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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Server hop until you're at Sanctuary Outpost. Roll voyages until all your voyages are on the NW part of the map or at least sailing from island to island without more than 2-3 island between. Never cross your path, always set a one path course. Collect pigs last thing so you don't waste bananas.

    The ideal run will be; Sailors Bounty ~ Smugglers Bay~ Lone Cove ~ Sanctuary Outpost ~ Cannon Cove ~ Golden Sands Outpost ~ Crescent Isle ~ Mermaid's Hideaway ~ then Wanderers Refuse for the chest. Never sail too far!

    One person will always sail, 2-3 people shoot off and tap the chests and hit the mermaid back to the ship, no need to collect the chests. Stop the ship at the skellies for respawns, then continue onward! Try to collect only animals when stopped doing skellies, stopping any other time only delays you. If you can't find anymore animals everyone on the island needs to die and they will respawn, just make sure all your items are on the ship when you do this and your pigs aren't hungry.

    My runs average between 60-80 minutes and the time it takes to server hop and get 3x voyages with a crew of 4 on pc's only delays us no more than 5-10 min so 70-90 min run times at max. Our fastest run was 47 minutes.

    If you have any suggestions feel free to post below.
    Have another favorite area? Share them!!


  • Allow me to offer some comfort to those frustrated by others’ actions when you are attacked by an enemy ship. This thread is full of accusations of player griefing, stealing treasure, and toxicity. Many conflicting views are shared on whether this is intended to be a PvP or PvE experience.

    I choose to mentally treat enemy ships in a unique way. In my view, they are a part of the game just like the AI skeletons or the kraken. In many video game journeys, you encounter developer preprogrammed AI and you choose to interact with it based on your own ambitions. For example, you might choose to jump over the enemy, you might kick a shell at it, or maybe you unintentionally run into it and have to try again. Your actions in the game are dictated by the satisfaction you get from playing the video game.

    Behold the beauty of Sea of Thieves where I choose to treat enemy ships like a boss fight – one where the enemy is not governed by an AI, but controlled by a real human who is unpredictable and is saturated with their own values regarding what satisfies them in the game. Sometimes I evade, sometimes I defend, and sometimes I am the aggressor.

    This game is truly amazing because of the satisfaction of being able to outsmart another player. Outsmarting an AI can never achieve this level of satisfaction. I have sunk (pun intended) uncountable hours into this game and I have just realized why. It’s because I can never fully predict what an enemy will do. What I can control, however, are my own actions. If you are ever to enjoy this game, you have to regard the other players in this shared world as a valid part of the world. And, as in all video game, sometimes you get the princess and sometimes it’s game over.

    But you must play on.

  • After going through my Pacifist Week, it's harder for me to do certain "piratey" things. Aye, before, I wasn't willfully violent when it came to interactive gaming, but I'm hesitant in engaging others when I just see a ship setting around, minding its own business.

    It also has caused be to think how I approach other pirates -- both visually and audibly.


    ...I first went about going cannons up and holding a lantern (like how @DuMy2008 taught me). If not the Lantern, at least some goodies in peace.

    1) I then started sailing the white pennant until the Rainbow flag came into game. Then I started sailing THAT flag. I'm a vicarious BRONY/PEGASISTER. Aye. That means I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (or at least, try to). The reason for that particular flag (even though being confused for gay/lesbian..which isn't so different from real life) represent FRIENDSHIP for me. It's my MLP flag, my RAINBOWDASH flag, who represents Loyalty in the show yet who can be very competitive, brash, and arrogant at times but she's still a good friend.

    So. When I don't want to engage others with aggressive, thieving tactics, I fly my MLA pennant. And if approached or see a ship sailing toward me, I whip out the megaphone and ask, "ARE YE A BRONY? WHO's YOUR FAVOURITE PONY? MINE IS SUNSET SHIMMER." Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't -- but at least an effort has been made before resorting to "Kill or Be Killed."

    2) Also I use the sails to depict my intentions. White or Bilge Rat Tankard sails for peaceful sailing OR Blood Red for piratey fiestiness.


    1) I also try to play the SqueezeBox.

    To me, the SqueezeBox is the more silly and friendly noise maker in the game. If someone sees me coming at them making sweet music, they might figure that I'm either crazy or crazily friendly.

    ** If yer interested in DISCUSSING this Topic, please sail over yonder: **

    BUT if you want to add more Tricks and Tips for avoiding such fiesty piratey runs-in, please add them here. R')

  • There is a song by cartoon band Dethklok called Murmaider which can be found on Youtube and although is a bit disturbing is in regards to killing mermaids.
    I have found that slashing the cutlass at the mermaid statues is quite efficient when done in time with this song.

    I wonder if there are any other pirate related songs that work, from Alestorm perhaps???

  • Hi all,

    I decided to make a youtube channel dedicated to short and to the point videos, mainly gameplay tips and guides for Sea of Thieves. Some of you might find these tips useful, others might feel like it is common sense, but I see a lot of people getting cranky at dieing to the same ol c**p, so I thought I might help.

    My first video is up, titled "The basics of how not to die":

    Plan to release videos often, so if you feel like it, subscribe =)

    • John aka "The Logical Pirate"
  • Is Rare aware of the cannons causing audio issues for people? Anytime I shoot myself out of a cannon my audio is stuck as if I'm still in the cannon. :/

  • Today I did three merchant voyages and visited 12 islands. At no point did a Skeleton appear. Yesterday I couldn't do anything without a Skeleton jumping me every other minute.

    Have you experienced something similar?

  • I was just told by a PL on facebook, that he & his crew leave the mainsail up partially, so the helmsman can see ahead of the ship. His claim is that it does not effect the ship's speed.

    Is this true? Why is this true, if it is?

    If the Galleon was designed to force teamwork, and communication with the helmsman, then why do Galleons get to sail at full speed without being at full sail?

  • Hi,

    It happens to me lot of time when playing. We see other galleons or sloops attacking us, so we attack them too.

    The problems is that my crew:
    1 or 2 shooting them with canons
    1 on the wheel
    1 or 2 repairing

    We are still sinking when the other crew are 3 guys in the water and 1 guy shooting us.

    I don’t understand why they are not taking water while we are shooting the lower deck.

    Does someone know how to fight better or how they are not sinking?


  • My crew mate and I have sailed together almost since day one. We are both PL, and Athena lvl 5.
    The last three days we have ran Athena. Two different missions gave us a Disgraced skull from one of the skeleton missions, and the merchant wanted a white and red Chicken (umm crazy right). Not that we care about the disgraced skull as we only take the villainous skulls and leave everything else.
    My understanding of the game has been as you lvl up so do your missions. So why the disgraced and low chickens?
    Athena skeleton missions are more challenging as they are. Then factor in a two man crew, and the random white skellies that spawn with gunpowder barrels every 5 seconds it seems (on some islands). Only to beat a captain and a disgraced skull drops.
    It’s like rare saying haha the jokes on you. When this happened the first time my crewmate killed the captain so it popped up on my screen. I was like ummm did that just say disgraced? No way that said disgraced. I even ran to it to pick it up to see if it was really a disgraced.
    Has this happened to any of you? If so how often? Just wondering if it was a crazy roll on mission or if it’s something that happens frequently.

  • Not my best tips video! But, these are things worth considering when heading into battle!

  • Does anyone have a list of all commendations and amounts needed to complete them at each level for all three factions?

  • This topic is deleted!

    In the trailer it looks like the skeletons arrive at the outpost to put up a bounty or something. I know a lot of people have been requesting bounties on specific players or crews to be added to the game, so it could be a possible new feature!

    What do you think the note is about? :D Or do you have any other ideas about things Rare might be hinting at with the trailer?

  • Am I the only one who still thinks the skellys are still a little to accurate? w/ cannons and guns?

  • I came up with this while playing. Just stay right outside the area I damaged you and beat the c**p out of it. You will only have to go up for air once so take turns. One of you stay behind so it doasnt regenerate health. The soon you’ll destroy it.

  • With crossplay still a heated debate and threads starting to appear once more I felt like attempting to add to the discussion but found anything I started to put to words lacking. The debate is heated and those involved in its discussion are locked into their perspective’s sides. One side cries “PC cheaters!” and the other cries “Get Good” while leaving very little room for middle ground.

    As a PC player who stubbornly uses a controller I have no desire to see the servers split. I offer no real logical reason behind it other than I’m sentimental and don’t want you to go. With no real words to try and bridge the gap I decided to do the only thing I could think of.

    I offer the following combat guide as a measure of good will towards my xbox brothers and sisters of the sea. I know it will amount to little in the scope of the issue but the following are things I have put into practice in order to survive encounters with my more skilled mouse and keyboard brethren while using a controller. I went for a bit of flare so hopefully in translates.

    I welcome any controller pros out there to offer similar advice or techniques they use to survive their fellow pirates. I am by no means an expert and my approach to combat will certainly not fit everyone but my tactics have made things enjoyable for me so hopefully they will return some of the joy back to someone’s adventure.

    As a PC player if the best my side can do is say “git gud” then the least that can be done is offer some form of genuine assistance without all the malice of the debate. We are all on the same boat so let’s get good together.

    Cheers~ and happy sailing.

    There are some nasty folks out there in the seas and chances are more than one of ‘em will set foot on your deck or chance a beachside brawl. Now some of these curs will be faster on their feet than you but so long as you stand strong, don’t lose your head and know when to shift course I promise you CAN survive. The following dance steps I have put to practice for just such situations and have served me well in all my encounters. Now look sharp!

    You want to keep 'em about 3-4 swords length distance. Not close enough for 'em to strike but close enough for you to slip in should the chance present itself. A little extra distance will also make it easier to keep an eye on ‘em especially if they’re extra slippery. Keep a defensive posture and be quick on your feet. A trained axe will find a tree stump 100% of the time. Make sure you’re not that stump.

    Control is the game and patience the only rule. Hold your defense, block a few strikes here and there when necessary but maintain distance! Sooner or later they will tire of the stalemate. Once they do it’s our turn!

    They will do one of two things. Go for a firearm or make a lunge.

    If they go for a lunge just watch for signs. Either keep moving to throw off their aim or count the moments and dodge last second. Some might need a combination of both. Strike on the stumble. If they hold their cool then back to defensive distance but often enough they go for the retreat which opens more chances to cut em down. Use your judgement. Just remember the true opportunist knows when I window is closing as well as when it opens.

    Now if they go for firearm like a pistol or eye of reach then the second the sword goes down you charge in. This is what we wanted. They have abandoned the sword fight. With no way of blocking you can move in and swing to your hearts content. Keep to the sides to avoid getting shot and cut em’ down. Always light on your feet. No tree stumps here!

    If they go for blunderbuss extend your distance and charge on the reload. She’s got kick up close but you can take a grazing or three depending on the angle. Avoid the cannon, endure the burn I always say.

    Now this ones hard for some. ‘Pride’ I think they call it. KNOW WHEN TO RUN!

    Crossed steel bandages no wounds. Get your feet workin' and get yourself some distance AND cover. Terrain is your ally. As soon as you’re bandaged get back into the dance. At long range you’re putting all your cards on how good a shot the enemy is! Don’t act like some skill will do you any good. Your life relies entirely on how good a marksman you’re against. Not my type of gambling. If they’ve got a devil’s eye and a swift trigger no amount of weaving will save you. Never put your life in the hands of your enemy. Didn’t think I’d have to say that one…

    My final advice is this: leave desperate tactics to desperate men. Keep your head calm, your defense strong and always flexible. Victory may go to the bold but the spoils go to the living and sometimes living is all the reward you need.

    If you end up dead...well…I never said I was a fighter…

  • Just for those who don't want to explore and find these quickly. For those who want to help, please put down any coordinates or islands with said statues!

    You'll find them easily as they shine like artifacts/message in a bottle and play loud music.

    Locations [ Statues have random spawns, but these are still possible locations. Not sure how the spawning works, I've only played one hour of the new event, so my apologises! ] -
    3 at K14
    3 at N10
    Mermaid's Hideaway - B16
    Lagoon fo Whispers - D15
    Crooks Hollow - Q19
    Crooked Mast - T13 - NE side, under the water. Saphire.

    Update: I guess they are randomized! That's neat, makes them a bit more "tricky" to find them, but so far, they've been relatively easy to come by. Good luck to everyone!

  • Not! But I'm sure I have your attention. No, seriously. There are a few things you can do to up your game. I'll tell you.

    And just for the record, I'm passive but I know how to defend myself. I'm not in the business of wreckless sinking.

    These tips are all very situational and can change on the fly and are very dependant on player preference.

    Practice. Practice makes perfect. If you avoid PvP, you'll never gain the experience to outsmart other players. If you can't get it in with PvP, practice on skellies, they are very unforgiving.

    Learn to lead your shots. Learn to place your shots and learn to predict enemy movement. This one will come with time as you get used to certain weapons, ADS speeds, fire rates, recoil, and character height.

    This is important. Listen. Listen to audio cues. The game tells you when something is happening. You take on water, audio cue. Someone is repairing, audio cue. Someone is coming out of the water and up the ladder, audio cue. Reloading, audio cue, firing, audio cue. Full bilow, audio cue. There are a lot. Learn the sounds. If you're not paying attention someone can board your ship because you missed the audio cue.

    Take the fight to the water. If you're on your ship, their ship, or on land, and you're outnumbered or at a disadvantage, jump in the water. Restrict player movement and make them fight you on your terms. The blunderbuss and cutlass are CQC weapons... use a flintlock. Keep your distance. (Not the best strategy but very handy if utilized properly). It only works if you get an enemey crew who will chase you around corners or follow you just to finish off the kill.

    Block and sword lunge. Way too many people go into a duel and they mindlessly swing their sword... block, and lunge at your enemy. A sword lunge is an instant kill. And if not, you can follow up with another shot by switching weapons.

    Keep your back against the wall. You don't want people to surround you... if you can, kite them around the corner by baiting them... most players will follow you and that gives you the edge. Surprise! Kill them one by one.

    When it comes to ship battles, raise your sails so you can place your shots, aim below the water line and shoot at the front of the ship (you don't wanna shoot when you're flying passed them, slow down and position yourself). You can reload as soon as you fire -- keep the pressure on. Force players to run a longer distance for repairs... and then change up your shots so they have to run back and forth between repairs...

    This is the time you send someone over to board them... just one person. All they have to do is be able to drop the anchor... if they're successful, they've just halted all maneuvrability and you have the edge. It also lets them stop repairs and it keeps them off of the cannons and their toes.

    When you feel like you have enough holes in them, have someone else jump in the water to watch for boarders... remember being in the water restricts player movement so you have the tactical advantage. Players cannot bunny hop in the water. I can't stress that enough, use that to your advantage.

    Hotkey items. On Xbox, you can bind bananas and whatever other items you like to the d-pad or right thumb click... choose what is better. I use bananas and the bucket so I can bail and heal quickly without fumbling around with the radial dial in the heat of battle.

    These aren't the best tips but they are tips nonetheless and they will help you if you practice.

    But last night, my random crew of mute players sank five ships on our server using the tips I just told you about. Five. One of them was a Legendary crew. You know why we won? Because we kept them off our ship by listening to audio cues and we kept them at a distance by jumping in the water. We always had one person boarding. We made sure we landed our shots and raised the sails. We made sure we were offensive just as much as we were defensive.

    Happy sailing.

  • I noticed the different icons that some of us have on the forums under our names. Some have only 1, others have many... I have tried searching to see what these mean, but I was unable to find the answers... Hopefully someone could fill me in?

    Ps: sorry if I posted this question in the wrong place...

  • So update went live, got on, stocked up the boat and all that good stuff. Went to a few islands and found a ton of blue sapphires that were easy to solo obviously and take about 3 shots from blunderbuss up close to destroy. Found an emerald, parked the boat next it managed to kill it using a sniper and blunderboss (spent all bullets). Found a ruby, used 2 kegs, refilled ammo prolly about more than 10 times. Still not dead, do they regain hp? do you have to destory them in 1 go? I am not exactly sure.

  • I have confirmed it is possible to solo a ruby statue using no gunpowder barrels. You need to find one,in shallow enough water you can just stand there. This way you can repeatedly attack with the cutlass without fear of shark attack or drowning. I also feel i got pretty lucky with no skellies poppin on me.

    It seems the damage accrues over time and it just doesnt quite heal fast enough to survive the cutlass strikes.

    Admittedly it took lile a solid 5 minutes and my finger got real tired lol. So i wont be continuing to do it but it was a fun challenge.


  • Just a heads up it can be done by a solo/duo group, just in the right circumstances. The statue needs to be in water shallow enough to stack at least 5 gunpowder barrels around it, and the players need to cause damage to the statue before setting off the explosion. If the statue is only damaged by gp barrel blast it will not count towards player progress, so either ignite a barrel, run away, turn around and shoot before detonation, or shoot the statue with a pistol then shoot a barrel with a sniper. Got 2/3 so far with this, happy hunting!

  • I already submitted a ticket, but I've completed all the commendations but that title shows 17/120. I'm thinking it was at 0 at the start of the day and I've blown up 17 skeletons today. Other people I played with could just buy it for $0 but it's locked for me.

    Edit: Okay, I got it. Even though it shows it as unavailable in the commendations you can buy it from the Bilge Rat Rep for 0 gold.

  • I want to change my tag from D4king55 to something else but im afraid it will restart my progress. I would obviously pay the 10 dollars to change it. anyone know if it would keep my progression

  • In this video you will find tips to help you speed up your progress in the Sunken Curse.... although I recommend you spend time exploring because the Sunken Curse is a lot of fun to play and you find good loot...

  • Hello friends, here is our official guide for Solo/Duo for the Sunken Curse Event - in glorious 1080p 60 FPS quality with full commentary. I talk about each of the statues and what's the best way to tackle them whether you're a solo player or playing with another crewmate. Good luck to all fellow pirates and I hope this was helpful for you. If you have any fair criticism for future guide videos, please let me know, I am always here to become the best I can be. Cheers!

  • I am sure a fair amount of players know some of these things by now. But there are many that will find this video helpful. Thanks in advance and enjoy : )


  • If i buy a new xbox one x can i transfer my progress?
    Does anyone know how?

  • Really excited for new content but I've updated SOT on Xbox (Gamepass) and I keep getting kicked. Either it doesn't load at all (black screen) or it allows me all the way to create a closed sloop, starts loading in but just makes a sound and foes back to Xbox home screen. Done a hard reset but this hasn't fixed it :(

  • Are the Skellie challenges perm or do they end today? My friend and I have most done but need to complete 6 more... I have to work so really shouldn’t stay up anymore.

    I know weapons from bilge rats are time sensitive but I hope the explosive challenges aren’t , does anyone know?

  • I apologize in advance if this has already been brought up.

    I was wondering something about the treasure chest spawning mechanic. Do the chests always spawn in the same area of an island every game session, or does it change?

    For example, if I have a map for lone cove and there are 3 chests on it. When I leave the game and come back later in a different session, will there be treasure chests in those 3 spots just waiting for someone to find them or do the chests only spawn when the map is activated with a voyage? OR could I take a screen shot of the map I do have, come back at a later time in a new session, go to that island and find the chests in those areas?

  • Was playing SOT last night and was at a skeleton fort for a while and got to the boss when a galleon showed up and sank my ship. I was able to focus on the boss, kill him, and run off with the key but had no other option than to try swimming to the nearest island. About 3/4 of the way, a shark attacked me and I ran out of bananas and died. I tried going back to look for it but couldn't find the key. Maybe an hour and a half later, someone from the galleon shot themselves on to my boat and asked if we saw a sloop in the area because they also can't find the key and then shot himself back to the galleon after I said I didn't know what he was talking about.

    So my question is... what happened to the key? I assume it sank and I tried diving for it but I think there is no bottom to the ocean as my pirate almost looked like he stopped swimming after a while. Does it ever respawn back at the fort? The galleon was at that fort for another hour or two at least looking for it. Or does it just disappear and no one gets the loot?