Sea of Thieves: Season Seven

Time to truly become a Captain! At last you can own and name your ships, decorating them with hand-picked fittings and souvenirs of your seabound exploits, then working towards Milestones to unlock more. Enjoy ongoing story-driven Adventures and new Seasonal rewards too!

New Features

New Features

Season Seven delivers a suite of features long awaited by the sailors of the Sea of Thieves to help fulfil that fearless pirate captain fantasy…

Ship Captaincy

Any pirate can now aspire to become a Captain of Adventure! Shipwrights are equipped to see to your Captained ship’s needs, while the Sovereigns will take treasure and sell it on your behalf. You can buy and manage Captained ships from the main Sea of Thieves menu screen.

Name Your Ship

Any Captained ship can be given a name, which will be engraved on your Ship's Crest and show up proudly on a banner for any other crew scoping you out through a spyglass! Renaming Deeds are also available should you be struck by an even better idea later…

Milestones and Alignments

Potential piratical activities as a Captain fall under different Alignments, each with associated Milestones. Pirate Milestones are your own, while Ship Milestones belong to the Captained vessel you currently sail on. Reach certain Classes of each Milestone to unlock rewards!

Shipwright Services

These familiar tradesfolk gain new importance when you’re sailing a Captained ship. Not only can they fix up any damage for a modest fee, restoring your ship to pristine condition, they’re able to supply you with special Captain’s Voyages too.

Meet the Sovereigns

Newly established at the Outposts, these aristocratic types act as intermediaries between Captains and the Trading Companies, cashing in treasures quickly and easily on your behalf. Just don’t expect to hold their attention if you’re not yet a Captain…

Captain’s Logbook

Keep a record of your most recent and revered feats and fortunes in a fresh Logbook each time you sail. Be aware, however, that a Captain’s Logbook acts much like an Emissary Flag in that it’s viable treasure to be claimed by anyone who sinks a Captained ship!

Ship Customisation

While any pirate can change their livery, only Captains get to redecorate their quarters. Tables and chairs, curtains and drapes, beds, rugs and chandeliers can all be replaced with new versions acquired during your exploits, while Trinkets give your ship that final unique touch.

Decorative Trinkets

Trinkets are eye-catching artistic souvenirs that come in a combination of trophies and ornaments. Once acquired, they can be placed around your Captained ship to add unique decorative flair. They won’t break if your ship gets damaged, but they may well get jostled about!

Save Your Loadout

All your owned ships can be saved with the customisation and decoration you like for effortless adventuring each time, along with any battle scars and stored Captain’s Voyages. So don’t worry about constantly replacing your interior décor and matching Trinkets!

New Seasonal Rewards
A new Season means a brand new set of rewards, unlocked by climbing through 100 levels of Renown! Earn cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and even Ancient Coins as you rise through the ranks by living the pirate life.

Unfolding Adventures

Happening roughly every month and lasting for a minimum of two weeks, Adventures drive forward Sea of Thieves’ ever-evolving story! Each one brings unique challenges to overcome, characters to converse with and cosmetics to earn.

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style by visiting the Pirate Emporium! As new arrivals come in every month – ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, emotes and more – there’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass Rewards

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season Seven’s Plunder Pass unfurls under the summer sun, revealing exclusive treasures like the complete Beachcomber’s Bounty ship set and the evolving Baleful Bloom Costume.

Purchase a Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass and unlock the ability to earn even more rewards during Season Seven by raising your Renown! This sun-dappled deal features the full Beachcomber’s Bounty ship set including Collector’s Figurehead and Sails, and all three stages of the Baleful Bloom Costume which evolves as you climb through the Season’s 100 levels. Plus 250 Ancient Coins in addition to the 250 earnable through Seasonal progression!

Access these new cosmetics for the first time in the Season Seven Plunder Pass before they appear in the Pirate Emporium at a later date.


With each new Season, Sea of Thieves brings in more accessibility updates and features to help everyone enjoy their own pirate adventure. Browse our full archive of release notes to discover everything that’s been added!

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