Sea of Thieves: Season EightSea of Thieves: Season Eight

Sea of Thieves: Season Eight

The Battle for the Sea of Thieves begins! Choose a Faction and hunt rival pirate crews in thrilling on-demand ship combat. Earn Allegiance and rewards while working to unlock rare Curses and explore secret areas of your Faction’s hideout…

The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

Season Eight showcases opportunities for player versus player ship combat, allowing feisty crews in search of battle to find it at will!

The Battle for the Sea of Thieves

Battle has begun! Vote to pledge your loyalty to either the Guardians of Fortune or the Servants of the Flame, each seeking to sink ships of the opposing Faction. Representing a Faction will earn you Allegiance and other rewards as you play.

PvP On Demand

Find the Hourglass of Fate on the Captain's Table of your ship, turn it to choose a Faction and vote as a crew to represent them. Use the War Map to seek out ships of the opposing Faction. But remember that once you join a Faction, enemy crews can hunt you too…

Increase Your Allegiance

Allegiance is earned by sinking ships of the opposing Faction, and also by keeping treasure on board your ship to increase its Treasure Grade. As your Allegiance grows, Faction rewards become available. See your current level with both Factions in the Pirate Log.

Faction Hideouts

Each Faction has expanded to honour pirates who reach Allegiance level 100. Pirate Legends will be able to visit new areas of the Athena’s Fortune tavern, while Reapers who’ve also reached rank 75 may enter The Reaper’s Lair. Very special rewards await...

Streaks – Become a Boss

Sinking foes while undefeated builds up an Allegiance Streak, boosting the Allegiance you earn. A Streak of 4 or higher marks you on the map as a Faction Champion for all to see. Champion Sloops and Brigantines can also start Large Ship Battles against bigger foes!

Hourglass Rewards

When you represent a Faction, sinking foes increases the value of your Hourglass of Fate. Leave the Battle at any Outpost (or The Reaper's Hideout) and the Hourglass Value is exchanged for gold and Allegiance. But sink before leaving the Battle and you’ll lose it all!

Skeleton and Ghostly Curses

Diligent Faction devotees are eventually invited to secret rituals that bestow unique affectations, in the form of the Ghostly Curse and Skeleton Curse. Despite the foreboding names, pirates have been longing for such things since the day they first set sail upon the Sea of Thieves...

Curse Customisation

Should you become a Servant devoted enough to take skeletal form, you’ll find further customisation options on offer from the Bonesmith to help you fully express your skeletal self. Bored of the bones? A visit to the Vanity Chest will rid you of your marrowful malady.

Emissary Grade Progression

Sailing for a Faction while also representing them as an Emissary lets you raise your Company reputation, Emissary Grade and Ledger position by sinking the other Faction’s ships. Then earn more gold and reputation based on your Emissary Grade when leaving the Battle!

New Captaincy Additions

Captains will see two new Milestone Alignments in their Ship’s Log – ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Servant’. Progress towards these Milestones by representing the relevant Faction, with new Trinkets and customisation options to unlock as you join the Battle for the Sea of Thieves.

New Seasonal Rewards
A new Season means a brand new set of rewards, unlocked by climbing through 100 levels of Renown! Earn cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and even Ancient Coins as you rise through the ranks by living the pirate life.

Unfolding Adventures

Happening roughly every month and lasting for two weeks, Adventures drive forward Sea of Thieves’ ever-evolving story! Each one brings unique challenges to overcome, characters to converse with and cosmetics to earn.

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style by visiting the Pirate Emporium! As new arrivals come in every month – ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, emotes and more – there’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass Rewards

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season Eight’s Plunder Pass offers cosmetics appropriate to the dark nights drawing in, delivering the full and exclusive Ravenwood ship set along with the evolving Ravenwood Costume.

Twitch Drops

Earn free goodies by watching one of our splendid streaming Partners! Simply link your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts, then tune in when Twitch Drops are active to earn cosmetic rewards for use in your own adventures.


With each new Season, Sea of Thieves brings in more accessibility updates and features to help everyone enjoy their own pirate adventure. Browse our full archive of release notes to discover everything that’s been added!

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