Fan Creations - "The Galley"

  • Are you a sea-faring artist with a penchant for painting the sea? Have a thing for doodling Krakens and mystical mermaids? We'd love to see your art work, videos, models animations or songs!

    Feel free to link to or embed your original Sea of Thieves works to share with others!

    As always be mindful of the Pirate Code, treat others and their work with respect.

  • What better way to unwind after fighting to reclaim the seas in Cursed Sails? With colouring sheets! Below are three high quality pirate colouring sheets you can download and decorate. Obviously we want to see your creations below!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    Another play test done and dusted and I'm seeing some really fun and creative pictures from the Pirates time at Sea, far and wide across the different social platforms.
    Figured it would be good to give people a place to dump their snaps.

    Do you have any screenshots you'd like to show the Crewmunity?

    Show us your best seascape, sunset, grog shenanigans and hijinks!

    I'll kick things off with these two I took alongside my buddy @Jangles87

    While he was doing all the actual work and sailing the ship I was getting in the way taking pictures...

    ... and then when we landed ashore he did all the work in finding the gold.*

    Here's a screenshot of the camp, which is now my Xbox One background.

  • As it says, here's a great place to collect together screenshots and captures of the assorted buccaneers we've managed to create so far!

    Here's @lizalaroo, @Tartansnake-8 and @stacky-a in all their glory - one thing we spent a good deal of time doing, was trying out the various options in the Vanity Chest as well as the Clothing items, it really made a difference to how these initial pirate selections looked!

  • So I picked up an Ender 5 Plus recently and really want to print some dope SoT models including a model of my own pirate. Being as I'm new to 3d printing I have no idea what programs I would use to datamine the files needed to edit and print in game models. Would love some help from this awesome community. :)

  • Skeleton Crew: Emotions

    Don't light the fuse 'til you see the whites of their sails...

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Skeleton Crew: Meme.jpeg

    When that new ghoul in town catches your eye...

  • Here is a fish that I carved from basswood to look like one of the fishes in the "art of the sea of thieves" book

    There are 2 pictures of these fish, one on page 117

    And one on page 191

    Some of the fish on page 191 were used in the game before fishing came about and some were introduced for fishing ( the pondie picture is a spot on profile of the game fish, the splashtail is recognizable).

    This fish closely resembles the Betta and Dottyback fish in real life. Brightly colored, fancy fins, you would find this type of fish around coral reefs. I am thinking about the unmarked island between crooked masts and crooks hollow.

    Other names I called this fish as I was carving it were "carrot fish" and "Skittle fish" ( after the rainbow colored candy). I have another one on my work table and will paint it a different color

  • I guess I'm getting a voyage for Father's day?
    (this is fan art from my 12 year old daughter - her pirate in Ashen clothes)
    Pirate Art

  • header

    Ahoy fellow Pirates!

    Do you have an own Discord Community which is themed around Sea of Thieves? Do you and your friends regularly play Sea of Thieves together?

    Would you like to show off your in-game levels or your current outfit?

    The Iron Justice is the bot for your Discord Guild!

    For over a year I have been developing a private bot for the Iron Fleet, my own discord community.
    After two re-releases I think it is time to publish the bot to other communities.

    The Features

    The Iron Justice has a number of different features.
    Most prominently there is a 'Looking for Crew'-module which allows the user to be put into a special group in the discord guild for a limited time.

    There is also a profile system. There are multiple pages to the profile which let you keep track of your pirate's in-game levels, your handles on different gaming platforms and your user names of a number of social media pages.

    All profile pages can be navigated with the reaction-menu.

    Iron Justice Profile

    One of the newer additions is an Auto-Voice Channel Module. No longer do you need to have tons of voice channels in your guild. They can now be dynamically created and removed as needed.
    You can also create your own list of names for the voice channel generation.

    Auto-Voice Channel GIF

    There are also many other additional features, such as message- and activity-logging, and several miscellaneous commands.

    The default prefix is ?.

    For a list of all commands, fully documented, go here.

    License and Development

    The Iron Justice is an open-source Discord Bot, developed with the Library and published under the GPLv3 license, so you can fork the code and do whatever you want!

    You can find the Source Code here.

    Further Links

    Invite the Bot! | Source Code | Command Documentation | Join the support server!

    More infos can be found in the GitHub Repository!

  • This is my attempt printing an Athena chest.
    I printed 3 of them then sent out to my friends and keep one for myself :)
    It cost $64 per chest (include electricity)

  • it's been a while since i last posted any of my art on the forums, so heres a collection of some of my pieces from the last year!

    alt text
    my old arena crew when we used to play more frequently. miss em

    alt text
    my best buds and me

    alt text
    some fun with pixel art

    alt text alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    ended up doing a lot of pirate profile pics for myself and others
    alt text
    some flameheart of course

    and i think thats some of the best stuff i had to share ! thanks for taking a look

  • Skeleton Crew: The Trials of Bob, Part 3

    It's Bob! One more time! Poor Bob.

    This is the final part of Skeleton Crew's three-part anniversary story (first part here; second part here).

    Thanks for reading my stupid comic for the past year. Here's to another!

  • Hey!

    I made a set of wallpapers and icons with the Theme of SoT. Some of those icons are inspired or copy of icons from the forum or items of the game. So no need of copyright or anything, I don't made it for money anyway.

    This is an example of what you can do with this Theme :
    text alternatif

    Step One :
    To add icons of every app you want and go over your Operator overlay and change the grill to better customisation, I first suggest to download "Buzz Launcher" on Google Play Store. It's free so if you want small grill or even change bottom classic icons like phone, contact, text, navigator.

    Step Two :
    Here are the icons :

    Don't worry, it's a small zip with all icons and nothing else. If a moderator find this is dangerous, just delete? I used but if someone suggest a better website, i could try. I could also put every images one by one but lol. It's a lot of them and I will add and upload this link if some of you like it and want more specific items.

    Step Three :
    Here are the wallpapers :
    text alternatif

    Same deal as for icons. If someone like it and want specific sides I could try if it's not too much work. I made it for my phone (Galaxy S6) so could not be perfect for every screen.

    Step Four :
    Enjoy your time playing with Buzz Launcher to change the grill (mine is 10x10), add your apps and change them with this set.

    Enjoy your new Sea of Thieves Phone.

    Hint : The banana is the phone Icon. ;)

  • Afternoon all,

    Excited about the Steam release and the potential of private servers, I wrote a small soundtrack.

    Seas of Fortune Youtube link alt text

  • Skeleton Crew: The Trials of Bob, Part 2

    It's Bob! Once more! Poor Bob.

    This is the second part of Skeleton Crew's three-part anniversary story (first part here). Concludes next week!

  • Skeleton Crew: The Trials of Bob, Part 1

    It's Bob! Again! Poor Bob.

    This is the first in a three-part story, with instalments over the next three weeks to mark Skeleton Crew's first anniversary. Hurrah!

  • The wildsplash, a cross between a catfish and a minivan. All the time I was looking at these fish, I couldn't help but see that they had a mustache.

    This fish was carved from basswood with green stuff epoxy putty for eyes and filling in gaps.

    This is my 7th fish done, 3 more to go.

  • Harry the Hoarder over at Plunder Outpost invites the pirates within the Sea of Thieves to partake in a gambling dice game of "Plunder"; congregate inside the Drowned Rat Tavern and take a seat to go head-to-head against other pirates for their gold both on and off the board.

    (Inspired by how Liar's Dice was played in Red Dead Redemption)

    Step 1 (Setting up):

    • 6 Dice per player.
    • 1 shaker cup per player (not used to hide your dice).
    • You will need at least 3 people to play, however, 4-6 is recommended.
    • To begin, everyone rolls at the same time, revealing how much Gold was rolled, removing it into a pile. If there’s a tie, add-up the total and the highest will go first.

    Step 2 (Game details):

    • You may only have up to 10 maximum dice at any given point.
    • The dice are different in Plunder; the “1” face is Gold (and is still counted as “1”).
    • Gold is your resource to obtain more dice and is also your win condition.
    • When you roll Gold, remove it from your shaker cup and place it into a pile for all to see.
    • To win Plunder, you must get a total of 8 Gold.

    Step 3 (Turns and Choices):

    • During your turn, you have a choice to make: Roll and Pass, Exchange and Roll, Exchange -- or PLUNDER. You can only do one action per turn.
    • When you Exchange, you remove 1 Gold from your pile and gain 2 standard D6 (six-sided dice) -- you may only do this once per your turn.
    • When you Plunder, you choose one gambler to face-off against to steal his or her gold by rolling higher than your opponent.
    • If you win your Plunder round, you take 1 Gold from that player and add it into your pile, and gain 2 D6 (you do not take his or her dice). You must roll higher than the player you Plunder to receive Gold and dice.
    • If you lose your Plunder roll (by rolling lower), your target takes 1 Gold and 2 Dice from you.
    • To reiterate, you do not take an opponent’s dice when you successfully Plunder, but you do surrender 2 dice to your opponent if you fail your Plunder.
    • When Plundering, you cannot Plunder a player that was Plundered during the round unless that player has 6 or more dice OR Plunder a player if he or she has no Gold or 2 or less dice.

    Step 4 (Final Notes):

    • If you Plunder an opponent and tie the roll, the game favors the Plunderer, granting him or her the win on the turn.
    • Once per game, if you have 3 or less dice, you may Parlay, granting you 2 free dice; at this point, you must Plunder against a player. If you do not win the Plunder, you are eliminated from the game. If you win the Plunder, you keep the 2 dice and do not gain extra dice for winning the Plunder, and take 1 Gold from the player you Plundered.

  • alt text
    Modeled in RHINO

    A Discussion of additional ships for Sea of Thieves on this thread below!
    EDIT: Additional Image to Show Deck from Above
    alt text
    Edit: Imagine this as an emergent PVP Boss
    alt text

  • Nara Le Gaucher,
    Maxou Langue-de-Bois
    Pedro Le pourfendeur de Requins
    Rem le Grapineur

    De bons bougres.

    Ils sont en mer depuis une semaine à peine et c'est pas gagné !
    Mis à part Rem qui navigue depuis Novembre, le reste de l'équipage est totalement bancal !

    Entre celui qui rate ses créneaux,
    Celui qui n'arrive pas à cuire son poulet,
    Celui qui tire des boulets sur le sommet des îlles
    Et j'en passe...

    Derrière ceci se trouve une petite bande d'amis qui est tombée sous le charme de Sea of Thieves il y a de cela une semaine donc.
    Un jeu ou nous avons retrouvé le plaisir de notre enfance,
    Le but claire et simple qu'est celui du jeu vidéo :

    L'amusement !

    Si jamais, l'envie vous submerge de nous suivre,
    de vivre nos mésaventures,
    que vous soyez débutant ou bien confirmés (nous sommes avide d'aide et de conseils),

    Je stream quasi-quotidiennement ce voyage, ici :

    Alors dire que je ne souhaite pas faire un coup de pub, cela serait tout de même un peu mentir même si la chose que je désir le plus, c'est d'interagir avec vous, avec les curieux et les passionnés !

    Alors, juste, clique sur le lien et regarde ce qu'il t'attends sur cette chaîne.
    J'investi beaucoup de temps et de passion dans ce que je fais et Sea of Thieves est entrain de devenir un moteur pour cela.

    Merci de m'avoir lu et, je l'espère, à très vite même pour le plus simple de "coucou".

    Bonne journée Pirates !

  • A cool video I threw together of the first two years on Xbox with SoT before I made the switch to PC. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Ahoy there !

    Here is my creations on Instagram and Twitter.
    Hope you enjoy it ! A like is always a pleasure.
    More will be coming with time ;)

    Cheers !

    Link to one of them on both platform ;

  • Skeleton Crew: Furballs

    The makers of Skeleton Crew do not endorse Super-popular Simon's hot takes.

  • Nueva bala de cañón. Estaís en un pvp y el barco enemigo huye entonces normalmente o lo seguirías o te irías del sitio a una misión etc la nueva bala de cañón te diría la cantidad de oro que tiene aproximadamente el barco enemigo y si esta a mas de un determinado rango de distancia te marcaría su posición durante 45 segundos y te marcaría el oro en +5000, +10000 ,+20000 ,etc(se mostraría el oro que posee el barco en un lateral de la pantalla)

  • Skeleton Crew: Furballs

    It's a cat's life on the Sea of Thieves.

  • Bonjour à tous !
    Je me présente, Azturias, joueur depuis peu, j'ai voulu me lancer dans l'aventure, et parallèlement à ça, je me suis lancé sur Twitch et Youtube !
    Je viens de terminer le montage de ma toute première vidéo sur Sea Of Thieves, et je voudrais vous la partager, mais aussi obtenir des avis...

    Je suis en live sur twitch presque tous les soirs de la semaine à 20h30 (

    Nous n'avons pas un niveau exceptionnel, nous cherchons avant tout à divertir et à rassembler autour de passions et de fous rires!
    Je viens à peine de commencer donc je suis vraiment avide de vos conseils et commentaires, quels qu'ils soient!
    J'espère avoir pu vous divertir l'espace de ces quelques minutes, merci beaucoup de m'avoir consacré du temps, et à très bientôt!

  • Greetings, everyone! With the recent release of the LEGO Ideas "Pirates of Barracuda Bay," which homages the many years of pirate themes created by LEGO, I couldn't help but imagine what it would look like to unify the creative forces and sandbox experiences that LEGO and Sea of Thieves have to offer.

    And so, armed with some time spent in-game for reference material, plus my mediocre LEGO design skills and the LEGO Digital Designer program, I created a quartet of simple models to demonstrate what the Sea of Thieves might look like in LEGO form!

    To accompany this, I wanted to also give a little "elevator pitch" for why I think genuine, licensed Sea of Thieves LEGO sets would do well.

    First, the LEGO Group is well-versed in creating products based on video games. LEGO already has a very successful relationship with Microsoft via the ongoing Minecraft line, which is constantly iterating on itself as the game updates, and as LEGO's engineers devise new ways to bring those gameplay features to life. Funnily enough, the Minecraft line began as a LEGO Ideas project, itself (back when the site was called "LEGO CUUSOO"), created by Mojang. Later this year, LEGO will be releasing a line of toys based on the Mario Bros games, integrating smart technology to allow builders to "play" a game of Super Mario with the physical bricks. A similar philosophy can be applied to Sea of Thieves; sets representing ships can have a number of features, including adjustable sails and a raising capstan, while other sets can highlight the traps players will encounter during Tall Tales.

    Secondly, Sea of Thieves is the perfect license to expand on LEGO's pirate theme. As it stands, the last time LEGO produced sets for their existing, non-licensed pirate line was 2015. Since 1989, the non-licensed pirate theme has followed the same general formula: a cadre of pirates searching for treasure battles a generic "royal/imperial navy" to keep it, with builds reflecting the simple dichotomy (the pirates' ship(s) and island hideouts vs the navy's forts). Sea of Thieves expands the possibilities, with multiple distinct styles using just the base game as an example. The Skeletons are ramshackle yet imposing, while each world region offers a unique atmosphere. This is multiplied exponentially by the range of cosmetics available in-game for pirate and their ships.

    This wide array of customization in-game would reflect in a highly modular product line, enabling builders to re-create their favorite loadouts and locations, or even make their own.

    Thirdly, the intended LEGO and Sea of Thieves experiences are a perfect match for each other. LEGO thrives on builders telling stories using their sets as the medium, while the core of Sea of Thieves is going on a thrilling pirate adventure with your friends, where nobody quite knows what the session will bring. LEGO sets could bring these fun experiences to life in new ways, with builds representing the players diving down into a shipwreck, narrowly escaping the Megalodon, or, as pictured here, finding a cursed Mermaid statue while on a Bounty Quest for the Order of Souls, among countless other possibilities. As an added bonus, the whimsical nature of Sea of Thieves couples remarkably well with the cartoonish style of LEGO.

    Lastly, I personally feel that Sea of Thieves can really benefit from having an expanded line of real-life merchandize. I love the game, and I want to support it, but I would like to go beyond in-game cosmetics. The T-shirts are nice, but there's a very distinct lack of "collector's" items. LEGO sets solve this: they're a very tangible method of putting your love for the game on full display, while also enabling a nearly infinite ability to mix-and-match in order to create the perfect representation.

    TLDR: I created a bunch of Sea of Thieves-inspired models in LEGO Digital Designer, and I thought I'd pitch the idea.

    Thanks for checking this out, and fair winds be with ye!

  • I adore sea of thieves and feel like there’s tons of potential for cool fan music, so I whipped up a fan orchestration! This one follows stitcher Jim as he searches out flameheart, and eventually gets cursed by him! (

  • Skeleton Crew: Fortified

    They also add a touch of class to your office, living room or conservatory.

  • Made of basswood with poplar spines

    The sixth in the series, this islehopper was the most popular choice of my crew to create, inspite of the fact that I have only caught ONE of these. ( I could tell you a fishing story of how I was off of Old Faithful Isle, looking for islehoppers, but it was just ruby splashtails over and over.But then......)

    So a few fun facts of the islehopper: -

    • It is a mix of 2 ocean species, the pufferfish and the boxfish. It is probably closer to a puffer, but does not inflate in game.
    • There are 29 spines on the islehopper
    • In game, certain species can only be found at certain large islands. For example, the honey islehopper can be caught at Cresent Isle. The internet says that the Raven and Amethyst can be found at any large island, but I have to say that I caught a lot of honeys at Cresent Isle, but never anyother islehopper.

    Technically this one is not done, it still needs a gloss coat, and that is at work, and until we are allowed to move about it will have to wait.
    Also , the spines are sharp!. Poplar holds it edge better than basswood so they will not easily dull. In making the spines, I sanded a round dowel to a point with 3 sides and cut to length. Holes were drilled in the fish, and the pointed dowel was glued in. Any open area was filled in with putty( green stuff).

    Thanks for looking, more are on the way

  • I decided to spend my time in the quarantine trying to learn how to paint.
    After watching a few YouTube videos I can now present my first painting to the world; the sea, ofcourse :)

    alt text

    Also I was wondering which sub forum would be most suitable to share a shanty or two in?
    My real job is being a classical composer

  • Okay, it was a slow night I have to admit, but I thought I would put this out there...

    Another use for a rowboat with harpoon
    Dock to door delivery