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Creator Spotlight - Synicall

In our third profile supporting the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew launch, we talk to Synicall!

Community Spotlight - Phil and Emma

Our latest Community Spotlight shines on father-daughter crew Phil and Emma!

Pry Open the Secrets of Smuggler's Fortune!

Still haven't sampled our latest monthly update? Get on board with some team talk...

Creator Spotlight - The Crow's Nest

In our second profile supporting the Creator Crew launch, we talk to Captain Jay from The Crow's Nest!

Creator Spotlight - Pace22

We're kicking off Creator Spotlights to mark the launch of the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew!

Join the Creator Crew and Share Your Adventures!

Interested in content creation? Find out more about our latest initiative for Sea of Thieves players!

Pirate Emporium Launches with Pets, Emotes and Liveries

Let us bring you in on some of the planning that went into Sea of Thieves' premium store!

Black Market and Letters of Recommendation Update

Duke’s making a few changes to the way he does business – find out more here!

Recover the Dark Relics If You Dare!

Sea of Thieves' monthly updates continue with an especially eerie challenge…

Prepare for an Explosive Adventure!

Enter a new era of regular updates with Black Powder Stashes

Sea of Thieves' Voyage to E3 2019

Looking back at the battles and bounties of our latest LA expedition!

Guardian Con 2019 - Battle for Orlando

In Florida next month for Guardian Con? Sign up to show us your prowess in The Arena!

First Month Findings from The Arena

The spirit of competition has taken hold and we’ve got some of the highlights…

Legendary Sea Dog Commendation Update

We've shifted our stance on this, but the blunderbuss is still achievable by Pirate Legends!

E3 2019 Mixer Invitational - Battle for LA

We're bringing The Arena to E3 2019 and bestowing gold upon one victorious crew!

Community Spotlight - Captain Ballzonia

A picture's worth a thousand words, and we've got some stunners in this Community Spotlight!

Arena Tavern Waiting Time Improvements

Find out more about our efforts to pick up the pace of crew vs. crew play!

Anniversary Update Out Now!

A letter from Executive Producer Joe Neate as the latest update goes live

Anniversary Update Achievements

There are fresh challenges coming for achievement hunters…

Anniversary Preview Stream Spectacular!

See all the footage you might have missed on the road to our Anniversary Update...

TwitchCon Europe 2019 Wrap-Up

We took The Arena on tour to Berlin - now you can read about how it all went down!

Sea of Thieves Year One By the Numbers!

Our pirates have had a very busy first 12 months...

Sea of Thieves is Going to TwitchCon Europe!

Meet the Rare crew at TwitchCon Europe, from April 13th-14th 2019 in Berlin!

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Coming on April 30th!

After a year on the seas, find out what's coming your way and how we're celebrating today!

Relaunching the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme

Anyone can sign up to play the game early, give feedback and earn rewards!

Supersize Your Spoils on Gold and Glory Weekend!

Take advantage of the Trading Companies' generosity to boost your rank and riches!

Sharing the Stories of #SoTAndMe

Enjoy finding out what Sea of Thieves means to its developers and players alike!

Community Spotlight - Carrie

Taking a turn in the Community Spotlight this time is Carrie, also known as Chocmoojoo!

Community Spotlight - Dan and Mia

In this Valentine's Day special, the Spotlight shines on a true Sea of Thieves love story!

Athena’s Fortune Contest Winners

Find out who took the top spots for fan fiction and artwork in our most recent contest!

Tools To Help Reduce Stream Sniping

Our latest update has some options to make life a little easier for Sea of Thieves streamers…

Calling All Hands – Friends Play Free This Week!

Crew up with friends as the Sea of Thieves welcomes new pirates…

Playlists to Take on the Sea of Thieves

Explore hundreds of Spotify tracks curated around a Sea of Thieves theme!

Community Spotlight - Shelby

The Spotlight falls on a Weekly Stream star and real-life animal wrangler!

Update on Sea of Thieves Install Size

A few words from Executive Producer Joe on how we’re fine-tuning the install process

Shrouded Spoils Creator Contest Winners

It’s time to reveal who took top honours in our most recent Creator Contest!

Sea of Thieves' Legendary 2018

Catch up on a rush of awards and accolades from the end of the year!

Tavern Tunes - Stitcher’s Sorrow

Cast an ear back to Forsaken Shores and find out about the making of Stitcher Jim's song!

Community Spotlight - Captain Falcore

Time to turn the Spotlight on one of our creative community Captains!

Fun and Serious Award

Sea of Thieves gets Fun and Serious in Bilbao

Gilded Gifts from the Pirate Lord

Who wouldn't want a festive stocking full of hard-earned pirate gold?

Community Spotlight - Zyx

Time to shine the Spotlight on Sea of Thieves achievement completist Zyx!

Set Out in Search of Shrouded Spoils

Discover the riches rolling in with Sea of Thieves' new content update!

Festival of the Damned Creator Contest Winners

The winners of our latest contest have returned from the Ferry. Feast your eyes on the winning submissions!

Community Spotlight - Arianwen

Our latest Community Spotlight settles on a Sea of Thieves-inspired comic artist!

Sea of Thieves at X018

Joe looks back on our live panel and debut trailer for Sea of Thieves: The Arena!

Bilge Rat Adventures: Festival of the Damned

The Ferryman calls… and the Festival of the Damned is live!

Forsaken Challenge Winners

The dust has settled and the winners of our Forsaken Challenge have emerged!

Sea of Thieves at New York Comic Con 2018

Take a trip into the game's expanded universe by way of our NYCC 2018 panel!

Community Spotlight - Jackie

The latest Community Spotlight shines on stream star and travel aficionado Jackie!

Inn-side Story #32 - Visual Effects

Our art never misses a beat - take a look at how we weave VFX into the game!

Inn-side Story #31 - The Devil's Roar

Dig into the design and creation of Sea of Thieves' hottest prospect!

Improving Our Release Process

We're making some adjustments to the way we deliver updates!

Cargo Runs Come to Sea of Thieves

Boost your reputation by safely transporting goods to their destination!

Tales from the Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores

This new bonus page for the Tales book conjures up visions of warmer climes...

Community Spotlight - FrostE

This week the Community Spotlight shines on Sea of Thieves Twitch streamer FrostE!

Sea of Thieves Nominated for Eight Awards

Four Golden Joystick nominations and four at the TIGA Awards!

Join the Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream!

Get some context - and some hype - from our Community Video Manager Jon!

Forsaken Shores Moved to September 27th

An update on Forsaken Shores

Make Your Way to Forsaken Shores

Hot off the presses, your introduction to Sea of Thieves' next update...

Behind the Scenes #14 - Rowboats

Sometimes there's a need for a smaller boat. Dig in to learn all about the rowboats coming to Sea of Thieves!

Cursed Sails Challenge Winners

Feast your eyes on the winning submissions for our Cursed Sails Challenge!

Bilge Rat Adventures: Cursed Crews

Make your mark in the latest Bilge Rat Adventure: Cursed Crews

Tavern Tunes - Cursed Sails

Composer Robin gets down to the bones of the skelly trailer soundtrack!

Inn-side Story #30 - Skeleton Ships

Find out how the skelly menace extended beyond the islands!

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Panel and Diary

Emma explains what the Sea of Thieves team (and Freddie Prinze Jr.) got up to at SDCC!

Shark Week Challenge Winners

Get your spyglass handy and take a closer look at the winning entries from our Shark Week Challenge

Sea of Thieves Celebrates Five Million Players

As stated in the Pirate Code, everyone is welcome on the Sea of Thieves!

Behind the Scenes #13 - The Brigantine

Get an inside look at the making of this new ship coming in Cursed Sails!

Tales from the Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails

The Tales continue in newly discovered excerpts from Nura the scribe...

Behind the Scenes #12 - Alliances

Lift the curtain on Alliances and learn a little more about them!

Community Spotlight - Mikez

Our latest Community Spotlight features Deckhand Mikez!

Cursed Sails Sighted on the Horizon!

As the trailer arrives for Sea of Thieves' next update, find out what's coming...

Behind the Scenes #11 - Expanded Universe and SDCC 2018

Learn a little more about Sea of Thieves lore and our Comic-Con 2018 plans!

Bilge Rat Adventures: The Sunken Curse

Dip your toe into the waters of the latest Bilge Rat Adventure: The Sunken Curse.

Inn-side Story #29 - Bilge Rat Adventures

Learn a little more about how Bilge Rat Adventures work!

Bilge Rat Adventures: Gunpowder Skeletons

The Bilge Rats have stepped it up! Can you blow this challenge wide open?

E3 2018 Podcast and Developer Roundtable

E3 2018 is over, but we brought back some videos in case you missed out on the fun!

Bilge Rat Adventures: Skeleton Thrones

Find out what you can expect on the first of our Bilge Rat Adventures!

Watch the Sea of Thieves E3 2018 Trailer

Imposing some Order (of Souls) on the annual E3 chaos

Tavern Tunes - Summon The Megalodon

Merrick's shanty has gone down a treat! Have a listen and read about its creation here.

Inn-side Story #28 - Campaigns and Content

Delve into our content update schemes on the eve of The Hungering Deep!

Find Out What Lies Hidden in The Hungering Deep

A battle-scarred old sea dog shares stories of things to come...

Community Spotlight - Richard

Community Spotlights return with a peek into the world of Deckhand Richard!

Inn-Side Story #27 - Solo Play

Get the lowdown on what to expect from solo play!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 16

The crew are back and joined by Studio Head Craig Duncan for a post-launch podcast discussion!

#BeMorePirate Screenshot Contest Winners

Enjoy the winning moments from our contest back in March!

Sea of Thieves: Content Plans

New updates, new features and new challenges coming your way!

Sea of Thieves: Launch Status Update

Running into issues? Here's a breakdown of our top priorities (updated)

Sea of Thieves: Top Feedback Points

Find out what we're doing in response to things our players are saying!

Thank You For Supporting Our Sea of Thieves Voyage

A catch-up on the first week's events with our Studio Head

Behind the Scenes #10 - Studio Launch Buzz

Get a sneak peek at the studio's inner workings in the run-up to release!

Sea of Thieves Achievements

Fancy taking a break from treasure-hunting to go achievement-hunting? Read this...

Gameplay Launch Trailer Revealed!

The Sea of Thieves awaits... are you ready to set sail?

Presenting… Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Discover more about the Sea of Thieves world with this in-universe journal!

Get the Live Stream Lowdown on Sea of Thieves' Launch

Get bang up to date and join our live Q&A as we enter the last few days!

Announcing the Sea of Thieves Final Beta

All you need to know about this last chance to #BeMorePirate before launch!

Presenting... Sea of Thieves: The Comic Series

Follow two rival crews caught up in a race for legendary treasure!

Inn-side Story #25 - Customisation

Join Sam and Ted as they guide you through what customisation looks like in Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Sam

Community Spotlights return with a few words from Deckhand Sam!

Announcing the Sea of Thieves Scale Test

You won't need to wait long to set sail again!

Inn-side Story #24 - Skeleton Forts

What challenges and rewards will Skeleton Forts present? Dig in to find out!

Behind the Scenes #9 - NPC and Dialogue System

A catch-up on the system powering Sea of Thieves' talkative NPCs!

Developer Update - Lore in Sea of Thieves

Sit down with Design Director Mike and learn more about the lore in Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves for Windows 10 - Let's Talk About Specs

Take a look at the specs for Sea of Thieves on Windows 10!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 15

Folks from Sea of Thieves' Art team join us for this arty podcast special!

Developer Update - The World of Sea of Thieves

Delve into the beautiful world of Sea of Thieves!

Behind The Scenes #8 - Skeleton AI

Slink behind the scenes and discover more about these bony bandits!

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: Studio Update

An update on the status of the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta.

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: Meet the Gold Hoarders

How to earn your share of that cold hard voyage coinage

Sea of Thieves Design an Achievement Contest

In case you needed one more reason to take part in the Closed Beta!

Sea of Thieves Available at Launch Through Xbox Game Pass

Giving you even more ways to take to the seas

Jump Between Devices During Our Closed Beta With Xbox Play Anywhere

Play on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or both in the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 14

Studio Head Craig Duncan joins the podcast crew to discuss our journey to launch!

A Deep Dive Into The Sea Of Thieves Controller!

Get better acquainted with the Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller!

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta FAQ

Got some questions about the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta? You've come to the right place!

Developer Gameplay #7 – "All Aboard the Party Boat!"

Almost a whole HOUR of Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay!

Community Spotlight - Chris

Get acquainted with the Deckhand also known as Tartansnake!

Becoming a Pirate Legend - Livestream

Join us for a first look at Progression in Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves Coming March 20th 2018 - Pre-Order Now!

Release date announced, pre-orders unleashed and fresh content added to the website!

Sea of Thieves Insider Programme FAQ

Got some questions about our Sea of Thieves Insider Programme? Find some answers here!

Tavern Tunes - Be More Pirate

Read all about the creation of our catchy Be More Pirate track!

An update on the Insider Programme

We chart the course between now and launch!

Developer Gameplay #6 - "This Is Not Going To End Well"

Our devs take to small ships and pair up to do battle against a galleon!

Official Sea of Thieves #BeMorePirate Trailer

We're celebrating what it means to be a pirate in our new tagline dropping trailer!

Behind the Scenes #7 - Xbox One X

Feel true power in 4K glory with Sea of Thieves on Xbox One X!

Community Spotlight - Matheus

Sea of Thieves superfan Matheus talks to us about creating a home for Brazilian buccaneers!

Inn-side Story #23 - Small Ship

Sit down with Senior Designers Shelley and Andy as they talk all things small ships!

Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update - Smooth Sailing

New options on offer for your ocean-bound odyssey!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 13

Join the Sea of Thieves team and fan favourite pup Kato as they talk about all the latest Sea of Thieves goodness!

Community Spotlight - Tim

Meet Tim, long time Rare fan and master cosplayer!

Presenting... The Art of Sea of Thieves

Never-before-seen artwork from Rare in a gorgeous hardback volume!

Sea of Thieves at New York Comic Con 2017

Find out all about the new features introduced at our NYCC 2017 panel!

Behind the Scenes #6 - Non-Verbal Communications

Not much of a talker? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at the alternative options in Sea of Thieves.

A Weekend at EGX - 2017

Join us as we recap our voyage through EGX 2017!

Community Spotlight - Tom

Find out more about the Sea of Thieves Forum regular known for his memes and memorable internet alias!

Developer Update: Ferry of the Damned

Find out more about Sea of Thieves' whistle-stop afterlife!

Tavern Tunes - The Voyage of the Secret Shrine

Immerse yourself in the soundtrack to our E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough!

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Sea of Thieves... So Far

Got gaps in your pirate knowledge? We'll help you board them up!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 12

Get the latest updates from our merry band of marauding devs after their Gamescom 2017 adventures!