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  • What is Sea of Thieves?

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox and Windows PC, it incorporates both crossplay and Play Anywhere.

    Sea of Thieves is also a world that changes and grows, with content being added, events, challenges and new tools for players to use.

    Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

    What Sea of Thieves brought us in 2018 from @EGGamer13

    What Does This Mean?

    Sea of Thieves is a game that includes both PvE and PvP elements, it's a combination of both and your voyages will be different each time you log in depending on your chosen goals, the threats (including other players) you encounter and the ships and crews you choose to sail with!

    For new pirates, that first voyage can be daunting so we've collected together a series of hints and tips in an easy to read thread, from some of the most experienced pirates on the seas!

    Where to Start?

    Some great videos that give an overview of some of the most important aspects of the game can be found here and many others on the Sea of Thieves and Rare Ltd Youtube channels

    What is Sea of Thieves?
    A great discussion between Gregg and Joe that outlines their vision for what Sea of Thieves is.

    Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves!
    From March 2018

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough
    A good illustration of some of the basic elements you'll encounter in game, but there's a lot more content added since this was made :)

    The Small Ship
    The design thinking that went into the sloop.

    Solo Play
    It's challenging, but it also gives rise to some epic adventures!

    Bilge Rat Adventures
    What and why are these?

    Campaigns and Content
    How Rare add content and why they do it this way...

    Acting on Feedback
    Rare are committed to working with this community to continue to enrich and expand the world and content of Sea of Thieves and they very much listen to our concerns and suggestions.

    While some of the above videos might appear a little dated the core message is consistent.
    More recently we've been able to read insights from Gregg Mayles around the initial design and ideas for the game -

    As well as Joe's speech here -

    VIT Talks 2018: Sea of Thieves: creating a new type of multiplayer game

    How does the forum work?

    We'd recommend having a good look around, the Release Notes are a great place to find out what's new and the Mega thread section is a treasure chest of some of the most fervent discussions.

    The forums are a place where you can introduce yourself, make Suggestions and give feedback as well as discuss everything Sea of Thieves or share tales of your adventures and fan creations!

    There's a great guide here from @KnifeLife :
    Forum help! (Images/Links/Text tools) Help guide

    We also have a Pirate Code and Forum Rules which can be found here -

    Now you're ready to set sail...

    Here are a few great guides from the Gameplay Guides and Tips section to get you started!

    Sea of Thieves Tutorial

    Sea Of Dummies. A Fan-Written guide to Rare Ltd's, Sea Of Thieves by Nafe Pacewell

    Captain FishSt1ck's guide to finding friendly crews

    Fox's pro tips & tricks for sloop mastery (50+ tips and tricks)

    How To: Use Basic and Advanced Combat Techniques

    The Power of Running and Why its your fault you got Caught.

    Sailing Tip: How to park your ship!

    Being a Good Crew Mate

    Need a map or a guide? - try this site from one of our very own Deckhands -
    Rare Thief

    And for those with a whole lot of ideas and suggestions, this is a great compilation, still expanding of some of the best!

    Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and Crew

    Also if yer looking for a guide to all the Bilge Rat Adventures so far then cast yer eyes this way!
    Ultimate Guide Collection: Every Adventure & Event

    And an honourable mention for the Old Salts Piratical Training Academy, details for which can be found here and highly recommended!

    The Old Salts [ Always here to help] Piratical Training Academy

    There is also a dedicated thread for pirates to post details of their discord groups with descriptions to boot!

    A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

    Sea of Thieves also has an Official discord channel for finding like minded crewmates, which can be found here -

    Would love to see a huge compilation of basic, easy to read tips for new players below - I think we sometimes take for granted how much we've learned during the past months sailing the seas, if you've a link to an up to date guide you've written or a video you've made, all the better!

    Hopefully we'll build up something like this one for solo pirates -

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    HERE WE ARE! Can you believe it?
    Launch Day is upon us and Sea of Thieves is going to be sailing into peoples hands throughout the day.

    Well, now that we have to pick a Pirate that we are proud of, I thought it would be good fun to screen capture our selected IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) Pirate and show that picture off here alongside some back story and facts about our Pirates.

    Feel free to Copy and Paste the below format to reply to this topic, or just make it up. (once you get access to the game)
    *Please remember to keep to the Pirate Code with your responses and just have some fun.

    Ahoy! My Name Is [insert name]

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves [to] [because] [insert reason here]

    Me interests consist of [insert things your Pirate likes here]

    [Insert Sea of Thieves Pirate Picture]

  • I have been wondering around for a long time about getting the game but held back because of the toxic players. Welp, I got the game yesterday and have played three times and two of those times I got people in my crew who burned down my ship and killed me a couple of times. Why allow teammates to do such things to other crew members. I understand immersion but this is just toxic. New players shouldn't have to deal with this garbage. Now I'm thinking twice about joining in since that ruined my experience. I can accept that from opposit players cuz its what the game is about, but teammates? that's bullcrap and worst is that they didn't help me vote him out "TWICE".

  • Ahoy! My Name Is Captain Ducktape Magics!

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to grab booty, sail the seas with pirates and GRAB BOOTY! Also finding treasure would be a bonus.

    I'm here to provide my shipmates with that GLORIOUS! mediocre CONTENT!

    Me interests consist of getting fired out of a cannon naked and feeling the wind rush past my tenders. But that's only on Wednesdays Every other day Business is Business. Generally providing that Content every Fri to Mon 7pm to late over here -

  • Hey there, everyone.

    I never thought I had this much fun with Sea of Thieves, but here I am, happy to be surprised at how much this game has gripped me and kept me sailing the seas.

    I'm a new sailor who bought the game as soon as it was released on Steam. I am in the South East Asian region, but I'd like to play with people who can speak English. Though, overall, I'm generally looking to make new friends on the high seas, just have fun being a pirate as well.

    My gamertag is Captain Slan, and I look forward to sailing the high seas. After all, to sail the seas alone is one thing, but to sail it with a crew. Now, that's the pirate's life for me.

  • Hi everyone!

    I don't actually own the game yet but my friends are playing and I am keen to join in.

    I have read that the game is play anywhere, but I am trying to understand what that means. I wanted therefore to pitch a couple of scenarios and see what the answers would be to each:

    • I buy the game on PC - using steam. ----- Can I play on PC one moment, then play on Xbox the next depending on how I feel?
    • I buy the game on Xbox preowned (physical) --- Can I then download and play the game on my PC - flipping between systems at all? (How does that work, where do you download the PC version from, or likewise if I buy on steam, where do I download the game from on Xbox for free).

    Many thanks for asking these initial questions!

  • Ahoy! Me Name Is BangarangBobby

    I come to the Sea of Thieves by way what some say may Be Fate or of accidental happenings! Stranded here after me boat got caught in a WHALE of a storm and now serve the Trade Captains that keep promisin' me passage through the mysterious shroud I lost me vessel and nearly me life on those RED seas... Who knows if that'll ever be in me days.

    For now, I spend me days fishing, diggin' up treasure, and searching for the mysterious Athena's Fortune cuttin' down anyone who gets in me way. Lastly, keep your distance from those forsaken Disgraceful Skulls dems BE CURSED!

  • Hi Everyone,

    While parking my boat it flipped upside down and I can't figure out how to bring it upright again. It is not sinking either.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    *edit: sorry I posted this in the wrong forum and can't delete it.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Hi,

    Been sailing for about a week now under the name Cyberpunk424. Love the game, see you on the seas!

  • Hey everyone, I recently started playing with my wife and some family members and we are having a great time! Since schedules are weird, we don't always sync up and have time to play together. If anyone wants to jump into a game (preferably with a mic), I'm happy to play with whoever. Feel free to add me on Steam at TukTuk-OneLung and Discord at TukTuk-OneLung#8283.

    Mic-Discord or in game
    Play style-Pretty chill, but I'm down for whatever comes up
    Time Zone-MST

  • Hey peeps,

    I've just started playing sea of thieves, I've quested a few times with friends but are looking for more players as my crew doesn't quest often. My gamer tag is Armonster24, I've got a mic and would prefer to play with other players who have mics since I'm new and could use some pointers. Please add me if you would like to quest together. Happy Sailing

  • Ahoy! My Name Is Orbital21

    I'm a new Xbox player, playing on Game Pass. I just started a few days ago and I'm really enjoying the game. I've played mostly solo, but I'm looking to join a couple of regular shipmates for evening adventures. I play on Pacific time, usually in the evenings from 9pm until the pirates have been vanquished, the riddles have been decoded, and the booty has been sold.

    Me interests are treasure hunting, taking on forts, doing tall tale voyages, fighting off rival pirates.

    Feel free to add my gamertag and look for me online. If you reply with yours I'll add in kind and toss out some invites to join a session when I'm ready to set sail!

  • Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy Mateys!

    Shiver me Timbers! Looking for new crewmates as I've been primarily a solo player when I've played (I'm on PC, I've been playing for a few hours here and there casually raising the emissaries levels).

    Looking to have some fun and switch it up and sail with some new mates doing everything/anything SOT (Quests/Tall Tales, Treasure Hunting, Plundering, Etc.)

    Schedule: I'm able to be on daily, hours change from week to weekend due to work.
    MON - THUR: 5PM or 6PM -- To Whenever -- EST-USA
    SAT - SUN: 5AM or 6AM -- To Whenever -- EST-USA

    Add me on:

    Microsoft: Itz Matiks
    Steam: 862482400

    Let's sail the Sea's together and become Legend.

  • Hi this is Captain Sea Do

  • CaptainSeaDo

  • Hi my Caleb Blount

  • Hello,

    a friend and I are looking for PC crewmates to play with. Mic and medium game knowledge are required. Chilled and focused gameplay. Specific roles are not needed. The speaking language is English and Croatian. If you are interested you can add me on Xbox, Gamertag: Foxiii12.

    Thanks for reading this post,
    Have a nice day.


    1. Watch the Horizon!!!
    2. Dont trust anybody!!
    3. Have fun!

    may the wind be with you

  • I am looking to help other figure out what to do in sea of thieves I currently play on XBox If you would like to join me and some friends that would be great I am pretty much up for anything my Xbox gamer tag is Ye Good Boy and will help others reach pirate legend

  • Im not on all to often due to i have nobody to really play with. I have a mic. Wish to only play with people who have mics. Im on xbox1 if i log on and see somebody playing i will join your party and see if there is room for me to play along if not i will leave without issue ill also leave if im not wanted lol. I love the game and i might play more often if i have a friends. Thank you.

    P.s im not to bad of a player either

  • Ahoy ye bloody landlubbers, scallywags, and rapscallions abroad the seas!

    I am an old player from the first year of release, Pirate Legend and superfan of mostly anything pirating but definitely sea of thieves. I've decided to dive head first into my love of the game and join the communities on here as well as the Insiders and the Creator Crew! My reason for doing so is I have tons of love for anything pirate related, Rare has been a favorite developer of mine since I was a little kid, and I feel like as a super fan I wanna connect with other pirate nerds out there.

    I'm interested in a few things that I am gunna do some digging for on these forums but I wanna see if there are players out there interested in an Roleplaying experience too as a more immersive experience. Lately as a legend I like to come back to the game with new ideas in mind and seeing how gameplay takes me, like rowboat only adventures, etc. I think there might be some pirates out there far on the seas similar to myself who might be interested in such an experience and I'm definitely recruiting an RP crew if anyone is interested.

    In real life I am a tattoo artist and with the recent Covid situation I have been inside designing up a sea of thieves themed nautical inspired leg sleeve. I will definitely post on the forums and keep people up to date with that adventure as well.

    Looking forward to engaging with new and old players alike, excited to meet some more pirating superfans who might be interested in a immersive Pirate Roleplaying experience, testing out the new updates with the Insider Crews, sharing some ideas with the Creator Crews, and designing some future sea of thieves inspired tattoo ideas sharing the adventure with the community!

    Cheers and see you out on the seas!!
    Gamertag is: FunghitheRotten alt text

  • Hi i played sea of thieves when it came out but not played it for a while looking to get back into playing it but dont enjoy playing myself think its better with someone else, im 23 from scotland and have a mic, i will come on and play whenever i can, send me a message if your up for playing👍, preferably someone with a mic

  • Ahoy! Haven't seen you on the Sea of thieves, My Name Is Caleb aka SLUM (Pirate)

    I've been sailing the Sea of Thieves and enjoying every second for awhile now. I know a lot of New players might not know where to start or what to do when finishing that Maiden Voyage. But I'm making this post from one of the Thousand's of Pirate Legends. I would like to offer a open hand to anyone who needs help or some pointers on surviving the Dangerous Sea of Thieves.

    From Kraken and Megalodon's all the way to Skeleton Pirate Lords and Pirate Legends, the Sea's are full of Dangerous events. Getting adjusted to the new boat may take a bit but don't give up because the Treasure and Gold is endless!

    I hope that all the new Crewmates and Sailors find fortune on ever turn.

    My (Slum's) interests consist of Long days at sea and battling for every coin that comes with the danger. I Lost me arm to a dangerous Megalodon that I named Juniper the Silent. She is out there somewhere and I will return the favor if it's the last thing I do. The Fort of the Damned is where the Work is fun and the bounty is wondrous. So don't hesitate to ask me for a extra hand and I will give you the only one I have left, Stay Quick Stay Swift and don't float adrift, Arrrrrrrr


    SLUM the Pirate

  • I'm not a Steam player but I did get Sea of thieves around the same time. I do the xbox game pass for pc.

    Really I'm just looking for some friends to play with and add to my xbox profile. I understand the general things. I've really only bought some clothes and fought some fire skeletons. And I delivered some chickens and a reaper chest.

    Some fun facts about me: I picked up coding Html a day or two ago cause I want to learn a skill for a job change and now I'm very interested in the creator's club thing. I'll hold off on it for a bit.

    I'll keep an ear out and and eye on the forums. Looking to make some friends and join a new community.

    ~xbox tag~ Waters2465

  • Bonjour à tous,

    Je suis 988narfkilla, Gamer de Nouvelle-Calédonie

    Je Stream sur ma chaine twitch depuis Septembre 2019

    Avec mes acolytes calédoniens nous partons en gaming sur fond d’humour « local », de chamailleries et parfois de mots doux mais c’est rare lol

    Je vous ai mis des petits clips vidéo pour illustrer tout ça sur:

    Si vous voulez discuter avec moi, ou me poser des questions, me donner des conseils ou simplement voir à quoi ressemble un gameplay sauce locale vous êtes les bienvenus

    J’attends également vos avis constructifs afin que je puisse améliorer mes lives

    Pour info je n’ai pas la fibre donc c’est du 360P mais le principal c’est le contenu xd

    A bientôt et bonne continuation !

  • Slightly regretting getting it. I spent the first hour just trying to purchase different clothes while someone kept killing me, so I went back and forth from the ferry of the damned.
    Then joined an open crew only to be called stupid and left out of the mission because the others on the crew wanted to do everything instead of letting me join in.

    I turned off the game, and unsure whether I want to go back on there. I got it to help me get through isolation, but it just made me feel worse.

  • What are some good tactics to use when playing solo to make as much money as possible?

  • Hey there!

    I started 2 days ago and boy what an experience, within my first 5 minutes of waking up in the starting town I got blown up by a galleon. I left and created a new character, did maiden voyage and this time got boarded by 4 pirates who just said, "This is our ship now". They sailed away while I was still exploring my sloop, they then killed me and continued to kill me until I googled and found out about scuttling. So did that. I proceeded to adventure onwards and get mauled by the kraken, skeleton ships and the meg. I was on a downward spiral, to "Boy this is a brutal game for newbies" All I wanted was to find map, look for treasure and make some gold. I combed discord and found some fellow South Africans who play, and joined their galleon, I was promptly thrown into the arena, and learnt very quickly on the basics of pvp. Killing and being killed removed the fear of adventure mode death.

    We managed to get a chest in arena mode after our galleon got blown up, via the rowboat, and was one of the most nail biting experiences we have had. Being tailed by 3 galleons on a rowboat is hectic.

    Back in adventure land, we managed to defeat a skeleton fort boss, the loot was amazing, only for it to be destroyed by a skeleton ship and kraken battle at the same time.

    This was my intro to sea of thieves, it has taught me three things.

    1. Dont become attached to your loot
    2. You will die, a lot.
    3. You only get better when playing more. Skill is the name of the game.

    PS: The graphics are great, sometimes when you aren't dying to everything in SoT, the scenery is awesome to look at.

  • I'm tired of being the only one to angle, set, and steer. I'm also tired of being the only one that can communicate in chat. Please have common sense.If you know how to do both add me on xbox. ITZ CODE412

  • Hey guys!

    I am watching this game since it was in Beta, and I really like the atmosphere that comes with it. It looks beautiful, and seems like it would run well on my PC as well.

    I was thinking about buying it for my Microsoft account, but I noticed that it will come to Steam 'soon'.

    If I read correctly, Steam players WILL be able to play with XBOX and Microsoft players as well, but my question is, is there any information regarding if the Steam version will have something 'extra' or not?

    For example, I am thinking about Achievements. Or something else.
    Or the Steam version will literally be the SAME as the Microsoft one?

    Does anyone know anything about it?
    Because now I am thinking about waiting for the Steam release before I get going, but I am not sure if it is worth the wait, or not.

    Because it will be literally the same, then I will buy for Microsoft ofc.

    Thank you guys for the help!

    • Mic or chat
    • voyage focused
    • Man the cannons
      Gamertag: ITZ CODE412
  • Hi everyone,

    Absolutely loving the game. I play on X1X and PC, go by the name of Ch3w84cc4. I am usually playing in a Galleon or a sloop with my two kids but don't get much done. Looking for a crew that I can get some career progression with. Please feel free to add me. I am looking for a more mature crew though so adults only please.

  • Bonjour je recherche des joueurs Xbox sérieux sans prise de tête merci

  • Ahoy pirates! Im a player who has played this game lots of hours and is looking for new people to play with. Dont care about playing arena or adventure mode. I prefer players who know the game and +18.
    I am Spanish but i know English. My gametarg is chrislogrono, be free to add me, see you in the seas!

  • Greetings everyone,

    I am fairly new to the game, have about two days worth of playtime under my belt. However new to the game doesn't mean inexperienced. Currently I have a group of three frequent players that are looking for a fourth to aid us on our adventure and plundering. I myself play on PC, while my counterparts are xbox players. Please be 18+ and have a working mic and the ability to talk through it so that the game goes more smoothly.

    See you on the high sea.