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  • Flames of Fate

    Below you will find out how to acquire all the colors for your lantern.


    Death by Shark


    Death by Poison


    Death by Skeleton


    Death by Lightning


    Death by Volcano


    Death by Player

  • What the cut for alliance ships when you sell reapers chest ? It sells for 15 dubloons, so aliance cant get 7.5 (50%)

    Anyone knows ?

  • Hello. I would like to ask for help in the new quest I did all missions 1x but unfortunately I do not know where to collect the Ritual Skulls, as during my missions I only found 2. Where can I collect this ???

  • I've been having troubles rowing, What's the fastest way to row a boat.

  • Hey there fellow swashbucklers,

    During E3 week everyone that played was give the Spartan Hull, Figurehead and sails, since then we missed 3 parts to complete the cosmetics.

    Now that has changed, Everyone that logs on and plays during Gamescom (August 20th untill August 24th) will receive the Cannons, Capstan and Helm and not only that! Everyone that missed out during E3 and didnt get the previous cosmetics the will receive the full ship!

  • I would like to play SoT during my vacation in Spain and connect to the servers via a 4G connection tethering a mobile phone with a local prepaid card to evade the roaming cost trap. Does anybody know how much data usage you have approximately for an hour of gameplay? Surely the updates can be done somewhere with access to Wifi, but I will be out of reach of that where I stay during the evenings when I will play the actual game.

  • Hi.
    I play SoT about year ago on Game Pass 14day trial and got good progress on account. Is my progress will same in case I buy Game pass again or it will start from zero?

  • Hello!

    I probably posted this in the outer shores a while back, but I have been getting many questions during my streams as how can someone improve aim, specially new players who find it hard dealing with experienced players, as I am aware many come to this awesome hub for guides, since it is a guide, I thought of re-posting it here for easier access to help you out with your future battles.

    Not all guns are equal, due to different pistol models, the shooter perspective differs from one to another. This analysis will cover common pistols and a few limited ones that I own, including ways to improve your accuracy. I will take the base version of each class since higher ones just differ in color. Good Luck!

  • Has anybody noticed you cant blunderbuss someone off your ladder? They just keep catching the ladder? Or it sounds like you killed the intruder but didn't die? Im pretty sure i heard them die and the guy boarded us.

  • I've witnessed many ARENA games lost only because ships couldn't fire back at those who fired at them for they were outside of the cannon range.
    How the ship is angled and what is consequently within the cannon range is a responsibility of the helmsman as he commands the wheel.

    So as a helmsman myself I wanna share the following tip...

    Look at the picture below and remember which parts of the ship to use as navigation points to keep your targets within the cannon range. Possibility of doing more damage increases probability of winning more games, use it to your advantage.


  • Detailed Curved Cannonball analysis, and how to get them curves like a boss .

    The direction and projectile of the Cannonball depends on several factors, like the angle of the Cannon, ship speed, rotation, and direction. If all these factors are taken into consideration, you will never miss a shot. And I will help you achieve that.

    When engaging in battle, Cannons are used to Deal Damage, Curse or launch a player for an attempt to board the other ship. So making the right decision is always an important role on what to use, should you curse? Use a cannonball, or fly for a boarding attempt. More information in the video :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.. Enjoy.


    To Begin

    When firing cannons at an enemy ship there are a lot of things that will determine the outcome of your shot.
    Whether its ship speed/movements, or the lift and drop of cresting over waves, each will effect the way a cannonball behaves leaving the barrel.
    Generally when you come across an enemy ship and prepare to fire apon it, the first thing you will likely think about is "how far away is my target?".
    Up close (inside 200paces) its pretty simple to judge, but for the longer shots, things get trickier.

    Over the past few months, I have been working on and testing out a sort of "range finding" technique, by using an in-game tool to measure a ship.
    Comparing the visual size of a target vessel, to the visual size of the tool, is how it works. It has proven quite effective in testing and i would like to share it with all of you.

    Galleon at 200 paces.

    The Research

    I have learned of a way, to use the HUNTER TRUMPET as a measuring tool for a finer tuned judgment on a vessels distance.
    As i hold up the trumpet, i can measure a galleons size, relative to the top of the trumpet, giving me an idea of how far away it is.
    When I'm confident with the distance reading I'll have a much better idea as to what angle within the 0° - 45° range (45° being the longest possible shot from a stand still) to have my cannon set to.

    To do this I would first need to find out how far a cannon shoots. Then measure and understand the size of a vessel at maximum distance. Then, i will know, that if a galleon is ever LARGER then that particular measurement. It is within cannon range.

    First the cannons maximum reach.
    I figured the best way to find out how to do this would be to find the size of 1 grid square on the map in paces (currently the best distance measure)

    I measured the length of a long bridge at Golden Sands Outpost in-game by counting paces with my compass, it came to be 34 paces in length. I then, using a ruler on my screen, measured the length of the bridge and the length of one grid square (post-Devils Roar) without zooming. Divide(÷) the bridge length by the length of the grid to get your multiple.

    The length of the bridge is 1/10th the length of a grid square across and up. And with my bridge measurement of 34 paces, i mathematicly estimate a grid square to be

    340×340 paces. (Give or take a few paces)

    Now I put myself aprox one grid square from the shores of Golden Sands Outpost, and fired cannons at a 45° angle (measured with my compass), and fired myself immediately after for an aerial view of the cannonball landing zone JUST short of the outpost.

    After multiple shots and perspectives, i was able to make an estimate. I measured the distance between the outpost and landing zone to an almost 40paces.
    Leaving me with a roughly calculated estimate of around 300 paces of cannon range.

    Now I just have to have a boat at 300 paces and measure its size on screen using an ingame tool, secure "hard points" on the tool model (notches, nicks, chips or bumps) analyze the targets size relative to those hard points and I have my range finder.


    After trialing this technique in both controlled and uncontrolled situations (arena) i have found that the hunters trumpet as a measuring tool, can be quite effective.

    A galleon that measures the same as the distance between the outer peg and the first inner stud is at maximum range, and a 45° angle cannon, relative to the horizon, is required to make the distance. Any size smaller is out of range.

    Other tool types have been tested but not all and not all tools will work. I have also been trialing different tools for measuring angle, such as watches or compasses.

    Most ideal equipment for distance is the HUNTER TRUMPET, the outer pegs and inner studs make great hard points.

    Most ideal equipment for measuring angles is still yet to be truly found. The compass works ok, but at these longer ranges outside of 200 paces, the smallest angle adjustment makes a HUGE difference in trajectory. In saying that a more, acute measuring tool is necessary for perfect cannon angling.
    so far however, the Glorious Sea Dog compass has worked quite well... (sort of)

    Biggest issues i came across

    Ship speeds and movements on the waves are going to make things harder
    Waves make an especially big difference and positioning on the wave of both the target and your own vessels (high wave, low wave) will effect the out come also.
    With the help of the rolling waves the target can "duck" under your shot if not timed right. Also the way your own vessel is situated when firing will change how the cannonball leaves the tube, so timing is key.

    Written for the CSV. Robin Hood Community
    Brought to you by the On The Map Crew.

    Twitter: @Thereddogpodca1


  • Islehoppers, splashtails, pondifish - do not cook normal or trophy ones. Only rare
    Cook normal and trophy: wrecker, stormfish, battlegil
    The rest - only cook rare and trophy ones.

    Saves you alot of time, if you want to make good money go do some DR Cargo runs. You get 1.400 gold for every crate turned in in perfect condition.

  • I need help farming black cloud wreckers and i know that you have to get them in the storm but what im wondering is there any strats out there that would make this less of a pain or do I have to bight the bullet and sit at a ship wreck all day just waiting for a storm.

  • Ok, so a week or so ago I started having an issue where most of my keybinds started turning on/off seemingly randomly. After some trial/error, I've found it's my left shift key that's doing it. A quick press will turn off my 1-9 keybinds. If I hold it for a few seconds, they turn back on.

    This is annoying.

    I've rebound my run command away from LSHIFT, but muscle memory is a pain, and I'd rather resolve the issue altogether.

    Anyone have thoughts as to why this is happening? Is it a SoT issue? Windows, maybe?

    Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

  • I've been playing alot lately I have lvl 25 on gold hoarders order of souls and merchant alliance but I need an easy way to get my reputation up can any1 leave a tip

  • i was doing some interesting tests last night on sail speed particularly sailing into the wind.

    now on an old square rigger your area of "no sail" is pretty wide as you couldn't realistically angle the sails further
    alt text

    but we can angle are sails pretty well and for gameplay purposes etc.

    so more akin to the modern "sloop"
    alt text
    which still leaves an area of no go for sailing

    anyway onto my point, so i though if i sailed close hauled in the sloop i would indeed get to my destination quicker, but alas no and interestingly there appears to be a "bug" perhaps in the sailing technique.

    so the test.

    The map is divided into squares, i would set the sails well before the start of the square and time the ship to get from one side to the other (pretty basic)

    Test one - Sails angled to the wind and sailing directly into the wind

    Time to cross 1:10 (70s)

    Sail flat as a pancake noob fashion

    alt text

    Time to cross 1:01 (61S)

    Ok so this is faster?

    And finally sailing close hauled about 30° to the wind and tacking half way across
    alt text

    Time to cross 1:20 (80s)

    hmm disappointing i would have thought sailing close hauled it would have been quicker as its not only realistic its more involved on the crew and requires more skill to plot routes

    and just for completeness

    Sails set on a broad reach (fastest point of sail) and a square takes ~40s
    down wind and anypoint where the sail billows out is pretty much the same.


    alt text

    dont try to "sail" your boat - stick your sails flat against the wind when going upwind for a minor speed advantage (which it the real world would make your sail backwards)

    i didnt know this so apologies if its a known "bug" or SoT trait of the game


    loot stacking is an effective way to gain big sums of loot and rep in large, single sell chunks. Selling your loot regularly and often is the safest way to get your gains, however. The combined times of sailing to an outpost and selling, adds up. When you stack loot you put more time into gathering treasure, resulting in bigger reward.

    but like any great reward, it holds great risk.

    When stacking loot your awareness is very important. There are huge factors to consider that make or break success, that must remain in the minds of all crew members at all times.
    Without proper awareness toward the condition of these factors, you greatly risk losing everything.

    These factors are;

    • Surroundings
    • Crew count/position
    • Communication
    • How much is at stake
    • Don't Make Enemies
    • How long you have been sailing.

    These are the most important things to remember when loot stacking for any reason whether it be for personal gain or give aways.
    If even one of these factors are not regularly considered when making decisions, you leave a window for disaster.

    1. Your Surroundings
    This would have to be the most important factor to keep in mind, always. Without proper supervision of your surrounding horizons, other pirates and hazards have a window to strike.
    ALWAYS watch and monitor the waters around you. Keep a look out and don't allow any elements of surprise to be used against you.

    2. Crew Count/Positions
    Your crew is your strength, your power.
    Constant consideration of how many you have, where your crew members are and what they are up to is crucial.
    Before making a decision, such as; leaving the ship for extended periods of time, analyze what each member of your crew is doing and where they are. Leaving the ship reduces your collective strength in combat situations, so make sure you have at least 3 of your crew in close proximity to the ship before leaving
    If you are short handed, and lack a full crew, STAY PUT! A galleon with only 2 men on board leaves you vulnerable at best.

    3. Communication
    This factor runs parallel to the previous.
    Make sure you talk with your crew and listen up for any changes in circumstances.
    When making decisions it is essential that you tell your crew of your intentions and confirm their positions.
    If you intend to leave the ship, mention it to the crew and wait for their confirmation. You must know if they can be prepared for your absence.

    4. How Much Is At Stake?
    Think about what you have to use and what you have to lose. Everything from supply count to haul size, must be considered when making combat related choices. A ship with low supplies can be beaten through endurance and tenacity, so make sure you are well stocked often.
    When you have a lot of loot on board (about 60k+) the game itself begins to struggle, respawns and mermaid travel will often fail and send you to random islands, if this happens during combat situations, (especially to multiple crew members at once) you will have great delays in getting crew strength back to 100% leaving the ship vulnerable to sinking.
    Think about how much you have on board and know if issues are likely before making any risky choices.

    5. Don't Make Enemies.
    "The seas hath no fury like a solo-slooper scorned."
    The last thing you need when loot stacking is large amounts of attention. Attacking ships at random can promote hostility through tenacious vengeance, so always defend and defend only.
    Don't draw attention and especially dont let anyone see the loot, no matter how friendly. A pirate is only as friendly as what they lack in greed. Most times all it takes is a friendly pirate to know what you have to turn them into a cunning and ruthless thief.

    6. How Long Have You Been Sailing?
    Loot stacking can involve sailing periods of unknown lengths. Crew can grow weary and under focused when sailing for hours on end, so understanding the mentality of yourself and your crew is absolutely necessary.
    6-8 hours of sailing the seas can take their toll on your body and mind so make sure you take extra care when on the water for long periods. If you are joining fresh onto a crew that have already been at it for hours, you should be ready to take on a little extra weight and look after your fellow crew mates, they will be getting tired.

    If these 6 factors are acknowledged adequately, you will have better luck filling your ship to the teeth with loot and cashing in BIG, every time.
    And one last thing to keep in mind;
    This is Sea Of Thieves!
    Getting sunk and losing hauls will happen from time to time so just try your best, it is "The Nature of the Beast."
    It sucks, it hurts and mostly it's disappointing, so be cool to your crew, Its ok to be upset when you lose a haul and your crew will be just as shattered as you are. Just never forget what went wrong, look back on what happened and learn from it, think about the factors and figure out what went wrong, to get a better understanding for the future.

    Have fun out there, and safe sailing!


    Written for the CSV. Robin Hood community.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • So you are doing Tall Tale 9, and you see a skeleton raid up in the north east. Go for it! Use Shroudbreaker's powers to give up a bit of wiggle room. The skelly ships will turn about when you head for the area, but it'll give you time to save yourself particularly if you are cornered and can't get away to do some repairing.

  • Hello All,
    I did not here anything in the developers video about the deadline to complete the Black Powder commendations. Do we have a deadline stated for those yet?

  • Ahoy!

    Is gathering loot (loot stacking) then giving it to others against the rules/cheating? I've had some concerns into if this ethical.
    I've seen a few people making alliances with people in a server to eventually get them to give their boats over to their friends so they can take over a server to stack loads and loads of loot.

    alt text

    Allowing them to gain enormous amounts of treasure without being bothered to eventually give it away to low-level players boosting their player levels to pirate legend.
    My point here was to ask if this was unethical or "cheating" the game seeing as there is no effort involved except for the loot stackers that give it away. So is it really exploiting? Or is it helping?


  • Dear PL:
    It seems due to the fact that Game Pass is on sale and new players are new to the game for the first time. Why would you feel the need to attack them? Your PL I know the game doesn't have nothing for you but why take it out on all other players? New players have a Alliance flag you join under fails Intentions so you attack them? So there is nothing that can be done and this will keep happening not like the Dev's are going to do anything.

  • Back in the early days, I lost a 500 Dollars gaming screen because someone stole my white chicken after spending two hours on finding. More than a year later, I do the same to others, take their chickens and plunder their loot; but during that process, I notice how many mistakes other players could have avoided. So I created this guide to help jump start your Journey! wind in your sails.

  • Hi guys, I'm new to the game (2 days) and I reached level 15 with the og alliances. I know that there have been many limited time events in the past, and now i Need to ask: can I still do them? What adventures can i do that are different from the classic voyage?

    P.s.: What are the reaper voyages? Can i do them in single player? Is It possibile to get the new sails (the ones with the reaper) even if I'm new and i play solo?

  • Greetings

    I am looking for some clarification on the way mercenary commendations will work going forward, Finding an answer online is showing mixed results.

    I understand that the cosmetics are time limited and can only be earned and purchased during the timed event, But it was stated some time ago by rare themselves (I will post rares post at the bottom of the page) that the commendations and doubloons would be able to be earned even after the event ends (mermaids gems, bomb skeletons ect)

    So after the black powder run ends can we sell mega kegs and normal kegs too the vendors and still gain credits for the mercenary commendations we see right now? I know that the voyages will end and the cosmetics vanish but my question is ONLY about the commendations.
    Can we please get full clarification on exactly what does and what doesn't vanish after this event ends.

    Here is the post made by Rare saying commendations would still be able to be earned.

    Hey Everyone,

    With our Cursed Crews Bilge Rats Adventure moving into its second week, I wanted to talk a little about a change we are making to how we deliver rewards for player actions after these events.

    Bilge Rats Adventures have been a great addition to Sea of Thieves between our larger updates. Whether it was reaching the top of Marauders Arch during Skeleton Thrones, timing those perfect chain reaction gunpowder skeletons or working out exactly how many kegs it takes to destroy a Ruby statue – Duke’s challenges have brought some great stories to Sea of Thieves over the last few months.

    We’ve also learnt a lot during these events and taken feedback from players onboard to help shape each adventure we deliver. After adding Legendary commendations into Gunpowder Skeletons as a way for players to have longer term goals both during and post the adventure, we’ve been reviewing the sentiment around how we are delivering rewards to players – specifically Doubloons. A common area of feedback around our adventures recently has been the time-limited nature of the rewards we make available and how players want more reasons to complete our commendations after the adventure finishes.

    With the Cursed Crews Adventure we are making a change to continue to reward players with Doubloons if you complete commendations after the event has finished. This means that if you miss an Adventure you can still experience the content, unlock the commendations, earn the exclusive titles AND be awarded the Doubloons. Our Cosmetic Rewards will continue to be time-limited so you’ll need to play during the Adventure to unlock these exclusive items.

    We are making this change next week, keeping all Cursed Crews Doubloon rewards obtainable once the adventure finishes, and this will be our approach for future Bilge Rat Adventures moving forward.

    Thanks for all your feedback on our Bilge Rats Adventures so far, looking forward to getting some great new challenges into players hands and seeing the awesome stories that they create.

  • Some of the best outfits in sea of thieves

  • Quick queastion. When you enter the devil's shroud with the shroudbreaker attached, are megaladons able to spawn in the devil's shroud?

  • So basicly i unlocked PL yesterday,and when i got the Legendary Gold Hoarders commendation i went down to the athenas fortune to buy the compass, but to my surprise it was unlocked yet, so i went over on to discord to ask for help and they said to contact customer support.

  • I know this has been answered like a thousand times but still. Voyages or forts?

  • I use to be able to press Esc to cut the cutscene at the beginning of the game before it goes to the menu, for some reason I have to now press Shift + Esc. Can some help me how can I change it back to just Esc because it's driving me nuts..

  • I’m looking to do a couple of speed runs of Tall Tales 9 - Shores of Gold, but can’t decide what ship size to use.

    Sloop will make for a faster fight at the end, but Galleon will let us solve the puzzles faster. Anyone know the best method for speed running this tall tale?

  • Is there anything that determines how the kraken spawns? I literally just joined the game, started a mission and was like 2 feet away from the outpost when it attacked. I dont really mind, i didnt have anything to lose, but it feels like the spawn for it is completely random and i was just wondering if something i was doing was increasing the likeliness of it spawning or something.

  • Hello fellow sailors!

    As we are being introduced to the fourth Mercenary Voyages, you have a chance to work for new commendations, titles, more doubloons and of course new unlockables!

    This time, the Mercenary Voyages Commendations feature new voyages to islands and fortresses all around the Sea of Thieves, with the main discoverable items being Merchant Alliance Crates and Explosive Barrels! Finishing all of the new voyages and then doing the reaper runs 3 times for each reaper voyage will unlock the Mercenary Figurehead, The Inevitable Reaper Flag and The Inevitable Reaper Sails respectively. Check the links for images and more info on how to unlock them!

    Happy Sailing!
    Gamepedia Sea of Thieves Wiki Administrator
    Ed Keppler