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  • Seeing the creative events that the community have put together over the years has been great, and so we want to help support these by bringing Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves! We'll be rolling out an early version of this feature for testing through the Insider Programme soon for an initial audience of community groups and creators - more details from Joe here:

    We also understand that this has been a hot topic of conversation among players for a long time now and so we're setting up this discussion thread to allow you to reflect and let us know your initial thoughts on the update provided today.

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  • Ahoy maties!

    So by now, you might have seen the big news...

    Sea of Thieves is finally coming to Steam!

    Steam Store Link:

    While we don't have a date to share just yet, we're thrilled to announce that Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam soon! You can wishlist it now so that you're ready to add it to your hoard as soon as possible!

    And because I can only imagine the number of threads inbound, I have created this thread here to keep discussions in one place. Please keep the discussions here civil and to remember to stick to the Pirate Code and Code of Conduct.

    Apologies if you have had the anchor dropped on your thread and redirected here - we are trying to keep the forum ship-shape and discussions happening in one central thread!

    More details will be coming soon, but for now...

    What do you think maties?

    See you on the seas!

  • I understand the addition to having explosive barrels amongst the other barrels. It give a bit more game play, but please limit them to just 1 per lot.

    I was standing near the front of my boat when I ran into floating barrels which had 2 explosive barrels. The first explosion knocked me into the air and off the ship and the second killed me in the water. By the time I got back to my ship, it was already sunk.

  • It's a simple question stated above? I'm not active enough to be able to remotely keep my ship safe from the more aggressive players. I'd much rather a PvE server to have fun with instead of having my fun ruined. PvP players seem very much against this. What I don't understand is; why? No one would be forcing you to play on those servers

  • I was playing when the game first released and eventually quit due to lack of content and overall a very grindy gameplay loop. I've been looking back into the game and noticed that a lot of the content (that I missed) seems to have come and gone for only a limited time. Is that it? Do players just miss out on this content permanently and forever?

    How much additional PERMANENT content has been added to the game since release?

    • When you sink a ship their loot in barrels need to be able to be looted just like when their loot floats up again

    • this is a weird one but cinda funny some player i noticed straight up go outside the map when you chase them LOL. When they sink all their loot should be spawned back inside the map

    • After a few battles your ship has taken alot of damage and scratches sometime it would be freat if you could go to the shop and spend money and get it fully reapair.

    Also a system where you could spend your money to get resources
    I feel like we need more stuff to spend our money on there is nothing really that interest me cosmetics are meh only a few looking good.
    We need something to spend our money on

  • So this just came to thought recently but I was wondering that since the Reaper's Bones accept all loot, can you earn specific Pirate Legend Commendations from them?

    These specific commendations being

    1. Legendary Gold Hoarder: 500 Chests sold as a Pirate Legend.
    2. Legend of the Mystical Order: 500 Skulls sold as a Pirate Legend.
    3. Legendary Merchant Trader: 500 Cargo Crates delivered on time and in perfect condition as Pirate Legend.

    Now I think (1) and (2) can be obtained by Reapers Bones (will need to check this) but I was wondering if (3) could be done?

  • Ahoy fellow forumites!

    Has there been any mention of this months update?

  • @deckhands Not sure if anybody else is having this issue, but I cannot view my support tickets or submit a new one.

    What happens:
    I go to view my requests, it then loads the Microsoft log in to your account window, I log in and as soon as it loads in, it will not load the request page or the submit a new ticket page, it will load the main page with the video.

    If I log in first, then refresh the page, so as to make sure it is logged in properly, then click Submit a new ticket, it loads the log in window again for me to log into Microsoft account, then as soon as I click ok, it kicks me out to the main page again, this time logged out, (white icon)

    At this time there is no way for me to check the status of my tickets or to place new ones.

    And I STILL cannot buy the Athena title in the PL hideout, it keeps saying "Can't find that" as well as 4 weeks now of no Insider rewards, which was supposed to be fixed in this retail patch.

    Please fix my account and check on the submit ticket system

  • Please add a pocket map to the game because is very annoying go to the ship everytime to check the map, and if it is possible the possibility to run with small objects (with a key is not possible run ok is so strange). Sorry for bad english.

  • Had this problem over 18 months ago when I first bought SOT, it bugged me for months before I uninstalled the game, installed it again only to find it's still an issue and many people have been complaining about it on the forums for 2 years now.

    For some reason (only in SOT) my game is locked to 60fps in fullscreen mode, If i change the resolution to 900p (I have a 1080p moniter) it caps the fps at around 140-150, and if I change the mode to windowed it also uncaps the fps. The second I put it back on fullscreen it caps back to 60fps.

    All my settings in Nvidia are uncapped, vsync is off, monitor refresh rate set to 144hz , it's literally the only game with this issue.

    Any suggestions on how to sort this out? I have suspicions that SOT is taking information from my 2nd monitor which is 1080p 60hz, even though the game literally opens and runs on my 144hz monitor, I'm not going to unclone my monitor everytime I want to play SOT since I use my 2nd monitor whilst playing the game.

    Anyone else resolved this issue? 2 years on and it's still a problem for people.

  • With sloop the method is known but with galleon it doesnt work.
    Is there any way to start it alone?

  • Hi,

    I've installed on PC and Xbox, both the same "Obsidian Beard Error". When I look up the beard error guide Obsidian isn't listed. I successfully joined once out of many many attempts. It always occurs after the crew has joined my ship and it goes to the loading screen to advance to the game. Mods, please move this where appropriate, I could not locate a "Technical" subthread to post in. I had this installed prior, about a year or two ago with no issues. Only when I installed recently do I keep getting this same error code.

  • I was fortunate enough to solo a raid which took me roughly 40 minutes to do. Then all of a sudden the game changes lobby then It says It can't connect to the server, so basically all my effort, 3hrs of gameplay went down the drain. Is there any solution for this not to happen again ? It's really upsetting that you get 0 credit for spending hours playing the game due to this...

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Is this gonna be a ship that we are gonna have to build and have it be a unique ship?, Why is it there?

  • I've never been into instruments, as most bore me. But after playing this game, the concertina just seems so interesting. I've always liked listening to accordions but they look bulky and complicated, which is why I like the look of the concertina. However, I have little to no knowledge of music, but I decided if I want to give it a shot, Concertina would be the one I do it with.

    I just don't know what to get. As I've said, I don't have much experience, but I'm competent, or maybe stubborn to quitting. Either way, I want a concertina that isn't too complicated, but enough to play shanties.

    What does this game use? Because I've seen different types with different stuff:

    Different button amounts

    Different notes if pushing/pulling

    Same notes if pushing/pulling

    One side has high notes, other has low notes

    Also, I'd like something less than or close to $400

    Someone, help!

  • Several times I’ve seen people with red gamertags as I create a random crew ledger and yesterday I bumped into two pirates with purple names. I can’t find any info about this and Support sent me here to ask...

  • Hey all. I'm older now! Isn't that just fantabulous? Yes it is.

    No, seriously, my B-Day's today, and my friend has made a deal to play Happy Birthday on his concertina nonstop. Best part is, he didnt make the deal. I made it for him. I hope my birthday, which, is certainly the most important one in the universe, for sure, blesses your sailing adventures today with unicorns, rainbows, and cookies. And gold. Pirates like that stuff.

    Anyone wanna discuss how totally and undeniably awesome I am?


    PS: Got a new kitten. She's orange and her name's Blaze. We thought it was a boy till the vet gave her antibiotics. The people we got her from found her half dead and asleep in their barn. She came come with both eyes infected, a respiratory infection, and is extremely underweight. But we nursed her back to health, coz we're da best, and now she's recovering. Would send a pic, but I'm too lazy to find out how to do that.

  • My friend and I spent 3 hours doing a tall tale quest. We had just finished up the last boss and were going to return the item to finish it at Daggertooth. But, things were not so easy a Pirate Legend was hiding in the walls of our ship jumped out to kill us both and mermaided away with the quest item. Never to be seen again. 3 hours of time just wasted. What a joke.

  • I have the Steam version of the game and when usually playing I have 100+ fps, however when in islands, skeleton forts & skeleton ship spawns the fps drops so bad it's unplayable. (because the whole game becomes so laggy and starts freezing up, sometimes for about 3 to 5 seconds).

    The thing is, on the day the game launched on steam I didn't have this issue, it only started the very next day.

    I play with 2 friends who both own the Steam version of the game, while one of them has the issue the other one doesn't. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  • Im sorry but the Microsoft Store interface is horrible compared to other similar services. IE steam. Once it goes live can we PLEASE have a transfer option? If not get me a way to do auto updates and have better acces to launch game.

  • Oh no, not another PvE argument. Well, not exactly.

    I don't have an issue with the PvP nature of the game, but when playing solo it becomes a different thing all together. The obvious consequence is that any crew on a Brig or Galleon is gonna chew you up, but even outside that, if your sloop is anchored and you're, say, searching a shipwreck, or doing something on an island, your ship is entirely vulnerable to be sunk without you even being around to see it. If other players decide to attack you there's almost nothing you can do to stop them, and fights become so laughably one-sided that they can't honestly be called fights.

    Playing solo basically puts you at a major disadvantage in pretty much every scenario, and the only options you have to avoid the more frustrating aspects of PvP are, themselves, frustrating and not helpful.

    Scuttling the ship costs you any loot you have and spawns you elsewhere in the sea. It's not a solution to the problem at all, it just gets you past the formality of waiting for the ship to sink.

    Running is possible in some cases, but arriving at an island you have objectives on only to then have to sail away while being chased is a pain. Your pursuers will either give up and still be in the area you then have to return to, starting the whole problem again, or they'll chase you to the ends of the earth and send you on a huge detour while wasting your time.

    Watching the horizon and staying vigilant will only get you so far. It's hard to watch for approaching ships when you're in the caves beneath Sailor's Bounty, or following maps in the crook of Plunder Valley. It's also tough sometimes to keep an eye out when you also have to adjust the wheel, sails, bail out storm water, fight a skeleton ship, or a meg, all on your own. Vigilance only goes so far when on your own.

    A PvE mode or setting is almost certainly never going to happen, and I don't think that I would even want one, but I do think solo players should only ever be paired up against other solo players. That's pretty much the only way to make the game balanced for them. I don't know how many people play solo, though, so solo servers, or matchmaking might be more effort than they're worth.

    SoT is a great game and I've been enjoying it a lot over the last couple of weeks, but playing solo and playing with a crew are almost two different games entirely, and one of them isn't nearly as enjoyable.

    I want to find ways the solo experience might be improved, and I think matching solo players only with solo players is one possible way to do that without sacrificing the core experience of the game. Everything would be the same, but all players would be on the same basic level, with the only advantage or disadvantage being skill and their own choices.

    I've seen some suggest PvE modes, a 'Passive' setting, or even designing a solo ship that's better at running. There are pros and cons for all of these, but I think solo servers, or a solo mode, would alleviate a lot of the frustrating aspects of the game while sacrificing as few other aspects as possible.

    What do you think?

    On a wider note, I've read through many discussions about PvE and I think many of the same arguments might come up here, so I want to address some of the kind of things that often come up.

    1. That's just the nature of the game so stop complaining.

    I think this argument fails to take into account that, despite the devs' intentions, there's a large part of the player base that simply doesn't engage with the game in that way or for those reasons. Often this is met with "You bought the wrong game", but that's not really true. There aren't many games out there that offer the sailing/treasure hunting experience SoT does, and saying people should just go find another isn't a practical response. It assumes PvP is the only part of the game that enjoyable or meant to be played, which isn't true for many people. Also, you're telling people to leave and disengage from the game, shrinking its player base and hurting it in the long run. Would you rather the game make some changes to accommodate more of its players, or would you see it die off faster?

    1. Git Gud

    This can only work up to a point. A solo player against two or more is always at a disadvantage, so simple skill is only going to take you so far. In regard to ship combat, your only hope is that your enemies are new to the game and don't know how to repair their ship or board yours. It's easy to say "Just camp the ladders," or "Just use a gunpowder barrel," but these aren't practical in real terms in almost every situation for a solo player. There's simply too many things you need to do on your own at once.

    1. Join a crew

    Again, this basically misses the point. A lot of people don't want to play with strangers for whatever reason, and your usual crew isn't always available when you want to play the game, as is the case for me. Regardless of what the devs intend, there will always be people playing solo. It's just going to happen for various reasons, and thinking of ways to include those players more is better than telling them they're playing the game 'wrong'.

  • I am run proper ragged! It's so hot down here I can't hardly breathe, but guess who's got to make sure all the traps are working?

    I don't dare complain though. Rathbone could be scary but most of the time it was like you weren't in the room. Only his gold mattered.

    When the master speaks, it's like he knows what you're thinking. He's smart. Scary smart, and he believes Pendragon will try to stop the ritual.

    Well, let him try, I say! No matter how many pirate pals he brings along, they'll never make it through to me in time.

    Speaking of time... I should head to the Ritual Chamber. All my hard work's finally about to pay off! Finally, Stitcher Jim gets what he deserves.

    This is Stitcher Jim's fifth journal you can find when doing the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. You can find this journal in the Path of the Burning Heart in Flameheart's Lair at The Devil's Thirst. It will be in the last aclove in the last trap room with all the spikes coming out of the wall. These journals take place before the Tall Tale.

    • My Archive of Lore Related Texts (Just like this one)

    Text Archive

  • I'm a big fan of traps, no not those kind of traps you dirty minded pirates, but I'm talking about death traps like a boulder chasing you, a pit filled with spikes, or even poison dart traps. So I figured, why not make a thread discussing about this feature? But first, an explanation.

    Traps were first teased with Devil's Ridge where the caverns had two traps that have already been used (and had victims), they served no functionality and couldn't harm you. They were teased again with slots appearing in the caverns of Sailor's Bounty and then made its official appearance in the Anniversary Update alongside TallTales.
    However, the traps at that point in time were Spikes, Swinging Spiked Logs, Swinging Blades, Swinging Axes, Saw Blades, and a Gunpowder Trap.

    The latest TallTale, Heart of Fire, introduced Fire traps to the game spicing up the trap list a bit more.

    But I think the game could use even more traps to it, so I wanted to discuss these deadly contraptions with you.

    What traps would you want to be added to the game?
    Do you think they could be used for a future TallTale or perhaps a dungeon like PVE event?

    What are your thoughts?

  • Me and a friend were playing a few hours ago and got acrap ton of fish for the hunters call, we even allinaced with another ship to get a bunch of loot from skeelton fleets and some megs and stuff. when we turned everything in (which we asume was well over 50k worth of loot) we got nothing. No Rep, no achievements, nothing. We looked at the older threads and aparently this is a very old bug or somehting and we just had to wait for the servers to update or something. Well weve been waiting of rlike 8 hours now and still nothing, I even just finished playing a little bit and when i handed all my loot in i was actually getting old now but my loot form the previous session didnt get loading into my account. Has anyone else had this problem and when did you get ur loot?

  • So something I noticed which is actually really common is that most, if not all Reaper's Bones Emissary players always use a Brigantine.

    Anyone else notice this? or is it just me?

  • I'm not sure if this is intentional by Rare or not? But trying to get to Emissary level 5 Athena seems to take a very long time. Did a Thieves Haven and a Devil's Roar Athena Solo last night and still didn't reach Level 5?

    I'm not complaining. Just curious if anyone in the community knows if this sounds correct? Is it intentional on Rare's part? Or is there something wrong with the game?

    Do you level up slower when playing solo? 6 hours and still no level 5 seems an odd game design, to me? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Hi there all rum loving pirate mates out there.

    Since I bought this beautiful game to play it with a friend I tried to have it run with SLI and my two big 2080ti's but couldn't. I looked it up on the internet and couldn't find a solution. The solution I found here didn't work for me. There was a flickering of fire, lights and waves AND much worse: When you walked through trees they were going nuts and spin araound like s***
    BUT NOW THERER IS A SOLUTION!!! At least for me.

    Let's try this:
    I deleted the sea of thieves profile on nvidia profile inspector. you can also save it and keep it as a file. Then I created a new file and just changed those SLI modes FROM GPU count autoselect, TO GPU count two AND the Mode Autoselect to Force AFR.

    To say it easy under SLI change all the modes EXEPT:

    Antialiasing - SLI AA
    SLI indicator
    SLI rendering mode

    I had no flickering anymore and the trees weren't headbanging like metal dudes at concerts XD

    Try it out and I try to fix issues you have... (try)

    May the wind be with you... Always Arrrrgh

  • The last few times I've played, I've realized I'm no longer getting pop-ups for islands I pass or voyages I complete, or even treasure turned in. Is there some setting I've accidentally turned on? I'm on PC.

  • The Rare crew (with guest jake_theviking) set sail to see what the waves have in store for our Weekly Stream crew and their well-groomed manes, TODAY (for most...) at the usual time.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    1.30am (Wednesday 8th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • I keep getting this error no matter what I try to fix it. Can anyone help??

  • They have been some exclusive Sea of Thieves cosmetics since the games launch, some of which having returned in some way, shape or form, whilst others are unknown.

    What exclusive cosmetics would you love to get if they were to return?
    For me it would be the Black Dog set, the clothing looks amazing.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Title pretty much sums it up, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere and I'm curious.