Players keen to dive deeper into the history and mystery of Sea of Thieves can be the heroes in a narrative campaign of Tall Tales, which combine puzzle-solving and adventure with cinematic moments starring a wild cast of characters.

Playable solo but best experienced as part of a crew, Tall Tales take place within the shared Sea of Thieves world and provide even more opportunities for treasure and triumph. Each Tale contains checkpoints, allowing crews to enjoy the story across several play sessions if they prefer.


The landscape of Sea of Thieves tells a story of its own thanks to the cave paintings, ancient gravesites and forgotten shrines that lie around every corner. Eagle-eyed pirates may even be able to piece these clues together for hints at what the future holds.

Pirate pioneers are also chronicled through journals, portraits and other immortalisations that both celebrate the accomplishments of real players and inspire those who follow in their footsteps. Perhaps your pirate’s legend will join others somewhere on the seas…


Distant glints on the shoreline or bobbing on the waves are a sure sign that there’s treasure for the taking nearby. Skeleton’s Orders dropped by fallen foes, abandoned cargo deliveries and recovered keys can add to the haul of any pirate brave enough to see these quests to their conclusion.

Players might also spot rare trinkets clutched in the hands of dangerous Cursed Statues or stumble upon Cursed Chests which, while valuable, cause problems of their own. Dare you bring aboard a risky Reaper’s Chest, making your position known to everyone upon the waves?