Fan Creations - "The Galley"

  • Are you a sea-faring artist with a penchant for painting the sea? Have a thing for doodling Krakens and mystical mermaids? We'd love to see your art work, videos, models animations or songs!

    Feel free to link to or embed your original Sea of Thieves works to share with others!

    As always be mindful of the Pirate Code, treat others and their work with respect.

  • What better way to unwind after fighting to reclaim the seas in Cursed Sails? With colouring sheets! Below are three high quality pirate colouring sheets you can download and decorate. Obviously we want to see your creations below!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Another play test done and dusted and I'm seeing some really fun and creative pictures from the Pirates time at Sea, far and wide across the different social platforms.
    Figured it would be good to give people a place to dump their snaps.

    Do you have any screenshots you'd like to show the Crewmunity?

    Show us your best seascape, sunset, grog shenanigans and hijinks!

    I'll kick things off with these two I took alongside my buddy @Jangles87

    While he was doing all the actual work and sailing the ship I was getting in the way taking pictures...

    ... and then when we landed ashore he did all the work in finding the gold.*

    Here's a screenshot of the camp, which is now my Xbox One background.

  • As it says, here's a great place to collect together screenshots and captures of the assorted buccaneers we've managed to create so far!

    Here's @lizalaroo, @Tartansnake-8 and @stacky-a in all their glory - one thing we spent a good deal of time doing, was trying out the various options in the Vanity Chest as well as the Clothing items, it really made a difference to how these initial pirate selections looked!

  • sotrpc banner

    ‏‏‎alt text

    ¡Ahoy mateys!

    Do you play Sea of Thieves in PC? Do you use Discord? Do you want to have Rich Presence when you're playing Sea of Thieves?

    Then, this is the place you are looking for!

    SoT RPC is a little application where you can set a few parameters (Gamemode, ship type, crew size...) and then, it will show in your Discord profile!

    Disclaimer: This application will not detect and set everything automatically.

    You can customize how the Rich Presence looks in the app. You can change:

    • Gamemode

    gamemode img
    alt text

    • Ship type

    ships img
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    alt text ‏‏‎

    • Crew size

    crew img
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏‎alt text

    • Arena team and Arena match state

    arena team img
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏alt text

    • Adventure voyage

    adventure voyage img
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    This is how it looks like:

    alt text

    ‏‏alt text
    The app will be updated based on what's new in Sea of Thieves and based on the feedback and suggestions of the users.
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    You can download the app through Itch io here.

    Virustotal scan here.
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    I hope you like it!

    ‏‏alt text


    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    1.0.1 patch

    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    Bug fixes

    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    1.0.2 patch

    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    • The images and UI assets have been optimized to make the app size smaller and cosume less memory.

    ‏‏ ‏‏‎
    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    1.1.0 update

    ‏‏ ‏‏‎

    • Now there will be a a counter that will indicate how long you have been playing.
    • Added new sounds to the adventure voyage selection to indicate the selection. Sound can be disabled with the speaking trumpet icon.
      ‏‏ ‏‏‎


    • When coming back from Arena Team selection or Adventure voyage selection screens, the crew size will be reset to 1, as some people requested.

  • Hey everyone! I come from a longstanding crew (all day one players) and we met up a few months ago. Two of the crewmember create these awesome videos that I want to share with the Sea of Thieves community!! We have alot of serious and hilarious content ranging from awesome PvP to mega Athena chests hauls! Check us out and as always we appreciate any feedback, likes or subscriptions!! Thanks Rare and Sea of Thieves team for creating such a wonderful game that brings so many people together!! PS our latest video is up! My gf has a meltdown and shuts off my Xbox hahah (

  • Ahoy sailors!
    If you've found this post, you are probably searching for a german "Sea of ​​Thieves"-discord.

    I present...
    the "Sea of ​​Thieves" -German Community!

    On this discord server you'll find tons of sailors just waiting to get into adventures with you.
    Whether with your friends or with completely foreign pirates, everyone will find the perfect crew for themselves!

    What can we offer?

    • A well-organized and active server team that's committed to revolutionizing the gaming experience for all involved.
    • many opportunities to talk with other players about the game or completely different topics.
    • Contests, events and other great promotions for the community.
    • A perfectly equipped system for the creation of fleets in the game.
    • Special language and text channels for insiders and piratelegends.
    • heaps of voice channels for any type of ship and the "Arena" game mode.
      Should I continue? Nah ... that should be enough for now. : P

    The server is protected through a simple join system to keep
    unwanted intruders away.
    You can also use simple commands to get your title in the "Sea of ​​Thieves"
    also visible on the server (piratelegend or similar).

    The Invite link to the Discord can be found here:

    We look forward to seeing you soon aboard the Sea of ​​Thieves -German Community!

    Ahoi ihr Leichtmatrosen!
    Wenn ihr diesen Post gefunden habt, seid ihr vermutlich auf der
    Suche nach einem deutschsprachigen "Sea of Thieves"-Discord.

    Ich präsentiere...
    die "Sea of Thieves"-Deutschland Community!

    Auf diesem Discord-Server findet ihr haufenweise Matrosen, die nur darauf warten mit euch Abenteuer zu erleben.
    Egal ob mit euren Freunden oder komplett fremden Piraten, hier findet jeder die perfekte Crew für sich!

    Was können wir bieten?

    • ein gut organisiertes und aktives Serverteam, großen Wert darauf legt, das Spielerlebnis für alle beteiligten zu revolutionieren.
    • viele Möglichkeiten sich mit anderen Spielern über das Spielgeschehen oder komplett andere Themen auszutauschen.
    • Gewinnspiele, Events und weitere tolle Aktionen für die Community.
    • ein perfekt eingerichtetes System für die Gründung von Flotten im Spiel.
    • spezielle Sprach- und Textkanäle für Insider und Piratenlegenden.
    • haufenweise Sprachkanäle für jeglichen Schiffstyp und den Spielmodus "Arena".
      Soll ich weitermachen? Nee... das sollte erstmal genug sein. :P

    Der Server ist durch ein, für tapfere Piraten einfaches, Join-System
    geschützt, um ungewollte Eindrinlinge fern zu halten.
    Außerdem könnt ihr über einfache Befehle euren Status in der "Sea of Thieves"
    auch auf dem Server sichtbar machen (Piratenlegende o.ä.).

    Den Invite-Link zum Discord findet ihr hier:

    Wir freuen uns darauf, euch bald an Bord der "Sea of Thieves"-Deutschland Community begrüßung zu dürfen!

  • ¡Ahoy mateys!

    Do you use Spotify and you love the Soundtrack of the game? I've created a playlist with all the songs released at the moment in Spotify, and I will update it when new ones are released.

    Here you have the playlist:


    I hope you like it!

  • A short video with a new crew who may just be the worst pirates I have ever seen. It's a good thing they are funny at least.
    video link

  • Ahoy everyone ! I just uploaded ALL soundtracks from your beloved Tall Tales ! Enjoy !

  • The Secret Life of Skellies 1

    I'm not the only one that wonders about what the skellies get up to when players aren't around, right?

    (Originally posted in Tavern Tales; it might make more sense to move it here.)

  • I tracked down a list of the Rarest sails in the Sea of Thieves

  • As per the request of Ms. @KattTruewalker

    Bosun Bill

    Oh, ye ho!
    Come an’ shout with me yo’ ho!
    Come and drink and dance and sing and fight until the morning light!

    Oh, ye ho!
    It goes just like yo’ ho!
    With no time to wait, no time to spare! We need to go!

    Grab your mug, full of grog,
    And find yourself a lass!
    And then from your Outpost,
    We’ll sail, at last!

    We’ll go all the way, to Shipwreck Bay,
    And there, we will drink once more!

    We’ll dance once again, and sing!
    By the fire we’ll drink,
    And then when the dawn has come anew,
    We’re sure to start our journey once again!


    Oh, ye ho!
    Come an’ shout with me yo’ ho!
    Come and drink and dance and sing and fight until the morning light!

    Oh, ye ho!
    ‘ere we go again yo’ ho!
    With no time to wait, no time to spare, we need to go again!

    Thus, drop all the sails,
    Let’s steer far away,
    This time where’ will go,
    No one can say!

    But, one thing we know
    That wherever we may go
    We’re bound to find some loot!

    And together we’ll forever sail,
    Through dangers we will sure prevail!
    And then…at the end of everything….
    Once more together we shall rise and sing!


    Oh, ye ho!
    Come an’ shout with me yo’ ho!
    Come and drink and dance and fight, till the morning dawn is bright!
    And then we’ll all just go away, with everything we may!
    Well, after all, we’re pirates, you and me!

    So, let’s sing…

    Oh, ye ho!
    Come an’ shout with me yo’ ho!
    Come and drink and dance and sing and fight until the morning light!

    Oh, ye ho!
    It goes just like yo’ ho!
    Let’s hear it again! Let’s shouts it again!!!
    You know that I want it, I know that you want it!
    You know that I need it, I know that you crave it! So saaaaay! Yo’ Ho!

  • Just thought I'd share some of the fantastic work from twitter posts I've noticed this last couple of weeks - if you've seen any others, share them here!

    Starting with these epic sketches of crewmates, inspired by a previous poster below but looking amazing!

    Adding in the work done here, a Meg pirate crew!

    And if yer wantin' time to relax, check out this Sea of Thieves ambient video!

    If'n yer lookin fer a little jewellery then feast yer eyes on this gem!

    Or d'ye fancy a crate to store it in? Make yerself a Captain's Chest!

    Ye can find the template here!

    The collection wouldn't be complete without an offering from our resident craftspirate @lizalaroo, take a look at her latest!

    Daily art is always worth checking out from Fenrir -

    Not to mention some kraken artistic screenshots from Captain Ballzonia!

    As well as this 'ere artist -

    Or how about creating an album cover?

    If questing be yer heart's desire how about this art piece?

    And of course, pirates...

    And their weapons of choice...

    The collection wouldn't be complete without a look at this adorable cuddly crab -

    Adding one more here, the work of Freya Catherine singing Belcalmed, the lyrics can be found on Mermaid's Hideaway!

  • My lil sis animated the megalodon playing banjo! I hope you like it!

  • This is one quality pirate game but it did start a little rough, Heres a video all about how it's changed
    (there is some swears so don't tell mom)
    Sea Of Thieves One Year Later
    alt text

  • Ahoy you khak-ended deck apes!!

    I was thinking about putting together a collection of the journal pages from all the Tall Tales to have and actually read properly in one place!
    I know that I for one, in hunting them down for the sake of the commmendations was in a hurry to get through them and really missed out on some of the context and the lore! Is this something that people would be interested in? Post your feedback below!


    Quartermaster E. Filth

  • Hi guys, we are a team of french player " Dshark ", and we make some video for fun if you want to see

    If i can have some feedback it would be nice !

    Thanks all and sorry for my english ! :)

  • Episode 2

    It is VERY cinematic, check these guys out if you haven't already!

  • A small lesson in quest item karma from the Sea of Thieves.

  • Someone send me 2 nice infographics i thought share them its nice :")

  • We've been working on a special event for you lovely pirates. Let us know what you think.

  • Come to the Sea of Thieves, where piracy reigns
    Where you cannot be bound by chains.
    Come to the Sea of Thieves, where you make the gold
    As long as you follow the code.

    Follow to the Sea of Thieves, I’ll show all the way
    Through all the dark and all the gray
    If you face skeletons, then I think you would know
    You will fight them or you will go.

    Don’t treat my pirates, the sea always change
    They always bring something more strange
    Rest now my pirates, for the time will come
    For a new Golden age will become.

    Come to the Sea of Thieves, where piracy reigns
    Where you cannot be bound by chains.
    Come to the Sea of Thieves, where you make the gold
    As long as you follow the code.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hello fellow pirates!

    In this video I outline where the Journals are located for the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. I hope this helps you guys out. Remember you have to have the mission active to see these journals.

  • Hello!
    My name is Hashtaq and I am a in-game Photography lover.
    I'm here to share you some of my Sea of Thieves screenshots as I finally figured a way to compose my shots in a more complex way.
    I would like to drop my Flickr or my twitter for futures shots but I don't think I'm allowed to do so.

    text alternatif
    text alternatif

  • A Sea of Thieves Movie - Cast Away

    I always dreamed of creating a Sea of Thieves Machinima inspired movie. So I had asked the reddit community if I could get a few sailors to help and was overwhelmed by the response.

  • This is my creation of the Sea of Thieves logo. I have done a lot of chainmail creations but this is by far my largest. It is made out of 16,000 anodized aluminum rings. It took about 200 hours to complete the project.

    alt text

  • 'Hoy all!

    I'm fairly new here, only been playing the game for the past few months, but I love it, and I thought I'd share somethin' I made with you today.

    I'm going to a convention next week with a pirate theme, and I thought it'd be fun to bring a pirate costume and get an actual concertina (if I can fit all of that in my generally already over-packed luggage) to play some easily recognizable shanties around the space, but first I had to learn them. I found some sheet music by JoshMcMeow/Rogue Sea Dog (which he posted here:, but they were designed more for full accordion/piano and weren't as suitable for a li'l concertina, so I decided I'd transcribe my own versions. I referenced them to speed up my transcribing process, especially for the melodies, so, credits there, but I tried to more closely match the concertina solo versions in-game, and fixed up some of the chords that felt off to me.

    I was considering holding off on posting these up until I had some videos of me playing them (both to have as examples AND so I get the first crack at 'em, ;P) but they sure ain't easy, and while I'm fairly musically inclined, I'm still a beginner at the concertina, and it's gonna be a while before I truly have these up to performance quality (the only one I'm even close to is Becalmed, and even that one still gets choppy halfway through), so I figured I'd release them early and give more experienced players their shot at it. If you use these to learn the songs and make any videos or anything, link back to this thread so other people can find the sheet music, too! :)
    If I get good enough at any of them to make videos, or if I get any decent video from the convention that doesn't make me look like a fool, I'll post them up here!

    These are all technically possible to play on English concertina (though not easily), save for a couple measures here and there where a note gets double-used, but it's not too hard to come up with ways to play around them. So, without further ado:
    Bosun Bill:
    Grogg Mayles:
    (Piroshki is my other online alias.)

    I'm planning to do Summon the Megaladon at some point, too, (probably not Ride of the Valkyries) but I knew I was already gonna struggle just getting these 3 ready in time for the con, so I didn't worry about it yet. I'll add it here whenever that gets done.

  • I will be showing you how to fight The Arena like a Boss! Now you might be ten times better than me in PVP, BUT, the Arena has a different strategy to win than adventure mode, and I would like to share what works every time.

  • Hello everyone,

    So my main passion in life is composing music. Been teaching myself to do it since I was 12 years old, and here I am still going strong 10 years later. I'm really hoping to get cultivate a career in video game or film music, since video games are a major hobby of mine. I may try and get involved in Rare's musician internship at some point.

    I usually write original compositions, but back when the Forsaken Challenge was being held, I created this arrangement of the Devil's Roar Shanty as my entry for the challenge. I wanted to share it again because at that time it did get buried by a lot of fantastic work by other super talented creators.

    Here it is, from my YouTube channel. Perhaps once I finish my current original works in progress I'll venture a few other shanties! (or all of them as a short album??)

    The Devil's Roar - Cinematic Arrangement

    PS - At some point in the process of putting this into .mp4 format and getting it on to YouTube, the audio got a bit compressed so please forgive any unintended distortion you might hear (Its killing the perfectionist in me!)