Fan Creations - "The Galley"

  • Are you a sea-faring artist with a penchant for painting the sea? Have a thing for doodling Krakens and mystical mermaids? We'd love to see your art work, videos, models animations or songs!

    Feel free to link to or embed your original Sea of Thieves works to share with others!

    As always be mindful of the Pirate Code, treat others and their work with respect.

  • What better way to unwind after fighting to reclaim the seas in Cursed Sails? With colouring sheets! Below are three high quality pirate colouring sheets you can download and decorate. Obviously we want to see your creations below!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Another play test done and dusted and I'm seeing some really fun and creative pictures from the Pirates time at Sea, far and wide across the different social platforms.
    Figured it would be good to give people a place to dump their snaps.

    Do you have any screenshots you'd like to show the Crewmunity?

    Show us your best seascape, sunset, grog shenanigans and hijinks!

    I'll kick things off with these two I took alongside my buddy @Jangles87

    While he was doing all the actual work and sailing the ship I was getting in the way taking pictures...

    ... and then when we landed ashore he did all the work in finding the gold.*

    Here's a screenshot of the camp, which is now my Xbox One background.

  • As it says, here's a great place to collect together screenshots and captures of the assorted buccaneers we've managed to create so far!

    Here's @lizalaroo, @Tartansnake-8 and @stacky-a in all their glory - one thing we spent a good deal of time doing, was trying out the various options in the Vanity Chest as well as the Clothing items, it really made a difference to how these initial pirate selections looked!

  • Stories from the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Devil Don - Chapter 9: The Ferryman

    Join poor dead Devil Don on his first s-c-a-r-y trip through the Ferry of the Damned. Ooooo! Not quite in time for Halloween. :(

  • I had an idea to break outside the video/streaming content creator box by falling back to audio format media, namely podcasting. The idea behind the podcast is to emulate the tales of high seas adventures of old. The twist comes from the perspective of Sea of Thieves play sessions.

    Here are the links to the first two episodes, which should be available on most major audio media platforms the sponsor podcasts.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    If anyone is interested in participating or providing feedback, please contact SelcouthRogue here on the website, or On XBL, Discord, Instagram, Reddit, or Fb under the same username.

  • Ever have one of those moments in the arena that, well, made you want to cry?

    This is one such moment.... As my enemy and I stared dumbly at each other, he then ran off with the loot. As he cast a glance over his shoulder, I wanted to shake my fist - You darn dirty developers, why? Why did you do it?

    The Arena of Irony

  • alt text

    Skeleton lord
    Hope you guys like it, you can use it as your profile pic + prints available on my inprnt:

  • Here ya go, my pumpkin for halloween this year. I did it freehand, just with a picture to base it off of.

    And then my 8 or 9 month old kitten wanted to say hi! Her name's Daisy!

  • I mentioned this before, in my initial introductory post to the forums, but I thought that it's worth creating a thread solely dedicated to the subject.

    On most days, from 2 PM to 4 PM PST, I will be in-game playing the part of a castaway stranded on Old Salts Atoll. I will also have with me one or two chests of random quality. Players who discover me are welcome to take the chests, I will not attempt to stop them. However, if they agree to take me to my outpost of choice, I will donate anywhere between 1$ to 5$ to Wounded Warrior Project in their name! (I would donate more, but I'm not operating on a stable income right now.)

    As the saying goes, "A little kindness goes a long way." It's that train of thought that drives me to keep this social experiment going for as long as I possibly can. So if you happen to sailing by Old Salts Atoll and see an old, one-eyed, one-legged, one-handed man with a tangled mess for a hair and beard and with the name Nexrum above his head waving to you, please consider coming ashore! I promise that the only thing that you'll have to worry about are those pesky Skeletons that like to pop up every now and then!

    More information is available over here, in this Twitter thread of mine. It's also where I'll be most active in terms of keeping a record of the experiment as it plays out. But that doesn't mean I'll ignore this thread completely. If enough people show interest in this endeavor of mine, I'll start posting updates here as well!

  • Everything a beginner needs to know about getting the white flame in Sea of Thieves, how to die quickly!

  • I made a SoT inspired treasure chest for my hamster 😋
    I used popsicle sticks, a toothpick for the hinge, pet-safe yarn to keep the top from falling off the back, and kid's clear glue to bind it all together. The lock details and skull were colored with edible paints.

    Counting coins...

    Of course, she has to have the golden treat first!

  • I actually burst out laughing a handful of times while watching the stream, do recommend if you've got time to watch it. If not, here is a rundown of the important bits of information that was given.

  • My wife spent a few weeks making this for the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Ran into a guy playing an was a sea of thieves tune. ![alt text](

  • Stories from the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Devil Don

    Got some fresh cover art thanks to yumenoki. She's an SoT player and does AMAZING character portraits!

  • I enjoy Sailing around Sea Of Thieves and taking pictures of myself, crew and ship. Normally they never make it out of my Discord Channel or folders. Every now and then I do like to take one or two into an editor and seeing what I can do to change the look of the picture I took in-game. Pictures are memories, the places we go and people we meet, even if it's just a game they can still hold many memories.

    Here is a picture that I took and created of the crew ship.

    The Cursed Shanty Crew Ship

  • Ahoy Mates,
    Just talk about my twitter account, I publish everyday content about the game. Video, draw, screenshot, story and I would like to have some pirates to interact with !
    So this is a little thing but it's important to me
    Akzam's Twitter

  • Skeleton Crew: Skellyvision: Recruitment

    It takes a certain type of skelly...

  • Sea of Thieves Dev Stream video, in a bite size chunk with all the info you want to know!

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Rare implemented loot chests to the world, but exempting the grind or spending real money? This is my thoughts on the matter and what I think could work on the matter

    What are you thoughts?

  • Skeleton Crew: And Stay Gone!

    ...that sand has gotta get everywhere.

  • I hunted, but can't seem to find the thread where I asked for some artwork on the kraken for my real life themed Gurdy I was working on. I completed it yesterday, so without further ado...
    alt text

  • Got this hat made to wear during my streams

    You can follow me on Facebook or Twitch @OleWhitt

  • I took this screenshots a 2 moths ago, pretty epic, right? []([]

  • I dont know if this counts as fan creation but awhile ago I wrote lore about my character I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it.
    The Legend of Captain Drabber

    Chapter 1
    Drabber when he was young his parents sold him to the Grand Maritime Union just to make money. He was taken to a Grand Maritime Union ship, he was then chained to the walls, and the ship set off to sea. While he was at sea he heard cannon fire, gunshots and screams. After everything gone quiet he footsteps getting closer he saw group of pirates going below deck freeing other people taking them to their ship which was a black ship with a figurehead of women holding 2 pistols, Drabber was taken to the captain leading the raid came up to him asked him what his name is and if he had a family. He told him that he was never given a real name just insults and that his parents sold him. Furious the captain decided to take him in and raise him and named him "Drabber". Drabber and the crew and people like him were then taken to place they called "sea of thieves" after they passed the devil's shroud they head to a large island as they got closer Drabber noticed that the island had houses, shrines, shop, tavern, and people of different races and culture . The ship parked by the docks and the crew started to escort the slave off the ship and told them in different languages that this island is there new home and that they are all now free. After everyone left the captain took Drabber to his home which was a large shipwreck on the hill was converted into a house as they entered Drabber noticed a woman whose eyes were completely black greeted them asked the captain what's going on. He told her everything, the captain told Drabber that the person with the black eye was a member of the order of souls and the captain's wife. Then captain and Drabber sat down at a table and told Drabber everything about the sea of thieves.

    Chapter 2
    15 years had passed Drabber was in his 20s when he was sailing with his adopted father inside and outside the sea of thieves. Drabber and his father had killed the Hungering one but that battle cost him his left hand. serval years had passed Drabber and his father heard about the recent skelly fleet attacking outposts, they decided to attack the skelly fleet and find out about the where about of a missing blacksmith name Wanda. When they got back to the island they decided to explore ancient structure that hasn't been explored on the island they were living on. when they got deep into the structure they notice a strange amulet with strange symbols his father knew what the symbols and told him that symbols on the wall said "great power with a price", and told drabber not to wear it. Drabber listened but still held on to it. The next day, they left the sea of thieves to free people from the Grand Maritime Unionbut when they got close to Grand Maritime Union ship, suddenly they got ambushed by the British royal navy Drabber and his father's defeat some British naval ships but they were outnumbered. many died including Drabber's adopted father in shocked Drabber decided to sail back into the sea of thieves and bury his father and his crew on the island he was raised. When Drabber returned to the island he saw buildings were on fire and saw skelly ships parked on the docks one of the ships had an emblem of a flaming heart on the sails and he realized who ship it was Flame hearts. people were being killed by the skellies in raged he had no choice but to fight when he got off the ship he was rushed by skeletons but he was able to hold them off but after defeating the skelly he kept being rushed by even more skellies, thinking that he couldn't keep fighting then he remembered the amulet he found promising more power but at a cost he had no choice but to put it on. after putting the amulet on he felt strength and power and he was able to take down the group of skelly with ease after he took down the skeleton he noticed that flesh was starting spilling from his right hand. he was making his way through the town to his house not notice more of his flesh was spilling off when suddenly he found his mother confronted by flame heart. as he was about to approach him, he was approached by another skeleton lord name Wrath Boomslang who had snakes surrounding him. Drabber fought against wrath avoiding the venom being sprayed at him wrath managed to cutlass off his right knee. wrath coming in with the kill Drabber found an eye of reach and was able to get a few shoots on him and defeated Wrath Boomslang. After his fight he found a piece of wood he could use to make a makeshift pegleg. now noticing that most of his body flesh was gone . He then tried to save his mother but it was too late as he turned around he saw his stabbed multiple times by flame heart and saw him as he threw his mother to the ground. In raged and stress his flesh started to fall off much faster he ran towards flame heart but he was pushed back with such great forced. Drabber couldn't move was. He was then approached by flame heart who took an interest in his amulet took it but noticed that all the power was gone. frustrated he took drabber's left eye and walked away but before Drabber could do anything he blacked out.

    Chapter 3

    Drabber had just regain his conscience and saw that it was morning. He was looking his surroundings seeing that most buildings were destroyed and saw a lot of dead bodies all over and some survivors finding anyone who is alive. As Drabber got up he saw that his entre right arm was missing flesh, then his legs, his chest, he went to a puddle of water and saw that he had become a skeleton. He then found cloth he could use to make an eye patch. As he fixed his left eye socket saw a dead remains of Wrath Boomslang was he got closer he released that the jacket that Wrath was wearing looked similar to the ones the gold hoarders wears. Curious he open up the jacket and saw a set of keys Drabber took the keys and Wrath Boomslang's head to read later. After Drabber collected Wrath's head he heard crying of a child in one of the ruined houses. As Drabber was walking to the child the ruined house as about collapse on the child before Drabber could do anything he teleported to the child and teleported back to the spot he was. Confused how he did that he comforted the child asking where the child's parents are. They both walked through the ruined town until they found 2 parents looking for their child the child recognized them can ran towards them. The parent thanked me for they knew who I am. Drabber told them to go to his father's galleon in which they did. Drabber knew there were more survivors but only one of him before he could think 10 skeleton rose from the ground thinking he had to fight pulled out his cutlass but as they rose they didn't fight they just stood there like they are waiting for me to give them an order before I could tell them I saw that the Devil's shroud was coming in. Drabber quickly told them to find any survivors and bring them to his ship. The skeletons obliged and scarred and brought survivors back to the ship. Drabber quickly went back to his parents house to grab some stuff he grabbed his mother book which had the Order of souls emblem on it and some of her equipment. As he was about to leave then he saw his father's sword and pistol he grabbed them then went back to the ship as he got on he saw that his new undead crew brought many survivors on broad. As they were about to leave Drabber had to quickly do something he went back on land with his fathers and mother corpse and buried them. After he was down burying them he saw that the shroud was already half way through the island He teleported back to his ship and ordered his crew to drop sails and sail out to the shores of plenty to drop off the survivors at sanctuary outpost. As they left he saw the island he once called home get swallowed up by the Devils shroud. Once they dropped off the survivors at the outpost Drabber started to sail to an island where Drabber and his crew can Hide.

    Chapter 4

    3 months had passed since I had got cursed and there are already rumors about me and my Black galleon sinking any skeleton ships I had crossed and raiding skeleton forts and setting them on fire. Now me and my crew keep recruiting new skeletons into my crew recently recruited a skeleton who was 6 foot tall and has 4 arms, he claims to be a skeleton lord like me, despite not having any powers that a traditional skeleton lord would have but after sailing with him for a month he proved that he does need any powers a skeleton lord would have he sunk a skeleton ship by himself just by using their own anchor to crush their ship in half after one of the skeletons shoot his pet chicken name George after that he became my first mate. I now was looking a dagger made from a tooth of the hungering one remembering the time me and my adoptive father killed the hungering one and ripped it tooth out and made it into a dagger. I then looked at my first pistol mounted on a wall I bought from Wanda before she became a skeleton and the same pistol I used shoot her with. finally I then looked at my first skull I got from killing a skeleton captain and a first skull memories I read through that my adoptive mother taught me then I looked at the wrath Boomslang skull I was then reminded of the event that took place during flame hearts attack hearing cries for help, friend getting killed by flameheart’s minions. I was getting distress it stopped when I heard a knocking on my door. Said "who is it"? John the person replied. The first mate I said to myself come in. John entered and said is something wrong and then look at boomslang’s skull and said thinking about the attack again. I said yes if the ferryman was there everyone and my mother would be resurrected but they now resides in the sea of the damned I said. I know John said I also came to give you a letter. Who is it from? The man didn't say he didn't even give me a name besides the mysteries stranger John replied. Ok let me read.. before I could finish my sentence I passed out. John came to me and said captain, captain! Those were the last words I heard. I woke up on a ship but not my ship I then realized that I was on the ferry of the damned. I saw the ferryman and asked him "why did you bring me here?" he turned to me and said I didn't bring you here. If you didn't then who. Before I could finish a kraken appeared but unlike other kraken this one was completely a skeleton it grabbed me around my leg and dragged me to the sea. I couldn't see anything but my memories I was then thrown into an island with ancient ruin. I said to myself "it looks like it was made by the ancient but something seems off some parts are organic". I then heard a woman's voice telling me to "follow her voice". I followed the voice through the ruin and keep getting chills on my spine thinking that the eyes on the wall are following me. I finally got to the main chamber and saw the women she had no human characteristics or traits, she's completely black like the night sky and stars scattered around her body. She then said "come closer Drabber" you know my name" I replied. I know everything about you such a sad upbringing sold to slavery by your parents and now lost 2 people who took care of you she said. Ok then who are you I said? Who am I? Why I am the oldest being in the place you call the sea of thieves I was around when the first humans were here you called the ancient quite a fitting name for them. I then asked her "why did you bring me here"? She said to make an offer, let me explain you know of the ferryman who resurrect the dead there are some pirates who can't be resurrected and resides in the sea of the damned. Ya what are you getting at I said. She said " she want someone to sea the sea of the damned and make it a sort of after life for pirate who can't or doesn't want to be resurrected. Alright I'm down I said. But there is something I need of you she said. And what would that be? I said. Your heart. How I am a skeleton all my organs are gone. She chuckled and replied "open your jacket". I did as she ask and was shocked to see my heart still there decayed but still beating. She then reached my heart pulled it out of chest and started whispering to it. I then noticed that my peg leg is breaking apart and some strange glow started to appear holding fragments together then my hook started to do the same thing. Then I felt extreme amount of pain in my left eye was. My eye patch changed and become apart of me and became my new eye.After she was done whispering to my heart she then said "now place for your heart" she then made a chest that was made of metal and engraved with skull, souls, and at the center of the chest Is a face a skull where the lock is. She then gave me a key to the chest. She then told me how I could enter and leave the sea of the damned. She told me that I have to now return to my ship But before I leave I asked " I've never got your name" she then said "I have many names but the most common name the ancient called me is andromeda good bye drabber". The floor collapse And I fell in hole and when I hit the bottom I woke up. When I got to my senses I saw that the changes were real and that I was holding a chest and a key. When I got up from my bed I saw the letter on my desk and decided to read it. I was shocked to know that letter was from the pirate lord and that he want to have a meeting with me in a pirate legend I was thrilled but then remembered about me being a skeleton and stepping foot on an outpost then I said to myself "what do I got to lose". I got out of my captain quarter to talk to my crew. The first person to notice me was John he was happy to me up and moving and curious about what happen I told him "it's a long story and that they should make heading to plunder outpost and that I will explain everything along the way he accepted and started heading towards plunder. It was already night when my crew got to the outpost I was a little nervous about stepping foot on the docks thinking that I might me and my crew will be shoot on sight but when we got on the docks nobody was shooting but actually welcoming me and my crew. I told some members of my crew to stay on board and guard the ship while I told the rest of the crew to sell loot we got from sinking skeletons and raiding forts while me and John head to the tavern,. We got to the tavern and John Immediately notice the stranger at the end of tavern saying that he was the one who delivered him the letter. we both approached him and showed him the letter proving that it is me. The stranger then said "ha you made it few people have actually meet the pirate are you ready to meet him". I told him we are, take us to him". He laugh and said do you think I'm taking you to him"? Yes? is the door you are leaning on the way to the pirate lord"? ha no this is just the back door of the tavern to enter the hideout need to play a specific shanty take this and play where the tables are". I played the shanty and before my eyes the floor revealed a hidden staircase. It was dark so I took out my lantern and me and John descended through the staircase until we saw a waterfall and then heard singing. we walked through the waterfall and once we got passed it started following a dock as we followed we saw a ship wrecked and saw it had a nameplate as we got closer we saw the full name the shipwreck name was The Athena's fortune. We saw a huge open on the side we saw crew of the Athena fortune. I asked ghost name blind bob where the pirate lord is he said he is in the captain quarters to the left i thanked him and John decide to stay behind and talk to the crew of the Athena fortune. As I entered I saw the pirate lord and he noticed me asked me to come in and take a seat. I did as he asked took a seat. The pirate lord and I talked for hours me telling he about the event taking place about flame heart and me meeting andromeda. And the pirate lord talking about events in his life. He then told me about a clan known as "The Cutthroats" and That I should join up with them and said 'who knows you might see your brother. My brother I thought he was dead after I was sold to the Grand Maritime Union. And the pirate lord said no he is very alive and with the cutthroats he then handed me a map to the cutthroats . I got up from my seat and thanked him and went to get John from the legend's tavern. I got John and I told him about the cutthroats and that we should join up . We got back to the tavern we saw the skeletons from our crew were done selling loot and were drinking grog I told them to get up and head back to the galleon They all got up bringing their cups back to the ship. when everyone got on broad I told John to make heading to the location of the cutthroats The sails were down and we are off. I took the helm and said to myself this is not the end of my journey but only the beginning.

    The end

  • Skeleton Crew: Strange Creatures

    I actually have a lot of respect for streamers. It's a hard job, endlessly creating content for free in the hopes that your numbers will go up... 👀

  • Skeleton Crew: Cursed Collectible

    Available exclusively as part of the Dark Relics collection, while stocks last.

  • Hi pirates,

    Ask your digital assistant which day and time is currently in Sea of Thieves.
    Current supported languages: English, German
    If you want to support the digital assistant project (languages, functions, ...). Please contact me.

    Alexa Skill (for Amazon Echo):

    Google Action for all devices with Google Assistant:

    Thanks for your support!

  • Ahoy! Kyra with Crofty Cosplay here (gamer tag: Corsair Crofty), and I wanted to share my Madame Olivia cosplay.

    Sea of Thieves is not only a fun and awesome game, but the community is also amazing. I don't think I've seen a community as wonderful as this, and all the creativity that stems from it even outside of the game. I knew I wanted to do a cosplay from it, and the moment Madame Olivia had her spotlight in the Forsaken Shores trailer, I knew it was going to start with her.

    On my YouTube channel, I aim to show others how to do great cosplays on a budget, so I've shared all the tutorials for this cosplay there if anyone is interested. I also plan on doing other SoT tutorials in the future as well!
    Sea of Thieves Madame Olivia Cosplay Tutorials

    This cosplay was a bit of a challenge, but it helped me learn and try different techniques. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@croftycosplay) for more photos as I post them.

    Has anyone else done a SoT cosplay? I'd love to see them! :)

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Now that the game has changed the way that harpoons and kegs interact, I wanted to share my favourite mistake.

  • I finished the shores of gold and Listened to the ending music and it gave me an idea and this is what I came up with. Check it out! :)