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  • Since day one people complain about this Merchant Forager achievement.

    There seems to be 1 dev that posted something on reddit about it.
    but then again is it a dev for sure? how high in rank is this person in telling/change things?

    We all know that the Merchant Forager achievement is way and WAY to grindy.

    The game is lovely, and it has grown alot since day 1.
    But when is this issue gonna be taken care of?

    I realy realy hope Rare has not forgotten about the completionist amoung us.

    it would be very nice if Nate would say something about it in the Youtube vid.

    Please give us some good answer soon on how and what.

  • It would be nice to see a Naval aspect developing in the game. NPC run Militia Forts which would act as a base for Naval ships spawning in would be a good start. Near impenetrable well defended fortresses would pose quite a challenge in ship to land bombardment battles. Pirate Alliances would need to be formed to successfully attack the fortresses and once a Naval Alliance is formed naval pvp ships my come to the forts rescue. This is the only major element missing in the game and it would be a hoot to actually have a mortal enemy as a pirate other than skellies.

  • Remember when prices at shops got slashed leading up to Cursed Sails?

    Did anyone ever get/find/provide a straight answer as to why the Skurvy Bilge Rat sets never dropped?

    Just came to mind again...

  • I'll keep it simple. There should be a way to track what you've done throughout your time logged in. Track times for skull forts, ship battles, Athena runs, regular missions etc. Would help to rate the efficiency each pirate is in their actions. Also tracking pirates killed, loot stolen, ships sunk, cannonball hit rates etc. Would be nice

  • Dear game developers.

    Last couple times I played this, I were doing an skeleton ship. and at the same time a Megalodon appears. making us having no chance of killing the skeleton ship resulting into: sinking, losing all the resources you collected. being bored and quitting the game.

    As i am writing this, 5 minutes ago I did a skull fort, a other ship came in. we sailed away. we we not even 1 square on the map away from the active skull fort or a kraken appears. enemy ship stays on the edge of the black water and shoots us to smithereens.

    Can you please, fix that thesekraken en megalodon dont freaking activate if you're near a skeleton ship or skull fort.

    It soo annoying, specually u gotto farm those stupid resources again. I rather quit the game then carry on playing. As everytime were spending 15-20 minuts hoppin from outpost to fort in order to get some resources.

    Please let us buy resources from in-game money as money is useless anyway. Me and my friends had fun @ start in this game, but now everytime we sink we are too bored to get new resources. No resources > no game.

    I hope you feel my frustration and annoyance in the way I write this.


    I would love different parrots to buy with different "sqauks". When an in game command is given from the command wheel such as, (man the cannons) our pet parrots will sqauk what we say, "watch it matey" or "LOOK OUT!" or perhaps just expand the command wheel to include special parrot chat "chickens everywhere" "look out sir" "pretty boy" etc. Like the shanty, the parrot volume can be lowered or turned off completely so not to get annoying. Would love a parrot like Jaffar's one in Alladin :D Thoughts??

  • After seeing a lot of people suggest this, I have 2 reasons to support my point:

    1. It would be completely overpowered in PvP and PvE combat.
      A ship of 5 - 8 pirates, as suggested by most of the community, would dominate just about anything thrown at it. Skeleton forts? Easy. Have one pirate on the lookout, 2 on the ship's cannons, and the remaining 5 fighting the skeletons. Would take a matter of minutes to complete. A ship with 10 - 16 guns (twice the max number of players, like the galleon), would shred any ship, making Skeleton Fleets just as easy to complete.
    2. Now before you all start commenting that it would be incredibly slow, thus balancing it out, why should anyone use it if it was slow? It would be so damn slow a sloop could outrun it, which would make it useless if you're trying to travel between islands. Plus, you'd have to stay completely away from the Devil's Roar, cause your size and speed would make you an easy target for an erupting volcano.

    Now I'm not saying that it's a bad idea in general, but having it as a regular open ship type wouldn't work. On the other hand, there are still ways to implement a Man-of-War. E.g. as a kind of boss skeleton ship. It would be incredibly challenging to defeat but the rewards would definitely be worth. Also I used way too many "woulds" in this post.

  • Rare should introduce a new skeleton for each of the subtypes. They could be infrequent, random spawns, or Captains, or both.

    Gold Golem: Layered in even thicker, armor and wielding an over-sized cutlass in each hand. Immune to swords and bullets. The only way to kill him is with gunpowder or cannon blasts.

    Shadow Fiend: Large and somewhat amorphous, this ethereal skeleton is actually invisible at night. Only visible in close lantern light, where his elongated, claw-like appendages are most deadly. Even in the daylight, he is impossible to hurt except when illuminated by a lantern.

    Merrow Skeleton: There's no safety in deep water from this skeleton. Not only is it quicker to heal in the water, but it can swim as well as any pirate. You'll have to swim far and fast if you want to escape the Merrow.

    Grenadier: Fast, tough, and with a knack for hanging back, this skeleton lights short fused grenades and tosses them from range. His bombs do radius damage and can cause injuries (twisted ankle effect). If you time your shot just right, you can blow him up with his own grenade.

    Like most people, I'm super excited for the time when Rare introduces some non-skellie baddies to fight on land, until then, these would be a cool addition too.


    First off, Im a firm believer that every player in SOT should (geographically speaking) experience the same things to keep the world consistent. For example, islands should all appear the same to players to make everyone's stories and adventures relatable. The locations of each island and all large structures in the oceans shouldn't be randomly placed (like it already is) to allow players to learn the map and make consistent and accurate calls in terms of navigation.

    However, I would enjoy some aspect of randomness and unpredictability when it comes to activities.

    The Story
    The most fearsome pirates in all the Sea of Thieves, the Skeleton Pirate Lords have hidden their most valuable treasures within an ever changing Labyrinth to prevent future generations from stealing their bounty. Rumor has it they still dwell among their riches to protect it from any pirate attempting to reach it. The Order of the Souls have discovered the entrance to these mysterious Labyrinths and created keys to open each one. The Order is calling all pirates to purchase the keys end descend deep into the unknown in search of these treasures.

    The Details
    Create an OOS mission type that would ask players to take on "The Labyrinth". This idea would ask players to purchase a Labyrinth Key from the OOS vendor, then travel to one of several tiny islands where you would enter an ever changing series of underground cave rooms to finally get to the final room where you would take on a skeleton pirate lord.

    Think like The Underground in The Division or Phantasy Star Online 2 style procedurally generated rooms. There would be a dozen or so predesigned rooms with one or two variations to each room. Every time you enter The Labyrinth you would start with a different room and each room would be different than the previous. The order of the rooms would change each time you played it and the enemies and objectives of the room would vary in each room.

    One cool aspect of this would be that things could offer platformer style experiences not currently in SOT. For example, certain rooms wouldn't require players to kill enemies to advance. Certain rooms could require a puzzle to be completed by the players, rooms could have deadly traps to avoid or certain rooms could have huge or difficult structures to traverse.

    Imagine a room where you have to finish a puzzle while the room fills up with water, so you have to complete the puzzle or else you'll drown. Or a room where there are stone platforms you have to jump to and if you miss you'll fall to your death in a dark pit. Or a room you'll need to fire yourself out from a cannon to land on a swinging platform. There are so many fun ideas to think of for rooms that don't require killing enemies to proceed. The cool thing is, the dev's could craft new rooms and add them to the Labyrinth room pool later.

    This could also be an awesome way to introduce skeleton lords into the game. If anyone has ever purchased or skimmed through the art book, you'll see an incredible amount of detail and variation in the skeleton lords. This could be a really cool way to give each skeleton lord their own time to shine. Each lord could have a unique boss room as well as a unique combat style. This could allow players to experience unique and otherwise impossible fights because the boss would be in an enclosed environment that could be completely manipulated by the boss. Each skeleton lord even appears to have visual/cosmetic ties to certain areas of the map (Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, The Wilds, Devils Roar). Let's say there is a Labyrinth island or two in each zone, then the boss you fight at the end could be tied to the zone you started The Labyrinth in. The zone you start The Labyrinth in could also be reflected in the visual style of the Labyrinth rooms or even its difficulty. For example, The Labyrinth in the Shores of Plenty could be beautiful and colorful and easy. But The Labyrinth in the Devil's Roar could be fiery and dark and more difficult than the rest. There's a lot of possibilities here for differentiation.

    Once you get to the end and defeat the boss you'll get access to his treasure room. There you'll get some instant rewards for your hard work, like gold or a piece of a clothing set unique to that boss, as well as items you'll have to turn in like fort loot.

    So how do you prevent puppy guarding you ask? There are several ideas with some variation to them. Some of these were even created by others here in this thread! Thank you for your awesome ideas friends. So here we go...

    • Idea #1: The Labyrinth islands could work like the island Thieves Haven where your ship can physically sail into the island through an entrance and settle at a dock. This is where some variations can occur. The first variation is that similar to Thieves Haven, your ship remains open to attack from other players but the island is fortified with cannons to protect your ship and there's only one way in and out. With this idea, similar to Forts, it would be smart to leave a player behind to defend your ship while others take on the Labyrinth. The second variation to this idea is that when you finally enter the island with your ship and use your key a great wall would rise at the entrance to the island and protect your ship until you defeat the boss or quit the mission. Then once you beat the boss and start carrying your loot back the wall would drop and you'd be vulnerable to attack again. As this wall rises, this would put you into a private instance and the server you left would fill your spot to keep the open world populated.
    • Idea 2: Again, each Labyrinth Island would mimic Thieves Haven where you're able to physically sail your ship into the island. EXCEPT, the entrances to the island requires your ship to sail through a large waterfall to get to the center. Sailing through this waterfall would mask the server change and you would then enter a private instance to take on the Labyrinth and your spot in the open world would be replaced to keep the world populated. If you didn't have the proper Labyrinth mission purchased and proposed then trying to sail into the waterfall would either result in not transferring into a private server and you'd basically be sailing into an island with nothing for you and you could be followed in, or you couldn't sail through it at all. You would just crash into a rock wall. Either way, not having the mission activated would result in the islands not helping you in any way. Then once you're in the waterfall and the Labyrinth has begun, you're able to respawn at your ship safely!

    No matter what idea is selected from above, this main dock in the center of the island could be creepy and cool and serve as a place to stock up before the upcoming Labyrinth adventure. The nice thing about any of these ideas too is it will still require the player to return to the open world servers with your loot to turn it in. This would keep everything in line with risk/reward system!

    The End
    This concludes my insanely long feature request! If you read it all, I commend you. If you have any additions or ideas to add I would love to hear it. Thank you all!

  • I have Few cool “skin” ideas for our ships !
    1: The ability to customize/ obtain new ROPES for your ship. ( can include a legendary glowing rope , gold rope ext.)

    2: A ship skin idea . One in which the Skin gets progressively more “Deadly” as per more loot gets boarded.

  • With the next update being a collection of smaller changes, I think it's time to look at achievements in the game. A while ago, commendations were changed to be easier to earn, but the respective achievements for them were never changed. The achievements requirements should be lowered to match that of the commendations.

    Additionally, new commendations should be added for the existing factions to match new content. For example, there should be a commendation for the Gold Hoarders and Order of Souls based on # of ashen loot turned in, similar to the "shipwrecked loot" commendation. Merchant should also receive commendations for cargo. While I understand there are bilge rat commendations for some of these things, considering this content is now just as permanent as the other stuff it seems weird to not have Grade I-V commendations like everything else.

    Furthermore, new achievements should be added based off of the new content in the game. This is pretty standard with most games that release DLC or content updates, and it would make sense for Rare to do the same.

    Examples could be:

    • Achievements for new commendations (Mentioned above)
    • Achievement for Athena Rank 10
    • Achievements for Athena Commendations
    • Defeat the Megaladon for the first time (Similar to Kraken Achievement)
    • Complete a quest in the Devils Roar
    • Defeat a Skeleton Ship Crew
    • Buy something from Duke's Shop
    • Something rowboat related? (row x miles, etc.)
    • Achievements based on Legendary Bilge Rat Commendations, like Mermaids, Skeleton Thrones, etc. (Would give incentive for new players to do them, adding content)

    Last but not least, Rare should finally add "Time Played" to the statistics displayed in the achievements section on Xbox/The Xbox App. Literally every other game I know has it, and I think people would appreciate being able to see how much time they've put in.

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this, and any more ideas for achievements or commendations.

  • I know that this would not be a priority, but it would be nice to see eventually.

    The corvette would be of similar size to the Brigantine but with some significant differences.

    • It would be slower.
    • It would have a half-raised rear quarter with stairs leading up to it.
    • It would boast three masts (smaller and faster to work than that of the brig).
    • It would have three cannons.
    • It would have higher sides providing more cover for pirates.
    • It's potential minimum turning circle would be smaller than the brig's, but it would be slower to turn in terms of speed.

    This would provide more of a tank type ship for 3 players. It would be slow but pack a punch and be a good competitor against galleons - but the sacrifice in speed for firepower means that you won't be able to get away very easily.

    This would simply be a new type of ship to cater to more play styles as well as adding more variety to the seas and their encounters.

    Thanks for reading, please leave your ideas and opinions below to discuss!

  • From the begining this game concept had a question that was never fully adressed and has persisted to this day. I now would like to bring this topic to the Forefront and with your help create the a community based ideal update. That can give an answer to the PvEvP problem without the need for seperate Modes.

    The Problem:

    The loot served a single purposes and that purpose was to serve as a Shared Goal between PvE and PvP where loot was to be an object to be be found, collected and turned in for a reward which is Gold. For PvP was the loot was to be a object for Players to steal and fight over and agian turned in for gold. You turn in gold for arbtary cosmetics which has no effect on gamplay.

    So what is the Value of Loot interms of Gamplay?
    What ultimatly makes to Loot worth Getting and Kept around for others to Steal?

    At Frist the answer was nothing as everything in the game was tied to Gold which inturn was tied to cosmetics which adds nothing of substance to gameplay.
    Since Loot can be generated by any player, there was no real point to steal it as it was far easier to get Gold thru PvE then PvP and Loot itself had zero impact on PvP it became pointless as a Goal.
    Also since Loot was only worth gold once it's turned in most player would turn in loot quick and would almost never engage with loot onboard.
    So ship fights often ended with no ships with loot. Please Checkout SeA of Griefers as an expression of this issue.

    Then there is the inherent End of Life(EOL) issue.
    As the rewards can only be obtained once and are perminate Gold become pointless once all cosmetics are perchased and Loot Events like loot turn in become pointless once commadations are unlocked.

    But what about Rep? Loot shares the reward of rep with other elements in this game and has become less important to loot as the rep they give is set and ability to Rep quicker thru other means becomes more prevalent. Ex. Bilge Rats Letters of Recommendation.

    Solution. Loot has to be given an inherant value to Gamplay outside of Gold. They have to Provide Utility. Some Loot has been added overtime that has this.

    The Frist was the GunPowder Barrel(GPB) which gave a player added Firepower at a risk. Enough for a solo player to sink a Galleon. Player to this day stock up on GPB do this fact.

    Then we got Resource Creates which allowed player to a way to carry around a large stack of a certian supply allowing them to easily restock the ship while increasing the max supply limit.

    Then there are the Curse Chest. These are the explification of the solution and why there have been Many ideas and suggestion that have came from this most creative community requestin for more Curse Chest to be added filled with detials and art work. I have seen maybe all of them from the Strom Chest to the Kracken Chest and most recently the Reapers Chest. If you guy can help build a list here of all the post with these ideas i'll list them here.

    I propose All loot should have a utility to some degree and part of my Rouge wave post will be built upon a loot hoard objectve that will rely on collecting lesser loot to stack the utility adding to the value.

    There will be 3 catagories utilities.

    Offencive: Any Loot that has an effect that can be used as a weapon an is best used off one ship to be used abroad. Examples GPB and Chest of Sorrows.

    Defensive: Any Loot the has an effect that can be used as a guard for the ship or the crew or loot such as a Trap snake.

    Enhancment: Any Loot with an effect that effects the ship, crew, or environment. Example Supply creates.

    Frist Passive brought to this post is All Loot having Weight Affecting both ship Speed and Durability.

    So i open this disscusion to you guy as what you guy would like to see. What loot and impact should it have on gameplay.

    Or do you have a different perception entirely.

    Rogue Wave related treads.

    The Hunt (Rouge Wave Event)
    Counter Play (Rouge Wave Discussion)

  • Currently we are assigned a ship, one of three standard types, when we log in. But what if unique, empty 'unowned' abandonned ships could be found in the world, and commandeered. Ships that are not "tied" to any one player, and therefore can be hijacked, or borrowed, without fear they will be scuttled by the owner. They would be "owned" by whomever is sailing them at any given moment.

    So the idea is you find a new, unique abandonned ship out in the world that is not "tied" to a player. It is literally there for anyone to take or steal, and use for their own purposes. It could be of a unique design and quite different in style and capability from our standard ships we choose when we log in. It may also have pre-loaded supplies, cargo, loot, or nothing.

    It could have special sails, armor... could be made of iron or other metal, could be old and delapidated, or brand new, ... whatever. It could be really funky and different than anything we have seen before in ship design.

    The catch is that these abandonned ships, if sunk, are sunk permanently. They do not respawn. They have one life only for your current gaming session. But you should be able to pass them on to another player if you wish.

    Occasionally, another new, unique abandonned ship may appear randomly in the world. Like the rowboats we find, but should not be as numerous as rowboats. These should be rare.

    You could then split up your crew and control more than one ship, as a crew. The new ship could be used as a decoy, a trap, or just another ship to add to your "fleet" and carry abundant amounts of loot in one go. Or you could create a fierce fighting force.

    They would have to be taken and accepted "As is" though. They also cannot be scuttled by anyone, only sunk. If you were to quit game, they would not sink, unless you destroyed them yourself.

    Once sunk, the player would have to mermaid to their "assigned" standard vessel, or find another new abandonned one somewhere else in the world, if one was available.


  • Players need more activities while sailing to their next destination. Fishing is a start, but dueling with your own crew members would also be super cool! Post your ideas for how this might work! I will add the most popular ones to the original post.

    IDEA 1: Duelist Hat / Cursed Hat

    This is a hat available to all players from the clothing chest that would have the following text:

    "BEWARE: As long as this hat is equipped, your own crew members will be able to attack you!"


    • If you want to duel, you NEED to opt in by wearing the hat. This ensures griefers can't ruin another player's experience who does not want to duel.
    • The hat would be very visually obvious, so you can easily tell if one of your crew members wants to fight.

    IDEA 2: Dueling Emote (Thanks to @QTRmaster-Zeta for the idea!)

    Add an emote, similar to the "make friends" emote, that requires both players using it at the same time to initiate a duel.


    • Once agreed upon, players receive an on-screen notification "The duel is about to begin..." Once 5 seconds is up, a horn sounds for the 2 players, letting them know they can attack one another.
    • A dueling flag is dropped at the area the duel was agreed upon. If one player wanders off too far from the flag, he will receive a notification "You have forfeited the duel..."
    • Once lethal damage is dealt, players could drop to their knees and perform some type of "Beg for Mercy" emote instead of going to the Ferry.
    • The duel has a short time limit (say, 3 minutes) to prevent players from always being in "duel mode" and to encourage combat. If time runs out, players receive a notification "The duel was a draw..."
    • If you win the duel, a victorious trumpet sounds. If you lose the duel, a losing trumpet sounds.
    • Names ideas for emote: Beckon, Challenge, Fight, Duel
    • Animation ideas: Pirate runs finger across his throat, Pirate makes a "come get some" gesture with his hand

    IDEA 3: Unarmed Combat

    Unarmed combat needs to come to Sea of Thieves! Not only would this be awesome for dueling or a way to initiate a duel, but I think it would just add a lot to the game in general! Here's how I think it should work:


    • It's possible to put your weapons away by pressing the B button. Instead of right/left trigger doing nothing at this time, they should bring up your fists. When your fists are up, hitting Y at anytime will switch back to your normal weapons.
    • Fists do very little damage, and are more of a last resort type of attack.
    • Right trigger throws your right fist, left trigger throws your left fist.
    • You can't block, and you have no charge attack like the sword lunge.
    • Fists give players that use two guns a (weak) attack option when they run out of ammo.
    • Fists would be a hilarious way to win a PvP fight and create some great player stories!
    • An alternate control scheme could be that right trigger alternates between left and right punches, and left trigger performs a weak kick that bypasses blocking and knocks the opponent back.
  • So my Idea is to enrich Pirate Legends! It’s a new Trading Company, called the „Lord Hunters“ (Name in progress)! It’s an TC only for Pirate Legends, with the Goal to defeat peril Skeleton Lords(I loved the Idea of Skeleton Lords since the Art Book)!

    So this TC sells you Voyages with the Goal to kill an Skeleton Lord, my idea is the Skeleton Lords are real Boss Battles, they’re living in huge Dungeon like Caves! You have only access to this Cave with the Voyage(hold it high at the Entrance like in some Gold Hoarder riddles!)

    So in this Dungeon you have to fight dozens of Skeletons and other Mobs! At the End of this Dungeon you’re coming to the Skeleton Lords Throne Room, and the Gate closes behind you and your Crew! Then the Fight begins, my Example is the „Gold Hoarder“ Skeleton Lord!

    In his Throne Room he’s not alone there are 4 Strong Gold Skelly Captains, harder than the Athena OoS Captains, you have no water there it’s hard to kill this Guys! So and every Skelly Lord has an unique Skill Set to make the fights interesting, in this example the Skills are:

    -Gold Dust: Turns you in Gold for 5 sec and you’re unable to Move, when you take dmg you’re free from this effect

    -Shovel Smash: The Gold Hoarder strikes you and knocking you back a few yards( maybe the fight is on an platform and you’re falling in the Spikes at the Ground)

    -Gold Shield: The Gold Hoarder turns himself in Gold and is invulnerable for 10 Sec in this Time he sends random Spikes from the Ground with hard Hits (you’re losing 50% Health)

    So this is an hard fight and something new and different in SoT, but what happens when you’re dying in the middle of this Dungeon? Yeah the Mysterious Orb, but that I will explain later!

    What’s next when you defeated this Skeleton Lord?

    -First he’s dropping his Head, that you’re needing for the „Lord Hunters“ TC for Reputation(lvls 1-10 similar to Athena’s Fortune with Clothing Sets, Items, Ship livery etc)!

    -2nd a Treasure Room/Vault is opening in the Backroom, there are many Trasures(Strong Hold Chests, Skulls, Merchant Stuff etc)

    -3rd and the most interesting thing, is an Chest (The Lords Chest), this thing isn’t giving you reputation or gold, you have the chance to get one piece of an very rare clothing Set, one piece per Chest, so you have an reason to kill this Lord over and over when you want the complete Set, but there’s no guarantee that you’re getting an other piece the next time, sometimes you get the Hat as example 2 or 3 times but then you’re getting Gold as compensation but when your crew mate missed the Hat in previous runs he’s happy :)

    So every Skeleton Lord has unique Skills and abilities and every Lord has an different Clothing Set from the „Lords Chest“! My Idea is Give every Sea an Other Lord, as example Gold Hoarder(Shores of Plenty) Cpt Flameheart (The Wilds) Lord Pinch!?(Devils Roar) etc. And with every new Region/Sea were getting an new Skelly Lord :)

    So what’s when You’re dying in the Middle of the Dungeon? You can’t get in anymore, because the Voyage disappears when you’re opening the Main Entrance, here comes the „Mysterious Orb“(An item not only for PL‘s)

    The Mysterious Orb is an Ball, it’s looking like an CCB(same size) but instead of Green or Purple it’s Red! In the center of the Orb there’s an Number(20) you can purchase this Orb at the Order of Souls lady!

    Ok ok What’s the Orb then, when you’re purchased this thing you can bring back Crew Members(but only 20 times, this number decreases with every use)! Bring them back where you’re Staying! On the ferry there’s then an fixed Orb you can go there instead of the Door, press A Button and at the same time your living crew member presses RT with the Orb and you’re coming back, you don’t have to run over the whole distance from the Ship to your mateys, voila!

    But I would make it expensive 50.000 Gold or so!

    Ok that’s it, I hope you’re like my idea and sry for bad English :)

  • I've had enough of it. The rum bottles are way too fragile.
    I love the idea of what was done but the execution of what they gave us was poorly done. They advertised on camera that you can 'do cargo runs while doing other voyages.' Technically, that's true, if you want to bring a ruined product to the destination.

    With the new lightning, I was getting hit on my top deck, and my bottles got ruined while they were below deck. How is that possible? If even 1 cannon strikes the ship then they get ruined. If you scrape on docks, they get ruined.

    If you get rum bottles the incentive is to get rid of them as soon as possible. It is not a fun mission. Especially people are not playing this game.

    Solo players have been saying before and I'll add to it, this game does not support solo play. With player numbers this low (server migrations frequent) then one can really only rely on oneself to be a pirate. I kind of like solo play anyways because I can do my own thing. If you disconnect, your stuff is gone. Who thought this was a good idea?

    I hope the devs fix the game up.

  • [Mod edited]

  • Rare I post this on behalf of the many streamers on all platforms. Be it for example Twitch or Mixer etc. The streamers are playing the game having fun and sharing this experience with the world. Streamers want to have fun with their viewers and supporters.
    Stream snipers hinder streamers from truly having fun with their viewers and supporters and providing the content they deserve.
    Stream snipers not only try and take away attention of the content that the streamer is sharing. It also takes away from the community as well. As we have seen in the past weekly Rare streams there has been stream snipers. Also, many streamers that stream SEA OF THIEVES on the varies of platforms can agree that there is a big problem. Stream snipers are only hurting the community of SEA OF THIEVES not helping it to grow. Folks will STOP streaming the game if they have to deal with stream snipers.

    Rare we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and the steps that are being taking.

    We want to watch our favorite streamers playing Sea Of Thieves without having to also deal with our favorite streamer getting stream sniped.

  • Many sailors out there have had to deal with the problem of sinking another pirate ship, only to have that other pirate spawn again on the offensive with a new load of resources. I suggest two options,
    Option 1

    1. After sinking a ship resource barrels will appear with the amount of resources that ship sank with. The barrels will float for about 5 minutes before sinking.
    1. After sinking a ship, resource barrels will show up where the ship sunk, these barrels have a cap of 20 resources per barrel, and a cap of 5 cursed cannonball per curse type. Further more there can only be a total of 5 floating barrels (Wood, cannon balls, bananas, and only 1 curse cannonball type)

    What do you guys think, anything to add or input?

  • It might be cool to add color options to headscarves, headbands and maybe a couple new hats with color bands or feathers and maybe new vests or coats with color options so if a team so chooses they can all don various items of the same color to show team affiliation. Heck id even use this in adventure mode!

  • With the announcement of the Arena, not much focus is being given to the Shrouded Spoils release, promised for "late November". That is only a week or two away! This is promised to include many features that have been formally announced (or leaked) in various announcements and play streams. As best as I have gleaned, these include:

    • Fog, above which the crows nest will peek
    • Extra ship customizations, for wheel, capstan, and cannons
    • Rewards exclusive to Pirate Legends
    • The "Mega Keg": a gunpowder barrel with 3x explosive forth. Too powerful to carry safely, even in the crows nest, but worth a pretty penny if you sell it.
    • "Where once there was three, now there are nine"... Active Forts!
    • Rewards for defeating Meg and Karen
    • Kraken behaviour modified
    • Free roaming (single) Skeleton ships
    • Extra "glint" for treasure from Skeleton ships, so it is easier to spot in the water after defeating an armada

    Anything else that I have missed?

    I am quite excited about this release because, although it does not offer "one big thing", it does give us a lot of smaller features and enhancements that will enrich everyday adventuring.

    Shrouded Spoils is apparently not the "Fall Snails" release that Joe Neate has hinted at a few times. Nor is "Fall Snails" The Arena. "Fall Snails" now seems to be a more substantial release that will come sometime after The Arena, which will provide the basis for deeper lore-based questing.

    I could not really find the right category for this. "Release Notes Discussion" would seem to fit the bill; but that it limited to threads initiated by Rare.

  • This is a spinoff tread of my Curse Gunpowder Kegs Tread and was Brought up by @WeakDexx and @BETSILL on the topic of Curse Cannonballs(CCB) and there inherent flaws and how they could be improved.

    Counter Play:

    For those who do not know, Counter play is a concept in games which states that gameplay element should be just as fun and engaging to a players being effected by an action just as much as they can effect the game itself. By creating opportunities and options for the player to engage with. Such as in a Shooter game you want it to be as fun to a player getting Shot at as it is for the player shooting at stuff.

    Example: Halo did this quite well for one they made alien weapons slow moving projectiles thru ray tracing. Making it so a player could Dodge the incoming fire. Also with the addition of a personal sheild and life bar they gave player the abilty to have moments of oppertunity to fight back if they took the risk of steping into the line of fire. Skill play was rewarded for countering effectively as the sheild could regen.

    I bring this up for discussion as it is clear that there is little to no counter play when hit with a CCB as all it mostly does is limit player options of the victem if not entirely disabling them from reacting.

    One Solution i propose is to have a secondary effect to CCB's themselves to act like a counter by making them a consumable item striaght from the player inventory to directly counter there own effects. This of couse is not a perfect idea which is why i open the floor to you guys.

    Second Solution brought up by @XShaduh and detailed by @WeakDexx is creating and additional item Called potions. These potions can be used to both counter CCB's directly and create CGPB.

    Do you like this idea and want to see it expanded?

    Or do you guys have your own idea's you wish to add?

    Rouge Wave related treads:

    Giving Loot Gamplay Value (Rouge Wave PreReq)

    The Hunt (Rouge Wave Event)

  • I just attempted an Athena's Voyage with two guys I have been playing with since beta. We're all Pirate Legends, we've all counted hundreds of hours in the game and yet, we failed. The reason? The eruptions. They are too frequent, too long in duration, and the area of effect is way too broad, literally overlapping the eruptions of islands that are adjacent to one another. A single island erupted as we were on it, then we left and waited for something like 10 minutes, got hit by the Meg, sailed back, within 30 seconds of our arriving, it erupted again. And then we sailed back after another 10 minutes and it erupted AGAIN. How are we supposed to do these when the islands will not stop erupting? THEN we finally just tapped the single chest we had to do for this riddle and sailed to the next island which once again erupted, killing all hands instantly. We sank twice during all of this and the 2nd time we were so far away, it was nearly on the edge of drawing distance.

    I love this game. It is one of my favorite all time games. I have spent countless hours in this game, and rarely have I ever logged off out of frustration due to the game itself. I have a couple of times due to player interaction, and that's fine, but when the game itself is the cause, there is a problem. This area is a problem. I want to explore it, experience it, etc, but I just get so frustrated with it. It's not a matter of "git gud" it's a matter of unplayability. I know I am not the only one that hates this. I think this is a reason for the lower amount of players in the game which causes the server mergers so often (which did occur during our game.)

    Please, Please, Please fix this! I don't want to leave a session out of frustration. I know you guys don't want that either. I know you, at Rare, love this game with passion. Just please address this. I implore you.

    Sincerely and with utmost respect and admiration.


  • Hey there, fellow pirates!

    I been thinking of how could outpost infrastructure be expanded, besides regular shops with merchandize & quest givers.

    I think it would be cool to add something like a poker club or even a whole casino with Blackjack & h*****s, ya know, for pirates to play and chill.

    Feel free to drop your ideas below if you got any. Hope the developers team will take note of that and one day make it real.

  • Hi !

    Let's banana-talk!
    That may have already been discussed before but... the sound your character makes when eating a banana. Why has it to be so... accurate ?
    I hate hearing the munching, swallowing then even burping sound of my character. It nearly makes me nauseous at a point I simply switch the volume off until I have finished eating.

    That may sound funny but yeah, It creeps me out :D I know i'm not alone with that.
    I don't suggest to completely remove or change the sound but well... having an option to disable that kind of sound... that would be awesome! :D

    Anyways since it my first time posting here this is my first occasion to say : Amazing game, Rare!

  • I was going to make this a while ago, but i never knew if pets were a solid thing that was definitely going to be added, but seeing as they are confirmed i might as well. So here's some pet suggestions, mainly just to be a pet but ill add some ideas for practical uses, i mean i just wanna pet regardless. Also the idea to have cosmetics to wear for them would be nice also as well as the ability to name them.

    What's a pirate game without a parrot, something that'll sit on your shoulder or hat and stick with ya. Have the ability to stay places or even the ability to keep em safe in those bird cages on the galleon that are just sitting there empty in the captains quarters. Coming in different types of colours, that i don't know or can care to list all colour combinations. Perhaps even be able to feed them every now and then. The parrot could be able to fly up to the crows nest and sit up there. Maybe they could also have a lil parrot hat it could weird and small little cosmetics like hats and eye patches.

    A commonly suggested pet, maybe to go and collect some bananas that they find or just go and eat some of the supply that the crew has. The monkey could climb up the mast and even on the sails to sit up there and hang out, and eat bananas and do whatever monkeys do, i dunno. Similar to the other pets have like a sit or stay mechanic along with follow to accompany you, maybe collected bananas it sees along the way as you traverse and island. And also maybe be able to have a hat too, just stuff to make it fit in with the crew look, like it's part of the team.

    A pet that can roam the boat deck, maybe it could flee inside at the sound of cannon fire, taking cover under deck to also prevent it from dying (but i also don't know how dying will work for pets but that's something else). It could hang out around the boat or just sit in the bed on ships, even though the sloop doesn't have a bed but whatever. Again, it could come in many colours that cats normally come in and different types of cats.

    I know crabs were like a thing that rare never intended to really have in game and haven't said anything of it but having a small little crab around the boat would be so cute. He could like sit up on your shoulder or on your hat and hang out, not exactly sure what benefit of having him would be, except being adorable and potentially wear a teeny tiny little hat (i like cosmetics alright?).

    Mainly i just wanted some animals that we have exiting for the merchants, and i like chickens, them in all of their different colours and perhaps a special colour that you can have for pets.

    It can spit venom on non-crew people and is overall friendly to crew members, maybe even waking up and moving to the sound of music which also calms it from non-crew members for them to make it stop attacking them. Again, i just wanted some merchant animals to have.

    To for fill the perfect pet for the bilge rats, kinda roams the boat doing it's own thing, not really listening. Maybe it will eat through some supply of the bananas, but overall it hands out on the bottom deck just like a real bilge rat. I'd like to say it would carry disease but that mechanic really doesn't work, so i'm going to say its pretty clean. Taking it with you it would just scurry behind you and if it gets brought into the bar it would scurry around Duke, its favourite fellow bilge rat.

    These are just a few suggestions, probably none will make it into the release, but i can try.
    Also i would like to ask, will these actually be bought with real money? I really hope not. I've also been trying to see where rare have said this so if anyone can point me to that i'd appreciate.

  • Hi all!

    Our friend the kraken has been roaming the sea of thieves for quite some time now, but he has not revealed his head yet. I hope they will add one in soon, whats your opinion? I'd love to hear your reason for why a head or body would be cool!

  • Hi
    I watched the Xbox stream for 1 hour yesterday. I spend a lot of mobile data on it and now i have come to the conclusion that i didn't receive the Onyx spyglass and drum, which was the main reason I watched the stream... Is there a reason why I didn't receive them?

    a fellow, little disgrunted, pirate

  • In view of recent events, it would be fair to add keyboard and mouse support. And 1080/60fps for Xbox One X. Want play on a par with the PC-players on Arena!

  • It would give the game more customization.
    Gold hoarder necklaces: small captains chest, a key (not the gold hoarders key but some variation), a gem of various colors with gold outline
    OoS Necklaces: various skulls (obviously), a small oos lantern that kinda glows, etc
    Merchant necklaces: a small crate of exotic silks, spices, little ship, etc.
    Pirate legend necklaces: A fort key, small athena chest, etc
    Devils Roar necklaces: flaming rock, devils roar alliance necklace, etc.

    Other ideas?

  • With the announcement of the Arena coming early 2019. It would be nice if you could match-make with your friends, so you can fight them also.

  • If you sink a ship with no supplies left in any of the barrels, does it produce barrels of supplies to scavenge?

  • I have read an article talking about cosmetic suggestions including pipes, earrings, teeth, etc. I want to get the earrings, so I am wondering what types of earrings are available.