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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • From a Personal point of view i feel the game in general is tryna to make everyone happy becoming pirate legend used to be something to achieve buying levels is the easy way out keep the doubloons for comestics only thats just my opinion or cut the amount of doubloons given out per weekly event haters will hate this post but all comments are welcome 😋

  • Heya there,

    After all the posts of people disliking PvP or something in that region, sorry i have seen too many different types of posts to count.

    The things I want to state first is this:

    • This isn’t meant as a “git good” topic whatsoever
    • No matter what stance you have please stay respectfull to the other side of the coin, no profanities or the like please.
    • This topic might be long but please bear with me

    Then another important point, i have a light form of dyslexia and english is not my first language so any spelling/grammar mistakes or missed letters somewhere can be attributed to that.

    Now to the core idea behind this topic:

    When i was but a scrub of a pirate, not worthy of sailing on my sloop i severely disliked PvP and anything involved with it, i hated the fact i lost that chest i could have earned some gold for...

    Then it clicked in my head, i started seeing everything in a different light, my mindset was wrong and blocked me off from a significant amount of fun that can be had in this game.

    I opened up to the fact that geinding out voyages is not the complete story in the game and in fact in my mind its not even the most important part of it, i tell you once you start looking at it like this you have way more fun.

    Try to make an adventure, of course you can do that by doing voyages but make sure you have fun whilst doing so, if you do it like that your fun was allready had and cant be taken away from you whatever happens in the future and if everything goes your way that fun just gets a rep and gold kicker at the end.

    By changing my mindset i wasnt afraid to lose loot anymore, i didnt like it (i was still a pirate that needed money for whatever there is to buy) but i didnt mind it as much.

    This also made it so that i wasnt afraid anymore to take a challenge if someone came up to me cannons/guns blazing, of course i wanted to win, of course i wanted the loot BUT i made sure i was having fun beforehand and made sure i tried to learn from each loss i suffered.

    -sniper & pistol combo took me down, hmm how can i stand a better chance at that.

    • hmm someone blocks my sword constantly and consequently takes me out, how can i counter that.
    • how can i outsail that sloop/galleon/brigantine, how do i outmanouvre them

    You get the idea, theres more but this post shouldnt just list all of that stuff, by getting involved in said challenges i got better and better at defending myself, my ship and my loot and not long thereafter i tried taking the fight to them, each time having a couple of chests aboard to have a risk to fighting, something like that made me more determined and was a payoff to the guys if they bested me (see it as payment for them training me)

    Now i am a true PVPVE player, hoarding a lot of loot aboard my ship (especially if me and my crew gets together dont we @Nessiroj, @DarkMage613 and @mark147258 ?)
    I mean 100k is something we regularly risk to lose at any given point.

    It is not like we run from challanges, we do forts, skellyships, pvp encounters anything the game can throw at us... now this isnt meant as ego stroking just showing a change in the mentality.

    Now i am not saying everyone should drop pve for pvp, not at all, i am trying to ‘teach’ (sorry couldnt think of a better word) people that its not all about the gold, its not all about the rep, its not all about getting that pirate legend title in game.

    The experiences you can have with random encounters as long as you just try and have fun at any point during the game if its collecting chests or sailing around make sure you take it all in, that experience can never be taken away from you by whatever object, be it cannonball or sword, is thrown at you.

    And if you arent afraid of losing that chest, yet still determined to make sure you still have it aboard the next time you arrive at an outpost youstart getting better and better at pvp even if it will never be the main way you want to play the game, remember the best offense is a good defense.

    And for the people saying that one Cursed cannonball can end a ship battle, this is only somewhat true, you can watch some of @Nessiroj ‘s past sea of thieves streams (we speak dutch amongst eachother however) you can see we have taken the upperhand even though we got hit with anchor,rigging and weary balls.

    Do ccb’s have to power to change the battle, yes of course they do but so does a boarding action, a regular cannonball towards the cannoniers or that one gomepowder barrel you keep in your crowsnest.

    Everything comes down to tactics and communication, and especially for solo sloopers AWARENESS.

    Make tactics, try them out the next occasion re a***s the tactics and change them where needed and anybody, yes i say EVERYBODY can be a force to be reckoned with.

  • Seen has they have reduced the amoumt of stuff u have to sell ect do i have to unistall the game n reinstall it now to get that gamerscore achievememt ?

  • I’ve been playing the game since day 1. I pre ordered the game. I play it virtually every other day and every weekend for a good few hours. I’m 45 in gold hoarders, 42 in souls and 40 in merchant. I play with a full crew hardly ever play solo, yet getting to legend is slow. I’ve been playing since day 1 and it’s the only game I now play. Yet when I talk to other legends they tell me they did it in 1-2 months other say a couple of weeks but most say it’s took them up untill now or recently. Is there a right way or is it just that some people have more free time than me.

  • As someone who has been playing since the technical Alpha, I find so many people failing to complete voyages because of riddles. Given that the effort to reward ratio is so low, I truly believe these need to be re-worked. Perhaps they could be redesigned to provide more unique chest like sorrows or grog ( maybe even a few new ones), or perhaps a chest can be dug up at each point of the riddle so that a voyage can walk away with 2-4 chest depending in how many points you need to solve. Regardless of this I truly believe they need some TLC stat as it continues to plague the community from fully committing to voyage competition (other than for Athena of course). Thanks for hearing me out!

  • Ahoy mateys! I'm a new-since-the-hungering-deep pirate who sails solo most of the time. I'm generally not good at combat - I get flustered and make mistakes, and die a lot, lol. But I was wondering if any wise pirates out there might have some good tips for PVP direct combat, and/or how to practice for direct combat, to get better. I generally play with cutlass and EoR, because I'm a pretty good sniper, at least against skellies. With the cutlass, I'm more of a flailer, sigh! ;) I'm Xbox, and have been gradually increasing my controller sensitivity over the past several weeks. I really enjoy this game, and have no doubt that I'll continue to do so even if my combat skills stay the same. But it would be cool to improve! Any and all advice appreciated :)

  • Over the last few weeks iv noticed alot of sloop crew sticking together to take down the bigger ships maybe its just me has anyone else noticed this i personaly think its great to watch n be involved in lol ALL HAIL THE SLOOP GODS

  • Just a video of me taking out a galleon solo. Hopefully this will help others who like to solo get a better idea of how to take out them pesky bigger crews.

  • Here is a quick how-to guide for the new barrel system so you are quick and efficient as before!

    PC Users that use Mouse and Keyboard

    Press (F) to open the barrel, highlight the item you want to grab with a (mouse point), press (F) and viola! Done deal! Easy peasy eh? :)

    Xbox and PC users who use Controllers

    Press (X) to open the barrel highlight the item you want to grab with the left stick, or the D-Pad, then press (A) and voila! Done deal! Easy smeasy eh? :)

  • Hi,

    I wanna share something. While I was playing Sea of thieves on a brig with some buddy’s, the megaladon came. One of my friends said “use your drum, and play the megaladon song, You need the shark drum I think. Then it’ll leave you alone” Meg came at us all through the hours, whenever we used the drum it worked! Is this a coincidence? Lol

  • Do you know if two persons take the gate for the legendary place in the same time but from different outposts (in the same server) they will find themselves there?

  • Had to make a new thread for those interested in using it as I update it and as stated in the footer: Any non released sets will be tracked offline until they are released to be added to the list officially to stay in line with the main forum rules.

    Please let me know if there is anything missing and I will go through and update it accordingly.

  • Officially tonight you have lost three players that will never pick up a Rare game ever again. I’ve simply had enough of the imbalance between PC and XBox. We are not “newbs” and have been playing FPS and MMORPG games for over 10 years each cumulative around 35-40 years between the three of us. To have a PC player dance around our ship for 10 minutes one shot killing us with a sniper rifle in close quarters was the last straw. We’ve had enough of the FPS and aim advantage defacto afforded to PC players and have decided to quit because of it. I hope you all come to the realization that console and PC crossplay cannot cohabitate in some game scenarios and address crossplay with an option like most other crossplay games, before your open world vision ends with only your PC player base. Anyone who fails to acknowledge the PROVEN PC advantage in many cross play scenarios needs to return to basic networking and processor school (it cannot be denied, it’s simple fact). I’m sure many programmers for Rare are highly educated and know for an empirical fact that this is an issue, hopefully they’ll speak up. Until then, I wish you all luck and I’ll see you when this issue is addressed.

  • At the end of a session when everyone is logging off, you likely have a good stock of cursed cannonballs left over, with no way to sell them.

    If there's another ship in sight I'll sail over and give them to them before I leave, but if I can't see anyone on the horizon that's not an option.

    I usually sail to an outpost, and fill a barrel in the tavern with all the cursed cannonballs we have, so if someone checks there, they'll hit the mother lode.

    Means there's at least a chance they aren't lost when we log off and might be able to help someone out!

  • I started playing this game on my pc, but it acts a little differently than when I play it on my xbox. Can i not hear player chat on pc? When i play on xbox, whether I have my headset on or not, I can hear players through my tv. How do I make it so I can hear chat through my computer speakers? I don’t want to make my mic on my computer always stay on, just so i can hear others. Also, when loading the game up, I get a message saying I need a new app, something like ms overlay, but when I go to the microsoft store it says no results. What is this app and what’s the purpose of it as I seem to be able to play it fine without. Final question I have, which drives me crazy, i play woth an xbox controller. How do i make my mouse cursor stop randomly appearing in the middle of my screen?

  • So, last night I was out sailing with two of my best mates. We had been sailing for a while and as happens when playing for hours, my mates needed a break for various reasons. While they were afk and subsequently disconnected from the game, I came across a galleon and sloop at an outpost. They were clearly working together as before this I saw them at the skelly ships. Knowing that they were willing to work together I figured why not see if we can't expand that alliance for the benefit of all. So I approached, with caution, at half speed to make sure they didn't feel threatened. When I got there, several of them boarded my ship. At first all was good. They saw that I was a legend and began asking me to give them some voyages (any legend voyage since we weren't sure if the athena had been fixed yet). I said sure, it only benefits us all anyways since we were now in an alliance. One of them asked me to friend them in case we needed to communicate over distance. I saw no harm in that so we friended. Now is when things go sideways, and I am not sure how I feel about this. Part of me is upset at what happens next, and part of me is wondering if this is the pirate thing to do. Anyways, that person then joins my game/crew without asking me. I explained to them that they needed to go back to their ship as my friends were coming back soon. They wouldn't leave. Instead kept asking me to drop legend quests. I told them once they leave the ship I would do so, but not until then. I happen to notice one of the other crew climbing my mast, I told them to stop but it was too late. They dropped gun powder on the deck and blew up my ship, costing me my time stocking my ship. At the new ship, that player was still there, and would not leave the crew, in fact they brought another of their friends in game and put me in the brig. What now, I have been hijacked. They began berating me with insults and told me to give them my ship. They were taking over the server so the ship was now theirs.

    Well, I am very stubborn. So, instead, I put some loud music on, at first love songs, then hip hop, then to jazz and blasted it over my mic. They couldn't figure out how to mute me at first, so I was interrupting their communication and making it impossible for them to sneak up on anyone else. They sunk the ship again with me in the brig, but again I didn't leave. They brought others on-board to kill me while in the brig. I just kept going from death ship to the brig, sometimes hanging out at the death ship. All the while barely able to hear them throw my loud music as they through insults at me and even message me in xbox app that I needed to leave. Sorry, but this is still my ship. After about half an hour of this, they realized I wasn't going to leave and unless they wanted me getting credit for anything they did, they were not going to get my ship. Along the way they got another ship from someone, a sloop. Not sure how they accomplished it, as they don't seem the type to bribe people. But they got another ship and left my ship. Just in time for my friends to be ready to rejoin.

    Funny thing is, I was still in their alliance. They never thought to remove us from the alliance. So now we knew where they were at. They went to a skull fort and at first, we were going to go there and sink them (they had two sloops). But then I thought, why not let them do all the work while we continue on our OoS stuff for the commendations. If they don't notice us still in the alliance, we will simply gain profits off them for my time wasted. Sure enough, they finally defeated the skull fort and sold. Profits in hand, and not selling anything of ours we watched them. They went after a ship with the reapers mark. So we sailed in, and helped the other brig (with the mark) sink them. And they kept coming back, and we kept sinking them and sending them to the death ship. After three tries they realized we were still in the alliance and dissolved it. But we knew their last location. So we set off again, but this time allowed them to stock their ship. Once they set sail, we approached and sunk them again, making up for my sunken, stocked ship.

    So after all that, was justice served? Did we grieve the grievers? What do you think of their actions. Was it a pirate move, or were they grieving and should this type of action be banned? Was our response appropriate?

  • I started up SOT since the latest update and noticed that my Athena REP has gone from almost 9 ( literally 2 chest away) to 8 with no REP. I then asked my friend who is not Pirate Legend yet and he said that his level got reset as well. Anyone having the same issue??? 🙃

  • Anyone still got the kiwibeard or is it just me

  • Anyone know how many waves there are now for the skele ships? Is it just as hard as b4? Or is it nerfed and not as much loot? Also can there be a skull Fort and a skeleton ship battle clouds at the same time???

  • So a few days ago a guy on here had mentioned that the barrels 2.0 was trash,calling it a name that most people would NOT take offense to. Yet he was warned. I stuck up for him and was banned for 2 days. I would like to take the time to thank RARE. They fueled my fire toward the constant let downs they have given us update after update bug after bug, leaving pioneers and legends in the dust, giving us empty and horrific content that sets the game back. So that night I went on and EVERY...ship I saw I sunk. Every pirate i saw I sent to Davey Jones!. I have lost complete interest in voyages and leveling up. My captain now looks like George Washington and I dedicate 100% of my time hunting down everyone I see. I will board your ship, throw your loot out to sea and demolish your crew. I sail between 11pm and 3am est. Look for me. Black hull, black sails, kraken skull and red flag! See you out in the sea lobsterbacks!!

  • Sooo, I thought RAREs stance on combat was that everyone is equal. That there will be no progression to give a player an advantage over another player ex: everyone only gets 5 shots in their firearms everyone has the same sword swipes and that everything is purely cosmetic. They emphasized many times that combat would be equal fast forward 5 months, screw that let's introduce cannon balls that will give other players an "advantage" how could they not see this coming. You get hit with a cannon ball that lowers your anchor then immediately hit by a ball that puts you to sleep. Your ship is toast. 100% gives the sloop players a disadvantage. For (Mod edited) sake. At least come up with a counter. Remember that potion shop? What a big (Mod edited) to the pioneers. And day one players. Oh but rare came up with a statement saying sorry, welp, if they would have listened in the 1st place (Mod edited) like this wouldn't have happened. If they don't fix this, this game will definitely die by xmas

  • Not a lot of people know of the few minor exploits that you can do with the sword. I am here to give you a refresher if you have heard, and maybe some extra bits of tricks you haven't heard. This is for those who see this post.

    • Basics
      Block then strike
      When striking with the sword you are put into a slow walk. You do not want this, however. If you hold block first, the first strike will let you walk at your usual speed.

    Block then hold strike
    This also works for the charge move, the entire charge will let you walk at that normal speed, you are also capable of jumping then as well.

    Block then Jump torwards a Direction
    This is a simple dodge hop that you can do with the sword. Not an exploit or anything, but helps dodge shots if you know how to use it.

    Charge attack beats Blocking
    Try not to overuse this, but a charge attack beats block. If you completely miss a charge attack, you will be put to a standstill. If you hit a wall or an object, that standstill wont be as bad. But if you do hit, you get to attack or maybe do another sword charge immediately. Make sure that you are confident that it will hit! Such as, assisting a friend who is making an enemy block.

    • Intermediate
      Ignoring movement impairing effects
      Block then Jump allows you to move quicker when you are in deep waters Such as inside a sinking ship, Or when your legs are broken. It is then wise to have this sword dodge hop in your vocabulary of movement because it also just helps you accelerate from tight spaces to tight spaces. Practice on your ship while you sail!

    Jump + Dodge hop + Jump + Dodge hop ... etc
    There is a slight delay to when you can sword dodge hop, so in being as tricky as you can. You can combine a jump, and as soon as you land you dodge hop. This is incredibly useful for pvp scenarios and helps you feel very flexible in combat. Make sure to practice this while you sail. You wont have a need for this every time, but I will say it again that it helps to make this as natural as possible!

    • Advanced
      Trigger Discipline
      More like a sword strike discipline. Combining few of these tips, you should be aware that just maybe, it is better to just strike once, or maybe twice. Block + Attack while jumping and sword dodge hopping lets you do damage to the one you are chasing without slowing down. Poke them, little by little. This also helps you gauge other dangers around you such as ducking out of there if he was about to finish reloading his blunderbuss. But for the most part, poking someone is just giving you total control. Versus someone else who is blocking, they will most likely hold block until you have finished your combo, but you didnt, and so you are cabable of dodging backwards and reloading your pistol while he tried to take a swipe while it was too late. Etc etc.

    There is a lot of power in that one attack.

    Be Patient!
    Try not to trade hits. Mashing the attack button so that you can hit him inbetween his attacks works sometimes, but that is mostly luck. Youl want to just be patient. As soon as the third attack ended, then start mashing and youl be attacking HIM. Works everytime. However, that is not the only time to apply patience. Combat does not have to end quickly, if you are the one blocking, then let it be that you are blocking. 2 people who are in perfect rhythm keeping you in block stunlock will take a while to figure out that they can go out of the rhythm and shoot you while the other attacks you. Being outnumbered is always a disadvantage and must be accepted. But, that rarely happens or they will mess it up, giving you the opportunity to get out of it and SURVIVE the situation. And that, is why patience is important.

    Focus on what is important
    Just a general tip, focus on what is important. Such as anchoring an enemy ship, surviving, making chaos, etc. Killing your enemies is not important, it is sinking their ship, or maybe something else that you think is important. So, it means that not always you will have to have a sword in your inventory. An example being is; after I have sunk a Galleon all by my self (mmhyess), I switched to my Eye of Reach and a Blunderbuss. Eye of reach to pekk at those who came swimming to my ship, and blunderbuss to those who climbs my ladder. Or, here is a better example: As I got boarded with no ill intentions of my own and no hostility as happened yet, they started to attack me and I was blocking. As I was fighting without fighting back, I pleaded to just be friends as long as I can. This only worked once, and for the other times I had to resort to fighting back, but usually I dont let people board my ship if they havent declared it.

    And that is my simple fun post that I hope is usefull to anyone seeing this. Probably not because im guessing most people who are here are already well versed in these kinds of things.

  • About 2 weeeks ago I have noticed more and more skull forts staying active a lot longer than before. Even after the update on Thursday. I know the new skeletons have change the game play and strategy of a skull fort. Which can make a fort take longer to complete. In saying that I’ve seen them active for well over an hour if not longer.
    Has SOT lost players?
    Have skull forts lost there appeal?
    Are they just to time consuming while you are trying to grind?

    What are your thoughts?

  • Thanks for the figurehead sea of thieves n mixer looking forward to what forsaken shores has to offer now 😍😍

  • On the forums I see a lot of posts by people who got robbed complaining about it. As a pirate who plays SoT solely to rob others of their loot, I think I have some insight on how to avoid having your ship looted by players like my crew and I.

    I cannot stress this enough, other ships never just appear out of nowhere and sink your ship. If you are doing a voyage on an island and your ship gets sunk at anchor, it's really no ones fault but your own. Use your spyglass.
    Second, if you are doing a voyage, be extra careful if there is an active Skull Fort on your server. Skull Forts are lightning rods for PvP focused players, many of us hop servers until we find a skull cloud. If your trying to do a voyage and there is a skull in the sky, be extra mindful of my first tip as the chances of aggressive crews joining your server skyrockets.
    Next, know the strengths of your particular ship type. If you are in a sloop attempting to outrun a galleon, please don't go down-wind, you will lose. Try and use your superior maneuverability to shake the more cumbersome galleon.
    Here's another tip, try your absolute best to not play this game SOLO. Not only is running a Solo Sloop extremely difficult, it can put you in some downright impossible situations.

    These are just a few of the things that I think would help people keep their loot. If anyone thinks of any other useful tips, feel free to post them below.

  • This topic is deleted!

    Ok, so I have played since launch but only have so many opportunities to play through. Last night was one where I was ready to play and finish up the commendations. I logged in for about an hour before attempting to change boats. Once i did this I was logged out(CherryBeard). For the next 4 hours I was unable to log into the xbox app successfully. Between the unreliable nature of the game, and the constant state of bugs regardless of the updates, and the disaster that is the xbox app, how is one supposed to get enjoyment from this game.

    Never mind that I am attempting to solo reaper flag merchant mission, and have to go through countless missions and cancel because they had pigs. When I have to be so cautious because I know that another merch quest may not be easy to accomplish (either because people hunt reapers, or the game crashes), it is absolute c**p.

    Rare, get your s**t together. Stop pandering to the complainers, and people who say there is no content. Your original roadmap was how you should have proceeded instead of pushing content that was never ready for production. You consistent push these "update" that break the game causing your core players to end up frustrated instead taking the time to properly test your items. If I ever released something without being tested and it had the kind of impact your patches do i would have been fired.

    Sea of Thieves is not a game where I can drop in for 20 minutes, I have to devote time to do anything. When you have nothing but problems, and content (filler) that people push through in the first 2 days, and bugs out the A*s your game is lying on its death bed.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I am returning to the game so I missed several of the events. I took out some cursed ships and a Megaladon earlier. Do I get anything for that and if so what and how do I claim it? It didn’t look like they dropped anything.

  • I saw that for this weeks challenges their are some for completing voyages with the Reapers Mark flag on. Do you need this active for whole voyage or just as it completes?

    I am looking forward using it to attract more pvp but at the moment would just like to rush through the challenges and get my doubloons up.

    Anyone know if this works?

  • Hi,

    I'm almost a pirate legend and the mate I'm mostly playing with needs some more levels more than me to become legend. As I want to share the experience of the exploring the hideout with my friend I was wondering wether I can take him to the hideout even when he's not a legend aswell.

    I hope you can answer me this question.

    Thank You

  • Last night i visted 85/90 barrels to end up with 5 maybe 6 cursed green ones is there a way of getting more or a decent island to go to get more 🤔🤔 cheers for any info

  • Has we hit the skelly fort with the dancing cannonball (shark fin camp) it was rather funny to see gold skellys dancing ps this gave me the comendation for destorying 5 skelletons with a cursed cannonball lol

  • Everyone of my comendations one every factin is 1 away from the next 1 example 199/200 anyone else have it ?

  • This is just a friendly warning that if you are going to be buying multiple items from the stores around the outposts make sure you don’t have anything of value you are not afraid to lose.

    This is mainly for sloop players, but on 3 occasions now I have tried buying the new hairstyles and facial hairs from the shops and it crashes the game and dashboards me.

    I have already raised a ticket, I just wanted to give a heads up to people so they don’t lose any progress unintentionally.

    Happy sailing and telescoping ;)

    Edit: This can also occur while swapping items in the various vanity boxes.