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  • So here is a legitimate discussion which I am sure has come up before... Lack of incentive to keep playing.

    Sea of thieves is not a game I would particularly consider story driven. Which means it's drive has to be located elsewhere. Now I admittedly when I bought the game had not particularly looked into it's systems of progression so this is partially my fault. However I did assume this game would be more akin to something like Elite Dangerous, but pirates instead of spaceships and based on the stores description on steam I don't think many people would blame me for this as there is no mention that the game is heavily focused on PvP or that there is 0 actual progression.

    So here I am now; I have about 40 hours of play time, I've done a lot of the tall tales (I stopped once I realized the shores of gold reward was only 18k total which is not worth the time you have to put it lol) and managed to make enough gold and dubloons to acquire all the cosmetics I wanted... So what now, do I just go grief people for "fun"? I have no use for gold or dubloons any more so there's little point collecting either of them... The normal voyages are just typical grind stuff which while not to bad in terms of game play aren't particularly worth doing if the rewards aren't needed.

    In the time that I have played I've spent some time here on the forums as I am an advocate for PvE servers since I find PvP unfun and unbalanced on this game (frankly on most games). And I have seen people who are pro-pvp advocate that the PvP servers would become mindless deathmatches but the very design of the game literally means that this is an inevitable thing that will happen anyway.

    Anyway I think in a way this is my review for the game. I can't say I didn't get my monies worth I think $29AUD for 40hrs of play time isn't too bad (certainly not fantastic but I've spent more and gotten less in the past to I'm not gonna complain) but for an ongoing game I think running out of incentives to play so fast is a very glaring issue that needs to be remedied. I cant help but feel like this game would work so damn well as a loot based game (you know the type that upgrades your character and ship) with a PvE focus and PvP elements... It's just a sad missed opportunity.

  • Hello everyone! Have you ever had a really cool ship design that you use every game but you are starting to get tired of constantly putting back on the ship when you enter? Well what if you could save these designs? I have a special design for my ship that I must constantly put back on every time I enter a server and it is getting annoying. Then there is putting up a flag. It is something I forget to do very often which has led to multiple people attempting to sink my ship since I don’t have a flag representing my business to them. If you could save the designs it would be much more simple to have a really cool ship appearance.

  • So i was solo slooping earlier just casually going about stocking up and down a fate of the damned mission, went to get of a rowie and i black screened seconds later i appear under my own boat.

  • Greetings SoT staff

    First of all, thank you for adding the events tab ingame. This is fabulous. Me and my landlubber crew are so happy to not having to tap in and out of the game to check our progress. Lots of love!

    Now our discovery of the event tab got overshadowed by the way the soulflame event rewards are communicated and positioned.

    • You have to be pirate legend.
    • You need to complete several missions spread across four weeks.
    • You need to purchase the set once you unlocked it.

    alt text
    alt text

    Now I'm not here to discuss the decision for gating this behind pirate legend status. Some of these event missions are quite tricky and you may want to prevent a bad experience for new players.

    Now, lets talk about that 1 million gold, shall we?

    We complete the last piece of the missions this morning and we felt backstabbed. Yes we know that the objective stated "..can purchase this costume..", but there was absolutely no indication of this ridiculous high price tag. We expected it to be 50k, maybe 100k but no more since we already put so much effort into unlocking all objectives. (Yes they already gave the weapon designs but still.)
    Maybe we missed something but to our knowledge this is the most expensive item in the game, and it required a fair amount of progress. In addition, there is no indication of how much time we have to purchase this set. Neither was this high price tag mentioned anywhere before committing to the event a month ago.
    I'm currently sitting at 300K because I keep spending gold on random items I don't need or even want at Stephen's Spoils. To get to 1.000.000 gold I easily need two or three months.

    As a suggestion, either of the following would alleviate the pain and make us feel different about the event.

    • It had been clear before starting the event how much the set would cost. (too late now)
    • There is an info how much time is left to purchase the set (or no deadline at all).
    • The set cost are six digits or less.

    Right now we are quite disappointed and demotivated to continue.

    Lots of love

  • Just a small thing I want to let go after the last couple of timed achievements.

    For real, finding someone to do an alliance with is the greates s*** I have ever done in this game (not even the gifting people last christmas was this awful). It's like wasting your time asking everyone you can find only because you can't join your friends on the same server.
    And no server hopping ain't the real answer to this problem, better achievements are.
    Regards Simodon

  • The halloween update this year finishes on 6 more challenges that require the use of the alliance system.
    This is horrible as anyone who has played the game before knows you either kill or run... there are no friendly pirates...
    With this in mind, it would be super beneficial to be able to create alliances in the lobby or join into the server on another ship from my friends list
    The argument against this is that it currently promotes working together and forming friendships, however this is the perfect argument for it as well, as forming friendships with a full crew means you will never be able to play with them again using the current system... but if all (8 players for 2 galleons) are friends and able to join the lobby then they would be able to

    adding challenges that require the current alliance system is horrific as I just wasted almost 4 hours only to lose everything trying to form the alliance...

  • Just started the 2nd tall tall, hooked up with someone doing the same go there kill the skeleton, get skull and other players sink our ships and takes the skull killed me 3, no 4 times. Yeah what fun:( If I want loot I'd kill skeleton ships. They said they were friendly and joined the alliance. Just to sink our ships over 1 skull????
    This game has the wrong name, it should be griefers of the sea. The game can be alot of fun, when not griefed.
    I don't believe pirates killed and stole from everyone they saw!
    GRIEFERS of the SEA!!
    Ruining the game in my opinion. Playing about 4 weeks. Isn't there a PVP where these people could go?Wait they probably stink at that so they go after new players like me?
    PRIVATE servers WITH progression would be great!!! That way players can enjoy and play the game?

  • If outnumbered, no matter how good you are, you will lose. Hitreg after hitreg issue, and now, it's worse than ever before. I love PVP but this is ridiculous... Also, AIMBOTTERS... Do something about cheaters. I'm tired of being sunk unfairly by solo AIMBOTTERS on god mode.

  • As in the weekly special event challanges.

    We had two boats in an allience with all lights the same two colours. But the event wouldn't complete.

    Am I missing something or is this bugged?

  • How do you guys feel seeing more and more about duo players in the vanilla skinless sloop, who just camps around the map for people to do any event, and just destroy you once you're done, taunting you

    Just a random rant, because obviously i wanted to introduce friends to the game, show'em the fotd for the ongoing event, and just got a sloop coming to us, with my friends not really aware of anything, have them blunderbuss camp us non-stop, steal most of the loot

    Then to go do another event (ashen bosses, or whatever the name), and see them come on a rawboat and spawn camp us again (one of my friends has already given up and left)

    They barely earned any loot as they left a lot in the fotd (we came back to it to check and a lot was still there), so they just raided us, trash talked us, and i hope they enjoyed at least, but damn ... Kind of annoying to see your friends feel like sh*t over people like that

  • This one caught my attention today.

    He mentions that Rare has shared player counts, daily trends, and future development plans with content creators such as himself. Although he is not allowed to share the numbers, he states

    A lot of people... A LOT of people are playing this game every single day. And I can say there is more than twice the number playing today than there was in last year’s anniversary update.

    He also shares that very big plans are coming and ends with a poem as a hint of what he has been told is currently planned or in development.

    With land abound on the seas we do find.
    With our steel drawn and foes on our mind.
    The sun does set on the horizon in day,
    But boundless adventures will be on our way.
    With vast open waters and secrets below,
    the shroud that’s alive see it ebb and flow.
    The horizon is vast will continue to expand,
    And fruition will show this was never our land.

    I think his poem is suggesting one or more new areas of the map expanding perhaps into new biomes or themes. I think the last line suggests what I have always believed, that the game is not set on Earth, and so biomes you would not expect if we were located in the Caribbean are actually possible... but that might just be my own wishful thinking for some of the themes people have suggested over the last few years.

    Or maybe the seas are going to change from a 2D plane into a globe.

  • Last week a dispute arose among my crew over who was the best pirate. Initially were going to have an epic duel over to settle the matter, but since we still can't do that years after release, we turned to math.

    I present to you, with the help of way too much grog in game and irl....the pirate algorithm:

    ((Ships sunk × times vomited)/distance sailed) ×1000 = your pirate ranking.

    Now you can pseudo scientifically determine who is the best pirate. You're welcome.

    For the record at time of posting my rank is a measly 15.76 and I am deeply ashamed of myself.

  • When i go to an item that costs 149 coins and want to buy 149 coins directly it costs €2,09 and when i go to the buy coins menu buying 150 ancient coins only costs €1,79?
    I am in The Netherlands BTW.

  • What should I do if the rage chest was opened at the very beginning, and you are next to the Pentangon?Task-heart of fire

  • Recently famous youtuber FreeMasonLive went on sailing with developers in his stream. In all the fun and glory the Dev's let out a little secret on 6:25 and on 22:11. "There is a time and a place...Listen carefully". Is he referencing to the bald lady on Crook's Hollow or maybe to the Kraken's sream on 3AM each night? I got thinking and maybe there is, for a short amound of time, a portal opening up? What is your take on this? You can find the video on FreeMasonLive his youtube channel.

    Edit 22-11:
    Just watched Falore's video on the Bald Lady on Crook's Hollow, there a guy said we may need to bring the latern from the Ferryman Tall Tale to this island and watch if something appears as we hear the footsteps on exactly 12:00 AM. This is something I might try.

    Edit 23-11:
    I haven't tried the above as of yet however I came to view this very interesting video of Captain Falcore where he explains the motives of the gold hoarder with at the end a very, very suprising correlation he makes between the triangle figure on the head of the gold hoarder and the underwater altars with the same shape in them. Maybe this is something for future content? (I know if you're reading this when the Merfollk update dropped like a year ago and you'd be thinking: "What a dull thread, why am I wasting time reading this?" People now won't understand this but in the future...they will.)

  • So, I'm not sure if this is normal, but earlier today I fought a skelly sloop that... well, for lack of a better way to say it, just sat still like a bump on a log. I even parked right beside it and blasted it nonstop. The cannons never fired, the crew never fired. It sank, and I got all the loot (much better loot than expected of a sloop). Cut to a bit later, a skelly galleon pops up on me. It sails beside me for a minute, but then just curves right to cut me off and dead stops. Same thing as above. It sits still, doing absolutely nothing. Even jumping onto it didn't make it move or the skeletons react at all. They didn't patch the walls, attack me or anything.

    Is this normal? My connection was perfectly fine, no ping issues... so I'm kinda clueless on this one.

  • Any news on this? Could’ve sworn Rare said they’d add new rewards for the emissary ledger in the coming months yet nothing. Suppose they scrapped it to make more Pirate Emporium content?

  • Hello thieves of the sea,

    I know there is currently a thread that also deals with client startup issues, but I believe my problem is different.

    Upon launching Sea of Thieves, the SoT logo shows up for a few seconds (not even the Rare logo), then the window closes again. If I start it again afterwards, absolutely nothing happens. The SoT logo shows up again when launching after a computer restart. The issue first arised yesterday, when I wanted to launch the game after updating. It worked perfectly fine a few weeks ago.

    I don't know if it's related, but the event log spits out the following:

    "Ein DCOM-Server konnte nicht gestartet werden: Microsoft.SeaofThieves_2.92.2201.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe!AthenaClientShipping als Nicht verfügbar/Nicht verfügbar. Fehler:
    Aufgetreten beim Start dieses Befehls:
    "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.SeaofThieves_2.92.2201.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Athena\Binaries\UWP64\SoTGame.exe" -ServerName:AthenaClientShipping.AppX1tppsmwxvf2km3jd8xq57zc8r6c65hfj.mca"

    which roughly translates to:

    "A DCOM-Server couldn't be started: Microsoft.SeaofThieves_2.92.2201.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe!AthenaClientShipping as not available/not available. Error:
    Occurred when executing command:
    "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.SeaofThieves_2.92.2201.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Athena\Binaries\UWP64\SoTGame.exe" -ServerName:AthenaClientShipping.AppX1tppsmwxvf2km3jd8xq57zc8r6c65hfj.mca"

    Things I did already:

    • Updated Windows
    • wsreset.exe
    • app reset of Sea of Thieves
    • app reset of Xbox Companion
    • a lot of computer reboots
    • in services.msc, set Plug & Play to automatic start in properties
    • uninstalled several programs/apps I installed recently, one of them the only VPN client I had installed
    • change region and language to USA and English (USA)
    • downloaded a random free app from the microsoft store
    • started Sea of Thieves from Desktop, Microsoft Store, Xbox Companion
    • unticked/ticked automatic timezone recognition
    • sync'ed time anew
    • updated NVIDIA graphics driver
    • disabled NVIDIA Geforce overlay
    • disabled "Gaming" mode
    • disabled game bar to record videos, screenshots etc
    • disabled "record in the background" option
    • executed some powershell commands I can't recall
    • no such program as a Sonic Radar or Studio installed on my computer
      I probably tried more but I'm working on it since yesteday, so I can't recall every single measure. I don't know if the error code I posted above is connected to my problem, but I thought it might help identifying the issue.

    If you have an idea how to fix, please take a moment and tell me. I'd like to play again ASAP :D

  • hi, quick question next to my username on this forum it says insider which i know what and why that is there but why does it say master next to my name as well?

  • So now I keep getting hazelnutbeard my time of 2 years playing SoT, I have never had a connection issue. I've even had the same internet connection for that time, so idk dude. Seems like I'm being poked with a stick, its happened while in pursuit of other players, while on athena all the time now.

  • I have this problem so damn much I can't take it anymore. This game has become less fun now with every encounter I have with players I get attacked without fail by skele ships (mostly gallys,) when there were none in sight that randomly spawned into game (I play solo sloop.) They attack even without being engaged, why do they engage with players? Aren't they NPCs and shouldn't engage without player interaction against them? I seriously can't take it anymore, this game has become less enjoyable now (seeming I am targeted.) I am going to stop playing this game now.

  • can someone tell me what dress and jacket these 2 are wearing in this picture and how you get them

  • I don't know if someone has said this but the barnicle ship Hull colours the inside of your ship if u are going to make a ship set Don't leave the inside looking like the default Hull hope u change this for all ship sets

  • Everytime my friends and I try a quest, someone always comes and kills our ship why we are doing it. We try leaving someone behind but the ship is always dead by the time we get there. The only time we have fun is when we are straight up only fighting people. When we try quests its just garbage having to get picked off over and over. Is there even a point to these?

  • I've been playing for a while with friends and slowly getting my reps up for PL (yes I know most people don't care for PL anymore, but anyway) I've hit 53 on gold hoarders and I want to try and finish the other two factions this weekend.

    My OoS is currently 38 rep so I plan on doing some Devils Roar runs with them, but I'm at a stalemate on whether I try to grind out the last 9 levels I need for reapers in DR (currently 41 rep) or do merchants in DR (currently 26 rep). I do have friends I can play with but if I were to solo sloop it, which one does everyone think would be better to finish levelling this weekend?

  • pvp never has been good in this games the respawns are just really bad you sink a ship and try to take thier loot and in 2 mins they can already be back you have people sailing away non stop make it so people that run away from you get the kraken if they do it long enough this game only focuses on pve

  • I was sailing solo with a closed crew and all of a sudden I get a message saying that someone joined my crew. This person makes his way to my map, looks at it and then quits my crew. It happened twice within a few minutes, both times they just looked at my map and left. Any idea how people are doing that and how to keep it from happening?

  • Hi, just reporting this rather serious bug.
    Did a new DR vault voyage, finished it, opened the vault.
    My crew died in there taking the piles of gold, i ran out (with an ashen castaway chest xD)
    Got killed by skelly/geiser combo lol, so were all dead.
    We come back, only to find the wall has closed up again and we cant get to our treasure which we obviously put outside the vault.
    It was the ashen reaches vault, hope you fix this, it was alot of time/loot lost.

  • Hello everyone. I am experiencing issues with my Samsung AKG Y100 eurbuds. When I pair my earbuds there are 2 playback devices appearing from AKS Y100. One is Stereo and the other is hands free. I am setting stereo ones as default playback device but I can only get audio from hands-free device. Even when i disable handsfree play back device I still cannot hear it from the stereo. And the handsfree sound quality is really low. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance.!
    alt text

  • Will Xbox Series S&X support Xbox servers opt-out?

  • I've never understood the need to remove progression from a private server. Y'all acting like progression is this huge thing in this game that gives you power but the only thing you get is pretty cosmetic items that don't effect gameplay at all.

    People are so against others for seemingly no reason in this game. You might have a reasonable argument if say; this game had real character and power progression but it doesn't. So I'd like someone to give me a single good reason to not have progression on these servers... Because honestly it just sounds like you want a high chance to be grouped up on servers with gankable people that don't enjoy PvP just so you can feel like you're good at a game because you play with 4 people and that solo player is a solo player who is playing the game because they like the premise without PvP.

    If all I get is a skin... I can buy most of them anyway if I really wanted them.... How exactly is the integrity of the game threatened in any way shape or form just because you can't gank people?

  • A few questions about the statistics available to us in our profiles.

    Do ships sunk, distance sailed, times vomited etc. include those in the arena?

    Also it seems that the ships sunk number does not include ships you sink using explosive barrels. Does anyome.knownwhat factors go into this number?

  • Some players are great trying to help you out with loot and doing things.
    The TOXIC just ruining what could be a GREAT game!!!!!
    30 minutes in go the the island, player join alliance, then sink ship and kill you multiple times.
    SERIOUSLY.??!!! Is this what fun is??
    I would rather help people than kill em that way more people would enjoy the game!!?? Or is that wrong???
    Isn't there a section that is PVP??? Never been there just trying to do quests, tall tales, and take down ghost ships or help someone take down ghost ships. If you started the attack you can have the loot!!!
    I just want to have some fun taking down the ship too.....or help you take down the ship, then I'll sail away..
    Is there a way I can get 6 friends or people I have played with on 6 different sloops so we can be in the same server WITHOUT TOXIC players???!!!

  • A while back there was a contest to guess the number of Megs killed in a 24 hour period (6442) and another contest for the number of Shrouded Ghosts killed in a 24 hour period (11). So, this gave us a rough idea of how rare it is.

    I'm wondering how many times the Shrouded Ghost is not killed. How often is some poor soul either unaware that that meg is special and ignores it or they just can't kill it.