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Get involved in everything happening in the Sea of Thieves community. Check out other players’ creations, participate in our community programmes, and who knows – you could see one of your own creations featured in the Community Hub!

Community Content

Community Content

Get just a taste of Sea of Thieves community creations, clips, compositions and crafts shared on social media. Updated regularly!

Picture Perfect Pisces

Pause for a moment, take a breath and admire the colours of these artistically rendered waters.

Coffee, Lightly Salted

Need something to keep you awake on long Voyages? Try this well-crafted coffer of coffee!

Explosive Endeavours

Terrify unsuspecting guests by leaving this detailed 1:1 scale Gunpowder Barrel lying around.

No Cannons Needed

Throwing knives may be a small addition to the Armoury, but they pack a powerful punch.

Spotlight Article

Cap’n Axe

Enjoy the latest of our Spotlight interviews with Sea of Thieves community members and creators. Find out more about them, what they've achieved and what makes them tick!

Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to engage with Sea of Thieves and its community

Fan-Run Resources

Fan-Run Resources

Looking for resources on how to improve your sailing or share your seabound shenanigans? Check out these fan-run, Sea of Thieves-approved groups!

Sea of Thieves Wiki

Find out all you could want to know about Sea of Thieves from this dedicated wiki, carefully curated by fellow players.

Sea of Thieves Reddit

Share your stories, videos, memes and everything in between with your fellow pirates over on the Sea of Thieves subreddit.

Rare Thief

Not sure what you need to do? Drop by Rare Thief! With guides, videos and maps, this fan-run resource is always ready to lend a hand.

Merfolk’s Lullaby

If you’re hoping to learn more about Sea of Thieves or put your existing knowledge to the test, visit our friends at Merfolk’s Lullaby.

Connect With Your Crew

Find some friends and see who’s game for sailing the Sea of Thieves!

Code Of Conduct

It’s important to remember that Sea of Thieves is a home for all players, from all walks of life, and being a part of the community means respecting that and abiding by our shared code of conduct.

Pirate Code

Even pirates have a rulebook of sorts: the Pirate Code! Put together by both developers and players, these seven rules keep Sea of Thieves safe and welcoming for all.

Latest News

Find out the latest on what’s happening in Sea of Thieves and across the broader community by visiting our News page.

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"No other game I played at E3 made my face hurt from smiling so much more than Sea of Thieves."

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"Every minute with this game produces laughs, memories and anecdotes aplenty. Just wonderful."

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"It is one of the most endlessly fun, uproariously funny gaming experiences in ages, and that is something to be celebrated."