Discover The Seas

The Seas

Sea of Thieves encourages you to pick a point on the horizon and set sail to uncover whatever awaits, from the deepest underground passages to the highest island peaks. Wherever you go, there’s always something for inquisitive players to unearth.

A Rich Story


Immerse yourself in a narrative campaign of Tall Tales, which combine exploration, puzzle-solving and adventure with cinematic moments starring a wild cast of characters. Checkpoints save your progress as you advance, either alone or with your crew.

Filled With Secrets

This landscape tells a story of its own through cave paintings, ancient gravesites and forgotten ruins. Pirate pioneers are also chronicled via immortalisations that celebrate their accomplishments and inspire those who follow in their footsteps!

Lost Treasures to Find

If stories aren’t enough, the Sea of Thieves is packed with riches to be claimed. From lost shipments and recovered keys to telltale glints on the shore or the sky-high beacon of a Reaper’s Chest, you’ll never have to sail far to fill your coffers.

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"No other game I played at E3 made my face hurt from smiling so much more than Sea of Thieves."

Developer Posts

"Every minute with this game produces laughs, memories and anecdotes aplenty. Just wonderful."

(The Guardian)
General Updates

"It is one of the most endlessly fun, uproariously funny gaming experiences in ages, and that is something to be celebrated."