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  • What is Sea of Thieves?

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox and Windows PC, it incorporates both crossplay and Play Anywhere.

    Sea of Thieves is also a world that changes and grows, with content being added, events, challenges and new tools for players to use.

    Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

    What Sea of Thieves brought us in 2018 from @EGGamer13

    What Does This Mean?

    Sea of Thieves is a game that includes both PvE and PvP elements, it's a combination of both and your voyages will be different each time you log in depending on your chosen goals, the threats (including other players) you encounter and the ships and crews you choose to sail with!

    For new pirates, that first voyage can be daunting so we've collected together a series of hints and tips in an easy to read thread, from some of the most experienced pirates on the seas!

    Where to Start?

    Some great videos that give an overview of some of the most important aspects of the game can be found here and many others on the Sea of Thieves and Rare Ltd Youtube channels

    What is Sea of Thieves?
    A great discussion between Gregg and Joe that outlines their vision for what Sea of Thieves is.

    Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves!
    From March 2018

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough
    A good illustration of some of the basic elements you'll encounter in game, but there's a lot more content added since this was made :)

    The Small Ship
    The design thinking that went into the sloop.

    Solo Play
    It's challenging, but it also gives rise to some epic adventures!

    Bilge Rat Adventures
    What and why are these?

    Campaigns and Content
    How Rare add content and why they do it this way...

    Acting on Feedback
    Rare are committed to working with this community to continue to enrich and expand the world and content of Sea of Thieves and they very much listen to our concerns and suggestions.

    While some of the above videos might appear a little dated the core message is consistent.
    More recently we've been able to read insights from Gregg Mayles around the initial design and ideas for the game -

    As well as Joe's speech here -

    VIT Talks 2018: Sea of Thieves: creating a new type of multiplayer game

    How does the forum work?

    We'd recommend having a good look around, the Release Notes are a great place to find out what's new and the Mega thread section is a treasure chest of some of the most fervent discussions.

    The forums are a place where you can introduce yourself, make Suggestions and give feedback as well as discuss everything Sea of Thieves or share tales of your adventures and fan creations!

    There's a great guide here from @KnifeLife :
    Forum help! (Images/Links/Text tools) Help guide

    We also have a Pirate Code and Forum Rules which can be found here -

    Now you're ready to set sail...

    Here are a few great guides from the Gameplay Guides and Tips section to get you started!

    Sea of Thieves Tutorial

    Sea Of Dummies. A Fan-Written guide to Rare Ltd's, Sea Of Thieves by Nafe Pacewell

    Captain FishSt1ck's guide to finding friendly crews

    Fox's pro tips & tricks for sloop mastery (50+ tips and tricks)

    How To: Use Basic and Advanced Combat Techniques

    The Power of Running and Why its your fault you got Caught.

    Sailing Tip: How to park your ship!

    Being a Good Crew Mate

    Need a map or a guide? - try this site from one of our very own Deckhands -
    Rare Thief

    And for those with a whole lot of ideas and suggestions, this is a great compilation, still expanding of some of the best!

    Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and Crew

    Also if yer looking for a guide to all the Bilge Rat Adventures so far then cast yer eyes this way!
    Ultimate Guide Collection: Every Adventure & Event

    And an honourable mention for the Old Salts Piratical Training Academy, details for which can be found here and highly recommended!

    The Old Salts [ Always here to help] Piratical Training Academy

    There is also a dedicated thread for pirates to post details of their discord groups with descriptions to boot!

    A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

    Sea of Thieves also has an Official discord channel for finding like minded crewmates, which can be found here -

    Would love to see a huge compilation of basic, easy to read tips for new players below - I think we sometimes take for granted how much we've learned during the past months sailing the seas, if you've a link to an up to date guide you've written or a video you've made, all the better!

    Hopefully we'll build up something like this one for solo pirates -

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    HERE WE ARE! Can you believe it?
    Launch Day is upon us and Sea of Thieves is going to be sailing into peoples hands throughout the day.

    Well, now that we have to pick a Pirate that we are proud of, I thought it would be good fun to screen capture our selected IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) Pirate and show that picture off here alongside some back story and facts about our Pirates.

    Feel free to Copy and Paste the below format to reply to this topic, or just make it up. (once you get access to the game)
    *Please remember to keep to the Pirate Code with your responses and just have some fun.

    Ahoy! My Name Is [insert name]

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves [to] [because] [insert reason here]

    Me interests consist of [insert things your Pirate likes here]

    [Insert Sea of Thieves Pirate Picture]

  • Ahoy! Je m'appelle Mock#1152 (Discord) ou TommyBoyIO (SOT/XBox)

    J'ai rejoins la mer des voleurs pour me détendre, jouer les marchants et chasser des créatures incroyables !

    J'aimerai pouvoir naviguer avec un équipage de marchant et d’établir des escales pour l'alliance toujours plus intéressantes !



    Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception TPC has grown to form a larger coalition of several organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a common passion for the game.

    The TPC presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community. General goals are to better the community through interaction with each other, and showcasing positive PvP/PvE events that we hold (like En Garde, Skull Ball, Grand Odyssey Etc) as well as our public outreach on Social Media and the Sea of Thieves Forum.


    Our vision is to unite as many communities as possible under one name while maintaining a group of respectful, honorable, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of professionalism within The Pirate Council. These individual representatives will work within the alliance, using our discord server to communicate and work with each other to meet our combined goals of development or community behavior and events. It will be a priority to ensure that our allied community is a safe and entertaining place to be competitive and support member’s endeavors both in public outreach and community events.


    We the community leaders of the Sea of Thieves, in order to establish a method of communication between all fleets and communities free from any bias, promote the general welfare of both the game and its community in a healthy, positive and respectful manner; and adhere to the very principle of equality between all. The members of the Pirate Council, are committed to excellence in providing a positive impact on the Sea of Thieves community through our PvP/PvE events using multi-fleet/individual cooperation, our public outreach on the Sea of Thieves forum, as well as our Social Media Platforms.

    TPC Logo

    Are you a streamer or do you represent group interested in joining The Pirate Council? Please leave us a message below with some information about you, and we will be in touch with you.

    Current Groups, Members, and Contacts.

    Blackwater Bucaneers - @Reavantos-x
    DADS Pirates - @DreamingNomad
    Dread Pirates - @DreadPirateDoug
    Fleet of Assasins - @CAPTAINxTRIDENT
    Fortune Union - @SirioNDB
    I.D.I.O.T.S - @Commander-Qball
    Iron Fleet - @PrinceOfPromise
    Jolly Badgers - @Krotukk
    Kingdom of Eoland - @Eredhar
    Old Salts - @Musicmee
    Rogue Legends - @CodeName-Jenova
    Steve Irwin's Revenge - @Remarka6le

    Casters & Streamers


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  • Hi, im a new sea rum sailor under the black and bones flag!! My name is Linkcelot (linkcelot#3607 in discord).

    Eey, soy un nuevo marinero del ron bajo la bandera oscura con huesos!! Mi nombre es Linkcelot (linkcelot#3607 en discord)

    Nos vemos en el eterno azul!!!!

  • I'm done with this annoying [mod edit] of a game. Can't even do the simple festival of the damned commendations without some idiot deciding to climb onto my ship and kill me over and over again. Unless they decide to patch in some form of singleplayer only mode I will be uninstalling and letting people know just how terrible this community really is.

  • Capn Corpse otherwise known as Decompose be shovin off fer the chance at pirate legend. I be needin a crew who thirst for adventure n spoils of the lands n treasures of men. A fleet may be greater still but we'll take it slow with the sea legs.

    Come along all who can swim and be takin of orders with what little sense we have. With the sweat of our brow and the strong of our backs I be knowin we c'n be makin a name for ye'selves! Arggg it be a great time for livin n dyin out on the open sea!...Who's with me?!!

  • Ahoy! My Name Is BloodMeteor74

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves from the fabled shores of the PS4 to claim my place in these vast untamed waters!

    Me interests consist of the Lost secrets of the sea, scouring the waves for Poseidon's most precious prizes, and serenading the Sirens with songs of mine own!

    I am just getting into the game and getting started but down for adventures, let me know!

  • Ahoy! Me name be SaltyRollocks.

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to pilfer & plunder me weasely guts it were. SHARRRK! Oh...there isn't one? Oh...

    Me interests consist of rum, the sea (love the sea I do), sea shanties, firing me gun, swinging from the yardarm cutlas in hand, malarky on the main deck, shenanigans onshore and booty! Be there treasure or adventure on the high seas, that's where I like to be. Oh, lost me right leg below the knee to a devilishly hungry shark too. I'm after 'e as I'd like to be reunited with it.

    I'm in the it were, to join a fine crew as sailing by me onesie is proving somewhat problematic in me current endeavor. I be new to these waters, but, a firm hand on the mast.


    P.S. Got rum?

  • Looking for active crew mates of all skills.. weather you’re a Pirate Legend or just starting out, as long as the need for gold is strong this be the place for you!! We even have a Facebook page under the same name. Feel free to join and start a new adventure in search of the illustrious Booty!

  • Ahoy from Appalachia

    My girlfriend and I have been playing SoT since I believe the first day it came out last year [I remember being all excited to play and then not being able to connect due to all of the server issues]. My 9 year old son wasn't really into the game until Forsaken Shores came out, and now he loves it and has been counting down the days until the update at the end of this month. Since then, the three of us have been sailing together on a brig. For Christmas I got the game for my brother and he's been hooked since. He even got his girlfriend her own xbox so they can play together. Unfortunately my brother lives far away so I only get to see him a few times a year. I'm glad I got him this game because all winter it gave us a nice "family get together" almost every weekend.

  • Ahoy!

    New to the sea, already tangled with the Kraken (what a beast) and making some gold. Always on the look out for honest, none back stabbinz crew mates who may want to invite me to join a crew or fleet?

    Mwakattack (Monsieur Mwak)

  • Hi all!

    I've recently picked up Sea Of Thieves after getting a new laptop - the first decent PC I've had, that could play games, since Half Life was out!

    I've been playing games since before the days of Jet Pac, so I'm getting on a bit, but love games as much as I ever did.

    I'm in the UK and tend to be around in the evenings for an hour or two, plus any other time I can grab over the weekends :)

    See you on the sea!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm totally new to the game (I'm writing this while I wait for the game to finish download :P). I have no experience, except some YouTube let's plays... If this can be considered experience... :P I intend on starting a little solo game for now, but I'm more than willing to quickly move to multiplayer, for which the game seems to be meant in the first place!

    I speak english and french. I would love to meet some new and not so new captains at sea! I would consider myself a serious gamer. I always try to exploit the game into as much immersion as possible. I appreciate when people are teaching me, and I'm very much into helping newcomers when I came to master the game as well.



  • Hi all,
    I’ve recently got myself an Xbox and I’ve been gagging to give Sea of Thieves a good go... I’m usually a solo kinda guy but having read up online, it seems solo in this game is considered fairly difficult and so I’m hoping to join forces with one or two other players to enjoy the game together.
    I’m a 32 year old male from the UK, who mostly games in the evenings (anytime between 7pm - mid night)
    Looking for people of a similar age and chilled out attitude to enjoy the game with, male or female and ideally from the UK.
    I’ve never played it before so more than happy to join forces with someone else in the same noobie “boat” as me, or if someone more experienced fancies taking me under their wing and show me the ropes... even better!
    Thank you all x

  • It is time you all knew of the FATTEST AMONGST YOU!

  • Hi all
    I’m new to the game in fact I’m new to Xbox (ps4 player but wanted to try some xbox exclusives as I’m bored). I’m 36 playing most days in the uk.

    I have been playing the game for around 2 hours and so far it seems like a good game that I could put a lot of hours into, sadly so far I really have no idea what’s going on in the game.

    I turned it on and chose a pirate, I then did the “go to key guy” and the “buy a new clothing item” and then it said go to your ship and that’s where it all got weird!
    I was on my ship and there were no more totorial tips so I didn’t know what to do, I put one of the contracts i got into the table but it didn’t show me where to go or explain what the contract was, I then found the map which didn’t show any waypoint until I clicked on one so had no idea where to go or what to do.
    Before I had a chance to try and figure things out 3 more people joined and started shouting orders so I just did what was being voiced out - like raise sails, head north etc.
    After visiting a few islands (these people seemed to know where to go) and seeing them running around with chests while I was constantly running around trying to keep up with them and dying or getting lost lol - these 3 people all had “pirate legend” as a title so I thought I was in good hands.
    After a little while and still none the wiser of how to find chests or where to go or even why it’s being done except to buy new clothes I killed 2 red named skeletons (all the enemies are skeletons or snakes so far) oh and a big shark and then got a message from one of the guys saying “if you don’t start doing something we will brig you”, a bit confused seeing how for the last 2 hours I had been running around killing things loading the canons while under a shark attack, bailing water, raising sails, changing the angle, lowering the anchor etc etc (my pirate must be the fittest pirate ever to exist!) like I said I was confused so messaged the sod back and quit the game - if all of the seasoned players are like this then I don’t know if I can be bothered to even try to figure the game out.

    Anyway any tips would be most appreciated or even just someone to hold my hand 😂😂

    I can sail the ship no problems, I’ve worked out that every island seems to have a chest or 2 hidden somewhere and some bounties (red named skeletons) that drop skulls when killed and that’s about it. I still have no idea if your character levels up?, do you actually have your own ship or is it just a randomly generated one each time you log in?, are the weapons more powerful the more they cost?, are the islands level based?

    So many questions......... I’m sorry if all this is answered elsewhere on the forums but I just thought instead of spending hours searching for answers to each question I could just post a general “my story so far” and beg for help

    Thanks all

  • Salut à tous, quelqu'un saurait il si c'est encore possible d'avoir les skins ferryman pour l'épée, le pistolet et le tromblon ? Si oui comment ?
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses ;)

  • Hello lovely pirate peeps,Been sailing the seas for about 6 months,the wife and I love the game,would definitely be down to play with others,it's only ever she and I,we're verrrry chill,both about 35 in merchant alliance and order of souls and around 40 with gold hoarders.hit us up,my user name is tormented orange,my wifeys is wateryak2615800

  • Soy nuevo alquien sabe como se escribe en l juego .

  • My name is Captain Echo (or first mate Echo if you're more the Captain type), named as such because I can still hear the ring of the blunderbuss that took me right eye.

    I'm looking for a fun bunch of pirates who wish to sail the open seas, raise their reputations and earn themselves some gold!

    PVP is not my forte, but I'll defend me ship if need be. English speaking only, with a microphone if need be. Arr!

  • Hello there, im new to the game. this game spiked my intrests as i have seen videos on it but i dont have anyone to play with, if you wanna help me out in the game and maybe make a new friend id be happy to join

  • Hello , Dear Pirates , New Bloods and Seasoned Brothers and Sisters of the Coast alike.

    The last few weeks have been very important for Rare . They opened up the Pioneer Program and turned it into an Insider Program in wich every Pirate above 18 is welcome to join and shine his or her light over the future features that will , once again , enrich this game greatly. The First Anniversary was ,of course , celebrated in Grandeur , like it should be.
    The Higly anticipated , and awaited ( * write two of the same things , or you in dumbo mode again? ...o, excuse me , now i made a mistake , you're ALWAYS in dumbo mode, fool), Mega Update that will soon arrive will bring many smiles to the Faces of the Massive PirateFleet that roams our Beloved Sea...

    But...Since the Forum has taken a decisive turn towards focussed Testing in the Insider Category , i kind of start to miss the Community Feel that i so love...i'm no leader , more a maggot ( * Oh, what is this ? For the first time since many months ,our fool starts to write truths, where are we gonna write this? - Here ,of course , Sunshine * Finally awoken, Captain Tearface? - And not a moment too soon, it seems , thrashing on George again, hey? Keep it at least a bit civil, Sunshine * As you wish, Captain) so i decided to let the wave pass or let one of the Community Celebreties restart that Community Feel...

    But the person i had in my mind is not been seen for months now, i wonder more and more what has happened...But no dark thoughts, not everybody has the life of a Hermit , like me...

    Now , there are so many new Pirates that landed on our Outpost ,there are also alot of Seasoned Pirates that have finally, because of the Insider Program , decided to contribute their thoughts , Great!
    But...Who are they ? What drives them? How do they play ? How do they look towards this game and the ones they come across?...
    These and so many questions haunt my mind, it is impossible to remember hundreds of thousends of Pirates but still ,i would like to stretch out my hand and hopefully a few welcoming hand will shake mine...

    Now , what i ask , if...i may is...What makes you come back to this game that officially has reached the age of 1 year, and in the shadow is running for more than two years , Alpha's included...

    No , my Dear New or YoungBlood , i haven't forgetten you , i also want to know what has brought you here ...Was it the trailer that convinced you , was it because your Friends adviced you to it , or a magazine ? And what has catched your eye straight away , let us say , what has made that you probably play this tomorrow?...

    See, now that's what i want to know, i don't want to know yer real name , your studies ,hobbies , and all other private things , i only want to know what you love and like about the game and all that surrounds it...i would be a bad person if i would only ask something from you ,when i keep a lid on myself ( * Oh, please do that , keep that lid on yerself , make your mug close and never open it again, i beg off ye....moron)...

    So here i go, oh yes ,i'm sorry if this writing is already pretty lenghty but my Good old Mom always told me :" George , why do you use ten words if you can colour and enrich yer story by adding another 90 words to say the same thing?"...Well, i learned about SOT after a coincedense boring surfing on You Tube. Memorizing old games like Sea Dogs , i wanted to know if there were developers who dared to bring the Pirate theme again...i stumbled on a very early Trailer for E3 2016, or was it 2015? i'm not sure...

    i first thought i was seeing an Indie title untill... a girl pirate ran before the main , and unnamed , character , she was cartoony but oh so detailed . She walked to the beach and we followed her and then my eyes were catched by a massive ship , a Galleon , but what was even more pulling on the Iris of my eye was , the Sea on wich this ship was resting...This water was the most detailed and "lively" water that i had ever seen...Months went by and i found this very Forum...A beautiful, Friendly time revelated towards me and i felt , for the first time in my life , very good amongst all these smart but forgiving people...

    The game came , first in Alpha form, on wich the Sea jumped on me like a crazed Bloodhound , ready to disconnect my throat with his shiny teeth, but the dog washed my face and gave me so much good feel and " Magic"...

    The game opened itself to me and showed me layers i never expected from a game that looks like a casual game if you throw a fast but unfocussed eye upon it... i grew in this game , not as a skilled Pirate , wich i never will be , but i grew in the crew , i grew as a person...i dared to show my inner personality ,that hadn't seen sunlight for many ,many years , and Clumsy George was finally reborn...

    A beautiful gift , hey ? Oh , but i would be a lowlife if i wouldn't return the favor that was granted upon me by so many Great Souls of the Sea , so with my little talents ( * Talents ? Where ? What have i missed ? Talents , really? ...Ooooh, that talent ...The " bean Talent" , off course ...uhm, how do i write politely , The ability to let the sail catch "wind" where there is no "earthly" wind , " That talent ", yeah you have talent for that...You little old stinker...) i tried to bring a laugh upon many a Pirate . My accent and the ability to mimick other countries accents have given me a Key to open up a lot of Hearts...Many Pirates started silently on the crew , but like a woodpecker i hammered upon their ears and skulls untill they opened up communications...

    After that ...Friendrequest flew like Seagulls over the waves...This game has so many hidden layers , the game itself , but there are also keys that open up rooms from your very own personality ,that you never knew you even had those...
    Now , my biggest Joy , in this game is to go fully , openHearted and open armed towards the Unknown Pirate and hopefully bring a smile to him or her , to young or old , and to show that there is more than " Kill or be Killed " in this game...For me this game is a Heaven for Improvisors...

    But what is it for you ? What does this game mean for YOU. What makes you to select Sea of Thieves above other games you have . You there , yes , you my young Pirate Friend that has taken up Sea of Thieves for the first time , yesterday , you too are allowed to tell us what has lured you to these waters and wich Siren is singing in yer ears in a tune that will make you come back this evening?...

    Come on, Dear Pirates , don't let me hang here ....Don't let this Community drift off to solely test , the future of this game , but let us grow back towards eachother with this little initiative of mine that may be only a pebble big , but once a little pebble ticks to a bigger and smarter rock ,then maybe the ,once so loved , Community Feel may rekindle again...

    Sorry for the long read ( * You liar , you love a long write ,even if you can't write one English word without making the usual spelling and grammar msitakes...moron). But please , i really want to know all the incentives of other Pirates because i think that every person is unique and so are his or her vision towards this game too...

    i thank you upfront for reading and i thank you very much if you would like to contribute what you love or what makes you come back to this game... Go for it...Please?

  • Good day to mi fellow sailors, I be Captinbirdzeye but not the one serving oven cooked fish fingers!

  • My husband and I just bought the game 2 days ago. Would love to find 2 other nice chill and laid back people to roll the seas with! Been wanting to try out the Galleon boat but since it's just him and I so far, we've only managed the sloop and the brig. Would LOVE to find some other females to play the game with as well, I'd feel weird being the only female in a party of 4 ;p Anyone who is cool with new players and doesn't mind female gamers, feel free to add me same name as here. Ty!

  • Ahoy! Mates and Maties! I am Captain Killjoy, I have been sailing the sea's since August 2018 and I haven't been able to put down the sword since. Feel free to add me, I love learning new things and teaching people a thing or two. Sadly though I will be gone April 9th as I am in the Airforce and will be going to basic training and will be going through Special warfare school to become a JTAC. I will most likely return in September to continue sailing the seas but until then let's make the most of it.

  • Just Bought the game 3 days ago, I can say the Water is Beutifull, love to play multiplayer, please invite me for play since for new timer is a bit confusing......

  • Hello, my name is Relapsed World, I'm loving sea of thieves so far! I've been streaming it a lot recently. I'm 24 and I have been obsessed with pirates for all my life so this game is perfect for me haha. I play on xbox with my one close friend IRL we also wouldn't mind having someone to play with time to time! We are really interested in hunting down some gold and plundering!

  • Hey everyone I’m WoHxCarNagEx I’m looking for a mature crew to joke and have a good time with that have microphones. Add me and let’s gave some fun I’m above 25 in the 3 classes and I’m looking to progress further.

  • Hello my name Wilostardrg. I just started playing with my cousin and his friend and I am loving the game. I play this game a little bit more often but I been finding myself playing solo most of the time. Therefore, I would like to meet more people to chill and complete voyages. If you need an extra hand or hook, please feel free to add me on the Xbox app and send me a msg. Can't wait to sail with any of you soon!

  • Name: MrPhilfy
    Platform: PC
    Location: Scotland, UK
    Rep: Pirate Legend, Athena 5

    Hi There. Looking for an active UK based SoT community. I have played the game since the technical alpha and looking to play a mixture of Athena, PVP and Skull Fort Grinds.

    I am active on Discord and mainly play in the evenings.

    Any UK based crews out there give me a shout.

  • Ahoy, My name be Ruxpin64

    I've been Sailing the Sea of Thieves, for more or less a week or two now. I've really enjoyed zipping round the seas in hunt of treasure and all sorts of adventure.

    For the most part, I have had fun with my crew mates, and haven't really had any trouble with other crews, couple of sunken ships, but I've given as good as I've got. But sometimes I have had issues with my own crew dropping anchor crashing me ship purposefully over and over? Is this a common issue? Also got abuse of another dead pirate (who I'd had no living interaction with at all?) tonight as my avartarrrr be a little on the plump side and got called a fat c*** over and over, hopefully I won't see too many folk like that.

    Anywho, if anyone wants to sail along sometime look me up. Especially if you want to have a go at a fort, (as I haven't tried one yet and really want to)

    Anywho hi and bye, and plain sailing

  • Ahoy Mateys! I be RetroACE135! And I sail the seas on many a ship, but the one I be sailing most be the one with blue sails with ye ol' faithful Jolly Roger. If ye see blue sails on the horizon, have no fear, it may be me.

    I be one of them thar Xbox players. I be a peaceful mind who isn't yer typical pirate, I likes bright colors ye see, an' I also tend ter avoid bloodshed. I prefers to work with other crews in alliances, weather they be new or old, and share treasure all 'round! But make no mistake, if ye fire the first shot, me crew will fire back in anger tenfold!

    Pleasure to introduce meself to the community, but them waters be calling me name. 'Tis time fer me ter answer them. See ye next time I make port!
    Hums "Becalmed" while walking off

  • Hello, im a 16 year old boy from switzerland. im looking for some chill but also somewhat competetive people. as i have always enjoyed competetive games, such as dota 2, rocket league, and fortnite, i am very much looking forward to arena. however as of this point none of my friends are interested. so im looking for some like-minded people to practice for arena. if you are interested feel free to add me, my ingame name is glomo768 (yes... i know its a sh*t name but glomo was taken)

    please only add me if-

    -you are on pc.

    -you are able to play on european servers.

    -and last but not least, you speak english.

    Thanks :)

  • Yarr mateys!!!! Lol

    I’m NoMoneydm and have been playing SOT for about a month now. Love every minute of it. Best game I’ve played so far. Other than recently, the game has been smooth as butter, as I play on PC. One of the most beautiful games out there.

    I am currently 32/34/35/1 on rep and just enjoy grinding a little here and there as I have a full time career and a family. Spend some time after my 2 kids are in bed gaming, sometimes streaming, this beautiful fun filled pirate game.

    Going to try to be part of this community and maybe see some of y’all out there on the open seas!!!