Sea of Thieves Season 12: Official Content Update Video

Duration 6:15

Launch on PlayStation®5

A new era begins! Read through this recap from the previous release notes of how to get set up, get into a crew and get the best performance from Sea of Thieves on PlayStation®5, or scroll on to find out what’s new for all players with the arrival of Season 12...

Microsoft Account Linking

  • All players will need to sign in with a Microsoft account to play Sea of Thieves. When launching the game, players will be guided through the account linking process.

  • Be warned, account linking is a permanent decision, as players are only able to associate a single Microsoft account with a single account for PlayStation™Network. Only use the Microsoft account on which you intend to carry over your progress to launch!

  • Experienced players from other platforms who joined during the PlayStation®5 Closed Beta will have their pirate and all associated progress seamlessly transferred and accessible for play. Be sure to use the correct Microsoft account, as the two accounts chosen to be associated cannot be changed later.

Player Names and Online IDs

  • Once a Microsoft account is linked for Sea of Thieves play, all players will be displayed using their Microsoft account gamertag.

  • Players on PlayStation®5 can utilise the Recent Players List feature, located within the Game Options menu, to view the Microsoft account and linked online IDs of players on PlayStation™Network they encounter, as well as directly viewing their profile.

Inviting Friends into a Crew

  • When setting up a crew, players can use the PlayStation®5 Game Base to invite existing PlayStation friends using ‘Invite to Game’.

  • Players are also able to use the new in-game friends list, which consolidates friends from the linked Microsoft account and the account for PlayStation™Network into a single location for seamless crew management.

Cross-Platform Play

  • Cross-platform play is enabled by default, ensuring that all new players joining High Seas will find their home on the waves with other players from all walks of life. Players on PlayStation®5, however, can choose to disable crossplay from Matchmaking Settings and only matchmake with others on PlayStation™Network.

Performance on PlayStation®5

  • Sea of Thieves on PlayStation®5 is optimised to run at 60 FPS in 4K resolution, ensuring complete parity with Xbox Series X players.

  • Players can access an additional Performance Mode from the game settings for supported TVs, allowing for 120Hz refresh rates at 1080p resolution.

HDR Setup on PlayStation®5

  • New players on PlayStation®5 using a HDR-supported screen should perform HDR calibration when playing for the first time. Navigate to ‘HDR Calibration’ in Game Settings to configure your experience.

DualSense™ Wireless Controller Support

  • Hungry for haptic feedback? The DualSense™ wireless controller enhances the experience of movement and interactions with the world.

  • Adaptive triggers leveraging unique qualities of the controller heighten the gunplay experience, allowing players to feel every bullet they fire.

  • When a headset isn’t connected, the controller’s built-in microphone will serve as the default device for communication, granting all players access to in-game voice chat.

Voice Chat Notifications

  • When using in-game voice chat with crewmates or other players you meet in the world, the name of the broadcasting players will be shown within the HUD in a new indicator.

Player Moderation

  • Players now have access to the Player Blocking tool in the game’s settings. This allows a player to be blocked, resulting in them being restricted from communicating with you using in-game voice chat.

  • The Player Blocking tool also allows for easy management of your Blocked Players list.

The War Chest

New weapons waiting to be mastered and tools to take your tactics to the next level! Try your luck with fresh loadouts and feel the rush while riding the ziplines. To learn more about this new Season’s headline features, head over to our dedicated Season 12 page.

Throwing Knives

  • These new weapons in the pirate armoury come as a set of five, which are wielded one at a time when equipped and can be restocked from any Ammo Chest.

  • Wielding a throwing knife allows players to stab enemies with a quick melee attack or charge for a devastating downward strike.

  • Throwing a knife allows for a high-damage ranged attack. If a thrown knife misses its target, it becomes lodged in the environment and can be recovered to replenish stock. But be aware that another player can also retrieve your knife and use it against you!

Double Barrel Pistol

  • This new fast-firing weapon holds six bullets and can be fired twice before needing to be reloaded, or both barrels can be fired together by charging the shot.

  • Shots fired from the Double Barrel Pistol have reduced range and damage compared to the standard pistol, but compensate with a faster firing speed.


  • This new type of cannonball can be found in storage barrels across the seas, providing players with an effective short-range option for devastating enemy ships in combat.

  • Scattershot breaks apart when fired, sending four smaller projectiles in an outward spread. These have a lower trajectory than standard cannonballs, making scattershot a shorter-range option.

  • Each projectile deals light damage to the impact area, increasing if existing damage areas are hit repeatedly. Ship interaction points such as the wheel, mast and capstan can also be damaged by the blast, and players caught in the spread will receive light damage without knockback.

Bone Caller

  • This mystical throwable item possesses the power to summon a loyal skeleton crew who will attack nearby enemies. After a time, these skeletons will expire in a cloud of bones.

  • Bone Callers can also be fired from a cannon, giving players the ability to send a targeted package of disruption to rival ships at sea.

  • Bone Callers can be recovered from crates left behind by defeated Skeleton Fleets, or found in barrels at Skeleton Forts.

Horn of Fair Winds

  • This Siren shell is a treasure artefact that harnesses the power of the wind, and is discoverable in shipwrecks and other locations throughout the Sunken Kingdom.

  • Crews can use it to get ahead by filling their sails to full billow, giving a boost to a Rowboat or propelling themselves through the water.

  • Players can also harness the Horn’s powerful effects to knock back enemies, cushion a potentially fatal fall or even extinguish a blazing ship.

Harpoon Tightropes

  • Players firing a harpoon line into a rock, beach, tree or even another ship can now climb onto the line and perform a tightrope walk, maintaining their balance as they go.

  • Stepping onto a steeply descending harpoon line will allow players to slide effortlessly, even with treasure on their back!

Island Ziplines

  • Navigation has been further improved with the addition of ziplines to a range of islands across the Sea of Thieves. Seek out these permanent new structures to experiment with speedier traversal!

Updated Weapon Pose Emotes

  • With the introduction of the Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives, previously released Weapon Pose Emotes have been updated to support the new weapon types.

Season 12

Another Season means 100 new Renown levels to climb and rewards to snag – and an optional Plunder Pass adding even more! Read on for more on this plus details of other improvements landing with this Season’s launch, on top of those already applied in last week’s update...

Season 12 Rewards and Plunder Pass

  • Progressing through the 100 levels of Renown in Season 12 will reward players with Famous Pirate and Famed Buccaneer cosmetics alongside other time-limited Seasonal specials. Head to the Seasons profile page to browse the new rewards and check your pirate’s progress!

  • Pick up the latest Plunder Pass to gain access to a plethora of additional unlockable cosmetics from the Gorgon set, including a full ship set and two-stage Stone Curse, all available to earn by raising Renown. Purchase a Pass in-game through the Pirate Log or Pirate Emporium, or via the Pirate Emporium webpage, Microsoft Store, PlayStation™Store or Steam Item Store.

Season 12 Emissary Ledger Rewards

  • This Season, the Guild Emissary Ledgers offer the Ocean of Siren Song Painting, Mysterious Siren Carving Ornament and Guild of Fearsome Depths Title to Guilds who represent them well and perform proudly in the Ledgers.

  • While Emissary Ledgers will continue to refresh each month and celebrate our most prolific pirates, the delivery of fresh cosmetics into the Ledgers’ topmost tiers is paused from this Season onwards. For the vast majority of players though, the Ledgers still hold a treasure trove of locked rewards ready to earn by competing against other Emissaries. Log in and track your performance on the Emissary Ledgers page!

Pirate Emporium

Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up exclusive cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium page to browse and buy the latest additions!

New Items – Now in Stock!

  • Checkmate Ship Collection

  • Checkmate Weapon Bundle

  • Checkmate Clothing Bundle

  • Checkmate Ship’s Crest

  • Crimson Crypt, Lodestar and Dark Warsmith Throwing Knives

  • Great Grey, Tawny, Snowy, Barn and Black Banded Owl pets

  • Scrappy Weapon Pose Emote

  • Sting Tide Ship Collection (returning from Season Nine Plunder Pass)

  • Sting Tide Costume Set (returning from Season Nine Plunder Pass)

  • Sting Tide Lantern

  • Paradise Garden Pistol (free!)

Additions to the Classics Range

  • The Classics range has been expanded to include a range of costumes, weapons and equipment from older sets, now permanently reduced in price.

  • Cosmetic sets such as Shining Pegasus, Ruby Splashtail and Sea of Sands are among those that now have more than just ship liveries represented in the Classics range.


PlayStation®5 Launch Celebration

  • To celebrate the official launch of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation®5, all pirates who log in during Season 12 on any platform will receive a commemorative gift in the form of the New Dawn Sails.

Fixed Issues


  • Open Crew matchmaking has been re-enabled as an option when starting a Sea of Thieves session, allowing players to form a crew with other random players from all platforms.

  • Players are no longer able to use a Quest Map while travelling through the air to modify their trajectory.

User Interface

  • After a lobby is filled with players from different platforms, the platform icons shown next to players upon setting sail should no longer display a default image.

Known Issues

Full Guild Access Temporarily Disabled

  • Due to a recently discovered issue, Guild Members are not currently presented with the full suite of ships pledged to their active Guilds. Guild Members will be shown any ships they have pledged, but no other ships or active sessions from others within the Guild.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 2.49 GB
Xbox Series S: 29.2 GB
Xbox One X: 2.49 GB
Xbox One: 29.2 GB
Microsoft Store: 2.4 GB
Steam: 1.09 GB
PlayStation®5: 76.97 GB (update only: 0.5 GB)