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  • What is Sea of Thieves?

    Sea of Thieves is a new type of multiplayer game that delivers all you need to live the free-roaming pirate life. Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you'll encounter other crews... but will they be friends or foes, and how will you respond?

    Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox and Windows PC, it incorporates both crossplay and Play Anywhere.

    Sea of Thieves is also a world that changes and grows, with content being added, events, challenges and new tools for players to use.

    Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

    What Sea of Thieves brought us in 2018 from @EGGamer13

    What Does This Mean?

    Sea of Thieves is a game that includes both PvE and PvP elements, it's a combination of both and your voyages will be different each time you log in depending on your chosen goals, the threats (including other players) you encounter and the ships and crews you choose to sail with!

    For new pirates, that first voyage can be daunting so we've collected together a series of hints and tips in an easy to read thread, from some of the most experienced pirates on the seas!

    Where to Start?

    Some great videos that give an overview of some of the most important aspects of the game can be found here and many others on the Sea of Thieves and Rare Ltd Youtube channels

    What is Sea of Thieves?
    A great discussion between Gregg and Joe that outlines their vision for what Sea of Thieves is.

    Everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves!
    From March 2018

    E3 2017 Gameplay Walkthrough
    A good illustration of some of the basic elements you'll encounter in game, but there's a lot more content added since this was made :)

    The Small Ship
    The design thinking that went into the sloop.

    Solo Play
    It's challenging, but it also gives rise to some epic adventures!

    Bilge Rat Adventures
    What and why are these?

    Campaigns and Content
    How Rare add content and why they do it this way...

    Acting on Feedback
    Rare are committed to working with this community to continue to enrich and expand the world and content of Sea of Thieves and they very much listen to our concerns and suggestions.

    While some of the above videos might appear a little dated the core message is consistent.
    More recently we've been able to read insights from Gregg Mayles around the initial design and ideas for the game -

    As well as Joe's speech here -

    VIT Talks 2018: Sea of Thieves: creating a new type of multiplayer game

    How does the forum work?

    We'd recommend having a good look around, the Release Notes are a great place to find out what's new and the Mega thread section is a treasure chest of some of the most fervent discussions.

    The forums are a place where you can introduce yourself, make Suggestions and give feedback as well as discuss everything Sea of Thieves or share tales of your adventures and fan creations!

    There's a great guide here from @KnifeLife :
    Forum help! (Images/Links/Text tools) Help guide

    We also have a Pirate Code and Forum Rules which can be found here -

    Now you're ready to set sail...

    Here are a few great guides from the Gameplay Guides and Tips section to get you started!

    Sea of Thieves Tutorial

    Sea Of Dummies. A Fan-Written guide to Rare Ltd's, Sea Of Thieves by Nafe Pacewell

    Captain FishSt1ck's guide to finding friendly crews

    Fox's pro tips & tricks for sloop mastery (50+ tips and tricks)

    How To: Use Basic and Advanced Combat Techniques

    The Power of Running and Why its your fault you got Caught.

    Sailing Tip: How to park your ship!

    Being a Good Crew Mate

    Need a map or a guide? - try this site from one of our very own Deckhands -
    Rare Thief

    And for those with a whole lot of ideas and suggestions, this is a great compilation, still expanding of some of the best!

    Community Idea's Master List Updated 12/13 by @ENF0RCER and Crew

    Also if yer looking for a guide to all the Bilge Rat Adventures so far then cast yer eyes this way!
    Ultimate Guide Collection: Every Adventure & Event

    And an honourable mention for the Old Salts Piratical Training Academy, details for which can be found here and highly recommended!

    The Old Salts [ Always here to help] Piratical Training Academy

    There is also a dedicated thread for pirates to post details of their discord groups with descriptions to boot!

    A Place to tell us about yer Discord Group Mk II

    Sea of Thieves also has an Official discord channel for finding like minded crewmates, which can be found here -

    Would love to see a huge compilation of basic, easy to read tips for new players below - I think we sometimes take for granted how much we've learned during the past months sailing the seas, if you've a link to an up to date guide you've written or a video you've made, all the better!

    Hopefully we'll build up something like this one for solo pirates -

  • Ahoy thar Fo'Rum!

    HERE WE ARE! Can you believe it?
    Launch Day is upon us and Sea of Thieves is going to be sailing into peoples hands throughout the day.

    Well, now that we have to pick a Pirate that we are proud of, I thought it would be good fun to screen capture our selected IPG (Infinite Pirate Generator) Pirate and show that picture off here alongside some back story and facts about our Pirates.

    Feel free to Copy and Paste the below format to reply to this topic, or just make it up. (once you get access to the game)
    *Please remember to keep to the Pirate Code with your responses and just have some fun.

    Ahoy! My Name Is [insert name]

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves [to] [because] [insert reason here]

    Me interests consist of [insert things your Pirate likes here]

    [Insert Sea of Thieves Pirate Picture]

  • Moin Moin ihr Seebären,

    Mein Name ist Big_Bear, bin auf Twitch als Skullzbear bekannt und streame jeden Tag zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr, außer es kommt etwas dazwischen.
    Falls ihr mich dort unterstützen möchte könnt ihr ja gerne einen Follow da lassen oder einfach mal einschalten und ne Runde mitquatschen.

    Vielen Dank und viel Spaß euch


    Heyho Heyho Seabears,

    My name is Big_Bear, better known as Skullzbear on Twitch and at my every day Streams from 18 until 20 o'clock German Time, unless something comes up.
    If you wanna Support me, just join in for a nice little chat or leave a follow.

    Thanks a lot and have a nice day



  • Hei wir suchen 2 Leute für unsere Crew!
    Spielen das spiel seit 3 Tagen hätten aber vor das länger zu zocken und auch zu Streamen.
    Meldet euch einfach wenn ihr bock habt wir sind 2 Österreicher!

  • I need help because im not a member in sea of thieves insider (denimbeard)hep
    Help me
    Thank you

  • **
    Hello im french a play at sea of thieves and il like that thank you and goodbye

  • So I was told this is an awesome game. I get my new computer and I get this game. Day one, trying to figure out how to play and doing the tutorial and I have been killed by players as I try to figure out how to play following the tutorial quest. I I cannot learn a thing if I am just killed off by players following me around to kill brand spanking new players. Very discouraging and frustating to not even know how to do anything but die before i am tossed in a spot people can kill me. (I managed to accidentally hit T and could text! WOW not that it did any good.) I left the game and left my body and will contemplate if i will return as i have no clue how to play or what to do to defend myself or set sail. it is not fun to try to run or hide when i am trying to follow the tutorial which seems to not work very well anyhow...a bit glitchy and I have had to resart a few times over the past few hours. it also iuncluded having to delete and download the game again since my HUD was missing. So far...I am not enjoying this. :(

  • On Xbox im my name is Nex Mythical

  • Ahoi Seebären!
    Ich such noch Zwei Leute die sich mir und einem Freund anschließen, auf die raue See hinauszufahren und zu plündern was das Zeug hält! Ob neuling oder Veteran, spielt keine Rolle!
    Wir bieten euch auch einen Ts auf welchem wir uns ungestört unterhalten können!
    Hast Du den Mut dazu dich uns anzuschließen?! Dann lass es mich wissen!

  • I've come to the Sea of Thieves looking for fun and adventure. I have played a wide range of survival games and after watching a friend stream the game for a while I finally decided that it might just be the game for me.

    Now with a good understanding of the game, my plans are to get a crew together and start progressing more before getting involved in the arena games. I hope this game keeps progressing and I look forward to seeing what comes from it.

    You can find me on Twitch Streaming, I have been streaming since I started playing. You can also find highlights and clips that I post on my YouTube channel. Links Below.

    Happy Sailing & I will see you serverside.

  • I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and check out the community forums! I am a fresh 23 year old pirate, I got this game a little over a week ago, and am loving every second of it.

    I am mostly a solo slooper, and heck I love it. While I do envy the larger ships I love my lil adventures and sailing the seas while fishing along the way.

    I do enjoy... my fair share of debauchery though, I love sneaking on to peoples ships and spooking them with a fun voice changer sounding like an angry spirit.

    Over all so far I am loving the game, it does get pretty grindy but the experiences have been great and I love sailing the Sea!

    Hope to see ya out there, hopefully I get to haunt your ship ;)

  • Hey I'm Kirsty, 31 and from Scotland. I've been playing the game for about 7 months. We got it free with my fiance's Xbox last April but didn't play it untill March this year. I usually play with my dad or a couple of friends. I started streaming only when I started playing this game I'd never done it before.

    I love the game and the people you meet because of it.

  • I am The Hype MadDawgMike! Public Relations for the St Louis Community Meet Up (Twitch St Louis), Co-President for Extra Life St Louis, and Charity Director for Blue Esports! I play just to goof off and see how many creative ways i can blow myself up. I have absolutely fallen in love with this game and I look forward to meeting as many of ya'll as i can


  • Ahoy! My Name Is Bluedooo

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves because of my favorite Twitch streamer Pace22

    Me interests consist of Playing with mates, having fun, streaming, and PvPing

    Feel free to add me if you want to crew up I'm fairly new

  • Ahoy there, me hearties. I'm SoggySlowmatch, been playing SoT since day one on Xbox and hit pirate legend about 10 months ago. This is my first ever dip into any kind of forum whatsoever, so it's a bit nerve racking for me, but I would really like to get involved a bot more with the community.

    Today I signed up to the creator crew, to try and start doing something new. I've never really made community content for an audience other than my friends, so I'm looking forward to this new adventure.

    I'm still reading through everything trying to learn everything about the forums and the new creator crew, and I look forward to chatting with some of you and maybe even make a few new hearties along the way.

    My long term goal: I want to try and make a series in SoT that's a mixture of unscripted comedy and roleplay. I've seen other people try it and I love the idea of it. thats a long way off though, until then I hope you enjoy any streaming I get up (once I workout how to add my mixer to my profile).

    Love Cpt. SoggySlowmatch

  • I have just joined this new created crew thing but don’t know how to post so could someone pls tell me how ro thx

  • Ahoy there! I'm not new to the game but I'm new to the #creator-crew and the forums. Ive been playing the game since it was in beta and have loved it ever since! I'm a true pirate legend and nearly finished with the sea dogs and hunters call. I just recently started streaming Sea of Thieves exclusively!

    If you would like to give me a follow, you can find me restreaming to both Facebook and Twitch @OleWhitt

  • Gday all, a new player to the game (about a month total) and new to the forums, over the last month ive used the save screenshot and save video function on my Xbox One more then i have in any other game, so i decided to join the creator crew, hopefully you guys will start seeing my adventures and photos appear soon, one question tho, it says we have access to the creator crew forum? where is it located ive searched and cannot find it at all

  • Im a returning player, played a bit at launch but struggled to get a regular group to sail with. i ended up leaving the game for a while. Ive recently come back to the game via an impromtu voyage with some friends and i am amazed at the amount of content here such as the tall tales and new currency. Decided to keep playing as i missed the fun on the waves and hopefully will get through some of the tall tales soon.

    Im still around level 15-20 with the core 3 OOS, merchants and gold hoarders. can play on PC and Xbox versions thanks to a digital copy but have strange times to play due to working evenings,(timezone GMT) if anyone wants to add my GT send me a message let me know where you added me from. (theres alot of bots/Con artists around on XBL). Prefer 18+ gamers due to emotional maturity.

    I hope to see you out there on the waves!

  • Ahoy There!

    The name's LovelyIrishAlan!

    Been on the seas since Day 1 but have really gotten super invested in the game since the Anniversary Update dropped.

    Play mainly with one other crewmate and we refer to ourselves collectively as "The Squiddily Diddilys"

    Just reached Level 50 on The Gold Hoarders and am Level 40 on both The Order of Souls and The Merchant Alliance so hoping to make Pirate Legend soon! (Need to make the most of those Letters of Recommendation before the new update nerfs them!) Making steady progress on The Hunters Call as well but I haven't dabbled too much in The Arena.

    Can't wait to try out Athena quests as well!

    I actually work in the Games industry and had the pleasure of being able to chat to the team at Gamescom recently. They were all super nice and "Three Sheets" himself spent ages chatting with me my Squiddily Diddily crewmate. They were even nice enough to sign my Captain Flameheart figurine and it now sits proudly on my desk at work. (see the tweet below)

    Sea of Thieves has become my favourite game and I hope to see many of you out on the open seas!


  • Ola!

    This is Poxy Dog writing. I'm looking for crew and adventure! Arh arh arh.

    I play in European time. Write me up and i'll make an excellent member of ya crew.



  • Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Coast , for once i have been able to make a Topictitle you could answer straight away.
    But i wouldn't be Old George ( * Old Nag was a better name...moron) if i wouldn't use a surplus of words that you don't need to read.

    This Forum is already in it's thirth year.It is not a secret that i adored and yearn for the Forum like it was in the very beginning.
    This was a peaceful, gentle Forum that had Magical Powers towards the more shy or uncertain Pirates in which i was one of many...i completely understand that ,when a game gains popularity , and the group becomes bigger that , on a certain point , you start to lose the "connection" with eachother.
    So no stigmatizing finger to anyone because we slowly but certainly became drifting apart as a Community...

    Oh, i do know ( * nothing?) that we have so many groups , Fleets and Friends in crews we play often with and i do know that it is nearly impossible to know everybody and determine their personality by reading their gamertag and remember who is behind that name...But still...i see many New Forummembers and the question to what has made you fall in love with piratism or this game crosses my mind ( * yer mind is a wasteland ,moron) more than you would realize…

    The Older Pillars of this Forum will immediatly recognize a necromanced or copied Topic and they are 120 percent more than right...i have no Talent nor intellect ( * now you're telling the truth , finally,fool) to come up with a Community Gathering Topic or question. i have stolen this question from a dear Friend of mine who had a very personal writingstyle that betrayed real love for this Community of Old . Miss Captn Jaq, who once again is missing...Sadly.

    Oh , i see the shining in yer eyes ,while you hold that Banhammer in yer hands , oh dear Moderators , but i try to take a torch in my hand that i immediatly want to give away to a more Talented and Community Orientated Pirate like Miss captn Jaq ,back in the day...You can acuse me as Necromancer or copycat , but i'm still typing…So who you gonna call , ( * certainly not Clumsy George) Ghostbusters? Whaahahaaa, you can't touch me , sorry for the few eighties jokes...

    No , i really have hold this Community dear but eversince the Game release a certain grimness has come as a dark cloud over this forum...Many were dissapointed because they expected a storybased game and never listened to a cristalclear Passionate explenation of the likes like Mr Chapman…

    The Old Pillars of this Forum have literally written off the fingerprints from their fingertips in order to write down how you should see and play this game...Many Great Pirates have left this Forum because of this constant bickering and relentless ,repetitive , explaining…

    But this Forum doesn't die and a whole new bunch of Pirates have flocked down to create a New and Different Forum...Myself , i have lost the connection with all of you ,i simply can't read nor translate fast enough to be able to read every Topic and answer , something i really regret but i had to throw the towel, let loose of a peleton i couldn't follow anymore because even if i could read and translate 24/7 i still wouldn't be able to follow so many Pirates…

    As a sad result , i don't know many of you , unfortunately .i'm still under the spell of this game that has teached me that there are real Diamonds and Pearls of Personalities amongst Old and New Pirates alike so that's why i reanimated an old question who did not come out of my brain…

    But i would be a coward if i only ask you a question and keep myself ,hiding in fear ,into the shadow.

    So my love for Pirates was triggered very early , back in the late seventies ( * Oh oooow, did i just see a dinosaur passing in yer memories? , moron?) our national TV broadcaster was in love with "old " movies . My favorites were historical based movies , from the Knights in Medieval Times to the Far West created by Ennio's Morricone Magistral Music ( * Aaiaiaaiaaa whaa whaa whaaaaa...He calls that squiling donkey music , marvellous , the moron - Come on , Sunshine , you love the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme too * Okay okay , i just want to thrash the old man ,okay, Captain Tearface?) towards the World War two movies , they all tied my four year old eyes to the screen...i couldn't read back then , not in my own language , certainly not in thy Beautiful Language , i also couldn't understand English back then ( * And now you do? ...Liar..).
    But as a kid i reenacted everything i saw , the Television was my extender of my dayDreams and those came to reality by using Playmobil...

    To the younger generation , Playmobil is a bit like Lego but you don't have to build that much…
    And so on a rainy , television bound day i saw the movie that would plant the seed of PirateLove in my carcass: The Crimson Pirate , a movie from 1952 ,in which Mr Burt Lancaster played the rooftiles of the ….uhm...Pirateship ( * what the hell, are you losing it again, punk?).He had a sidekick in a speechless Mr Nick Cravat, both were former circusman and they did all kind of scallywagging tricks with the ropes of their ship and other props…
    i looked up to both and thanks to their movie i was so tied to the story that in my reenactment games with my trusty ( * and only ) little plastic Friends ,i was able to seal myself off from the daily domestical arguements that darkened the mood…

    In all honesty , the way i could lock myself off has saved my sanity i think ( * No , you hope , fruitlessly...crazy fool). Still roaming at this age , still unable to read i came across to the Roodbaard , Redbeard comics . A property of my nephews who had a lot of comics ,but they never took care of them. i liked to look at the scenes which i glued a different story upon since i couldn't read back then…

    My Mother , who had discovered my love for Piratism ,had a marvellous idea , that went...wrongly a little bit.She loved history but knew nothing about Pirates , sadly... In my country you have the tradition of Sinterklaas or Saint-Nicolas as you would call this Holy Man...
    Children try to behave at their best in the months before he comes along. The better you behaved , the more gifts the Good Man would push through the chimney. He was a very old man but had a lot of help from his Black Pete's. Before you stand on yer hindlegs and acuse me from being a rascist ,i will explain the Origin of Black Pete. Black Pete was a cuacasian man or mutiple man , that dove in the chimneys of the children's parents houses in order to put the gifts in front of the fireplace...He took the carrot and the turnip for Saint-Nicolas his horse back up...After doing a few chimneys he became chimneydust black...That's where " Black" Pete is coming from…
    But back to my story then...i woke up on 6th december , Saint -Nicolas day, the most important day for children untill yer Parents dear , tell you one day it is all a hoax and it's the Parents that put it all there...That day , that comes to all my countrymen's Children, is a day where many ChildrenHearts get broken…
    But Saint Nicolas had dropped a Pirateship off for me ...but …"the Pirate" ship wasn't a Pirateship , it was a Vikingship? My Mother ,sadly , didn't knew the difference and had bought a Vikingship from a Playmobil copying company that is already long gone...But that didn't dampen my Pirate spirit , many ,many hundreds of adventures did i had together and thanks to my Plastic Friends , aaah those memories , it still brings a smile to my old mug ( * and a tear too it seems, crybaby).

    Much later , already grownup and scarred by real life , you know the feel , like your life just passes by while you stand in the Line of Life towards it's end amongst the other zombies , an old game called Seadogs passed by.

    For those days , it was graphicly splendid and played a bit like that other cultepisode from assassin's Creed 's Black Flag...An old Love was giving Fire of Life again and the embers of then , became a roaring Fire of yearning and Love for the Pirates Life.
    A few good Pirate games enlighted the Long years before the Pirate's Revelation that was to come around 2016...Tropico two , Pirate's Cove was another game that kept me busy for a long time. Sadly it was a islandmanager , in which the plunderjourneys were fought outside the screen...

    But all this yearnings towards the years of Childish reenactment would soon become 2016 , Old george was surfing the internet while being bored , ( * he was so bored that he uttered his boredom at loud and two little rocks in the garden started to a fight to death in which death would mean a liberating escape from his nagging voice...ts ts tsss, moron), i suddenly came across of something called Sea of Thieves…

    i was a realistic graphic lover back then , so you could see my eyebrows frowns within the first minute...The trailer started with someone who came out of a Cavern looked around ,in which indie game like trees were visable, an impaled indie looking skeleton , and i feared that this was just a 13th in a dozen game...untill...a very detailed young cartoony female Pirate figure crossed my screen...The gamecharacter follows her towards a shore where a massive galleon was waiting for her , or so it seemed...Hmm, i remember hearing me say: " This doesn't look that bad...". but then something strange caught me eye...The Water...That Water was ...alive and realistic and didn't seemed to fit in that cartoony, and indie game style…

    i swiped away , but the seed was planted , a few months later i tried to recall the name of this game and after a few unsuccesfull attemps , i have a bad memorysystem ( * Yeah ,blame it on us , dumbo, you should never have falled that deep five years ago...moron) but Mr Google had found what i was looking for …

    i found this Forum and then i met my Personal Jezus in the shape of Mister Chapman and his sidekick , the Shenenigan Mr Joe Neate , who both explained in their own personal style what Sea of Thieves was and what lied underneath those beautiful ,livelike , waterwaves....and the rest ...well , that's history …
    i have and still have numerous edventures with my own crew and Random Pirates in which we try to spread the real reason for this game while being set in one of the most beautiful , Childdreamed settings i could only wish for, back in the days that dinosaurs still passed my bedroomwindow….

    So that was in short ( * IN SHORT?????? Are ye out of yer mind , call the paramedics , a few tens of New Pirates have fallen in a comateuz slumber, you idiot ...You have killed and stilled them...moron) how i became in Love with Piratism and of course this Beautiful Game...

    So i ask this to you as well, maybe you have time to tell us our story and grant me the favour of getting to know you a bit better , please…

    Oh, one more thing , i dedicate this question to the one who , years ago, came up with it ...This one is for you Captn Jaq , because i miss your Writingstyle , yer Positivity and Yourself as well...i cant' carry Your Flame of Positivity as i'm not that shiner like you once was but i'm holding up the torch towards he or she who wants to proceed with yer Positive Work of Old....

    An Old Man walks away towards his Sloop...He looks back to the beach of a small Island where a Bloodred Flame is waiting to return of Missing Captn. Jaq or her Successor...He Mumbles: " May your Flame warm my Old Shadowy Heart because , it never liked the Darkness which was induced there by the Elders...I'm missing you Captn . May yer Warming Flame inspire the New to spread thy message ...i'm too old and too cold to take this task upon me ...He turns around and walks towards his old Sloop...A tear drops on the sandy beach and reflects a rising sun...It is time for a New Adventure ...Maybe , it's time to catch me a sketchbook or two never know if there is a new Story awaiting on the Horizon...
    A sail dissapears from sight but a Torch, an Everburning One , is still awaiting the Old or New soon the be Torchbearer...

  • My husband and I play this when we can. Usually in the evenings for a couple of hours. He is LtLemon and I’m MrsLtLemon. This is the only game I’m mostly good at (I’m NOT a gamer. Lol). We are currently looking for someone to play with that is Athena level. We are slowly getting there but we can’t complete some challenges without having some one at that level play with us. We live in Indiana and like I said, we usually get on later in the evening. So if somebody would like to be our buddy from time to time, hit me up here. We love to joke around and have fun. I promise it won’t be a dull moment! ![alt text](

    • image url)

  • Hi there, i have taken several breaks throughout my journey on the seas. Through my time here I have met a plethora of friends in between the shroud. I look forward to meeting more great people.

  • Add: WildmanJenkins and lets get making some money and completing voyages together. Been playing a few weeks now and need a solid crew. Add me up don't delay. The seas await. Up for playing arena too ✌️

  • Hello there fellow pirates!

    Despite being a member of the forum for a while, I realised I hadn't created an introduction post. My name is Darren, I have been playing since June 2018 and I am a Pirate Legend (Athena 10). It's great to be finally saying hello, and I look forward to meeting many of you here on the forum. Sea of Thieves has become more than just a regular video game for me, it has been an opportunity to meet new friends and create adventures together. It's also been the answer to a lot of my personal struggles that have been affecting my life, and I have been lucky to meet people who have listened, advised and supported me when I couldn't do so to others.

    I don't consider myself remotely special, and my only claim to fame with the game is that I was a runner-up in the Forsaken Challenge contest with a cover of The Devil's Roar trailer music, with accompanying video. I provided the vocals, video and concept, while my long time friend Samuel Lidström provided the arrangement and sound design. The response and feedback I received was hugely rewarding, and I am incredibly thankful to the many people who shared it around and supported it (Crow's Nest, FrostE, Captain Falcore, to name but a few).

    I have also been very fortunate to sail with a wide range of different pirates. I already recognise a few of those names here on the forum, so it'd be great to connect with some of you again!

    I am also aware that members of the Sea of Thieves development team read these forum posts, so this part of my introduction is specifically for you. I have seen how passionate and communicative you are to your game and community. I have been impressed by how you highlight the achievements of your team, such as Robin's Ivor Novello Award and Shelly's promotion. You have placed a spotlight on the hard working individuals behind the game, and that's something very special. Even more impressive is your company ethos, and how you value good working conditions and the importance of the team's wellbeing. It's been wonderful to see Rare set this standard that every other company should be following. So allow me to say thank you for that. Thank you for treating your team, your community and your game with such a high level of love and support.

    For the reasons above, Sea of Thieves continues to be a significant part of my life, and it will hopefully be a community I can become a bigger part of in the months and years to come!

    alt text

  • Heyo hayley here, Played this on day 1 then went away so I'm rusty and lost. I'm happy to help with anything i just have to learn. Kinda tired of joining a random group then being put in the brig before i can do anything ^^, Looking for a pc/discord crew cause xbl app doesn't like my mic ^^,



    Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception, TPC has grown to form a larger coalition of many organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a common passion for the game.

    As of 2019, The Pirate Council is the single largest coalition of communities, with the leadership groups and content creators of 20+ communities representing the voices of 70,000+ Sea of Thieves users. With a growing collection of boatswains, deckhands, streamers, content creators, wiki coordinators, sot partners, record breakers, speed runners, PvE adventurers and PvP powerhouses from around the world, you're bound to get what you're looking for within this initiative.

    The TPC presents a united front providing events, knowledge and assistance to the Sea of Thieves community. With people from around the world bringing different perspectives, skills and insight, we believe that we can influence the tides and bring a positive and impactful experience for our own community members and the larger Sea of Thieves Community.

    General goals are to better the community through interaction with each other, create a forum to assist other communities and showcasing positive PvP/PvE events that we hold (like En Garde, Skull Ball, Race of Legends) as well as our public outreach on Social Media and the Sea of Thieves Forum.


    Our vision is to unite as many communities as possible under one name while maintaining a group of respectful, honorable, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of professionalism within The Pirate Council. These individual representatives will work within the alliance, using our discord server to communicate and work with each other to meet our combined goals of development or community behavior and events.

    This collaborative effort extends to all communities, with our considerable resources available to help in the creation of events, charities, graphic design and other Sea of Thieves related content. It will be a priority to ensure that our allied community is a safe and entertaining place to be competitive and support member’s endeavors both in public outreach and community events.


    We the community leaders of the Sea of Thieves, in order to establish a method of communication between all fleets and communities free from any bias, promote the general welfare of both the game and its community in a healthy, positive and respectful manner; and adhere to the very principle of equality between all. The members of the Pirate Council, are committed to excellence in providing a positive impact on the Sea of Thieves community through our PvP/PvE events using multi-fleet/individual cooperation, our public outreach on the Sea of Thieves forum, as well as our Social Media Platforms.

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    Blackwater Buccaneers
    Dads Pirates
    Dread Pirates (DreadPirate Doug)
    Ellisisbeast (Shoutcaster)
    Fleet of Assassins
    Iron Fleet
    Kingdom of Eoland
    Krotukk & The Jolly Badgers
    L'Arche Du Grog
    Old Salts
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    Are you a streamer or do you represent group interested in joining The Pirate Council? Please leave us a message below with some information about you, and we will be in touch with you.

  • ..... but I have to say howdy to all you good mates/pirates! I'm an ol' school Cowboy Pirate that so far has had nothing but great fun in this game and unfortunately some bad times with the PC hackers and please don't question my opening introduction... I'm just very frustrated with them, I know the difference. I was trying to play the arena part of the game and was having great fun until nothing would work with my controller. I'll figure it out... thanks for reading my post and thank you for killing and robbing me in the future... if you haven't already... aimbot or not... yea I'm very verbal in this world, having been a beta tester for many years will bring that out, but anyway, peace and may you dig up the experience you so deserve.! I'm probably making a lot of enemies with this post... but at least it's honest as an Ol' Cowboy Pirate can be!! ;)
    alt text

  • Ahoy! My Name Is Nith!

    I've come to the Sea of Thieves to discover kindred spirits and friends waiting to be made.

    Me interests consist of rum, grog, constellations, salt, grog, rum, cards, whiskey, swords, guns, whiskey and grog.

  • Hey everyone!
    My name is Souslik, 23 yo and currently studying bioengineering.
    I'm looking for a Discord (or create one why not) with a close community, a small one to be specific (this means no 1500++++ members).
    I started SoT a month ago and still haven't found the perfect Discord. I think I'm pretty decent a the game and I have 25 rep in all 3 factions, 15 in fishy fish and 14 in Arena.
    See you soon!

  • First of all, my name is Umut, it means 'Hope' in english. I'm sailing to the seas from Istanbul/Turkey and I'm nineteen years old. Also I'm leading a hunting shop. My hobbies are playing some cool games, hunting,fishing and shooting with my own guns to get out of stress.

    If you're looking for a cool teammate then I'd be the best choice for you!
    Nice to meet you pirates, cya in sea!

  • Hey Guys, ToraxOutlaw here.

    I'm a new Mixer streamer, former Twitch streamer.

    My pirate is a former Royal Marine, who lost an eye, leg and arm battling the Spanish to ensure British lands remained in the hands of the King.

    Anyone interested in helping me grind commendations and voyages to hit that sweet Pirate Legend, just hit me up on Xbox and drop me a message.

    I look forward to any of you of join my voyages.

  • Ahoy to all who came across this shore !

    BKT, that' my name ! I'm a experience sailor, and a fierce driker. i'm eager to find a crew to roam the sea of thieves and seek fortune ! I'm fluent in french and english, and more than happy to share adventure with you.

  • My name is Zombie Scown and I know my way around the ships and some lands. Been playing this game since closed beta and have been happy to see that the game is growing ever more exciting.

    I do well in a crew and enjoy a good adventure all around. If you happen to see me in a sloop alone don't be afraid to say hi and perhaps maybe we can team up.

    Pleasure to meet you all.