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  • I've read through some many posts on this forum about how I'm considered a "griefer" or a "bully" because I'm simply doing what the game has built into it. Sinking you. I'm not sure if you have loot hidden on your ship or not, but there is only one way to find out. Sink you. Maybe I need some more supplies and you're the closest thing to me, so I'll sink you while my crew off loads your supplies. There are plenty of reasons for me to go after you and sink you. I just don't get the bad rap that it gets on this forum. This isn't a sailing simulator game, it's a pirate game! Sink each other and have a good time.

    So I'm curious, why does everyone think it's such a bad play style?

  • With a discussion going on about Private Servers on social media I wondered what people though about this idea...

    Some believe that Private Servers should still offer the same reward experience as Public Server.
    It is my opinion that Private Servers should be restricted so that it is not an easier way to earn Gold and Rep.

    My crewmate suggested

    Private Servers could only reward Gold and Rep for the Merchant Alliance
    This is an interesting thought... in a similar way that the Arena only provides Rep for the Sea Dogs.

    Meaning that items are still sellable if found - this might also be a friendlier approach to capturing animals and completing orders for the Merchant Alliance.

  • Hi!
    I’ve had some time to play SoT again after a break, and my crew randomly found a Seapost and noticed we had a “level 1” on the Seapost.
    Then I googled it and found out that you can do Seapost to Seapost voyages which are solo-tailored. This sounds cool, but I couldn’t figure out how to actually start them?

    Another unrelated question: How to I get back the Mercenary Voyages, would love to play through from the start.

  • I was playing Sea of Thieves Arena Mode on stream when this happened. Watch the clip and take your conclusions:

  • This journal talks about a daring escape.

    Notes for my life story: Once through the Devil’s Shroud, I waited until the crew had drunk themselves silly in celebration.

    I escaped the brig by regaling my jailor with one of my most exciting stories. Once he came closer, he was already done for!

    I snuck onto a rowboat and made it here. As I rowed away, I noticed the Shroud ate a huge hole in their ship. I doubt I’ll see them again.

    This is is a journal you can find on Lagoon of Whispers on the South-side of the island by a wrecked rowboat. It is written by Umbra and serves as an introduction to the Legends of the Sea update.

    • My Archive of Lore Related Texts (Just like this one)

    Text Archive

  • After months, the art of the Trickster bug is still unchanged. Hours of playing through this Tall Tale have all led to multiple instances of the same bug. During the final skirmish in the Trickster vault, music is playing but the vault captain will not spawn after both of us.

    Also, I noticed a mod locked the last discussion of this bug because people continued to update the discussion whenever it would happen to them. The mod said discussing the topic without bringing any new information to the table is against the forum rules. If the issue isn't being addressed than why would we stop talking about it?

    This bug is game ruining. Hours of grinding just to be cucked on the last step. Can we fix this please?

  • Hi,

    With the latest Legends of the Sea update - did Rare add Ashen Key voyages back in the game?

    My crew couldn’t get Tome of Power IV for love nor money. And getting Ashen Keys without voyages was dreadful.

    Aware you can roam random islands for Ashen Key Masters (mostly came across Ashen Guardians or normal captains though).

    Aware you can fish out an Ashen Key from the Sea if you’re lucky (about as rare as Treacherous Loot if not worse).

    Aware you can do Ashen Forts and one of the final waves gives you an Ashen Key Master and the vault gives you an Ashen Chest (we don’t always have the time for Forts or the PvP that might come with it).

    The other night we roamed and roamed for Key Masters on islands and we found 3 of them in the space of 2 hours. Unfortunately we didn’t get Tome of Power IV. Now we have another batch of Tomes to get.

    So I’m hoping Rare have made that experience much more user friendly again; with the return of Ashen Key Voyages in this update.

    Someone please give me some good news on this one lol.


  • Hi,

    When alliance system was implemented and even before that with the Hungering Deep update, it was easy to join other crews, have fun and sell the loot without being betrayed.

    Right now I feel the only people doing alliance are the people joining the same servers together by privatizing some ships. I'm not doing that, but I see a lot of people in LFG writing they already have 3 ships and looking for more people.

    How can we improve the alliance system to bring back the fun of playing together and not only encounter PVP players who are shooting every other ships even if nobody has loot?

    Right now, each time I encounter another ship, I'm waiting to see what they are doing before shooting. 99% of the time they shoot and we have to sink them, but it would be much better for us to team up to get more loot to sell no?

    I see people coming here saying "It's a pirate game, pirate kills people, etc...". Did you know that pirates were also teaming up with other pirates?
    Sea of Thieves is a game about PVE and PVP and not only PVP.

  • This is a heartfelt message from me to your team. My wife passed away last Monday due to cancer. She and I sailed the Sea Of Thieves many days and nights since its release. We shared many laughs and excitement brought to us by your game and the escape it created.

    An escape from the pain that my wife and our family were experiencing. My wife had fought cancer for a long year but yet through it all she never stopped smiling. Some of those smiles came from the time that her and I had with Sea Of Thieves.

    She always looked forward to us playing and we always made sure we tackled every new feature TOGETHER. One of the best memories is when the two of us finally reached Pirate Legends. A feat we talked about for a long time.

    I am thankful to your team for allowing me to share this unforgettable experience with my wife. I know she is sailing the heavenly seas on a ship built by love that has no bounds.

    Thank you @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd
    alt text

  • Dread Pirate Doug – Killer Qualifications- Golden Sands Outpost

    ~ @DreadPirateDoug ~

    This pirate had the bright idea of writing out all their skills and pirating history, to ensure they found gainful employment with future crews.

    It’s a good job that the law doesn’t come to the Sea of Thieves.

    SayHeyRocco – Dance with Chickens – Chicken Isle

    There’s a very odd pirate out there with cat-like reflexes, known as @SayHeyRocco. When you hear ‘Meow Meow, Kiss Kiss’, you know they were coming!

    When that pirate got ahold of several chickens and the couloured lights of the Ferry, things got even stranger!

    Nerdy Netty – Purply Pretty - Amethyst Angel Hair Dye

    That radiant purple! That’s the same colour used by Nerdy Netty, one of the loveliest pirates ever known.

    It’s really quite something. No wonder she became famous – she’s very kind… and very hard to miss…

    @Dr-Nefari0us – Familial Resemblance – Shark Bait Cove

    Met me son Derrick for the first time! Well, he says he’s me son. How can I deny it wiv a handsome mug like that?

    @Chayification - ‘One Last Shanty…’ - Merrick Roll - The Reaper's Hideout

    Merrick has left behind a journal…

    Before I retire, I wanted to write one last shanty, inspired by some words I heard being bellowed from me speaking trumpets.

    This one definitely won’t summon any man-eating sea monsters. In fact, I promise to never cause so much trouble again:

    We’re no strangers, to this cove…
    You know the pirate code and so do I!
    A pile of treasure’s what I’m thinking of…
    You wouldn’t get this from any other pi…rate!
    Never gonna brig you up,
    Never gonna let you drown,
    Never gonna sail around,
    And maroon you!
    Never gonna steal your eye,
    Never gonna not say ‘aye’!
    Never gonna sell your booty,
    For a doubloon!

    … it’s a work in progress. I think I’ll let me fellow pirates fill in the gaps.

    My son Derrick seems to think it’s hilarious. He suggested the title ‘Merrick Rolled’. I don’t get it.

    These are the Legends of the Sea and their accomplishments. They are grouped in together in "The Piratical Jokers". I have tried to link these legend's Sea of Thieves profile / Twitter and their accomplishment as the best I can.

    • My Archive of Lore Related Text (Just like this one)

    Text Archive

  • I can't join my friend's crew, and keep getting the GROOMEDBEARD error code. I can't find any kind of information about this code. I've restarted all relevant apps several times, and even enabled a VPN, but still no luck. What can I do? :(

  • Me and my buddies are trying to get onto the same instance so that we can play together and form an alliance however there doesn't seem to be a mechanism in the game to do this.

    Are there any exploits or methods to get into the same game as your friends?

    I thought maybe rejoining would give a chance of just randomly be on the same server but we've done it 5 or 6 times with no luck so far.

    Is this possible?

  • Ever since this update came out I can't seem to be able to play anymore and was wondering if the servers are down or if it's just me. If it is just me how can I fix this?

  • They are both 25k? Kinda devalues the Box if you ask me. What do you guys think

  • Hello. I just installed a new Radeon RX 5700. It work well in all my other games, however, when I try to launch SOT, a window opens up with the SOT logo and a black background, and after a few breif milliseconds it closes. Nothing happens. The game doesn't launch. I've tried reinstalling drivers. I've tried reinstalling the game. Anyone know why this may be happening?

  • Everytime I look up or down the taskbar/minimize or maximize appear, I have done all the fixes.
    UAC Fix
    Alt+Enter fix
    none of those work.
    It makes the game almost unbearable to play

  • This is a double gun game, if Rare wanted it different they would have changed it by now. Only thing sword users have in their favor is bad hit markers. If they fixed that it would be even more lopsided.

    Do yourself a favor stop running into my blunderbuss with a sword it is rediculous.

  • So as of the new update with the fire bombs, I've been trying to get the commendations for "destroying" skeletons effected by cursed balls. Unfortunately, ive killed about 10 skeletons effect by both Weary and Jigballs and I don't get any progress towards the Sandman's Revenge/Dancing Demon commendations or the Legend of Cursed Iron commendations. I finished the venom/ grog ball commendations just fine. I believe the reason I am not getting any progression is because of the new update. After the skeletons are effected by the proper cursed balls I have tried killing them with regular cannon balls. I've tried using and explosive keg. And killing them with guns and swords. The skeletons are possibly lighting on fire a split second from the regular cannon balls/explosive kegs and canceling the effect of the cursed ball. But I'm not getting any progression towards any of my Cursed Sails commendations regarding destroying effected skeletons and to be honest its very inconvenient and making me dislike the game more considering this is 1 of about 15 major glitches in the game as of today.

  • I remember when arena was on the works the developers said it would offer an alternate way of playing the game in terms of spending time.
    It was meant to be something you could hop on, maybe play a match or two and get off.
    Instead it takes really long time to just wait in the sea dog tavern and getting a server migration after server migration with the game never starting.
    I don't know if it is an issue that is mostly when you queue on pc but nevertheless, this is clearly not how it is supposed to work.
    I would like to know if there are any improvements coming to this in near future?

  • Two nights in a row now, once during a kraken encounter and a second time whilst getting chased down for a reapers bounty, I have been spawned onto a random island instead of our boat.

    Night 1, whilst my mate is manning the ship by himself fighting off a kraken, I go through the door of the ferry only to be spawned on Snake Island, MILES away from our ship. So I quickly run to the mermaid, where does it spawn me? Snake island again! I try this 4 or 5 times and it just keeps throwing me up on Snake Island. So I get myself killed instead to see if that works, nope still chucking me at snake island. Luckily my guy escaped the kraken on his own and I eventually made it back to the ship.
    Tonight, we are getting chased down by a 2 man sloop for the reapers bounty we have, its gaining on us so I try to board them to drop anchor, I get killed. No problem right? I can try again. NOPE game decides to spawn me on an island again leaving the fight 2 against 1, they obviously out maneuvered my mate and sunk our ship and took our stuff. Meanwhile I'm hearing everything that's happening whilst feeling completely useless stranded on a random island.

    Has anybody else experienced this? It's a shame swearing isnt allowed on this forum because I really cant stress enough how much this has ticked me off. Completely unfair, completely unacceptable.

  • The Rare crew (with guest Pedrodbr) set sail to start their discovery of Legends of the Seas, tomorrow at the usual time.

    5pm GMT
    9am PST
    12pm EST
    6pm CET
    3.30am (Wednesday 22nd?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • Tonight was it.
    My last buddy willing to grind through the monotony of hrs of work only to have griefers come up right at the end and chase us around for another hr, until being a grown up he had to go to bed to get up early for work in the morning, and we had to give up everything we spent hrs doing.
    When the alpha was first available me and 12 of my friends signed on. By the beta we had lost the predictable 2 due to lack of attention span. By the end of the beta there was only 6 plus me.
    It only took about a month after the offical release and we were down to the dedicated crew of 4. Myself and 3 others. Everyone else quit playing stating the same reason, griefing.
    Tonight I became the last of us.
    By default I imagine I will stop playing now as well, having no real friends to form a crew with (rando's rarely make it fun) and being alone is so far beyond a grind.
    This brings me to my gripe. Griefers. They have officially ruined this game. Ive played since the alpha and it has been the same issue since day one. It costs a player hrs of real life time and effort to complete tasks and "play the game", and costs griefers absolutely nothing to take it all in minutes.
    Without it costing some sort of effort to acquire a boat capable of battle, and the potential cost of losing a ship, this game will continue to lose legitimate players everyday.
    Despite most peoples existence, some of us still value our time and to play a game that basically wastes your time and rewards others to ruin hard work, takes near unlimited patience.

  • Hello,
    i would like to read the log files from the game or use a sot api (if there is any) to write a program that keeps track of your gold when you start the game and when you end it so you can see how much gold you did in a run.
    Is this possible in sot?


  • Just today I heard a very strange music. After testing it a bit I found out it’s whenever I take my spyglass and zoom in on a skeleton ship. When I do that a audio starts that I have never heard anywhere else in the game.
    Anyone else having this???!

  • I don't know why I feel this way about the extra megalodons, but for me personally they drain the uniqueness out of the entire aspect. I enjoyed it a lot more when it was just the Hungering One, the others just make me sad.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Keep yer eyes on that horizon! More to follow ;)


    An exclusive T-shirt has hit the store! And it grants you a code for the Obsidian Banjo!

  • Anyone have any handy tips on finding boxes of exotic silks for the achievement? Apart from shipwrecks and beach combing can’t think of any other way of getting any.

  • How do you find 20? Do you get them with the time limited mercenary voyage Duke gives you? I haven't checked for myself since you can only receive one! Let me know. Thanks.

  • The Aristocrat ship set looks a LOT like the Dainty Lady ship used in Escape from Monkey Island! Is this intentional? o.o

    Either way, since I’ve already made my character look just like Guybrush Threepwood, I’m totally using this ship set to recreate elements from the Monkey Island series in Sea of Thieves, lol

  • Ahoy maties!

    Just sharing this here, in case you missed it elsewhere...

    From this article here:

    Our community will be at the centre of our January update – ‘Legends of the Seas’ – which will be available to all players for free from Wednesday, January 15. Not only will this update celebrate our community and its stories, it will also feature two limited-edition gifts to mark our 10 million player milestone. Log-in to the game between January 15 and 22 and claim a free custom sail and a special new emote.

    And here, they are...

    alt text

    All you'll need to become eligible is to play our upcoming Legends of the Sea update before January 22nd, 4pm GMT, and you'll receive them in February's update! More info here:

  • Da ich durch öffnen eines Tickets direkt gelöscht werde ohne Antwort, poste ich das hier ins Forum.
    Es geht um den Bundle, der angepriesen wird mit:
    Dieses Bundle enthält das Komplette XY Schiffanpassungsset INKLUSIVE der Sammlervarianten
    Ich also besorge mir 2499 Punkte und bestelle mir den Artikel, und siehe da, Keine Sammler-Variationen dabei.
    Diese, falsche Aussage, das alles dabei sei, habe ich natürlich als Ticket eröffnet und erhoffte mir eine schnelle Hilfe, doch siehe da, es wurde 2x Gelöscht, ohne jegliche Antwort des Teams.

  • Hopefully the title is catchy enough. As a question for the devs (or powers that be): are there any plans to make it so that I can change the actual physical Pirate that I have without forcing me to reset all of my progress? While I have enjoyed my pirate, there have been several, several times (several) where the fact that I chose a Chonky Boi pirate model has prevented be from doing a lot of the things that my friends are able to do in this game, Primarily in terms of hiding on enemy ships. For them it is as easy as finding a slightly darker corner of the ship and sleeping (now hiding with the new emote) yet I am condemned to be the most visible pirate on the seas. I cannot hide anywhere but the crows nest on any ship other than a galleon, and even on a galleon, any player walking by will spot me out. If it were possible for Duke to arrange for a renowned (or at least scruple-less) surgeon to visit the Sea of Thieves, many pirates lives would be improved.

  • This topic is deleted!