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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

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  • I recently sunk a galleon and stole the ancient crown item for the tall tale, since they shot me when we were in an alliance I decided to throw the item overboard. Later they all messaged me how apparently I made a 6 year old cry after spending 5 hours working on a tall tale. I doubt this is true, but they all said they reported me, can I get banned?

  • I snuck onboard a galleon last night and stole a haul right from the captains cabin, totally unnoticed including a chest of legends.

    As they were sailing i loaded it all onto their rowboat, rowed to the nearest island (crooks hollow) and got the mermaid back to pick the rowboat up.

    Only the server merged!

    In future i know that im never risking that again. I'll row to the next outpost instead.

  • Is there a way to track the exact path a storm will be taking? Ive been trying to go for my blackcloud wrecker commendations and have been having trouble guaging where the storm will be going once i get infront of it and wait at a shipwreck only for it to head in another direction. Any help will be appreciated

  • Wondering if anyone had tips for where to map the text button to on a xbone controller. I had it mapped to the right stick press, but in pvp fights, I frequently tap this button inadvertently, causing my screen to lock up on the keyboard, and I am inevitably killed while trying to exit it.
    Where do the rest of you place the text button to avoid this?

  • Leider ist der Titel gleichzeitig als Ironie und ein Weckruf an Rare zu sehen.

    Inhaltlich bietet das Spiel sehr wenige Anreize, diese Möglichkeiten werden mit großen Grinds und mehrfacher Wiederholung geschönt. Mehrmaliges abschliessen von Tall Tales, verschiedene Farben der Haie, Kosmetische Sets die nur einen anderen Farbton erhalten sehe ich nicht als Individuellen Inhalt. Wo ist der Inhalt eines Mmos? Crafting, Housing, Dungeons.

    Server mit 6 Schiffen sind einfach nicht lebendig. Gebt den Spielern die jeden Tag versuchen einen Allianz Server zu starten endlich eine Möglichkeit.

    8Mann Dungeons mit Endboss. Riesenkrabbe, Feuervogel. Die Community ist kaputt es besteht keine Möglichkeit auf eine Verbindung/Beziehung mit anderen Spielern. Skelettthrone ernsthaft?

    Items die Lagerbar sind. Erze Kräuter Megalodon Zähne Kraken Augen etc.
    Banktresor, Gildenoption die möglichkeiten sind so vielfältig.

    Gebt den Spielern eine ordentliche Möglichkeit Pvp zu spielen! Das neue Update wird in einem Spawn Kill Desaster enden. Capture The Flag, Eroberung. Top Ideen sofort aus der Nase gezogen.

    Euer Piratencodex... nimmt keiner ernst.
    Rare arbeitet an einem Mmorpg!

  • This here is a guide for those doing the Anniversary Challenges for Forsaken Shores.

    MAIN CHALLENGE: Visit every island in The Devil's Roar
    April 3rd - April 9th
    There are a total of 15 islands that need to be visited in The Devil's Roar, it only counts if both your ship is in the islands vicinity (when the location pop-up appears) and when you are on the island itself.

    • 1: Fetcher's Rest
    • 2: Scorched Pass
    • 3: Cursewater Shores
    • 4: Cinder Islet
    • 5: Flintlock Peninsula
    • 6: The Forsaken Brink
    • 7: Morrow's Peak Outpost
    • 8: Ruby's Fall
    • 9: Brimstone Rock
    • 10: Glowstone Clay
    • 11: Magma's Tide
    • 12: The Devil's Thirst
    • 13: Flame's End
    • 14: Roaring Sand's
    • 15: Ashen Reaches

    REWARD: 15,000 Gold + Forsaken Shores Cutlass
    (NOTE: Molten Sands Fortress and the Seaposts do not count)

    SIDE CHALLENGES: Find the fate of Fetcher, Ruby, Coop, Bert and Hepzibah
    (As these are one day challenges, I will not provide images to them)
    Here are the islands as to where you can find them.

    • Fate of Fetcher: Fetcher's Rest (April 3rd)
    • Fate of Ruby: Ruby's Fall (April 4th)
    • Fate of Coop: The Devil's Thirst (April 5th)
    • Fate of Bert: Flintlock Peninsula (April 6th)
    • Fate of Hepzibah: Forsaken Brink (April 7th)

    REWARD: 10 Doubloons each.

    Hope this helps out.

  • In the tall tale Art of the Trickster, is a kraken meant to spawn at the end of it or am I just that unlucky? Spent ages yesterday doing the quest for first time, got the totem and just before I got to the island to place the totem, a kraken spawned and took my ship.

    Managed to get to shore but since my only solution was to respawn on my ship and bring it over to take the shroudbreaker stone to plunder valley, the totem despawned and failed the quest.

    So I did the quest again today got to the same point, did the totem got the stone, halfway to plunder valley, kraken spawned again took my ship. Is this meant to happen? Or am I just the most unlucky person in existence?

  • When we fight the kracken.
    Are we simply fighting one beast and it gets wounded and flees or are we actually killing it and fighting several krackens over the course of the game?

    When you defeat it, it kinda looks like its fleeing. I get that feeling anyways.

    I suspect that there is only one kracken and that we are simply hurting it and making it flee over and over but im not sure.

    I know there are some lore buffs in the community.
    Does anybody know whether its several krackens or just one menacing one that fights and flees?

    Just curious.

  • I was in a full brig, got krakened and decided to fight it. We kill 4 arms in about 7 minutes and it submerged without giving us the commendation. Still have zero kraken kills. Do they run away from you?

  • I finished the necessary tail twice so far. I dug up all three artifacts and read all five journals before completion. What gives? No ashen dragon sails for my effort. Is there something else?

  • So i unlocked tall tales shores of gold. Activate the quest and get the shroud breaker and use the island as a personal hideout to fish without fear of players.
    (until i share my favourite fishing spot)

    South part of the island inside the waterfall. Stand on rock, fish po dies without skrlly or player interference. Because pond is small can catch them as soon as they rest once. So can catch lots of fish fast. A crew of four could end uo seriously grinding hunters rep.

  • I was in a skelly ship fight and I hit their mast several times at close range and it just passed on through. Are you able to take down their masts? I know you can with a cannon ball, but I expected you could with the chainball as well, and I could not appear to do it.
    Let me know. Thanks!

  • Be aware that if you buy this as an Xbox game you CANNOT play it with a PC unless you also buy Xbox gold on the PC...So this is called theft of services, be careful, I have paid for the game on Xbox and microsoft wont let me play it on PC without getting an Xbox Live subscription. Even though the badly made xbox they sold me broke down after 3 months. Turns out not only did they steal my money on the hardware, the software is also a ripoff. Money spent for a console that doesn't work and even though you are supposed to be able to play these games on windows 10 and xbox it is a lie, don't get scammed like I did, They don't even have technical support people, some xbox gamer answered my ticket and told me i had to buy a second copy OF THE SAME GAME if i wanted to play, lol This is just blatant theft. Can i get my money back for your hardware AND software not functioning? No. How will i be able to play a game I already paid for? I wont.

    Microsoft has always made sub-par products and they continue to do so. So be aware before you purchase this game thinking that you can actually play it on both platforms, it is a lie, you CANNOT play on both PC and Xbox without buying two copies, I repeat, do NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS if you are trying to play it on multiple platforms, and if you buy an Xbox expect it to malfunction early and often.

  • Well, I have been playing this game since it was released. However, I get tips like "Speak to the Gold Hoarder in the tent to purchase a voyage" etc. I tried to find a setting that disables this feature, but I couldn't. Can you guys help me? I don't want a message in the middle of screen which blocks my view.

  • I was looking for a guide to find the 5 sketches made by “Stitcher Jim’s beloved” at the Reapers Hideout. I couldn’t find one, so here you go! My own guide, up-to-date as of March 26, 2020. It took me a 30 minutes to find them all, so I’m posting this guide to help you so you don’t have to!

    • The first sketch is laid against some planks near the stranger herself, outside of the circle.
    • The second sketch is in the remains of the upturned ship on the shore, behind the stranger.
    • The third sketch is on top of a wooden platform atop some rocks, next to the shipwreck.
    • The fourth sketch is underneath the wooden wall on the south side of the island, hidden in a little nook between a rock and the wall.
    • The last sketch is laid against one of the bones making up the ribcage along the main entry path. It’s on the right side when coming to the stranger, and behind a bone. So look around a bit. I hope this guide helped you find them!
  • After looking at some of the merchant alliance accommodations, some look downright impossible.
    Merchant Forager, Merchant Shipwright, and Cast Iron Merchant look sooo hard. For grade 5, turning in 100 fruit crates, wood crates, and cannonball crates seem so hard. Especially because it has to be on time, so you have to find them in a tattered parchment or find them on an island which is rare. Then, you have to sail to South Africa to deliver it to Jebadiah. The other merchant alliance accommodations are also hard. Gold hoarders and order of souls are obtainable from items you receive from forts and easily obtainable. Any tips would be much appreciated.

  • Ive seen videos.
    Ive done it myself.
    But theres always more to learn and more to do and try.

    Please share your top sneaky sneaky tips to help improve our stealth game whether its solo or part of a clandestine crew of scoundrels!

    I’ll start us off.

    1. Rowboats stop pesky mermaids spawning giving away your position, which also opens up an additional way to board.
  • When a regular-sized fish catches your line, tap the RT repeatedly and rhythmically to reel the fish in without stressing your line while pulling the rod with the left joystick in the opposite direction the fish is swimming (either ➡️, ⬅️, or ⬇️). When the fish tires and the line goes slack, hold RT to reel it in as quickly as possible. Once the fish starts fighting again, revert back to the tapping of the RT. If done correctly, you should be able to catch any regular-sized fish within 30 seconds.


  • Ahoy, mateys!

    Two questions for ye'.

    A friend of mine is going to sail with me for the first time tomorrow night; and I'm a bit of a new pirate myself. I had questions regarding chests that randomly spawn; as well as the length of the Tall Tales.

    1) I have heard that chest's randomly spawn on islands, but in my handful of sessions I am yet to see them. I've seen some mermaid gems! But no chests. As a way to ease into exploring and have a bit of fun, I was considering going to a large island like Thieves Haven or Smugglers Bay and running around, seeing if we can find some random treasure on the beach/water. Do they really appear randomly?

    2) How long are the Tall Tales? My friend and I only have roughly 2 hour play sessions. Now; I know that time to complete the tale PLUS the time to initially figure it out may very take way longer... but could we possibly chip away at it? I know Tales must be done from start to finish; but in the event we can't figure out a section and start over another day and zip through the parts we already know-- is this a viable method for eventually getting through them? Or are there a couple tales that are 3+ hours; no matter how well you know them?

    Thanks for letting me know! Cheers!

  • (Posted this on the Game Discussion as well)
    Hello everyone, this post was created to help those trying to find the journals in the new TallTale, and for those Lore Enthusiasts out there (cough Captain Falcore cough)

    Journal 1: "We need a new plan" - Liar's Backbone: On a table next to the HEART symbol in Stitcher's Hideout.

    “If my hands was large enough, I’d wring Duke’s neck! What does he think he’s doing, paying pirates to steal back the things I stole?!
    For now, though, I’ve got to cosy up to him and help him flog his junk crates. Make him think I’ve turned over a new leaf. As if!
    I mean, maybe we lost the Dark Relics we needed to resurrect you-know-who, but there’s more than one way to pluck a parrot.
    Once I’ve finished here I’ll head to the wreck of the Blackwyche and scrounge around for a few ‘leftovers’. Even a lock of hair’ll do…
    Word is, its Captain can’t resist playing the hero with that magic sword of his. That means I’ve just got to point him to the right place."


    Journal 2: "Disorder of Souls" - Devil's Thirst: In the catacombs on a rock pile between the Door of the Forsaken Flame and the Door of the Burning Heart.

    "Pendragon only went and ruddy did it! We all saw Flameheart, larger than life, letting the whole Sea of Thieves know that he’s back!
    Next thing I know, I’m sailing out so that I can swear my allegiance to him. Sorry, Rathbone, but Stitcher Jim’s got a new master now…
    Being here in the Devil’s Roar puts me dangerously close to Cap’n Sorrow, but so what? She’ll get hers soon enough.
    The master’s plan will birth the first of his new Ashen Lords, and there’ll be more where that came from! All loyal to him – to US!
    Everyone who ever did wrong by Stitcher Jim – Sorrow, the Bilge Rats, the Order of Souls – is about to be sorry. Very sorry indeed.”


    Journal 3: "A Chest of Rage" - Devil's Thirst: Located in the lava jump puzzle after the first capstan trap in The Path of the Eternal King.

    “I’ve been around a long time, but I’ve never seen a box like this one. I dunno where my beloved dug it up from, but it stinks like a crypt.
    I’m actually pretty nervous. Messing around with curses is all well and good if you’re the Order of Souls, but it makes my teeth itch.
    What can I do, though? Master needs souls to summon his Ashen Lord, and if I want to stay in his good books, I’m the man to find ‘em.
    Sounds simple , but it ain’t, ‘cos to trap a soul in the chest I first need something that belongs to ‘em, not to mention more of them Dark Relics.
    Lucky for me, that trip I took to the Blackwyche has already given me everything I need…”


    Journal 4: "Bye, Bye, Blackwyche" - Devil's Thirst: On skull pile after first skeleton battle in The Path of the Forsaken Flame.

    “Now I understand why they call it a ‘Chest of Rage’. I can hear the souls inside and they ain’t stopped yelling and screaming, not once.
    I says to ‘em, it’s nothing personal, just that I already had their belongings lying around from that Pendragon business.
    Dunn was the easiest to find, snoring his head off at a sea post with a splashtail in one hand and a drink in the other. He didn’t even wake up!
    Cavendish was next. Her Dad was the one whose soul got trapped on the Blackwyche back in the day, so bad luck must run in the family.
    Rodriguez put up a fight and nearly struck me. Too bad I’d already slipped something into her grog. Well, she don’t need a stomach no more…”


    Journal 5: "The devil I know" - Devil's Thirst: In-between an alcove within the wall spike trap section, in the Path of the Burning Heart.

    “I am run proper ragged! It’s so hot down here I can’t hardly breathe, but guess who’s got to make sure all the traps are working?
    I don’t dare complain though. Rathbone could be scary but most of the time it was like you weren’t in the room. Only his gold mattered.
    When the master speaks, it’s like he knows what you’re thinking. He’s smart. Scary smart, and he believes Pendragon will try to stop the ritual.
    Well, let him try, I say! No matter how many pirate pals he brings along, they’ll never make it through to me in time.
    Speaking of time… I should head to the Ritual Chamber. All my hard work’s finally about to pay off! Finally, Stitcher Jim gets what he deserves.”


    Those are all the journals for the Heart of Fire, happy commendation happy lads and lasses!

  • The new Athena's Runs are pretty straightforward if you have been doing it for a little while, but here are some tips and an efficient way to finish the darn things

    • The first map you get will be at Thieves Haven with 3 X's, the second map will always be a riddle on either Crooks Hollow, Snake Island, or Devil's Ridge, the third will be back at Thieves Haven with 6 X's, then back to one of the three islands, and then back to the Haven for 9 X's
    • The only way to get the skulls is from killing an Athena's Keg Skeleton (it has a random chance of dropping one or not), killing one of the colored Fort of the Damned Skellies (which have a guaranteed drop of a regular or Villanous skull), or randomly from the riddle chests
    • With the colored skeletons: They will always be either green colored or red-colored and regularly spawn on the riddle maps, so before you start the grind make sure you snag the green and red lantern colors
    • There is a chance that you could dig up and Athena's gunpowder barrel, but mainly you can get them from when a skeleton holding them spawns, so keep your distance and shoot the boy in the feet
      The Efficient Way:
    • Grab a crew of 3 other people on a galleon, and head to Thieves Haven
    • Next, drop two people off who are good at digging up stuff so they can dig up the items while the other 2 crewmembers sail around to get the riddles at each of the three islands
    • REMEMBER: The riddles will always be at either Crook's Hollow, Devil's Ridge, or Snake Island
    • Then, once everything has been dug up and you're on the final chapter, have the two people on the galleon sail back so that when they get there, everything is dug up and ready to be loaded
    • If you want, you can hoard all of the loot to sell it all at the end, or you can play it safe and sell it after sending the galleon back out

    I hope this helps you all out on the grind to get the new ghost ship parts. Good luck on the seas!

  • Ahoy fellow Pirates!
    Ed Keppler on behalf of the Sea of Thieves Wiki Staff here, bringing you this month's Wiki Progress Update.

    We have managed to cover most of what patch 2.0.13 and the Heart of Fire Content Update have to offer on the Wiki, with some pages still requiring updates. However, all the new things introduced this update have existing pages now! This includes articles for the Patch Notes, pages for the new Tall Tale, the Voyage and all the new Items!

    Special thanks go to Comrade Lorenz, Defeater, Kaminari Tori, Netail, Pirripirat and Savage Alien for helping out with the research, images and writing behind these articles!

    The more significant links can be found below:

    Since some of the already existing pages need additional attention and details we'll still be going through some changes. If you find any inconsistencies or would like to add additional information, our Wiki is open for everyone, no account needed! If you want to join our data, research, and discussion teams, you can find us on our open Wiki Discord Server.

    Happy Sailing from the Wiki Team!

  • Either its not added or i cant use the seasion setup cause i cant turn off crossplay

  • Recently I visited these forums and was astounded by how many people are still asking for a PvE Mode, Private servers, or otherwise expressing their displeasure with the PvP aspects of the game. To me, that means this game has a lot to offer to those who want to just enjoy the PvE features without expliciting attacking other players, but they need tips on how to cope with the current format of the game.

    It saddens me that much of the response to people wishing for a PvE mode is very vitriolic and unhelpful, anywhere between a vague 'get gud' and 'It’s a pirate game! Don’t play if you don’t like it!!!", or worse. As someone who has previously argued for a way to play without PvP, I know such responses are just low effort and really only serve the person saying them.

    So with all that pre-amble out of the way, I wanted to write a PvP guide from the perspective of someone who would like a PvE mode but has learned to enjoy the PvPvE adventure as much as possible. I'm not telling you how to avoid PvP altogether, that is impossible. Believe me, I've tried! But you can plan for it, respond to it, and survive it more often than not.

    Some of these are obvious tips, but I want to mention them incase this is being read by a new player who hasn't heard them yet. I do have some things to say that I feel haven’t been collected in one place before, that’s why I’m making this post.

    If you’re looking at this wall of text and already saying ‘Too long, didn’t read’, and you’re a player who hates PvP, I implore you to at least read the section titled ‘Confidence’ at the bottom.


    --------- Check the horizon for any ships, and do it often. The first step to combat in any game is information, and most of the time in Sea of Thieves you can see an enemy coming from a distance if you’re looking. Be wary of large islands and rocks that ships could hide behind. You may prefer to sail away from any ship you see no matter how far. I don’t blame you, it’s the safest choice. It is, however, very time consuming and it will sap your ability to enjoy the game.

    --------- When you spawn into the game, that is the only time you have where you’re reasonably safe. Sea of Thieves will spawn you in one of the six outposts outside the Devil’s Roar, and since every server is limited to 6 ships maximum, I’m reasonably sure it calculates which outpost is furthest from all current players on the server to spawn you in.

    --------- If you see a ship that has a lot of blue/green lights on it, it is most likely a NPC ship and not a player. They won’t attack you unless you come close and even then sometimes not until you attack first. Don’t worry about them.

    --------- If you see a player ship, do note that it takes almost no time at all for someone to cross the distance between the horizon and where you are now, if you’re sitting still. Make note of what direction they are in and check it frequently.

    --------- If you see a ship sitting still in the middle of the sea and you don’t see birds circling near them, BE VERY SUSPICIOUS OF THEM. There is no gameplay reason to sit still for any extended period of time in the sea, apart from a short stop to pick up loot. They could be waiting for the right time to attack you, be it when you leave your ship or when you’ve loaded up with loot and started moving again.

    --------- If you leave your ship unattended for a while, it may be a good idea to look around everywhere on board for any players hiding with sit or sleeping emotes. They might be waiting for the right time to steal your loot when you get to the outpost, or worse, coordinating with their crew by keeping track of your ship's position. Make sure to check the ladders, below deck, the crow's nest, and even on top of the cross beam at the top of your sail. They might not be completely visible, using an emote can sometimes allow players to hide a sizable portion of their body in your loot, your barrels, or hull.

    --------- Keep an eye out for mermaids in the water. The moving, non-statue kind. If one is hanging around, that means a player is nearby without their ship. Be especially careful at outposts near recently active skull forts or single-location turn-in points like the Reaper's Hideout. Such locations are hotspots for patient players who might be willing to spend a lot of their time simply waiting for their target to come to them. If a mermaid belongs to another player, they may be hard to spot since you will not see their smoke trail.


    --------- Stock up your supplies. Survival on the Sea of Thieves depends hugely on your planks, cannonballs, and food. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you can’t fire your cannon or repair your ship. All threats on the Sea will drain your supplies, but PvP interactions by far can do it the most. Battles between equally skilled sailors can often come down to who runs out of supplies first. At the bare minimum, take a full inventory full of planks, cannonballs, and food from each place you visit. A decent target is 50 planks and 100 cannonballs for the average sloop to be decently prepared, but more is better if you don’t mind taking the time.

    --------- Mind your firebombs. You may want to only carry them in your inventory and avoid putting them in your ship's barrels, because if an enemy boarder gets their hands on them they could do substantial damage to your ship even without a cannon.

    --------- Carry your cursed cannonballs. Similar to the firebombs, putting them in your barrels just opens them up for theft from enemy pirates, and you'll almost always have room for all that you collect in your pockets.

    --------- Never carry more loot than you're willing to lose. The more you have on board, the more stressed you could be in a battle, and that could dampen your ability to think clearly.

    --------- Be careful with gunpowder barrels! They can be useful tools, but they are a hazard to your ship no matter where you place them. The crow's nest, while not perfect due to the damage a blast could cause to the mast, at the very least is a hard target to hit and doesn't rip a bunch of holes in your ship. Practice igniting and extinguishing gunpowder barrels away from your ship, too. I’ve seen enemy pirates blow themselves up on their own ship, presumably because they mishandled gunpowder.

    --------- No matter how aware you are, you can be taken by surprise. You should be ready to go at a moment’s notice. This means not keeping your anchor down when you’re parked, whether you’re at an island, a seapost, a shipwreck, an outpost, anywhere but a storm. To do a quick and satisfying parking job, follow these steps:
    ----- 1) Pull anchor to stop
    ----- 2) Roll up your sails. Unless you’re in a storm or an earthquake, your ship won’t move if your sails are up.
    ----- 3) Raise your anchor. This is a time-consuming process that you’re doing now so that when you need to go, you need only spend a second dropping sails instead of wasting precious seconds raising the anchor.
    ----- 4) Use the wheel to adjust your ship’s direction to be pointing into the sea, where you can speed off without having to steer immediately if you need to.
    ----- 5) If you like, adjust the angle of your rolled up sails to be straight ahead. Wind changes all the time, and half the time you’ll get the best speeds out of the default straight-ahead sail angle. (Refer to the Battle section for more on this) Now you’re ready to go!

    --------- It’s rare that you can hide behind the island you’re stopped at, but if you can, do it. Not seeing you will give players less reason to head in your direction. Take note how close the edge of the map is and hide on the side that exposes you to the least of the map. Do try to scan the horizon when you’re on the island however, since your view will be blocked from your ship.

    --------- If you're doing a Tall Tale and have some important loot that you need to complete it, it can be extremely frustrating to get attacked and lose it. This can't always be avoided, of course, but when you make a stop at an island or outpost, you can do something to prevent it happening to you. Take the important loot off your ship and hide it somewhere on the island, not in eyesight of the sea. Make sure to remember what island it is. This way, someone could blow up your ship, take whatever you had on your ship, and you can hold on to your Tall Tales stuff by just returning to the island with your respawned ship.


    --------- Okay, so despite your awareness, despite your hiding, despite your avoidance, a player has come to fight you and is pursuing you. This is inevitable if you play long enough. You're flying your alliance flag, but they're not taking the offer. Don't try to talk them down, they won't listen. You might be able to sail past an outpost and hop off with a single armful of loot, but a lot of the time that isn't going to cut it. Fighting back is your best chance for satisfaction.

    --------- If you're playing solo, don't try to board the enemy ship. You'd need to either stop your ship or leave it sailing unattended, both of which are options with a high chance of disaster. Playing defensively and letting your enemy come to you is your best chance.

    --------- If you're lucky and your pursuer isn't very smart, they're sailing directly behind you. Drop a gunpowder barrel in the water off the back of your ship and they might just run into it, possibly sinking them or at least slowing them down. It'll also be hilarious.

    --------- Most PvPers aren't that stupid, however. They'll likely be sailing parallel to you, but far off enough that you can't easily drop something in their path. This is when it's time to engage.

    --------- A decent setting for your ship wheel is like so: Turn your wheel one quarter (two spokes) in either direction, preferably in an area where you don't have anything you'll crash into. Crashing will leave you vulnerable and extra damaged.

    --------- Do not stop your ship mid battle, and NEVER anchor unless you are very far away and performing a hairpin turn. A stationary ship is, in a more literal sense than most uses of the phrase, a sitting duck.

    --------- Roll your sails about halfway up and angled directly forward. I like to call these 'battle sails'.
    -----You should keep the sails angled forward regardless of wind direction, at least while you're circling. Fun fact about sails and wind: If you can’t catch the wind exactly, keeping your sails pointed forward will result in better speed. See this video for more information: ( This means that over half the time, if you're turning in circles, keeping your sails forward will result in the best possible speed overall.
    ----- The half-up position of the sail gives you optimal battle speed for two reasons: A slower speed allows for more precise maneuverability, and it's still too fast for a swimmer behind your ship to easily catch up.

    --------- During a ship battle, the orientation of both your ship and your opponent’s is crucial. You want to avoid having their broadside face you, but even more important is that your broadside is facing them. This enables you to fire upon them with your cannons. The best possible situation is when your broadside is facing their backside, preventing both their cannonfire and any possible ramming.

    --------- If you're not currently in firing range and need to make a tight turn, turn your wheel all the way to the side and roll up your sails all the way. Make sure to resume battle sails and a quarter wheel turn once you have your desired angle.

    --------- If you find yourself in the worst situation (Their broadside is facing you and your rear is facing them), pull down your sails all the way to gain some distance and give yourself some time to maneuver into a favourable position. Patience is key, do not take a risk in a battle if you can avoid it. Resume battle sails when you’re ready. This is also a good strategy to get some time to repair any holes in your ship.

    --------- You might try using your harpoon on the end of the enemy ship, preferably their back side, as you're passing. This way you can swing around and put their rear right in front of your cannon for a good pounding. You don't need to buy them dinner first, you're a pirate.

    --------- When firing upon your enemy, there are two places you should aim. You want to aim low and hit holes toward the lower part of their ship, of course, but it’s also very important to fire every other shot or so at their deck. This will damage their steering, their anchor, and their sails, making the fight more difficult for them. Also, you might hit them and prevent them from easily firing back from their cannons. You might even knock them off their ship or kill them. Beware your enemy trying to do this to you, they’ll most certainly try.

    --------- It’s highly likely that if a ship is attacking you, there’s more than one pirate on that ship. They may send someone to try and board you, either via their cannon or by swimming. Listen for the sound their cannon makes, a player being shot out has a more 'whistling' sound to it than a cannonball shot. Keep an eye on your ladders, and you’ll maintain the high ground. You could try shooting swimmers in the water, but if you have your battle sails set up properly they will have a hard time getting a hold of your ladder and you may be better served focusing on their ship. If you spot a swimmer, feel free to pull down your sails and really give them a hard time.

    --------- Most battles will involve at least one successful boarding attempt, however. Be ready for them to sprint to your anchor. Their first priority is to pull your anchor and immobilize your ship. Guard your anchor, and if they do pull it, don’t panic. Certainly don’t try to raise it while they’re still on your ship, they’ll just kill you. Focus on killing the boarder first, everything else will have to wait.

    --------- As far as pirate-to-pirate combat goes, there are a few tricks involved. First off, if you swing your sword and only hit the air, you’ll suffer a small delay that could be a big problem in the heat of battle. Try to aim where if you miss the enemy pirate, you’ll still hit a part of your ship. This way you won’t suffer the same delay between swings.

    --------- The ideal situations for different weapons are probably obvious, but just in case: Blunderbuss is best practically at melee range, Eye of Reach is a long-range weapon, and the pistol is a good all-purpose/medium range weapon. I play on PC, so personally I get a lot of mileage out of just jumping and spinning about my enemy frantically swiping my sword at them and making myself hard to aim at.

    --------- If you get damaged, try retreating for a second to eat some food. Keeping your health up is first priority, you can’t fight or defend your ship if you’re dead. I’ve been in fights where all it took was for me to die once and that was it, by the time I respawned my ship had been sunk.

    --------- If things are looking really bad, such as your supplies have run out, and you’re low on food, etc, you can still get a little satisfaction if spite is your thing. Dump all your loot into the water and make it a real hassle for your attackers to pick it up. Petty? Sure. Funny? Also yes.


    --------- This section is one that I haven’t read anywhere else, but I think it’s important for those of us who are PvE minded. PvP players will probably have a laugh here, but this guide isn’t for them. If you hate PvP, there’s a good chance that fear is involved, and for good reason. Battles aren't enjoyable when you don’t want to fight. Getting attacked and sunk can make you develop a fear of any player ship on the horizon. What if they come over and ruin your fun?

    --------- Practice your battle skills on Skeleton sloops. They won’t give you any help as far as boarding encounters go, but you can improve your aim and sailing tactics considerably by fighting them. Plus, you get some loot out of it. If you're feeling brazen, pick a fight with a skeleton galleon or even a skeleton fleet. These can be even more difficult than a PvP battle, but they are more consistent in their difficulty and thus make good practice.

    --------- Sinking Skeletons might help, but there’s really only one thing that’s going to give you confidence in your abilities against players: Practice. Empty your sloop of loot, and hunt down a ship on the horizon. It doesn’t matter whether they have loot or not. I understand you might have some conflicting feelings about this, having been on the receiving end of this kind of behaviour, but this is a necessary step.

    --------- Turn off Other Crews voice chat. Chances are that if you don't attack players for fun, you're the type of person who possesses Sympathy. This is something that the PvPers who hunt you down do not have. The subject of your practice might be throwing toxic insults or begging for you to stop, and that can be hard to listen to. However, until a PvP-free adventure mode is implemented, they're going to have to put up with it as much as you have to. As the God of War puts it, you must close your heart to their suffering.

    --------- Please note that I only advise turning off voice chat when you have absolutely no intentions of co-operation! When you're not explicitly hunting players for PvP practice, keep your voice chat on. As CotU42 below says, communication with other players is a big part of the experience in Sea of Thieves, and hopefully once you stop fearing encounters with other ships you might make some friends.

    --------- If you want to extend an olive branch to your practice target, fly the "Offer Alliance" pennant flag. If they activate an alliance, consider calling off your practice. You could stand to profit from it. You might be wise to be wary of betrayal however, as you should be with every alliance. Alliance members can see eachother’s ships on the map, so keep an eye on them.

    --------- If you’re never attacked someone before, it’s entirely possible that all of your PvP experiences have involved you losing or avoiding fights. That sort of past experience very reasonably can give you a negative outlook on a fight, that there’s nothing to gain and you’re just going to die. Practice may be the only way to change your outlook on battle.

    --------- Sinking another player, even one you take off-guard, helps build your own confidence. You gain the experience of seeing yourself win against another player, and suddenly all those ships on the horizon seem less frightening and stressful.

    --------- If you lose or win after a tough battle, think about what your opponent did that ticked you off. All's fair in love and war, and you should take notes on what strategies you might incorporate to give your future enemies a hard time, whether you're attacking or defending.

    --------- If the worst happens, and someone sinks you before you know what hit you, that is of course very frustrating. It's perfectly normal to be angry, sad, or depressed about your loss. It can be particularly awful if that's how your session ends. I heartily recommend switching servers after such an event, and doing at least a little more. Spawning on a new server will give you room to sail away from anyone else, and do one thing with a good chance you won't see anyone. Complete just a single island on a voyage or a cargo run. A small victory goes a long way to wash out the bitter taste of defeat.

    I hope that someone out there who suffers from a fear of ships on the horizon reads this. I want you to know I understand how you feel. But, if you can eliminate that fear, the Sea of Thieves becomes a far more enjoyable place. Sail with your Alliance flag flying, and let all those who take that as a sign of weakness be proven wrong!

  • Obviously, its still in the game so Rare probably still has no intention of removing or nerfing it. So i ask, how am i supposed to counter it? Whenever i play against double gunners and i face them in a fight i just immediatly die without even being able to heal. How do you counter it?

  • I have been getting an almondbeard error message for about a week now. I’ve hard reset, I uninstalled and reinstalled, I checked my connection, it works fine, I play other online games but SOT is the only one that isn’t working. Anyone?

  • kupiłem wczoraj gre i nie mogę znaleźć w ustawieniach zmiany języka

  • What is the spawn rate between normal skull forts vs the molten sands fort? I can’t seem to be able to find any first that aren’t Molten sands.

  • I logged in yesterday solo and before I could grab supplies a sloop was on me.
    I took off full sail, got the advantage of position. At the last moment I decided not to shoot. Not sure why. but somehow I thought I should take it easy on them. After not firing on them they rammed and boarded me. They managed to kill me, and I scuttled.
    I decided, no matter. I am after ruby spashtail today. Went fishing when low and behold in the distance I saw the sloop.
    I snuck up on them and sunk them while they anchored.
    Then I decided to go fishing again. I scuttled and sat at the sea post. While fishing I started catching ashen keys. I hide them, and while fishing a sloop anchored to sell fish. I walked up to the ship playing music. When the crewed joined in, I gave them a key. They were shocked, and gave me several chest and crates.
    When they left, I resumed fishing. Eventually another sloop rolled in. I gave him some chest and a key. they gave me fish and bait. After another ship wanted to trade rather than fight I got the idea to play the friendly roaming trader roll. If you pull into a sea post and find me fishing, I may just have a gift for you as well.
    Fair winds,

  • As much as i love the sloop.
    Chasing another sloop to me can be very painful.

    It seems like a never ending chase.
    Im looking for tips from primarily sloopers and what you do to catch fleeing ships.

    Is it a matter of sneaking up to them? Or is there a way you know how to catch them?
    Do you try and take shortcuts through the rocks?
    Chase them to the end of the map?
    Id love some advice,

    I know the sail angles and the quickest way to move the sloop even against the wind.
    But how do you catch them?

    I kinda feel like in a sloop im like a lioness chasing a zebra, where if im spotted before i get close enough its game over, I suspect im just not chasing the best way the ship can though.

    This was the reason i moved to a Solo Brigantine.
    Because i can fly towards my fleeing sloop and even against the wind, i just wait til the wind changes and then im straight back on them within minutes.

    But ive started to fall in love with the sloop again and fell in love with its simplicity.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  • I tried making a thread to share my ideas on how to make quick, easy gold and it never really made any headway which got me to thinking "are they ignoring my thread because there's a better way?"

    So, what's your favorite way to make easy, fast gold?

  • So i finally defeated a Kraken in my solo sloop. Alot easier when you don’t run around panicking. I didnt get a title for it. Do you have to defeat it multiple times to get a title?

  • So I’m a long time PL10 with the gold curse legendary wheel, and legendary capstan. My objective is to defeat 500 skeleton ship to get the full set. Is there anything more to this than just doing constant fleets. I’m at 150/500