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    Our July update also brings various gameplay improvements, fixes, new Pirate Emporium stock and more.

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    Ashen Winds: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

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  • Recently there are more and more cheaters in the game, which makes the gameplay frustrating. Instead of enjoying the game, you wish to delete it. Examples are like: shooting from cannon one time, but in your ship are 4 holes made at once, unbelievable speed, always hit the target and never missed even if we are beyond the horizon, killing others with one swing of the sword, or defeating a boss from the new update with one blow. All this are ruining the game experience for other players and the process of reporting on in-game cheaters is too long, the nicknames are not always visible if you are not close enough and they kill you fast if you are too close. My question is: is there anyway you can make (or there already is) to kick a player from a server, or, even better, to create a clear server where you can enjoy the game? For example in GTA Online players are able to "clear" a server from other players, to be the only ones on that specific server, and just enjoy the game without cheaters. I love the game, but recently it cannot be played normally because cheaters are ruining all the experience

    • When you kill a player and they are in the revive state, we should be able to ding them with the shovel by pressing R. When you successfully pull it off it will send them to the ferry but they have to wait an extra 5 secs. The user can’t release if someone is performing the action upon them.

    • Reaper emissary can’t be seen in the map by non level 5 emissary ships.

    • Require the sniper to be scoped in to shoot precise, because the anti-cheat isn’t picking up aimbotters.

    • Kraken loot spawn on the last tentacle, which shows up on either side of the ship.

    • Players that red sea their ship get deducted gold and rep value based on the loot that was on their ship in the last 5 minutes before touching the red sea. Loot that was touched by the enemy crew doesn’t count toward the deduction.

    • Allow maxed leveled players to prestige which resets level and gives Pirate Lord title and unlocks Hardcore mode. Hardcore mode is a mode in which players have a certain amount of lives before their levels and gold are reset. In Hardcore mode red seaing your ship auto resets a players gold and levels.

    • Fix the bugs your community is submitting.

    • Remove Alliance mechanic because the game is called Sea of thieves.

    • If a player ship takes damage from another ship then they can’t put their emissary lower the flag for the next 3 minutes and all votes to lower the flag are removed.

    • Fix load times because being spawned camped isn’t fun.

    • Pets need to stay away from key areas of the ship like the helm, cannons, etc.

    • Listen to your player base.

    • Bottle quest’s have rarity levels. Have one bottle quest give a chance to unlock a super rare cosmetic.

    • Have a stack of the papers on the captain’s table to allow players to remove unwanted bottles quests.

    • A commendation to swim nautical miles to unlock a shark fin swimsuit.

    • Add sword dueling arena.

  • Nothing takes the wind out of your sails quite like having 1-2 friends log of and to be left with a rank 5 emissary galleon and short of crew. Or alternatively, being on a rank 5 sloop and having friends hugging you to join. The ability to visit the ship modifications NPC and vote to upsize or downsize a ship and retain its current emissary rank, would be eagerly welcomed by players. Even if it required a good cost and deleted all deck dropped items, it would be preferable to abandoning a good ping server and losing your current quests and emissary rank, because you want to play with friends or they have to leave.

  • Why has hit reg not been fixed yet? So far rare has only fixed certain situations of of bad hit reg (like ladder invisibility). It seems lazy that rare hasn't done a general hit reg fix. The instance that made me make this post was when I hit someone 7 times before they killed me. Imagine if you 7 tapped someone in adventure and they lived and stole all of your loot . . . With such a game breaking bug like this I fail to understand why there has not been a hit reg specific update yet.

    They should also rework sword. I believe that the range is too long and the stun is op. Fighting a sword user below deck of a boat is almost impossible because of the sword stun. The recent update made is even harder with the removal of wall bangs. The only way to counter this is to go sword yourself, and that is very unbalanced. The definition of unbalanced in a game is when you have to change your play style to counter someone else's. Its like rare is trying to destroy all the people who don't like sword.

    It's honestly unacceptable that there hasn't been an update dedicated to fixing the many bugs this game has.

    side note: it took rare two months to fix an invisibility glitch, but when ever a tall tale has a bug they hot patch it

  • We really need ranked arena so the mode is actually fun for new players

  • If a ship attaches a white flag, it could lock the harpoons and cannons for a period of time, allowing a team to surrender their boat and acknowledge their death rather than scuttling. It could encourage more player interaction during assaults, particularly for Reapers (who might need incentive to not just sink it anyway) who could posture and threaten and loot the boat and send would-be victims on their way.

  • It seems like a single bucket dump should be able to fill a water barrel by 1 level.

  • With the sword equipped and holding the block button, it would be awesome to press the F key to slide down a taught rope. Letting go of the block button, or maybe pressing jump or F, should detach you from the slide.

    This is probably tough because the ropes' angles should influence the momentum of the slide,'re all geniuses, you'll figure it out.

  • Save Custom Preset Ship Customisation

    I was playing Sea of Thieves recently and I realised I wasn’t using my ship customisations. I would love to use them more but I find it a hassle selecting them every time I open the game and want to set sail. I think an option to be able to make custom presets where you choose all the parts and there all put together to easily select for next time. This means you could equip all your ship customisation you want with one easy click.

  • Monkeys- Patch up holes if you give them wooden planks and cook food when you give them food
    Cats- Slowly auto regenerate health when nearby them
    Parrots- Bring things back to the ship, and call out events if placed in the crows nest, or nearby ships

  • This prevents mermaids from giving away tucking, and also rids the horrible mermaids spawning across the map from you. It would be more consistent and very handy

  • I think a lot of the people passionate about this game have really watched the game get into a state where pvp is rough and can genuinely lose it's fun. Fast. So far my biggest issue as of late is double gunning. On top of that, if you don't use the method, you watch people complain and be toxic. I think all methods of weapons have their own place but right now, the pc players have a major advantage. Hit registration did not get fixed. At all. I've been watching a ton of my shots go through players. I'm not a developer so I can't predict or understand fully what is going through their heads at Rare but this can't be a state of the game they are happy with right? I mean even Arena is a joke because one ship farms another and wins. That's it. Farm or lose. I love the game to death but I'm at a point where it just doesn't feel fun anymore to have a player use the double gun strat on pc melt you instantly and spawn camp. It's just sad to watch something I've been playing since launch have new players just dominate all because of a strategy/meta that there is nothing to do against other than run at them and hope they miss while you zig zag.

    It just feels like we've hit a point where some pve content gets added (which is most definitely just ashen stuff nowadays) and that's it. That's what we get. I hope to see some changes with how the flow of pvp is but until then it's get a bunch of toxic comments and flak for using anything but double guns they use and die almost instantly.

    One last thing; A easier report system is most definitely need for the game. Lots of trollers popping up as of late. I had about 5 join in and out in one session. Really rough.

  • as of right now, there is a great number of players that hop servers for a couple of reasons

    1. To find pvp
    2. To find a specific PVE event
    3. To get away from a server they are getting dominated on.

    I believe there are solutions to each of these that would absolutely take time to implement, but would make for a more consistant/fun

    1. To find pvp
      Current: players are hopping to find active servers, or if streaming, having their community hop for them to find an active server.
      Solution: enact or modify an existing faction to place you into an active PVP server.
      For those wanting to go after reapers, talk to someone in the athena's hideout to be placed in an active server with reaper level 5s by walking through a portal as a crew.
      For those wanting to go after others, Talk to someone at the reapers hideout as a group to be placed in an active server with athena's level 5 or other level 5s. This should only be for level 50+ players and legends.
      Reason: TTA in this game can put off many players from pvp and arena isnt the same

    2. To find a specific PVE event
      Current: players are hopping to find active servers, or if streaming, having their community hop for them to find an active server with the specific event
      Solution: Have ways to activate specific event on the server by completing a task or paying for gold, or teleport players through a circle after paying gold to an active server with the specific PVE event
      Reason: spending 1-2 hours on a server to activate an ashen lord spawn or other even that is needed will put off players from wanting to perform the actions

    3. To get away from a server they are getting dominated on.
      no changes needed, this works well, but perhaps a method of the universe putting sympathy on these players by putting them in a kinder server would be good.

  • I've been playing since day 1, and I think this game is a prime example of how games should be supported by publishers after release. Having said that, I tend to step away from this game for months at a time because of toxic experiences.

    Most times it feels like you have a better chance finding a Shrouded Ghost than a session free of griefers. That's what has made it most difficult to try to get a friend to learn (or even enjoy) this game; well that and the spawn camping. I originally suggested this game to her as an example of one with unique and fun exploration aspects, but there's only so much on the Ferry of the Damned to explore.

    Yet if you ask anybody about this game's toxicity, you always get a variation of the same response: "well, it is a pirate game." Fair point. But most pirates also offered their victims a chance to join their crew before leaving or killing them—but that part of pirate history is often forgotten.

    Furthermore, that justification does little to account for the various other missions, events, and activities in the game that don't require the griefing of other players. Clearly that isn't enough for some—certain players have more money than they can spend—so it seems they just search out new players (who can barely make $1,000 a voyage) to sink.

    Ultimately, I'm just curious what the developers themselves think of this game and their take on some of these questions:

    • Could you envision a "defensive mode" (as can be found in Rockstar's games) to prevent griefing from other players?
    • Do you think there will ever be a mode in this game for players who would prefer to explore instead of fighting?
    • Do you agree with this "pirate game" sentiment, and the laissez-faire, "boys will boys" attitude that many of the players seem to have?
  • It takes 2 athenas to get to lvl 5, that is 4 or 5 hours of complete attention in a game with no pausing or whatever, that’s insanely ridiculous

  • I've been playing this game two years now, and I've acquired A LOT of cosmetics. While having customization is great, the cosmetics on xbox load slow and going through 40+ pages of cosmetics can be tedious. Granted it's a monster of my own design, but what else am I supposed to spend my millions on?

    That said "presets" would be a godsend. Just the option to swap between styles for different ships or different things your trying to do. I think 4 would be a magic number for Clothing presets:

    1. For Stealth (you know everyone will have one)
    2. "Your" favorite unique style
    3. Ship Matching
    4. Matching your friends.

    This is a much needed quality of life addition to the game. Especially for the year+ players, but good for all pirates however experienced overall. This could also be applied to ships. Seeing as ships are shared by all crew having 4 seems like overkill as people on your crew will likely nitpick things. 2 Presets on Ships be good overall I think.

    Think about how much time this will save you overall? Whats the first two things you do when you spawn into a server?

    1. fill up from barrels.
    2. customize your ship.

    As you play #2 takes longer and longer to do. It may only take 45-120+ seconds but add that up over a month or a year. That's a lot of saved time not wasted in menus!!!!!

    I could live without the ship presets, but the clothing is big one where presets are very much wanted and needed by players.

    PS. The female clothing has gotten better but the pants are still awful. As much as I dont mind seeing a 300lbs male pirate in a dress, I also would like my female pirate to have female clothing that didnt just drape over every other customization or look... well bad. New skirts/pants/tops for female pirates please!!!

  • I have this crazy idea to improve your game, take a 1 month break from adding new content and focus on fixing the load times..... I know i know its a crazy idea, but it would seriously improve the game for a lot of people. Because taking 10 minutes to mermaid to you're boat is bull. Everyone who plays this game knows how stupid the load times are.

  • The only cosmetics implemented now are through duke? why? add new cosmetics to all of the stores. These color changes to old skins are boring. The last good thing that happened to cosmetics was with the extra feminine clothes, and I only like them cause my character is female.

    Ship cosmetics from duke... why have they sold a new flaming sail over and over? and nothing else? some tattoos... okay tattoos, that is hardly interesting.

    None of the cosmetics are worth working for recently. I wanted the unicorn one for order ghost fleets but even then the commendation was longer than i wanted, ill probably get it eventually but MAN! The cosmetics just arent interesting anymore, flame item after flame item after flame item, and they couldve released ghost gear with the ghost update too, and didnt.

    Really I just want cosmetics also being added to the regular store and not just duke.

  • WE ALL KNOW how lack luster pirate legend is. So here are some things I wish pirate legend had that would provide little to no advantage but still feel like you have gained from it.
    Pirate Legend Privileges:
    The Pirate Legend Hideout can be used to spawn your ship at any outpost unless it is occupied or has a ship nearby. Cannot be used shortly after being sunk
    Purchasable Tools:
    Merchant Alliance- Crates of Food, Planks, and Canon Balls
    Gold Hoarder- Empty chests
    Shipwright- Rowboats
    Order of Souls- Ammo Crates
    Hunter's Call- Supply Crates
    Reapers- Gun powder barrels
    Sea Dogs- Bomb Crates
    Tavern- Free Grog (make everyone else pay lol)

    So basically give something nice to us pirate legends PLEASE!

  • The game should introduce a alliance chat into the game so more players could form a alliance and be able to talk to each other no matter how far away they are so if they need help or anything one member of the alliance can head there way and hive them all the help they need

  • If anyone has play the recent title Ghost of Tsushima then you know about this. If you haven't then in the game you occasionally come across a wild fox that will lead you to a shrine, if you manage follow it. I was thinking this would be another good way to get loots that aren't marked by seagulls or quests. Maybe we follow a new animal type to a dig site or follow a new ocean creature to randomly spawned floating loot.

  • Hey there, Not sure where to go to report this but found a funny bug where if you sink a ghost ship and try to harpoon the sinking ship, you might accidentally fling it across the map. Me and my friends thought this was really funny but loot and everything goes away with it so watch out.

  • I’ve been playing the game since launch and I feel that the game could use more wildlife. This would make the game feel more alive and active. Some additions I would like to see are wolves, crabs, sea turtles, sting rays, manta rays, and maybe even mermaids that you can fight. I would also like to see different bosses like a Sea serpent or a large crab boss.

  • Разработчики, сделайте так чтобы игроки которые потопили свой корабль, автоматически через минуту возвращались на него. Просто крысы сидящие на форпостах уже достали.

  • If there were npc trade ships to loot I think that would both satisfy players’ boredom while keeping other players safe from potential bullying by said bored players. There could be varying types of merchants, maybe each faction can have its own unique type, and attacking them could lower favor with that faction (which gives Pirate Legends something to do too once they’ve maxed out favor), and there could even be a goal of getting negative favor!
    Perhaps there could even be a wanted level which after attacking enough merchants would result in being hunted down by a ten gun man of war to fight too, ensuring a continuing interesting challenge no matter what level the player is

  • The cooking times are quite long. I definately think cooking should range from the 30 sec. to 1 min. range. Or at the very least, reduce the amount of time it takes to cook megaladon/kraken meat. Thoughts?

  • I’ve seen another post about this so I’ll keep it simple: a forward cannon. The advantage it gives I feel is small enough that it’s justified by the massive amount of time it takes to become a Pirate Legend. The Pirate Legend needs something more to look forward to and I think that addition specifically would make it easier to show off too!

  • Double Gunning is a strong thing, money is at an all time high with not much to buy, so how about this! When you die, you lose your weapons (excluding the sword) and you have to pay for your weapons back in the weapon locker on the Ferry of the Damned.

    All weapons cost $250 to purchase back. When you buy a new weapon skin, you get a free weapon use.

    Also New Ammo Types:
    Grog Bullets- Makes your enemies drunk
    Incendiary Bullets- Sets your enemy on fire
    Poison Bullets- Poisons the enemy
    Kraken Bullets- Ink the enemies screen

    Okay thats all the interesting things I can think of

  • Hi
    Anyone got any tips for defending yourself during a battle?

  • Hello everyone,
    I dont know if this was talked about or not but having different masks on the Reapers Bones costume would be really cool. There are several masks that could be added into the mix and you would change masks at the Reapers Hideout.

    Default Masks
    These masks would be the current mask, a sad mask, a happy mask, and a blank mask. These masks are a base masks that would be able to be equipped for free.

    Reputation Masks
    These masks would be available based on your reputation in Reapers Bones. The highest mask having horns or something noticeable. Other masks could have a skeleton face engraved into the mask. Basically improved masks.

    Thank you

  • There is not enough time in the world to tell you how much I DESPISE Cargo Runs. Literally 99% of the time I want to do a Merchant Animal Run, it is always Cargo Runs. Even though I swap servers, or buy them out, or wait till 6am Cargo runs for days, but never Animal Runs. There should be an option to buy both. Like the Order of Souls, you can buy Captain Voyages, or the Ghost Ship Battle. Its VERY hard to work on Animals if you force us to do Cargos.

  • I like that the pvp is very balanced but i still think that the game needs more of a goal in terms of making gold, i think the game should add some upgrades available for purchase that help add variety to the pvp of the game without breaking the fair system.

    Upgrades that add pros and cons to your ship such as a battering ram that makes your ship slower but deals damage to ramming into ships, there was a forum i read on it before with lots of ideas that i think should be implemented. I get the game wants to be fair to new players but i think this can still be achieved if you have upgrades that are not game breaking but still offer something more than cosmetics to strive for.

  • If you have a pet, wouldn't it be nice to use it for something? What if you're on an island and you find a goblet, or a mermaid gem but don't want to take it back to the ship? Give it to your pet! They can carry it back to the ship while you keep looking for more treasure.

    Just an idea.