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Sea of Thieves Round-Up: September 2021

Slide into a Season of Sirens, Shrines and sunken secrets!

Creator Spotlight - HappyKrakenX

Starring in this Spotlight is a positive pirate famed for her chainshot prowess!

Community Spotlight - NovaS Soul

The light shines bright on another consistently creative Sea of Thieves player!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: August 2021

Summery mischief and mayhem abound as Season Three continues!

Creator Spotlight - Freyline

Sailing into the Spotlight is a kitty-loving captain with a passion for community!

Welcome to Sea of Thieves Television

Entering a new era of content on the Sea of Thieves Twitch channel!

Pirate Pet Purchasers Support the Twycross Zoo Charity

More than £40,000 raised in one weekend for crucial conservation work!

Thank You for Supporting Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life

We're taking a moment to say thanks for helping make this adventure such a success!

Community Spotlight - iDrawHomer

Catch up with this combination of artist on The Simpsons and art streamer on the seas!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: July 2021

Going for gold in Games and grottos as Season Three goes on!

Creator Spotlight - Darth Caul

Taking centre stage this time is an adventurer well-known for his costumed crusades!

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life FAQ

Get up to speed on this and all the new additions in Season Three!

Community Spotlight – Betta VP

Saving a place in the Spotlight for a solo Slooper turned snap-happy sailor!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: June 2021

Set sail with familiar faces in Sea of Thieves Season Three

Creator Spotlight - BriittyBear

Say hi to this high-energy streamer, dedicated gamer and mental health supporter!

Welcome to Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life

A launch day letter from Creative Director Mike as Captain Jack Sparrow arrives on the Sea of Thieves!

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Collides with Sea of Thieves!

Set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow in the ultimate pirate crossover from June 22nd

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: May 2021

Reaping what we sow throughout the course of Season Two!

Community Spotlight - Mr Fawlout

Shining the Spotlight on a prolific in-game photographer with a penchant for explosives!

Adventure Unfolds in the Athena’s Fortune Audiobook

Treat your ears to an accomplished reading of the official Sea of Thieves novel!

Creator Spotlight - Azuki

Dive in and meet filmmaker, foodie and Partnered pirate streamer, Azuki!

Be More Pirate and Claim a Rare Reward!

We’re revisiting the #BeMorePirate tag to inspire new acts of player ingenuity!

Community Spotlight - Edwardian Fox

Join us as we swing by Discord to find out more about another of our trusty mods!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: April 2021

Fortune favours the bold - looking back at the first month of Season Two!

Creator Spotlight - Smexi

It’s Spotlight time again, with hard-to-sink crate hunter Smexi ready to take the wheel!

All About Emissaries in Sea of Thieves

Senior Designer Chris furnishes FAQs on Trading Company Emissaries and what's new for Season Two!

Community Spotlight - Taaamas

Time to drop into Discord and shine the Spotlight on one of our dedicated mods!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: March 2021

An award-winning month as Season One gets set to stash itself in the Vault

Players Support Great Ormond Street Hospital With Charity Sails

Over $114,000 raised through Pirate Emporium purchases to help seriously ill children

Creator Spotlight - KroTukk

From Kroboat adventures to anachronistic sports, another streamer tells all!

Celebrate Three Years on the Sea of Thieves!

Events, cosmetics, IRL goodies – see what we've got for you on our third anniversary!

The Legend of Glitterbeard Explained

Learn the real-life inspiration behind a heartfelt addition to Sea of Thieves

Community Spotlight - Dread Pirate Doug

The driving force behind the Race of Legends takes the Spotlight to tell us his story!

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: February 2021

See how Season One keeps on angling for your attention

Sea of Thieves Round-Up: January 2021

Seasons to be cheerful, part one - enjoy our monthly news round-up!

Sea of Thieves' Plunder Pass Explained

All the big questions answered on Seasons' optional premium offering

Sea of Thieves' Seasons Explained

New year, new Seasons – find out what's ahead as Season One gets set to launch!

Sea of Thieves Players Stand Up To Cancer With Charity Sails

More than $90,000 raised for cancer research through Pirate Emporium purchases!

1000 Days of Sea of Thieves!

New stuff, stats and freebies - find out how we're marking this milestone!

Sea of Thieves November Update

This month’s smaller update offers events, improvements and Emporium treasures!

Sea of Thieves on the Next Generation of Consoles

Find out how our grand pirate adventure performs on Xbox Series X and S!

Creator Spotlight - kayPOWXD

Meet a pirate who enjoys the finer things while away from the seas – like campervans!

Sea of Thieves' August Update

This month's release is dedicated to quality of life improvements and live events

Reaffirming our Community Policies

Taking the opportunity to reiterate our stance on Sea of Thieves player behaviour

Company Spotlight - The Order of Souls

Company motto: “Omnes In Servitium Animarum”

Get Out and Get Exorcising With Haunted Shores

Raise objections to spectres detected in June's free content update!

Creator Spotlight - AsylumGC8

An ex-pro wrestler turned pirate shares some of his Sea of Thieves stories!

Update on Sea of Thieves Custom Servers

A few words from Joe on this early Alpha rollout to a selected audience

Updates to the Non-Verbal System and Radials

A full breakdown of the control changes coming to Sea of Thieves players in June!

Creator Spotlight - Spammals

The two-time Ghost killer shares some of his Sea of Thieves stories!

Sea of Thieves Steam Launch FAQ

Get some answers to questions arising as we welcome a new wave of sailors on Steam!

Company Spotlight - The Merchant Alliance

Company motto: "Trading Trust For Greater Prosperity"

Creator Spotlight - BehavingBeardly

The Captain of the Follically Endowed Crew shares his Sea of Thieves adventures!

Leap Aboard and Reap Rewards from Ships of Fortune

Free April update lets you enlist as an Emissary, re-enter The Arena or ride with Reapers!

Top Tips for Tackling The Arena

All you need to know about the next chapter of PvP in Sea of Thieves!

Company Spotlight - The Gold Hoarders

Company motto: "Your Success Brings Us Fortune"

Creator Spotlight - SkinnedTeen

A fun but fearsome captain sails this way to share her Sea of Thieves adventures!

Weekly Stream Recap - March 2020

Get up to speed on our last run of streams from Rare HQ, at least for now!

Community Spotlight - Aerotsune

This dedicated Sea of Thieves Discord moderator steps up for his turn in the Spotlight!

Pirate Emporium Charity Purchasers Support St. Jude

Find out how our fantastic community has helped the mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

The Next Few Months in Sea of Thieves

Joe reveals more about content updates in progress as Rare adjusts to a new way of working!

Creator Spotlight - Welyn

One of the most dedicated storytellers out there shares his Sea of Thieves adventures!

Sea of Thieves Gets Steam Behind Its Sails

The Devil's Shroud opens to let a whole new PC audience explore our pirate paradise!

Prepare to Perspire in Heart of Fire

Find challenges to leave you charred and scarred in March's free Sea of Thieves update!

Creator Spotlight - PedroDBR

The master of the Blunderbomb shares his stories on the Sea of Thieves!

Celebrate Our Second Anniversary with a Bonanza Weekend!

Find out what's up for grabs to mark two years of adventure on the Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Fenrier

The Spotlight falls on some fantastic fan art as we catch up with the creative Fenrier!

Looking Back at Crews of Rage

How heated were the seas this month? See which stats blazed a trail through February’s update…

Creator Spotlight - Carrillogang

Captain Carrillo is on deck! Look lively!

Anger Management Adventures in Crews of Rage

February's free update drops off an incendiary Cursed Chest, new Bounty Voyages and more!

Weekly Stream Recap - February 2020

Four more weeks, four more streams with Sea of Thieves devs and guests – catch up here!

Community Spotlight - Capt. Logun

Capt. Logun shares some pro-tips on how to balance a life of privateering and podcasting!

How to Fish on the Sea of Thieves

Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day – teach a man to fish, and he’ll rank up with The Hunter’s Call…

Creator Spotlight - Shillianth

Time for another of our regular Creator Spotlights with those who share their adventures on the Sea of Thieves!

Looking Back at Legends of the Sea

What new legends were made this month? Take a look back at some player accomplishments from January’s update…

Community Spotlight - triheadedmonkey

Immortalised pirate and Forum Moderator triheadedmonkey enters the Spotlight!

Happy Valentine's Day from Sea of Thieves

Love is in the air, along with seagulls and cannonballs - so mark the occasion the Sea of Thieves way!

Weekly Stream Recap - January 2020

Miss one of our Sea of Thieves Weekly Streams? We'll round up the highlights for you every month!

Creator Spotlight - PhuzzyBond

From Megalodons to musical talents, our latest Creator Spotlight covers all kinds of subjects!

Pirate Emporium Supports SpecialEffect with Charity Sails

More than $76,000 raised for accessibility charity by Sea of Thieves player purchases!

Slice and Dice: Making the Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game

We explore the process of translating a shared pirate world into a compelling tabletop experience...

Community Spotlight - Thor von Blitz

A Sea of Thieves community veteran enters the Spotlight this week - say hello to Thor von Blitz!

Celebratory Sightseeing in Legends of the Sea

Investigate immortalisations and make some Gilded gains in January's free content update!

Introducing the Sea of Thieves Affiliate Alliance!

The Sea of Thieves can be a pretty big place, so here’s another way to find the perfect crew!

Community Spotlight - LatchedGlue

Another year of Sea of Thieves Community Spotlights kicks off with an immortalised pirate artist!

Looking Back at Festival of Giving

Still regretting that last cooked Splashtail? Check out some of the big community stats from December’s update!

10 Million Player Milestone Merits In-Game Goodies!

Play Sea of Thieves between January 15th and 22nd to score some special in-game gifts!

Creator Spotlight - RitchieSH

We're back with another Spotlight, heading out to explore islands while learning more about RitchieSH!

Make Your Presents Known in Festival of Giving

The latest free update sees pirates delivering gifts and getting an all-new intro to the game!

Community Spotlight - Libby Sharp

Our final Community Spotlight of the year shines on artist and player of pie-shaped instruments, Libby!

Sword Combat Balancing Update

An update from Design Director Mike Chapman on sword combat changes introduced with the Festival of Giving!

Looking Back at The Seabound Soul

Do you smell burning? Take a gander at all the big community stats from November’s monthly update...

Legends Return to Life in The Seabound Soul

The most recent monthly update brings fire, new Voyages and a full Tall Tale... for free!

Community Spotlight - Nina

Today's spotlight shines on Nina, proudly donning the title of Boatswain for her positive contributions to the community!

Sea of Thieves Announces Twitch Prime Partnership

Take to the Sea of Thieves now to secure some eye-catching Twitch Prime loot!

Creator Spotlight - Hitbotc

Swinging the spotlight onto another Sea of Thieves streamer - this time, meet lore fan Hitbotc!

Looking Back at Fort of the Damned

For Fort's sake! A stat-packed look at how the community lit up October's monthly update

Cutlasses Drawn! Making the Sea of Thieves: Origins Comics

An inside look at the process of creating the official (and free) Sea of Thieves: Origins comics series!

Creator Spotlight - BoxyFresh

Find out more about free-spirited Twitch streamer BoxyFresh as our Creator Spotlights continue!

Community Spotlight - Skeleton Crew Comic

Popular comic artist Mike features in this Spotlight, telling us all the good stuff about Skeleton Crew!

Cast Light on Dark Deeds in Fort of the Damned!

A long shadow falls on the Sea of Thieves - get some insights into October's monthly update...

Creator Spotlight - WightKnight

In the latest Creator Spotlight is our first Creator Crew Contest winner and creator of the Athena Explosion, WightKnight!

Community Spotlight - Crofty Cosplay

The spotlight shines on marvellous Madame Olivia cosplayer Kyra, also known as Crofty Cosplay!

Creator Spotlight - Captain Falcore

In our fourth profile since the Creator Crew launch, we talk to the famed Captain Falcore!

Creator Spotlight - Synicall

In our third profile supporting the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew launch, we talk to Synicall!

Community Spotlight - Phil and Emma

Our latest Community Spotlight shines on father-daughter crew Phil and Emma!

Pry Open the Secrets of Smuggler's Fortune!

Still haven't sampled our latest monthly update? Get on board with some team talk...

Creator Spotlight - The Crow's Nest

In our second profile supporting the Creator Crew launch, we talk to Captain Jay from The Crow's Nest!

Creator Spotlight - Pace22

We're kicking off Creator Spotlights to mark the launch of the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew!

Join the Creator Crew and Share Your Adventures!

Interested in content creation? Find out more about our latest initiative for Sea of Thieves players!

Pirate Emporium Launches with Pets, Emotes and Liveries

Let us bring you in on some of the planning that went into Sea of Thieves' premium store!

Black Market and Letters of Recommendation Update

Duke’s making a few changes to the way he does business – find out more here!

Recover the Dark Relics If You Dare!

Sea of Thieves' monthly updates continue with an especially eerie challenge…

Prepare for an Explosive Adventure!

Enter a new era of regular updates with Black Powder Stashes

Sea of Thieves' Voyage to E3 2019

Looking back at the battles and bounties of our latest LA expedition!

Guardian Con 2019 - Battle for Orlando

In Florida next month for Guardian Con? Sign up to show us your prowess in The Arena!

First Month Findings from The Arena

The spirit of competition has taken hold and we’ve got some of the highlights…