Forge Your Reputation

Forge Your

Explorer, trickster, conqueror – what will you be, and what will you accomplish? As you embark upon adventures and climb the Trading Company ranks, you’ll want to kit out your pirate and deck out your ship to impress crewmates and rivals alike.

Meet the Trading


The reputation you earn by undertaking Voyages will raise your standing with the Trading Companies of the Sea of Thieves, from the stuffy Merchant Alliance to the rebellious Reaper’s Bones, all of which have their own goals and rewards to offer.

Choose Your Side

As you make your name with the Trading Companies, you’ll earn promotions, new Voyage options and potentially the chance to sail under an Emissary Flag. This not only boosts rewards but allows competition for extra prizes in their Emissary Ledgers!

Legends Await You

Reaching rank 50 with at least three Trading Companies will earn you the status of Pirate Legend, but your journey doesn’t end there. Legends can purchase the most challenging Voyages yet as part of the mighty Athena’s Fortune Trading Company…

Setting Out in Style

The freedom on offer also extends to fashion. Each Outpost hosts shops offering a wealth of cosmetic items for pirates, ships and pets – some purchasable by anyone with gold, others that must be unlocked first through progression or Commendations.

Seasonal Progression

Sea of Thieves is constantly evolving, with another free Season arriving every few months. Climb through 100 levels of Renown in each Season to earn cosmetics, currency and Titles, with even more exclusive items available to Plunder Pass holders!

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"No other game I played at E3 made my face hurt from smiling so much more than Sea of Thieves."

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"Every minute with this game produces laughs, memories and anecdotes aplenty. Just wonderful."

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"It is one of the most endlessly fun, uproariously funny gaming experiences in ages, and that is something to be celebrated."