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  • Seeing the creative events that the community have put together over the years has been great, and so we want to help support these by bringing Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves! We'll be rolling out an early version of this feature for testing through the Insider Programme soon for an initial audience of community groups and creators - more details from Joe here:

    We also understand that this has been a hot topic of conversation among players for a long time now and so we're setting up this discussion thread to allow you to reflect and let us know your initial thoughts on the update provided today.

    As you participate in this thread:

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    We also have Forum Rules, which we moderate to.

  • Rare have done plenty of third-party crossovers with Sea of Thieves such as Gears of War, Halo, State of Decay, etc.

    What third-party thing would you like to see Rare do for Sea of Thieves? It could be anything from books, films, games, anime, anything.

    For me, I personally would love to see a Tomb Raider, Goonies, Indiana Jones or One Piece crossover.

  • When is the new season update being dropped? Is it today or the 21th?

  • Was there an event recently where they were running the wailing barnacle instruments? If so I missed it

  • I recently started playing with my friends on pc but i get kicked constantly by Allmonbeard error but i know its not my internet because i can hear them on the discord just fine is there a way to fix this?

  • I was in need of a new mousepad so I decided to create a mousepad for my desk. I then designed a Sea of Thieves themed one featuring my in-game character and used my streaming mug on the sails of the sloop. Can you spot the easter egg? Also, what do you think?

    Sea of Thieves Inspired Mousepad

  • Hi,
    I’ve not received the twitch drop today d’oh headslap emote. Has anyone received it?


  • I have made a ticket, game was bought 1/4/21, only can start each time by from the beginning ! Windows always update, Nvidia 461.xx , no anti virus running . Has anyone or know has this kind of issue ? ty for any info.

  • I’m not sure how much this would bring to the game, but I think it would be a nice addition. Similar to what you can do from this website, you could view reputation, items, emissary stuff, friends. It could also include features for quests eg. maps for gold hoarders voyages.

    There are many features, like a map, which would be really helpful but I think it may have to be limited as it would take away from the realism of the game as otherwise there is no point looking at the map in game.

    Open to discussion if interested :)

  • Bild Text

    Emerick: I hear a lot of people hop servers to find what they are looking for and dont really apreciate the journey and the adventure?!
    Stun: Yeah, but i dont do this my old friend, i sail the Sea of Thieves and take what is there. And see what it got me to hunt for you.
    Emerick: This is the way!
    Stun: This is the way!

  • So, I recently got an obsidian 6 pack. I redeemed it on the MS store, all is well. However, I own the game on steam. If I am assuming correct, I'll still get the items within next login, because my xbox account is linked to my steam. Am I assuming correctly?

  • We have had a Megladon, Gunpowder skeletons and now Statues.

    The Meg required 5 people so theoretically a solo player could just be that 5th man to a galleon crew. The Gunpowder skeletons were more of a blessing then a curse to solo players since they make skeleton encounters more fun and faster solo.

    Now these mermaid statues sometimes require 4 people to slash at them repeatedly to destroy. (yeah I know you can 2 man it but seriously 4 people take a couple of seconds)

    I've been reading posts on the forums of people asking for solo tricks and even demanding rare to change this because they somehow can't do this.

    Here's my question: What's stopping people from joining a Galleon? It's so cildishly easy and the event is structured to you can just do a voyage and you'll come across the statues anyway.

    Aside from that it's so much faster with a crew of 4 then just solo'ing it and you only need 15 Ruby ones to be done with the 4 player ones after that you can just go back to solo.

  • With the introduction of the 8 new shanties, we have... like... 14? So, let me know, which is your favorite, and which is your least favorite!

    Here's the Shanty List:

    -Grogg Mayles
    -Bosun Bill
    -Ride of the Valykyries
    -Summon the Megalodon
    -We Shall Sail Together (Short)
    -We Shall Sail Together (Long)
    -Who Shall not be Returning
    -Stitcher's Sorrow
    -Happy Birthday
    -Jolly Good Fellow
    -Seek the Dead
    -Maiden Voyage

    Please answer in this format, just to keep things neat:

    (Favorite Song)
    (Why it is your favorite)

    (Least Favorite Song)
    (Why it is your least favorite)

    I'm excited to see the results! As for me, it follows like so:

    Maiden Voyage
    It is such a staple of the game, it always comes to mind when I think of SoT. Very glad to be able to play it myself!

    Seek the Dead
    This is a great song, I love it, however, It's just not for me. I think It's too slow and calm for my taste.

    Enough from me, let's hear from everyone else!

  • Have you noticed what happens when you start FOTD on pretty empty server? Suddenly ships show up, park around islands surrounding FOTD and scheme strategy to battle you.
    So Is it worth even starting FOTD anymore?
    I had argued this with several crews. On more that few occasions we started FOTD and 4 other ships would show up at the islands surrounding it, and it becomes constant battle. You know its bad when on 5 ship server you see 4 ships surrounding you like a pack of hungry wolves. Plus you usually are battling skilled crews. Its mini arena but with less cannonballs.
    What are the tricks to finish FOTD in those situations ?

  • Just started playing SoT again BUT.... Im getting unplayable rubbberbanding in the game
    ive tried disabling steam overlay, valiadating game files, checked my xbox connection setting, enabled [xbox game mode] and then disabled[cuz it didnt work],checked NAT type and etc... but still having rubberbanding issues... also its not my wifi i ran ping tests [11-20ms avg] and internet speed is [300mbps down] and [30mbps upload] and play other online games fine is this just a game server issue?

    atm im redownloading the game [Via Steam] ill update if it works

  • The events tab for the twelve deeds of giving, day five steal five pieces of loot from another crew and turn them in.

    Just with in the eight hours me and a friend played tonight we sank six ships, four of which had emissaries, each of the six ships had six to seven pieces of loot, mostly skulls and trinkets. One ship that we sunk had around ten pieces of loot on them, fully on their ship, we sank them once they came back again and we sank them again, then we turned in their loot and sank them again, same people, same ship.

    The issue that we ran into is that none of the loot we turned in was considered "stolen" and that crew was still in the server when we sold, all of the other deeds that we did tonight went through; sinking six ships, completing eight voyages, stepping on seven outposts, selling four kegs, and three chickens, as well as selling to shipwrecked chest.

    Everything went through but stealing five pieces of loot and turning them in. I don't know if y'all are working on this problem or if anyone has brought up this problem but it has not been working for neither me or my friend. I don't want to miss out on a nicer version of the ashen dragon stuff just do to something not working.

    Like I said, everything else has went through but day five, I don't want to miss out on the full East Winds Jade set because of a small bug.

    If anyone knows what it is that we need to do, please let me know.

  • Hi !

    I just would like to know with certainty if the First Crew Figure Head that cost over 3 millions is permanent in Game or will be deleted in the next update.
    Can someone confirm it please ?

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

  • Hi Team,

    I would like to acquire the wall hide emote - could you guide me ?


  • This may seem pedantic, but I’m a linguist:

    It’s commendation, not accommodation.

    One is an award, praise or good result; the other is a place you could live or stay overnight.

  • "Due to this thread being necro'd, we've gone ahead and locked it."
    "Due to the high number of threads about this topic, this one is getting locked."

    So wait... Posting in old topics is frowned upon? So if a topic is "too old", you're supposed to create a new one. Yet if too many threads get created about a specific topic, it's gonna get locked anyways.

    Can't tell you how many times I've gone to reply to a thread, only to stop last minute because I noticed a months-long gap between recent posts.

    "Oops, I guess I'm not allowed to post here, 'cause somebody else dug it up, even though they added a unique perspective, which warrants further discussion. Nope, better to make a completely new thread. It's ok, if I want to reference ANY of the information that's already been discussed, I can post a link for people to go to that thread, read it, come back to mine, and continue the discussion. Whatever you do, don't discuss it in the old thread tho..."

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. If Necro-ing is such a problem that you have to lock every thread that gets necro'd, why not just auto-lock threads after a set amount of time, and save y'all the trouble??

  • These should be removed from the game and all players should be banned for exploiting. Thoughts?

  • 2 to 3 hours wasted fighting Warden Chi. For these pirates to come along and defeat her with one final blow while I was dead I decided to go and get some of my hard earned loot but I grabbed some and one pirate said welp here it is like usual and gunned me down to take my loot. ![alt text](image url)

  • I just got jebaited out of $30 for some hot pixels, but they are nowhere to be seen in this game.

    The Sea of Thieves comic did not have a single female that was morbidly obese, 80 years old, deformed, toothless and looks like the result of 20 generations of inbreeding. Official SoT female characters are all thin, young and at least mildly attractive. So you can imagine my consternation when I found out all the in-game female characters look like disgusting freaks of nature... Clearly, Rare thinks that is appealing since it's being shoved down the throats of the players.

    This game needs some serious injection of animu babes.

  • Hi Pirates,

    I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing some of the Festival Events not registering when you have handed. I appear to be having difficulties with 'Three Fresh Hens' & 'Nine Skellies Slaying'. I cant tell you how many Skelly Captains I have killed and it just isn't budging and I am trying to complete it. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Following the recent SoT update video, where Joe Neate informed us that Arena would no longer be getting any further updates, it brought about the question of what will happen to the game mode, and the playerbase that still tries to play it. (Among other questions I am sure).

    I have seen an uptick in thread providing suggestions about what could be done to revive the game mode, many pointing out the smaller player base, the general imbalanced game modes, the long wait times, and the general combat issues tied more specifically to arena. While I don't wish to call them fruitless, it is safe to say RARE has made there final decision regarding the game mode, if nothing else for the time being.

    I admit this does not affect me so much. I am rarely played Arena even during its OG game mode, let alone its current form, mostly due to the current problems, and despised it during the "Courage" Event even more so, because it showcased how the progress of commendations is even more imbalanced due to the issues in Arena.

    This however, brings me to a topic at hand. With Arena getting no further updates, and the overall player base not engaging in Arena, or at least not consistently, as well as the shift in focus being strictly on adventure; would it be possible to have some aspects of the Sea Dogs added to Adventure?

    One of the things Sea dogs tried to solve in the early days of the game was PVP, but in an ironic fashion the Reapers Bones and Emissaries did this a lot better. I think Sea Dogs could have a place in Adventure. On the one hand most of their commendations focused on PVP, while Reapers bones focuses on stealing treasure through PVP, but otherwise offers no real reward for the PVP alone.

    Sea Dogs could have progress tied to Adventure very simply:

    1. Killing players or sinking player ships, could increase your reputation in the Sea Dogs.

    2. Killing player or Sinking an absurd amount of players as a Pirate legend would unlock the Pirate Legend weapons, that are currently locked to Arena.

    3. Killing players or Sinking ships while not a Pirate Legend could lead to unlocking the Standard Sea Dog outfits.

    4. Killing players or sinking ships while wearing the Sea dog items or liveries would allow you to work towards unlocking the Triumphant Sea dog sets (which I point out the shovel works this way already in Adventure for Digging up chests).

    5. You could add an Emissary flag that could be tied to killing players, or sinking ships, as a Sea Dog, with bonuses tied to sinking Reapers.

    6. An Emissary Costume specific to the Sea dogs could be added for more cosmetic gold sinks.

    7. You could add a Voyage or emissary voyage that includes both the old and current Sea Dogs chest, which you can turn in to to the Sea dogs hide out, for Sea dogs rep. Heck you could even keep the sea dogs beacon on the current chest, while still having the old brown chests from before.

    8. You could also add the Sea Dog Arena Ships as cosmetics to the Ship dock store, allowing again for more diverse cosmetics items to players to purchase, and having more cosmetics for a gold sink.

    The point is there are options to ensure that the Sea Dogs alliance, does not become forgotten in the overall lore and world of Sea of Thieves, and does not need to (with respect) keep it tied to an unsupported game mode, with a sadly ever growing smaller playerbase (no offense I'm just calling it as I see it). I mean lets face it the Sea Dogs Tavern needs to be marked on the Map, and needs to be used for more than just an outpost where you can at most, run through a platforming obstacle course. . . . .

    In a strange fashion this might even peak interest to the Sea-Dogs Arena in the future, as newer players practice there PVP skills in Adventure through a more focused commendation set, and thus it could potentially revive the Arena later (though this is pure speculation).

    IDK, its just some food for though. All I know is, my SoT experience is not affected by Arena being unsupported, but I have to acknowledge that in so doing, there are a number of commendations, and cosmetics that (in a fashion) are about to become that much harder to obtain and not for the reasons they should be. Plus it would at least make having a Sea Dog letter of Recommendation make sense in Adventure.


  • Communication needs to improve. We are in another Gold & Glory weekend with "delayed rewards" (same as last time) and the only word we get is that they are looking into it. 7 hours pass, and no further updates from support. Meanwhile players are still playing and expecting to be rewarded.

    As a live service, if something like this is happening, then the servers should be taken down until it is fixed. The bonus weekend should also be extended. Did that happen last time? No. I don't expect it to happen this time either.

    What I do expect is for a live service game to respect its players playtime and communicate with the players. Hours without posting an update (last time it was days) is not acceptable for a live service game.

    Please improve Rare. I know you can do better. (I understand it may be increased challenge working from home, but these issues and lack of communication damage the SoT brand.)

  • I really feel this game needs 3 modes of play...

    Arena (but this mode needs to be tweaked)
    Pirate Adventure; PVP, exactly how it is right now for Adventure, except better loot, high risk, high reward.
    Casual Adventure; No PVP, you can't kill other players or damage their ship. You can still have alliances and share loot. You can still battle together all the regular PVE, just not other players. But, the loot is less. Low risk, low reward.

  • Doing a duo sloop, Athena emissary. We were on our last step BEFORE receiving the "final chapter" of the legendary voyage. Two ships, a galleon and a sloop come upon us out of nowhere. They are battling, so we just try to skirt around and get out of there with all our loot. Both begin following us. We are able to outrun the galleon, but the sloop stays on our tail. We avoid our last step and just keep sailing. We attempted a few maneuvers, but ultimately they caught up to us and began attacking. They kept spawn killing, and not really trying to sink our ship. We had a megalodon come upon us and it destroyed their ship, it sank. They remained on our ship and when the meg began attacking us, between spawn killing, they patched up our ship. Then, we would respawn and find them hiding in all the usual spots on a sloop. Eventually we kill them both and they are gone. We go to the nearest outpost and immediately sell all loot. Then we go do the last step, and the final chapter of the legendary voyage begins. It's not far away, so we head there to dig up our Chest of Legends. We get to the island, and there is the sloop with both guys who had just attacked us. We assume it was coincidence. We plan to pretend we're getting stuff elsewhere on the island and avoid them if possible. While we're "pretending" their ship disappears. Like just immediately gone. So we assume they have left the server. We dig up our chest and sail off. As we are leaving we see some sweet loot in the water, way too good to pass up. We assume it was from their boat. So we stop, jump in the water, and get the loot. As we are swimming back to our ship we see a guy on ours, jumping off with our Chest of Legends (not our only loot on board, but certainly the most valuable). He runs onto the island. One of us stays with our ship and the other goes in search of him. It was Shark Bait Cove, so extremely hard to find someone on. Meanwhile I go to the nearest outpost and sell our remaining loot so I can go back and help search. While I am gone, the same sloop that disappeared shows back up and picks up the guy with our chest, headed for the outpost I am at. My partner catches a mermaid and joins me at the outpost. Within minutes they are spawn killing us again and sink our ship for real.
    My concerns are this:

    1. How were they able to spawn kill us? I don't just mean we spawn, they chase us, and kill us. I mean the millisecond we spawn, we are dead. I am not kidding. We spawn and are immediately dead.
    2. How did they seem to know exactly where our chest of legend would be when we didn't even know when we first met them?
    3. Is this a con that happens? Where they log in as two separate solo sloops and then join forces to pull cons like this... I have no other explanation for how their ship would disappear (we saw it with our eyes just vanish) but the second guy would still be on the island.
  • Bonjour à tous les pirates !
    Pour obtenir votre rôle Pioneers sur le Discord Sea Of Thieves France, il vous suffit d'écrire en réponse à ce message votre Pseudo et Tag Discord, exemple pour moi : OmnesTV#0001 !

    Cela me permettra de vérifier avec sûreté que vous aillez le badge Pioneer !

    Merci à tous et bon jeu sur Sea Of Thieves !

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Arghhh- I've been getting rather irritated. No, not with the game, but with those who play the game! I would just be playing solo and literally not have anything on my ship- I'd be on some island looking for treasure. Then all of a sudden I hear cannon shots- someones attacking my empty ship, with no one on it, and I'm not even out on the sea!

    Another time, I'm on an island again. But this time a GALLEON comes and destroys my ship. The thing is, I had just finished a battle with a skeleton ship so I was getting my barrings. Again, I was playing solo on a sloop... its getting really annoying.

    And of course, again, playing solo on a sloop- I was attacked by another galleon before I even left port! I guess my question is: Is it allowed to attack ships who aren't on the sea? Well, for one thing- I know that its absolutely stupid when a Galleon wants to battle a sloop... seriously.

    - Captain StlthyNnja44

  • Look

    I got disconnected multiple times in different matches because of the servers and now I have a cooldown. Thing is, I ALWAYS hit "Rejoin" immediately when I was given the option to but the game kept reminding me that when I leave a game like that it'll have consequences.
    I never quit games on purpose and my internet is probably better than anyone's playing this game so it's not my fault.

    I am afraid I'll get kicked out more often in the future, which would result in longer bans and potentially a perma ban.

    As I'm working dfull-time I don't get to play much now anyway and playing one game and getting an hour-long cooldown afterwards would mean no gaming at all to me.

    Can a dev please look into the issue? Immediately reconnecting shouldn't result in bans like come on, how is that even possible?

  • I restarted the game and restarted my pc. Nowhere to be found but I have a receipt saying I bought it. What's going on? :/

  • Celebrate four generations of Xbox, and one conveniently named Sea of Thieves character, with the Duke Ship Set!

    Any bilge rats who play the game on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S can grab this verdant vessel set from the Shipwright's chest the next time they log in. Cheers!

    The Duke Shipset

    Looks like anyone playing on next gen gets a sweet new shipset! Got mine today and got home just in time to see this posted.

    Slick looking set. OG Xbox inspired and it brings back alot of great memories, heads up for anyone who isn't aware!