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    Our July update also brings various gameplay improvements, fixes, new Pirate Emporium stock and more.

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  • There are steps leading upstairs so I feel like if we made that the gambling chamber or card games/pirate chess that would be cool

  • I (and many others) believe that the legend of the sea of thieves has requirements that are far too high... 500 skeleton ships sunk for a set of cannons? that seems like overkill to me.. are there plans to reduce the amount to make it more doable or am I the first one bringing this up in a long time?

  • Recently I’ve heard a streamer who is known by a lot of people for being a very good Solo Arena Slooper (MixelPlx) make a suggestion that I thought was genius. He said that the Sea Dogs Chest should be changed to 500 silver rather than 1000. I think 100 Silver is way too OP and that it allows players who aren’t good at PvP and Naval to get away with just simply getting their hands on a chest and hauling it over to the sell station. This will challenge players to rely on Naval Skill and Overall help players become better considering the chest isn’t as valuable anymore. It’s also annoying when people like me spend time in the arena hitting skilled cannon shots all so one crew can simply sell the chest and be in the league, I feel like arenas become of a “Who ever gets the chest to the sell station first wins” rather than and actual PvP game mode.

  • Just want to start off by saying I don't want and am fully aware of the developers opinions on PvE servers. This post is not about adding PvE servers.

    With that said, the developers clearly said they don't want to split the player base, so what is the arena doing? It is literally just a PvP server. With all the hate and negativity shared to our friendly PvE family somehow the PvP family takes priority with their own dedicated servers.

    The arena is fun and a cool idea but dosn't fit the narrative. I say adventure mode is the only mode. Where the lines are blurred between safety and doom and pirates make their own fate weighing their skill and knowlage.

    What do you think? :)

  • shipwreck bones so how we start this we go to duke at lagoon of wispers and theres and book you talk to duke after you vote on it and he asks you to go find him a cannon of a bligde rat ship that went down on that island sadly duke never learned to swin so that's why you bring stuff up for him and othe islands after would be golden sands to talk to wonda and get a hammer from the ship wright as well then give everything back to duke to help them build what duke and umbra want to build thought on what to add?

  • We all know by now that pirate legend doesn't have the same meaning it used to have. Athena quests were fine but never felt like a end game level voyage due to it recycling other faction quests before giving a chest of legends. While I have noticed the main factions getting a form of overhaul or additional voyage types to improve variety which I am all for, I think since many people are maxing out reputations in most factions faster because of things like emissaries there needs to be a completely new form of end game material.
    Since this would be a end game level faction the commendations and potential quests that go with it should be locked until reaching max level in all current reputations. Because this faction would be the highest level in game I think a large portion of this faction should be dedicated to hard to earn commendations where upon completion give you cool titles and the ability to purchase very expensive cosmetics for both you and your ship similar to how the pirate legend cannons, anchor, and wheel are.
    I have been debating ideas where I think the location of this faction should be. There are lots of cool secret ways to hide it similar to the pirate legend hideout but what if it was based in the bottom left area of the map that is unused. Now obviously if that was the case it shouldn't limit non faction members from entering so it couldn't be used as a safe zone but some form of outpost or island down there with a secret entrance would be super cool.
    I have had lots of different ideas about loot for this new faction, and while a whole bunch of new high value loot items would be cool I feel that it shouldn't necessarily be the entire focus of the faction but instead it is %50 loot and %50 commendation completion based. Using the idea with equal importance of loot and commendations I had a thought of a different way of progression, I think it would be interesting if after hitting a level you need to also complete a certain amount of commendations as well in order to continue having the loot count toward rep. (example: I sell enough treasure to complete level 1 but in order to start on level 2 I need to complete 2 commendations before loot would count towards level 2) While this idea will require lots of commendations just for this faction it does make more of a drive to complete them.
    Now as far as a new and unique quest system goes for this faction I am not currently sure what would work and how it would balance so if any of you reading this have suggestions for that or how you would alter this I would like to read them.

  • Hi, Daily player here, Please could you increase spawn rates of Megs please. I feel like they have decreased a lot since they were introduced. Thanks

  • She died under a minute the first time I tried it. The second time I did it with a different crew and we were hitting her for half an hour with nothing to show for it. First time was with a sloop, second time with a Brigg

  • A new type of vault only accessible by a PL. This new vault would be a test of your knowledge of the sea, instead of a Golden Wayfinder, you have a riddle that would describe a random island and place to dig, skelly to kill, NPC to talk to, or book to read, which would give a clue to the whereabouts of a key shard, there are 4 key shards you have to find and once you find it, the quest will more or less resemble a normal vault, however, the puzzle is much more difficult and there is much more loot, but if you solve the puzzle you will get an ancient chest of legendary tributes paying 20k and appropriate athena reputation but be warned for as soon as you open the vault a beam of light shall rise into the sky signaling to the entire lobby that a legendary vault has been opened and the chest will put you on the map, so you must rush to the nearest outpost and quickly sell your loot or you risk losing it all, the vault itself will contain mostly athenas trinkets similar to the current athena voyage

  • I'm sure other pirates will agree with me that mics are a rare sight on the sea of thieves, especially open crews. I'm suggesting a filter for open crews that have mics, so I can actually communicate with my crew. The quick chat is fine but with my personal preference I want to talk to my crew without join 100 silent crews. I'm sure it is an easy thing to add and I hope to see it some day.

  • So I’ve loved the update for the gold hoarders... can we pretty please get a vault for the reapers? Something to fight over?

    All you have to do is make a vault key spawn with a beacon...

  • It seems that Rare is trying to force individuals to join others in groups. Some of the items are just unrealistic for a solo sloopers to deal with. I don't like doing open crew because you never know who is going to be on your crew. You sometimes can't talk to them. They don't have mic's. Don't speak English. I play on Xbox so it is hard to communicate. If Rare continues to make it so difficult for solo players I will have to switch games. I love SOT but it is getting to difficult for solo players.

  • Hey, so my primary purpose for this is to say that I really think the game should have a larger variety of ships. I’d love to see some ‘fore-and-afts sailable in game. I saw in another thread the suggestion to have box ships with traders and such sailing around as well. Seeing as that thread is locked and a few years old, I thought I’d bring it back up!
    What are your ideas?

  • In my opinion, the sloop needs a buff.. It's too slow and easy to disable. I think increasing the sloops speed (with wind) makes more since now that both other ships move at the same speed. Back when there were only 2 ship types it made sense the way each ship worked.. Now, with the addition of chain shot a sloop is too easily disabled, by giving the sloop a reinforced mast, it would help it to compete with other ships more.. I also think giving the sloop 2 cannons (on each side) would help increase its chances of survival, even if that means increasing the number of cannons on a brig to 3. Also this has been suggested for a long time but increasing the height of the railing on a sloop, even if only on the back, would help to not get knocked off by cannons/blunders as easily.. Please consider these suggestions as I am sure more than just solo/duo sloopers agree.

  • The current ship customization is well and good, but you can't really personalize your ship very much. This annoys people like me, as I have named my galleon, and am annoyed I can't do it in game. We have it on the shipwrecks, and in the lore. So why can't we name our ships in game?

  • please could you fix the respawn time for xbox1 players. It has taken me from 20 to 30 seconds to respawn back to my ship. By then I am sunk. I have no chance. But it has also been giving me a black screen putting me back in the tavern instead of the ferry of the damed to go back to my ship to try to save it. What is up with that?

  • I was wondering is it would be okay to consider adding a variant of the Night Wulf ship set that looks the same only all the green is replaced with red. I love the way that the Night Wulf looks... but I think a red variant would be awsome. Especially since Halloween is near and it would fit the theme perfectly. And maybe replace the white paint patterns with bone-like patterns. That would look really cool. It's just an idea and I would love to see this complimented into the game. So please consider this idea. :)

  • From my understanding shooting a mast with a chainshot brings down the mast with one shot. I've never had a problem with this until recently I noticed that even after visibly watching my chainshot hit a mast or even seeing the little explosion/wood burst from shooting a chainshot that the mast wont fall down. Is there like a new place to aim? Do certain parts of the mast not register as the mast anymore? I'm pretty sweaty with a chainshot so I 100% know it's not me missing as I have seen with my own eyes it not working. For example I parked my sloop next to another sloop that was at an island and shot their mast from not even 30 feet away. To my surprise it stayed up. I shot two more times then they just sailed away like nothing happened. Its hit reg like this that makes me favor just pelting holes into their bottom deck as opposed to gambling with the reliability of a chainshot.

  • For my friend and I, we are unable to purchase a ritual skull voyage from Larina. We tried switching servers, and that didn’t work. Please fix this if this is an bug or issue!

  • Could be an interesting idea to implement a player bounty system similar to the Order of Souls voyages that have you hunting skeleton captains.

    Could work something like this: once a player within the server gets X number of kills of other human players within a certain time period (maybe 3 or 5 kills) that their last known position is broadcast (e.g last seen near Crescent Isle) periodically.

    Other players could go about hunting these pirates down if they so choose, and are rewarded with a gold payout if they are successful.

    Could be abused theoretically, but I am sure systems could be put in place to reduce that.


  • Having a full crew on any size ship is the best. But it's frankly a hassle to have to scrap an entire ship to add a 3rd player. Also solo players can be trusted to sail a galleon but a sloop CANNOT have a four person crew? Either please make the sloop accessable to four players, or please be able to upsize the boat from port without having to log off/on.

  • it takes forever sometimes to get into the arena que and i've also noticed once your in the que it just merges between servers sometimes for a good 10 minutes. please adjust the time it takes to load into the arena que and also add a vote to start. id also like to see whaling with different types of sea life that you can fish like sharks,dolphins,whales,hammerheads.

  • I'm sure this is a very common topic but I really would like to play SOT in vr. Not full vr with controller support, just to be able to look around while using a controller for movement and interaction

  • Please give us more shanties to play with our crews. I know there are tons in the public domain, like Drunken Sailor that are super popular and could bring some refreshing feels for instruments. We only have a small selection as it is and it most likely wouldn't require too much code. I believe this is someone everyone could enjoy.

  • Since i was going off on a rant about Arena, how its trying to give people a more condensed version of Adventure but failing at it.

    In Adventure mode, they need to just give us the ability to find/choose/pick quests/voyages that are shorter, if we dont have 2 hours to spend on Adventure mode. for example, the Merchant alliance gives you 3 voyages to choose from, usually they have different objectives. give us a 4th option that will be quick, on a timer(if you want) and gives less gold then the others because it would be faster.

    Same thing with GH, even if im level 35, give me the option for a quick run to an island, dig something up, get it back quick, get some gold and I can get out.

    Make a couple new world events that are on purpose quicker and give less payouts, you can keep all the normal ones because if all the normal players dont want to play the "easier" quicker events, then they dont have to but if ya did, you could get one done within 30 minutes on your own or faster with a group but it would be no where close to the same payout.

    All of this would still be on the same server, people would not be seperated, you would still have to contend with others(PVP possibly) it wouldnt break people up and would give you quick PVE options if you wanted to try it.

    I dont do the world events currently cuz they take too long and I dont want to take the time to find a group of people that will help me do it. This does not mean I want easier world events that are the same as we have now.

    They can add in smaller skele forts, smaller ghost fleets, like captains of Flameheart that are easier to get through on your own or in a group but smaller payouts and make more then one of them on the server, you so have Flameheart, then you have 2 captains in other spots. Nobody really does the big world events on my server anyways but you still have them if you want the big reward.

    Either way Arena mode is not working as intended by the devs and everybody who was excited about Arena was excited for the wrong reasons(TDM/PVP) and doesnt really play it anymore, they only play for the commendations. so we need something different, no one plays Arena mode how it should be and no one likes Arena mode for how the devs intended, even the people who want quicker things.

    People can commendation farm in Adventure mode with everyone else, give people faster things to do in Adventure mode, its not hard to give a 4th option just to go get one chest from here to there, quick things to do for less gold.

    If people want it, then give it, on the same server as everyone else. the early voyages on Adventure get done in less then 30 minutes, the GH or even Merchant alliance would send you to the next island over and then your back real fast, just give those same options again even when your a PL.

    No need to split the player bases up anymore, just add more things to do that are quicker, it wont matter to people if there are more then one world event, people usually avoid it anyways knowing everyone could show up, so more then one world event might be needed anyways since everyone wants to hide from each other.

    Sorry for the wall, to sum up, I dont want easier world events giving the same rewards, they can be the same payouts as Arena mode gives or less. I just in general want quicker events and everyone to be on the same servers, doesnt matter if they plan on hopping off in 30 minutes or not, they can server merge more people together as that happens.

  • I love playing arena, but I often find opponents just want to do a team death-match at the main island and ignore the chest. I assume this is because they are working towards getting the Triumphant Sea Dog weapons. I don't have a problem with this, and it's far preferable to spawn-campers (the lowest forms of life).

    So why not make an arena mode specifically for team death-match? Players teams could spawn in at dedicated spots around the edges of a large island and go at it. I'm thinking these could be some sort of new feature (floating docks, huts, towers, whatever), but the spawn points should be inaccessible to opposing teams. To make things even more interesting, all teams start with an X marks the spot treasure map with 10 treasures and a turn-in spot at the center of the island.

  • Have the ability to pick which servers you play between Steam, Microsoft (PC) and console instead of just console and keyboard. Since steam got SoT the cheater numbers have noticeably increased. Found 1 in 18 months on Microsoft only, find one every few weeks on PC servers now that steam has had it a few months.

    Steam and cheaters just go hand in hand. I dont understand how Rare did not see this coming. One game alone saw 4 million VAC banned accounts in the first 6 months of 2019.

  • Swimming underwater controls for swimming straight up and down.
    While underwater, How about a button to dive down and a button to emerge from the water (up.)
    Every good underwater game has this. Take subnautica for example.
    On pc It’s space bar to go up and C to go down.
    On Xbox it’s LB and RB which are already used in SOT so understandably may not work there.
    Mapping to a controller is the only understandable reason why this would be an issue. Pc keyboards have space and C unmapped while swimming or space and Ctrl.
    This could remain unmapped for a controller with the option to manually map it in the settings.

    We all know how painful it is to navigate sunken ships due to the swimming mechanics. Getting stuck everywhere you go. Even swimming under our ship is a pain sometimes After a sword lunge especially or finding ladders while under water. Please address this.

  • I love a lot of outfits and I'd love them even more in different colors. I understand the entire selling point for bilge rat gear is the color scheme but it would be nice to alter colors.

  • Hey Sot Development

    I really like the pirates of the Caribbean films and I just wondered why dont have like a curse to look like Davy Jones, to have a curse to look a Lil like a sea monster, I hope you guys like it, so a lot of succès with making the game better

  • Is a halloween event coming up?

  • Does anyone know when the next update is coming? I know it's not on a 30 day basis. I just am excited and want to know if anyone knows when the update is coming out.

  • Is it possible to get the Davy Jones music box song in the game as a playable Shanty? Or is it actually copy righted?