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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • I sometimes play SOT solo, and I am a relatively good player. Although when I do Skeleton Forts I find it difficult and it takes ages. (im on xbox btw)

  • Ahoy fellow sailors!
    I'm here on behalf of the Sea of Thieves Wiki Staff to let the community know that we are now mostly finished with all the major articles regarding the latest Fort of the Damned Content Update. This includes a thorough guide to the New Fort of the Damned Raid, Documentation and articles of the new features and gameplay mechanics, as well as imagery and documentation of all the new Permanent and Time-limited Items!
    Happy browsing and until the next update!

  • Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

    Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

    The Ancient Isles

    Crook’s Hollow
    Devil’s Ridge
    Plunder Valley

    The Shores of Plenty

    Cannon Cove
    Smuggler’s Bay
    Mermaid’s Hideaway

    The WIlds

    The Crooked Masts
    Kraken’s Fall
    Marauder’s Arch

    Devil’s Roar

    Fetcher’s Rest
    Ruby’s Fall
    The Devil’s Thirst

  • Hello everyone. I see that many of my colleagues and people on forum/reddit are getting their loot stolen. There is a high risk but also high reward. We all know it takes some time to get all the lantern colors and it's iritating to lose your bounty so i made few Tips to make your life easier.
    Fort gives us few tricks to stay safe:

    • While you're at the fort you are in mist what means the other ships can't see whos on fort until they are really close to the island. In the same time you've got perfect view on the sea.
    • Every fort completion will give you 4 Nuclear bombs and few gunpowder barrels. Nuclear bomb is a game changer @ defence
    • Moor your ship without dropping the anchor and make it ready to sail away
    • After every skeleton wave have 1 crew member to check your surroundings
    • Take 1 barrel from fort to your crow nest (in case you want to sail away and fight at the sea)
    • Check where barrels are before doing the fort, it will help you to defend when some ship is close
    • Check if there is any mermaid in the water
    • Never trust guys without a microphone.
    • When someone says "We're Friendly" go to their ship with gunpowder and check what they will do (do not ignite it).
    • When you see the ship stop doing the fort and run to your ship asap. Additionaly one of your crew member at this time should take a barrell and aboard enemies.

    Fort of The Damned

  • I know this isn’t like a tip or guide but it won’t let me buy reputation. I have 185 doubloons and want to spend them on the Oder of souls and merchant alliance. They’re currently 48, 46 but won’t let me buy anymore. Is this a new feature?

  • How does it works ? We still cant get counting when we finnish the fort. Is it bugged ? How do you get it in achivment then ? Cuz we lost like 20 forst for nothing. I hope we could get it back.....

  • So those familiar with the forums know I solo, and don't like pvp (or many of the pvp allstars). Here's a little guide to having a good time and silly yet helpful things you can do with this Damned update.

    To heck with the Fortress. Let the murderlords have their "fun". Do the Merc voyages. Sometimes, a shadow of fate will spawn when you dig up a Ritual Skull, so you still get some progress. Get your lights! Also, don't just leave Ritual Skulls or drop it off at that Damned fort! Sell it to Duke for 10 Dubs.

    Yes collect your lights. Also, check beacons on islands for hard to get lights like Pink, White or Red. Make sure and take those ashore to change the beacons to something harder to find.

    Turn on rowboat lamps. Especially if you have White, Red or Pink. Also check rowboat lamps. Maybe I was sneaky and turned it off?

    If you get skeleton orders that are on a Fort, definitely check it out. I got a Stronghold Keg from one. There are lots of Skeleton captains out there with orders right now.

    If you're feeling especially helpful, swing by that Damned place and drop off the lights you have.

    Do an undamned fortress. Especially if the Damn fortress is activated. You'll catch less heat and have an easier time.

    Don't sink everyone murderlords. They might have a lantern you want. Try being polite and asking, then GO AWAY IF THEY DON'T. Us pacifists will be more helpful that way.

    This Damned update can be fun even if you don't like pvp...

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  • OK, for a while there I thought I was fairly decent in PvP. Not great, but not terrible. About average. But lately, I have been getting steam rolled way to often. So I have a couple of questions for the better PvP Pirates.

    First, settings. What settings are you normally using for controller or keyboard. Sensitivity.

    Second, and possibly more important. I have always sailed with field of view set to full. But I am now wondering if that is causing depth perception issues in combat. Specifically in sword fights. What settings do you use for this?

    Any other tips would be appreciated.

  • Sick to the back bone of this game! Ok so u make an awesome new quest that every1 is buzzin about but u never thought of the snakes out there hogging the fort and stealing the ritual skulls .. 5 times now and so we decided to head to the fort, ram their boat, die and then go back and ram their boat! This is not a game anymore it's other players waiting for us to complete the quest so they can steal it! Surely u knew this would happen so why???? Or they make an alliance, we get the stuff, the break the aliance and Rob and kill us .. what is the point in even trying to play the game!

  • This is either as PSA or a question - last night while sailing, I pulled up to and outpost, raised my sails and came to a stop near the shore. Unexpectedly, I server merged. I thought that only happened if you dropped your anchor (which is why I rarely do so). Anyone else had this happen?

  • So I killed the skeleton with the Orders from Graymarrow and the riddle I deciphered makes no sense to me. I would appreciate some help.

    From cave camp south north east walk 7 south North Star walk when rock south setting sun walk when lord south north west walk 3 dig

  • I want to hunt kracken, only its hit and miss when it spawns

    ...or is it?

    Are there parameters for it spawning and i just hap hazardly sail in.

    Does anyone know more than me regarding this beast on how and when it emerges, or is it just random?

  • I didn't see it in the beard errors section of this site but, essentially what happened was I tried this multiple times went on my Xbox win 10 app, went to looking for group clicked one, joined their party and I could speak and everything was fine with the party chat but when they invited me to play sea of thieves to do the new update I was greeted with Emerald beard and I don't know how to fix. pls help.

  • After many hours spent searching, I still have not came across any! Not sure what I am doing wrong for them not to want to say hello! :(

  • For some reason when I start up it takes about 5 minutes for it to load me into the game. Anyone know how to fix this I’m on PC btw. Happens if I install on SSD and HDD. I legit only want to play sea of thieves but it’s impossible

  • I really recommend giving this try, for a few different reasons, if you place “jump” on the Left stick click and place sprint on the “A” you and can aim, move and jump at the same time. To sprint you just tap “A” so when you want to stop spriting you just stop moving. This can be a huge advantage in PVP and battle. Additionally putting primary interact on the right stick click really streamline and makes interacting very fluent. I also put the weapon swap and second interact on the “RB”, this gives a lot of the same befits as the other ones. It allows some of the main buttons (“x”, “Y”, “L on D-Pad”, and “R on D-pad”) to be used for item shortcut. I really recommend giving this a try. Here is my briding written out but I recommend modifying for your needs.


    Jump = L Stick Click
    Sprint = A


    Primary Interact = 	        R Stick Click
    Disengage/Stow/Drop =	 	B
    Pirate Chat = 			“Unbound”
    Pirate Wheel of Emotions = 	Up on D-Pad

    Push To Talk = “Unbound”
    Text Chat = “Unbound”


    Primary Use = 			R Trigger
    Secondary Use	= 		L Trigger
    Item Radial = 			L Button
    Map Radial =			Down on D-Pad
    Cycle Weapons/ Secondary… = 	R Button

    Harpoon (unchanged)
    Quest Book (unchanged)
    Row Boat (unchanged)

    Item Shortcuts
    (Place what Item you use most “X, Y, L on D-Pad, and R on D-Pad” I have these”

    Compass = 			X		
    Food = 				Y
    Spyglass = 			R on D-Pad
    Pocket Watch = 		        L on D-Pad

  • Whenever I want the blue lantern flame I always swim to the far bottom, play "Becalmed" and two sharks will spawn in. It's worked 3 times so far so Im fairly certain sharks just dont like that song.

  • Ahoy maties! Tis I' Captain Holley wit'me first post 'pon these 'ere forums! Ah' hope some o' these tips help yee on yer adventure in thee Sea o' Thieves.

    Most people who play SoT usually party up through LFG and this helps filter players towards the like-minded goals. However, I noticed that most crews never assign roles once they step foot upon their ship. For most, this is probably common knowledge, so perhaps this might help some of our newer pirates on the sea. So I'll try to break it down quickly to save you pirates some reading.

    Galleon (Same can apply to Brigs and Sloops)

    1st role - captain - the captain will steer the ship and adjust rear sails
    2nd role - middle sails and a secondary role.
    3rd role - front sails and a secondary role.
    4th role - repairs and a secondary role.

    Secondary Roles These secondary roles are important for when the action starts, such as PVP or when skeleton ships/Meg/Kraken etc appear. You will want to assign people to:

    • Cannons
    • Extra Repair Hands
    • Boarders, who will leave the ship and PVP
    • Scavengers, who will leave the ship to hunt for supplies at passing islands
    • Any other job that would be needed upon your journey.

    This is just a basic outline of what the roles of your crew can look like when you all appear in-game. Perhaps if you have a regular crew, the roles can transition from one crewmate to another. But, for those who often sail with unknown pirates, assigning these roles can really help ensure smooth sailing.


    • Just because it isn't your role don't ignore things that need to be done. Often times I hear someone call out - sounds like we need repairs below, while they are fooling around on a cannon or harpoon. If you hear water below deck, Fix It! Do not assume others will do it for you. Sometimes people assigned to the role can be incapacitated. The same can be said about the sails.
    • Sailing duty during a chase should have all hands on deck! When your captain is either giving chase or trying to outrun the enemy, every member of the ship should be holding onto the sails and adjusting to keep the sails fully billowed At ALL Times! So if you aren't the captain, grab a sail and adjust. The faster you are, the better your chances. Then, if needed, fall back on your secondary duties when entering combat.
    • Don't Harpoon turn the ship without letting your captain know! Many times I have seen a ship crash into an island because a crewmate tried to harpoon turn the ship without letting the captain know what he/she was doing. Tricky maneuvering requires good communication, so make sure everyone is on the same page before attempting.
    • Practice makes perfect. If you have some bold new strategies to try out, organize a practice run. Let the crew know how it works and see if you can test it out. An easy example would be an anchor turn. See how fast your crew can accomplish this maneuver before attempting it in combat situations.
    • Communication is your biggest asset, so use it to its fullest! I cannot stress how important it is to constantly stay in communication. Crewmates sometimes leave the ship or die and don't say anything. This can cause confusion quickly and may end horribly. So always let your crewmates know what you are doing and where you are. It may seem like common sense, but it happens...

    Tis all thee tips ah'got fer yee me harties! A'hopin t'will help yee out there with all 'em cutthroats, Yarrr! Per'aps some more tips will come ter'mind in thee future. Till then, Happy Sailing yee Seadogs!

    -Captain Kerrs Holley

  • I solo sloop but i am having a dihlemma.

    I love the speed of the brig, but it sinks so much faster fighting the PVE enemies and pvpers.

    Now this is purely for solo...

    I can kill skelly galleons and krackens easily solo on a sloop.
    Brig, Not so much.

    So i must change my strategy.
    So what have you found as the most successful strategy for fighting these enemies?

    On a sloop fighting a galleon i just do a full circle and pelt the ship with balls and repair and it does the trick easily. This hasnt worked for me well on a brig.

    Kracken i just shoot the tentacles and bail and repair, its easy.
    This doesnt work well on a brig though.

    Whats the best strategy for solo brig?

    (Please dont reply, dont solo. Its my playstyle and i enjoy it, so i just want an answer to my question)

    Is it even possible to do this in a brig?

    Interested to know.

  • Bonjour je suis nouveau sur le jeu et je voulais savoir comment prendre de la vitesse quand le vent va dans un sens opposé a la voile? merciiii :)

  • Moin und Ahoi!
    Banale Frage aber wie kann ich mich in eine andere Crew einladen bzw. suche und finde sie im Crewmenü?!

    Was mache ich falsch?

    Hilfe !!! und Gruß,h4zE

  • Ive always liked cargo runs and i love the seapost to seapost.

    Are these here to stay permanently or will they eventually go when the new monthly update comes?

  • Since the letter recommendation limit was put in place, I no longer have an easy way to legend. Does anybody know which is more efficinent- Dungeons vs. Questing. My levels are: 50(Gold Hoarders), 37(Orders of Souls), and 36(Merchant Alliance).

  • So, my wife and I found that if we went ro Mermaids Hideaway we could fish for pondies easily catch five each with barely a struggle. However, with the new storage crates, we have found that we can shed even more time off (without having to run back and forth from the ship).
    Fast Pondie Fishing Video

    I can't stress enough that this way of getting gold fast isn't for everyone and that the more crewmmates you have, the faster you will get the gold.

  • What is that message that appears on screen and your character can't move until it's over.

  • Has anyone found any rhyme or reason as to which Seapost to Seapost Quest you get?
    I only need to do the one to Spoils of Plenty, but everytime I start the quest it seems to send me to start at Three Paces East of the The Wild Treasures Store, which when I do them always seem to send me into the Roar.
    Any Tips?

  • Good day Shipmates!

    I created a video on how to Solo Sloop Ghost Ships by using just your bail bucket.

    I give all credit to Straw Hat Blake, it was his post here on the forums that inspired me to sail out and try it myself. Now I am sharing my experience and what I do to take on those Ghost Ships on your own. I have even taken out 3 Ghost Ship Clouds using this technique.


    Straw Hat Blake

  • Has anyone found an island or a bunch of islands one can patrol to acquire the storage crate quickly when logging in?

  • Hello All,
    can you write me, how I can Save the game? I can´t find this option in this game. I have too much place on my X box.

  • Hey there, just looking for some help with regards to buying an SSD. Would it help with the loading times drastically or would it have little effect on my original Xbox. Thinking of getting one today is all.
    Thanks for your time in advance.

  • So I and my 2 friends bought the sea of thieves Anniversary Edition and we got the clothing and equipment from the sea dog pack but we have no idea how to claim the 10,000 gold, I would be wrong and that we just don't get it but if I go to the bundle on the Microsoft store it reads that it includes 10,000 gold. Thanks already for the help!

  • For those trying to complete all the commendations and related achievements when it comes to this one the activation point is 253 total order of souls voyages at this stage, I have already sent in tickets for them to review this and other launch commendations as needed should they be out of sync.

    Just wanted to leave it as a findable thread for those that are wondering why they are not getting this one at the time of completion of the commendation and only took me till now to confirm this with all the other commendations added since launch that were being worked on.