The Legend of Monkey Island

Voyage deep into the Caribbean with Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island – an original story told across three Tall Tales, and a hilarious, heartfelt love letter to the iconic Monkey Island game series. The first of these Tall Tales is available to play now!

‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’

  • An ambitious new arrival at the Outposts is seeking help to hunt down Guybrush Threepwood, who disappeared while sailing to the Sea of Thieves. Via the Sea of the Damned, you’ll journey to the fabled Mêlée Island, where Guybrush is now revered as a legendary pirate of unparalleled talents. Clearly, something is very wrong…

  • New Commendations, achievements and rewards have been added with this update, marking your progress as you make your way through ‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’ Tall Tale.

  • To find out much more, head to our dedicated page on The Legend of Monkey Island.

‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’ Launch Trailer

Duration 1:45

Pirate Emporium

Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium page to find out more about the latest arrivals.

New Items – Now in Stock!

  • LeChuck’s Legacy Ship Collection

  • LeChuck’s Legacy Ship’s Crest

  • LeChuck’s Legacy Weapon Bundle

  • LeChuck Costume Set

  • Piranha Poodle Pet

  • Mêlée Island Painting Bundle

  • Pocket Seagull Emote

  • Close Call Weapon Pose Emote

  • Spin and Shoot Emote (free!)

  • Brooding Buccaneer Bundle (Microsoft, Xbox and Steam Stores only)

Outpost Cosmetics

New Weaponsmith Stock

  • The Outpost weaponsmiths now stock a range of new swords. Pirates can pick up the Wailing Barnacle Heavy Sword, Wailing Barnacle Rapier, Silent Barnacle Heavy Sword and Silent Barnacle Rapier, all available to purchase with gold.


Narration Playback Speed

  • Players using ‘Let Games Read to Me’ now have additional control within the Settings menu to adjust the playback speed of the narration to whatever is most convenient and comfortable for them.

Riddle Map Narration

  • Players using ‘Let Games Read to Me’ will find that when raising a Riddle Map, the text found on the parchment will now be narrated.

Fixed Issues


  • Crews sinking a rival ship will now find that any resource barrels and treasure items left floating in the water are brought along with them after migrating servers.

  • Pirates are once again able to place recovered Captain’s Logbooks into a Collector’s Chest.

Battle for the Sea of Thieves

  • Crews are now consistently able to purchase Resource Crates and Captain’s Supplies upon arrival at the Outpost after losing a battle.

  • The ship’s wheel will no longer be affected by storm conditions when diving below the waves or resurfacing for a battle.

Captains of Adventure

  • Players who were eligible to receive the Gilded Sovereign Captain’s Table by reaching Class 50 in any Pirate Milestone prior to Captain’s Week will now find the item has been distributed to their accounts.

  • Trinkets that are knocked out of place prior to migrating servers can once again be interacted with upon arrival.

Visual and Audio

  • Pirates’ hands no longer intersect with the stock of the Beachcomber's Bounty Eye of Reach or Blunderbuss.

  • The lanterns on the Dark Warsmith Ship’s Crest are now attached correctly and move with the ship.

  • Equipping any regular pirate cosmetics while wearing the Skeleton Curse will no longer cause those items to be displayed together.

  • Taking to a water slide should now show the correct visual splashes while descending.

  • The Party Boat Cutlass now displays visual trails when swung.

  • Watching a video from the What’s New section should no longer overlay button images on the video.

Text and Localisation

  • Clues recovered during a Lost Shipment Voyage are no longer cut off at the edge of the parchment.  

Performance and Stability

  • Improved video performance when playing videos in the front end on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

  • Players will no longer experience instability when switching between video content in the What’s New section of the front end.

  • Players on Steam Deck will no longer experience instability when attempting to play the intro video or browse the What’s New section on the front end.

  • Ongoing improvements to server stability to reduce instances where players are disconnected from their session.

Known Issues

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 15.17 GB
Xbox Series S: 8.74 GB
Xbox One X: 15.17 GB
Xbox One: 8.74 GB
Microsoft Store: 15.79 GB
Steam: 14.64 GB