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  • "Player spawn camped and sank us then left the server. Player is clearly server hopping solely to ruin other players games and not how the game is meant to be played."

    Whatever. You want PVP play arena and don’t mess with people trying to do storylines. It’s pathetic. Way to spawn camp. No sport in that.

    Have to hunt sloops to stroke your ego? Omegalul

    No. I like to sail the seas get into trouble when we see others and raid them while on an Athena.

    %99 percent of the time I love to roleplay with players and give'em the ol' "Argggg matey! Ahoy there! Some fine loot it is! Thank you again and be safe on your journey on the seven seas!"

    Which might fan the flames I've found! I love it! Players getting upset over their boat sinking?

    Get over it. It happens. Maybe if we can explain to new/PvE players they are not safe?

  • Unfortunately, the answer to the question in the thread topic is no. I have sunk around 50 hours into Sea of Thieves after picking up my wife's account with the Anniversary Update. Here are my thoughts so far:

    Adventuring is a tonne of fun - you just won't get to be doing much of it. At the very least, it isn't an experience you can count on having. Every load of Sea of Thieves is a roll of the dice. You might have two good sessions in a row where you scarcely see another soul, and then not make any progress for two whole weeks because of constant griefing by other players.

    The fact that adventuring is so damn satisfying makes this all the more heartbreaking. Most of my experience of Sea of Thieves is getting home from work, excited for some down time, and then giving up after spending an hour and a half being sunk repeatedly on the way to my first destination.

    Of 50ish hours of play, only one of my interactions with other players has been positive (I had this interaction about 5 hours in, where a small brigantine crew helped me complete a story chapter - I was so thrilled I shared my loot with them on the home journey). Every other encounter fell into one of three broad categories:

    1. The Troll.
    These guys are just there to ruin your day - they will attack you regardless of whether or not you are carrying any loot. They presumably play Sea of Thieves when they get bored of capturing and tearing the wings off butterflies.

    2. The Sociopath.
    A category of player who really wants to form an alliance with you - especially when you are about to drop off 7 crates of devil's cloth. When you politely decline, they try to sink your ship, steal your goods and/or kill you - I guess so they can cope with the pain of mild and friendly social rejection. Is someone not getting enough likes on Insta?

    3. The Deckhead.
    Words can't quite express how I loathe the deckhead. These aggravating players are there waiting for you at the end of nearly every cargo run, bounty or voyage to swoop in at the last minute and take your stuff. They almost always travel with a large crew, and from my experience will only attack when they have an overwhelming advantage in power (which happens a lot when you are playing solo or with a small crew). The lowest point for me in the game so far was completing around 15 hours of the new Shores of Gold story voyages only to have the final reward stolen from me by a crew of Deckheads. 10 minutes of their time, and a week and a half of mine went down the drain. I liken this to completing a AAA adventure title like Rise of the Tomb Raider and then having your annoying kid brother delete your save file.

    This brings us to my next point....


    Sea of Thieves is an ambitious title that is built around the human drive for socialisation. Despite all the claims of "friendliest online game" and "best online community" that Rare pushed in their latest wave of marketing, in the end Sea of Thieves just enhances the worst parts of our nature.

    Bullying (or "harassment" if you are so invested in you high-school golden days that the former term illicits a round of jeers followed by vigorous chest bumping) is actively promoted in the game design - going so far as to train people to behave this way. Most games are built around positive reinforcement as a psychological hook - play the game and complete milestones and you get a nice sound effect, digital artefact or level gain.

    The problem is that it is far easier and more rewarding in Sea of Thieves to be a "deckhead" for 10 minutes than to grind through voyages that can take up to 6 hours in the latest story offerings. Worse still, positive reinforcement drives people to continue to behave the same way, as they are rewarded each time for their "misbehaviour". This same phenomena forces even the most decent humans to question their play style, as they leave game session after game session without a single fleck of gold to their name.

    Bullying is only bullying if it meets two key criteria. There has to be a power imbalance between the perpetrator and the victim, and it has to be systematic and repeated. So often the word is misapplied to all kinds of social situations, but I don't think this is the case with Sea of Thieves. Being repeatedly targeted by a galleon full of refugee Call of Duty players while I sail around solo in my sloop definitely fits both standards.

    I want to like Sea of Thieves, I really do. I am constantly told in a slightly condescending tone by diehard pirates that in the face of all the trolls, sociopaths and deckheads, I should turn my sloop around and just "sail into the wind". Unfortunately, this sums up my gripe with the game.

    Every time I load up the Anniversary update, it feels like sailing against the wind is pretty much the core gameplay experience - pushing past all the unpleasantness in the hopes of maybe, sometimes, possibly having 15 minutes or so of piratey adventures.

    To all those people who have a low enough pain/effort versus reward ratio that they feel fulfilled by this game - all the power to them. I'm guessing they also enjoy camping, pasturising cheeses and those recipes for home-made Vietnamese subs that have you pickling your own vegetables.

    With so many good game titles coming out all the time, I'm just saying that this weary pirate might go with the breeze for a change.

  • Required players: 2+

    With a crew of 2 or more see how many kills you can get before another crew sinks or scuttles. Sunk ship sound will end the round.

    Person with the most kills wins that ship. (Even with 1 kill)

    If players return from the ghost ship and make it back to a sunken ship they will no longer count. They may be allowed to return via mermaid. (If you so choose)

    How to win:
    Keeping score for the night tally up who won most ships.


    First player to 10 ships instantly wins.

    Loot options:
    All loot can be taken, left behind for the sunken ship or dropped to the bottom of the sea. The choice is up to your crew.


  • Just throwing this out there. This is the greatest thing ever! I had no clue how active this game was. I strongly recommend everyone try it. It’s like gamings best kept secret.

    Haven’t joined a random crew since and my adventures have been a thousand times better!

  • One would think that Arena is for competitive players such as myself, so we can have a less tedious way of competing with cutlass and cannon. Trouble is, the way to win in the Arena, much like in Adventure, is to avoid fights at every turn. The winning crews are those best at fleeing, not fighting. Arena's not competitive PvP, it's competitive P&E! Of course, PvE players won't play it because it involves battle and risk. So who is it for? It's not for pirates, as fighting leads to loss, and it's not for delivery mariners, because it has some fighting and loss. That's not to mention Rare's recent announcement that one can level up Sea Dogs all the way without ever stepping foot in the Arena.

    To awnser the question, I have to say that Arena is for no one.

  • Hi I was once a proud Pioneer, now that Rare killed that Rank I tried to join the new Insider Program but all i resived was frustrating rejection.

    Every time i try to enter the new program i get this message :
    Sorry, we can't find your Sea of Thieves pirate - click here for more information on this error.

    If I click the here button I only receive a Page I cant access.
    Has anybody an Idee what to do?

  • Hello All,

    I bought the anniversary edition today. I started a new character just to try it out. I deleted the character to start a new one and the character didn't start with the $10k gold as part of the special. I am just out of this now? I sent a ticket in, but not sure if/when I will get help.

    Also a heads-up to anyone else since I had no warning on this.

  • As fun as SoT is, the game is incredibly time consuming. I could spend an hour just on scavenging for supplies. My biggest joy from the game comes from sinking the skeleton ghost ships. I wish there were more variants sailing the seas than just the galleon. It'd be amazing to just buy supplies from the vendor than to spend an hour scavenging through barrels for cannon balls and wood planks. Way too time consuming. It'd be great if those ghost ships were more profitable. Privateering was the action I craved from SoT and essentially why I tried the game in the first place. It is an absolute joy sinking skeleton ships, but spending hours scavenging through barrels can be draining, especially for the low reward. Sometimes you just want to jump in for a few minutes and get a little action.

  • Ahoy maties!

    Yup, it's that time again, it's server maintenance day - I know right, so soon!

    Don’t forget… plan your journeys accordingly!

    I wonder what this update has in store for us?

    Server Maintenance Time:
    Wednesday, June 19th

    BST 10am - 2pm
    CST: 4am - 8am
    EST: 5am - 9am
    AEST: 7pm - 11pm

    If you are receiving a Kiwibeard error, this means the servers are still down at the moment for maintenance, please try again later (Got a different beard error? Check here).

    Update sizes:
    Windows 10: TBC
    Xbox One: TBC
    Xbox One X: TBC

    How do I update my game on Xbox?
    The update should automatically download and install itself, but you may need to launch the game for it to prompt you. If this is still not showing up in your 'My games and apps' then try hard rebooting your console.

    How do I update my game on Windows 10?
    Updates are usually automatic via the Microsoft Store. However, you can manually kick this off if you open the Microsoft Store, go to 'Downloads and updates' and click on 'Get updates' in the top right corner.

    Patch Notes:
    Patch notes can be found here shortly after the servers go live.

    Other Useful links:

  • first of all, since english is not my first language, my grammar would be terribly bad.

    The story begin from last week, i find that so many friends in my friendlist are achieved Legendary Sea Dog achievement.
    but some people of them don't even play arena so that much, so i started to investigate why this will happening.

    I find that they are using "closed crew" to get Legendary Sea Dog so fast.
    Simply they find 5-7 players and hit "closed crew" at the same time, and then the magical things happened, they all get in the same server.
    There is only 5 ships and 5 players, after that 3 of them back to main menu and join the another crew. and then u got two teams which is 4mens-crew and 1men-crew.
    Now all you need is let 1men-crew team leave the game and 4mens-crew won the arena immediately.

    This is the most disgusting thing i ever seen, i have met these players when i playing arena, this is completely unplayable.
    Can you imagine the feel when four ships(sixteen players) hunting you down complicity and keep killing you from respawn?
    I felt everyday.

    I really really hope Rare can permanently BAN those players xbox account, every unusual match are only 4-5mins, i think this is easy to track players doing this.

    Please Rare, Please...

  • Here's some game items I really feel are just getting stale or just need some creative tweaks.

    1. The kracken... Spawns when the skull forts go down ONLY, maybe also the ghost ship symbol but havent paid much attention to it. Can't we come up with some other way to randomize this event. Players should fear this thing randomly attacking, not fear that the skull may go down any minute lets get ready for it....

    2. The meg - far to frequent, literally stock your ship leave the outpost and boom, there it is....Maybe you still haven't seen it? Okay, just go to an island try to accomplish something and then boom, it's there. You literally have to stop everything your doing or it won't go away. (Also the color doesn't change unless you take it out most instances I've seen)

    I'm not even touching on the rarity of the shrouded ghost. I know i will be more than excited to see it if and when it ever spawns, BUT the other megs should somehow have that same luster only on a lesser scale. As it plays out right now - if your on a tight schedule (even if you aren't) the meg is nothing but an annoyance.

    1. Music - Can we add some shantys please. The new shores of gold music heard when approaching is amazing. So is the halo ship reveal music. This used to be fun for futher distance voyages. Can we please add these?

    Feel free to add to the list, touch on those subjects, whatever. I have played the game since day one and still love the adventure but these mechanics as they play out now are just starting to get old -__-

  • I noticed the shop is down. Has anyone heard anything from other channels about why?

    Is it possible that the new Store is imminent?

  • I wondered if you Pirates would have any ideas how to improve fishing? I am not a fan of the current implementation. I never wanted fishing, but now it is here there must be ways to make it better.

    I am sure there are a few who like fishing in real life, maybe even some who like the current version of fishing in game? If that is you, how would you improve it?

    My issues with the current implementation.

    1: Its boring (imo) It is even more basic in its skill requirement than a golf swing mechanic and its outcome for success essentially 100%.

    2: The reward for catching fish is extremely poor (Perhaps in view of how easy fishing is?)

    3: With the outcome for success 100% it seems at odds with having to give the activity 100% of your attention.

    Suggestions ( I will add other peoples feedback to keep it concise in-case Devs read this )

    • Add fishing rod stands on the ships that you can attach your fishing rod too. Then when you get a bite it jiggles a bell and you need to respond to it.

    • The actual fishing needs to be more difficult and bites more infrequent (less predictable). Inline with it being more difficult, the reward for catching the fish should be higher.

    • Add some bigger fish that are even more difficult to catch. These large species can be handed in without the need to cook them, too avoid the issue of stove size.

    • Allow harpoon to catch larger fish.

    • Allow smaller fish to be bait for larger fish.

    • Add passive fishing method such as lobster pots/nets

  • Official twitter account just dropped this gif.

    The interesting part here is the table that has been added. I doubt that this is purely for the looks, might be a place for some card games or something like that. What do you think?^^

  • Now, i've seen my fair share of people who are trying to ruin someones day, and my fair share of people who are just playing the game. Before you run off to these here forums and scream about someone who sunk you, read this. Trolls- They are there to sink you, and that's it, if you respawn and then come after you OVER and OVER and OVER again, they are most likely there to troll you, or they just enjoy pvp. Do not feed them, just take a deep breath, and be on your way. If they mess with you way too much, just leave the game. Pirates- They sink you because they think you have loot, plain and simple, or, again, they like pvp. You might have loot, they don't know, they are going to find out one way or another. Don't complain if they sink you.

    NOW, there are PVP players, who like hunting ships in adventure mode, and they are hard to set apart from a troll sometimes. Here's how you would figure out which is which.
    1- Are they toxic?
    2- Are they mocking you?
    3- Are they not sinking your ship and just spawn killing you?
    If you have awnsered YES to any of those questions, it is most likely a troll, again, don't feed them. Leave the server, find a new one.

    Instead of fleeing to the fourms and saying that the game is unfair, blah blah blah, think it over, were they just sinking me to see if I had loot? Or did they just like pvp? Don't immedietly jump to "THEY WERE TROLLING, OH MY GOD THEY WERE THE WORST AHHHHH" Take a breath, and leave the server if you feel that way. Please, please don't come to the fourms and yell about it. This has been a PSA.

  • Now, before I start, I'd like to say this is not me complaining about these players who decide to pvp in adventure mode, i've made another post about types of pvp adventure players, and who you SHOULD get angry at. Anyway, has anyone else noticed that a lot more pvp players have come back to adventure mode? For example, the other day I came on to do a quick commendation, getting ruby mermaid gems, since I only needed one more gem, I went out hunting. I had stopped at an island to investigate it, and I came back to a sunk ship, and a brig. I didn't think much of it, and just took a mermaid back to my new ship. I went back to searching after that, and found a red mermaid at twin groves, and went at it. Not a minute after I found the thing, there comes the brig, ready to attack me, and again, I sunk. I went charging back to the island to retrieve the gem, and again, there came the brig. So I decided i'd sink them this time, rammed my sloop into them, used one of their own barrels against them, and viola, ship sunk. Turns out, they sunk the mermaid gem a while back, but whatever, I found another one earlier in the night. And another experience just yesterday, we were stocking up to do a skeleton ship fleet, and a brig came and sunk us, but to be honest we didn't loose much. But, back to the main topic of 'PvP has come back to adventure', Yes, it never left, but it seems that the players who went down to arena got bored, and came back to adventure mode. This is not a complaint, I am just asking if anyone else has noticed this.

  • hello
    i play normal sot on xbox and i ask me if i can play insider (with another character). and if i may change to play one day as normal player and another time as insider (with 2 differents characters) ?

  • Hey all, just had myself a great little play session that kinda came outta the blue and just felt like sharing.

    Now for context, way back when I bought myself a gilded merchant voyage and saved it for later since people were out hunting gilded loot during the event.

    Thing is, I never really looked into just what these gilded voyages where like. So for all this time I assumed it was like Devil's Roar loot. It was just worth more.

    So I finally loaded it up today (i.e. finally remembered I had it) and imagine my surprise when I get a cargo run with 50 crates.

    At first I was like, "nah, I'm not doing all that. I'll load up what I feel like and forget the rest." But the more I loaded, the more I wanted to load. Finally I said to myself, "screw it. I've only got a couple hours to play. I'm going all or nothing on this thing".

    And so it was that over the course of two ingame days I loaded my sloop with crate upon crate. Plants below; throw in a couple buckets of water to keep 'em wet. Silks in map room in case of rain. Bottles on top to lessen carrying time.

    And I frickin' DID it. All loaded and delivered to Mermaid's Hideaway in pristine condition. And as I unloaded them all, what was sitting on the beach to greet me but a Chest of Sorrows.

    So as I loaded the chest aboard and turned toward an outpost, my day was already pretty much aces. I sailed back with a light heart, bailing chest tears whenever needed.

    And then, just within reach of the outpost, who should pop up but Karen. I didn't have much hope. I hadn't stocked wood and cannonballs too well before setting out and the Chest of Sorrows was periodically filling my ship.

    Still, I decided to give it my best and lo and behold, I won. Karen retreated and left behind two chunks of Kraken meat, a villainous skull, AND a captain's skull.

    I cashed in at the outpost and then threw my Kraken steaks on the grill as I headed to a seapost. I ended the session about 50,000 gold richer and feeling freaking invincible.

    Overall it just reminded me that, while there are problems and things to be worked on.... while we DO argue with each other and disagree... none of that matters as much as just how much I LOVE this game.

  • Just like the title says, is anyone still fishing?

    I hit level 21 in the Hunters Call after catching pretty much everything you can catch and turning in a few dozen mermaid gems. I’ve since pretty well given up on fishing.

    I’ve noticed that no one on the forums is talking about fishing or Hunters Call any more either. I’d assume the shine wore off that apple pretty quick?

    Personally I think the grind for Hunters Call is way to extreme and once you’ve caught a few hundred fish it stops being worth any doing in passing. I know not everyone feels that way or is going to agree, that’s totally cool, and I’m glad you still enjoy it. I’m just wondering, if there’s people feeling the same way is why fishing seems to have come and gone like Sloops passing in the night? I’m already PL so I was just doing for the fun and hope of getting the Ship Cosmetics, but until they can change up that grind I’m happy just leaving it be for now and work on the Tall Tales.

    If people are still fishing, hows everyone liking it? Anyone hit 50 yet and get the Killer Whale? Anyone have any suggestions for how to relight that spark everyone had a month ago?


  • Everytime I think i get how the storm moves it does something that makes no sense ill see it travel with the wind then against it. Has anyone figured it out?

  • I logged on June 14 and the dead line was the 15th for the exclusive Spartan Ship. I logged on today and never got it still. Is there any way I could get it?

  • So me and a guy were running Tale seven at Old Faithful when he realized that you can glitch off the top of the island and swim in the air.

    There’s a small pond at the top you can fish in and just off the cliff beside it the game will think your under water and let you swim off into the air.

    As far as I can tell you can swim as far as you like. It’s a funny little glitch. Some sharks spawned below and started chasing us around but they were still in the actual ocean with us hundreds of feet above them. You can also fish and your fishing line will drop hundreds of feet to the ocean below.

    I have a picture but I’m not sure how to add those here. Obviously I’m going to inform Rare, but I though it would be funny to share for now.

  • Me and other players are sincerely disappointed about the end of this chapter.
    Five hours to finish the whole thing and receive 10 goal points, a few credits and a poor gift.
    Not even the reputation points for the final skull sold.
    You had started so well with this novelty, but in the end it is always a large handful of flies.

  • I tought if i logged in and played for a while i would get the Halo skin in 24/72 hours but iv'e played everyday since 11.06 and still nothing.. Will i get the skin evetually or bad luck?

  • But not the normal ones, no. I have all of those. I'm talking about the Halo partnership event customizations that were available to players who played between June 10th and June 15th. I played on the 14th, but I still don't see them, three days later?

    It really doesn't bother me to the point I'm mad, but I still would have killed to have the Master Chief on the front end of my ship as im ramming people.

    Is there any way you can help a fella out? And- if you can't, that's fine, but is there anything that can be done?

  • I was out on a stupid family trip to only come home at 10:00pm HST on the 15th and the halo event slipped right by me only finding out at 12! Ahhhh! Will there be another halo event to where I can get the ship gear just like how SoT did with the mercenary stuff? Or is that a no? :(

  • So I know you need to achieve Legendary Sea Dog to get the Legendary weapons but I'm honestly confused on what it means.
    Are the weapons obtained per grade or do you need to get the title (reach Grade V) to get all of them?

    I'll put an example to make it clearer.
    If you receive a weapon per grade
    Grade 1 - Nothing
    Grade 2 - PL Weapon
    Grade 3 - PL Weapon
    Grade 4 - PL Weapon
    Grade 5 - PL Weapon

    Can only be obtained upon Grade 5
    Grade 1 - Nothing
    Grade 2 - Nothing
    Grade 3 - Nothing
    Grade 4 - Nothing
    Grade 5 - PL Weapons

    Does anyone know if you earn them by grade? Or you need to reach Grade V in order to obtain all four? Appreciate the feedback.

  • Hello! I had this idea for the Adventure Mode, more specifically the Merchant Alliance. Basically, you would be doing a "protect the package" of a Merchant Alliance ship (of matching size or different difficulties) that delivers goods on a set course to nearby Outpost and Seapost. Meanwhile you have Ghostships and other players in the world that can come and attack the ship you mean to protect. You could even throw in a Megalodon or the Kraken as a possible run in. Once the Merchant Alliance ship has made it to the final Outpost without sinking, you would receive gold/rep for the mission and possibly unlock some new items.

    Just an idea that I had. I think the Merchant Alliance missions are done the fewest and that it would be fun to have a more energetic mission. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

  • Is the game worth a buy now? I loved it when it was in alpha, but I saw the many problems. Is it better now, is it worth it?

  • I've seen a lot of people complain about constant pvp on these forums. They make it sound like everyone is constantly searching for pvp and never pve.
    This is just wrong. It's probably people like me who will pvp when there's an opportunity, but mostly pve.

  • The game connects to servers when the firewall is turned off. But when the firewall is turned off, I cannot communicate via the Xbox. How to solve this problem?

  • Hey guys has anyone seen a venom ball in the recent weeks? Came back to the game and working on commendations i missed. But this one seems impossible. Haven't seen a single venom ball

  • So for a while now my copy of Sea of Thieves doesn't go further than show the splash screen, turn black and then shut itself off. I've tried ALL the solutions within, even going as far as having two fresh instals of Windows 10 (even without anything but updates and SoT downloaded), yet this problem persists.

    I've had a similar issue with another game where a security update was messing with the game although such a solution is unknown. A friend of mine told me it might be other software but that is also yet to be solved.
    At this moment I'm unsure what to do and I'm very close of giving up entirely and it's something I'd really not want as it's one of my few casual games I can share with my friends.

    Please help!
    -King Leman Russ