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  • Just thinking. I know there are some of you that have millions of gold pieces (sadly I'm not one of you) but you have nothing to buy with it. So how about a cross server trading system?

    So players could take any item to a central bank as trade goods and then other pirates anywhere could try to buy them. The reason for this would be to unlock rare progression achievements.

    Say the crate of secrets that's apparently worth £25,000 could be worth £1,000,000 to a player who had never found one before. A set of 10 fort chests could be worth way more to someone looking to unlock achievements. Kraken fresh, rare fish, even bulk loads of common fish could be traded.

    This would also allow Rare to introduce even rarer spawns which to a player would be worth a lot more than a NPC would pay.

    I personally would prefer to find these items through hours and hours of adventure and discovery... but it would help solve the gold surplus i keep hearing about.

    Also for us poor, pirates whose gold burns a hole in out pockets and need to purchase every cosmetic going it would give us a way to sacrifice achievement progress for gold

  • I'm sure many of you are tired of the cutlass cooldown where after the 3rd strike you just sit there for a few seconds as players or Skele have the biggest chance to start murdering you.. The melee combat in this game needs a serious overhaul for the future.
    Make it more fluid and less clunky to operate even on controllers its more annoying to use. It'll also bring changes to people using the jump or launch mechanic from the cutlass once the weapon is reworked into something new, so we will have new challenges to face instead of just cheesing it with a quick block/jump strike to get around.

  • Ahoy there, pirates! First of all I love this game a lot: the art, the concept of PvEvP and the feeling in general. Thanks for tons of hours having fun!

    This game has so much potential but unfortunately I got burned out too fast due to the lack of actual content and that makes me sad. I have some general ideas, as how to fix that problem:

    I think one of the main issues this game has is the use of gold. In my first few hours I was sooo proud of getting just one or two simple chests for around 100g and I had never that much adrenaline in any game as when I did my first skull fort. Of course the more time I played the less exciting I got and that is totally normal.
    But my friends and I got burned out so quickly, because there is really nothing to work on but cosmetics. Cosmetics are cool for showing off but it should never be the focus of a game on its own!! I think there should be more "weight" to gold, something that makes is worth fighting for. So I can be scared again if I see that Galleon on the horizon.

    So my suggestion to fix this is adding some kind of progression with gold. I know that this game is based on everybody having the same tools available and that should never change. But here a few things that can be added:

    More alternatives (NOT ADDITIONS) to weapons or ships
    For example next to the normal sloop which is available for everybody and as good add a "Hunter Sloop and a "Tradesman Sloop":
    Hunter sloop has more fire power and agility but is slower (for PvP players) where the Tradesman sloop is faster and always has a rowboat at the start of the session (for PvE players). This could maybe implemented with a point system aswell just on the normal sloop, but when you add points in one category you have to lose some points somewhere else. That would have even more depth, but it would be harder to balance.

    Unlocking actual Content through progression
    In my opinion there should be more Content which is exclusive for players, who invest the time into the game. THE ONLY thing for now we have like that is Athena. Even that isn't new content! It is just more of the same: missions from the three main factions, even getting the Athena chest itself is just another treasure chest map! Except the Athena shop there is nothing new to it at all. In my opinion only a true pirate legend is worthy enough to go on tall tales for example. So make at least some content special. That is just my view..

    Although the feeling is already great I think there is still room for improvement. Each island has a unique look but not a unique feel to it. Every island is lonely and feels empty except for a few vulcanos and skeleton forts. For most islands that's totally fine, but I think some could feel more alive. So here my idea:

    A pirate city/housing
    I think it would be great to have a city where all pirates can come together and play games, fight duels etc. Add some NPCs, a tavern, a harbor, a market etc... It should be a resting place where no fighting is allowed, but nothing can be gained either.

    This also would be the perfect place to add things like housing. Purchase your own pirate hideout, where you can buy stuff to put into, this would be a great addition to cosmetics.

    At last, I just want to mention that I see a lot of other pirates disagreeing with my point of view and that's fine! But I want to remind everyone, that most people in this forum are still playing and enjoying the game as it is, but don't forget all the other people who quit really fast! I have 9 friends which I played with but all of them got bored quickly. The only one out of 10 people, who is still playing is myself. This is just sad, especially because all of them think it is a really great game just lacking things to do.
    What do you think? Please let me know and remember always stay sober out on the sea! ;)

  • So two nights ago I had the privilege to sail with a couple of new friends that I met through a mutual acquaintance. The three of us jelled so well sailing together that by nights end we just knew anytime the mention of "great pirates on the Sea of Thieves" came up, our names would be the first to roll off the tongue. In our voyage we had killed 3 Megs, sank 5 skeleton ships, finished a Tall Tale, plundered 4 player ships and collected a plethora of gems while punching out a good portion of an Athena we had laid down for the miles. It was a sweet run (The crew loved me)😂!
    Fast Forward to the next day:
    With excitement in the air the three of us reconvened to recapture the magic we had shared the night before. We knew we probably wouldn't repeat the opening moments of the night before where we had sunk a charging skelly ship and an opportunistic galleon before we ever lowered a sail while at Sanctuary but we were hopeful of a solid fun filled run that would continue to help forge our spots amongst the most notorious of pirates. So we loaded up the Brigantine at Galleons grave, loaded up some gpb's & supplies at Skull Keep and set course for Daggerstooth to pick up Tall Tale 8 and load up more supplies. We were loaded to the gill at this point and ready to take on anything the sea had to offer! Anything except for a rowboat with four pirates, 15 captains chests and 7 villainous skulls aboard, that is!
    The fun begins:
    So we headed West out of Daggers to the "Cay" to start our voyage. I figured we'd stop at "The Keep" on the way and clear a skull fort together since that was the only facet of the game that eluded us the night prior. As a crew we made chopped liver of the fort skellies and had our sites set on this galleon that was hanging out at Sanctuary for a suspiciously long time. I was busy at work harpooning our hard earned loot when I hear Hollywood (our assassin) scream "A row boat"!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What followed those words could have been an actual Benny Hill script! You see we were using the "turn backwards" trick with the harpoon to get the last two fort gpb's on the deck. Instead of aborting the technique when I heard Hollywood scream I shot at JP to get him back to the ship. So JP drops the gpb on the deck to snipe the rowboat crew that is 15 meters out and I pick up the barrel and jump overboard swimming towards the row boat that was actually passing me up to board our ship!😂 I diffused the gpb and dropped it in the water behind a fort tower so I could get into the fight. A fight with four pirates on a rowboat full of loot. To be continued in 15 minutes... Wife's calling

  • Ahoy mates I have an idea yet again! I enjoy seeing ships on the sea and I'm sure a lot of you feel the same. I suggest a human npc ship kinda like the skeleton ships but the difference is you can purchase materials (worms, cursed cannons,food,wood) OR you can fight them for it. To purchase the materials you use your gold but it's fairly expensive. We've all been in a predicament where we are in the middle of the sea with little to no supplys, just a flare gun away and your supply ship will be on the way but be careful your flare gun will expose your position on the map, and who knows for a fair bargain any supply ship captain will allow your enemies to hide in their boat and surprise you.

  • I have never ever been so, disgusted in any forum page I have ever gone too

    I am here to talk about topics on Sea of thieves
    But trying to have a decent discussion on any such topic
    Constantly result's in Negative and disgusting derogatory conversations.


    I don't think I will be returning to Sea of thieves forums,
    Unless something major is Done about this Forum

    OMG, I could not be more disappointed as a Young Game Developer

  • Ahoy,
    Yesterday I was finally able to play the game and I was totally confused. I mean it is always great experience when you need to explore everything by yourself and that you need to just keep trying. This is awesome and missing tutorial is a huge benefit, because you feel so proud when you figure it out. I really had so much fun, but what confuses me is when I logged out I thought I would be able to continue where I left and instead of this I spawned somewhere else with another crew and with another ship. This is pretty sad. I thought I would be able to sail on my ship and that everything stays there. Why there is no save game function at all??? I was sailing to outpost and logout and still got spawned somewhere else. Can somebody please explain this to me?
    Funny story: Playing 20 minutes on the starter island with some random guy and exploring surrounding and then there suddenly popped up message saying ... Where is my ship?! I started to laugh after seeing him panicking on the island :D Great game really, water is magnificent but I am missing function to save my progress.

  • Can Rare please slide back the combat progression to the first nurfing of the double guns.
    It seems like the swords have been nerfed to the status of butter knife and is almost useless at the moment.

    • Can you letting us start buying cannon ball, wood planks, and food crates from the Merchants Alliance

    • More weeklies and monthlies

    • Stay awesome

  • The White Whale to hunt down, 5 times the size off the Megalodon
    Hell you could put your own Sea of Thieves twist / story / Mission for The White Whale
    Give it a Rediculious health, 250 cannonballs or something.
    With the ability to harpoon, and upon such it takes the ship for a ride
    Have it dive for minutes at a time....

    Bola's do I need say more there freaking awesome and would be amazing

    Poison darts, these can have a range off effects I don't know

    Handcuffs, well sometimes we don't want to kill people and we just want to mess with them.
    (You could make them pickable, so people can escape if they have a plank off wood)
    Making players Carryable, but unable to shoot or run whilst carrying.

    Kidnapping well this goes with the hand cuffs and brigging the enemies
    This would be an amazing feature having the ability to knock someone out and carry them to the brig.

    Walk the Plank
    Sometimes there is just one person who just isn't being a team player, and having the ability to have them voted off the ship would be amazing instead off having to forfiet all your supplies to oobtain a new ship.
    Same as the Brigging Process.

    Anyway, thanks all whom read this all and I am very much looking forward to reading what other Major Sea of Theives fan's like me think about such

    And it would be amazing to see even a few off these added.

  • The worst part off sea off thieves is trying to get from DR to anything on the Far west off the Map
    On a Sloop this can be 40 minutes off sailing into the wind.

    Via using endless Runner game theory,
    The map would still be flat, but here will be no end to the Map

    This would be Removing the Red Sea yes,
    But then you will be also be able to make the Red Sea into an Absolutely Amazingly Deadly place to sail.

    This wouldn't kill the game in any such way as the rendering draw distances would still be in place, therefor not putting any extra demand onto Servers / CPU to manage such

    It would become a Seem less endless map

    Which then you could actually turn the Map into a Globe and Very Easily Place such on the Voyage table,
    Which will free up the other table for, ???? Let the future tell you what to do.
    Hell the table could be removed, QUITE Frankly,
    The extra table is very inconvenient on all ships just to have a map.

  • Hey, I was playing with a friend when we went to a crane event on a Fortress on which the access used to be hard. Lots of rocks; and only "one entrance".

    We did use the harpoon from the ship to maintain it close to the rocks when we had this following idea :

    "What if the harpoon could be used as a rope, in order to Climb or Abseil 90° rocks?"

    This would add a funny and useful mechanic on both practical and sneaky plays.
    Plus, we could also use it to reach other people's ship after we harpooned it, simply by sticking and moving on the rope!

    What do you guys think of this?

  • Recently upgraded to a 4k TV, I am noticing a huge amount of motion blur on xbox one, even slowly panning the camera leaves a horrible ghostly dark trail on the edges of scenery, tried everything to fix it, my TV is fine and other games don't have this problem, Def worse in darker areas, but you can see the smear on everything while running round, looking at the moon and shifting camera slowly leaves a ghostly white trail, anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?

  • ¡Ahoy mateys!

    Since the game launched, I saw that some things of the game shown in the betas (scale tests is where I started playing) and in official videos that aren't present, even now one year and a little bit later. So I decided to make a list with those things that were shown but are not in at the moment in the game.

    • Emotes

    First of all, I would want to start with the emotes. I remember that in the Scale Tests there were a couple of emotes that aren't in the game at the moment.

    For example, I remember the "Bow" or "Reverence" emote:

    Or the laugh emote:

    Or the "Come here" emote or the "Cry" emote.

    • Shanties
      There are a couple of not released shanties as seen in the Forsaken Shores: Content Update video at 2:35:

    and in the Festival of The Damned trailer video:


    • Ship sets
      There are also some ship sets that are shown in trailers, marketing images etc (even in recent trailers and images).

    The Old Betsy is one of those:
    alt text
    Or the original sovereign:
    alt text


    • Other

    alt text

    Captaincy update

    Pets (already being worked on)


    What do you think? What would you like to come first?


    I’ve noticed something when trying to collect supplies for my ship and it’s that there’s a lot more food and wood supplies, compared to cannonball supplies.

    I’m not just talking CC’s, I’m talking Cannonballs in general. There’s like almost unlimited amounts of food but at most I leave an outpost with maybe 40 extra cannonballs (you start off with 40) and that’s hardly enough depending on what you encounter, and then restocking is a nightmare because you find maybe just enough to replace what you lost but that’s it.

    With food, me personally I’ve found that you hardly have time to really use it/eat it before you die (I could also just suck). And the food, now that you can get it from animals, and since better fruits can regenerate more health, is a lot more expendable than it used to be.

    Cannonballs are a lot more crucial to your survival. This is just unfortunate placing mind you, but I’ve had more than one time where I’ve been out of or nearly run out of cannonballs because of situations I’m in (had, in rapid succession, a kraken then a Megalodon, or a megalodon then a kraken, I’ve had a skeleton ship mixed with a kraken, or a meg, and thank goodness I haven’t had the meg/kraken combo again), despite having stocked up at my previous location. And if I ever end up in a PvP situation after that, I’m most likely dead.

    So, maybe more cannonballs would be a bit better? Be it replacing the massive food/wood plank number (seriously I’ve had strings of barrels with LOADS of wood, the most being 7 in a barrel so far, and it’s like “is it wood plank day?”), or just adding it into the mix more.

  • all credit goes to Sparrowhawk64 on reddit.
    I thought it was a viable option for solo players, or players that want to sail around undetected by enemy players.

  • Some people may think this is bad due to this making the the game more violent.
    I and i'm pretty sure some other people think human A.I that attack you should be added.
    There is already human A.I such as the ones in the shop etc.
    But the one's i'm talking about are more dangerous lets say like military or something like that trying to put all the pirates down.
    To avoid getting an M rating I'd suggest making them die like the players instead of them falling to the floor dead.
    This might give it an M rating but i'm just hoping this might be a thing.
    Sorry for lack of detail iv'e never been great with it.

  • How are we gonna be hit by a volcano and not be on fire? What if you could light grass on fire and it spread moderately? Lasting 3-5 seconds. I think you would see some interesting scenarios.

  • I remember this happening back when I first started playing during Cursed Sails, but I remember when I went to look at the map table in my sloop, and all I end up seeing is the abyss that is known as the sea.

    I glitched through the sloop.

    It happened again just a few short moments ago, and I would’ve thought it would’ve been fixed by now.

    • To recap, in a sloop, when I look at the map table, I will sometimes glitch through my ship and fall into the water.

  • i pressed some buttons on my controller and it switched to a third person mode i could see my character sit down. Then it went back to first person mode and have not been able to replicate it. Is rare secretly working on a 3rd person mode

  • I'd like to have a compass leading or misleading you somewhere random.
    It can result in everything we have. A chest of all quality, the Kraken, a Meg, Skeletoncrews and Captain or just a message in the bottle or a lost boutille on the beach.
    If you have found and got it or beat it the compass resets, it won't instantly show another direction but every in-game day a new one until done.
    So the compass show a direction at midnight and you have 24 minutes (a day in SoT) to find and do it.
    If it takes longer you'll have to wait for midnight again and the compass show a new destination.
    The compass may also direct you to another player ship and to get it done you have to sink it or make allies and make them sell something together.

  • Original thread:

    Reopening this topic after watching Summit's video which basically summed up my old closed post exactly:

    Basically: Add loot that is stealable to Tall Tales. Why? Because this is Sea of Thieves. Not sea of hop 10 servers to find loot.

  • Skiff,
    Max of one player / One mast / Two decks / One gun at the stern / Faster into the wind than the Sloop, slower with the wind than the Sloop / More maneuverability than the Sloop.

    Sloop, (Already in game)
    Max of two players / One mast / Three decks / Two guns; One starboard, one portside.

    Brigantine, (Already in game)
    Max of three players / Two masts / Three decks / Four guns; Two starboard, two portside.

    Max of four players / Three masts / Four decks / Six guns; Three starboard, three portside / Slower into the wind than the Brigantine, faster with the wind than the Brigantine / Less Maneuverability than the Brigantine.

    Galleon, (Already in game)
    Max of five players / Three masts / Four decks / Eight guns; Four starboard, Four portside.

    Max of Six players / Three masts / Five decks / Ten guns; Five starboard, Five portside. Slower into the wind than the Galleon, Faster with the wind than the Galleon / Less maneuverable than the galleon.

  • Hello everybody!
    First, I should mention that I don't speak English well. But I really want to give some ideas to developers of my favorite game, so here is my suggestions.

    1. More sealife! It would be cool to see dolphins accompanying your ship, for example. Or whale in the sea - and you can point your ship at him and start a whale hunt, or just swim past. Sea turtles, stingrays, flying fish and other - all of it can make Sea of Thieves more alive ;)
    2. Parrots! Imagine that: You docked off the island and go on land. You hear bird noises, and also see a few colorful parrots. And you can interact with it, taming it and putting it on your shoulder, like true pirate.
    3. Leviathan! Just another sea monster, gigantic wyrm who can lift your ship up or spit water into it, or do something else.
      That's all, thanks for reading it.
  • Just spent the better part of tonight trying to complete the Art of the Trickster tall tale. On two occasions the skeletons didn't spawn after placing down the gunpowder key (music plays, no spawns) and on the third the captain wave didn't spawn (music plays, no spawns). Sailing away from the island does nothing to reset it. Dying does nothing to reset it either.

    Guess I just won't complete this tall tale then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Last summer there was a bug where messages in a bottle were spawning in groups of 8+. It was incredibly fun! I'm surprised to see that it hasn't come back as a new mechanic yet.

    I keep thinking about it because the chaos it brought about was unique in Sea of Thieve's existing gameplay ecosystem. We figured out which islands had the most quests, sailed there, and then every crewmember tackled different things. Fighting hordes of skeletons, digging up fields of treasure chests, filling crates of fruit/planks/cannonballs and trying to catch animals. It completely derailed our plans in the best way, and gave us a gameplay experience that was wildly different and fun in ways that Sea of Thieves doesn't normally touch with its existing gameplay systems.

    I think that bug has a lot of potential as a gameplay feature with some tuning. I mean, whos writing all those messages anyway? Whos to say a crate of them didn't fall off their ship and wash up on a beach somewhere?

    Maybe they need help?

  • My son had a great idea for a weapon... daggers. You get five, and you can throw them. You can also use them hand-to-hand.

    When you throw them, you lose them (like bullets), but you can pick them back up again (to reload) or find them in barrels (or steal them from other ships).

    A fun way to have a multi-use weapon with some strategy involved. Would be great to throw a dagger at a fleeing skeleton.

    What do you think?

  • So, it just dawned on me bcuz of someone elses post I read recently but cant find it when scrolling through on the forums but, would it change anything if the world map was like a globe to where we could sail around the entire thing?

    If this is an open world game, do we really need boundries to stray from besides the area in which you have to use the shroudbreaker to traverse the red sea towards the golden shores? Wouldnt it make more sense to be able to sail from devil's roar to the west side of the map just by going east from there?

    To me I think this would open up more room to attack and invade someone doing that skullfort located at the legit end of the map, eliminating that little "safe" area ppl use when over there (not that it would change those situations much) but other than that, we should have more regions be invented to help this idea expand into it, so that way maybe having a globe like map to travel on would make more sense.

    I know ppl will probably have their opinions on this aswell but I just wanted to see what the majority of players think of this, maybe give thoughts about how this could work better or not, or how it woukdnt work. I dont see anything wrong with it yet really, but if anyone's got some insight about this, please let me know. I wanna know how players would react to this. 😊

    (Edit) I just noticed that this subject title definitely sounds a bit different than how the actual description sounds lol

  • Okay, so the idea is to let us load cannons with pigs, snakes and chickens. All wildlife has a mild heat seeking ability and upon firing you could press a button to get a first person perspective from the animals viewpoint as it flies.

    You can only load 1 chicken or 1 pig but as many snakes as you like.

    A chicken hit is an instakill... those beaks are sharp. Release pigs onto a ship either by cannon or sneaking one on board and it will head to the food stores and start to munch. Rain snakes down on an enemy and their deck becomes a writhing nightmare.

    No animal would perish during flight unless skilfully shot out the air by the defenders. If you hit the sails the animals would fall back to the deck so a hit is a bit easier. Those chickens also would fly further and straighter than a cannonball. They're more aerodynamic and use their wings to glide.

    It's a good idea to always have animal crates on board to catch the criters

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I was playing in a random crew and we had spent hours getting loot. We were just about to turn it in and I got kicked from the game for NO REASON and then I couldn’t join the crew because we were using the game chat. And now i lost hours of work because there is no way for you join a crew that you were previously in without getting an invite or at least being able to see who you played with in a previous crew. Can you please add a feature where i can see the crews that i was previously in so that my time isn’t wasted.

  • can you please find a way to make cargo runs count as voyages. i know that in other voyages it completes when you pick up the items but is it that hard to make it so that the cargo run counts as a voyage once you turn in all the items

  • Okay, so here's my two doubloons on the matter of giving more option to sail as a care bear saying please don't hurt me (bad) or soar to Pirate Legend with leaving a wake of grog and demoralized crews at the bottom of the ocean. Baseline is Normal Adventure then you have the slower paced, shoot forever and sink never reduced damage by half on CareBear Mode. Finally, you have the mode for those who are going to be legends in half the average time because that modifier would be giving a harder game with a faster reward track. Crews who are meant to sail together prevail together. Not for those who can't handle losing. At the very least, I'd like to see some hard as you can make it optional mode to flex their inner beast

  • Quick question about volcanoes, are they random rocks or wood seeking missiles? 12 hits on one boat that is far from the volcano?

  • My friend and I were doing the tall tale The Art of the Trickster and experienced a mildly game breaking bug. We had finally reached the final vault and my friend had expected stronger enemies, so he brought a gunpowder barrel in and killed himself. I was left alone in the vault and killed 2 of the captains and placed the medallions into the center totem. The bug is that with the death of the 3rd captain, they did not drop a medallion. We spent at least half an hour searching for either the medallion or how I could get out of the vault with the crystal. The final idea we were left with was to blow myself up by having my friend set off a gunpowder barrel next to the door. It worked in getting me out, but we failed the tall tale and had to completely restart the entire thing. I figured the medallion either didn't drop or dropped under the ground or something, and I don't know how many other people experienced it but I figured it should be known.