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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

    Pirate jewls!
    SiMpLy EviL85
    Hello! I have an idea that maybe has already been said but, we should have the option to equip jewelry and to have piercings! I've noticed NPC characters have piercings and I think it's awesome! It would be awesome for us to be able to get and buy jewelry and piercings for our pirates. After all most pirates wear it right? Thank you! 😊

  • Is it possible with this latest update to gamebar to be in an xbox party chat x platform but still use public regional VOIP to communicate with other ships?
    You used to be able to do that no problem but haven't had anyone reply to me since jumping back into SoT the past 2 weeks.

  • Making this post because I am curious as to what other pirates feelings are regarding Gunpowder Barrels. Do you guys collect them and keep them on your ship or not? Why? If yes, where on your ship do you keep them?

    Personally, my crew feels powder kegs are bad luck and will only pick up a stronghold keg if we are going directly to an outpost. But if like to hear other people’s thoughts.

  • Do fatter characters/pirates have a bigger hitbox?

  • Just found 9 chests and accidentally disconnected. Players claim that there is 10 minutes reconnect option but there actually isn't any. I tried everything, there is just no option to reconnect your session. I'm very disappointed in this game.

  • Ahoy there!

    I am now pleased to announce that my Sea of Thieves fansite boasts what I believe may be the most comprehensive guide to Gold Hoarder riddles anywhere online. I have mapped and photographed over 260 landmarks in the "old world" that feature in GH riddle clues.

    I do not claim to have discovered every riddle landmark. So, if you know of any I have missed (in the old world), please let me know in a response below. Riddle clues in the Devil's Roar will come as I discover and manage to document them (between volcanic eruptions).

    The "Riddle Finder" page is at

  • When made an alliance you get 50% from the gold and doubloons your alliance member earns. BUT THAT'S NOT IT!
    The best feature, nobody ever mentioned, maybe nobody knows, is that skellie ships sunk by an alliance member count towards the legendary commendation for 500 sunken skellie matter if you shot that ship, no matter if you've ever seen it!

    I wish more ships would allie up with me, so I can get the legendary cannons faster...sadly those commendations came that late into the game, I could've finished them already if the sinking from "Cursed Sails" would have count

  • Ahoy, Mateys!

    I'm sure I could google a few of these until the cows came home; but I like community discourse and participation. :) I originally tried playing Sea of Thieves with my wife; and during our second session we were camped into oblivion and we swore the game off; I even wondered back over to the Suggestion Forums to ask about a PvPless mode for the game (to which ye eviscerated me pretty good, lads. Touchy subject I see). But I took a lot of the kind responses into consideration.

    And since we stopped playing, I haven't been able to ignore the call of the Sea. I think about the game constantly; and I think I projected my wife's disappointment as my own. Getting killed and losing 2-3 hours work may not be her idea of fun.... but it certainly is mine. So no more cowering and begging for a removal of piracy on the open sea. It's time to become more pirate. In order to do that I need to understand the game better. Feel free to answer as many, or as few of these as humanly possible.

    Thanks for ye time, mateys.

    1. What is the actual server sizes?
    I've heard 1 Crew per Outpost; meaning 7(?) crews maximum per server. Meaning between 7 and 28 players to a single server instance at once.

    2. How often do you see nobody?
    During our first session which lasted approximately 4 hours, we saw not a single other player. During our second session, which lasted approximately 3 hours, we got killed and camped by 2 separate crews. For those of you who play regularly; what is it like for you? Was either of these experiences normal? All good either way; just curious!

    3. Are chests persistent in the world?
    I've seen videos of people about to be killed unloading chests onto an island and hiding them in bushes to come and retrieve them later. What is the "timing" on this if you will? Do I need to come right back to get a chest like that? Or will it persist for most of my session and I could come back hours later to retrieve it? By that same logic; is there a chance chests could be stashed on an island by a player in progress of doing this?

    4. Is the Arena good practice?
    I'm considering spending time in The Arena to gain concentrated sailing/combat practice for while I'm out at Sea. Or is this a bad idea, and generally Adventure is the warm-up for competitive Arena?

    5. Is "Evade Evade Evade" a worthwhile tactic?
    Is learning how to sail to the point where simply escaping becomes viable? If my wife were to give the game another try, and we chose a Brigantine since it's faster than the Sloop (sans in direct wind, so I've read) and learn to sale in a tailwind for the purposes of just getting away... could this work? I want to learn how to fight too, obviously. But is "getting good at running away" also worth my time? (Especially since this can kind of run into Question 3 where I could escape to an island, scuttle, and quickly hide our stuff to come back and get later.)

    6. Any particularly useful YouTube?
    There is a LOT of Sea of Thieves YouTube content to learn various tricks of the Sea. Some of it is a bit older; do any of you have a current, up-to-date person you know of making tutorial like content for Sea of Thieves?

    7. Will voice chat help?
    I know you can raise Alliance flags to signal your lack of interest in fighting, but will actually TELLING them you mean no harm help at all, in anyone's experience? Is voice chat proximity based?

    8. Do the Tall Tales offer any reprieve?
    I've heard the final Tall Tale takes place on an island exclusive to those who have made it that far. Are there any other areas of reprieve while doing these story voyages? Or are you at the same risk of everything else; and could lose it all and need to start again?

    9. Are Powder Kegs found on islands?
    We played for about 7 hours in total and didn't see a single one. Curious if we were unlucky or dumb. (Or both. I won't exclude that as a possibility.)

    10. What's your one tip?
    If you had to offer a word of advice to anyone looking to extend their... lifespan if you will on the Sea... what would you tell them?

    Thank you all for any and all participation. I'm looking forward to learning the ropes and forging my own way towards Pirate Legend!

    Take care!

  • Is it like the yeti from gta san andreas or is it a real thing?

    Anyone noticed an astral ghost on crooks hollow?

  • Hello everyone, I don't know if I'm in the right place to comment my problem, I just hope you can help me, since I started playing sea of thieves, I have 180ms latencies, I have the ports open, I have 1Gb of fiber, and my connection is by cable, what can I do to solve this?

  • As the holiday season has just passed I know there is a lot of new players. I have encountered quite a few myself. Thought I would give a few pointers on approaching another ship.

    Do not come in full speed. Start slowing down from a distance.

    Do not approach with your cannons broadside to another ship. Come in towards the front or rear of the other ship. You can come in towards the side of a ship but beware they can shoot as soon as you get in range.

    Most seasoned players recognize you mean no harm if you raise the cannons on your ship straight in the air.

    Communicate with the other ship. Use your chat wheel or you can keybind text chat by going to Settings>controller>text chat and choosing what key to bind it too, then you can type with your controller.

    Do not have any weapons drawn.

    Never jump off your ship and board the other ship.

    Putting up your alliance flag can also help.

    Understand this is a pirate game and some people will attack you no matter what you do. However these are some of the things that can help to make an encounter possibly go well. All the things I have mentioned that you should not do will get you sunk if you ignore them. I have sunk some people that may have been new but approached in what is considered a threatening manner. Hope this helps out any new players and any vets with other suggestions please add them on to the post.

  • Ahoy fellow Pirates!
    Ed Keppler on behalf of the Sea of Thieves Wiki Staff here, bringing you another Wiki Progress Update.

    I'm here to let the players know that we have finally managed to cover everything new with this week's Legends of the Sea Content Update on the Wiki, including all the new Item and Set Pages with images and costs, a thorough list of all the Easter Eggs required for the Legends of the Sea Adventure, and much, much more!

    This time, players will have to put aside 8,236 Ancient Coins (including Bundles), 680 Doubloons and 978,325 Gold to buy everything new added with the Update.

    Some of the more significant links can be found below:

    Since some of the already existing pages need additional attention and details we'll still be going through some changes. If you find any inconsistencies or would like to add additional information, our Wiki is editable for everyone, no account needed! If you want to join our data, research and discussion teams, you can find us on our open Wiki Discord Server.

    Happy Lunar Festival and Easter Egg Hunting from the Wiki Team!

  • What are they? The login page said we got free cosmetics for the player milestone, but I sure haven't found anything.

  • Dagger Tooth Outpost — Poster hanging a at he bar of the tavern
    Dagger Tooth Outpost — Poster hanging on the water tower

    Lone Cove — Missing poster hanging on a wooden beam at the southwest entrance of the graveyard

    Mermaid’s Hideaway — Poster on the camp at the top of the southern part of the island
    Mermaid’s Hideaway — Skeleton lying on the sand of the shores
    Mermaid’s Hideaway — Signpost with a concertina and a dog painted on it near the pond

    Wanderer’s Refuge — Wanted poster on the ruins in the centre of the island

    Plunder Outpost — Skeleton on top of the peak
    Plunder Outpost — Plaque at the bar of the Tavern

    Ancient Spire Outpost — Plaque on the tavern door
    Ancient Spire Outpost — Violin in the Equipment Shop
    Ancient Spire Outpost — Painting on the wall of the tavern of four pirates

    Shipwreck Bay — Skeleton feet hanging out of the ground at the back of the shipwreck
    Shipwreck Bay — Under a chair in the captain’s quarters of the shipwreck

    Salty Sands — Painting of a Galleon harpooning a Megalodon

    Sanctuary Outpost — Tavern sign
    Sanctuary Outpost — Banana barrel near the water tower
    Sanctuary Outpost — Bucket on a wooden beam of the shipwright’s shop
    Sanctuary Outpost — Painting of a Kraken inside the tavern
    Sanctuary Outpost — Mail sack full of letters
    Sanctuary Outpost — Flag with three monkeys near the tavern’s fireplace

    Smuggler’s Bay — Book with candle around it in the cave
    Smuggler’s Bay — Target with a wooden wall behind
    Smuggler’s Bay — Painting of a hook and a chest on a rock in the western part of the cove
    Smuggler’s Bay — Drawing on the bench of the camp near the cave entrance

    Snake Island — Snake basket That snake basket belongs to a true lover of serpentkind

    Golden Sands Outpost — Tankards on a table in front of the tavern
    Golden Sands Outpost — Note on the fireplace of the tavern
    Golden Sands Outpost — Skeleton with a note near the water tower
    Golden Sands Outpost — Remains of a gunpowder near the Weaponsmith’s shop

    Marauder’s Arch — Skeleton eating a banana at the northeastern part of the island

    Lost Gold Fort — Poster of a list of names hanging on a wooden beam in the fort

    speak to umbra with these items
    Lagoon of Whispers — The Legacy Beard is purchasable at any Clothing Shop.
    Lagoon of Whispers — The Amethyst Angel Hair Dye is purchasable at any Clothing Shop
    Lagoon of Whispers — The Stream Sailor makeup is purchasable at any Clothing Shop.
    Lagoon of Whispers — The Sea Dog Pegleg is purchasable at any Clothing Shop.

    Galleon’s Grave Outpost — Target hanging in front of the weaponsmith’s shop
    Galleon’s Grave Outpost — A package with a hat at the Merchant Alliance shop
    Galleon’s Grave Outpost — Dog bowl at the top of the wrecked Galleon

    Shark Fin Camp — Snake painting on the fortification entrance of the island

    Sailor’s Bounty — Fishing camp in the southwestern part of the main island

    The Reaper’s Hideout— Book under the tent at the camp on the northwestern isle

    Chicken Isle — Rock painting

    Shark Bait Cove — Portrait near the southwest camp
    Shark Bait Cove — A book inside the cave

    Cannon Cove — Names scratched into a rock near the cove
    Cannon Cove — Barrel with a dagger inside the cave

    Morrow’s Peak Outpost — Crate near the Merchant Alliance shop

    The Finest Trading Post — Model ship on the shelf’s shop

    Crow’s Nest Fortress — Crow’s Nest of the fort

    Ferry of the Damned — Name engraved into to right pillar of the exit door

    Devil’s Ridge — At the top of a rocky peak to the southeast

    Crescent Isle— In a broken barrel on the beach near the east entrance to the cave

    The Devil’s Thirst — In a crate at the camp on the cliff

    The Crooked Masts — At the top of the peak next to the beacon

    Kraken’s Fall — In bones at the southeast tip of the island

    Pirate Legend Hideout — On the shelf next to the shark jaw on the wall behind the musicians

    Hidden Spring Keep — At the top of the southwest structure

    Wild Treasures Store — By the hammock

    Fort of the Damned — At the top of the westernmost structure at the top of the island

    Umbra’s Journals
    Lagoon of Whispers — In a crate full of books near Umbra.
    Lagoon of Whispers — In the broken rowboat.
    Lagoon of Whispers — By another crate full of books near Umbra.

  • I am on PC with Windows as my OS. I have the microphone enabled in privacy settings, and I made sure the correct microphone is selected in the windows+g tab.

    Anyone have any idea why no one can hear me in game? I tested it with friends and no sound comes through. They also seem to be having this issue.

    I've been able to hear other players on the sea, and when I use my push to talk button, the "speech" icon shows up in the top right.

    Please help!

  • Yesterday we had an absolute blast doing one of those map wide gold hoarder voyages. We sailed a Brigantine dressed out in the Nightshine finish with the PL10 figurehead and flag.
    By nights end we had earned 175k in cold cash, 250 doubloons (which equals 125k if you sell them) and 142 Ancient coins. We killed Krakens, Megs, Skelly ships and several enemy ships during our vast voyage. We knocked out a fort and frequently stopped at islands for Ashen Captains and key masters. I also collected a few shipwrecks while the crew caught Wreckers. We had rowboats going to collect loot on random islands and cash loot(Cos & Big boom barrels) at outposts during the journey.
    Sometimes what seems like a long grind can turn into a great night of adventure if you embrace it.
    Fun times!

  • I've never been able to get the 3 swing sword combo to work. Is that capability still in the game? If so, any clues to what I'm doing wrong are appreciated. I'm playing on a PC. Thanks!

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Ahoy, Pirates!

    Wee bit o' background: I tried to play Sea of Thieves a couple months ago with my wife, and we were discouraged by getting camped and killed by other pirates. We were bummed out. We stopped playing after only a handful of hours. But I came to realize; I was bummed out that she was bummed out... but I had a blast. I have a trip coming up on February 1st, and when I return on the 15th, I am looking forward to playing Sea of Thieves! (With or without my wonderful wife. Sorry, love.)

    In the meantime, in the month before I leave for my trip while I polish off a couple other games, I could spend this time learning about the Sea to help me be the best Pirate I can be. So I reached out to this forum and looked on the internet. I came up with several tid bits I had no idea about. I figured I'd list them here; maybe a new Pirate like myself needs to hear them as I assume there are many new Pirates abound post-Holiday. Or maybe the folks at Rare would like to know that we missed these aspects of the game entirely. (Note: I'm not blaming design. User error was heavy. :P)

    Anywho, here we go:

    1. SERVER POPULACE & CAPACITY: My wife and I played 2 sessions; a 4 hour one free of all other players, and a 3 hour one filled to the brim with players ready to destroy us. During this 3 hour session it seemed like there were other people everywhere. But really, there isn't. The game allows 6 crews per server; meaning 6-24 players at maximum and 1-6 players at a minimum. Also, the "Reapers Chest" that spawns will not spawn if there is less than 3 crews total. The Sea isn't as crazy busy as it may seem! And to help keep an eye out...

    2. WATCH THE HORIZON: I don't think any individual tip was beat into me more than this one. These ships don't move at light speed. A consistant view of the horizon is required; you can gain precious moments to prepare or begin to flee. Furthermore: You don't take fall damage when firing yourself out of a canon. Fire yourself straight up into the air; you'll have several seconds to get a vast take of the entire 360 degree horizon. Prevents infamous "CAPTAIN! LOOK!" moments. (Which, I cried at laughing btw.)

    3. YOU DON'T MATTER; YOUR SHIP DOES: I found I was placing far too much emphasis on my own life; not ever risking it. You'll just lose some Bananas and Wood at worst. A suicide run with a powder keg; or even simply trying to board the enemy ship to distract them and allow your ship (assuming a 2nd person is at the helm) to gain some ground. If you die, the Ferryman will respawn you on your ship. If you fall off into the Sea; a mermaid will teleport you back to it. The ship matters. You don't.

    4. HOTKEYS: The choice-wheel is great; but binding your Food or common weapons to certain keys/button maps can save a lot of time. I didn't consider doing this and should have.

    5. AUDIO CUES: Between shifts in music when a Megalodon approaches, player footsteps, the additional ship creaking when you take on water... the game signals a lot of whats happening via audio. Lowering all other sound a bit, while keeping SFX Effects on maximum can help with this.

    6. NOT ALL FOOD IS EQUAL: I thought all food restored health; and while this is true, it does not do so equally. Pineapples are a full restore; while bananas are partial. And meat has a regen effect so you can take a bite and regain health for a few moments after. I left several pieces of chicken behind because, and I quote: "Why cook this when I have a bunch of bananas on board?" Lesson learned.

    7. YOU CAN SEE THE DARN MAP FROM THE WHEEL: Likely the most embarassing lesson of them all; you DON'T need to run down into the hull and leave the wheel to look at the map. Turns out there's a hole in the deck behind you for easy viewing. Yeeeaaah.

    8. HARPOONS: I assumed the Harpoons were only for taking turns around rocks and such. Turns out you can use them to pull things to your boat, including treasure and crew mates, and barrels floating in the Sea so you can take the supplies out of them.

    9. BAILING WATER: You can bail waiter onto another ship to sink them faster. I had no idea.

    10. CANONS IGNORE WATER: Arguably the best find I made; I was consistently trying to shoot over the waves and adjust for wind with my canon fire. Except; Canon's don't acknowledge the wind or water. Just aim to hit the boat-- you can ignore wind and waves. (Though ship momentum is a factor.)

    11. CROSSPLAY OPT-OUT: This is a new thing coming in the January update; but Xbox users will have the option of opting out of play with PC users. This will make sure you're only playing against others using a controller; and potentially make the Sea a little less busy, if that's what you want.

    12. SKILL & MINDSET ARE A CURRENCY: Honestly, the biggest thing I may have learned is that knowledge; knowing how to properly sail, the mechanics of the games core loop, a good canon aim etc, are far more valuble than the games actual currency, Gold & Doubloons. Because you can earn Gold & Doubloons with knowledge, but you can't buy knowledge with Gold & Doubloons. Caring about becoming strategically better on the Sea matters. Wanting to be better matters here.

    I hope this helped anyone who needed it! Cheers, mateys! I'll see you on the high seas in just over a month!

  • I've searched and tried any fix/solution I could find in the last 4 days. The problem I am having, is when I am in an XBox voice chat group and then join a Sea of Thieves game, my PTT stops working and I can't talk with others in the group unless I Win Key + G to open the interface. Once it's up, the PTT button works fine and they can hear me. Go back into game and they can't hear me anymore. I can still hear them, though.

  • Does anyone have a list of the most common island locations for each variant of specific fish?

    Any other fishing info appreciated. Spread your knowledge.

  • Hey Guys, so I talked with Support and they can’t seem to say how to increase Megalodon encounter rates.

    I was on a brig with a lot of loot for 3+ hours and only found 2 Megs after sailing at least 30 miles. Anyone have any tips/tricks to find these fellas more often?

    I’m wondering if the problem is that spawn rates are lower on a brig, than a sloop or galleon? Any thoughts anyone?

  • Is there any other way to get the limited event items i.e. Festival of the Damned, Bonecrusher, by getting the commendations maxed out or are there gone till they or if they decide run the event again.

    Just asking out of curisoity.

  • The best way I've found to amass ashen keys is to simply go fishing for pondies!

    During the day, an inland pond's loot table looks like this:
    4 varieties of Pondies (charcoal, orchid, bronze, bright),
    4 varieties of Forsaken loot (old hat, old boot, old skull, fish bones),
    Ashen Keys.

    At night, you also have to contend with Moonsky Pondies, so for best results fish for keys during daylight hours

    EDIT I actually just realized that fishing for splashtails (casting witout using bait) at any small island would produce similar results, since islehoppers don't spawn at small islands.

    EDIT Fishing without bait in deep water is a third way to minimize the loot table and maximize keys

  • This is something it seems a lot of people want yet didn't know existed. Thanks to @Ruigtand-NL for making a forum post that led to this and @SpiralOut46and2 for sharing the knowledge of this. You can type chat using your phone through the Xbox app to your console. First thing to do is spawn into the game. Push the View button on your controller. This is the small button on the left with two overlapping squares on it under the big Xbox button. This brings up your Game Options menu in game. Scroll down and select Settings. Scroll down and select Controller. Scroll down and select Text Chat. Chose a button on your controller to keybind this too. I chose clicking the right stick as it has no other function in the game. (Note: If you chose any other button it will unbind any other function associated with that button.) Back out of the menus on your game and keep your console on. Next open your Xbox app on your phone. Select the 3 lines in the top left hand corner of the screen on your app. Scroll down to where it says console. Select it and it should show a button to select and connect your app to your console. It will autocheck if you want to connect automatically which I left selected so I don't have to connect it everytime I want to play. Once you have done this all you need to do is have your app open on your phone. It has to be lit up on your screen. It won't work if your phone blackscreens into sleep mode. So if you are approaching a ship or want to use it make sure your phone isn't in sleep mode and the app is onscreen. It's a simple button press and swipe, so you can do it in a instant. Next press the button you keybound to Text Chat. As I stated before in my case it is clicking the right stick. When you do this it will automatically bring up the qwerty keyboard on your Xbox app. Type what you want, hit enter and it shows up on your in game text chat. As this has already helped many long time Pirate Legends I know may it help all who reads this as well!!!

  • This video might be worth a watch for all you console gamers out there to make sure you are getting the best possible experience with your current consoles.

  • I didn't see it in the beard errors section of this site but, essentially what happened was I tried this multiple times went on my Xbox win 10 app, went to looking for group clicked one, joined their party and I could speak and everything was fine with the party chat but when they invited me to play sea of thieves to do the new update I was greeted with Emerald beard and I don't know how to fix. pls help.

  • Have you guys ever killed a player and they dont appear in the ferry of the dammed? Or get boarded by somebody you cant see? Is it possible to snipe through the jail of a boat? Any help would be appreciated. I think i found a bunch of cheater.

  • I’ve been using every trick in the book; I’ve done everything everyone else has done!! But for whatever dumb reason I’m never able to successfully hide on people’s ships or able to sink them or anything.

    Like, I’ve tucked in the nest but that’s proving faulty. I tried behind the map table. Of course somehow that doesn’t work either even with lights off. I can’t sneak in a rowboat, I can’t swim to a ship without being suspected (trust me it’s hard to hear mermaids when doing a fort), and I am NEVER successful with just going in guns blazing!!

    I can defend my ship just fine but I do tend to still fail. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!! I wanna try what experienced sea of thieves gamers do, but I always get caught or my plans are ruined. Every single time. I’ve never had success when trying to sneak or tuck or even just ambush on supposedly unsuspecting ships.

    This is genuinely frustrating, and I need help!

  • I know i can avoid it but lets be honest, i get up to a lot in my sessions so most of the time im either chasing or running...

    The kracken in the brigantine has been taking my solo brigantine out.

    I tried hitting the tentacle that tries to suck you up, hoping it wouldnt wrap me but it still did.

    In my efforts to fight it off (i done pretty well, got to the part it lays on the deck and almost unwrap), my ship just took too many holes where i couldnt save it alone.

    Now it will be a while until the next kracken attacks me but here is a strategy i have for next time...tell me, would this work?

    So lets say i stock up lots of planks
    As soon as the kracken spawns could i just like, stay below deck, patching and bailing, patching and bailing and patching some more until i drift out of the ink.

    Assuming it doesnt wrap the top of entrance door.
    Would i escape was if i had enough resources?

    Or do i really need to do a u-turn and just try and fight it off?

    Im just thinking if say i had lots of treasure onboard and the ship has to survive, would this potentially work of i wasnt being chased by an enemy ship?

    If not, whats the better strategy?

    I can kill these things easy in a sloop but the brigantine kracken is much stronger.

  • I know the Blackcloud can only be caught at a shipwreck in the middle of a Strom with the double bell ringing. But does anyone have any suggestions on how to try and get this. Everytime I try and get a head if the storm it ends up going the other way.

    Thank you.

  • I hoping to know if this game is open pvp?

  • You usually have a choice between solo sloop and solo brigantine.

    Whenever you sail solo what do you choose.

    Also, why do you choose this over the other?

  • I'm just curious what you all believe is the most efficient way to make money in the game? Finding it really hard to purchase the massive amount of new cosmetics as I'm not efficient when it comes to making money. Cheers.