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  • Howdy!

    A quick update from us - we're aware of the let's say, noticeable visual bug associated with the Legacy Beard cosmetic item. As a result the item has been temporarily removed from all vendors in the game and cannot be purchased.

    If you have already purchased the cosmetic then this removal won't affect you and the item will remain in your inventory. We'll be sure to update everyone once we can confirm exactly when the beard will return.

  • I logged in today to see the prices for packs has gone down. Over all that is pretty cool. Conversion rate is still odd, but I can chalk that up to being an American while the devs aren't. I do want to know if there is going be any coins granted to early adopters? I was, and am, happy to support the game and don't regret my purchase. However it feels a little off knowing everyone that spent money day one have less to show for it than those that didn't.

    I'm happy with my pets and harbor no ill intent with this message I just felt I had to ask.

  • How is it not griefing to steal tall tale items? I spend 2 hours (because of the new Video Driver reset bug) doing a number 6. These dudes snuck up on my while I was on my way back with the soul stone and killed me. I managed to respawn and when I did I grabbed the soul stone and told them to take what they wanted but I was only doing Tall Tales and didn't want to fight.

    I managed to get in my row boat and run but they came looking for me and found me and were laughing about taking the stone from me only to dump it in the water.

    Which leads me to another part. Extend the despawn time of soul stones. Hours of work lost in less than 5 minutes is stupid. I made it back to that spot in probably 2 or 3 minutes and when I got there I got the pop up saying I lost the stone. It's dumb. They didn't get money for it and I didn't get the tall tale finish that I wanted.

  • I want to apologize first for this long post, but I feel that these things need to be said. Skip ahead to see my suggestions. A little bit about me. I have been looking forward for Sea of Thieves ever since they first released the teaser at E3. I was instantly hooked at the concept, the style, the ships. I was in BETA and pioneers. I have always defended this game at the start to my friends when they said, “Its boring.” I have bought the books, statues, custom canvas prints, my point is I AM A MAJOR FAN.

    Rare…. Please stop this path you’re on. I am not talking about the micro store; I am talking about these reskin voyages. Mercenary voyages are killing the game to me and from all the post I have read, a lot of other fellow pirates. I know its easy and you guys want to push content out, but I don’t want to log in to do 10x X marks the map voyage. Enough is enough. You introduced the parkour at the Arena island, why isn’t that the event? Why didn’t you make 5 of these around the world, we could of have to find them and completed them?

    Sailing from one sea post, all the way across the map to another sea post is not fun. I will steal this from another post I read on Reddit, I feel like a glorified pizza boy. The sailing in this game is amazing but when it comes down to it, after the first hour of play time, its just tedious. The most fun I have had on this game is on islands, not in the boat, unless it was a sea battle, but NO ONE does that anymore. Everyone runs. I love exploring, I loved the Tall Tales (I know more are coming). But now with these mercenary voyages, I get the map, ding the loot and go to the next one… its no fun.

    You say this game is about horizontal progression, yet the cosmetics we have is lack luster. Why haven’t we got a massive clothing drop? You made us a sandbox game with very little sand.

    A couple ideas that the community wants(I won't say captaincy):

    1. Cosmetics you can find on voyages (dig them up like the Tall Tales quest) or drops from skeletons.

    2. Give some reason to PvP. Clothing/weapon set that gets “cooler” with every player/boat kill.

    3. PVE clothing set. The more you explore islands and find their secrets, the “cooler” the set gets.

    4. More world events. Example: the skeletons take over an outpost and takes the residents hostage. You rescue them. Kill the ships surrounding the island, then there is a pirate lord there you must kill. Once that happens, he drops a rare voyage that leads you to a rare clothing piece, hat, jacket, pants ect. You wouldn’t have to tell the player to do the event 10 x because we would want to do it 15 x so we could get the full set.

    5. Different enemies then just skeletons. Your art book has natives and mermaids that would bring so much life to a very empty world.

    6. More wildlife on the islands. You now have monkeys and parrots, add them to the world (I know parrots are kinda of already out there). Make it where they are in trees. Make it where when you are on an island, you are about to eat a banana, and a monkey steals if from you. Make it while you are sailing, a random parrot lands on the ship.

  • ahoy there mates.. i was sailing with a friend moments ago when the server kicked me and i got this error messege when trying to rejoin.. the error is not even on the errors list of the game .. i already made a suport request but i guess it will take a while to get and answer.... maybe someby here knows about this error and can help a fellow pirate

  • Since smugglers fortune released me and my friends have been wondering if you will keep your pets or other stuff you bought with real money. I know that you lose every other type of cosmetic thing, even the duke stuff but you do keep the mixer rewards and what not that you redeem on your account. I can see that my purchases for coins shows up but anything i bought in game with those coins are not under my orders, which leads me to believe that i will lose everything if i reroll. And if thats the case then that needs to be changed so that you do keep everything fromt he emporium.

  • I leveled up my gold horder's and it locked like I was max...ok fine I will level up order of souls. Oh...same thing..ok ok fishing then...same thing. I looked all over the net and nothing seem's to say why.

  • Girls are people too Rare. How about some equality?

    I realise that most of the guys working in the "gaming industry" don't know a lot about clothing styles, fashion, haute couture or maybe even just women in general for that matter. But wearing trousers and a dress in combination IS "a thing". Trust me on this one!

    Since the latest update I can't equip some of my favourite "ensembles" because we can no longer equip trousers and a dress? Trousers and a Coat for the boys is no problem. Now I'm now screaming sexism..... but........

    And while you are at it how about some better tops for the ladies? The current chest wrap is meh!

  • There are things in the arena that still need a ton of work
    -long wait times just to launch a session
    -ships teaming up actually lost a match today due to this
    -glitches that allow pc and m&k players to get into sessions that say xbox and controller which there us still massive lag issues every time pc players come near me
    -as well as hitreg in the arena is god awful

  • Ahoy maties!

    From the shores of YouTube come this weeks developer update, a short one, but a good one none the less!

    It's been a hectic couple of weeks so here's Joe with a recap of what we've launched and announced in that time, from Smuggler's Fortune and pets to the Creator Crew kickoff and Talk Like A Pirate Day rewards. Yarrr? Learn more about Smuggler's Fortune at

    Talking points include;

    • Great to see the reaction to the Pets update!
    • Creator Crew has exceeded internal expectations and great to see the entries to the Pirate Technics competition on the forum... This is just the start! More content creator types coming.
    • Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19th - There's a Twitch drop on this day for an Obsidian Cannon. Make sure you watch for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Hi,

    I have signed up for the program and connected to both Mixer and Twitch, however, when I log on to the game it has not recognised it (I believe a new faction appears between Merchants and Athena?). Any help to resolve would be appreciated.

  • Will sea of thieves have a VR version?
    Maybe for oculus Rift or in a long run going to Playstation VR, it would be awsome to play using VR technology and I know that Ps4 VR is almost off the table.

  • It's not the first loading screen. This is after I chose to find an open crew, it did the normal loading screen, then I got the black screen with the green wheel spinning in the bottom right. I can hear my crews voices. I can hear the cannons going off and everything. But this loading screen won't go away.

    I have a good internet connection and no problems with any other multiplayer games.

  • Boa noite rapaziada, alguém pode me explicar por que nunca consigo ficar com 40 de ping no Sea of Thieves, sempre a 200 ou 250 de ping, queria muito jogar com alguém brasileiro, jogar com americanos é muito sem graça

  • Hello,

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but i could not seem to find a "problems" forum for this on the website.

    Il try to keep it short:

    Soo yesterday i played with my friend for the first time, who just got the game on XBOX, i play on PC, all worked fine so thats pretty cool. However we noticed when he tried to talk ingame, i could not hear him, when we encountered other players, I could hear them, and he could not.

    We checked all the ingame settings and everything was exacly the same as my audio settings, so not sure why this was happening.

    When we was in an xbox party i could hear him perfect and he me, just not in the actual sea of thieves game, so he could never hear any randoms.

    We have checked countless posts on the xbox website about this but none seem to be the specific problem he has, and none of those fixes worked.

    Anyone has any idea what it could be?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Okey here is my problems.

    Im a PC player that when to the store and bought myself an Xbox X (more chill to play on)

    I still have my PC.

    Okey i install SoT but i alwaise get stuck in Finding crew Ledger, it freezes and after a while it starts roaling again untill game shuts down.

    This is what i have Done, logging of from all my accounts, del the game on all systems, reinstalled the game on my systems.

    Tried to start the game on PC and it works, try to start it on Xbox and i get notify that game is running on another device do you want to play here insted, tried it and same result.

    Ive linked my Xbox to my PC to try and install on other device (find my Xbox but dont work)

    I have shuted my router down, ive checked nat so its open, ive reinstalled it 4 times, ive even uninstalled it on my PC and just installed it on the Xbox but still alwaise the same result...

    Ive basicly Done all you can think of seartching the webb tried it all to come to the same result..

    I dont want to hear stay on PC maaan,

    I want to ser If people have had the same issue as me and mybe know my issue.

    Best regards Alz

  • I play on xbox. So I am in the game, no party active and my mic does work. In party, I can hear everyone and they can hear me clearly. However, in game, I see other players, or even my own crews chat box apearing over their gamertag, however, i can not hear them, wether or not im in a party. Does anymody have a fix?

  • Hey guys, all feedback on this is very much appreciated... I have been looking into starting to broadcast my play sessions but when I click broadcast on xbox live it gives me some type of message more or less not connecting.

    Can someone just break down the steps needed to at least start streaming to gain the creator crew cosmetics etc. ? Thanks so much all

    edit: I am a creator crew member with a twitch account already linked so i have done that much already

  • The Rare crew (with guest Captain_Falcore) set sail to discuss all things Creator Crew, THURSDAY at the usual time.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    Gulf ST 8pm
    1.30am (FRIDAY 20th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -


  • I'm a bit heartbroken about this. My PC has a hard-to-pin down issue wherein it occasionally freezes up without warning when doing something graphically intensive. When it comes to Sea of Thieves, it's uncommon - maybe once or twice a session, but more usually I can play all night without an issue.

    At any rate, gaining the option to rejoin a lost session sounded like a gamechanger for me, removing the primary source of stress when I'm solo slooping. (Nothing worse than putting in 2 hours of work, then losing it to random chance.) But for whatever reason, the Rejoin Session option just doesn't work for me. Whatever it is that causes my PC to instantly seize up, looks like the game registers it as logging out rather than a game crash or lost connection.

    This is an issue with my hardware, I know; can't even call it a bug. Just venting. Oh well; back to sea!

  • Stumbled upon a glitch in the live game went to the pirate legend hideout and drank one tankard of grog then got a little tipsy and fell into the water little did I know I’m walking on the bottom of the pond lake cove ? Not sure lol but soon after I drowned and reported the glitch now here telling my tale haha

  • So, I hear there's supposed to be a content creators forum, but I can't find it. Apologies mods if I'm derping up your forum.

    I'd just like to offer my sevices as an actor to any content creators. I have one of the finest ranges of acting in SoT (from blah blah blah's to fancy jigs I can do it all), I have an extensive wardrobe and am willing to fill any part big or small.

    It should be noted that I'm plus sized and elderly, although I can dye my hair if called upon to play a younger role.

    I'd be happy to forward a few headshots from my portfolio to any casting agents who are interested

  • Basic tips for newer players trying to win at arena in pick up groups

    1. Your ship is your home, fix and protect your home, lower and raise your curtains
    2. Don't drop your anchor for anything except a speed turn around
    3. Work as a team, communicate as a team, don't be the selfish loner who thinks he can take out all the ships on the map single handed while your ship is sinking
    4. Always be conscious of how fast you are traveling vs how fast you need to be traveling. If you are trying to sink someone don't have every single sails down against the wind, you will miss shots, waste resources, and do hardly any damage to the other team
    5. Try to never side by side fight another ship, always get an angle on the opposing team
    6. Do not put your ship in a position to get sandwiched
    7. Abuse your enemies psychology. Example, if you see someone running with a chest, shoot them, they will either keep running with it, or stop an drop the chest as a natural reaction. Keep in mind of bad habits you do, then apply it to who you are fighting against. Don't allow your moves to be predictable at all.
    8. If you are the first to an island stash your chest if there is no time to get them on the ship an pretend you are going to sell them at an outpost if you have others coming straight for you.
    9. Always watch your ladders, especially when shooting canons
    10. Stopping at ten with the absolute number one reason people lose. .. You quit everytime something bad happens you don't like. All this implies is that you are looking for people to carry your work load for you.

    Had a much larger write up in mind, but I have come to notice people do not do some of the simpler things and maybe they don't know any better.

    Hope this helps someone

  • I noticed after the most recent update that if I close the game and re-enter my bucket skin changes to something I don't want to use. I tried a few things like using the Equipment box at an Outpost, and the option onboard my sloop and it is now staying on the bucket I want.

    I'm not sure if that issue will return but after it seemed to have been fixed I noticed my Pirate title wont stick now.

    If I leave and re-enter the game my title is blank.

    Has anyone else found this happening at all ?

    I haven't submitted a ticket about it, but may in the future if I find other changes aren't sticking after a game close.

  • Sometimes, microtransactions are necessary. No one can be faulted for adding honest microtransactions to a finished game (though it is debatable if SoT is a finished product.) That said, Rare takes advantage of some quirks in math and in human nature.

    (By the way, things can be overpriced without being immoral. That ship set could cost $4000, it wouldn't be immoral , just overpriced.)

    One cannot buy things using their actual money. No, first you must pay the middleman. You can only buy things using Ancient Coins. This is a classic scam. Say you're sold on getting a parrot (edit: and the garbage that goes with it), so you head to the emporium. Your 2 cheapest options are 150 coins for $2, and 550 for $6. There is no clean way to get the 650 you need. You'll have 50 left over, which serves 2 purposes for Rare: First, you paid more than you should. Second, you've got these extra ancient coins just sitting there. Doing nothing. It's not enough to buy anything, but why let those coins go to waste? Why not buy a few more and grab another item, just so you don't have any coins left over? The 650 for a pet is just an example, there's countless instances this will occur, now and in future batches of microtransactions.

    If Rare was being honest, they wouldn't have a middleman. You would just buy your creepy pets directly with real money. Or, if a middleman really was necessary (it's not), why not have smallest denomination conversion? 1 cent for 1 coin, so you always buy exactly what you need. But Rare didn't do this, because if they manipulate you into having extra coins, they can get more of your money.

    There's also limited time deals. You better buy this monkey now, dear consumer, or it will cost you more later. Most people already know why this is a scam, so we'll move right along to the Magnum Opus of scammy microtransactions: Pets.

    Virtual pets are disgusting. They are the epitome of manipulating people to buy crp. They take a genuine, real life affection for pets that people naturally have, and perv* it to some sickening connection between a consumer and a product. The best way to get people to buy garbage is to get them emotionally invested in it. This practice is worse than lootboxes. I'm sure you'll be able to buy little hats for your monkey and have your parrot do a cute dance soon enough. All to get the consumer subconsciously invested in, and thus paying for, a virtual item designed to feign love.

    If you look at reddit, you'll see posts and art people have dedicated to their pets. On day one, people are already emotionally invested in them, and making the post will only make them more invested. These posts also encourage others to purchase a pet, or get more invested in the one they already have. And then, when Rare adds in whatever new garbage you can get for your pets, people will buy it because of their investment. Not only that, but paying for something will also get people more invested in whatever they bought, in a subconscious desire to justify their purchase. It's a self reinforcing cycle; If you devote time and money to X, you become more invested in X. If you are invested in X, you will devote more time and money to X, and so on. Rare knows this, and now they've got a good chunk of players emotionally, and hence, financially.

    I understand microtransactions in SoT. I'm not opposed to the idea. But this is morally reprehensible. Rare can make extra money without taking advantage of you. Does a company that tries to manipulate you deserve your money?

  • Firstly, I think you guys did a really nice job of making them seem realistic. I do however think they could have some better functionality. So I'm here to give my opinions on some more features for pets.

    1. Have pets do their thing. For instance have the ability for parrots to go pick up bait, trinkets and bottles on the shore. Monkeys could go up trees and pick out bananas and coconuts and such.

    2. Have pets interact with other pets. Moreover, maybe they start off timid towards each other but as you play they play and progress. they would play together on the ship as you sail and become friends of sorts.
      *Note: This functionality should be saved and applied in later instances with the same crew member. Maybe even only needing to do this process with one pet of the same type.

    3. Be able to train a pet to do cool moves. These moves would be pre-set moves by the game and then you can teach them in some way. They would have a random number applied to them as to how many times you need to repeat the process until they have learned. This could be expressed as a percentage and shown as them getting further in the animation of the moves, the further they progress.
      Note: Please no dabbing or flossing. Maybe they can only do these tricks/moves whilst on the player arm and using the player emote wheel.

    Thanks for reading. Feedback welcomed.

  • Maybe this is new, but maybe not. Im seeking a way to be pl and i started to buy reputation's letters from Duke. I saw that once I reach lv 50, I wont be able to buy anymore. I reach lv 50 with both Order of Souls and Sea Dogs and I started to rank up Gold Hoarder. The problem is that the letter is now locked and I didnt reach lv 50 yet (though it is not locked for merchant alliance or hunter's call). So, any help?

  • How do you get a box to deliver there? It's the only Seapost I have left to visit.... Is it just completely random when you do a Seapost to Seapost voyage?

  • Not by me, but I saw that video on reddit and searched for it over here and didn't see it posted (apologies if it has been).

    Thought some people might be curious to see how ancient skeletons encounter look and how many coins drops (581 for this guy).

    video link

  • I sold a bonedust trophy plentifin for 11,500 last night. It was absolutely insane... yes the fish was cooked...

  • Is there any way to send Ancient coins / Emporium Items as a gift to another player?

  • I saw the thread where xbox players celebrate crossplay by trash talking pc players. Here's the truth.

    Most pc players don't like playing with xbox players. They don't want kid's and slow reacting controls on their teams. Most xbox player's are not fun competition at all. No one wants to come in your games that bad. Just about everyone on pc owns a fps game or like me tons of them. This makes sea of thieves nothing more than a unpolished game to log into for fun as it's not even the least bit competitive.

    It's insanely hypocritical to post a thread literally to jump on and talk down on the entire pc community. You are the ones being toxic over here. Good teams will always dominate anf it doesn't matter what platform they are on. My friend maniac is on xbox and would rather fight pc players, because he likes an actual challenge. You all want to stay in your corner talking down on everyone else. Entitled to your opinion, yes you are, just as toxic? You're that too.

  • I have been playing SoT since release. Last winter I built a new PC for myself and my wife got my old PC. My old character was transferred to my new PC and my wife was able to create a new character on the old PC. We've been playing together for about a year. After the release of emporium she's not able to buy ancient coins. We then discovered that the reason is probably that she's logged in to my Windows Store account, and that she's probably playing through game share or something? Maybe she never bought the game herself when we started playing? We can't remember if she bought it or if it just worked straight off the bat.

    She's going to build a new PC now and would obviously like to keep her character and progression, and also to buy ancient coins. If she never bought the game herself she's ofc happy to buy the game, but we're afraid she would lose her character/progression if she starts playing on a new PC as we've found out that she's logged into the same Windows account as myself (although we have separate Windows keys).

    How can we make sure that she gets too keep her character/progression when migrating to a new PC? Can she log into my Windows account on the new PC and keep her character? Can she buy the game on a new Windows account and transfer the character?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Thankyou rare you have done a good job and it really shows. Its night and day the difference. Played a couple of matches and people actually can die and bullets shot at me can hit things other than myself.
    Thanks so much! I bought some stuff from the emporium to show my appreciation.

  • There was absolutely no reason to nerf the gunpowder barrels so severely. What once was a deadly explosive to be feared has turned into a popcorn f@rt. My friend and I did several tests last night and they have reduced the damage and range by what seems to be almost 50%. Hitting a sloop with a barrel from below will no longer drop the mast, hitting a barrel while holding the ladder will not drop the mast and does only 1 damage to the capstan and wheel. Planting a barrel at the top deck in front of the cannons will no longer drop the mast either, likewise by planting the bomb on top of the wheel. The only way to drop the mast is to plant it within a very small radius. The effects on Brigantines and Galleons are even more noticeable and disappointing.

    Was the power of the powder kegs really that much of an issue? The only complaint I heard about them recently was the random spawn ones floating alongside supply barrels. If that was the case why not just remove those barrels? I would like to see the barrels set back to their previous strength, or at the least add a higher probability of finding mega kegs in the wild.

    What do you guys think?