Impressing the various Trading Companies who’ve formed a presence across the Sea of Thieves is key to building your reputation. Each Company has its own goals and priorities in mind that will shape the Voyages you’ll undertake in their name.

There are a total of six Trading Companies, ranging from the stuffy Merchant Alliance to the rebellious Reaper’s Bones, who sit in opposition to the other Companies. You can learn more about them here:


Completing Voyages and handing over valuable items to the Companies are great ways to build up your reputation (and earn some gold), leading to more perilous but profitable missions as you receive promotions within each group.

Once you’re well established, some of the Companies will allow you to set sail as one of their Emissaries, offering boosted rewards for anything you bring back. Your total haul each month will be added to their Ledger and compared to other players. Perform well for even more rewards!


Carve enough of a reputation for yourself with at least three Trading Companies, and you’ll reach the coveted rank of Pirate Legend. Earning this high status is an epic endeavour that will ask you to master many aspects of the pirate life before you finally can gain entrance to the Tavern of Legends.

Don’t get too comfortable, though – your journey is far from over! Pirate Legends can purchase the most challenging Voyages yet to progress through the mighty Athena’s Fortune Trading Company, and spend their wealth on some of the most imposing ship sets and cosmetic items in existence.



Cosmetic items are a key part of dressing your pirate, your ship and your pets, and you can mix and match over 2000 of them to create a look that’s truly your own. Some can be purchased with the gold you’ve earned, while others are unlocked through progression and daring deeds.

Completing dozens of varied challenges to earn Commendations is a great way to test yourself and pick up even more personalisation options as you play – and pirates hungry for gamerscore also have over 150 Xbox achievements to unlock!


Sea of Thieves now evolves as a series of Seasons, each of which is planned to last 2-3 months  and feature 100 levels of Seasonal Renown. You can earn Renown in all manner of different ways, making it simple and fun to progress through a Season whatever your play style.

Each new level you reach will earn you a reward ranging from gold to cosmetics and Titles  , including some that are exclusive to Pirate Legends. If you buy a Plunder Pass, you’ll also be able to earn that Season’s premium content from the Pirate Emporium, which means huge savings for dedicated players!