• Good morning Mates,
    Names Captain P and I am the captain of my pride and joys in SoT, the Singing Parrot(Sloop),the Squaking Parrot (Brig) and very soon the newest member of the fleet the Captain Caw (Gally). I have been playing sea of thieves for roughly 3 years on and off. Namely with the new seasons. I am always excited to sail with new players or anyone who is willing to have me there. I am specialized in a couple areas below.

    1. Helmsman: I am very good at dodging trouble (or getting into trouble if you want) and very good at dodging cannons and the sort.
    2. Cannoneer: I am a pretty decent shot at the right speeds, even high speeds and long distance I am pretty good at. I trained and trained at the various forts and strongholds to work on aim and solo on the parrot.
    3. Vaults: I can get you there with minimal map pieces and out with tons of loot.

    I am very friendly and usually do not have a mic, but am very happy to get on mic and help anyone with something they are unfamiliar with. I am NOT a pirate legend yet, but I think thats okay because Sea of Thieves is not about grind.. its about the experience. Though I do love the vaults and the order of souls captain lines. I am new to the forum, but not new to the game. I hope to one day become a deckhand and maybe pirate legend, If you wish to add me and you are newer I can help, if your seasoned and just want a companion, I am also here. I game namely in the evenings. The Parrot is open to anyone who enjoys adventure and I am available to anyone who needs me.

    • Captain P (RetroNukem13)
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