While it’s entirely possible to succeed as a ‘lone wolf’ pirate, many hands make light work when dealing with life aboard ship. The anchor can be raised more quickly, fetching and carrying becomes easier and you’ll be able to share supplies.

Players who are part of the same crew can hear each other’s voice communications by default, no matter how far apart they are, so it’s easy for crewmates to split up and complete tasks in tandem. Be wary, though – pirates from other crews might overhear your schemes if they’re close by!


There are numerous Sea of Thieves-related Clubs on Xbox Live, including the Official Sea of Thieves Club. Each has its own ‘Looking For Group’ tool, making it quick and easy to find crewmates whether you’re playing on Xbox or PC.

Alternatively, the Sea of Thieves community is one of the most friendly and helpful around, from fellow players on the official Discord to fan groups in the Affiliate Alliance. Checking out the official Forums is also a great way to meet some new crewmates.


If you have a headset, talking to your crewmates is an easy, natural way to communicate. You can speak with other crews if they’re close by, or pull out your pirate’s speaking trumpet to be heard across a distance.

If you’d rather make yourself understood another way, you can make use of text chat, express yourself using the Pirate Wheel of Emotions, or pick from dozens of context-sensitive phrases that will automatically translate into other players’ preferred language.


It’s not all about sneaking aboard ships and taking part in sword duels! There are plenty of fun ways to interact with other crews that will prove just as rewarding. You can share a drink in a tavern, play shanties together and even trade treasure to help one another as Emissaries.

If you encounter a friendly crew, consider forming an Alliance using your ships’ flag boxes. Members of an Alliance can see other Alliance vessels marked on the map – and better yet, the Companies will award some bonus gold to all Alliance members whenever a treasure is handed in.



Sinking other ships (even smaller ones), stealing treasure and setting traps is part of the pirate life that crews should be ready to face. However, the buccaneers of the Sea of Thieves do follow a Pirate Code , and we expect all players to abide by the Community Code of Conduct to ensure the seas are fun for everyone.