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  • Are you a sea-faring artist with a penchant for painting the sea? Have a thing for doodling Krakens and mystical mermaids? We'd love to see your art work, videos, models animations or songs!

    Feel free to link to or embed your original Sea of Thieves works to share with others!

    As always be mindful of the Pirate Code, treat others and their work with respect.

  • What better way to unwind after fighting to reclaim the seas in Cursed Sails? With colouring sheets! Below are three high quality pirate colouring sheets you can download and decorate. Obviously we want to see your creations below!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Another play test done and dusted and I'm seeing some really fun and creative pictures from the Pirates time at Sea, far and wide across the different social platforms.
    Figured it would be good to give people a place to dump their snaps.

    Do you have any screenshots you'd like to show the Crewmunity?

    Show us your best seascape, sunset, grog shenanigans and hijinks!

    I'll kick things off with these two I took alongside my buddy @Jangles87

    While he was doing all the actual work and sailing the ship I was getting in the way taking pictures...

    ... and then when we landed ashore he did all the work in finding the gold.*

    Here's a screenshot of the camp, which is now my Xbox One background.

  • As it says, here's a great place to collect together screenshots and captures of the assorted buccaneers we've managed to create so far!

    Here's @lizalaroo, @Tartansnake-8 and @stacky-a in all their glory - one thing we spent a good deal of time doing, was trying out the various options in the Vanity Chest as well as the Clothing items, it really made a difference to how these initial pirate selections looked!

  • Hi again fellow swashbucklers!

    My newest video just landed, hope you enjoy it!

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  • Ahoy SoT community!

    I've been sailing in SoT since beta, and I've been a YouTube creator for over a decade. Only recently I decided to finally start using my video editting abilities to bring more SoT content to YouTube. Please swing by my channel (it's easy to find, just search for Brigs Maroon on YouTube) and let me know what you think!

    Here is a link to my most recent video:
    One Gally Vs A Three Galleon Alliance

    Hope you enjoy, click subscribe on my channel to see new videos as soon as they're posted, find me on XBox if you have a fun idea for some content and maybe we can sail together and show the whole world.

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  • Captain Esmeralda

    Here is my story legend of brandy. if you haven't seen chapter one you can find it here.

    ****also toward the end is a little music that I think enhances the scene if you want to listen in during that section haha. Enjoy!


    Brandy sat on the front steps of Herb’s fishing partner’s small home. Looking down, there was a beetle searching for the grass. He explored left until he hit Brandy’s boot, came about and climbed on the hand she lowered to scoop him up with. Behind her was a roaring conversation between Herb and the friend who had betrayed their whereabouts. The beetle entertained Brandy with his little dances, watching himself in the reflection of her silvered necklace until Herb finally came pounding out of the house. “Come on Brandy. It’s time to go.” He huffed, steaming past her. She laid the beetle on a flower, gave him a wink and wave goodbye, then skipped along Herb’s side.

    “Things not go so well?” Brandy mused. Herb remained stoic and kept his stride. “You know I could take care of him. A quick ‘piff-puff’ and he certainly wouldn’t betray us again.” She said with her hand tapping the flintlock pistol tucked in her belt.

    Herb glared at Brandy as they walked,” You can’t just kill whoever you want to make your life easier. I know pirates lead rough lives, but you are too young to be thinking that way. He just made a mistake. He was scared. Have you never been afraid and done something you regretted?”

    Brandy shook the question off. “You can kill people to make your life easier. I do it a lot because it is so easy.” She started matter-of-factly. “We are about to break a lot of ‘rules’, Herb, and some people are going to get in the way. I’m fine with you letting your friend off the hook, but don’t expect me to follow your code. You still have the option to go home if that bothers you.”

    Herb was saddened to think a teenaged girl could be so heartless when it suited her. He was glad his daughter had turned back from this path, but he knew Brandy wasn’t completely wrong. The serpents weren’t just going to hand Elsa over. “Fine. Just try to remember who the true villains are lest you shoot me in the back for stepping in your way.” He snarked.

    Brandy’s mouth opened in amused shock. “Herb! Oh come on! I’m sorry for coming off brash. I know this is all happening really fast for you, but don’t think I don’t know I owe you, Herb. You saved me from getting caught on that beach and I always repay my debts. You risked your biscuit for no apparent reason other than to help someone you didn’t even know. I respect that, and understand what you mean. I will keep to my best judgement and I promise we will find your daughter and my Uncle.”

    Herb smiled slightly and nodded to his new friend. She seemed to have some values at least. Herb had lived a long time and witnessed the world in all its forms, including the likes of war and death. His wife had died fighting in the Water Tower War against the mermaids and as a fisherman spending a lot of time by the sea, he had many dangerous run-ins with the species long after the war. There were also always pirates up to no good and an occasional attack on Ica from undead skeletons popping out of Hell Gates. Though he didn’t care for it, Herb was no stranger to battle and death, so he wouldn’t let this difference of morality on when killing was acceptable deter him from his true goal. His daughter was waiting for him and he was going to bring her home.

    They got decked out in the red coats and black hats they had pinched off the marine pirates from last night. Herb had a blunderbuss strapped across his back. It was a bit worn with a few nicks and cracks from years of use, but worked well enough. Along with fishing, Herb was an experienced hunter of bears and game cats. He had never been in the Navy and wasn’t trained to be comfortable wielding a cutlass, but Brandy was missing hers as a butterfly would miss its wings. Herb knew a place they could pick one up and so it was decided that their first stop was going to be the market.

    Ica wasn’t a very big place. There were no more than 200 souls on the island and that’s the way everyone liked it. Most kept to their own and that was just right for a pirate. Esmeralda’s Golden Serpents set up shop in a nearby fort and, as far as everyone knew, they were the law there. The market was the one place that could appear somewhat busy at times. There were stalls for fish, chickens, and other various meats. Nuts and beans could be bought along with supplies from ropes to mending boards for damaged ships. Brandy’s eyes fell on a merchant shop operating toward the back decorated with strings of pistols and swords on every wall. In front stood a woman with a wide smile, beckoning the pair inside. She had bright eyes and an inviting pitch to her voice. “Welcome soldiers! We have many arms for sale, please admire what you will!”

    There were silver swords, red swords, swords for slaying demonic skeletons, swords more effective on mermaids, swords for decoration, and any manner of blade you could desire. Brandy admired a golden blade with a deep black hilt resting behind a long glass case that hung from the wall. “Oh, that is a lovely piece of steel you’ve spotted. Clearly, you have an eye for the excellent, Miss!” The shop keeper wooed.

    “I’ll take it!” Brandy said breathlessly adoring it.

    “Wonderful!” She began. “That will be 12,000 gold please.” Brandy looked the merchant squarely in the eye.

    “I am not paying. This is going to be commandeered by the Navy. We have a great need of well-crafted blades and this one seems best. Don’t worry, it will go to good use and help us to keep your shop safe.” Brandy attempted to con, but the keeper wasn’t buying it.
    Her voice grew deeper and rugged and her kind demeanor lapsed into a scowl. “For one, I know the serpents are pirates. They aren’t commandeering any of my goods. And another thing I know is that you two are not with them. I’ve seen every single one come through this shop and I am paid well to know what goes on in Ica. If you don’t have any coin how about you trade me that pretty necklace you have or get lost you muppet!” Brandy’s jaw dropped with shock as she covered her mother’s gift and then pursed her lips into a frown. Herb sighed and stepped in. “Hey Sarah, I have 3,000 on me. Can we make a deal?”

    Brandy was sticking her tongue out at Sarah who waved her off dismissively and turned to Herb, “Well, you know I only deal in two things. Gold and information, so what do you got for me?” He considered what he had learned over the past few days. Sarah apparently already knew the marines on Ica were frauds so that wouldn’t do. He mentioned about Esmeralda’s men attacking Brandy and James Silver Blood, a name that piqued Sarah’s interest. The story also made her eye Brandy curiously, who was tooling around the shop. “Ok Herb, this connects a few dots for me and I think I can knock off another thousand but that’s still not going to get you my finest sword. How about this one?” Sarah presented a steel blade with a black hilt studded in green emerald. She demonstrated the weight and sharpness of the sword and Herb decided to take it. “Here you are Brandy. What do you think?”

    “Wow! Not bad Herb, thank you so much! And Sarah, I really apologize for my behavior. You really helped us out here and I’m sorry.” Brandy softly offered.

    Sarah seemed a bit taken back and smiled. “I guess you’re alright after all, kid. A bit of advice though. If you two intend to sneak into the fort, which I’m guessing you are by you and Herb’s uniforms, you’d better go at night around nine. There will be a change of guard and you might slip in with your unfamiliar faces easier at that time. Also, check the back of the fort walls. There are some loose boards back there that some of the serpents use to sneak grog into the barracks.” Brandy smiled and thanked Sarah as she backed out of the shop.

    She and Herb headed out of the market and hiked the path to the serpent’s fort. They found a well-hidden patch of foliage to stage their infiltration and ready their supplies. “So that’s a pretty fine blade we got you today. What do you think, Brandy?” Herb asked.

    “It’s sturdy and ready for battle, but nowhere near as fancy as this one.” She said as she brandished the golden sword she had admired at the shop.

    “WHAT! How did you.. Why would you..” Herb couldn’t get the words out of his mouth fast enough.

    “Herb, I’m a pirate. I don’t pay for anything.” She laughed. Sarah wouldn’t discover it until she closed the shop that night, but in place of the golden sword was a lovely golden straw broom.

    “You can’t just take what you want Brandy. Sarah is a good woman who works hard to get by.” He reasoned, but pirates were not always reasonable.

    Brandy shrugged, a sword in each hand. “This again? Look, I take whatever I want. Anyone can, pirates just embrace this lifestyle more than others. You can work hard all your life and never reach the toes of the nobility right?”

    “That’s not the point! Just because you want something doesn’t mean you have the right to take it from whoever you want.” Herb retorted.

    “I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree, Herb.” Brandy stated as she swung her swords about in a practice fight against the wind. Herb challenged Brandy by asking what if Sarah had stolen her pistol. “Well Herb, if she did that there wouldn’t be anyone left to own that shop. See? Then it wouldn’t matter that I took the sword or everything else for that matter. Not to beat a dead shop keep, but like you mentioned earlier, this would make life easier and we would have gained more loot.”

    “How about her advice?” Herb mentioned causing Brandy to stop her exercise and listen. “She basically handed us a way into this place. This fortress with armed guards at every entrance. They can’t have more than thirty pirates here. They would have recognized us and shot us before we even got close. Without Sarah, who knows what becomes of my daughter and your uncle after we failed to save them.” Brandy considered this and sat down quietly for a few minutes. She had no snappy comeback for that one. Maybe he had a point.

    The two kept quiet for the next few hours, preparing their equipment and passing the time until finally Herb raised his watch and declared, “It’s time.” They rushed down to the fort ramparts and found the few loose boards in the back Sarah had told them about. They pressed pass them and gained entry through the dark cover of night.

    The compound was fairly small with an obvious layout. A barracks sat in the back where they entered. Ahead of that was the Captain’s office and a mess hall. It was across from their they spotted an armory and prisoner cage. There only seemed to be a few serpents patrolling the area. The majority were either in the mess hall or sailing nearby seas. Using his spyglass, Herb was able to get a better look and saw two figures in the dark cage. There also seemed to be a bit of commotion going on over there as three guards had swords drawn at the bars of the prison cell. “I’m not sure what is happening over there, but if we hope to intervene we need to move now.” Herb suggested.

    The two marched across the compound toward the cage with their coats and hats concealing who they truly were as they passed a few serpents along the way. “Pirates dressed as marines to sneak into a fort of pirates dressed as marines. Kind of silly, isn’t it?” Brandy whispered to Herb. He didn’t hear a word. His daughter Elsa caught his eye as he continued to hurry up to the jail.

    “Back! Back!” Hissed the other woman in the cage. She held a small dagger sparking it against the iron of the cage to keep the three anxious guards from admission. There was venom in her darkened eyes that kept the serpents approach timid. She wore a very rough uniform splattered with dirt and blood. It was like the other serpents, but had big golden shoulder pads with frills following the edges.

    “Esmeralda?” Herb whispered. This black haired lady was the captain of the Golden Serpents, or at least she had been. Esmeralda was quite a beauty, but had clearly been through an ordeal. She had a few small scars on her olive skin, and she was frazzled from the abrupt life style change from captain to captive. Prison didn’t suit this wild animal and she still hadn’t taken to it in over a month.

    “Come on Captain, we just want to help blondie repay some of her debt.” One perverted guard said as he carefully inched closer. “She has to pay for her crimes. Don’t you want her to get released? Come on now and give us the dagger.”

    Elsa was cowered behind Esmeralda. She had been locked up for about a week and was psychologically tormented by a few guards about having to pay back her debts in dreadful and inappropriate ways. There was a real Naval officer at the fort when she had first arrived. His name was Griffin and he was there overseeing the change of command after Esmeralda had been jailed. He seemed reasonable and assured her that no harm of that kind would come to her, but he had to report back to his Admiral in a city called StillShire and sailed off a few days ago. Now that he was gone, Esmeralda was the only thing that had been standing in between Elsa and tragedy. The prior captain had one hand on Elsa’s shoulder and the other defending the door lock with her weapon. “Come get it, b*****d.” Fanged Esmeralda.

    The guard pulled a pistol from his side. “Alright Captain, I have been looking for a reason to put you down that wouldn’t get Captain Griffin in a tizzy. This is just as good as any other.” He raised his gun and Esmeralda stepped forward unafraid, almost eagerly.

    Her confidence made the guard stutter and she said, “Do it. I hope it does bother Griffin, he shouldn’t have let this happen in the first place!” Herb’s twelve-inch boot smashed into the back of the man sprawling him into the iron cage. As a feral viper, the captain gave no concern to who intervened and seized the guard now in her reach. Her arm came between the bars and slashed the dagger into his face a half dozen times. He cried out but it became more difficult when he had less tongue to cry with. The other two marine pirates froze in view of the carnage. Brandy helped them escape the sight with a few silent whips of her new steel. The men laid forever silent as Esmeralda’s victim fell down rolling in blind torment sputtering unrecognizable syllables.

    The arrested captain watched her captor writhe with a gleeful smile, her pretty face patterned in his blood. “Who are you?” She spoke without looking away from her prey.

    “I’m here for my Uncle James!” Brandy said. Herb looked worriedly to his daughter. She seemed terrified but unharmed physically.

    “I see, that’d make you Brandy then, wouldn’t it? Release me, will you?” Esmeralda asked keeping her view fixated. As soon as Brandy released the door. Esmeralda fell on the wounded man again. Kicking him flat and striking down her steel again and again. When he finally stopped moving, Esmeralda leaned back and took in the foggy night sky with a deep breath. She rose to her feet and slicked back her bloodied black hair. “Brandy, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Sorry about that.” She motioned to the slaughtered man. “I just can’t stand unfinished business.”

    Herb ran into the jail and collected his daughter. Elsa met his eyes and they both streamed tears. “I’m so sorry, Daddy.” Elsa wept.

    “It’s ok now baby. I have you now.” Herb rocked his daughter slowly in his arms. Her blonde hair was smattered with dirt and her green and white dress was filthy and torn.

    “So you know me?” Brandy continued with Esmeralda. “Did you see my Uncle? I have to find him.”

    “Aye, he was here.” Esmeralda said pointing to a wide brimmed hat with a huge feather on it. Brandy picked up her Uncle’s hat.

    “Is he dead?” She asked while stroking the feather.

    “Dead? Ha! That man? I couldn’t kill him even when I wanted to.” Esmeralda admitted. She noticed Brandy’s suspicious look and set her to ease. “Your Uncle and I have a long history, but rest assured he’s back on my good side these days. He was recovering from the injuries he took in that battle a few days ago. He told me all about it, and he just knew that you would come. You should have seen the worry on him, it was adorable!” She laughed.

    “Oy! What’s going on over there?” A serpent yelled out as he came to inspect the commotion. A fog had set in on top of the darkness taking away much visibility. “Thank God,” Esmeralda cried out. “I was beginning to get bored. She punched her dagger into the man’s throat as he appeared out of the mist causing him to drop his weapon and clutch his neck, gasping for air. “Brandy, go west from the front gate. We keep our ships there. Ready the second galleon for us to sail. I’ll take you to your Uncle, I just need to say goodbye to a few friends before we go.” Her face twisted into a crooked smile and she stabbed the choking man in the gut several times before allowing him to drop. Esmeralda walked over to the armory and disappeared into the smoky fog. Herb and Elsa had pulled their selves together after the emotional reunion and were ready to move. Brandy put on her Uncle’s hat and led them to the gate where they encountered two foes with weapons in hand. Herb revealed his blunderbuss and blasted the men off their feet. In the distance behind Brandy, Esmeralda could be heard laughing maniacally while gunshots and flashes of light rang out. “Herald! Don’t run! I just want to say hi! That shade of red looks swell on you, Barry! Why don’t you seem happy to see me, Clarissa?”

    Brandy, Herb and Elsa made it to the ship. It was the same red and gold galleon that had attacked her and James. This was Esmeralda’s flagship named The Snake Pit. All three climbed aboard, readying the sails and raising the anchor as fast as they could. Boisterous bells began hammering out, alerting all the serpents in the area of the escape. Men poured out of the barracks and mess hall, racing toward the harbor.

    The two galleons sandwiching the flagship in the harbor roared to life. Cannons fired at will, but were not able to do much damage at such close range they were unable to make contact below the water line and mostly whizzed over the top deck. Herb stood by the ladder smacking man after man attempting to board off the ship with the tail end of his blunderbuss. Elsa and Brandy were below deck repairing minor cannon damage.

    So bright it almost seemed like day, an explosion overtook the galleon on their portside. Esmeralda came swinging aboard from the ship she just debilitated with a gun powder barrel. With seven new holes on the left, that ship dipped and quickly rolled on to its side.

    Esmeralda took the helm and the four of them left the docks behind. The sky was clear away from the shore. Herb looked back to the wall of cloud and saw a galleon that had been on their starboard pop out. It was soon followed by two more sloops. The wind against them, it was only a matter of time before the sloops caught up with them.

    Then there was a terrible scrapping noise from the sides of the galleon that drowned out the sound of the sea. Dozens of drums began to beat, rhythmically pounding like a heartbeat. Eerie harsh notes joined in, strung on a dozen harps. Esmeralda and Herb knew what was coming and took cover in the captain’s quarters. Claws and tridents scratched their way up the sides of the galleon. Mermaids and mermen appeared over the railings. They stood on the scaled legs gifted to them by the moon’s blessed light, allowing them to temporarily tread where usually only men could. Their skin was an ethereal blue with various colors of hair dripping from their heads in a range of reds, blues, and greens. They were clad lightly with thin jeweled fabrics and scales, each one armed with trident, lance, or spear gun.

    Esmeralda and Herb stood in the doorway to the captain’s cabin with their irons raised and ready to fire. Three mermen advanced with the fins on their feet scraping the deck. Brandy rose from the lower deck swords in hand. “What is that crazy music?” She asked to Herb and the captain, not realizing there were mystic enemies a few feet away from her. They raised their weapons and focused them on Brandy who turned to see what Herb was staring at slack jawed. “Oh my..” Brandy uttered, too in awe to raise her blades.

  • Ahoy Sailors! My first mate @Nayfe-Pacewell and I have been working very hard to bring you all our first episode of the only in-game talk show on the seas - "On the Map"! Every week we'll be bringing you all news, updates, gameplay clips and more. Click the link below to watch our inaugural first episode, and be sure to subscribe for future videos!

    We hope you all enjoy it! :)

    'On The Map' - Episode 1 'The Festival of the Damned!

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  • After talking to Blind Bob in the super secret pirate legend hideout that absolutely nobody else knows about, it became painfully obvious that the poor guy needed someone else to blame for his bad jokes. So I took the liberty of writing him some equally bad jokes that in no way took me hours and hours and hours to think of.

    How much shorter did Merrick get after he lost both of his legs ……… 2 foot.

    What is Salty the parrot’s favourite type of c*****r ………...... the salty ones.

    Why do people speculate about when captain Warsmith will return …….… because they don’t know but Wanda.

    What do you call a pirate that uses an eye patch as a belt ………. One Eyed Willy.

    What did the chest say to the other chest when it wanted to start dating ……. watch out for gold diggers.

    What did the chest say to the chest of Sorrows when it wanted the crying to stop …... there’s always gold diggers.

    What did people say when they heard about the first pirate to fire himself out of a cannon ………… he must have had balls of steel.

    Why are skeletons bad at designing their own ships ……… they don’t really have an eye for it.

    Why would skeletons be friendlier with some skin …….… because they wouldn’t have a bone to pick with somebody.

    Why did skeletons become so good at shooting pirates ………… when they died they didn’t have anything else to aim for.

    What did the pirate legend say when they got to level 10 Athena ……… I can still hang out with people and shoot the ship.

    What do you call the pain you get from fighting a skeleton ….… a Spinal injury …… Oops ……. wrong game.

    Despite what you’ve just read I am actually quite funny, and I have proof of it here in a story that’s definitely not way too long for the average attention span. FYI, I also Googled the One Eyed Willy joke to make sure that I wasn’t stealing it from somebody, and I can’t believe that no one has thought of it in thirty years.

    If you've got any pirate jokes to tell then share them below.

  • So I was bored this afternoon and I made this logo:
    Sea of Thieves - Captaincy Update - Red

    Also, I made this logo, but it seems that the update is going to be about an ice biome:
    Sea of Thieves - Shrouded Spoils - White/Blueish

    Also I've decided to make a fanmade logo for the captaincy update:
    Sea of Thieves - Captaincy Update

    What do you think? Do you like them?

  • Ahoy fellow pirates,

    insomnia strikes again, uneasy nights on sea wont let me sleep so I share with you my newest project. Fittingly I shall call it "The Kraken"!
    alt text
    It was suggested in one of my other topics, but instead of turning it into a shoulderbag (lack of enough good quality leather) I turn it into a case for my good ol' communication device.
    Please remember I am not good at drawing or I would have become a renowned painter instead of a pirate gal, but I am doing my best (it helps that most of the stuff in Sea of Thieves also looks more iconic instead of super detailed rl images. It is still missing some details, where I will work on the following days.
    As references I used the pictures from the book the art of Sea of Thieves and kind of combined two of the pictures I liked most, since you never see the head of the Kraken when it attacks.

    alt text
    The case is already cut and is waiting for the Kraken to make an appearance on it.

    Well thanks for reading again and maybe you will follow me also on this adventure.

  • We did it!
    Just a few hours ago, @MrDane86, @n0yzi dk and @Cpt Boneless completed a Athenas voyage in a rowboat.

    The rules of the voyage:

    • No loot must be transported on the ship
    • The ship may only be used for transport back when a crew member dies
    • Don't sell anything before we are done

    The stream is in danish, but we did it, and the evidence is right here:

  • Hidiho folks!
    I posted a drawing of mine a while back that I got a lot of positive feedback on (thank you all again), which got me in the mood for creating more. However, my schedule has been pretty packed with other pursuits over the past weeks and nothing has come of it. But lo' and behold: now is the fabled holiday season and with it, I find myself with a lot of free time open to creative pursuits! So onward with the pen, paper and pirates! However, the problem is that uni studies has left my 20-something brain completely k*******d and it is having a hard time coming up with new stuff to draw. That is where you folks come into the picture!
    Have an idea? A request? A challenge? Or must I try to make a visualisation of your pirate if I'm ever to see my family again, you monster?
    Anything that you have in your mind could help keep this poor swashbuckler from going insane from staring at a blank piece o' paper to the tune of Frank Sinatras Christmas album on repeat.
    Seriously Frank, shut up. Dont even think about it, Bublé...

    Cheers and merry christmas!

    Summary: I draw on my spare time but am out of ideas, do you (yes you!) have any ideas, requests challenges? If so, write em below and I'll give em a try!

    (Better quality) (

  • i've been wanting to share my SoT fanart, but didn't even think to give the forums a look.
    long post ahead
    alt text
    alt text alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Handcock Herb

    Here is my story legend of brandy. if you haven't seen chapter one you can find it here.


    “Where do you suppose she washed up from?” The cobble-skinned old man asked his friend. Sand blew by briskly, seasoning the young lady embedded in the shore the fishermen stood on.

    “Seems obvious to me what with all that cannon fire we heard a few hours ago.” He surmised. He laid his fishing pole on the shore, spat a w*d of tobacco out, and knelt down to inspect Brandy. He took note of her minor scrapes, the pistol tucked into her belt, and foreign jewelry draped on her neck and ears. Through his large square nose, he could smell the burnt gunpowder from her frayed and partially charred dress. Not a marine or civilian. She was clearly a pirate. Old but weathered into a strong stone, the man heaved the soaking and saturated heap that was Brandy onto his shoulder without trouble.

    “What do you think you are doing, Herb!?” Exclaimed his even further aged friend. The wrinkles on his forehead were colored with concern. “We got to tell the marines! If they find out we hid her, we are gonna get in a lot of trouble. Haven’t pirates caused you enough problems?”
    Herb delivered a hard stare to him, then proceeded to a small shack up the hill, toting Brandy along. He laid her inside and placed a harsh green fabric over the soaked lass. He studied her for a moment more and the smallest smile broke onto his lips. Rough and ragged as she was after her ordeal, there was a sense of familiarity emitting from the young lady. He touched her cheek with a leathery hand extending from his chiseled arm. “She’s not Elsa, Herb.” His fishing partner declared from over his shoulder.

    “I know,” he considered, “but I like to think if my baby washes up to an old fisherman’s feet someday, he’d give her at least this much too. Every pirate has a father out there somewhere.” Herb’s friend put a wrinkled hand on Herb’s shoulder and sighed. The two shared a solemn moment as Herb stood up and his friend nodded in acceptance. He understood Herb’s desire, despite not agreeing with aiding a pirate. They left the shed, leaving Brandy to recover.

    Brandy slept clear through to the following night. She had not sustained any lasting injuries, but was completely exhausted from the tumultuous events. She may have slept longer still, but Herb crept into the dimly lit shed and whispered, “Hey! Hey!” He jostled Brandy who began slowly opening her eyes. They began to focus and landed on the overly tanned fifty-five years old man. “Hey, are you in there, lass? Come now. That’s it.” Her eyes rolled a bit more as he sat her up and she smacked her lips tiredly, dropping her gaze back on Herb. In a flash, Brandy was on top of the man with her hands at his throat.

    “Where’s my Uncle?!” she roared. She took Herb by surprise but he rolled his hips and got the upper hand on the freshly conscious girl. “Stop that! Settle down you! Keep quiet!” Herb said as Brandy, unable to move under his weight, attempted to snap at him with her teeth like a cornered crab. “I scooped you off the beach and kept you out of their hands this long, doesn’t that buy me a little respect?” Herb said as he struggled to hold the young lady down.

    Brandy relaxed flat on the floor. “What do you mean? Where am I? Whose hands?”

    “I’m Herb. I found you washed up on the shore I fish at yesterday and you’ve been resting in here in my shed. I know you’re a pirate and your ship was attacked I think. I heard the cannon fire and put the rest together. Don’t worry, I didn’t alert the Marines. My daughter Elsa is a pirate too, so I suppose I have a bit of a soft spot for trouble makers.” He smiled. Brandy took in this strangely well preserved older man. He must have stood six and a half feet tall and had bronze colored muscles colored by years working in the sun. His brown and white working clothes barely managed to contain the man’s brawn, but he didn’t come off intimidating. There was an air of kindness surrounding him.

    “There’s trouble coming.” He warned. “I was down at the market earlier this morning to sell my fish, and I found this.” He handed her a poster carrying a sketch of her likeness and offering a ridiculous reward for live capture.
    Brandy glanced over the bounty once, then tossed it away with a scoff. “I don’t have time for this! I need to find my Uncle. He was hurt and I have to help him!”

    Herb was startled by her blasé reaction to this threat, but he didn’t know Brandy’s upbringing. As a kid who was bounced from island to island she learned from all manner of people, from wealthy noblemen to dastardly villains. Whoever her Uncle entrusted to keep watch over her until his next visit. This was a child who had many a bed time story interrupted by bullets and blood. A price on her head was trivial. James had told her many tales of Marines and other pirates trying to hunt her father Revan and the Devil’s Own crew. Even James visits with her would invariably lead to some perilous altercation with some enemy who had tracked him. But James, Revan, and the Devils always came out on top and Brandy was brought up in this image. She learned to fight from James and the Devils all throughout her life. They knew how important it would be for her as attempts on her life and kidnapping were going to be a way of life for Brandy. She didn’t know it, but she was special which translated into valuable for foes. Ignorant as she was to this, she was no stranger to peril and how to thwart it.

    Herb decided this behavior must just be the nature of pirate life, but gave further information. “I heard the marines posting the bounty say they had already caught one pirate. Do you think that could be your Uncle?”

    “Could be,” Began Brandy hopefully as she stood up. “We were attacked by pirates in red coats with black tricorns though. Might be one of them.” This confused Herb as it sounded like she was describing the marines he saw in the market.

    “Was their ship by chance red and gold with a serpent on its sails?” He asked. Brandy confirmed with an inquisitive nod. “I’ll be damned. I heard a rumor sometime back that the marine unit stationed here on Ica Island was actually a pirate crew, but I figured that was a ridiculous claim.” Herb thought out loud.

    “I remember my Uncle saying the name Esmeralda before we were attacked.” Brandy recalled. “He has told me a few stories about her and how she was able to hide in plain sight carrying out her piracy while the Navy turned a blind eye if she kept clear of the mainland and robbed specific competition to their trades.”

    “That’s the commanding officer here!” Herb exclaimed. “I can’t believe it’s true. I guess you can never judge people for what they really are. She did always seem a bit too casual with visiting officers to be in the military, but I just can’t imagine her as a pirate captain. She actually helped me out a few times with merchants who weren’t willing to pay their debts.”

    “Well, for what it’s worth, Uncle James always spoke very highly of her. Said she was incredibly loyal, but not to ever cross her or there would be hell to pay that even the Devil’s Own couldn’t afford.” Brandy said. “But why would she sink Uncle James and I? I’ll have to ask her myself and we will see who pays hell.” Her mission in mind, Brandy headed for the door of the shack, but Herb grabbed her wrist and listened intently. There were heavy boots walking about outside. Through the cracks in the loosely boarded walls the two could see the red clothed pirates posing as marines searching the area by lantern. They held their breath as one came closer by. He discovered the shack emerging from the glow of his flame and began to head over. Brandy grabbed her pistol, but Herb motioned for her to remain calm. Herb opened the shack and came out, shutting the door behind him.

    “What’s going on here?” He questioned. The marine stopped and lowered the lantern casting red and orange shadows on his face to address Herb.

    “We are looking for a black female pirate. We know she’s somewhere on Ica. A fisherman has reported seeing her in this area. Have you seen anyone unfamiliar around here?”

    “Ah, I saw that wanted poster this morning in town. I haven’t seen anyone new around here in months.” Herb lied while concealing his anger at his fishing partner’s betrayal. “What did this lass do? She doesn’t look that dangerous.” The pirate playing as a marine tightened his face.

    “Tell that to the six serpents she killed who tried to arrest her two days ago.” Annoyed, the pirate studied Herb a little closer. “I know you, you’re that fisherman whose daughter ran off with one of our sloops a few months back. What was her name? Ellen?” Herb looked down and corrected the serpent with is daughter’s real name, Elsa. Three months ago, his daughter took off, leaving only a note declaring her love for her father, but a desire to start a fresh and adventurous life. She had met a man. A pirate. He convinced her to run off with him and live the wild life of lawless freedom. Things had not been the same for Herb since. The mention of her name disturbed him. “Yah, well, whatever her name, she turned herself in last week.” Herb jerked up in surprise. “We see the way your family leans. How do I know you aren’t harboring another pirate right now?” Herb dropped his head again trying to take in this startling news. “Ha! Probably not,” determined the serpent, thinking Herb a submissive lug. “I can see why your daughter came back viewing your soft hearted genes. She said she made a mistake and wanted to come home, but that won’t be happening after what she did. Must be right proud of your little thief, yeah?” Herb boiled inside, but the man couldn’t detect this in the dim light and continued. “Right then, let us know if you see this new girl” He turned to search elsewhere, but offered one last thought. “Just know, your daughter Erin will pay us back what we are owed, one way or another. She’s a pretty thing so might not take her too long to make amends if she knows how to behave.” He winked back to Herb and chuckled licking his lips.

    “Her name is Elsa!” Herb grabbed the marine pirate by the back of his head and rammed him into a nearby palm tree. Dizzily, the man dropped onto his back squirming and mumbling for help. He began to search for the firearm on his belt when Herb jumped on him and put his massive hands over his taunter’s mouth to muffle his voice. The other two serpents in the area were still looking intently for clues only a few dozen yards away. Wiggling away from the massive tan hand clasped over his mouth, the man summoned his cohorts with shouts for help and they charged toward the sound of their mate’s cry.

    “Oh come on Herb, I thought you were going to help?” Brandy quipped bursting from the shack. She ducked below the brush and intercepted the next man on the scene with the butt of her pistol. She buried it deep into his forehead, knocking him cold. Brandy knelt to her knee like James taught her long ago to steady her aim. Cloaked in the bushes, she placed her iron sights at the opening where the next serpent would arrive. “No!” Herb shouted in a hurried whisper. “It will be too loud and bring more!” Brandy raised her hands as if to ask what else can she do? Then the man appeared in the opening brandishing his gun.

    “Hands up you!” He said with his rifle trained on Herb who was holding his crewman down. He hadn’t noticed Brandy in the dark bushes and watched Herb lift his hands slowly. “OK, don’t make any sudden moves and follow my instructions exactly if you want to live,” began the marine imposter. A pistol smashed across the man’s face causing him to trip backwards, dropping his rifle. Brandy reached for her blade but it was absent, apparently lost to the sea from her earlier battle. Her cold eyes changed gears and she ran over to the lantern left by the first man. She snatched it mid stride and caught the serpent just as he began to hazily sit up holding his broken nose. His face caught the lantern’s glass shards and the flame took a liking to his tricorn. The fire started to cook the man’s punctured face and he took off screaming. A few yards away he slammed into a tree and crumpled to the floor, the fire quietly chewing on his hat. Brandy stamped out his cover and began tying him up. Herb stared at her in disbelief and caught her eye. “What?” Brandy said continuing her work. “I had to do something!”

    Herb felt his adrenaline rushing, feeling alive for the first time since his daughter had disappeared. Tying up and gagging the man he had subdued, Herb spoke. “I’m coming with you, Brandy. I have to save my daughter. She is everything to me. I know I am old, but I know this town and these muscles aren’t just for show. I’ve been in my share of scraps.”

    Brandy considered this a moment. “You are definitely strong for an old man. But this is going to get crazy. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

    “Crazier than throwing your loaded gun at an enemy and then lighting him on fire?” Herb chortled in doubt.

    Brandy darted an incredulous face at him. “Hey you said don’t shoot it’s too loud! Adapt and overcome. That’s what my Uncle always says. I’m always going to do what I have to, Herb. Many more guns will be thrown, and I am certain there will be at least two more fires. Still want to come?”

    He turned toward her determined. “I’m not getting any younger. My baby set out to find her freedom and live life. The only thing harder than losing her to some silver tongued pirate would be thinking of her wasting away in a prison, locked up for his crimes. Girl, you better believe I’m sure.”

    alt text
    Here is chapter three!

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  • alt textI am back from my break on writing the pirate story of Brandy. I had decided to rewrite the original adding much more detail and interesting plot changes to make the story fit where I am going to take it in the future. I will post the new chapter one here and a newly rewritten chapter every day going forward until the end of book one which should be about 13 chapters. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and make suggestions! I am also always open to adding characters based on community members. There are already at least five characters based on real players so let me know!

    alt text

    Wind splashed through the lines and sails, lacing the girl's dark coarse hair as it passed. She fully inhaled the salty air and willed her ship onward. Behind the young lass lived her will in the form of two men who toiled begrudgingly at the lines, catching what gusts they could between puffs on their cigars. A grizzled man stood at the helm bellowing his orders. The men slowly fell to it, but the woman up front only heard the sea calling her forth.

    "BRANDY!" the pirate thundered for the third time. Her ebon eyes flickered, finally being reached by his words. She tossed him a smirk and ran to the side of the ship, sailing herself over the edge. She nabbed a rope on her way overboard and swung herself gliding just above the water's edge, playfully splitting the waves with one arm. Her black and bronze dress accepted the sun's amber rays and complimented her dusky complexion as she flew clear from bow to p**p deck. She landed with a soft thud, placing her newly dampened arm around the man who called her forth. "I'm not deaf you know. I was just busy thinking of what glitters. " she winked.

    With a sigh, his harsh tone fell into a knowing smile. Middle aged and starting to gray, it was clear this sailor had wisdom to spare and experience earned in scars and burns printed across his body. He wore a deathly black long coat made of bear fur with extravagant trimmings of silver from top to bottom. "That’s your father in you, that much I know. You eye the sea’s glittering adventure and both see but that shiny gold."

    "Hey!" she drew back, flicking up a silver piece she discovered in his pocket. " Shiny things are pretty. Just like me, Uncle James!" she exclaimed while pushing down on his wide brimmed hat that touted a large albatross feather. "There is just something about the ocean that calls me to it. It feels like home." Her last words floated a while as she looked listfully to the waves.

    James searched the splinters of the ship for a way to get Brandy back on track. "You might have learned the blade well lass, but you best be paying some attention if you ever want to sail well enough to be as good as Revan. Your father is no joke as I’ve said. You can’t be lacking in any area or you will never be able to stand with him, Brandy." He offered, leading her back to the task at hand.

    "True.” The young lady admitted. Her father was a legendary pirate. He lived at sea and sent James to visit Brandy when possible to check in on her. His life was too dangerous for his daughter to be a part of, but she was working on changing that. Revan’s First Mate James had taught Brandy a lot about the pirate life over the course of her childhood, and in the last two years he had come to mentor Brandy full time in preparation of her coming to the age of 17. An age believed necessary by James to start her own legend. Even though they shared no blood, James had always been in Brandy’s life and they were close as family. She eagerly learned everything James challenged her with and was always ready for more. “So tell me Uncle James, what do I have left to learn to catch the old man?" She sounded with her focus revived.

    "Over the last few months we have covered all the basics. You know the duties of the crow’s nest and you learned the sails. I have made you aware of battle stations, strategies, and every detail down to anchor maneuvers and ship mending. Your last challenge is to take the helm. Become a leader who controls the teamwork and results of a voyage. As captain, one of your most important responsibilities is to motivate your men into trusting your word. A moment’s hesitation on the sea can take a deadly turn. They are the blood of the ship and your coordination of them will be the difference maker every time. This random pair of sailors we hired for training aren't much to work with, but you will find even the most lackluster of scallywags can perform enough for someone they respect." James motioned forward to invite Brandy to try her hand at commanding the galleon crew.

    "OK you lot! I want to see those billows blasting and I want eyes up front to alert me of any obstacles or adversaries, do you hear me?!" Brandy shouted. The two crewmen chuckled at one another. They had met James and Brandy only a few days prior. James was obviously time tested, but Brandy inspired no confidence at first glance. Sure she seemed an adventurous sort and perhaps a bit scrappy for a pretty lass, but she couldn't possibly be up to commanding a galleon. Her soft black skin was unmarked, and her dress too pristine. It was clear to them that this woman was green and not to be minded. They stayed their course, ignoring Brandy for the teenaged, delicate lady she appeared to be.

    Brandy pursed her lips in slight frustration and looked to her uncle out of the corner of her eye. James leaned to her ear and whispered,
    "Respect comes from trust and experience, but sometimes a little fear can speed along the respect process."

    “But I thought you told me to tone down my ’vicious’ behaviors?” Brandy reminded James who tried his best to keep her feral side in check.

    “It’s all about the balance, lass. Give them just a taste and they will imagine the rest. You’ll see. They aren’t pirates like us. It won’t take much.” He winked as he permitted her to unleash a little of her inherited personality on the stubborn sailors.

    Brandy turned fiercely to the loafs and removed the bind from her long, night stained hair. It splashed about wildly as she scorched straight up to the flippant sailors. They had a foot on this lady, but her abrupt speed caught them off guard and they flinched. She whipped out her cutlass slicing the cigar from one of the men's lips. A tiny spat of blood sprang to the other crewman's face and Brandy roared, " You won’t like what happens if I have to ask again!". She gestured overboard with her steel that now carried a single drip of red. Her eyes struck terror in the men. They hopped-to in an instant, "Yes, Ma'am!", they whimpered and split off to accomplish the tasks she set them to.

    Brandy’s word was followed to the letter the remainder of the evening with no halt or hesitation. Benefits of the lessons had taken hold. James and Brandy had changed locations, ships, and crews every few weeks for these naval exercises. This was a rough time in a wild, seafaring world. All manner of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells littered the islands they travelled and you could never be sure of who to trust. Not to mention the common appearance of otherworldly Hell Gates that allowed all manner of demons to cross over from the Underworld, spreading chaos to all living creatures. As treacherous as life was for all people, it was worse for Brandy. No one could be allowed to know who this young lady really was. She was too sought after, unbeknownst to herself. Marines, other pirates, and even those of different worlds all had a reason to thirst for this uniquely brewed spirit.

    The sun had sunk low and there was a glaze of orange showering all in view. The galleon was sailing into the wind, and the pace was as lazy as the crewmen on board. Brandy stood along the ship's wooden railing with the celestial glow softly baking her chocolate face. "Uncle James." she began while still scanning the ocean's glinting waves and picking at her sleeves. "What was my mother like?" James stared at the deck calculating a proper response. Brandy had never known her mother either. She was absent since birth and aside from a few vague stories, her mother was more of a ghost than someone who really existed. While she had never met her father, she at least had James and he was always ready to spin a tale about the Captain. They were working toward meeting Revan as well so he seemed somehow closer. Her mother was a different story though. Typically, no one let a word slip about her. Still, though the silence, Brandy longed to have her as a part of her life. On rare occasions, James would comfort her with a few sparse details, always ending with the sentiment that her mother loved Brandy very much and had given her the silvered necklace she wore every day, but that wasn’t enough anymore.

    "Father wasn't around." She continued, turning to face James who had come up empty so far. "I know the two of you were off on your adventures, and you would always tell me of your fantastic voyages, teach me to use the blade and other arms to fight like him. I know he's wild but kind, and your stories about him meant everything to me. That's how I could bare his absence and why I seek to meet him now, but you have always kept so quiet when I ask about my mother. Can’t you tell me anything more? Please? I just need something to make her real."

    Her Uncle examined his lightly tanned hands a while then began slowly. "Well, darling, that is a hard thing to answer. I know your parents would have me hanging overboard for hours if I spoke out of turn. Some things you will just have to find out in the right time, Brandy. All I can say as usual is that necklace was your mother’s. It shows she is real. She wanted you to have it always to remember her by. Your mother knew this would be h*****n you and it is just a piece of her you can hold onto. Try to understand."

    "It isn't fair though! It's my right to know! How can I know who I really am without knowing where I came from? I feel like there is part of me missing. Like a giant hole in my heart and she expects this necklace to fill it?” Brandy shouted while clutching the emerald encrusted decoration. “the only time I can half way fill it is when I’m sailing. It's like I can feel her calling out to me when I am at sea. But sometimes I can’t shake this feeling that she might not actually even be real! Maybe I am just crazy." she pondered.

    James walked up to his self-proclaimed kin and rested his hands on the bronze studded shoulders of her dress. "You most certainly are." he smiled. She looked up to meet his playful warmth and let out a small laugh. James put his arm all the way around her shoulder with a gentle squeeze. “Brandy, like your father, your mother has kept her distance to keep you safe. You are training very hard and you have become very tough. A bit unnerving how deadly you’ve become really, but to think of those whose blood courses in your veins it’s no surprise. Unlike your father though, your Mom is a lovely woman. No push over either. She can somehow be fierce and elegant in the same moment. Nothing could rattle her, and not at the sacrifice of her humanity. That poise and ability to do what was necessary while remembering right from wrong and respecting life is what I admired about her most. There is a self-control there that your father desperately needs but has more than often lacked.”

    Brandy savored every word and her curiosity was captured. “You mean my Dad is a little bit of a loose cannon? Did Mom keep him under control?”

    “Loose cannon is the understatement of our day, lass.” James chuckled and continued, “It’s true that your mother does have a calming effect on him and all those she comes in contact with. She is very persuasive, much like you. But they each have independent lives to lead. Your mother is a very important lady to the kingdom. Noble born and held to a high standard. So, with your father’s wild spirit and illegal behaviors, their interactions cause a bit of a scandal, and as such their meetings are very limited and very private. I often pray some of your mother’s charming serenity and good judgement will show itself in you, Brandy, but that day has yet to pass. You are too much like Revan.” Brandy laughed at this. She knew she had given James more than a few gray hairs in his time watching over her. She was definitely her father’s daughter. Brandy was excited to find out she may have noble blood in her veins. Without her parents around to raise her, Brandy lived with families of all walks of life. Sometimes James took her to live with an aristocrat for a few months, then the next year could be on a farm. Other times she had lived with a merchant family or even stayed at a pirate’s hideout for a few days. Anywhere James felt was safe, as long as she kept moving. The noble families were always more comfortable, although she typically found them to be a little snooty and controlling. She had a million follow-up questions, but was interrupted.

    "Oy! Ship! Ship!" shouted one of the sailors who had been drowsily surveying the sea. Their galleon had been sailing parallel to a long island, and passing the shore from around the bend came a large red vessel. It had scarlet colored boards and rails powdered with pompous gold design. The vivid red ship came upon them swiftly, blocking their path alongside the island. The rented galleon was only equipped for sailing exercises, not battle, so James decided the best course of action was to drop anchor and parley. Hooks sprang across to fasten the vessels together. Brandy's crewmen scurried about like roaches in the light, attempting to hide as they knew this was a pirate ship and no good was to come from this encounter. Six men dressed in red coats and black hats came aboard with their weapons draw.

    Brandy was not intimidated. James had shown her how to deal with brazen pirates many times and that insolence was not to be tolerated. She moved forward to deal with the threat, but James laid his heavy hand on her shoulder. Scarred from flame and iron the pattern of James twisted skin led halfway across his body, and personified his experience of life on the seas. "I will handle this, lass." He spoke while descending the stairs to the deck now spotted with adversaries cloaked in a threatening hue. Brandy frowned and crossed the puffy arms of her dress across the bronze and black cloth fitting tightly at her waist. She kept watch from the helm with vexed eyes glowing almost as brilliantly as the sun off her silvered necklace.

    "Are you the captain here?" One of the pirates asked of James.

    "Aye. And you are addressing James Silver Blood, so appreciate the last moment of your life should you have ill intent here." All eyes widened a bit as every pirate knew of James Silver Blood and the legendary crew he sailed with, as well as their reputation for violence on those who challenged them.

    "We don't care to cross the Devil's Own, but we have orders to take the girl." Their leader snarled throwing a finger at Brandy. "We cannot disobey. Our Captain would do far worse than you or any of the other devils."

    "I’m not sure that’s completely accurate.” James said taking a step forward causing the man to tense up under the pressure of James’ presence. The black fur on his coat reacted slightly to the wind as he continued speaking. “I know your captain. I recognize these colors you sail." James said pointing to the black flag sporting a golden snake. "I find it hard to believe Captain Esmeralda is after this girl. She's always aligned with the Devil's Own and we have agreements in place. I will speak with her and put this matter to rest." James felt in control and always glad to resolve petty squabbles to prevent needless fighting among pirates. Any other day, he would have been right. Esmeralda's Serpents and the Devil's Own had strong ties. She knew of Brandy and had worked closely with her father and James many times in the past. But things had changed.

    As Silver passed the leader of the boarding crew, the man grabbed him around the waist preventing James's advance. "Sorry, but we don't sail for Esmeralda anymore. Tell me, is that blood of yours really is silver!?" He shouted while plunging a dagger into James's back. Silver grimaced with pain but kept his focus as another serpent pirate came at him waving a sword. James twisted the man attached to him into the blade's path. As death carried his foe away, Silver removed the dagger from his back and thrust it into the advancing pirate's neck who had dropped his attention after accidently killing his crewmate. James then pulled his own cutlass and readied for more battle while the back of his coat soaked up his blood.

    The other sailors shrieked and tried to abandon the ship, but everywhere they looked, a serpent was waiting for them. One at a time they were mercilessly dragged down by their attackers and painted red. In seconds, the screams of terror fell silent and they were no more. The pirates then turned their gaze on Silver Blood. James faltered under his deep wound multiplied by the pressure of three men slicing ever closer. A blade ate greedily into his hand and pinned him to the floor. James's gray eyes bore deep into the serpent teasing to loosen Silver’s collar with a cutlass raised above.

    A shot sang out, dropping the pirate in his place. His sword fell away with him as Brandy wailed past the other two men riding the same line she had earlier that day. In her wake, two heads fell sloppily to the deck next to James. Brandy rolled off the rope near the hooks lashing the ships into one and, wasting no time, struck them separate once more. The enemy galleon broke free and distance was forming between the two as its anchor was raised and the current guided the ship away. The cold heart Brandy inherited from her father had taken over. No emotion emitted from her ebon eyes to the men she had just slain, but they did lock onto the last serpent pirate remaining on board.

    Brandy engaged the fiend, wrestling him onto his back. He fought against her, but she straddled his chest and forced her steel above his face. He held her back by her wrists, feeling the gravity of her iron begging to crash down on him. He was stronger, but Brandy had learned to overcome stronger foes her whole life. She targeted his ribs and brutally kneed the man three times before his will gave way and his life fell to a messy end. Brandy rose to her feet, a bit wearily and stepped to her Uncle. He smiled as life came back to her eyes upon seeing a small pool of blood surrounding his war torn body.

    "I'll be just fine lass. Not the first blade in this back of mine." He winced out softly. A few tears escaped her eyes and she leaned down to embrace him, but was interrupted. The enemy galleon had the distance now to lay cannon fire on their ship. The first blast sent splinters flying onto the pair of pirates. Brandy instinctively leaned forward to shield her Uncle. The next cannonball blew the mast into chunks a mere foot away from them. Several pieces bashed into Brandy who felt herself soar seaward with James flying right behind her. He splashed a few feet away, floating to the surface with closed eyes. Under the water blue, Brandy could feel the ringing in her ears swallow her up while seeing their ship erased up above. She sank into the depths as her sight faded into darkness.

    alt text
    Here is chapter two!

  • The mermaids watch from neath the waves

    The Skellie’s shamble near

    The kraken creeps out in the deeps

    The sea has much to fear

    Through merchant trade or fortress raid

    We fill our hungry hold

    For souls in skulls we patch our hulls

    And dig up hoarder’s gold

    For legends’ sake we make our stake

    To these forgotten lands

    When slain by sword we all must board

    the ferry of the damned

  • Well, here it is. After months of work and testing my 3 axis talking Sea of Thieves Skull animatronic is up and running. This bad boy was designed in Blender and 3D printed in order to accommodate the Monster Guts 3 axis skull kit. It’s run by a Adriano mega board and a PicoTalk servo controller from Frightprops. I am still adding more stuff to this to get it ready for Halloween and I will be putting out more videos this month. If you have any request on what to see next let me know, and be sure to like and follow for more content. Thanks for watching and as always, keep on sailing!

  • So, as anyone who knows me well enough has realized. I changed my name from Blooddoll22 to this name recently. It's all part of reinvventing my online self for the release of Fallout 76... which lead to twitch streams...a fansite....and merch...

    Hardly what I was looking for!

    But regardless of the reason for the inception I figured I'd offer some images I've made that I thought were silly.

    Here goes:

    Here's the one based on SoT:

    alt text

  • So I have been working on a big Halloween project this year based around the sea of thieves. Soon once i get a few more things worked out it will be ready and then it will be time for some s***k scary fun. So stay tuned and keep on sailing!!!

  • I put together a small video to get everybody into the right spirit for All Hallow's eve, and I thought this song would be just perfect to set the mood. Hope you all enjoy it, and as always, Keep on sailing!!!

  • Ahoi pirates!
    Get the current Sea of Thieves In-Game Time and date from your Google Assistant on your phone or with your Google Home.

    Try it. And help me with Feedback for improvements and possible additions.

    If you are a artist, maybe you can help me with a header and icon image. Please write me!

    Ok Google, talk to Pirate Time

    Link to Action:

    Supported languages: english, german

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  • The following statement comes to you courtesy of...

    ...this drunk-looking man. (You might want to stay upwind, folks!)

    "It has come t' me attention that th' opposite o' an insignificant number o' scallywags 'ave blurred - if nah outright torn - th' words written on th' pages o' me personal tale. While I be nah one t' begrudge people from exaggeratin' certain facts here 'n thar, fer I meself am guilty o' it, th' fact remains that many o' th' details surroundin' me background are jus' flat-out wrong! So open yer ears or tilt yer hard-o'-hearin' aids in me direction now, 'cause I be only goin' t' be sayin' all this once!

    Me name be Skol Duggary. I answer t' one o' three names, includin' that one. Th' other two are 'Sellsword' 'n 'Sea Wolf.' I ne'er answered t' th' moniker o' 'Black Dog.' That name belonged t' Benjamin Doggett, th' real cap'n o' th' galleon known as th' Furious Flibbertigibbet. Whassat? No, aye, I don't blame ye fer gettin' confused. I, admittedly, did say that th' vessel in question was me ship. But, t' be fair, she was in a way! I had been hired by Doggett t' protect her and her cargo, see? Therefore she was me responsibility!

    I see that I be losin' some o' ye. Alright, allow me t' try 'n summarize. Everythin' that ye heard about me up t' a certain point be true. I did serve aboard a vessel known as th' Storm Chaser in me youth, 'n I mos' certainly did come face-t'-face wit' th' nefarious Captain Martinez. But most o' me time spent here on th' Sea o' Thieves has been as a doubloons-grubbin' condottiere! Simple enough t' remember, aye? Aye! Good! Huh? No, I be nah goin' t' tell ye wha' 'condottiere' means!'"

    (There's much more to this story, but I figured that everyone would be happy with the abridged version.)

    What exactly is this, aside from poorly-written? It's my way of trying to retcon the background of the Skol Duggary character, who you might recall made his debut as the narrator of The Potentially Unbelievably True Story of The El Dorado...

    Even though his nemesis is nothing like the legendary Hungering One, I felt that his story was too similar to Merrick's. Yes, Skol came first, but he would never be able to play the part of the quintessential captain-turned-castaway. Besides, let's face it, claiming that my character was the captain of the nameless vessel on Old Salts Atoll was pushing it.

    This "new" Skol was built using the backstory of Pirates of the Caribbean character William Turner Jr. as a template. His youth was spent among the crew of the Dying Gull-like Storm Chaser. As a young adult, he worked as a peon at the tavern on Anglers Island. In his early-20s he was offered (and subsequently accepted) a position within the ranks of the mysterious Hunters, after word reached them that he had saved the life of Madame Octavia, the Order of Souls representative assigned to his Outpost. From his mid-20s to the present he has wandered the Sea of Thieves as a sword-for-fire, using the skills that he learned and honed as a Hunter to great effect -- particularly during the Warsmith Crisis!

    Whaddya think? Not bad, eh? It's my hope that these changes will allow Skol to co-exist in other people's established narratives, such as my buddy @RevanJStone's The Legend of Brandy, for example.

  • I'm not just pirate legend, I give myself more credit.
    Athena 10 has been and went, so quickly I regret it.

    I've filled my hulls with treasure, I've lined my deck with skulls.
    I've carried more spice then skeletons sliced I've Spent 6 mill in gold!

    With compass in hand we're never lost
    With cutlass our lives are never the cost.
    We're pirate veterans of the sea of thieves.


    I'm not just pirate legend, that was many days back now.
    My palate of paints, a couple of pages
    Picking the same each round.

    All and every island I've stood, from devils ridge to bounty
    Any riddle you vow I'll dig it with power
    Bring it home safe and soundly


    With compass in hand we're never lost,
    With cutlass our lives are never the cost.
    We're Pirate Veterans of the sea of thieves!

    I'm more then pirate legend, that jackets too worn to wear.
    The golden chains have a brassy stains
    And the pants are around here. Somewhere

    The boots have holes, the gloves are too cold
    My eye patch lost its gem.
    The Hook and the peg look best in the chest
    And the hat sits too high on my head...
    (The belt is also little heavy at the buckle.)


    With compass in hand we're never lost,
    With cutlass our lives are never the cost.
    We're Pirate Veterans of the sea of thieves!

    So angle the sails you scalywags
    Our vessel we will not betray
    Our barrels are stocked
    The cannons are propped
    Adventure we are on our way

    Not a pirate will stand before us.
    We will triumph at every engage
    We fly together we rise together
    The Pirate Veterans rein!

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  • I never thought I would see the day where a skeleton that was just like me- no. even more powerful than myself would stand before me, yet... Here we are.
    I'd like to present to all of you my creation:
    Sans Of Thieves
    Also known as a masterpiece (maybe)
    (also should issue a language warning)
    alt text

  • Such a great game should have some cool Videos on Youtube. So here'S what I mae and there's maybe some more in the future.

  • When the game first came out I really loved the look of the bounty posters, and made one of my pirate in a similar style. Then when I hit legend it only made sense to update the ol rap sheet. After making rank 10 in Athena last month, i made another version to commemorate whats currently the final milestone. Meant to post these earlier but it slipped my mind lol. Anyways here they are!!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text