Pirate Emporium

Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up exclusive cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Emporium stock is refreshed every month, so check back often to see what’s new!

Purchase a Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass and unlock the ability to earn even more rewards during Season Seven by raising your Renown! This sun-dappled deal features the full Beachcomber’s Bounty ship set including Collector’s Figurehead and Sails, and all three stages of the Baleful Bloom Costume which evolves as you climb through the Season’s 100 levels. Plus 250 Ancient Coins in addition to the 250 earnable through Seasonal progression!

Access these new cosmetics for the first time in the Season Seven Plunder Pass before they appear in the Pirate Emporium at a later date.

Captained Ship Customisation

Does your Captained ship have a name deserving of a dramatic crest to display it? Well then, it’s lucky the Emporium shopkeepers have risen to meet this latest need with Ship's Crest designs ranging from regal and shiny to dark and stabby.

As pirates are famed for their constantly changing plans, Ship Renaming Deeds can also be purchased, allowing a vessel to be rebranded without the loss of any progress tied to it.

Wrecker Wrangler Ship Collection

Anyone can be a Wrecker Wrangler, part of that gathering of like-minded fish aficionados. This dedicated ship set allows all pirates to show their appreciation of the shipwreck-haunting Wrecker, with its big adorable eyes and elegant lure. Set sail and flaunt your affinity with fang-faced fish from flag down to figurehead!

Wrecker Wrangler Costume

A fully functional diving suit it is not, but this is how Wrecker Wranglers dress to mingle with their piscine friends in the green and gloomy depths. As a bonus, any pirate wearing this costume on land makes a surprising and alarming sight for anyone who isn’t expecting it – and who would be?

The Wrecker Wrangler Costume comes complete with the Soaked to the Skin Emote, for regular demonstrations of just how waterproof it isn’t.

Wrecker Wrangler Weapons and Fishing Rod

Portable Portrait Emotes

The natural next stage of the selfie: bring in a frame and create art that not even the harshest critic could condemn. Enjoy this collection of frame-toting emotes for pirates who know in their hearts that they’re the most picturesque sight on the seas.

Free Emote – Promising Portrait

Bilge Rat Weapon Pose Emotes

When Larinna calls, they answer; when she doesn’t, they drink a lot. Of course, you don’t last long on the Sea of Thieves if you’re a lightweight, so let the enemy gauge how far gone you really are with these expressive emotes based on the weapon you’re currently holding.

Store Specials

Kraken Starter Bundle

Wrecker's Wrath Bundle

Season Seven Plunder Pass

Pirate Pets

Every Voyage is better with creature comforts, so grab yourself a pet to share your adventures. Whether your newfound friend is furry or feathered, pets are a classic part of the pirate look – you might even give them an outfit that matches your pirate’s style.

Not only will pets come along for the ride while you’re sailing and exploring islands, you can name them too and they can be picked up and handled by you and your crewmates, bringing an extra dash of charm to any Voyage. Different breeds and colour varieties of each pet are available exclusively from the Pirate Emporium!

Meet the Pets

Pirate Emotes

Many pirates express themselves with emotes, from dancing a jig on the deck to giving a cheery wave to passing ships. The Pirate Emporium can teach you many more nifty moves in exchange for Ancient Coins, giving you additional range to get expressive and surprise your crewmates.

New emotes and emote bundles are regularly added to the Emporium’s stock. Try picking up the ones that best suit your pirate personality and experimenting to find fun in-game uses. They’re particularly useful when streaming or capturing video, to strike a pose for the camera!

Heritage Collection

The Pirate Emporium features a mixture of special ship liveries and cosmetics, but some pirates will be especially keen to see heritage items based on Rare’s beloved back catalogue. These famous characters are being brought into the world of Sea of Thieves as unique ship figureheads and livery sets.

Keep checking the Emporium to see the latest heritage items. Stock is refreshed each month and there are many more exciting sets and tributes to classic titles on the horizon!

Visit the emporium

Enter the Pirate Emporium either by selecting it from the game’s main menu, or by visiting an Emporium representative at an Outpost. All the Outposts in Adventure mode and the Glorious Sea Dogs Tavern in The Arena have an Emporium salesperson. These act as a gateway to buying Ancient Coins using real-world money, and exchanging Ancient Coins for Emporium goods. Ancient Coins can also be bought directly from the Microsoft Store.

While out exploring islands, pirates may be able to top up their Ancient Coins by defeating rare Ancient Skeletons found around the world – identifiable by their bags of Ancient Coins! Catch one before it escapes to claim its Coin hoard for yourself and your crew.