Season Nine Community Weekend!

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Join in a celebration of Sea of Thieves and its players on Season Nine Community Weekend, enabling boosts and earning thrilling rewards along the way!

Twitch Drops

Watch Sea of Thieves Twitch streams to unlock the Eastern Winds Ruby Sturdy Boots and Bejewelled Gloves, and the Gilded Phoenix Cutlass and Eye of Reach!

Announcement Article

Check out more details on everything happening and find out how to get involved by reading our Season Nine Community Weekend news article.

Rare Store Sale

Get 30% off the majority of Sea of Thieves merchandise in the Rare Store over the weekend by using the discount code SOTCOMMUNITYWEEKEND!

Spotlight Articles


Enjoy the latest of our Spotlight interviews with Sea of Thieves community members and creators. Find out more about them, what they've achieved and what makes them tick!

Join the Conversation

Find crew members to sail with, discuss the latest content update or just chat with other pirates on the official Sea of Thieves Forums!