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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Ahoy there ya scurvy dogs,

    Yesterday me and my crew set out to kill the goldhoarder a total of 4 times (in order to complete the tale in full)

    And we have come accross some nice things that can speed up your voyage significantly.

    Once you arrive at the shores of gold you have to clear the puzzles in 4 vaults, the answer to these riddles is the same each and every time for each vault, so take a not of them to speed up your voyage.

    Then its is also possible to hoard up on the medallions you get from each vault, you can do each vault in quick succession like this:

    • go to vault and start riddle
    • insert answer and complete riddle
    • pickup medallion and exit the vault
    • drop medallion on the ground and walk back into the vault
    • repeat

    Before you know it you have 3 or 4 of each medallion, bring one to the compass vault and the rest to your ship

    Do this for every vault and after you killed the goldhoarder you can just sail back to morrows peak, vote on the voyage (or on galleon shoot 3 peeps of to vote on the voyage and keep sailing) and go straight back to the island and take on of each medallion to the compass vault, aquire goldhoarder coin and do just the trap and killing part of the voyage.

    Speeds up the voyage significantly.

  • Just curious. When placing the gunpowder key on the stand in the sailors bounty cave, how many sets of skeletons do you have to defeat before moving on? I am finding the tall tales very difficult but im trying. And after dying a ton of times just trying to get to this point in the cave, i finally just shut the game off after killing 7 groups of skeletons and seeing no end in sight.


  • Hi Everyone,

    I am pretty sure i know the answer, but is there any way to try and force a 2 ships onto the same server? My friends list is getting larger and larger. It would be amazing to get to play with everyone at once. I know the starting at the same time trick. I also was aware of the 'same time on watch' trick, but that seems to have been patched.

    Is there any way, that you know of, to make this happen?

  • Use the Rare Thief interactive map.

    The end.

    but no really I prefer doing them legit

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Briggsy is waay too hard... Me and my friends were trying to defeat her for 30 minutes straight but we couldn't, she was too hard. What should we do? Please... we can't complete the tall tale :(

  • I recently hit level 50 in both Order of Souls and Merchants. I'm currently level 45 Gold Hoarders and on the final stretch towards PL.

    Just asking for advice on the best ways to get those final levels (only have enough doubloons for 1 level so will use at 49) Seen some say Forts are the way to go, although I don't have a problem using LFG posts to find a crew, i spend the vast majority of time as a solo. While some say rolling voyages until you get maps with 4+ chests are the way to go. So my question is which way is quickest/most efficient? or if anyone has any other methods to get the rep quicker.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Hello

    I completed the first two tall tales and was able to unlock 3 thru 6. Not sure how to get started with those.


  • Been stocking up on earthworms and leeches and I noticed it is extremely rare for a storm to pass over a shipwreck to get these blackcloud wreckers and you need 50 of them lol

  • Under what conditions does this game register that you've beaten a skeleton ship?

    Here's why I ask: I have beaten 2 skeleton ships, going solo with the sloop. I have hit the skelly ship at least a few times with cannonballs. The final blow is from boarding the ship with a gunpowder barrel, detonating it, then hanging around to kill spawning skeletons until the ship 'sinks' (or in the two occasions I've 'beaten' the ships, they just disappeared as the water began to fill the ship)

    The only constant I can think of is that my own ship had sunk during the time I was on board the ships. Does this matter?

    Edit: I forgot to add my point: on both occasions, the game hasn't registered that I defeated the ships, so I did it all for nothing.

  • anyone else have this issue? I get disconnected from the server every time the game is minimized, whether intentional or not.

    I'm able to 'alt tab' buy bringing up the inventory screen (tab) and i can cursor over to my other screens with the game still up on my main.

    It's getting extremely annoying at this point, as I'm losing everything, rewards and story progression.

    I haven't played this in roughly a year and never had an issue getting disconnected like this. Assuming Windows has something to do with it, but I'm having trouble pinpointing if anyone has any suggestions


  • I have many problems on the Tall Tales because I think the translation is poorly made to my native language Spanish, and also Rare is using the Spanish of Spain and I am from America. When my crew is connected they read me the tales and puzzles on English and they are perfectly understandable.

    So I want to change the language of the PC version of sea of thieves. How can I do it, without changing all the OS language?

  • Ahoy there! I just wanted to make a fluid guide on how I use my ships against other ships. I played Guns of Icarus Online competitively a while back, and a lot of what I learned there transferred over to Sea of thieves, with exceptions of course.

    GoIo had many strategies, even strategies that were not abiding by game rules, and more abiding by actual war rules, This is still true for SoT. However, every ship is pretty much the same so there are no extra new weapons or ships that fly up or down faster than the other, or do more ramming damage. The one thing I noticed in SoT is that Defence Rulez.

    Defence Beats most things

    Just defencive strategies in general tend to put you in the advantage in this game. Sails up, cannons pointed at approaches gives you an advantage. Being chased seems to give you the advantage. Fending off boarders with no fuss gives the offence a disadvantage. Etc etc.

    There are a few exceptions, such as successful Stealth and covert tactics beats Defencive tactics pretty hard.

    But in general, this entire guides mantra will be to stay in your ship.

    • Stay in your ship
      Help navigate the damn ship, think as a ship, become the ship with the rest of your crew, and help eachother. If this happens, nothing will get on your ship or beat it. As soon as someone prematurely shoots themselves off to board the enemy ship, the ship becomes 1 crew less of itself. This becomes more troublesome when someone in your crew is dead.

    With the new ship damage, this and the upcoming strategies has become much stronger.

    • Versus Approaching ships: Sit still, or move very slow. And keep a stance.
      When a ship approaches you, you want to instinctively try and escape. Dont do it. Have your sails up, your anchor up and point your guns at the approaching ship. Your cannons should start firing when they think they can hit, and the helmsman should keep the ship aimed (Bonus points if you can multitask helm and cannons). The helmsmans other objective is to warn about boarders and shoot them off as well. (Easier to multitask helm and ladder-watching).

    This will put the approaching ship in complete disaster, this is especially true if you are firing from a galleon. Or using cursed cannon balls. New ship damage also give you a chance at hitting their anchor. You WILL have the first shots, depending on how badly or well the enemy ship approaches, they will most likely be in some or much chaos.

    And with good focus fire, you can make them not realize how fast they are actually sinking.

    This stance, and a volley of cannon fire should give you enough read as to what you should be doing next. You could board after this, or start moving if you want. Whatever the case is, you will most likely be at a big advantage.

    Note: Keep good anticipation for where the enemy ship will move. Most encounters that ive had will try to go behind or in front when they are approaching. So anticipate this, and aim the ship as they are sailing past.

    • Keep in mind the enemy crew
      Like a Realtime-strategy game where you become adept enough to realize approximately the resources of your opponent, the same should be said here with the approximate chaos that you have delivered, and how many enemies are currently at the enemy ship.

    If you have recently killed someone, either with a cannon or them failing to board, and they are in some chaos, this is then the best time to make the decision to organize something.

    The most simple one is boarding the enemy, as they are now 1 or 2 man down. This is the most frequent choice and is OK. Depending on how much you have damaged the enemy ship, you might as well fire off a crew member to the enemy ship if you think it will secure it.

    The other option is to stage a final Volley that will equally get the enemies to become even more busy and take less time trying to escape you. You do this by planting your ship better against theirs and deliver the volley. This is the most costly, but safest option.

    The final options is in regards to powder kegs if you have those and that the circumstance yields it. And all that your crew has to do is assist the powder kegger with gun fire, and distraction.

    • When being chased You still have advantage
      If you happen to be chased, or choose to be chased. You are at strong advantages.
      There are a few ways you can turn the tables on to the chasers.

    Firstly, you can try and board the chasers in order to anchor them. With good communication, you should be turning your own ship (With anchor turn maybe) in good timing with the enemy ship being anchored. You then are capable of planting your ship against theirs.

    Or it leads to second option, which is with a good lead, you can Raise your sails, turn your ship and greet them as if they are approaching you with yourselves being ready.

    If you have a powder keg, try and give them the powder keg in such a way that will hit their anchor. The brigantines front sail and anchor may be destroyed with it hitting a powderkeg floating in the water. The galleons 2 masts and anchor will fall if you manage to get it up there.

    For miscellaneous strategies, you can make Drive-By deliveries where you deliver loot little by little each time you sail by an outpost/seapost. The crew that do this can always mermaid back to the ship.

    • Briefly Repairing
      Most effective repairs comes with 2 people. One bails, the other repairs. The repairman should be utmost worried for the ship, so if his repairs that repair leaks are immediate, you are then less likely to have 2 people required to repair.

    Offensive is tricky but must be done right

    There are many strategies to abuse as the offender, but most of them can be beaten by one strategy by the defenders. Pick and choose the right strategies and in good order as you may not have a second chance.

    • Approaching a ship needs to be evaluated
      An approach depends on the readiness of the defending enemy ship. If you see them broadsiding you and ready with their cannons, that means your approach will be very hard to come victorious out of.

    Firstly, when approaching an enemy ship, one thing you must evaluate is which way the enemy ship is facing. The way they face forwards is the way that they will make their escape if they can. So it is important to keep distance until you can somewhat greet them with both of you facing the same direction. This could also mean rounding an entire island in a seemingly passive distance just to end up nice and close, with your ship facing the same direction as their ship. Also evaluate if this is necessary at all as some ships wont be ready to even make an escape.

    Secondly, evaluate their readiness. If they meet you with broadside, you can bet that they have all their crew men on the ship. If you dont feel confident and that yours and their current circumstance does not give you any advantage to abuse, then you may want to consider other tactics, or risk approaching.

    • Fundemental approach
      A fundemental approach is all sails but one being liften, and then in a pretty far but still hitable distance you slowly broadside the enemy defenders. You are essentially hoping to plant yourself against them as well as their position is against you. Its like planting the defencive tactic in an offensive way.

    Dont ever anchor if you can lift the final sail up...

    • Stealthy approach
      Rounding an island can be a good tactic to catch them in a somewhat surprise as a ship. But most frequently, you will have to be creative. Such as having gun powder kegs swimming far just to keg their ship, and communicate the timing to approach with the defending enemy ship in chaos. Or a boarder that disrupts them in one way or another.

    By creative, I mean be very creative. If a boarder cant get on the ship, he can at least try to snipe them from the island/water. Or fire cannons on their ship if there is one from the island just for a little bit of chaos that could give you the final approach.

    Sometimes you have to board with all crews while your ship is in a safe distance. Orchestrate to shoot the ladder defender and you will gain to board the enemy ship. Then one or two crew members can mermaid to get your ship to approach.

    Minor addition: I would like to add that Solo-sloopers need to be very creative with all of their strategies. Defensive strategy is the best one, but sometimes you will have to improvise and combine and multitask a few things.

    • Abrupt approach
      An abrupt approach is a very risky approach, and it may depend on your evaluation. This approach can have you anchoring your own ship just to be fast enough to surprise the enemy and still be in a good position to deliver them a good volley.

    Anchor only if you feel not confident enough of your speed. This will be the easiest option but is risky. Most notably, if you ever do this, try and anchor a nice distance infront of the enemy ship so that he will have a hard escape.

    But, orchestrate instead to pull all sails up. This is really hard to time, as you may overshoot and sail past them, or not be ready on the cannons before the defenders do. This is essentially, a fundamental approach done fast. But the chance of an error is high, so mostly do this if your enemy evaluation is suitable for it.

    Try not to ram as an approach. Even when successful, youl have to think about your own repairs. And most likely you wont be successful, and will have to think about your own ship. Ramming is a desperate maneuver that more coincides with things outside of ship combat. It could be that they have loot you desperately want to take.

    Appreciate what is important

    • Appreciate the objective
      Figure out what is really important with the current situation. This can be many things, but usually, by objectives, I mean "What needs to be done". If you have loot, then it must be delivered, the enemy will have to abide by this. If the objective is to anchor the enemy ship, then maybe it is best to do something that will make it happen.

    If a boarder simply hops around the enemy ship fighting, he could forget that they have powder kegs in the crows nest or to NOT anchor them and instead sail their ship into something or an unfavorable position.

    If your ships is anchored as well as the enemies, next to eachother, then maybe it is best to take out their masts so that they will have more work to do in order to get out of sitting still.

    Try not to get stuck in the mindset of "always anchor the enemy" or "Always fire at the ships hull", as that could have you miss better opportunities if you forget what is more important.

    • Appreciate being together in the ship.
      The amount of things that can be done if the crew help each other make AS A SHIP will help you maneuver the toughest of times. Because of there being more people on your ship most of the times, you will grant more devastation with cannonballs and more likely to have immediate repairs at the same time. And more likely to have someone defending the ladder.

    • Appreciate letting go
      When you do sail past the enemy, dont try to board the enemy when it is obviously going to be too difficult. Or chasing someone that has out meneuvered you 3 times already. Accept defeat, and approach entirely new. Trying to make up for a mistake with a broad and desperate action is going to make the mistake even worse. If anchoring was a mistake, help each other to unanchor.
  • I still see constant threads about complaints on Pirates that attacked them, harassed them (But in a totally acceptable way and not toxic), or generally disrupting their PvE gameplay. Their complaint is aimed at a core part of the game, and because of their annoyance towards these encounters, they also then do not understand what makes the game so good.

    The simple aspect of having to look over the horison in order to gauge any amount of danger when doing whatever it is you want to be doing, is only one of the things that shakes up the Adventure in this game. And when a player starts to become comfortable with this, the player starts to manipulate and relax more and have more fun, even in failure.

    When these players show up and voice their opinions, we greet them with maybe some patronizing remarks about how they should not be playing this game. I agree that the complaint is going against what the game is, but I do not agree that they should stop playing. Rare does cater to even these casuals, and so we see constantly methods and influences of which that eases disruptive behaviors such as attracting PVP'ers to the Arena. Or looters to the Skull forts. Or rewarding being an ally (Alliance).

    My question is...

    How do we effectively communicate something to inspire these players into playing the game with these aspects of dangers in mind? I always think about a nice and soft but long video, that advertises and shows the appeal of these kinds of dangers in Adventure mode. However, it should also show that sinking and loosing all treasure is OK, and how it is OK to switch servers when they feel like it.

    A lot of people think jumping in that they need to get something done, and progress as much as possible, but in reality, you just have to play, and in Sea of Thieves, anything can happen.

  • Hi there. I'm looking for people who are on the same quest. I've done the others solo but am struggling with this one.

  • On the legendary storyteller I went to the island on k9 and the chest was empty that was supposed to have something to do with the quest...any ideas where it may be?

  • So I’m looking to get better at PvP on an Xbox controller, but I’m having a bit of trouble with my aim because my screen moves too fast when people are jumping everywhere. I’d say I’m above average in PvP in this game, but there is definitely room for improvement.

    In particular, I want to get better at staying alive and taking out rivals when I board their ship (I can usually do just fine defending mine)

    Does anyone have any suggestions that ISN’T use a PC or mouse/keyboard that would help?

    What sensitivity levels do you use for each weapon as an example? Slow enough to aim, but fast enough so you don’t die first? Lol

    Any help would be welcomed!

  • Just finally reaching the final chapter "Shores of Gold" and I stared at the "Shores of Gold Curse" Commendation to realize it is a paint on the face maybe...

    Is it even worth getting? Does it even look good at all? What does it even look like?

    I've seen videos on YouTube just of the Shores of Gold gameplay to realize that it is a very long quest and having to complete that five times is actually ridiculous. I am not willing to spend my time to just get something that looks like paint on my body. That is why I have these questions.

  • Been about 8 months since I made a video for the channel! Hope you guys enjoy!

    Also can anyone let me know if the video is not starting at 0:00/the beginning.

    Thanks again,


  • Anyone feel like the Meg and Kraken meat should have slightly better rep and cash value?

  • So stupid question but how does reward work for draw matches in Arena ?
    Do we all get max rep, an average between max. and min. rep, or we all get minimum rep ?

  • Ahoy

    Okay, we all know now how/under what conditions the chance to hit the Kraken is very high, so we know that there is a scheme. Did any of you be able to observe such a scheme at the Megs? I know zb. That the places where the Megs are spawn Circulär, that is, everyone has certain points where they can show up, as far as so good, I'm just finding out when Meg spawns in which region And yes, there is a pattern! I just don't have anything to get out of it ... That's why I'd like to open up a collection area here! When you meet a Meg, please note which Meg? Where did you meet him? (Take a quick look at the map) And what ingame time and date? Would be great if we get this here and maybe solve the mystery of Shrouded Ghost together.

    Let's Sail together

  • Not sure if this is widely known but my crew and I just realized you can sell mermaid crystals to level up the hunter faction. Maybe I'm just behind the eight ball but this was new to me. Hope this helps those who are not aware.

  • R u still able to get the Skeleton outfit ? ( i know the event already end but... )
    I saw some skeleton items ( Cup, Latern...) in the shop but it LOCKED for me. :(( So do u think the skeleton outfit gonna show up after i do all the Throne ?

  • i was doing some interesting tests last night on sail speed particularly sailing into the wind.

    now on an old square rigger your area of "no sail" is pretty wide as you couldn't realistically angle the sails further
    alt text

    but we can angle are sails pretty well and for gameplay purposes etc.

    so more akin to the modern "sloop"
    alt text
    which still leaves an area of no go for sailing

    anyway onto my point, so i though if i sailed close hauled in the sloop i would indeed get to my destination quicker, but alas no and interestingly there appears to be a "bug" perhaps in the sailing technique.

    so the test.

    The map is divided into squares, i would set the sails well before the start of the square and time the ship to get from one side to the other (pretty basic)

    Test one - Sails angled to the wind and sailing directly into the wind

    Time to cross 1:10 (70s)

    Sail flat as a pancake noob fashion

    alt text

    Time to cross 1:01 (61S)

    Ok so this is faster?

    And finally sailing close hauled about 30° to the wind and tacking half way across
    alt text

    Time to cross 1:20 (80s)

    hmm disappointing i would have thought sailing close hauled it would have been quicker as its not only realistic its more involved on the crew and requires more skill to plot routes

    and just for completeness

    Sails set on a broad reach (fastest point of sail) and a square takes ~40s
    down wind and anypoint where the sail billows out is pretty much the same.


    alt text

    dont try to "sail" your boat - stick your sails flat against the wind when going upwind for a minor speed advantage (which it the real world would make your sail backwards)

    i didnt know this so apologies if its a known "bug" or SoT trait of the game

  • Hello Dear Pirates , Brothers and Sisters of the Coast, i hope you all may have a wonderful weekend ahead of you , with or without SOT ( * Without SOT , are ye out of yer mind old fool, a weekend without SOT is ...Blasphemy...moron).
    It has been a while since i started a Topic by myself and the first two things that always bugs me is : what will the title be and in wich category will i put it? Yep, you guessed it right , i'm an eternal doubter ( * No, your an eternal dumbo...fool - Sunshine, you seem to be in tip top shape today again hey?).

    As you already can feel , well, i fear that this Topic ( * Why did you wrote Topic with a capital, nobody is going to read this , if ...they don't want to waste half their life in translating your written rubbish , maggot) is going to be lenghty so before you answer me with Too Long Too Read, i honestly tell you that you don't need to read this, you are all Free Spirits of the Sea and so it should be...My massive amount of spellingmistakes will point to the new Forum Gent/Lady that i'm a foreigner that lacks the great Finesses of thy Beautiful language , therefore this Topic may seem choatic and erratic since i never prepare a Topic on front . The core idea is in my head and i spun a story or a telling around it.

    So now that i warned you and 90 percent already left , wich is fine by me ( * Knock knock, yo dufus 9o percent of zero readers is still zero....dufus), i can start off...

    Many ( * you hope...) of you know me a bit ( * dream on, you don't even know yerself ...misshapen clown) by now. I Love This Game...
    Not only the outside of this game , meaning , a Beautiful Lifelike Sea , lush Islands designed by Genius Developers , a soundtrack that brings a smile upon my face or chills my spine if something tense is about to happen...
    Have you heard the new pieces of Music that comes along the Majesticly written Tall Tales ? They are of a level that even Mr John Williams knocks himself on the head while saying , grumpily " Why did i not come on those series of musicnotes?"...
    The whole Rare Team is making us a game that is being loved and appreciated and cherished but also a lot that don't share this feeling...
    A Cult Game like this will always have it's haters and lovers , i'm an absolute ( * Moron?) addicted lover of this game...
    Not only for it's Visuals , that allow so many almost Painting like screenshots , not only for the Great Musical Store , the Spinechilling Tall tales , the Majestic Ships and so on and on...

    But also for that that one cannot see with the bare eye...The Phylosophy behind this game...
    From the very start , you know when the SewerJournalist / Gamereviewer condemned this game for being " Beautiful but Empty" ( - George , be careful...Don't start teethgrinding again, you don't have much glacier to grind anymore , soon you lay your roots naked in the sun… * Just let the man write , Captain Tearface , i love it when he saws off the feets of the chair where those "High and Mighty , Allknowing Gamereviewers sit , i wanted to write a different sounding " sit" word on it , but a bloody cencorating machine won't let me,on...Let his Spirit be free, Captain) and gave this game a hard start towards the big audience , i knew that it would survive…

    Because this isn't just simply a game, i take a look on myself ( * Yuuuuk, frightening isn't it , George?), i started this game or better said Forum as a scared rabbit , afraid to write , afraid to talk. But the Rare atmosphere from the Studio had , luckely, possessed so many Forumpeople and Alpha Testers so on the big day , i bursted out a long Silence into a five minute speaking , i had not more practiced accepted…

    This Acceptance has made my gaminglife and also my real life , richer...i will be forever Grateful to those that broke me out of my mentalprison...But ...i'm not the only Silent PIrate on the Sea...

    Many Brothers and Sisters are Silent...Afraid to say a word or use their voice that could trigger an avalanche of bad and hurting comments...Or they simply don't want to talk anymore because many people have been so harsh on them , for whatever fake reason , because there is no reason to be angry on a Gamer, so they swore to never use that Microphone again…

    And That is sad…

    Rare wouldn't be Rare if they would invent new gamemodes in order to sneakingly introduce communicating with one another…

    The ARENA....

    AAAH, some shiver or puked by hearing Rare had made a PVP Heaven as some would call it ...Later ,when the Hub/ Massive tavern was introduced , many more Pirates shivered and embraced the Adventure Mode even more because the Tavern is sometimes a verbal battlefield that scares away the Pirate that just wants some fun...

    i, myself , am the worst PvP player ever , a toddler of age three can dance like Mr Mo Ali around me and sting me like a bee ( * Aaah rumble young man, rumble) but i don't give two hoots about that...This Arena option is another method to prove to yer crew how well oiled a crew can be or ...if people have a natural leader amongst them, how a random crew can find eachother in ten minutes and come back from a lost position.
    One does not have to be a melee Pirate like Jack Sparrow or Captain Blood or a Crimson Pirate ...A good helmsman/woman, a great repairer , canonneer or cannoneeress ( * whahahaaa, dumbo , i love how you stumble over yer selfmade words...moron) is as priceless as those dancing cutlass ballerina's of the Sea or those Flintlock/Blunderbuss wielding Sea dogs…

    Another Great aspect of this Game...Every Pirate has a Place in the Crew...

    But some...Never tried Arena ...because it's "too much" PvP -minded or , and now it comes, something frightens them…

    The Hub/Tavern of the Arena...A Heaven for one may be a Hell to another one…

    Have you ever come in , saw 20 plus Pirates and something clubbed you on the forehead? ...The Silence ...Or sometimes the verbal sludge that spreads around like a cancer? Yes ?

    Well, i did too...What has made so many Pirates so silent or immediatly defensive or offensive in their talks?
    i'm not a smart man , as you all will know or realize by now , but many gamecommunities have been grown totally bend because of the " seriousness" how they have set up their game...Only the Winner is the "Man or Woman" and all the other players that have coloured the match are ...expendable…almost worthless, i shiver by writing this down because NO ONE is worthless.

    Years and years have games rewarded the best of the best and used the other players as " livestock " to be kicked and sludged upon...What you get now , here in Rare's Arena is two things.

    A mentally , tensed and suffocating silent atmosphere in wich the Silence can be broken if one person opens his / her voice , while another one , also fearing, immediatly strikes the first verbal punch ,just to be " in the lead"...
    Years and years of " Best of the Best games " have destroyed our ability to act normal and polite in unknown enviroments and once again this is so sad…
    " Oh , George , you preaching Moron , and what is Rare doing to alter this , how is Rare ever be able to kill an inborn fear of the unknown and more than likely verbally strong Pirate, huh?"...

    Well, this Tavern is the exact tool to "break the Permafrostic ice" between Pirates…
    i will only look at myself as i cant' see what others think or feel...
    i too , come into the Tavern with Fear, yes , i admit , i fear many of you…

    Every Pirates words can slash through my mental veins , these words are able to put me back where i once stayed seven years ...Locked away in an Internet Silence...One of the harshest punishments any Gamer can get...
    "What was your crime then , George ?" i hear you say...Well, my Dear Pirates , i wasn't the "Best of the Best" , i never saw my name on the first place in a Team deathmatch , i was first if you would put the leaderboard upside down...But i always let the team down , as i was mostly the last one on the ranking list...
    Competitive Gamers don't , mostly , like the one that is "always ' the last.
    Another reason was ...Accent , being not English ,Usa made me slow in following orders ...Voice , some hated my voice from the moment it peeped a note...And so on and on...You have all experienced it ...Any troll that wants to do harm will find something…

    Years of this behaviour has made us all "on our guard" , Many Pirates have said that Arena is very Toxic ,but when i play it's more a " heavy Silence " that rules that Massive Tavern…

    But , like i said a hundred ( * Make that thousends , goofball) times , the SeaGods in this Game love me and make things very clear to me...Rare has , once again , silently put objects and rewards in this game in order to let us communicate and play together without having to bear this heavy and sometimes Toxic atmosphere…

    i already have discovered the Bathtub ( * have you smelled yerself lately , george? You "discovered the bathtub" , hey , then why don't you use it , a donkey's buttocks doesn't even smell that bad as you ….hihihihihihi) wich is used to get an Achievement , don't ask me what's it's called , because Mr Spencer's Team made a little mistake ...i'm a Belgian but they think that all Belgians speak French , but many of us speak Flemish , Dutch as one might say , so i cant' translate them...Nevermind , i use this bathtub ( * Nope, liar , you still stink) to mine and everyone's advancement…
    i come into the Lobby , grab the bull by the horn , use one of my many ( * "childish") voices or accents and start talking and luring people into this bathtub for their Achievement…
    You wouldn't believe how many silent Pirates answer that call in Silence but do come to the tub. Sure there is always one or more that have a remark on me for my accent or voice but i let that blow over my hair like an Autumnwind.If you ignore or don't get lured in their trap then those remaks die out pretty quickly…
    i want that pirates in our lobby ,enjoy themselves , find courage and faith to open up communications with me and all other Pirates...i use accents like French , Russian , Southern USA, Indian, Scottish and so on just to get a reaction...The first reactions are negative but i know that they come from an almost inborn defensce system that reacts to the " new and possible vile person"...Mostly the verbal comments don't last long and the verbal Pirate joins the bathtub as well...

    Rare and this very Forum, and i cannot thank you enough for that, has encouraged me with their hidden Tools, to not only open up but also to reach out to others to drop their guard and just come out and play whatever yer nationality , gender or voice may sound...

    Another "Tool" was detected and used yesterday and by the Gods , those Pirates in that lobby were so great…

    We started ,last night , for a few hours of Arena . We stayed mostly on the same server but every game made Pirates depart and refreshed with new Pirates ...You know how it goes…

    Oops , i forgot to tell you something, sorry Mr J4dio...

    i can do all this , i mean overcome my Fear for all of you , because i'm supported and backed up by Mr J4dio, a crewbinder , a man that can still whole Fleetfights with his voice and reasoning ,without even lifting his voice higher in Volume...

    He is in a way ,my Guardian , he mostly never steps in because he knows that his presence give me so much mental strenght that i can tackle mostly everything that comes to me with a smile and by myself , but he is an assuring presence, that much i do can tell you…

    Pirate Friends are not only very Important to Enrich your voyage or Arena Match but their presence can support you in a way i simply can't describe...Let's call it a mix of Great Personality that Flourishes because of a Geniusly created atmosphere by Rare and their reputation over thirthy and more years…

    So , we were in the Lobby and i felt that my "bathtub" trick became a bit boring to some, they all must had already the Achievement , some like two or three persons had already talked . Luckely ,in the corner of my "rugbyball shaped eye" , little joke towards another Friend of the Sea called Mr Ludicrous , i saw a stage...
    " A stage?" ,i hear you say …" But , George , that's just decoration.." .You're right and ...wrong as well...It's just another tool of Rare to see if someone can find a use for it...
    Wich i did ...i jumped on the stage and called all the Pirates to see if anyone was courageous enough to share a story or joke with us ...And...To my suprise , a Young talented American came up to the stage and told , in true Stand Up Comedian Style , a few short but funny and good jokes...
    i stepped a bit backwards and saw that the crowd was growing , i started to clap and cheer and so did others …

    That " dark and tense , gloomy and doomy silence that can explode like a Powderkeg by one " wrong" peep of a throat and end up in a sludge war " ; that atmosphere melted away like mist in a SummerSun…

    I Know what you did there Rare , and by the SeaGods ,i am so grateful that you did this…
    i even placed down my own joke , and i can only memorize one unfortunately ,and a very old dream was revived from the grave it hasd been lying for three quarters of my life...

    You know those schooltheathers , i mean the school forces children to go to a theathre they have chosen ...Some are too difficult to understand if you are young sometimes that makes this whole happening to turn into a very boring two hours...i felt this often but one time i had to go to a play about a Russian Soldier during the October revolution...The stage looked like a refugee camp , all kinds of rusty cans , dirty old rags spun on wires that could be used as rooms and so on...There was only one actor , only one , i could already feel the boredom rise up but then this guy , this Solo man opened his mouth…

    He played different roles , Soldier , sargeant , Colonel, executioner and so on, he started to "live" in his act...He trashed the place apart like a Tasmanian devil and then would fall silent ,let his eyes travel over our faces and started to talk about the reason of Life....This Guy , this Solo actor , had us all flattened by his many voices , accents and personalities…
    i wanted to be like him, to start of unrespected, silly almost , but then along the way grab people by the mental throat and inspire and encourage them in their Lives…

    Alas , stagefright , minoritycomplex , and a Penguinwalk combined with the fact that i can't memorize text had put that dream under such a layer of dust , that i almost forgot about this …
    Untill...Rare and their Geniusly Sea of Thieves , a game that has conquered my Heart without firing one shot to hurt it...
    i never have nor will have the talent of this Actor , but i will try to fight this sickening Silenece or verbal sludgewar that have killed so many Good and Original People's will to talk in my own , little and silly way.Ooh, i'm more than aware that i will never beat this atmosphere but i do hope to slowly encourage others to try to destroy this sickening atmosphere with their own Personality and Talents , and all of you are much smarter and talented than me , that's for sure.
    An Atmosphere that has led so many games to a premature death…

    It won't happen to Sea of Thieves as long as i have a voice…
    i would love to ask one thing ,of all of you ,who are still reading...Try to overcome yer fears , you will always have those , i do too, but to try to make a conversation by simply using the Tools in the Arena Tavern and in the Adventure Game, because the biggest cancer of any game is Silence or this "verbal defence"...

    " Did you not fight in the Arena then , George , did you turn them into Pirate hippies ?" i hear you ask...Well, of course not , Dear Pirate Friend, we fought like Lions , we pulled pranks , shot eachother in the back ,pulled the socks over eachothers ears ,stole treasure and pocketknives ,pulled on Pirate noses , kicked Pirate behinds ….But ...All was done without a hateful Atmosphere and comments ….We all had a fun evening and everyone walked away ,mentally unharmed ….

    i want to thank every Pirate that i have met yesterday , to give eachother the chance to prove that Multiplayer Games are not only for the hardest knuckleheads around but can be played to all People , from every corner of this World , from every Gender , Race and religion without grudges….

    Rare , you have an amazing crew and your team must have a very talented pshychiatrist or pshychologist intheir midst…
    Those "decorations" and Achievements are hidden Motivators to make People talk and enjoy eachother companies again…
    If there was a Nobel Price for Community Gathjring Games then you would be my favorite …
    Thank you , for your "hidden" Tools , and thank you to let me fullfill a long lost dream of mine...
    Pirates from last night , thank you very much...You have inspired me to keep doing my silly stuff in hope to make Multiplayer Games fun and Social again…

    Thank you , All of ye ...Scurvy Seadogs ;-)

  • Sword Slash
    Press attack quickly up to 3x (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: attacking and doing damage quickly in close-range; after 1st and 2nd hit, 3rd hit knocks back the opponent, even on block.
    "I'm going to cut you!"

    Evasive Jump
    Jump in any direction.
    Useful for: confusing foes and manuevering around obstacles.
    "You can't catch me!"

    Defensive Block
    Press and hold block.
    Useful for: blocking melee attacks from the front and setting up for advanced techniques.
    "You can't touch this!"

    Sword Charge
    Press and hold attack (50d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage to a target; 2-second cool-down on a miss.

    Sword Surf
    Hold attack while standing in waist-deep water or upon ledges.
    Useful for: moving to/from shore; boarding enemy vessels; long-jumping off cliffs into water.
    "Smooth, like a skipping stone over water."

    Defensive Dodge
    Block while moving in any direction, and jump.
    Useful for: getting out of the way or getting closer; jumping through an opponent's otherwise impassable space.
    "Over here! Over there! Ha ha ha!"

    Running Slash
    Block while moving in any direction, and press attack (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: getting around obstacles, an opponent's block, or for hitting multiple foes; can be chained into a 3-hit combo; increases speed and reach during the initial attack.
    "And step, and cut..."

    Extended Charge
    Block while moving in any direction, hold attack, and then jump during beginning of lunge (1h=50d).
    Useful for: damaging opponent from above and crossing them up; requires good timing on jump; allows for additional movement during the hold portion of the charge; 2-second cool-down on a miss; additional options available during cool-down period (e.g., block and slash).

    Firearm Quickdraw
    While blocking, switch weapons and press attack.
    Useful for: doing quick damage against an overly aggressive opponent; a pirate's riposte.

    Double Tap
    With 2 firearms equipped, fire one, immediately switch to the other, and fire again (2h=100d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage relatively quickly from a distance; has a long recovery, so don't miss; useless against multiple pirates.
    "Bang, bang!"

    Blind Snipe
    Attack with eye of reach without aiming in close-range (1h=80d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage up close with a long-range weapon; not very accurate.
    "Aiming? Please..."

    Blunder Blast
    Fire the blunderbuss at point-blank range against an opponent (1h=100d).
    Useful for: instant kills and repelling boarders; weak at mid- to long-range.
    "Want to be holier than thou?"

    Bite This!
    When a shark charges to bite you, block with your sword just as it chomps.
    Useful for: not getting eaten alive by hungry sharks; requires precise timing; does not work against megalodons.
    "Not today!"

    Underwater Strafe
    While underwater, swim sideways left or right.
    Useful for: avoiding sharks and underwater pirates with guns.
    "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

    Grog Toss
    Drink 2 tankards of grog, hold a bucket, let loose, then throw it onto your foes.
    Useful for: blinding your opponents.
    "Eww, gross!"

    Speed Dig
    While digging, double-tap cancel input during 3rd sound.
    Useful for: digging up treasure faster to save time or when enemies are near.
    "It's here - I know it!"

    Silent Repair
    Hold attack and block at the same time while repairing the ship.
    Useful for: repairing the ship quietly when enemies are near; can be started late into repair by holding block; 1st hit still makes a sound.

    Quick Stop
    While running with the sword, quickly tap block.
    Useful for: stopping your forward momentum instantly.
    "Okay, so you can stop fast... Big deal."

    If there are any combat techniques that I missed that you would like to share below, I only ask that you use the same easy to read format as I have here:

    Name of Combat Technique
    (B=basic technique; A=advanced technique; E=easy to do; H=hard to do; O=offensive technique; D=defensive technique)
    Description, using universal non-platform-specific terms (for example, saying "attack" instead of "RT" or "right-mouse click"); (#h=number of hits; #d=amount of damage dealt out of 100% health).
    Useful for: why would you use it?
    "Inspirational quote."

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Since this is the update that has now brought Arena to Sea of Thieves, I've been look all over in the settings to turn off crossplay but I don't see an option anywhere. Unless it is there & I'm blind but I don't see the option to turn it off if it is there or not.

  • Hi, on XBOX, is it possible to cycle through the cannonballs (normal and cursed) that you are holding?
    I know how to bring up the inventory, and select Cannonballs, but how do I then select a specific cannonball?