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  • I know we can't call people out on here but these people post their gameclips to Xbox all the time and one of these dudes just joins random crews to drop all their treasure out and make their lives miserable, particularly to new players who are trying to make it in the world.

    I just want to warn people in case he joins your crew (I don't do randoms, I just came across his xbox clips and the dude is a trash bag)

  • So a lot of people on have mentioned on this forum and just about everyone I've talked to about it in game missed out on getting this Pistol. I like to scour for all the extraneous stuff for games like this. Pre-Order games, bought Special Editions, liked things on Facebook, played a Facebook game, signed up for forums, bought controllers, a mouse, keyboard, strategy guides, a book, game subscriptions, in game currency, slim jims, Dr. Peppers, and recently a hard drive all to get in game content. Most of these things had a window of opportunity to get them. I'm not the most wired to Social Media, but normally kept up with things enough to get them during their window of opportunity. So I was a bit dismayed at learning I had to watch a stream at a specific time to get this flintlock skin. Not everyone including myself were available during the Voyage Stream to watch it and get the Ebon Flintlock. It's a little frustrating not having this last part of the Black Dog set. Can we get a non-time specific, or at least a sizeable window of opportunity to get this skin such as by just watching the previous stream, following Xbox on Mixer, watch past footage of Sea of Thieves stream, watch every future Sea of Thieves Stream, or even paid DLC.

  • How does it feel?

    How does it feel to kill a man who had no qualms with you and just wanted to destroy a red mermaid statue on the beach?

    Does it make you feel better that you had to then ambush him on his own ship and use a barrel, cannon fire and the rocks to sink it?

    But then how does it feel that not only did your feign of friendship fail and end one of your crew mate's life; but then have that lone sloop player without a ship board yours and crash it into the rocks and prevent three of you from saving it with all that treasure on board?

    Finally after all that, how does it feel that you were down a man because he tried to take that statue from me but not only did he fail, he was pushed back into not one, not two but four skeleton barrel bombers and have the statue taken from you by time you returned to find your legendary chest reclaimed by davy jones?

    These "Fine" gentleman proved that time doesn't equal skill, and that they should next time reconsider if it is really necessary to kill that one solo slooper going for the bilge rat quest?

    Because those captains and legendary chests looked pricey; I would've saved them but I didn't have a boat.

    TL:DR Four pirate legends attempt to ruin my day of bilge rat grinding but it goes horribly wrong for them. They lost their treasure, I got my statue.


  • Let me start off by saying there's a lot about Sea of Thieves that I thoroughly enjoy, but the longer I play, the more this one aspect of the game irritates me: the impossibility of catching another pirate ship if they don't want to fight.

    I know all of you have experienced this at some point. You're sailing along in a sloop, you spot another sloop sail on the horizon, and decide to give chase. If you're lucky, that sloop is parked at an island, and only starts running when you're a short distance away. Despite your best efforts to entice them into an actual fight, they decide to set a course to nowhere and keep going until you either give up or they fall off the map. This happens whether your sail is perfectly tuned to the wind or not, and even if their sails aren't. The "boost" of speed that's supposed to come from a perfectly positioned sail is so negligible that it's basically a non factor in any pursuit.

    Perhaps one of the most frustrating scenarios is when your ship has a crew of two, and the other ship has a crew of one. In theory, a larger crew should be able to keep the sails perfectly adjusted at all times, while the crew of one can't, enabling you to ultimately catch them. Can anybody say they've ever seen it play out like that?

    This leads to a game that would better be described as "Sea of Stalemates" than "Sea of Thieves". Considering the amount of time it takes to travel from one area to another, a pursuit can last upward of 30 minutes. That's really absurd considering the only hope of it ending is the other person scuttling their ship, logging, or turning to fight. Has anyone ever seen a crew that's been willing to run for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes be willing to turn and fight? I haven't.

    All I'm saying is that the pursuit mechanics of this game could really use a hard look. The best part playing is the actual battles, and as time goes by battles seem to occur less and less frequently as players become more absorbed by the grind than by actual combat.

    Anybody agree or disagree?

  • Alliances will break the game the way a 4 man sloop would have. How can Rare not see this ? All you PVE people that think this is a great idea will be in for a real nightmare when 2 ships blast you out of the water.

    This is a bad idea that needs to be shot down like 4 man sloops were.

  • I don't know how many times I have encountered players on my crew that want to sabotage the ship or throw off hard earned loot into the sea. Don't get me wrong, the current system of having a brig is great and adds a passive-aggressive approach, so either a bad player can leave or they can make a plea and be allowed to join the crew again. However, when you have players joining your crew and intentionally taking skulls, chests, and other hard-earned loot and throwing it into the ocean, or crashing your ship into rocks... that's where the brig system fails. A kick system would be extremely beneficial to counter players that want to ruin the gameplay for others.

    Also, what about those pesky players that you put in the brig and they don't leave and a friend wants to join? Or you're doing a skeleton fortress or voyages and that person in the brig doesn't leave and just bandwagons for loot? That needs to be addressed.

  • Anyone been recently updated on when we will receive our founders pack?

  • I'd like to know why the design on the skeleton ship (not the outside of the ship), Looks way cooler than walking around on your own ship! And ask that you put more effort in, give us several more options not just a basic model.

  • So I was dabbling around the Sea of Thieves facebook group I'm a part of and came across a very interesting post. In the post a person brought up and was bragging about their favorite "new way to play" which consisted of hunting galleons with only 2 or 3 members on board and proceeding to screen shot their gamertags and then attempting to join their crew by using their gamertag. If it works, they then proceed to tell their original crew where they constantly are and constantly harass the new crew until they leave or at least have a majority rule on the boat to brig the remaining people so they can completely take over the second boat and have more friends pile into the server on a 2nd boat. A lot of the posts that followed the post gave praise to the guy for the tactic, although I find it to be even more toxic than some of the things that have been done previously.

    I'm curious to know what everyone elses opinion, more specifically what Rares viewpoint would be, on such a new level of griefing. Should these people be punished for abusing a feature further past its intent or should they get nothing for just finding a new way to use what was presented before them?

  • So we have seen an almost full set available to be gotten via varies means.

    Ebon pistol - awarded to us for watching a stream
    Ebon blundar - buying the Sea of Thieves themed HDD
    Ebon Eye of Reach - E3 2018 DLC exclusive
    Ebon Drum - E3 2018 DLC exclusive
    Ebon flagon, shovel, compass, & bucket - Chips Ahoy rewards
    Ebon accordion, hurdy gurdy, full outfit with peg leg - pre-order bonus.

    So all that remains is the hook, horn, and spyglass. But my question is thus. Will it be possible to get all of these items without having to resort to paying absolutely ridiculous prices on eBay?

    Yes it can be argued 'well they are exclusive just like the black sea dog outfit'. Well.. After seeing said ridiculous priced dlc codes on eBay, I myself seriously do not mind paying said prices for these items.. Well, at least a decent portion. I do not know how many of you would rock these items, but I am sure a decent amount of you would. I would love to see a way for us to earn some these items or buy them in the form of a micro transaction in the future.

    I know I don't speak for alot of you, but it borderline feels unfair because the E3 items went out to a small percentage of people. Just to turn around and find what was a free item to them, goes for 40-80 bucks on eBay. I spent $80 and got the blunderbus because I actually needed the HDD. The code was just a bonus. Then you see the chips ahoy items going for a package of cookies, only available here in the states(correct me if I'm wrong there). It's hard to justify spending so much money just for one in game item.

    All I want, is a way to get these items in game without the absorbant borderline extortionist price on eBay.

    This is purely my opinion. You can argue it if you want, but you will not sway me on it. I am a Black Sea Dog and I want me gear blast it! Nothing comes close to the way it all looks and in my personal opinion it's better looking than anything else in game. And if I'm gonna have to buy it? I would much rather that money go to the game itself for future content.

    Rant over. You may commence with the arguments and burning me at the stake for my opinion lol

  • From the sound of the panel, the previously discussed 'battle royale' style mode will one day make its way into Sea of Thieves.

  • It would appear that the Joanna Dark Figurehead is being given away at SDCC this year. If you are over there, be on the lookout for her!

    Don't forget, the in-game DLC given out at Comic-Con is a time-limited exclusive for 60 days. Rare will make it available for everyone to acquire in game after that period! Also, as @Musicmee pointed out, it is also available if you purchase anything from the Sea of Thieves store until midnight Sunday 22nd July BST.

    Found on reddit.

  • As Sea of Thieves player that play on both Xbox and PC I find it frustrating to see these post coming almost daily now.

    It's the same old story over and over. "I cant kill PC players and they either cheat or/and their keyboard & mouse setup is too precise and fast".

    I'm by no means a hardcore player. But I can handle myself.

    And I got a message to Xbox players complaining about crossplay. Get better. Stop complaining. I play as mentioned on both PC and Xbox. So it's relative easy for me to see when I encounter console or pc players by the way that they move and fight.

    And I'm not ashamed to say that while playing on PC I've been owned hard at times by console players. And when on Xbox I've sent large numbers of PC players to Davy Jones locker.

    Just practice. Get better at the game instead of complaining about crossplay that should be the future for all games. Bringing gamers together and not keep us divided like one certain company want to....

  • For all of those curious as to what the new ship looks like, I managed to find a picture.
    Been really curious as to what the Brigantine looks like myself, and surprised there wasn't more pictures going around.

    When watching the trailer I noticed in the back when the skeleton ship goes under water, you can see the Brigantine in the background on the left.
    I highlight this in this video.

    Also through some further google searching I discovered this;
    alt text

    So there's a little taste of whats to come, hope you are all as excited as I am!

  • With all the discussion on alliances, I wish to share my experience.

    2 days ago my galleon of 3 people were on a skull fort. About half way though 3 ships sailed in together (2 galleons and a sloop). Out gunned they sunk us over the next half hour or so.

    Instead of fighting them on the island I decided to try and blend in. With so many players these guys had no clue who was who. I faught beside them being careful not to die, but active enough that they saw my tag and assumed I was one of them. I knew my crew was returning from quite a distance away.

    My goal was to grab the key and run, but I was too late. The guy picked up the key and wanted to come back later. I suggested to him that with the sunken galleon on its way, we should open and divide quickly. He agreed.

    In the unorganized mess that followed I managed to hide the fort skull and chest. Continuing on, I got other items as well. This is when they got really mad at each other, both assuming the others had betrayed. While they began fighting among themselves my ship docked, loaded the skull, chest and about half the lesser valuables and sailed.

    Sea of thieves is about piracy. I understand players wanting to work together, but I hope Rare remembers their promise to create tools to allow inmovative gameplay, and doesn’t start creating tools to remove it.

  • As many of us know Shark Week 2018 kicks off tomorrow July 22nd. And I think adding a Shark Week event would be cool, even if it's not related to awards. Simply having the waters in SOT teaming with greater numbers of sharks, similar to before The Hungering Deep, would be cool!

    It made the waters more deadly than normal which affected crews strategies during various situations from PVP combat to skull forts.

  • So my crew and I were on a galleon and there was a sloop that just would not stop harassing us. They were super eager to mix it up. We laughed it off and kept going as we don't typically mess with sloops if we are on a galleon or we are trying to get something done.

    Anyways, we finally give in and start fighting. They're preferred method was to have one guy stay behind on the ship and send another over to try and take on a galleon by himself while the whole crew was on board(we were on open water, not an island). Anyone who does a lot of pvp know its great to get on quick and drop anchor at times etc. That's not what was happening.

    The same player kept trying to come over. Always opting to try and climb up our latter with us watching said ladder. We would shoot him off and he would manage to shoot us while flying off the ladder. A little weird because things aren't that fast in the game but okay. Eventually he gets on board later somehow and kills my whole crew within seconds(2 shots each, never missing) and I knock him off the boat but he manages to head shot me while falling. Wow, what a lucky shot... Then the craziness happens.

    As we re-spawn he knows exactly where we are at different times and kills us with 2 shots before his other gun can even animate. What would happen is he would fire one gun and then before that animation was done his arms would be at his sides and another shot would shoot out of his body...every shot a head shot.

    I myself carry two guns in pvp situations to shoot, switch, shoot, reload, repeat. His shots were so fast it was impossible. Not to mention the obvious animation glitching/canceling. This went on for about 9 kills.

    My crew and I are big pvpers and do quite well in fights. We haven't lost a skullfort where we had to fight since about the 2nd week of the game. Often against 3-4 ships and their crews. This was uncanny though. The game has a set amount of time when weapons come to bare and his were skipping that time.

    After we were all killed several times without so much as being able to fire back once, we realized why he was so intent on fighting a galleon by himself. He knew he couldn't lose.

    So, we try to report him but he isn't in our list of recent players. A list doesn't seem to be remotely accurate. We died so fast each time we couldn't fully read his name and it was only 4-6 letters. It was Tt...something. It's not showing up to report though. What now?

  • It's so dreary, dark, bland looking, colorless and unpleasent being on this part of the map. If I spawn here I immediately leave the area to do quests in The Ancient Isles or The Shores of Plenty.

    I'd bet if Rare had a heat map for player activity it would be one of the most devoid areas played in the game by a wide margin. When Rare extends the world map and undoubtedly introduces an Ice/Snow biome they need to ensure it's a pleasant place to be.

    Who else feels this way or does this?

    alt text

  • The new event/content updates continue to be antithetical to previously stated design concepts. Yesterday's update brought us static statues that do not move (and furthermore do not even function as intended). At the most core level I do not understand how farming randomly spawning statues adds to a multiplayer experience that was largely built around designing a game that was fun to stream and play with friends. Nobody wants to watch groups of 1-4 players whack randomly spawning small objects. Even if farming non-moving randomly spawned objects is your thing, they don't even function as intended. It's entirely possible to kill all three statue types as a single or duo player. This is largely due to the fact that the statue's damage radius doesn't work properly. You can be out of range of that radius and still make constant contact with your sword. In general, they feel really cheaply made from a design standpoint. The way that the statues interact with player weapons feel like interacting with a glitch. There is no sense of blunt force impact or anything outside of the "expansion/explosion" animation that the statues progress through as they lose health.

    It still blows my mind that a game development studio would think this is a fun thing to add to the game. It feels like Rare is simply adding "things to do" arbitrarily, or rather they are simply rolling out the easiest possible types of weekly events (the type that require minimal development time).

    Because Rare continues to ignore larger deficiencies in the SoT sandbox, the late-game meta has essentially devolved into commendation farming. Which is even more frustrating because commendations themselves have a host of glitches and UI/UX issues. We are coming off of a two-week event where the most significant (albeit also arbitrary) commendation didn't function properly throughout the event's 2-week duration. Now for some reason, the legendary gunpowder exploder title, from last week shows up as locked (incomplete) even if you completed it last week and purchased the 0 doubloon title.

    This commendation-based meta game is truly antithetical to the core experience of SoT. It's fine if these things hidden bonuses scattered throughout the world in addition to more significant updates, but these cannot and should not be the focus of post-launch development going forward. They're dictating player behavior in a completely uninteresting way, and a good chunk of players are now simply doing things to make horizontal progression or check-off that they've completed a given commendation. This is encouraging late-game players to grind for the sake of it, and very likely making this game far less accessible and friendly to new players. Very frequently I see LFG crews who are essentially mining horizontal progression, and have essentially de-emphasized the social elements of this game entirely. This game needs the sandbox itself to be more fleshed out, not one-off events to be farmed.

    To make matters even worse, the commendation-based gameplay is encouraging players to exploit the game's mechanics. Last week's primary strategy involved exploiting skeleton AI to aggro a single player (because they are glorified homing missiles) and drawing them all into the shoreline to group them together. I still do not understand why Rare would create a weekly event that essentially placed further emphasis on the AI deficiencies that exist in this game.

    Meanwhile the game is still filled with significant bugs and performance issues. Last week's build had significant issues with crashing (especially during galleon vs galleon scenarios). Each new update seems to introduce new bugs, and largely ignore a significant chunk of bugs that have been in the game since alpha. Draw distance and performance continues to be (optimized/downgraded) with no mention in patch notes.

    A lot of the folks I played with extensively in the alpha are minimally interested in this game now. I believe this is largely due to the fact that Rare has lost sight of the direction that made this game so promising in the first place, and are now simply trying to fill the game with "content" instead of giving players meaningful and fun things to do in the sandbox.

    We can hold out hope that Cursed Sails will change course and begin to add more layers to the sandbox, but it seems entirely likely that beyond new canon ball types the update will simply introduce more things to farm in a largely empty world. Even though I'm not a streamer myself, I continue to maintain that the original concept to design a game that was fun to stream and share with friends was a great idea and spawned some wonderful mechanics. Rare has lost sight of that with these recent updates.

  • Seen as Rare don’t seem to want to release the SoT Soundtrack why don’t they contact Alestorm and get them to do a SoT song (or even EP). It would be a match made in heaven.

  • how long will the curse sail quest be? will it be the normal 2 weeks or longer?

  • Searchin' for loot wi' the crew one day, Through me eyeglass somethin' glinted. Found a treasure chest - the very best. We knew it would make us minted.

    'Coins of gold were ours to share. But me I wanted more. Stole from me crew - just and extra few. They knocked me to the floor.

    'The brig. the bring. Lock 'im up they said. The brig, the brig. Left me there for dead.

    'Headin' back to port with our plunder We was boarded by a rival. Twas Three Sheets Neate - a dirty cheat. We fought for our survival.

    'Our crew was brave apart from me. I hid on the balcony smokin'. They weren't best pleased - me arms were seized. Yer for it we ain't jokin'.

    With this tale of the rubbish sailor.

    This book is a random book you can find around the world. I copied it down to share with everyone on the forums. Three Sheets Neate is obviously an easter egg for Executive Producer Joe Neate... and that is pretty Neate!

    • My Archive of Lore Related Texts (Just like this one)

    Text Archive

  • Met me son Derrick for the first time! Well, he says he's me son. How can I deny it wiv a handsome mug like that?

    This is the text that accompanies the portrait of both Merrick and Derrick on Shark Bait Cove. You can find this text when you interact with their portrait leaning on a rock next to Merrick's camp from the Hungering Deep.

    • My Archive of Lore Related Texts (Just like this one)

    Text Archive

  • I was thinking about this the other night, I always seem to have the same jobs when I am on with my galleon crew. For me I am either the look out up in the crows nest or I am the captain. What do you do? Are you best at steering? Or do you man the crows nest? Are sails your thing? Or do you solo it? Also is there anything you are known for? Im known for being good at steering during combat situations and for always keeping a pet chicken on board.

    Feel free to share.

  • Hi,
    Just this evening we have been unable to load Sea of Thieves on our Xbox One (pc works fine).
    Game crashes after you join crew and game starts loading.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    (this is a standard 1tb xbox one)
    Anyone know what to do to stop the game crashing please?


  • I have no problem with people wanting a PVE server.
    I run across a lot of players who don't fire on me and if they don't I
    don't fire on them. I have had players wave and say I won't
    fire on you then when we go hunt for treasure or
    what ever they sink our sloop.I think the biggest objecters
    are the griefers. How can they sink a ship without total surprise.
    If people want a PVE server why do you care so much.

  • Spotted at Plunder Outpost weapons shop

  • But, still welcome imo. Glad Rare is taking a chance and trying things out. This can lead to really great stories and great times. Flip side gents is that it can lead to some nightmares and all out bad times.

    Either way its good to try something new out. Only upset that Alliances wasnt more of a guild system though. But, hopefully we can keep this alliance thing going if it works great and one day Rare will put a awesome guild system in the game. One that can lead to some great rewards for being part of a guild.

  • Arrr, fellow pirates!

    Today I'll talk about the mightiest of all weapons in Sea of Thieves: Trust!

    Back in the Technical Alpha, when I approached the Sea of Thieves, I played with some of my closest friends. We were not enough to fill out our own Galleon, so we always had one to two sailors on a voyage of their own. My friends didn't make it into release, but for me: Sea of Thieves is my most favorite game of all time! And they escorted me long enough to find like minded pirates. Some of those left, many joined.

    The Tale
    Today, I am part of an fantastic community, enabled by Rare and SoT's crossplay feature and growing by the day. Trust is key for the most enjoyable adventures ever experienced in a videogame.

    Just two days ago, I was sailing with a friend on a Sloop and we almost sunk a Sloop approaching to us, because of caution. But this Sloop didn't give up. They wanted to gift us a skull. We still had no reason to trust them, we got tricked before, because of trusting strangers.

    But after we settled all hostility, we made a fort together. We defended ourselves against random Thieves and split the Loot without any problems. After that, we started a Galleon together and as more of our community joined us, we bought another Sloop to find space for them. Today, the two people we almost sunk, are appreciated crewmates in our fleet.

    And it's not just them. Ships like The Serenity, The Drunken Molly and The Fortune Slave are sailing together, because of Trust.

    Ya, Trust is truly the mightiest weapon in Sea of Thieves and with the upcoming Alliance-System it becomes more and more important. Make friends but be aware of foes!

    Thank you for reading and fair seas!

  • Has anyone else noticed the massive influx of skulls all over the outposts as of late? Nice nod to Cursed Sails coming up.

    Edit: Adding screenshots.

    Galleon's Grave Skulls

    Galleon's Grave Skulls

    Galleon's Grave Skulls

    Galleon's Grave Skulls

  • Golden sands has the smoke coming out of the weaponsmith, with cannonballs everywhere.. making it look like they are actually making cursed cannonballs , which will be super dumb if you can just buy em from a shop... ANYWHO...

    anyone also notice the paint buckets all over the clothing shop? Possible dye's for hair or clothes incoming?

  • I played in the alpha . I like your game & am at home taking care of a disabled son have a lot of time to play . I have already pre order the game & the controller . If you have the room in the Pioneer program please consider me as a tester . Thank you .

  • Was just browsing the Xbox insider hub app as I’m awaiting a new update to my console OS and I noticed there was something new in the insider section. It’s to join the sea of thieves pioneers.

    This is the first I’ve seen anything about it since Joe Neate mentioned bringing the programme back. I’m not too sure if this is only available to alpha insiders or any one who downloads the app. Either way I’m looking forward to being a part of the programme 👍

    For those that don’t know the Xbox insider hub is an Xbox app that you let’s you enroll into rings for the latest console builds and can also try out new betas etc. It’s free to download and you don’t have to enroll into anything.

    Maybe this appeared earlier than intended and rare planned to announce it on inside Xbox later tonight...