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  • I think it would be great if the players language or at least region would be taken into account for matchmaking.
    There are many players who don't speak English very well.

  • Finding these out in the world of SoT certainly adds to the richness of our experience.

    Little detached stories & tales we happen upon along our journey.

    alt text

    I have thought for a while it would nice to be able to take them with us ( or at least a copy ) to add to our inventory.

    Possibly as a result have a "Collector of Lore" commendation.

    A further thought ( although I'm uncertain how this could be implemented, as we join a new instance of SoT eachtime ), to have a bookshelf in our Captains Cabin gradually over time filled with these Journals.

    A visible collection of journals to reflect back on, to pick up now & again, & thumb their pages.

    Just a thought ( from a lore/story lover )


  • I was just watching a streamer on pc playing Sea of Thieves.

    And i was a bit shockend about the loading times.
    I took the guy a second from entering the door on the ferry of the dammed back to his ship.

    I have played many many hours on my Xbox one x and waiting for ages and hearing my ship gaining water.

    Is there anything that can be done about that because that is a huge advantage. Besides the aiming and movement.

  • Before i start i want to say: i'm a pvp based player and i speak for those that don't get to enjoy the game because of this!

    As we all have noticed the AI threats on the seas are very active since the re-newed Karen (kraken) all the different megalodons and the new skeleton ships!
    I was thinking, with the Arena coming up soon, is it not time to also give the PVE community a place to be?

    I know a few people who are hyped to play sea of thieves but just dont stand a chance if it comes to PVP, some want to solely roleplay, others just want to explore or earn gold!

    What if there would be a game mode where you can play without the threat of PVP, where you can not earn any XP but you can earn gold!
    So to actually progress in commendations/titles or level up in the alliances you will have to play in the regular servers or the arena!

    This way there is an option for youtubers like Neebs Gaming for example to come back to Sea of thieves as they can roleplay and just have fun with the world of sea of thieves, ffor me to casual play the game with my girlfriend, for my friend to be able to play with his son without getting sunk by competative players!

    This opens up the game for alot of new types of players that just can't really get in the game as it is due to pvp as pvp isn't for everyone and i feel that especially Sea Of Thieves is a game you got to be able to enjoy without "getting good at pvp"

    Also this offers new players to get a grip on the game and fully focus on how everything works, giving them a better chance for when they decide to try out the risk servers!

    Alot of responses to this is: the game will die if you split the community.

    I disagree as alot of people simply dont play because of the pvp!
    I think that it will even make the player base grow!
    And if this is done with more prioritization on server population, the game will shine more than it has ever done as it gave EVERY TYPE OF PLAYER a place to do their thing!

    Keep your comments respectfull and please always backup your opinion with an argument!

  • *TL;DR at bottom

    Why is the Fort Key the only item in the game a player can interact with, but not declare somehow? To that regard, it is a fairly important piece of player item/interaction in the game, again with no way to state or declare via chat wheel.

    I understand the nature of a key being used immediately after acquiring it AT the fort you've clearly obtained it from. I am also aware of the music/sound/visual cues the vault door gives upon opening is also a good indicator of what's going on.
    However iirc, you are able to use the Key at the next active fort and of course even travel around with key and go back to the original Fort if there is pressure/threat in the immediate vicinity. While traveling with the key, there is no way to indicate that anyone has the key unless that crew member has a mic. There are plenty of deaf/mute and micless pirates around!

    *TL;DR- would be valuable Quality of Life improvement to have the ability to declare intent w/the Fort Key via full chat wheel

  • I'm sure this has been brought up before, although I couldn't find anything in recent threads. I know the Sloop is meant to be the fastest into the wind, but last night upon being chased by a belligerent Brig, it was still able to gain ground on me despite heading straight into the wind.
    At first, I had my sails turned to the side as I traveled into the wind but noticed they had their main sail angled directly into the wind, while the front one was turned to the side. Thinking they may be utilizing the sail glitch I attempted to turn my sail head on into the wind too but no matter what I did they still gained on me.
    Any tips?

  • So I’ve noticed anywhere between 30min to 1 hour of playtime on pc and my game freaks out. Meaning islands render and de render on screen, it also puts some goofy shades out and highlights other vessels or Shellie ships.

    Really annoying bc only fix I’ve found is to shut the game down and restart.

    Does anyone else have this issue on pc?

    Specs: 9700k 16gb 2080 Ti

    Game settings are all mythical with fps set to 120 which is native for my C7.

    Would really love to hear from anyone else experiencing these issues and if you have found anything that triggers it or how to fix?

    Also not sure but I didn’t see a help section so I posted here thanks.
    Thanks mateys

  • During my time playing with a few friends today, we had just been out grinding some gold hoarder voyages out. We gathered more than 50+ captain's chests and were eventually chased down by two players, mind you both were PC players. This made it extremely difficult (playing on Xbox because of the lack of accurate aiming) to combat these two players while they were able to laser aim my friends and I with sniper rifles/pistols. We had been grinding money for about 4 and a half hours, while these PC players, jumped on the game and killed us over and over again after we had been attacked by the kraken. I personally find it a tad bit unfair when PC players are going up against Xbox players because the players on the Xbox cannot aim as fast as they can, they also cannot switch weapons as fast, or move around/shoot accurately with the awful sensitivity. Please, if you can do something to fix this because it is extremely irritating to lose all of your progress after four hours of wasting your time on a game that should have been considered fun. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game to bits but when this happens, it's the most annoying thing in the world, there is also a good chance that people will read this and immediately start replying "you're just bad", "get good" "nah you're just trash", but just remember that you're making a fool out of yourself for calling somebody else bad at a video game that they are playing for enjoyment, not to be good.

  • As above really. Would it be possible to have our forum profile recognise our progress within game and display Pirate Legend along with any other titles we might have eg. Pioneer, Insider, Boatswain etc? A small feature but one I'm sure many of us would appreciate seeing.

    The other half of the question... could we have access either via our profile or perhaps in a separate web page, or even an app, to our commendation progress without having to fire up the game. I've had several discussions with others recently, whether that be chatting to friends or discussing the game on Twitch etc where commendation progress was brought up and we had to solely go by memory to recall what we'd completed etc. I know I speak for more than just myself when I say that such a feature would be very much appreciated also.

    Many thanks and happy sailing :)

  • Firstly, I'd like to state that I'm not creating a thread to beg for Pioneer status, I'm fully aware that such a thing is in all probability, the LEAST likely way to be added (or re-added for those that no longer have it) to it.

    With Arena just around the corner and all the nods in the weekly dev stream that Joe and the team have made towards the programme being used to test the build/s before the general release, I just thought it'd be useful/informative if we had some up-to-date info on what I'd imagine, is a much sought after status.

    From memory, it was a mix of player level/experience and forum activity, although I don't think this was ever officially confirmed. Any clarification on this and/or news about whether there might be another wave of recruitment being done ahead of the Arena release would be very much appreciated.

    Also, apologies if the answers to all this is readily apparent somewhere really obvious already. I did take a gander and couldn't see anything recent anywhere.

  • I know this is an idea that, at least for the time being, is unnecessary and runs away from the focus of what we need the game, but I am putting here for discussion, because I think in the future it would be nice to have.

    I imagine a store of magazines and newspapers where we can. buy for a ridiculous amount (1 gold, for example), the Pirate Times to read in the game and also magazines with game tutorials such as basic and advanced combat, a bit of lore, many interesting things.

    Maybe this would be a help for new players, or even for more experienced players who want to collect these items. Searching, many of the players I know of SoT do not even know the Pirate Times (and this forum), it would be nice to show them that our community is active and that there are many more cool things besides the game.

    Maybe we could even put video-tutorials in this store, a crystal ball like the Order of Souls to watch the video? Perhaps.


  • There's nothing I hate more than hauling some loot/skulls to an outpost, and losing those items to some sneaky pirates when they prove to be better at naval combat than I am. I don't miss the gold - this is the Sea of Thieves after all - and they deserve that and the reputation for stealing my stuff. What I hate, is the feeling that the last 1-2 hours of play has been for nothing.

    My suggestion to combat this is to reward a TINY amount of reputation towards the Hoarders/Order when you dig up a chest/kill a named skeleton.

    When I say "tiny" I do mean tiny. This slight rep gain should be no more than you'd get for handing in a Castaway chest, as I wouldn't want this to be an exploitable system.

    If Rare wanted to be conservative about this, they could instead reward a small sliver of reputation whenever a map/riddle/bounty from your quest-dial is completed and removed.

    If this was implemented, then when you lose your ship and everything on it, at least your time spent sailing wasn't wasted - the gold is gone but you still progressed your reputations, even if it wasn't by much.

    The other option is of course for me to git gud, which I intend to do, but this little rep reward for completing objectives would make me less frustrated while I work on that.

  • As far back as I remember playing SoT I never had trouble with double gunners until Rare released the video talking about it.
    At first I was angry, but maybe why they did it was so they could collect data on how it works.

    After that is how do one solve this?
    The solutions I seen so far has been just one.

    1. Make Cutlass a Primary and that you can only pick one gun to go with it.

    And as far as I have considered that is probably the best option. Fairest in it doesn't create confusion, it doesn't mess with other combinations that can be withstood.

    Except the Blunderbuss in the face, but that is really a good shot if they pull it off.
    Anything involving the cutlass can be blocked if you respond correctly.

    The other ideas i was gonna suggest was:
    1: Slower swap between weapons. (Won't happen, to annoying.)
    2: You can't swap until you reloaded your gun. (More probable but still annoying, but it would make pistols much more desirable compared to the EoR.)
    3: Make all guns equipped have the same ammo and reload, making it so if one gun is fired, both of them needs a reload. (Very unlikely and would punish new people unnecessarily.)

    What are your thoughts on the matter? do you like any of the other options I created and dismissed?

  • Skill Gap
    I have been seeing a lot of discussion lately about how PVP should be separate from PVE in sea of thieves.

    However I haven't seen a lot of discussion about combat itself. Obviously there is the aspect of mastering the boats and cannons. However if we are talking about gun or sword combat it seems somewhat limited to me.

    The pistol and sniper in sea of thieves are the middle/long range weapons (however they are used close range a lot) they are almost always used together because a sniper shot plus a pistol shot equals a kill. They are also used together because of a quick switching exploit currently in the game.

    The blunderbuss and the sword are the close range weapons they have no uses at long or median range. The sword is mainly used in close combat or for PVE. The blunderbuss is used commonly in both close up PVP and PVE.

    This was a very short post on skill gap combat but a lot of things were missed such as movement and pc vs xbox.

    My main question is are the developers shrinking the skill gap between players until it is impossible to beat a crew with more people then you. Or are they open to adding a skill gap to allow smaller crews to take on larger crews.

    please comment below I would love to see a wide range of opinions on the topic.

  • I'm terrified to think about how much time I've spent loading supplies on my boat. I have all this gold I'm hoarding and... well. Nothing to buy.

    So.... Who is buying all of these crates we turn in to the merchants? It seems like there is 100% supply and no demand?

    Even something as simple as being able to buy one crate of each supply per boat would be an amazing addition. Maybe there can be limits set on how much you can buy per hour? There is a lot of variables there to help the game stay balanced. This idea has been adapted from the original thought of "why can't we just buy a fully loaded boat (before barrel capacity changes)" or "start on a saved boat from the previous session."

    May all your travels be light and easy,


  • Pfff

    The higher level you are the more You see them, up to a point where it becomes more like a swarm of annoying flies, than engaging enemies

    Solo good hoarder voayages are unrewarding and unsatisfying

    Can you Guys please stop spamming skeletons at every single step i take ????

    We get it, the worlds not empty ok ? Just stop it please or set me back to level one.

    Not every single step needs be crawling with pirates, id prefer anything. Spamming the same thing over and over again makes it feel brainless more than anything

  • alt text

    Tried dropping a chest off the mountain down to a friend, didnt see the slight slop shown here on the northeast side of devil's thirst. Rip chest. Why doesn't all loot just slide down from slopes where a player can't stand? Would be a very welcome change so stuff doesnt get stuck in unobtainable places.

    PS: Tried to jump down past it to grab it and use geysirs to get launched near it and grab it, neither of which worked sadly. It was left behind in the end. :(

  • I was playing yesterday when I was approached by a player who shot at me. I shot back then my screen froze and I was booted. This seems to happen every so often but not until I'm approached by a player. Thoughts.

  • This isn't as important but would make as a great effect, once defeating the kraken (all tentacles knocked out) all of the tentacles burst out the water waving erratically before they come splashing down again.

    And they float for a little while before sinking down (like the meg) and last thing heard is a final growl from the beast, that's loud enough to be heard from anyone in that region signaling to them a krakens downfall.

  • Whie I'm personally happy that SoT will finally get a PvP based mode, it does further highlight the neccessity of optional crossplay. I know many of us may disagree on just how much of an advantage keyboard and mouse has over a controller, but when you get down to it even the most miniscule difference will have negative effects for any competitive game mode. I get there's still concerns regarding player population so I'm not saying this needs to happen in the base game which doesn't truly emphasize PvP, but for Arena this MUST to be an option otherwise the issues between PC and Xbox players will be further exacerbated. I do not think allowing use of mouse and keyboard on console is a solution as many of us on console prefer controller and should not be forced to buy more equipment to remain competitive. If Rare can find a way to implement a system that distiguishes between m+k and controller and matchmakes players based upon that then even better, but I'm not aware of such a system that exist in any game, so for now optional crossplay for Arena at least is the most obvious solution or there are going to be many upset players upon launch of this update I believe.

  • hello here the other day i played the sloop fun and all, than when my ship full of loot was being chased fair play they wanted the loot, then some random player joined my crew on the sloop and i was okey with that but when i jumped of and boarded the other ship i saw that he on purpose drove teh sloop into a rock grabbed 10 canonballs 5 planks and 5 bananas and said f*** you or **** you in chat and left the game leaving my boat to sink because of the holes he had put into it.
    i know he did it on purpose because of the way he drove the ship, it was heading past a few rocks and an island on course to nothing open sea all around and he decided to do a hard right into an island :) so what i want to happend is that the owner of a ship like the first to join has the right to kick the other player on the boat or lock him in the brig since there for some reason is a brig on the sloop ( wasted space if you ask me, since you cant use it atm) cause im tired of people being able to just server jump and grief for their own fun and its kinda ruining the game for alot of people i had 8 of my friends quit because of shortage of content which was true back a while back but the griefers is what pushed them over the line, that prevents them from coming back to this day.

    so please Devs give us a way to counter the griefing even on the 2 man ship but we also want a way to kick of the galleon and the brigatine cause griefing is just as big of an issue there its just easier to deal with if you are a 3 man group or a 2 man group on the brigatine, but locking people in the brig isnt always the solution i know loads of people ive locked in have just gone AFK with a coin in their keyboard or so for AFK walking so that they wont get kicked and stay there for hours going to sleep or so...

  • I was just in a brig, me and a friend caught below decks, one friend above decks. The kraken tentacle covered the hole and then we sank. Not immediately of course. It started poking holes in the ship that we were repairing, we never ran out of wood, every hole was repaired. But we couldn’t throw the water out. We went from a dry ship with no holes to sunk and there was literally nothing that could be done. I don’t know what is going on but how can this be intended?

    I’m sorry if I seem frustrated but this is very upsetting I’m trying to introduce a friend to this game and it is his first session. I’ve literally made a forum account just to make this gripe.

    Anyway the game is great back to playing but this isn’t on - not if you’ve got two guys repairing below decks and a guy up top. Not fair.

  • A Nautical Venture

    New Faction

    The Nautical Huntsmen Faction - A new faction to level up with that's not required for pirate legend. These are a group of professional fisherman who sailed the ocean for the best fish in the land, delved into the oceans deep for game, and even fought off evil mermaids. Now they are retired and offer their old ways as voyages to players to let their legend live on.

    Voyages they offer are to catch jumping fish, capture crabs, and turn in dead sharks and groupers.

    Spear Fishing

    Players can throw fish food into the water at aquatic islands to attract the nearby jumping fish causing a school of them to jump around the boat and then impale them when they jump out of the water. Players will have to store each and every fish they catch in storage before catching another. Spear fishing also causes sharks to eventually show up and scare away the fish until dealt with.

    Fish Food - Fish food attracts schools of jumping fish at underwater isles. Fish food can be bought at the Nautical Huntsmen NPC for 100g.

    New Biome

    Underwater Islands - A new type of biome to explore that's underwater. Underwater Islands have coral reefs that look just like the ones at the secret islands, tall grasses with treasure and terrors lurking in them, ship wrecks and schools of small fish. The enemies at these underwater islands are evil mermaids, sharks, and deep-sea grouper.

    Some more features to note at the islands are deep sea air pockets that provide air bubbles to players, clams and bad clams that occasionally have pearls in them, also their are glowing jelly fish that can paralyze players.

    Players will know they are at an underwater isle when they see fish jumping out of the water and birds flying around in the sky in a large area instead of a small circle. These locations also show up on the map as a name.

    New Fish Types

    Jumping Fish - Jumping fish are the best food around on the sea and they're very abundant near coral reefs. They jump up out of the water and schools of them can be attracted to boats with fish food. They can be impaled by players, stored away, and turned into the Nautical Huntsman.

    Glowing Jelly fish - Floating glowing jelly fish that can be found around the underwater biomes and will shock and paralyze anything that runs into it for a 2 second duration.

    Deep Sea Grouper - A large fish that camouflages with the ground and walls and will jump out at nearby players that don't notice it. After the grouper lunges, they attempt to eat and hold the player in their mouth before they will go back into hiding. The Grouper deals 25% of HP and will hold players in their mouth until they set themselves free by shooting or attacking the grouper. Once killed they can be picked up by players and turned into the Nautical Huntsmen.

    Giant Clams and Bad Clams - Not a fish but clams are found around the sea floor and when attacked they will open revealing their insides for a 5 second duration. Clams have a chance to have a random piece of treasure inside it. Bad clams do the same thing but release a ink cloud that makes incredibly hard to see just like kraken ink.

    Crabs - Also not a fish but giant crabs that roam the sea floor and island beaches. They will not attack players and will just run away in the opposite direction of a nearby player. Crabs can be herded into crab traps and turned into the Nautical Huntsman.

    New Enemies

    Evil Mermaids - The evil mermaids would act as the "aquatic skeleton". They have slightly more HP than a skeleton. They wield sword, tridents, and have healing magic than can heal nearby fish and mermaids. When a mermaid is low on HP it will attempt to retreat and call for back up which is 1-2 sharks. These evil mermaids can only pop up 1-2 at a time because they are more of a nuisance than skeletons. When killed they drop their shiny weapon which comes in silver, gold, and Atlantean which can be picked up and turned into the Gold Hoarders. The sword can act as a temporary sword and the trident can act as a temporary spear.

    New Merchant Alliance Shop

    Seaside Merchant - A new NPC that works along side the merchant alliance and sells players crates of supplies such as cannonballs, bananas, and wooden planks to stock their ship. The merchant also has the option to fully stock a boat for a reasonable price depending on the ship size.

    New Ship Customization

    Ship Naming Option - At blacksmith's players should be allowed and option to type in a name for their ship with spaces allowed. It would appear above the captain room door on the board and any where else rare would want to put it.

    Another option for naming would be to unlock different titles from new commendations and players would insert their titles into slots at the ship customization chest.

    New Items

    Diving Weight - A weight heavy enough to sink you but light enough to carry around on land. While held in the water the player will sink to the sea floor. Note the player cannot swim up or jump on land while holding the weight. Different cosmetic weights can be bought at the tools shopkeeper.

    Fishing Spear - A sharp spear for impaling. The player holds down the button to pull the spear back and thrusts the spear forward when released, impaling any small fish it touches. If used on a player it will lightly damage them and causing them to bleed for a very short duration doing around 20%hp per stab. The spear can be swung once every 3 seconds so players must really time their thrusts. Different cosmetic weights can be bought at the tool or weapon shopkeeper.

    Mermaid Conch Shell - Players can use this to spawn a mermaid for them. This item will be needed if an update like this ever comes out since players will spend tons of time underwater thus having 1-4 mermaids around the boat when your searching the sea floor.

    New Ship Storage Feature

    Fish Bucket - A new bucket that holds all the fish the players catches. The player cannot hold infinite fish and must store every fish they catch. It is given to the player from the nautical huntsmen and can be found around the world similar to banana crates.

    New Bucket Use

    Water Bucket Attack - Using the water bucket, players can now splash players in the face to make their vision hazy for a short duration.

    Thank you for your time!

    Another big update idea I posted awhile back:

  • Sea of Thieves is a game about Piracy, and also includes a fair bit of PVE as well. The piracy part is the PVP side of the game while the PVE side of the game is there to give meat to the point of the PVP.

    In essence its a PVE / PVP hybrid 100%, and no one component of this game is more important than the other..

    I personally have been playing video games since the 80's, and have quite a bit of experience in real fast pace First person shooters where 100% of the game play is about high speed twitch reflexes and the ability to be both accurate and repeatable.

    Sea of Thieves does benefit form those kinds of skills, but the speed of the game is slow as heck, and that's alright.. As for other types of games that could be a good analog for Sea of Thieves; those of you who played the original 2004 to 2006 version of World of WarCraft and are familiar with the Alterac Valley PVP Raid encounter know that it's both a PVP and a PVE event that both components of the game are needed to win.

    Sea of Thieves is a massive on ocean version of Alterac Valley, you need the PVE component to be there, but you also need the PVP component to be there.. The PVP is required for PVE because the Raid encounters such as the Kracken are very easy for those of us familiar with PVE gaming and other actual HARD PVE games.

    However the PVE component is absolutely needed for the PVP side of things because with out the PVE side of the game; there is no treasure to plunder from other ships, there are far fewer ships at sea, and there is no prize and cunning or point in looting another players treasures.

    You need both; even if you only participate in one side of this game you're 100% dependent on the other for the game to work properly.

    As a result there will NEVER be PVE only or PVP only servers, and attempting to segregate the community like that will absolutely and with out a doubt destroy the game.

    I often see posts asking for a match making system, or achievement system that can be viewed.. These are also mistakes because they will invite a lot of toxic behavior regarding solo Q players who want to learn how to play better in a group. I have been there on the toxic side of this. I was the guy saying "Sorry I cant take you because your rating and experience are just not good enough". The sad situation here was that was something I told a long time friend, all because "rating" had become more important than friendship.

    Sea of Thieves is about Friendship, but make no mistake I am not promoting any kind of "Sea of friends", but that your individual friendships are far more important than to have a rating system that can and would destroy the ability to play with these friends.

    This sort of toxic rating garbage happens in almost every rated game that has such a system, be it Overwatch, LoL, World of WarCraft Arena & Raid, or any other modern "rated" PVP / PVE system.

    I would HATE to see that kind of gaming pollution added to this most fantastic and well designed game..

    Now that compliment is regarding the spirit of Sea of Thieves, not so much the present set of bugs and flaws in game, but those I am sure will be ironed out over time.

    I implore you all to post constructively when regarding exploits; do high quality testing instead of parroting things you read or hear.. Do the tests for your self and truly understand what you're talking about.

    Why is this so important? Because poor quality feedback causes the developers to close their eyes and shut their ears to your posts. I have seen this first hand as well, I know why dev's stop responding because there are a lot of really bad posts that simply get regurgitated over and over though total ignorance.

    There are also very well intended posters in the forums some how tirelessly oppose incorrect information, some are very well written while others could be a little more diplomatic. Some are a bit passive when they could be a lot more forward. There is a middle ground where clear thought and sensible conduct exists.. Let us all strive to meet there.

  • Hi there guys.

    I'm just here because ive been monitoring the forums for a couple of days now and i've made note of things that are highly supported by the community and perhaps we should all come together and let Rare know that these little things should be implemented. Ill leave it up to you

    Pre-Saved Ship Customization
    People having to run and put on their ship customizations every time they load into a new game takes a lot of time, time they could be spending plundering and enjoying the game. I believe that Rare should introduce a new option to load a pre-set ship cust- to save time and possibly even Rare could introduce ship cust- layouts that people can buy and load onto their ships.

    Selling Journal
    An idea that has floated around the community for quite some time, having a journal with a list of items your crew + allience has sold in the session your currently in. Have you ever asked how much an item has asked for because you weren't looking at the top right hand side of your screen? This is the solution.

    Dabloons give you more $$$
    Everyone has been grateful that the dabloons give you a max of $10,000 gold but as the community has discussed, gold doesnt grow on trees but its neither does the dabloons and the gold purchase isnt worth its weight in gold. I've seen the amount people want for their hard earned dabloons and may I say, i support it completely.

    Thank you for your time ;)

  • I love sea of thieves and I love useing a mouse and keyboard, the Xbox one now supports mouse and keyboard however sea of thieves does not support it. I was wondering if anyone knows if the game will allow console players to use our preferred control method on Xbox.


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    Hitmarkers are extremely inconsistent both versus players and skeletons. The best example I can think of is shooting the skeletons in fort cannontowers. You get a hit marker just for hitting somewhere close to the skeleton, be it the wall or the cannon. Also getting a hitmarker when fighting a player when the shot actually did not connect can be very distracting and can completely ruin the way you interpret what the best follow up play is. This is what grinds my gears most about this game currently. Inconsistency when fighting is never fun.

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    Chase mechanics. By this I mean chasing enemy ships who are trying their best to escape you. Usually every ship has their advantages and disadvantages, but if the main goal of the enemy ship is to just get away they will usually play to their advantages in such a way that you can never catch them (assuming all players are playing properly). This is especially true in mirror chases (galleon vs galleon etc).

    The way this mechanic currently works, the crew being chased has almost all the options for making plays while the chasers only really have cutting the fleeing ship off and gaining minimal advantages from that.

    These chases can usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the crews. The chasing crew usually ending up just playing a ship observing simulator as you adjust sails, watch for boarders/barrels and dont really do much else. Its exciting for maybe 15-20 minutes before the chase just gets extremely boring.

    Im sure there are plenty of ways to adress this issue, but I thought of a few suggestions involving a front faced cannon (think Flying Dutchman triple cannons from Pirates of the Caribbean). The front faced cannon could have reduced range compared to the normal cannons so once the chasing ship starts edging closer you have an option to fight against them while the fleeing ship can still attempt boarding your ship / drop barrels.

    • A)
      Front facing cannon shoots 2 cannonballs (making it resource intensive to attempt) at once that can only connect with the enemy ships masts, breaking it slightly if connecting causing the fleeing ship to slow down. This could be fixed by the fleeing crew repairing the mast with planks (maybe having to raise sails first or something to fix, not sure)
      It could also be a special cannonball akin to the cursed balls that you have to find to use.
    • B)
      The front facing cannon can only shoot harpoons with rope attached. If you hit with the harpoon it stays connected for a certain period of time, pulling on the fleeing ship and slowing it down. It could potentially also be used to climb over to the fleeing ship from the chasing ship. Could work similarly to curse balls that harpoons are found in the world.
    • C)
      Front facing cannon can only shoot cursed balls.
    • D)
      Front facing cannon can only be used to shoot crewmates (so both fleeing and chasing ship has an option to attempt boarding eachother)
    • E)
      Some combination of above examples.
    • #3

    Skeleton aimbot is not fun to play against. The way they lock to your character and sometimes hit you through walls or through other skeletons when you try to avoid them doesn't feel good. You can jump around corners, jump over the skeletons or hide behind rocks and you still get hit. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth after dying to it.

    • #4

    Currently when you fight skeleton ships they knock you out of whatever you are interacting with even when you don't take any damage. I believe this is caused by cursed cannonballs hitting your ship. This is a very annoying mechanic to deal with as you can end up getting forcibly removed from the object you are interacting with over and over and over again.

    Another annoying feature of the curse balls is there being no diminishing returns on any of them so be it versus skele ships or enemy players you can end up getting hit by the same curse ball for the same duration 3-5 times in a row. If you are on a sloop with your friend and you both get hit by a sleep / grog ball several times in a row and you have any holes you usually sink. Especially when it's combined with getting hit by the sail raising ball or anchorball. Not a fun experience at all.

    • #5

    Currently you can't rebind Q and E for switching between tabs in barrels. Would be nice to be able to rebind these as well as Tab for opening the resources etc menu.

    • #6
      The way looting barrels currently works on PC it can be quite wonky to loot efficiently if you prefer using the mouse pointer for it. This is mainly because the mouse pointer stays where you last put it and if you go a while without looting its hard to remember exactly where it was last time. Either having one inventory window always be selected by default when you open a new barrel or having the mouse pointer default to the middle of the screen would be a very welcome change. For the maximum quality of life you could even be able to select which inventory window you want always selected opening a new barrel in options.
    • #7
      Eye of Reach, Pistol and Blunderbuss sensitivities, even when on the maximum of 10 ingame can feel a bit slow compared to your normal sensitivity running around. It would be very nice if you could raise these sensitivities even higher than 10.
  • First and foremost, as a closed beta player and early adopter who had some grave concerns about this game at launch, I want to say that the many quality of life improvements to the game over the last 10 months have been welcome and appreciated. Thank you dev team for persisting through choppy waters.

    Rowboats are my favorite thing in the game, as they allow me complete freedom from my ship and a more intimate adventure. I'm the kind of person who will patiently row from island to island, hunt larger ships and steal away quietly with their loot. I love the heart pounding rush of adrenaline you feel when approaching another ship secretly, dock up, load up their treasure, and undock the rowboat to push off...

    And then your character clips through a nearby game object above the rowboat, and bam. Your screen goes black, and your character teleports back to the ship that you left parked 10 islands away.

    Admittedly, I am playing the game unconventionally. Single player is an extraordinarily hostile environment, but I love taking it to that next level playing the high risk rowboat strategy. It's probably not normal that I leave my ship somewhere across the map. I get it.

    Before anyone tells me to get gud and play the game the 'right' way, I am simply suggesting the following:

    Adjust the unstuck system so that instead of teleporting players back to their ship, it teleports players to some 'safe' location in their immediate vicinity.

    Probably 25-30% of my long-distance rowboat ventures have ended prematurely due to being teleported back to my ship, erasing sometimes hours of work. You can imagine I close the game pretty fast when that happens.

    My best,

  • Hey!
    Been playing in alliance recently, and when we face other crews it is pretty difficult to know who is who. I think changing the color of the player name when you are in an alliance (PE yellow or blue instead of white) could be helpful (specially during fights).

    See you in the seas!

  • Been thinking about this since before SoT launched.

    You should be able to light the tail end of exploding barrels to shoot them forward. When done from your hands this would produce a torpedo-like weapon.

    You should also be able to climb on top and ride them. Would be a cool mechanic to add to the game.

    • Underwater Missions

    Buy/Find a special Item to mount a crane on the boat. / Special Boat (Slower than other one)
    To find the right place, you need to follow the map as always. To mark the exact place, there could be some dolphins swimming around, or a turlte.
    With this crane, a barrel with a player in it, can be released into the water and sink down to the ground. There, he can loot a crate (not sure how exactly. Maybe a hook or so)

    • Fishing

    Fishing with a rod or with a net.

    • Make a persistent Crew

    Create a Crew with your mates. Stats like farmed Chests,Killed Sharks, etc would be saved.
    Monthly/Weekly/Daily ranking.

    • Wild Animals

    Tigers / Giant Spiders / Dolphines / Giant Crab / Whales / Giant Water-serpent /

    • More Ship customization

    select placement for map-table,Quest-table, etc
    Write a name on the Ship

    • Heavy Chest

    A Chest as heavy, that you need a friend to carry it.

    • Friendly Merchant ship (NPC)

    One ship per server, where you can buy some resources (Planks/Bananas/ Canonballs) and a special skin set ( only one item per visit)

    • Quest Songs

    Quests to find new songs.

  • So people like me are not really a good fighter I’m sea of thieves but I think what the games needs is a training course to get new players toughened up and be prepared for the open world this is my opinion but personally I always love a practice session with my crew mates.

  • I know there is a lot of talk about adding more variety of skeletons and enemies to make the game more interesting but there could be a step in between that which would add more variety while they work on the new skelies.

    So i was thinking why not just make multiple looks for each type of skeleton:
    Leaf skelies - some could have plants growing off them and others could be overgrown in shrubs.
    Normal skelies - some could have ripped flesh over them so they are not just plain and boring, some could look more decayed than others...

    Im not really the best for ideas but i think it would be nice to change things up a bit

  • To begin this post, I am a pvp player to the day I die. That being said, I can understand some of the frustration "casual" players face. So here's an idea, you take the existing value of loot and decrese it's gold and rep rewards by 50%-75%. Then, you increase the pvp server loot value by 50%-75%. You could also make some cosmetics that can only be earned via playing on a pvp server. Certain things like this to entice players to play pvp will give the casuals what they want and the rest of us more to grind for in the game. Problem solved.