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  • Seeing the creative events that the community have put together over the years has been great, and so we want to help support these by bringing Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves! We'll be rolling out an early version of this feature for testing through the Insider Programme soon for an initial audience of community groups and creators - more details from Joe here:

    We also understand that this has been a hot topic of conversation among players for a long time now and so we're setting up this discussion thread to allow you to reflect and let us know your initial thoughts on the update provided today.

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  • Ahoy Mates, Rare just published this Tweet saying their launching Season🔸️One on January 28th!
    alt text

  • I didn’t realise there were part of the grogmanay event and I missed them. Google said it was part of the pirate emporium but when I looked it wasn’t there :(

    Any ideas?

  • Yes, I know. Everyone has an opinion about how "death" is handled in this game. Many people seem to think it's sufficiently balanced, and that the last thing we need is another suggestion about how to make death seem more consequential. I respect that, and I generally appreciate the ethos that Rare hews to of adding basic principles to the game and not meddling too much. That said, I've been playing this game for a while now, and there remains some persisting (if not minor) concerns.

    As we all know, death in the Sea of Thieves seems to be a temporarily inconvenient phenomenon. We have doubtless all spent those few dismal seconds on the Ferry of the Damned before bouncing back into the action. Frankly, if this were never changed it's something I'd simply live with and there are far worse methods for arbitrating what essentially boils down to a time-out. But, if death comes for us all in time, an impartial afterlife with a little more oomph might benefit the game and make players more thoughtful about how they choose to interact with each other. As you know by the subject line, I'm talking about permadeath. You might rightly assume that this escalated quickly, and that such a terminal mode of gameplay would make Sea of Thieves too risky for the level of investment a player could conceivably put into it. While I might suggest that might enhance the enjoyment of a player's achievements, I'd also say that it doesn't have to be so severe as that.

    The main reason I suggest this is that, as it stands, there is very little reason for any player to avoid a standard offensive temperament toward other players. Some of you might way "well, it IS a pirate game", but personally I think that ought to entail a little more than simply attacking literally anything you see. Granted, not all players are automatically aggressive, and I have had my fair share of pleasant encounters with people. But then there are the times, and I'm sure we've all had them, where you're chased clear across the map irrespective of whether you have any treasure, simply because someone wants to sink a ship. The reason for this is that there is no real inherent value in staying alive. Anyone who wants to grief the wold map simply has to wait a few moments upon death to roar back to belligerent life.
    Now, I get it. Combat is part of the game. Looting others can be part of the game if a player decides to incprporate it- the Reaper's Bones would have pretty empty coffers otherwise. And I don't want to suggest those elements be removed. It IS a pirate game after all. But, assuming we can't automatically tell whether someone is carrying treasure, adding an extra level of calculation into whether you want to take on that other ship can only help engender a more inclusive protocol to player interactions. It would also potentially make outposts more relevant than simply a cash-in point for booty, and presumably allow some additional interaction between players in a town setting other than potential muggings: If, in a combat-centric game, I knew that losing might kill me dead it would certainly make me think a little harder about whether this time was worth the risk. Moreover, it might even make me more likely to consider partnerships with other players, share resources, or even perhaps kick back and shoot the breeze once in a while.

    Ok, now you're either convinced, intrigued, or reviling the concept, but how would this play out in a fun and organic way? It's like this: Everyone dies at some point. When you do, you find yourself drawn through the mortal veil to... who knows? It's not particularly important where you're going. Maybe it's that giant dabloon heap in the sky, or maybe it's nothing. Either way, you're character's time in the game is over. But it doesn't have to be as final as that, not totally anyway. My suggestion would be that your particular instance of a character dies, but there are a few ways to preserve continuity with your progress. The most extreme method of play would be for that character to vanish, and the player be allowed to pick a new one as if it were a new game. That would certainly be a little hardcore, but it isn't without precedent in other games. However, there are a couple of ways that I think we could make that more enriching.

    The first of these is inheritance. That is, you have the ability to preserve a fraction of your progress (commendations, wealth, etc) periodically which you could then pass on to the character which succeeds you. Perhaps with a "in the event of my death, here is my stuff" letter for continuity and the understanding being that they would need to "live up" to their benefactor's legacy. This would be nice as it would guarantee a specific amount of resources to begin play with and not require a player to start from scratch once more. The inheritance could be scaled, though the same fraction across the board might still be sufficient to provide a reasonable amount of wealth for the level of play.

    An alternative to this would be a treasure hunt. That is, a player decides to stash ALL of their wealth with the understanding that the new character would need to go and find it. Naturally, this too would have an accompanying letter admonishing the player to sail forth to adventure and bounty. This would then guarantee the new character the player's full progress at the cost of a little time and challenge, which to me seems very appropriate to the theme of the game. However, as the player would conceivably know where exactly the had stashed their hoard, you may want to have the actual transfer of wealth arbitrated by an NPC or Faction. This could be similar to the gold hoarders, for instance, or even managed by them. That is, they have the wealth stored but you've got to go find the key which is hidden in a random location, perhaps with extra challenges or not thrown in for good food measure. This service could be offered at the Gold Hoarder tent, or whichever faction or NPC it was decided would offer it.

    But wait! It doesn't end there!

    There may also be ways to forestall death, without the need to rely on inheritance. The main one of these being a bargain with death. It may not literally be death, it could be some middle man character. In this case, upon their demise this character would offer the player the opportunity to delay dying at the cost of some agreed on price- whether that be wealth, agreeing to do a particular quest, or similar. If the player agrees, they now have an obligation to fulfill. In the case of wealth, it might be that they have to share a fraction of their loot up to a specific amount before the bargain is concluded. If it's a quest, they need to fulfill the terms of the task within a particular time frame. In either case, the player would be compelled to clear their ledger before they were free to do completely as they please once more. If the player chose to ignore their debt, they might then find that they have to saddle additional obligations to avoid death a second time. Maybe an increase in the amount of treasure they need to procure for the character, or an additional quest. In this way, players could play with the reality of a permanent death but generally operate in a way closer to the way they do now with the undertstanding that there could be some mild consequences. I think this would act seamlessly in a way that allows the general flow of the game to remain the same while adding a little more deliberation and reduce thoughless combat. It might also be feasible to tie the wealth this middle man garners to influence on the map. Say, for the amount of wealth they gain they have a proportional number of hostile agents in the field (think skeleton ships or similar) that make things that present an extra challenge. Or maybe a certain threshold of wealth would start a world event that would have global consequences in the form of hostiles or other effects.

    Bonus points:

    If none of these things were implemented, there still might be ways for players to gain a temporary edge in a situation which exceeds what may be considered the limits of "good fun". One migth be mercenaries, with a player paying a fee to gain a little extra muscle. This wouldn't even have to be a persistent presence either. You could set up NPCs at outposts or other spots where a player could find them to purchase a flare. The flare could then be fired when needed and the mercenaries would send reinforcements in the form of a ship. Perhaps there would be a price scale, with more expensive flares providing heavier support. This would at least allow a player to try to leave a bad situation without resorting to hopping servers, which I personally think is something anyone should be expected to do to avoid poor behavior.

  • Rare have done plenty of third-party crossovers with Sea of Thieves such as Gears of War, Halo, State of Decay, etc.

    What third-party thing would you like to see Rare do for Sea of Thieves? It could be anything from books, films, games, anime, anything.

    For me, I personally would love to see a Tomb Raider, Goonies, Indiana Jones or One Piece crossover.

  • Hey all, been experimenting with the ships recently and trying to find the limitations of them

    Personally, I detest the brig. It has the weaknesses of the sloop and the weaknesses of the galley all smashed together.

    I wish it would be a happy middle but it’s really just weaker. With the galley, you’re slow, but you have intense firepower. With the sloop, you can out maneuver both. Can’t really do either with 2 cannons and 2 sails.

    But your thoughts?

  • où puis-je soumettre quelques idées plutôt simple je pense à appliquer mais qui donnerait un petit plus ?

  • Since few days on Xbox not the gamertag is used as name but a random name. Is that a known bug? Does anyone else got this?

  • I started playing sea of thieves at launch but ive been away for the past year i think and there is so much stuff added im a little lost.

    The skeleton NPC boats are amazing, im so happy they're in the game now! i mean theres so much been added but they're my favorite

    the bit i don't understand is the emissary part? and i can only afford one so if anyone can explain i would appreciate it.

  • We all know this by now, Sea of Thieves is in need for some new world events beside the kraken, meg, and skelli ship. I have three proposals for bosses, 1. Leviathen, this is not a new idea, but its worth mentioning. I imagine that its around the height of a kraken tenticle, and very snake like, maybe weak spots like its eyes or a wound in its chest. It would have similar drops to the meg, and would only seek out galleons. 2. Sirens, don't quote me, but I think this is an original idea. These creature would sit on one of the many rocks in the wilds, there would be three of them, and they would all be like their own mini boss. a blue, green, and red one, like the mermaid statues. Maybe you can only attack one at a time, like you have to kill the blue one before you can kill the green one ect... 3. Griffin, this would finally introduce a flying boss to the game. It would fly around the highest point of islands in the ancient isles. This idea is cool, but I don't see this coming to the game. Last, but not least. Maybe give all of the current bosses a new look, like add glowing runes, showing that they are ancient.

  • I'm starting to finally get on a galleon and while sailing i was curious if the front, middle, and back sails had any individual mechanics. I was told by a friend that the middle main mast was mainly for speed, do the others act differently?

  • So I just started playing this game recently and i really love it, but when i logged out and got back on later, the mission my friend and i were journeying towards was gone. all progress removed. Is there any way to save at least quests or do you have to finish one before you log off?

  • When is the new season update being dropped? Is it today or the 21th?

  • Was there an event recently where they were running the wailing barnacle instruments? If so I missed it

  • I recently started playing with my friends on pc but i get kicked constantly by Allmonbeard error but i know its not my internet because i can hear them on the discord just fine is there a way to fix this?

  • I was in need of a new mousepad so I decided to create a mousepad for my desk. I then designed a Sea of Thieves themed one featuring my in-game character and used my streaming mug on the sails of the sloop. Can you spot the easter egg? Also, what do you think?

    Sea of Thieves Inspired Mousepad

  • Hi,
    I’ve not received the twitch drop today d’oh headslap emote. Has anyone received it?


  • I have made a ticket, game was bought 1/4/21, only can start each time by from the beginning ! Windows always update, Nvidia 461.xx , no anti virus running . Has anyone or know has this kind of issue ? ty for any info.

  • I’m not sure how much this would bring to the game, but I think it would be a nice addition. Similar to what you can do from this website, you could view reputation, items, emissary stuff, friends. It could also include features for quests eg. maps for gold hoarders voyages.

    There are many features, like a map, which would be really helpful but I think it may have to be limited as it would take away from the realism of the game as otherwise there is no point looking at the map in game.

    Open to discussion if interested :)

  • Bild Text

    Emerick: I hear a lot of people hop servers to find what they are looking for and dont really apreciate the journey and the adventure?!
    Stun: Yeah, but i dont do this my old friend, i sail the Sea of Thieves and take what is there. And see what it got me to hunt for you.
    Emerick: This is the way!
    Stun: This is the way!

  • So, I recently got an obsidian 6 pack. I redeemed it on the MS store, all is well. However, I own the game on steam. If I am assuming correct, I'll still get the items within next login, because my xbox account is linked to my steam. Am I assuming correctly?

  • We have had a Megladon, Gunpowder skeletons and now Statues.

    The Meg required 5 people so theoretically a solo player could just be that 5th man to a galleon crew. The Gunpowder skeletons were more of a blessing then a curse to solo players since they make skeleton encounters more fun and faster solo.

    Now these mermaid statues sometimes require 4 people to slash at them repeatedly to destroy. (yeah I know you can 2 man it but seriously 4 people take a couple of seconds)

    I've been reading posts on the forums of people asking for solo tricks and even demanding rare to change this because they somehow can't do this.

    Here's my question: What's stopping people from joining a Galleon? It's so cildishly easy and the event is structured to you can just do a voyage and you'll come across the statues anyway.

    Aside from that it's so much faster with a crew of 4 then just solo'ing it and you only need 15 Ruby ones to be done with the 4 player ones after that you can just go back to solo.

  • With the introduction of the 8 new shanties, we have... like... 14? So, let me know, which is your favorite, and which is your least favorite!

    Here's the Shanty List:

    -Grogg Mayles
    -Bosun Bill
    -Ride of the Valykyries
    -Summon the Megalodon
    -We Shall Sail Together (Short)
    -We Shall Sail Together (Long)
    -Who Shall not be Returning
    -Stitcher's Sorrow
    -Happy Birthday
    -Jolly Good Fellow
    -Seek the Dead
    -Maiden Voyage

    Please answer in this format, just to keep things neat:

    (Favorite Song)
    (Why it is your favorite)

    (Least Favorite Song)
    (Why it is your least favorite)

    I'm excited to see the results! As for me, it follows like so:

    Maiden Voyage
    It is such a staple of the game, it always comes to mind when I think of SoT. Very glad to be able to play it myself!

    Seek the Dead
    This is a great song, I love it, however, It's just not for me. I think It's too slow and calm for my taste.

    Enough from me, let's hear from everyone else!

  • Have you noticed what happens when you start FOTD on pretty empty server? Suddenly ships show up, park around islands surrounding FOTD and scheme strategy to battle you.
    So Is it worth even starting FOTD anymore?
    I had argued this with several crews. On more that few occasions we started FOTD and 4 other ships would show up at the islands surrounding it, and it becomes constant battle. You know its bad when on 5 ship server you see 4 ships surrounding you like a pack of hungry wolves. Plus you usually are battling skilled crews. Its mini arena but with less cannonballs.
    What are the tricks to finish FOTD in those situations ?

  • Just started playing SoT again BUT.... Im getting unplayable rubbberbanding in the game
    ive tried disabling steam overlay, valiadating game files, checked my xbox connection setting, enabled [xbox game mode] and then disabled[cuz it didnt work],checked NAT type and etc... but still having rubberbanding issues... also its not my wifi i ran ping tests [11-20ms avg] and internet speed is [300mbps down] and [30mbps upload] and play other online games fine is this just a game server issue?

    atm im redownloading the game [Via Steam] ill update if it works

  • The events tab for the twelve deeds of giving, day five steal five pieces of loot from another crew and turn them in.

    Just with in the eight hours me and a friend played tonight we sank six ships, four of which had emissaries, each of the six ships had six to seven pieces of loot, mostly skulls and trinkets. One ship that we sunk had around ten pieces of loot on them, fully on their ship, we sank them once they came back again and we sank them again, then we turned in their loot and sank them again, same people, same ship.

    The issue that we ran into is that none of the loot we turned in was considered "stolen" and that crew was still in the server when we sold, all of the other deeds that we did tonight went through; sinking six ships, completing eight voyages, stepping on seven outposts, selling four kegs, and three chickens, as well as selling to shipwrecked chest.

    Everything went through but stealing five pieces of loot and turning them in. I don't know if y'all are working on this problem or if anyone has brought up this problem but it has not been working for neither me or my friend. I don't want to miss out on a nicer version of the ashen dragon stuff just do to something not working.

    Like I said, everything else has went through but day five, I don't want to miss out on the full East Winds Jade set because of a small bug.

    If anyone knows what it is that we need to do, please let me know.

  • Hi !

    I just would like to know with certainty if the First Crew Figure Head that cost over 3 millions is permanent in Game or will be deleted in the next update.
    Can someone confirm it please ?

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

  • Hi Team,

    I would like to acquire the wall hide emote - could you guide me ?


  • This may seem pedantic, but I’m a linguist:

    It’s commendation, not accommodation.

    One is an award, praise or good result; the other is a place you could live or stay overnight.

  • "Due to this thread being necro'd, we've gone ahead and locked it."
    "Due to the high number of threads about this topic, this one is getting locked."

    So wait... Posting in old topics is frowned upon? So if a topic is "too old", you're supposed to create a new one. Yet if too many threads get created about a specific topic, it's gonna get locked anyways.

    Can't tell you how many times I've gone to reply to a thread, only to stop last minute because I noticed a months-long gap between recent posts.

    "Oops, I guess I'm not allowed to post here, 'cause somebody else dug it up, even though they added a unique perspective, which warrants further discussion. Nope, better to make a completely new thread. It's ok, if I want to reference ANY of the information that's already been discussed, I can post a link for people to go to that thread, read it, come back to mine, and continue the discussion. Whatever you do, don't discuss it in the old thread tho..."

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. If Necro-ing is such a problem that you have to lock every thread that gets necro'd, why not just auto-lock threads after a set amount of time, and save y'all the trouble??

  • These should be removed from the game and all players should be banned for exploiting. Thoughts?

  • 2 to 3 hours wasted fighting Warden Chi. For these pirates to come along and defeat her with one final blow while I was dead I decided to go and get some of my hard earned loot but I grabbed some and one pirate said welp here it is like usual and gunned me down to take my loot. ![alt text](image url)

  • I just got jebaited out of $30 for some hot pixels, but they are nowhere to be seen in this game.

    The Sea of Thieves comic did not have a single female that was morbidly obese, 80 years old, deformed, toothless and looks like the result of 20 generations of inbreeding. Official SoT female characters are all thin, young and at least mildly attractive. So you can imagine my consternation when I found out all the in-game female characters look like disgusting freaks of nature... Clearly, Rare thinks that is appealing since it's being shoved down the throats of the players.

    This game needs some serious injection of animu babes.

  • Hi Pirates,

    I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing some of the Festival Events not registering when you have handed. I appear to be having difficulties with 'Three Fresh Hens' & 'Nine Skellies Slaying'. I cant tell you how many Skelly Captains I have killed and it just isn't budging and I am trying to complete it. Am I doing something wrong?