Sea of Thieves Season 12

Sea of Thieves
Season 12

Embrace a wealth of new tools to spice up your pirate adventures this Season!

New Features

For Season 12 we’re shaking up the sandbox with a range of new tools to change the way you play Sea of Thieves! With new weapons, tools, projectiles and traversal opportunities, your adventures and encounters will be richer than ever before.

Double Barrel Pistol

Putting your faith in a single shot during a battle can be a nail-biting endeavour. That’s where the new Double Barrel Pistol comes in, offering pirates the chance to quickly shoot twice before reloading, or charge up a shot and deliver more damage at once.

Throwing Knives

Ever looked at your cutlass and thought “this would be better at long range”? Great news! This conundrum has now been solved with the introduction of throwing knives, equipped like any other weapon and hurled at will (then retrieved later if you miss).

Bone Caller

Call for aid! With this enchanted bauble, you can summon skeleton crewmates to take up arms in your name. Smash a Bone Caller at your feet for immediate reinforcements in a duel, or fire it from your cannons at enemy ships to bring the battle to them.


A new ship-to-ship combat option has arrived. Get in close and fire it from your cannons, and the short-range scattershot splits into several smaller projectiles, potentially creating multiple pesky breaches in any hull it hits. Fire away!

Horn of Fair Winds

Harness the power of the winds themselves! This mystical, multi-purpose artefact can fill your sails even on the calmest of days, put out fires, drive back your enemies, propel you through the water and even save you from a deadly fall…

Harpoon Tightropes

Pirates aren’t renowned for their balancing skills, but recent breakthroughs in harpoon technology have made walking on these narrow lines possible! Just sink the harpoon into a distant surface and you can hop right on and dash across.


Traverse larger islands in style with these newly installed rope lines! Following their introduction in Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island, several ziplines have now been installed in certain locations to help you return to sea level faster than ever.

Release Notes

A wealth of new features to be discovered!

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style by visiting the Pirate Emporium! As new arrivals come in every month – ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, emotes and more – there’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass Rewards

Plunder Pass Rewards

Tales of an evil-eyed ancient being have crept into the Sea of Thieves, bringing with them an array of terrifying ship cosmetics and a sinister two-stage Curse that leaves pirates looking like they caught a glimpse of something very unpleasant...

Twitch Drops

Earn free goodies by watching one of our splendid streaming Partners! Simply link your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts, then tune in when Twitch Drops are active to earn cosmetic rewards for use in your own adventures.


With each new Season, Sea of Thieves brings in more accessibility updates and features to help everyone enjoy their own pirate adventure. Browse our full archive of release notes to discover everything that’s been added!

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