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  • Guy's as a solo player you need to tone back the PVE. I've lost count on how many time's I have been sunk by multiple threats at the same time in the game. The last time I was sunk because I had the Kraken, Ghost ship and Volcano all at the same time! It isn't fun, and I can't be the only solo player who feel's that way or who this happen's to on a regular basis!

    Having one of the sea threats (Kraken, Meg, Ghost ship) wouldn't be so bad, but not multiple together...

    A side note about the Kraken. You guy's seriously need to think about revamping it because in it's current form the Kraken is pointless and only severs as a annoyance, I would be very surprised if a small number of your player base even kill's it, or enjoy's it in the game for that matter. The Kraken's mechanic's are annoying and again not fun. Also I have lost count on how many time's I have started the game, and with in less then two minute's from sailing away from the out post the Kraken appears! It's faster to just leave game and join another server then waste the time getting out of its way.

  • The gameplay is fun but it feels empty when all you can really do is get aesthetics for your character and ship.
    Will we ever see a skill tree where you could buy a limited skill set?
    Thing's that wouldn't affect pvp too much like:
    Bigger bucket
    Carry more wood
    Carry more food
    Stable telescope
    Fast repairer
    Deep breath
    See treasure from far away
    Speedy ladder climber

    I dunno I'm spit balling here, it would be more fun if your character was personalized and you had something real to work towards other than just "another skin" I have bought all the skins I want. What else is there to buy really?

  • I’ve been playing SoT for years and I’ve always enjoyed earning new cosmetics for my pirate and ship, making various unique outfits and ship sets with my friends.

    But one thing that we have been struggling with is maintaining a constant interest in the game. Like any game that requires you to grind in order to progress and earn rewards in can be hard to find the motivation to focus on a goal. Commendation hunting can only keep you busy for so long and soon enough you will have all of the cosmetics you’ve wanted.

    This is why I think Rare should add in a new personal pirate hideout (Similar to that of the lobby in the Arena). Where you can load into relax, wander about, interact with your friends and mess around. There’s also so much you could do with customising your own hideout. Such as change the layout and decor, mannequins that have preset outfits on display, trophy room that can display your various achievements, have your pets roaming around, etc.

    To add to the incentive of becoming a pirate legend you could make it so that only legends unlock this hideout, and that you can enter it by opening up the stairs to the legend hideout. But instead of going through the portal to the legend hideout you can take another one to your personal one.

    This is just a rough idea but I feel like it would add a new major aspect to the game that would help more players stay interested for the long term.

  • Past few nights while sailing with reapers on we've came across 3 crews that we have caught up with and just as we board they back out to the main menu, Resulting in were losing out on that flag because it dosnt leave it behind, Starting to get annoyed with it now, think there should be some sort of penalty to players that do it just cause they don't want to lose the flag to the reapers crew.

  • It would be nice if your in a full crew and a friend logs in and wants to play that he or she could join the same server you are on just like if they were going to join your crew. Any chance of this happening?

  • I think we should give way to the latest arrivals to obtain objects belonging to old events.
    especially the sails for donations should be perennial.
    all in a sort of special market

    what do you think?

  • Question:
    Are there any plans to remove the chance of Skeleton Sloops/Galleon attacks for soloplayers?
    There is literally nothing i can do but to watch how they tear my ship apart.
    I cannot repair and shoot at the same time let alone make sure that my ship is in position to fire or not run into an island.
    It is just really annoying when you just grinded a [mod edit] for hours have your captains cabin loaded with loot and then get destroyed by npcs.

    Please either remove it or decrease the accuracy of skeleton ships against solos (down to the point where they hit only 1/2 out of 10 shots) because this is literally unplayable.

    On the same note maybe introduce a matchmaking where only solo and duos, duos and 3man, 3man and 4 man get into the same server.
    Getting farmed as solo/duos by a 4 man galleon is no fun either

  • I'd be happy if they were gone altogether it feels dumb.
    When players chase you or you chase them they can shoot over to your ship with no consequence for failing, just get a mermaid, dumb.
    What? The mermaids are just there all the time? Hanging out to "instantly teleport" you to your ship?
    At least make players hold on while they swim you back or something or just make them not spawn if team-mates are still on your ship.
    It really takes away from cannon battles when people are solely focused on getting on to your ship rather than using the cannons.
    If mermaids were less common sea combat would be more tactical and more fun.

  • How about the chest for Arena doesn't attribute to Silver but it has its own counter

    How does this work? You play the mode normally. You turn in a chest then your team has 1 chest turned-in. Now, the other teams need to score a chest turn-in point (or the winning team can turn-in a chest for an extra point - thus helping secure a win).

    At the end of the round, the winner goes to the team that has the most chest turn-ins.

    If two or more teams have an equal amount of turn-ins then the team with the most silver in that category win the match.

    Its clear that Rare take awhile with this game mode, so this idea would probably be for Arena 3.0 next year. We can't even get a much needed increase from the 1000 Silver in our current game mode.

    But in the future, I think having the chest (or if they add more in the game mode) would work better if it wasn't attributed to the Silver mechanics. I think the silver point system is fine for those ships as is and it will play in part to what I already described. And this change would mean the chest is much more valuable in its own way.

  • Been playing Arena and it’s fun, but too difficult to earn 20 wins for the third Achievement: FIGUREHEAD OF COURAGE.

    We haven’t won a single match let alone 20 matches.

    The goal should be 5 matches or tops 10, but definitely not 20.

  • As much as I enjoy the thought of a single spot rewarding the multiplier, you know... for the PVP FACTION (snort), I must say I think the design idea is severely lacking.

    We got the spooky outpost with the nice ambience and skybox but it feels too forced after all and it does not suit the theme of pirates who want to control the piratlife in the entire SoT
    ... to just hang out at a single outpost instead of spreading out.

    So why not put spooky, a little skelly styled outposts into the game similar to that one station in the Arena, just more worn down and spooky, maybe smaller and have two or three of them in the game.
    And everywhere you can sell in your loot with the multiplier.

    I do feel the Reapers are just at a complete disadvantage from a pure PvP perspective.

    ° They are always visible and will more or less alert others just for being Reapers ( yeah there are these kind of people who totally forget all other kinds of ships can still attack you as well )

    ° They must use advanced tactics and sneaks to actually catch vigilant people most of the time and even then, if the innitial ambush is repelled, a chase will ensue which can take so long only the gods know how long
    ^ And while runners with a ship of the same seize can always just bypass random outposts and savely sell in for no risk. But the Reapers? Everybody knows their only true point of interest. Its just unfair! (x2)

    The Reapers hideout is very cool. I also like how it has been progressed in creation over months now and you could gradually witness the changes leading to this.
    This really helps to create the feeling of a living, breathing world.
    After all Rare could just not do this and suddenly put some kind of big faction house somewhere.
    ( Like the map-centre I believe? Did it came suddenly? Oh well thats another story. )

    But one outpost alone is not enough. Being a Reaper, even if you are one of these pure PvE farmer Reapers, its just not balanced how you take like 75% of all the PvP risks and others can stay hidden and sell their stuff in at various locations.

    But the same "non PvP faction people" have these massive PvP advantage on their side of being able to PvP ambush reliable at the only location with a multiplier.
    Does not truly makes much sense to me.

  • Lesedi and Demarci's tips are outdated...

  • I hope everyone is healthy, safe, and enjoying their time on the Seas during these times of staying at home.

    I'll start this post by providing a little background into my experience with Sea of Thieves and Arena specifically. I've been playing since Beta and play nearly every day. I'm an Achievement and Commendation chaser (e.g. "Completionist") and love the challenge of chasing the checkmarks. I thoroughly enjoy this game and love all the experiences it provide both myself and my crew. We have created countless number of stories and love reminiscing about them. In Arena, my crew has all achieved Legendary Sea Dog, obtained all the weapons and ship components, and loved playing Arena in general regardless if we were chasing a commendation. Our Arena Captain has 900+ wins under her belt, and the rest of our crew have individually 500+ wins per crew member. Suffice to say, we love playing this game. I don't say any of this to brag, but to give some background into our experience level so any criticisms I have around Arena 2.0 come from a place of vast experience with OG Arena (or Arena 1.0).

    With that being said, my crew recently completed the new Competition of Courage, obtaining all the new cosmetics associated with the event. (As a quick aside, I love these little mini events that Rare has recently released first with the Fishing event and now with the Arena event, it brings back that feeling of time-limited events from days of old) This Competition of Courage was my crews first experience with Arena 2.0. We hadn't watched any streams or read any previous forum posts prior to starting the event.

    Arena 1.0 required a true COMPLETE crew to be successful. The whole crew needed to be competent PvP pirates, but not necessarily professionals including pirate on pirate or ship on ship. The whole crew needed to be quite aware and mind the ship including sails, repairs, watch ladders for boarders, put out fires, etc. Members of the crew needed to be quite proficient at reading maps quickly and locating dig locations on the fly. Members of the crew needed to be able to accurately shoot off the ship and board others to catch their anchor. The crew needed to be able to develop a solid strategy based on the available maps and try to execute on the strategy. Arena 1.0 felt like a true TEAM competition. It felt like a condensed, exciting Sea of Thieves experience. Every member of our crew had their own job for which they excelled and we were able to leverage those strengths for wins.

    Overall, my crew was quite disappointed with Arena 2.0. No longer does this mode feel like much Sea of Thieves skill is needed. It feels like a glorified game of dodge-ball or bumper cars. After only a few games, we discovered the meta of the mode is now locate the ship which is the slowest to get underway sail over to that ship, send someone off to anchor and lock the ship down, and cannon away until a win is achieved. The BLUE glowing chest is quite meaningless at this point as a crew can achieve the same amount of points with 25 cannonballs, which 3 cannons firing on a stationary ship doesn't take long to achieve. No longer does this mode require any sort of strategy. It felt like complete chaos and, for my crew at least, took away any enjoyment of the mode. I was also made aware that in the recent streams of Arena lately, many crews have taken the initial action of grabbing a pocketful of supplies, and immediately scuttling their ship to ensure more supplies. While it may be an effective way to get more initial supplies, it seems to take away from the spirit of the competition by sinking your own ship.

    Arena 1.0 wasn't without it's faults. 1) Lobby wait times were astronomical which seemed to be caused by open crews. In the handful of Arena 2.0 matches, it doesn't seem like the Open Crew issue has been fixed as in a number of lobbies, a single player would hold up an otherwise entirely full lobby for 10-20 minutes. 2) Spawn locations could sometimes screw a crew if the maps were generated in unfavorable locations to their initial spawn location. This could have been alleviated with an idea of a single, centralized map to start the event, followed by more randomly generated maps throughout the match. 3) Jackpot islands, or multiple maps generating concurrently on single island could cause a runaway leader issue. Limiting the number of a chests on a single island, and a mechanism to prevent an immediate repeat map may have been a solution to these issues as well. 4) The duration of each match was quite long (~24 minutes) and for those that are chasing the Legendary Sea Dog commendation, this is a significant time commitment. The 15 minute time limit in Arena 2.0 seems to have fixed that to an extent, but with the original mode removed from the game, there is no way to determine how the shorter time limit would have affected Arena 1.0 gameplay.

    As I noted, Arena 1.0 is no longer, and Arena 2.0 just doesn't feel fun anymore to my crew. In fact, there is a strong feeling of loathing for this new mode. So much so, that we have no desire to play Arena now that we've completed the Competition of Courage. There are many who may really enjoy this new Arena, and more power to you. I'm glad the developers were able to create a new mode that you enjoy, but that condensed Sea of Thieves competition and experience just isn't there anymore for my crew. RIP Arena 1.0. We'll miss you.

  • Server merges this weekend have been out of control. If this is a sign of things to come, I worry about the future. I shouldn't be merged 10 times a play session. It is irritating and disruptive. I'm tired of every 20-30 minutes, having to sit through a merge, then having to check to see how many level 5 reapers I've been thrown to and adjust my plans to compensate. I understand the desire to move players around to keep the servers populated, but at some point you need to just let people play their game. If the issue is server costs... Rare should provide the option for rented servers. You'll get a lot more money out of me for that than for a digital cat.

  • Please fix the Arena lockout.
    I understand what it was intended for, but with this game so buggy and difficult with either lag, bad crews, spawn killing, etc, there should be some allowances.
    Yesterday, I was playing ALL DAY on my one day off hoping to get a good crew to help me get A WIN for the Competition of Courage. When my friends were ready to play SOT, we didn't like the crews we were going against in the LOBBY, and quit right before a match was ready to start--Strike 1.
    Next game, I was stuck in the loading images while my crew was already playing. After 5 minutes, I quit to rejoin--Strike 2, locked out for 30 minutes! Thanks SOT!
    One of my friends loaded into the game, but literally couldn't do anything, couldn't raise anchor, lower sails, switch weapons, so he quit and also got locked out.
    --You should also be able to quit in the LOBBY if one of the other crews is constantly swearing or using vulgarities, something I don't want to listen to or subject my son to either.
    --You should be able to quit if you are the last crew member on a galleon. Seriously, how is sailing a galleon solo fun for anybody?
    --You should be able to quit if you have a horrible crew, one that constantly drops anchor, or steers the ship in circles or into the Red Sea, or drops anchor to fire cannons at the outpost, or throws firebombs on their own ship, etc. I literally have played with them all and this is my reality on my path to trying to get the Competition of Courage figurehead or Legendary Sea Dog.
    I give up.

  • so i have a 240hz monitor when i play the game on any graphical setting the game caps me at 120fps or 80fps depending on the area i am. however if i stream the game on discord for my friends the 120 is uncapped and get nearly 200fps?! can anyone help me out of a way to fix this without having to stream on discord? i also have vsync 0ff

  • Before I start, the goal here is a to add a sense of progression for each play session that is exciting and addictive but still maintains the purity of having every crew start from scratch with the same exact equipment each time they log in.

    I have an idea. Add a new faction and voyage category. The Blacksmith. The object of the voyages would be to find weapons in various ways. Weapons will also appear in the world organically like chests and Skelly bosses. Some will he found on islands. Others will be held and used against the player by skeletons you run into in the world.

    These weapons can be equipped by you and there will be a large variety of them. Think throwing daggers. Duel weild swords. Maybe variants of preexisting weapons. A Poison sword or a fire sniper.

    You can sell these weapons to the Blacksmith faction or you can continue using them for the remainder of your play session. You lose all these weapons when you quit and start from scratch each time you sign in.

    If you don't like the faction idea, you could have weapons come in 3 base varients. Bone, gold, and regular. You can sell them to the skull, gold, for trading preexisting factions respectively.

    I just think it would be exciting not knowing what weapon you may find and how it will actually change the way you play during that session. It would be addictive hoping you find a super rare weapon varient. Knowing you will lose it when you log out or sell it, players will want to continue playing even longer. Plus it's another type of loot to sell that you can actually interact with and use.

  • Does anyone honestly still enjoy sot?

  • Sword lunge when you have been damaged now animates completely, and deals no damage. This results in a new weakness for sword users, and the so called smoothness improvements are actually not smooth at all. Sword registration on hits has also fallen down. It is not surprising to have to slash an enemy 5-6 times to kill them.

    I dont know what causes this, but if a lunge is interrupted it should actually be interrupted. and you should be able to defend yourself. In the old days if you took a hit during charging up a lunge, it would cancel your lunge and you would get the oppurtunity to defend yourself from further damage and death. :)

    Swords and gun players alike now have to use their opponents movements and reactions to judge whether or not we have damaged them, because the game fails to tell us accurately. While I did not care much for this before, as I have grown as a player it hurts more and more.

  • Hello. I love the idea behind the new arena. Everything about capture the chest was done right. Except the points. Now people actively seek out weak and empty galleons to farm 5000 points with the cannons.

    Now, if i want to farm kills in open crew, I no longer can because they die to one broadside and I have no uptime on the enemy crew, who is actively avoiding threatening enemies, as the unfortunate meta dictates they should be.

    No actual piracy is happening in arena. No epic escapes from the enemy ship with the chest in hand. Sloops has it done right. Because they are normally strong players who dont let someone farm 1000 on the cannon off of them. The chest matters.

    ACTUAL PIRACY happens in sloop arena. In galleon arena it does not. And something has to be done about that.

    Maybe the chest needs to be so important that it is worth sinking to capture it, or row off with it and make an epic escape while men hop off your rowboat to anchor your pursuers. anything really. Just make chest better

  • All three of theses encounters happen at the same time and it’s overkill and is so unfair the kraken stops you from moving while crushing the ship while the megladon and the skeleton ship and constantly putting holes in the ship and this has happened twice causing us to lose everything

  • Stop updating the game and just fix the bugs and the game. We have been playing a buggy game for over 2 years because you keep focusing on updates. STOP IT.

    Whenever I switch weapons too quickly like from sword to gun when it pulls out the gun, the game will switch back to my sword. This happens visa versa.

    Next when I'm on a cannon and select something to load, the game loads a cannon ball instead of whatever I am selecting. That is killing me when I want to use chain shot or blunder bomb or even cursed cannon balls.

    Then theres when I'm eating food, the character eats it, goes through the animation and then no health and I check and the food has not been eaten. Doesn't happen all the time but often enough that its annoying.

    Please Rare stop updating this game and just freaking fix the game. PLEASE! So many other bugs in the game.

    QOL change - Please for the love of god fix some of the UI and make this game full screen. I hate opening a barrel trying to grab something and I end up placing items into the barrel, or when I'm trying to grab something out of a barrel or select something where my mouse is on the corner of the screen and the taskbar comes up and I have to move the mouse, tab back into the game, and then try to not die.


  • That happens 90% of games, im bored.
    Ofc both players leave and ship become free points for someone. That is the main problem of arena.
    Just dont start game without FULL TEAM.

  • I'm sure im not the only one asking the ability to customize ones character and the random character generation is driving me absolutely insane.

    First it is very annoying that I cant lock it to male or female. (You could have an option for M lock, F lock and Both)

    Having an 'Option' for random would be better and maybe not roundtable where I have to spend time rotating the screen to see all my options.

    And Most of all. I want to be able to make my character myself! I usually try to make my characters look like me and I just cant do this in the current system. Not to mention most of the women are either very ugly or could be mistaken for guys with a female body.
    All your in game women are usually fairly nice and have a great character appearance and personality but the randomizer is horrible at getting that same look.

    Please, please please, for the sake of my sanity and my time (which you have to spend a hell of a lot of it to get even one that's half decent, that then you are not spending actually playing the game) allow your players to be able to chose the features of their characters from lists, not only random!!! I beg you...

  • I think that adding a Third person viewing mode would be cool. You can not only show off your new gear to your crew and friends, but also to yourself without the need of using a gesture.

  • The current system for Voting down the Emissary flag is too easy. If a player or their ship has been engaged in combat there needs to be a timer of some sort to prevent running to outpost, crashing into the island and voting down the flag. It makes playing as the Reapers Bones with the recent flag changes a chase system with no combat.

    1. Once in combat a timer begins somewhere in the range of 20-30 minutes until it resets, or if the ship you are in combat in is sunk you can then vote the flag down.
    2. You should be required to have the anchor down to vote the flag down. The reason because people will run to an outpost and circle the island shooting each crew member one by one to vote down the flag, preventing any chance of earning a flag.
    3. Emissary Bonus voyage should require Grade 5 Flag to be up while doing it. It's illogical to have an "Emissary Voyage" being done without representing that company at grade 5. You could technically have a different company's flag up and do it at the moment, which defeats the purpose of "representing" said company.
    4. Could make voting down the flag create a timer until you can represent that company again, unless you reached grade 5 and completed the emissary voyage proving you are truly there to represent the company.

    It's frustrating enough to deal with players that don't want to fight while running an emissary flag and it becomes a chase for any amount of time until they crash into an outpost to vote their flag down. Removing the "High Risk" from the High Risk - High Reward System in which it's supposed to be.

    I love the new system, but with some tweaks it could be phenomenal.

  • Add Black Market Archive voyages to make the mercenary voyages a little easier like gifts, rag and bone crates and the Chest of Rage ones.

  • One place of interest has been receiving a lot of attention since Legends of the Sea, that being Wanderer's Refuge which holds an important meaning if you took part in the Cursed Sails update, so I figured why not create a TallTale based around it?

    Introducing the new TallTale:

    The Wandering Inferno

    News of Flameheart's resurrection and the events of Heart of Fire has reached the ears of everyone including Wonda, who worries that her sister has returned and is aiding them, so in response has requested pirates all over to investigate.

    Main Plot
    LOCATION: Wonda's Workshop - Golden Sands Outpost

    Wonda talks about what has happened regarding Flameheart returning and the events of Heart of Fire. She then talks about her past and relationship regarding her sister towards the events of Cursed Sails (albeit negatively). Worried that her sister may or has already returned, she gives the player her sister's diary detailing her sister's thoughts before and during Cursed Sails as she hopes it gives them a clue regarding her return or not.

    Chapter 1: Clues on Wanda
    The first step will be heading towards Plunder Valley to speak with Salty to learn some more about Wanda (Head-Canon: The player is not aware of the events of Cursed Sails), Salty talks about how he met her and the eventual events before talking about her Workshop on Wanderer's Refuge, he then talks that due to Flameheart's resurrection, it's possible that she is rebuilding the Burning Blade.

    He tells the player that there is a labyrinth like cavern-system beyond her workshop but could only be accessed with a special key, he then warns the player that the cavern is armed with traps and other obstacles. Salty then hands over some of his notes to the player of a possible location for the key.

    Chapter 2: The Key to it All
    Reading the notes, the player will go to one of the following islands (which is random), each being an important location for Wanda, along with a puzzle solution.
    (The locations are based on her Journals, plus neither of them have a vault yet either)

    • Mermaid's Hideaway
    • Thieves Heaven
    • The Sunken Grove

    The notes reveal a special kind of vault built by Wanda herself at one of the three locations, the entrance doors to the vaults are covered in multiple buttons along with a centre button that confirms the solution.

    The riddle's answers are based on the symbols on the buttons (which are Skeletal Glyphs) the player has to guess three character symbols correctly or else the door won't open.
    (I haven't come up with anything if the player gets it wrong but I was thinking of a trap to activate if they get it wrong but that would make it too difficult).

    The inside of the vault is themed around each of the three main regions with their own obstacle.
    Journal will be important for these sections.

    • Mermaid's Hideaway: Themed around the Shores of Plenty, the player will have to solve a puzzle (what kind is up to interpretation) with a trap that starts flooding the room, basically acting similarly to that of regular Ancient Vaults).
    • Thieves Haven: Themed around the Ancient Isles, the player will have to solve a puzzle (what kind is up to interpretation) with a trap that activates a spiked ceiling that slowly lowers (think of the Jill Sandwich scene in Resident Evil).
    • The Sunken Grove: Themed around The Wilds, the player will have to battle skeletons for this segment.

    Upon completing the chamber, the player will then obtain the Crystal Heart (A crystal in the shape of Flameheart's Insignia) and then travel towards Wanderer's Refuge.

    The player will then head towards Wanderer's Refuge and enter Wanda's Workshop, through reading the journal on how to open Workshop door. The player will make their way through the cavern until reaching the chamber where Flameheart's Burning Blade Figurehead is meant to be only to find it missing.

    A rock with Flameheart's insignia painted on it is also in the main chamber and has a hole in it that oddly looks like something fits in it. The Crystal Heart will be inserted into the hole revealing the rock to be a door leading much deeper underground, beginning the final chapter of the TallTale.

    Chapter 3: The Wandering Inferno
    The player will navigate the large labyrinth like cave system, whilst dodging numerous traps, including some new traps, skeletons, etc.
    (Think of it as the Shores of Gold and Heart of Fire cavern, but much bigger)

    Some of these possible new traps are:

    • Poison Dart Trap: Shoots a dart of poison (via pressure plate usually) and poisons the player.
    • Cannon Trap: Automatic/pressure-plated) Cannons that shoot out Spiked Cannonballs that will instantly kill the player (the cannons are automatically loaded each time and aren't possible to loot)
    • Trapdoor: A trap where upon standing on it will cause the player to fall, this can either lead to a new chamber, backtrack or death.
    • Crossbow Trap: An automatic/pressure-plated trap that shoots out arrows that damage the player (not sure if they should be instant or not).

    After fighting skeletons and dodging traps, the player will reach the end of the maze revealing a door that leads into the final room (the player can hear voices which from the sounds of it sounds like someone speaking to another person, similar to that of a mother comforting their child).

    Upon opening the door, the player will find the Masked Stranger now unmasked revealing to be Captain Warsmith (has been somewhat confirmed that she is Wanda) and Stitcher Jim having now completed his transformation.

    Captain Warsmith talks about how she found and used Stitcher Jim and reveals that the Burning Blade is nearing its completion, she then teleports up to a balcony and proceeds to watch Jim's and Player's battle for amusement.

    The Player battles and eventually defeats the Ashen Lord with Wanda commenting that Jim has yet to master his new-found power (who teleports next to Wanda) and that he will need time to do so, plus they will find more candidates to become Ashen Lords with Wanda herself expressing that she has already volunteered to be the next candidate, she then throws an item from the balcony before leaving with Jim.

    The item is revealed to be a child's drawing of the two sisters, the player will then leave through a secret passageway and make their way back to Golden Sands.
    Once arriving, the player will hand the drawing over to Wonda, who expresses sadness at what her sister has become revealing that she actually deeply cares for her before saying that the drawing was made by a very young Wanda.
    Wonda then expresses that Warsmith handing the drawing over to the player is a hint that Wanda is still in there and can be saved from her torment. Wonda asserts her new goal to help all pirates in the eventual battle against Flameheart and avenging those who became his victims.

    Anyways that the main plot/idea for the TallTale, obviously its just a concept but hopefully it acts as some inspiration for an eventual new one.

    What are your thoughts?

  • If you're doing a Tall Tale, it would be nice to have an option to fly a flag letting others know you are doing a Tall Tale.

    I think it might actually help reduce Tall Tale crews being attacked.

    I don't do them very often, but I always feel a little bad after sinking a ship who only had Tall Tale items.

  • Ok let's say, for the sake of argument that rare did make private servers. You need to pay for them and you get dropped into your own world where your friends can load in as opposing ships....

    To the pvpers...why constantly say "go play another game", "omg everyone server hops or red seas when I'm coming" etc? If the private server team gets what they want then the only change in the game is you will be able to engage in more pvp battles and have less runners? I assume that is the point right? Pop up a reaper flag and leave the game hours later with epic battle stories instead of hours wasted chasing one boat? With private servers rare gets more income so that's more content for everyone and you have less time wasted with "casuals"...sounds like a win win to me?? I also suggested making reapers more like arena..getting credit for pure 100% pirate battles! Rep for kills, cannon shots, sinking etc make the rep LITERALLY about the battle! If you leave it with flags you will leave it in the hands of the pve and they will run and waste your time. I'm sure some of you found ways to handle it..but in general I'm sure you all have dealt with runners, server hoppers, flag droppers or red sea killers and can understand a system promoting the heat of battle would make more sense! I want you guys to have fun too and as of now although it is a pvpve game...its not really either and its having a hard time identifying. Neither side is very happy, rare has given updates to both sides...and while neither side agrees..neither side is wrong either. It's all about giving you the pirate battles you why not give the runners and quitters what they want and let them leave? It just spells more fun for you in the long run!

    To the pve side - rare used to like alliances. I remember teaming up to fight the big meg, working together to find all the skelle thrones, even now there are commendations requiring multiple teams to be at a skull giving etc so many stories were made from those encounters and most of my SOT friends came from those times. Private servers makes sense for you too because (not just to avoid the toxic crowd) you can team up with your friends..engage in playful pirate fights, take down the meg like the old days (yes I'm suggesting bringing it back), find those darn thrones and create your own stories! One of the biggest hiccups in the game is having to force you to quit a game and reload a boat mid mission and lose all your work just to let a friend join. Instead...they wanna come? Np load in on your own boat! When they leave you are unaffected also! I also encourage rare to add more difficult pve in the game that requires more crews. The huge meg return, a more dangerous kraken, a boss like gold hoarder that can get summoned and takes multiple crews to take down...a manowar skelle ship you need to gang up on! You name it! This game has so many possibilities! I dont want any of you to quit! I want you all to play and walk away with amazing stories!

    My point is that while the pvp and pve side may not agree I believe private servers is beneficial to both parties. I can see how all the chasing, flag drops etc can be frustrating and how more epic battles are necessary but I also love the idea of battling my friends on their own boat or going on grand adventures just to enjoy the game too!

    Also the big pushback...using private servers to grind forts, Fotd, emmisary etc and skipping out on the threat of the game. Reminder they are paying extra money per month to play that way...also rare could easily add more waves of skelle..make em harder...make skelle ships hunt the player there are ways to keep it difficult and not a free pass to grind forts.

    I'm in no way suggesting breaking the game. I literally want both sides to be happy and they clearly arent..maybe the private server isnt such a bad idea?

  • Hopefully Rare will be taking the proper steps to combat cheaters since the game will be on steam. A manual review aint going to cut it on this one. we NEED an anti cheat to get rid of the blatant cheaters. Destiny 2 is a perfect example. Game came to steam LAST October, the game is literally unplayable due to cheaters STILL ruining the game. I hope they take the proper steps. This game is not even at its peak yet of potential.

  • The pirate life in Sea of Thieves was never meant to be easy! It is about the grind and the adventures you experience with other players. Legendary. :)
    For those who NEED a Private Pirate Server ;), I like the idea, but it needs to be implemented in a way that doesn't take away from the core experience you get in the current Adventure Mode.

    Private Server:
    1.) No live world events.
    2.) No Reputation can be earned.
    3.) Tall Tales are allowed.
    4.) Gold can be earned.
    5.) Can not represent an Emissary.

    The main idea of a private server is to focus on the built in story mode (Tall Tale) or to have a friendly battle to the death with your friends.

    If you want to grind, then players are going to have to do that in the Adventure Mode ;)

    Happy Sailing Pirates!

    • JCastawayL
  • I'm noticing there are a lot less emissaries recently... probably because all the good players are already maxed out level because rare made it so easy to hit 75... The Issue here is that level 5 flag commendations are bugged.... So eventually it will be super hard to get level 5 flags because the good players won't need to use emissaries and the bad players will find it hard to get to level 5..... This update was a very short lived...