Sea of Thieves Season 12: Official Content Update Video

Duration 6:15

Pirate Emporium

Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up exclusive cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium page to browse and buy the latest additions!

New Items – Now in Stock!

  • Deadlock Jailer Ship Collection

  • Deadlock Jailer Costume

  • Deadlock Jailer Weapon Bundle

  • Deadlock Jailer Double Barrel Pistol and Throwing Knives

  • Deadlock Jailer Trinket

  • Crimson Crypt, Lodestar and Dark Warsmith Double Barrel Pistols

  • Shark’s Bane Ship’s Crest

  • Captain’s Head Ship’s Crest

  • Stormfish Chaser Weapon Bundle

  • Stormfish Chaser Ship Collection (returning from Season Ten Plunder Pass)

  • Forest’s Blessing Costume Set (returning from Season Six Plunder Pass)

  • Creeping Cold Costume Set (returning from Season Five Plunder Pass)

  • Presentation Emote Bundle

  • In for the Kill Emote (free!)

Emporium Post-Purchase Recommendations

  • Players purchasing items from the Pirate Emporium will now be shown a recommendation, suggesting similar items they may enjoy and allowing them to fast-track to the suggested offer.

Outpost Cosmetics

New Outpost Stock!

  • The Outpost weapon shops now stock a further range of Heavy Swords and Rapiers from the Seared Forsaken Ashes, Scorched Forsaken Ashes, Parrot, Sunshine Parrot and Nightshine Parrot sets, locked behind their associated Commendations.

  • The Avian Courtly Jacket is also available from the Outpost clothing shops for gold.

Fixed Issues


  • Players joining a crew in progress near a World Event will no longer find themselves appearing on the Ferry of the Damned, and should now arrive as intended at their crew’s ship.

  • Players are no longer able to use a fishing rod while travelling through the air to modify their trajectory.

  • Crews retrieving treasure from on board Skeleton Ships within a Fleet encounter will no longer find those items reappear when a ship resurfaces.

  • Crews clearing out a Siren Shrine or Treasury will now find the rewards are randomised when the location refreshes, preventing players from farming specific items.

  • Players rolling a 20 with the Roll a D20 Emote will now unlock the Critical Roll Commendation.

  • Burying a depleted Ashen Winds Skull will no longer replenish its power when uncovered.

  • Crews defeated in an Hourglass battle will no longer see a low-quality scene before being sent to the Tunnels of the Damned.

  • Captains should no longer be able to place multiple Scourge of the Sea Trinkets aboard their ship.

  • The Captain's Logbook will now consistently appear in the wreckage of a ship defeated in an Hourglass battle.

  • Crews raiding the Treasury Vault of an emergent Sea Fort will no longer find a suite of Order of Souls treasure, and will instead find a more balanced mix. 

  • The Eye of Reach now deals the intended amount of damage to Ocean Crawlers in vulnerable or shielded states.

  • Players who have purchased the Parakeet Sea Dog Outfit for their parrot will now see it present in the Pet Chest.

  • ‘The Legend of Monkey Island’ – Time spent playing the Monkey Island Shanty will now be counted in Milestone statistics.


  • Players are now able to progress the When You’re a Professional Pirate Trophy by completing Commendations through play on PlayStation®5. Players with prior progress will not unlock this Trophy automatically, and will be required to earn additional Commendations in order to unlock it. Players who believe they may be stuck and unable to progress can raise a support request.

  • Players using game narration will find the account linking flow is now fully narrated.

The War Chest

  • Crew members will now unlock progress towards the Title Fight Commendation when a Skeleton Lord is defeated by another member of the crew.

  • Crew members will now unlock progress towards the Rib Roast Commendation when an Ashen Lord is defeated by another member of the crew.

Throwing Knives

  • Throwing knives hitting a capstan, Ammo Box or Armoury will now disappear and not block player interaction with the object.

  • After throwing a knife, players should now consistently be able to sprint freely without being impeded.

  • Players aiming a throwing knife should no longer feel a stutter when moving.

  • Players will no longer be able to perform a heavy attack and then throw a knife in quick succession when using the throwing knives.

  • Players stowing their throwing knives while charging a heavy attack will no longer retain the charged state when equipping the weapon again.

  • Throwing knives now deal the intended amount of damage to Kraken tentacles.

  • Throwing knives will now behave correctly when dropped off a ship into the water.

  • Throwing a knife and quickly switching weapons should no longer display a knife attached to the player’s hand.

  • Throwing a knife into water now displays the full splash visual effect.

  • Throwing knives lodged in the environment will now glint smoothly when observed while moving around.

  • Throwing knives stuck in the environment will now fade out smoothly when they expire.

Bone Caller

  • Bone Caller Skeletons will no longer appear on a sinking ship, and as a ship sinks any remaining skeletons will be destroyed.

  • During a Kraken encounter, Bone Caller Skeletons will now wait patiently for a threat they can reach.

  • While inside a Siren Treasury, any skeletons remaining when the water level rises will now be destroyed.

  • Bone Caller Skeletons can no longer be summoned in the Pirate Legend Hideout.

  • Bone Caller Skeletons summoned in the Sunken Kingdom will now attack threats on sight and will not wait to be attacked first.

Double Barrel Pistol

  • Players are now able to queue up a charged shot while reloading, so that once the reload is finished the shot begins charging.

  • Players can now consistently reload from Ammo Crates/Pouches after using the Double Barrel Pistol.

  • The Aim Down Sights camera speed is no longer retained after firing a charged shot.

  • Players who are killed while charging a shot will no longer fire the shot upon death.

  • Switching equipment after firing an aimed shot with the Double Barrel Pistol will no longer cause the item to appear in its secondary use state.

  • The Double Barrel Pistol now deals the intended amount of damage to Kraken tentacles and Gold Hoarder Skeletons.

  • The Double Barrel Pistol now deals the intended amount of damage to Ocean Crawlers in vulnerable or shielded states. 

  • Firing a charged shot while inside a ship will now play the full firing visual effect.

Horn of Fair Winds

  • The Horn of Fair Winds can now be sold to all Trading Companies for the correct price even when fully depleted.

  • Players standing at the front of a Rowboat can now be pushed back by the Horn of Fair Winds.

  • Burying a depleted Horn of Fair Winds will no longer replenish its power when uncovered.

  • Crews should no longer be able to obtain additional Horns of Fair Winds from the same Sunken Kingdom location in short periods of time.

Pirate Emporium

  • The Toe Reach Emote has now had its price corrected from 249 to 149 Ancient Coins. Players who purchased the emote at the incorrect price will be reimbursed 100 Ancient Coins.

  • The Cutler Beckett Costume Set has now had its price corrected from 599 to 999 Ancient Coins.


  • Players should no longer be able to see into the environment within The Reaper’s Lair.

  • Volcano eruptions on Devil’s Roar islands should no longer create visual effect issues on the ground.

  • Skeletons will no longer become trapped under the stairs at Keel Haul Fort.

  • Coral Skeletons will no longer become trapped in the scenery in the Shrine of Ancient Tears.

  • Players should no longer find pockets of water missing within the Shrine of the Coral Tomb.

User Interface

  • After transitioning a Guild to a new owner, the Guild leader will now be able to begin making changes and not be required to restart the game.

  • Renown level notifications now display the appropriate Season 12 iconography.

  • The summary details shown in the Reputation tab for each Trading Company now correctly display the number of Titles unlocked.

  • Navigating the Report a Player menus with a mouse and keyboard or controller is now a consistent experience.

  • Tall Tale rewards now correctly fit within their frames when browsing the Quest Table.

  • ‘The Legend of Monkey Island’ – Dialogue options shown during Insult Sword Fighting are now much more responsive.

  • Map markers for completed Tall Tales will now correctly display as unlocked on the ship’s map once completed.

Visual and Audio

  • Players swimming down into the Sunken Kingdom after diving for a Voyage or Hourglass battle will now see the correct atmospheric conditions on their descent.

  • Shooting a ship’s harpoon no longer displays a white hit marker.

  • Looking up at a nearby ship while underwater no longer displays a moving shadow effect on the water’s surface.

  • Several keys have been reduced in size to be consistent and fit properly in players’ hands.

  • When wielding the Stormfish Chaser Blunderbuss, players’ hands will now rest correctly on the weapon.

  • Players should no longer experience visual corruption when sailing through the Maiden Voyage on Xbox One.

Text and Localisation

  • Small increase made to text sizes to improve accessibility within the My Ships flow on the front end.

  • Improvements to text sizes within the Tall Tales section of the Quest Table to resolve overlapping text in non-English languages.

  • The Infinite Depths Weapon Pose Emote now fits neatly within the Emote Radial.

Performance and Stability

  • PC players adjusting resolution scaling will now see a warning that game performance will be affected.

  • Reduced scenarios where players may receive a Hazelnutbeard error following migration to a new server.

  • Further improvements made to game stability to reduce scenarios where players experience an unexpected exit from the game or become disconnected from their session.

Known Issues

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 12.89 GB
Xbox Series S: 8.02 GB
Xbox One X: 12.89 GB
Xbox One: 8.02 GB
Microsoft Store: 12.21 GB
Steam: 4.4 GB
PlayStation®5: 3.16 GB