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  • Keeping this brief.
    New faction: Beachcombers
    A casual faction, similar to the Hunter's Call, who specialise in scavenging island beaches, where you might find seashells, pottery, ancient weaponry, old ship parts, animal husks (ie. turtle shells, crab shells, fishbones, kraken beaks etc.) all of varying quality.
    As a reward for every five levels, they could give the players scavenged-looking ship customisations clad in seashells and bits and bobs.

  • Going to make this brief..

    Maps at the outposts!

    Might throw in an ammo refill at the outposts aswell!

  • So here I am, sailing from fort to fort with two stronghold kegs on board my sloop for commendations. I had a storm in my way, so I took them down and put them below on the middle deck (right beside the voyage table, to be precise). I'm sailing through the storm and lightning hits me on the helm, and blows up both kegs through the deck, instantly killing me and my ship. Then a server merge happens and the storm is suddenly on the other side of the map anyways, so I just continued and finished my voyage.

    My issue here isn't being annoyed that I got blown up for carrying kegs, it's that the lightning somehow hit them when they were a floor down, through the deck. Lightning has never done that for as far back as I can remember (although being struck with kegs below deck is not a common occurrence for me), despite it's explosive impact radius. Making it a bit shorter (not as tall, not smaller altogether) would fix this, and be more realistic, since it shouldn't be able to hit through the deck from one up.

    I get that carrying kegs through a storm is a bad idea, but having them belowdecks has always worked before, and I'm also wondering if the lightning is more powerful now or if it's just never been the same conditions.

  • It's way to easy to kill megalodons now. One or two holes per bite?? And small????
    My 6 year old can solo a megalodon.
    And the rewards???? Omg... A red and green gem, plus other items.
    Making it way to easy. If there is no challenge, then who cares about the glory

  • So the idea is pretty simple.

    Rare has had toilets in their games as this exceptionnal article will demonstrate:

    I think we need toilets in game and in order to get the discussion going here are how I think it should be done.
    I would also like to acknowledge the Official SoT Discord community for their input and uwavering support to this idea!

    Where ?
    At outposts.

    What ?
    Simple wooden hut much like Shrek's but respecting the architecture of the outposts buildings.

    Why ?
    For fun and because as the the title states: can't hold it anymore.

    How ?
    Have it so that it is an item you can interact with but only for a limited amount of time (15 seconds or something). Like the ladders or sails, etc ...
    Have it so that you can't really spam it either (dunno if that would be easy to do though).
    The idea is that if there is a queue, it not be too long. Practical thinking!

    Let's have a wheel chat with specific stuff like:
    "it's getting stormy in here"
    "haha burying treasure, if you know what I mean ..."
    "That uncooked meat sure did a lot of damages"
    "Sure hope the Kraken doesn't find it's way up this hole"
    "Busy, taking care of business"


    Can I take damage or die on the toilet ?
    No, toilet break is sacred. Killing or damaging someone on the toilet is a grave offense. There should be a line added to the pirate code for that kind of sin. But, once you are out of the toilet, anything goes.

    Can I play with my excrements ?
    I would argue for it, but I don't think it would be very sanitary. So no for now.

    Why can't we have toilets on our boats ?
    No need, just do it overboard. But I guess we can have them built later on for extra comfort.

    Toilets at every outposts.

  • Hello everyone !

    I wanted to share with you some ideas to improove the harpoon mechanic.

    First of all, when I think about solo slooping, it's really hard to use harpoons to help you drive your ship.
    That's why the "R" button on the keyboard (that allows the harpoon to get blocked) must activate/unactivate the block.
    You shouldn't have to hold the button.

    This is balanced because in case of chase, you won't close the distance with the enemy ship if you are not on the harpoon.

    Next, you should be able to climb on the harpoon rope.
    It would require a lot of skill and will create some crazy interaction (Imagine 4 players boarding a ship like this !)

    However, it's balanced as you can "cut" harpoon's ropes with the sword.

    Finaly, harpoons should be able to grab skelletons, annimals and sharks (good luck for coding the skelletons on players ship).

    But I can imagine an army of skellies bring into a playrt galleon !

    Thanks a lot for reading me !

  • Okay, so I realize that the title of this thread can be a little dramatic but just hear me out on this. I have a lot of points to get through and I'll try to keep them as punctual and to the point as possible.
    Firstly, the biggest issue, content. Sea of Thieves was a game with very little content upon release driving many new players to the genre away. That started to change when you brought more content with the first update "The Hungering Deep". It was only onwards and upwards from there with the additions of Skeleton Ships, Increased Fort Spawns, The Devils Roar, and Improved Megaladon/Kraken encounters. However, this is when things took a turn for the worst with one exception. I'll bring up the one positive first, being the Mercenary Voyages, not all of them however. The Mercenary Voyages were only partly good as you had some that had specific routes, meaning that players would have to encounter others along their path. Like what you had in the early days for summoning the Megaladon in The Hungering Deep and hunting the Skeleton Ship in Cursed Crews. Its wise in a big open world game to 'sometimes' bring in quests that force people to go up against others in order to earn a great reward. BUT, continuing on from this notice the use of the word 'sometimes' previously'. I say this as it can get boring if the routes for quests are always exactly the same which is what you got right in your most recent Tall Tales, kind of. The Second main point I'm trying to get at with all this is that all your previous content updates have been LT (Limited Time), so anything you earn or buy from Dukes Shop such as the Wailing Barnacle Set, or the Forsaken Ashes ship sets become legendary in a sort of way. All this 'watch a stream for some basic hull, sails, figurehead nonsense is just that, nonsense. Introduce them into the game, give people a reason to actually play and for the love of god, give your game a shops for kids to spend real money so that you are actually earning money. Might provide bit more incentive for you to stop dooming your own game. I'm bored of typing now but even just those few points should give you a bit of clarity I hope.
    Signing off.

  • Can you guys please increase the spawn rate of this meg. It rediculous due to the calculations it has less than a 1% chance to spawn. How do you guys expect us to get the level 5 commendation and title to kill 50 of these when I can’t even see 1? Please guys change the spawn rate....

  • Hello guys, I've been playing for sometime now and I took notes of somethings that I would change if the game was mine.

    First lets start with ARENA - It's an awesome gameplay but sometimes we take like 30 minutes of waiting until the currently arena is finished so we can complete our team (if we are playing solo) and then we start arena... and even waiting so long sometimes Im alone at the galleon and have to leave the game and come back... so You guys NEED to add Sloop arena and bergantin arena so players could play solo, duo, trio or in galleon with 4 players. Would be EPIC an arena with sloopers.

    Next topic - Sometimes we have really long and exausting journeys, alone or with friends... we need more things to do in the ship instead of only playing the same songs over and over again... or fishing something (fishing is the next topic) WE need MORE musics, we need... a CARD game to play in the ship for example, we need more things to do while we are on our long journey.

    FISHING - fishing is TAKING TOOOOOOO LONG... its like 2 minutes to fishing ONE fish... I mean... sometimes I cant even finish my fishing coz I have to turn the SHIP around or else it will hit some islandd or rock... it should be maximum 20seconds to get a fish!!! I cant even think about fishing because I know it will take too long, so its faster to stop by in some island, kill a pig and then fry his meat.... much faster than fishing)

    SKULLS - Sometimes when we get over a FORT we have like... 5-6 skulls to bring to the ship right? So... when I GRAB the skull I can clearly see that my character is using only ONE hand, so Why can't I grab 2 SKULL instead of only one? Would save us a hell of time if we could carry 2 skulls at a time instead of only one, that doesnt make sense? We already have to go selling our stuff and go back to the ship MANY times when we are finishing our voyage... make it easy for us... let us grab at least 2 skulls at once... playing this game SOLO take too long to do certains things, you guys have to think more about SOLO players because its not everyone who has friends to play with.

    Also our gear should give us some damage bonus or something because I spent like 10k in a sword for nothing... only to look good?

    Well, I guess for now its only that... if you guys have more to say, please comment bellow, lets make Sea of Thieves the greatest game ever!

  • Today, I hopped on to a brigantine and I started the Cursed Rougue Tall Tale for the third time. It took me and my two crew mates three hours to finish the tall tale and turn the skull in, when I turned briggsy’s skull in at plunder outpost the dialogue of the order of souls was started as usual, but to my dismay half way through the cutscene I was Cyanbearded. When my internet reconnected, I went into a closed crew sloop to see if the tall tale counted. It still said I had 2/5 even though I did it for the third time today. I spent three hours for nothing. Somebody please fix this.

  • How about being able to buy ship upgrades? By this I mean, you'd still be in a sloop, brigantine or galleon but the starter craft would all look really shoddy. The storage barrels would all look broken, the map table would be a basic 4 legs and top, the crows nest would looks like it's been nailed together by someone who's been on the rum all day and the deck would look really badly made.

    You'd have 3-5 upgrade levels to each boat class, and each time your boat would look better made, until you reached the top craft type. The top craft would have gilded, golden lanterns, have no visible signs of wear and tear, the crows nest would be have metal banding and iron rivets, the bow sprint would be a shining metal spike, the shutters would be beautifully made and the furniture inside the captains cabins would be luxurious to the extreme.

    Essentially this boat upgrade type would affect all areas of the ship that the existing cosmetics system doesn't. Each upgrade would also be A LOT more expensive, say £1,000,000 for the first level and reaching £5,000,000 for the top class.

    The upgrades would give you no gameplay advantage at all and they would be solely cosmetic and our current cosmetics could still be applied to each ship class.

    I really like the idea of feeling like I've "bought" my ship instead of just getting given one when I play and this would make me feel more like my ship belongs to me. Obviously the ship class would have to be applied in the same way our current cosmetics are.

  • I am tired of jumping around on a ship dodging people to then get someone who hits 1 pellet from the blunderbuss and suddenly I'm in the water. Another annoyance with the blunderbuss is most of the time when I'm on a small ship such as the sloop or even sometimes the brigantine, I get one-shotted by some controller player who happens to spawn in the right place at the right time to kill me. These aspects of the game require no skill, most of the time I find some noob at the game pulls his blunderbuss out and tries looking for me and just as I start swording him, he shoots his blunderbuss and I'm instantly dead, and then people start to camp their ladders. I find I get shot by a person camping a ladder with a blunderbuss, I feel there should be a new way to board ships such as boarding axes, you should be able to somehow to connect it to a ship, whether that is throwing it or walking into it as you float by the ship and you should be able to climb them, but without the enemy knowing, therefore fixing some blunderbuss issues. In all, the blunderbuss needs to have it so a certain number of pellets need to hit an enemy to cause the knockback effect, and the damage of the blunderbuss needs to be nerfed so that it cannot just accidentally one-shot a good player. Any other weapon in the game is essentially useless when going up against someone with a blunderbuss unless you are in the water. Someone with a blunderbuss can just run at an enemy and can tank a sniper shot or pistol shot, and then can just shoot him as soon as he gets close enough, and the person without the blunderbuss will die because the blunderbuss has the ability to one shot. The weapons are completely unbalanced when logically thinking about it, a bunch of small pellets can instantly kill someone, but a large sniper bullet to the head cannot. I feel if the damage of the blunderbuss is not nerfed, then headshot damage should be added, it would give those with more skill a more for sure way to kill someone who would otherwise just get lucky.

  • Is there anyway we can see snow around the world?

    Last year's dress up was nice and all, but after leaving the tavern it just felt like a regular day. Would be fun to see the storm turn into a blizzard (almost like a fog, storm combination).

  • you've no doubt heard this before, just making sure it gets though to you, please fix the que times in arena asap. The que times have been rediculus recently, spending much more time queing than playing, even when the lobby seems pretty much full. Extremely frustrating!

  • Hello Rare,

    i like your game a lot, but Arena is something that cannot catch me until. I tried sometimes and it's either you have no full crew and others just dont work together or you have a full crew and its barely a challenge because you are organized and the rest is not and got steamrolled by your crew.
    I had one good Arena fight that was fun and challenging and we lost for a few points only, but this leads me to my suggestion.

    Make it one island with one chests worth 10k gold or more and only 2 rival ships who are equally far away from the island with the treasure.
    And give us 1vs1 Sloop, 2vs2 Sloop, 3vs3 Brig and 4vs4 Galleone.

    It's the challenging tense fights who are fun.
    That would be an Arena mode i'd like to play.
    Who is first at the island, who will make it to dig up the chest first, and are they able to deliver it???

    What we have now is frustrating or not challeinging at all, becuse it's chaotic and unfocussed and therefore just not fun.

    Or dont do it and i'm also fine, but not playing Arena :)

    edit: Maybe 3 ships would be fun aswell, because of some uncertainty who to fight first or at all etc.
    But more Ships and treasures and it all becomes too chaotic, less focussed and just a "rush and avoid fights at best" mode.
    TBH i dont like it this way.

  • A little list of curious lil' details that I spotted in video below:

    0:14 - Pirate on the left is wearing Steel Curiass.
    That piece of customization has been shown in various pictures a number of times alredy, most notably in video "The legend of Katt Truewalker" and in one of loading screen pictures during the Skeleton Thrones event. Meybey it finally will make an actual apperance in-game?

    0:58 - The Galleon's cannons are different. Three of four are standard cannons, while the second from left that's being operated is from Kraken set. Bug or some preview of some new feature?

    1:48 - This one's a cherry on top. The Obsidian Cannons.

  • I would love to put my trophy fish on my ship. Maybe put a display thing on the ship. Every time we log in we have to catch a new one

  • the game is great with all the quests and tall tales but we need some new things

    We need some pirate legends in the game and their ships like blackbeard who will attack you
    We need countries navys who will attack you like the royal navy, spanish, fremch etc
    We need to be able to add and purchase weaponry for the ships like additonal cannons, different cannon balls
    We need some new areas how about a uncharted waters area where there is no map

  • as Im writing this, I have been black screen for 10 mins already, Im still in game, each time i click ESC. or tab. I can hear the menu an the teleport sound from the mermaid I took.

    The only good/lucky thing, is that I row from a Stonghold to the outpost with the loot an then took a mermaid after I sold the stuff.
    I was about to take a mermaid to get my ship, then go get the loot.

    But now Im just stuck with a black screen, an the little wheel going in the corner, an my mic shows its active.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • This is gonna be a long post.
    Becoming pirate legend over a year ago was kind of a big deal since it was much harder to get loot.
    Going into the PL hideout was really cool with the flashy lights and dramatic music revealing the hidden stairs.... but that was somewhat short lived.
    There was also rumors about having a legendary captain rank someday after getting PL10.

    Some ideas I had for PL10 with "legend captain rank" players :
    1- Being able to create our own private island outside the SOT realm, every time you would log in, an invisible portal could randomly appear on any unused square of the map. That portal would be marked only on your map inside the ship. Once the ship is there any PL10 onboard the ship could play the legend song, a cave could come out of the water with the same flashy lights + dramatic music like PL hideout and once inside the ship could be ported to a hidden island surrounded by red sea owned by whoever played the song 1st.
    Creating these islands could cost an absurd amount of gold, being able to add cosmetics and pretty much anything available to regular islands could also cost lots of gold including NPC shops but maybe not guild masters. It would make gold useful again for the insanely rich and of course the more gold you have, the bigger the island you can make.

    2- Those private islands I mention in #1 could also be used in a new arena mode where your team need to defend that island VS opponents, so building towers with canons would definitely be a MUST have.
    Better have some very rich PL10's in your friend list for that one. :P

    3- Summoning the megalodon when it 1st came out was cool, again PL10's could get new summoning quests like once a day or 2 and be able to summon various new monsters : A sea serpent, A giant Moby dykk whale big enough to swallow even a galleon (breaking all mats in the process and need to attack the inside for the beast to open its mouth and get out of there), also a crazy hard version of the Kraken where its entire body will show up and of course this time we kill it for real.
    How about a sea dragon, I mean a flying boss huh?
    A crazy big new admiral skelly ship 3 or 4 times the size of a galleon with a dozen canons on multiple decks on each side of the ship.
    Forming alliances would be much needed for these bosses and they could give unique rewards like a dragon's head figurehead for example but with a very low drop rate or from commendations after killing em many times.
    If you want it more dramatic they could only be summoned while being in the middle of the storm. :P

    4- For everyone some other new creatures like harpies flying around the highest peaks of SOT islands could be part of new quests, these creatures could grab people and drop em off from very high killing us from fall damage. They could also have nests on the rocky formations everywhere on the map so they could also attack passing ships grabing people and dropping em in the water (2 or 3 sharks could instantly spawn from this kind of attack).

    5-Evil mermaids could sing songs at night, hearing it for to long could give effects similar to being drunk (reverse controls, dizziness, automatically picking up loot if you walk on it and auto jump if close to the side of the ship) those mermaids will attack people who fall in the water and they can even steal loot that's in the water.
    Playing music could help prevent this or teammates could also attack you to break the spell.

    6- Sometimes the storm is part of the arena battle so I think on rare occasions the fog should cover the all map for the entire battle.

    7-A new curse event where upon dying we are stuck on the ferry of the damn and Davy Jones is nowhere to be found.
    This ship would not be the true ferry since only YOUR team could be on this one. There could be a new quest line similar to the shores of gold but this time on a new map in hell or whatever the realm the ferry of the damn is.
    We could actually drive that ship but without a map to help us so would need to find clues to pinpoint the location to where to go next meaning the entire run would be going nearly blind.

  • I would love to see some updates to the graphics. Especially on PC. I think these additional options would be great:

    • Larger viewing distance (adjustable LOD limits)
    • RTX (real time ray tracing) for lighting and reflections
    • Higher texture resolution on max LOD

    What do you think about it?
    I mean, the game looks great but there are still some free resources on high end machines. I don't need hundreds of FPS.

  • Salut à vous pirates ! Petite suggestions qui j' espère pourra être étudier... J' aime beaucoup ce jeu, je passe de très bons moments en mer, comme de très mauvais... Je joue souvent seul et j' aime beaucoup jouer en solo, malheureusement très régulièrement après plusieurs heures en mer à chercher des coffres et autres loots, d'autres marins (en équipe Biensur) ruines plusieurs heures de jeux... C'est extrêmement frustrant... Ne serait il pas possible de crée un mode qui empêche l' attaque d' autres joueurs ? Peut être des serveurs qui donne la possibilité de jouer uniquement en PVE et qui laisse l' opportunité de profiter du jeu pleinement ?? J'espère sincèrement voir un mode de ce type un jours... Cela fera sûrement rester pas mal de joueurs. Merci d' avoir lu ces lignes !! Bon vent !

  • Firstly, the 1st go at this topic was a negative argumentative mess.
    Can we have this one be the polar opposite and Positive
    I won't reply to any negative nor get into any arguments,
    I will however happily debate my side, and if you prove me wrong I will happily admit such.
    Please just keep it clean and friendly.
    I do love your feedback wheater you agree or disagree.

    I almost left SoT forums, until some Amazingly kind people messaged me with a great attitude and encouraged me to continue for our Community

    This is going to be a Long fun thread I am sure.
    So, let's begin.

    After the last post, I have taken in everyone's feedback and have come back with refined attention to detail, as such context makes a lot off the difference.

    Strap in for 1 fantastic SoT Dream Time conversation with me.
    With some luck Rare take Notice

    Rope will enable many different options to buildable's
    List buildable's / repairable's
    Mast Ropes,
    Tying up enemies,
    Boarding Ropes
    Such will be discussed in further detail below

    To tie up enemy players in 3 seconds

    Enemy response, ability to escape, given 30 minute to untie yourself with out interuption.
    This would certainly allow the player the fair ability to escape behind your back and stab you.

    Stone will enable more diversity with buildable's
    List buildable's / repairable's
    I don't have any more ideas for such
    But a critical element for arrow building

    Bamboo will more diversity with buildable's
    List buildable's / repairable's
    Ladder's to cross over

    Venomous creature would be the best for this,
    Electric eel
    Venomious Megalodon
    That would be a fantastic range off animals to collect unique poisons from

    Build Requirements, 3 Ropes and 3 Coconuts

    Ability to stop enemies in their tracks instead of just killing them
    Ability to do as please after such
    Player trapped could under do such in 7.5secs
    Ability to Tie up the enemy player with Rope

    Con's (Counter measures)
    Possible ability to abuse such on player repeatably (Number off Necessary Resources to Produce a BOLA)

    Not a Buildable
    Must be Repaired when string Breaks due to over holding arrow

    New weapon
    Allowing ability to hit enemy with a range possible poisons that can do multiple things from, Pass out for 15 seconds to being stuck in a place like a statue

    Con's (Counter measures)
    Such poisons could be abused (Bow String breaking and Poisons having to be farmed / Limited Resource)

    Build Requirement's, 1 bamboo and 1 stone
    Poison arrow via adding Poison after such, EG (Fishing bait System)

    New weapon,
    Ability to incompacitate have aforced conversation and laugh and said player being stuck like a statue

    Con's (Counter measures)
    Poisons could be abused (Limited resource)

    Blow pipe
    Standard weapon access.

    Blow darts
    Build requirements Bamboo, stone and Poison

    New weapon
    Ability to incompacitate and play with foe pirates

    Con's (Counter measures)
    Possibility to abuse such (Limited resources)

    Thanks for Reading and please feel free to share your idea's in how we can improve this list and also what your concerns about any off such would be.

  • So far today I have seen a grand total of 3 other "players" in adventure mode for a total of 2 ships in an entire 6 hour play session and been server transferred 5 times.

    Additionally there are several row boats in game that I can get into, use the chest but cannot use the ores. No one in my crew could use the ores, it was not unique to me.

    Additionally some strange graphical glitches with the cannons not being consistently "Dressed" in their selected cosmetic appearance.

    Perhaps not a bug and design related is the extreme high number of mermaid gems I have found on the beaches and from NPC event kills such as Meg and Skeleton ships.

    And that is all I have to say about Sea of Thieves today.

    I really hope that we can get more people back into adventure mode; it's the only mode worth playing, and with out a healthy adventure mode this game is sunk.

  • This post is meant to act as the negative problems I've experienced with the game. The game could be great but these issues make the game annoying at times and some have been in the game since launch.

    So lets start with the "random" environmental events. The randomness is nowhere near true random. For instance, the volcanoes shoot out the fireballs at ships, it heatseeks your ship. Why? Why would you need this? To make it more dangerous? It's already dangerous enough with the damaging water. The storms also go in the direction of the player, rather than the wind or any other mechanic and quests seem to slowly lead players into the storm. The storm should move in one direction around the map so it can actually clear up and players aren't forced to constantly maintain their boats. The wind should change direction more often aswell. I have had it where I go directly against the wind too many times. The kraken and megalodon chances are also extremely common to the point where i have gotten about 20 krakens in the past week and all but one have sunk my ship. This would be fine if the kraken were easier to kill like the megalodons, which are also too common, but they aren't. I had both the ancient terror and the crested queen attack me whilst fighting a sloop. How am I supposed to survive fighting a player and two megalodons? You can't unless you're a professional sea of thieves player.

    The next issue I have is with the PvP mechanics. The explosive barrel is the only way to sink someone. Every single fight I've gotten into has come down to who can get an explosive barrel off first. The only skill people develop is sneaking onto another boat and pressing a button. It isn't fun to have your entire boat blown up in one second because some guy climbed onto your boat. This can be fixed by simply lowering their damage. The actual pvp is just as unbalanced as the boat fighting, with a blunderbuss either instakilling or barely dealing damage at all. Even after the blunderbuss got nerfed it didn't help whatsoever. The other weapons are underpowered which makes the blunderbuss one of the only viable picks. The eye of the reach is extremely inaccurate and does little damage when it does hit and the pistol is literally a nerf gun. Swords are terrible aswell and could be fixed by adding more sword tricks or anything to stop the oneshot blunderbuss. The only reason to have a sword is to lunge off of the beaches to get to your boat faster as it has no combat applications.

    The loading screens are also extremely long, with some taking as long as 10 minutes. I have had it where I have died and by the time I respawned my boat had already sunk. This has been plaguing the game since alpha and I figured that the devs would be on it but clearly adding more explosive barrels is on the top of their agenda. This should have been optimized a year ago, I can't imagine why they haven't tried to reduce loading time as it literally changes the tide of battle. When you're on the ferry it could be loading or anything. No other game has this problem, especially not one thats been out for over a year.

    I enjoy playing the game but this makes the game unplayable for me and my friends.

  • I completed the Black Powder Smuggler of The Wilds voyage this morning but received no commendation. I submitted a bug report as well, but thought I'd mention it here. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Pirates hoard their loot. Its a comman pirate theme and i think its a shame its not in the Sea of Thieves. Im thinking the best way to implement this would be:
    Introduce pirate owned caves (which can be accessed similar to the Pirate Hideout, but on islands like thieves haven, old faithfull isle or mermaids hideaway. Whoever opens the door, thats the hoard that appears. )

    1. Make a commendation list for hoarding things in your cave, making inventive to keep things in there rathee than selling.
    2. Make it customisable. Thats an absolute must.
      I reckon this will be cool in the game.

    1. Box of gems or crate of bait for skull forts (hunters call stronghold item)
    2. Bandanas, pendants (necklaces)
    3. Captains quarters decoration layouts as a new customizable area for ships
    4. voyage dagger customization
    5. Mast customization
    6. Anchor and anchor chain (customization)
    7. More wood held in inventory
    8. More weapons and shanties
    9. Map needs ice biome expansion (viking themed ships, weapons, and clothes)
    10. More animals (aggressive land animals)
    11. Poisonous berries/fish

    I can't think of anything more to add just off the top of my head but I'm sure I will think I of more to help :)

  • Just like walmart in the early 2000's please, rollback. I know hit reg was bad last patch, but this is completely unacceptable. I have played competitively for the last year against some of the best crews and this is completely broken. IDK who in Rare studios said, "Hey this absolutely works, lets patch this game" Yeah well fire that guy and hire someone with an IQ above 65(caveman). Yes salt is my name and sea of thieves is no longer my game. Cuz whatever you think you fixed, you broke 900 other things. Rant end. Oh wait, rant not over. Arena que's? what in the world....get a grip. This game mode now is completely unplayable because I sit in lobby for 20 minutes then 1 dude leaves and its another 20 minutes. You do not have the leisure to mess with your game and break it with as small of a player base that you have. Wake up and just rollback.

  • Okay so, yes another thing about PvP but this time I feel it’s like, something a lot of people can possibly agree with.

    So, if you’re being attacked by skeletons with swords and they start hitting you with them, you can easily jump out of the way so you can attack back, or simply move as well.

    But when another player starts hitting you with a sword, you’re suddenly paralyzed and can’t move at all? Yes you can pull out your own sword but you can only block and hope for the best.

    I encountered a pirate legend like me and he boarded me when I was paying attention to my phone and not my game, and despite that he got the jump (he sliced me with a sword that’s how I ended up posting here cuz I realized that hey this isn’t just an RNG thing it’s something that’s always consistent you’ll always be frozen in place) I still managed to kill him. It’s the sword that nearly got me killed however.

  • Love the update, and really like the addition of digging for bait.

    However, I think something may be off with the ratios: way too many grubs!!! I’ve dug in various locations: outposts, forts, small islands, and major ones. I’ve dug in the different regions... all the same thing. I usually have 7-8 grubs in my pocket, and one or two of the others.

    I’ve played on 4 different sloops now, and each time I’ve ended with around 10-15 earthworms and leeches, and 40+ grubs. I also did very minimal fishing, so it’s not that I was using less of one.

    Anyone else noticing this?

  • I love is a game but one of the problems I find is the respond time when doing PVP. It seems like there should be some background loading while waiting to respond to cut back on respond time

  • Rare, you pulled off an amazing first year after all the backlash you got at launch. I love this game but after I did everything there is to offer in the anniversary update, there is once again nothing to do. I am so glad you are bringing back weekly updates, but they are not the same Bildge Rat Adventures. You guys are going back to the root of what everyone disliked at launch, which are the repetitive voyages. It does not matter if you are going after different things, it is still the basic "go here grab this" voyages. The community is going to get very tired of weekly "themed" voyages. Not even the commendations are hard, they just have you do the voyages 5 times or 10 times. It's not very creative. And what happened to the cosmetics? These reaper sails are all the same, just a slightly different design. And the Mercenary customizations have been dragged out way too long. I miss the weekly themed weapons and awesome outfits of the wailing barnacle, bone crusher, and so on. I want the old Bildge Rat Adventures that actually had you discovering NEW things. Please make Duke and his Adventures cool and exciting again.