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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Does anyone have any tips for lining up the shot to cannon up to the beacon on the Crooked Masts? I've been at it for a solid 20 minutes and no matter how close I get and readjust, I just bounce off the rock and fly away.

    Honestly, I love achievement hunting in games but this one is incredibly stupid. One of the least fun experiences I've had so far.

  • I managed this with a sloop this morning and it was fairly straight forward after a bit of thinking things through. Here are some tips for someone who might want to try this.

    1- I started my voyage with a sloop in Private(locked) mode. I've had too many instances where a brand new person joins my ship and sails it off into rocks or fires all my cannon balls. I'm still trying to understand the logic, but whatever. You wouldn't start a job at Burger King and immediately throw everything you see into the fryer!!! Why are you doing it on my boat?!
    I want as much control over the venture as possible.

    2- I stocked up on all the cannon balls, planks, and bananas I could. I hit up the started island, and the first nearest island. Bananas and planks are important here.

    *Bananas* = 50 if you are a pretty terrible player (don't worry, we all sucked at some point) 20 if you know how to stay out of fire.
    *Planks* = 20-30. Expect to get a hit a few times. It's going to happen.
    *Cannon Balls* = 30-40. More if you are going to actively use your cannon to make kills. My strategy puts you too close to really use it effectively.

    3- I found a skull fort up on the server and sailed to it. Now here is the kicker, you need to get as close as possible to the fort, but (and I've tested this), when a ship (any ship) gets close to the island, it was auto-spawn skellies at a few of the cannons. You WILL be fired upon. So, coasting in with your sail up is highly unadvised. Roll in with full sail and slam down the anchor as close to the dock as you can.

    Make your ship as friendly as your can! I usually put on a black sail with a front end. Not sure what they are called off hand, but the lion looking thing. Then fly a white flag at the top. This will give players coming into the island an assumption that you know what you are doing and are not looking to fight. This doesn't always work, but it beats flying a pirate flag, which instantly tells me they are aggressive and to stay away or kill them on site.

    4- Ok, you are stopped close to the dock now. If anything is firing at you, repair and wait till the cannons stop. When they do, RUN to the skelly firing at you and kill them. Your job right now is to make sure your boat is safe before you proceed.
    Remember where that cannon that was firing at you is. You will need to keep an eye out for it, because you WILL have to take care of the skelly when it respawns. When it does, drop everything and kill it. #1 thing is to keep your boat alive, without it, you will fail. It will be your respawn point.
    Put up your sails and de-anchor your boat. this way you and swivel the boat and fire your cannons if needed. Also, it gives you a quick get-the-hell-out move if another ship comes in being aggressive.

    (((At any time someone else could come and try to claim the island. Usually, I find the Galleons do this the most. Make sure you state as soon as they are within communication distance, that you are friendly and will help them as long as treasure is divided up. Solo fighting multiple people at a skelly fort is a death-wish no matter how good you are... the entire map knows where that island is, so they will be back to take revenge and, most likely, your loot.)))

    5- Now, when you first get on the island, ignore the skellies as much as possible and look for explosive barrels, set these outside the walls. If you need one later, grab it and run back in. You don't want random explosions to detonate 2-3 other barrels that you could have used. Also, look through the item barrels, taking notes of where bananas are. You don't want to run back to your ship every 2 minutes to get them, use what's on the island first. Keep an eye out for ammo crates. Make sure you have a plan to access them if things get out of hand.

    6- Ok, now comes the interesting part... the waves of skellies.

    Standard Skeletons (no weapons) - these usually spawn in a massive group of 12 or so. They are fast and numerous so you have to group them up first. Kite them around (run around the outside of the group to group them together), then each sword swing will hit multiple. While you swing, move backwards and side to side. Always try to keep the group in front of you. If the skellies start spreading out, run around the outside and group them up again. Rinse and repeat.

    Leafy Skeletons - These will regenerate like crazy in the water (even in an inch), so keep them on dry land. You can tell they are regenerating when you see teal/blue-green floaties coming off the skelly. A few will have weapons. Take out the weapon skellies based on weapon type:

    A) Sniper rifle skellies = These are your first priority. They hit from and distance and hit hard. 
    B) Pistol skellies = These are your 2nd priority. Their attacks become very inaccurate at a reasonable distance.
    C) Blunderbuss (shotgun) skellies = Your last priority. These will need to get close to you to do damage and it's very easy to outrun them.

    For most of the weapon skellies, I run them close to the dock and jump in my boat, using the side-wall for cover. I pop out and slowly kill off the weapon skellies. Once all gun-skellies are dead, I run down and hack-n-slash the rest until clear.

    Shadow Skeletons - These are annoying, but there are a few tricks. If it's night, you will have to use your lantern (held high) to stun them and make them vulnerable to your attacks for a short amount of time. Try to make sure it's daylight when fighting them - that's the easy way, but not always possible. Same as the leafy skellies, hit the ones with guns from your ship to kill, then run down and kill the rest.

    Golden/Metal Skellies - There is a good trick to these guys and they are definitely not the worst if you know how to handle them. They become weak in water. Good thing there is usually a shallow water pool in the center of the skelly forts! I put one of the explosive barrels in the center of that pond. Then, I lead the skellies through it (when they hit water they slow down to something like 10% of their original speed). Once they are around that, I detonate it, killing most of the skellies. IF you do not have any barrels, simply run the skellies into the pond and fire at them (guns first) from a distance, while close to an ammo box.

    The waves you get will be random so I have no idea which ones you will get. But a good rule of thumb is to carry, at all times, at least 3 bananas and keep your health 3/4 full. If you die, you are wasting time that could be used killing skellies. You are against the clock at all times. The clock being other players rolling up and taking your stuff.

    Your strategy should be very defensive. Only engage when you are sure you will come out on top. From the moment you get near the island, you are setting yourself up to win. Getting the boat close and at a certain angle, setting explosive barrels for use later, identifying key resources (bananas/ammo), and controlling the skellies when they spawn.

    After every wave, or even in the middle of, hop on a high point on the island and scan the horizon for any ships. If you see one that is near-ish or coming your way, drop everything and head to your boat. Set yourself up for the fastest getaway you can make if things go sour. Watch them and see what the other ships does. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

    Never trust anyone! I've learned that voice chat goes a long way. It's NOT WHAT they say, it's HOW they say it that will give you clues to their intentions. The younger the voice sounds, the less trust I put on them. Sad, but true for the most part. Grown-A*s people tend to understand that working as a team gets you good stuff. Teens tend to want to PvP much more and don't care much on what it costs them (very much the true pirate strategy). There are outliers, but from what I've experienced, this is mostly true.

    Ok, so you killed all the waves and the final boss spawns. Kill it- usually the easiest part of all of this. Now you are done killing skellies.
    Grab the key the boss drops and open the door under the main "fortification area". It looks like a door that leads to the basement. Open that door and your riches await. BUT ITS NOT OVER! Other players may still be coming. And when that skull cloud disappears, other players now know it will take you some time to get everything from the treasure room to your ship. You are now a viable target. Sooo, you have to prioritize things again.

    Here is what you want to grab:

    1- Is there a faction you REALLY need? Grab those items first.
    2- Skull Fort Chest, Skull Fort Skull, and Gem Chest should be your priorities. Get those to your ship ASAP! On your way to your ship and the way back, check the horizon for other ships. Be paranoid. I'd rather be paranoid and leave half the treasure there than get sunk and lose it all. 
    3- Everything else. At this point I load up on everything else till I have it all. 

    Now, the final journey to sell. Are there ships in the area? If yes, go to different port. You have a lot to sell and that takes time. Find an outpost that looks vacant...then... still be paranoid! Keeping your head on a swivel will save your butt more times than not when you are going it solo.

    You are the mouse, so be smart about it. Don't give anyone else the chance to get you unprepared. If they chase you, just keep running. They will loose steam. (Even better, run them by other parked ships), people are usually out for the easiest kill. Make it hard for them and they will find someone else.

    At the end of it all, it's really gratifying to solo a Skull Fort. It makes you feel like a b****s. Just don't get discouraged if you get 1/2 way through and someone takes it. Soloing a skull fort really takes some luck to be alone long enough to do it. Patience is key.

    Good luck out there and if you see me, I'll split the fort with ya!

  • Serious question .. why do we have the alliance flag? I just worked my skinny little A*s off on Fletcher rest for a beautiful captains chest .. i get on my ship and start sailing just as another ship comes in..pulls up beside me with their alliance flag, I let them on and BOOM I'm dead, ship sinking and chest gone!!! If u raise the alliance flag u should not b aloud to shoot first!!! I'm gonna stop playing soon cause it's getting really frustrating and boring!!! I set off I get treasure it gets stolen .. repeat! .. plz do something!!!!!

  • Cargo runs once you have to deliver it to an outpost you have to find out which Npc to deliver it soon this is usually struggle with most people going from shop the shop in hopes to find. This a helpful way of helping me cut down time at Outpost searching for Who to deliver to the cargo to. All the shopkeepers follow the same pattern with their names. No matter which Outpost it is the first letter of the name is the same for every Outpost for the same shop keeps.

    0 - order of souls
    H - gold hoarder
    M - Merchant Alliance
    S - shipwright
    C - clothing
    W - weapons
    Male T - equipment
    Female T - Tavern.

    So there's time to do a new cargo runs and you have to go to an outpost just look at the first letter of the name and you'll be able to find out exactly where it goes

  • Just realised I haven't looked closely at these items. Are they or will they be available for sale at outposts or sea posts?
    If you don't purchase an item in the previous promotion tier before moving onto the next tier, will you be unable to buy them ever?

  • Just tested the damage of some weapons by myself because I couldn't find any current datas.
    Cutlass normal swing: 20%
    Pistol: 50%
    Eye of Reach: 80%
    Blunderbuss and charged Cutlass swing are missing. The datas above are only valid in case there is no random variance in the damage output.

  • Flames of Fate

    Below you will find out how to acquire all the colors for your lantern.


    Death by Shark


    Death by Poison


    Death by Skeleton


    Death by Lightning


    Death by Volcano


    Death by Player

  • alt text

    Welcome, new players,

    In the tutorial that will follow, we will discuss about the ins and outs of Sea of Thieves. By that, I don’t mean just getting from point A to point B or shooting down an enemy. We will go in depth about strategies, combat, ship mechanics, voyages and so on. A quick note though; what’s about to follow is based on hundreds of hours of gameplay. I am an experienced captain, but I am far from perfect, for I am still learning myself.


    First and foremost, prepare yourself for the journey at hand. I know you’re eager to set sail and all that but take some time to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game. Look inside your inventory, and see what weapons you have at your disposal, what items you can use.
    alt text

    Progression System

    alt text
    At this moment, the only Trading Companies are the Gold Hoarder Company, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance. Through them, you can acquire voyages, which reward you with gold and reputation. By advancing your reputation level with these Companies, you'll unlock better paying and more challenging quests, but also better-looking cosmetics. Upon purchasing a contract with any of them, you will have to return to your ship and propose and vote on the contract acquired. This is done at the Voyage Table.

    • Gold Hoarder - This NPC lives in a small green tent, usually in the middle of the Outposts. You can easily identify him by his clothes and the glistening gold on his body. Upon talking with him and accepting his voyages, you'll be given two types of maps: "X marks the spot" and "Riddles". For the first one you'll have a map with an island on it. Your job is to identify that island on the word map on your ship and sail to it. Upon arrival, you'll need to find the red "X" on the actual island and dig up the treasure. For the second type of voyage, the "Riddle", you will be given a scroll with a hint on it, followed by several blurred lines. The first sentence is always going to reveal the location to which you need to sail. Upon arrival, you will have to perform certain tasks to unlock the next stage of your riddle. Such tasks can be playing your instrument at a location, shining light upon a landmark, etc. Once you have finished the voyage, you will need to return with the chests to the Gold Hoarder. Upon selling them to him, he will reward you with gold and reputation.
    • Order of Souls - This NPC usually resides under the "Potion Shop". She lives in a dark colored tent, dressed in grim clothes. She delves in mystical arts, in the magical side of the world of Sea of Thieves. She will send you on a journey to defeat a cursed pirate crew (NPC) and bring back to her their captain's skull. You will receive a scroll that will tell you who you need to defeat and where. The same as with the Gold Hoarder, you will have to identify the island and sail to it. Upon arrival, you will have to search the land for the skeleton crew. You will be able to tell if you're getting closer to them when you'll hear a fast-paced music intensifying. Skeletons of different types will spawn in waves until the Captain will appear. Once you've defeated the encounter you will have to return to an outpost and sell the skull to the NPC for gold and reputation.
    • Merchant Alliance - The last but not least Company is the one that will send you on journeys to collect different things. This NPC always resides on the dock, near the Shipwright. They will provide you with contracts to acquire animals (pigs, chickens, snakes), explosive barrels, crates of supplies, etc. and deliver these to another Outpost. Upon accepting their task, you will be given a scroll with the Outpost that you need to deliver the goods, the required goods and the amount of time you have to do it. You will haev to get the cages from the NPC and sail to different islands in order to fill the cages with the goods. Once you have everything you need, you will sail to the designated Outpost and sell the crates to the Merchant of that establishment for gold and reputation. An alternative to merchant contracts is the Cargo Runs. Same as with the normal merchant quests you will have to acquire the contract from the Merchant NPC. You will be instructed to pick up a certain amount of goods (crates of rum bottles, crates of cloth and plants) from a specific NPC and deliver them elsewhere in the best condition possible as they can be damaged on route.


    • Banana: The fruit of life; no, literally, this fruit will replenish your health when you eat it. You can have a maximum of 5 on you.
    • Cannonball: The ammunition for your cannons. You can have a maximum of 10 on you.
    • Plank: The wooden plank is used to patch up holes, when your ship is taking damage. It will prevent water from infiltrating below your deck. You can have a maximum of 5 planks on you.
    • Tankard: When life is hard, or you can’t keep your lips off of alcohol, the tankard is your friend. Taste the fine, ish grog but keep in mind not to drink while sailing.
    • Shovel: Dig, dig, dig…basically. The perfect tool for digging up treasure.
    • Lantern: When darkness slowly creeps on you, shine a light. Or, use it when a riddle tells you to.
    • Bucket: When taking water, your second-best friend is the bucket. Use it wisely to bail water from below the deck or fill up other ships.
    • Compass: “We need to go left!”, “No, we need to go right!”. Well, the compass is the right tool to guide yourself where needed.
    • Concertina: A lovely, romantic instrument meant to win the heart of any lass out there.
    • Hurdy Gurdy: A more “bassy” instrument that will make your lass tremble.
    • Blunderbuss: A big and dangerous weapon, designed to make people cry from close range.
    • Cutlass: A pointy fast blade made for slicing ham.
    • Pistol: Point and shoot. You don’t need anything else to do with it.
    • Eye of Reach: Just a cracked spyglass that shoots people from a distance.
    • Spyglass: I see with my little eye, a …SHIP!
    • Cursed Cannonballs: Did someone look at you in a wrong way?! Time to curse them a bit!
    • Pocket Watch: It’s “time” to move to the next part of the tutorial as long as you’ve handed in the merchant contract on time.


    Next on our agenda, resources; Never leave an island without scavenging every single resource there is on there. You’ll find bananas, planks, cannonballs, cursed cannonballs, the essential things for you and your ship. I have a saying, when it comes to resources: You can never have enough! So, keep that in mind when you’re on islands, for a battle can last for even more than an hour.


    Now comes the good part, ships; I know that your first impulse would be to drop some sail and just fool around at the helm, but I beg you to hold your pants for a few minutes. Let’s get to know the ship that you have.


    This small ship is designed in such a way to be easily operated by one or two people. She is equipped with one sail, making it less fast but more maneuverable. Behind the helm you will find the anchor and the ropes for setting the length and angle of the sail, placed at the sides of the ship. Due to its design, everything is easier and faster, from dropping and lowering the anchor, to setting sail.

    As you walk down the stairs, from the helm, you will find two red barrels at the port side of the ship. These are storage containers for the cannonballs. At the back of the vessel, you will come across the word map, from which you can plan your next journey. Walking towards the stairs that lead below, you will find the ammunitions box for your weapons, to the starboard side.

    Going below deck, to the port side, you will find the brig, a small one by one cage where the trouble makers are sent to rot for the rest of their days, or until they apologize. Next to it, you will find the elixir of life, known as the barrel to refill your tankard with grog. In the middle, you will stumble upon the storage barrel for your planks. Along the port side you will find the clothing chest, vanity chest and equipment chest. Last but not least, on the starboard side, lays the barrel for your little yellow friends, the bananas.

    Before you set sail, you need to check the world map and determine the direction in which you need to go. After having that clear, you want to raise the anchor and slowly turn the ship in the correct way. Once that’s done, check the wind and angle your sail to match its direction. Now, all you must do is drop your sail.
    Steering involves tenderness, knowing how to treat her (your ship). Turn her smoothly, and she will reward you by keeping you afloat. In comparison to the big ships, the sloop is more agile, takes turns faster and more aggressive and for that, you will need to get used to her. For example, when trying to center the ship after a full starboard move, you will want to go a bit port side with the wheel and afterwards bring it to a neutral position (you can tell if the ship’s wheel is centered when you hear an audio que and the golden spoke is facing up). If you bring it directly to a neutral position, you will notice that the ship will still move a notch towards starboard.
    It's important to keep in mind that the sloop is the fastest ship while going against wind.
    When it comes to parking, you shouldn’t go full sail and just drop the anchor, while hitting the shoreline. As you approach the island, start raising the sail slowly. This way, you will glide the ship in, not ram her in. Be aware of the depth of the water and when you believe you’re close enough, drop the anchor. (it will take a few tries till you’ll manage not to hit the shoreline). Now, it’s time to ready your ship by making sure that the sail is fully risen, and your anchor is up.
    By having the anchor up, you will be able to maneuver the ship left and right, without moving forward or make a quick getaway. Before leaving the ship, make sure you empty your inventory, so you can have space for new resources.

    With a sloop, fighting can be tricky. This is not a powerful nor fast ship; it’s strong points are the size and maneuverability. With this in mind, you need to use your wits in order to survive in a fight. Use your environment to your advantage, go places where a Galleon or a Brigantine cannot fit. Go in forts, using it as a “safe heaven”, though be quick on repairs when approaching one. Never “sit” at the side of a Galleon or a Brigantine; drop anchor and use the speed of the aforementioned ship to your advantage. Use the time in which they will turn around to make your quick retreat. Remember, the Sloop operates faster in every mechanic, from steering, to angling sails and raising the anchor and sailing it against wind will keep you ahead of your enemy.


    Let us start with the upper deck, at the wheel. Behind it, you will find the angle and length ropes for the back sails; moving down on the stairs you will stumble upon the ropes for the middle sail, the ladders that allows you to get on and off the ship and 4 cannons on each side of the ship. Looking behind, towards the back of the vessel, you can see the captain’s quarters where captain stuff happens. At the middle, you will find the ladder that leads to the crow’s nest and moving to the front of the ship, you will play with the ropes for the front sail and with the anchor, situated in between them.
    Going below deck, in front of you is the table with the world map and on the right side you can see the same elixir of life, the barrel to refill your tankard with grog. Next to it, the barrel of bananas. Beyond the world map table, in the left corner, 3 barrels for cannonballs wait silently, each being able to eat 100 ammunitions. Next to them, a big wooden barrel to hold your planks. In the other side, past the world map table and the stairs, you will find the box of ammunition for your weapons and to its left, the equipment, clothing and vanity chests. On the lower deck, awaits all of you naughty boys and girls, the brig; so, you better not misbehave.

    Before you set sail, you need to check the world map and determine the direction in which you need to go. After having that clear, you want to raise the anchor and slowly turn the ship in the correct way. Once that’s done, check the wind and angle your sails to match its direction. Now, all you must do is drop your sails. Sounds familiar, right?
    Now, that you already know what you’re doing, keep her with the wind in her sails and everything will be perfect. In comparison to her little sloop sister, the galleon is slower and bulkier in terms of maneuverability. Try avoiding making sharp, rash turns for she doesn’t really like this rough play. Think first, be one step ahead of your ship and the sea when it comes to steering, for the wheel spins more, taking more time to make a maneuver.
    One crucial difference between the galleon and the sloop is the visibility. You will have your main and front sail in your face the whole time, unless you tell your crew members to raise them a bit, so you can see. An alternative would be to have someone constantly shout at you to watch where you’re sailing, basically guiding you on the sea. My advice would be to raise the sails a bit, if you’re not chasing anyone and the treasure won’t dig itself out of the ground and start running around. With this big ship is even more important to fully raise the middle and front sail when approaching an island and the order in which you’re doing it matters. The middle sail gives you more speed and that’s the one you wish to get rid of first.
    Once anchored at an island, your job will be to take care of your big princess. Start checking her sails, making sure that every single one of them is fully risen. Raise the anchor and wiggle the ship around, based on your needs. Make sure to check your storages, letting your crew know what the ship lacks. Keep an eye out at all times for other vessels.
    The biggest challenge with a big ship is communication. I can’t emphasize how important is to properly communicate with your crew. Let them know what you need, as you sail, guide them towards where and what they need to do and eventually they will start knowing your behavior and act on it, on their own.

    Big ship, big guns, big challenge. Being successful in combat can be a real pain, even for the most experienced sailors out there. Before engaging into a fight, establish certain roles and instruct your crew what to do, based on the situation at hand. Keep the sails angled at all times, cause failure to do so will result in not even entering or exiting a fight. What’s the point of firing a cannon if you can’t keep up with the enemy ship?
    You don’t need full sails when fighting a ship though, especially if it’s a sloop. Against that little rascal, you need maneuverability and not speed; less sails equals more maneuverability. Agree between yourselves who will go below and perform repairs when taking fire, while the other two crew members stay on the guns. It’s really important to repair your ship at all times, never forget that. Again, the key to a successful fight is an efficient communication.


    The Brigantine has a unique design, a different one from both the galleon and the sloop. It is a vessel equipped with two sails, one in the back and another one at the middle. The anchor is placed in front of the ship and we can find two cannons on each side of her.
    Going below deck, you will find the captain’s quarters at the back of the ship, with the voyage table. Walking towards the front, right in the middle you will find the barrel for planks followed by the brig and the map, which is all the way in front of the ship. On the port side you’ll be able to access the cannonball containers, the equipment, clothing and vanity chests while on the starboard side you’ll find the ammunition box and the barrel of bananas.

    Want to have a race? Then, the brigantine is your best bet. She is the fastest of them all, but speed is not always the answer. Because of her clunky maneuverability you will have to plan ahead each turn in order not to crash. Same as with the galleon, the brigantine has a visibility problem due to the middle sail and my advice is to keep it a bit raised. With the brigantine you need to be a lot quicker when it comes with angling the sails, dropping the anchor, etc. because of her speed.

    The brigantine is considered a middle-class ship when it comes to fighting. You and your other two crewmates will have to work together even more than on the galleon if you wish to stay afloat. You will have to decide who’s going to repair, to steer, to fire and so on. Use the speed of the brigantine to your advantage. Keep your distance and move around in order to land hits and make it hard for the enemy to hit you back. It’s important to realize that the brigy has only one lower deck and it can fill up with water really fast.


    The Rowboat is a … boat for rowing. Well, there’s not much to say about it except that it can carry up to 4 pirates, one in the back, two in the middle and one on the oars.

    The trickiest part is to use your hands simultaneously in order to move forward and to use the correct oar to steer left and right. It can move surprisingly fast and it’s ideal to use if you want to squeeze in tight or awkward place. One important aspect would be to always remember where you left your ship so that you can row back to it from the island!

    As the saying goes, “the sea is the limit!” or something like that. Fill it up with kegs and crush into a ship or engage into sneaky combat. Be creative!


    I know I’ve stated this already, several times, but communication is the key to success. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a microphone or non-verbal communication, talk with your crew. Bond together, for this bond can and will save your life out there, on the sea. Don’t criticize someone when they do a mistake; help them understand what they did wrong, for you may never know when your time to “f” things up comes. Thus, treat your crew the same way you want them to treat you.

    General Navigation Tips

    No matter what type of ship you’re sailing, certain rules are universal.
    • Stay with the wind as much as you can and keep the sails angled at all times.
    • Start raising the sails as you approach your destination.
    • Ready your ship after anchoring; check that the sails are up, raise the anchor, turn the ship accordingly and angle the sails.

    General Combat Tips

    As with navigation, there are also certain universal rules for combat.
    • Wait for the enemy ship to be above the wave.
    • Only shoot if you are sure you can hit; do not waste ammo.
    • Do not make a turn before your enemy; keep an eye on their sails, for when they are changing the angle, it will give out their intention.
    • Power is not always the answer, use your brain at all times. Outsmart your opponent if you wish to win.
    • It’s never a shame to make a tactical retreat if you see that the battle is not going in your favor. Live to fight another day.
    • Do not engage into a fight that you cannot win; if you are low on resources, stay clear.
    • If all things fail, parley. You’ll be surprised how effective communication can be, even with enemies.


    I think it’s clear that you are not allowed to be a “d” to other players and the picture above elaborates on that. One thing I care to add is to have a moral compass, adhere and respect everyone, especially your enemies. If they ask for a parley, stop firing upon them and start working on the arrangements of their surrender. Fighting is not everything this game is about, so keep that in mind.

    End notes

    Thank you all for being here and being such a cool community. Sea of Thieves is like a big family and this tutorial was meant to help my little sisters and brothers on the sea. I hope that it was easy to follow and that you managed to learn a thing or two out of it. I will try and update it on a regular basis, with various information.

    Once again, with love,

  • Introduction
    Ahoy once again mateys! It's time to buckle up for another guide on making your game play experience better. In this guide we will be exploring on how to manage your expectations in game.
    Sea of thieves is a world made up of other players. This makes for an exciting journey, and should be treated as such rather than one becoming frustrated. This can be achieved by managing your expectations.

    I am happy for all of my guides to be a community collaboration, if you disagree with me please let me know and I can explain my logic, and if you think I missed anything then comment below and I am happy to add it in.
    My first guide on building a better crew is here:

    You are not always in control of your destiny
    Sea of thieves has a fairly unique style of rewards; you are not paid until you have physically returned an item, in both gold and experience. A voyage is listed as "complete", but this only means that you have found/finished all objectives provided within that voyage, it doesn't mean you are yet worthy, or have earned getting paid yet. With other players sailing around, this means that you won't always be in control of how your time will play out.
    You will see a lot of people complain about how someone stole their treasure, but the real fact is, it was never yours until its sold. Getting in to this mentality makes it a lot easier to swallow when someone takes the treasure from the ship you are currently sailing on.

    In sea of thieves, you own nothing
    When you log on to a ship, you are not the captain. No one is the captain. You may find someone with the greatest social skills, charisma, and/or experience stepping up and leading the crew, but they are only the leader as long as everyone follows them.
    Anyone, at any time when in port can change the color of the ship which should be proof that you personally don't own it, even if first on board.
    Other than the clothes, titles, equipment, ship and weapon skins you personally have unlocked, and the items that you personally have in your inventory (aka 5 bananas, 5 planks and 10 cannon balls) everything is everyone's.
    Also as stated above, you don't own treasure until its sold.
    Once you accept the fact that you don't own anything on board the ship you are currently logged on to, the experience becomes a lot less stressful.

    This game is a PvPvE game
    There are often requests for this game to get a PvE mode or a pure PvP mode. If you don't like the game in its current form, then you simply don't like the game. Asking for this to change in a forum thread is fine, but it would be better for you to not hold an expectation of this to change any time soon.

    Preparation is key
    Heading in to a hard area such as Devil's Roar, without preparing for the dangers that exist there, is setting yourself up for frustration. I see a lot of complaints about their ship getting sunk by a volcano for example. Why was a crew member not left on the ship to protect it? Is it because you decided to go in to a hard area solo? Did you not stock up on planks?
    Quite often, areas that are deemed as "annoying", or "hard" are only so because you did not properly prepare and plan your journey.

    Thanks for reading mateys, if you think there is anything I can add to help people manage their expectations in game, let me know below so I can add it in :)

    Community Additions:

    The following was added by @Xavier-wisde
    Forge your own story
    There seems to be a theme that people want more content or story. As an open world 'sandbox' game, alot of what occurs during the session makes the adventure and the story, rather than following predefined scripts or plots. Games which take you from the start to the end of the game are different to this open world type of game. In several of the developer videos from Joe Neate, he talks about giving players more tools to create their adventures, rather than writing more stories for us to be guided along.
    Forge your own path, write your own stories, enjoy the adventure as it happens, rather than focusing on simply completing your current short term goal.

    The different environments are really interesting to wander round and take a look at. Some of the big islands in particular have all sorts of hidden caves and things to discover. I have enjoyed exploring places like Shark Bait cove and Thief's Haven on many occasions and finding all the different hidden places... Of which there are many for me still to discover.

    Often I'll set little challenges too. Parking a sloop in the middle of Thief's Haven was great fun to do. Navigating storms and rocks too is often fun. Even just trying to lure other crews to their doom as they try to chase me. I predominantly play solo, so when it comes to doing these things, there is no-one else to think about and whether they are having fun and will often increase the challenge as you have to manage everything. Even simply perfecting docking at a pier I have found to be rewarding (with no anchor, and perfectly aligned to be able to jump off and on at ease from the side as if the ship has just spawned).

    Sometimes, I wonder how much of the world is actually seen or explored by those who just grid for pirate legend status.

    Managing your game time: Don't over play
    I keep reading post about people who jump on, spend 2 hours getting all the latest achievements and then having nothing else to do. Why play just for a few commendations? I enjoy doing them, but don't make it the be all and end all of the game. Taking a bit more time to do the commendations and enjoying the sailing is something I often do. Sometimes I just get a few in a session, and often leave ones that are time limited.

    I suppose this all really links back to my original post about making you're own story. I find plenty to do when I jump on though.


    1. Introductions;

    2. Your first steps;

    3. Your first Voyage;

    4. The Grind;

    5. Events and End game

    6. Final thoughts.


    The Pirate

    My name is Nathan, and I am a sea of thieves enthusiast.
    Me and my crewmates have had some of the greatest and most vast, gaming experiences on Rare Ltd's Sea of Thieves, and we anticipate many more.
    It was after reaching Pirate legend, then the further Athena 10, that I felt nearly obligated to help those accomplish what they wish to achieve on their journey to the lengths they want to go. I do everything I can as a player to help everyone I meet on the seas to be having trouble getting by, from helping read a map to PvP protection.
    But it was to my heavy heart that many players still struggle and sometimes even give up completely. So I wanted to do more, for more players. Hence, this guide.

    I hope this guide helps you #BeMorePirate, and brings a little feeling back into yah pegleg.

    Happy reading :D

    The Seas

    Sea of Thieves is an open world, pirate sandbox game, Developed by Rare Ltd.
    If you are reading this I feel the game needs no introduction to you. However, for those who are mostly unfamiliar, this is for you.

    Sea of Thieves gives you a world to explore with different boats and a multitude of tools to use and play with at your own will. There is no ULTIMATE task to accomplish, its just a world rich with lore, discovery and combat, to have fun in or ruin the fun of others. Be what ever pirate or non pirate you want to be in this mixed Co-Op, PvP-PvE world. It will give you every different experience that can only be had on Sea of Thieves.
    Everything from life lessons to emotional tolerance, the infinate glory of victory to the wrenching despairs of loss.
    With no boundaries between players, only your skills determine an experienced sailor, not what you have bought or earned in game. Every item is strictly cosmetic and adds no advantage over those without.

    I dont think i can explain it much more without diving right in, so let's dive right in.



    Before you begin playing. You'll be asked to select your prefered boat, it is ideal to sselecta sloop with a closed crew to get the basic mechanics of the game understood. Entering an open crew may result in skipping the tutorial period and you will be left to work it out or ask for help constantly, so solo a sloop and get the idea, then go for joining or building a crew.

    After you have done this you will need to select a pirate, you'll be given a series of generated body types of both genders to choose from, you can only do this once so choose well.

    Once you've chosen your pirate you will be thrown into a tavern at an outpost to start your tutorial period YOU ARE SUSEPTABLE TO ATTACK AFTER A SHORT TIME so try to work hastily.
    Standard controls, W,A,S,D (L stick) move/strafe, Mouse (R stick) look around, L mouse (RT) to use item, R mouse (LT) for secondary use if available. Ect.

    a small tutorial is available by opening your voyage Radial "E" (RB), and select the occupied voyage slot with your mouse (Rstick).
    If successful you will now be holding a piece of paper. While holding your "primary use" button, your pirate will raise the piece of paper up where you will see some instructions, which will direct you through a few tasks to explain how to operate your pirate, the voyages and the boat you have chosen. Follow this thoroughly, it's the roots of the rest of your pirate life.


    The Outposts are your main base of operations.
    From any one of these 6 main outposts you will be starting and finishing the majority of your voyages.
    When you start alone or with a group on a closed crew, you will be spawned into the Tavern at any one of these locations;

    1. Sanctuary Outpost. (* Northern Shores Of Plenty. coord. F,7*)
    2. Golden Sands Outpost. (Southern Shores Of Plenty. coord. D,10)
    3. Plunder Outpost (Western Ancien Isles. coord. J,18 - K,18)
    4. Ancient Spire Outpost (Eastern Ancient Isles. coord. Q,17)
    5. Daggertooth Outpost (Western Wilds. coord. M,7 - M,8)
    6. Galleons Grave Outpost (Eastern Wilds. coord. R,8)

    The shops where you will purchase cosmetics and the traders you buy voyages and sell all of your loot to (covered later on), are located at these Outposts.


    Their are 4 customization shops seperated in to the 4 different customization characteristics; Tools, Clothing, Weapons and Ship.
    Each of these shops are visibly identified, with signs and decorations relevant to the shops products. Customization Items available differ according to which area on the map you are located. This will be covered later on.

    The clothing shop;
    The Clothing shop is identified by the sign made of stretched leather on a tanning rack  with a painting of a Boot or Shoe.
    From here you can purchase your clothing and vanity items such as hats and jackets or eye patches or peglegs. When purchased they will appear in the item chests that are out the front of all clothing shops. There is also one on every boat.

    The Tool / Equipment shop
    The Tool shop is identified by the wooden sign with a white, painted image of a Shovel and a Spyglass crossed over each other. Accompanied by four diamond dots.
    From here you can purchase your equipment or tool customizations, such as shovels, instruments, spyglass an compass, etc.
    When purchaced they will appear in the Tool box, out the front of every Tool shop. There is also one on every boat.

    Weapons smith
    The Weapons Smith has no sign, it is broken above the entranceway of the shop (probably from target practice). It is identified by wooden, red and white targets, strewn around the shopfront, or with the weapons box by the door, this has an brown painted image of a blunderbuss (Shotgun) and a cutlass crossed over.
    From here you can purchase your weapons customizations such as Cutlass (sword) or Flintlock (Pistol), etc.
    When purchased they will appear in the weapons box on the wall of every weapons shop. There is also one on every boat close to the ammobox.

    The shipwrite
    The shipwrite has a wooden sign with a painted picture of an anchor, above the main entrance to the shop.
    From here you can purchase custom hull paints, sails, flags and figure heads for your boat.
    Unlike the 3 shops mentioned previously, this shop is located on the main port of every outpost, adjacent to the Merchant Alliance tent which will be covered later.
    Once purchased the item will appear in the Ship customization chest at every shipwrite shop. There is not one of these chests on any boat. You can only customize your boat from the chest at the shop, provided your boat is within a limited radius of the shop.



    At each shop you will notice customization items have different types, colors, and names.
    All outpost has a set customization type that will be availabe at all outposts, and a regional based range, that are only available at specific sections of the map.
    The items available at all times, do not have a level requirement. They can be purchased as soon as you have the gold.

    • Bilge Rat
    • Hunter
    • Bone Crusher (Hat, Jacket, weapons and boat customs not inclusive)
    • Single coloured sails.
    • Hunter Boat customs.
    • Shark Hunter Boat customs
    • Bilge Rat Boat customs

    Each Label of regional items however, require a level to be reached in the corresponding faction to unlock. From 0 - 50 each individual item, from boots to hat, will become available for purchase once you reach the lvl requirement for that item.

    The items available at each region, the level ranges, and the trade faction they correspond to, are as follows;

    -Shores of Plenty (Golden Sands, Sanctuary)
    Basic(lvl 1),
    Executive(lvl 10-25),
    Grand(lvl 25-35).
    Ceremonial (lvl 35-50)
    Through: Merchant Alliance

    -The Ancient Isles (Plunder, Ancient Spire)
    Basic (Lvl 1),
    Imperial (lvl 10-25),
    Majestic (lvl 25-35),
    Royal (lvl 35-50),
    Through: Gold Hoarders

    -The Wilds (Daggertooth, Galleons Grave)
    Basic (lvl 1),
    Ruffian (lvl 10-25),
    Crossier (lvl 25-35),
    Rogue (lvl 35-50)
    Through: Order Of Souls.


    There is a number of items that you will be using to help you through your adventures on Sea of Thieves. Everything from shovels to dig treasure to the compass used to find it. Using the TAB key, holding "Q" will open a quickslot radial, Press "F" to change page. (For Xbox. Your item wheel is "LB". press "X" while inventory wheel is open to change page).
    Button Mapping IS available and will be covered later in Tips and Tricks.

    Here in the equipment radial, you will notice two item types, Tools and Consumables.
    Tools are available at all times. They cannot be lost or removed from your inventory.
    And Consumables which need to be kept stocked up to use.


    Tools consist of;

    -Spyglass; This is your eye beyond they horizon. You will use this item quite commonly, mostly in travel and navigation. When you need to see far away, or get a more zoomed in view, of maps held up to you by other pirates. "Primary use" to opperate.

    -Shovle; This tool is used for digging up your treasure, it is the primary tool for accomplishing Gold Hoarder voyages. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Lantern; This Tool is used to light your way. It is useful at times of low visibility and is used to make the Ghost/Shade skeletons solid.
    "Primary use" to turn off/on, "Secondary use " to Raise it with a slight increase to the light emitted.

    -Bucket; This tool is used mainly for bailing water out of your boat (or into anothers), it is useful for throwing water onto Metal/Golden Skeleton types, it will also catch and hold Puke from you or another player which can be thrown on an enemy to hinder their visibility. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Compass; This tool combined with adequate map knowledge. You will never be lost. It assures your direction. It also plays a roll in "Riddles" from Gold Hoarder voyages. Hold "Primary use" to show the compass up in front of you, walking while this is held in will engage the pace (Steps) counter. "Secondary use" To show to another player.

    Consumables consist of;

    -Cannonballs; These items are the main ammunition for dealing damage with cannons. "Primary interact" to load a cannonball into a cannon. You can carry a maximum of 10 cannonballs of each type at any one time in your inventory. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat. There is a range of Cursed cannonballs that will be covered later in this segmant.

    -Planks; Planks are used to repair holes on your boat caused by damages. You must equip the planks before holding down the "Primary use" button untill the circle time bar fills (or the sixth hit heard) you can carry a maximum of 5 planks in your inventory at any one time. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat.

    -Bananas; Bananas heal your pirate for approx. 1/3 of your health bar per use, with a 2 second execution period. If you recieve damage or perform another action within this time period, the heal will be interrupted. You can carry a maximum of 5 Bananas in your inventory at any one time. They can be stored amassed in the corresponding barrel on any boat.

    Tools consist of;

    -Speaking Trumpet; This tool is used for communicating over slightly larger distances. A crew on another boat near by may not be able to hear you clearly (or at all) without this tool.
    Hold "Primary use" and speak through your mic to operate. Chat radial will also work at a longer distance for those without voice coms.

    -Pocket Watch; This tool is used to tell the time and date in Sea of Thieves. It plays its biggest roll in Merchant Alliance Voyages as these require you to meet a spesific delivery time and day.
    The time ratio is 1Sec = 1Min
    This means that every second in real time, is the equivalent to one game minute, hence an entire game day is 24mins and a whole in game year, is 6.08 days real time. Hold "Primary use" to hold it up in front of you, "Secondary use" to hold it out and show others.

    -Hurdy Gurdy; This is one of the current instruments available to play music from. It's a string instrument with a rather "tinny" hum.
    With "Primary use" you can play 1 of the 5 current shanties available to play, multiple players can play the same song in sync.
    To change shanty all players must stop then start again, who ever begins the shanty plays lead, those that follow maintain the rythem.
    Hold "Primary use" to operate.

    -Drum;  Another of the instruments available to play music from. This has the sounds an a skin drum, tambourine, and when playing lead, your pirate will whistle the shanty played in sync with all other players who are also playing an instrument. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Concertina; A 3rd instrument available to play music from. This has the unique sound of this instrument type, that is best heard to be described. Players in sync with all others players who are also playing an instrument. "Primary use" to operate.

    -Tankard; The Tankard holds your drinkable grog, filled up at the Tavern Lady in any Tavern, the Blue Grog barrel on any boat, or from the Chest of a Thousand Grogs. Hold "Primary use" to drink when the Tankard is equip.

    Consumables consist of;

    -Grog (in the Tankard); This is the games Alchohol. Be careful, Its strong stuff. When enough is consumed, your pirate will begin to sway left and right, vision will blur and warp, operating tools and boats becomes harder to operate. Eventually you will begin to vomit, which will temporarily hinder the vision of anyone puked on. The bucket also catches vomit from yourself or other players to be thrown later.

    Part 2 continues here:

    Thank you for reading :)
    I hope this helps you in your journey to legend.

    a little sailing background
    My Name is Nathan. (GT Nayfe pacewell)
    PL achieved: June 25 2018.
    Current total dist sailed(kms): 7317km

  • If you havent read the Sea of Dummies PT1 go there first then come back :)


    In Sea of Thieves, there are 3 main factions with 50 levels each, for you to fulfill by handing in loot, gaining gold and Reputaion (exp).
    The factions consist of; Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance and The Order of Souls. It is with any one of these three "Traders" located at each outpost that you will be buying voyages from, and selling off the loot you have recived.

    Each of the tradors are very distinguishable from other shops mostly with the appearance of their buildings.

    The Gold hoarder is located at the green canvas tents with yellow keys painted on the tent walls. The NPC trader stands in the opening of the tent,

    The Oder of Souls is located underneath the stilted building, with the small fenced off plot. Within the purple cloth hanging from under the building you will find the NPC trader.

    The Merchan Alliance Tent is located on the main dock of every outpost, adjacent to the shipwrite. Its identifiable by the triangle shade cloth over a "crude" map of the world and a  flat globe. The NPC trader is easily visible under the shade cloth.


    voyages consist of riddles and treasure maps. Once voted in, your voyage will pick one or more random islands, near and far, relative to your location, and provide you with either a riddle or an "X Mark's the spot" treasure map.
    A riddle will consist of 2 - 4 lines of clues. The first will be visible immediately, telling you the name of the island required, while the rest are smudged out, and reveal as the previous clue is solved. You will be asked to locate various landmarks on the island requested, and perform one of 3 actions;

    -Raise lanturn
    -hold up the riddle paper
    -Play an instrument

    This will reveal the next lines untill you reach the final line. This will the ask you to walk "x" number of paces is a compass direction. These paces can be counted when walking while holding up your compass. Dig with your shovel when the required distance is reached, if you followed the clues accurately you will hear a "Clunk" as your shovel buries into the ground. Continue to dig till the chest is available to pick up. There is a chance of up to 5 skeletons spawning once you have found the chest. You must fight them off to continue digging.

    The X Mark's the spot maps will show you a topographical image of the island required without revealing to you the islands name. Find this island on the map table to set your destination.
    Apon arriving to the requested island you must now begin analyzing landmarks like trees, rocks or even the islands beaches and edges to pinpoint the location of the chest.
    Matching visible land forms on the map near the displayed red "X", with what you can see in your surroundings such as an area of grass half way between a large tree and a rock,
    Now that your search field has narrowed, there comes a small element of guessing as you try to pinpoint the exact chest location digging around in between the tree and rock. If you find the chest location your shovel will make a "Clunck" noice as you tap the chest in the ground. Continue to dig till the chest becomes available to pick up.
    There is a chance of up to 5 skeletons spawning once you have found the chest, you must fight them off to continue digging.

    Gold hordes has 5 chest types for you to find, that bring different values of gold and reputaion based on what item you cash in. Gold received ranges between a specific threshold allocated with each chest,
    The Reputation recieved is a fixed value, based only on what chest is handed. It does not differ based on the gold value gained by the item sold. 2 of the same chest type have identical reputation value.

    The value order is as follows, (Reputation is not tracked through a counter and so it's not recorded below)

    -Castaway 50g - 200g
    -seafarers 150g - 300g
    -marauder 300g - 500g
    -Captain 500g - 1000g
    -Cursed 850g - 1300g

    Cursed chests
    There are currently 2 cursed chest types in the sea if thieves. These chests of the highest value, have a unique characteristic that must be overcome or maintained.

    The Chest of a Thousand Grogs will afflict its carrier with drunkenness for a long as it is carried. Your Pirate will be at his most disorderly state as you carry the chest to and from your boat. Playing a groggy "Way-hey up she rises" you will sway left and right as you try to walk with it in possession.
    It can be found through gold hoarder voyages and random spawn locations through out the map.

    The Chest of Sorrows, unlike the Chest of a Thousand Grogs. The Chest of Sorrows does not effect the player. This chest will begin to Cry, filling your boat with water and if you do not maintain the water intake, it will sink your boat.
    The Cry will last for a duration that depends on the size of your boat. They can be found through Gold Hauder voyages or at random spawn locations throughout the map.

    voyages consist of Merchant Contract orders and Cargo Deliveries.

    Contract orders are a scavenger hunt, it requires you to locate the items from the list around the map such as pigs, chickens or powder kegs, and take them to the requested outpost for delivery before the contract expires.
    Once you have voted on the voyage table, a voyage will appear in your Voyage radial. You will be given an order list of powderkegs and various animals to follow.
    For this voyage, a selection of empty crates will become available to collect from the Merchant Alliance vendor. These items are used to catch and contain the animals you have been asked to gather.
    There a three animal types, each with 4  different colours and values. Each animal has a care requirement that must be met for a successful delivery. These are as follows;

    -Chickens: Just Noisy, all you have to do is tolerate the sound of the chicken in the cages. They have no special requirement to keep them alive, besides keeping them safe from attack.

    -White Feathered 100g - 200g,
    -Red and White Speckled 200g - 450g,
    -Black Plumed 450g - 800g
    -Golden Feathered 800g - 1800g

    -Pigs: Must be fed a banana when it is hungry. Too long under and the pig will die, you will then have to locate and collect another pig. When the pig needs to be fed, it will sit, with its ears lowered slightly and it will cry quite loudly. Approach the front of the cage with an equipted banana, and hold your "primary interact" button to feed the pick, if successful the pig will stop crying and stand back up inside the cage.

    -Pink Bristled 100g - 200g
    -Pink and Black Spotted 200g - 450g
    -Black Coated 450g - 800g
    -Golden Striped 800g - 1800g

    -Snakes: Are aggressive and tend to be hard to see. Draw too near and the snake will begin to "Hiss" and face you as it raises it head and flattens its neck, ready to spit poison at you. This will decrease visibility and deal a small impact damage which will continue to do a small amount of damage over time.
    You must play music from your instrument to put the snake into a dancing trance, giving you a window to catch and carry the snake safely untill its trance is broken, where you will need to play music again. Another crew member can play music for you to avoid stopping. Take care for where you store your snakes on the Boat, Do not place them near other caged animals. It will kill them.

    -Blue Dappled 100g - 200g
    -Red Striped 200g - 450g
    -Black Scale 450g - 800g
    -Golden 800g - 1800g

    -Gunpowder Kegs: These are readily available on all forts and strongholds, and in random spawn locations on all islands of the map. Powder kegs are mostly used as an explosive solution to a pesky pirate vessel, but, from time to time they are asked for in Merchant Order contracts.
    They are very volatile and need to be stored thoughtfully to avoid explosions at sea. The crows nest is usually the most ideal location.

    Value: 600g - 900g

    Animal cages can also be found in various spawn locations around the map. These can be used to catch and deliver animals at any outpost merchant alliance trader, without the need for an order. HOWEVER, you only receive 10% of the values above, powder kegs are likewise.

    Cargo Runs
    With Cargo Deliveries, you are requested to transport delicate goods, safely from one NPC to another. Each item has a care requirement that must be met to maintain its prime condition untill it is delivered to the asked for location, eg. If a Cloth Crate gets wet, it will begin to damage the item, decreasing its overall value from 350g down to a minimum 50g. All cargo items follow the same set price and decrease rate.
    Once voted on the voyage table, an order will appear in your voyage radial. This will tell you how many items to collect, who to collect them from and at what Island they are located.

    Each NPC has been given a name that reflects the shop they operate, with the first letter of every name matching the name of their shop.

    Female names beginning with;

    • M for The Merchant Alliance Trader
    • O for the Order of Souls Trader (Not involved with cargo)
    • S for the ShipWrite Trader
    • T for the Tavern ladies.
    • W for the Weapon Smith.

    Male names beginning with;

    • C for the Clothing shop
    • H for Gold Hauder trader (Not involved with Cargo)
    • T for the Tools or equipment shop

    From these NPCs (GH and OoS not inclusive), you will be asked to pick up and/or deliver 1 or more, of these 3 different types of cargo.

    • Rum Bottles; will break if shaken or your boat takes damages. They can be stored anywhere you see fit
    • Crate of Luxurious Cloth; Must stay dry to keep its value. Shelter the cloth from the rain and away from any water intake of your boat.
    • Plants; are the contrary to Cloth, and must stay wet in order to maintain its value. Putting water in the bottom of your boat, half a barrel high, is plenty to keep your plant healthy.

    voyages consist of Skeleton Pirate Bounty Contracts. This voyage type will require you to locate and kill up to 4 boss skeletons per contract.
    Once you have voted on your voyage table, you will now have 1 or more Contracts in your voyage radial. On these papers you will notice images of the Skeleton Bosses type and the island location they will be.

    When you arrive at the requested island you will have to look around for their location. This could be anywhere from diwn on the beaches to up high on the cliffs, even underground in caves. If you are drawing near, a combat music will fade in, and gradually get louder as you get closer.
    When you find them you will see the first wave, already surfaced and walking around, waiting for a pirate to approach. You will have to begin fighting through waves of various skeleton types, numbers and wields to promote the Bosses to show them selves. They will begin attacking the immediate moment you are in agro range and they see or hear you. Skeletons can get very hard as you progress. so it is vital to be prepared.

    Remember this important guide to Skeletons for your best chances

    The skeleton scourge

    They look alot tamer then their nature, in truth they are savage, mindless, increadably tenacious and cunning.
    Expert swordsman with unlimited bananas and unlimited shots sharper then their cutlass, great in numbers and oblivious to pain, they will cut down the even the most experienced sailors if given the chance and the powder kegs will clean up anything thats left of you.
    Lighting the fuse and running straight for you, best drop anything you are carrying and run for your life or meet a misty end.

    So next time you take on the skeleton scourge, and you do not have the advantage of cannon support, remember these important points that I have comprised through many game years of research gathered over many more encounters during my times as a pirate.

    The infomation that follows this paragraph is collected from the current skeleton build. This data is susceptible to change, as skeletons tend to get reworked from time to time and may adapt behaviours not currently available to record.
    That in mind I present to you


    Skeleton difficulty varies depending on the voyage level and number of players on the island. Treat all skeletons as an immediate threat untill difficulty is apparent. When in large numbers even the weakest of skeletons will kill you fast. SO...

    Staying back is essential. It is the cornerstone to buying time to access the situation, ie skeleton type, location, what they wield and what of your surroundings you can utilize.

    Your environment can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are well aware of your surroundings, you are much less likely to find youself being slapped off a cliff by a charged attack or Eye of Reach. So always take in what's around you, look for cover points from Gunmen and bottlenecks to force skeles into tight areas. This will keep them grouped for spreading damage and also help prevent them surrounding you.
    The occasional powderkeg will be available aswell so be sure to look out for them too.

    Keep your health up, keep your bananas up. With Rule #3 you will see, supply barrels will be around you to find. when ever possible or you feel it's safe to do so. Check for bananas, ALWAYS.

    Two swords are better then one, but all will live with four. Grouping up is a must, the combined damage will cut threw the numbers fast. Unless there is a well planned strategy that requires splitting up. STAY TOGETHER!
    When you die off.. wait to regroup and restock before going back in to the fight.

    Skeletons with guns deal all the major damage, so it is important that you remove them from the fight as soon as possible.
    The melee skeletons will pursue you to keep your focus on them, so the gunners can burn you down FAST. Ignore the aggression of the melee skeletons, they are not the main threat, direct your focus on what is killing you.

    Think before you act. Every action you make must be executed with caution. Eating a banana, charging a heavy attack, running for ammo or even your life require the right moment. Any of these moves made at the wrong time will diminish your advantage, your choices MUST be made with commitment. Hesitation or second thoughts leaves you open and vulnerable.

    I saved this one till last, but it is of all the most important. Maintain your composure, skeletons are the most rage inducing AI threat you can currently come across in Sea Of Thieves, they will make you angry, frustrated, even upset. Dying sucks and degrades moral. So try your best to keep calm and collected when heading to the Ferry. It's hard I know, believe me. But if you follow these BASIC rules, you will have a much nicer time cutting the the boney scourge of the seas.

    Skeleton types.

    Resists: N/A
    Weakness: N/A

    this is the default skeleton type that spawn randomly on islands (Ambient), or in colour based outfits ie, BLUE head gear and/or eye patch when for an Order of Souls contracts.
    They have no special traits or prerequisite task to take down. it's just out right bones, so swing, chop and shoot to your hearts content. The color of their clothing signifies difficulty, this table will be covered later.

    Resists: explosives, Guns.
    Weakness: Cutlass

    The jungle skeletons are the easiest of the special skeleton types, as they take +50% damage from cutlass, however damage is equaly reduced for guns, cannons and explosives, (though cannons and PKs are still effective).
    They also heal in water. You know this is occurring when the plants that course through their hollow bodies brighten in color and a green twinkling dust will raise above their heads. Using the knock back of your EoR, the 3rd strike or lunge with the cutlass, to guide them out of the water, even running for drier land (tho this may risk losing agro, and they wont follow you)

    Resists: Cutlass
    Weakness: Water, Guns, explosives.

    The Metal or golden skeletons are heavy and solid. They move slowly and in contrary to the jungle skeletons, they are almost immune to cutlass, taking nearly no damage and preventing combos as your sword will ricochet.
    The have a dire weakness to water, which increases damage taken. Walk them into ponds, the waterfronts or throw buckets of water. If 25% submerged or the bucket hits its target, the skeletons will appear to rust, you will hear creaking metal and flakes of rust will drip from them.
    This means they are weaker and the time to strike is now. This effect will ware off if they dont stay wet.
    Best strategy it's to group them up in a body of water then use cannons or explosives where available to annialate the wave in one action. Otherwise blunderbuss point blank will take them out one by one. If there no water to utilize a well placed powder keg will do the trick, but be sure to keep them together.

    Resists: immune to damage at night.
    Weakness: The Sun, Lanterns.

    Shade skeletons are potentially the most of a nuisance, as during the night, they wont take damage untill you "Light them up" with your lanturn to make them solid. They remain "Ghost" untill this is done, you will know a success full lanturn shine when the skeleton stops and reacts to the light before pursuing you again.
    For the about the next 15 seconds they will be solid and suseptable to attack, this will ware off before you need to light them up again. They do not have a whole lot of health, you can kill them quickly, just remember to keep your lanturn ready, once the great eyes gain a smoke and their body will leak a black mist. This means they returned to ghost form and need a lanturn again to continue delivering damage. With a larger crew. Have on member keep a lanturn up permanently while you protect him, ensuring that the skeletons in reach are always goin to take damage.
    Their reaction to the light can also be used as a stun to get in close to the gunmen shades.

    Powder keg skelies.
    Resists: Varies
    Weakness: Varies

    Powderkegs skeletons are a type in their own.
    They move slower then most skeletons, unless you draw too near and they light their fuse. When they do this they move faster, and cannot be out run while carrying something like a chest or crate. Only when empty handed can you out run them and if you get away soon enough the skeleton will extinguish his fuse.
    Best to take them out from a far with a flintlock or EoR.
    After taking it out, stay vigilant, as they spawn regularly and in cases, high numbers.
    With a skull fort or OoS the type of skeleton that carry the kegs will vary depending on the wave. This is usually on no factor unless the keg is carried by a Shade Skeleton at night. If a lanturn is not used, the Keg will explode with no effect on the skeleton(s)

    Skeleton Captains.

    Skeleton Captains are the Main Bosses at the final of the skeleton waves, these are the skeletons depicted on the voyage contract, which displays the Captain or Crew (covered next) name and type.
    They are distinguishable by their body items, such as clothes or plants, being fuller and more detailed then others. Ie; more clothing items or leaves and flowers for the plant type.
    They also have their Names displayed in RED above their heads.

    Skeleton Crew members.

    These skeletons are just like skeleton captains they have a RED name above their heads, only they do not contain the word "Captain", they appear on the voyage contracts with the type that they will be.
    They are slightly weaker then captains and do not have the extra outfit items or details. They appear as a regular skeleton body model, corresponding to their type.

    More to be added here.

    Thank you for reading :)
    I hope this helps you in your journey to legend.

    a little sailing background
    My Name is Nathan. (GT Nayfe pacewell)
    PL achieved: June 25 2018.
    Current total dist sailed(kms): 7317km

  • Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

    Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

    The Ancient Isles

    Crook’s Hollow
    Devil’s Ridge
    Plunder Valley

    The Shores of Plenty

    Cannon Cove
    Smuggler’s Bay
    Mermaid’s Hideaway

    The WIlds

    The Crooked Masts
    Kraken’s Fall
    Marauder’s Arch

    Devil’s Roar

    Fetcher’s Rest
    Ruby’s Fall
    The Devil’s Thirst

  •  Hey there pirates. We all know how difficult it can be to find a reliable crewmate(s), so a lot of us out in the sea solo. I have some tips for those who get forced in that position where survival can get increasingly difficult and especially agrivating.

    Lets begin with ships-

    1. Your sloop is what will get you through anything and everything, as long as you take the proper precautions.
      First, you need to turn off all or most of your visible lanterns. I personally leave the 2 very bottom deck lanterns on and sometimes the map table lantern depending on if there are ships in the area or not.
      Next, you must know when to drop your anchor and not, depending on the situation. Dropping your anchor means you are valid of a server merge. Also if another ship catches you off guard, instead of dropping your sail in a matter a seconds for a quick getaway, you have to take the time to raise your anchor, which leaves you exposed for boarders and other more obvious dangers, like a cannonball in your gut.
      An alternative to dropping anchor is simply raising your sail and straightening the wheel.
    2. Lets move on to general sailing.
      Remember that your ship isn't the perfect autopilot. When your sloop catches the wind, your gonna have to fight your boat to stay on course as a sloop can easily be tossed around by the waves and turn you the opposite direction. If you zoom in on your destination on the map table, you can peek from the top deck over the railing behind the anchor and see what kind of adjustment you need to make. Only occasional slight adjustments are needed when you are not in the wind.
      Last, remember that you have a compass, which is extremely reliable when you know how to use it.
    3. Order of Souls
      Many have trouble single handedly killing waves upon waves of skellys.
      Go for small islands. These skeletons are easy to kill with cannonballs.
      With bigger islands, find choking points like a small cave opening or doorway. This way, skeletons can get clogged and easily be slashed and held at bay with s sword.
      Know your skeletons weakness. Plants get killed easily with a sword when not in contact with water, Gold's weakness is water, and is an instant kill with a well placed blunderbuss shot up close when gold is in contact with water. (Use your bucket)
      Night skeletons need a lantern on them at night, so you can switch off a weapon and raising a lantern in quick succession.
      Not gonna lie, order of souls is still going to be a pain soloing, so I reccomend the Devil's Roar, because there is less skeleton waves, the geysers help you out greatly, and there is lots of reputation and money involved.
    4. Protecting yourself
      Big and important bit of info here so pay close attention.
      Know how to identify ships. If you see a ship in default ship cosmetics, or a "noob sloop" with it's lanterns on, know that they are most likely hostile. Noobs don't know that there is more to this game than killing others, and trying to be a pain to literally everyone else but themselves. A move they generally make is what I call a noob ram, where you can unload on the front of their ship while they try to ram you. These noobs usually suck at PvP, but don't underestimate them. For all you know they could be a pirate legend looking for some fun.
      As a solo player, you will almost always be at a disadvantage, so be as cautious as possible. Trust no one but yourself. Avoid ships with the the reaper's mark. Some ships will act friendly with or without an offer allaliance flag, so if you want to give being friends a shot, park in their ship's blind spot. Don't ever let anyone come on board your ship unless you have absolutely zero doubts about them. Most of all, make sure they can trust you, in case you are forced to stab them in the back.
      When faced with the challenge of fighting a crew or vessel much larger than yourself, think smart. If you are being pursued by a galleon, face your sloop out of the wind. Sloops go much faster than galleons out of the wind. If they continue to chase you, board them continuously while making sure there are no islands in your sloops path. When fighting in another scenario, listen for swimming for people trying to get on your ladder. Think smart, take your time aiming your cannons and time the shot right with the waves. If you remain 1 step ahead, you will be successful.

    Ask any question you like, I will answer it. I left quite a bit out, so I might add on to this in another post.

  • Anyone able to post the new commendations here? Can't see as I'm at work!

  • Hello all! Hope I am posting in the right place. I'm currently running with a strix 1080ti oc 11 gig edition with intel i7 and 16 gigs of ram. 1080 Alienware 244hz g-sync monitor. Still something doesn't seem right with all the settings I've adjusted in nvidia control panel. Would anyone happen to have some suggestions that have worked for them? Thank you in advance! Happy sailing!

  • Seen has they have reduced the amoumt of stuff u have to sell ect do i have to unistall the game n reinstall it now to get that gamerscore achievememt ?

  • Hi!
    I usually solo-sail with my crew open for friends (closed crew). I have two questions about that:

    1. Do we get notifications when someone joins? I know I didn't get them before, but it has been a while. There have been at least 2 updates since last someone joined me.
      It would be annoying for them (I think) to join me when I am nowhere to be found and am off on a row-boat mission.
    2. Is there any way to specify which friends can join?


  • Good Afternoon, I have it in my mind to go after the Black Powder Merchant Commendation. Just wanting to reach out to you all for any tips/suggestions on how I am going to find contracts to deliver 1000 kegs. Any suggestions or advice is must appriciayed

  • Just picked up SoT again after seeing some Forsaken Shores gameplay. Loving it so far, but my only issue is that my ship sank but thankfully all my loot was in my rowboat and wasnt lost. So I docked at an island and went back to my ship...

    When I got back to the island I had docked my row boat at it was gone and so was all the loot I'd spent 2 hours finding. So my question is, is this a normal function or did my row boat glitch out?

  • Avast ye sea dogs, and welcome to Blackeye's Bounty Bazaar, where pirates are free to take up my requests to help me hunt down information that has somehow managed to slip underneath my 'stached schnoz!

    So to summarize this topic, as Sea of Thieve's Unofficial Lorekeeper, I need to know EVERYTHING about this magical world, from the most obvious events down to the tiniest minute details. Unfortunately, I have the problem of being unable to spend all of my waking hours playing this wonderful game, and thus cannot find all of the information I need to complete my vast knowledge of the world of Sea of Thieves.

    So, I am calling out to all of YOU to help me. Yes, you, the players! Working together with the (mostly) all-accepting, non-toxic fanbase, I should be able to complete my immense catalog of information. So please, if you are reading this and can answer the call to any of the "bounties" below, I would very much appreciate the help! And if you ever need an extra man for your crew, or need a Pirate Legend to help you grind out high-level mission, Captain Blackeye is indebted to you!

    NOTE: This topic will be regularly updated as I acquire answers to my questions and become aware of more things I do not know. At the bottom of this topic will be a list of completed bounties and the helpful pirates that aided me in my search for knowledge and have earned eternal gratitude!

    Information Bounties:

    • Fried Calamari -- Does the Kraken show up in the Devil's Roar? I haven't seen or heard anything concerning this but since the infamous Megalodon does indeed show his sharky hide, why wouldn't the Kraken? Let's get squid huntin'!
    • The Boxes of Wondrous Secrets -- Yes, those fun little treasure boxes that sell for 25K. I know you can sell them to the good Captain Morrow, but can you sell them to Stitcher Jim? Along with that info, where are these typically found? On the beach? More inland? Big islands or small? This bounty is a multi-parter of sorts, so help whittle this down! (And in case it wasn't apparent, I have yet to find one myself. ^_^' )
    • Speedy Ships -- I'll be honest, math is not my forté. Thus, I have been unable to accurately judge how many knots the Sloops, Brigantines, and Galleons travel. If someone can pull a MattPatt and pixel measure the speed or something, I (and every other nerd) would be eternally grateful!
    • Damage Dropoffs -- This is just one I haven't had the time to test: How much does the damage drop off of the Flintlock and Eye of Reach at a distance, if at all? I typically don't like telling a new friend to run out a length and let me pop off a few shots into his skull, so if anyone else already has this answer, please share!

    Search & Find Bounties:

    • Easter Egg Extravaganza! -- Okay, so, we've all seen the Bear & Bird wall-painting on Plunder Valley, and most of us have seen the Battletoads painting (On Snake Island) and the Viva Piñata trio (On Thieves' Haven), but could there be more?? I'm not asking for anyone to pick through the islands with a fine-toothed comb, but keep your eyes peeled and see what you can spot.
    • Skulls Aplenty -- Now, about that fine-toothed comb... For a Gamescom event, Rare apparently hid 6 colored skulls throughout the Sea of Thieves, hidden in only the remotest locations. By finding all of the skulls, participating teams played connect-the-dots and triangulate the location of some hidden treasure. Surprisingly, I know next-to-nothing about this, and it's driving me crazy. I have found three skulls myself, (On Lone Cove, Old Faithful Isle, and Devil's Ridge), but I haven't been able to find any of the others, nor any info on what this was. Why is it so elusive?! Help is needed! Gah!!
    • Capt. Morrow's Third Journal? -- I have found journals of Captain Morrow's on Ruby's Fall and Ashen's Reach, but if Wanda and Merrick have taught me anything, there's gonna be a third. Has anyone found this journal, if it even exists? Lore could be hiding within!

    DLC Bounties:
    Oookay, this one would be kind of shameless, BUT I'm not just asking for codes, I'm attempting to trade them! And anyone who is looking to trade their own codes can reply below, and I'll add them and the codes you are looking for to the list.

    BlackeyeThe2nd -- Codes Requesting: Obsidian Eye of Reach, Obsidian Drum; Codes Offered: Spinal Figurehead x3.

    Completed Bounties:
    The Boxes of Wondrous Secrets -- Answers provided by @Ktingaling

  • Does anyone have any tips on how to quickly/efficiently find these message-in-a-bottle quests? Is there a trick to it?

    They seem to be few and far between; I’m searching the islands, shipwrecks, outposts and Legend Hideout in barrels and onshore - nothing bar every other type of voyage.

    I’ve been playing since March, Pirate Legend sitting at Athena’s 8, and have only ever cashed in 8/1000 according to my Merchant Alliance commendations.

    I’m starting to think I’m cursed more than those cannonballs!

  • I'm playing on a not-too-high-end PC and can have very few other programs running while playing Sea of Thieves.

    Because I want to be able to invite people if they want to sail with me, I want to see a pop-up message in-game when they send me a message or log on to Xbox Live.

    Is that possible?

  • I get the error Fluffybeard when I try to join session. Just want to know if it is the server and not my own connection...

  • When you talk through the window on brig to your crew standing on other side of window, can surrounding crews not hear you in game chat?!?

  • The other night i was sailing with some ppl i met on Discord.. And i had my usual whine about how anoying the rowboat is because of the MASSIVE turning radius.
    You have to use it for the cloth, but other than that is a real pain in the butt..

    The following sentence changed my live completly!!
    "You know you can turn basicly around your axis by holding Q or E, right?!"

    So i want to share this for all other unknowing.. I don't know the keys for Xbox though.. For Xbox it's the RB/LB

    Thanks @FishSt1ck for the addition for Xbox

  • Introduction -
    Ahoy mates! Shiver me timbers, I have been seeing a lot of complaints in the last few days in regards to match making. Complaints of trolling, laziness, being land lubbers (inability), lack of microphones and hornswaggling (taking your ship full of treasure and leaving your marooned unable to complete your voyage/current quest).

    I want to take a second here to talk about how you can manage this instead of relying/demanding that Rare makes a change to the current crew/matchmaking system.

    Crew members are a resource -
    Prior to sailing in to the DR, you ensure that you stock up with wooden planks.
    Before engaging in a ship battle, you ensure you are stocked with cannon balls.
    When you go ashore to battle skeletons, you ensure that you have bananas.
    So why is it that prior to starting a mission, you don't ensure that you have the correct crew mates?

    In any game where you are playing with random people, be it a round of CoD, a hard mission on Warframe, an online mission on Grand Theft Auto, you cannot expect everyone to be of the same standard as you, or to go about completing goals in the same fashion that you do.

    So how can we manage this? Treat gathering good crew mates as its own mission type.
    Planning to complete your goals without the proper resources (aka a reliable crew) is planning to fail.

    Gathering your resources -
    I have spent just over a week playing this game so far, most of my intentions when I am going in to random match making is finding permanent people to play with. When I started this game, I was alone. Now I have 8 new people on my friends list in an xbox message group, and have recruited 3 reliable people I know in real life to play with.
    Chances are when I play, that at least 1-2 of these people are online and willing to join in. I am starting each game at least partially "stocked" with the valuable resource of crew members.

    This has multiple benefits, but the benefit I see the most is that we have the numbers to find more people to join us, and if they do end up being rotten, we have the ability to lock them in the brig.

    Public Matchmaking is a tool -
    Much like barrels are there to find cannon balls etc, match making is there to find people. I don't consider it being there for finding people for a single session, but finding people for use later on as well.

    Social Skills and Attitude -
    The way you conduct yourself online is the catalyst in which you can ensure that you will find people to play with going forward. Being polite, reasonable, focused and articulate are the key in both this game, any other online game, and succeeding in a team environment in real life.
    Trying to find positive attributes in people, and encouraging those traits will go a long way to keep people interested in achieving goals, and getting them wanting to come back playing with you.
    Find someone not really interested in sailing, but is good at combat? No worries, let them slack off a bit when sailing, but still encourage them to help out.

    Turning land lubbers in to old sea dogs -
    You were new once too. Find someone nice over the mic who is new to the game? Ask them directly what their intentions in game are. Are they willing to learn? Do they like asking questions? Teach them, and then continue to recruit them for future missions!

    It's not all about you! -
    Final word is, it's not always about you, remember after you have found some people to play with regularly, that they have different goals that they want to achieve. If something isn't time sensitive eg. Forsaken Shores, take the time away from your own personal to help others with what they are going for.

    In no time you will be stocked to the brim in cannon balls, bananas, wooden planks and reliable crew mates which you will be retelling stories of heroics with for years to come!

  • As the title says: a rowboat won't keep your silks dry. Tried to sneak a box of high quality silks onto someone's ship today, and double-failed :p
    The silk was soaked (probably because the boat disappeared below the waves a few times) and both occupants of the brig spotted me ;)

  • Ahoy scurvy sailors,

    I'm not a licensed doctor, nor some kind of mystical healer... But Ive the knowledge of an ancient home remedy that might work.

    If someone is suffering from that awful curse, he/she/it must open the clothes/vanity chest and pick up something.
    That shall cure your disease.

    Cheers and keep it safe!

  • We delivered plants that were kept in perhaps two or three buckets worth of water in a sloop. It was almost up to the top of the planter-box but upon delivery it said that they were wilted or something meaning not 100%.

    Just wondering at what level the water has to be in relation to the planter box?

  • There are spoilers for the Forsaken shores event so in case you don't want to see any then I suggest you stop reading.

    After you finish the event and find all the skeletons, Captain Morrow speaks about a mysterious box that Stitcher Jim also speaks about. She mentions that if you find it, she'll give you a reward. Does anyone know what this is and how or where to find it?

  • Single/Double/Triple Slash
    Press attack quickly up to 3x.
    Useful for: attacking and doing damage quickly in close-range; after 1st and 2nd hit (on anything) 3rd hit knocks back the opponent, even on block.

    Sword Surf
    Hold attack while standing in waist-deep water or upon ledges.
    Useful for: moving to/from shore; boarding enemy vessels; long-jumping off cliffs into water.

    Defensive Dodge
    Block while moving in any direction, and jump.
    Useful for: getting out of the way or getting closer; 1-second cool-down.

    Running Slash
    Block while moving in any direction, and press attack.
    Useful for: getting around obstacles, an opponent's block, or for hitting multiple foes.

    Extended Charge
    Block while moving in any direction, hold attack, and then jump during beginning of lunge.
    Useful for: damaging opponent from above and crossing them up; requires good timing on jump; 2-second cool-down on a miss.

    Firearm Quickdraw
    While blocking, switch weapons and press attack.
    Useful for: Doing quick damage against an overly aggressive opponent; a pirate's riposte.

    Double Tap
    With 2 firearms equipped, fire one, immediately switch to the other, and fire again.
    Useful for: Doing massive damage quickly from a distance; has a long recovery, so don't miss.

    Blind Snipe
    Attack with eye of reach without aiming in close-range.
    Useful for: Doing massive damage up close with a long-range weapon; not very accurate.

    Blunder Blast
    Fire the blunderbuss at point-blank range against an opponent.
    Useful for: Instant kills and repelling boarders; weak at mid- to long-range.

    Bite This!
    When a shark charges to bite you, block with your sword just as it chomps.
    Useful for: not getting eaten alive by hungry sharks; requires precise timing; does not work against megalodons.

    If there are any combat techniques that I missed that you would like to share below, I only ask that you use the same easy to read format as I have here:

    Name of Combat Technique
    Description, using universal non-platform-specific terms (for example, saying "attack" instead of "RT" or "right-mouse click").
    Useful for: why would you use it?

  • So I had a sloop full of supplies and was tired of seeing the ships up all day so decided to go try to solo the ships and I found it much easier than I remember. I was pretty confident after that so I decided to start on a new server and try again. This time I struggled hard. The only differences I saw were the areas. The easy one was the crew of "The Crew of the Dancing Demon"(jigball) near Mauraders Arch. "The Crew of the Fools Stride"(limpball) near Smugglers Bay.

    Top things I noticed was the first ones I fought were very easy to sink. Was there something that made that happen with this latest update? Related to time being up on the server perhaps?

    Anyone else got any tips or tried them since the update?