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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Having taken part in The Grand Odyssey yesterday @SirioNDB organised by Fortune Fleet, I thought it'd be a great idea for those who didn't get the chance to perhaps use some of the riddles as a daily challenge for fun on the Sea of Thieves and knowing what an imaginative Community we have, perhaps we can come up with a list of more ideas?

  • I purchased a SSD (cost total of $40) and tried it out on an original Xbox One, and an Xbox One S.

    See the results here:

    The Xbox One SSD initial load in being 2 seconds faster than the S may be due to human delay in exiting intro movie and selecting the game mode. They most likely are identical just like the respawning time.
  • Sword Slash
    Press attack quickly up to 3x (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: attacking and doing damage quickly in close-range; after 1st and 2nd hit, 3rd hit knocks back the opponent, even on block.
    "I'm going to cut you!"

    Evasive Jump
    Jump in any direction.
    Useful for: confusing foes and manuevering around obstacles.
    "You can't catch me!"

    Defensive Block
    Press and hold block.
    Useful for: blocking melee attacks from the front and setting up for advanced techniques.
    "You can't touch this!"

    Sword Charge
    Press and hold attack (50d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage to a target; 2-second cool-down on a miss.

    Sword Surf
    Hold attack while standing in waist-deep water or upon ledges.
    Useful for: moving to/from shore; boarding enemy vessels; long-jumping off cliffs into water.
    "Smooth, like a skipping stone over water."

    Defensive Dodge
    Block while moving in any direction, and jump.
    Useful for: getting out of the way or getting closer; jumping through an opponent's otherwise impassable space.
    "Over here! Over there! Ha ha ha!"

    Running Slash
    Block while moving in any direction, and press attack (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: getting around obstacles, an opponent's block, or for hitting multiple foes; can be chained into a 3-hit combo; increases speed and reach during the initial attack.
    "And step, and cut..."

    Extended Charge
    Block while moving in any direction, hold attack, and then jump during beginning of lunge (1h=50d).
    Useful for: damaging opponent from above and crossing them up; requires good timing on jump; allows for additional movement during the hold portion of the charge; 2-second cool-down on a miss; additional options available during cool-down period (e.g., block and slash).

    Firearm Quickdraw
    While blocking, switch weapons and press attack.
    Useful for: doing quick damage against an overly aggressive opponent; a pirate's riposte.

    Double Tap
    With 2 firearms equipped, fire one, immediately switch to the other, and fire again (2h=100d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage relatively quickly from a distance; has a long recovery, so don't miss; useless against multiple pirates.
    "Bang, bang!"

    Blind Snipe
    Attack with eye of reach without aiming in close-range (1h=80d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage up close with a long-range weapon; not very accurate.
    "Aiming? Please..."

    Blunder Blast
    Fire the blunderbuss at point-blank range against an opponent (1h=100d).
    Useful for: instant kills and repelling boarders; weak at mid- to long-range.
    "Want to be holier than thou?"

    Bite This!
    When a shark charges to bite you, block with your sword just as it chomps.
    Useful for: not getting eaten alive by hungry sharks; requires precise timing; does not work against megalodons.
    "Not today!"

    Underwater Strafe
    While underwater, swim sideways left or right.
    Useful for: avoiding sharks and underwater pirates with guns.
    "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

    Grog Toss
    Drink 2 tankards of grog, hold a bucket, let loose, then throw it onto your foes.
    Useful for: blinding your opponents.
    "Eww, gross!"

    Speed Dig
    While digging, double-tap cancel input during 3rd sound.
    Useful for: digging up treasure faster to save time or when enemies are near.
    "It's here - I know it!"

    Silent Repair
    Hold attack and block at the same time while repairing the ship.
    Useful for: repairing the ship quietly when enemies are near; can be started late into repair by holding block; 1st hit still makes a sound.

    Quick Stop
    While running with the sword, quickly tap block.
    Useful for: stopping your forward momentum instantly.
    "Okay, so you can stop fast... Big deal."

    If there are any combat techniques that I missed that you would like to share below, I only ask that you use the same easy to read format as I have here:

    Name of Combat Technique
    (B=basic technique; A=advanced technique; E=easy to do; H=hard to do; O=offensive technique; D=defensive technique)
    Description, using universal non-platform-specific terms (for example, saying "attack" instead of "RT" or "right-mouse click"); (#h=number of hits; #d=amount of damage dealt out of 100% health).
    Useful for: why would you use it?
    "Inspirational quote."

  • Bonjour tout le monde, étant sur Xbox One, je ne trouve pas la touche pour faire des emotes, quelqu’un pourrait m’aider s’il vous plaît ? Merci d’avance.

    Hello everyone, being on Xbox One, I can not find the key to make emotes, could someone please help me? Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks for the figurehead sea of thieves n mixer looking forward to what forsaken shores has to offer now 😍😍

  • I've bought this game for many friends and near everyone I know has had issues with the microsoft store (Rare, your dealing with the devil by staying with microsoft I'm sure you realize) There doesn't seem to be a place to ask for technical help on these forums, so please move this, and Mods PLEASE inform Rare Directly as this will get lost in the hundreds of bug submissions and is a major issue that needs to be taken up with Microsoft directly.

    Been playing for months with girlfriend, go to play tonight and get the “There is a missing or corrupt data file that is required for the game to run.” Go down the list of troubleshooting on the SoT support page

    I've ruled out all other issues. Seems to be the "Store install issues" or one not listed for this error.

    Well, I've uninstalled the game numerous ways, numerous times and come to discover every time I re-install the game through the store it's just restoring the files from somewhere on the computer (NOT downloading) So it just restores the corrupt files back. I cannot figure out how to get the windows store to download a fresh copy of SoT wich im certain will fix this issue. I've spent hours troubleshooting this and troubleshooting is my job. I am completely out of options, so im grasping at straws to try and get this fixed. I've spent hundreds of dollars buying this game for friends and near that in hours troubleshooting this game just to play it. PLEASE RARE, do I have to wipe and reinstall window just to play sot?

    I'll just be here refreshing this page, I would really love to play with gf and friends on the 30th.

    Perhaps someone could tell me where this file is and I could just replace the pak?

    Missing file: /Game/Animation/MarketingPoses/Wardobe/pose_wardrobe1, Referencer: /Game/Maps/Frontend/sharedassets/sot_frontend_01_a_IPGLineUp

    img of full error:

  • Done a few tutorials for new players on my YT channel, this is the most recent one, how to solo Mr Tentacle Face.

  • I have been a Pioneer for a whole, and logged on today to see that I am no longer a Pioneer. I acknowledge that I haven't been as active as I would like, but as I'm getting back into the game I was curious as to the "updated Pioneer criteria." Can anyone offer any insight?

  • Does anyone know when the crossplay opt-out option is coming?

  • Ahoy Maties!!

    We made a complete guide to The Merchant Alliance. The video also shows all animal locations (snakes pigs and chickens) on the current islands! I hope you all find it helpful!

    See you on the Seas!

  • I have been trying to random with people when my usual crew aren't around and I have to say that the matchmaking seems to pair me a LOT with "those" kinds of players. You know the ones I mean...they drop anchor while you're in the middle of nowhere. They angle the sails constantly front-facing regardless of wind direction. They fire themselves out of cannons into the middle of the sea. They bail water back into the ship. I seem to be running into these players quite frequently when not pairing with my friends.

    I want to believe its either a very young player or possibly just someone messing around. Maybe even a bot-AFK player that has bad AI?

    Normally I would just exit and re-try another random but it seems to be getting harder and harder to random into crew that actually want to play the game vs. just being unhelpful and without course. Does anyone have any methods or tactics they employ to try and address these guys without simply abandoning the crew?

  • I havent tested this out properly, but I am throwing it out there for others who want in on it. I do not know how new it is either.

    Climbing up a Ladder, it is possible to shoot at the person waiting for you on top.

    You can do this halfway on the ladder looking up, or at the top of the ladder just about when you will climb fully onboard. To do this, always be aiming at where you think you will see someone, maybe it is also better to climb the ladder a bit slower in anticipation for someone.

    And here are the button combinations in order to shoot while on ladder. You must be very quick with the inputs.


    • B (Cancel Ladder)
    • Hold backwards
    • RT (Shoot)
    • X (Grab ladder)


    • F (Cancel Ladder)
    • Hold backwards
    • M1 (Shoot)
    • F (Grab Ladder)

    It is simple, but requires a bit of practice.
    You want to Cancel Ladder and Shoot aprox at the same time. I find it easier on a controller as I can just piano the B button and RT.

    You hold Backwards because if you hold forward, you may clip your view into the ladder which wont prompt the ability to grab the ladder again.

    So, you look up and gradually look forward as you are climbing up.
    When you see someone, you quickly Cancel to get off the ladder.
    Push yourself away from ladder
    Shoot the sucker (And knock him away with the blunderbuss)
    Grab the ladder again and hopefully climb up.

    In a very quick succession.

    This also works with pistol, but it has no knockback, but does 50 damage.
    The blunderbuss for the most part is wanted here for the knock back, but there could be a situation where you are close enough to even kill the defender.

    Note 1: Ive been succesful enough with only hip fire blunderbuss, aiming down may take up too much time.

    Note 2: Galleon ladders seem to shift the camera a bit up when you cancel out of the ladder. Aim a bit lower when it comes to galleons.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Hi,

    I'm just tired to be defeated in all my combat. I have the game since launch, but I think I only won a fight less than 10 times. :(

    I mostly use my sword + a weapon. Sometime I take the blunderbust to protect the ship, but it doesn't seem to work with me. One hit… Two hit… Even three and the enemy still alive and kill me with his sword.

    Talking about sword, I don't know if it's because the netcode in the game s*f**k, but I'm trying to block, but the enemy still hit me from the side even if I see him in my screen. I don't know how people are attacking so fast and moving so fast at the same time… Personally, if I don't hit something, I need to wait 2 seconds before attacking again. If I use a charged attack, I need to wait 3 seconds before attacking again. If I block, I need to wait 1-2 seconds before attacking.
    If I'm hit without blocking, I'm stun and can't attack immediately.
    But it doesn't seem to be the case for the enemies I encounter. I hit them, but they continue fighting at the same time… Which make me stunned…

    Thank you for your tips.

  • Okay something me and my crew mates have been discussing is if you still get miles when not on the ship.

    Like for instance; let's say we have a ton of loot to sell, we sail over to the outpost and leave a man behind who is selling the loot as the rest of us sail away.
    Will that castaway fellow still get his nautical miles?

  • There should be a different section for only pirate legends so they can give each other tips and tricks and maybe join up and go on an athenas! XD

  • I am part of the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme and I can only say so much about it because of the terms and conditions I have to follow. However, upon starting Sea of Thieves Insider, I had came to the customization menu and was worried that if I picked a character, if that would overwrite my character on the actual Sea of Thieves game.

    Will it do that or is it completely different? Are they two different saves or how does it work? Thank you!

  • I have been playing every day for over a month and I have not seen the ancient terror or the shrouded ghost at all, and I've only seen the shadowmaw once. Any tips on how to find these, or are they just really rare?

  • 1 naitical mile = roughly 1900 meters each square on the map is 1000 meters, so we can round off that 2 squares is roughly 1 nautical mile. I tested this using the games stats under my profile (meters sailed) I set up on the edge of a square wrote down current meters, sailed to the next square and subtracted the after from the before wound up with a difference of 999 which we can just round to 1000. Hope this clears up and confusion.

  • Not sure where else to ask this...wanting to try playing with keyboard and mouse on xbox but my mouse won't move my pirate. When a menu is up the pointer moves just fine and the mouse will switch weapons, block, fire, etc...just can't look around.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  • I found 3. Only the one on mauraders arch gave me commendation. Shipwreck bay and cannon cove I got nothing. Why is this?

  • Well here we go 1 please this mostly goes for gold hoarders dont do quest with only 1 island with 1 chest.
    2 stop at shipwrecks unless they have had a player ship nearby them they will have most likely taken the loot.

    3 dont sink every ship you see if you do this people wont have time to get loot so if you sinking people constantly stop let them build up loot first.
    4 if you see a fort do it if another ship is already there let them finish the fort then do an attack you wont have to as much work and get loot so you win

    Thnx for reading also hope this helped at all

  • Even without gunpowder kegs! Shallow ones are possible. Even when shark comes you can swim around it and hit the shark too. I recorded the end of such encounter. It took around 300 hits, I found this is the best method alone. Around 4-5 minutes of sword play but worth it for the doubloons really.

  • Keyboard works fine, and for the life of me I can't find a proper mouse support help page so here I am with my question.

    Why can I not look around in the game?

    The rest of the mouse functions are operating as they should just not head movement. Currently trying out K&M on Xbox.

  • Quick question to all but if you and another ship are in an alliance and both are battling a meg do both crews earn the commendation for killing the meg? Or will only one crew earn it?

  • Little later than I'd like, but the amount of questions Joe answered was intense!

  • Latency is overly abused by players to attack other people way to often and its become severly worse. Me and my crew are sailing away from a galleon that wants to attacks us and we beat a guy off our ladder he lands in the water drifts behind the ship vanishes and then reappears right at our anchor and hits it. Whats the point of stopping boarders if latency lets them just teleport right up to the deck like nothing happened. This is begining to break the game.

  • I've been trying to solve this riddle and I can't please help. Here is the riddle:

    Wanderers Refuge has riches vast, from forgotten stories in the past.

    Reading this map at The High Ground above the rocky tunnel to the far Southwest is wise another clue it does disguise.

    To the narrow Rocky tunnel to the Southwest onwards spurred, where joyful music should be heard.

    That last clue is the one I cannot solve please help

  • Does anyone know how much xp is required to reach level 50 in either of the 3 factions and possibly athenas fortune.

    Also what items give what amount of xp? has anyone actually worked this out yet?

  • Would it be possible to put an athena’s Down, go into a remote part of the map, turn the wheel so the ship goes in a circle, and I stay spinning on the ship.
    Would that increase my nautical miles?
    Look. I know it’s not a legitimate way to do it but would it be possible?

  • I took my first bounty voyage and killed two skeleton captains. I read somewhere that you are supposed to get a skull from them, but I did not see any skull when I killed the captains. Are you supposed to look somewhere else for them after you kill them? I have found them before and know what they look like, but I didn't see any glowing skulls.

  • Hello fellow sea-rats,
    Can somebody write the new way to play with cutlass(and tips) because since the patch i died always in sword vs sword battle because i don’t know how to play with it.

  • Just picked up SoT again after seeing some Forsaken Shores gameplay. Loving it so far, but my only issue is that my ship sank but thankfully all my loot was in my rowboat and wasnt lost. So I docked at an island and went back to my ship...

    When I got back to the island I had docked my row boat at it was gone and so was all the loot I'd spent 2 hours finding. So my question is, is this a normal function or did my row boat glitch out?