Sea of Thieves: Season 11

Access all the adventure you crave more quickly than ever before with Season 11’s overhaul of Voyages and encounters! Explore a redesigned Quest system, major expansions to most Trading Companies and new Seasonal rewards.

New Features

Season 11 aims to give you greater control over each play session and deliver desirable new rewards to mark your progress. With these changes to the traditional Voyage loop, the intention is to streamline your Sea of Thieves experience and ensure that each moment spent on the seas feels rewarding and exciting!

Sea Of Thieves On Demand

Season 11 introduces an overhaul to how you embark upon your adventures, letting you get into an action-packed pirating session more efficiently than ever before. With the ability to choose your next outing from the Quest Table and dive straight to your destination, you now have unprecedented freedom to explore everything the seas can offer...

The Quest Table

To help you dive right into the action, you no longer need to pick up Voyages from Trading Company representatives at the Outposts. Instead, you can plan out and start your sailing session directly from the Quest Table on your ship. The newly refurbished Discover Tab is also on hand with suggestions tailored to you!

Voyage Types

Using the Quest Table, you can decide what kind of Voyage you want at any given time – including which Company to sail for, the type of Voyage that takes your fancy and how long you want your outing to last – while Tall Tales and themed Raid Voyages are accessible too. More options will unlock as you progress.

New Voyage Loop

Season 11 is designed to make it easier than ever to maintain the flow of play. New Voyages can be started at sea, and you can either sail as before or dive to them at will. Completing a Voyage now awards some reputation right away, but loot on board is lost if you dive, so you still need to cash in for maximum earnings!

New Rewards And Experiences

To complement the new Quest Table system, the Trading Companies are rethinking the limits on building your reputation. You can now continue earning reputation long after you’d previously have hit the level cap, and you’ll unlock a suite of new and tantalising rewards along the way…

Company Changes

With Voyage delivery out of their hands, the Trading Companies are expanding their other offerings! The majority of Companies have raised their level cap to 100, and there are new Company-themed versions of World Events with unique treasure types (now dubbed Raid Voyages) to be attempted as you climb the ranks.


Raising your Trading Company reputation to 100 isn’t the end to progression. Reach that target and you’ll now earn one of five Distinctions, awarding you a shiny Distinction Ring to show off the extent of your achievements, and resetting your rank with that Company so that you can begin working towards the next one.

Rebalanced Rewards

With Season 11, Voyage rewards have been compared and adjusted to deliver a much better balance. Emergent discoveries such as shipwrecks and Messages in a Bottle have also been revisited to ensure each one feels special. So while the option to dive is always there, remember that the open seas still have much to offer…

Improved Onboarding

If you’re new to the seas or ready for a refresher course on how the Trading Companies operate, new Tutorial Voyages are in place and can be revisited at your leisure from the Quest Table. The Pirate Lord himself will take the time to stop by your ship, guide you through the first Company Voyages and share his wisdom.

A wealth of new features to be discovered!

New Seasonal Rewards

A new Season means a brand new set of rewards, unlocked by climbing through 100 levels of Renown! Earn cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and even Ancient Coins as you rise through the ranks by living the pirate life.

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style by visiting the Pirate Emporium! As new arrivals come in every month – ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, emotes and more – there’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season 11’s Plunder Pass prepares purchasers for a life of pirate-themed profit with the complete Well-Travelled Trader ship set (including Collector’s Sails and Figurehead) and the Well-Travelled Trader Hat, Jacket and Gloves!

Twitch Drops

Earn free goodies by watching one of our splendid streaming Partners! Simply link your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts, then tune in when Twitch Drops are active to earn cosmetic rewards for use in your own adventures.


With each new Season, Sea of Thieves brings in more accessibility updates and features to help everyone enjoy their own pirate adventure. Browse our full archive of release notes to discover everything that’s been added!

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