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  • Excuse my language but FRICK Skeletal Galleons.

    I just spent 15 minutes being aggressively assaulted by a Skeletal Galleon as a solo sloop player.

    Within those 15 minutes I wasted all of my cannon balls, all of my fire bombs, all of my planks of wood, was knocked off the ship twice.

    I got so heated raged quit without giving a damn about my loot.

    I don't understand why Skeletal Galleons take so much work to sink especially when they are such a broken PvE experience.
    Their aim is dead on, rarely do they miss a shot. They turn incredibly fast, they sail fast, they ram you with zero regard to causing damage to their ship. It's so frustrating.

    I honestly don't know what to do when one is chasing me across the entire damn ocean. I hit the hull with a ton of cannon shots, which seems to do nothing. I throw fire bombs onto the deck to try and keep the skeletons off the cannons, seems to do nothing. The boat doesn't burn like a ship normally would so the fire just fizzles out. They seem to take on water at a slower speed so they take forever to sink, if by some grace of God they even do sink.

    It's so frustrating as a solo player to have to deal with these boats.

  • Been PL for a while now, and dropped my first* Athena today, and ran the Athena flag. I knw that Athena voyages gave you a bunch of different things to do - cargo runs, skeleton crews, etc.

    What counfounded us was that very little we did counted towards our Athena grade. Sink a skelly, fine. Drop a meg, fine. Dig up some cheap athena cargo box, fine.

    But all of the chests and gems and skulls and everything else we picked up along the way, none of it counted towards grade and none of it could be sold to the Mysterious Stranger, so what was the point?

    We got to about grade 2.5 before we just dumped it and decided to go back to hoarders emissary.

    Did we miss some kind of grand finale that was supposed to have our knees all a-quiver, or are regular Athena quests as worthless as we perceived them to be?

  • It would be cool if u could by supplies with coins from outposts a crate of wood with only 1 plank is 150 gold this is the sane for a cannon crate with only 1 cannon ball.

  • It would be cool if you could equip 2 of the same type of gun like blunderbuss and blunderbuss

  • So i was thinking of a way to expand the Hunters call faction. Currently the only way to level up is to bring them food and gems, and that's it... But, if there was some sort of voyage or world event that whould prove more of a challange or just a fun activity i'
    d suggest adding whale hunting. You set of with your ship and search for whalefins or splashing water and then there is a battle simular to the megaladon but instead of it attacking its runs so you need to use the harpoons to kill it.

  • I keep having this issue where megalodons run away from my ship. I almost missed out on my first Ancient Terror because of this.

  • My crew and i had just reached reapers bones 5 and sold our loot, we were about to leave, and the ship just poofed, while we were all on board, dropping our emissary flag with it.

  • This issue has been present for some time now. Usually the 5 galleons that fit in a server are allianced farming pve events, quests, and commendations. To stop this I suggest having no more than two or possibly three ships allianced per server. These servers have taken these possible ships out of normal servers. This has resulted in people server hopping to find a server with some kind of activity and players to battle. This hopping as a result of recent stability issues that might be affecting hit registration. These players are too afraid of combat and just farm loot and commendations with no consequence or risk. 2-3 ships max for an alliance would fix this issue and force them to actually play the game because they would still be at risk of having normal players in their servers an enemy player threat.

  • Hi I would like to suggest adding Dave slots 2-4 for different characters that you like so when you use the potion you can always use a potion to get your old character back. It would also be nice to fix the character selection right now it's really distracting to try and choose a character I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to find a good one and gave up ! there should be an option to choose whether you want a male or female , old or young , race , and age ! Because all I was getting was male characters ( mostly) or older characters and only a few female characters my age this made the selection process a real headache . ![strikethrough text]([image url](

    • link url))
  • Hello everyone,

    I would suggest, that the map on the ship gets two upgrades.
    First of all it would be nice, if crewmates could point at stuff with their hand, while one is looking around. Handy for pointing sth out, or pointing to the island you have to go to. Would be more interactive then one doing sth and the rest standing around.

    My second suggestion would be, that you can draw lines on the map to indicate to other crew members which path you want to take.

    Would give planning routes more realism. Every good naval movie shows, that painting your way into maps is of utmost importance. ;)

  • Its like regular adventure mode except there is crew Permadeath.

    Your lifeforce is tied to your ship.

    If your ship is sunk and all the crew are killed they are kicked from the session and join another.

    If however a surviving crew member manages to reach a mermaid then their ship respawns as does their crew.

    Deceased players will be stranded on the ferry until somebody reaches a mermaid and respawns the ship.

  • Last night my friends and I completed the "Revenge of the Morning Star" quest. We also did the journals because the bear mast looked sweet.

    However, no commendations unlocked during the questline. We reached checkpoints, and turned in the shroudbreaker key, and I checked again this morning (about 12+ hours later) to see if the servers were slow to unlock things. All of us are still on "0 of X commendations" for that questline. We did not receive any achievements either.

    I looked online to see if anybody had similar problems but nothing has shown up. Is this a known problem and is there a fix?

  • hi i would like to suggest adding more pets and animals to the game to make it more vibrant and fun. I would love to see a rat, seagull, or dolphin that follows your boat as pets! For wildlife it would be neat to add more aquatic fish to make downtime less boring rare dolphins or sea turtles, jelly fish at night , coral reef, sea stars, shells underwater , and wild monkeys would make the game more vibrant ! i also think a whirlpool in an area of the map near the edge would be cool

  • I think you should be able to brig other crews. This would be great, because of those really bad and annoying people that just keep coming back after you sink them. Instead you would be able to capture them and lock them up for a short time.

  • Love when I shoot a keg and it doesn't explode, or when I shoot the person and they make the hit animations and then take 3 more bullets.

    Like this one dude in arena took 10shots and didn't even die.
    I don't complain about hitreg at all but honestly, this last week it decides when it wants to work itself.

    Quick edit as I know what these forums are like.
    I got a hit marker on all of the above.
    If no hit marker then clearly I missed my shot but when I got a hitmaker for every single one of the above scenarios, hitreg, be broken. I don't know if its cos of ping or what but if that's the case, I shouldn't be put in servers outside my region. The language barrier is already difficult enough never mind having awful ping and getting hitreg'd every time I encounter someone.

  • 3 Words!
    Leviathan Lobster God!!!

    Summons lobster followers and other humanoid sea enemies.

    The LLG can attack with their giant claws, destroying masts and damaging other parts of the ship. It can ram the ship and use its tail to also do damage.

    It big attack is when it can primarily be hit with cannons, and it comes out of the water and creates waterspouts and sprays water at ships, knocking crew off the top deck if not holding something and damaging the ship.

    During this battle, other enemy ships with the above crew types can appear and attack.

    This is not for a single crew, but something that the whole server must work together to defeat. It will take coordination and a lot of teamwork to bring down this beast! The loot should be extremely plentiful since a lot will be lost mid-battle and will be split between multiple crew...or not.

  • Somewhat new to the game, sure this general idea has been around for a while hopefully I am putting it in a new way.
    the ability to change out parts of your ship could help allow players have a new way to play, and “purpose build” their ships to do certain tasks like combat, or questing things like:
    Swapping out the cannons for smaller cannons that do less damage for a quicker reload rate, or larger cannons that do more damage, but take longer to reload
    Sails that you can trade speed of adjusting the sails (raising lower, turning) for the speed of your ship
    Reinforced hull at the cost of speed and maneuverability with the opposite stripped down hull

  • We have ghostly villains and ghostly heroes - but that leaves me with 1 question: Where are my ghostly pets? 🤔


  • Ritual skulls nowadays are quite easy to come across in the world while sailing around, which is great. But they only have two uses, activating the FOTD or selling for some dubloons...but what if there was more we could do with them?

    I would like to put forward an idea to further their use. Player activated world events!

    How many times have you launched the game, got into a server and saw a flameheart up, spewing his nonsense about getting off his seas? What do you do then? I usually hop servers for a better world event. But what if you didn't have to? What if you could collect a ritual skull, go to any of the skeleton forts and activate it with a skull? The skull cloud could be red again to show it's a player activated one.

    The same thing for skeleton ships (if you're really hunting for that awesome title). In the areas that skeleton ship fleets spawn, let there be a partially sunk skeleton ship with a skeleton captain on it, missing it's head. Simply place the ritual skull on its body to activate a skeleton fleet.

    With player activated world events, I think you could partially stop 20%-30% of server hopping for a new world event, and it would encourage people to stay on a server. It would give players a little more freedom on what they want to do, while also providing some more pvp encounters.

  • Can we please get the option to either: vote to duel a fellow crewman in the crew menu or knife each other ala Borderlands. just to settle personal disputes or battle for captaincy lol idk. just seemed interesting to me. maybe allow for two different crews' "captains" to duel it out for loot so there's honor(and bragging rights?)? inb4 honor amongst thieves.

  • Hi,

    So, the 12 Days of Giving Rewards give us a skin for everything EXCEPT the fishing rod.

    Will a skin be made available for in game purchase like the rest of these skins after the event?

    If not, why not?

  • It would be helpful to have an ability to zoom in on treasure maps, even if only slightly. It would help to be able to zoom in and be able to better pick out landmarks on the treasure mini maps which will help navigate you to the "X".

  • I think instancing the servers so you only end up with people around your level would be in the best interest of the game, nor would it be super difficult to pull off.
    I constantly am getting around 300k in loot singlehandedly, only to get my time and hard work ruined by a reaper who just shoots first and asks questions later, then proceed to use the name of the game as an excuse to be as toxic as they were being.

  • If you fancy a chicken as a pet, release it on your ship. It will wander around like any other pet. But with the added benefit of being able to eat it!

    All aninals could be released.
    Even snakes!

    Imagine trying to sail with a ship chock full of angry snakes!
    Now all you need to do is talk like samuel jackson!

  • Consistent major gamebreaking issues are still a thing, for example hitreg and falling mast bug.
    But rather spent resources and time developing some useless Battlepass or more for the Pirate emporium?

  • Ship shadows are way darker than the surrounding island shadows which makes your ship stand out.

    Not that i dislike that aspect, but it means turning lanterns off is pointless.

    Shadoes should be same level of dark as island shadows so you can be hidden against an island's backdrop, to reinforce the importance of dousing your lights.

    I know its deliberate, but changing that makes lights more relevant.

  • I've seen topics about this but I can't seem to find any recent ones. I would like to be able to appreciate a livery purchase inside and outside of the boat. I've gotten lucky buying the nightshine parrot because it did make the inside a tad bit lighter but that's all the information I have.

  • It would be cool if there was a spectator mode feature basically you can join a random server or the server that your friend is on. You can also join arena too. Basically you move normally 4 times faster than a sprinting player, you can also move slow as slow as a player, and you can enter ultra sonic speed, this can be used to get around the world easily. Spectator mode is really good for capturing battles because of its record mode (pretty self explanatory). There is also ghost mode, basically you are the same as a normal player however you are invisible immortal and u cannot access your weapons items and you cant even talk, and you cant fly either, ghost mode is for getting a crewmans view of whatever is happening. Spectator mode is pretty good at capturing all types of battles, kraken megs and everything like it, that is why there is a list of all the pvp battles bosses and world events happening in the top right corner of your screen that you can toggle on and off you can select one of these to teleport to. This list also includes battle from different servers, so its a pretty big list that is why you can select what you want on the list, you can type in kraken if you want a kraken fight or megalodon (or meg) if you want a megalodon fight, you can even type in pvp if you want a ship to ship fight. You can even type in skeleton fort, fleet EVEN FLAME HEART. When in spectator mode you cannot see other crews voyages on the table to prevent you from telling your friend where the other crews treasure is. Also all treasure is invisible to prevent any targeting. It is against the rules to use spectator mode to your friends advantage by hunting players If someone in spectator mode is near you then it will say one ghost near If a spectator is following you for a long time and u are then attacked by another player you can report these players to see if their using spectator mode to hunt other players which is against the rules Doing this will get you some sort of penalty

  • Purchasable supplies in storage crates. As seen most people don't have the time to spend for several hours of resource collecting, especially those who just want to jump into a game real quick. The limited amount of supplies I agree help balance the game. But what if you could get, let's just say, 99 cannons, 50 planks, and 50 coconuts all for 15000 gold or more. If someone just wants to waste their gold, each game day, and buy all the supplies they need to take on galleon for the next seven years go ahead. Most ships won't last more than a few days, even being passed on. This is a bare bones idea. It could be limited by merchant level, and have to be purchased like a quest from a merchant. The cost would be displayed also. Or even make it purchasable from the tavern. Giving outpost a little more love. The new items have been great at sinking gold, but as a player who sails almost 5 days a week for multiple hours. These one time gold sinks do nothing for me other than lower my amount of gold for the next 2 weeks. By having something that is a play to win and can on daily take away 15k or more of gold. Might entice people to trade in that ever accumulating gold to stabilize.

  • So I haven't played in a couple years until recently and I noticed a few things since my return. I noticed somewhere along the way you guys released a promotional photo of the mercenary set with a "Gold Scorpion" eye patch instead of the original "Red X"; my question is how can something like that be teased a year or two ago and not be implemented into the game yet? From what I can tell it disappointed a lot of players based on forum comments regarding this.

    Also, regarding the Mercenary Set all promotional pictures show a gold diamond/stud on the boots, but in game it is a grey/silver color not matching the set at all. Can this be changed? Along with the release of the teased eye patch?

    Additionally, there are a lot of pictures that refer to in game content cosmetics but most don't even exist. Those should really be added as well. A lot of the fan base is about the cosmetics as well as the content. Attached are a couple examples; one vest in particular and another with what appears to be a "Lord Guardian" tattoo. The Lord Guardian sails from the RPG are one of the best sails in the game and a tattoo with the same logo would be amazing. But there others including clothing, sails, and tattoos.

    Other weapons were also found in the original datamine of the game. Such as as rapier, boarding axe, heavy sword, and second type of pistol (NPC with rapier attached) Implementing additional weapons would unbelievably spice up any/all PVP as well. Why show a promote artwork if it is not in the game? I know these types of issues are the least of your concern but your game is amazing but a lot of people including myself are very meticulous and catch on to missed details very easily. I know a lot of players would be happy if things like this were addressed.

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  • I dont believe I'm the only one who has had their crew's ship just completely disappear recently but that happened today about 7 hours ago or so from now but hopefully SoT HQ will take care of that problem soon. Anyways just wanted to point that out in case noone else has yet.

  • I've been at Devil's roar all my time on sea of thieves, It's already feels like Devil's Roar is my second home, or the place that i belong. I achieved my Pirate Legend on devil's roar, and i already completed all commendations on Forsaken Shores, including those 200 cargo delivery. But it seems that Master Devil's Voyager title is just like a normal title we get for a "Special" title. I know, we can get the Forsaken Ashes set, but that's it.

    Maybe more to a privilege, such as we the owner title and equip it can start our day from Morrow's Peak outpost, so it feels that we're the master of Devil's roar, or gain access to a harder voyages, like idk, 8 continual voyages or such?

    Just a suggestion, i know maybe some doesn't feel attached to this place like i did, but it just feels weird that we gain the title of "Master" but we can't spawn anywhere near the Roar