a real pirate, always on high alert watching for any threat on the horizon. The risk involved in carrying loot on your ship is what makes the game fun. You all know how good it feels to escape to an outpost and sell that glorious Athena chest or Skull fort loot without getting sunk. Without PVP, it would be a cake walk, and all of that excitement would be minimal.

    Unfortunately, Tall Tales does not have any loot, and all of that excitement is gone. Instead, pirates complete entire hour+ long quests and get rewarded directly with cosmetics - rather than loot to purchase cosmetics. This means there is no incentive for an enemy ship to sink someone on a tall tale other than to simply be toxic.

    What this means for the short term is that there is literally NO loot in the game. Today, you can sink 20 ships and get absolutely nothing but random PVE loot. What we can expect for the future is every time a new Tall Tale is added, for the remainder of that week or month, there will be little to no loot in the Sea of Thieves. This is detrimental to one of the most important aspects of Sea of Thieves. It is undeniably especially bad in the short term before people resume other quests again. Just to give an idea of how bad this is, I've sunk 20+ ships and I only got a mermaids gem, marauders and a few skulls to show for it.

    Let's talk about the long run. I believe in the long run, this is still a major issue. Sure, people will go back to doing regular quests and skull forts for loot, but there will always be people still doing their tall tales. Consider this a major nerf to the amount of loot available to steal in each server. Just think of how long these Reaper quests took. It was months of seeing Reapers sail around the map, and I don't really think everyone completed them upon their removal. People will not stop doing story-line quests until they complete them all, and that could take months for some of the more casual or new players. Additionally, why wouldn't Sea of Thieves continue to make more Tall Tales when they are arguably some of the most fun and interesting quests in the game and so popular amongst the community? This will become a larger and larger problem with each addition of a new quest.

    Also, before you say "Play Arena", that's really a non-argument. Sure, arena is great for PVPers like myself and it's fun to get competitive. I really enjoy Arena a lot. With that said, I will never get the same satisfaction or adrenaline rush as stealing a skull fort or Athena chest, it just isn't comparable. These two types of gameplay styles are completely different. I enjoy the sneak plays, the strategy and the skill involved in a heist. It's not easy to pull off, and is entirely different than sinking ships in Arena. To me, it seems sea of thieves attempted to separate PVPers and PVErs with this update, similar to what Fortnite did recently and that is why this is a problem.

    This is dangerous for many reasons, and it reminds me of when RuneScape (an old MMORPG) removed a player's loot from dropping and replaced it with pre-defined drops from the game. The sales plummeted and the game died for years until they realized their mistake and fixed it. Even still, it was too late and the game never returned to its pre-PVP-loot-nerf glory.

    Now, this isn't all bad news. Rare can easily fix this and still keep the same cosmetic rewards. Instead of just unlocking it for free on completion of the quest, when you complete the quest, it becomes available for purchase in gold, and a pile of loot is unlocked for the quester. This does two things. It brings the loot back into the game and it incentivizes PVPers to be strategic and allow questers to complete the quest and unlock their cosmetics for purchase before attempting a heist. Otherwise, like we are seeing now, PVPers will just sink people on tall tales for no gain, and more or less just to grief the quester. With the current system, in a PVP scenario, both ships are left unhappy.

    Let me know what you think, and give an unbiased opinion of my view of this. I think that there is no reason not to incorporate loot into these tall tales. It makes them more worthwhile and exciting to do for the PVEr, and doesn't ruin the game for PVPers who enjoy the hunt and heist that Sea of Thieves brings.

  • hey rare you uh forgot the legend fishing rod do you mind adding that please

  • Okay so... I got Gold Curse a little while back.

    The spots of gold you see here, is all the gold my character got... Basically, i am not happy... My curse doesn't match any of the gold hoarder NPC's, so im wondering if mine is bugged somehow, as i hear people are supposed to get a curse based on one of the gold hoarder NPC's.

    As far as i know, my curse is completely unique, but very underwhelming.

    Having searched furiously for information about this curse, i haven't found anything related to how this curse works specifically, other than the fact that some players get the gold hoarder NPC curses, speaking of which, i actually encountered a fellow player ingame that got Horace the Hoarder's curse... With most of his body covered in gold, but most importantly, a golden foot! Boy am i jealous!!! Congrats, whoever you are, you lucky scallywag! xD

    So, i decided to make a post, with this feedback, and some suggestions... I hope i am posting in the right place.

    So my suggestion is to have the curse spread statically, from dynamic locations on each pirate's body... And this curse spreads incrementally each 1%, from.... let's say 1 gold, to 10 000 000 gold... with 10 000 000 gold making your character fully golden, in other words, 100%... Alternatively, you could cap the percantage at some point to avoid people becoming solid gold statues, should Rare find that too silly (which i doubt). xD

    The curse would slowly recede the more money you spend, based on the values presented, only makes sense, right? The more gold you hoard, the more golden you become... The less gold you hoard, the less golden you become! Fits the theme of the greed curse of the Shores of Gold. :)

    It would basically be a texture that slowly spreads across your body, based on how rich you are, i think that would be amazing... And i think many would agree.

    However, given my character's gold curse is completely unique (not a match for ANY gold hoarder NPC's whatsoever), im unsure if this is already how the curse works, but given some players literally get NPC curses, i doubt it. Only 0.05% of the entire playerbase has this curse, so it makes sense that there arent a lot of examples to take information from. So it would be great if Rare could explain how this works!

    I also know that Rare is gonna change something about this curse, but they haven't been clear on precisely what that means... Hence the concern, and the suggestion! ;)

    That being said, if you got golden curse, show me your pirate! :O

    EDIT: New information has been found!
    I have Humphrey the Hoarders curse, the old one, from BEFORE they updated the appearances of the gold hoarder NPC's.

    Btw, the following picture is what Humphrey the Hoarder looks like CURRENTLY in the game. The Youtuber MixelPlx has this version of the curse, so i know Humphrey has ENTIRELY GOLDEN HANDS beneath those gloves. xD

    Basically, the Gold Curse texture pool consists of ALL the old versions of the Gold Hoarders, as well as the ALL the new versions of the Gold Hoarders... There's a total of 7 Gold Hoarder NPC's.
    6 old + 7 new = 13 total gold curse appearances players can get.

    I'm assuming the old versions have generally less gold on them than the new versions. Have fun getting RNG'd, guys! xD

    Now we know how the curse works! Thanks SeaNethermore for helping me find this information! ;)

    EDIT 2:

    Curse was updated, here's my new curse appearance!

    I got a golden foot, so i am a happy camper. xD
    Though now the question is, do we all look completely identical, or are there still curse variations? Did they just remove the 7 old versions? What exactly was the change? :O


    Semi-hidden patch notes. -.-'

    Curse is identical for everyone... That is a fix to a problem that never existed... I'm not unhappy about my new appearance, i love my golden foot, i am unhappy about how you chose to fix the problem, Rare. : /

    I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration for the future. Over and out!

  • I’d just like to know if there is a way to check my hours devoted to the game, and If so how?!
    If not is it something that could be added??!!

  • I feel it would be cool for there to be a house or class like system where you can pick between gold horders, souls, and merchant (or maybe 3 new houses with appropriate pirate like names). I feel this will allow for some friendly pirate rivalry and give your character a sense of identity. Each house could also have a exclusive weapon. Like maybe one had an exclusive sniper and drum while the next had an exclusive blunderbuss and accordion. Maybe even a title could also be cool and each house could have exclusive commendations.

  • Like a full goatee with no side hair or tied up hair? I want a pirate with a white goatee yarrr! Also hair options would be good too.

  • I dislike Karma systems and such as they can most often easily exploited.
    But what about Title additions based on your actions and interactions with other players?

    So lets say, if you sailed 3 hours ingame time without to harm any other ship and player, no matter if you had to defend yourself or attacked. Just not a single hit to another ship and player you get the addition of "placid" to your title.

    placid Legend of...
    placid Seafarer of the Shores of Gold.
    placid legendary Krakenhunter etc....

    if you manage to do this 6hrs ingame time: calm...
    9hrs - tranquil
    12hrs - friendly
    15hrs - bloodless
    18hrs - peacefull

    Vice versa you can have additions to your title if you are constantly a threat to other players.

    restless, unruly, burdensome, dangerous, bloodthirsty...

    And this just as an option and not constraint!

    People who dont want to show this, dont need to and people who want other to know before they can find it out by themself can add it to their title and it changes regarding your behaviour ingame and time related.

    If someone who is peacefull attacks another player he instantly becomes restelss.

    If someone who is bloodthirsty miss to attack more players he becomes dangerous.

    So its different for both directions how they expire.
    Beeing someone who is friendly and break this rule instantly looses all of his "reputation".
    But someone who is bloodthirsty would only loose one grade of it title addition and its not so easy to become neutral or tranquil again.

    If i have overseen a flaw in this idea, please tell me.

  • So first off, I don't support the idea of segregating those who use gamepads from those who use mouse and keyboard.

    However I do know that there is a clear advantage for mouse and keyboard in the target acquisition department.

    Possible fix: Give those who use a gamepad a slight aim assist. Whether it be a snap to target on aim, or slight tracking feature, either would help when put against others who have a clearly superior (M&K) input system.

  • People are now able to target your ship specifically if they don't like you with seeing the team color in the lobby and in game

  • I don't know if this has already been suggested (searched the threads a little and found nothing), however I thing it would be nice to be able to save progress mid-quest. I play on late evenings, have a family and a job and I rarely can spend more than 1h-1h30m on the game. Tell tales and other big voyages take way more time, especially if done properly without using guides. So, more often than not I find myself in a position of not even trying the new content because I simply do not have enough time and I know that if I quit at any point before completion, all that Story is lost. I would like to have "checkpoints" so that I could resume the story where I left it. I understand the technical challenges (may not be the same crew, for example), but I think that a compromise solution can be found (for the given example, the Story could set itself to the first common checkpoint of the crew). Either that, or shorter Tales please :)

    My two cents. What do you think? :)

  • A friend and I were on a sloop.

    Because of the design configuration, 1 barrel has enough to destroy the Anchor/Ship-Wheel/And Mast - Full Damage on each thing - with putting numerous holes to bail water too. So now, you're in a situation where you have to not only save your ship from sinking (regularly this was fine) but now the ship damage will cause a huge problem for anyone on a sloop.

    And all it takes is 1 barrel. Even a suicide barrel strike would be a crippling blow.

    Here are the facts that I just tested:

    1 Barrel strike coming up the right ladder did this

    4 BIG holes to repair (7 second repair time each) - 3 Mid deck. 1 Bottom deck.

    Anchor wheel - 1 Plank to repair - now you have to raise it to get moving again.

    Ship Mast - 3 Planks to repair - time required to raise and reset sails to wind.

    Ship wheel - 3 planks to repair - Need to get back to moving.

    Plus time to bail the water out of your ship.

    I tested the Brig and Galley under the same conditions.

    Brig has a + 1 plank requirement for anchor wheel dmg and the second mast gets max dmg too so that is a + 3 require = +4 total.

    Galley. The front mast survived. It has a + 1 requirement over the brig for the anchorwheel.

    And the arguements to avoid/get Gud/dont let them explode/ Please find another thread to write in.

    This is bad game balance. Period.

  • So especially in arena almost 80% of players i come across they are toxic. I have been playing in Xbox for over a decade & have played tons of multiplayer games yet game never felt compelled to need to go online & find out where i can leave feedback about a game until Sea Of Thieves. I can handle trash talk as its to be expected at times but its either people trying to mess your game up in purpose or it's the way people communicate, one night i even ran into a very racist person playing racist music in the arena lobby. Yet here i am, went out my way to find out how i can leave some kind of feedback because i have never come across such a toxic community. Even when i was only looking into the game because i saw the mixer loot deal in mixer for SOTs i saw sooo many reviews saying the exact same thing(s) "very toxic community" and tried thinking oh well, it's probly nothing more than the "normal" but NO, SOTs has the most toxic community/people i have ever encountered in my playing Xbox for over a decade. No, not everyone is but i feel extremely lucky when i have actually run into good people's. But that 80% has ruined it for me pretty much. Won't be playing SOTs for much longer. Not worth the stress or anxiety

  • I really want to love the arena, but trying to play off 300 ping it just doesnt work, we are pvp focused players. and everyone just teleports around and kills us. its a joke. we have waited so long tested it through the insider program and now we cant even play it.

  • I'm not sure but it seem there is a problem if your hit with a sword if freezes you and your stuck and cant move or jump this need to be addressed I play on xbox one

  • Does anyone even go in there any more I sure don't I much prefer blue sky and Sandy beaches

  • tried twice logged off and tried again, after thismorning update you cannot pick up the lantern after diggin up coffin .

  • I think a priority needs to be to add on to the previously released cosmetics from the first big cosmetic update (e.g. Executive Admiral, Corsair Sea Dog, Majestic Sovereign, etc.) These sets feel incomplete, all lacking items, weapons, and ship cosmetics. While the update was much needed to bring more options to players, there just doesn't seem like enough variety. We have four basic cannon, capstan, and wheel sets, aside from the event or quest given items. Not all of those sets look pleasing with the other hulls or ship customizations we have available. While the timed events and the anniversary update were/are fantastic, it still leaves all the players focus on the quests or commendations with the end result that most players look the same. The fact being there is only two complete cosmetic sets per faction and the completion of the other sets in each faction could really add more to the game. In my opinion the goal of the game, is to be the richest and coolest looking pirate all while having fun. We don't have a leveling system, which I love, but it leaves the reward and satisfaction in the cosmetics, the game is highly focused on aesthetics. Granted the events are needed and the rewards for them also, but the Wailing Barnacle set for example, is missing items, and clothing pieces, unlike the Bone Crusher set which was finished. Even the pirates in the game art all over the website have pieces that aren't available in game, coats, belts, and hats that are completely different colors then what we've seen, it would be awesome to have them all in game, it's frustrating that they're depicted on game characters but not available. I just believe another big cosmetic update is needed to fill in the gaps, complete the sets and ships, and add more variety. I keep wondering every update when or if these sets will be addressed. I'm sorry for the frustration, everyone at Rare is doing amazing and I can really see the passion and commitment to the game with every bit of new content and fixes you add. This is easily my favorite game and I thank you all for making it amazing. I'm just tired of looking like every other pirate on the seas.

  • Allright, so right now every one on this forum is most likely aware of the problems with Gold Hoarder Curse; at first some people weren't satisfied with amount of gold on thier body and wanted some change and now great many of us are disappointed, me included, by the fact that the previous uniqueness of this particular cosmetic was totally stripped from it by making it the same for everyone. And it's a great shame that so many variant's of Gold Hoarder Corruption was whisked away, really.

    Thus, I wish to propose some ideas how to solve this issue.

    1. Most dull and easy possible solution nr.1: Make the different variants of the curse to be randomly picked every time the player equips the curse. The uniqueness of the curse is still present, the player have freedom of hoice and can pick the variant that suits thier character. Everyone's happy.

    2. Most dull and easy possible solution nr.2 : Place every variant of the curse in vanity chest. Yes it would create a GIANT mess, I know this but it's a solution nontheless- the variety and uniqueness is restored.

    3. "The Spreading Corruption": Tie the Gold Hoarder Curse variants to the Gold Hoarders Commendations and Reputation Levels. I mean why not? According to the lore of the game this curse is the result of ever growing greed. Wouldn't it make sense that along with leveling the G.H. the player would catch thier curse along the way? Make them appear with the equiped title. There's a 13 variations of the curse: tie 3 of them to level titles beginning with level 40 when player character is pretty far gone in this gold hoarding buisiness and is prone to the curse lore-wise, tie 9 variants to commendations centerd around selling particular types of treasures and "Keeper of Glittering Horde" Commendation, and lastly tie that big ol' stain of gold that everyone is sportin' right now to defeating the Gold Hoarder himself BUT MAKE IT APPEAR AFTER ALL OTHERS VARIANTS OF THE CURSE ARE ALREDY ACQUIRED. I mean it would make sense; if you defeat the greediest sunnova around then ya can take his place.

    4. Tie the size of gold stain to the amount of player's gold. The more gold the bigger the stain.

    So here's my thoughts.
    If Ya have some ideas on fixing this problem then please share it.


  • After yesterday's update I went to the Release Notes section of the forums to see what changed and found nothing there. Assuming I was early, I decided to wait. A whole day has passed and it's still not there. Why is that and where can I find it? All I've found so far is the Weekly Dev Update video, and it doesn't dive down into the dirty details that I like to read about so much...

  • ~Spoiler alert~
    I'm having an issue during the fate of the morningstar. when i start the tale i have to go acquire a lantern and when I get there the dialogue pops up to pick it up appears but it won't allow me to actually pick it up. I can still pick up other items, just not the lantern. also, the sarcophagus is sideways. It does this on both of the islands where it can be found and i've tried 5 times now. please fix this so i can complete it!

  • Who can i talk to about the discord servers yall run? i was banned for sharing my opinion that was different from one of the moderators. They refuse to report why they did it provide screenshots or time stamps and i feel like i am being discriminated against for my opinion. thank you.

  • I think it would be great if we could got to go through fighting the Megalodon, Captain Warsmith and discovering the Devils Roar as Tall Tales. It would also be great if we could get different rewards from these Tall Tales such as a Forsaken Shore curse or even a Skeleton curse.

  • I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place, we have been doing gold hoarders voyages in the devils roar but it hasnt been updating in the bilge rats section. I’m still at 1/5 from early on the campaign after completing 2 gold hoarders voyages tonight.

    Is this a known issue? Or is there something specific you need to do beyond just completing the voyage?

  • the new curse is ugly and to much gold,
    I want my old curse back
    I guess I will not be using it anymore

    I loved how mine looked and how it made me look unique

    Now It looks like I stuck both my hands into a tub of peanut butter, I loved how I didn't have it on my hands before.

    why didn't they just let us reroll it until we found one we liked

    thank you special flakes you ruined my curse so that way everyone can be the same

  • I have put up with hackers in the past like literally when the game started, getting one shot by blunderbusses from like one end of the ship to the other side of the ship... which that made me stop playing the game.
    I've only just got back into the game for the past few weeks and I know for a fact I've shot some people in the head with a sniper and haven't one shotted anyone in the head... yet TODAY I just got one shotted by a blunderbuss from 10 feet.. fine I can maybe understand that one but I don't get how I haven't been one shotting them with it BUT they one shotted me with a sniper from like two gallions length away =/ FULL HEALTH AND IN THE SHOULDER... they downed us which was our own fault parking up as well as one of my mates is not a good player (<literally rage quitted after his first death) and one of the others was afk... <great start...
    We chased after them back to the fort and the wind was against us constantly then a wall of fog was there for like literally an hour (Not even joking -.-) my mates sailed away (afk guy came back) I'm waiting there another 10 minutes they don't see me on the island when they come back looking around they couldn't find me.
    They eventually opened the door and just as they did I told my mates to come over the wind was against them fogs still there... I ran down to shoot the barrels inside the came to kill them both but they are already halfway down the hill but jumping back and forth in 180 rotation... I'm guessing to look around but I wasn't expecting them too but again how the heck did they get up the top and down abit within that short time??? literally when opening the door.. I ran at them when I heard the song! one shotted me again with the sniper =/ (Also to add how are they one shotting me in the SHOULDER! if you're gonna say lag and pc has better accuracy then doesn't that prove my point the cross platforming shouldn't be allowed then!!!)
    Then when I spawned back with my mates the fog disappears and the wind is against us still... seriously? they run off as soon as we get there.. I cannon over and get in the cave and hide half the loot.. both my mates left one cos of RL issues and the other cos he couldn't be bothered (Hate him right now) so I'm sitting in the cave with an explosive barrel on one side I got one the other one shotted me with a blunderbuss from 10 feet in one shot with full health as I said before I then sail over.. guess what?.. wind is against me and fog is there AGAIN.. HOW? how is there fog in that same spot again? when its been there for a FULL HOUR???! Is that meant to be part of the game? cos I can't help feel something fishy going on like they're hacking.. winds constantly been against us, one hour fog then it disappears when they're getting the loot and the fog comes back 20 minutes later IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT!!!
    I went back to the island to see if the loot was there but they found the gold but not the skulls.. which I find weird.. I don't even get how they found the gold cos it was in a sneaky place and I hid the skullz elsewhere cos they make noise which surprises me more how they didn't find those skulls...
    My main question is is fog seriously meant to stay in one spot for a full hour? and can it reappear in the same spot after 20 minutes? and can you literally one shot people with a sniper when they have full health?
    I would so love cross platforming to be removed but I know for a fact it won't.
    So yet again I think I'm giving up with this game which is something I enjoyed.. but I can't enjoy it if PC players are hacking or have a major advantage over Xbox players... cross platforming should only be allowed for console players Xbox and Playstation... nothing more or shouldn't have happened in the first place.

  • Can you tell me when this option will be available I was on a sloop a gallon of op pc players were flying the alliance flag like me I asked them to join and they sank me for no reason I'm done with your game until this option is implemented meny Xbox players feel the same your game will die if you don't sort this out

  • Last night after doing a few hours of fishing cooking on a brig one of our crew members left so we posted on looking for groups now they joined eat everything took what they could carry n left the party n game bow something needs to be done about it has it takes long enough to for hunter call as it it any solitions rare heres mine remove it from the game lol