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  • Hello intrepid Pirates!

    I have an issue with a game(it crushes while I'm playing, different time and places), and I couldnt find any anchor (link =)) that can be thrown at "support crew bay".

    Does anyone know where shoud I address it?

    Thanks in advance and I wish you fair winds!
    Yohoho and a bottle of rum!

  • The Rare crew (with guest Mudcat) set sail on the next Tall Tale, Wild Rose, tomorrow at the usual time.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    1.30am (Wednesday 17th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • Ahoy everyone!
    Something weird happened at arena yesterday, and this already happened before. Those players are cheating?


  • Ahoy maties!

    Yup, it's that time again, it's server maintenance day! And this time we are on route to the most explosive event the seas have ever seen!

    Black Powder Stashes!

    Don’t forget… plan your journeys accordingly!

    Server Maintenance Time:
    Wednesday, July 17th

    BST 10am - 4pm
    CST: 4am - 10am
    EST: 5am - 11am
    AEST: 7pm - 1am

    If you are receiving a Kiwibeard error, this means the servers are still down at the moment for maintenance, please try again later (Got a different beard error? Check here).

    Update sizes:
    Windows 10: [Boom!]
    Xbox One: [Bang!]
    Xbox One X: [Kaboom!]

    How do I update my game on Xbox?
    The update should automatically download and install itself, but you may need to launch the game for it to prompt you. If this is still not showing up in your 'My games and apps' then try hard rebooting your console.

    How do I update my game on Windows 10?
    Updates are usually automatic via the Microsoft Store. However, you can manually kick this off if you open the Microsoft Store, go to 'Downloads and updates' and click on 'Get updates' in the top right corner.

    Patch Notes:
    Patch notes can be found here shortly after the servers go live.

    Other Useful links:

  • Tonight I have tried 10 games in a row, often you join a Ship where they have just finished or you get a whole new crew and people don't want to do what you want to do or vice versa and they leave. Or some idiot is on voice and talking about his private parts or breathing heavy......

    Why don't they add what type of game you are looking for in making a public game?

    Like Tall Tails adventures
    Or just plundering Strongholds

    As it is the public group forming is just totally broken.

    I did have a look at the "Looking for Crew" page and I joined a couple of Discord servers and there last LFC post was a few days old.

    Anyway I am active pretty much every night in Aussie time so if you want to add me just send me an invite.

    Hopefully they fix the mess it currently is atm and add some sort of structure in what games you are looking for in Public crew matching.

  • I keep getting the Graphics Driver Reset - Update your Graphic drivers and the game crashes.

    Happened over and over while playing Arena today. I have the latest drivers released on 7/9/19. 431.36.

    I find it hard to believe that SOT doesn't even work right with the best graphics card on the market.

    Other specs:
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8-core processor
    Windows 10 - latest patches
    16 GB RAM at 3000Mhz

    Blah blah. I've got a state of the art PC and SOT doesn't work on it. Can I tell you how annoying this is?


  • Not sure if this changed with an update, but it is almost impossible to get full crews and full games for Arena anymore. If you do get one you lose it right away because of a server/player switch. It is no longer fun when you constantly play with only three boats and two people per boat.

  • Ahoy pirates. I did quick format on C drive like 1 months ago and I moved my game to another drive so game is not deleted but in Windows Store the game does not appear installed and can't see the game in Apps & Futures. When I start to download its downloading entire 38 GB and I don't want it. How can I verify my game files? And also I can't access the WindowsApps folder because it says "YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED PERMISSION TO ACCESS THIS FOLDER." on my own PC? So thanks to Windows. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help.

  • Starting tonight, I'll have this bug that strikes semi-frequently where I'll press "F" to interact with something such as my sails, or the oars of my rowboat. The camera will start to do its "snap to" animation, but stop partway through. I'll be stuck in this limbo between being able to control my character, and properly attached to and interacting with whatever station I attempted to use. I am completely paralyzed and the only thing I can do is leave the game and re-enter which of course wipes all progress I've made. It's happened twice tonight so far.

    Also, the rowboats seem even glitchier than normal. Like 1/3 times dropping them from the back of my boat gives them a real bad case of the shakes. Attempting to stand on them gives me a seizure, drives me through the rowboat, and then plummets me to the ocean floor.

    This makes running voyages in the Devil's Roar very hard. Tempermental volcanoes are nothing compared to unaddressed glitches.

  • This is by far my favorite game at the moment and I enjoying playing it but....

    This game is meant to be fair hence why default swords and gear are all the same but Boats have different speeds? Sort of defeats what they are trying to achieve in making it fair doesn't it?

    Beat a stronghold after 20 minutes and a sloop was parked in perimeter and his friend sneaks on our Brig and blows everyone up including the stronghold Keg and sinks our boat, they take loot. This really needs fixing its a cheese act and don't say its Pirating...his friend shouldn't spawn back on his boat he should spawn on a sea port or something, its lame abuse of a stupid mechanic. We all logged out and basically this kind of act just turns people of playing the game.

    Game needs PvE or something that protects people from constantly being targeted. Every game has PvE Servers. The current system as it is detracts from playing at times like tonight I dont have a team and the public teams are just like wth? Cant even look for a targeted group like - Strongholds, Journeys or Skelly Ships.

    PvP is my biggest issue with the game, my son spent a few hours just traveling around doing journeys and then he gets killed by a Galleon and his loot taken and gets 0 reward for all his work, now he doesn't play. This is a good system? To turn people off the game yes, especially kids. Technically there are two game types, both are PvP. RARE are out of touch with how things work, you don't cater for both types of players then you lose a big chunk of that player base that don't enjoy PvP. They need to add some of the events like taking a stronghold activates you for PvP for 30 Minutes or something or attacking a Skelly Ship. Many games have these triggers to add PvP in PvE servers. These things need to be added in SOT.

    Anyway I will play again another day but for now im a little over it. I just throw my loot over board when some moron is trying to sink me now as they chase me then after a 10 min chase and they get near me I log off. See whats going on here, this is the result of not adding PvE. I am not letting some dogs steal my loot id rather have nothing and also they have nothing.

  • Hello! The past week I have found some venomballs and tried to kill skeletons affected by them. However the commendation is stuck and does not progress. I am sure that I do it right because when I kill them the have this green cloud around them which shows that they are affected. I have done this many times to no avail. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions would be awesome.

  • Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Coast , Seasoned and New Alike. Sea of Thieves is a game that is filled with Easter Eggs , really many can be found around this Amazing World.
    Wouldn't it be great if some sort of commendation or reward was attached to these findings ?
    We all have a spyglass in our pockets and if we would detect an Easter Egg and zoom into it , it would become registered and from that moment on , you could read an explenation about why this is an Easter Egg...Not before because a " Push X button" icon could betray the presence of an Easter Egg before you even realized that there was one ...

    Some Easter Eggs are very subtile or well hidden , and even on this very Forum there are Easter Eggs that are detected but not being explained nor known why an Easter Egg was given...

    " George , you dumb fool ": i hear you say . " Many Easter Eggs have been announced and their findings spots are explained there as well". ( * OOOH ,more and more people are calling you fool and moron, do they finally see that you mean nothing, NOTHING...Thanks the Gods , i can do a Robert De Niro Voice, hehehehe). Yes ,that is true but what is the percentage amongst Pirates and Pirates that read the Forum?...

    i mean a lot of people don't even know that Rare has made this game for the people , not only their own renown or cashback...How many New Pirates run passed by an Easter Egg without knowing what they mean or how it came there?...

    And maybe , adding commandations towards the Easter eggs could force people away from their " grinding " minds of digging , retrieving and cashing in without roaming around in this Beautiful World...

  • There is word on the Official Sea of Thieves Discord from one of the Rare Community Managers and the message is as follows;

    DiegoToday at 21:09
    @here Ahoy, we are aware of server issues at the moment and are currently investigating. We will update accordingly! Thank you for your patience

    More information will be updated as I see or any other players sees more information! :)

    Also check out the Support Page for more information

  • To hell with this game the community is so toxic. All new friends I get to try it that now that is has contact just leave cause they get bullied constantly. Good thing they got to try it free for a few days cause I'd feel bad had they actually spent money on it. Bet your selling copies despite a shrinking player base though, releasing the little content every month to keep the few remaining trolls on to pick on new players.

  • To hell with this game the community is so toxic. All new friends I get to try it that now that is has contact just leave cause they get bullied constantly. Good thing they got to try it free for a few days cause I'd feel bad had they actually spent money on it. Bet your selling copies despite a shrinking player base though, releasing the little content every month to keep the few remaining trolls on to pick on new players. Have had every friend I've tried to get the game leave because we were attacked by a decked out pirate ship. Proof is in the Discord, the poppultaion shrinks every day because try hard trolls are bullying the community. I made the mistake of buying game day one.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Ahoy maties!

    It's that time of the week again... pull up a tavern stool, grab some grog and watch this weeks developer update video!

    Joe's back with an update on the incoming Black Powder Stashes event, details of the newest game balancing tweaks and a lengthy look back at last weekend's Guardian Con.

    This weeks talking points include;

    • Black Powder Stashes - Comes out Wednesday 17th July which is the first of the new rhythmic updates. It's very explosive, where Duke sends us looking for explosive barrels at forts!
    • The Hunters Call rep and gold will be rebalanced to give more in this update.
    • Skeleton Lords are better balanced to crew sizes.
    • Megladons have also been rebalanced to crew sizes and types.
    • Cursed cannonballs have also been tweaked for balance.
    • More rewards for exploratory pirates!
    • Battle for Orlando - Was a really cool, fun experience! Feedback being taken for future tournaments, more streaming possible? Much more of these to come!
    • Guardiancon stories!

  • Hi, I have just downloaded the game on my PC , (playing through xbox pass) and I seem to get stuck on the sails , every time I use them I can not get off of them ,I click every button going and then after a while it seems to release me on its own, anyone else had this problem ,or perhaps know how to get passed it.

  • Is there a way to let us actually PVP?

    I had an incredibly fun time fighting multiple ships to gain access to a fort. Our crew sank 2 ships while there are 2 skeleton ship actively fighting everyone. We manage to lose aggro on the skeleton ships and we start the fort. We are on our guard while we clear the fort because we know one of they will surely be back.

    Well they actually never come back, probably because they spawned at the other side of the map.

    We then finish the fort and take the loot. We get sunk by a bigger boat that take us by suprise in the fog. No problem, we are going to challenge them to the outpost!

    We appear on our ship and we get server merged. Come on, this is completly dumb.... and it is not a first time occurence. Fix that, it's beyond stupid.

  • Having weird issue with this game only it seems to be not utilizing the RTX 2070 fully. Sometimes it will hit 90%, but it is mostly staying in 80's.

    8700k running at 4.7ghz (Averages around 40% usage in game)
    16gigz ddr4 Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz
    Asus z370 prime mobo
    Evga 850 Supernova g2 psu
    Dell 1440p 144hz monitor G-sync off

    Game settings - Mythical
    V-sync off
    Tried limited and unlimited frame rate lock didn't make a difference.

    Any ideas?

  • this may or may not have been discovered, but perhaps some discussion and trials of the community might shed some light. the meg seems to be quite random, whether it pops up and hangs around or decides to attack you. lately ive just been sailing around trying to get the sailor of Athena commendation (want the capstan) and run into the meg often and have started to notice a few things.

    now typically I leave the meg alone and sometimes it attacks sometimes it doesn't, sometimes I attack it and after a couple hits it swims away. but a big key factor ive been noticing is the presence of treasure on board. Ive come to believe the meg is attracted to treasure.

    this can be very helpful in determining your voyage and understanding the outcome. if you dont want to be attacked by the meg it may not be from you attacking it, rather it is also another entity that just wants what you have.

    I cant say this with any certainty, just speculation at this point, but perhaps with enough people running their own tests maybe we can figure it out together. unless this has already been figured out and I have just wasted your time in reading this lol

  • When playing Sea of Thieves I cannot use voicechat. I see other people talking with the little speaking icon above their head, however I do not hear them. I also cannot talk myself. I have tried all the solutions I could find on the internet, also the ones from this thread:

    All my settings in the game itself and outside the game in windows, should allow me to use voicechat. I only have this problem with Sea of Thieves. Discord, League of Legends, CSGO and any other app/game that uses voice chat works fine.

    Would really appreciate it if anyone knows how to fix this. I've been struggling with this for weeks now. Thanks in advance :)

  • This is not an ad for lootcrate themselves but there's a mighty fine looking silhouette of a ship / kraken or something for the figure in this month's box!

    I picked one up - cant wait to see it!

    half off for july 4th :) Get the discount while you can !

  • Hello, I have a big problem, I cannot play SoT anymore
    When I start my game, the little picture appears for 3-5min then disappears and nothing happens. My game doesn't start.
    I tried do uninstall-reinstall the entire game ; uninstall-reinstall Hub Xbox Insider app ; I restarted my computer too. But none of these solutions work ! Please help me

    Thank you in advance.

    Salut, je rencontre un gros problème, mon jeu ne démarre plus:
    Quand je lance le jeu, j'ai la petite image qui apparait pendant 3-5 min puis disparait et plus rien ne se passe, le jeu ne se lance pas. C'est donc impossible de lancer le jeu.
    J'ai déjà essayé de le reinstallé et ca change rien, j'ai aussi réinstallé l'application Hub Xbox Insider, mais rien ne change. Et évidemment j'ai aussi redémarré mon pc.

    Merci d'avance de m'aider !! :)

  • Playing with my kids and we wasted over 5 hours doing this for the quest to not spawn skeletons near end.

    I get bugs happen but this bug has been around for over 4 months and its also noted as a bug and still has not been fixed like really!!!!

    Make it so we can reset the final fight.

    I wont be going near this quest and sort of made us lose interest in the game now as its a game breaking bug and devs are just to slack to hot fix it.

    I wouldnt really care if it took 20 mins to do but this quest takes many hours and to have it bug at final stage is a real kick in the guts.

  • Anyone know what the bananabeard error code means. I cant join any of my friends.

  • I have been playing Sea of Thieves since its release and I am very pleased on what the game has become. BUT with playing comes much discussion with other pirates. So New Ship idea here we come.

    1. Fisherman's Boat- With the new update, we now have a fishing mode and quest that allows us to catch fish (with a great deal of time spent to do so) and sell (mostly for very little). Here's my idea with the future of fishing; have a boat with fishing nets that could fish anywhere on the sea. And having hot spots to locate in the ocean will be the challenging part. These hot spots will appear on your map when located and in these hot spots will increase the amount of fish (and maybe lost treasure of the sea?)
    • The ship could have 1 or 2 nets on either side
    • A 1 mast sale
    • ships size would be about the size of a Sloop (but maybe wider) with the same speed
    • the ship would have 2 cannons, one in the front and one in the back. This allows more defense when being chased by another ship (but would be tricky with the Kraken). This could also be a new strategy in pvp.
    • the lower deck would have everything a sloop would have but a bigger/new grill or an oven to cook the fish.

    Okay so there's my idea on a new ship and the possibilities of it. I'm very open to discussion on this and would love to hear your ideas on a new ship.
    Also i am willing to draw up a sketch on what this ship might look like, just let me know if that will help with (sea)ing what I'm seeing(;
    ![alt text](image url)

  • Ahoy me hearties,

    With The Anniversary Update, Rare have introduced a wide range of new tools and features into the game while enriching the lore at the same time. There are a few very interesting hidden gems that you may have already discovered, where some of them refer to elements of the expanded universe and others could potentially tease the content to come in the future.

    My little monkey and I set sail to investigate and discover all the little things Rare hid and bring them to you.

    🔴 Be careful, there are spoilers for some Tall Tales!!


    You might think that Merrick’s family is full of joy and love. Well, actually, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Serik, Merrick’s wife, spent a lot of time alone when Merrick hunted The Hungering One. Mad at him and lonely, one day she decided to swam off with a Merman.

    Ah… Merfolks.

    It is rumoured that they have since departed, most likely spooked by the Devil’s Shroud. Some even doubt they were really there but this shows once again that these tall tales and legends might be true.

    However, this does not confirm that Grace (Captain Morrow) married their prince 👑

    If anyone knows them well, it would be Mercia but no one knows where she is now. However, in one of her Journals, Briggsy said that she borrowed from the girl with the merfolk earrings, a map with a lot of new places beyond the Shroud. Tall tales say that the girl with the merfolk earrings is none other than Mercia, giving her the ability to understand the Merfolks language.

    Perhaps Mercia is with the merpeople now, who knows?

    Fountain of Youth

    That being said, Serik also mentioned something very interesting about a magical Fountain of Youth beyond the Devil’s Shroud. The Shores of Gold are just a tiny bit of what the Shroud is hiding.

    Let’s hope I find the map Briggsy borrowed and use the Shroudbreaker to uncover this fountain. I’ll bring back a barrelful of the Fountain of Youth to Serik.

    Well, okay, I’d certainly be tempted to use it too…

    The Fountain of Youth may either refer to Ponnce de León’s legend or a way for players to change their character’s appearance as stated by Rare studio director Craig Duncan for Eurogamer in 2018:

    For example — and this isn’t a feature yet — we could have a fountain of youth in the game, where you could go to it and by interacting with it, it would make your character younger.

    Rare’s Infinite Pirate Generator gives the flexibility to affect the way players character looks later in the game and in a Sea of Thieves way. The Fountain of Youth, Curses and Magic Potions are most likely the tools for that.

    Skeleton Lord in disguise

    Zharick and Emerick

    Merrick and Serik are not the only complicated couple, in fact Zharick can’t stand her ex-husband Emerick anymore and believes that she has wasted the best years of her life with him. Emerick is obsessed with Jonah, a trader at a Sea Post, and he is convinced that he’s a Skeleton Lord in disguise. Apparently, Jonah would like to take over the Sea of Thieves with his undead army and poison our souls with his skeletal magic.

    I don’t know if the sulfur smelling air of The Wilds intoxicated Emerick or if he is right, but we need to keep an eye on Jonah.

    Giant winged creature

    But I have to warn you about something else. Emerick told me there is also this giant winged creature living in the sea, capable to set fire to a fleet of ships!

    Some kind of Dragon? Karen, Megan and those skellies would be the least of our worries if that turns out to be true…

    The Grand Maritime Union

    The Mysterious Stranger told me something very interesting when I asked him if he trusts the trading companies. He told me that he trusts them as long as they stick to the rules. Any new company is welcomed to the Sea of Thieves as long as nobody ever goes the way of the Grand Maritime Union.

    Rumours say that Merchant Alliance traders from the Sea of Thieves are former employees of this Grand Maritime Union.

    Actually, Senior Trader Mollie had a very exciting story to tell (in the comic Sea of Thieves Origins #2: The Bonds of Union).

    When she was a young girl, Mollie was working for the Grand Maritime Union. She managed with great perseverance to be respected and to get the best contracts signed. After several promotions, she was offered a contract to issue goods in Sea of Thieves, an unknown area for the Grand Maritime Union.

    With a great fleet of big ships of two decks of cannons — where some could qualified them as Man’O’War — they adventured through the Devil’s Shroud. They soon discovered that this fog was extremely dangerous for large and high-speed vessels. Thanks to Mollie, her ship was the only one to arrive in The Shores of Plenty. After tasting the Sea of Thieves pirate’s life, she decided to launch her own trading company where she will not be run by men.

    That being said, The Grand Maritime Union is still out there, as Mollie worries:

    “Though, frankly, I am far more worried about the Grand Maritime Union. Some day they will find this place and they have more money and more men to throw at a problem than the whole of Sea of Thieves combined.” — Senior Trader Mollie.

    At the moment, it looks like Mollie just got a partnership with Lesedi and the Sea Dogs but no one knows what they are up to.

    Skeleton ‘Rune’ Language

    Aye, Skeletons have their own runes and you can find in The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale a little glossary to translate them!

    In the tale, you need to crack the code of the riddles to find a skull and a chalice and place them on an altar to resurrect Graymarrow.

    A couple of runes cover the two supports on the altar and if you translate them you get the following words:

    • Skull & Chalice: most likely to indicate where the items should be placed to perform the ritual.
    • Skeleton Lord,
    • Flame Beach.

    But what’s even more interesting is the fact that those same runes are covering a mysterious box you may have already found and brought back to Grace.

    Yes, the Box of Wondrous Secrets!

    This box is fully covered with the following runes: Flame, Heart, Beach, Skeleton, Lord.

    I think at this point it’s quite obvious that this box belonged to Flameheart or contains something from this Skeleton Lord.

    But why did the Gold Hoarder want this box so badly? The similarity between these runes on the box and the altar makes me fear the worst…

    Could the content of the Box of Wondrous Secrets allow the Gold Hoarder to resurrect Flameheart? Could it contains Flameheart’s skull and the chalice from which he drank and was cursed?

    Me monkey says he doesn’t like that!

    Tribute Peak

    As you may know, Briggsy wasn’t the first pirate to explore Tribute Peak. The Pirate Lord and someone called Larinna have already been to this place before.

    In fact, when you go down the stairs to access to the underground tunnels, there is this large ravine with a broken bridge and spikes at the bottom. This bridge was originally built by the Pirate Lord but has been destroyed by Larinna when she came here.

    Eventually the passage widened out, and they found themselves staring across the width of a deep fissure that had created an underground ravine. The splashing of distant waterfalls echoed around them as they contemplated their next obstacle — an old wooden rope bridge that spanned the chasm. It was ancient, it was rickety, and it appeared to be the only way across.

    […] it was Larinna’s turn. She was almost halfway across, easing her foot onto the next plank, when it suddenly surrendered to gravity and fell away into the chasm. She teetered, caught in the act of shifting her weight onto thin air, and was forced to throw herself forward across the gap, clinging onto the rest of the planks for grim death while her legs flailed over empty space and the others shouted her name in alarm

    This passage led directly to the drawbridge, but as this little wooden bridge is now broken you have to face several traps in the underground tunnels to arrive on the other side of the ravine.

    The Pirate Lord

    A figure that dominates many tall tales if he’s not the most renowned, The Pirate Lord has always been seen in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout so far. Well, at least as an emerald phantom.

    Ramsey died a long time ago, even before the Ferry of the Damned was there. He remains as a ghost in the Sea of Thieves thanks to his magical Reaper’s Mark that hung around his neck.

    After you defeat the Gold Hoarder, The Pirate Lord decides to leave his hideout and congratulates you. During his emotional speech, if you go behind him, you will notice that his body still has the three daggers that caused his death.

    Nevertheless, these are not just any daggers. They each belong to a member of his crew.

    Mercia, Rathbone and Shan represented Ramsey’s crew. It is not very surprising that Rathbone, who now answers to the name of the Gold Hoarder, wanted to see Ramsey dead. But what is most shocking is knowing that Mercia wanted it too.

    However, Ramsey is claiming the following…

    It all came to an end when some of me hearties turned into those foul Skeletons, but I’m trying to forget about that…

    Did Mercia and Shan turn into Skeleton Lords too? The reasons for his death still remain a great mystery tho.

    I guess there are either way more untold stories to uncover or The Pirate Lord may have done something terrible to deserve that mutiny.

    The Sea Dogs’ Secrets

    Well, me hearties, there is also this glorious new place in the Sea of Thieves, the Sea Dogs Tavern. DeMarco and Lesedi Singh, The Pirate Lord’s children, have finally decided to work together and create this new trading company. They built this amazing tavern to start their activities.

    “Welcome to the arena!” they told me.

    Well, I was more interested in uncovering the mysteries that could be hidden here than glory. So, I started my research around the tavern and the dog on the tavern name above the door intrigued me.

    Surprisingly, this is not the symbol used to represent the Glorious Sea Dogs and I did not find this dog on any banner. As I continued my investigations, I came across Sybil, the shipwright, and she had this dog symbol on her hammer… She told me it was Leopoldo, DeMarco’s dog. Sybil cried for days when he disappeared.

    I tried to make my way to DeMarco, shoving all the crowd around him. When I managed to get through and asked him what happened, he told me that Leo was chasing a chicken on Sailor’s Bounty and disappeared down a hole. DeMarco will offer a reward to whoever brings Leopoldo back.

    Maybe Leo went in this path someone blocked, but I’m unsure what I would find on the other side…

    As I continued my research around the tavern, I noticed that there was a deck for each team with their own banner.

    The Lucky Rover and The Azure Scout are on the northern deck. Then, The Regal Hound and The Golden Chaser on the center deck. And finally, The Flaming Jackal is on the southern deck.

    That being said, there is another lonely deck southeast of the tavern. Surprisingly, there are white banners with the dog symbol and at the very end there are a dog bowl, most likely belonging to Leo, and a painting of a ship with a white livery and the dog symbol on her sails.

    “Of course” I told myself, “this is the deck where DeMarco docks his ship!”

    If you climb to the top of the tavern, besides the beautiful view and the daggers in DeMarco and Lesedi’s paintings, there is a hidden skeleton. The pirate who hid it there probably didn’t want it to be found because it is in the hole in the ship’s hull below the horns.

    I wonder who he might be and why he was killed and left abandoned here.

    I guess there’s still a lot of secrets to uncover but me and my monkey are still on the lookout!

    Don’t hesitate to share whatever you find and what you think about the potential upcoming content 😊

    Cheers! 🍻

  • So, with such a steep price, I thought of a nice addition that could be added to the Ghost set:

    When a cannonball hits the Legend ship sporting the ghost set, the green paint could start to glow for a couple minutes.. would be a cool way to inform someone they just shot a Legend’s ship and would look pretty epic.

  • Hey Folks,

    I am aware there was a thread on this a year ago but does anyone know if there is any news to add the flippers on the back as extra buttons or if there is a way to do it? If not then can peeps give me suggestions on what is the most useful thing to map to these in game? Thanks :)

  • I just robbed a fort 3v1. Destroyed a brig from pvp and cannons, and robbed all of their loot. Now i jump off my ship to drop their anchor, because they spawn at a neighboring island TWICE. and what happens? I kill one, cut everyone off the anchor and go down fighting.

    Heres the kicker. I RESPAWN IN SOME GARBAGE TALL TALE. FULL OF TRAPS, MILES FROM THE OCEAN, and MY BOAT. Now 3 people are getting a fort I earned, my ninja skills and pvp skills all amass to nothing. I could not imagine the amount of foam coming from my mouth if I had been tucked on an athena ship and this happened to me.

    Steps need to be taken to ensure this never happens to me or any good pvp player ever again. 1 Death as a soloer is costly enough. Now my boat is crashing into an island somewhere when I should have a 3-5 min lead on the people i stole from by now.

    I was never in a tall tale for any point during this session. Why the HELL did I spawn in one. And for the record, every time I get killed by the trap, it wont let me out.

  • The Rare crew set sail on the next Tall Tale, Stars of a Thief, tomorrow at the usual time.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    1.30am (Wednesday 10th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • Note: I already searched and made a ticket, I just wanted to discuss it.

    I've tried everything. Putting the flag up before starting every single mission. Putting it up and leaving it while doing multiple missions, being in alliance, not being in alliance, having a crew, not having a crew and it is just stuck at 12/20. Is this a known thing? I have that one and maybe three comms remaining and they all have some issue or other. Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing a lot of crashes lately, the game freezes/crashes and shows me that something is wrong with my driver (outdated) or because of AMD's Wattman. I got an i5 4590 Processor, 16 GB of Ram and a R9 280x, with the latest graphic drivers installed (19.4.3) and my Windows 10 is also up to date. At the beginning I had my graphic settings on rare and had constantly 60 fps. When it started to freeze I went down with the settings, now on the lowest. The freezes still occur. I read a lot about in forums and ppl having the same or similiar graphic cards with the same problems. The only thing I read, was updating the graphic card driver, win10 and turning off shadow cache in the global settings. All done, but still the same problems. In other games, which need surely better specs than this game (anno 1800 e.g) run perfectly fine for hours. I am really looking forward for your help!