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  • Ahoy maties!

    So by now, you might have seen the big news...

    Sea of Thieves is finally coming to Steam!

    Steam Store Link:

    While we don't have a date to share just yet, we're thrilled to announce that Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam soon! You can wishlist it now so that you're ready to add it to your hoard as soon as possible!

    And because I can only imagine the number of threads inbound, I have created this thread here to keep discussions in one place. Please keep the discussions here civil and to remember to stick to the Pirate Code and Code of Conduct.

    Apologies if you have had the anchor dropped on your thread and redirected here - we are trying to keep the forum ship-shape and discussions happening in one central thread!

    More details will be coming soon, but for now...

    What do you think maties?

    See you on the seas!

  • [img][/img]

    As someone who plays on PC but with an Xbox Controller this is getting bloody annoying, can we get this fixed or something. I'm getting tired of not being able to play with my friends on Xbox because they forgot to set up for PC players and I'm late to join in.

  • Hello,

    I just recently re-installed the game and when I purchase a voyage, go to the table, and then vote for that voyage it's not giving me the map. The voyage is successfully voted in and is laid out on the table but theres nothing in my inventory to find out where to go or what to do. I've already tried re-installing but the issue remains. Any ideas?


  • Hello Pirates,
    in my friendship more and more people play this game. At this moment we are six persons, the biggest ship ceeps 4 pirates and ingame there is the option to create an alliance with an other ship. It is very difficult to impossible to join with all persons on one server.
    Is it contemplated to create a feature that pirates of a full ship can invite friends to an alliance or similiar.
    I think the fun of the gameplay can be increase.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • my team and I noticed that when we were doing gold horde missions, the new dragon lantern does not work when we have to do a riddle and raise the lantern to a strategic point. We tried several times with the dragon lantern and we noticed, after changing the lantern, it was the lantern and not the place that we are.

    Anyways , It's maybe not something important , but it's a bug that we did encounter

  • Ahoy maties!


    The Mutinous Fist Ship Set

    Simply set sail over the next three days (April 3rd to 5th) to unlock three parts of this vibrant vessel that's perfect for causing chaos!

    The specific times to log in, in BST, are as follows:

    • 12am April 3rd - 8am April 4th: Mutinous Fist Sails
    • 12am April 4th - 8am April 5th: Mutinous Fist Flag
    • 12am April 5th - 8am April 6th: Mutinous Fist Hull

    The parts will be sent straight to the Shipwright's chest for you to adorn your ship with.

  • Hi, I've recently started Sea of Thieves and have been having issues with glitches/skipping. During gameplay my character will frequently skip around the map. Seems to happen at any time. Running around island. Onboard the ship I will instantly switch levels of the deck. Sometime my character will all the sudden be on the ship and then at the bottom of the ocean. Occurs with fighting skeleton as well which makes it very difficult. I've checked my internet connection at home and there seems to be no issues on my end. I live alone using no other streaming devices while playing and my internet speed is about 60megabits/second. This does not occur with any other online games on my Xbox One only with Sea of Thieves. Any help on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hey!
    So since the new update (Heart of Fire) I've been experiencing game breaking rendering/lag issues, Everytime I load I have major lag spike issues especially when I go to the Pirate Legend tavern area. I also have this issue when sailing to a new island and I'm going in the vicinity of the island. It happens to often and is affecting my gameplay. I also take way to long to load in from when I die and getting mermaids to my boat. I have looked into this and cannot find a solution hoping to find a solution here. Any ideas?

  • so i have been trying to get the games mic to work and i fail at every turn.

    privacy settings: check
    default audio in and out: check
    xbox app audio in and out: check
    sot crew and non crew audio: check

    i did manage to get it to show a voice symbol above my character but noone hears anything.

    what else am i missing here?

    should i just remove the game and reinstall is that my last ditch effort? i feel like i shouldnt have to do that but thats why im here maybe im missing something very obvious.

    i feel like this is a very dumb issue and i feel like the devs should make a setting in the settings menu so you can atleast test your mic in game. i have to have someone online even to test if my mic is working. this is just nonsense especially when all apps outside of the game are all picking up my voice and the game is not. not to mention how much of a pain it is to get a friend to log in just to see if the goofy voice is working.

    if anyone can help me out here it would be greatly appreciated

  • Just a query. Will our data be transferred if we link our profiles to the new series X console. I know it's a while off and this relies on SoT being posted to it.

  • Hi all,

    Anyone else experienced the gold hoarder bug again?

    I have been playing in a two man sloop, collected all the journals on the way but the boss fight was impossible. Over an hour later and he just won’t die.

    Is this bug back again?

  • Anyone else having problems with the Particle Effects Quality resetting to "Cursed" every time you restart the client?
    I keep having to set it to "Rare" every playsession.

  • ~~ strikethrough text ~~
    I would like to give some suggestions to insert in the game.
    1st option to choose a name for the ship and be able to place it at the bow.
    2nd to be able to form a guild and choose the name.
    3rd you can more easily and correctly enter the same server with a group of friends (guild) or be able to choose the server.
    4 ° to be able to use the mascot to attack my enemy, even if it was to hinder him at the time of combat.
    5 ° adjust the quantity of supplies on the ships; wood, cannonball and food, according to the size of the ship. Larger boat = greater amount of supplies.

    And that's it for now, I hope the others like my tips.
    See you ;)

  • Hi i think we should of got the blunderbuss pistol and sniper why just the sword what is the point

  • When selling either a skeleton captain chest or skull, the masked stranger will take it, but no gold will be awarded. I tested it with a villainous skull and ashen captains chest at the same time, those gave rewards while the skeleton captain items did not.

  • I can't join my friend's crew, and keep getting the GROOMEDBEARD error code. I can't find any kind of information about this code. I've restarted all relevant apps several times, and even enabled a VPN, but still no luck. What can I do? :(

  • I've missed a lot here and I got a good idea what time limited or not except for the ghost items. Are the ghost cannons only available for a short time or were they just put in as addition for pirate legends?

  • I think the Chest of Sorrows fills boats too fast.. if u were to have 2 or 3 of them on the same boat it would be very hard to keep the boat from sinking. with 1 person. or even 2 people on a small boat. the galleon even fills up quick. Should be slightly. slowed down.

  • This is the second or third time in as many weeks where sinking the skeleton sloop ship had no loot come up to surface. Is this normal?

  • Everytime I used that sword people would ask about it and I'd proudly tell them about the release of the devils roar and aimbot volcanos and how I was there, now you're giving it away like it means nothing that we were there, that you promised we would have our limited time cosmetics so we could tell our story to all the newer players that saw us wearing them.

    Super sad you'd give away the sword of all things from that event.

  • Hey team,

    So I've noticed a lot lately that people are doing the double gun switch for the firing... Which is technically glitching because it's an exploit.

    An awful lot of low class players are using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage... I know it will be fixed with a short delay when swapping or something, like most games fix these like drop shotters in games and ban people for doing it.

    It's starting to plague the game!

    When are rare planning to fix and ban this exploit!

    Thank you!

  • I haven't seen anyone cover this or anyone answer this kind of question, but I do wonder, can the FotD vault be opened by a regular Skeleton fort key? I doubt it's possible considering that would be insanely broken. Just imagine the loot! Anyways, goodluck on the seas!

  • why can you get multiple mermaids for one person just because he tried to move the first one now ? mermaids does not appear somewhere else instead, there is just more mermaids, it was not the case before

    is that intended or a bug ?

  • Rare, your game is an absolute masterpiece when it comes down to concept and player interaction.
    Your updates have added countless new options and ways to play the game. I however wish for 2 thing.

    I hope you can take the time to look at optimizing the performance of the game, and therefore improve your fundamental game mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, performance is mostly not a massive problem yet, but every time more content gets added the game seems to take little hits in performance that become noticeable after a while.

    The performance issues are most noticeable in galleon arena, where a 3 or more galleon fight near a larger island like eg. old faithful can bring my 1080ti to its knees. I start getting 30fps, and people start teleporting on my screen. (I play on rare graphics settings) If arena is to become a 6 ship clash mode around a central sea post next update , I struggle to see how people will be able to enjoy the epic battles we could have when the game runs little higher than 20fps on the lowest graphics settings.

    What I’m trying to say with this is that I hope you can put performance optimization in the foreground of further updates, and bring the game to a state where a minimum of 60fps is achievable for a mid end computer wherever the player is. I know it is not as easy as it sounds, and I don’t have the slightest clue how this could be achieved myself, but I hope you are aware that the community will fully support you if you chose to take some time to bring your game to a more enjoyable state.

    In terms of gameplay mechanics I’m referring mainly to combat. Take your time with combat changes too. I myself am well aware that the sword is a comparatively weak weapon, but I do not think damage buffs are the way out of this. What both the sword and guns need are fluidity. Fluidity in combat is what makes it fun. If people are able to outplay each other based on better aim/ movement, the game becomes vastly more enjoyable.

    What I hope can be improved here beyond weak “hit-reg” is all round the functionality and depth of the combat system. A start to the resurrection of the sword would be to ditch the implemented equip animation. It does nothing to improve combat or balance the game, and has made animation consistency way way worse. I am aware that the chain sword lunge canceling was not a welcome part of the game, and I agree that this needs to go... but just plopping in an extra animation to fix it is not the long term way forward.
    Especially with the massive influx of pc players the steam launch will bring, combat could be a really good way to impress.

    I hope you agree with me in that these two areas of the game need a bit of improvement in the future.

    All that aside, I love your game and wish it lots of success once it launches on steam. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe during the current pandemic, and is able to resume a normal life in the near future.

    performance improvement needed, combat fluidity needed. Take your time with it, but put those two things on the “high priority” list.

  • I would find it better if you could also save the progress of your ship and doesn't always have to start over.

  • I was doing the Heart of Fire for the 1st time and at the pulley door after I'd jump passed the swing skelly pendulum I got frozen in place and the only thing I could do is access the nearest barrel after 10 mins I gave up trying anything I could to get unfrozen and logged out so losing all my progress please fix this bug as soon as possible?

  • to show the ogs who own the cutlass, make a sick title or something that you cant get where everyone who owned the cutlass gets. maybe make a new cutlass for those who previously owned it. i think it's really unfair that you call it a limited time cosmetic and then just give it away for everyone to get. especially with the 6 day time period. i would be fine with it if it was like 2 hours to get it but at the same time still mad. you've just made quiet possibly the best cutlass in the game probably the worse cutlass. have some common sense rare. what a dumb descision

  • I don't really know where else to ask this, so here's the situation:
    A friend of mine purchased Sea of Thieves for me as a gift and we were able to play it together with me on a public computer and her on her desktop. Now, a year later, I have a new computer and we want to play Sea of Thieves together again but the microsoft store keeps saying that I don't own it. The records for my gaming account show that I have achievements from the game so I know that microsoft knows I was playing it at some point. How in the world do I solve this?

  • So I've returned to SoT after a good long break. I tried to play a few days ago and was rubberbanding all over the place, figured the game was having issues so I set it down. I tried to play again today and same issue, can't walk 2 feet without teleporting all over the place. So is anyone else experiencing this? Nothing has changed on my end, same house and same internet as always. My ping is also 200??? for some odd reason, I have a 100mbps connection and I'm located in NM as I have been for years. Never really had a issue like this before. Any suggestions?

  • I am disappointed that the Forsaken Shores event ended an hour earlier than it has in the past. Normally ended at 7Pm Central, now ends an hour and 1 minute earlier at 5:59PM central. Why? I was enjoying Youtube videos of late night hosts and was about to log in to game for first event, only to find it closed. Granted I can more than make up the loss with a reapers chest or some other item, but the completionist in me hates this. Same feeling I had when i missed getting one punch for Hungering Deep event, having been sunk by a skelly ship, just as I finally found a shark after sailing around for an hour 2 weeks ago.

  • They might add it in other ways in the future and if they will then fine if not its just unfair!
    Only 52 players can get it and only from UK?
    No one had a problem to charge 60$ from me back then and now when i dont even have a chance to get it.
    Again if there would be ways in the future to get it to all of us then im good but if not its pretty ugly

  • In the last few days there has been some information going around about a Discord server called Requiem.

    Requiem runs an alliance server on which they use sheer numbers to server-match ships and then lock them down to avoid pvp so they can grind out currencies and commendations for their over 4000-member server. If that's not bad enough on its own, it gets worse.

    Requiem runs a Patreon on which, if you donate $5, you are granted a special role in their Discord called "Supporter." Supporters are given precedence over regular members in that they have first-shot at open spots in the server-wide alliances. Effectively charging money for special access to Microsoft's servers.

    Since this has all come to light, their Patreon has changed some wording to make it seem more benign, but it functions the same way it always has: Pay $5 or more and you can skip the line to get into your pvp-free Sea of Thieves servers.

    I've included the original role benefit description as it appeared up until today:

    alt text

    This potentially breaks some of Microsoft's Terms of Condition:

    Section 8b-iv: "The software is licensed, not sold, and Microsoft reserves all rights to the software not expressly granted by Microsoft under these Terms. This licence does not give you any right to, and you may not, unlawfully:" "publish, copy, rent, lease, sell, export, import, distribute or lend the software or the Services, unless Microsoft expressly authorises you to do so;"

    It may also violate Discord's Terms of Service because they are/were monetizing a nitro booster role.

    alt text

    Much of this information was posted to the unofficial Reddit server for Sea of Thieves, but was removed and its poster banned for 45 days. Posting it here makes the most sense anyway as the Sea of Thieves guys and gals are more likely to see it.

  • Hey guys

    Been playing since alpha, pirate legend and all that, all tales completed 100%


    The shrouded Ghost still eludes me, anyone know if there is a trick to spawning it?

  • I haven't played the game in quite some time. Just looking for some tips with all the updates that I missed out on. It's been forever.

  • Let’s be honest who doesn’t want an new Artbook? The Old one is more than 2 years Old! My biggest Wish right now, would be an Artbook filled with amazing LORE!

    In this with Pictures filled Book, Rare can explain already existing things like the origin from the Megs, more detailed Informations about the Kraken, more details about the 4 known Seas, flora and fauna etc! More details about The Gold Hoarder and Briggsy(thinks we don’t know) such things but the more hyping up thing would be things we don’t know:

    -New Seas with pictures and explanations
    -New Sea Monsters(Land and Air too)
    -New Skeleton Lords we don’t know
    -New Animals, Wildlife, Pets etc
    -Mysterious Islands
    -More about the Merfolk
    -More about the Ancients
    -More about the GMU


    That would be so amazing, and we can keep hyped up! Because right now we know barely anything, I can’t get hyped up because I have no reason because there isn’t a lot to be hyped up!

    But with this Book we can ask Rare „when is this new Crab Monster coming?“ or „when can I sail this frozen sea?“ Right now we can’t ask such questions because there isn’t anything to ask!

    I mean rare, must not reveal everything SoT related, and for new things like new Seas they mustn’t describe all things there! And things like new weapons(Firebombs etc) or Mechanics (Alliances, Ship DMG etc) they absolutely not must reveal in this Book such things can be an mystery until they hit Insider-Testing!

    Im only wanting to find out more about the Past of SoT and what’s laying behind the Shroud :)

    Good Idea or Super Good Idea?