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  • Seeing the creative events that the community have put together over the years has been great, and so we want to help support these by bringing Custom Servers to Sea of Thieves! We'll be rolling out an early version of this feature for testing through the Insider Programme soon for an initial audience of community groups and creators - more details from Joe here:

    We also understand that this has been a hot topic of conversation among players for a long time now and so we're setting up this discussion thread to allow you to reflect and let us know your initial thoughts on the update provided today.

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    If you play Sea Of Thieves, don't miss the release of a unique in-game item, the "Sails of Union", available to players from 28 September. The "Sails of Union" reflects the strength in unity of gamers who plan to take on cancer with new and exciting gaming challenges.

    The sail will cost £7.99 with proceeds going to Stand Up To Cancer*.

    Watch this space to find out more and get your sail.

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  • I wanted to re-create my pirate to be bigger in size but I had a hard time finding that character model most of the time, and when I did the face was either long faced or had a really broken nose, I don’t have a problem about this irl (disclosure: I’m not trying to come off like these are bad traits), I would just like to frequently have options within my preferred range of character model size. Thx for reading.

  • how much longer is the grind from athena 10-20 compared to the 1-10 grind?

  • Ahoy,
    Sorry for asking but I can't find a reliable up to date source on the internet, I was just wondering..
    Why is the commendation to get the Legendary Sea Dog Title and the Athena's weapons have been changed ? I thought it was 100 wins in order to get this achievement, that before it was 240 but the rebalanced it, so why is it back to 240 now ? It's way too many..
    Or maybe it's a bug on my side ? But I'm sure I was at 61/80 and now I'm at 61/120 for grade IV..

  • Every single game I've played the last two days has had a super toxic crew. None of my crew wants to play it and I only want to play it to finish up the challenges, so I've had to do open crew. I'm already at a disadvantage there and then every single game there is always a crew who shouts hate speech, calls people names, kills you over and over again instantly with the blunderbuss to farm, attacks only afk ships to farm. It is awful. I don't know how anyone can play this normally. Some serious moderation or something needs to be done.
    At the very least, make it easier for people to report. This whole forum is really difficult to navigate. I couldn't find if there was an Arena specific discussion, and I couldn't find where to report people.

  • I bought this on steam, and it requires an xbox live account... does this mean I need to be subscribed to xbox gold? Or just link my xbox account like I did here and I can play without a subscription fee?

  • Different clothes and appearances for different occasions and crews... There should be a way to save an outfit (including the weapons, equipment and vanity chest items). Ideally you can have an infinite amount of slots for outfit sets. All you have to do is equip everything you want in that slot and say "Save Outfit". This can then be accessed later when you want that outfit again, only it'll be much faster than equipping every part one at a time. Various other games have implemented this feature, especially in Sandbox worlds.

  • Hey everyone!
    As the title says, I cannot claim neither the Ancestral Hull nor the Ancestral Flag. The "claim now" button appears on both, but when I click them an error is prompted reading "Error Occured drop was not claimed". However, it allowed me to claim the capstan, the wheel, the figurehead and the sails. I tried Twitch support and they told me to send a ticket to the game company. So I submitted a ticket and support responded me with a how to set up for Twitch drops. My Twitch and gamertags are succesfully linked, since the items I've managed to claim appear in the game. Wrote back explaining that the problem persists and sent a picture of the error, but the ticket got deleted.
    Anyone else experiencing this? What do you guys think I should do?

  • If your ship sinks, but you manage to nab your own flag AND make it back to your own ship, why can't they be reattached without loss of tiers?

  • Thank you all for giving me some insight have a great day

  • I bought the bundle almost a week ago on Microsoft store and was wondering if that affecting it and it says I do not own this pack in the game. I do not know what is happening, please help.

  • How many times do you win without boarding?

    For my friend and I it's currently 100% of our wins are without boarding. (12 wins / 1 loss last night).

    We just dont like to do it.

    How many others achieve Naval Supremacy through superior gunnery....Arrr

  • Thread title pretty much says it all.

    5 v 1 PvP. Grappling hook Tokyo drift. Cannon launches for players (c'mon... that's the dumbest mechanic in history). Insta-kill shotguns. The product is, frankly, unimaginative, milktoast trash to begin with, but the honorless playerbase makes it on all levels infinitely worse. 90% of the time it's a single player or 2-person game interrupted by mobs of 7-Eleven register jockeys descending on you from out of nowhere - not because they're after your gold (as the vast majority don't even bother to loot your wreck), but just to stomp on you repeatedly until you drop server.

    Slaughtering someone 5 v 1 is not PvP. I didn't even lose that much in the encounter this time (10 minutes at most), and I simply turned the client off. What would be the point of continuing to play? To get victimized by the next gank squad? Pass.

    I understand that Youtube personalities like Captain Falcore routinely post "ideal scenario" solo sloop vs. packed galleon encounters where they escape the latter. But the vast majority of my run-ins with large groups like this don't present opportunities for happy endings - they involve getting pinned in a harbor while I'm raising the capstan, or unloading treasure at a town. I consider myself to be on above-average alertness - I spend the majority of my time between islands perched in the crow's nest, scanning the horizon. But your eyes cannot be everywhere at all times - especially when you're ashore. And, contrary to what Falcore and his ilk claim, many of the encounters between sloops and packed galleons aren't survivable scenarios, or moments where you can drop 5 chests into a rowboat and skedaddle.

    And the answer here is not "well then don't solo." Outside of PvP, every other element of the game experience can be accomplished readily by your lonesome. If the solo experience was some smash-your-head-against-the-wall trial by fire, I'd be more inclined for forgive horrid "PvP" slaughter-fests because the rest of the game was doing everything possible to push you into a group. But that's not what Sea of Thieves is like (and, moreover, why should I have to sail with strangers just to play? I'm not social. I don't want to be that social) - the vast majority of it is just open water sailing beaneath clear skies. I don't need a crew for that - I shouldn't need a crew for any of it.

    I'm not asking for a PvE game because it would be boring. But I'm tired of desperately unequal odds being the rule rather than the exception. The "socialization" presented by...

    Cannon fire.
    Ship sinks

    ... simply isn't worth it to me. Those are the only encounters I have with players, and they might as well be mindless bots. I'd rather play with nobody (or, as things stand, play less and less until I'm simply not playing at all) than play against that.

  • So after much fighting...I came to a realization and put it to practice and it really does work.

    There's no situation I can think of in a boarding fight where you want food on board your ship.

    Now let me clarify. You dont want fruit.

    You want uncooked meat/fish. Uncooked food does almost no healing so it's perfect for storing future health (over healing or if you're desperate to replenish your personal inventory).

    It's really a hillarious strategy omg. I watched so many PvP'ers drop dead on my ship this weekend because I left them NO food.

    The way it works for you is you over heal and keep 5 of the best fruit you can on your person. Pineapples for instance.

    I reasoned that this would work amazingly well, because there is no scenario where food ON YOUR ship gives you ANY advantage.

    It's only an advantage for the enemy boarder.

    First. If you are boarded one of two things will happen.

    You will die, or you will kill them.

    If you kill them, they are gone for quite some time and you can reassess your situation.

    If you are dead here is where the no food strategy gets them real good.

    Spawn campers rely upon ONE thing. Your food.

    Without it they will die quickly from attrition.

    This allows you to more quickly recover your ship.

    Which is the real threat. Not the boarder.

    We all know what being anchored or demasted means.

    But if they have to send more players to camp, or dont have more players, then advantage you.

    The over heal is best used for resurrections.

    Because you come back with what...25% health?

    And the over heal makes you more useful.

    Over heal never seemed useful in a fight because it doesnt advantage you until you win the fight.

    And if you're anchored you better win.

    And if you dont. You better not have left 25 beautiful pineapples for your tormentor to live off of while you try to fight them spawn camping you.

    I urge everyone to think of this logic.

    Having fruit helps you in no way. None.

    You're just feeding your enemy. While as a last resort you have infinite health for the price of a little ferryman to take you to your spawn point.

  • I've been demolishing Galleons lately with a change to tactics.

    Now my opening salvo is a firebomb cannon shot to the captain's quarters and then chainshot strafing in first pass.

    This blow has been so devastating that I've basically finished off every Galleon the past 36 hours of game play in under 15 minutes.

    Why has this been so good? And what to counter it?

    The problem I identified is most Galleons think they are overmanned, often have a dedicated pvper/boarder, who will often try to get to the enemy ship thinking that is the mvp strategy. Also they have always been overconfident in their gunnery but underwhelming in their cannonshot choices (see below)

    This doesnt prevent the opening attack (see below) but also hinders the recovery badly.

    If you are on fire, it takes one life to raise the back mast, and another life to raise the front mast of a BRIGANTINE.

    You have to account for distance traveled when on fire.

    So until the fire is put out on a Galleon; You're losing a lot of crewmembers and ship operations to deaths. If you double man the middle mast both of you will die to fire by the time it is raised. Someone else will have ro repair it.

    That's your entire 3 men on just topside one mast, and 2 will be at the ferry.

    If you fight the fire you'll do better, but the time will still open you to the 2nd strike cannonball strafing.

    So I thought, what is the Galleons best over all opener?

    I think it is to use Blunderbomb cannon shot. I rarely see is devastating, and it makes a lot of sense.

    It makes little sense to an attacking Brigantine or Sloop, because sending them to the ferry but leaving masts and anchor intact is not a win.

    Galleons however have the extra man...while one fires firebomb, another one or two on chain shot.

    The fourth should be hitting the enemy with blunderbombs.

    This would be a devastating win for the Galleon. Which if the blunderbombs hit...will prevent their own demasting and firing...but will allow your Galleon crew to take advantage of any demasting and fire you may set.

    The blunder bomber if he hits once or 2x early can definitely go to make a cannon shot or sword lunge boarding depending on the ranges.

    So for now. Galleons have become my favorite because they are so fun to watch get demolished.

    But for Galleon doesnt have to be that way.

  • Fire continues to be one of my strongest openers in any sea-battle. I see almost no one use a cannon-shot firebomb...yet your ship will look like these after a few of them hit you.

    And don't be fooled. It's a lot harder than you'd think for any crew to manage a fire while also getting hit with chainshot or, my new personal favorite, blunderbomb shots from a cannon.

    Those things pretty much wreck any crew, letting the fire cook nice and good.

  • I know that with this big new anniversary update not many people have been thinking about this, but I think it is about time to have some new shanties. When I first began to play Sea of Thieves, My crew and I would love playing shanties to celebrate finishing a voyage, sinking a ship, finishing a skeleton fort, etc. After a while it got repetitive and we have naturally stopped using the instruments. We got excited when the Hungering Deep was released and a new shanty was added to the game, it was our new favorite shanty and we would play it all the time, until it got repetitive. To get to the point, it would be nice to have MULTIPLE new shanties to play and make greater use of the instruments you have added into the game since launch. Maybe, you could find away to make a shanty store at outposts for players to purchase different shanties as they increase their rank in different trading companies. There are creative ways to implement new shanties into the game. A lot of players, especially players that have been playing this game since launch, will appreciate it if you add some new shanties to the game. Thank you.

    Add the banjo

  • Ahoy maties!

    A new regular event has hit the Event Hub!.... Gold Hoarders and Reapers will be keen to hear about this one!

    Every Friday, 00:00–23:59 UTC

    The Gold Hoarders will pay their Emissaries extra gold for any loot, but beware - the Reaper's Bones will also be offering their Emissaries much more for any Gold Hoarders' Emissary flags, and their reward will get more generous with each passing week…

  • salut, c'est osiris97118 j'ai 25ans !

    je suis joue a sea of thieves presque depuis sa sortie. J'ai récemment créé une chaîne twitch et youtube
    dans l'objectif de vous partager mon gameplay et mes conseils pour que vous puissiez vous aussi progresser sur sea of thieves.
    Si vous voulez discuter avec moi ou simplement regarder a quoi peut ressembler le gameplay que j'ai acquis par mes nombreuses conquête
    (comme mes rater) vous êtes les bienvenus. J'attends également vos avis constructifs pour que je puisse améliorer mes lives sur twitch
    et mes vidéo sur youtube si l'envie vous prend.

    aller a bientôt j'espère. peeeeaaace!

  • I think that rare should bring back the wailing barnacle jacket and hat because unlike most limited-time cosmetics, you didn't have to unlock them by doing commendations. (maybe the weapons too but probably not)

  • Ahoy maties!

    Your Sea of Thieves Profile page here has been updated!

    Stats from the seas! With your newly upgraded Pirate Profile you can track your pirate's sailing and stealing via numbers and facts at the Sea of Thieves website, whenever you want! The competition to see who can vomit the most begins now!

    alt text

    It seems to be getting a bit of use at the minute, so if your stats aren't loading just yet, try again a little later!

    Now the question on my lips...

    Have you got any impressive stats to share?

  • I wonder How many people bought golden sailor hat from shop when it was available to buy for few days. I never saw any pirate with this hat so im just wondering..

    This is How this item look like

  • Kudos to the minds behind flameheart's blockades. It's always when I have business with an island he so happens to be blockading with his ships. Pure genius! A nice spice added to the voyage

  • Is anyone else experiencing that their turn-in totals are no longer going up when you look at the achievements page in the Xbox app? Like where it shows the total amount of gold hoarder chests cashed in, total amount order of souls skulls cashed in, etc. I’m not sure when they stopped as I don’t check them all the time, but I definitely noticed the other day that those numbers where the same they were the last time I looked. I would guess it’s maybe been since the latest update.

  • hello ı started my journey wıth champıon of athena and champıon of flame
    then legendary sea dog and trıumphant sea dog
    ıs there any better tıtle ı can get ? for flex

  • Ahoy maties!

    A bit of advance warning for you...

    The Sea of Thieves servers will be down at 10am BST tomorrow for essential maintenance. We will keep you posted with any updates we have!

    Don't forget to plan your voyages accordingly!

  • King of Seas
    "King of Seas is an Action Role playing game set in a deadly procedurally generated pirate world."

    Glad to see more competition! This will be another opportunity for Rare to get new ideas for features and/or content!

    King of Seas - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  • Well pirates and pirettes. Time for another of Cap'n Draven's very-simple-to-apply-well lessons.


    1st, know gunnery terms.

    Azimuth - your horizontal aim, left and right.

    Elevation - your range, governed by up and down.

    Now we know that, we can talk the basics of actual shooting.

    First - your controls. Use WASD. This is a superior firing control. By far.

    Second - your elevation basics.

    1. longest range is at 45deg angle. Just know where that's at and you cant shoot any farther.
    2. you reach 80% of your max range within about 30deg.
    3. you'll be shooting right into the ship at anything less so range finding becomes almost pointing at or just above the ship. Especially within 50% of your range.

    Third - dont tinker with elevation. Once your range is correct, pretty much leave it alone. The ships arent moving that fast toward or away from each other and if it's toward then they probably fall under rule 3 in the Second item on the list.

    Fourth - come off the gun if you must check for range. Moving left and right is normal and easy to correct. Moving up and down also to see your range will just keep you guessing. It's best to just leave the cannon alone and stand up to see the result.

    Fifth - turns cause shot to trail the turn. Use the wheels of the cannon to aim (more likely between the wheel and the cannon. About on the axel)

    1. if turning left then use the right axle to aim.
    2. if turning right then use the left axel.

    Sixth - know your turns. Cap'n Draven says, "turning is when my crews miss the most shots." Know when not to fire because of a tight turn. Just because you're turning doesnt mean aiming is any different. You got to move your aim-line over the wheel as previously mentioned.

    Seventh - when you're making hits let your helmsman know. He can keep the range easier than you can adjust. And you can focus on strafing with your left right movements.

    Hope these tips prove useful.

    Cap'n Draven always loves a challenge in naval combat. Too many runners these days 😏

  • I'm sure it's not just me who thinks the characters are hella ugly, haha!
    It would be great if we could maybe go into more detail for our characters we spend years adventuring with. I'm sick of settling for an ugly character because there aren't any decent ones I like.
    Imagine being able to pick every detail like noses and mouths and weight and height! That would be amazing.
    Also, I can't help but express my disappointment in the lack of more female friendly hair styles.

  • Can we get a new tale tall I think they are very good addition to the game and I would like to know if any body else wants more too and if they are coming out with one please tell me.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • This topic is deleted!

  • The Rare crew (with guest universerob) set sail to swipe stacks of swag from the Vaults, TODAY in ~an hour and a half from now.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    1.30am (Wednesday 23th?) Australian Central

    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Twitch -
    YouTube -