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  • The subcategory for those more experienced pirates who have created guides and know tricks that will help you on your voyages.

  • Ahoy Maties!!!

    “Some lads have questioned what chests count for this particular commendation, so we’ve made a guide to ease your contemplation!”

    Basically these must be chests found ONLY in sunken ships. Barnacle chests found elsewhere (skelly ships and washed up on shore) do not (even if it says shipwrecked chest sold when you sell it).

    Hope you find the information helpful!

  • I have a regular crew and sail often. Times come when I'm solo and I'll dive into a Sloop or Brig for an "Open" experience.

    I see threads in the forums of players being disenchanted by the solo sloop experience. Complaints about the harshness of the seas life, the lack of compassion, the environment not being balanced.

    I call to all Legends, who love this game and want to see it grow, to Noobsloop. That's right coined a new term. You, the pro, Legend Athena 10 pirate, sailing with a noob.

    Even for 30 min while you wait for your friends to join. Take a moment to share your experience, your love for the game and pass it on. Offer guidance and share in the joy and excitement of a new player achieving a milestone.

    Personally I've enjoyed Noobslooping and there are a few streamer Legends who do this too. It doesn't always go smoothly, but if you help someone wade into these waters, it is better for all of us.

  • Ahoy Maties!!

    We made a complete guide to The Merchant Alliance. The video also shows all animal locations (snakes pigs and chickens) on the current islands! I hope you all find it helpful!

    See you on the Seas!

  • The most important point is that the time of the war is to make the business area correct and to fulfill the given tasks of the team.The second point is to keep a man on the boat, regardless of the staircase. The last point is that you are aware of the fact that people who are playing do not make fun of you in the game.
    Good games for everyone.

  • Had to make a new thread for those interested in using it as I update it and as stated in the footer: Any non released sets will be tracked offline until they are released to be added to the list officially to stay in line with the main forum rules.

    Please let me know if there is anything missing and I will go through and update it accordingly.

  • Ahoy Merchants captain Johnjah here with a Tip o the seas.

    When running plants you can either throw a single bucket of water over the plants to prevent them drying out every couple of mins or fill your ship so that the water just touches the top of the plant pot.

    If you over fill your boat whilst playing solo fill your bucket and chuck it in the air above your ship whilst it's in the air fill your bucket again with the remaining water. The air born water will splash on deck filling to the perfect level.
    Be careful not to throw the bucket overboard.

    I would like to give you the exact number of buckets required but I don't think we've ever tested it compley but 10 - 12 I would bet on.

    Add. Watch out for skellyships they be after me plants ;)

    Captain Johnjah
    Of the broken mast.

    Superbucket tm

    link text

  • Help, I am trying to get the “Legend of the Damned” commendation and have gone to every island and lit the lanterns multiple times. I’ve tried switching light color (Snake, Skeleton, etc.) and have left to a new server and gone back to that island with one of the flame of fates and nothing seems to fix this. Stuck at 11/12.

  • So normally when facing the kraken, it occasionally grabs onto your ship. Me and my crew never knew why the tentacle had so much health when grabbing. We would try emptying multiple rounds of guns and slashes into it. I have even made past seggustion posts about it in the feedback section. But just today we discovered a new kraken feature. When the kraken wraps around your ship, a small kraken head will pop up right next to your ship, going from left side to right side of the ship. In order to loose the tentacle grip, you will need to shoot that small tentacle head in the mouth a few times. This should help those of you that are having trouble with the kraken’s grip. Hope this helps. :) Stay Safe on those seas.

  • Anyone got tips on where to find mermaid statues? Or do I just sail around and hope I find one. I get one every once in a while but it seems super rare

  • I basically can't even play right now because it crashes on me so often and it didn't happen until the last update. I'm tired of losing progress because of something I can't control. My PC is updated and well over spec'd to handle this game so I don't get why it's messing up so much

  • Joined over 20 servers and couldn't find a single one

  • I’ve been playing since the game was released and I can say I’ve never had a haul stolen and have only lost 2-3 skull forts and those were to 3+ ship alliances one being a 3 galleon I’ve also been watching pace22 (Pace X) since he started streaming. I’m actually tired of watching him get away with the things he does and summit1g gets away with even more. I can’t even tell you how many ppl I’ve stopped trying to get on my ship all dressed in black that definitely was swimming for 10 minutes to even reach my boat. The “tuck” missions should happen to anyone so I’m going to just give out a few tips very simple ones we should always remember when sailing the seas.

    1. Never leave your ship unattended. So always have 1 look out always preferably with a decent headset to also listen for swimmers.
    2. Never leave your ship anchored. Sails up anchor up when stopped at a island unless you are in a storm then sails can stay so if you need to move quickly just raise the anchor. I should add basic ship strategy if you’re sails are up and anchor you can turn your cannons towards in coming enemies and always have 1 person dedicated to repairing your ship and one watching ladders and people swimming with explosives barrels with a pistol or sniper.
      3.Turning in loot. The very best way to turn in loot is to send 1 to 2 people on to the outposts before docking to turn in m. It’s kinda become a plague people setting up at out with gunpowder barrels all over the tavern at outpost so especially when turning in Athena’s chest send 1-2 people to inspect the tavern. Look on top of the entrance and right inside the door. Don’t let the time spent be wasted on outposts campers.
    3. For the love of god stop putting gunpowder barrels in ur crows nest.
    4. And last but not least if someone is chasing you galleon and brigs sails with the wind and continual try to board the enemies ship to hit their anchor and if anything else be annoying they will give up on the chase.

    I hope these few tips save some of you some time and loot. Thanks for reading.

  • Ahoy Matey's! I made a quick start guide for those who are new to the game and just want to know the basics to get them sailing.

  • I like many others played a good bit at launch, and faded off a bit to explore other games. After getting back on the seas I dont know how i ever left! theres a ton of new content and it looks like there much more on the horizon and at first it was overwhelming at first trying to piece together all that I had missed and that was new. Made a video to help people catch up from the beginning or to simply educate new pirates!

  • Hello, as title says, does anyone have a preferred location to put an athena Voyage down to get good Islands.
    Just a thought I had. I've tried crescent Isle a few times which has been OK. Any ideas would be grand, ta

  • Hi, I was wondering how to pick items per 1 out of barrels?
    I recently saw a video on youtube where someone does this but I have never seen this while playing the game or is this a removed feature?

    I always have to open the barrel and then click for example planks and I immediately get 5 in my inventory. But in this video they get 1 plank per push on the 'F' button.
    Is there a way to enable this?
    alt text

  • Anybody know what's the preferred thing to do for this company? I have 50 on the other two and i'm 46 on OoS but it feels so sluggish compared to the others, villanious skulls barely give any reputation and aside from captains/strongholds they're the highest ones. Is there any certain zone I should be or voyage type I need to level this up faster? It feels so depressing to turn in 5-10 villainous skulls and my bar has barely nudged.

    At least for Gold Hoarders and Merchant there's an abundance of items to help you level whereas with skulls there aren't many so it seems weird that it goes by sooooo slow

  • Ahoy Maties! I’m new to the forums and and excited to share experiences here and hopefully see y’all out on the sea! We had a pretty epic night recently and had a perfect Galleon take-down. Check it out!

  • Anybody out here looking for a home crew we’re looking for just one on a regular basis we’re English language and aren’t bilingual sorry no offense but we are 2 legends and 1 up and coming don’t matter you level just be into the game period hope to see one on the sea, cheers 🍻

  • How many ashen athenas does it take to get to level 10?

  • Does it spawn under water or washed up on islands any info would be great has im still yet to find it

  • If you havent read the Sea of Dummies PT1 go there first then come back :)
    PART 1


    In Sea of Thieves, there are 3 main factions with 50 levels each, for you to fulfill by handing in loot, gaining gold and Reputaion (exp).
    The factions consist of; Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance and The Order of Souls. It is with any one of these three "Traders" located at each outpost that you will be buying voyages from, and selling off the loot you have recived.

    Each of the tradors are very distinguishable from other shops mostly with the appearance of their buildings.

    The Gold hoarder is located at the green canvas tents with yellow keys painted on the tent walls. The NPC trader stands in the opening of the tent,

    The Oder of Souls is located underneath the stilted building, with the small fenced off plot. Within the purple cloth hanging from under the building you will find the NPC trader.

    The Merchan Alliance Tent is located on the main dock of every outpost, adjacent to the shipwrite. Its identifiable by the triangle shade cloth over a "crude" map of the world and a  flat globe. The NPC trader is easily visible under the shade cloth.


    voyages consist of riddles and treasure maps. Once voted in, your voyage will pick one or more random islands, near and far, relative to your location, and provide you with either a riddle or an "X Mark's the spot" treasure map.
    A riddle will consist of 2 - 4 lines of clues. The first will be visible immediately, telling you the name of the island required, while the rest are smudged out, and reveal as the previous clue is solved. You will be asked to locate various landmarks on the island requested, and perform one of 3 actions;

    -Raise lanturn
    -hold up the riddle paper
    -Play an instrument

    This will reveal the next lines untill you reach the final line. This will the ask you to walk "x" number of paces is a compass direction. These paces can be counted when walking while holding up your compass. Dig with your shovel when the required distance is reached, if you followed the clues accurately you will hear a "Clunk" as your shovel buries into the ground. Continue to dig till the chest is available to pick up. There is a chance of up to 5 skeletons spawning once you have found the chest. You must fight them off to continue digging.

    The X Mark's the spot maps will show you a topographical image of the island required without revealing to you the islands name. Find this island on the map table to set your destination.
    Apon arriving to the requested island you must now begin analyzing landmarks like trees, rocks or even the islands beaches and edges to pinpoint the location of the chest.
    Matching visible land forms on the map near the displayed red "X", with what you can see in your surroundings such as an area of grass half way between a large tree and a rock,
    Now that your search field has narrowed, there comes a small element of guessing as you try to pinpoint the exact chest location digging around in between the tree and rock. If you find the chest location your shovel will make a "Clunck" noice as you tap the chest in the ground. Continue to dig till the chest becomes available to pick up.
    There is a chance of up to 5 skeletons spawning once you have found the chest, you must fight them off to continue digging.

    Gold hordes has 5 chest types for you to find, that bring different values of gold and reputaion based on what item you cash in. Gold received ranges between a specific threshold allocated with each chest,
    The Reputation recieved is a fixed value, based only on what chest is handed. It does not differ based on the gold value gained by the item sold. 2 of the same chest type have identical reputation value.

    The value order is as follows, (Reputation is not tracked through a counter and so it's not recorded below)

    -Skeleton Captain's

    Cursed chests
    There are currently 2 cursed chest types in the sea if thieves. These chests of the highest value, have a unique characteristic that must be overcome or maintained.

    The Chest of a Thousand Grogs will afflict its carrier with drunkenness for a long as it is carried. Your Pirate will be at his most disorderly state as you carry the chest to and from your boat. Playing a groggy "Way-hey up she rises" you will sway left and right as you try to walk with it in possession.
    It can be found through gold hoarder voyages and random spawn locations through out the map.

    The Chest of Sorrows, unlike the Chest of a Thousand Grogs. The Chest of Sorrows does not effect the player. This chest will begin to Cry, filling your boat with water and if you do not maintain the water intake, it will sink your boat.
    The Cry will last for a duration that depends on the size of your boat. They can be found through Gold Hauder voyages or at random spawn locations throughout the map.

    voyages consist of Merchant Contract orders and Cargo Deliveries.

    Contract orders are a scavenger hunt, it requires you to locate the items from the list around the map such as pigs, chickens or powder kegs, and take them to the requested outpost for delivery before the contract expires.
    Once you have voted on the voyage table, a voyage will appear in your Voyage radial. You will be given an order list of powderkegs and various animals to follow.
    For this voyage, a selection of empty crates will become available to collect from the Merchant Alliance vendor. These items are used to catch and contain the animals you have been asked to gather.
    There a three animal types, each with 4  different colours and values. Each animal has a care requirement that must be met for a successful delivery. These are as follows;

    -Chickens: Just Noisy, all you have to do is tolerate the sound of the chicken in the cages. They have no special requirement to keep them alive, besides keeping them safe from attack.

    -White Feathered
    -Red and White Speckled
    -Black Plumed
    -Golden Feathered

    -Pigs: Must be fed a banana when it is hungry. Too long under and the pig will die, you will then have to locate and collect another pig. When the pig needs to be fed, it will sit, with its ears lowered slightly and it will cry quite loudly. Approach the front of the cage with an equipted banana, and hold your "primary interact" button to feed the pick, if successful the pig will stop crying and stand back up inside the cage.

    -Pink Bristled
    -Pink and Black Spotted
    -Black Coated
    -Golden Striped

    -Snakes: Are aggressive and tend to be hard to see. Draw too near and the snake will begin to "Hiss" and face you as it raises it head and flattens its neck, ready to spit poison at you. This will decrease visibility and deal a small impact damage which will continue to do a small amount of damage over time.
    You must play music from your instrument to put the snake into a dancing trance, giving you a window to catch and carry the snake safely untill its trance is broken, where you will need to play music again. Another crew member can play music for you to avoid stopping. Take care for where you store your snakes on the Boat, Do not place them near other caged animals. It will kill them.

    -Blue Dappled
    -Red Striped
    -Black Scale

    -Gunpowder Kegs: These are readily available on all forts and strongholds, and in random spawn locations on all islands of the map. Powder kegs are mostly used as an explosive solution to a pesky pirate vessel, but, from time to time they are asked for in Merchant Order contracts.
    They are very volatile and need to be stored thoughtfully to avoid explosions at sea. The crows nest is usually the most ideal location.

    Animal cages can also be found in various spawn locations around the map. These can be used to catch and deliver animals at any outpost merchant alliance trader, without the need for an order. HOWEVER, you only receive 10% of the values above, powder kegs are likewise.

    Cargo Runs
    With Cargo Deliveries, you are requested to transport delicate goods, safely from one NPC to another. Each item has a care requirement that must be met to maintain its prime condition untill it is delivered to the asked for location, eg. If a Cloth Crate gets wet, it will begin to damage the item, decreasing its overall value from 350g down to a minimum 50g. All cargo items follow the same set price and decrease rate.
    Once voted on the voyage table, an order will appear in your voyage radial. This will tell you how many items to collect, who to collect them from and at what Island they are located.

    Each NPC has been given a name that reflects the shop they operate, with the first letter of every name matching the name of their shop.

    Female names beginning with;

    • M for The Merchant Alliance Trader
    • O for the Order of Souls Trader (Not involved with cargo)
    • S for the ShipWrite Trader
    • T for the Tavern ladies.
    • W for the Weapon Smith.

    Male names beginning with;

    • C for the Clothing shop
    • H for Gold Hauder trader (Not involved with Cargo)
    • T for the Tools or equipment shop

    From these NPCs (GH and OoS not inclusive), you will be asked to pick up and/or deliver 1 or more, of these 3 different types of cargo.

    • Rum Bottles; will break if shaken or your boat takes damages. They can be stored anywhere you see fit
    • Crate of Luxurious Cloth; Must stay dry to keep its value. Shelter the cloth from the rain and away from any water intake of your boat.
    • Plants; are the contrary to Cloth, and must stay wet in order to maintain its value. Putting water in the bottom of your boat, half a barrel high, is plenty to keep your plant healthy.

    voyages consist of Skeleton Pirate Bounty Contracts. This voyage type will require you to locate and kill up to 4 boss skeletons per contract.
    Once you have voted on your voyage table, you will now have 1 or more Contracts in your voyage radial. On these papers you will notice images of the Skeleton Bosses type and the island location they will be.

    When you arrive at the requested island you will have to look around for their location. This could be anywhere from diwn on the beaches to up high on the cliffs, even underground in caves. If you are drawing near, a combat music will fade in, and gradually get louder as you get closer.
    When you find them you will see the first wave, already surfaced and walking around, waiting for a pirate to approach. You will have to begin fighting through waves of various skeleton types, numbers and wields to promote the Bosses to show them selves. They will begin attacking the immediate moment you are in agro range and they see or hear you. Skeletons can get very hard as you progress. so it is vital to be prepared.

    Remember this important guide to Skeletons for your best chances

    The skeleton scourge

    They look alot tamer then their nature, in truth they are savage, mindless, increadably tenacious and cunning.
    Expert swordsman with unlimited bananas and unlimited shots sharper then their cutlass, great in numbers and oblivious to pain, they will cut down the even the most experienced sailors if given the chance and the powder kegs will clean up anything thats left of you.
    Lighting the fuse and running straight for you, best drop anything you are carrying and run for your life or meet a misty end.

    So next time you take on the skeleton scourge, and you do not have the advantage of cannon support, remember these important points that I have comprised through many game years of research gathered over many more encounters during my times as a pirate.

    The infomation that follows this paragraph is collected from the current skeleton build. This data is susceptible to change, as skeletons tend to get reworked from time to time and may adapt behaviours not currently available to record.
    That in mind I present to you


    Skeleton difficulty varies depending on the voyage level and number of players on the island. Treat all skeletons as an immediate threat untill difficulty is apparent. When in large numbers even the weakest of skeletons will kill you fast. SO...

    Staying back is essential. It is the cornerstone to buying time to access the situation, ie skeleton type, location, what they wield and what of your surroundings you can utilize.

    Your environment can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are well aware of your surroundings, you are much less likely to find youself being slapped off a cliff by a charged attack or Eye of Reach. So always take in what's around you, look for cover points from Gunmen and bottlenecks to force skeles into tight areas. This will keep them grouped for spreading damage and also help prevent them surrounding you.
    The occasional powderkeg will be available aswell so be sure to look out for them too.

    Keep your health up, keep your bananas up. With Rule #3 you will see, supply barrels will be around you to find. when ever possible or you feel it's safe to do so. Check for bananas, ALWAYS.

    Two swords are better then one, but all will live with four. Grouping up is a must, the combined damage will cut threw the numbers fast. Unless there is a well planned strategy that requires splitting up. STAY TOGETHER!
    When you die off.. wait to regroup and restock before going back in to the fight.

    Skeletons with guns deal all the major damage, so it is important that you remove them from the fight as soon as possible.
    The melee skeletons will pursue you to keep your focus on them, so the gunners can burn you down FAST. Ignore the aggression of the melee skeletons, they are not the main threat, direct your focus on what is killing you.

    Think before you act. Every action you make must be executed with caution. Eating a banana, charging a heavy attack, running for ammo or even your life require the right moment. Any of these moves made at the wrong time will diminish your advantage, your choices MUST be made with commitment. Hesitation or second thoughts leaves you open and vulnerable.

    I saved this one till last, but it is of all the most important. Maintain your composure, skeletons are the most rage inducing AI threat you can currently come across in Sea Of Thieves, they will make you angry, frustrated, even upset. Dying sucks and degrades moral. So try your best to keep calm and collected when heading to the Ferry. It's hard I know, believe me. But if you follow these BASIC rules, you will have a much nicer time cutting the the boney scourge of the seas.

    Skeleton types.

    Resists: N/A
    Weakness: N/A

    this is the default skeleton type that spawn randomly on islands (Ambient), or in colour based outfits ie, BLUE head gear and/or eye patch when for an Order of Souls contracts.
    They have no special traits or prerequisite task to take down. it's just out right bones, so swing, chop and shoot to your hearts content. The color of their clothing signifies difficulty, this table will be covered later.

    Resists: explosives, Guns.
    Weakness: Cutlass

    The jungle skeletons are the easiest of the special skeleton types, as they take +50% damage from cutlass, however damage is equaly reduced for guns, cannons and explosives, (though cannons and PKs are still effective).
    They also heal in water. You know this is occurring when the plants that course through their hollow bodies brighten in color and a green twinkling dust will raise above their heads. Using the knock back of your EoR, the 3rd strike or lunge with the cutlass, to guide them out of the water, even running for drier land (tho this may risk losing agro, and they wont follow you)

    Resists: Cutlass
    Weakness: Water, Guns, explosives.

    The Metal or golden skeletons are heavy and solid. They move slowly and in contrary to the jungle skeletons, they are almost immune to cutlass, taking nearly no damage and preventing combos as your sword will ricochet.
    The have a dire weakness to water, which increases damage taken. Walk them into ponds, the waterfronts or throw buckets of water. If 25% submerged or the bucket hits its target, the skeletons will appear to rust, you will hear creaking metal and flakes of rust will drip from them.
    This means they are weaker and the time to strike is now. This effect will ware off if they dont stay wet.
    Best strategy it's to group them up in a body of water then use cannons or explosives where available to annialate the wave in one action. Otherwise blunderbuss point blank will take them out one by one. If there no water to utilize a well placed powder keg will do the trick, but be sure to keep them together.

    Resists: immune to damage at night.
    Weakness: The Sun, Lanterns.

    Shade skeletons are potentially the most of a nuisance, as during the night, they wont take damage untill you "Light them up" with your lanturn to make them solid. They remain "Ghost" untill this is done, you will know a success full lanturn shine when the skeleton stops and reacts to the light before pursuing you again.
    For the about the next 15 seconds they will be solid and suseptable to attack, this will ware off before you need to light them up again. They do not have a whole lot of health, you can kill them quickly, just remember to keep your lanturn ready, once the great eyes gain a smoke and their body will leak a black mist. This means they returned to ghost form and need a lanturn again to continue delivering damage. With a larger crew. Have on member keep a lanturn up permanently while you protect him, ensuring that the skeletons in reach are always goin to take damage.
    Their reaction to the light can also be used as a stun to get in close to the gunmen shades.

    Powder keg skelies.
    Resists: Varies
    Weakness: Varies

    Powderkegs skeletons are a type in their own.
    They move slower then most skeletons, unless you draw too near and they light their fuse. When they do this they move faster, and cannot be out run while carrying something like a chest or crate. Only when empty handed can you out run them and if you get away soon enough the skeleton will extinguish his fuse.
    Best to take them out from a far with a flintlock or EoR.
    After taking it out, stay vigilant, as they spawn regularly and in cases, high numbers.
    With a skull fort or OoS the type of skeleton that carry the kegs will vary depending on the wave. This is usually on no factor unless the keg is carried by a Shade Skeleton at night. If a lanturn is not used, the Keg will explode with no effect on the skeleton(s)

    Skeleton Captains.

    Skeleton Captains are the Main Bosses at the final of the skeleton waves, these are the skeletons depicted on the voyage contract, which displays the Captain or Crew (covered next) name and type.
    They are distinguishable by their body items, such as clothes or plants, being fuller and more detailed then others. Ie; more clothing items or leaves and flowers for the plant type.
    They also have their Names displayed in RED above their heads.

    Skeleton Crew members.

    These skeletons are just like skeleton captains they have a RED name above their heads, only they do not contain the word "Captain", they appear on the voyage contracts with the type that they will be.
    They are slightly weaker then captains and do not have the extra outfit items or details. They appear as a regular skeleton body model, corresponding to their type.

    OoS Loot Stats to be added here.


    Run down
    Your boat is the largest and most important tool on the Sea Of Thieves. Everything you do to progress through the game is dependent on your boat staying afloat.
    Without it you cannot travel great distances efficiently, nor transport loot securely or retain your supply of resources. It is also your respawn location when returning from the Ferry of the Damned. If your boat has been sunk for what ever reason, it will respawn at an island somewhere on the map, leaving behind any loot or crates on board to float in the sea. It will remain there for a period of time before sinking to despawn, giving you a small window to bring your boat back and retrieve it, although it's unlikely.

    The distance your boat will respawn from where it was sunk, depends on the cause of the sinking. Personal error, environmental involvement, or skeleton cannons, your boat can respawn up to 5 islands away. On the other hand, If your boat was sunk by another crew, or your crew voted to scuttle, your boat can respawn up to 10 islands away.

    operating a vessel requires work and co operation (for larger vessels). There are 4 tasks that need to be performed; (these can be done at any time, on any boat, no matter who owns it)

    -Raising and lowering anchor, to secure your boat to its position, and turning the boat around quickly. Press "Primary interact" at a vacant handle and walk forward to turn the capstan and begin raising the anchor, once a full rotation is complete, your anchor will be raised and your boat will be free to move. Hold "primary interact" button at a raised anchor, to drop it.

    -Raising and lowering sails to govern speed/acceleration. Each boat has it's own set of sails to catch the wind and propel the boat forward, lifting and lowering the sails to different lengths will cause your boat to accelerate or decelerate. eg, The lower the sails the faster you will go, raise the sails completely to slowly come to a stop.

    -Trimming/rotating the sails is used to fill or empty the sails. When sailing, having the sails down will get you moving, but you must also rotate the sails and catch the wind to reach maximum speed at "Full Billow" (this is when the sails have caught the maximum amount of wind) your boat will move as fast as the wind will allow.

    -The helm is where you control the rudder and Steer the boat to avoid obstacles and maintain your course barings. Turning the boat around can take quite a bit of time, esspecially with larger boats. So it's important to slow down or even stop completely, for a tightened turn circle. The anchor can also be used to yank your boat the direction you have the wheel turned to. The further the wheel is turned, the further your boat will swing when the anchor drops, make sure to straighten your wheel and raise anchor immediately to get moving again as soon as possible.

    These are the 4 main tasks that need to be managed in order to sail efficiantly. The larger your crew is, the faster you can perform these tasks, by having 2 or more crew help perform the same task. (This does not include operating the helm as steering is primarily a solo task)
    eg; All four crew members of a galleon will raise a anchor 4× faster then One crew member.


    Sea Of Thieves currently has 3 boats of various sizes available for you to use. Each boat type has a crew limit depending on the selected boat type;

    -Sloop (crew: 1-2); this One mast yacht has a 15 Pace, half canopy deck, with elevated helm and rear mount capstan, all on top of inner hull storage.
    Singular port and starboard cannons with two cannonnball barrels on deck.
    Its the smallest and most fragile to impacts of the three boats. But, at the sacrifice of maximum speed it has the greatest maneuvering capabilities, with a 1 rotation helm and the fastest mechanism operation speeds (MOS). It can be sailed alone with little loss to vessel performance. It also has the highest speed when facing directly up wind.

    -Brigantine (crew: 1-3); this two mast yacht has a 20 Pace, bowed deck (set low) and a forward mount capstan with full down deck cabin and storage.
    Twin port and starboard cannons with three cannonball barrels below deck
    It's the middle sized vessel with moderate damage tolerance and moderate maneuvering capabilities, with a 1.5 rotation helm and medium MOS.
    It holds the fastest, maximum sail speed to date. Little speed when facing directly up wind.

    -Galleon (crew: 1-4); This Large 3 mast war-yacht is the largest and most sluggish of the three boats.
    It has a 35 Pace deck with elevated helm and forward mount capstan. A full-cab Captains Quarters and a down deck opperations level with a lower, inner hull storage.
    It holds 4 port and starboard cannons with cannonball barrels on the down deck.
    As the second fastest and most durable vessel it's the hardest to maneuver with a 2 rotation helm and the lowest MOS. It is the strongest and most tolerant vessel available to use, when operating under a full crew of efficiant sailors. Although it has the slowest sailing speeds when facing into the wind.

    These are the three boat types to keep in mind when building a crew. It is important that the number of players you have in your crew corresponds well with the size of boat you choose.
    A boat that is under manned will have a lesser advantage over a vessel with a full crew, this applies to any boat comparison.
    For eg; a sloop will 2 men will be stronger and more capable then a galleon with 3 men, as the galleon only has 75% of its crew strength while the sloop is at 100%. Provided the sloop has adequate crew skill, it can utilize this advantage.

    Infomation continues in into:
    PART 3

    Thank you for reading :)
    I hope this helps you in your journey to legend.

    a little sailing background
    My Name is Nathan. (GT Nayfe pacewell)
    PL achieved: June 25 2018.
    Current total dist sailed(kms): 10,127km

  • If you havent read the Sea of Dummies PT1 or PT2 go there first then come back :)


    The Water, in Sea Of Thieves is amazing, the thought and detail put into the way it moves and acts is commendable at the absolute least. Its beautiful and majestic, RICH with sealife and amazing underwater visuals. While your sailing at full billow with the current in your back, gliding so smoothly across the crystal blue, it's easy to forget that the sea is also, extremely dangerous.

    While your out sailing on your adventures, you will more then likely fall in love with the ocean, as I did.
    But in Sea Of Thieves there are more then just pretty sights, on and under the waves.
    GIANT threats, that you must always be ready for, when sailing on the deep waters lurk and stalk those at sea.

    -The Storm

    -The Megalodons (Megan, Meg)

    -Skeleton Galleons

    -Other players


    -The KRAKEN (Karren)

    These FIVE main encounters, are what you will come across on your adventures at one point or another. When you find your self face to face with a Megalodon or the storm, it is important to know what to do. They can ruin your day quickly when given the chance, esspecially the Kraken.

    First off...


    The Storm in Sea of Thieves is an ever present, mushroom shaped, supercell. Following no specific pathway or route, it floats aimlessly over island and ocean making a hard time for anything beneath it.

    You dont want to be in one...

    Although it's slow moving and not too hard to dodge, it covers a rather large area on the map and in order to avoid it you need a bit of pre-action and some prediction.

    If you find yourself unlucky enough to be in its path, whether your voyage leads into it, or it's already too late. The first thing you will notice are;

    The Clouds

    The clouds will tell you where the storm is, by looking for the BIG mushroom shaped cloud with flashes of blue within it, that can be seen at all times from anywhere on the map. As it gets closer, you will start to see the misty rain, hammering down beneath the storm cloud and the big outer rings that circle around the center.

    The outer rings of the storm are basically your warning signals. If the outermost ring is above your head, you have time to quickly rap up on the island and move on, as you get under the inner ring, it's time to move else it will be too late to get out of it's way it will  then start raining gently, this signifies that you are really close to the center area, where it gets the most torrential. You must move or change course IMMEDIATELY.

    The Rain

    The rain of the storm will start falling at around the inner ring clouds and gets gradually heavier, the closer you are to the storms center, untill you end up in so much rain.. you cant see a thing. It fills your boat with water slowly and sink it if you dont keep the water levels down so if your in any sort of rain, keep your bucket handy.

    The Center

    The Storms center is the most dangerous part. Rain is too thick to see the sun through, Waves higher then Galleons, lightning strikes all around you, even the current of the sea will fight you for wheel control, pulling you left and right steering your vessel in wild loops like your spinning compass thats giving you no bearings. Your boat takes damages in the huge waves as the storm rattles the hull.

    You must keep up repairs, bucket water, and hold the wheel steady to get through to the other side. If you can do this, at night without ANY lanterns on, you will receive an achievement.

    All in all, from my perspective.
    "A good sailor can sail through the storm, but the best avoid it."



    a long-bodied chiefly marine fish with, 3 prominent dorsal fins and scarred skin in a variety of 5 colours. All Megalodons are predators to Pirates, although the 5 kinds tend to feed on wood, paint and human despair.

    The Megalodons of Sea Of Thieves are the giant sharks that stalk, circle and attack any vessel it chooses, they are also the most common "spawn-in" encounter (skeleton ship spawns are less common, Krakens are the LEAST common.)
    They come in 5 different colours each with their own rarities and commendations, they also drop loot for a successful defeat and its generally something for each faction.

    The colours and names are as follows, in order of rarity;

    -The Hungering One (Blue, glow: blue)

    -Shadow Maw (Black, Red glow: red)

    -The Crested Queen (Purple glow: purple)

    -The Ancient Terror (Dark Green, yellow glow: yellow)

    -The Shrouded Ghost (White/Grey glow: Pink/Orange)

    The loot they drop is valued based on rarity, so the higher the rarity, the higher chance on more valuable loot items. The megalodons can drop almost anything trinkets, castaways chests, Devils Roar goods, stronghold chest and skulls, even Skeleton Captain's items, when defeated.
    (No Mystery box has appeared form them yet, sorry guys)

    Their difficulty also varies based on the ships CAPABLE crew size. (so one man on a galleon will take on a shark fit for 4 men).
    So when it comes to facing off with a megalodon you basically have 2 options;

    Your first option is..


    The megalodon will generally chase you almost anywhere you go, but land. You can escape the Megalodon EASILY by just running a long way and fight her off the whole time.
    But the repetitive, near passing of large land forms like islands or big rocks will help it happen quicker.

    Passing near rocks and islands will make her disengage for the duration that your boat is in island radius, she will return, even if you wait on land for a while. (you may even see her lurking in the deep waters of the islands surrounds.)
    So pass land a few times to keep her off you, she will end up leaving completely after a short while, so keep sailing close to land till she stops popping up again.

    Then you have option two...



    Fighting the megalodon is not as 'Jason Statham' as it sounds, (its in fact cooler coz cannons) but it can be quite hard to do without the correct knowledge, despite the Megalodons being the "simplest" fight.

    She will circle your boat at different distances, speeds, directions and depths, at times even diving completely in attempts to hide briefly, but you dont necessarily need to see her to damage her. You can Damage The Beast with any weapon, whether it be Guns or sword, though cannons are most effective.

    To take her down you will need 16-21 cannonballs to defeat the megalodon on a sloop, and up to 30-40 on Brig and galleon (Gun fire on top will reduce this number)
    With your anchor up, you can steer your boat to keep her in sight of cannons for longer before needing to switch sides. Use guns when you cant use cannons

    If you're really intuitive and judge her next lap right, you can even set up a powder keg for her to run into as she circles back around.


    Unlike the Kraken and Skeleton ships, Megan only has the one attack method, "The Bite"
    which deals damage based on ship type:

    Sloop 2-4 holes

    Brigantine 3-6 holes

    Galleon 5-7 holes

    This attack will also deal damage to any pirate on deck, not quick enough the escape the jaws. The best way to avoid damage to your pirate during a bite, is to be below deck.
    You will not take any damage at all, so long as you are WITHIN the boat hull even if your right in the area she bites. This, I have found to be the most idea reaction, (esspecially solo) because you are already below deck to begin repairs immediately.

    If you are of the more HEROIC kind of Pirate, and aren't afraid of a couple teeth. Then with the right angle for cannons, you can DEFLECT a bite if you put enought rounds into its mouth. She will then alternatively "Nudge" your boat with her dorsal fin, dealing only one hole of damage on any vessel.

    This is great for saving resources tho it will take some practice to get it right, guns also work to deflect but much less effective.


    Players are not the only ones who sail the Sea Of Thieves in search for bountiful plunder. There is another vessel you may have noticed roaming about on the water, The Skeleton Galleons.
    These large, well lit Boats with blue and green lights situated up the tall, crooked masts draped with torn, windless sails, are not aggressive in nature, unless you (or they) draw too near (ship, row or swim) or if you fire on them with a regular cannonball. They will also spawn at random times beside your vessel, though not as frequently as the Megalodon. When they spawn they will engage almost immediately with both regular cannonballs, and a cursed cannonball that will differ with each ship.
    Each skeleton ship has a small amount of loot on board, (Spawned ones generaly hold more) this can vary from many loot values and types but you will almost always get a little something for your efforts.


    Fighting Skeleton Galleons, like most things in sea of thieves, is hard at first, and though doable, not ideal solo, they have ALOT of firepower and they wont let up just because your alone. So before you take on your first Skeleton Ship, make sure your ready to take a hammering.
    As you engage the key thing to know, is that the skeletons do not bail water. Any water that gets in, stays in till they despawn or you sink them, even with water from your BUCKET. With that said, it's time to attack.


    You can attack a skeleton ship in more ways then one. Cannons work but, they are only so effective, you may find yourself using a significant amount of ammo, before you start to even see them low in the water so spare your shots for opportunistic moments, like when a Pirate is on board preventing repairs, and use CCBs (Cursed Cannonballs). Cannons work best with strategical use of Cursed Cannonballs to help with getting on board, silencing their cannons to ease some pressure or stopping repairs for a short time. So it would be a good idea to collect as many as you can muster.

    Helmsman Elite

    The way you sail your ship in any naval combat situation, is a major component when fighting Skeleton Galleons. Knowing where to sail for that perfect ram set up or how to get your boat out of cannon sight, how fast you need to be moving and at what times, all these things are very important. You also have to know how the skeleton ship will react to you, as you manoeuvr.
    The decisions made on the helm will make or break the battle and it's important to make use of ALL of your boats abilities, communicate with your crew and keep your boat opperating at its fullest.


    The purpose of boarding the Skeleton Boat, is to prevent the skeletons on board from repairing and what not, this makes for a steady sink. When getting ready to board a Skeleton Boat, the first step will be getting the correct line up. The Skeleton galleon can move turn and pivot at random, and in an almost unpredictable manner and a poorly planned boarding attempt will have you left bobbing around in the water. The best way, that I have found with getting on board is to have your boat ram them, but you can use the traditional method of boarding from the water using the ladder.
    Your boarding crew mate, ideally, should have a gunpowder keg with him to set off some where on the boat, the powderkegs are EXTREMELY effective! You mostly need only the one per ship. So if you going hunting for a few of these Galleons, get a nice count of Powderkegs before hand.

    When you eventually do get on board be prepared for heavy resistance the skeletons on board number in the double digits and atleast half are armed with cutlass and blunderbuss so take bananas! the skeleton ship does have a banana barrel, but never many to provide. The barrel is located at the front of the galleon, (where the ammo box would be on a player galleon). You will have skeletons spawning infinitely trying to repair and fight you off.

    on the bottom deck, at the front of the Skeleton Galleon, is the boats brig. This is an excellent vantage point to bottleneck the skeletons, you can defend a single hole inside there also.


    After a while, I'm sure you will have no problems taking them down.
    However, if you find yourself in a situation where you know you can't win, or plain just dont want to fight, then there are a few things you can do to get them off your booty. (Pardon the pun).

    CCBs(Cursed cannonballs)

    Use Anchorballs or Riggingballs, to repetitively slow them down till you leave the zone, though you will need have a nice number (3-5) due to the size of the zone they will chace you through. Each time the curse wares off and the begin to chace you again, hit them with another one, once in range of cannons.


    Skeleton Galleons are cumbersome, they crash into things like rocks, sandbars, even docks, often. So navigating through dense obstacles, "leeshing" them into islands etc, will force them to steer away at the very least. After a while fall to far behind when getting wedged on land, or even sink from the damages.


    If you've got nothing to lose, no resources or what not. Theres always the option to scuttle your boat. Works every time.

    GOT 'EM!

    When you successfully sink a Skeleton Vessel, you will hear the same sound as any other boat that signifies it's gone. (Anyone still on board the skeleton ship, may have a little difficulty getting out of the hull, as you have no buoyancy inside a sinking skeleton ship)

    As The Skeleton Ship sinks, it will drift forward for some distance before Despawning into Davey Jones' Locker, and releasing the loot for you to collect. (So be sure to look for your loot, a short distance ahead of where the SkeletinShip was initially defeated)

    if you have the opportunity to get your boat ahead of the sinking vessel, you can block the skeleton boat from drifting too far away. This is usefull in a galleon as the take more effort to reposition


    Was written up and released in an earlier post, through my work with OTMreports,

    Link is here:


    Thank you for reading :)
    I hope this helps you in your journey to legend.

    a little sailing background
    My Name is Nathan. (GT Nayfe pacewell)
    PL achieved: June 25 2018.
    Current total dist sailed(kms): 10,127km

  • New Reloadtimes:

    • Pistol: ~2,5s
    • Blunderbuss: ~3,0s
    • Eye of Reach: ~3,5s

    Old Reloadtimes:

    • Pistol: ~3,0s
    • Blunderbuss: ~3,0s
    • Eye of Reach: ~4,0s

    Data were collected manually with a stopwatch. T_0 = First shot fired. T_x = Second shot fired.

    New Weapon Damage:

    • Pistol: 50% (knockback removed)
    • Blunderbuss: 10% per pellet / 10 pellets per shot (knockback)
    • Eye of Reach: 70% (changed from 80% ; knockback removed)
    • Cutlass normal swing: 20% (knockback after 3xhit-combo)
    • Cutlass charged: 50% (knockback)
  • I play a lot of open crews with newer and experienced players and i noticed that almost everyone of them didn't know how to get the Kraken off of the ship. I didn't think it was that uncommon knowledge but ill quickly explain it here for anyone that already doesn't know.

    If you want to get the Kraken off of your ship, do not attack the tentacle that has wrapped your ship. What you should do, is attack the head of that tentacle. The head will usually spawn on the left or right side of the ship and will have its mouth open. It will be quite close to the ship and it will be a little shorter the the other tentacles as it is extended around your ship. After you shoot it a few times with your gun or with a cannonball it will retreat back into the water and it will show up on the other side of the ship (sometimes it shows up on the same side). it will do this a few times before letting go of your ship, if you do this efficiently it should get off your ship in under a minute. Sometimes it will lay its head on the ship which you can proceed to hit it with your sword. The reason people get confused is because if you leave the Kraken on your ship, it will eventually get off anyway but if you attack the head, it will get off a lot faster

  • I can’t seem to get the ancient terror or the shrouded ghost my buddy and I can’t seem to figure out where they would most likely be if anyone can share what they look like and we’re to find them that would be a huge help

  • Festival of the Damned – Beacon Locations

    Below you will find out where to find all the beacons for the Bilge Rat Adventure.

    The Ancient Isles

    Crook’s Hollow
    Devil’s Ridge
    Plunder Valley

    The Shores of Plenty

    Cannon Cove
    Smuggler’s Bay
    Mermaid’s Hideaway

    The WIlds

    The Crooked Masts
    Kraken’s Fall
    Marauder’s Arch

    Devil’s Roar

    Fetcher’s Rest
    Ruby’s Fall
    The Devil’s Thirst

  • If you leave your ship anchored with the sails down does it create holes? I left my sloop off a small island for only a minute or two with the anchor and sails down. My intention was to get off quick without taking time to raise sails. Next think I know my bow is up in the air and my boat is sinking. Is this new? I was under the impression you could have both down. (I didn't hit anything on my voyage, go through a storm or get shot)

  • When I play on Xbox One and enter a party chat, then other players in the world cannot hear me; only my party chat crew mate can. If I switch from party chat to game chat, then everyone can hear me. Right?

    However, when I play on Windows 10 and enter a party chat via the Xbox app, it seems that both my crew mate in the same party chat can hear me but so can other players in the world. To make it like Xbox One, do I need to turn on "Push to Talk"?

    Also, how does Push to Talk work--like, which button do I push to talk and do I have to hold it down like a CB radio, or is it a toggle turn on/off?

  • Sword Slash
    Press attack quickly up to 3x (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: attacking and doing damage quickly in close-range; after 1st and 2nd hit (on anything) 3rd hit knocks back the opponent, even on block.
    "I'm going to cut you!"

    Evasive Jump
    Jump in any direction.
    Useful for: confusing foes and manuevering around obstacles.
    "You can't catch me!"

    Defensive Block
    Press and hold block.
    Useful for: blocking melee attacks from the front and setting up for advanced techniques.
    "You can't touch this!"

    Sword Charge
    Press and hold attack (50d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage to a target; 2-second cool-down on a miss.

    Sword Surf
    Hold attack while standing in waist-deep water or upon ledges.
    Useful for: moving to/from shore; boarding enemy vessels; long-jumping off cliffs into water.
    "Smooth, like a skipping stone over water."

    Defensive Dodge
    Block while moving in any direction, and jump.
    Useful for: getting out of the way or getting closer; jumping through an opponent's otherwise impassable space.
    "Over here! Over there! Ha ha ha!"

    Running Slash
    Block while moving in any direction, and press attack (1h=20d/2h=40d/3h=60d).
    Useful for: getting around obstacles, an opponent's block, or for hitting multiple foes; can be chained into a 3-hit combo; increases speed and reach during the initial attack.
    "And step, and cut..."

    Extended Charge
    Block while moving in any direction, hold attack, and then jump during beginning of lunge (1h=50d).
    Useful for: damaging opponent from above and crossing them up; requires good timing on jump; allows for additional movement during the hold portion of the charge; 2-second cool-down on a miss; additional options available during cool-down period (e.g., block and slash).

    Firearm Quickdraw
    While blocking, switch weapons and press attack.
    Useful for: doing quick damage against an overly aggressive opponent; a pirate's riposte.

    Double Tap
    With 2 firearms equipped, fire one, immediately switch to the other, and fire again (2h=100d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage relatively quickly from a distance; has a long recovery, so don't miss; useless against multiple pirates.
    "Bang, bang!"

    Blind Snipe
    Attack with eye of reach without aiming in close-range (1h=80d).
    Useful for: doing massive damage up close with a long-range weapon; not very accurate.
    "Aiming? Please..."

    Blunder Blast
    Fire the blunderbuss at point-blank range against an opponent (1h=100d).
    Useful for: instant kills and repelling boarders; weak at mid- to long-range.
    "Want to be holier than thou?"

    Bite This!
    When a shark charges to bite you, block with your sword just as it chomps.
    Useful for: not getting eaten alive by hungry sharks; requires precise timing; does not work against megalodons.
    "Not today!"

    Underwater Strafe
    While underwater, swim sideways left or right.
    Useful for: avoiding sharks and underwater pirates with guns.
    "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

    Grog Toss
    Drink 2 tankards of grog, hold a bucket, let loose, then throw it onto your foes.
    Useful for: blinding your opponents.
    "Eww, gross!"

    Speed Dig
    While digging, tap tool radial during 3rd sound.
    Useful for: digging up treasure faster to save time or when enemies are near.
    "It's here - I know it!"

    Silent Repair
    Hold attack and block at the same time while repairing the ship.
    Useful for: repairing the ship quietly when enemies are near; can be started late into repair by holding block; 1st hit still makes a sound.

    Quick Stop
    While running with the sword, quickly tap block.
    Useful for: stopping your forward momentum instantly.
    "Okay, so you can stop fast... Big deal."

    If there are any combat techniques that I missed that you would like to share below, I only ask that you use the same easy to read format as I have here:

    Name of Combat Technique
    (B=basic technique; A=advanced technique; E=easy to do; H=hard to do; O=offensive technique; D=defensive technique)
    Description, using universal non-platform-specific terms (for example, saying "attack" instead of "RT" or "right-mouse click"); (#h=number of hits; #d=amount of damage dealt out of 100% health).
    Useful for: why would you use it?
    "Inspirational quote."

  • I found a message in a bottle but I can only see the top sentence. How do I lift it up to read it? PC edition.

  • Im usually pretty good at picking up games, especially shooters as ive been playing them for a good portion of my life, but imma level with you guys, i SUCK at sea of theives, the PvE aspect is easy as it was intended but i often find myself getting dusted in ship battles and gun to gun (although most the problems arise from me trying to do both at the same time) Do you guys have any tips or ways to practice for getting better?

  • If this is at all possible, I would love to know how to do it. Thanks.