Guide for New Pirates!

  • What is Sea of Thieves?

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox and Windows PC, it incorporates both crossplay and Play Anywhere.

    Sea of Thieves is also a world that changes and grows, with content being added, events, challenges and new tools for players to use.

    Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

    What Sea of Thieves brought us in 2018 from @EGGamer13

    What Does This Mean?

    Sea of Thieves is a game that includes both PvE and PvP elements, it's a combination of both and your voyages will be different each time you log in depending on your chosen goals, the threats (including other players) you encounter and the ships and crews you choose to sail with!

    For new pirates, that first voyage can be daunting so we've collected together a series of hints and tips in an easy to read thread, from some of the most experienced pirates on the seas!

    Where to Start?

    Some great videos that give an overview of some of the most important aspects of the game can be found here and many others on the Sea of Thieves and Rare Ltd Youtube channels

    What is Sea of Thieves?
    A great discussion between Gregg and Joe that outlines their vision for what Sea of Thieves is.

    Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves!
    From March 2018

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough
    A good illustration of some of the basic elements you'll encounter in game, but there's a lot more content added since this was made :)

    The Small Ship
    The design thinking that went into the sloop.

    Solo Play
    It's challenging, but it also gives rise to some epic adventures!

    Bilge Rat Adventures
    What and why are these?

    Campaigns and Content
    How Rare add content and why they do it this way...

    Acting on Feedback
    Rare are committed to working with this community to continue to enrich and expand the world and content of Sea of Thieves and they very much listen to our concerns and suggestions.

    While some of the above videos might appear a little dated the core message is consistent.
    More recently we've been able to read insights from Gregg Mayles around the initial design and ideas for the game -

    As well as Joe's speech here -

    VIT Talks 2018: Sea of Thieves: creating a new type of multiplayer game

    How does the forum work?

    We'd recommend having a good look around, the Release Notes are a great place to find out what's new and the Mega thread section is a treasure chest of some of the most fervent discussions.

    The forums are a place where you can introduce yourself, make Suggestions and give feedback as well as discuss everything Sea of Thieves or share tales of your adventures and fan creations!

    There's a great guide here from @KnifeLife :
    Forum help! (Images/Links/Text tools) Help guide

    We also have a Pirate Code and Forum Rules which can be found here -

    Now you're ready to set sail...

    Here are a few great guides from the Gameplay Guides and Tips section to get you started!

    Sea of Thieves Tutorial

    Sea Of Dummies. A Fan-Written guide to Rare Ltd's, Sea Of Thieves by Nafe Pacewell

    Captain FishSt1ck's guide to finding friendly crews

    Fox's pro tips & tricks for sloop mastery (50+ tips and tricks)

    How To: Use Basic and Advanced Combat Techniques

    The Power of Running and Why its your fault you got Caught.

    Sailing Tip: How to park your ship!

    Being a Good Crew Mate

    Need a map or a guide? - try this site from one of our very own Deckhands -
    Rare Thief

    And for those with a whole lot of ideas and suggestions, this is a great compilation, still expanding of some of the best!

    Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and Crew

    Also if yer looking for a guide to all the Bilge Rat Adventures so far then cast yer eyes this way!
    Ultimate Guide Collection: Every Adventure & Event

    And an honourable mention for the Old Salts Piratical Training Academy, details for which can be found here and highly recommended!

    The Old Salts [ Always here to help] Piratical Training Academy

    There is also a dedicated thread for pirates to post details of their discord groups with descriptions to boot!

    A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

    Sea of Thieves also has an Official discord channel for finding like minded crewmates, which can be found here -

    Would love to see a huge compilation of basic, easy to read tips for new players below - I think we sometimes take for granted how much we've learned during the past months sailing the seas, if you've a link to an up to date guide you've written or a video you've made, all the better!

    Hopefully we'll build up something like this one for solo pirates -

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  • Amazing, I love it!

  • @katttruewalker well done this is so good very useful and detailed love it😁

  • @katttruewalker Fantastic post! The info here isn't just for newbies, either. There's lots of useful info here for players of all levels. I'll be referring back to this post often, I'm sure. Thanks! :)

  • @genuine-heather @RL-Captain-Nemo @eredhar

    The intent is to collect tips for new pirates from all parts of the community so don't forget to add yours here below!

  • @KattTruewalker here's a Top Tip for everyone jump up and down whilst carrying the grog chest it makes it much easier to carry😁😁😁

  • @rl-captain-nemo

    A great tip and a good start, let's see some more! :D

  • Top tip 2: when fighting the Kraken on the brig /galleon always keep someone bellow deck because if the tentacle wraps over the stairs going down to the lower Deck u can't go down and repair

  • Top tip 3: when the Kraken wraps around your ship kill the tentacle looking over your ship to get rid of the wrapping tentacle

  • @katttruewalker thats all I have got at the moment

  • WOW! Well done matey!

  • Don't trust anyone.

    Not trusting anyone does not mean you have to shoot everyone on sight though, it means to be ready for flight or fight at any given moment.

    Allow yourself to interact with people in a non hostile manner, but be ready for things to go south.

  • @katttruewalker nice miss truewalker

  • @katttruewalker Wow, awesome job Katt. I bet this post took a lot of work, so Thank you very much for all the time you spent to help out us scurvy dogs.

  • Only use the anchor if you are in a storm. Otherwise try to stop without using it.

    The middle sail on the galleon is the speed sail, raise it to dramatically reduce the speed of the ship and increase your manoeuvrability.

    Sails raise faster and turn quicker if there are two people doing it.

    When parking your ship at an island turn it in the direction you want to leave. Park the ship with anchor and sails up. That way it is easier to leave in a hurry if you have too.

    The flag with a glowing skull(Reapers mark) looks really cool but marks you as wanting PvP. People may avoid you if you hoist it, but expect a rough time from those people who don't.

  • @katttruewalker

    Yip, have to agree with what has been said already.
    Splendid work compiling this!!!

    The game is certainly more involved now than from it's original launch.
    A handy guide for a Pirate just about to weigh anchor & raise those sails for the first time.

    It's dangerous out there on the Sea.
    Many have ventured.
    Those that return... pass on their knowledge.
    Ultimately.... to make "Legends" of us all.

  • Youtube is a great resource, & I know there are many great content creators out there.
    Our very own @PhuzzyBond has just started a new web series... I'll let him explain in his own words.

    " I aim to make a one-stop shop for everything beginner to intermediate Sea of Thieves guide, Instead of roaming the web to hunt for the right guide or tips that you need, this series will be the right one for you."

    4 episodes in... it could be the start to a great video series.
    Kudos! @PhuzzyBond

  • Thanks for all the replies so far, keep those tips coming, I'll try and think of some way to highlight the hints so they don't get missed in the conversation :)

  • @KattTruewalker Nice piece of work. And Remember that the Wind is your friend, Head straight into it if you're being chased by a bigger fish, or head with the wind if chased by a smaller fish. Ye who doesn't look, won't see the enemy coming....

  • Nice thread ya got here @KattTruewalker, very cool.

    As for my tip:
    If you're playing solo get your hands on a rowboat.
    It speeds your entire operation up!

    alt text

    Also it makes for a great escape pod when your fleeing your enemies.

    And to any new players reading this; hope you have a great time on the Sea of Thieves!
    alt text

  • If using a galleon... do not store your loot in the captains cabin IF you have a rowboat attached. This will get sneaky ninja pirates a very easy way to steal all your loot and get away with it. (As they can move all your stuff from the cabin to the rowboat without anyone seeing it... and then use the rowboat to get away with all your stuff.)

    Solution: Store your loot where you can see it (middle of the deck or around the map table).

    Also, sell your loot every time you happen to pass by an outpost...

  • @sgt-palooggoo

    Nice screenshots, captures the game nicely. We should also spread pictures like this to new (and future) players to show them the ambience of the game.

  • @ghostfire1981
    Thanks mate, I consider myself a bit of a SoT photographer, I love taking screenshots that look like that'd be in a offcial gaming article about SoT.
    alt text

    So it'd be great if my screenshots inspire new players to keep playing the game.

    However I do like having some fun with my photos as well...
    alt text

  • Hi @KattTruewalker any way this "link" of info can be tied to an in-game menu, or something. this is good. It's big.

  • Nice guide.

  • What's a sloop?

  • @featuringturtle

    Check out the ship section of this beginners tutorial!

  • @katttruewalker I'm trolling XD

    good guide though. Been seeing a lot of new faces on the sea.

  • "Create the most fun, welcoming, multiplayer experience ever" is no longer true.

  • @katttruewalker What an awesome post, this should be anchored at the top of the forums. Very well written Katt and thank you for the mention. For some reason I didn’t get the notification but thanks for doing this either way.

    If it wasn’t for your commitment these last few months to delivering us all the news and keeping us up to date I generally believe the forums would be dead by now.
    It’s litrally you and a few others who are holding these waters up where the devs have abandoned them for Twatter and instaspam and god knows what other places lol.

    A big thanks from me and I’m sure the rest of the community to! :)

  • Tips are now highlighted in caps for easy finding!

  • @katttruewalker thank you for all you hard work. This will be fantastic for new players!

  • @piratecraggy I just saw this :) thank you I really appreciate you spreading the word and helping new pirates.

  • @phuzzybond
    You do great stuff.. the forum needs to know!!

    Just to quick repost.. for those who missed

    Youtube is a great resource, & I know there are many great content creators out there.
    Our very own @PhuzzyBond has just started a new web series... I'll let him explain in his own words.
    " I aim to make a one-stop shop for everything beginner to intermediate Sea of Thieves guide, Instead of roaming the web to hunt for the right guide or tips that you need, this series will be the right one for you."

    5 episodes in... it could be the start to a great video series.
    Kudos! @PhuzzyBond

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