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  • ...using Project X-Cloud and OMG!

    It's bloody awful! 😑

    The graphics were pixelated, jittery, delayed, and when I would try to walk forward, I would end up looking, well, up at the sky (or down at the earth). For what it's worth, the game looks oh so gorgeous if you stand perfectly still - a pirate statue, if you will.

    ...and yes, I know it's still in development. 🙄

    Well, to be completely fair, it's probably my fault - apparently my phone only gets 2.4 out of the 5Ghz required to make it work effectively, so of course there's that... 😅

    So, mobile pirates, what are your thoughts on the streaming seas? 🤔

  • Will there potentially be another. Chance to snag the Obsidian Helm that was promoted on Mixer? I had trouble finding the correct stream in my phone app, and I was st work, so by the time I got to the right one, it was after 3pm Central.

  • The last month or so I have been grinding on Arena to get the captain of silver water commendation and then going for the legendary sea dog title so i can finally buy the legendary weapons.

    I stopped playing adventure with my friends, Arena is toxic many times and well each match takes me between waiting in the lobby, loading and the actual gameplay about one hour.

    I saw what now I realize is an old post of needing to place 100 times on 1st place to unlock this title, so i was all for it, you play 5 hours, get 5 games in lets say you win 3-4 first place if you have a decent teammate and well now Im over 50 first place wins.

    I finally bumped into a recent thread of the sea dog title where it says this change was reverted to having to need 240 first place wins and that was a complete disappointment for me.

    Not because is impossible but because that is absolutely too much grind, it completely affects your quality of life if you try to reach this title lets say within a month.

    If you can click play and within 5 minutes be in a game that you get done in 15 minutes then it would help, but the loading times, the occasional hackers and all the other stuff that comes with it is just absolutely discouraging.

    I am giving up on these weapons, I already wasted enough time grinding arena, 240 first place wins is an excessive amount of required game play no one should be put through .

    This is the last item i need to unlock and the demand is so high i just cant. I have a busy personal life and cant give so much time to this, lets say you win 80% of the matches, so for 240 you need about 300, each one takes about an hour so thats 300 hours of grinding, if you really neglect your life and burn 4 hours a day thats over 70 days , almost 3 months, is just insane.

  • So today I have discovered that Xbox player are having a difficult time playing against Pc players.(Which I am a PC player) But I think Xbox players should have the ability to play with Xbox servers only. The advantage that PC players have is a disadvantage for Xbox players. Top streamers are playing against XBOX players and providing content for there viewer ; however with there domination these streamers have a mind set that individual player is just that bad. And I am tired of it. Rare please add Adventure mode opp-out for Xbox players.

  • Sails should be able to be torn by cannonballs and the rails should be able to be broken and you should be able to put holes in the ship deck that a player could get stuck in and you should be able to knock cannons back so you would have to push them back into place.

  • Idea myself and @Beardageddon expanded on came up with.

    Ships have a fish tank to store a player caught fish.

    This can be used as a free pet for player that can't/don't want to buy a pet. Also it can be used as a crew mini game to look after a fish to grow it to a trophy size fish.

    Mini Game
    Looking after the fish (only works on the non-trophy fish size) it will grow in size to the trophy type.

    Growth rates and the bait used to feed it - will depend on the bait needed to catch it and its rarity. Eg very rare fish will take longer to grow as not to shortcut to catching a rare trophy type fish.

    A fish can be removed from / added to the tank at any time and used/sold as a normal. Once a fish is removed from tank any growth effort is lost - so no need to store progress on the fish - Grow progress can be stored on the fish tank while a fish in stored.

  • where are the rep letters for Athena every one else has them why not Athena we need them for Athena and we need them soon at least in the next month I'm not going to wait another year for them because I waste my gold on Athena's now so I want to use my doubloons on them

  • By now im getting curious about a 3 wishes topic if everyone could do just 3 wishes for fixing his or her game?

    My guess its mostly crossplay, melee fighting, loading times ?

    My own would be to seperate merchant voyages, fix melee fighting, do more balanced event updates

    But it could be interesting to see what is super important for others?
    If you could change 3 things what would you choose?

  • yea yea the sloop is the solo ship, but nah not really, we got a ship for 2 people, a ship for 3 people, and a ship for 4 people, wheres the ship for us solo players, a ship just for us huh. i imagine it being maybe the size of 4 row boats, one cannon on the back, one grapple on the front, and one small sail. i would also love it if the sails could be opperated from the wheel, like since its so small you dont have to redirect the sails with the wind because the boat itself turns fast enough that it doesnt matter, it would be very fast turner, moves slower than a sloop with wind, but faster than a sloop against wind. the supply barrels would just be little crates and it would have a cooking station/ grog barrel fitted to the back or front of the ship, maybe both. it only has one floor. idk i would just love a solo boat, if you guys have any ideas, feel free to leave them in this thread.

  • So i was talking with this pirate lady about the game and she told she would really like to buy a house? She actually said she had almost 14 million gold and would use it to buy a house?

    Like its not much what can you expect right?

    But okay, if there was this one house auction would anyone be willing and able to pay more then 14 mil? 🤯

  • I didn't how to search in the forums to find any thread on that, so I made one myself.

    I love the sails of a Dhow.
    That's why I'm asking if it's possible to get more variations for the ship customization.
    Style of a Junk, Dhow or Caravel and maybe a polynesian ship for a more Ancients looking style. Ups wait or did the Ancients had no ships in the past or lore?

  • Could we please, please, please have the ability to be able to edit the layout of a ship? For example; the ability to change the positions of cannons so we could have more on one side or maybe where on the ship they are situated, the ability to move storage barrels and map table to make navigating a ship faster during a fire fight?

    Maybe even changing crew sizes do that a sloop could have a crew of 3 instead of 2, a brig could have a crew of up to 4 and a galleon a crew of up to 6 as some people have more than 2 or 3 friends who want to play at the same time and the servers are rigged so friends cant join each others servers easily.

    And while I'm on the subject of ship customisation, why not make harpoons customisational, even if it's to match what cannons you choose and why not have it so your row boat is the same as your ship?

    And the last idea I have. Why can't we name our ship? It could be set so that when you create your pirate you choose your ship name so every ship there after has that name and if you join another crew it will have the crew captains ship name...

  • ok so i dont believe their is anything wrong with spawn camping, if you die and lose the fight why should the other team let you respawn and recover. I mean wouldnt that make fights sooo boring and long, you win one fight but wait they respawn, recover, then you kill them again, they respawn recover, and basically it becomes a fight of attrition, or you win the fight and boom you win the fight, dont let them recover and in the end they lost because they lost the fight initially. the way i see it, if we want to get rid of spawn camping, get rid of respawning. the only time i see spawn camping as a problem is when they are bucketing your ship and repairing it just to continue the fight so that they can continue to kill you for no reason, but in these cases you can just scuttle and its not like theirs any difference, you were gonna sink anyways, you already lost.

  • There are a few areas I feel could use some TLC after all these updates.

    1: Increase ammo to 6 bullets, With the overall damage reduction to all weapons guns and swords PvE elements health has remained the same. This means blue mermaid statues have from from 3 eye of reach shots to 4, Gold skeletons can now take a whole round of ammo and still not die due to bananas and now they are healed more from them and we can no longer interrupt their eating. When the game first launched you choose 5 ammo as a balance point. All these changes to combat have been made for the sake of arena and they have negatively impacting PvE, not by a huge amount but still noticeable enough for those of us who have been playing since day 1. I love lvl 1 quests and messages in a bottle 3 swings or 1 shot/1 lunge through a skeleton feels so satisfying while fighting higher level skeletons doesnt feel challenging just tedious and that level of tediousness has just grown the more you have buffed the skeletons.

    Now that you have weapon swapping on skeletons maybe giving them limited ammo like the player so they have to swap to sword this will allow more tactical combat with skeletons as you just need to deplete their ammo rather than just facing 6 gun skeletons with infinite ammo.

    2: Double if not triple ship starting supplies, maybe even start every ship off with 1 storage crate. When the game first launched you didn't have to stock your ship, while most people did and stocking is still ideal at launch you could just drop a voyage and leave the outpost, you had enough wood to repair your ship if you hit a rock or island. Megs & skeleton ships didn't exist, kraken was a much more rare encounter, wheel, capstan, masts couldn't take damage, kegs weren't randomly floating in the ocean.

    All these additions to the world have made the world feel more full and eventful but it has made draining the outpost of all supplies pretty much mandatory. For example if I simply wish to go sail around looking for the shrouded ghost I can't just login and go, I may start with enough canons to kill a meg but I wont have enough wood to repair through the damage and more likely than not i will get a skeleton ship or kraken on me shortly after logging in.

    3: Supply Barrels - Sorry bananas but no one loves you any more, considering the healing of bananas is half what they used to be you had us start with this specific amount of healing, would be better to start os with coconuts as in arena as it heals what bananas used to. Also for those of us with OCD it would be nice if the canon barrel and food barrel had all its supply in 1 barrel vs multiple as the first thing i do on every log in is move all normal canon balls to 1 barrel the others are for cursed and the food barrel i just move all the useless bananas to the top and use the bottom for worms and meat. And small request would it be possible to make it so when we take items from a barrel it goes from right to left? when you get a few hundred wood or canon balls it looks nicer the have all full stacks then be tacking from the smaller stack on the end.

    4: Ship livery favorites - Can we get the ability to maybe save a favorite ship set? I prefer playing with the torn sales as they give better visibility but now having bought every cosmetic the game has to offer it has gotten kind of annoying dressing up the ship I find myself more often than not only changing the sails so I can just go since I have to spend so much time as it is stocking the boat in the first place.

    5: Sloop pet cage - While I like the placement of this cage it is worse than when the shelf used to be over there hiding the holes on that section of the ship. I find myself constantly unable to repair because the cage is there instead of a quick run up to hold and start repairing you gotta turn a bit. Very minor complain but consider you moved the shelf due to player request I don't think its too much to ask for a minor tweak to the cage. perhaps something even as simple as reducing the cages hit box so that the viewing angle of the hole doesn't need to be so specific to start the repair.

    6: Voyages - Could we get a second voyage page where we can put voyages on hold or save them to avoid accidentally putting it down or deleting it? This request is mostly for those of us still holding onto gilded voyages and assuming you will be adding more later it will get to the point where our voyage logs will be full as we are saving them for specific moments or for friends to return to the game. The ability to delete bottle quests is still something highly sought after but supposedly that's being worked on? Also requested by someone on a live stream in the past X'ing out dead skeletons on a order of souls page would be neat.

    I think most of these suggestions are pretty reasonable and nothing is really game breaking. I find there is a lot of worry about balance for the sake of PvP which even without arena is a huge part of the game but the foundation of the game is still PvE and that has suffered from all these changes.

    And while some people might think some of these requests are small and insignificant I would like to point out the changes from launch. Shelf on the sloop moved because the draping cloth hid the holes you would need to repair, the ammo box used to be directly under armory chest so many times in the heat of combat you would go to get ammo and just open the weapon locker so they shifted the box to the side, the bell on the masts used to be off to the right instead of the front of the mast causing many players to ding the bell rather than grab the ladder to climb up to the crows nest. When they added the inventory system simply walking upto barrels you wouldn't know if they were empty or full you had to manually open each one. Voyage wheel used to be sorted in order quest was obtained so if you had 8 messages in a bottle for example and started an athena all 8 athena quests would be on page2 rather than page1. All of these are very minor changes that were made for quality of life. I think its just been a long time since we've had a good quality of life update a bit of TLC can go a long way

  • Bring country flag to the pirate Emporium so pirate can put them in the crow nest. Many people will determine what language they can communicate on the seas. 🏴‍☠️

  • Whilst I appreciate the effort made last year in terms of reducing the hours required from the thousands to the hundreds, I believe it didn’t go far enough. Yes, achievements should be something earned, something to highlight mechanics or story, not mindless grovel only attainable to those who refuse to play other games.

    For those that do play to this level, the in-game commendations and titles serve amply.

    The recent FoTD update had the right level imo. achievements for 1 and 10 completions, and commendations going to 100 (or more).

    The original 250 voyages and 1000 miles per faction have no place here and are the worst offenders. They require a ridiculous grind let alone the fact they don’t make up much of the game’s content today. 25-50 voyages and 100 miles would be more in the right area.
    Below are some of my suggestions:
    250 voyages to 25-50
    1000 miles to 100
    1000 captains to 250
    300 shipwrecked chests to 50
    360 captain chests/villainous skulls to 250
    200 arena matches to 50
    100 won/3rd place to 10-25
    57 Grade V fishing comms.... Jesus i don’t even know for this one, 15?
    50 fruit crates and 100 bp deliveries isn’t too bad, maybe increase rate of getting the contracts for them?

  • I had an idea for a new food menu.
    Like the normal menu activating with the q-key that you can open it with another keybind.
    Maybe a version like when I wanna use bait on my fishing rod.
    Or a totally new one opening with a new keybind.

    My idea is based on the problem that when I'm in a fight trying to quick heal me with fruits sometimes or most of the time I get the wrong ones in my hand.

  • In a previous patch you guys claimed you significantly increased loot float time. In the past significant always meant at least double.

    Old loot float time was 5 minutes, new loot float time is 5 mins 30 seconds. i would at least thing just make treasure float as long as merchant goods that would be fine

  • Xbox servers on arena are completely dead. I was wondering, does Xbox players have to turn the crossplay on just to get into a controllers only server? If so, no wonder they are dead. If you're a team of only Xbox players you should automatically get matched with other Xbox users. I can tell such a huge difference playing against PC players. I have no hate for them but I want it to be fair and making us go into an all player server every time I play sucks.

  • Instead of fishing up a plain old plank I think it would be neat if you had treasure planks that would be similar to the one from the tall tale. When picking it up it could give you a bottle voyage with just a island name attached then you would have to go line up the cut out like on the tall tale. I only mention the voyage telling you the island to go to as I don't know how else you would have the plank generate the chest spawn in the world without it.

  • Okay, so we have a lot of game franchises from both Rare and Microsoft represented in the SoT through cosmetics:

    1. Banjo Kazooie
    2. Perfect Dark
    3. Killer Instinct
    4. Halo
    5. Gears of War

    But there's still so many that are missing. For example, some fans are asking for Battletoads (which is undoubtedly on its way with the release of its new game), and we still don't have a representation of 1 of the biggest games of all time - Minecraft. ⛏

    My personal favorite goes to Viva Piñata, a vastly underrated game - who wouldn't want paper maché sails!? 🎊

    Can you imagine having shovels or buckets from either Minecraft or Viva Piñata? I think that would be AMAZING! Picture wielding a diamond sword, or digging up bait with VP's shovel that look like tiny piñata worms! The VP bucket could look and be animated like a watering can! Can you picture a pirate with a watering can!? 😂

    ...and let's not forget about a certain foul-mouthed squirrel! What if you could get 1 as a pet!? 🐿

    Thoughts? 🤔

  • When me and my friend were fighting the event; shown as a ship in the sky, we beat all the waves but realized our loot haul was quite lacking after that. Most of the loot sinks while you’re fighting, so it can be really frustrating when the whole point of PVE is to add a trade off to make it worth the time put in. I would suggest making the hoot within the area stay floating until you beat it, as such you could get everything from the sunken ships. Potential for loot would also make more players likely to go the event if they know loot could still be floating around. As of now, many avoid it like the plague and just wait for a fort to appear instead.

  • As a fat pirate who is unable to tuck properly and makes it 10x harder for me to pull off sneaky plays, please add in a way for me to change my pirate body. Being a bigger target makes me easier to see and therefore easier to shoot, while hitboxes may be the same its a lot easier to shoot a larger target than a smaller one. Also being a fat pirate means that I can only use about 30% of the cosmetics as my non-neck having fatty looks ridiculous in most hats and jackets, and all the belts are warped on my body. I love this game and have spent so many hours in it I'd hate to have to reset my pirate completely, losing all time limited, and hard earned commendations, not to mention all my ranks. Even just a confirmation on whether or not this will be added in time will be enough, because if not I'd have an easier time resetting him knowing that no matter how long I wait I will always be a fat pirate.

    Please take this into consideration, the seas are made up of mostly skinny pirates, already happy with the way they look, and a good 95% of the fat ones i speak to feel the same way as me, it was funny being fat for the first 10 hours or so, but now its worn off.

  • ~For context
    I got my 240 wins in less than a month of arena being released. I got the next 360 wins Before cross play optional. I got my + this weekend* (probably about 40 wins: Xbox & mixed servers, galleons & sloops) I lfg'd a lot and I played with Xbox & PC players. I'm disabled so I play a lot.


    The last arena update broke matchmaking; plain and simple. No one should be waiting 45 minutes to get into a 24 minute game. (Avg. Wait time was 25m with having my crew split into two lobbies to join whichever started first, if we didn't do this the avg. time would've been higher)

    ~ I understand people abused the old matchmaking to get cannon kills.
    ~Them getting cannon kills does not negatively affect my experience on your game... But INSANE lobby wait times does.
    ~Arena will die again after the event because ever since you changed matchmaking the lobby wait times have been 1 hour to 1 game (if it ever starts at all) during non events. Most people give up and leave before lobbies can get to 5 teams.


    Fill up (one or two) lobbies at a time so the games will actually start instead of just throwing crews into random lobbies (via testing there's often many lobbies with 3-4 crews not starting because they're never filled before people get bored and leave.)
    ~ ALLOW GAMES TO START WITH 4 CREWS after 10m wait.
    ~Automatically re-queue solo open crews.
    So they stop preventing lobbies from starting. If you can't launch a boat without 3 people why do entire lobbies have to wait 30m for the open crew to fill. (or until the solo open crew is afk kicked)
    ~Gold & Rep
    Need boosted permanently not just during events.


    This was the first time my main crew (xbox) has actually felt like we were playing a fair game. We actually got to be aggressive, we actually got to feel like we were good at the game, and we got GG's instead of hate mail. It felt like how arena was always supposed to be played. This is the first time I've seen the Xbox servers actually running.


    ~They delayed it a lot and only barely mentioned it on their channel
    ~It has to be manually set (and isn't a known setting)
    ~If you search Xbox only you often have to search several times to actually get into the Xbox server (tested with multiple crews; aka it randomly decides to deny you even when the servers for it are running and need crews)
    ~There's not enough people with the setting so instead of asking Xbox crews "hey would you like to join the Xbox server" it just keeps sending them to mixed lobbies where they give up on arena.
    ~^due to above mentioned, the Xbox player lobbies have only ever run (somewhat) during this event and will disappear again after.
    ~Some streamers incorrectly thought servers would die without Xbox players and threatened to quit the game so it was pushed under the rug after that.

    This is a legit question because I don't think they want feedback or to fix this. I think it was set up to fail and be removed.

    XBOX vs PC (3) We need Xbox servers

    If you still think there isn't a difference you're delusional. If you love this game and think alienating part of the player base will help it you're wrong. If you think that servers will not have enough players if there's Xbox only servers you're stupid.

    If you want the game to stay alive and be loved. If you want to have a brain. If you want to see more full servers(overall). Then you should support Xbox only servers.

    You don't want Xbox players to quit arena/the game if you care about this game so it SHOULD have designs within the game that support its average player. The try-hards do not keep this game alive, the casuals do.


    ~Load times.
    This is the #1 reason I lose arena games. Try to mermaid in arena, or load into a new boat. It's MINUTES of a difference on average. There's not a lot of minutes to spare in arena. (SSD does help, but most of your players are normal Xbox players) I can't send people to get anchors, fight, swim a chest, etc due to fear of them being out of play for 1-3 minutes of load screen if they fail. I have to call my crew back early to do anything (losing time from digging, etc) and they're often too late due to how drastic the load times can be (leading to sinking, losing a chest, etc).
    ~Load times are also massively different in adventure when leaving the ferry of the dammed.

    There's a reason you don't see any* Xbox players running double guns. This is a problem across all cross platform games. Not SoT fault, but shouldn't be ignored.

    ~Turning speed.
    This affects pvp more than people realize; it's the #1 reason I see Xbox players unable to kill PC players. (Remember average Xbox player doesn't run 10 sensitivity/also no one on controller can play like that) Mice allow players to turn around instantly allowing: fancy sword moves Xbox players can't avoid, blocking, attacking in ways Xbox players can't block, and the ability to always escape. A simple run behind and turn around is enough to best most Xbox players before they can finish turning. It's hard to explain just how much this affects combat unless you actually have weeks of experience or sit down and test it. Which I recommend all try-hard PC players that think they don't have an advantage to test this; you aren't as godly as you think when you kill an Xbox player.

    Xbox players get what we call.. stun locked, easily by swords. It never happens to PC players. If you hit a PC player 3 times they keep running because you're delayed, if you hit an Xbox player 3 times they're locked, they're dead. The "moment of doing nothing" after a missed sword lunge also doesn't seem to stop PC players from moving around freely where Xbox players just freeze. Hits register better with guns on PC. This isn't SoT's fault, but it shouldn't be ignored.

    If there wasn't such a huge advantage why is so much of lfg PC only and leaving if there's more than one Xbox player in the crew.

    ~In general the ability to do what Xbox players can't.
    We can't ladder glitch, we can't shoot while climbing, we can't pre aim our shots (many PC players run with a dot in the middle of their screen), we can't hotkey everything, we can't block (turn speed), we can't one shot snipe people (or double gun so fast it sounds like one shot where you don't aim down sights?), we can't run around the boat and never get stunned, we can't exploit glitches or hack(which yes people do get banned for, but a lot more don't get caught, sadly). Many Xbox players are of the mindset they've already lost if a PC player gets on their boat, and many times that is also true. It's not fun to play like that; it makes people quit.

    ~Even as a try-hard.
    I struggle and often need a teammate to beat a good PC player due to the advantages they have. It's very obvious when you're fighting Xbox vs PC. I got my wins by watching ladders(tho many PC players still glitched up it), ship combat and outplaying the other crews. Never, in all my wins, did I win because of hand/gun combat it's not something I can get better at, it just isn't something Xbox players can beat them at. I know many PC wins come from hand/gun combat, and I also know PC players find it easy to wipe (spawn camp) most Xbox crews. I promise you not all PC players are good/all Xbox players are bad it truly is just easy because of their advantages. One of the main reasons players quit a game is because they feel helpless. Casual (and sometimes all) Xbox players are helpless against PC players. It's not good for anyone. Their easy wins, sinks, etc are destroying the game they want to play.

    ~Final note
    I love this game, I want it to thrive for a long time. Fixing wait time/lobbies is obvious, but you all need to remember supporting Xbox players is a good thing. Casual players (mostly Xbox via game pass) are what make games like this stay around for many updates to come.

    We all want to see this game stay alive, active, fun. Please listen to Xbox players, please help us get our own servers running, please fix matchmaking for arena, please realize easy victories make Xbox players quit the game forever.

    -From a pirate who knows the declining playerbase should be something we are ALL working to fix because I've seen too many games die.

  • I am a ship mate, but obviously i have noticed other people are different things, and i cannot post pictures because i am too low a lvl. im just wondering where i can find the info about this stuff, like what all the ranks are and what each rank unlocks + how you unlock these ranks

  • I'm fairly sure someone else has already made a suggestion like this, but there should be an option to change your pirate without losing progress. When I first played the game, I didn't know much about it so I didn't choose my pirate properly and after I made a ton of progress, it was too late for me. An option to change pirates would be great for others in my same situation or similar. Maybe make it so that you can only do it once per a few months.

  • I love this game and think its amazing to play but when trying to do the FATE OF THE MORNING STAR Tall tail for the 3rd time, it bugged on us as after we dig up the sarcophagus and obtain lantern and made are way to Old Faithful Isle. We pull out our lantern and there was no footsteps to follow and we discarded the quest and re-picked it up, re-logged and it was still bugged for us. Also it makes us sad that we hunt for many month now and have never seen the SHROUDED GHOST Meg, it's very hard to get achievement completed, if the content never shows up in the game. I understand that is supposed to be a rare spawn but to have only been seen one time, in the history of the game being out is a bit too rare. I would be very thankful, if you can raise the spawns just a little bit, so we can get our achievement completed please. Thanks for your amazing game.

  • Hello,
    I need help resolving and issue we had recently with VOIP.

    Let me set up the scene: (3 players)
    John {PC}
    Devin {PC}

    Devin can hear and speak to Mike
    Mike can hear and speak to Devin
    [no issue]
    John Can hear and speak to Devin
    Devin can hear and speak to John
    [No issue]

    John can hear mike
    Mike can NOT hear John

    (We are all "friends" on xbox)

    Any help would be great appreciated and if/when we figure it out I;ll post back about a solution.

    We ended up getting all of us on Discord (mike using his cell phone). It was a work around but an annoying one.

    Thanks a Million,
    Atsumar Cato, Cpt. -IWC Havoc

  • I could just be dense but I don’t think sails on a ship were so low that it blocked a pirate’s line of sight.

    The sails have caused several problems for me (it’s worse when the banners pop up for completed voyages or when approaching islands and such). One of them being not seeing barrels in front of me because i can’t see the seagulls or my attention is briefly diverted elsewhere and prevents me from seeing them before the waves cause the ship to dip or rise enough that the sails block the seagulls from my line of sight.

    Why do I bring this up in particular?

    The fact that kegs are now randomly spawned in the water. It’s not as bad as it was when they first were introduced when Reapers Chests were in the game, but there is the occasional bunch of barrels that have kegs in them.

    It’s annoying when I can’t see a group of seagulls which signals a bunch of barrels (you can tell the difference between barrels and shipwrecks because barrels have a small amount of seagulls that don’t fly in a particular pattern, and shipwrecks have a large flock of them and they fly in a circular motion in one spot), and I end up being the unlucky git who runs into kegs.

    It’s a few and far between chance of happening but when it does, it’s often at inconvenient times. And the explosions often knock you off your ship, and because of the slow load times you dont get back to your ship in time, or it kills you and again, slow loading times prevent you from getting back in time to save your ship.

    Merely a suggestion, unsure if anyone else shares my strife, but this is just my own suggestion and feedback.

  • Guys... Lets just say I hear from a friend that an event starts sometime soon about dble xp and gold. Logically I want to know more and I want to go to the source for accurate info. Only there is none..or you have to dig and dig to find it. You would think that if you went to the SOT homepage you could easily find out info like this. But time and time again I am disappointed.
    Ex1) The event starting tomorrow. Someone said well they tweet it out. Twitter is for announcements. Its not for Hey I need to find out more inforation about this.
    Ex2) Insiders program rewards. The most accurate up to date list of rewards and when you get them that I could find was WIKIPEDIA. Come on guys. Searching google per say only brings up the original chart put out before cannons were even part of the discussion. Why not have the detailed info about the game on the website? ok rant over. back to pirating.

  • Obviously we're missing a crucial fishing pole - the Ghost Fishing Pole. Similar to the Ashen Fishing Pole, but would glow green instead of red.

    So how do you get it?

    I thought of two options:
    1 (Better Option)) Ghost Fish - a new fish that you can only catch while your ship is in the fog. The devs could use whatever bait they want for it, but you would have to be in the fog to catch it. This gives a reason to stay in the fog, and raises the danger as you'd be spending a lot of time in the fog, susceptible to pretty much everything in the game, without being able to see anything. This fish would NOT spawn in barrels/shipwrecks, so you have to catch it.

    2(Less Good, but still OK option)) Legend Fish - this fish would ONLY spawn in the waters in the Pirate Legend's hideout, thus making it only available (theoretically) to PLs. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to catch 50, but you can only carry 5 at a time (since you can't take crates into the Legend Hideout), so you'd have to either take a crew (leaving your ship unguarded) or go back and forth to your ship.

  • This makes ship combat a sensible objective rather than just cannon farming. Everything else stays the same so players are still going after X's and the point system is the same.

    The catch is you can only start selling the reapers at the 10 minute mark. They should also start to sink pretty quickly if left alone in the water.

  • And no, I'm not talking about supplies...

    Let me explain - the other day I played Adventure long enough with an ally that we realized that we were the only ones left in the server, and we figured (rightly so, as it turns out) that we wouldn't merge servers unless we broke up the alliance and 1 of us left. So realizing this, we capitalized on it. However, as we were doing our irrespective voyages, I was hounded virtually every 5 minutes by a PvE event like a cursed ship or meg, for example.

    This is the crux of what this thread is about - do you think, from your own personal experiences, that the game's PvE resources, or encounters, increase as other crews leave the server due to less strain on the system (with the reverse, fewer PvE encounters with more crews, also being true)? Why or why not?