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  • What is Sea of Thieves?

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox and Windows PC, it incorporates both crossplay and Play Anywhere.

    Sea of Thieves is also a world that changes and grows, with content being added, events, challenges and new tools for players to use.

    Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

    What Sea of Thieves brought us in 2018 from @EGGamer13

    What Does This Mean?

    Sea of Thieves is a game that includes both PvE and PvP elements, it's a combination of both and your voyages will be different each time you log in depending on your chosen goals, the threats (including other players) you encounter and the ships and crews you choose to sail with!

    For new pirates, that first voyage can be daunting so we've collected together a series of hints and tips in an easy to read thread, from some of the most experienced pirates on the seas!

    Where to Start?

    Some great videos that give an overview of some of the most important aspects of the game can be found here and many others on the Sea of Thieves and Rare Ltd Youtube channels

    What is Sea of Thieves?
    A great discussion between Gregg and Joe that outlines their vision for what Sea of Thieves is.

    Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves!
    From March 2018

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough
    A good illustration of some of the basic elements you'll encounter in game, but there's a lot more content added since this was made :)

    The Small Ship
    The design thinking that went into the sloop.

    Solo Play
    It's challenging, but it also gives rise to some epic adventures!

    Bilge Rat Adventures
    What and why are these?

    Campaigns and Content
    How Rare add content and why they do it this way...

    Acting on Feedback
    Rare are committed to working with this community to continue to enrich and expand the world and content of Sea of Thieves and they very much listen to our concerns and suggestions.

    While some of the above videos might appear a little dated the core message is consistent.
    More recently we've been able to read insights from Gregg Mayles around the initial design and ideas for the game -

    As well as Joe's speech here -

    VIT Talks 2018: Sea of Thieves: creating a new type of multiplayer game

    How does the forum work?

    We'd recommend having a good look around, the Release Notes are a great place to find out what's new and the Mega thread section is a treasure chest of some of the most fervent discussions.

    The forums are a place where you can introduce yourself, make Suggestions and give feedback as well as discuss everything Sea of Thieves or share tales of your adventures and fan creations!

    There's a great guide here from @KnifeLife :
    Forum help! (Images/Links/Text tools) Help guide

    We also have a Pirate Code and Forum Rules which can be found here -

    Now you're ready to set sail...

    Here are a few great guides from the Gameplay Guides and Tips section to get you started!

    Sea of Thieves Tutorial

    Captain FishSt1ck's guide to finding friendly crews

    Fox's pro tips & tricks for sloop mastery (50+ tips and tricks)

    How To: Use Basic and Advanced Combat Techniques

    The Power of Running and Why its your fault you got Caught.

    Sailing Tip: How to park your ship!

    Being a Good Crew Mate

    Need a map or a guide? - try this site from one of our very own Deckhands -
    Rare Thief

    And for those with a whole lot of ideas and suggestions, this is a great compilation, still expanding of some of the best!

    Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and Crew

    And an honourable mention for the Old Salts Piratical Training Academy, details for which can be found here and highly recommended!

    The Old Salts [ Always here to help] Piratical Training Academy

    There is also a dedicated thread for pirates to post details of their discord groups with descriptions to boot!

    A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

    Sea of Thieves also has an Official discord channel for finding like minded crewmates, which can be found here -

    Would love to see a huge compilation of basic, easy to read tips for new players below - I think we sometimes take for granted how much we've learned during the past months sailing the seas, if you've a link to an up to date guide you've written or a video you've made, all the better!

    Hopefully we'll build up something like this one for solo pirates -

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    HERE WE ARE! Can you believe it?
    Launch Day is upon us and Sea of Thieves is going to be sailing into peoples hands throughout the day.

    Well, now that we have to pick a Pirate that we are proud of, I thought it would be good fun to screen capture our selected IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) Pirate and show that picture off here alongside some back story and facts about our Pirates.

    Feel free to Copy and Paste the below format to reply to this topic, or just make it up. (once you get access to the game)
    *Please remember to keep to the Pirate Code with your responses and just have some fun.

    Ahoy! My Name Is [insert name]

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves [to] [because] [insert reason here]

    Me interests consist of [insert things your Pirate likes here]

    [Insert Sea of Thieves Pirate Picture]

  • Ahoy! My Name Is RebuiltGolem74

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to plunder gold and become a Pirate Legend and to make new friends!!

    Me interests consist of sailing the salty seas, plunderin’ gold, killin’ skellies, and laughin’ with me crew!!

  • Ahoy! My Name Is ExternalSugar

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to meet some awesome people and people to have fun with.

    Me interests consist of making lots of gold and laughing a lot.

    Ps: I'm sort of still new and getting the hang of things. Would really like to have some people on my friend's list to have fun with and play SoT with. We can learn together C:
    Add me and hope to see you soon!
    GT: ExternalSugar.

  • Ahoy! My Name Is Benjamin

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves cuse it looked like a fun game to me

    Me interests consist of playing together until the bitter end

    btw i copy pasted this cuse i just wanted to be introduced and want to play the game :)

  • ...but I won't, because the community arround this game is complete garbage. A friend of mine and myself are trying to learn the basics of the game, but we can't because every ship that passes us opens fire. We never completed a mission in three hours of playing. If I could I would refund this game.

  • Thought I'd drop an introduction with my recent return to the game. Might look for people to run with soon, feel free to add me

  • Like the topic says, new to the game been playing about a week. learning the ropes solo. Any beginners looking for a person to play alongside or experienced Sailors willing to put up with someone still learning all the things about the game feel free to toss me a shout.

  • Jeej mission accomplished !

    I got me girl friend a xbox and sot ( forgot a headset) ( she talks a lot so im not sure yet) and normally i would see her next week but today we where together in adventureland playing pirate :D

    First time holding a controller so it was not easy but i think we got the basics a little and it sure is a lot for a new player to learn but it is so much fun to be able to play together now :")

    She got a standard xbox name still need to make it all her own :)

    We got some loot and animals and a little cash from alliance so she was happy to shop a dress and dye the hair :D


  • experience pirate lookin for pps to sail with
    if you are new i will be happy to teach you the game (its very eazy to be good at SOT)
    alot of trolls in game...get yourslf the right crew/packs of friends
    same if you a vet and want the right pirate by your side

    just lookin to have a good time with the right ppl
    shoot me a dm

    catch ya in the waves

  • Was looking for something to play with my 13 and 10 year old sons, and decided on this. We play lots of stuff together, but nothing together online, since I don't really do very well with an XBox controller. But, since I can play on PC and they can play on XBOX, we thought this game would be a great time to kill an hour or two on the weekends.

    With that said, I've watched a bunch of the youtube vids so I feel relatively prepared for what can and will happen when we set sail for the first time. The kids are pretty mature, and since they play Fortnite/COD etc... I'm sure they're well aware of what playing with strangers is all about. It's new for me but alas, he we are...

    We'll probably go solo as a family at first, just to get our feet wet (pun intended) and then we'll most likely be on the search for a good seasoned captain to show us the ropes. Hopefully that's easy to find, and we can all just crack up at the debauchary that follows.

    See ya out there...

    English speaking/ Eastern USA timezone

  • After buying yesterday and trying to play, was in auto crew and picked gilded voyage on advice of someone there. Waited as he said, died i guess, couldn't find anyone gave up. This figured out can get on a ship only (no voyages) and sail aimlessly to nowhere. Is there a good beginner guide or am i just missing the point of the game. Looks fun but not sure how to actually play :-) Thanks for anyone willing to guide me

  • Hello,
    I just turn legendary 2 weeks ago and I'm playing on Xbox with the gamertag '' Poudeule''. Add me if you want to have a partner. Actually looking to do all the achievement for doublons

  • I got this game the moment I could it came out and have been playing mostly alone, due to the high rate of, "Sink First Ask Questions Later" players.

    Looking for a crew or group of people who play regularly and wouldn't be opposed to have one more in their crew.

    I tend to keep to myself on the waves but if Im shot upon or aggressively approached, I usually don't screw around and don't hesitate to solve the problem. I've also become quite good with cannons.

    Feel free to throw me a message via my XBOX GT: Mahakapoupou.

  • I've only been sailing these waters for a few days now, but consider me well and truly on board for the duration of the voyage. Thus far I've been sailing naught but a sloop to find my legs, but the time is coming soon when I'll be looking for a crew to join.

    I was excited at the thought of sailing, utterly thrilled when a megalodon erupted immediately abaft, and wholly enraptured when I found my first treasure maps in a bottle on a beach, but the moment that had me fully shanghaied was my second time at sea. I was en route from Old Spire to Shipwreck Bay when I decided to try the hurdy gurdy I'd found below.

    The sun sparkled in the spray off the bow, the wind was snapping in the sail and the slow, mournful notes of 'becalmed' wafted across the rollers. Well can I say that just sailing around the islands would keep me happy, but with treasure and peril as well? Now that's the makings of "sailors' tales to sailors' tunes ... and all the old romance, retold exactly in the ancient way ...!" I've never played a game that better captured its chosen spirit!

    Not to break the mood, but I am playing on an Xbox so my "pirate" name is my gamertag. It's Gaelic for 'rude hound' or 'rough dog' and pronounced kind of like Gar-chu (else Garuv-chu) where the ch is like Scottish 'loch.' (It's properly spelled garbhchú.)

    I could go on, but I will leave this here and see what response comes back on the tide.

  • Hi everyone

    I have been playing Sea of Thieves since the scale test.

    My first hours were awesome.
    Discovering all the tools you got, playing music everytime, drinkinng, showing the treasure map to your friends...

    Then I loved to discover the Islands caves and secret locations.

    Afterwards, I have just played the game after the content updates to see how it is.
    The first time you meet the megalodon, a skeleton ship, the kraken, a skeleton fort...
    All of this encounters are full of feelings.
    And after 4 hours of gameplay, I didn't feel satisfated.

    But there is big holes between content updates and I've played enought not to be surprised by anything as I know most of the tools and content the game has.

    My last sessions on the game were just farming the Order of Souls or the Gold Hoarder with some other french people I've met on a discord sever.

    So can you explain me how to play the game, and have strongers feelings than repeating the sames mooves, seeing the sames skeletons and digging the same chests.

  • We be a pirating crew that first set sail from Ancient Spire, we be merchants by trade, gold hoarders but nature. For long since we set sail we've encountered scurvy dog after scurvy dog intent on stealing our treasure and dispatching our ship but we have hence pressed onward. We have hitched our horses and have made our heading. If ye new pirates spot captian HighFlyin, and captain Shagnasty on the open sea in admiral Hulls. We run trade routes moving merchant cargo. We be formittable enemies, but we will dive right in to help a troubled crew being bullied by Kraken, or player alike. And will raise an alliance flag before pistols. Arrrr

  • I bought this game when it launched on PC. I died out of it and now I 'm back. Looking for a crew or a community to play with when I have time when I'm off work in the real world. Any Discord crews/communities out there?

  • Greetings ya scurvy dogs!

    Me name be Captain Farniro and I got meself wonderin why I haven't put pen to parchment and introduced meself here yet so here we are!

    I've been sailing the Sea of Thieves since she launched and from then till now I am proud to say the Sea has become a fantastic and exciting place for all those who wish to come sail. My adventures have been long and plenty but Pirate Legend is but a mere stones throw away. I believe many have got caught up in the Legend tales too much however and forget the true power in the sea, The pirate lords.

    Granted now you have Three-sheets neat and the others who rule over the vast waves, who will always be respected. But who leads the Bilge rats? Who commands the Sea Dogs? Well for the latter look no further me lads as I, Captain Farniro have made my claim to the Lordship of the Sea Dogs and all who sail under the banner shall be rich and for-filled for the rest of yer days!

    Now the official stuff is out of the way: I love me ship "The Mermaids Howl", The best feeling is when the sound of your own cannonball breaks through the hull of an enemy vessel and the worst thing I face on the Sea to date is the dreaded Fronch Pirates. They come in waves and when ya least expect it!

    Well that's all from me. Hope to see ya on the sea's and in the forums!

    Safe travels lads!
    Captain Farniro, Lord of the Sea Dogs

  • Ahoy! My Name Is Captain IluS4oN

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves because i was present during the alpha test and beta test of the game, which makes me want to continue the adventure in this dangerous world that can steal the treasures like being stolen our treasures, to go to their search, and especially sowed the térreur and to be able all the same to have the choice to take advantage where name of another boat.

    Me interests consist of battles, pillage of all kinds, to the point of betraying a league if I think the fact that I would be betrayed on my side. But whatever happens, my character likes to think about the best way in which he is going so that in the end he is the winner and not the vanquished, and especially observed the attitudes of others to anticipate their movement that will lead them to theirs loss

    PS: If one day you meet me, avoid getting very close to the ship, my character always 1 barrel explosive loan for any eventuality.

  • So I have been playing SoT since alpha, and I have basically dedicated my life to this game (loser). About 10 months ago I started my SoT forums account thinking that I would post almost everyday and dreaming that i would grow in the community and become a well known pirate! So here I am now 10 months later re-visiting the forums and I dont know where to start! So let me introduce myself.

    You can call me Srob. Im the owner of one crew of 6 and the co-owner of a fine crew of 3
    The "HMS HumpinStuff" and the absolutely amazing "Dirty Fortune". The Dirty Fortune is my most active crew. We set sail on a Brigantine with our "Dirty Fortune" cosmetics and Plunder the seas! So right now, with the quick approach of the Arena i would love to grow this crew and make its name echo across the Sea of Theives!
    In the near future after I'am done creating the join page for the crew, I will post a second thread on this topic.

    Thank you so much community of SoT for being so amazing!

    -Brave Srobbin

  • I'm new since yesterday and completely hooked already. I'm serching for one more pirate to fill my sloop and go on epic adventures. Are you up to the task?

    I'm quite good at steering but I need someone who can manage the cannons for me :)

  • New Pirate sailing the Sea of Thieves. UK based player, would be cool to hook up with other Pirates and make some gold. Looking forward to exploring, fighting and sharing stories with you all.

  • Just recently purchased this game and enjoy it! although, it would be a lot better with people to teach me the ropes or just to learn it together. 20 years old and have a mic. GT - Charons

  • Greetings, Artenen here. Shiver me timbers, thanks fer makin' such a great game. Me lad 'n I jus' started playin' a few days ago 'n we be enjoyin' it a lot. Th' graphics are stunnin', servers are smooth 'n fast, th' scallywags... well, they be pirates!

    We'll be lookin' fer a crew each night we set out t' adventure 'n plunder. We'll see ye on th' seas! Ye won't find any Hornswagglin' around here.

    We came t' do a bit o' roleplay while enjoyin' a mostly youth friendly game. We enjoy goin' t' our local pirate fest each year 'n we may even start makin' some videos like many o' ye do (without swearin' t' boot!).!!
    alt text

  • Just to let all the new players know, all ships can go backwards. This is accomplished by raising all sails and anchor and using the wheel and wiggling out of whatever situation you are in, if you are against a wall you can use the tip of the ship it push backwards out of a corner. I hope this helps any of you who find yourself in this situation

  • Hey guys im 25 years old, would love to play with a few guys at equal or older age. Im completely new, but eager to learn! :) - Smelly Bert

  • ahoy fellow pirates
    my name is RaffNeq...
    just set sail in SOT
    lookin to gang up with ppl to do whatever...
    i dnt know (Mod edit) so hit me up how ever


  • Hey y'all!

    I'm Von Waka (from Belgium) and I have recently joined SOT! I had this on my radar for quite a while but I didn't have an Xbox or windows 10 for that matter. Did a small computer upgrade last month (1080gtx + watercooler) and got windows 10 so, yay!

    So far everything is going great, nice friendly community, fun times on the high sea and treasure 'o plenty. I also try to make youtube content but I'm still very small, like plankton so don't expect too much from it for now. I do however find myself quite hooked on SOT, I can't even remember when I was this much into a game... must have been many decades ago, so I do wanna focus on SOT video's for now (already made one, but have rerolled that pirate since).

    Anyways, I need to stop rambling here,
    See you on the open water fellow scallywags!

  • Hello fellow Sailors.

    I am a recent Pirate in the seas of SoT.

    My name is blkseal, Seal for short.

    I am very poor, and my reputation needs some work. But I hope to reach Pirate Legend soon!

    I will see you in the seas. For better or for worse!

    alt text

  • Just wanted to say Hi! I'm 29 and enjoying this game so far though it took me some time to work out what to do. I don't have too much time to play games these days so this game seems to tick the box in that I don't need to login every day!

    At the moment I'm just solo'ing as I'm a bit nervous about joining crews given I am not that good! Though I am guessing it's a lot more fun with others :)

  • After searching for either a game or lifestyle change in the direction of pirating, I found this game. It truly is the Pirate's life for Me. I usually play solo, due to lack of associates.

    If ye be seeking booty and adventure, let's sail the seas. Demonichedgehog on Xbox live.

  • Hi everyone ! I take the time to introduce myself between two fights again the Kraken.
    This game is amazing and i cant wait to see what’s next. Wait ! I have to go, i see Meg comming.

  • Ahoy! My name is Kane Driscol and I'm excited to sail the seas with the black-hearted likes of you all. I've been watching the game for some time and only just recently begun playing after my wife bestowed the game upon me for my birthday!

    The sea and sword call to me and I have about ten years of fencing experience under my belt as I'm the director of a local fencing club, so if you ever wish to cross blades, I'm always ready for a friendly duel. I hope the wind allows my path to cross many of yours and I'll be looking to the horizon with anticipation.

  • Hello I'm Pyroxity, or just "Pyro". I'm 22 from Florida and I am a musician and love music but in my free time I play a lot of Xbox. Just got this game so hopefully will meet some cool people to start a crew with on these fourms and I can't wait to see everyone in game.

    To the seas!