‘The Secret Wilds’

January 19th – February 2nd

With a curse still threatening Tasha’s life, Madame Olivia urges pirates to take up Briggsy’s mask and seek a cure in The Wilds – unearthing Ancient history along the way.


The waves are dominated by clashing Factions as the Guardians of Fortune go ship-to-ship with the Servants of the Flame, while news and rumours spread of Captain Flameheart’s return to the world. Meanwhile, another drama plays out on a more personal level: following a belated attempt to complete a childhood quest left to her by Captain Briggsy, Tasha the tavern keeper was struck down by a skeletal curse, her fate left in the hands of Madame Olivia and crews of courageous pirates. The search for a cure is well underway, stepping up now with a journey into The Wilds…

Past Adventures

‘The Rogue’s Legacy’

December 9th – December 22nd

As Factions go head-to-head across the seas, Tasha the tavern keeper sets out on a journey of her own, now forced to reveal the secret she’s been hiding...

'Return of the Damned'

November 3rd – November 17th

The Time of Resurrection is here, but will Captain Flameheart really return to the Sea of Thieves? That choice is left in the hands of pirates everywhere...

'The Herald of the Flame'

October 13th – October 27th

An Ancient prophecy warns of an old foe’s return! With the clock counting down to a calamitous Time of Resurrection, the hunt to locate the Herald of the Flame begins...

‘The Sirens’ Prize’

September 15th – September 29th

The stakes are rising ever higher! Journey to the Sunken Kingdom and retrieve Ancient Treasures so that the Pirate Lord’s allies may stand firm in the conflict to come…

'A Hunter's Cry'

August 18th – September 1st

The battle to save Merrick from the Dark Brethren is underway! Set sail for the Sea of the Damned and brave its hostile waters alongside other pirate crews to bring the Hunter home.