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  • Ok I was having an issue with no Update happening.
    This is what I did to force Download:
    I have launched playstore/clicked ... in the top right corner and hit Downloads and Updates/Then on that page top right it says Get Updates/Clicked that and it started downloading

  • So today I'm sailing around when I get to location K-12. Some very strange things are going on here. I think you should check it out!

  • I dont know if this has been mentioned as of today but the Galleon in the legendary hideout has been repaired slightly it seems. It is now floating further up in the water and is no longer able to be boarded (by jumping off the dock at least) It has also had a repair to the mast I believe.

  • Guys, I can't even open the pioneer version. The screen keeps black till it close by no reaseon. While when SOT normal game is just as fine as ever. I don't know what to do :(

  • do we get this sword that is shown on the picture on the patch notes? i have everything else on the picture but not the sword, am i missing something or are they just showing us a cool sword we cant get?

  • Ahoy maties!

    For those of you looking for more info on the recently revealed Anniversary Update promo video!

    Take a look at the following newly updated webpage!

    (Does that chap with the rod look familiar to you?)

  • Ahoy me hearties!

    I discovered there is a new cooking spot on each outpost with a fire camp and a stove. The first scene of The Anniversary Update Trailer is showing one of these new places with three people. I'm starting to think this will be the place where the upcoming NPC of the new Trading Company, The Hunter's Call, will be!

    Here's a close look at the first NPC (on the left) with his cooking spot on Sanctuary Outpost:

    And here's a gallery of the cooking spots:

    Now I'm wondering if Merrick will be at one of them and which one 😁

  • From the mega update webpage:

    Master the art of fishing from shore and from ship, hunt animals and monsters for their meat and cook up delicious (or occasionally poisonous) food.”

    Says hunt “monsters”. Could mean the megladon and kraken.

    Don’t get comfortable on land either! New and terrifying foes arrive in Shores of Gold – figures arising from legend, packing deadly surprises. Even simple exploration comes with additional risk thanks to traps that must be carefully navigated to avoid disaster. The Sea of Thieves can be a perilous place for the unwary…”

    This piece is most interesting. I believe Shores of Gold will be a brand new region of the map and Rare is keeping it a secret for players to discover. I think it will be similar to Worlds End from PoTC, a mythical place not viewable on the map at first. The Tall Tales will probably lead us on this journey to find it.

    It also flat out says new and terrifying foes which would correspond to the brand new Hunters Call Faction. I’m calling this now, this is a brand new Monster Hunter style faction. It says it involves hunting and fishing and cooking.

    I am super hyped to see what type of new enemies we will face and what the Shores of Gold turns out to be.

    Also love how they mention there will be Indiana Jones style traps and dungeons. We need a little gold idol Easter egg lol.

  • So I logged on and have been searching for them but I don't see anything. I've been a PL for a very long time so am I overlooking these items or what?

  • Since the game came out I've has this thought and it still feels relevant, it does have some issues but I wanted to see what people thought of it nonetheless. So RARE has been introducing several new items since the game's release and that's cool and all but it takes a lot of work to keep pumping out cosmetics for a game that revolves around that. I've seen some interesting ones that I thought of buying but never did, and 99% of what keeps me from buying a tonne of the items I see is that I don't like the colour scheme. From the beginning of the game I always thought there should be an option when you buy an item, or maybe even an option that you could change at any time, which would allow you to change the colour of the item. For example, there's the ceremonial admiral pistol let's say, it's red and gold, you could simply pick a different colour for the red, and one for the gold, it would literally only be a change of hue so it would be easy to implement (and take that from someone in game design). This would make the game feel as though it has a drastically larger variety of cosmetics when you can just change the colours where you want to. Now I know what you're probably thinking, there's one blatant flaw with this, there are already some items in the game that are simple reskins of other items and people have paid gold for those, so to just add a colour change option would mean they wasted that gold, assuming they bought more than one variation of that item model. And that is definitely a problem which I can't honestly say I know a solution for. Still, I figured I'd see what people think of the idea.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Maybe I am mistaken but I thought there was going to be some updates in regard to what to expect later in the year as well. I knew there would be information on the Mega update but I also thought a little more was coming like when they announced plans for the year last year. Am I wrong about this?

  • I got a reply from my post on reddit.

    Rare - Senior Producer
    Hey! The Captain Bones Original Cutlass is a reward for every player who played Sea of Thieves in a our first year - not exclusive to legends. We are working hard to issue these rewards to players, please bear with us!

    I'm so happy that the cutlass isn't only for pirate legends. :)

  • Ahoy maties!

    It only seems like a week ago since I last said... Its that time of the week again! Doesn't it come round so fast!

    And this time its Sea of Thieves' Birthday!

    One year since launch! Joe's here with more detail on the flood of new features coming in the big Anniversary Update on April 30th, plus of course the celebratory goodies we're adding today.

    Talking points include;

    • Year One Anniversary - Players will receive these over the next few days!
    • All players who played during year one will earn a cutlass!
    • A set for those who achieved Pirate Legend in the first year.
    • New Mercenary voyages - Shores Plenty, Devils Roar and Repears' Mark voyage!
    • A gilded voyage for Legends too!
    • Golden sailor hat and cannons are in the store in the store for 320 gold coins get them before the 30th April update!
    • We Shall Sail Together launched get it in your music stores or streaming service now!
    • Xbox Chatpad, Mouse and Keyboard Support!
    • Combat Tweaks - No issues with sprinting with a sword!
    • Mercenary Cosmetic sets have now been released to the game!
    • Anniversary Announcement Trailer has now launched!

    Biggest update ever! A glimpse of what is coming - Between then and now there will be some live streams to get involved with:

    • April 10th - Arena
    • April 16th - Hunters Call - Fishing & Cooking
    • April 23rd - Tall Tales - Crafted narrative and story! A tall tales trailer is coming!
  • The glow is way too much for the new blunderbuss. Can't see anything with it day or night.Blunderbuss glow fail

  • How many mouse buttons does Sea of Thieves support for XBox?

    Just the 2... 4... 24?

  • I assume rare will do something about this, but I need to get it off my chest.

    I've been sailing today, waiting and waiting for skeleton fleets to appear, after roughly an hour, one finally appeared. (Me being the moron I am) decided now is a good time to stock up and gather some kegs, It took me about 10 mins to do so...?

    I decided to head out towards the skeleton fleet cloud, and literally straight after, it deactivated! I WAS CRUSEHD! one never came up after that.

    I love that RARE focused more on skeleton forts (as they are more popular) and I particularly don't like skeleton fleets, but... give some love to the fleets.

    Sorry. I don't like to rant but It had to be done!

  • Just a quick Gilded question. Where is the islands it wants everyone to go to now? Last time it was crooks and Lone cove. Has anything changed so I know where to go before starting it?

  • I’ve noticed that the shipwreck next to the shipwright in the pl hideout has been raised slightly as well as some invisible walls being added. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • So this sword is just supposed to be in the armory right? Well I don't see it for me. I have access to all the other items but this one. What do I do? I have been playing since the open betas!!

  • So i was on the final map for my athena's voyage, and on the way to marauders arch i started getting attacked by one of the skeleton towers. Now due to their accuracy i got knocked off my ship, while the boat sailed away. It sank inside the bay of marauders arch, and all my loot was in the water, i tried getting all the loot onto the shore so it wouldn't despawn but the skeletons that i was there to kill instantly one-shot me with their aimbot snipers. Sailed all the way back to marauders arch taking about 2-3 minutes and boom, no loot other than a gunpowder keg.

    This raises many questions:
    #1 - Why is the mermaid so slow and you have to be so far away from the ship for it to spawn....
    #2 - Who in their right mind gave the aimbot skeletons that everybody has hated since launch a more broken gun like the sniper rifle?????
    #3 - 2 hours worth of work instantly wasted in 3 minutes is a damn joke, making it physically impossible to get your loot back if you do sink. FIX.THIS.NOW!

    Lets just say i almost ALT-F4'd right there and then had it not been for my athena's rep.

  • So I logged in and now have the legendary Blunderbuster. Looks amazing but it is completely blinding when you aim down the sight. Please reduce the glow!

  • Here it is! Exciting content coming April 30th! #Hyped

  • I just dropped by Golden Sands Outpost and was checking-out weaponsmith Wonda's stock, but upon leaving she muttered some lines I hadn't heard before. She'd say her usual, "Come again, I'm here..." But if you stick around for a few seconds she mutters a really pained, "I'm weak..."

    Am I mishearing her or is something afoot at this Outpost once more?

  • First of all sorry if this is in the wrong category. When I googled SoT everything went normally until the install part. After adding my PC manually I figured that solved the issue however I was wrong when I click install I get a popup box that says "From your compatible devices, pick one with at least 34.3GB." I choose my drive with 200GB free, then the popup disappears and nothing happens? I've also tried the install on my device option so I select my PC and then the popup changes to "Thank You! We're attempting to install on your selected device(s)," with an OK option at the bottom. I select it and nothing happens again. I am logged into the same account I bought the Xbox game pass with. I have tried googling this issue first and there wasn't any useful information. Also forgot to mention I am using windows 10 but I lost my activation code. I'm 90% sure that is the reason why but I want to make sure it's that and not my stupidity.

  • Sorry not quite sure if this is the right forum for this but here goes...
    So we were (still are as I write this) doing a DR Athena's and someone joins through the looking for group feature and then after we take down a skeleton ship, he blows up our ship with our own gunpowder. We respawn and lock him in the brig, but he knows we are very close to completing the most valuable voyage in the game - so not only are we down a crew member as he is content with staying, but I also have to give him the satisfaction he wants by selling our loot when the time comes. What can be done?
    With the current system in place, people like him win - he destroyed our ship and all of our resources, we had to sail all the way back and reclaim our treasure, we are now indefinitely down a potential player on a 4 man ship, and he still gets what he wanted. By all accounts, he gets the last laugh. I have to listen to him play shanties over and over again, he gets my treasure without doing any work, and made life much harder on us only to benefit just as much as we do.

    I have no idea what the correct solution is, but can we do something about this?

    PS. I'd love to share his Gtag of I'm allowed to so y'all can avoid him if that feature actually works and y'all won't have to suffer our same fate.

  • How are we supposed to get this sword? I can't find it anywhere.

    1. When using LB to pull out an item and then pressing it again it won’t put it away but acts like it is a secondary weapon to your first weapon.

    2. When pressing RB and pulling out a map and then proceeding to press it again, it will swap between your primary and secondary weapon or the map and the item from pressing LB

    Please go in-depth with testing these as there are probably more possible ways of it breaking more.

  • Rare please fix this, We can't buy anything and we can't get paid for turning stuff in! Turned athena in half an hour ago, guess what? No gold.

  • This ain't a party for us, it's just a bloody nightmare with all the bugs / server lag and whathaveyou.

  • I'm getting Bronzebeard and Ablasterbeard.
    Please fix these problems asap and send a tweet out when you have.

  • There have been a lot of discussions going on pertaining to certain topics related to PL and A10... I anticipate RARE is going to really do something cool in the future for the "end game." Why else would they want everyone to be a PL? PL and A10 feedback has to be amongst the largest in the game. Hopefully we can get some information in the future update coming out later today!

  • The Release of Sea of Thieves 20th March 2018

    I want to thank Rare for what they have brought to the world of Sea of Thieves. They started on a rocky road but then quickly turned things around. I have enjoyed every feature in the game, every twist, every turn and every player I called friend on Sea of Thieves. Then after sailing for sometime, the rumors of the Megladon became true! Merry Merrick told his story, but it was up to us to investigate and slaughter the beast!

    Following that we learned the Shanty "Summon the Meg"

    After that we all summoned the Meg, defeated her, but not killed her! All we knew was she was gone forever.

    Then we had the first Bilge Rat adventure!

    Oh boy... Did this first one throw us all a curve ball! Especially at Marauder's Arch!
    However there was more bilge rat adventures to follow on from the Skeleton Thrones.

    Then a few months went by then we got the following Teaser Trailer at E3

    Which lead on to the Cursed Sails & Forsaken Shores! These were 2 might updates which Pirates enjoyed! It was a mix between slaughtering these skeleton rival ships and deviling the Devils Roar... (See what I did there?) ;) However the danger didn't stop at Devils Roar after we found out the Kraken and Meg were not afraid to travel those waters!

    Cursed Sails;

    Forsaken Shores;

    From that we had Cargo Runs introduced, a whole new way to help out those demanding Merchants!

    Here is the behind the scenes for Cargo Runs;

    And from there we got many quality of life improvements, following that we received more varients of Meg, so the Hungering one was not too happy about the defeat! Additionally we had roaming Skeleton ships on their own adventures, which then lead to this final tease of 2018.


    To basically now, we have the new Insider programme, we also have the Reapers Run Voyages going on right now as well as the cosmetics for these challenges!


    Mad Jack Ketch
    Technical Alpha Tester
    Former Pioneer
    Current Insider
    Pirate Legend

    Keep the game Awesome!

  • Any info on error and what to do to log in