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  • I think the ability to change ship types from an outpost would be useful. Say if Im on a sloop with a friend and 2 of my crewmates get on the ability to trade a sloop for a galleon would be nice.

    It would also be nice if after people leave I could also trade down it keeps from constantly having people to change servers just to have a ship size.

    There does need to be a player cobtrol system that prevents changing to a sloop if you have more than 2 people to prevent exploits

  • Basically, the title. I recently made a ranting post about why PVE-only should exist and it surprisingly got a lot of responses. My post was very emotionally-driven and came out not nearly as structural or mature as it should have been. I'll be redoing and creating an actual semi-essay in support of PVE-only implementation, and I need all your questions and concerns regarding the idea (of the PVE-only mode, not the essay lol.) Please hit me with all you've got, because I think I've got a legitimate solution. Thanks!

  • I'm a little curious as to how players are making use of a couple new mechanics, namely:

    • Fruit - do you pay attention to what you gather, or what you carry, and ultimate choose to eat one or the other under a given condition? Or do you just grab and eat whatever?
    • Cooked Food - do you cook fish/meat and consume it have health generation? Or is it not worth it, so do you just cook it and sell it?
  • Ahoy me hearties,

    With The Anniversary Update, Rare have introduced a wide range of new tools and features into the game while enriching the lore at the same time. There are a few very interesting hidden gems that you may have already discovered, where some of them refer to elements of the expanded universe and others could potentially tease the content to come in the future.

    My little monkey and I set sail to investigate and discover all the little things Rare hid and bring them to you.

    🔴 Be careful, there are spoilers for some Tall Tales!!


    You might think that Merrick’s family is full of joy and love. Well, actually, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Serik, Merrick’s wife, spent a lot of time alone when Merrick hunted The Hungering One. Mad at him and lonely, one day she decided to swam off with a Merman.

    Ah… Merfolks.

    It is rumoured that they have since departed, most likely spooked by the Devil’s Shroud. Some even doubt they were really there but this shows once again that these tall tales and legends might be true.

    However, this does not confirm that Grace (Captain Morrow) married their prince 👑

    If anyone knows them well, it would be Mercia but no one knows where she is now. However, in one of her Journals, Briggsy said that she borrowed from the girl with the merfolk earrings, a map with a lot of new places beyond the Shroud. Tall tales say that the girl with the merfolk earrings is none other than Mercia, giving her the ability to understand the Merfolks language.

    Perhaps Mercia is with the merpeople now, who knows?

    Fountain of Youth

    That being said, Serik also mentioned something very interesting about a magical Fountain of Youth beyond the Devil’s Shroud. The Shores of Gold are just a tiny bit of what the Shroud is hiding.

    Let’s hope I find the map Briggsy borrowed and use the Shroudbreaker to uncover this fountain. I’ll bring back a barrelful of the Fountain of Youth to Serik.

    Well, okay, I’d certainly be tempted to use it too…

    The Fountain of Youth may either refer to Ponnce de León’s legend or a way for players to change their character’s appearance as stated by Rare studio director Craig Duncan for Eurogamer in 2018:

    For example — and this isn’t a feature yet — we could have a fountain of youth in the game, where you could go to it and by interacting with it, it would make your character younger.

    Rare’s Infinite Pirate Generator gives the flexibility to affect the way players character looks later in the game and in a Sea of Thieves way. The Fountain of Youth, Curses and Magic Potions are most likely the tools for that.

    Skeleton Lord in disguise

    Zharick and Emerick

    Merrick and Serik are not the only complicated couple, in fact Zharick can’t stand her ex-husband Emerick anymore and believes that she has wasted the best years of her life with him. Emerick is obsessed with Jonah, a trader at a Sea Post, and he is convinced that he’s a Skeleton Lord in disguise. Apparently, Jonah would like to take over the Sea of Thieves with his undead army and poison our souls with his skeletal magic.

    I don’t know if the sulfur smelling air of The Wilds intoxicated Emerick or if he is right, but we need to keep an eye on Jonah.

    Giant winged creature

    But I have to warn you about something else. Emerick told me there is also this giant winged creature living in the sea, capable to set fire to a fleet of ships!

    Some kind of Dragon? Karen, Megan and those skellies would be the least of our worries if that turns out to be true…

    The Grand Maritime Union

    The Mysterious Stranger told me something very interesting when I asked him if he trusts the trading companies. He told me that he trusts them as long as they stick to the rules. Any new company is welcomed to the Sea of Thieves as long as nobody ever goes the way of the Grand Maritime Union.

    Rumours say that Merchant Alliance traders from the Sea of Thieves are former employees of this Grand Maritime Union.

    Actually, Senior Trader Mollie had a very exciting story to tell (in the comic Sea of Thieves Origins #2: The Bonds of Union).

    When she was a young girl, Mollie was working for the Grand Maritime Union. She managed with great perseverance to be respected and to get the best contracts signed. After several promotions, she was offered a contract to issue goods in Sea of Thieves, an unknown area for the Grand Maritime Union.

    With a great fleet of big ships of two decks of cannons — where some could qualified them as Man’O’War — they adventured through the Devil’s Shroud. They soon discovered that this fog was extremely dangerous for large and high-speed vessels. Thanks to Mollie, her ship was the only one to arrive in The Shores of Plenty. After tasting the Sea of Thieves pirate’s life, she decided to launch her own trading company where she will not be run by men.

    That being said, The Grand Maritime Union is still out there, as Mollie worries:

    “Though, frankly, I am far more worried about the Grand Maritime Union. Some day they will find this place and they have more money and more men to throw at a problem than the whole of Sea of Thieves combined.” — Senior Trader Mollie.

    At the moment, it looks like Mollie just got a partnership with Lesedi and the Sea Dogs but no one knows what they are up to.

    Skeleton ‘Rune’ Language

    Aye, Skeletons have their own runes and you can find in The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale a little glossary to translate them!

    In the tale, you need to crack the code of the riddles to find a skull and a chalice and place them on an altar to resurrect Graymarrow.

    A couple of runes cover the two supports on the altar and if you translate them you get the following words:

    • Skull & Chalice: most likely to indicate where the items should be placed to perform the ritual.
    • Skeleton Lord,
    • Flame Beach.

    But what’s even more interesting is the fact that those same runes are covering a mysterious box you may have already found and brought back to Grace.

    Yes, the Box of Wondrous Secrets!

    This box is fully covered with the following runes: Flame, Heart, Beach, Skeleton, Lord.

    I think at this point it’s quite obvious that this box belonged to Flameheart or contains something from this Skeleton Lord.

    But why did the Gold Hoarder want this box so badly? The similarity between these runes on the box and the altar makes me fear the worst…

    Could the content of the Box of Wondrous Secrets allow the Gold Hoarder to resurrect Flameheart? Could it contains Flameheart’s skull and the chalice from which he drank and was cursed?

    Me monkey says he doesn’t like that!

    Tribute Peak

    As you may know, Briggsy wasn’t the first pirate to explore Tribute Peak. The Pirate Lord and someone called Larinna have already been to this place before.

    In fact, when you go down the stairs to access to the underground tunnels, there is this large ravine with a broken bridge and spikes at the bottom. This bridge was originally built by the Pirate Lord but has been destroyed by Larinna when she came here.

    Eventually the passage widened out, and they found themselves staring across the width of a deep fissure that had created an underground ravine. The splashing of distant waterfalls echoed around them as they contemplated their next obstacle — an old wooden rope bridge that spanned the chasm. It was ancient, it was rickety, and it appeared to be the only way across.

    […] it was Larinna’s turn. She was almost halfway across, easing her foot onto the next plank, when it suddenly surrendered to gravity and fell away into the chasm. She teetered, caught in the act of shifting her weight onto thin air, and was forced to throw herself forward across the gap, clinging onto the rest of the planks for grim death while her legs flailed over empty space and the others shouted her name in alarm

    This passage led directly to the drawbridge, but as this little wooden bridge is now broken you have to face several traps in the underground tunnels to arrive on the other side of the ravine.

    The Pirate Lord

    A figure that dominates many tall tales if he’s not the most renowned, The Pirate Lord has always been seen in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout so far. Well, at least as an emerald phantom.

    Ramsey died a long time ago, even before the Ferry of the Damned was there. He remains as a ghost in the Sea of Thieves thanks to his magical Reaper’s Mark that hung around his neck.

    After you defeat the Gold Hoarder, The Pirate Lord decides to leave his hideout and congratulates you. During his emotional speech, if you go behind him, you will notice that his body still has the three daggers that caused his death.

    Nevertheless, these are not just any daggers. They each belong to a member of his crew.

    Mercia, Rathbone and Shan represented Ramsey’s crew. It is not very surprising that Rathbone, who now answers to the name of the Gold Hoarder, wanted to see Ramsey dead. But what is most shocking is knowing that Mercia wanted it too.

    However, Ramsey is claiming the following…

    It all came to an end when some of me hearties turned into those foul Skeletons, but I’m trying to forget about that…

    Did Mercia and Shan turn into Skeleton Lords too? The reasons for his death still remain a great mystery tho.

    I guess there are either way more untold stories to uncover or The Pirate Lord may have done something terrible to deserve that mutiny.

    The Sea Dogs’ Secrets

    Well, me hearties, there is also this glorious new place in the Sea of Thieves, the Sea Dogs Tavern. DeMarco and Lesedi Singh, The Pirate Lord’s children, have finally decided to work together and create this new trading company. They built this amazing tavern to start their activities.

    “Welcome to the arena!” they told me.

    Well, I was more interested in uncovering the mysteries that could be hidden here than glory. So, I started my research around the tavern and the dog on the tavern name above the door intrigued me.

    Surprisingly, this is not the symbol used to represent the Glorious Sea Dogs and I did not find this dog on any banner. As I continued my investigations, I came across Sybil, the shipwright, and she had this dog symbol on her hammer… She told me it was Leopoldo, DeMarco’s dog. Sybil cried for days when he disappeared.

    I tried to make my way to DeMarco, shoving all the crowd around him. When I managed to get through and asked him what happened, he told me that Leo was chasing a chicken on Sailor’s Bounty and disappeared down a hole. DeMarco will offer a reward to whoever brings Leopoldo back.

    Maybe Leo went in this path someone blocked, but I’m unsure what I would find on the other side…

    As I continued my research around the tavern, I noticed that there was a deck for each team with their own banner.

    The Lucky Rover and The Azure Scout are on the northern deck. Then, The Regal Hound and The Golden Chaser on the center deck. And finally, The Flaming Jackal is on the southern deck.

    That being said, there is another lonely deck southeast of the tavern. Surprisingly, there are white banners with the dog symbol and at the very end there are a dog bowl, most likely belonging to Leo, and a painting of a ship with a white livery and the dog symbol on her sails.

    “Of course” I told myself, “this is the deck where DeMarco docks his ship!”

    If you climb to the top of the tavern, besides the beautiful view and the daggers in DeMarco and Lesedi’s paintings, there is a hidden skeleton. The pirate who hid it there probably didn’t want it to be found because it is in the hole in the ship’s hull below the horns.

    I wonder who he might be and why he was killed and left abandoned here.

    I guess there’s still a lot of secrets to uncover but me and my monkey are still on the lookout!

    Don’t hesitate to share whatever you find and what you think about the potential upcoming content 😊

    Cheers! 🍻

  • I ask this not with sarcasm or scorn, but because I don't understand and am genuinely interested in your reasoning. My question is this: if you dislike pvp, or the concept of loosing your work to other players so much, why would you buy a game that was clearly advertised as having the possibility of pvp as a major feature and a pirate theme?

    I'm not interested in replys from anti pve players (and won't even post again in this topic), I just have never seen anyone explain this in all the calls for passive modes. Thank you to any who take the time to explain their reasoning before this thread bursts into the inevitable flames of rage this disagreement usually emds up in.

  • Let me start by saying I'm not holier then thou. I too fall into these traps and pitfalls so plese don't treat me like a hypocrite I'm only trying to help people with discussions.

    I'm seeing a lot of discussions on these forums going really badly after a few posts.
    I can understand that if you post something on the forums you'd like to get positive feedback, and positive feedback is nice to get. But please be prepared that your opinion might be viewed by others as bad, and also plese respect that. On both sides, respect the opinion of the person doing the suggestion and respect the opinion of the person shooting down said suggestion.

    It's really a healthy thing to have different and often opposing opinions. It's trough discussion that we can show eachother the viewpoint we have. If you like something and want to improve the game by suggesting something and I in turn give you a reason why your suggestion might be bad, that's not that I hate you and that I want you to fail. That's me explaining my view on the matter and you're always open to explain your side as well.
    This counts for everyone, not just for me.

    If you don't agree with someone please don't resort to personal insults or the likes. I see a lot of: "How old are you" or "You're wrong!" posts that just fustrate me to no end, because it adds exactly nothing to the discussion and gives no feedback. If you respond to someone respond to their post, don't just ignore everything someone took probably minutes to type and type something completely unrelated.

    So please take this into account when discussing topics. Discussions are great and I'd hate to see them end in anything immature.

  • -Standing next to the stonewall that makes up the bottom part of the chimney on the outside of the tavern at Morrows peak you can here the soumds from the legened cave doorway just stand in an exact spot right up against it.

    -Galleons grave had some sort of changed that causes you to get stuck and unable to go through the little arch way to the top of the outpost and can be avoided by hugging the right side

  • One would think that Arena is for competitive players such as myself, so we can have a less tedious way of competing with cutlass and cannon. Trouble is, the way to win in the Arena, much like in Adventure, is to avoid fights at every turn. The winning crews are those best at fleeing, not fighting. Arena's not competitive PvP, it's competitive P&E! Of course, PvE players won't play it because it involves battle and risk. So who is it for? It's not for pirates, as fighting leads to loss, and it's not for delivery mariners, because it has some fighting and loss. That's not to mention Rare's recent announcement that one can level up Sea Dogs all the way without ever stepping foot in the Arena.

    To awnser the question, I have to say that Arena is for no one.

  • Is anyone else who had their Shores of Gold commendations incorrectly locked still having issues after the update? Even though Joe's video and the patch notes said this was fixed, it is not fixed for me. Before the update I had four commendations incorrectly locked now I only have 2 that are incorrectly locked. So it got "better", but not fixed for me. Anybody else still having issues with it?

  • Is it possible that the devs can actually FIX a bug that has been reported since launch BY MANY MANY PEOPLE
    And that bug that often happen in sloops with skellies
    So what happens is on order of souls voyages if one person dies as the other spawns on the boat THE ORDER SKELLIES DE SPAWN and you have to suicide to get them to spawn
    this has been reported SINCE launch by my self a dozen times and BY MANY MANY others
    and nothing has been done.
    Do i have to become a streamer AND then report before rare will listen?

  • Pretty much what the title says. My friend and I just spent 3 hours gathering supplies, we killed a meg, then we finally defeated a skull fort. As we were taking the loot to the boat, a brig rolls up from the other side and destroys us. 3 hours of hard work just to get shafted. That's the third time in 2 days that we were destroyed by a bunch of jerks right after defeating a skull fort. Is there any reason that I should be playing a game that feels like I'm getting punished half of the time for grinding? Nope. Just uninstalled. Rare, create a PVE only mode to separate the [Mod Edit] and the casuals, or keep losing players. It's that simple. It's amazing that y'all think it's completely okay for players to grief without consequences. And yes, it is griefing. Call it what you want but a group of players deliberately ruining an experience for other users over and over is indeed griefing. I understand that the game was made with stealing in mind, but why for the love of God can't we have a mode where I don't have to be paranoid about other ships having actual players aboard? Maybe I can't enjoy the game because I'm not a jerk? I try to start an alliance every time a ship rolls up only to get wrecked. If this game is designed with the idea that people would all have to be jerks then I guess it's not for me. I mean, I love the game for the adventure, the treasure hunting, and the wild encounters such as the kraken, the meg, and the ghost ships. Anyways, rant over. Maybe ill come back to this game if it's updated. For now, I'm just too frustrated.

  • Ahoy Maties!

    It has come to my attention that in the past few updates there has been a wealth of community based easter eggs added to the game.

    Our old hunt/discussion found here has been long overdue an update, and now, I feel is the right time to start the hunt again!

    Have you seen anything out there on the waves maties? I am looking to add to the list so we can preserve these findings for future pirates!

    Keep me posted pirates!

    And as always... Happy Sailing!

    alt text

  • So we experimented with gunpowder barrles to see how much it would take to instantly get rid of the boss.

    First we used 12, 28, 35 then finally 45 powder kegs and the results were:

    12 - We still had to fight the boss for a good 5 to 10 minutes before defeating it.
    28 - Approximately 10 to 15 cannonbals and a few blunderbuss hit finished it off in 5 minutes.
    35 - 8 Blunderbuss hit to the face and it was down in less than a minute after the explosion.
    45 - Yeeted out of existence the moment it spawned.

    My conclusion is that it takes a minimum of 40 gunpowder barrels to instantly kill the boss and that is atleast 5 skull fort worth of kegs.

  • Today I gathered some of the green cursed cannonballs in order to get the commendations for killing skeletons with them. I dropped an order of souls contract and go to an island. Upon arriving there I get some plant skellies rounded up for my teammate to destroy and it worked so smoothly. Only to find that the commendation didn't pop for them. I check my own and see no additional progress, so I think "maybe it's just normal skellies that allow for the commendation." So I move to another island with a normal captain skelly and try again, once more a smooth kill and no progress made. "Hmm, maybe it's just the cursed crew galleon ships... frustrating but ok." I see one on the horizon and get over there as quick as I can. They are stopped by an island so I have nothing to fear and I cannot believe my luck. I pop in a grog ball and a cannonball to kill a skelly before anything can move and check my commendations for progress. Nothing. Now I'm frustrated, I leave the game and come back, nothing. This isnt the only day this has happened to me either. I think the cursed crews accomadations are broken. Can anyone else confirm?

  • Now I would like a flag indicator for alliances much like they have in the arena by your names now, your alliance flag is next to the player's name to whom you have an alliance with so you know you are allied with that ship's crew. When Rare introduced crew flags next to the name I didn't assume it would be in just the Arena I assumed adventure as well for alliances, This would be nice so you don't kill your pirate buddies by mistake if another ship comes sailing into a fort or outpost. Of course, you can still betray your pirate friends with whom you allied with this is a pirate game after all.

  • In watching the IGN gameplay video for Tall Tales with footage released by Rare, you will see some pirates discover a ship’s log for The Magpie’s Wing. According to the novel, this was a ship captained by none other than the Pirate Lord himself, Ramsey Singh.

    There is an entry that reads:

    Ship attacking us! The Burning Blade. We are fleeing East. They are turning to pursue.

    Earlier in the video you see a journal with a drawing of The Burning Blade with her “infernal cannons” and showing Flameheart’s symbol on the sail.

    This creates a timeline issue. You see, Flameheart did not exist during Ramsey Singh’s lifetime. If you’ve read the novel, then you know that the Pirate Lord died before the presence of the Ferry of the Damned in the Sea If Thieves. And, according to the Tales from the Sea of Thieves, the pirate who would later become Flameheart describes the Ferry of the Damned in his writings. So, the Ferry was there when this pirate transformed into Flameheart. The Magpie’s Wing couldn’t have had a run in with The Burning Blade...

    ... unless Ant-man came back and used the Quantum Realm to help Flameheart get back to the time of the Pirate Lord #TimeTravelConfirmed.

  • I am sick of plaing arena mode because people either they play bad or play in favor of the oponent (throwing anchors, fishing etc). We should have reporting mode similar to CS:GO and ban this players ! No wonder the arena mode is empty.

  • When is the online store re opening?

  • SO HAPPY TO SEE this got released on Amazon. It's maybe my favorite in game music piece and the most memorable since the opening piece for the original halo. I'm not big on listening to music outside of the games in general because i feel it loses the immersive feel, but all of the in-game tracks for this game still sound great even while you aren't playing.

    Great work to the very talented artists and keep up the good work.

    Also... please give us the halo shanty for IN-GAME :D

  • Now, listen, there have been LOTS of posts of 'There needs to be a PvE gamemode!' No, there should not. If there was, people could go there to grind out all of their factions without risk of anything happening. Now, if you couldn't gain rep in this PvE gamemode, and it was just for let's say, doing tall tales, or doing the story missions that pop up from time to time, that would be fine. But a purely PvE mode with rep, absolutely not. Now over to the PvP players side, I already made a post on this, but if you are blaming PvP players for attacking you, think it over first, were they after you for something? Did they see you complete something, and figure you have loot onboard? Are they spawn camping? Etc, etc. A PvE gamemode will most likely not be a thing, and if it is, it will not allow you to gain rep. That is all, fair winds, high tides, and burning broadsides!

  • So, my crew and I died on Fletchers. Not a big deal, unit I spawned at the shores of gold. Died by the traps... spawned back at shores. This happened about 5 times, before i had to reconnect. I know this is a known issue, but I've never heard of someone being trapped.

  • I know the answer is probably on Google but I looked over and over and can't find anything related so forgive me.

    So, me and my pal were piratin' on our sloop as usual when we found another sloop and a ghost ship. Upon further inspection it was a ghost sloop with a jolly roger on it and some kind of purple banner popped up mentioning an alliance. Well we fought the boats and won and then a freakin 2nd boat rose from the dead before we could get any treasure. Killed it and 2 damn full size galleons rise from the ocean!

    At this point we were just like in wth land and they pummel us to pieces after a 10 minute brawl and we didn't get any treasure.

    3 questions...

    1. What was that?!

    2. How can we get the treasure from the first few ships destroyed without getting killed? We lost track of it mid battle.

    3. Is there a chance 2 guys in a sloop could beat the 2 giant ghost Galleons?

  • I feel like rare is slowly killing their game changing it in big ways to make it easier and eliminating and skill factors so anyone can do the same things without thinking, if they were going to take out the capstan drop they should have worked on the cross play opt out first you won't be able to board pc shis and drop an anchor in arena. What bothers me about this update is the changes people want aren't coming to show they say things like "oh we are working on it" or "we are having issues behind the scenes" but don't give us any clues as to the issues. Rare needs to be a little more transparent talking about up coming features that are game changing. I don't have high hopes for this game anymore and I'm giving it 5 months before it's even more dead than it is now especially if this is the way it keeps going.

  • I have a group of players to report, but the Support site isn't working.

  • Required players: 2 to 4 players

    When duo slooping up to a full Galleon crew, keep a record on how many kills you can get before the enemy ship sinks! As always sunk ship sound will end the round.

    Person with the most kills within 5 minutes or before the enemy ship sinks and/or scuttles will gain a point! Not allowed to repair the enemy boat, bucket or provide steering to avoid obstacles.

    Mermaid Protection:
    If players return from the ghost ship and make it back to a sunken ship they will no longer count. They may be allowed to return via mermaid. (Unless they wanna fight then kill them)

    How to win:
    There will be 4 quarters each an hour long. First person to gain 5 points will be the winner!


    First player to steal and turn in an Athena chest instantly wins!

    (If tied by the end of the 4th quater the game will go into overtime. First kill wins.)

    Loot options:
    All loot can be taken, left behind for the sunken ship or dropped to the bottom of the sea. The choice is up to your crew.

    Bonus option!

    Enable your Reapers flag.

    Any input is welcome to help improve the PvP mini games we are working together on. Thanks all!

  • Neebs and the gang from the old Battlefield Friends series have been releasing some enjoyable videos of their adventures through the Tall Tales voyages. It is sometimes painful to watch as they leave themselves vulnerable to attacks. Thought I’d share it here in case any of you might enjoy seeing another crew’s journey. WARNING: Some NSFW language at times.

    Tall Tales #1 Video Link

    Tall Tales #2 Video Link

    Tall Tales #3 Video Link

  • Me and other players are sincerely disappointed about the end of this chapter.
    Five hours to finish the whole thing and receive 10 goal points, a few credits and a poor gift.
    Not even the reputation points for the final skull sold.
    You had started so well with this novelty, but in the end it is always a large handful of flies.

  • Check out this interesting interview with Phil Spencer about toxicity in gaming:

    Of special note:

    "Xbox Live is not a free speech platform. It is not a place where anybody can come and say anything. And ... we’re working to ensure it’s a safe and inclusive environment for everybody..."

    So if you find yourself being exposed to a "toxic stew of hate speech, bigotry and misogyny" while being spawn killed or waiting for your Arena match to start, be sure to use the tools available to you to report them both to Rare and Microsoft.

    Help make this community "a safe and inclusive environment for everybody."

  • My computer crashes randomly while playing Sea of Thieves. Upon launching the game using my main account, in the middle of the game or after couple of minutes, it would crash my PC and my PC would restart automatically. I've tried to create a new profile to play the game and everything is okay. And it only happens with this game. My specs are far superior to the recommended and I usually play on the Rare settings. I want to know if there's a problem on my game account because I chat with a Microsoft Support Agent for 2 hours that told me my account might be corrupted.

  • I know they say there random but I’ve seen a few in areas people have mentioned to me. I was just wondering if you guys could post below where you have seen a meg?

  • Dude single handedly sits there and spawn traps the whole gallon. openly admits to using these exploits. instant sword lunging after missing shooting while blocking eating fruit while blocking. come on rare with these bugs anyone else having issues with people using these exploits and is this considered cheating should I report this

  • Ahoy maties!

    Yup, it's that time again, it's server maintenance day - I know right, so soon!

    Don’t forget… plan your journeys accordingly!

    I wonder what this update has in store for us?

    Server Maintenance Time:
    Wednesday, June 19th

    BST 10am - 4pm
    CST: 4am - 10am
    EST: 5am - 11am
    AEST: 7pm - 1am

    If you are receiving a Kiwibeard error, this means the servers are still down at the moment for maintenance, please try again later (Got a different beard error? Check here).

    Update sizes:
    Windows 10: 6.3GB
    Xbox One: TBC
    Xbox One X: 6.98GB

    How do I update my game on Xbox?
    The update should automatically download and install itself, but you may need to launch the game for it to prompt you. If this is still not showing up in your 'My games and apps' then try hard rebooting your console.

    How do I update my game on Windows 10?
    Updates are usually automatic via the Microsoft Store. However, you can manually kick this off if you open the Microsoft Store, go to 'Downloads and updates' and click on 'Get updates' in the top right corner.

    Patch Notes:
    Patch notes can be found here shortly after the servers go live.

    Other Useful links:

  • "Player spawn camped and sank us then left the server. Player is clearly server hopping solely to ruin other players games and not how the game is meant to be played."

    Whatever. You want PVP play arena and don’t mess with people trying to do storylines. It’s pathetic. Way to spawn camp. No sport in that.

    Have to hunt sloops to stroke your ego? Omegalul

    No. I like to sail the seas get into trouble when we see others and raid them while on an Athena.

    %99 percent of the time I love to roleplay with players and give'em the ol' "Argggg matey! Ahoy there! Some fine loot it is! Thank you again and be safe on your journey on the seven seas!"

    Which might fan the flames I've found! I love it! Players getting upset over their boat sinking?

    Get over it. It happens. Maybe if we can explain to new/PvE players they are not safe?