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  • I like to play solo most of the time. Retired with lots of time. Galleon approaches me and said they are friendly. Can anyone guess what happened then. Way to many players with absolutely no morals or scruples playing and for what? A couple of chests? I don't mind be attacked but 4 against one and spawn killing me over and over. They already had all my loot. What was the point? Mommy didn't love them any more I guess. Time to move on to something else. Might run in to you on the high seas again or not. To all the players who actually have some scruples in game play good luck.

  • For anyone looking to add the Obsidian Wheel to their ships wardrobe, it is available as part of a MixPot to be given to those that watch Inside Xbox tomorrow (for most people)...

    Official Link:

    How does the MixPot work?

    Here’s how it works:

    • Watch the Xbox Live stream on Mixer: You can watch the live streaming event using the Mixer app on Xbox One, any web browser at, or the Mixer app on iOS or Android devices
    • Sign in to Mixer using your Microsoft account: You must be signed in to Mixer with your Microsoft account to get your MixPot
    • For existing Mixer accounts, link your Mixer account to your Microsoft account: To learn how to link your existing Mixer account to your Microsoft account (the account you use to sign in to Xbox Live), see Mixer account to your Microsoft account. Your account must be linked to receive the MixPot.
    • Get your stuff! After the event, we’ll announce the games or DLC that will be coming your way as part of the MixPot.*
  • Does anyone know if we will be seeing the Obsidian set on the store? (Pistol, Blunderbuss, Eye of reach, drum, lantern, spyglass, mega phone, and the pocket watch) Or are they still available. If not where can I get them?

  • Hi @ all,
    me and my friend played a Sloop-Arena Game, and it seems that there have been four ships working together. One ship just took care about digging, while the other three were just Focusing on spawn killing us. I recorded this and one clearly sees that different Crews are on our ship just waiting for us to respawn to kill us instantly.

    I want to report this. How can I?

  • Just spent hours and hours doing the start thief quest solo, without looking up solutions.

    My ship got sunk three times. The first time, some players ran into my boat while I was searching the Island.
    They had stolen the star jewel on my boat amongst other chests so when I respawned, I went straight to their location and they were kind enough to give me back the jewel.

    I decided to stash the jewels on an Island so I wouldnt have that issue again.

    The second time I sunk, It was because of my own dumbassery. I had a keg onboard and it somehow blew up in the middle of the sea, I didnt hit a rock and I wasnt inside a storm. I didnt have enough material to fix my ship so I had to abandon it.

    Luckily I had placed my jewels on a rowboat that my boat was carrying, and I was very close to the uncharted Island we have to go to near the end of the tale.
    So I was able to make it there with my rowboat.

    Once on the island, I started placing the jewels in the eyes of the underground statue. On my way to get my second jewel from the rowboat, I see a brigantine headed my way.
    I quickly grab the jewel, stick it in the statue and as soon as I got the totem I hid it somewhere in the cave.
    I let the Brigantine crew kill me as I had nothing to lose, in hope that they would leave.

    Back on my sloop, I rush to the uncharted Island to finally unlock the vault which was luckily in the very same cave I hid the totem in.
    The brigantine was nowhere to be seen.

    I drop the anchor at the island and unboard, rush in the cave, get my totem and unlock the vault. The puzzle then starts.
    I solve it, get the shroudbreaker piece and then, I turn back, and the door behind me opens up to reveal 2 players from that Brigantine crew, ready to ravage me. They start shooting at me while I desperatly make a run for it while seeing my world crumble.
    I really feel like it was a gigantic waste of time and I love this game so much, I understand the first two time I sunk were my fault. But seriously, these guys really had no reason to do that. This game is riddled with human trash and I am filled with disgust and frustration at this point. This is not being pirates, this is being despicable rats with no goal in life other than to remove joy from others.
    This quest took me 3 to 4 hours.

    I want to quit

  • Ahoy maties!

    Just me... your friendly neighbourhood Musicmee back from Youtube with another weekly developer update video!

    Senior Producer Drew is back in the tavern for this week's swift Sea of Thieves Developer Update. Get the latest on Tavern wait times in The Arena before being briefed on all of the Sea of Thieves-flavoured thrills that will be happening as part of #X019!

    Talking points include;

    • More events like Ghoul and Glory and Arena Weekend are on the way! One coming in December!
    • Arena weekend highlighted some Arena matchmaking issues, fixes will be going through insider testing soon.
    • Play from Today 6pm GMT to 7am GMT 23rd November and earn exclusive Gears of War themed ship cosmetics. Video incoming showing these off.
    • Portable washed up ammo crates coming!
    • Empty collectors chests will be filled with rewards after the November update hits!
    • 3 Page Emote wheel coming too!
    • XO19 will see the latest trailer drop showcasing all the upcoming features. There will also be two panels one on Friday and one and Saturday!
  • This new update really cements the need for optional crossplay in adventure. We were promised it back in May, what's taking so long? And before anyone tells me to just get better at the game, I really don't feel like I should be playing out my skin just to keep up with PC!! Not really a point to this just hope the devs get back to us soon with a date or an update!!

  • Ahoy maties!

    Here it is...

    The Omen Ship Set!

    Inspired by Gears of War

    To unlock the Omen Hull, Sails, Flag and Figurehead, simply play Sea of Thieves any time between now and Friday November 22nd.

  • I've been playing all day on the seas and I've experienced LOTS of lags, rollbacks and collisions problem (clipping through walls or rocks). I just wondered.. What's happening ?
    We fought a 2 men-crew Sloop that wasn't taking hits, the hitreg is GARBAGE even if the game devs said it was "improved", though it was only maybe in Arena mode but still, hitreg still sucks even there.. We "sunk" the ship with a barrel, the Sloop was totally filled with water (like, REALLY, even got video evidence from this) they hadn't the time to fix the leaks so it's 100% sure it was filling and the visual was clear, both holds were filled.. BUT magically, they managed to respawn FOUR times and we were still able to steal from their ressources barrels so I don't understand what's happening on the seas since the last update, but clearly, performances are really odd than before..
    Sorry, just needed to spread the amount of salt I got today ! :D Even if I've played more than hundreds hours to the game, I still can't understand why Devs can't fix hitreg and be more balanced concerning respawn time, sinking time and sunken state and so on.. :'(

  • I couldnt find one, so i was asking

  • The current design of the arena game mode does not encourage PvP at all, despite supposedly being primarily a PvP mode. Instead it encourages digging chests and avoiding combat as much as possible; ultimately that is the safest way to guarantee victory. The overall idea here is to decrease the influence of chests and RNG on the match outcome. Here are some changes that would rework the game to instead reward PvP/ship combat:

    Point System:

    • Chests should be worth 750 max. Maybe an extra 250 for stolen chests, but that isn't necessarily needed.
    • Sinking should cause a 2000 point loss. Currently there is not enough punishment for sinking/scuttling. Sinking the leader is not effective at all if they have a runaway lead from digging chests as it stands currently.
      Edit: This change may not be necessary if the other changes were implemented. Would really just need to be tested for balance.
    • You should be able to go into the negative for sinking. Currently early sinks usually carry very little impact besides wasting the resources of the attacker. If you sink early on there is no reason you should not still be punished just because you had not yet received points.
    • Kills should be worth 25 points. The fact that a cannonball hit is worth more than a player kill is just silly. Some will say that this encourages spawn camping. To that I say the ship being camped has already lost the fight and should scuttle. It is no different than scuttling to avoid being farmed for cannon points.

    The Maps:

    • There should be no more than 3 maps at a time.
    • Each map should have no more than 4 chests.
    • Maps at the start should be evenly spaced relative to the ships. Generally speaking they should be concentrated around the center of the map so nobody gets a lucky spawn/free island thanks to RNG.
    • The same map should not spawn twice in a row.
    • Maps should not spawn when there are ships too close to them already (within radius of the island title card).


    • Ships should spawn further from where they are sunk. I'm not saying across the map, but more than an island away. Wind direction should be factored in.
    • Somewhat unrelated, but queue times need to be fixed. This issue has already been discussed considerably elsewhere.
    • Maybe matchmaking should try to prioritize putting full closed crews with other full closed crews and open crews against each other (assuming it doesn't seem to already). Would certainly lead to more even/interesting matches. Player population might be an issue here, but changes to the contest start requirements could help.
    • Payouts should be increased across the board. It is far easier to make a quick ~20k from a skull fort in around half an hour than it is to get an arena win (assuming other teams are somewhat competent). This change would hopefully encourage some of the more reluctant players to hop into the mode and increase the population, helping cut down on queue times. I honestly think the current values should be tripled at least. Rep could remain the same.
    • Maybe just have double rep (not gold) every weekend to boost the player pool. It's obvious the player pool is currently minuscule, which is of course creating the wait time issue to a large degree. There are also many players that complain about having to grind out Sea Dogs rep and refuse to play arena because they say it is too much of a grind/they dislike the mode. This change might encourage them to at least play when double rep is active. Normally I would be against weekly rep boosts, but at this point I'd take anything to increase the player pool so the mode works. In the end it would make players complaining about the grind happy by helping them out directly and players like me that have already done the grind happy because people would actually play the mode (hopefully).
    • Fix servers/hit reg. 'nuff said.

  • Been in the Arena lobby for at least 20 minutes now and nothing is happening. Will leaving and trying again help?

  • So I've been running into some problems in the game recently. I am playing on Windows 10.
    My first problem is a strange graphical thing with the water. When I go out to sea the waves are flat and pointy. I'm running on rare graphics settings. This isn't anything major, just a minor annoyance.

    My second problem is some major rubber banding issues. Sometimes the game will run smoothly, other times i will be getting thrown all over the place and the game will become unplayable. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Is anyone else having issues with this? My ship sunk in the Devil's Roar as I was trying to board another ship to tuck on it, and when I eventually died on the enemy ship I found my boat at MERMAID'S HIDEAWAY. No joke - the furthest spawn from the DR.
    Is this a bug or did I actually get unbelievably unlucky? I was under the impression that if you sunk in the DR, you would respawn there or at least at an island close to the DR.

  • For those that have been waiting for the Sea of Thieves panel from this years NYCC, here you go!

  • The Rare crew (with guest BoxyFresh) set sail with the intention of letting the wind carry them....where ever, tomorrow at the usual time.

    5pm BST
    9am PDT
    12pm EDT
    6pm CEST
    3.30am (Wednesday 13th?) Australian Central


    If you need to check your local time and I have missed it (or want to double-check my times... probably wise...)

    Official Live Links:

    Mixer -
    Twitch -
    YouTube -

  • Hello,

    I am a casual sea of thieves player that loves this game!
    lately i have stumbled on some really weird fps problems.
    I normally consistently make it over 100 fps, (capped at 100, if not around 120FPS)
    but lately when i start up my game i end up with around 40 fps max.
    Then a day later, i am around 120 again.
    what i also find really strange is that it only happens on sea of thieves.
    When i hit 40 FPS on sea, i can hit 1 min later over 100 FPS on games like destiny 2 and CS GO.
    Is there a way how i can fix it?
    it Really annoys me when i cant play one of my favorite games properly some days..

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hey guys. I know its not much, but i think all this should be re-added sometime, because we just need more things. Maybe change them up a bit, but add them back.


  • Want to join an active, structured community within the sea of thieves that have multiple active users online at any time? Comment down below for more info

  • (Preface: I'm sure there are many posts regarding such issues, but I thought I would chime in with my own opinions/experience.)

    With the Arena Weekend going on, I thought I would try out some Arena. I usually play adventure, but why not get the bonus goodies from the special promotion? Obviously, Arena centers on PvP combat. With that being the case, the finer details of PvP in Sea of Thieves become more apparent. I believe most players would agree that combat needs improvement, but I wanted to focus on one specific aspect of combat which, in my opinion, is in most dire need of developer attention: blocking.

    At this point, blocking is essentially useless in PvP encounters. The area of effect for blocking is quite narrow, so the block must be well aimed. This is all well and good, except all an enemy player has to do is jump around and swing at your head or back to get around the block. Since players can essentially jump through other players, it is nearly impossible to continuously block a bouncy pirate. To make matters worse, I, a PC player, can only imagine how much harder it would be to block effectively with a controller.

    Now, I recognize that this game is a balance between casual and competitive styles, and I am not a game developer. With those things in mind, I have a few basic ideas that could alleviate the blocking issues. These suggestions by no means are perfect, and they come with their own potential issues. The point of this post is to highlight the existence of an issue with blocking; my suggestions are but an addendum.

    First, jump fatigue. This would prevent effective jump spamming, making it a less viable combat strategy. Of course, in non-combat situations this would be annoying, but perhaps there is a way to find a happy medium.

    Second, increasing the area of effect for blocking. I am not quite sure the exact blocking area currently implemented, but it feels to be less than a 180 degree field. Perhaps, blocking could be changed to have a hemisphere of effect in front of the player.

    Third, some sort of parry mechanic or block-caused-interrupt. Perhaps, a successful block could stop the enemies 3 hit sword swing combo, which would prevent sword spamming and make blocking a more effective strategy. Alternatively, an additional mechanic could be added to allow parrying. Maybe a well-timed block, or additional key press while blocking, could create a parry which would knock the attacking player back slightly (just like a blocked third sword swing), or set them off-balance, thereby allowing the blocker to get an attack in.

    I don't have the perfect solution, but I think blocking (and jump spamming) definitely needs to be looked at immediately, followed by additional combat issues. Hopefully, we see some developer input and updates on the state of PvP combat, soon!


  • Can you report a crew for unsportsmanlike conduct in the arena when they just want vengeance against you for sinking their ship instead of try to win?

    I mean, when it is extremly obvious that they ignore who has more points and chests and just follow you and attack you constantly just to take revenge.

  • Ahoy Rare and Pirates!

    Recently I found something that bothers me personally.
    I like to play without HUD, but it is also very annoying.
    An example would be that you do not see how many balls you have available, or you can not see if you can see the items, as well as dances when selecting.

    What would be my suggestion is to adjust what exactly you want to turn off the HUD.

    Otherwise, I wish you all the best of luck on the high seas, maybe we'll meet sometime :)

  • So I've been playing A LOT lately and the last two nights I have actually had dreams of being in an IRL situation on the Sea of Thieves. Really odd and random. One was a fight in a tavern over an Athena chest and the other was being on a ship while being pelted with cannon balls and we had to keep bailing water. For some reason my son and dad were on the ship with me. I woke up in both occasions before I knew the end result. Don't know if we got the athena steal and I'm not sure if we were sunk on the ship.

    Anyone else ever have a dream situation like this in regards to the game? Thought it was kind of funny and felt like sharing.

    Happy sailing!

  • Here’s how it works:

    • You must leave the outpost without gathering resources and no voyages are to be put on the table. No gathering rowboats or any crates/resources on the way. You must have nothing in your personal inventory except the current ammo in your gun.
    • Go to an island and wreck or scuttle you’re ship. This island becomes your home base for the session. You may not choose an outpost or seapost as your home base.
    • Once marooned, you can use rowboats/swim to gather resources and loot.
    • No using mermaids to get back to your ship.
    • All loot gathered during the session must be brought back to your home base. The exception to this rule is reaper chests (unless you really want a truly hardcore PvP experience - then by all means have at it.). No banking any other items until the end of your session.
    • If you die, you can take your ship either back to your base island or to the spot you died and wreck/scuttle again. Any resources you had in your personal inventory when you died must be left on the ship. You may not gather loot or resources on the way.
    • If the game blackscreen glitches you back to your ship, you may keep the items in your personal inventory, but you may not reload your weapon.
    • At the end of the session, you use a rowboat(s) to transport your loot to an outpost.

    Note: loot despawns after a time, so it’s important to reset the timer every hour or so (to be safe). This means picking up and putting down everything you have.

    This essentially creates the permadeath scenario found in games like DayZ. It’s not easy (The Roar presents an even greater challenge), nor is it the most lucrative way to play; but, it’s a lot of fun - especially when playing with friends.

    I also try to be mindful on islands where people may be doing tall tales. I do this on Crook's Hollow and try not to prevent people from completing that Tall Tale. They may pay a tax, but I let them finish the Tale.

  • So I was happy last week to receive my Raider of the Damned commendation when I did my 50th run of the new FotD.

    I am curious how many of you here on the forum have done that fifty times already and do you have any stories of that adventure? I know I do.

    One night I was on (when I got most of my completions), I was with a 5 ship alliance, the entire server was on. They wanted to do the fort on repeat all night. However, the guy who organised it didnt want to sell the loot until the end. 20 Athena chests, reaper chests for days. it was a bad idea.

    9 - 10 hours of grinding, pushing, skeleton killing and graymarrow slaying. We got a whole bunch to show for our work.

    But then at the end, my internet decides its time for a a reset. Me and my wife get kicked off for 20 minutes for that reset. We come back, the entire server was betrayed and one ship took all the loot.

    I will be salty about this for the next ten years lol but its a good story... so I got that out of it right.... right....!

    Whats your FotD Story?

  • So my fiance has done all of her tall tales commendations, and has unlocked all the rewards from doing so, even has them equipped. However, she still has one of the commendations "locked". this is truly annoying and bugging her something fierce since she has grinded her way to "Gold-Dum" and it is not appearing as completed.

    Again, this isnt a "she hasnt earned it" or a "misunderstanding". it is a Bug, and is simply shown as being locked, even though she has the reward given upon its completion.

    Thanks, Rare

  • Ahoy maties!

    Just for those of you that missed the news. Posting here for visibility!

    Introducing: The Battle for London!

    The qualifier for the first Sloop-based #SeaOfThieves Arena tournament will take place during #X019 week at the flagship Microsoft store on Oxford Circus. For info, and to sign-up as a duo, head here:

    alt text

    Will you and your crew mate be signing up?

  • Hi everyone,

    I felt necessary to do some research recently since i found odd that such a company with such a reputation faces such enormous delays.

    Loot Crate is a subscription service for gamers and pop culture fans.
    In June, the SoT twitter promoted a partnership between LC and Rare. It featured a special "Sea of Thieves Bookend Collectible" in the form of a Galleon being attacked by a Kraken on the july Gaming Loot Crate : -

    FYI Loot Crate was at the top of it's activity around 2015 and had many faithful customers. Their deliveries were on point and contained really nice loot inside.

    But it looks like things turned really bad this year for them.

    Recently, Loot Crate Closed their Warehouse, and laid off 150 Workers according to this article :

    You can find more about it here :

    There are numerous reddit posts that raised big concerns about the company longevity, some people state that they didn't recieved any Loot since May. Most people are cancelling their subscription right now.

    I just wanted to let people here know what's happenning with this.

  • Not a complaint, I just do not understand.
    Why do I only get 700gold per crate delivered? I was at one time getting 1400, but as I increased in rank with the merchant alliance, my rewards have gone down. Yes, I deliver more crates, but the reward per crate is less.

    Is this by design? Or am I making a mistake somewhere? Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Anyone notice the smoke and ember effects all over the site? I wonder what they're teasing!

  • I have not seen them in months

  • This topic is deleted!

  • 1- Why is there so many skeletons on islands?
    2- Why are the quest skeletons so easy to kill compared with the other ones?
    3- Why do i have to kill plus 15 Skeletons(island ones and the ones that pop up) when i dig treasures?
    4- Why the damage i do to the skeletons vary so much? (beteewn 5 to sometimes 12) i know the distante matters but....

    I understand the need to keep it challenging but i think its too much sometimes!
    Anyone thinks the same?

  • screenshot
    Upon launching the game, everything seems fine. Getting into a game, however, is a totally different story. I always get stuck in a screen similar to the one above.