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  • Ahoy mateys,

    There will be no maintenance this week because of the ongoing work for Forsaken Shores.

    Stay tuned for the update coming next week!

  • They are like the Griefer's v****a. since they have came out its been the same thing Galleon/Brig comes upto you. 1 shot for your ship anchor dropped 1 shot on you, your now sleeping/ dancing or what ever. your now dead by the time you spawn back in they are on your ship ready. they will get your loot or force you to scuttle and you lose your loot there is no defence against this tactic.
    it happens to me several times a day and im getting sick of it if these damn cursed cannon balls are staying in the game then I will be jumping ship for good.

  • Let me know what beast you think they should add next

  • Does anybody know if Rare or anything Sea of Thieves related will be at the European Games Expo (EGX) in September?

    As it's in Birmingham UK and not to far for their HQ.

    I plan on going anyway just would love to see something like they had at E3 or Comic-Con.

    Thanks RJ

  • Hi, How do I gain access to the PC beta this weekend? I did not play last time it was open. Any help would be great.


  • Ahoy Mates!
    We've all heard this news by now:

    Forsaken Shores has been delayed till next Tuesday.
    Forsaken Shores
    But what about this week?
    Should we get an Update for the game this week to fix some of the current issues or should they just release all the fixs with the Forsaken Shores content update?

    An update this week would allow them to add a Tease for Forsaken Shores in the world, so I'm all for that!
    Just Imagine going to Thieves' Haven and finding that guy from the Trailer!

    Anyways Mates, let me know what ya think!

  • I've brought this up before at this very forum and I feel I need to bring it up again.

    I'd say 90% of my time with the game is spent playing with my wife. The other 10% I play either solo or with strangers. When I play solo or with strangers, I don't care when people occasionally try to engage in combat with me. I have no shame in admitting I suck at the combat because that's not a part of the game I invest time in, but bring it on. You'll probably get away with my treasure, but I don't mind. It's part of the game, like many of you seem really invested in shoving in people's faces.

    However, when I play with my wife, we spend all of our time chatting with each other while we aimlessly navigate the seas, until we stop at an island to explore. Sometimes, we do a couple voyages to break things up a little bit. If we see a ship pass us by we let them be. We don't want anything to do with their loot. Our play style is 100% focused on exploring the game, not combat. The problem with exploring the game in an environment where people feel enticed to attack you at every encounter is that you're bound to come across the beloved "griefers". You know who I'm talking about. Those people who don't seem content with engaging in the occasional combat. They follow you everywhere you go around the map and sink your ship over and over again, regardless of there being no treasure on your ship. And when they manage to sink your ship and you happened to not sink along with it, there comes the snipping part. Then you respawn at a different outpost and you start all over again, only to find them once more a couple minutes later, resuming the endless chasing loop.

    Whenever someone brings up PvE in this forum, I see 2349 people yelling things like "It will RUIN the game!!!", "It's a PIRATE GAME, we're supposed to STEAL!!!", "Go play something else NOOB!!!!".

    First, let me preface my suggestion by saying no. No. Nope. It won't ruin the game, you know why? Regardless of whether Rare eventually gets to add PvE into the game, your precious PvP will still remain in the game for you to play at any time you want. And if you say it will ruin the game because you fear people will just flock over to the PvE servers, abandoning PvP as a result, then perhaps PvP isn't as fun for everybody else as it is for you. I don't think people will flock over to PvE though, so hold your pants. I just assume we're a minority.

    People often against PvE make a good point about how it could potentially make progression unfair and eliminate the threat of losing your loot so here are my suggestions on how I think a PvE server could work:

    • Rip progression from PvE for all I care, but give us the option to explore the world without worrying about actual players.
    • If removing progression/commendations from PvE is off the cards for Rare, add a separate progression/commendation tracker to PvE that doesn't carry over to PvP.
    • Sea of Thieves already have GREAT systems in place with the Kraken, the Megalodon and the Cursed Ships, with possibly more to come. Rare could make these threats more frequent and in a larger number around the world in the PvE server.
    • If they absolutely have to have other players outside your party in a PvE server, make it so that no PvP is allowed, instead working as a co-op environment where everybody helps each other out in defeating these AI threats and gathering treasures, again with stats and progress being tracked separately from PvP servers.

    In short, think of PvP as a ranked server and PvE as an unranked one... or the Teletubbies server if you will.

    Now, please proceed to destroy me in the comments as a lot of people always do to anyone suggesting something against their beliefs. Here are a couple topics that could be used against me:

    • I'm a noob and have no shame about it
    • I suck at shooting, can't hit you even if you're 3 feet away from me
    • I'm easy to get treasure stolen from
    • I'm a millennial that despite common belief, don't like Starbucks and don't feel entitled to things
    • And no, I'm not 12 years old. Stop asking.

    Your turn.

  • Good to all, I am new both here and in the game, apologize for my bad English, As I said before I am new and I would like to know if the megalodon event could come back. There are events that happened and remain in the filthy rats, I understand that the event has its time but for the new people who started to play later have the opportunity to get the praises, titles, tattoos and scars.
    Thank you so much

  • I have played this game since day one and have come to the unequivocal conclusion that the Merchant Alliance is Evil. Hear me out... it is primarily their use of pirates and some of the goods they request.

    First off their uses of pirates, why? With the gold hoarders you can understand why. They are the only ones crazy enough to brave skeletons, other pirates, are willing to risk it all for monetary gain, and go to obscure islands to dig up an X. Same with the Order of Souls the use of pirates is also understandable. The order is using disposable assets (pirates) to thin the ranks of skeletons and as far as I can tell probably do not have a large network or resources to field their own fleet. And again, pirates are willing to kill and brave the dangers for monetary gain.

    This brings us to Merchants Alliance. Why would merchants need pirates to run missions for them. They clearly have the resources to field their own fleet and likely have merchant fleets somewhere out there? While we don't see them on the seas I think it is a fair assumption they have them...they are merchants after all. Additionally, there should be an inherent distrust of pirates as historically they are the ones giving the merchants grief and pillaging their stuff. Why would they trust them? Additionally, one has only to look at some of the wares they request which raises some serious questions....gunpowder barrels and snakes. What possible use could merchants have for gunpowder barrels? They are, at least in this game, used for mayhem and destruction. And they seem to be stockpiling them. Perhaps for their MIA merchant fleets. As for snakes. As far as I can tell the only thing they are good for is their venom. I have been a victim of their toxicity on more then on occasion. Sure these are only two of the things that they request and you can point out that they also ask for chickens and pigs. While this is true, it is quite possible the chickens and pigs are just red herrings for their true aim.... I can only assume they are building up for something big.

    (just something I thought up while getting bit by a snake while its pitch black out....why does this freaking merchant want this thing anyway. Thoughts?)

  • The Devils Roar
    A Land Left Unexplored

    The Devils Roar
    He omen, they ignore

    And those who land upon the shore
    Best rise to those, oh they adore
    Just ask the souls who came before

    Those poor forgotten sailors.

    (Edit I changed the Picture since i like this one better. I'm gonna call this guy for Murfy (not Murphy)

  • I really for the life of me can't understand it. Do they wish to push us out of the game in favor of new blood ? Do they not play the game enough themselves to understand what they have done ? Are they thinking it's a better business plan to cater to the masses ? All of the above ? How could a company show so little consideration for the players that logged on and spent so many hours in the game ?

    As of now all we get are rumors of new achievements to chase but there is nothing concrete and how could we trust them not to do this again ?
    All we can really do is speculate at this point.

  • When will we see this im excited to know whats in forsaken shores!

  • They need to give us a shorter mission, maybe a sub type that takes half as long but rewards half as much? I would take that happily. I simply dont have the time to dump 4+ hours into an Athenas run. Give us people with budgeted time something. We cant sink 6 hour sessions in at a time.

  • Must echo some of the comments; it was smashing fun to make it to Pirate Legend, but NOW what?

    Expand the map, get us some underwater caves and caverns to explore, something please. Perhaps content designated only for Legends?

    Sorry to sound impatient, I've never laughed so hard nor had such a really, REALLY fun time playing a video game, and I want that to continue.

    Rare, thanks for considering.

  • Our shiny new titles definitely give a sense of pride and accomplishment, but I was curious if any others would be added to the mix, be it for in-game achievements or another method.
    We have
    -'Insider' for Insiders
    -'Founder' for Tech Alpha players
    -'Pioneer' (Pre-Orders?)

    Additionally, what titles would you guys add? Maybe titles for faction reputation, or PVP combat, wealth, fame.

  • Can someone give me a detailed guide? Currently 26/30/18 and I play a crazy amount already. We do order of souls and cancel them unless they are 3+ bosses at a near by island. But even when we do 16+ skulls + sunken ships in 30 mins we barley get any rep. Is there something I'm missing? I see alot of people say do forts but every fort we go to has 2-3+ galleons that just keep coming back forever and it's impossible to do them in under an hour.

    Do people really just do an entire voyage even tho super long quest just give seafarer chest?

  • Well, we've all seen this Tweet from the Sea of Thieves Twitter:

    They say that Forsaken Shores may be delayed.
    Which means it probably will be, cause in this business you don't announce that something may be delayed if it's not going to be.

    So don't be surprised when it's delayed.

  • Whoo lets go! Finally I'm the pirate legend! Albeit "cheating" 8 or so levels, but I got it. Felt like it took forever. I bought this game a few days after release. I'm pumped now I can start grinding Athena woohoo!!!

  • I know the gist of it. Sign out, clear my cache, yada, yada, ya. I've done all that. I actually just reinstated my forum account. I do not have the opt-in option on my account page but I have access to the builds. Why? How? Because I signed up through the Xbox Insider Program over a month ago.

    It's funny, I was told you have to be selected by Rare in order to get in and they have this really secret selection process and no one knows how to get in. The truth is, just sign up. I don't know if it's really that easy, but it's all I have done.

    I've been off of these forums for a long time and now that I'm a Pioneer, I may just come back since Rare is starting to take them more seriously.

  • just in case you havnt seen this news elsewhere.

    im ok with a delay for the sake of quality.

  • I thought of this idea for a while thinking how interesting to come across different crews with there own clever designed sails and etc and for guilds also I got this idea from the game warframe as a example submitting a email to the dev seeing if the thing they posted is oki for there clan icon I just thought it be a nice touch like a giant skull with red jaw crossed swords on the sails as another example giving more options for sails and flags while also having the amazing stuff that the devs bring out on there updates

  • Ahoy there, I just wanted to post this suggestion because I think it would be really cool if Seas of Thieves had a cosmetic set (clothes, hair, weapons and items) called the Sparrow set. It would obviously look just like Jack Spa- Im sorry Captain Jack Sparrow. I mean, its a pirate game and Jack Sparrow is one of the most famous pirates I know. It would be so cool to be able to hold the compass that doesont point north, or stand in the crows nest with your dreadlocks flapping in the wind. Anyway my opinion (but seriosly, make it happen).

  • What if you could upgrade the actual composition of your ship? Upgrade the hull so it could take more of a beating, upgrade your mast so that it better supports the sails, meaning faster sail turning, furling, and sail material upgrades so that you could go faster, anchor upgrades so you could drop anchor sooner, and perhaps even a safe room for all your treasure that takes a while to break in to? What if you could get a huge ship with multiple rooms, including a crews quarters? Man o' war vibes?

  • Or at least they aren't going back to 1.0 barrels. How big of a chunk of the player base do you think will quit? It was nice to finally have a game where I could steal stuff but I can't deal with this garbage when it was perfect before.

  • So I've been a part of every program in this games development and been an xbox insider and ambassador for years now, I'm super dedicated to this game and making sure that it improves and gets the updates that it needs.

    What makes me angry though is a mate of mine got pioneer status when she had the alpha but never played it and is an insider and all but hasn't contributed anything, No forum posts and nothing else contributed personally Rare yet she got a pioneer invite last night. Even she's confused why she got invited last night but I haven't!
    Makes me and many others that are actually dedicated and been excited for this game and been through the thick and thin of it only to see people get pioneer that haven't contributed anything or been a part of any stress tests, alphas, betas or anything!

  • I was trying to join some friends and the I entered the game but it was in black screen forever with the little helm loading in the corner. I was searching around forums and I saw that this issue was solved. But it seems it wasn't...

  • Hello!

    So much like the alpha, for some reason I never got an email to tell me I was in the Pioneer programme. After months of sulking, by chance I spotted a conversation on Facebook today where somebody was told to check the Insider Hub app, which I did, and discovered I am on the pioneer programme. Hurray!

    But is there a forum or anything where I can find info related to it? I can't see anything on here yet...



  • Hello Shipmates!
    Only sank a few hours into the game so far and have fallen in love, its such good fun!
    Are any DLC or purchases available to buy yet? had a look around and can't find anything... Thanks in advance.

  • As the title suggests, can have a feature that allows us scurvy lubbers to name our ships? I've always loved coming up with names for my vessels on other pirate themed games and would be great to do it here, you could even add it as a voyage which involves ''procuring'' the tools required to baptise said vessel,

    All those in favor, say Arrrrrrr!(edited for ye minimum post requirements, aye)

  • This is not a post adding to the complaints about cheaters. These things exist and the best thing we can do is identify cheaters accurately. I am an experienced modder and I was able to learn the basics of how these hacks work with just a little forum reading. Use these guidelines to be certain someone is actually cheating and not just a skilled PC player with high end peripherals.

    Aimbot (cannot name hacks specifically, you'll know it when you see it):
    On the basic level this cheat allows perfect auto-aim, but it's not much better than a skilled PC player, so hard to identify like that. It also shows boxes around players, chests, enemies and fort keys that are visible through objects. This is the way to spot people using it. If they forget to turn off local chat, you may hear them describing player or chest locations when they are at a distance or out of sight. You may also see them looking through an island when players are on the other side. If you know your teammate is behind an object from the player and they still appear to be tracking them, they are probably cheating. Most players using the aimbot also use the Eye of Reach without scoping. If a player instantly ratchets around 180 degrees or so and headshots you at an odd angle without using the scope, it's probably the aimbot. Skilled players are not so Terminator precise when doing the same thing, though they can do it.

    Flagged as Friendly
    This one is much less common, but you will see it. I didn't look up the fine details, but like many other games, it is possible to flag yourself as friendly to other players with a hack. There are two ways that players use this to their advantage. One is to be invincible to everything but your cannon balls and exploding Gunpowder Barrels. The other is to team up with other cheaters, without worrying about friendly fire. This one is harder to spot, because players using lag to their advantage can also avoid damage without hacking. If a player is hit directly with a sword thrust and a shot to the head, but doesn't seem at all bothered, they may be cheating. There is only one way to be absolutely certain, so be very careful not to report players who are just luckier than you. If a player is using this hack and has flagged as friendly to your crew, if you sink their ship, they will respawn near yours instead of at their new boat. If you are absolutely certain you sunk them and killed them after the boat was all the way down and they still respawn nearby, they are cheating. This appears to only work for a limited time. They will eventually be forcibly respawned at a new boat, even if they don't die.

    That's my report so far. I thought instead of cheaters just being bogeymen, we should get scientific. Please add anything you learn.

  • When will I be able to NAME MY SHIP !! It’s bad luck to sail with a vessel no named yarr please honest answer wanted this to be out since beginning of game launch

  • What it there were dual wield flintlock pistols, and they did more damage than regular pistols but they took longer to reload?