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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • So i wanna know what this is all about

    When u wanna play open crew, lets say brig ship 3 man

    why do ppl 90% off the time leave before we even start, before we even get out off the house.

    what is going on With this game? is it a ping problem or can they kinda see uf u are New og good ? i dont get it, why search for a open crew and leave.

  • I seen a video of a guy on youtube soloing a brigg and just annihilating a skeleton galleon where it hardly even had a chance to fire back.

    But the video was skipped to the part where he was already in the sweet spot.

    Now in a brigg its like paper when solo, so lets say i aggro a galleon and we are facing opposite ends, or its at an awkward angle, what techniques do you do to make sure you can get behind it, just keeping out of cannon angle...yet not have millions of holes trying to get into that position to begin with?

    Do you just full right or left lock, patch and wait it out?
    Or is it harder than that?

  • Why do i always need to customize my ship when i log in? it should save like every other games in the world. its 2020 soon. cmon!

  • Hi guys, I just discovered today on the legend hideout the two-toned hair colors, I went on YT to check how they were in game and I chose to buy the 'white rose' variant, also shown in this picture
    alt text

    I would like to know it is still avaiable or not, it doesn't appear on the shop, and there is also a post on reddit saying that some colors are missing now.. Is it just a bug? ... :((((

  • I uploaded this a few days back, it caught Rare's attention on twitter, if you haven't seen it yet, then I guarantee that you still don't know as much as you should about fire, thank me later :) Enjoy!

    It makes a difference in how Fire spreads, and by understanding that, you will deal the most damage within the shortest time. This is not a guide, but Just like my Harpoons video that you requested. It is about understanding the flame and how it works, so by adding that knowledge to your existing skills. I guarantee that you will win every single firefight unless the other person watched this video too.

  • I find myself using both and i still cant decide which is best.
    I guess im looking for a community view in the pros and cons of it.

    Now lets assume you want to do everything, so thats Pvp and PVE.
    Which would you say is best?

    I find in a sloop solo its relatively easy but PVP can be tedious against another sloop especially when giving chase, where as in a brig i can catch them easily and escape easily but also its easier to sink.

    I see the sloop as a kinda tank, and the brigg is more of an agile Hard Hitting then run away kinda ship.

    Then between everything else you have hours of sailing.
    Now the brig although faster than a sloop, a determined sloop can still keep chasing and keep the brigatine vessel in its sights.

    Having said that, the speed of the brig makes the sloop feel really slow.

    Which do you prefer?

    Do you use a sloop for the easier sailing and repair and better chance in pvp.

    Or do you use the brig for its better speed and simply adapt your fighting style to suit the ship i.e hug an island when a skeleton galleon is chasing, sink it that way etc as opposed to just killing it on your sloop.

    Theres pros and cons for each but i find im willing to forgive a lot for that extra speed...yet i still keep coming back to a sloop.

  • Just asking a quick question how do we unlock the Pirate Legends ship cannons. What do I need to do to unlock them?

  • Fire causes holes if it comes into contact below yes?

    So what if on a brig or galleon I fill it with enough water the fire cant get down the stairs.

    Would this allow us to have a “permanently on fire but not sinking ship?”

  • hey pirate ppl. im at work :**( cant play yet. i am watchin ppl on twitch lol fire looks cool but how does it work? where do you get it? how fast does it kill you? is the water barrel on the ship always full? could it sink ship? is it easy to get rid of with buckets?

    any answers or tid bits you can add would be appreciated! thanks!

  • It occured to me, i sailed to the sea dogs tavern to rest.
    I thought my session was pretty quiet but as i sat there at the top with all the scenery from way up high, i seen a fair few ships pass by the horizon within about 6-8 minutes.

    Sloops, brigs, even a galleon. A rare sight!

    Seems being dead centre at K12 and high up is the ideal place to fish for your next fat merchant ship.

    Now that i think about it, its quite rare i dont see the outline of the island on most journeys, i always seem to pass by at some point either close or far away.

    Anyone else noticed this with your own journeys?

  • To my understanding, fire now sets off kegs in the crows nest.

    Is the crows nest still the best place to store them now?

    What about leaving them next to the crows nest on the top mast?
    Suppose its easier to shoot.

    Perhaps at the very front mast?

    Perhaps its just safer to keep it on the crows nest and just pray it never sets alight?


  • SOT has been out quite a long time.
    Hundreds of ships set sail each day.

    Please share your best practise,
    Little nuggets that you’ve learned thats useful in terms of sailing and combat.

    Ill start...

    Resist temptation to full right or left wheel lock when turning.
    Turn most but not all of the way...then angle the sails.

    By time the sails are angled you will have completed the turn and already have angled sails making you more efficient.
    Valuable if you Solo brig

  • Not sure if its just me having this issue but it seems like every battle i get in with other players within 2,3 enemy cannon balls im shot off the cannon and insta killed, which would be fine if i had a chance to respawn but then i end up sitting in a black screen for so long after leaving the ferry of the damned that i just spawn a new location, am i just getting extremely unlucky? Is this the new meta? And why is the respawn time ridiculously long? Help a returning player out please.

  • OK, So I have sent in tickets on this for support. And I simply get the 'canned' responses from Rare saying they are forwarding it to the appropriate personnel, followed a week later by an email asking me if I was pleased with the service. So I am now reaching out here in the community.

    For quite some time now, game chat does not work for me. I have used several different types of headsets. I am playing on an XBoxOneX. I have used regular plug in headsets to my controller. And most recently have tried out two different wireless xbox enabled headsets. And none of them work. Party chat works just fine. But game chat, I hear nothing and no one else can hear me. I have tried every setting I can think of in the game itself. So now I am wondering, what else can I try.

    I have talked to at least one other person that is having this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Im at 35/35/35 rep now, and have been playing off and on since release. But I think its time to really go all in and grind to pirate legend. At release it seemed like the best way was to do a skull fort with a full crew and then server hop until you find another active skull fort. First question, is that still the best method for a group? I play mostly solo but sometimes friends play too. When I'm not in a group, should I just do normal voyages?

  • So no matter how many ashen chest voyages I do it never gives me cursed tome 2 is there something I'm missing or am I just unlucky

  • I play on Xbox and i created a really dumb-looking character two years ago and I'm wondering if I could change it without resetting my progress

  • I currently play Sea of Thieves on my Xbox One, but I am starting to get more into my PC games again.

    I am aiming to start playing SoT on my PC instead, but how would this work with all of my inventory and my Xbox profile? would everything be transferred over or is that not possible as the xbox storage is local?

  • Why is nothing saving ? i change my Equipment NeXT time i log in it have changed back.... same With the ship!!

    This stupid console game..

  • Ahoy fellow Pirates!
    Ed Keppler on behalf of the Sea of Thieves Wiki Staff here, bringing you another Progress Update.

    We have finally managed to cover most everything related to this absolutely massive content update. Some of the more significant links can be found below:

    • First off The Content Update Page acts as a Table of Contents for the whole Update and its new releases.
    • The Seabound Soul Tall Tale page has an in-depth Walkthrough of the new Tall Tale complete with a hint system and image galleries.
    • The Ashen Treasures page covers the new Bilge Rat Adventure, with Voyage Guides, Titles, Achievements and Commendations.
    • We also have Pages and Images for all the new Items (time-limited, permanent and emporium), which you can find listed on the Content Update page.

    If you find any inconsistencies or would like to add additional information, our Wiki is editable for everyone, no account needed. If you want to join our data, research and discussion teams, you can find us on our open Wiki Discord Server.

    See you next update!
    Happy Browsing!

  • So whats the deal With the storm in this game? why is the lighting ALWAYS ALWAYS hitting you, even if ur Down in the ship, makes no sense… so bad

  • Where can I find Ashen Guardians? I find Key Masters everywhere just as radiant spawns, but guardians have only ever spawned for me as part of the legendary ashen chest voyage. Am I missing something?

  • Hey there. I'm new to the game and I've been wondering- what are the differences in behaviour between each pet type? I have a macaw at the moment so I know those behaviours, but not those of the other birds or the monkeys. Thanks!

  • If your in a Brig next to a Gally and you have a mega-keg in your crows nest. You might not want to fire a canon! Here is where an alliance would have been a good idea. Thanks for the loot!

  • alt text
    Hey Pirates I need some help. I've made it a personal commendation of mine to find the Wondrous Box of secrets. I need to know the spawn locations of it. Like is it just the beach or has there been sightings of it deep in the water, in shipwrecks, at Marrows Outpost, in the middle of the islands? Any info is helpful!

  • Hello pirates !!!

    I would like to point out a concern that I have since the update of the fort of the Damned and which must affect a lot of people,
    Today, it's almost impossible to fish during a storm, so catch a storm of shade, I do not even talk about it.
    Would it be possible to point out to the developer this problem because having white light has become child's play but back up 1 fish during a storm becomes a miracle ...
    If you have a walkthrough or a trick that will allow me to do so, I am a taker.
    I have already tried from the sloop cabin but the light touches us anyway.

    Thank you for watching my post and sorry for the probable mistakes of writing, I am not English at the base.
    Thank you for your indulgence

  • I’ve been using every trick in the book; I’ve done everything everyone else has done!! But for whatever dumb reason I’m never able to successfully hide on people’s ships or able to sink them or anything.

    Like, I’ve tucked in the nest but that’s proving faulty. I tried behind the map table. Of course somehow that doesn’t work either even with lights off. I can’t sneak in a rowboat, I can’t swim to a ship without being suspected (trust me it’s hard to hear mermaids when doing a fort), and I am NEVER successful with just going in guns blazing!!

    I can defend my ship just fine but I do tend to still fail. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!! I wanna try what experienced sea of thieves gamers do, but I always get caught or my plans are ruined. Every single time. I’ve never had success when trying to sneak or tuck or even just ambush on supposedly unsuspecting ships.

    This is genuinely frustrating, and I need help!

  • This topic is deleted!

  • To all of you pirates out there here is a pieceof info that you all need to know. Some may know this trick and if so please speak up. Those of you that are planning to do the FOTD be aware that your lights at the statues can be extinguished.
    Example: You and your crew have gathered the harder lights to get and decided to go ahead and place them on the fort for safe keeping as you collect the others and the ritual skull. You got attacked, killed and sunk for some reason and lost the colors on your ship. No biggie.... they are already at the fort so no problem. There lies the problem. A bucket of water extinguishes those flames and they have to be retrieved again.

    This however doesn't work when the fort is active. Just wanted to point this feature out.

  • I know how to escape the Kracken by turning around however sometimes it grabs the boat and this causes constant holes.

    When solo on a brig, what is the most effective way to escape its tentacle grasp move?

    Fight the tentacle on the ship?
    Keg it?

    Or maybe just keep patching and bailing til it lets go?

  • This topic is deleted!

  • I just started playing this game again after nearly a year of having my xbox inactive, not that it really needs saying but within that time span a lot of new features have swarmed the world for me. I did a search inquiring about ominous music that seems rather similar to the mermaid music one will hear when your ship has been downed. Reading most of that discussion, it seems to me most are unsure of what the mermaid-esque music is for when there seems to be no real location of its whereabouts, so far in my experience, this mermaid music only appears when you're nearby a Statue or Gem.

  • What are these tables for I'm preety sure Ives missed out on using them??

  • Hello fellow pirates!

    Stunlock in SoT gives me quite a headache and is nearly every time the reason why I die.

    As far as I am aware, as soon as you hit someone with the cutlas, they get stuned for a small time and this can be kept up for 3 consecutive hits (3 slash combo). Same with beeing blocked or missing, as it introduces the cooldown before you can hit again.

    What happens to me a lot that i hit someone directly, but this person doesent get locked and just manages to hit me back instantly and stunlocks me. I've also had some situations where I got froze by another person, just for them to hit me 5 consecutive times without me being able to move or do anything else.
    Same with blocking. I can block an attack without the other person geting the cooldown and they just imediately hitting me back.

    Are there any tips someone could give? I would really like to improve in regards of this aspect.