Sea of Thieves: Season Six

Adventures abound on the Sea of Thieves! Explore Sea Forts summoned from the Sea of the Damned, engage with Sea of Thieves’ evolving narrative in new Adventures and test your mettle on a new Voyage for Pirate Legends. Enjoy new Seasonal rewards, Trials, Deeds and more too!

New Features

Season Six helps expand Sea of Thieves’ evolving narrative, while also giving you more ways to create your own exciting pirate stories!

Sea Forts

Summoned forth from the Sea of the Damned by Captain Flameheart, Sea Forts provide a satisfying, on-demand combat experience for pirates on short-haul sails. There are six Sea Forts dotted around the Sea of Thieves – can you clear them all?

Storm The Fort

Dock at a Sea Fort, pierce its defences and battle through the Phantom hordes defending the wealth inside. Grab loot as you go and then vanquish their roving leader, the Sea Fort Captain, to obtain the Treasury Key and steal the glittering hoard hidden within!

Defend The Homestead

With its phantasmal phalanx defeated, use the Sea Fort’s amenities as you see fit. Chief among these is the Homestead room, perfect for carousing with your crew. With a roaring fire, chairs and a grog tankard, make it your very own hideout – until other pirates come knocking…

Legend of the Veil

Help Belle and the Pirate Lord track down the elusive Veil Stones to power the Veil of the Ancients in a new, Pirate Legend-exclusive Voyage! As you progress towards its dramatic finale, expect a different selection of challenges each time you embark upon this truly legendary quest.

Haunted Islands

Together with Belle, delve into the ghostly past of the Ancients – and in doing so, defend a mysterious ritual from a marauding band of Phantoms.

Shipwreck Graveyards

Dive into the submerged remains of a wrecked fleet, uncover the ship’s log and then find the Veil Stone hidden within the fleet’s sunken cargo.

Ghost Garrisons

At the climax of this Voyage, repel a supernatural storm from the Sea of the Damned! Battle Phantom emplacements, Ghost Ships and even a Ghost Garrison emerging from the depths...

More Map Types

Decipher new kinds of treasure map as you hunt for the lost Veil Stones. Some have you seeking an island based on an image, others ask you to figure out which clue is a lie…

Raise Your Rank

Maximum rank with the Athena’s Fortune Trading Company has been raised from 20 to 30! New cosmetics, Commendations and achievements can now be earned.

New Seasonal Rewards

A new Season means a brand new set of rewards, unlocked by climbing through 100 levels of Renown! Earn cosmetics, gold, Doubloons and even Ancient Coins as you rise through the ranks by living the pirate life.

Unfolding Adventures

Happening roughly every month and lasting for a minimum of two weeks, Adventures drive forward Sea of Thieves’ ever-evolving story! Each one brings unique challenges to overcome, characters to converse with and cosmetics to earn.

Stay on the cutting edge of pirate style by visiting the Pirate Emporium! As new arrivals come in every month – ship liveries, weapons, pets, costumes, emotes and more – there’s plenty to pick up with your Ancient Coins.

Plunder Pass Rewards

Season Six’s Plunder Pass arrives on a fresh spring breeze, headlined by the complete Spring Blossom ship set and the evolving Forest’s Blessing Costume.

Twitch Drops

Earn free goodies by watching one of our splendid streaming Partners! Simply link your Sea of Thieves and Twitch accounts, then tune in when Twitch Drops are active to earn daily cosmetic drops for use in your own adventures.


With each new Season, Sea of Thieves brings in more accessibility updates and features to help everyone enjoy their own pirate adventure. Browse our full archive of release notes to discover everything that’s been added!

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