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  • I think the ability to gift pirate emporium stuff is a great idea, it is nice to give gifts to online friends or streamers can ise it as a give away to reward their followers.

    This idea isn't new and has been mentioned in this forum just wanted to make a topic on it since I didn't see one.

  • during combat isn't 2 blundershots at close range and one sword combo not enough to kill someone? (details: first shot half of the bullets missed second shot all bullets hit but didn't feel like they registered and i swung and did one combo and he pulled his blunder out and one shot me and i was just sitting there wondering how was he not dead)

  • Here me out, when we spawn in the tavern's all we see is the girls at behind the counter, the mysterious pirate at the back, and Duke. So I am thinking, there should be other pirates/other people in the taverns, but not just the same people, but different pirates (like each tavern will have at least six to seven NPC, different from each other at other taverns around the seas of Sea of Thieves). For instance:

    THE WILDS: - These are ruthless and aggressive NPCs. This is where you will see most of your fighting, rough-housing, and drunkard pirates. They tend to want to pick a fight with you, REGARDLESS of what you do.

    THE ANCIENT ISLES: - These NPCs' are your more sane and simple pirates. You can interact with them without any hassle and they tend to dance, have fun and talk to one another, including you. They are more of those pirates were they are not to aggressive, but will sometimes get a little tough here and there.

    THE SHORES OF PLENTY: - This is where your rich and classy pirates are located. They speak class and are condescending. They will also talk smack about the pirates in the Wilds, and talk more mannerly about those in the Ancient Isles.

    DEVIL's ROAR: - Straightforward, The Wilds' pirates but 2x worst.

  • I constantly see suggestions for changes and fixes to the game for a variety of different supposed problems, many of which I don't see as problems. For example, to me, dedicated PVE servers seem silly because it'll further divide the player base. All the grinders will go to those servers while pvpers will just fight with each other for no loot. To me, at its core I believe SoT is a PVP game.

    But, that's besides the point. My point is I find it really interesting that there is such a vast number of view points and perspectives in Sea of Thieves and I want to hear your most controversial opinions, what you think is the most important aspect of SoT to change, and why.

    Personally I believe working on increasing the server size, while a lot of work, would be a great way to increase player interaction. Following that, I'd love to see more varied combat mechanics, and after that I'd enjoy more interesting and dynamic quests with more interesting reward structures.

    What do you think the SoT needs? What kind of changes would you like implemented by this time next year? What kind of game do you think SoT is?

  • Enough of the stupid cartoony cosmetics. We want darker more realistic pirate stuff. A cut throat emote would be sick. Option and different styles of tattered sails. Add a few more ships per server with a 2 minimum galleon population per server to keep a threat in the seas. Make skull forts spawn every three hours again but add more loot and better chances of rare loot to give players an incentive to battle for 4 hours once again over the fort. In storms a rouge wave that sweeps the deck and washes players overboard. Visuals. A wake from ships. Waves crash on shores of islands. It would be cool to see different shark species. Dolphins swimming with the ship. Random flocks of seaguls flying for no reason. This game is dying because its loosing its element of piracy which would be the player galleon population. It would also be nice for the hardcore players to have an option for a galleon only server bc thats what we thrive for and sail for searching till we find it even if it takes weeks that 2 hour battle with another skilled gally is always worth it.

  • Let's get some balance going here.

    Point system. We have a insanely bad issue with rng. Let's break it down.

    1. You award points for digging up chest, why?
      I see absolutely no reason to be awarding points just for hitting a chest with a shovel.

    2. You give an absurd amount of points for turning them in. Why not half that value? Due to various problems this does not work out well.
      On one hand you have the running team, who all they want is chest so all they do is go get chest, and never actually want to fight anyone.
      The other hand, you have ships with 1 or 2 people on them that will never catch up.
      Add the wind, and location of spawning into the factor and you literal are giving the lead to some ships from the get go.

    3. Kills should be worth alot more than 5 points
      You don't get as much opportunity to make kills as you do to shoot a canon ball into a ship
      What makes this worse is it don't feel like a competition when you get more points for just tapping a chest than you do for actually taking other players out. You also shouldn't build most of your accommodations around fighting if your fighting isn't being rewarded and makes players go chase the pve side of the game for win.

    4. All of the above helps leave gaps in the point system that allows particular ships to get leads in point that are not being able to be caught up with.
      If I have 10k points and the next ship has 5k, why would I care what happens anymore inside the arena? I wouldn't. I am so far ahead that you won't catch up anyway, and at that moment I know there is a very limited time left, and most of your ships are understaffed so I don't feel threatened by no one.

    Different weapons different points per kill.

    1. Blunder buss, requires absolutely 0 thinking behind it. A kill with it should be at the bottom of the totem poll.

    2. Cutlass kills, I'd give this the most points if you removed the stifle, but because of the stifle I would give it the second to least points as it is a brainless weapon also. There is so many loop holes in this weapon that need to be looked over it is insane. If it isn't the constant jump, block never run out of stamina swinging, then someone is using the swing, X, X, rapid motion to bring it back to swing more. This weapon can infinitely be used, has along range charge attack, interrupts players, slows them down, and any fix you have put in place to stop rapid swinging has a exploit around it.

    3. Pistol, I would make this the second highest on the point system, as it is smaller an requires knowing your range and taps. While I don't understand why mid range head shots do not one shot, that makes that gives this weapon even more reason to be up on the point system.

    4. Eye of reach, it is beyond me how you have a rifle that at long range and mid range will not one shot even at someones head. That said, this weapon should get the most points, as if you choose it, the hip fire won't protect you at short range, and it doesn't one shot, and you need to be able to accurately shoot it, thus requiring more skill than any of the other weapons.

    So why do I think weapons need a point system of their own? I believe skill should be rewarded, not luck and exploiting. This will make people think before they grab any weapon.


    You guys did great with the little bit better hit reg, but what you have not done is put people in regions. Why are Eu and American servers forced to play together?

    1. Putting people in regions will fill ships faster.
    2. Putting people in regions will make combat a lot more accurate.
    3. It should be a choice not a mandatory idea that you can play with others across the world out of your region.

    Put a limit on matchmaking time.

    1. Place a system in that forces the Arena to launch
    2. Place a system in that puts players that were all over the place on diff ships by themselves or not full into all the other ships that don't have full crews when the arena is about to launch. That way, you have a lot more full ships, and no waiting periods.


    1. Put the same amount of chest on each island.
    2. Make the distanced traveled the same for each ship.
    3. Use less maps.
    4. Time limit the maps, make them automatically swap.

    This comes into one whole picture. Less islands, same amount of chest, and the same travel times, requires the players to have to be strategic. There will be more competition knowing you are fighting your way to get here, and the one that comes out on top actually deserves to be there. You won't have runner ships, who avoid every aspect of combat, and you won't be wasting the time limit to get people actually involved in the action. No one will be looking at the maps thinking well this place has 2 chest, that one has 8, and this one has 4. Placing a time limit to clear the maps of chest will stop the leave one chest behind strategy. This also gives time for people to play catch up after being sunk.

  • Typically thieves dont associate themselevs with banks BUT i thought to myself, what if we could pull out some of the coins from our stash and be able to carry it around, have the possibility to lose it or even steal from others.

  • Just a suggestion, I think it would be great if Sea Of Thieves would all allow for friends to spawn into the same server on two different ships. That way they could form a small alliance right from the start. Also, it would be great if we could purchase additional cannon balls using our gold at designated Outpost in addition to finding extra supplies In various barrels.

  • I doubt that this will become popular but hear me out, what if we could actually sing in the game like some people could play a instrument and the others could sing like-Drunken sailor or Ra ndy dandy oh or even sea of thieves originals like we shall sail together or the devil roar song

  • I know this is old, but it drives me to scurvy that I start out on a mild server, competitive but not over whelming, then all of a sudden I'm up to the top of my peg in griefers and cant get a thing done. Spend three hours pirating, striving for that legends chest, getting everything thrown at me, and then lose everything due to "network error". It's well known xbox freaks out, why not have a pick up where you left of deal?

  • Since you devs are doing this cash shop thing and, at the very least, ship liveries will be swapped out and rotated back in, you should probably aim to put your darkest stuff in the cash shop in October. If you have a cat or a bat pet model ready to go, you should probably toss them in. I am not rocking any worlds with this suggestion, simply reiterating what has probably been pointed out a million times before.

    FUN FACT: There are bats in this game. If I remember correctly, some are in the bat symbol cave on Plunder Valley and more are near some cliff tunnel things on Shipwreck Bay.

  • Ahoy there mateys, there seems to be a massive influx of Xbox players complaining about the "unfair advantage" PC players have over the controller users, the only advantage they have over us, is turning 180 degree's with pinpoint precision, turning up the sensitivity for your controllers or spending a quick quid on a Keyboard and mouse will easily fix the problem, but not the suggestion I'd like to make because, well money for the consumer is involved and I hardly think that's fair to suggest such a thing, instead, I'd rather through a genuine fix to both Rare and Microsoft as I feel console players will benefit largely.

    Just do a PS4 port with cross compatibilty.

    Seriously, Microsoft should let Sea of Thieves be non exclusive to Xbox consoles, let Rare bring it out on PS4, and with the sudden influx of controller using players from PS4, well I guess there would be no need for an "Opt Out" option.

    And I cant stress this enough, stop suggesting that Rare allows private servers, or an opt out option to be pitted against PC players, as the PC players are a MUCH smaller community within SoT in comparison to Xbox, WE OUTNUMBER THE PC PLAYERS- Providing an "Opt out" function is pretty much ruining the game for them, not us xbox players. I play on controller, I play on KBM, always on xbox, the seas are quiet as it is, as everyone is already divided between Arena and Adventure. That 3 hour session that ended with a PC player stealing your stuff hasnt stopped you playing the game in the last 12 months, so why let it bother you now? And Devs, please stop listening us on these things, this is your game, you've designed it this way for a specific reason, and I think pandering, yes PANDERING to the people that had a one time bad time with a PC player is just going to make players just stop playing the game as a whole.

    Also, not every pirate that attacks you for loot is a griefer, if thats the case then someone should REEEEEALLY ban Joe Neate from his own game...

  • The recent decision to make playing with PC players from the Xbox perspective opt-in or opt-out is something that has made my decision final to uninstall and not play until there is a change. As a PC player that genuinely enjoys the Xbox community and open communications being brought into the PC world with games like SOT, I feel this decision is against what the game is meant to be. I am now put in a situation where in order to get the full community, sandbox, and emergent gameplay effect of the game, I will need to play on an Xbox. Making the game I purchased a waste of money because I do not own an Xbox One.

    Adding the opt-in or opt-out option instead of properly balancing the game to where it matters less, is something that I fully disagree with the design and balance team. This will fully alienate your PC playerbase with low population servers, and eventually die on PC.

    If Rare is committed to this game and the ideas set forth by Microsoft about crossplay, then this change would not happen.

    There is very little issue with PC aim vs controller aim. This idea that using a mouse and keyboard is such a large advantage is entirely based off of image of PC players by Xbox players because there are other balance approaches to solve these problems. I find it a little ironic that the update stream was started by saying you're going to find and ban people who marginalize others, and go right ahead and marginalize a minority of your current playerbase through an opt-in opt-out UI component.

    This idea is the main reason I'm completely giving up on the game, and only shows to me that Rare doesn't actually care about the health of the game, but instead only cares about the image of their game. So much so, they're willing to further marginalize and separate a small but significant portion of their players.

    It's sad to see this decision, and I hope that the developers read this to understand that this isn't what everyone wants, and those that are vocal about the separation are simply misinformed about crossplay. I've enjoyed the time I've played, and hope to enjoy more if this decision is changed.

    Thank you,

    Modern Inferno

  • How about you could claim an island,
    you could stick your flag into the ground
    and call the land your own.

    The benefits? I don't know...
    Maybe each claimed island passively generates 1 gold per 1 in-game hour, so 24gold per day per island?
    Maybe even 1 doubloon per every 10 islands held for 1 day or whatever to that effect?
    Achievements tied to your success of building an empire?
    If anybody takes your islands you'd see it on the map, go there and take them back, hello and welcome PVP?!

    Think of it as a global quest ... or rather ... a conquest of the globe.

  • I think it would be cool if rare added private servers for just you and friends. Like a sever full of just friends and just be in the same server doing whatever. Or have it so you and your friends can hop in a private server and do the shroudbreaker story. Or just so you don’t lose your mind when every 10 sec you get killed when trying to look for chests

  • Having played this game for quite some time, reaching Pirate Legend, and sailing the sea hours upon hours - I have been thinking of a new idea for the game!

    Though I will state, I have yet to see a post or any other content with this idea, I do not intend to steal someone's idea if already posted. Neither do I know if SoT team has a topic similar in mind.

    [Game Idea / Suggestion: The Weather Update]

    The sea is always unpredictable. You never know if a Kraken will emerge from the depths, a Meg looking for a snack, or a skeleton ship trying to send you and your crew to the ferryman. I think the storm should apply by the same laws! Being an obstacle for crews instead of a mass slowly moving across the map.

    Storms are more unpredictable than the sea itself! And should be able to spawn dangers alike! So, what does the suggestion include?

    • Instead of storms slowly roaming the map, I suggest they should spawn randomly across the map! In this time frame when they spawn, they should have a wider area of effect. Each storm could last from 10 to 25 minutes, then despawn. Spawning again anywhere to 30 to 45 minutes. Giving pirates a break if they happen to get a storm spawned on them.
    • Each storm spawns one of four possibilities . . .
    1. Rogue Wave / Lightning Storm (Most Common): While the storm is taking place, larger waves form! (Similar to the current storm system). Along, lightning striking the ground and possibly your crew! Wind speed increases drastically! If sail direction isn't kept a keen eye on, your boat could veer off in an unwanted direction! But beware of Rogue Waves! These waves are larger than the others, and can fill your ship up with water quickly and cause serious damage to your boat if not steering head-on into the wave!

    2. Water Sprouts (Un-Common): While venturing in the storm, be wary of Water Sprouts! These thin twisters may not look very powerful, but looks deceive! They can drag your boat towards them - and if your crew isn't paying attention - suck them up and throw them into the sky! Leaving for a frightful fall. If the boat is caught directly in one of these, it has the chance of spinning the boat, or even tossing it! Leaving hull damage for the crew to repair.

    3. Whirlpools (Rare): One of the most frightening circumstances a pirate can dream of, is being eaten by the Sea itself! Whirlpools, either multiple small ones spawning or one large one towards the center of the Storm! If caught by one of these fearsome vortexes, prepare your ship to fight against it! Your ship will ride along the walls of these vortexes causing damage the more you stay in it. If any of crew fall overboard, be ready for a wild ride! Your pirate friends will be whirled around taking slight damage until they reach the center, where they will certainly reach their demise. To avoid death, they better kick as fast as they can, for the only thing to save them from being consumed by the whirlpool is the helpful hand of a ship ladder!

    4. Super Storm ( Very Rare) : A pirates nightmare! Some doubt they even exist, pirates that live through it are beyond lucky. All previous types of storms packed into one! The sea becoming a true monster, even scaring Krakens away! ( This one may be a stretch.)

    [Impacts on the game itself.]

    • Adding this storm system would add another obstacle for players and their crews to overcome. And in some cases give them the advantage! A storm spawning possibly giving you the advantage in an almost lost battle. But still better than chasing a ship only to get Kraken moments later.
    • It would make crews think twice. Should they go into the storm and try to steal the loot from a recently done stronghold? Should the crew risk sailing with all the stronghold loot and fight the sea, or wait out the storm?
    • It would give pirates an actual challenge to catch that desired stormfish, rather than anchoring while your boat rocks back and forth. " Oh look, another hole. Better catch this fish soon. "

    [Other Content: Pirate Emporium and Duke Quests!]

    Along with this update, I can see a variety of special cosmetics added with the new addition of the Pirate Emporium! Along with cool and special quests from Duke!

    • Pirate Emporium: A new ship cosmetic! Themed with the new types of weather! The sails, worn down with a ringed circle in the middle representing a whirlpool. A matching colored hull with gusts of wind and small tornado icons on the side. And a STUNNING figurehead, featuring a bolt of glowing lightning as the center, surrounded by crashing waves. Pun intended. Alongside of this, a fitting new emote. "Rain Dance"
    • Dukes Quest: Venture off into a storm! Find one of three chests that contain the power of the storms and bring them to Duke for a reward. Three chests can be collected. Chest of Crashing Waves, Chest of Vengeful Winds, Chest of Spiraling Waters. If lucky enough to spawn a Super Storm, all three chests will spawn somewhere throughout the storm!
    • Titles and Commendations: A bunch of new and fun titles and commendations to be earned. Titles: Storm Chaser, Lightning Bearer, Wave Rider. Commendations: "Fight an enemy ship while in a whirlpool. 0/1"

    I've been thinking of this idea for quite some time and thought the best place to share it would be on the Sea of Thieves suggestion forms.

    To state again, this is simply an idea and suggestion for the game! Rare may already have an idea similar to this in mind or have an idea like this in the works. If anyone else has had this idea - or similar to this idea - my intentions are not to copy them, but only to share my suggestions!

    If you were able to read through this topic, I applaud you for taking the time to read it! If you were only able to make it halfway, I still applaud you for trying.

    I encourage feedback to this idea, and to even add on to it! Feel free to do so!

  • Pets Eat Fish. My shipmate was passing the Trophy Snow Wrecker that I caught and his monkey bit it in half...That was the last snow I needed non the less.

  • I dont think it’s really fair that if i want one emote i spend 10 dollars it comes off as kinda scummy like your penny pinching all you can out of us

  • alt text
    It feels like half the cosmetics in the game are green now.
    Don't get me wrong, I like green. But I like other colors, too.

  • Im a competitive FPS player. I run the same mouse sensitivity across all games. Otherwise it severely affects my aim.

    There is a SEVEN PERCENT Discrepancy with my sens conversion. That is huge, and unacceptable. You need to expose at least 1, preferably 2 more decimal points to the in-game slider.

    And the game also needs to allow ADS to NOT affect sensitivity. ADS 360 and non ADS 360 need to be the same distance physically. Im not a controller user and i set my sensitivity to where it is for a reason. Please do not change it without my say. i don't even know why ADS is a thing in this game. It contributes nothing to the skill ceiling. Its a redundant button press. And this game is no way realistic. An easy fix for this would be to up the limit for ADS sens from 10 to 20. Mouse-sensitivty does use these values and i can't see anyone exceeding 20 without having unfeasibly low sens.

    Also at my sensitivity, which is only 8.9 inches for a 360 (esports average is 13!), the map is completely unusable. it needs its own slider as well.

    How this game has been out for over a year on PC without even minimum acceptable level mouse support i have no idea. It should have an option for raw input as well. but im not even being that picky.

    This severely affects my experience and if it weren't for my sister not enjoying it, honestly id would request a refund. None of these changes should be hard. All of these changes, apart from map sens, are already variables . You just need to adjust the precision and bounds that are select-able in the options screen. If this game was made by even half competent developers, which im assuming it is, no other change should need to be necessary.

  • Just checking cause you know how old wives tales start out in the Sea.

    Any Skelly ship with black sails is Elite right? Like harder to kill?

    Or is this just a rumor? Personally I’ve almost had my arss kicked a few times or just caught off guard but they seem way tougher to me and seem to drop more treasure or is it just random and I’m making stuff up?

  • okay the hunter's call is basically a looong grind of boring fishing, here's some suggestions to make it more interesting.

    -fishing with nets: throw a net into the sea and wait after a while, schools of fish will swim into the net, reel it in cook it and sell it.

    -(medieval) dive suit, or dive bells with hunting spears dive to the depths of the sea and hunt down some big fish these bulky bois will surely fetch a nice price

    -new voyages- start with a riddle revealing the position of a beast's liar, throw rare "bait" (like shark meat, or stormfishes) defeat this beast and claim it's meat and possibly a strange trophy.

    -trawler ship- bad at combat but awesome at hunting, with two cooking pans, a table to mend your broken nets, and a more complex rigging for extra speed, and possibly much,much, more. if you end up chased by a foe's ship sail against the wind, with its versatile rigging you can easily sail out of your opponent's reach.

    -a hunter's tavern near the sea dog's one- there's plenty of space right so why not the hunters move in too. here you will be able to use your "strange trophies" mentioned earlier to get perks like " your sell ancientscales for 10% more gold, or catch spalshtails 30& more quicker.

    who thinks that these ideas are good? i honestly just think that hunter's call is wayyy to grindy even for sea of thieves.

  • While Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed game, it is very rare that I feel piratey. I think the biggest contributor to this feeling is the distinct lack of merchant ships to rob and pillage. Perhaps the closest we've got in this game was the early skeleton forts. An event where you know there's a massive haul, you know where it is, and, if someone got there before you, you know where it is likely to go. Now that forts are more common this doesn't happen often as they are less contested. Cargo runs were a step in the right direction at creating merchant ships as players can now take it upon themselves to pick up some valuable goods and transport them a good distance away. However, not many people actually do cargo runs and most people are cautious enough to constantly drop off loot so when a ship is attacked they are unlikely to have any goods worth fighting for. This is something that I thought the most recent mercenary voyages would fix but they didn't quite reach. Prior mercenary voyages included a "Reaper's" variant that encouraged players to broadcast their location whilst sailing a predictable route. Unfortunately, that didn't happen this time around.

    If it wasn't already apparent, I am suggesting the addition of "Reaper's Cargo Runs". A new type of voyage in which players are tasked with transporting very valuable cargo across a large distance whilst letting everyone on the server know what they are doing. The simplest implementation of this would be to give the cargo similar properties of the new Reaper's Chests and guaranteeing that the destination is a good distance away. However, I also feel that there could be more to them than that. Those that start the voyage would have a higher potential payout to encourage people to start the voyage themselves but there would be a limit to how often you could obtain them. Perhaps once an in-game day? Those that want to pirate could have to sell to a different NPC than the original recipient so that it is not a simple matter of camping the turn-in point for a quick and dirty win. An alternative to a reaper's mark is giving all crews a quest that tells them key information such as starting an ending point and maybe even the time started and let players figure out how best to intercept.

    Regardless of how this is implemented, I believe the game would greatly benefit from turning a few of us into high profile merchants.

  • Add an option to equip the lantern to our hips so fighting/looting in the dark isn't so annoying everytime. You know, like when holding the lantern out, hold the equipment wheel button down then hold down (for xbox) the "y" button to attach it to your belt.

    It's not that it is too difficult to fight and find stuff in the dark, just saying itd be a lot better than to have to pull it out again and again everytime I'm done pulling things out of a barrel or to swipe at skellys in general.

  • So I was wondering, do the developers actually look into the forums at peoples post, or is the forums just a place where we talk about stuff and the developers are not keen to notice anything of what’s going on?

    Because I myself and others have made many good ides on what to add to the game. I’ve seen some really good ones and hoping that RARE actually be like, “Oh wow, that’s a good idea. I will message you and we can talk more about it”.

    I mean I have made ideas about adding waterspouts. changing pirate appearances without deleting and starting over, A BIG INVESTMENT IN A FORT FOR THE DEVIL’S ROAR (I have a blueprint of it, along with the idea of the waterspout). I really hope they do read and see post that actually are good ideas.

    So pirates, do they read our forums or not?

  • I saw in a thread somewhere that you were considering bounties. Please don't add them. They're a rule, not a tool. They also force people who pvp once into more pvp as people would try to bounty hunt them, and they'd either sink or raise their bounty more. Also, it wouldn't work with open crews.

  • As people favoring PvE or PvP over the other will always be a thing and excluding either of them is segregating the crowd, here two possible changes that sprung me to mind:

    Change to "scuttle ship" or add "pay the ferryman"

    Taking by word the message on the Ferry of the Damned, players would be able to sacrifice all the treasure on their boat to call and pay the ferryman to bring them to a random location and to keep all their resources.

    This will not deny PvP, but give people the option to refuse it and save them time since they do not have to collect their stuff again. It will require them to have something of value on their boat, so, they have to stay active and to choose to keep something or to sell everything; the first will make them a rewarding target, the second increases their chance to lose their resources besides their treasure.
    This will not limit PvP, but prevents people being others' treasure cattle, enabling them to fight back or to move aside.

    There could be the limitation that people have to "Pay the Ferryman" before they die and as a whole crew, so either killing the enemy crew fast or stealing the loot unseen is the way to go.

    Details to develop are: should there be a minimal value of treasure (loot) on the ship or should they keep all resources or only a part of it as treasure (loot) of every value is on the ship.

    Another suggestion is more exotic:
    implementing the role of "Davy Jones' servants".

    This is not a passive mode, it is an evasive mode, so to speak.
    People who join Davy Jones do it to bring him riches beyond imagination, they would get a penalty to all their earnings, collected by his other servants.

    Players would be under constant scrutiny of his servants (indication for other players), and are required to be alone (or more?) in a crew, are not allowed to fight others, but are able to sink and sail under water (for a limited time?) untouchable under his protection, as long as they stay on their boat, even sharks and megalodons would not attack them under water on their boat.
    But, over the water they are normal targets as everyone else and cannot leave an encounter by sinking under water.

    They are of course not invincible and can be killed on land or sunk on water if they pay no attention; their only mean of escaping will be to sail under water for a high price.
    And what happens when they mess up? Well, the Kraken will take them down, and they start anew as if they scuttled their ship as it is today.

    This would also not prevent PvP, but create another challenge of chase and catch.

  • First of all i wanna say that the game looks amazing and the devs have done a decent job of adding content to the game since release but that being said it can still feel repetitive once you get to max reputation so here is my suggestion to spice up the game.
    1:- Add a human NPC nation who is enemy of the pirates and would have couple of non-capturable cities around the map preferably in each corner which we can raid for loot, they would have human npcs and ships of there own. They would also fight us for control of capturable forts around the map which would give rewards to the owner nation or something similar along those lines.

    2:- Different types of Human NPC ships sailing around the map doing merchant trades between there earlier mentioned cities/forts or hunting down pirates (us).

    Adding these two things to the game would make it feel alot more alive and would make the game so much more exciting.
    Now i know these two things might be hard enough to implement but if you guys(devs) are really feeling ambitious you could make multiple nations with there own economy and governament. They would also fight each other and us for control of forts/cities which would give rewards for the nation controlling them.

  • Add hooded clothing. Everyone loves the assassin look.

  • Dont give them no in game reward
    These streamers already get enough reward by getting invited to

    weelky live streams
    Arena comps
    Chance win gold xboxs
    (Which we all know who the winner was going be)

    Sick of it because you dont stream theres no rewards thanks for singling us out rare GREAT EFFORT

  • It's painfully obvious that the Arena player base is constantly decreasing as a result of the actions and inactions of Rare. Now it takes me up to an hour to load into an Arena match only for the competition to be completely incompetent crews.

    The problems are plentiful, and the solutions are nowhere to be found and Rare doesn't seem to care from our point of view.

    Problem 1: Combat is Completely Broken & Never Has Been Worse
    We have been dealing with game-breaking combat bugs for months and Rare does nothing to even acknowledge this is a problem. I've already made a thread on this a month ago, and it got 60 upvotes and nothing has been done. I know dozens of dedicated, high-quality players who have completely quit. These are the players that make YouTube videos, stream on twitch & mixer, and put the most time into the game. They are quitting because are the ones affected most by clunky, broken combat that basically eliminates any form of a skill gap. This problem is especially frustrating in Arena where PVP action is constant.

    At the time I was upset we would have to wait a month for the monthly updates to get any sort of hotfix to these game-breaking bugs, but now a month has gone by and nothing has been done. Why should I keep playing?

    Problem 2: ZERO Motivation After 240 Wins
    This problem is SO easily fixed by Rare, and the fact that they haven't shows an large level of incompetence or lack of thought/care. Once you hit 240 wins you can no longer track how many wins you have, you have no statistics on your wins/losses which in most games is enough alone to motivate players to play and improve. Instead, for anything after 240 wins you get absolutely nothing. This problem is so easily fixed. All Rare would need to do at a bare minimum is release 2-3 cosmetics at milestones like 500, 1000 and 2000 wins and it would keep people playing Arena for ages. For a game that is motivated by cosmetics and commodations, Arena is lacking heavily in both. But no, we get unlimited doubloons (free Arena Master) and a pirate emporium where they are going to sell cosmetics that look very similar to the Arena cosmetics to kill any last remaining reason to play Arena and make a quick buck before they seemingly finish driving Arena into the ground.

    Also, I shouldn't have to say this, but was this really the right time to add in opt-out?

  • I think it would be cool to have changing tides. This would be an interesting way of expanding islands without expanding the map.

    Some islands would have gradual beaches where the "height" of the island didn't change much but the width did and other islands would have steep beaches where the height of the island grew and otherwise underwater caves would emerge.

    depending on the type pf island, you'd have to be careful how you parked, you wouldn't want to get beached at low tide.

    As a whole day is 24 minutes and there could be
    4 tides each period meaning the longest you could be beached is 6 minutes.

    Some areas of an island may only be reached during high tide and some quests requiring tunnels to be empty of water could only be completed at low tide.

    Yeah, I know this would probably be a nightmare for servers to cope with, but hey, still think it would be cool

  • We have all type of rank, the gold treseaure rank, the fishing rank eccecc. We have the arena Rank but not a Pvp Rank, and the problem of the Arena Rank is that winning or losing don't make any difference, you don't lose rank if you lose.
    This game need a personal rank for each player and a board where you can see in what position you are. Stop, nothing else, no thing that you lose everything if you die or your ship get sink, just a rank in number that have his own experience bar that grow whit pvp action, killing some one, sinking a ship, stealing a treasure in Arena, and when you get sink or die or you get sealed your rank go down, if you kill some one higher you get more if you get killed by someone lower you lose more. Simply.
    Not rank like diamond gold ecc. Rank like point, you get point every action so I have 540 point and you have 539, if you kill me you ll go up in ladder and I ll go down. The reward can be a thing, but the base is this, so who care about pvp will fight for the ladder, who don't care will not lose anything.