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  • Playing right now is simply just a waste of time.

    Dev team, please hurry. I'll be anxious to return once the macro issue has been resolved.


  • Since I began to play this game, and according to the fact you're aiming at a family game including young kids, I wonder why ships are so speed ?

    This is not helping much voyages completion since it mostly depends of the winds, this is certainly not helping sea fighting or even less manouvering.

    I suggest you lower down to 0.75 all ships current speed for a better control of ships by players, leaving more windows for open sea battles, especially for kids (or anyone) who are regularly terrible at navigation as manouvering a ship.


  • It’s been awhile since I’ve heard about any new plans for additional pioneers. A couple months ago they seemed to have a plan to expand on the amount of testers but I haven’t heard anything. As a software tester who loves sea of thieves here’s hoping they open up new slots.

  • So how would you prevent it to be used?

    I'd go for a mandatory sword and gun equip.

  • This graphical glitch appears flashing over my ship and skeleton ships it can be walked through but stops objects behind the glitch rendering properly, i.e. islands.. Im using an i7 6700k and a gtx 1080ti :|

    alt text

  • Just started reading the new novel, Athena's Fortune. Larinna sets up a banana stand made from an old broken rowboat at Sanctuary Outpost, close to the docks so she can keep an eye on the crews coming and going. This looks like it might fit the bill!

    Sanctuary Outpost

  • With more npc type skeleton crews out on the sea?

    This would really be the perfect family game if it had it. I think it is a miss chance on making money not having it. PVP is not a very good selling point for a game.

  • I discovered and issue while I was solo slooping in the Devil's Roar.

    When the volcano on Ashen Reaches started to erupt, I was anchored and started to bucket out water. When I tried to access my plank and banana barrels, it would not allow me to while I was under distress from the hot water.

    I know that having hot water in your boat while near an island erupting is very intentional, however, I'm not sure if this was noticed or overlooked. This particular event caused me to sink with over 100 of each resource aboard my ship.

    I think that while inside a ship, if at all possible, you should still continue to take damage from burning water, but it would be nice to be able to access barrels in order to be able to recover from the event of a volcano attack.

  • I've had this happen to me a few times. I'll be in a game, and then randomly the animation for the wind will disappear. I've joined a few games also where the wind isn't there to start with. Not that big of a deal because I can still use the flags to see the direction of the wind. Just wondering if it is a bug or by design. It is actually entertaining having to use the flags to aim your sails. Could it be a possible option down the road?

  • Here's a thought.....why not have an area of the arena devoted to weapons combat training with other like-minded players cooperatively?

    Limit it to 2 opposing players. The setting can be varied, from aboard an actual ship to taking place on shore. Players would be able to communicate via game chat, and decide on any training parameters such as only cutlass, only blunderbuss, unlimited, etc.

    These two players then duel for as long as they'd like.

    Great way to practice your Pvp skills.

    Hope this makes it to the Devs eyeballs, and may they keep up the good work in spite of all the criticisms, of which I've had my share.

  • 1 pc players faster then sonic response time

    2 always pistol shotgun combo

    3 lags console players so bad to dashboard

    4 1pc vs 4 console players pc wins due to lag and bull c**p or hacks too

    5 they do a one hit jump sword attack mashing their space bars W*F console can’t do that !!

    6 bullying

    7 just get ride of cross plat make it so
    pc vs pc
    Console vs console
    So even fights !

    8 oh and please fix this PC CAN TALK AND HEAR WHILE IN AN XBOX PARTY or if they are in DISCORD total BS

  • Ahoy maties!

    It's that time of week again, another amazing developer update!

    Join Executive Producer Joe in the tavern as he discusses cheating bans, install size changes, upcoming quality of life improvements and other things we're working on!

    Talking points include;

    • The next update will be February 6th
    • The next update will require a full game download to allow for future smaller patches to keep game sizes around half what they are now.
    • The next update has fixes for QoL, combat and a fix for the double gun exploit.
    • The next update has something different coming that hasn't been released/mentioned yet.

    After the update, install sizes shrink from/to (estimates):

    Xbox One X
    From: 47GB
    To: 25GB

    Xbox One
    From: 35GB
    To: 10GB

    Windows 10
    From: 47GB
    To: 27GB

  • With the seas certainly seeming more hostile at the moment, particularly for sloop pirates, thought it would be interesting to hear some approaches used at forts!

    What’s your fort strategy?
    When is a fort too contested for you to enter the fray—and, if you ally at a fort, what is your play when another ship or two show up?

    Stole this again.... #bemorepirate @cantfindyourgamertag

  • A little while back Joe talked about how they were going to make more ways to get into Pioneer testing, but we haven't heard anything new in months about it or any updates. In preparation for The Arena.

    IMHO one new way should be that any player dedicated enough to play the game and reach Pirate Legend should get an automatic invite, since these are the core players who are more likely to stick with the game long term.

    Any updates about this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Some tips for those hard working people with busy lives who can't stick a few hours together to level up in Athena. I'm not particularly proud of this system. It's certainly not the most profitable. Nor am I defending the integrity of it's gamesmanship. But it is the best way to level-up in Athena when you can't put 2 or 3 hours together for a game.

    1. Choose Athena Mission wisely. Mulitiple-mission islands and small islands close together; GOOD. Big islands (especially for Skull Missions) far apart; BAD. Always have 3 Athena missions in your inventory. Pick a winner and discard the "losers".

    2. Don't bother with stocking supplies. Just fill your pockets "on the go". Cannonballs and Powder Kegs have priority for the Skellies. So stop off at a Fort if your one hour deadline is a bit flexible.

    3. Take the Brigantine for speed if you are comfortable with it. Sloop is fine otherwise.

    4. Puzzle and Chest Missions. Once the Shovel hits and you hear the clunk your work is done. Stop digging, don't fight, move on to the next goal.

    5. Skellie Captain Missions. Do these missions first and hope the Skellies spawn close to shore (small islands again). These missions will easily take 50% of your game time and will make or break the 1-hour mark. It comes down to the luck of the draw. Use Cannonballs and Powder Kegs. Leave the Skulls. We aren't carrying treasure (see below).
      NOTE: If the skeleton's aren't close to shore there is little chance that you will get the Athena Chest within the hour. Better to spend the remaining time doing something else (maybe collect and sell the skulls) and try again tomorrow.

    6. Cargo Missions. Grab 4 items and drop them. Move on. Don't even stop your ship. Point it towards the next destination, hop off, and mermaid back.
      NOTE: You can do this for Puzzle Missions too if you are confident in your Sherlock skills.

    7. When attacked by Kraken, Skellie Ship or other Crew scuttle immediately. They are all a waste of precious time. Keep Scuttling until you reappear in an advantageous starting point.
      NOTE: You can Scuttle to "teleport" around map if the distance is great and the wind is bad. This can save a lot of time when sailing the slower Sloop.

    The key is that we are saving time by not collecting/moving/defending/selling treasure or stockpiling supplies. Losing/defending your ship is of no concern. If other pirates start attacking it while you are ashore just continue with your quest. You'll have a pretty new ship without holes soon enough.

    Only the Athena Chest counts.
    Your ship is expendable.
    Scuttle to save time.
    Keep your eye on the prize.
    Everything else is a distraction.

    @Riareth points out: Do it in the Devil's Roar for three reasons:
    1- Geysers for the Skellies.
    2- Because there's so few Islands you normally get 2 islands with 2 missions each, sometimes even 3 missions.
    3- The Ashen Athena's chest will be worth twice as much.

  • Hello! Thanks rare! I see that in the next update you put in game missions within the colors of campfire/lanterns.

    Only question, who can't see the colors like me how can do to do that event? I need to give the account access to a friend to make the commandations and missions instead me?

    Thank you so much Rare for not interesting in ALL players...

  • Yesterday my crew and I headed towards a skull fort that had been active for about 20 minutes and upon arrival noticed the still active forts treasure room door was open and only a elaborate flagon and two gunpowder remained.

    Is this a new thing or what? I've never seen this before and it blew me away. I hope this doesn't become common.

  • There's a lot here, all shared on twitter but I thought it would be good to have as a point of reference on the forums too -

    In no particular order -

    Added 1st Jan 2019

    3rd Jan 2019

    And from Mike too -

    3rd jan 2019

    and Mike's addition -

    Jan 4th 2019

    and Mike's thoughts -

    15th Jan 2019

    Player titles

    and Mike's input -

    16th Jan 2019

    Captain Troll and The Brig!

    Mike's reply -

  • Tomorrow, Joe, Shelley and James set sail once again and are joined by guest LadyFeyat at the usual time.

    5pm GMT
    9am PST
    12pm EST
    6pm CET
    3.30am (Wednesday 12?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • I cant no longer count the numbers of time i have encounter this phenomena of peoples who have some loot on board from a white skulls to 30+ captain chest or Athena etc.. who get insanely MAD and start smack talking calling us " toxic " before we even start smack talking back at them ... just by playing the game as a pirate chasing them and sinking them etc... they call the behavior of " playing as a pirate " in a pirate theme game " TOXIC " ... let me tell you ... its not

    Its totally square and fair to chase other ships if you want to , its totally square and fair to sink other ships for their loot , its totally square and fair to sink other ships who compeate for the same " forts loot " or are a threat to your athena quest and what not ... its not toxic ....

    The funnyest thing in these anecdotic encounter is that the others team always call us toxic and then goes on insulting us to the point where my friends might insult them back and then say they would " report us" for that wich is kinda funny because they say atrocious stuff wich " personally i dont mind " smack talk dosnt hurt me at all especially that i am winning over them i see it as a desperate attempt to " attack us " but a guy who call us N words , F words and what not and curse us with all the name on earth and said we were toxic for chasing his ship etc.. is kinda silly and compleatly out of this world ...

    When will these peoples will understand playing pirates in a pirates game is square and fair ? Almost a year after release ? I understand they are frustrated to loose their loot ... but its the game ... you win or you loose

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I was with friends doing some forts when an other ship came near.
    I jumped in the water to reach my ship but the game blackscreened like when you are stuck.

    After a VERY long time the black screen ended but then I was ... a god.
    I was half hp and could neither gain or loose health, and I couldn't pick things like chests for example (but using things from my inventory or the ship "parts" was working).

    I don't know where I could report a bug so I'm coming here looking for help :x

  • Tried searching googles...

    Xbox One X
    My crew in-game chat is fine, but when someone outside of our crew rolls up, their voice is choppy aand can’t he understood.

    I have my settings at:
    Crew Chat Output : Headphones
    Proximity Chat Volume : 100%
    Proximity Chat : Directional

    Choppy voices outside of my crew. Any ideas?

  • Not sure if anyone has really noticed this, but it appears while you are swimming underwater, other people can hear the water splashing/swimming sound as you approach the ship. It's the sound as if you were swimming above water.

    This is happening all the time. I also see other crews swimming towards us, underwater, yet I can hear him splashing away. Did a test also with another crew as well, all participants had the same results. Is this intended or is this just a bug? I submitted a ticket already with the details. Just curious if anyone else noticed this.

  • From today's stream... should keep a lot of PvE people happy, I guess?

  • This figurehead hasn't be released in the shops yet has it? If not any word on when?

  • So there have been thousands of people tearing up at the thought of having to pvp and actually improve at the game. So here's the solution. You guys keep asking for single player right? Lets make it so you can make a new pirate, or the option to convert your existing private to singleplayer! However once there you can never make them go back to a multiplayer server. It's perfect! So you get what you want, and you can't abuse it to get ahead by getting to avoid pvp!

    Everyone wins!

  • why should everyone just go call scream ..... your mother or go ..... your mother or something in that direction I meanwhile getting annoyed
    and yes you can report people for their behavior but sea or thieves maybe it is your task to maintain it!

    Otherwise i will juist stop playing this game because iets 80 procent hatefull people and 20 norm al or friendly people that no what respect is!

  • Fellow pirates,

    For about a week now I've noticed that (on my xbox) it takes a very long time to get into the screen where you can choose galleon, brigantine and sloop. Then when I finally get there it takes a lot longer to start matchmaking, often resulting in various errors. When I do get into the game everything works fine.

    Has anyone else noticed this or is it a problem on my part?

  • So since I've hit pirate legend I haven't had a core crew recently. About 50% of the random players on my crew will afk for at least half of an Athena. And if they get in they're unkickable. The afk timer is something like 10 minutes so its not hard for them to move every 10 minutes while they're leeching. This makes it a pain to play with people you don't know.

  • Been a few weeks with no event etc, any news?

  • The dev's should add an option to enable friendly fire.
    You would find this option in the crew menu, and if you enabled it, you could attack any other crew mate who has this on.
    I think this is such a simple thing to add that would make a large difference at no expense of how the game works

  • I love it how most threads that comment on the need of a PvE only server use the argument "Well PvPer's are getting their own mode/server" and the one that makes me laugh the most "Once Arena drops all the PvPer's will be there"

    Let me start by saying, I'm pretty much calling it that Arena gets used more as a PvP training area. (mainly speculation but unless the loot is "worth" more the risk, reward equation doesn't add up)

    Let me finally take great pleasure in bursting that last bubble of yours, I personally will not be playing Arena and will continue to PvP in "Main Game". I am looking forward to it more and more as all it means is that the sea's are full of easy targets who don't know how to PvP.

    Honestly if you were one of those people asking for a PvE only server I highly suggest you try out the Arena if only to "get gud"

  • It seems that the krakens tentacles can block the way into the cargohold of brigantine. You will not be able to fix your ships or bail water while the tentacle is on top.

  • Almost after one hour inside the game, the wind corrents didn't show again, I don't know what's the reason of this bug, but, there are threads about this since the beta.

    Please, if someone has this bug too, report it.