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  • I would be willing to bet that Rare's metrics bare this out as well.

    The volcanoes do entirely too much damage with a direct hit. If you are solo and get hit by a volcano and die, your ship will be underwater when you return, unless by some miracle it is not. IF you do get back in time, and this angers me the most, you cannot access your plank barrel if you are in hot water on a sloop or the brig, but you can in a galleon! So you have to sit there bailing water and hoping you do not get hit again. Ok, I bail water for a bit except... why do Volcano eruptions have to last 10+ minutes? Why does it have to be that long? I mean, you stumble around as if holding the grog chest, the water burns you, the rocks smash your ship, the geysers toss you... for 10 MINUTES! 10! It gets old quick. It isn't fun. It's like playing slot machines in an old casino surrounded chain smokers. You just want to get out of there fast before it scars you permanently.

    I just spent the better part of 3 hours trying to survive there to finish some commendations related achievements. I was a in 5 ship alliance. I was the only ship that entered the zone the whole time. All the other ships stayed outside Devils Roar. No one entered it even for a second.

    It's just a never ending barrage of random events that constantly beat you down. Being successful in that zone has nothing to do with being a skilled player. The only thing you can do is mitigate risk and extending the time of quest completion by visiting the ONE outpost often as possible. Which also happens to be a volcano!

    The place was a bad idea.

  • With the recent patch, almost everything has become... Easy.
    For a lot of the elements, I can understand why, but I dont understand why decide to follow through with it. Megalodons are now easier to avoid, no more EoR skellies, Skellie island cannons are now Stormtrooper levels of bad, and maybe so do the Volcanic rocks. (I just wanna throw in a quick JAB at sword combat being made easier and thus worse since may February 6th [removal of Sword swinging slowdown])

    I dont know what to make of this, is this to prepare for new dangers in the future patches? Everything has been more nerfed than anything.

    The best "easy" decisions Imo is the mermaid gems being found all over and Hunters Call changes. I honestly started feeling a bit bored. Im here suggesting that we add Megos and Krakos and all ships to the same Arena server with cursed cannonballs and maelstroms, and all im getting is easier to use and fight EVERYTHING.

    [I just want to eliminate the argument of Powder Kegs and players. Players will always make things "harder" no matter how little or much threats there are in the sea]

  • Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here.

    I play on the PC and was solo slooping a few of the new quests. I had a good chunk of loot (25-30 items) and started sailing to the outpost which has the ridiculously long dock/run (can't think of the name atm - but everyone hates it).

    I switched on "Open Crew" so someone else would log in and get some free cash before I logged of. Well, the first guy to join was a Russian guy. I had no idea what he was saying, but he was hot-mic'd and everyone in the background was speaking Russian. He didn't do much. Didn't help turn things in, just ran up and down the dock. I thought he might be new so I let it go and turned in about half the loot.
    Out of nowhere, I heard him start laughing while saying something in Russian, then he pointed the gun at the barrels on the deck and shot them, sinking the ship almost immediately. He logged as he was dying. That immediately told me he knew what he was doing and was just griefing.

    I tried to look him up in the Xbox Console Companion, but his name (something similar to Wavydata812393) does not show up. Other names (similar to BoxOfTurtlesMPG and ChubbyBlaeBlue) showed up, yet I was solo slooping and kept far away from everyone else.

    My initial thought was the user is changing names to avoid people tracking them down. I have seen this in a few other online games. Call of Duty had a script that would roll through new names every 3 seconds, so it was near impossible to ban or report them.
    Does anyone know if this is a thing through Xbox?
    Also, what exactly does the privacy settings for the Xbox accounts change? Does it change what names other people see through the Console Companion?

    I tried looking for the information on the forums, but my searched didn't bring back what I was looking for.

  • Just wondering a few things.

    First, does anyone know if Rare has said anything about what will happen to people that hit 50 in all five companies? Or if they’ve mentioned any future plans for “full” Pirate Legends?

    Also, has anyone managed it yet? I know there’s gotta be some hardcore players out there that have hit 50 in all five.

    I’m sitting at PL A5 right now. Working through Hunters Call before I hit the Arena. Loving it all of course, but hoping by the time I get there they have some big rewards for us players that go for it all.

    Thanks everyone! Happy sailing!

  • Not sure if this changed with an update, but it is almost impossible to get full crews and full games for Arena anymore. If you do get one you lose it right away because of a server/player switch. It is no longer fun when you constantly play with only three boats and two people per boat.

  • A few days before i wrote that i now get bored with the game, because im now legend and i have to do the same things, only bigger and longer.

    Then i tried the black powder event and the game feels fresh and fun again.
    It makes fun to earn the new commendation and to have a goal again.
    And now i can look forward for monthly events.

    This text is an excuse and a thanks :-)

  • I ran into this problem again the other day and I have reported previously to Rare development. There is a chance that after defeating the Kraken, my pirate will lose the ability to look around or turn after jumping into the water to retrieve the dropped loot or meat. It only affects the pirate when he is in the water, it goes away when on land or the boat. The only way to reset this is to get your pirate killed off and then he is back to normal. Otherwise, enjoy only being able to swim forward and backward. This has been an issue since March of 2019.

  • I keep getting the Graphics Driver Reset - Update your Graphic drivers and the game crashes.

    Happened over and over while playing Arena today. I have the latest drivers released on 7/9/19. 431.36.

    I find it hard to believe that SOT doesn't even work right with the best graphics card on the market.

    Other specs:
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8-core processor
    Windows 10 - latest patches
    16 GB RAM at 3000Mhz

    Blah blah. I've got a state of the art PC and SOT doesn't work on it. Can I tell you how annoying this is?


  • Got on to play the new gunpowder event,
    on a galleon,
    ran into a two man sloop who chased us down whole session. out maneuvered most the time so no big deal. as we are turning in some gun powder they catch up and we finally engage. I get in a sword fight with them, and even on succseful blocks, I am taking damage every strike.
    Ive been playing since day one and know how to sword fight and tell if I hit or miss or blocked successfully.
    Did they change combat so that you take some damage even on a successful block, or were these dudes hacking on us?
    The other boats we ran into during the sesh were obvious pc users as well. I know they have been stating for some time they would add the option to remove crossplay, any word on if they are getting any closer, been somewhat silent on it since they missed the arena deadline.
    Anywho, if combat didn't change, then it seems the hack wave is back for new event.
    If they did change combat so you take damage with swords even when blocking, then, well.... stupid.
    My whole crew got into with them and all of us noticed the same thing, seemed a bit fishy.

  • I dont mind spending Doubloons but what happens if you are midway through one and you have to exit game do you lose the run?

  • This is by far my favorite game at the moment and I enjoying playing it but....

    This game is meant to be fair hence why default swords and gear are all the same but Boats have different speeds? Sort of defeats what they are trying to achieve in making it fair doesn't it?

    Beat a stronghold after 20 minutes and a sloop was parked in perimeter and his friend sneaks on our Brig and blows everyone up including the stronghold Keg and sinks our boat, they take loot. This really needs fixing its a cheese act and don't say its Pirating...his friend shouldn't spawn back on his boat he should spawn on a sea port or something, its lame abuse of a stupid mechanic. We all logged out and basically this kind of act just turns people of playing the game.

    Game needs PvE or something that protects people from constantly being targeted. Every game has PvE Servers. The current system as it is detracts from playing at times like tonight I dont have a team and the public teams are just like wth? Cant even look for a targeted group like - Strongholds, Journeys or Skelly Ships.

    PvP is my biggest issue with the game, my son spent a few hours just traveling around doing journeys and then he gets killed by a Galleon and his loot taken and gets 0 reward for all his work, now he doesn't play. This is a good system? To turn people off the game yes, especially kids. Technically there are two game types, both are PvP. RARE are out of touch with how things work, you don't cater for both types of players then you lose a big chunk of that player base that don't enjoy PvP. They need to add some of the events like taking a stronghold activates you for PvP for 30 Minutes or something or attacking a Skelly Ship. Many games have these triggers to add PvP in PvE servers. These things need to be added in SOT.

    Anyway I will play again another day but for now im a little over it. I just throw my loot over board when some moron is trying to sink me now as they chase me then after a 10 min chase and they get near me I log off. See whats going on here, this is the result of not adding PvE. I am not letting some dogs steal my loot id rather have nothing and also they have nothing.

  • Hello fellow friends ! I recently have this new problem that prevents me to play the game. As I know, some people encounters it too. So I decided to post this thread to gather informations, hoping it can help someone.

    I love the game. I actually played it for at least 40 hours without expecting any crashes, in rare quality with constant 60 fps. It worked perfectly. I installed the game after formating my computer and played it for a whole day the 04/05/2019 with the anniversary update with the same configuration without crashes. The 05/05/2019, I wanted to play again and that's where the hell began.
    I can launch the game but not for long, shortly after i got a huge freeze, with the message "Video Driver crashed and whas reset ! Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting..."

    I'm not afraid to do some operation on my computer and this is what I did for a whole day the 05/05/2019. Here is a list of what I did :

    -upgraded my GPU driver.
    -uninstalled the windows update that installed in the night of the 05/05/2019, hoping the bug came from here.
    -turned my graphic settings to the worst quality
    -every step that were proposed by your team in the recent FAQ updates
    -changed the language to English (united states)

    • rollback to a previous windows version, at the date of the 01/05/2019, before the bug happened
    • uninstalled and reinstalled the game. 2 times.
    • corrected registery errors with Avg pc tuneup
    • added SoT to the exceptions of my antivirus
    • downgraded my GPU to a version where it worked perfectly well

    Maybe i forgot one or two step, but I did so much stuff !

    I submitted a bug report to Rare with informations that I grabed in the windows event wiever and my configuration I obtained with a DxDiag.

    here is a sample of my config :

             Machine name: DESKTOP-DPDUAL5
         Operating System: Windows 10 Famille 64-bit (10.0, Build 17763) (17763.rs5_release.180914-1434)
                 Language: French (Regional Setting: French)
      System Manufacturer: Alienware
             System Model: Alienware 17
                     BIOS: A15 (type: UEFI)
                Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4910MQ CPU @ 2.90GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
                   Memory: 32768MB RAM
      Available OS Memory: 32650MB RAM
                Page File: 8962MB used, 28550MB available
              Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
          DirectX Version: DirectX 12
      DX Setup Parameters: Not found
         User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
       System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
          DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
                 Miracast: Available, with HDCP          ;     GPU : GeForce GTX 880M

    I thank you in advance, and I hope we'll find some clues to help people. I'll let you know every feedback I'll gather with Rare support.

  • Ive spent a few good hours on this tonight and when I get confirmed in a group is there meant to be a play button or join button? I have nothing showing?

    I get accepted into crews but cant join them.

    I have all the network settings set up correctly as I had issues with it but solved it and all working.

    But for some reason I just cant join a game when accepted.

    ohh well back to solo play.

  • Large eyes spy on me in the darkness of ancient meeting places

    One could wonder how these three islands are still uncharted on our maps. I did try to ask Sandra, Shelley or even Scarlett, but to no avail. All those pesky shipwrights mysteriously dodged the subject everytime. Well, if they wanted to hide a secret, they don’t know me very well. I love mysteries and adventure, that’s who I am, I uncover secrets for breakfast. I stocked my ship of pineapples, some banana for my little monkey and we set sail for one of these uncharted lands near the Sea Dogs Tavern.

    We still see the mast of The Killer Whale in between the two largest islets of this “unknown” area. See, even Merrick knows about this land! There are still the foundations of his tent on the northern islet with his drum and a portrait of him and his son.

    Twilight was already setting in, so I decided before going to uncover some secrets to cook at this old camp some ruby splashtails I caught on my way here. Once the darkness fully here, a strange glow intrigued me. Not far from here, I stumbled across small glowing flowers right next to an anonymous grave. I knew about the shiny mushrooms you can find in the caves but I had never seen this kind of flower before.

    There is a lot of palm trees all over the island but macabrely a dead tree stands behind the grave. There is still something magical about whoever is underground.

    I started to analyze these flowers and then I realized that they were arranged in a very specific shape. I needed to take some height to confirm my intuition, so I shot myself from a cannon and yup, here it is! The flowers form the same shape as the Great Warrior constellation. Could that mean it is his grave? Interesting. Maybe I can find other evidence of him around the island.

    I started with an underwater investigation in the corals where the fish danced under the glow of dawn. I glimpsed a few sharks in the wreck of the Killer Whale so I slipped into a crevasse to not get spotted. Holding my breath, I went down into the depths of this fissure accompanied by a funny little fish that had followed me. He seemed to enjoy circling around me until he got scared by the depths and quickly went back to the surface. I turned around and found myself facing a huge monster hidden in the darkness of the crack. If she was still alive, she would have made only one bite of me. It was a huge Kraken trapped in the bottom of this crevasse.

    It reminded me of an old tale that my parents told me when I was a kid. A long time ago, when the ancients were still sailing these seas, a huge kraken terrified the seabed. Old Mother, as they called her, was attacking the Merfolks and used to eat them. Unable to defeat her alone, the Sea Queen and her people begged the ancients for help. With the venom of a snake on the tip of his arrows, Great Warrior made Old Mother sleepy. The ancients forged great chains to bind her and placed a curse on them. Every night you could hear her roars across all the Sea of Thieves. The links were unbreakable and she finally died after hundred years.

    I shudder to think I could be facing Old Mother. Is this where they tied her up, far out of reach?

    As I went back to the surface, I saw ancient ruins hidden behind the algae. These are not just stones that fell to the bottom of the sea, people have really built this structure undersea. The altar in the middle makes this look like a sacred place. I can’t imagine the ancients built this structure underwater alone, the Merfolks had to help them.

    Great Warrior, the ancients and the Merfolks definitely met here together.

    These lands are uncharted because they are sacred, the meeting places need to be protected in case Merfolks come back one day, and to preserve any connection they had with the ancients.

    Speaking about that, on my way back to dry land, I was surprised to discover that someone started digging over what appears to be a ruin buried underground. I guess I’m not the only one who wants to uncover secrets. It looks like someone wants to get something important back underground.

    With the recent events, Trading Companies seem very scared about something by asking for help to store gunpowder barrels. Senior Trader Mollie who launched the Merchant Alliance was originally from the Grand Maritime Union. She told me the other day that she is very worried they find this place because they have more money and more men to throw at a problem than the whole of Sea of Thieves combined. What if someone is trying to reach the Sea Queen and her people for help for this war to come? Merfolks could be our secret weapon.

    My mother always taught me to expect the unexpected though. It could be someone who wants to desecrate this sacred place and take whatever is buried underneath. I’m afraid that the evil plan of Stitcher Jim is still in motion and he needs something from here. Captain Warsmith is also on my list of suspects. They are no pirate to me and they never were. True pirates know how to be united at wartime.

    To anyone who reads these notes and who would Hoist the Colours, please let’s make sure to protect this place and the future of Sea of Thieves.

    I packed my things and set sail to another uncharted island quite famous thanks to the wreck of the Magpie’s Wing. Isn’t this funny that they both have a glorious wreck?

    I’ve already been to this place a couple of times but I wanted to check something. There is a very narrow passage in the corals that leads to an undersea chamber which is probably the largest of the Sea of Thieves.

    This beautiful place also has ancient ruins and an altar identical to the one I found earlier. It looks like there was something before in these triangular holes in the center of the altars. If it’s like the Shroudbreaker, maybe a huge gem was placed inside? I wonder what it would activate to do that. The ancients mastered magic and hid things behind various mechanisms. There is another chamber under the islet with an ancient statue. Sudds gave me a quest the other day when I was trying to collect the parts of the Shroudbreaker, I needed to place two red gem in the eyes of this statue to activate a mechanism.

    Merfolks were known for uncovering precious stones and gems in the very deepest parts of the ocean to bring them back to the meeting places as a gift. The ancients were greatly appreciated by the mer people, they helped them several time.

    As I was investigating this altar, a couple of whispers echoed in the chamber. The murky water of this place prevented me from seeing clearly in the distance but I spotted in the darkness shapes that looked like large eyes.

    As I needed to breath, I rushed to the surface with the impression of being followed and spied on. My monkey was roaring on the ship, I think I didn’t stock enough bananas.

  • ever since the last update on 7/17/2019 arena games will not start. we sit in lobbies and the game wont launch, even with all the teams full, it wont begin the contest. we have had to server hop over and over until eventually one lobby goes. it takes about 30-40 minutes to get a game. and so far i have not seen anything said about this. nor have i heard of any reply to support tickets. EU seems to be less affected by the problem.

    please upvote this thread for visibility

  • I've been waiting over 30 mins for a game of arena to start... somethings wrong

  • I've noticed (pc player here) verrry little amounts of players in the sea. Will there ever be a raised amount of ships per server? It is Soo hard to find people to fight

  • Servers now live!

    Servers are now back up and running, so grab your crew and dive straight in because Black Powder Stashes is here! Duke has caught wind that gunpowder barrels are now in high demand and all the trading companies want in! Take part in explosive new voyages, earn new time-limited cosmetics and have a blast in the first of our new monthly updates for Sea of Thieves!

    Want to read up on Black Powder Stashes and all the improvements and fixes in this build? Get caught up on our release notes:

    Ahoy maties!

    Yup, it's that time again, it's server maintenance day! And this time we are on route to the most explosive event the seas have ever seen!

    Black Powder Stashes!

    Don’t forget… plan your journeys accordingly!

    Server Maintenance Time:
    Wednesday, July 17th

    BST 10am - 4pm
    CST: 4am - 10am
    EST: 5am - 11am
    AEST: 7pm - 1am

    If you are receiving a Kiwibeard error, this means the servers are still down at the moment for maintenance, please try again later (Got a different beard error? Check here).

    Update sizes:
    Windows 10: 5.90GB
    Xbox One: 4.55GB
    Xbox One X: 6.54GB

    How do I update my game on Xbox?
    The update should automatically download and install itself, but you may need to launch the game for it to prompt you. If this is still not showing up in your 'My games and apps' then try hard rebooting your console.

    How do I update my game on Windows 10?
    Updates are usually automatic via the Microsoft Store. However, you can manually kick this off if you open the Microsoft Store, go to 'Downloads and updates' and click on 'Get updates' in the top right corner.

    Patch Notes:
    Patch notes can be found here shortly after the servers go live.

    Other Useful links:

  • Gather round ye young sea dogs as I have a tale for you.

    I joined a looking for group for skull forts, it was a bunch on noobs and i didnt have a mic on, but our luck was in. A skull fort popped up as we were stocking up the ship. Great! We set sail . We arrive and the crew miss the fact a two man sloop is parked up until I start hitting it with cannon fire. The sloop and one crew man is quickly taken care of, but the other one is still alive somewhere. Im searching the fort when I hear one of my crew call out "hey dont bring that barrel on yet" when I left 3 crew on the ship, the noobs think this is all 3 of my crew died in the explosion that also took out the last crew man from the 2 man sloop. After a quick repair and bail we have the fort to ourselves. We beat the fort and while loading up i hear a cannon shot. The crew at this point is sailing the ship around for quicker loading with the stronghold chest and barrel already onboard..........BOOM! our ship goes down. With no mic my crew doest know Im alive..guarding the loot. They all rage quit. I make the gamble to hitch a ride with the mermaid to my ship. I forgot it was a closed I man a gallon on my own, back to the fort as luck would have it ...I spawned near too. I get there .....and there it is ..the little sneak of a sloop. I load up on cannon balls and hit again and again and again. I lock my ships wheel to get one final cannon shot line up to cannon over to finish the job. They are not there.. Their ship in open water off the fort is about to sink...So I cannon back to my ship , get on board just to hear the fuse on a barrel. I survive the explosion and patch up. I then hear that sound.....the sound of someone boarding. After a fight I lose twice... I respawn to my ship...about to crash into one of the watchtowers. I drop anchor and spin around to die at the hands of a sloop man. I respawn and start searching the ship. I get to the front and there he is in the water..with a barrel (again). I shoot and miss......reload and shoot again...BOOM! down he goes, again with no ship to respawn on the sloop crew have lost the fight again. At this point I was thinking its strange not having any crew spawn in....its been a while. I check the crew settings and see my mistake. I was focused on the loot i forgot to open the crew. I change settings and start repairs, fix a sail here...load the best "remaining" strong hold loot and my new crew start loading in. We patch our boat up, and load up the loot....without ever seeing that sloop. So remember you young pups the fight aint over till the loot is sold or sinks

    : didnt keep an eye out of other crews
    : got hit with a few barrels
    : dont rage quit
    : check your settings
    : The fight aint over till the loot is sold or sinks.

  • It has been a week now and with the talk on forums, Twitter and other platforms of textures issues for the game there is still no acknowledgement from the team at rare. Textures are still taking forever to load, the game is slower, the mast and rug on the galleon still have issues and yet the developers have failed to acknowledge the issue despite talks and support tickets raised. Would anyone else please step forward and make me aware if they too have found issues with the game with anything from the list below.

    • Galleon Rug glow/flame

    • Textures on mast base and metal areas - (A white rope texture)

    • bottles and vases textures failing to load
      *equipment taking moments to render to the desired version of each piece

    • Barrel and wood textures
      *character load in textures

    • 4k Dullness and loss of enhancement

  • Ahoy Maties!

    It has come to my attention that in the past few updates there has been a wealth of community based easter eggs added to the game.

    Our old hunt/discussion found here has been long overdue an update, and now, I feel is the right time to start the hunt again!

    Have you seen anything out there on the waves maties? I am looking to add to the list so we can preserve these findings for future pirates!

    Keep me posted pirates!

    And as always... Happy Sailing!

    alt text

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hello there!
    I just signed up for the Twitch Rivals Twitch drops and the Terms and Condidtions state:
    "In-game cosmetics require Sea of Thieves game and Xbox Live Gold membership (both sold separately). "
    As I am playing on PC, do not own an XBOX and I do not have an Xbox Live Gold membership - Does this mean that players without will not get any drops from this event?

  • I just found a new cave I'm sure has been added with the new July 17th 2019 update. I was sailing around looking for random loot at various islands, when I came across a hidden cave behind some rocks. I almost missed it walking by, but a dark area between the two large rocks caught my eye. I ventured in and found what I believe to be Capt. Flameheart's cave. There are several interactive things to look at and read about. The cave in question is on Wander's Refuge. Has anyone else found this area?I wonder what other secrets have been added for us to explore.
    Is this Cave gonna be part of a new Tall Tail upcoming?
    Give me your feed back? Id' love to hear from the developers on this.

  • I've done the Westward Blackpowder Run at least 6 times now, all with the reaper's mark up, but I can't seem to unlock the commendation to get the new sails :(. Please help!

  • Hello! The past week I have found some venomballs and tried to kill skeletons affected by them. However the commendation is stuck and does not progress. I am sure that I do it right because when I kill them the have this green cloud around them which shows that they are affected. I have done this many times to no avail. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions would be awesome.

  • More tall tales. I heard the update and know more of these are coming but please hold off for at least a year (or forever). I have been waiting two months to do the real adventure mode again where people are thieving, obtaining treasure, etc... This needs to be the focus as it always should have been. I am not saying the tall tales aren't good or fun or anything like that but they belong in their own single player campaign. They do not mesh in the open world concept and take way too long.

    Other than that, I am pumped about the monthly updates and it seems RARE is trying to get back to the basics after the anniversary update which sent the game in 3 completely weird and different directions that did not mesh very well with each other or with what was already in the game (outside of fishing which meshes fine).

  • Starting tonight, I'll have this bug that strikes semi-frequently where I'll press "F" to interact with something such as my sails, or the oars of my rowboat. The camera will start to do its "snap to" animation, but stop partway through. I'll be stuck in this limbo between being able to control my character, and properly attached to and interacting with whatever station I attempted to use. I am completely paralyzed and the only thing I can do is leave the game and re-enter which of course wipes all progress I've made. It's happened twice tonight so far.

    Also, the rowboats seem even glitchier than normal. Like 1/3 times dropping them from the back of my boat gives them a real bad case of the shakes. Attempting to stand on them gives me a seizure, drives me through the rowboat, and then plummets me to the ocean floor.

    This makes running voyages in the Devil's Roar very hard. Tempermental volcanoes are nothing compared to unaddressed glitches.

  • Thanks for the input I never new about the LFG features in the PC Companion App for XBOX as I never used an XBOX outside of this game. My original post is below, maybe some changes could be implemented though as some suggested for Arena. I have not played ARENA yet so dont know of those issues for match making.

    Tonight I have tried 10 games in a row, often you join a Ship where they have just finished or you get a whole new crew and people don't want to do what you want to do or vice versa and they leave. Or some idiot is on voice and talking about his private parts or breathing heavy......

    Why don't they add what type of game you are looking for in making a public game?

    Like Tall Tails adventures
    Or just plundering Strongholds

    As it is the public group forming is just totally broken.

    I did have a look at the "Looking for Crew" page and I joined a couple of Discord servers and there last LFC post was a few days old.

    Anyway I am active pretty much every night in Aussie time so if you want to add me just send me an invite.

    Hopefully they fix the mess it currently is atm and add some sort of structure in what games you are looking for in Public crew matching.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I just have a couple questions about the new update because I don't have my Xbox right now. I saw that they nerfed the roar again. So how much less do volcanoes hit ships now? Also, about how long are the new voyages, and are the cosmetics locked behind comms?

  • Hello intrepid Pirates!

    I have an issue with a game(it crushes while I'm playing, different time and places), and I couldnt find any anchor (link =)) that can be thrown at "support crew bay".

    Does anyone know where shoud I address it?

    Thanks in advance and I wish you fair winds!
    Yohoho and a bottle of rum!