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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Dear Captains!

    I've noticed that during a meg attack u can shoot it to cancel its attack. At the moment it feels a bit random. It happens when u shoot the mouth/nose of the meg during its incoming attack. It will even dive under. I was wondering has anyone figured out timing and position on this?

    If done correctly u can totally negate the meg attack and not get damage. So no bail, no fix ship and more time to fire upon the meg. This would be a good tactic for solo players to use.

    So anyone know the position to hit the meg?
    Anyone know the timing?

    If 2 late it will still attack if 2 soon it will dive under but pop up for the attack again.

  • Ok so im brand new to this game, love it but OMG WHAT is this situation.
    Not once have i made it back to an out post with my loot. NOT ONCE.
    ill collet 2-5 skulls some chests if im lucky and ill make my way back. But i always get DESTROYED BY THESE NPCS?!!!!!?!?!

    This time its pitch black (wheres the brightness option i cant Flocking see two Flocking feet for Sheep) i get attacked by a kraken and a meg and it is just me running around in circles cant see cant navigate cant hit anything, cant escape...........are you serious.......80 dollars for some overly difficult no clue what im doing ever game?

    I really like the game but thats to hard, a meg and a kraken ?! i have the most basic stuff and there was no warning my ship just stopped and i got destroyer for the 3rd time. I HAVE 0 DUBLOONS how the Flock am i supposed to even play

  • I love the krakens difficulty now!, it feels threatening whenever the ocean turns dark and it arises out the water.

    So good job on its buff, but just one do i get it off the ship when it wraps a tentacle around it?, i shot 20 lots of bullets from my blunderbuss at close range while my mate was sniping it, it didn't work. Then we tried swording it, it didn't work.

    Do we have to wait until it lets go?, though we cant do that as we got shut on top because it wrapped itself over the way down so we sunk. If there's a way to get it off help would be appreciated, and again i'm not complaining about it's difficulty as i might just be doing something wrong or using the wrong weapon. Cheers!

  • Was searching around for some tips on defeating this beast and have found some good stuff but still looking for one more thing. Is there some kind of trick to not getting sucked up into it tentacles? Literally everytime me and whoever I’m playing with just gets destroyed by this thing bc it will keep us up in the air FOREVER!!!! While our boat is sinking. Are we missing something?

  • So does anyone know why the servers are a laggy mess at the moment?

  • Information for the community other than English and American.

    On the French game, there is written: Requires the Mermaid Emerald Collector promotion. This is an errator of Rare translation.

    To unlock the pirate legend gun in the cavern of fortune of athena, you had to make the following complete challenge: Complete the challenge "Legend of Sea of ​​Thieves", grade 5.

    To see where you are, go directly to:

    • Fortune of Athena
    • Page 2
    • On the box: "Legend of Sea of ​​Thieves" (5th box).

  • This is a list of tips I made for solo players (also can apply for smaller crews in general).

    So I've noticed a mighty amount of complaining from people who run solo and think it is too hard. If you know the game mechanics, it can be easy and fun instead!

    1 - General tips
    Avoid combat whenever you can, and when forced into it, use a smaller ship's superior maneuverability to avoid threats (and ram them into islands). Most PvE threats are neutral (if you don't shoot them, they will ignore you), and players can be allied with or fended off.

    2 - Megalodons: These are common threats, as all who sail the Sea of Thieves know. They are also incredibly vicious and bloodthirsty (although they do slightly vary in that aspect). The best solution for these is to ignore them. If they attack you, get below deck before it reaches you and then repair and bail immediately. If you want to fight it, one shot into it and it will follow you until one of you dies. Prioritise bailing and repairing before firing back. Use the cannons whenever possible. If you want to run from these, they will follow you in the open sea forever. You need to seek shallower waters, near islands and (sometimes) rocks.

    3 - Skeleton ships: If you aren't seeking out a fight and notice a skeleton ship, don't attack it unless it attacks you first. They can be incredibly passive, but if you shoot it (even with guns), board it, or ram it, it will follow you and open fire on you. Aim low, and have someone board it and distract the skeletons repairing or shooting (for medium crews). Utilize gunpowder kegs, ramming them and dropping it on deck with the fuze lit. If you cannot avoid or fight them, charge an island. The ship will follow alongside you. Then, before you hit it, drop anchor and watch the skeleton ship ram the island, getting helplessly stuck and despawning (unless it goes over the island, which can happen).

    4 - The Kraken: This can be a tricky one. If it attacks you, turn to have full wind and sail to the nearest clear water. If it grabs you, it will spin the ship back and forth. Once the tentacle is off, be sure to right the ship. As for actually removing the tentacle, either wait for it to leave (it will release you eventually) and repair while you wait, or attack the head of the tentacle. It will be found either hovering in the water nearby the ship, or it will be set on deck. The tentacles seem to take less damage the further down they are attacked. The head (the part with the mouth) is the most susceptible to damage, on all tentacles. Try to shoot them in the mouth if they open it, it will normally cause them to immediately flee. If you want, you can go outside of the ink and shoot it, but be warned, you will not get the commendation unless you go back inside the ink.

    5 - Fighting players: Unless you feel up to it, you shouldn't attack another player ship. A fight against more people and a bigger ship is not going to go in your favor. If you have to fight, and are in a smaller ship, use your superior maneuverability to get around them and between islands and rocks. Repel boarders by just hitting them once with a sword (bottleneck them there, as there are only two ladders to defend), and dodge cannon shots by going behind or in front of the ship. If you are given the opportunity, ally with them. You get free treasure and one less ship which wants to attack you.

  • Salut, c'est Qasull j'ai 19 ans !

    Gamer depuis mes 6 ans, j'ai récemment créé une chaîne Twitch dans l'objectif de vous partager mon gameplay et mes conseils sur différent jeux tel que Fortnite, Cod, BF, Sea Of Thieves etc... Si vous voulez me poser des questions, discuter avec moi ou simplement regarder à quoi peut ressembler un gameplay sur les différents jeux que je joue vous êtes les bienvenus. J'attends également vos avis constructifs pour que je puisse améliorer mes lives Twitch.

    A bientôt j’espère !

    Le lien de ma chaîne Twitch :

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I have seen a great number of posts lately by solo players suggesting how difficult the game has become with many recent updates, and thought I would share my reasoning behind using the brig whether solo or in a group.

    1 - Speed, speed, speed. The brig flies across the water. The brig in most cases is as fast or faster than any other ship. It is more maneuverable than a galleon but not quite as nimble as the sloop. Even if you only put the back sails (closest to the wheel) down, you are faster than a sloop. That speed is not just a good thing for PvP, or escaping PvP, it is good for the new AI threats, and just getting your quests done faster by lessening the time it takes to sail between islands.

    1. The brig is by far and away the easiest ship to bail water from. If you take damage, through any of the many ways you can now, bailing water and last second saves are much more possible in the brig than any other ship. Yes, every hole made is on the same level, unlike the galleon or sloop, but the speed of which you can empty water from a brig makes up for this.

    3 - Getting from your wheel to your cannons is much easier and faster on a brig than any other ships.

    4 - Takes a little longer for water to fill the boat. This has come in handy when I have a weeping chest on board. You can easily bail the water out as fast as the boat is filling with water when on a brig. Even when you have to keep up with other things, like maneuvering the ship, adjust sails and such.

    5 - Intimidation factor. While it doesn't always make a difference, being on a brig suggest you have 3 pirates on board. So other ships, especially sloops, tend to stay clear of you. You still get those sloop guys that will go up against everything on the see, but thanks to the speed difference, they aren't a problem once you are in the wind....

    6 - More places to hide loot. You have more nooks to hide the valuable loot you have been working on collecting than you would a sloop.

    Keep in mind, there are some things that might not make this ideal for everyone though. Some examples are:

    • The anchor takes much longer to bring up in a brig over a sloop. And the location of the anchor is inconvenient. To combat this, I rarely use the anchor. Only if I have to use it because of a storm, or to avoid crashing (which is rare).
    • If you do need to use both sails, adjusting both takes more effort than adjusting just one sail on the sloop.
    • Getting to bananas on a brig is not quite as convenient as it is on a sloop.

    Solo sailing a brig might not be for everyone. But my need for speed, the ease of navigation on the brig (once you are used to it) make it an amazing ship to sail solo.

  • Sword Slash (B)
    Press attack quickly up to 3x (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: attacking and doing damage quickly in close-range; after 1st and 2nd hit (on anything) 3rd hit knocks back the opponent, even on block.

    Evasive jump (B)
    Jump in any direction.
    Useful for: confusing foes and manuevering around obstacles.

    Defensive Block (B)
    Press and hold block.
    Useful for: blocking sword attacks and setting up for advanced techniques.

    Sword Charge (B)
    Press and hold attack (50d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage to a target; 2-second cool-down on a miss.

    Sword Surf (B)
    Hold attack while standing in waist-deep water or upon ledges.
    Useful for: moving to/from shore; boarding enemy vessels; long-jumping off cliffs into water.

    Defensive Dodge (A)
    Block while moving in any direction, and jump.
    Useful for: getting out of the way or getting closer; 1-second cool-down.

    Running Slash (A)
    Block while moving in any direction, and press attack (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: getting around obstacles, an opponent's block, or for hitting multiple foes; can be chained into a 3-hit combo.

    Extended Charge (A)
    Block while moving in any direction, hold attack, and then jump during beginning of lunge (1h=50d).
    Useful for: damaging opponent from above and crossing them up; requires good timing on jump; allows for additional movement during the hold portion of the charge; 2-second cool-down on a miss; additional options available during cool-down period (e.g., block and slash).

    Firearm Quickdraw (A)
    While blocking, switch weapons and press attack.
    Useful for: doing quick damage against an overly aggressive opponent; a pirate's riposte.

    Double Tap (A)
    With 2 firearms equipped, fire one, immediately switch to the other, and fire again (2h=100d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage quickly from a distance; has a long recovery, so don't miss.

    Blind Snipe (A)
    Attack with eye of reach without aiming in close-range (1h=80d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage up close with a long-range weapon; not very accurate.

    Blunder Blast (B)
    Fire the blunderbuss at point-blank range against an opponent (1h=100d).
    Useful for: instant kills and repelling boarders; weak at mid- to long-range.

    Bite This! (A)
    When a shark charges to bite you, block with your sword just as it chomps.
    Useful for: not getting eaten alive by hungry sharks; requires precise timing; does not work against megalodons.

    Grog Snipe (A)
    After taking a sip of grog on a ship, take aim with your Eye of Reach (1h=80d).
    Useful for: getting a more accurate shot while on a rocking ship; effect lasts only for 1 second once scoped in.

    Grog Toss (A)
    Drink 2 tankards of grog, hold a bucket, let loose, then throw it onto your foes.
    Useful for: blinding your opponents.

    If there are any combat techniques that I missed that you would like to share below, I only ask that you use the same easy to read format as I have here:

    Name of Combat Technique (B for basic technique; A for advanced technique)
    Description, using universal non-platform-specific terms (for example, saying "attack" instead of "RT" or "right-mouse click"); (#h=number of hits; #d=amount of damage dealt out of 100% health).
    Useful for: why would you use it?

  • Any pictures of what it looks like so we know what to look for

  • Anyone use a controller with paddles on the back? If so are you able to map 2 more extra buttons for your inventory wheel. Etc how you can assign left and right D pad as well as pressing in the right joy stick.

  • Just for those who don't want to explore and find these quickly. For those who want to help, please put down any coordinates or islands with said statues!

    You'll find them easily as they shine like artifacts/message in a bottle and play loud music.

    Locations [ Statues have random spawns, but these are still possible locations. Not sure how the spawning works, I've only played one hour of the new event, so my apologises! ] -
    3 at K14
    3 at N10
    Mermaid's Hideaway - B16
    Lagoon fo Whispers - D15
    Crooks Hollow - Q19
    Crooked Mast - T13 - NE side, under the water. Saphire.

    Update: I guess they are randomized! That's neat, makes them a bit more "tricky" to find them, but so far, they've been relatively easy to come by. Good luck to everyone!

  • Now that the Kraken's back, it seems the common misconceptions surrounding it have returned as well So I'm here to debunk them, as well as other falsehoods that keep popping up.

    • Nothing will increase the spawn rate of Krakens. Not Athena's chests, not fort loot and/or keys, not "deep stacks", nothing.
    • Personally, I haven't heard claims of this working on Megs or Roamers yet, but I'm throwing them in here, too. Just in case.
    • Red flashes on skull/ship clouds is nothing more than a lighting effect from the sun coming up, or about to set. There is no indication of progress to be gleaned from the clouds.
    • Music doesn't stop the Chest of Sorrows from crying.
    • Grog doesn't help you steer better in a storm.
    • Low health, broken legs, and/or bells do not increase the spawn rate of sharks.
    • None of the tool & weapon skins offer any benefits over the others whatsoever. X compass doesn't work better in a storm. Y bucket doesn't hold more water. Z spyglass doesn't see farther.
    • There is no such thing as a "headshot" in this game. Technically, you CAN shoot someone in the head, it just doesn't do any extra damage, or indicate that you've done so in any way.

    Most of these are Raindances. The only reason people believe in Raindances, is because they dance until it rains (or because they just happen to start dancing when it was about to rain anyways).

  • Its either you don't want new players or you want Pirate Legends. Pick one, because it makes no sense asking for someone's levels as it's irrelevant and anyone can simply lie about it. If you need an experienced player then just ask for a Pirate Legend as it represents experience in of itself as well as pirate legends can provide the highest level voyages/Athena's.

  • I have a little problem... I have the Emerald Mermaid Promotion but I still cant buy the Lengendary Canons 😭 Is there a solution please ?

  • Hello derrr fellow pirates!!

    I’ve noticed for a while now some crew-munity members have been struggling with a few of the tools of the forum, like uploading pictures, links, enlarging text amongst other things.
    So to try and help, I figured I would make this thread as a basic guide to help you navigate the forum waters.
    I can only do basics, as I’m a pretty basic person myself ;)
    If you feel like my explanations are not good or understandable feel free to let me know and I will try and re-word them better.

    If you wish to practice any of these, feel free to use the comments below. There isn’t really a discussion point to this topic so I would assume the mods will not have an issue with it. I know from first hand experience it can be tricky on other devices which do not have the preview feature. Hence why my posts get edited about a billion times!

    Also if English isn’t your first language I’ll post a link to Google Translate below and hopefully it will be able to be translated easily into your lanaguage of choice :)

    Google Translate Link :)

    So to start, at the top of the comment box you have 6 buttons/images/icons you can click on. We will start from the left to right:


    1) How to make your text BOLD

    To make text bold all you have to do it put two: ** at the beginning and end of the text you wish to be bold.

    If done correctly it should look like this


    2) To make your text italicised

    This is exactly the same as making you text Bold apart from this time all you do is use one: * at the beginning and the end of the text you wish to see italicised.

    If done correctly it should look like this


    3) To make a list/bullet points:

    This is probably one of the easiest ones (Watch me mess it up now)
    To make a list you simply but a * and then your text. After that you go down to the next line and start again untill your list is done:

    • I
    • Love
    • Lists

    Edit: I messed it up! 😂 Make sure to put a space after the “” or it will just look like this:*

    *Bad at

    4) To make your text Striked out:

    This is the same as Bold and Italicsed execept you use these weird things at the beginning and end of the text: ~~


    5) How to post embedded links:

    To post an embedded link, if you click on the chain/link Symbol at the top you will get this pop up:

    [link text](link url)

    You can put the URL in Both brackets and your link will look like this:

    Or if you wish to give your embedded link a title or sentence you can put the link:

    [Whatever you want here](LINK HERE)

    And it should come out like this:
    Whatever you want to write here


    6) How to post images/Gifs

    First I’m going to post a comment which I have hijacked from @KattTruewalker as she can explain this a little bit better than me:

    For anyone who's having trouble adding images, all you need to do is upload the image to something like imgur, pinterest or some other image hosting site, then right click 'copy image address' and paste it straight into the box on here :)

    Images are basically the same as the links above, click on the image icon and this will appear:
    ![alt text](image url)

    After you have got a URL link for your image, you can do this by following Katts instructions above, you paste the link:

    Then your image/Gif should appear like this:


    7) Enlarged Text

    To enlarge any text all you need to do is:
    use --- or === directly underneath the sentence you want to enlarge :)

    So for the title above I wrote it as normal went to the line below and just threw in 3 =

    This can also be combined with BOLD text and italicised text also, you just use the same methods above to bolden your text or italicise your text then put the 3 = below

    Italicised large text rules

    Thanks @KattTruewalker

    Two different headers can be done with === and ---, I prefer to use the # or ##### where you can have a lot more levels:

    Header 1

    Header 2


    Header 5
    # Header 1
    ## Header 2
    ##### Header 5

    Thanks to @Skulliah for the extra information on this section! Your a true PL!

    8) Tables - Thanks @Skulliah

    There are also the tables, perhaps less often used, but it can be very helpful in some threads.

    Column 1 Heading Column 2 Heading
    Some content Other content
    and you do it like that:

    Column 1 Heading Column 2 Heading
    Some content Other content

    and if you want to make a code block you can do it like that:

    # Header 1
    **bold text**


    9) Tagging members and Mods

    This one is probably the easiest out of them all! To do this all you need to do is put an: @ and then start typing the forum users name. You will get a box pop up with various users the more you type.

    E.G @ KnifeLife (No spaces between the @ or forum name)
    It should look like @KnifeLife

    You can also use this to tag:


    10) TO MAKE A LINE

    Select the italicised or bolded text option button, and then place a single * in-between, by holding the shift key and pressing the corresponding numerical key. (mine is number 8)

    A big thank you to @Foxdodge for this addition :)


    Disclaimer!: please only use these if necessary, the mods are all busy working to help the community and if they are constantly being tagged for no reason the tag will be disabled by Rare. It has happened for most of the other ones.


    I hope this helps and I have explained things okay, if not please comment below and tell me where I can improve the explanation, getting words from my head to text has always been difficult for me.

    Also if I have missed anything below feel free to comment and let me know and I will add it to the list with your name next to it.
    (I personally cannot remember how you enlarge text for example)

    Also if any moderators or deckhands notice any irregularities or can better explain/fix anything please feel free to jump in and do so. The purpose of this thread is to help and inform so I have no issue with you guys and gals ninja editing.

    Edit: A big thank you to the awesome crew-munity members who have added and spent time to help make this post as helpful as possible

  • After a textbook example of what NOT to do by a 2 man sloop attacking me lastnight I felt the need to help those who may struggle with PvP either on the offensive or defensive side.

    Don't buy an Umbrella in the Rain
    Prepare for war in peacetime by getting your boat supplied at all possible opportunities. Stop at supply barrels or jump overboard and fill your pockets and mermaid back if you're in a hurry. Move your cannonballs to the top barrel right away as it's easier to open. Or better yet place a cannonball crate between the guns at the foot of the mast. Rowboats help a lot to supply and quickly move loot from the island to your ship so scan for them and dock one when you can. When sailing or disembarking on an island, empty your pockets so you can get more supplies. Keep some bananas though at all times.

    Load your guns and keep them loaded. With the radial menu for CCBs you can fire the first shot to aim and load the CCB right away and better your chances of adjusting and hitting your mark.

    If you're solo and approaching an island to quest, if you drop anchor, lift it up right away. My technique is to raise sail and coast in (takes practice but trust me it will help) and then drop anchor to stop any drifting when you are in the right spot. It should a place easy to get back aboard and give you plenty of advance notice of approaching ships.

    Alternatively you may want to come in hot and drop anchor for a spectacular skidding stop but this takes some practice to get the timing right. Drop the anchor and raise right away again (after raising sails) Our crew calls this Stop, Drop and Roll.

    The main reason you don't want the anchor down and the sails raised is that you want to be able to choose fight or flight. You can make a quick getaway or you can spin the ship for a broadside.

    The Best Defence is a Good Offence
    When a ship approaches and see them coming you have a choice. You may see what the want and risk trusting a "We're Friendly" but if they are approaching in silence I will always take that as a hostile action and quickly respond in kind.

    And even a "We're Friendly!" will usually illicit a "We're not" response from me. I trust no one. It's the best tip I can give you for solo play.

    You will have the best chance of putting the odds in your favour by firing first. If you make a few good hits they may even see that you are not worth the trouble and sale on by. But this sloop needed a harder lesson.

    Battle Stations
    The attacking sloop made it's first mistake by approaching on my broadside. This leaves the attacker at a disadvantage because you can fire on them (and kill them if you're a good shot) before the are even in a position to return fire. Which is what went down. The crewmate on the cannon was killed and when the ship was turning into position the sloop had taken so many of my fire that the remaining pirate had no choice but to start repairs instead of firing back.

    This is a great time to unleash any Cursed Cannonballs you may have as you will have the easiest time lining up the shot. I would suggest an anchor or rigging ball early so it stops them in their tracks. This works on all ship types. For Galleons maybe a ballast ball and see if they are a crew that lazily neglects patching holes on the second deck. If so, you will create a lot of panicked pirates.

    If you can kill one of them (on a sloop) and put enough holes in their ship to give them pause, this is where the battle is ultimately decided. If you are outnumbered you will have to make sure they sink. So patch any holes below decks ASAP and bucket the best you can. Ignore the mid deck holes as time is of the essence. You need to stop the other ship from repairing. Cannon yourself over to the ship and with any hope they are not watching ladders. Most likely they are repairing or at the helm adjusting for a shot on you. You need to dispatch the crew as fast as you can especially if they were quick on repairs. If they aren't anchored at this point, you will want to steer them into an island or at least keep them out of range of your ship. Both if you can manage it. If they are anchored then reload and restock on bananas. Take supplies if you have the chance and next will be the duels.

    Weapons of Choice
    I personally default to Cutlass/Pistol. Well rounded and you will never be caught defenceless. It's good to note what your enemies are carrying as you can get one shot with a blunderbuss and you are better off hanging back until they fire and must reload. I like to open with a cutlass charge so practice this one. It will take half their health and has a good chance of knocking them off their boat. If this happens you are golden as you can watch their ladders until they sink. If you can kill the whole crew and have time, check their crows nest for kegs. Light and drop, light and drop and they will be sunk and dead in no time. Snipers do a lot of damage but are not easy to master and have long load times. Best to have a crewmate cover you with one of these but we are on our own so here we are.

    Finish the Job
    They should be close to sinking at this point or sunk and in the water. Watch for mermaids and I hope you reloaded and filled up on bananas. Jump in the water and look for swimmers. If they have Blunders just keep your distance. Damage at range is minimal. You can line up a pistol shot as they try and close the gap. Don't cutlass charge in water, it is useless. Two pistol shots will kill them unless they heal. If you run out of ammo then swim back to your ship and they will most likely get eaten by sharks while you wait for loot to float up.

    Watch Ladders
    If you want to switch to blunderbuss at this point, that's up to you. It's a great defence weapon. Just listen for swimmers. This game is full of audio queues to tell you what is happening and the one for a player boarding your ship is very clear. Aiming down sight on a pirate on a ladder will one shot them. If you have a pistol though you will want to cutlass them instead as it will be a bigger knockback and won't allow them to grab the ladder again or jump over the gunwales. You can pistol shot when they swim.

    If they were silly enough to have loot before attacking you then they have donated generously to your cause and you can now loot at your leisure. Watch out for floating kegs and mermaids though. You are not 100% safe until the mermaid despawns.

    Hope this helps my fellow SOLO SLOOPERS . Fair winds and following seas!

    -Capt. Punch

  • Dear Rare,

    I dont really know i what categorie this goes. So if its wrong @Deckhands please put it in correct categorie. Thanks in advance.

    Now to the question i have.
    After watching the Developer Update i was wondering what achievement get a rebalance at the 14th. Joe says if u complete the commendation before the rebalance u can get special sails. To show you are an overachiever.

    Nothing is said about which achievements. I think its the Pirate Legend commendations but im not sure. Anyone has any clue what achievements be rebalanced? So we can complete them before the rebalance to get these new special sails?


  • Hello everyone!

    Since Shrouded Spoils released I have seen a number of posts from solo players having trouble with those pesky skelly ships that can pop up at any time. I suggested the below tips a few days ago in one such post, but rather than copy them in to each post I see, I thought I'd make them in to a little guide which will hopefully help a few other solo players.

    The bottom line is, skelly ships can be finished with relative ease, so long as you prepare (gather supplies) and approach them in the right way. Here are my tips:

    • Slow down. As soon as I hear the music I put my sail up half way. The skelly ship is going to hound you whatever speed you go, so give yourself better maneuverability. That way you can position yourself better to attack them, and lessen the chances of colliding with an island/rock when you're below repairing.
    • Prioritize repairs. Keeping your ship afloat is the most important thing. When you have holes, bail some water and then repair. By taking water out first you make staying afloat much more manageable and you're better prepared for if you get hit by any cursed cannon ball that stops you moving.
    • Remember, they can't bail water. Something I always take advantage of, though probably has a small effect. If you collide and get stuck together, don't patch all your holes. Instead, bail water on to their ship. You're adding water to them whilst removing it from yourself!
    • Cursed cannon balls are your friends. It's RNG so may not always be applicable. But if you have jig, weary or grog balls, use them! Put a couple of holes in them before hitting them with a jig ball, then go back to a few more normal balls. Just watch how quickly they go down!
    • Don't bother boarding them. As long as you are on your ship, it can be kept afloat. Many try to jump on to their ship to keg them. A great technique when you have others left on your ship. But you're likely to lose your unmanned ship trying this alone.
    • Dress appropriately. I've always favoured a short summery number. Show a little leg and flutter my eyes lids to lure them in to a false sense of security. The last thing these besotted boneheads ever expect to see are my balls.... my, cannon balls... ahem...

    That's all I've got for you. I've brought down a fair few skelly ships using the points above, and I hope they do the same for you!

    If anyone has any other little tips to add, making these encounters either easier, or just more fun, please leave them below.

    Fair winds, and more importantly, have fun!

  • With the new "Overachievers" sails coming out I would like to know how far along I am on the Captain's Chests and Villainous Skulls. Is there anywhere in game I am able to see how close I am to completing the original achievement thresholds?


  • Apart from checking everynight i play the game has anyone found any other way of getting them ? Im struggling to find any at all last seen well over 2 weeks ago

  • I can’t seem to get the ancient terror or the shrouded ghost my buddy and I can’t seem to figure out where they would most likely be if anyone can share what they look like and we’re to find them that would be a huge help

  • Is there a way to avoid being grabbed by a kraken?
    Would it be possible to, say, drop the anchor on a galleon at full speed when the water turns dark? Will that stop the ship in time?

    We're not good enough to fight it (it makes holes faster than one man can patch up) so unless we have a rowboat, we now don't stack up chests, skulls etc since there is a good chance we'll lose everything.

    I don't mind if the manouvre would be difficult, just wondering if it is possible on a full-speed galleon.

  • Does anyone know where to find the different Meg types or have pictures of them?

    So far I've done The Hungering One and the Shadowmaw but can't find the others!

  • I am looking for the Shrouded Ghost

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Does anyone know if having animals on board prevents attacks by Krakens and Megs? I seem to remember that it used to. But I wanted to make sure.

  • This technique is good for crews low on cannonballs or experience fighting back, or if you just want your pursuers off your tail without firing at them.

    Head for the edge of the map and be prepared to bucket. Before the sea turns red, slow down. Let them think they're catching up. Dropping your sails and turning as they're flying towards you full speep can usually send then right past you, further into the dangerous waters.

    90% of the time, they won't be prepared. Their hands will be full of cannonballs instead of wood. They'll be watching you, not the map. As you raise your sail to turn, they'll speed up.

    More often then not, I've had the silly pirates behind me fly past me into the point of no return. While my crew has buckets ready, they're firing at us and their boat is filling with holes and water. They'll be rushing to fix their boat and it'll buy you precious time to escape, whether they sink or survive!

    Executed right, this is one of the most satisfying ways to sink a ship in my opinion. The most fun, though, is slowing down your ship before you get to the red sea. Let them think they'll get close. Pull out your megaphone and shout, "OVER HERE!". Drop your sails again before they can get close. Put your loot on the back of your boat to keep them lured in, if you're feeling really confident. Teasing them into chasing you faster puts their guard down! Do it right, and you can escape without firing a single canon.

    Good luck!

  • Dropped off the SoT wagon for a while (so many games nowadays) but playing again and curious whether the various limited time campaign rewards/items are going to become available again in future reruns of the campaigns.

    Has Rare said anything about this positive or negative?

  • I managed this with a sloop this morning and it was fairly straight forward after a bit of thinking things through. Here are some tips for someone who might want to try this.

    1- I started my voyage with a sloop in Private(locked) mode. I've had too many instances where a brand new person joins my ship and sails it off into rocks or fires all my cannon balls. I'm still trying to understand the logic, but whatever. You wouldn't start a job at Burger King and immediately throw everything you see into the fryer!!! Why are you doing it on my boat?!
    I want as much control over the venture as possible.

    2- I stocked up on all the cannon balls, planks, and bananas I could. I hit up the started island, and the first nearest island. Bananas and planks are important here.

    *Bananas* = 50 if you are a pretty terrible player (don't worry, we all sucked at some point) 20 if you know how to stay out of fire.
    *Planks* = 20-30. Expect to get a hit a few times. It's going to happen.
    *Cannon Balls* = 30-40. More if you are going to actively use your cannon to make kills. My strategy puts you too close to really use it effectively.

    3- I found a skull fort up on the server and sailed to it. Now here is the kicker, you need to get as close as possible to the fort, but (and I've tested this), when a ship (any ship) gets close to the island, it was auto-spawn skellies at a few of the cannons. You WILL be fired upon. So, coasting in with your sail up is highly unadvised. Roll in with full sail and slam down the anchor as close to the dock as you can.

    Make your ship as friendly as your can! I usually put on a black sail with a front end. Not sure what they are called off hand, but the lion looking thing. Then fly a white flag at the top. This will give players coming into the island an assumption that you know what you are doing and are not looking to fight. This doesn't always work, but it beats flying a pirate flag, which instantly tells me they are aggressive and to stay away or kill them on site.

    4- Ok, you are stopped close to the dock now. If anything is firing at you, repair and wait till the cannons stop. When they do, RUN to the skelly firing at you and kill them. Your job right now is to make sure your boat is safe before you proceed.
    Remember where that cannon that was firing at you is. You will need to keep an eye out for it, because you WILL have to take care of the skelly when it respawns. When it does, drop everything and kill it. #1 thing is to keep your boat alive, without it, you will fail. It will be your respawn point.
    Put up your sails and de-anchor your boat. this way you and swivel the boat and fire your cannons if needed. Also, it gives you a quick get-the-hell-out move if another ship comes in being aggressive.

    (((At any time someone else could come and try to claim the island. Usually, I find the Galleons do this the most. Make sure you state as soon as they are within communication distance, that you are friendly and will help them as long as treasure is divided up. Solo fighting multiple people at a skelly fort is a death-wish no matter how good you are... the entire map knows where that island is, so they will be back to take revenge and, most likely, your loot.)))

    5- Now, when you first get on the island, ignore the skellies as much as possible and look for explosive barrels, set these outside the walls. If you need one later, grab it and run back in. You don't want random explosions to detonate 2-3 other barrels that you could have used. Also, look through the item barrels, taking notes of where bananas are. You don't want to run back to your ship every 2 minutes to get them, use what's on the island first. Keep an eye out for ammo crates. Make sure you have a plan to access them if things get out of hand.

    6- Ok, now comes the interesting part... the waves of skellies.

    Standard Skeletons (no weapons) - these usually spawn in a massive group of 12 or so. They are fast and numerous so you have to group them up first. Kite them around (run around the outside of the group to group them together), then each sword swing will hit multiple. While you swing, move backwards and side to side. Always try to keep the group in front of you. If the skellies start spreading out, run around the outside and group them up again. Rinse and repeat.

    Leafy Skeletons - These will regenerate like crazy in the water (even in an inch), so keep them on dry land. You can tell they are regenerating when you see teal/blue-green floaties coming off the skelly. A few will have weapons. Take out the weapon skellies based on weapon type:

    A) Sniper rifle skellies = These are your first priority. They hit from and distance and hit hard. 
    B) Pistol skellies = These are your 2nd priority. Their attacks become very inaccurate at a reasonable distance.
    C) Blunderbuss (shotgun) skellies = Your last priority. These will need to get close to you to do damage and it's very easy to outrun them.

    For most of the weapon skellies, I run them close to the dock and jump in my boat, using the side-wall for cover. I pop out and slowly kill off the weapon skellies. Once all gun-skellies are dead, I run down and hack-n-slash the rest until clear.

    Shadow Skeletons - These are annoying, but there are a few tricks. If it's night, you will have to use your lantern (held high) to stun them and make them vulnerable to your attacks for a short amount of time. Try to make sure it's daylight when fighting them - that's the easy way, but not always possible. Same as the leafy skellies, hit the ones with guns from your ship to kill, then run down and kill the rest.

    Golden/Metal Skellies - There is a good trick to these guys and they are definitely not the worst if you know how to handle them. They become weak in water. Good thing there is usually a shallow water pool in the center of the skelly forts! I put one of the explosive barrels in the center of that pond. Then, I lead the skellies through it (when they hit water they slow down to something like 10% of their original speed). Once they are around that, I detonate it, killing most of the skellies. IF you do not have any barrels, simply run the skellies into the pond and fire at them (guns first) from a distance, while close to an ammo box.

    The waves you get will be random so I have no idea which ones you will get. But a good rule of thumb is to carry, at all times, at least 3 bananas and keep your health 3/4 full. If you die, you are wasting time that could be used killing skellies. You are against the clock at all times. The clock being other players rolling up and taking your stuff.

    Your strategy should be very defensive. Only engage when you are sure you will come out on top. From the moment you get near the island, you are setting yourself up to win. Getting the boat close and at a certain angle, setting explosive barrels for use later, identifying key resources (bananas/ammo), and controlling the skellies when they spawn.

    After every wave, or even in the middle of, hop on a high point on the island and scan the horizon for any ships. If you see one that is near-ish or coming your way, drop everything and head to your boat. Set yourself up for the fastest getaway you can make if things go sour. Watch them and see what the other ships does. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

    Never trust anyone! I've learned that voice chat goes a long way. It's NOT WHAT they say, it's HOW they say it that will give you clues to their intentions. The younger the voice sounds, the less trust I put on them. Sad, but true for the most part. Grown-A*s people tend to understand that working as a team gets you good stuff. Teens tend to want to PvP much more and don't care much on what it costs them (very much the true pirate strategy). There are outliers, but from what I've experienced, this is mostly true.

    Ok, so you killed all the waves and the final boss spawns. Kill it- usually the easiest part of all of this. Now you are done killing skellies.
    Grab the key the boss drops and open the door under the main "fortification area". It looks like a door that leads to the basement. Open that door and your riches await. BUT ITS NOT OVER! Other players may still be coming. And when that skull cloud disappears, other players now know it will take you some time to get everything from the treasure room to your ship. You are now a viable target. Sooo, you have to prioritize things again.

    Here is what you want to grab:

    1- Is there a faction you REALLY need? Grab those items first.
    2- Skull Fort Chest, Skull Fort Skull, and Gem Chest should be your priorities. Get those to your ship ASAP! On your way to your ship and the way back, check the horizon for other ships. Be paranoid. I'd rather be paranoid and leave half the treasure there than get sunk and lose it all. 
    3- Everything else. At this point I load up on everything else till I have it all. 

    Now, the final journey to sell. Are there ships in the area? If yes, go to different port. You have a lot to sell and that takes time. Find an outpost that looks vacant...then... still be paranoid! Keeping your head on a swivel will save your butt more times than not when you are going it solo.

    You are the mouse, so be smart about it. Don't give anyone else the chance to get you unprepared. If they chase you, just keep running. They will loose steam. (Even better, run them by other parked ships), people are usually out for the easiest kill. Make it hard for them and they will find someone else.

    At the end of it all, it's really gratifying to solo a Skull Fort. It makes you feel like a b****s. Just don't get discouraged if you get 1/2 way through and someone takes it. Soloing a skull fort really takes some luck to be alone long enough to do it. Patience is key.

    Good luck out there and if you see me, I'll split the fort with ya!

  • What aloada [Mod edited] iv just downloded well n truely done with it n if u care to check my account rare n the amount of time n effort thats gone in to put those miles on legend stuff is a joke n im done post ya comments as you want no doubt it will get removed anyway

  • Introduction
    Ahoy once again mateys! It's time to buckle up for another guide on making your game play experience better. In this guide we will be exploring on how to manage your expectations in game.
    Sea of thieves is a world made up of other players. This makes for an exciting journey, and should be treated as such rather than one becoming frustrated. This can be achieved by managing your expectations.

    I am happy for all of my guides to be a community collaboration, if you disagree with me please let me know and I can explain my logic, and if you think I missed anything then comment below and I am happy to add it in.
    My first guide on building a better crew is here:

    You are not always in control of your destiny
    Sea of thieves has a fairly unique style of rewards; you are not paid until you have physically returned an item, in both gold and experience. A voyage is listed as "complete", but this only means that you have found/finished all objectives provided within that voyage, it doesn't mean you are yet worthy, or have earned getting paid yet. With other players sailing around, this means that you won't always be in control of how your time will play out.
    You will see a lot of people complain about how someone stole their treasure, but the real fact is, it was never yours until its sold. Getting in to this mentality makes it a lot easier to swallow when someone takes the treasure from the ship you are currently sailing on.

    In sea of thieves, you own nothing
    When you log on to a ship, you are not the captain. No one is the captain. You may find someone with the greatest social skills, charisma, and/or experience stepping up and leading the crew, but they are only the leader as long as everyone follows them.
    Anyone, at any time when in port can change the color of the ship which should be proof that you personally don't own it, even if first on board.
    Other than the clothes, titles, equipment, ship and weapon skins you personally have unlocked, and the items that you personally have in your inventory (aka 5 bananas, 5 planks and 10 cannon balls) everything is everyone's.
    Also as stated above, you don't own treasure until its sold.
    Once you accept the fact that you don't own anything on board the ship you are currently logged on to, the experience becomes a lot less stressful.

    This game is a PvPvE game
    There are often requests for this game to get a PvE mode or a pure PvP mode. If you don't like the game in its current form, then you simply don't like the game. Asking for this to change in a forum thread is fine, but it would be better for you to not hold an expectation of this to change any time soon.

    Preparation is key
    Heading in to a hard area such as Devil's Roar, without preparing for the dangers that exist there, is setting yourself up for frustration. I see a lot of complaints about their ship getting sunk by a volcano for example. Why was a crew member not left on the ship to protect it? Is it because you decided to go in to a hard area solo? Did you not stock up on planks?
    Quite often, areas that are deemed as "annoying", or "hard" are only so because you did not properly prepare and plan your journey.

    Thanks for reading mateys, if you think there is anything I can add to help people manage their expectations in game, let me know below so I can add it in :)

    Community Additions:

    The following was added by @Xavier-wisde
    Forge your own story
    There seems to be a theme that people want more content or story. As an open world 'sandbox' game, alot of what occurs during the session makes the adventure and the story, rather than following predefined scripts or plots. Games which take you from the start to the end of the game are different to this open world type of game. In several of the developer videos from Joe Neate, he talks about giving players more tools to create their adventures, rather than writing more stories for us to be guided along.
    Forge your own path, write your own stories, enjoy the adventure as it happens, rather than focusing on simply completing your current short term goal.

    The different environments are really interesting to wander round and take a look at. Some of the big islands in particular have all sorts of hidden caves and things to discover. I have enjoyed exploring places like Shark Bait cove and Thief's Haven on many occasions and finding all the different hidden places... Of which there are many for me still to discover.

    Often I'll set little challenges too. Parking a sloop in the middle of Thief's Haven was great fun to do. Navigating storms and rocks too is often fun. Even just trying to lure other crews to their doom as they try to chase me. I predominantly play solo, so when it comes to doing these things, there is no-one else to think about and whether they are having fun and will often increase the challenge as you have to manage everything. Even simply perfecting docking at a pier I have found to be rewarding (with no anchor, and perfectly aligned to be able to jump off and on at ease from the side as if the ship has just spawned).

    Sometimes, I wonder how much of the world is actually seen or explored by those who just grid for pirate legend status.

    Managing your game time: Don't over play
    I keep reading post about people who jump on, spend 2 hours getting all the latest achievements and then having nothing else to do. Why play just for a few commendations? I enjoy doing them, but don't make it the be all and end all of the game. Taking a bit more time to do the commendations and enjoying the sailing is something I often do. Sometimes I just get a few in a session, and often leave ones that are time limited.

    I suppose this all really links back to my original post about making you're own story. I find plenty to do when I jump on though.