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Community Spotlight - Liz

Catch up with Deckhand, arts & crafts master and veteran pirate, Liz!

PC Technical Alpha - Developer Blog

Senior Software Engineer Ian sheds some light on the work that went into our first PC Technical Alpha.

Behind the Scenes #4 - Live Campaigns

Discover more about our approach to time-limited events in Sea of Thieves!

Behind the Scenes #3 - PC

Uncover more PC plunder and find out what features we're currently working on for Sea of Thieves on Windows 10!

Community Spotlight - TwoAngryGamers

Adam from TwoAngryGamers TV tells us what goes into working as a streaming duo!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 9

Get updates from the team on Sea of Thieves' PC development, Phil Spencer's visit and an array of animals!

Announcing Our Windows 10 Technical Alpha!

Grab your mouse and keyboard and get ready to set sail in the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha!

Inn-side Story #15 - Phil Spencer in the Tavern!

Xbox Head Phil Spencer talks with Studio Head Craig Duncan about his time sailing the Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Riley

Find out how Deckhand Riley brings a little bit of customer care know-how to forum moderation.

Artist Spotlight - The Making of a Real Life Blunderbuss Prop

Get a closer look at the handmade blunderbuss in our tavern!

Developer Gameplay Video #3 - "We Look Like a Bunch of Tourists"

Our devs crew up with some brave buccaneers from Xbox including Phil Spencer!

Inn-side Story #14 - Resources

Mike and Shelley from our Design team show how limited resources impact gameplay!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 8

Emma takes on hosting solo and gets the latest Sea of Thieves updates from Joe, Mike, Bobby and Christina!

Community Spotlight - Arekkz Gaming

Get to know the ins and outs of YouTube from Alex of Arekkz Gaming!

Behind the Scenes #2 - Feedback

Learn more about how we're factoring in feedback from the community!

Behind the Scenes #1 - Sword Combat

Check out this first look at sword combat in Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Dilly

See what Forums veteran turned-Deckhand DILLIGAF has to say about Sea of Thieves and community moderation.

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 7

Jon and Emma talk about all the latest Sea of Thieves updates with Joe, Mike and Christina!

Community Spotlight - Shane

Meet Shane, father, Deckhand and a connoisseur of flavours of the sour kind!

The Yogscast Take to the Sea of Thieves!

The Yogscast crew visit the studio and test their pirating skills on the Sea of Thieves!

Developer Gameplay Video #2 - "This Is Unacceptable!"

See our dev team get up to more Sea of Thieves shenanigans in our Technical Alpha!

Inn-side Story Video #13 - The Voyage System

Learn more about venturing out with our Voyage System!

Community Spotlight - Kat

Kat tells us about how a love for Pirate games brought her to the Sea of Thieves community.

Inn-side Story Video #12 - A Wider World

Explore the expanse of Sea of Thieves' world!

Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update 0.1.1 - Taming New Seas

See what new dangers and adventures await you in our Technical Alpha Update!

Community Spotlight - Ron

Meet United States Marine Corps veteran and hardcore Sea of Thieves fan, Ron!

Tales from the Tavern - Ep6

Jon and Emma talk all about our Technical Alpha with Joe, Mike and special guest Graeme Boyd!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 6

Jon and Emma talk all about our Technical Alpha with Joe, Mike and special guest Graeme Boyd!

Developer Gameplay Video #1 - We Come Bearing Gifts

See our devs get up to some high seas hijinks in the Technical Alpha!

Community Spotlight - Whitney

The first Community Spotlight of 2017 features our Technical Alpha's deadliest player!

Community Spotlight - Whitney

The first Community Spotlight of 2017 features our Technical Alpha's deadliest player!

Inn-side Story Video #11 - Acting on Feedback

Find out how your feedback helps us shape Sea of Thieves!

Inn-side Story Video #10 - Co-op Gameplay

Discover some of the ways you can cooperate with your crew in our latest video!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 5

Special guests join Jon and Emma in the tavern for our final podcast episode of the year!

Community Spotlight - Josh

Our last spotlight of the year features experienced community moderator Josh!

Announcing the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha

Get more info on setting sail with the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha!

Short Haul #8 - Building Outposts

Find out what goes into hand-crafting the outposts in Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Aaron

Catch up with Aaron, one of our Sea of Thieves Forum Deckhands!

Sea of Thieves Insider Programme FAQ

Got some questions about our Sea of Thieves Insider Programme? Find some answers here!

Become a Sea of Thieves Insider!

Join the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme, help steer the course of the game and put yourself in the running to play it early!

Inn-side Story Video #8 - Imagining Islands

Immerse yourself in the art of Sea of Thieves' islands!

Community Spotlight - Rodrigo

Find out more about animator, artist and Play It First contest winner Rodrigo in this spotlight!

Short Haul Video #7 - Animating Skeletons

See some of our eerie skeletons in this Short Haul video!

Tales from the Tavern - Episode 4

Jon and Emma catch up with the Sea of Thieves team as they chat about our internal alpha, audio experience and more!

Inn-side Story Video #7 - A World in Motion

Find out how our Art team instils life into Sea of Thieves' world!

Community Spotlight - Olivier

Meet the Rare fan who took Sea of Thieves hype to the next level in today's Community Spotlight.

Short Haul Video #6 - Sounds of the Ship

Explore the sounds of the ship with our Audio Director, Jon V!

Inn-side Story Video #6 - Sounds of the Land and Sea

Our audio team uncovers some of the secrets of sound effects in Sea of Thieves!

Community Spotlight - Alex

In today's spotlight, we catch up with Rare fan and professional dancer Alex.

Short Haul Video #5 - The Hurdy-Gurdy

Robin reveals more about the striking stringed instrument.

Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 3

Our hosts Jon and Emma welcome six guests to the tavern table and catch up what the team's been doing!

Inn-side Story Video #5 - A Signature Soundtrack

Discover more about Sea of Thieves' signature sound!

Community Spotlight - Steve

We catch up with the other half of Rare Gamer!

Short Haul Video #4 - Visual Effects

Take a 60-second time out to soak in the visual effects of Sea of Thieves!

Inn-side Story Video #4 - Let There Be Light

Our Art Team sheds more light on the lighting effects in Sea of Thieves.

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016

Watch the crew define different pirate phrases!

Community Spotlight - Daniel

Catch up with Killer Instinct diehard, Daniel!

Short Haul Video #3 - Creating Clouds

Our Technical Art team tackles the challenges of making fluffy clouds in 3D!

Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 2

In our next podcast, Jon and Emma sit down with Joe, Mike and Ted.

Inn-side Story So Far

Catch up on our dev diary-style video series!

A Message About Our Sea of Thieves Videos

The team shares some thoughts on our recent video series!

Community Spotlight - Mike

We catch up with Pirate Port Radio founder Mike, aka Abstractacas.

Sea of Thieves - A Week at Gamescom

Get a glimpse into Sea of Thieves' showing by sneaking a peek into Emma's Gamescom journal!

Short Haul Video #2 - Aboard the Ship

Find out just some of the ways your crew will interact with each other aboard your ship in Sea of Thieves!

Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode 1

Emma and Jon from the Community Team sit down with Joe, Andy and Mike.

Community Spotlight - John

Check out what John from Sea of Thieves fansite The Crow's Nest had to say about why history and videogames are a big part of his life.

A Closer Look at the Art of Adventure

Turn an observant eye on some of the art shown during our SDCC panel.

Short Haul Video #1 - Instruments

Learn more about Sea of Thieves' instruments in our new one minute video series!

Community Spotlight - Jephren

Find out more about Jephren from Rare & Friends in this community spotlight!

Sea of Thieves and the Art of Adventure

Watch the full Sea of Thieves panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

Community Spotlight - Jackie

Meet budding artist and Sea of Thieves super fan, Jackie!

Sea of Thieves - San Diego Comic Con 2016 Preview

Here's a look at what to expect from Sea of Thieves at SDCC2016!

Community Spotlight - Dayanara

Get to know more about Sea of Thieves super fan Dayanara.

Tavern Tunes - We Shall Sail Together

Composer Robin Beanland tells us more about the song in the Sea of Thieves Cinematic Trailer.

Sea of Thieves - A Week At E3

Cameron from the Rare Community Team recounts his impressions of E3 2016.

Sea of Thieves E3 2016 Press Round-Up

Catch up on Sea of Thieves' press coverage from E3 2016!

Sea of Thieves Official E3 FAQ

Since our showing at E3 2016, we've been getting loads of questions! Find some answers here.

Sea of Thieves Sails into E3 2016

Take a look at the stunning new Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers shown at E3 2016!

From the Captain: A Perplexing Puzzler

Captain Bones accrues another cryptic puzzle for the crew to ponder.

Community Spotlight - Paul of Rare Gamer

Paul of Rare Gamer takes to the stage for our next community spotlight.

From The Captain: Secluded Beach Concept

Captain Bones continues to taunt us with alluring artwork of a new seaside location.

Community Spotlight - Sebastian

Meet the mind behind Sea of Thieves Central - Sebastian, also known as Paladin Topaz.

Sea of Thieves - Play It First Contest Results

It's been two months since we launched our Play It First contest and now it's time to announce the results!

From the Captain - Secret Cave Concept

Captain Bones continues his tradition of weekly teases with some brand new artwork.

Community Spotlight - DK Vine

We've got a double dose of details on the DK Vine duo in our next Community Spotlight.

Play It First: Contest Round Up #3

Take a look at another batch of some of our Play It First contest entries.

From the Captain: Welcome to Paradise

Captain Bones decides to taunt us with sea and sunshine in his latest tease.

Community Spotlight - IOnEI_Falcon

Find out all about Amir, otherwise known as IOnEI_Falcon, one of Rare's biggest fans.

Play It First: Contest Round Up #2

Looking for some creative inspiration for your Play It First entry? We've got you covered in this round up!

PC Game Design Specialist Role

Sea of Thieves Lead Designer, Mike Chapman, gives the rundown on our PC Game Design Specialist vacancy.

Play It First: Contest Round Up

Take a look at just some of the entries that have flooded in over the past two weeks.

Sea of Thieves Contest FAQ

We've put together some answers to your most burning competition questions.

From the Captain: The Gold Skelly

Captain Bones shows us a great example of when gold hoarding goes a step too far.

Sea of Thieves - Play it First Fan Contest

We're looking for the first fans in the world to play the game, and it could be you.

Looking back at E3

In case you missed it, E3 2015 was kind of a big deal for us.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015

As far as holidays go, we here on the Sea of Thieves team believe that September 19 takes the cake.

From the Captain - Solve This Skull Scratcher

What's this? More treats from the Captain that may leave your head in a spin.

From the Captain: Rat Concept

Captain Bones shares the goods again this week with some pint sized concept art.

From the Captain: A Welcoming Riddle

No good, two-timing skeletal developer Captain Bones has posted a new Sea of Thieves riddle this week.

From the Captain: Kitty Concept

Captain Bones is at it again, this time sharing concept art of the feline variety.