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  • Ahoy there Pirates!

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    We're really excited to read your thoughts, suggestions and feedback!

  • When I start playing the game each day it seems to be fine, but once I've been playing for a few hours things start to really mess up. Islands won't load in for 10-15 minutes unless I kill myself and if I do the load times to respawn are insane. And if I exit the game to restart it, my game takes like 10 minutes to start and when it does I try to set sail and it just loads endlessly, never getting me into a game. There's also a constant lag I find playing the game, mostly noticeably when I walk fast and then slowly it'll rubber band me forward. This just me or?

    Edit: I continued to try to play after I posted this and then issues got considerably worse. 20+ minutes to load into a game as well as a handful of hazelnutbeard errors thrown into the mix and when I finally made it in, I tried to do one voyage, same problems as before in regards to the islands not loading. Then when I got my chickens and went to the outpost it hadn't loaded yet either. Went to repair the ship from a bad anchor and the game stopped, then it unfroze as I was reinstanced and I couldn't move as my ship sunk through the ground with my animals that I wasn't even able to offload. These issues make the game entirely unplayable, and it's not my internet, that I can guarantee. Partly because sea of thieves is quite literally the only game to be having any issues whatsoever.

  • Ahoy maties!

    It's that time of week again, another amazing developer update!

    An info-packed update from Executive Producer Joe gives more insight into our plans for The Arena as revealed at X018, and teases future updates coming to the adventure side of the game you already know and love!

    Talking points include:


    • Starting in the sea dogs tavern to scoring - core loop in place.
    • The team are in the early testing stages and making changes and playing daily.
    • Wanting to get this into Pioneers hands!
    • Will be rough around the edges on launch but will be polished as they go.
    • Sea Dogs are the fourth trading company - another way to progress to Pirate Legend - needing to hit the top level in 3 trading companies!
    • Arena is complementary to the experience.
    • Goals for Pirate Legends in Arena.
    • Cosmetics will be transferable across both modes.
    • Teams still working on both modes.


    • Quest system is being looked at to deliver crafted experience including more story and lore. The beginning for delivering new quests!
    • Pets - There is a team working on this right now!
    • A team is working on more features to enrich the experience further.
    • Thanks to all - For feedback and support - The future is incredible!
  • Soooo.... I've been scouring the interwebs trying to find a certain mention of a feature I really want to see, and in this, it got me thinking about all the features that have come up over the past nearly 3 years of discussing this beaut of a game that have never come to light. So I picked the only two I had time to find at work my favourite two 'pre-features'!


    So way back when the game was a concept in our minds, shortly before the release of the Technical Alpha, the crew of Rare had discussed a feature of Rats a few times, that would snuggle up in your lower decks, and when you spring a leak, would squeal and run up to the top deck to escape the water.

    Sea Of Thieves Comic-Con Panel where rats were discussed as a feature

    This idea was a great immersive idea in my mind, it gives that audio and visual sign that there is trouble and could also be utilised in many other ways. This feature is probably one of my top favourite 'pre-features'.

    Hiding in Barrels

    Now this one was a little harder to find. I remember it being mentioned in passing in one of the videos Rare delivered to us during the early TA days. But I managed to find a source where the feature was also mentioned.

    In this Metro Interview with Joe Neate and Mike Chapman from late June 2017, where Mr Neate said, "We’ll add more richness and variety until… just now they’ve been putting hiding in barrels in as a new emergent feature. So you can hide on someone’s ship and look through the little hole."

    This feature has been brought up and leaked a few times over the years. I personally think this creates a load of potential and opportunity, although, I'd have to say that there would have to be a good way to ascertain which barrels have someone in as having somebody camp out in you barrels would be a nightmare.

    It would be good to see these brought into game. There are obviously other features that have been mentioned/leaked/shown off from unity builds. A couple of honourable mentions from memory are checking the wind speed in the crows nest, lock-picking chests, and I believe at some point it was mentioned that mast damage was tested in the unity build.

    What pre-feature... or 'Preature' do you remember and want to see in game?

    1. Bring back Mermaid Statues please, still need 48 to destroy

    2. Please add more Cursed Chests, one and I’m happy! There so many cool ideas for them.

    3. Don’t forget the Commendation „Legendary Gunpowder Plot“! I’m still needing 11 Counts and I know coding is complicated and sometimes people forgetting to code things in a hurry! But with 6 new Forts I want to complete this Commendation after years :D Cause I think in SS many people want to test the new Forts, I too and when I can complete this I would be happy!

  • So I know that you are able to redirect the installation to a certain Hard drive from the Microsoft Store or even from the Windows Settings once installed but is it possible to move all those SoT files in a specific folder?

    I want to dedicate one of my SSDs to gaming only but each time I install the game it creates 3 folders at the root of the drive... it's kind of annoying.

    I want to move those 3 folders to a dedicated "Sea of Thieves" folder...

  • This is probably not an original idea. But what if the progression for turning in treasure was never capped? What if, after reaching level 50, the progression and reputation just simply kept going?

    PL status still requires L50 in 3 companies. No change there. Just simply keep rewarding reputation for those companies and let the levels climb.

    I honestly miss seeing this, and its only been 4 weeks. Could you imagine the levels some pirates would reach? For me, this would be such a huge difference while not actually effecting the gameplay in any way.

  • Should the Meg and Kracken be in arena? I say no because randomness ruins the balance of a fair fight and people can easily feel cheated. If I am having a ship battle with you and all of the sudden meg targets me I am now going to feel like I was not able to give the fight I could have and maybe it will cost me the game. Or maybe I have to spend and extra 5 minutes fighting a kracken that nobody else had to deal with. The way these creatures work now is fine in adventure, but random encounters can not work in a competitive mode.
    However I would like to make a suggestion. I have wanted a giant crab in the game for a long time. If Arena is the team to grab the most treasure or acquire the most gold this could work very well. So let's say we put a giant crab in a cave somewhere in the middle of the ocean or on an island. And let's say this crab guards treasure. Now we have a PVE/PVP element in the game. (not including snakes and sharks) This would be like Halo Warzone, you could fight the crab and maybe nobody will interfere. You could fight a team and the crab at the same time. Or maybe you wait for another team to kill the crab and you swoop in for the treasure. I think there is a lot of potential here that will work in arena much better then in adventure. Heck you could even choose to just have treasure on the crab's back like in Moana and have people try and grab it without getting killed but in this case the crab is not killable. Well I hope you all like my idea. what do you think? do you want meg and kracken in arena? how do you like my crab idea?

    EDIT: the crab would be 100% optional as a way to get gold without following the maps. Also though I think a position in the world so if people see a ship sitting in a particular spot people know they are doing the crab.

  • Has anyone heard if Rare will be at PAX South in January?

  • First off, the rowboat is fun. One of my most memorable recent adventures involved a pursuing Brigantine of enraged, hormonally-imbalanced, girlfriend-less teenage boys (We all know the type), a clever treasure laden rowboat escape, a sneaky backdoor entrance to Galleons Grave Outpost, and ultimate victory. All thanks to my trusty rowboat.

    There can be no doubt that the game has benefited from this new addition. But for some reason, the rowboat feels like it was developed by someone who doesn’t actually play SoT themselves? Maybe because, in the absence of Mangroves, Reefs, Tides and River estuaries, the rowboat isn’t necessary to navigate the environment? Any semi-competent Pirate can bring their ship (even the Galleon) close enough to an island so as to get little more than their socks wet.

    Then there’s the needless storage compartment that tends more to get in the way than to be of any use. People use this thing less than the Public Library. And please don’t claim that you do. Some people collect butterflies too. You are quite alone!

    Worst is the docking animation (or lack there of). While not nearly as damaging as the Barrels 2.0, docking and undocking your rowboat destroys the immersion and escapism that are the core strength of SoT. One second you are The Dread Pirate Roberts rowing his booty back to the Black Pearl. And whoosh… the next you are sitting on the couch in your underwear, surrounded by half empty pizza boxes and wondering if you paid this months rent. (Not me obviously, this is metaphorical).

    And what’s up with that sound effect? Did someone drop the Blast Shields? For a game that gloriously brings creaking ropes, buzzing insects, echo effects and laborious weapon loading sounds, this WHOOSH is a real dream-buster.

    Throw in the clanky rowing mechanics and the ability to get stuck anywhere and the rowboat really doesn’t seem finished. As a tool of transportation, we’d probably all benefit more from random wheelbarrows lying around on Islands.

    I love the rowboat and all the adventures it has brought me. But it feels unnatural, unpolished and out of whack. This is kind of big thing in a game who’s biggest core strength is it's “immersion”.

  • I've been working on an idea for Sea of thieves to make it a bit more exciting.
    A new Merchant VS Pirate content. Got a lot in common with the current cargorun system.

    Depending on what merchant lvl you are, you can buy quest from outposts with different value.
    The quest will be to go to the targeted outpost and collect goods, then you bring them back to the original outpost to get maximum pay.
    Maybe??? you have to pay for the goods when you collect them but you will be rewarded to make x2-x3 profit in the end.
    The trade route will go between the different regions of the map. The Shores of Plenty, The Ancient Isles, The Wilds. The Devil's Roar poses a bit a problem, but could just give higher reward.
    I'm thinking lvl50 merchant = 20K mission. Invest 1k-20k and be able to ~double or maybe ~tripple your profit when you travel the longest distance.

    There will be notes on the boxes with destination as it is in the current cargorun system.
    You could aslo use the same boxes, plants, rum and cloth.

    Maybe increase the amount of cargo you can take depending on the lvl of the quest.
    Maybe give merchants doing this quest a "Royal Merchant" flag to make them stick out a bit from the crowd.
    Snitches lurkes around on every outpost. The more money you give them, the higher value will the information they send you, have. The information will be sent when the cargo is being collected because the snitch have eyes on the docks.

    The information could contain where the goods were loaded and what region it's supposed to be delivered to. Information could come in the form of a Pigeon post which makes the message a bit delayed giving the merchant a head start.
    LvL doesn't matter when you pay the informant. If you are a lvl1 in all classes, you can still pay off the informant to get information about a lvl50 merchant trader.

    So why chase after the merchant? Well first, you're a s**m pirate always looking for free loot. Second, you dont have to invest any money as the merchant has to do, remember, 10k investment for a 20k-30k profit. Free for us pirates when we steal it.
    Allthough, paying off the snitch could cost as much as 50k total to get to the highest value of information.

    Just an idea. Cheers.

  • So it all started when i was doing a voyage i was heading to the island but when i look back i see a galleon so i try to escape them because i knew pretty well they wernt so friendly, which they wernt, and so it went on for a bit as the galleon chased me very slowly. Until suddenly the Meg showed up for me, so what better way for a solo guy with no loot at all go? Well the simple answer is shoot the meg, charged at the galleon and see how it ended. Mainly i didn't stick to see the battle as I believe that when the main target leaves it goes after someone else near by. So by my guesses as I left the server since there was no point to continue in that place im just thinking right now that the meg is now attacking the galleon, and if they escape it, well they just mostly waste resources and time as I had nothing, what a shame for them.

    Of course this story wasn't too long, but I find it just funny how much length some go to sink somebody when they dont have anything on them and in the end, but until the next story happens ill see ya in the seven seas!

  • Hey there fellow pirates!

    I have been thinking about this and I would like it to be implemented, how about having ACTUAL improvements that you would have to adquire for the ships? And what about having to buy different kinds of ships instead? Each having its pros and cons, just a bit of progress in general would make the game much more rewarding and fun!

    Thanks for listening

  • I want to congratulate @Musicmee for becoming a moderator, havent been very active on the forums. But it was a great surprise to see @Musicmee becoming a moderator.

  • This has been teased in cave paintings and in graces journals. When will we see this giant crab?

  • This has been requested for awhile now, and the devs had not talked about why it does not have a body. So please just add it would be more immersive than just getting attacked by just tentacles

  • I still have not. Anyone else?

  • When will we most likely see this happen?

  • I keep going to the Ghost Pirate King...guy.

    He's just got the regular quests. What's the deal? Where they at?

  • The Game Awards recognises and upholds creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry.

  • I know that it's a grind and I'm not trying to find some easy way out of that but between cargo runs and animal collection, what should I be doing to get more rep? On the one hand animals seem to give me much more, but on the other hand, they're drowned out by how many cargo run missions there are.

  • Hi, recently I did a gold hoarder voyage and got 5 dig locations. So I thought that I had gotten a good voyage only to find that they were all seafarer’s. I also go another voyage that had two maps each with one dig location, both of these were seafarer’s as well. Does anyone know what’s going on? I’m level 34 and a half and have almost never gotten voyages this bad.

  • The other day I played 5 hours with my clan and all they wanted to do is sink ships. I got almost zero loot and XP at the end of the night. Then last night I tried to do two OOS voyages alone and I got sunk three times with no loot on my ship. It's getting old and I am not excited about playing this game like I use to be.

  • The November 2018 Xbox update brings with it keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. I assume it won't be long before Sea of Thieves offers this, especially since PC players are already using them.

    I found it interesting that Major Nelson stated that Fortnite will be "matchmaking players using the same input together with one another to ensure a fair and fun experience for everyone."

    I wonder what implications, if any, this will have for Sea of Thieves.

  • Sea of Thieves - From the Depths - Skeleton Ships

    Shrouded Spoils

    • Shrouded Spoils adds a lot of life to the world with fog and roaming cursed ships, which are super cool, rewards for kraken as well as improvements and meg battles, a labour of love with numerous things pulled together from community feedback requests.
    • There are more features to Shrouded Spoils which have not yet been mentioned.
      #seaoftease - currently 3, but there will be 9...not animals, not ships..... not Companies


    • ....FORTS! 6 New Skellie forts active!
    • Also expanded ship cosmetics, Pirate Legend commendations, explosive barrel mk2 (megakeg) rewarded from forts.
    • Customisation for ship includes additions to some of the existing sets.
    • Shrouded Spoils content video will be released nearer to the time to show off the collection of features, late November most likely.
    • Campaign for Shrouded Spoils? There are a bunch of commendations around the new content so a light campaign with regard to story etc?
    • Bilge Rats - Festival of the Damned will remain live until Shrouded Spoils releases.


    Adventure is very dear to Rare and the foundation of Sea of Thieves.

    • Arena is embedded in adventure world, Sea Dogs are 4th trading company so some players might want to use them as their third trading company alongside two from the main game.
    • Would like to add more Trading Companies for further choices in the future, Arena is the first.
    • Arena - there is still work to do before pioneers can test, there will be lots of iterations, as soon as you put a competitive lens on features in the world, it means a lot of things will need looking at including balancing mechanics etc which means a great deal of testing and tweaking with pioneers, similar to that which took place before release of game.
    • Is Arena hub accessible from Adventure mode? No, to access it you need to choose from the initial menu at start of session. Tavern will be visible within the world of Sea of Thieves but not able to enter? Customisations and rewards gained via Arena will be visible and equippable in Adventure mode.
    • Arena - Meg, Kraken and other emergent elements? This type of content will be part of the iteration, doesn't want it to feel unfair or results due to things out of your control but would be very cool to have these included. Needs to be tuned as to when, how often, strength of attack etc. Where the sole aim is competitive and to win also brings specific rewards, different emotions will be experienced to those in the main world.
    • Arena's will include Forsaken Shore region and multiple arenas will exist within the world, if you know the world well, you'll recognise the area but other new locations/features might be added too.
    • Pioneers will be testing Arena early, a rough and ready experience to start with needing plenty of feedback and work done with real players.

    EDIT: Apparently I am missing that "boom booms" is the official term for Gunpowder Barrels and that Jon does not know how many people the Hot Tub can hold. 😉


    • Dee's favourite memory was her second week when at Eurogamer and the fanfest with people at the studio and public was super amazing because of how wonderful everyone was :)
    • Progress on designs for Duck Ship? Jon is modelling it personally.
    • Roadmap video incoming? No. What Rare have learned is that they need a bit more control, instead of a roadmap with specific dates and targets on, to ensure adequate testing times and pioneer testing, bug fixing etc community will be informed by Dev Update videos and other announcements.
    • Fall snails/Tall Tales - plans did change and this was something talked about in the summer - it will include quests, narrative, story etc and will be coming after more development time has been devoted to it as it has become quite broad and more extensive than at first expected, no release date as yet.
    • Pirate Legend support - to start with, commendations specifically for legends and cosmetic rewards associated with these in PL shop with Shrouded Spoils.
    • Pioneer changes, incentivisation and changes to encourage people to take part, details coming soon.
    • Mouse and k/b support is something still being thought about, looking into it and is more a 'when' rather than 'if'.
    • Kraken's ink is poison and gives purple flame.
    • Rare have lots of jobs available - there are ways to educate yourself in terms of skills and create a portfolio which shows your accomplishments, vocational qualifications and experiences also serve to show your achievements.
      Tailor your applications to the specific company you're applying to and make it unique for the post you want and show understanding and appreciation for what Rare are creating and what they do.

    Sea of Thieves - From the Depths on Twitch!

  • You go to pick it up and a full screen menu opens up and you have to decide what kind of explosive barrel you want it to be.

    In all seriousness, have they elaborated on what exactly it is or does ?

  • Now that the Shrouded Spoils update is close to release, I can't wait for the lovely rewards we are going to get for defeating the Megalodon. Either it be commendations or unlockable cosmetics, there definitely a reason to hunt this fierceful shark.

    I think it would be awesome if each region on the Sea of Thieves has its own type or species of Megalodon. Because there are already two types, why not throw in two more?

    Regular Meg - The Shores of Plenty

    Nature: Timid
    Appearance: Regular appearance.
    Rewards: Shark Figurehead
    Behaviour: This type of Megalodon is timid and does not attack ships unless it's provoked by gun- or cannon fire.

    Scarred Meg - The Ancient Isles

    Nature: Timid/aggressive
    Appearance: Has multiple scars on its body,
    Rewards: New scar for your pirate
    Behaviour: This type of Megalodon does not attack Brigantines or Galleons unless provoked. It's aggressive towards Sloops, since Sloops are not targeted by the Kraken.

    Warpaint Meg - The Wilds

    Nature: Aggressive
    Appearance: Has cyan coloured warpaint on its body.
    Rewards: New warpaint for your pirate
    Behaviour: This type of Megalodon is relentless and will attack any type of ship that enters its territory.

    White Meg - Devil's Roar

    Nature: Timid/aggressive
    Appearance: Has a white/light grey coloured body.
    Rewards: New sails cosmetic.
    Behaviour: This type of Megalodon behaves similar to the scarred megalodon, but does not attack if a neighbouring volcano is active.

  • So I finally watched one of their streams for the first time this morning. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I saw. Reading the chat and watching the video of Rare playing the game themselves, I was going to pull my hair out.

    The only time I somewhat laughed was when the clown was playing that song of the Titanic played on a recorder. Gawd that was awful lol.

    Joe Neate, please please please please for the love of god. Take like 2 weeks and just no life your game. PLEASE. Watching you 3 really frustrated me.

    You need to learn how to play your game. At least enough to where you know where the major islands are on the map. You had no idea where Mermaids Hideaway was. That hurts me inside.

    Edit I'm being critical of the whole group that was playing. Neate, Gambit, and khaleesi

  • Sea of Thieves has an expanded Universe! The graphic novel collects issues #1 - 4.

  • Whenever I try to apply for a group i get to the screen where u can type your application and when i try to click OK it doesnt do anything, the button animation is there but nothing happens.

    Someone know a fix for this?
    alt text

  • So I think i'm missing something. My account states that i'm a pioneer but I am unable to see any type of additional forums or anything. Is this available? Is there something i'm supposed to do? EDIT: I also notice I don't have the pioneer title on the forums, but under my account it states "You’re part of the Pioneer Programme" and gives me the opt out box as well.

  • I realized that the 3D model has Potions on him.
    alt text

    Just thinking that potions might be added to the game.

  • I'm already an insider and I want to be able to play the new updates before they get released to the public. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    • Devil's Ridge is the golden key, between the sky and the deep blue sea
    • At the base of Devil's Tears something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear
    • ???????????????
    • ???????????????
  • X018 Panel Summary link to vod.

    What is Sea of Thieves aim?
    'To bring players together creating stories together in the world of Sea of Thieves'

    Some players asked for an on demand experience, shorter session lengths, opportunity for a different experience with still the sea of thieves experience but a competitive edge.

    New Elements of Arena Mode

    “It’s a really different experience. Right at the start when you get dropped in you can see the other ships and you’ve all got given treasure maps, you got the same maps. You are looking at where the other ships are going and you’re going to head to the same island or are you going to head to a different place? You’re really making choices based on what other people are doing, moment to moment. It’s a different kind of experience.”

    New trading company called Sea Dogs.
    Leader is DeMarco from comics.
    Sea Dogs tavern is social space to begin the matches, will go into session compete for treasure, will be placed and go back to tavern to earn rewards.
    Hot tub to relax in.
    Trying to bring what is special to sea of thieves into this mode, played with good sportsmanship and a social aspect.
    Intended to bring the magic moments of sea of thieves to a shorter more focused experience, emergent aspects, strategy etc.

    Sea dog cutlass reward from Arena for example -
    Arena is another opportunity to give players a chance to gain unique rewards.

    Play tests for arena - they know it will require changes, everything so far designed to hone the adventure mode, arena needs to have these things addressed, thinking about location, mechanics etc.

    Want to use pioneers and players to test arena take feedback and iterate on that, will take a period of time to do this.

    Comic - always planned to have wider universe around the world of sea of thieves, want to bring it together into the game bit by bit.

    Key design vision - players being heroes and notorious pirates in the world

    Mike Chapman is the link between all the elements of the wider world, lore and content.


    Arena can you play alone or part of team?
    Will be testing this for the best experience and crew size.

    Sea of Thieves was meant as a game where crew cooperation was important, soft skills, a lot of multiplayer games are about hard skills, a crew that works well will generally be more successful, they think it will play out like this in arena too.
    Rare think it will feel different to other session based multiplayers.

    Arena - will there be any teams/groups/fleets?
    Lets build and get it working well first then have something to iterate on, a platform for ongoing investment that will continue to evolve, likewise adventure mode will continue to evolve and be added to.

    With this new arena, what is next and for how long will rare be adding content? - as long as people are playing it

    There is another future update to enhance quests, more lore, more story.
    Rare know players have asked for competition on demand and they hope arena will supply this.
    Arena is designed as an addition to build on top of existing content.
    Teams are working on content for adventure mode as well as arena.
    New type of explosive barrel for example, 3x power of existing barrels.

    Will progress in arena be same progression system?
    Yes, rewards will carry over to adventure mode.

    Will a mode more aggressive be added ever to hunt other players?
    Arena is platform to grow and expand after the first iteration depending on feedback.

    Will always want to have a Sea of Thieves spin on any mode or arena, they will feel unique and distinct, first iteration might be treasure hunting but there will be plenty of pvp.

    Crab - a little easter egg in all the trailers.

    Tools not rules - want to add content which can be used in a variety of different ways

    Shrouded spoils being tested with pioneers a collection of features
    Ship customisation - wheel cannon capstan
    Explosive barrel v2
    Rewards from Meg and Kraken
    Skeleton ships more emergent roaming the world

    What are the plans for the cooking pots on the islands and fish in the sea, casual interactions just to have fun in the world of Sea of Thieves?
    Lots of plans and idea, teams are playing around with the possibilities, it would be done in the Sea of Thieves style and distinct, Mike is very passionate about these features.

    Will Arena be in the existing world?
    Sea Dogs tavern will be a theoretical part of the main world and be the entry point, the mechanics of choosing the mode and the lore and story aspect has taken some while to sort out, it's about competition coming to Sea of Thieves, want it to be talked about as an 'in world' aspect, so how do players get into this and matchmake for this experience?

    There will be a choice on the login screen not in the world.

    Would like to see people make friends there, share stories in this tavern and be a friendly social experience.
    Rare are reading feedback, will take this into account while trying to make this experience the best it can be.

    They want to bring as many players as possible to Sea of Thieves to share in this world, but what has made SoT special is the adventuring and the stories in the main world. It's always about doing more and trying to provide more, Sea of Thieves is nothing without the stories and the players.