Sea of Thieves: Season Four

The Sunken Kingdom has awoken! Dive deep to uncover the secrets of Siren Shrines and plunder treacherous Treasuries far beneath the waves. Enjoy more Events, Trials, loot and a brand new Voyage!

Enter the Sunken Kingdom

As Siren attacks on unwary pirates continue, more of their underwater realm has been revealed. There are six known Siren Shrines, each with their own unique challenges and threats, housing not only plunder but records of Siren history and lore for crews who can breach their walls and solve the mysteries within. Valuable relics lie at the heart of each Shrine, but beware – the Sirens are sure to make their presence known to any pirate who dares trespass in their Sunken Kingdom...

Tackle the Treasuries

Anyone eager to test their mettle against the Sirens and an army of Ocean Crawlers should seek the nearest Siren Treasury. These sunken storehouses will pit pirates against an onslaught of undersea enemies, all protecting Coral treasures that will earn rich rewards from Trading Companies eager to recover what the Sirens have stolen. Fortunately, pirates can make use of sunken Merfolk Statues found in Shrines and Treasuries to safely store their loot, then meet with merfolk on the surface later to retrieve it!

Sunken Secrets Await

Sunken Kingdom locations appear on the ship’s map, and crews who seek them should watch for a tell-tale shimmer on the surface of the sea – a sure sign that a Siren stronghold lies below, ready to be explored. Pirates may also be guided by a coral-encrusted message bottle leading to the Breath of the Sea, a strange substance prized by all Trading Companies. And aspiring scholars who’ve earned The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom Commendation should speak to Larinna for an epic Voyage in search of the Kingdom’s ultimate secret...

Seasonal Rewards

A new Season delivers a new set of rewards, unlocked by earning Renown on the seas. Live the pirate life and climb to new levels, earning cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and Ancient Coins! Season Four brings in a regular rotation of weekly and monthly Trials to boost your Renown, alongside Season-long Trials meant to be tackled across multiple adventures. Completing Daily Deeds will now likewise give Seasonal Renown in addition to the stated gold or Doubloon rewards!

Pirate Emporium

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style with new Pirate Emporium additions every month! There’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins, from ship liveries to emotes, pets, costumes and more, plus the Plunder Pass for Seasonal reward boosts and some special ranges celebrating other franchises. Visit the Emporium shopkeeper above the Order of Souls pavilion at any Outpost, or jump straight in from the menu as soon as you launch Sea of Thieves!

New Events

A raft of new time-limited Events comes in with Season Four, beginning with Fury of the Damned as a spooky annual festival returns to the Sea of Thieves. This year, the month-long celebration is spurred to new heights by the Pirate Lord himself, challenging pirates to take up arms and thin out the ranks of the undead in exchange for some creepy-crawly cosmetics. Check out the Events Hub for dates and details of all these one-off Events (alongside some of your favourite recurring Events) as they’re unveiled!

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season Four’s Plunder Pass gives the Sea of Thieves a glimpse of the larcenous Jack O’ Looter, courtesy of a masked costume for your pirate and picks from the matching weapon and ship sets. Along with the Vulnerable Weapon Pose emotes, which are perfect for pirates in combat who would much rather be anywhere else, there are 11 all-new additions that even the Pirate Emporium vendors have yet to lay their hands on. Pick up the Plunder Pass at any time during this Season!


For pirates ready to conquer a Season’s Trials and claim every reward, the Plunder Pass will make success taste all the sweeter. Pay once and that Season’s Plunder Pass sends even more treasures cascading into the pool of rewards obtainable by raising your Renown. This includes brand new items ahead of their Emporium debut, so you could lay your hands on freshly forged treasures before your rivals get the chance!

Twitch Drops

This time-honoured method of snagging free stuff continues into Seasons. When Twitch Drops are live, just make sure your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts are linked, settle back and spend some time watching one of our splendid streaming Partners to pick up daily cosmetic drops for use in your own adventures. Keep an eye on Sea of Thieves’ social channels to see when Twitch Drops are active and what’s on offer!

Release Notes

If you want even more detail on everything brought in by the latest update, whether you’re after specifics on freshly introduced features, quality of life and accessibility improvements or tweaks to tidy up known issues, you’ll find all those and more in our release notes that go live on the day of each content update!

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