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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • anyone know how to optimize Sea of Thieves to load faster? feels like ages when joining a game. dear lord

  • Is there any other way to get the limited event items i.e. Festival of the Damned, Bonecrusher, by getting the commendations maxed out or are there gone till they or if they decide run the event again.

    Just asking out of curisoity.

  • After the anniversary update with the new damage system taking out a ghost ship while solo has obviously gotten harder. I know taking them solo is supposed to be hard but i used to be able to do it somewhat effectively. Now they seem to be able to hit the mast/capstan and rinse me and im struggling to take them down anymore. Any tips? Im open to just accepting a solo battle is futile now as well

  • Sorry if this has appeared many times before but i'm after tips.
    I play on Xbox and am terrible at PvP battles with guns or swords.
    I solo sloop a fair bit (although same happens in arena) and have quite good seamanship and cannon craft I like to think. However, although ship to ship I like my chances (no matter the size of enemy) I now tend to run instead of fight as I know that the enemy will just send 1 or 2 over to board me and that's me dead. I just can't seem to avoid their attacks or reply with any meaningful ones of my own. I know once I respawn, they'll be waiting for me and kill me again so I usually just scuttle and start again.
    Any advice (except just keep running) would be much appreciated.

  • Ahoy pirates!

    I have a small problem:
    After a while my game crashes and I get a message with "Driver crashed, restart bla bla bla".

    I look into the Windows events so I see an error and a warning:

    1. Error DistributedCOM
      The Application Specific permission settings do not give permission to the DESKTOP-1DOLJG0 \ Christian user (SID: S-1-5-21-488501343-3307876611-2928211604-1001) at LocalHost (using LRPC) Local Activation type for the COM server application with the CLSID
       and the APPID
       in the application container "Not available" (SID: Not available). The security privilege can be changed using the Component Services Administration Tool

    2. Warning display
      The amdkmdap display driver stops responding and has been restored.

    Please excuse any grammatical or word mistakes. I have used the Google translator to help, but I went through the text in retrospect again: P

    To my system:
    Radeon Software Version - 19.5.2
    Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin 2019
    Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (I have the 280x)
    Memory size - 3072 MB
    Memory Type - GDDR5
    Core clocking - 1100 MHz
    Windows version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
    System memory - 32 GB
    CPU Type - Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz

    All drivers are up to date.

    It happens sporadically and I feel like the further I go down the graphics settings, the longer it takes to crash the game.

    I have already measured the temperature of the graphics card and I never get above 75 ° C.

    Has anyone had the same mistake or else knows a solution?

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Best regards
    Cpt. Laengo

  • A tip for the loot freaks and new/vet players if you more loot then swim around islands along the coats because sometimes you get lucky and there might be some treasure there sometimes a trikit and sometimes a skull or a chest it's a good way to get the one bit extra I decided to share this because I was in the devil's roar ones jumped of a Island and saw an ashen captain chest and not long after I found a skull and now when I'm on a Island I'll swim around looking for stuff you guys should do to it's a good way to earn some extra

  • So what's yer favorite fishing hole? What do you recall catching there? What are the pros and cons?

    I'll get started:
    Athena's Fortune:
    Splashtails (So far)
    Pros - Float in the water, no sharks and no skeletons. If you fish close to the dock then you get music to listen to. Kind of a cool vibe to the whole fishing thing.
    Cons - The 5 catch limit cuts into fishing time.

    Mermaid's Hideaway -
    The Pond - Pondies, splashtails
    Pros - Quick catching, short distance to ship. If a rowboat is handy push it across the short towards the pond, but don't get it in the water. Fill it up then push it back to yer vessel.
    Cons - Skeletons of any type, you may end up a hunting trophy for one of them.

  • If you're entering cannon range while pointed at my ship and you are not raising sails, I will assume you're coming in for a ram 'n board and fire on you.

    Better options would be;

    • Raising sails at a point where you can just coast inside cannon range, then turn and fire a player over to state your intentions and find out if they're friendly or not.
    • At the very least, slow to only 1/2 - 1/4 sail on one sheet and continue approaching. Depending on the pirates, you may still be fired on though.

    I've had a few too many instances lately where I get an earful from pirates with supposedly well-meaning intentions, that I sank because they didn't make those intentions clear soon enough.

    Also, not responding in voice comms or at least via quick chat is seen as at best; inexperienced player. At worst; hostile. Both of which can get you sunk (I don't mind helping out certain new pirates, but if you aren't saying anything and are just hanging around where I've got things to do, I might sink you just so you're gone.)

    Finally, if you see a ship get krakened, and you sail over with the possible intent of helping;

    • Again, voice comms
    • Don't use the harpoons to try getting loot when you haven't even downed a tentacle yet

    Following those two tips at the least, might help you avoid being sunk while trying to be helpful.

  • I have been trying to complete the blackcloud wrecker commendation and it has been giving me trouble. I cannot seem to find a single shipwreck in a storm. Any tips or advice to help me in my search?

  • Is there a correlation anyone's seen between your rank with the Hunter's Call and the likelihood of landing a rare fish? In the past week I managed to net my first Shadow Stormfish, Muddy Wildsplash and Bone Ancientscale, as well as a piece of garbage. All of this has been since I hit reputation level 23 with HC. I seem to recall the other trading companies had similar progression/reward trees.

  • Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

    Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

    The Ancient Isles

    Crook’s Hollow
    Devil’s Ridge
    Plunder Valley

    The Shores of Plenty

    Cannon Cove
    Smuggler’s Bay
    Mermaid’s Hideaway

    The WIlds

    The Crooked Masts
    Kraken’s Fall
    Marauder’s Arch

    Devil’s Roar

    Fetcher’s Rest
    Ruby’s Fall
    The Devil’s Thirst

  • The more I use the sword the more I convince myself that it is a crutch in PvP. Used as a last ditch effort when mistakes are made. As oppose to guns which force you to back out of a bad situation vs. diving into one. Most if not all of my deaths were in close quarters combat with the sword. So I'm thinking of switching to sniper/pistol in order to force myself to fight at range. But the sword really is going to be hard to ditch on account of the utility it provides. And maybe better in instances of questionable latency. So what say you?

  • So I am on Xbox 1, and I cannot sprint I have tried switching the keys, joining different servers, and restarting my Xbox, how do I fix this.

  • I still see constant threads about complaints on Pirates that attacked them, harassed them (But in a totally acceptable way and not toxic), or generally disrupting their PvE gameplay. Their complaint is aimed at a core part of the game, and because of their annoyance towards these encounters, they also then do not understand what makes the game so good.

    The simple aspect of having to look over the horison in order to gauge any amount of danger when doing whatever it is you want to be doing, is only one of the things that shakes up the Adventure in this game. And when a player starts to become comfortable with this, the player starts to manipulate and relax more and have more fun, even in failure.

    When these players show up and voice their opinions, we greet them with maybe some patronizing remarks about how they should not be playing this game. I agree that the complaint is going against what the game is, but I do not agree that they should stop playing. Rare does cater to even these casuals, and so we see constantly methods and influences of which that eases disruptive behaviors such as attracting PVP'ers to the Arena. Or looters to the Skull forts. Or rewarding being an ally (Alliance).

    My question is...

    How do we effectively communicate something to inspire these players into playing the game with these aspects of dangers in mind? I always think about a nice and soft but long video, that advertises and shows the appeal of these kinds of dangers in Adventure mode. However, it should also show that sinking and loosing all treasure is OK, and how it is OK to switch servers when they feel like it.

    A lot of people think jumping in that they need to get something done, and progress as much as possible, but in reality, you just have to play, and in Sea of Thieves, anything can happen.

  • I'm sailing with my crew. We create an alliance with another crew. We proceed to take down a ghost Skelly ship together. THEY take the captains skeleton skull and turn it in. Does my crew get a +1 on the skeleton captains skull commendation?

    I've been looking around for the answer but cannot find it. Anyone here know the answer? THANKS.

  • Anyone feel like the Meg and Kraken meat should have slightly better rep and cash value?

  • A nicely comprehensive guide to being successful in Arena matches!

  • Not sure if this post belongs here but hey everyone, so I played the new update for a little bit since I've been pretty excited about fishing. So I went to see if how much each fish is worth was anywhere on the wiki and couldn't find it (understandable since the update just dropped). Since I couldn't find how much each fish is worth, I decided to just start keeping track myself.

    I made a google doc with the values that I've already figured out from the tiny bit of fishing I was able to do today. I'm gonna leave it so anyone can edit it, but if for some reason people start being jerks with it I'll have to change that I guess. Was just hoping others would be able to help fill it out during their fishing journeys and trying to see if anyone was interested in this type of info in the first place.

  • Hello,

    James Thomas/JT/BIGsheep here, engineer on Sea of Thieves with a quick note about cargo runs.

    Deliver to Shopkeeper at

    I've been chasing up a bug whereby a crate will carry a delivery note saying "Deliver to Shopkeeper at", or similar. Not very helpful, I know. Well, it turns out that the NPCs around the Sea Dogs' Tavern at the center of the world (K12) aren't quite setup correctly, not least that their landmass has no intelligible name that they'd like to pass on.

    If you get any of the following, try delivering them to the NPCs at K12.

    • Deliver to Shopkeeper at
    • Deliver to The Sea Dogs at
    • Deliver to Shipwright at

    Also, if you're asked to "The Order Of Souls at The North Star Seapost", they mean "Sudds at The North Star Seapost". A delve into Sudds' dark past or a simple typo? I'll let you decide.

  • Been stocking up on earthworms and leeches and I noticed it is extremely rare for a storm to pass over a shipwreck to get these blackcloud wreckers and you need 50 of them lol

  • In the Tall Tale №4 "Stars of a Thief" while looking for Sudds's journals I've found a clue about "Old Harry’s place". I searched hight and low, but couldn't figure it out. So I gave up, googled it. Turns out it's on Devil's Ridge. How does it tie with "Old Harry’s place"? How am I suppoused to figure it out? I'm really curious.

  • Ahoy there,

    I'm attempting to unlock Derrick's tattoo, but it requires you to sell a ton of shark meat, so I've gotta ask; Under what circumstances do sharks spawn quickest?

    Thanks in advance,


  • my pc is bad here are the specs:
    processir:AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics 3.50GHz
    Installed memory (RAM) 8,00GB (5.95 GB usable)
    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
    I do have another 1tb of space

    suggestions for an affordable graphics card that could get me 60fps at max graphics

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am pretty sure i know the answer, but is there any way to try and force a 2 ships onto the same server? My friends list is getting larger and larger. It would be amazing to get to play with everyone at once. I know the starting at the same time trick. I also was aware of the 'same time on watch' trick, but that seems to have been patched.

    Is there any way, that you know of, to make this happen?

  • I recently hit level 50 in both Order of Souls and Merchants. I'm currently level 45 Gold Hoarders and on the final stretch towards PL.

    Just asking for advice on the best ways to get those final levels (only have enough doubloons for 1 level so will use at 49) Seen some say Forts are the way to go, although I don't have a problem using LFG posts to find a crew, i spend the vast majority of time as a solo. While some say rolling voyages until you get maps with 4+ chests are the way to go. So my question is which way is quickest/most efficient? or if anyone has any other methods to get the rep quicker.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Briggsy is waay too hard... Me and my friends were trying to defeat her for 30 minutes straight but we couldn't, she was too hard. What should we do? Please... we can't complete the tall tale :(

  • Okay, so I was just curious if there was a change to skeleton ship spawn rates or spawn locations? Lately I’m having difficulties locating skeleton ships, I have 40/50 ships sunk and am trying to reach 50, I’m just having difficulties locating ships, any suggestions or thoughts?!

  • Ahoy there ya scurvy dogs,

    Yesterday me and my crew set out to kill the goldhoarder a total of 4 times (in order to complete the tale in full)

    And we have come accross some nice things that can speed up your voyage significantly.

    Once you arrive at the shores of gold you have to clear the puzzles in 4 vaults, the answer to these riddles is the same each and every time for each vault, so take a not of them to speed up your voyage.

    Then its is also possible to hoard up on the medallions you get from each vault, you can do each vault in quick succession like this:

    • go to vault and start riddle
    • insert answer and complete riddle
    • pickup medallion and exit the vault
    • drop medallion on the ground and walk back into the vault
    • repeat

    Before you know it you have 3 or 4 of each medallion, bring one to the compass vault and the rest to your ship

    Do this for every vault and after you killed the goldhoarder you can just sail back to morrows peak, vote on the voyage (or on galleon shoot 3 peeps of to vote on the voyage and keep sailing) and go straight back to the island and take on of each medallion to the compass vault, aquire goldhoarder coin and do just the trap and killing part of the voyage.

    Speeds up the voyage significantly.

  • Just curious. When placing the gunpowder key on the stand in the sailors bounty cave, how many sets of skeletons do you have to defeat before moving on? I am finding the tall tales very difficult but im trying. And after dying a ton of times just trying to get to this point in the cave, i finally just shut the game off after killing 7 groups of skeletons and seeing no end in sight.


  • Use the Rare Thief interactive map.

    The end.

    but no really I prefer doing them legit

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  • Hello

    I completed the first two tall tales and was able to unlock 3 thru 6. Not sure how to get started with those.