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  • So anyone have tips on farming ancient skeletons? Like where have you most likely found em and best ways to get em to spawn?

  • (Posted this on the Game Discussion as well)
    Hello everyone, this post was created to help those trying to find the journals in the new TallTale, and for those Lore Enthusiasts out there (cough Captain Falcore cough)

    Journal 1: "We need a new plan" - Liar's Backbone: On a table next to the HEART symbol in Stitcher's Hideout.

    “If my hands was large enough, I’d wring Duke’s neck! What does he think he’s doing, paying pirates to steal back the things I stole?!
    For now, though, I’ve got to cosy up to him and help him flog his junk crates. Make him think I’ve turned over a new leaf. As if!
    I mean, maybe we lost the Dark Relics we needed to resurrect you-know-who, but there’s more than one way to pluck a parrot.
    Once I’ve finished here I’ll head to the wreck of the Blackwyche and scrounge around for a few ‘leftovers’. Even a lock of hair’ll do…
    Word is, its Captain can’t resist playing the hero with that magic sword of his. That means I’ve just got to point him to the right place."


    Journal 2: "Disorder of Souls" - Devil's Thirst: In the catacombs on a rock pile between the Door of the Forsaken Flame and the Door of the Burning Heart.

    "Pendragon only went and ruddy did it! We all saw Flameheart, larger than life, letting the whole Sea of Thieves know that he’s back!
    Next thing I know, I’m sailing out so that I can swear my allegiance to him. Sorry, Rathbone, but Stitcher Jim’s got a new master now…
    Being here in the Devil’s Roar puts me dangerously close to Cap’n Sorrow, but so what? She’ll get hers soon enough.
    The master’s plan will birth the first of his new Ashen Lords, and there’ll be more where that came from! All loyal to him – to US!
    Everyone who ever did wrong by Stitcher Jim – Sorrow, the Bilge Rats, the Order of Souls – is about to be sorry. Very sorry indeed.”


    Journal 3: "A Chest of Rage" - Devil's Thirst: Located in the lava jump puzzle after the first capstan trap in The Path of the Eternal King.

    “I’ve been around a long time, but I’ve never seen a box like this one. I dunno where my beloved dug it up from, but it stinks like a crypt.
    I’m actually pretty nervous. Messing around with curses is all well and good if you’re the Order of Souls, but it makes my teeth itch.
    What can I do, though? Master needs souls to summon his Ashen Lord, and if I want to stay in his good books, I’m the man to find ‘em.
    Sounds simple , but it ain’t, ‘cos to trap a soul in the chest I first need something that belongs to ‘em, not to mention more of them Dark Relics.
    Lucky for me, that trip I took to the Blackwyche has already given me everything I need…”


    Journal 4: "Bye, Bye, Blackwyche" - Devil's Thirst: On skull pile after first skeleton battle in The Path of the Forsaken Flame.

    “Now I understand why they call it a ‘Chest of Rage’. I can hear the souls inside and they ain’t stopped yelling and screaming, not once.
    I says to ‘em, it’s nothing personal, just that I already had their belongings lying around from that Pendragon business.
    Dunn was the easiest to find, snoring his head off at a sea post with a splashtail in one hand and a drink in the other. He didn’t even wake up!
    Cavendish was next. Her Dad was the one whose soul got trapped on the Blackwyche back in the day, so bad luck must run in the family.
    Rodriguez put up a fight and nearly struck me. Too bad I’d already slipped something into her grog. Well, she don’t need a stomach no more…”


    Journal 5: "The devil I know" - Devil's Thirst: In-between an alcove within the wall spike trap section, in the Path of the Burning Heart.

    “I am run proper ragged! It’s so hot down here I can’t hardly breathe, but guess who’s got to make sure all the traps are working?
    I don’t dare complain though. Rathbone could be scary but most of the time it was like you weren’t in the room. Only his gold mattered.
    When the master speaks, it’s like he knows what you’re thinking. He’s smart. Scary smart, and he believes Pendragon will try to stop the ritual.
    Well, let him try, I say! No matter how many pirate pals he brings along, they’ll never make it through to me in time.
    Speaking of time… I should head to the Ritual Chamber. All my hard work’s finally about to pay off! Finally, Stitcher Jim gets what he deserves.”


    Those are all the journals for the Heart of Fire, happy commendation happy lads and lasses!

  • I know everyone hate doing the riddles but let's face it a castaway is still exp. The same as a Captain's. Now my riddle says "Find the top of the smallest grassy rock stack to the South.. can someone one plz just show me a pic of where it's talking about??? Please help!!

  • I've recently become pirate legend.

    Almost immediately ive noticed some strange things.

    Firstly, when playing on an open crew I seem to get matched with pirate legends far more often.

    Did you know that flaneheart says different things to crews of pirate legends?

    Here's the kicker. While sailing I will occasionally hear "we shall sail together" floating along the water.

    At first I thought I imagined it, but the game is definitely playing a sound file.


    Does it do this when another pirate legend joins or leaves the crew? Should I follow this noise into the unknown like Elsa? Has any one figured out why it's doing this?

  • So I've gotten thousands of hours in this game, sunk hundreds of player ships, achieved legendary sea dog and legend of sea of thieves, I've solo'd no less than 30 fleets with a broken arm and won sloop arena matches solo against worthy crews, I've stolen some of the rarest items in the game using stealth, recon and cunning, but I feel like I'm still a complete noob when I see ships and players pulling off some of the things I'm about to describe. I've searched every forum and guide on the internet and watched hundreds of hours of the best streamers in the world and I don't have a clue or explanation besides cheating for what I'm experiencing and at this point I can't even be mad at these players, because the official sea of thieves channels seem to be completely oblivious to these things too, I've seen no streamer or youtuber mention them and I'm at a complete loss where to turn.

    Double gunning: is this just forever part of the game or is it cheating to shoot both of your guns at a single moment in time appearing as a single shot? I can't even believe this is lag as I have a great connection, and experience little to no other anomalies in player movements or behaviors besides this increasingly frequent occurrence. Joe Neate told me himself this is not how the game is supposed to be played and has attempted multiple times to fix this, but it seems to be getting worse where I now clearly see these people shooting two projectiles as one singular instant kill shot. How are they achieving this and is it cheating? I've seen guides explain a quicker way to swap weapons and frankly it seems unsportsmanlike, but to shoot both shots instantly seems completely bogus imho.

    Mast recovery without falling: I know how to repair a ship, frankly I can tend to my vessel with my eyes closed using sound alone, so I feel totally dumb googling this for hours only to be met with "beginners guides" but frequently, I will hit an enemy mast with a chain shot, and have clear confirmation of the hit, and the enemy crew is able to catch their mast before it even drops more than a few inches, and sometimes when I can see clearly that only one person is on the ship. But I have tried this countless times, sometimes I'm in the perfect position and on those ropes immediately, and I've never been able to achieve the speed I've seen others pull off, it's kinda triggering to repeatedly nail a ships masts bullseye after bullseye and they hardly even slow down a beat. When I get my masts hit and it's a totally different story, how are they pulling this off? Is there a way to bypass animations like so many other things in this game through an exploit?

    Ships unexplainably going faster in seemingly worse wind conditions. Now fyi about me, I have 20/15 vision. I can tell when another crew has their sails off, I know when dummy sails (centered against the wind) are ideal and the exact moment to turn them, I know what speeds each ship travels and I am frequently chasing a ship that seems to be going faster than the game logic should dictate. But all too often it seems when I'm tailing a ship (when I should have advantage seeing their movements ahead and adjusting instantly) they gain distance, even ships that appear unaware of basic sail speeds, meanwhile when I'm being chased, even by the same sized ship, I seem to do everything right according to all the guides and I'll successfulness anchor them multiple times, kill 3/4 their crew singlehandedly and yet they eventually close distance on me when it appears they are significantly slower at adjusting their sails. I watch closely at their flags to see if their wind is different or something, but I'm baffled by how little I seem to understand the game logic apparently after having 90% of the achievements done in the game and staying as active as anyone (I've been top of the emmisary leaderboards every month since they've come out and these things make me feel like I don't know anything and how is someone supposed to learn when the advanced information seems unavailable from official sources and and the basic information from tutorials and youtube guides seems obsolete compared to what a portion of the player base is capable of.

    This is all not to mention uncannily lucky snipes and cannon shots that seem almost completely impossible and ambushes that feel like some players had access to information on ship locations and loot on a server. Where can someone go to learn about what cheating is going on in this game, ultra-aadvanced technique like beyond perfect chasing strategy, instant mast repair and double attacking in a single strike. Players should know what they're up against, especially the most vigilant and studious should be able to find this information on what exploits are happening and how to defend ourselves from them. Does anyone have any anecdotes of these situations occuring for you? Any knowledge on where people can go who are experiencing these frustrating conundrums to learn more about how things work in this game? For example one interesting tip I know is that because players/ cannons movement is locked to their ship until they collide with another surface an interesting thing to pay attention to is for example when you jump off your ship as it crashes into another object, the rocking of the ship will cause you to rock as if you were attached to it in mid air like you were bound to it's gravity in orbit, so account for the crashes in your jumps or plan to land before the ship impacts (my example of an advanced trick I find very helpful for boarding ships/turning in arena chests)

  • Ever since SoT’s steam debut, I’ve seen many new pirates out on the seas. These players tend to be overwhelmed by the variety of different cannonballs available to them and default to standard cannonballs during ship combat. Although my crew and I love winning ship fights, I want to take the time to educate more crews on what the different cannonballs do and the times it makes the most tactical sense to use them; this should make combat more exciting for everyone involved. This is a long guide, so pour yourself a grog and make yourselves comfortable.

    Cannon ammunition can be broadly divided into 5 different categories:

    1) STANDARD CANNON AMMO - Can only be fired out of cannons and don’t inflict friendly fire on your own crew.

    Cannonball (Roles: Punch holes in enemy ships, fight off PVE threats)
    Cannonballs kill players with a direct hit, inflict 1 unit of damage on the wheel/capstan/mast, and open a level 2 hole in the hull. Cannonballs are the most common ammo type and are quite versatile. You should primarily use cannonballs to break holes in the hull of enemy ships and fight off PVE threats (such as the Kraken or Megalodon), although you can also use them to cripple enemy ships or disrupt the crew (keep in mind that the more specialized ammo types are better suited for this). Cannonballs are also useful for taking down tough skeletons (such as skeleton lords).

    When fighting enemy ships, you should aim for the lowest deck of a Galleon, the center of a Brig, or the front of a Sloop; hits to these areas will immediately let water in, whereas holes opened up in other areas won’t admit water until the ship has partially flooded.

    Chainshot (Role: Cripple enemy ships)
    Chainshot will instantly destroy a mast, wheel, or capstan if it hits them, but will only open a level 1 hole if it hits the hull. Chainshots are rarer than cannonballs, but more common than cursed cannonballs. Chainshots inflict reduced damage against players and PVE threats, so save them for fights against player ships. Chainshots have a shorter range than other ammo types so you’ll need to aim higher than normal.

    Chainshots are incredibly useful in crippling an enemy ship, yet they’re criminally underused by the current player base. Use them at your first opportunity! Too often, my crew will board an enemy ship in the middle of a fight and find a large stash of chainshot sitting unused in the supply barrel. With few exceptions, you should open a fight by shooting chainshots at your enemy’s masts; ships can’t sail if all their masts are downed and they take a long time to repair, giving you a major tactical advantage.

    2) GRENADES - Can be thrown in addition to being fired out of a cannon and can inflict friendly fire on crewmates

    Blunderbomb (Role: Cause knockback)
    Blunderbombs deal 15% damage (50% on a direct hit) and apply a strong knockback to any players caught in the blast. If shot out of a cannon, blunderbombs can knock a ship off course (like a megalodon bite, or gunpowder keg explosion), although they don’t cause any damage to ship itself. Like firebombs, blunderbombs appear to do increased damage to skeletons, although they are less suited to killing them compared to firebombs. They’re quite useful at detonating gunpowder from a safe distance if you’re not carrying a pistol or eye-of-reach.

    Blunderbombs are more situational than other cannon ammo types, but they do have uses during ship battles. Aim for the top deck to try and knock enemy players overboard. If an enemy ship is trying to ram you, several direct blunderbomb hits (fired from a cannon, not thrown) will knock them off course. You can also use them to knock players off your ladders.

    Firebomb (Roles: Kill skeletons, area denial)
    Firebombs set all creatures in the impact radius on fire, dealing up to 33% damage to players and killing most skeletons unless the fire is extinguished early. If it hits a ship, firebombs also start a persistent fire that will spread unless put out with a bucket of water. Players can extinguish themselves by pouring a bucket of water on themselves (alt-fire with a full bucket), jumping into the sea, or exposing themselves to rain. If you extinguish a fire by dumping water on it, the water will evaporate. This means you can speed up your bailing if there’s a fire between you and the top deck; simply dump your water on the fire and go back for more.

    Firebombs have multiple roles: use them to wipe out squads of skeletons (even those pesky metal skeletons), flush out players that have barricaded themselves in a chokepoint, or keep players from going where you don’t want them. If you’re shooting firebombs at an enemy ship, you should aim for the captain’s cabin/wheel of a Galleon, the anchor of a Brig, or the wheel/capstan of a Sloop; these areas are more difficult to extinguish and deny enemy players the ability to interact with those ship components (without taking damage).

    3) GREEN CURSED CANNONBALLS – These cursed cannonballs affect players (even crewmembers) but can only be fired out of cannons.

    Grogball (Role: Prevent repairs, Hinder bailing)
    Grogballs make all players/skeletons caught in the blast radius extremely drunk (stumbling around, vomiting) for roughly 8 seconds. Unlike the wearyball/jigball, these effects persist even if you take damage. Grogballs are curious in that they tend to be more effective when used against larger crews. Here’s why: affected players will vomit once or twice on their own, but if their vomit hits another player, that player will vomit shortly after (and have they screen covered with green bile), potentially causing a chain-reaction of constant back-and-forth vomiting among the crew unless they space themselves out.

    Affected players will find it nearly impossible to repair holes (they’re stumbling around too much) or bail water (vomit fills an empty bucket, takes longer to stumble topside). Shoot a grogball at the enemy ship once they’ve sent players to start repairs (you can estimate this to be approximately 10 seconds after you inflict damage, or if your cannon shots to the hull are giving you a hit marker). Grogballs are less useful against players on the top deck, as those tasks (using cannons, steering, adjusting sails, etc) can still be accomplished while severely drunk.

    Jigball/Wearyball (Role: Halt enemy activity)
    Although they have different visual effects (wearyballs put players to sleep, jigballs force all affected to dance), wearyballs/jigballs are practically identical; they fully paralyze all players/skeletons in the blast radius for 5 seconds (technically, wearyballs are considered slightly worse than jigballs because affected players move close to the ground where they are less exposed). This effect is broken if the victim takes damage.

    Many players consider these cannonballs to be the most devastating green cursed cannonballs, although they’ve become less effective from their introduction following several nerfs. These cursed cannonballs can cause plenty of consternation among the enemy crew regardless of when you use them, but they are most effective when used immediately after the enemy crew experiences a catastrophe (such as getting hit by a ballastball or powder keg) since it prevents them from taking action to reverse the damage.

    Limpball (Role: Take up storage space)
    These cannonballs cause affected players to move slower and be unable to run/jump for 15 seconds, as though they dropped from a large height.

    These are among the least effective cursed cannonballs. They have some utility in preventing players from jumping off their ship (although they can still use the ladders/cannons to leave) and can slow a Galleon crew’s ability to bail. If the enemy ship is coming in to ram you, hit them with a limpball to prevent enemies from boarding you. They’re otherwise less useful than most other cursed cannonballs.

    Venomballs (Role: Damage/Blind enemy players)
    These cannonballs slowly inflict 30 points of damage to affected players over 15 seconds. They also reduce visibility. These effects mimic what happens when you get bitten by a snake.

    Players typically don’t bother to heal when they go below to make repairs, so shoot one of these over if you suspect the enemy crew to be busy bailing. These cannonballs pair very well with firebombs, as the effects of fire and venom stack. Venomballs become much more useful at night, as the reduced visibility coupled with darkness makes affected players practically blind.

    4) PURPLE CURSED CANNONBALLS – These cannonballs affect ships, not players, although they don’t inflict any actual damage upon impact.

    Anchorball (Role: Halt enemy ship)
    As their name implies, these cannonballs will drop a ship’s anchor. Well, it would be more accurate to say it “activates” the anchor; anchorballs won’t prevent players with quick reactions from catching the anchor before it fully drops. Additionally, an anchorball will raise a ship’s anchor if it’s fully dropped (and no players are trying to raise it).

    Anchorballs can prevent an enemy from fleeing or give you time to catch your breath, but they’re very hit or miss. If the ship’s anchor is successfully dropped, the crew must raise it before the ship can move again. However, if a player grabs the anchor, then nothing will happen. You can increase your chance of success if you wait until most of the enemy crew is occupied with something else (such as managing sails or repairing damage) so they don’t have time to grab the anchor before it drops.

    Ballastball (Role: Killing blow)
    These cannonballs force the affected ship to sink low in the water for 7 seconds, causing all holes to admit water, regardless of their location. Although the effects wear off after 7 seconds, the ship may not rise back up if too much water has poured in.

    These are without a doubt the most devastating out of anything in this list (especially against Galleons) and you should base your strategy around them if you have any. They are most affective if used after you’ve peppered the enemy ship with cannonballs. The reason for their effectiveness is that most crews don’t repair holes that aren’t currently leaking water (such as the mid-deck of a Galleon) during the heat of battle. A popular strategy employed by sloops to kill larger ships is to cause a lot of harmless damage that doesn’t admit water (which most crews will ignore), before hitting the ship with a ballastball; all those “harmless” holes suddenly begin flooding the ship at an alarming rate.

    Barrelball (Role: Take up storage space, kill skeleton galleons?)
    These cannonballs prevent players from accessing their food, plank, and cannonball supply barrels for 15 seconds. I’ve heard that these cannonballs also prevent the crew of skeleton ships from repairing anything for the duration, but I haven’t tested this myself.

    These cannonballs are not very effective against players; they don’t prevent you from using supplies you already have in your pockets, nor do they prevent players from accessing mobile storage chests (or rowboat chests). If it’s true that these prevent skeletons from repairing their ship, then save them for fights against skeleton ships and don’t bother using them against players.

    Helmball (Role: Take up storage space)
    These cannonballs prevent players from being able to manipulate the ship’s wheel for 15 seconds.

    These cannonballs only have niche uses. Use them near islands/rocks to possibly cause the enemy ship to crash. They can also force a ship in a turn to continue along the turn, giving your ship the opportunity to reposition (or flee). Ultimately, though, they will most likely remain in storage, as most other cannonballs are more effective.

    Peaceball (Role: Prevent return fire)
    These cannonballs force all cannons on the affected ship to point fully upward for 5 seconds. Crews must then manually move them back into position (taking 1-2 seconds) before they can resume fire.

    Peaceballs are primarily used reactively; if you find your ship entering the enemy’s line of fire, you can prevent multiple broadsides if you can hit them with a peaceball first. This will give you several seconds to get out of the way or continue pelting the enemy with impunity.

    Riggingball (Role: Slow/stop enemy ship)
    These cannonballs forcibly raise all the sails of affected ships for 8 seconds, causing the ship to slow to a stop. If the sails are already up, then riggingballs will instead drop all sails. Players can easily lower the sails again once the effect ends. Many players consider the riggingball to be an inferior version of the anchorball, since dropping the anchor immediately brings a ship to a halt (preventing it from rotating) and forces the enemy crew to stop what they’re doing to raise the anchor, whereas it’s easy for a crew to drop the sails again. However, rigginballs are guaranteed to slow the enemy ship, whereas anchorballs can be countered by grabbing the anchor.

    I consider riggingballs to be a safer, yet less effective anchorball. Like an anchorball, use riggingballs when you need to slow the enemy ship (either to make them an easier target, stop them from fleeing, or make your own escape). Be aware that ships with all sails raised (and raised anchor) can still rotate in place, so a competent crew will keep your ship in their firing zone while their sails are up.

    5) GHOSTLY CANNONBALLS – These cannonballs can (currently) only be acquired by completing a ghost ship fleet and collecting the ghostly cannonball crate from the loot.

    Phantom cannonballs and phantom flame cannonballs are merely re-skins of standard cannonballs and firebombs, respectively (although you can’t throw phantom flame cannonballs), so consult those sections for information and advice.

    Wraith cannonball (Role: Shock and awe)
    These cannonballs break multiple holes upon impact with a hull (one level 2 hole and several adjacent level 1 holes), knock the ship off course (like a blunderbomb), and make a loud scream as they fly through the air (no effect to the player characters, but it probably startles the person holding the controller).

    Wraithballs are essentially superior versions of standard cannonballs, so you should use them anytime you have a clear shot and it's not optimal to use a more specialized cannonball (like a chainshot).

    Closing comments and credits
    Most of the tactical tips presented here are my own, but I consulted the Sea of Thieves wiki and ToejahM's video on the subject matter to fill in any gaps in my knowledge. I plan on reposting an updated version in a few months, so if you have something you want to add, let me know.


  • Hey guys.

    I have a question regarding ship holes.

    How many is too many to handle solo?

    On a sloop its no big deal but when sailing the brigantine there is a number where the ship is unsavable after a certain number of holes.

    I feel as though i need to know what this number is. So I can mentally count my hits and use that to save my ship in future encounters.

    Does anybody know this magic number?

  • This game is a PVEVP.
    Won't ever change and that's great.
    I love pvp and pve but I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't come here for the ship combat, I certainly did.

    But what if you are one of those pirates who want to sail pirate infested waters without fear of pirates eh?


    Sail a brigantine.

    You can do it solo.
    Your biggest threat is the kraken and skelly Galleons

    Anchor ball a skelly Galleon once and you are free from them

    U-turn from kraken and you are away from it.

    Now you can sail and hoard gold in a very relaxed manner. Unless its another brigantine! But even so, you both go so fast, you can easily lose them too with a anchor ball too.
    It's unlikely you'll be chased often be brigantines. I say this because it's mostly sloops that have chased me in a period of over 6 months and only. 2 ships in those 6 months kept chasing and even then I did eventually lose them.

    Now to perfect your PVE dream you need to learn how to sail and get comfortable with your brigantine.

    This took me as a newbie, 1 week.
    An uncomfortable week but it suddenly clicks and its actually pretty easy.

    Now what you need to do is learn sail speeds so YouTube it or ask around here. Then get comfortable with it.

    Try it.

    I can guarantee you will find the seas much easier and you'll also be travelling a lot faster.

    There doesn't need to be a PVE server. You just need a ship that gives you the speed to sail away.

    It works. Give it a go.

  • Can anyone enlighten me if I'm getting this wrong? Lately, it seems like when another player attacks me, it takes one hit and I'm Dead, but if I manage to fight the marauder at all, I can't kill him even though I've landed several sword hits or even gun shots. Then he just spawn kills me over and over, as soon as I return from the SotD, I materialize and immediately die! Is he exploiting a cheat, or do I just suck at the game? Any advice on not feeling like I'm just an ant getting stomped repeatedly by an unseen bully? It's really bumming me out in a game I really love. It happened several times last night, even with my head on a SWIVEL, including when I was carrying a chest IN THE TAVERN!

  • When you think of sailing solo the obvious choice is the sloop and you would be right to choose this.

    However, I have found that the solo Brigantine is the ultimate skeleton ship hunter, allowing you to dispatch the galleons easier than a solo sloop. Sounds bizarre right?! But this is something i discovered myself and has never failed me.

    Step 1)
    Find your target.
    You travel fastest cross winds so have both sails angled full left or right lock depending on where you wanna go. Just fly down the map as quick as possible and you will soon see your PVE foe

    Step 2)

    Upon approaching your skeleton galleon, give it a quick broadside then do a full left or right lock depending on which angle your sails are. Make sure the sails are angled to where you get an occasional puff of wind to throw you around the corner.

    Step 3) Take some punishment.
    The initial start of the battle you will be within their cannons. Focus more on repairing than firing back and have faith.
    Eventually the galleon will be behind you chasing and unable to hit you and you unable to hit it back. You may slam into the ship a few times and so on, dont panic if you do you’re simply a boxer hugging it out for a breather. This is when it becomes showtime and you are ready to fight back.

    Step 4) Hit them without being hit back!
    As they are chasing you like the npc noobs they are, simply put your back sail down a little. Your turning circle will increase allowing you to pepper their ship whilst remaining out of their range.
    Note however you will drift into their range eventually if this turning circle isnt loosened, so to maintain your advantage, lower the sails back to how they were. Repeat this until it is sunk.

    Step 6) ????????

    Step 7) Profit!

    After a few times you will perfect this technique and actually be able to take on fleets this way. Its actually easier than a sloop fleet battle if you dont hug the boulders.

    With a fleet you may need to occasionally leave to repair if you get an unlucky double galleon broadside, however the principle is the same and works as described.

    Given the brigantines speed it makes it the perfect skelly hunting vessel able to locate targets much quicker than the sloopiest sloop captain.

    Give it a try and let me know your success.

  • I know the cave that leads to the vault is probably a geometry change in the update, but since the entrance is kind of tucked away I'm wondering if it's been there all along and I've simply passed it by (obviously the vault wouldn't have existed yet). Does anyone know which is the case?

  • We all have quite a few tools at our disposal now and many of you can be quite creative in attacking other solos and even crewed ships.

    When you aren't running from ships anymore and you feel it's time to go on the offensive and do an honest day's pirating.

    What strategies and things do you find work best for you?

    What's your most effective weapon?

    Do you prefer to board or remain with your ship?

    How does your strategy change when against a crew as a solo or a solo against solo?

    We all get in a routine when we play this game and doing the same things over and over can make you complacent. So I'm here checking to see if there's any golden nuggets of information, something I haven't tried and could add to my existing knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing if you do guys.

  • Ok, so I have looked through the forums and I cannot find an updated list of what the community reads each of the default signal flags as. So I guess I would love to hear some thoughts on what y'all think. I have been playing since launch and I've always put some stock into flags as a signal of player intentions (with a healthy amount of caution, of course).

    1. What do each of the flags mean to you when you see them on the horizon?

    2. Do you even pay attention to the flags/ do they affect whether you approach a ship or steer clear?

    From my experiences--

    Alliance Penant: On the nose- looking for an alliance, perhaps a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Bilge Rat Adventure Flag: Hunting player immortalizations, skellie thrones, sometimes tall tales. Good crew to potentially share a grog with.
    Black Flag: (Undetermined)
    Blue Flag: (Undetermined)
    Checkered Flag: Up for a race (for the achievement).
    Flag of the Reapers Mark: Down for PVP, Reaper Commendations.
    Jolly Roger: Playing as a pirate, steer clear.
    Rainbow Flag: Friendly crew.
    Red Flag: (Undetermined)
    White Flag: New player, peaceful player.
    Yellow Flag: Banana Enthusiast? (Undetermined)

    These are just what I interpret some of the default flags as, and what I have experienced from players running them. Please reply with your own interpretations or experiences- I've always wondered if there is a community-agreed upon flag code. And if there are any purchasable flags that have a meaning, feel free to share that as well.

    Happy Sailing

  • Come faccio a riprendere una storia assurda dall'ultimo ceckpoint?
    Dove ritrovo gli oggetti della missione?

  • Anyone having issues with the vault riddle not working to award the special chest?

    This is after the latest hotfix, and has happened at Kraken's and Crooks.

    Does accidentally pressing the button when the puzzle isn't aligned prevent you from solving it correctly? I have accidentally pressed the button trying to put the medallion in before, but it still allowed me to solve.

    Does the vault puzzle ever expire part way through the vault door being opened?

    This is the only one I think might be possible because I'm telling you, I know how to solve the dumb puzzle, but it refuses to work (and yes the lock and key icon was the right way for all the columns).

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ahoy fellow sailors!

    This is Ed Keppler on behalf of the Sea of Thieves Wiki Staff to bring you this month's Wiki Progress Update!

    We have now managed to cover the majority of the Vaults of the Ancients Content Update in Article form! The only thing left to do now is to update older articles with new additions and updates from the most recent patch and update.

    This month, special thanks go to Alnih, Barbossa, Lorenz Sinclair, Daveater, Dracomatt, EG Gamer, Eli Eel Eye, Eo, GemsHanger, GeneralN0m, Golgari Hexmage, Grand Admiral Meep, Hagenth, Jordan Aldridge-Payne, Kaminari Tori, Lirolake, Lukitch59, Micro666, Mrbellek, Netail, Omega Gaming, Pirripirat, Pocketomi, Savage Alien, Trovata and many others who helped us work on the new articles! We couldn't have done it without you all!

    Links to the major new or updated Articles can be found below:

    We will still be working on updating some of the already existing pages, but if you feel like helping out, the Wiki can be edited by anyone! If you find any inconsistencies or would like to add additional information or if you want to join our data, research, and discussion teams, you can find us at our open Wiki Discord Server.

    Happy Sailing!

  • Usuallly this forum is mostly ranting about pve servers and bad experiences. But I have to say that in the past couple days I played and stole good amount of plunder, I've encountered particularly well-behaved sailors. People losing their loot and still being courteous and friendly. Even reached out to one crew afterwards on xbox app offering to ally so they would get some of it back and all I got was "no thanks, we got beat fair and square".

    So just wanted to say thank you to the community and fellow pirates. There's salt, but there is also class. After all it is just a video game where gold doesn't even matter. Let's keep on trucking and let everyone enjoy the shared world.

  • First some Words about me:

    My Mate and I started playing late 2018 when Devils Roar was already a place to go. We had fun doing the missions for the big 3 factions but for reasons I don´t know anymore we stopped. For sure some other games like Borderlands, Ark and Conan Exiles (on private Servers)
    We only play coop Games because Multiplayer/PvP is not really what I can enjoy.
    That changed when we picked up SoT again ~2 month ago. You have to deal with other Players if you want or not.
    We have now done all the Tale Tales and reached Pirate Legend 4 weeks ago.
    For 31 days I am on the Forum and sometimes I can´t believe these Stories about ALL the toxic players, Bad language, "I can´t play for a single hour without being sunk a 1000 times"....etc
    We sail duo Sloop, Sometimes Solo.

    So what I wanted to say Is: When we see a ship coming close, we never shoot first but always talk (or chat) first. This works really good the most times.
    Make some stupid stuff or try to role play a little mostly defused the Situation.

    The best Story was when I had to do a couple of Cargo runs for the Merchants to reach lvl 50. I was told to bring some Plants and Grog to Ed at Shipwreck Bay. When I was close I realized that the Ashen Lord Event was there. But I am an Adventurer and I promised to bring the cargo to him. So I parked my ship close to a brig whose Crew was fighting the Lord. I grapped a Plant and ran right through the fight shouting: "Don´t shoot me! I have an important delivery for Ed. He really needs his Plants!" One guy tried to shoot me but then one of the others called: "No. Protect him. Eddy needs his stuff." Some LoLs later I had finished the Mission and safely sailed a away.

    Ok. That´s already more text than I have planned but there are a lot of encounters I have with fun and nice chats ending in some Shantys and Grog. Sometimes only a friendly hello. (Lets see maybe I share some in the Tavern Tale section in the future)

    So what do you think. Is this just luck to meet the right Pirates or is this the chat/RP. Or maybe the fact that I mostly play late nights? Or even Karma :P

    And to be clear. Yes I do enjoy the PvE elements the most. Yes I get sunk, KoS, spawnkilled and robbed but this is rare and not the memories wich stick in my Head. And when they do it was also a fun and good sports fight. Also in fights or Arena I have become a better Helmsman and better at the canons. (Still not a pro and not good in close PvP)

    Love the Game, Love most of you Pirates!

    thanks for reading

  • Ahoy mateys!

    I've been playing Sea of Thieves for a fair amount of time now and have recently been fortunate enough to have a PC with some nicer specs that I'd previously been used to, so I decided to use them to record and edit a short video guide for my favourite weapon: the sword.

    This is only my second personal edit, so it's not perfect by a long shot. That's partially why I'm posting this here: I need some feedback and criticism to improve for what comes next!

    Aimed at newer players to Sea of Thieves, this guide aims to reveal the basics and even a few advanced tips that older players may not have known previously.

    You can find it here:

    Any feedback is welcome as long as it's constructive in nature :)

    Thank you so much for reading/watching!

  • Hi all,
    Just made it to Pirate Legend and completed my first Athena voyage.

    I'm not completely clear on what actions during the voyage help towards your Athena emissary level.

    It was a massive effort that took us about 6 hours, and we seemed to get very little emissary level by the end. The emissary level indicator appeared several times but the bar didn't move.

    Obviously I get that this is sort of endgame content and is not supposed to be insta-win, but I'm wondering if there's any tips to maximise the emissary points you get and/or speed up the first 8 quests so you get to the 2nd chapter sooner.

    thank you very much for any suggestions.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hello

    This Topic is for everyone but i'm sure it would mostly related to the devs of SoT. First, I want to say that I really don't care if anyone thinks that i`m right or wrong, after 2+ years of playing this game I definitely know what I am talking about and I stand by it.

    So as in any mmo/online game cheaters are the biggest problem and devs/publishers doesnt give a damn at all, actually they even prefer cheaters so they can be banned and re-biy the game. I must clarify, for quite a long period blizzard was my favorite because they took good care to ban every unclean play but i dont know if that's the case now.
    I am mentioning this because I am tired of hearing arguments how "hard" is to fight cheaters and s**t, because i know it can be efficient ONLY IF the company wants to.

    Clearly in SoT taking care of cheaters have never been on any list of priority and so far it was bearable, I was able to find cheaters here and there but definitely on almost any play at least there was 1 boat with cheaters. I am making breaks from time to time so every time i return to SoT there is more and more cheaters and the last time i played which was this and last week I couldn't believe what happened to the game. I could clearly say that at least 50%+ of the player ar having cheat, the ONLY ONES that do not have cheat are ultimate beginners which can be spotted from far away by the way they play and possibly by their ship customization. And NO i am not mixing skill with cheats here, don't worry i`m far from stupid to not know a cheater.

    So now i`ll just put a list of cheats and how it is used, generally in the past cheaters were mostly using combination of one two or even tree cheats, now they are using all the cheats combined together and they dont even care:

    1. GOD mode, unkillable by wepaons/explosions. - In most occasions I am testing this with exploding a keg in their ship/over the whole crew. Usually when they cheat nobody dies, only me..hah the irony
    2. Massive damage - can kill you with 2 sword swings or 1 sniper shot etc (this was mostly used in the past). - No need to do special test here, we all know that any weapon damage is predefined exactly, easy to spot cheat.
    3. Infinite ammo/wood/food(if they use it at all)/cannons etc. This cheat is used by EVERYONE. It is a bit hard to test but in almost all fight we`ve been draining them of resources / board and steal - check their leftovers. Last time the cheating crew had literally 3 bannanas/0(zero) bombs/ 0(zero) logs. They;ve sinked us and we couldnt kill em nor sink their ship after 30min of fight. (they did not replenish the ship, we didnt gave them the rest)
    4. Teleportation (rarely, but used). Sometimes this happens they just pop up on you lower deck or somehow detonate the kegs in the ship even though the kegs are hidden on the lower deck. That did happen few days ago.
    5. "Wallhack" / info hack. This is bread and butter for them, every cheater have this enabled. You have kegs? You have jump in the water to keg them? You got good amount of gold? How much health you have? Are you in the water or on your ship? they KNOW it always and it is easy noticeable by their actions, just jump with a keg in the water they immediately "handbreak" change direction.

    This is the most types of cheats i have noticed which are heavily used recently in all combinations and mostly all at once. The behavior of a cheater can be easy noticed by their attitude and how they "jump" into fights. They tend to start the fight with no cheat, once they start losing they turning the cheats on 1 by 1 until they win the fight or save them selves, depends on the fight.

    I am not going to talk more about cheaters and how to identify them but i`m absolutely sure that there is thousands of players how have the same problems and definitely more people with cheats enabled in SoT which brings me to my conclusion:

    • This is absolutely amazing unique game with beautiful graphics and it's such a shame that the game have turned into st just because of the cheating problem. All good things in this game are negligible compared to the amount of cheaters in the game and the disinterest of taking any actions against them. A company that probably have made billions from this game could take good care of keeping this game clean, but the truth is nobody is giving a st about that.
  • I've been playing this game since release and am just now seeing these tips. I've done several missions to get it to go away, but it just comes back. Whenever a new player joins, it comes back. This is incredibly annoying and hurting the quality of my content. Please Rare, fix this.

  • I'm new to sea of thieves and I'm looking to buy some stuff in the emporium. Is it possible to mix and match the ship parts? Like if I wanted to put the Bear and Bird figurehead on the Cutthroat Hull with Blighted sails and royal squirrel cannons could I do that?

  • I am trying to get the daily done where you have to do voyages I have purchased and finished a gold hoarder voyage and a duke chest voyage and neither have come up to say I have completed them

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I was looking for a guide to find the 5 sketches made by “Stitcher Jim’s beloved” at the Reapers Hideout. I couldn’t find one, so here you go! My own guide, up-to-date as of March 26, 2020. It took me a 30 minutes to find them all, so I’m posting this guide to help you so you don’t have to!

    • The first sketch is laid against some planks near the stranger herself, outside of the circle.
    • The second sketch is in the remains of the upturned ship on the shore, behind the stranger.
    • The third sketch is on top of a wooden platform atop some rocks, next to the shipwreck.
    • The fourth sketch is underneath the wooden wall on the south side of the island, hidden in a little nook between a rock and the wall.
    • The last sketch is laid against one of the bones making up the ribcage along the main entry path. It’s on the right side when coming to the stranger, and behind a bone. So look around a bit. I hope this guide helped you find them!

  • Hello guys

    I am getting close to the Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves title. I am only missing 4 sand battlegills, about 20 treaturous plunder and 14 kraken meat. Now, i know how to work on the first two but the kraken seems like it might take me ages to complete as it seems hard to specifically farm it.

    How would you guys go about it? Sail from wreck to wreck to check the barrels? Just do world events and hope i am actually getting kraken when there s finally no world event clouds?

    I d be very grateful if someone could help me with this

  • There are a lot of tasks included in the Summer Event that take you to the various modes (Arena/Adventure), as well as across the various regions.

    To help make things a touch more efficient when hunting down and completing these various tasks, I organize them all into a Google Sheets document. I usually do this for events like this to help my crew get them done, similar to the Legends of the Sea commendations.

    The document contains the Event Group, Event Task, the Task description, and Location. There is a bit there in the main sheet to help with completion track as well. I have it split into two different sheets with different ways of organization.

    < - Organized by Event Group.
    < - Each Event Group links to their specific page on the SoT website.
    < - Point value for each task.
    < - If you have a Google Account, you can copy the document and track your progress with the last column by adding a "1". Total is summed at the bottom.

    Sorted By Location:
    < - Organized by Location.
    < - Each Event Group links to their specific page on the SoT website.
    < - Each Task Group links to the specific task on the Main sheet to allows for easy tracking.

    Figured I would share to help others if they choose to use it rather than constantly checking the site and going back & forth between the various pages trying to track down what to do next.

    Here is the Google Sheet link again if you missed it up near the top. Feel free to offer up any corrections or suggestions as well.

  • So, I was doing solo-slope and happend to come across an Ashe-Lord-Event that was already in full swing with a full Galleon-Crew battling the lord. I tried to jump in and help but the other crew kept shooting me down and eventually sinking my Ship. My question is, would there have been any downside for the crew that started the fight if I would have joined unhindered ? This would have been my first time doing an event of this kind so i honestly dont know. If the answer is yes and anyone of the crew in question is reading this : I am sorry for any inconvinience I might have caused

    If the answer is no and it was just a case of players being dicks and killing everything in sight : May a seasick Kraken void its bowels into your Kaptain's treasure-chest !

  • Salut les pirates ! moi c'est SilverEagle971 (ou Silver pour faire plus court ^^)

    Je joue à Sea of thieves depuis 2018 (sur PC). J'ai eu le temps d'exploiter ce jeu assez longtemps pour en connaître les bases : aussi bien PvE que PvP.
    Je vous invite alors à venir sur ma chaine Twitch (joueurs PC ou console tout le monde est le bienvenu ^^) pour poser des questions, discuter avec le chat et moi-même ou juste profiter du gameplay ainsi que de l’ambiance ^^
    Par ailleurs, je ne fais pas que du Sea of thieves sur ma chaine, mais également d’autres jeux comme du Call of Duty Warzone, Overwatch et bien d’autres.
    Et comme le ‹ 971 › l’indique dans mon pseudonyme, je viens de la Guadeloupe (où j’ai vécu une bonne partie de ma vie) et ça me fera plaisir de partager un peu de ma culture avec vous.

    Donc n’hésitez pas à venir me suivre sur ma chaine Twitch :

    Sea of thieves les vendredis entre 20h et 00h
    (sinon les lundis et mercredis pour d'autres contenus)

    Aplita en live ! comme on dit chez nous x]

  • Okay, so I should've known the answer to this, and just called out the falsehood right then and there, but I had someone join our ship today and he claimed that after three cannon hits to the same spot on the ship, the hole will be permanently enlarged, as in water floods in at the fastest rate if the hole springs again (even after repaired with a plank).

    He claimed that because of this mechanic, we were at a disadvantage having been in numerous fights even though our ship was fully boarded back up.

    In all my two years of sailing, I have never heard of this, or really checked if this was true. It's something which "feels" true since it sounds realistic, but I think this would have been brought up before due to the balance concerns.

    Can someone put my mind at ease that this guy was full of it? Or am I just that oblivious to how the game works after all this time?

  • Hey y'all, newbie to the forum and only been playing the game for a couple of months. Been trying to complete the anniversary event and get the Perfect Dark achievement at the same time, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I've got all of my lanterns off and I've been going through storms at night, but it's still failing to work. Is there a specific "trick" to it? Do I have to enter the storm after sundown and exit before sunrise? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  • Go to Settings, Sound, Manage Sound Devices, and Scroll down to your input devices, and disable all of them Except for the one you're wanting to use. I'm guessing the Game just picks one from the list without even thinking, and since there's no in game option to change it, really the only way to change which mic it uses is to disable the other ones. If you need those sound inputs, you can always scroll back down and Re-Enable them