**Sea Of Dummies**. A Fan-Written guide to Rare Ltd's, Sea Of Thieves.

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    1. Introductions;

    2. Your first steps;

    3. Your first Voyage;

    4. The Grind;

    5. Events and End game

    6. Final thoughts.


    The Pirate

    My name is Nathan, and I am a sea of thieves enthusiast.
    Me and my crewmates have had some of the greatest and most vast, gaming experiences on Rare Ltd's Sea of Thieves, and we anticipate many more.
    It was after reaching Pirate legend, then the further Athena 10, that I felt nearly obligated to help those accomplish what they wish to achieve on their journey to the lengths they want to go. I do everything I can as a player to help everyone I meet on the seas to be having trouble getting by, from helping read a map to PvP protection.
    But it was to my heavy heart that many players still struggle and sometimes even give up completely. So I wanted to do more, for more players. Hence, this guide.

    I hope this guide helps you #BeMorePirate, and brings a little feeling back into yah pegleg.

    Happy reading :D

    The Seas

    Sea of Thieves is an open world, pirate sandbox game, Developed by Rare Ltd.
    If you are reading this I feel the game needs no introduction to you. However, for those who are mostly unfamiliar, this is for you.

    Sea of Thieves gives you a world to explore with different boats and a multitude of tools to use and play with at your own will. There is no ULTIMATE task to accomplish, its just a world rich with lore, discovery and combat, to have fun in or ruin the fun of others. Be what ever pirate or non pirate you want to be in this mixed Co-Op, PvP-PvE world. It will give you every different experience that can only be had on Sea of Thieves.
    Everything from life lessons to emotional tolerance, the infinate glory of victory to the wrenching despairs of loss.
    With no boundaries between players, only your skills determine an experienced sailor, not what you have bought or earned in game. Every item is strictly cosmetic and adds no advantage over those without.

    I dont think i can explain it much more without diving right in, so let's dive right in.



    Before you begin playing. You'll be asked to select your prefered boat, it is ideal to sselecta sloop with a closed crew to get the basic mechanics of the game understood. Entering an open crew may result in skipping the tutorial period and you will be left to work it out or ask for help constantly, so solo a sloop and get the idea, then go for joining or building a crew.

    After you have done this you will need to select a pirate, you'll be given a series of generated body types of both genders to choose from, you can only do this once so choose well.

    Once you've chosen your pirate you will be thrown into a tavern at an outpost to start your tutorial period YOU ARE SUSEPTABLE TO ATTACK AFTER A SHORT TIME so try to work hastily.
    Standard controls, W,A,S,D (L stick) move/strafe, Mouse (R stick) look around, L mouse (RT) to use item, R mouse (LT) for secondary use if available. Ect.

    a small tutorial is available by opening your voyage Radial "E" (RB), and select the occupied voyage slot with your mouse (Rstick).
    If successful you will now be holding a piece of paper. While holding your "primary use" button, your pirate will raise the piece of paper up where you will see some instructions, which will direct you through a few tasks to explain how to operate your pirate, the voyages and the boat you have chosen. Follow this thoroughly, it's the roots of the rest of your pirate life.


    The Outposts are your main base of operations.
    From any one of these 6 main outposts you will be starting and finishing the majority of your voyages.
    When you start alone or with a group on a closed crew, you will be spawned into the Tavern at any one of these locations;

    1. Sanctuary Outpost. (* Northern Shores Of Plenty.*)
    2. Golden Sands Outpost. (Southern Shores Of Plenty.)
    3. Plunder Outpost (Western Ancien Isles.)
    4. Ancient Spire Outpost (Eastern Ancient Isles.)
    5. Daggertooth Outpost (Western Wilds.)
    6. Galleons Grave Outpost (Eastern Wilds.)

    The shops where you will purchase cosmetics and the traders you buy voyages and sell all of your loot to (covered later on), are located at these Outposts.


    Their are 4 customization shops seperated in to the 4 different customization characteristics; Tools, Clothing, Weapons and Ship.
    Each of these shops are visibly identified, with signs and decorations relevant to the shops products. Customization Items available differ according to which area on the map you are located. This will be covered later on.

    The clothing shop;
    The Clothing shop is identified by the sign made of stretched leather on a tanning rack  with a painting of a Boot or Shoe.
    From here you can purchase your clothing and vanity items such as hats and jackets or eye patches or peglegs. When purchased they will appear in the item chests that are out the front of all clothing shops. There is also one on every boat.

    The Tool / Equipment shop
    The Tool shop is identified by the wooden sign with a white, painted image of a Shovel and a Spyglass crossed over each other. Accompanied by four diamond dots.
    From here you can purchase your equipment or tool customizations, such as shovels, instruments, spyglass an compass, etc.
    When purchaced they will appear in the Tool box, out the front of every Tool shop. There is also one on every boat.

    Weapons smith
    The Weapons Smith has no sign, it is broken above the entranceway of the shop (probably from target practice). It is identified by wooden, red and white targets, strewn around the shopfront, or with the weapons box by the door, this has an brown painted image of a blunderbuss (Shotgun) and a cutlass crossed over.
    From here you can purchase your weapons customizations such as Cutlass (sword) or Flintlock (Pistol), etc.
    When purchased they will appear in the weapons box on the wall of every weapons shop. There is also one on every boat close to the ammobox.

    The shipwrite
    The shipwrite has a wooden sign with a painted picture of an anchor, above the main entrance to the shop.
    From here you can purchase custom hull paints, sails, flags and figure heads for your boat.
    Unlike the 3 shops mentioned previously, this shop is located on the main port of every outpost, adjacent to the Merchant Alliance tent which will be covered later.
    Once purchased the item will appear in the Ship customization chest at every shipwrite shop. There is not one of these chests on any boat. You can only customize your boat from the chest at the shop, provided your boat is within a limited radius of the shop.



    At each shop you will notice customization items have different types, colors, and names.
    All outpost has a set customization type that will be availabe at all outposts, and a regional based range, that are only available at specific sections of the map.
    The items available at all times, do not have a level requirement. They can be purchased as soon as you have the gold.

    • Bilge Rat
    • Hunter
    • Bone Crusher (Hat, Jacket, weapons and boat customs not inclusive)
    • Single coloured sails.
    • Hunter Boat customs.
    • Shark Hunter Boat customs
    • Bilge Rat Boat customs

    The items available at each region and the trade faction they correspond to, are as follows;

    -Shores of Plenty (Golden Sands, Sanctuary)
    Basic(lvl 1)
    Ceremonial (lvl 35 - 50)
    Through: Merchant Alliance

    -The Ancient Isles (Plunder, Ancient Spire)
    Basic (Lvl 1),
    Royal (lvl 35-50),
    Through: Gold Hoarders

    -The Wilds (Daggertooth, Galleons Grave)
    Basic (lvl 1),
    Rogue (lvl 35 - 50)
    Through: Order Of Souls.


    There is a number of items that you will be using to help you through your adventures on Sea of Thieves. Everything from shovels to dig treasure to the compass used to find it. Access your inventory using the (Defult) TAB key, also by holding "Q" will also open a quickslot radial, Press "F" to change page. (For Xbox. Your item wheel is "LB". press "X" while inventory wheel is open to change page).
    Button Mapping IS available and will be covered later in Tips and Tricks.

    Here in the equipment radial, you will notice two item types, Tools and Consumables.
    Tools are available at all times. They cannot be lost or removed from your inventory.
    And Consumables which need to be kept stocked up to use.


    Tools consist of;

    -Spyglass; This is your eye beyond they horizon. You will use this item quite commonly, mostly in travel and navigation. When you need to see far away, or get a more zoomed in view, of maps held up to you by other pirates. "Primary use" to opperate.

    -Shovle; This tool is used for digging up your treasure, it is the primary tool for accomplishing Gold Hoarder voyages. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Lantern; This Tool is used to light your way. It is useful at times of low visibility and is used to make the Ghost/Shade skeletons solid.
    "Primary use" to turn off/on, "Secondary use " to Raise it with a slight increase to the light emitted.

    -Bucket; This tool is used mainly for bailing water out of your boat (or into anothers), it is useful for throwing water onto Metal/Golden Skeleton types, it will also catch and hold Puke from you or another player which can be thrown on an enemy to hinder their visibility. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Compass; This tool combined with adequate map knowledge. You will never be lost. It assures your direction. It also plays a roll in "Riddles" from Gold Hoarder voyages. Hold "Primary use" to show the compass up in front of you, walking while this is held in will engage the pace (Steps) counter. "Secondary use" To show to another player.

    Consumables consist of;

    -Cannonballs; These items are the main ammunition for dealing damage with cannons. "Primary interact" to load a cannonball into a cannon. You can carry a maximum of 10 cannonballs of each type at any one time in your inventory. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat. There is a range of Cursed cannonballs that will be covered later in this segmant.

    -Planks; Planks are used to repair holes on your boat caused by damages. You must equip the planks before holding down the "Primary use" button untill the circle time bar fills (or the sixth hit heard) you can carry a maximum of 5 planks in your inventory at any one time. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat.

    -Bananas; Bananas heal your pirate for approx. 1/3 of your health bar per use, with a 2 second execution period. If you recieve damage or perform another action within this time period, the heal will be interrupted. You can carry a maximum of 5 Bananas in your inventory at any one time. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat.

    Tools consist of;

    -Speaking Trumpet; This tool is used for communicating over slightly larger distances. A crew on another boat near by may not be able to hear you clearly (or at all) without this tool.
    Hold "Primary use" and speak through your mic to operate. Chat radial will also work at a longer distance for those without voice coms.

    -Pocket Watch; This tool is used to tell the time and date in Sea of Thieves. It plays its biggest roll in Merchant Alliance Voyages as these require you to meet a spesific delivery time and day.
    The time ratio is 1Sec = 1Min
    This means that every second in real time, is the equivalent to one game minute, hence an entire game day is 24mins and a whole in game year, is 6.08 days real time. Hold "Primary use" to hold it up in front of you, "Secondary use" to hold it out and show others.

    -Hurdy Gurdy; This is one of the current instruments available to play music from. It's a string instrument with a rather "tinny" hum.
    With "Primary use" you can play 1 of the 5 current shanties available to play, multiple players can play the same song in sync.
    To change shanty all players must stop then start again, who ever begins the shanty plays lead, those that follow maintain the rythem.
    Hold "Primary use" to operate.

    -Drum;  Another of the instruments available to play music from. This has the sounds an a skin drum, tambourine, and when playing lead, your pirate will whistle the shanty played in sync with all other players who are also playing an instrument. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Concertina; A 3rd instrument available to play music from. This has the unique sound of this instrument type, that is best heard to be described. Players in sync with all others players who are also playing an instrument. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Tankard; The Tankard holds your drinkable grog, filled up at the Tavern Lady in any Tavern, the Blue Grog barrel on any boat, or from the Chest of a Thousand Grogs. Hold "Primary use" to drink when the Tankard is equip.

    Consumables consist of;

    -Grog (in the Tankard); This is the games Alchohol. Be careful, Its strong stuff. When enough is consumed, your pirate will begin to sway left and right, vision will blur and warp, operating tools and boats becomes harder to operate. Eventually you will begin to vomit, which will temporarily hinder the vision of anyone puked on. The bucket also catches vomit from yourself or other players to be thrown later.

    PART 2

    Thank you for reading :)
    I hope this helps you in your journey to legend.

    a little sailing background
    My Name is Nathan. (GT Nayfe pacewell)
    PL achieved: June 25 2018.
    Current total dist sailed(kms): 10,127km
    Twitter handle: @NayfePacewell.

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