‘The Sirens’ Prize’

September 15th – September 29th

The stakes are rising ever higher! Journey to the Sunken Kingdom and retrieve Ancient Treasures so that the Pirate Lord’s allies may stand firm in the conflict to come…


Life on the Sea of Thieves is never calm for long, and neither is life beneath the Sea of Thieves. While pirates were braving the Sea of the Damned to snatch Merrick and his secrets from under the noses of the Dark Brethren, Belle was on the trail of disturbing news from another quarter. Merrick may be settling into a cosy afterlife among his old crew, but elsewhere the air is alive with dark whispers of resurrection. Preventing it will first require a journey down to the seabound realm of the Sirens…

Past Adventures

'A Hunter's Cry'

August 18th – September 1st

The battle to save Merrick from the Dark Brethren is underway! Set sail for the Sea of the Damned and brave its hostile waters alongside other pirate crews to bring the Hunter home.

'The Forsaken Hunter'

June 30th – July 14th

Merrick is missing and the search is on! The champion of Golden Sands has vanished from the seas without warning. Help hunt the Hunter and learn the truth behind his disappearance...

'Lost Sands'

May 26th – June 9th

Determine the fate of Golden Sands! Side with Merrick to track down vital supplies and help restore the stricken Outpost, or ally with the Servant of the Flame to ensure it remains in ruins...

'The Shrouded Deep'

April 21st – May 12th

It’s time to summon the Megalodon! Join forces with Merrick and Belle on the deck of the Killer Whale to help wrest the Veil of the Ancients from the belly of an elusive pale beast.