Sea of Thieves provides a vast sandbox that offers many ways to do just about everything. Harpoon your Rowboat to passing Megalodon for a burst of speed, leap aboard a Skeleton Galleon to plunder its treasures or launch yourself out of a cannon to save on legwork.

Eager for more? Make yourself sick with a mouthful of fishing bait, then turn your condition into an impromptu weapon. Launch yourself up to a hiding spot using an erupting geyser, or use an emote to disguise yourself as a barrel and spring an ambush! The possibilities are endless.

Be a Pirate Captain

Starting from Season Seven, Sea of Thieves offers all pirates a long-awaited way to spend their gold: on Captained ships to name, decorate and take on celebratory escapades with a loyal crew. The Sovereigns have arrived at the Outposts to lend a hand with loot distribution too!

Captains and their ships can also reach Milestones, unlocking ever more souvenir Trinkets to proudly showcase within the Captain’s quarters. Milestones are grouped into Alignments covering a range of play styles – will you be the kind of Captain you’d always imagined, or will the seas carry you along unexpected currents?


Our creative community members have found all kinds of ways to use Sea of Thieves to tell their own stories, having their pirates take part in everything from dramatic performances and seafaring game shows to epic tournament battles and legendary races.

Many other players have used Sea of Thieves as the foundation for real-world creativity, covering shanties, creating arts and crafts based on in-game objects and taking part in regular contests on social media. Players can also apply to join the Sea of Thieves Creator Crew to support their work.


Whether you’re uncertain how to tackle a fresh challenge introduced in the latest Season or you’d like the inside scoop on tactics used by some of the most dedicated pirates out there, the easiest way to learn is to watch them in action!

Sea of Thieves has a huge number of popular streamers, all bringing their own unique style to the seas. We regularly help them celebrate their accomplishments through Twitch Drops, which gift in-game cosmetic items to players tuning in to watch participating Partnered streamers