Play your part in Sea of Thieves’ story with our time-limited Adventures, released on an approximately monthly basis and running for 2-3 weeks. Until the next Adventure goes live, catch up on earlier events below!


While the traders of Golden Sands Outpost were being rescued from Flameheart’s Sea Forts, Wonda mentioned a rumour that Flameheart had managed to capture an Ancient. This suddenly made sense to Belle: Flameheart’s recent actions have all seemed connected to the Veil of the Ancients, a mysterious artefact thought to reside in the belly of a pallid leviathan. With that, Belle set out in search of a certain Megalodon hunter...

Past Adventures

'The Shrouded Deep'

April 21st – May 12th

It’s time to summon the Megalodon! Join forces with Merrick and Belle on the deck of the Killer Whale to help wrest the Veil of the Ancients from the belly of an elusive pale beast.

'Forts of the Forgotten'

March 24th – April 7th

The missing residents of Golden Sands Outpost have been locked away in Flameheart’s Sea Forts. Rendezvous with Belle, infiltrate these ocean fortresses and rescue the prisoners before it’s too late!

'Shrouded Islands'

February 17th – March 3rd

An eerie fog has invaded Golden Sands Outpost, and its inhabitants are nowhere to be found. Sail to this desolate island and work with the mysterious Belle to uncover the source of the spectral mist.

Coming Soon

With a new Adventure taking place roughly every month during a Season, be sure to come back regularly to play your part in the ever-evolving story of Sea of Thieves!