As Season Seven continues, the team have been working on the next time-limited Adventure along with additional fixes based on feedback from the community. We’re introducing more of this content to the game in today’s release, update

For a rundown of the most recent Pirate Emporium additions and October’s set of improvements and fixes, see the previous release notes. For more information on all the new content that arrived in Season Seven, check out the launch release notes!


Although the Herald of the Flame was vanquished by the efforts of pirate crews, the Time of Resurrection has not yet been averted. With the future of the Sea of Thieves on the line, where will those who sail upon it place their allegiance in our ninth time-limited Adventure?

Fixed Issues


  • Players exploring The Devil’s Roar should no longer experience continual volcanic eruptions and earthquakes while traversing islands.

  • Players should no longer encounter multiple active World Events at the same time.

Pirate Emporium

  • The Collector’s Lodestar Figurehead is now purchasable at the correct price in all locations within the Emporium.


  • Players exploring the Shrine of Tribute will no longer discover a placeholder environment asset.

Visual and Audio

  • Players wielding weapons and equipment will now hear the intended audio effects.

  • Players should now hear the appropriate waterfall sounds when exploring various islands.

Known Issues

‘Return of the Damned’ Early Completion

  • Crews who are skilled enough to return an enchanted Bewitching Doll to Belle or the Servant of Flame while all Sea Forts are claimed for their chosen side will find the Adventure completes abruptly, removing their Quest Items and showing the final sequence. They are then offered the chance to repeat the Adventure to amass further strength for their chosen side.

Reduced Server Performance

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While improvements were most recently released in update 2.5.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 4.89 GB
Xbox Series S: 3.19 GB
Xbox One X: 4.89 GB
Xbox One: 3.19 GB
Microsoft Store: 4.3 GB
Steam: 4.81 GB



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