Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • Accidentally, @Bugaboo-Bill presented at https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/95010/community-of-trolls-worst-online-experience/15#

    I would like to "show off", too 😜. Drumroll:

    PS: I allways can't see content I linked to. Is this working at all?

  • Yesterday I started to think about how many kegs were going to be sold during this event. People use to stockpile them but usually to use them on other ships. A few times we would have tons and end up selling them at the end. Sometimes we would make more gold off of our kegs than the athena chest. People stopped collecting kegs when the ship damage was expanded but now people are collecting them again. This time to sell.

    So I wondered how many had been sold already, and how many will be sold by the end of the event. Also I wondered how many will be sold to each faction and which one will have the most stockpiled for defenses when it's all over.

    Then today I see the Guess for Gold competition and realized someone was already on top of things. They could have a contest to see which faction will have the most kegs. They could have you rank them from most to least. Even guess exactly how many each have.

    I'd like to know the numbers just out of curiosity but it could easily be made into a competition.

    Any one have any other ideas of what they could do with these Guess for golds?

  • We drove our galleon to the Devil's Roar yesterday on behalf of Athena. At the first island a sloop tried to attack us twice, which we fought off loosely.
    With another sloop we formed an alliance. For us the behaviour of the sloop was very suspicious. It was now constantly in our nearness, asked whether we were PC players and good in PVP. Whether they only tried to equip themselves well with enchanted balls to sink us exactly when we would raise our Athena treasure, or doing something else, we could not know. The Allies were always an island next to ours.

    In the meantime we passed the outpost. There I found one of the Allies, while their ship was away, apparently hiding, watching our ship with the telescope, in addition gunpowder had been attached behind the door of the tavern. For me the proof that a trap had been prepared. I shot the Allied.

    The Allies then sought our nearness to complain about it. We explained our reasons, mentioned the trap in the tavern, recommended friendly distance. Again they seemed to be interested in details, how many of us play pc, what are our next islands, etc. Quite suspicious. Before we unearthed Athena's chest, we sold our treasures. And again the allied crew sailed suspiciously close to us. Since we kept the alliance alive, they had to know we hadn't sold Athena's chest yet. Given the amount of treasure they had given, they also had to know that we would soon be digging out Athena's chest. We went fishing at the outpost to see what the Allies would do. They stayed close to us and watched us. We thought that was suspicious.

    We drove to the last island. Our allies sold their treasures and followed us immediately. On our island a crew member simply dug for fun somewhere on the beach and found a chest. It came immediately to the melee with the allied crew. They shouted "This chest is ours! - which we interpreted as a battle cry. A few skeletons with explosive barrels interfered to our disadvantage and the Allies escaped with the chest. We noticed them trading the Athena's chest.

    We found and sold our Athena's chest, at another outpost, further west, along with a few more chests collected along the way. When we had sold everything, our allies arrived to shoot at us.
    We sank them, end of the story.

    But now comes the turn around:
    As it turned out later, the sloop also had an Athea mission to do in devil's roar. There are not so many islands there, the most orders all take place on the main islands. In this respect we had to meet each other there constantly, which caused mutual paranoia. The scuffle on the last island developed actually around their chest of Athena, which we had dug out only coincidentally. They had to think that we wanted to rob them of these. The cry "This chest is ours" was not a battle cry at all but a yell in panic.

    Interestingly enough, in both crews we didn't quit the alliance and thus - despite all suspicion and skirmishes - both sides profited.

    But still, this preperations for an ambush in the tavern... What do you think, were we all victims of paranoia, or was the sloop really trying to trick us, first and decided to go for their own Athena, later?

  • So two nights ago I had the privilege to sail with a couple of new friends that I met through a mutual acquaintance. The three of us jelled so well sailing together that by nights end we just knew anytime the mention of "great pirates on the Sea of Thieves" came up, our names would be the first to roll off the tongue. In our voyage we had killed 3 Megs, sank 5 skeleton ships, finished a Tall Tale, plundered 4 player ships and collected a plethora of gems while punching out a good portion of an Athena we had laid down for the miles. It was a sweet run (The crew loved me)😂!
    Fast Forward to the next day:
    With excitement in the air the three of us reconvened to recapture the magic we had shared the night before. We knew we probably wouldn't repeat the opening moments of the night before where we had sunk a charging skelly ship and an opportunistic galleon before we ever lowered a sail while at Sanctuary but we were hopeful of a solid fun filled run that would continue to help forge our spots amongst the most notorious of pirates. So we loaded up the Brigantine at Galleons grave, loaded up some gpb's & supplies at Skull Keep and set course for Daggerstooth to pick up Tall Tale 8 and load up more supplies. We were loaded to the gill at this point and ready to take on anything the sea had to offer! Anything except for a rowboat with four pirates, 15 captains chests and 7 villainous skulls aboard, that is!
    The fun begins:
    So we headed West out of Daggers to the "Cay" to start our voyage. I figured we'd stop at "The Keep" on the way and clear a skull fort together since that was the only facet of the game that eluded us the night prior. As a crew we made chopped liver of the fort skellies and had our sites set on this galleon that was hanging out at Sanctuary for a suspiciously long time. I was busy at work harpooning our hard earned loot when I hear Hollywood (our assassin) scream "A row boat"!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What followed those words could have been an actual Benny Hill script! You see we were using the "turn backwards" trick with the harpoon to get the last two fort gpb's on the deck. Instead of aborting the technique when I heard Hollywood scream I shot at JP to get him back to the ship. So JP drops the gpb on the deck to snipe the rowboat crew that is 15 meters out and I pick up the barrel and jump overboard swimming towards the row boat that was actually passing me up to board our ship!😂 I diffused the gpb and dropped it in the water behind a fort tower so I could get into the fight. A fight with four pirates on a rowboat full of loot!
    Next scene:
    So the three of us are on the ferry.😂😂😂😂😂 We were in so much disarray! We had at minimum 5 gpb's on the deck or in the water surrounding the ship and another 8 in the Crows nest guarded by chickens and the three of us are on the stinking Ferry?!!!! We knew we had to be sunk.😐 To our surprise though the ship was still afloat (no damage) and we managed to slice & dice our enemies into submission. We were so confused, excited, laughing, and rich! Or so we thought.😀 So we dropped our row boat and load theirs up and set sail West to start our Tall Tale. We were at Boulder Cay maybe 5 minutes and I'm sitting on the deck messaging the galleon crew trying to get answers as they pulled up beside me (They anchor dropped within a foot of us, impressive)....... in their galleon! Hollywood & JP are in the water and I'm staring down the row boat bandits 4 vs 1! Where did they come from? 😂 Some "lookout" I am! 😂 So I knocked one boarder off the deck trying to get to our anchor and dropped sail ..... Without my crew. It was ok though because they hitched a ride on the galleons ladder as the galleon pursued our ship.😊 The boys eventually got an anchor drop on the galleon crew so I turned back East to line up shots but the bandits recovered quickly before my crew could spawn back in so were passing Boulder Cay for a 2nd time heading West with the Galleon hot on our heals!
    Here comes the boom:
    A Fort Gpb? A galleon chasing us? Get the fort GPB JP! Follow him with a "pizza" Hollywood! Game set match! We sink the galleon! So Hollywood and I leave JP to gather the Seafearer chest they had and head 300 meters Northwest of Boulder Cay to a ship wreck. We're in the wreck for 30 seconds and JP screams they're back! At this point it's total panic mode! How in Gods name did they make it back to us in less than 2 minutes?😂 This time they get the upper hand on us (no one's on board)😂 and finally sink us.☹ We spawned East of Old Faithful , got Krakened West of Old Faithful, scuttled and respawned East of Old Faithful.😂 So we set out and pursue the galleon all over the map making sure to cut off any outposts so they can't cash but their Captain Kizz outsmarts me and does a double back anchor turn in a storm and loses us as we bite North while he and his boys headed SE. As a crew I rallied the boys and we reloaded then took out a Brig at another fort via sabotage. As they were battling at the fort I managed to get shot off the ship by the NW cannon on Thieves Haven with one sail half mast into a wind!😂 Our ship sinks and we're using landmarks to rescue our meg & Skellie ship loot with our rowboat from crowsnest where Hollywood was tucking.

  • Last night we were in the tavern at golden sands outpost and when we were pretty drunk with guys, a Chita came to the bar. She has blonde hair, white skin and her dental level was much over the average pirate.
    She was looking for an adventure with some sea wolves. We agreed to take her for a great adventure and we promised her great treasure. We set sails on our galleon with athena voyage active. In the middle of athena we spotted a fort in the distance. We changed directions and gone there, it was 1st Chita fort ever and we made 3 of them that night. We sunk few ships in the between. At last one from every type was sunk. Many pirates tried to obtain our loot but noone has succeeded. After beating the forts we changed directions to another dangerous place. Chita was pretty scared when we took course to skelly fleet with many chests on board but we calmed her down because we are true pirate legends. We killed the skelleton captain on his galleon and sail back to end the athena voyage.

    Over 5 hours in game, over 110k in loot but the most important thing was Chita excitement about that she had great adventure as she want to have. We can't wait to set sails with the same crew again. Maybe this time we would have reaper mark flag to add some tension ;)Some Chests
    Loot while we were still sailing

  • What a rush! I absolutely love this addition and I can't wait for more in future.

    I ran mostly solo, doing each tale at least once on my own and many of the five runs for some of them entirely solo (not bragging, just wanting to point out they can be done alone (ok, I'm bragging a little)).

    Now I guess it's back to fishing and chasing those other pesky commendations.

    Good luck out there everyone!

  • I had been sailing along the Sea of Thieves, intending to light the last two beacons within the Wilds. I was in the Shores of Plenty, and I had a lengthy way to go, and it involved a severe storm.

    I had attempted to simply bypass it, not wishing to risk the gunpowder in the crows nest, but as the waters turned black, and as the heart of the storm drew closer, I knew that I would not have such luck.

    Lightning struck and thunder clapped as the great Kraken emerged from the waters, her vicious roar nearly deafening to my ears.

    I rush to the cannons, knowing full well that escape would be futile as the storm’s heart came to rest straight above us, having dropped the anchor to prevent the Jackdaw from crashing and further ensuring my demise.

    In my panic, I had not realized the time of the day, and as the skies grew dark, and my vision limited, I knew I would be fighting this ancient beast as she was cloaked by both night and storm.

    The storm caused the waves to rise and fall in increasing intensity, making the repairs of my ship far more difficult as the rocking of the Jackdaw, be it from the seas or the Kraken, would knock me to and fro, causing me to pull the wooden planks from the cracks and holes in the hull.

    The storm seemed to worsen every time I emerged from below deck, and I always feared what I might see. As lightning struck, only then would I ever be able to see the ancient beast clearly, out of the range of my cannons. I knew I had to patiently wait until she was within range, diligently repairing the ship as was needed.

    When all hope seemed lost, when I was running low on supplies, a final cannonball struck the Kraken, and her appendage trembled and writhed in pain, disappearing within the dark, black waters. As I prepared the last of my supplies, the ancient beast slowly retreated back into the sea, the black waters finally turning blue once more, growling almost hungrily, an admittance of defeat as well as a warning to me to travel cautiously within the open waters of the Sea of Thieves.

    Dawn had finally came, and as I collected the rewards from this lengthy and tiring battle, I came to realize that I had a crate of cannonballs stashed on my ship. Full.

    I was panicking the entire time for no reason.

    (Legit that was THEE MOST EPIC BATTLE I HAD EVER FACED IN MY WHOLE TIME PLAYING THIS GAME!!! It was so epic, looking up and seeing her emerge from the waters as the rain grew heavier!! I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!!)

  • Yesterday I challenged my luck again. Solo on sloop. I had hoped a girlfriend (edit: female friend, not lover) would join me, but she had better plans - to play a farm simulation! An unbelievable decision, but be it as it is. I had equipped my little boat and had sailed off. Not far from my outpost I saw the silhouette of a galleon with a subotpimal sail position. Having recently taken part in a debate on success as a solo sloop against galleons, this would be another opportunity to re-evaluate my own advice.

    The galleon had anchored. With full sails, bow in the direction of Lone Cove, at the southern tip of the island on the east coast, but so far towards the centre of the island that one would first have had to haul in sails, weigh anchor and turn the ship in order to take up a good battle position. In addition, the wind blew in a northerly direction and thus sideways to the galleon. The galleon could have turned or escaped with the wind only towards the north and thus along the island. If their crew had chosen the short way around the headland, they would have had to sail south and against the wind. In their place I would have decided for a defensive position and for the latter direction of rotation. With the number of cannons and full crew it could have taken this way confidently and calmly and the low speed would have increased their marksmanship.

    I had to choose my attack in such a way that the galleon would not be able to do so. If I lead along the island in an arc of a circle, I could shoot at the sides and tail of the galleon. Before I reached the range of their cannons, I would have to turn away - but the further arc would be covered by a large cliff east of Lone Cove. I would have time to repair my boat and get some ammunition. The disadvantage of this route would be that I would have to sail most of the way north or south. So in one direction against the wind, in the other direction with the wind, while I would sail either behind the cliff or behind the galleon. Since the galleon is such a big destination, I decided to sail the way past the galleon with a tailwind, the way back against the wind. One risk would be that the course would be so predictable that I had to reckon with attempts at boarding. But the way the galleon stood, a player would have had to swim all the way - I had planned my route with sufficient distance. The time I would need for the way back would also have been needed for the galleon to repair, turn, get into battle position. In order to gain an advantage, I had to hit the galleon as hard as possible with ten bull's-eyes on each passage and to decimate the crew as much as possible, as well as cause sufficient damage. By the time the crew came back, I was almost back in position to shoot again. The way the galleon stood, I didn't have to count on a very experienced crew - or a very careless one.

    Meanwhile I had taken an unsuspicious route to the east to make my first attempt coming from the east under cover of the cliffs. This feint would not have surprised a good crew on the galleon, but it was worth a try.

    In the first lap, on the way to the galleon, I encountered enemy fire from several cannons simultaneously. I didn't score full ten goals, but some on deck, some on hull, some on steering wheel. It seemed to have been a sufficient amount, because on the way of the bow away from the galleon not a single shot was left by them. I myself received three hits, had damage to the mast and steering wheel.

    On the next lap only one cannon returned the fire, again I mainly hit deck and waterline.

    On the next two laps the galleon didn't shoot any more. Since I couldn't see that it was deep in the water, I had to assume that the existing crew was busy keeping the ship afloat. I now preferred to shoot at the hull.

    In the final round, I hit the hull again, but interrupted my course and turned an arc past the southern promontory of the island. Instead of the large clockwise curve, I turned a small counter-clockwise turn. Since nobody shot any more, I shortened the time between my last and the comming salvos. After the last volley the Galleone sank.

    The sinking galleon drifted away from the island. At the water surface appeared some chests, four or five golden skulls, a few boxes of unknown contents, as well as a mermaid and a lifeboat. So I had to reckon with at least one opponent in the water or on the island. I didn't want to succumb to the risk of being boarded by more than one opponent while greedily taking the treasures. I quickly got two skulls and two chests. When I noticed the first player, I took some distance - when you notice one, there could be three more on their way to board you. But I could only see one player. He tried to escape with the lifeboat and a treasure, maybe a tall tale item, I could not see it. I didn't see any other players, so I took the most of the treasures and followed the lifeboat.

    A cat and mouse game followed. The lifeboat tried to escape, I tried to sink it or kill the player. I couldn't, in a medium swell it's not easy to do solo. Often the rowing boat got out of sight. I went around it in circles, shot with cannon, sniper, the boat went back and forth and managed to keep distance. Sometimes, I just cut off the lifeboat's route and played music.

    After about ten minutes of cat and mouse, finally the opponent tried to board me, but he couldn't make it. I shouted to him that he did well with the boat, thanked him for the adventure and sailed away to deliver my harvest.

    Later I had a bad feeling, what if it had been a single player? But the course of the battle did not speak for it, for instance an initial enemy fire from several cannons? Sigh. Those doubts.

    Duration of the action: approx. 1 hour

  • Hi there, I was thinking (after seeing @Genuine-Heather and @duke-of-spire post some great gunpowder stories in another thread) why don't we share our greatest gunpowder barrel stories here to celibrate the upcoming event.
    And we can probably have a great laugh in the process!

    Here's my story. While doing an active fort with my Galleon crew we came across a brig, Now I'm no stranger to PvP and people often just try to get really close anchor and shoot at you, we were prepared and turning the galleon to face it.
    The brig however didn't stop and I jumped off the ship to board. I missed the ladder and the brig zoomed past me, crashed into the Galleon and blew up in a fireball so massive I suddenly dropped to 3FPS!

    Sufficed to say that both ships sank almost in an instance, I dont know how much time these guys spent gathering those kegs but man they blew up our galleon and most people on it and I was laughing so hard that I had trouble fighting the stragglers that were still alive from the brig's suiside attack.

    Now it's your time to share an Explosive story.

  • Today I was slooping it up with a friend of a friend who was new to SoT. While at an outpost, we spotted another sloop nearby fighting a cursed ship. I asked my crewmate if he wanted to go help or hinder the other ship.

    "Yes" was all I got or needed. As we got closer we noticed that the cursed ship had sunk. We called out to the other sloop with our speaking trumpets to tell him that we were friendly and wanted an alliance. He dropped his sails and booked it out of there. Turning our ship around, we gave chase. I told my crewmate that he probably had loot on board from the cursed ship and that was why he was running scared. Moments later I noticed that the other sloop was heading towards the outpost we left earlier, but that the ship was turning to miss it. I told my crewmate to follow the ship.

    "What are you going to do?" He asked.

    "I'm going to cut him off" I replied. I then fired myself from the cannon and landed perfectly at the front of the dock. At the end of the dock, sure enough, I saw a pirate holding a Skeleton Captain's chest. He saw me too. He dropped the chest and drew out his cutlass. I drew out my EoR. He charged. I aimed. He leaped. I fired. He landed behind me...

    ...6 ft. under.

    I picked up the chest and turned it in.

    It was worth a lot.

    Moments later I get a message from the deceased. "That was the last 1 I needed! Way to be a stereotypical PoS!"

    I messaged him back telling him about how he needed to accept that he just lost fair and square and should just try again.

    No response.

    Such a great moment...

  • I guess you all know "Drive My Car"? Here is my crew's version of it. Enjoy.

    Asked a mate what he wanted to be
    He said "Captain, can't you see
    I wanna be legend, like never been seen
    But you can do something in between"

    Mate, you can sail the ship
    Yes, you're gonna be so hip
    Mate, you can sail the ship
    (But maybe I keelhoul you)

    I told the mate that our prospects were good
    And he said "Captain, it's understood.
    Working for peanuts is all very fine
    But you will show me a better time"

    Captain, I will sail our ship
    We are gonna be so hip
    Captain, I will sail our ship
    (But maybe I'll mutinize)

    Beep Beep 'n' Beep Beep, Yeah!

    I told that mate we can start right away
    And he said, "Listen captain, I got something to say
    We lost our ship and it's breaking my heart
    But there is a mermaid, and that's a start"

    Mate, you can sail our ship
    We are gonna be so hip
    Mate, you can sail our ship
    (But maybe I keelhoul you)

    Here is the karaoke cover of this song...

  • At the beginning of the journey on our brigantine, we agree on the following conditions:

    • Cannon shots at other player ships may only be fired with bewitched cannonballs once a reapers flag has been hoisted.
    • As soon as we have collected enough bewitched balls, we set the reapers flag and start an order from Athena.
    • The cashing of treasures is omitted until the end of the journey, after which the reapers flag is allowed to be withdrawn.
      First, we have to collected at least a two-digit number from each type of bewitched ball. We head for all nearby outposts, plunder every visible wreck and empty every visible fort. The evening appears promising, on the horizon we see other ships: a brigantine, a galleon we see, a sloop we suspect. As we arm ourselves, we get into skirmishes with a galleon attacking us. We sail away, avoiding all avoidable encounters in order not to overstretch the preparation time. What is dragging on, ballast balls are obviously rare this evening. But since they won't help us much either, we will refrain from looking for more of these balls. The minimum quantity of other balls is finally fulfilled, we hoist the flag and start the orders of Athena. We load the cannons with one purple and one green ball on each side. An attacker may see what awaits him, we think.
      The main journey
      The tension is great. On the map we see another fast moving ship sailing right under the same flag. Something is happening here, we think. After half of Athena's orders are finished, we notice all other ships tend to avoid us. Whichever direction we go, the other ships vanish. How to proceed? We decide to continue with Athena's orders, until they are completed. To our disappointment, nothing further happens. We consult each other. On the horizon there were always ships to be seen, Athena's orders are done. We decide to risk everything and are now looking for contacts on our part.
      First, we attack the galleon that initially attacked us. It would be a big coincidence if this was another galleon, as not many ships sail in full parrot dress and rainbow flag. We reach it fast, hit first with an anchor ball. The galleon sinks spontaneously. We are stunned. A swimming sailor insults us, we would have spoiled the game he played with his two children. We express our regret. While we watch him being surrounded by sharks and two chests rising to the surface, we sing a lullaby. When the shark finally begins his meal, we friendly wish to have a good bedtime story, because of the kids. The chests turn out to be shipwreckers. Well, we are now in the mood to take it.
      We set course for the other ship with the reapers flag. As soon as it perceives that we are aligning our course, it flees. It keeps the distance, so we know it has to be a brigantine, too. Hunting it, we first turn an almost complete round over the map. Finally we go to the middle of the map, drive from here ever larger arches towards the outsite, waiting for the other ship to stand in a favourable wind direction for us. The ship is now denied further escape, as the corner of the map is the last direction it could sail to, so that it would have to face us. But it obviously prefers submitting suicide in the red sea.
      The Final
      The evening has progressed. The expected exciting situations have failed to materialise. In sight, a fort calls for robbery by means of a cloudy skull. We fulfill this wish, further undisturbed by other ships, which still pass by on the horizon. We load our ship with loot and leave. The course is set, the direction is free. A brigantine anchors far, far away. We drink a grog or two and discuss the quite miraculous behaviour of those other players. Meanwhile, our light sailor climbs the crow's nest, because, he mentions, the blasting barrels were too widely spreaded and an easy a target for any sniper. At least any sniper would be an event, but whose ship the sniper should come from, we murmur, while in the crow's nest, the sailor prooves we don't need any others to experience an event. Suddenly: a scream, followed by powerful and multiple detonations. We meet again on the ferry of the damned, our light sailor dares to tell the following: he had lit one of the blasting barrels in high spirits and, instead of extinguishing it, had accidentally dropped it with the fuse still burning, right into a large number of gunpowder barrels, including the powerful fortress one. However, since he had placed the explosive barrels so tightly, he was no longer able to grab exactly this barrel. One by one, he lifted only unlit barrels, until the whole mess blew up. We regret that keelhauling was not introduced as a game mechanic and try to save the ship. But we arrive just in time to sink. Also our rowboat was destroyed. Unfortunate coincidence. We order the light sailor to fetch a new ship. Meanwhile we try to keep the treasures above water and to defend ourselves against sharks. Fortunately, we have a box of fruits swimming with us, next to our treasures. But faster than the sharks, the brigantine rushes to us, you remember it? Whether coincidence, revenge or greed for our flotsam is left open, but it is the brigantine which fled from us into the red sea. While we have to let ourselves be mocked and shot at, we receive news that our light sailor has been sunk by the Kraken. So, again we meet on the ferry of the damned. We immediately start a salvage trip, continuing under the reaper flag, but when we arrive at the scene of our disaster, we only find the box of fruit.
      Laughing about our misfortune and stultifying the light sailor, we take another sip of grog. Together, we sing
      "Das kann doch einen Seemann nicht erschüttern,
      keine Angst, keine Angst, Rosmarie!" None of us is recalling the rest of this lyrics. As the light sailor mentions, this was a song from world war 2, a perseverance song of propaganda, we tell him to shut the f* up, sink the brigantine on the spot and go to bed...
  • Me and a buddy just soloed a fleet during the cursed sails event. We collected our haul and was sailing to galleons grave when a Gally caught up to us from the West. They succeeded in getting 2 members of there crew on our ship.

    We sailed to galleons we were friendly and all. Got to the dock and I heard a lunge behind me. First thought I'm dead. Shortly after I dead. My buddy struggled before dying and the dropped our anchor. They killed him as I respawned killing another and knocking 2nd off the boat.

    I got the anchor up as my buddy respawned. There 3rd was hitting us with cannons. I dropped the sail and died by cannon. There second got back on our boat and died immediately as there fourth dropped the anchor again. My buddy was repairing as I respawned and intercepted the fourth knocking him off and we both raised anchor and escaped.

    I heard the 4th say it's ok I got the chest.

    So they had 2 people on our boat, anchor dropped and they only stole 1 Skelly captain chest

  • Me and a buddy was turning in loot from a skull fort, Meg and kraken. Another sloop rolled by and the double kegged us. They failed to sink our ship or kill either of us.

    I had my buddy pretend to run and purposely kept sails out of the wind so they can catch us as we sailed to a new fort. (Idk if they just saw us come to an outpost or that we cleared the fort) once they was close enough I dropped out off our ship with the mega. I lit it before catching the ladder and as soon as I climbed the ladder the helmsmen ran as fast as he could. We all died and you could see the anxiety and pressure they had from there movement on the ferry. They expected to try and save there boat.

  • I've been interested at what th' Sea o' Thieves community has been up t', so I thought I'd come here and keep me ears peeled so I can hear th' wildest adventures that us pirates have found... Share screenshots, game clips, or just a tale, along with a bottle of rum (or three)! I wants t' see it all. Has th' kraken decided t' make ye 'tis lunch? Had any recent visits from a megalodon? How about a crazy encounter with another ship? Share it all here, I'm all ears. And swab the deck! As fer me, recently I actually were bein' mindin' me own business, doin' an Ashen Voyage o' Legends, and right next t' me final map location were bein' a particular box with unimaginable secrets lyin' within... How about ye?

    Be sure to use yer sailor's tongue... No boring buccaneers here, i'm afraid... If ye need help channelin' yer inner pirate, ye best be tryin' this website out: https://funtranslations.com/pirate

  • I've heard many theories about SoT not being for solo players, so many that this pirate ballad came to me in a dream. I present:

    The Ballad of the Solo Slooper

    Behold the solo slooper,
    A real party pooper!

    Of a social life he has no hope,
    Because he’s a f****n’ misanthrope, yo HOOOO

    The solo slooper!

    He’s not opposed to servin’ on a crew,
    He just doesn’t want to be on one with YOU! Oh, SAAAYYY…

    You solo sloopers!

    Runnin’ back and forth ‘twixt wheel and gun
    How in God’s name is that any fun?

    But you’re a solo slooper
    And you say you’re a trooper

    Sailin’ the sea without any help
    Not like a snivelin’ galleon whelp! Oh PRAAAAISE

    The solo slooper!

    A powder barrel is his best friend
    Your dreams of raiding for to end, oh HOOOOOO

    Now, solo slooper!

    The mast is one, the rigging simple
    And no one sees if you pop a pimple, OHHHHHH

    That solo slooper!

    He’ll swim buck naked through the Devil’s Roar
    Before he’ll join a gang of four hi-HOOOOOOO

    All solo sloopers

    He’s sailed alone from a distant port
    Only to die at a skeleton fort, oh MYYYYYYY

    That solo slooper!

    One thing is true of his solitary call
    It’s better than not playing Sea of Thieves at all! Oh, BEEEEE

    A solo slooper!

    Give it a try, just once in a while
    A solo voyage will make you smile, oh YESSSSSSS

    A solo slooper

    Shows brigs and galleons he’s the best
    By making them chase him for a castaways’ chest!

    If you’re a solo slooper
    I think that’s just super

    Maybe I’ll pass ye on a westward tack
    If ye don’t shoot at me, I won’t shoot back! ‘Cause YOOOOU’RE

    A solo slooper!

    Feel free to add more verses in the comments...

  • I was by my own, hoping to fight the kraken for the kraken wheel and cannons. No luck with that sadly, but then I saw that a fort was active, so to make a long story short, I beated it on my own and loaded my sloop with everything that I could.

    But then i was thinking, I am already a PL, mebay somebody else can use this. So i set sail, trying to find other players until I spotted a gallion.

    As i aprouched them, under a blue flag, cannons up, trying to come over friendly and all, they spotted me. I used the megaphone speaker (or whatever it's called) to speak to them, assuring them I have free loot for them jsut to be nice, when 1 of them started firing on me. I was like, alright then not and sailed away.

    Then 1 of their guys boarded me and saw the loot, meaning he knew I spoke the trueth, so he went back to their ship to talk to them and I turned my sloop back.

    But again, once i was close, the same guy started firing! I was thinking: Okay that is it! I am trying to be nice and this is my thanks?! Screw you guys!

    So i sailed away and formed my plan, I got the stronghold gunpowerder ready and sailed back.

    First I hit them with a peaceball just to be sure, and then hit them with a ballastball so they are lower in the water, I jumped in the water with the stronghold keg, got abourd, went all the way down and blew myself up with it.

    Easy to say when I spawned back, their ship was already sunked. I got the small aprt of my loot back that they managed to get and sold it all.

    That's what you get for messing with Captain OneEye!

  • I'm a fairly firm believer in this. What's the best way to post images from the xbox capture app?
    I have snapchat, kik. Google photos, ms one drive, photobucket currently. Please be specific, I have could post from xbox video and still captures but I can't seem to imbed them on this forum. Y'all are understandibly strict lol.

  • a long time ago (yesterday) me and me crew where sailing and a skelly ship rammed us and we sunk it and saved the ship and we where on a brig as well then a brig rammed into us and then we sunk them and killed them and took their loot and then we sold it

  • ✔ Pirates
    ✔ Skeletons
    ✔ Kraken
    ✔ Megalodon
    ✔ Storm

    I have heard of this sort of thing happening before, but never thought that in my time since the closed alpha that I would ever actually experience it - 1 of the most exciting moments I've ever experienced in the SoT.

    While my 2 crewmates (1 entirely new to the SoT on his very 1st day upon the waves and the other returning after a long hiatus and in awe of all of the newer features) and I (seasoned since the closed alpha), as well as our ship, did not survive the experience (lasted well over 10 minutes), we were fortunately able to return to the area and recoup all of our loot before it sank thanks to the speed of our brigantine and our rowboat lantern.

    Please forgive the blitz half way through the video clip you can see below - that was the moment I took the screenshot that you see above. 😅

    Rare, thank you so much for the numerous experiences like this one that I get to experience with you every week. 😘

    See a small part of the battle royale

  • Last week I was playing with my usual crew and we were doing a tall tales mission. We arrived at the tavern and got ready to turn in the crown (This was the lgendary story teller) but then a crew came out of nowhere and shot us both. Before I was sent to the ferry, the crew assured us that the item would be safe as long as we followed their instructions. As we respawned, they told my friend to got to the top of ancient spire outpost. I was the only one who could hear them so I had to tell him to do that. My friend jumped off, but into the water. They knew he survived so they told me I had to jump off and kill myself for the “soul stone”. I did so, and we were able to sell the quest item we all had a great time until we eventually shot each other cause there was nothing else to do. In my opinion, this is what people should act like if they catch you at an outpost and not just kill you even though you are right there.

  • So I spawn on Plunder outpost, complete 3 stock runs and start my voyage. I wanted to sail to The Shores Of Plenty. I've got a theory regarding one of the islands and wanted to check if my theory is correct (so far my theory has proved true on 3 separate occasions). Not gonna tell you what it is because think it's a bit of a glitch that could be farmed.

    Anyhow, as I'm halfway there I notice a brig making a bee line straight towards me, my closest island is Mermaids Hideaway. I know if that Brig is fully manned, I'm a goner on the open sea so I head straight for it.

    As I get there the Brig is hot on my heals. I know I can circumnavigate that island quicker than they, so I angle the sails for my turn, cut past the south side of the island as close as I dare, steer hard right, and start lifting my sails to complete the turn tighter than they can. When I'm facing due north I slam my sails back down, catch the wind leaving them making their turn wide and giving me the breathing space I need.

    Anyway, this continues till I'm half an island ahead of them, they just won't give up and I'm getting a bit bored. I've spotted a galleon flying the Reapers mark to the north engaged in a skelly fleet battle and think, "perhaps I could lure the brig into the fight". So off I go,

    By the time I get there the brig has regained the distance they'd lost during our island dance. The music changes, the galleon fires on me and then on the Brig. As I turn to flee back south, the holes the brig has taken gives me the breathing space I had lost... But now as I look behind me, I have a brig and a Galleon bearing down on me..

    Great, out the frying pan and into the fire. There's a small hope in my head that the galleon is taking my side (turns out that wasn't the case)

    Anyhow, after a shorter dance around Mermaids hideaway, the brig finally manages to ram me, but not hard enough. I'd made a hard turn and they just clipped by aft. I see one of their crew jump ship and try to board me. Keeping an eye on my ladders I realise he's missed. Phahahaha! I pass the Galleon on my left. weirdly they seem to have taken the opportunity to do a spot of fishing.

    So back North I turn, FINALLY the brig has given up, but the Galleon takes their place. I'm making straight for that fleet battle and the skeleton Gally is hovering near Golden Sands. My hope is the skelly's will come to my aid.

    Sadly, this is where my trusty vessel sinks. The Galleon had caught up with me and filled my ship full of holes as I was trying to make a tight turn around The Outpost. Oh well, no bother. I had no loot anyway.

    As I'm spawning back to my Sloop, I can hear the tortured groaning of my boats hull and the rushing of water... By the time my screen clears from black, I get to witness my ship sinking into it's salty grave, I look up, hoping to see the hull of the Galleon that sunk me, but unable to see anything I pop my head above water.

    There, bearing down on me is the Skelly Galleon. I catch their ladder and hang there for dear life. The battle I interrupted earlier now resumed. I'm watching this epic fight from the perspective of the skelly ships ladder, cannonballs smashing holes to the left and right of me... then I watch one fly through the air, I know I'm a goner... There's nothing I can do, I try to run up the ladder but too late. It clips me knocking me back into the sea.

    Before becoming meat for the sharks I watch as the two Galleons sail off exchanging fire, I try to give chase, but I'm not that fast a swimmer.

    Anyway, even though I made no character progress, spent my whole session running away and eventually met my demise at the teeth of those soulless sharks. I had a great session on my solo sloop and had many a laugh at the floundering attempts of that Brig trying to keep up with my nimble craft.

  • Why is nobody friendly anymore? I haven't met a friendly crew since January, and because of that I have barely played since then. Sea of thieves is my favourite game to play but when a crew saying literally nothing (no text chat either) and randomly kills me its kinda annoying. This is everytime I play now. I somehow have another crew find and kill me with ease. My solo status may contribute though. If I see another ship heading kinda in my direction, I would leave that island and head elsewhere. Everytime they think I am running and chase me. What do you guys do to prevent these players from attacking? Or if you are one of those players, why do you do it??

  • We drove yesterday with our good old sloop. Our oath: Today's success would be purely coincidental. We would only take what the sea offered us. Anyone who met us would have the opportunity to form an alliance - and we would respect the alliance.

    As soon as we started, we saw a sloop rob a fort. In front of their bow were rocks, so the escape route was blocked. The ship stood motionless with full sails, so it was also anchored. The ship stood further against the wind direction. An easy game, we thought, they couldn't escape. We would take the ship under fire, put the opponent under pressure and could sink it quickly. There was only one thing we hadn't considered, as we quickly realised to our regret. The swell was against us. While our shots scattered far and wide because of the waves, we received hit after hit from our opponent standing in the calm coastal water. An anchor ball caught us, my comrade died. We were nailed. We had great trouble, called out to the other crew our appreciation for their good defense. These in turn insulted us, we brought grief over them. We tried to cheer them up, praised their marksmanship, and how we were surprised by the severity of the damage we took. We also asked them to join an alliance, but we recieved only further insulting and the most horrible ideas and opinions about our mothers and sisters. But the opponents made a mistake, as one of them tried to board us while we still exchanged canon fire. This put them in an inferior position. But only one minute later my comrade was fatally hit. I quickly estimated the amount of water penetrating and took the time to shoot ten more balls against the enemy ship. Still the waves made it hard to hit them, but with luck their ship's guard was hitten deadly, their mast was broken down. The enemy swimming towards us turned off in panic, trying to save his ship. He shouted some more curses to us, which I do not want to repeat. A stalemate, then. I could just get some water out of our almost sunken boat, lift the anchor and quickly leave our unfavourable attack position. Now we could seal the hull, other damages had not taken our ship. The opponent had time to take flight and disappeared behind a group of cliffs. We hurried behind - but the ship had disappeared.
    We briefly discussed how difficult the time as a pirate is today and how unjust and hard the judgement about piracy is, especially among pirates.

    We successfully fought all ship raids, robbed every single sailing Skellet ship, then sunk a galleon that had just finished a fort raid. They made the mistake of bringing the large fortress explosive barrel on board - downstairs. Our first shot with the cannon hit this barrel - an impressive detonation, seldom I saw a flying galleon. Unfortunately, we were too close, we probably took as much damage as the other ship. I set course for a circle, began repairing, while my comrade kept the enemies from doing the same. Their ship sank, the comrade killed all surviving enemies - the fort's riches were ours.

    Now follows the more interesting part of the evening - we hadn't sold any of the treasures so far and we decided to only head for an outpost once at the end of our trip, but also not to avoid any risk. Wildly determined, we plunged into another ship raid. A sloop joined in, we formed an alliance. We had not experienced this for a long time, we were curious, not if, but when they would try to cheat us. The skelly ships were rich in treasures, skulls and goods. Unspoken, we shared the treasures in our alliance - the partners only took the skulls, we only took the chests, the rest belonged to them who had first access. We hadn't experienced this for a long time, either! An alliance in which the partners treat each other to mutual success and profits. Nevertheless, after we had loaded our part, we quickly moved our ships away from each other, because, after all, you desire what you see, you know. While the partner moved west, we went north. On the way to the next outpost, we conquered two more skelly ships - they were numerous that day, but at the same time their fighting morale was very weakened. On average, all we needed was a barrel of explosives and about four cannonballs. Whether they take the recently intense discussion about their use of cursed bullets too much to their heart can only be guessed. They seemed to be limp, depressed and unenthusiastic.
    The Kraken and two Megalodons got in our way, which slowed down our final drive to the outpost.
    Meanwhile, we noted that our allied partner had indeed maintained its share of the alliance. Not only did they not leave the alliance, but they also redeemed the treasures. We reminisced about early years when this was the custom mood. I am not ashamed that tears of happiness flowed.

    The evening was going to end. We had dared everything and had not been sunk once. On our ship the original colour was no longer recognizable. Let us call it wood splinter coloured.

    To our regret the allied crew left the alliance the second we anchored at the outpost. Surely they didn't know the value of this alliance - we had booty worth about 45,000 gold pieces on board.

  • I have joined a brig at some devils roar location, we set sail but we hear the skelly ship battle music so as we sail side by side waiting, suddenly both our ships are pushed sideways because skelly ship spawned between, as we ready ourselves for the battle ahead we stop, we noticed the skelly ship is still stuck in the rising out of water animation, so we took a few shots to see what can be done, and they sank delivering us treasures, obviously this skelly crew had a terrible captain

  • So around January ago me and my crew were sailing through the ocean with no real purpose, but we soon found a sloop in need of rescue from a kraken. (This was before they we’re nerfed for sloops) We decided to help it, since I was the captain and I was the one in the crew that didn’t really like killing people for no reason. We pulled up beside it, and we’re able to fend off the kraken and rescue the sloop. Unfortunately, we were not even able to raise our anchors before a Skeleton ship popped out of the water, blood thirsty for a poor brigantine who had run out of planks. After we had fired the first few shots, a Megaladon decided to join the fight. After destroying them both the sloop we had arrived to save in the first place gave us a hateful skull in gradatude. It wasn’t much, but we didn’t mind. We sailed to the nearest outpost but before we could get there, another megaldon spawned in. We had had enough, as we had both run out of cannon balls. Luckily, we were able to outrun it, selling the skulls and living to tell the tale.

  • last night I was open crewing on a sloop and we had two message in the bottle quests and we did them and they where for chests we then went to dagger tooth, and started to sell then I see a sloop, and I said oh no there is some one here and I saw I owner of the sloop and he was carrying a captain chest and I killed him for it and I went to his sloop and stole his castaway chest and sold it as well and then he got mad and rammed us but I killed him again, and at the end of this he scuttled.

  • 60 thousands in gold

    Many people are talking about PvP players who attack only while they've got nothing on the board. Last night we were playing athena voyage on the brigantine. When i am a captain there is only one stop to sell the loot - at the end of our session, so we're always sailing with full deck of loot on our ship. We fought megalodon, skelleton ships, beat skelleton fort and some PvP. There were 2 sloops in the alliance and one of these sloops belongs to legendary pirates. We send them straight to Davy Jones few times and they changed their behavior :D

    Of course it wasn't easy. We've got one man on the ship whole time. When we're on the island, our navigator was standing at the crows nest looking for hostile ships.

    If you want to try your luck and hit the jackpot just pay attention to vanguard sails with orange drake figurine.

  • (Just so you know me and my friend did sit on an island and did a survival so most of it will be true but not all will be true. let’s get on with the story)

    Ahoy I say to the ship merchant speaking to her to make my ship look threatening as my friend is going to get voyages. Once the sails were down and the anchor was up we were off in the middle of nowhere we could see ships in the distance approaching new islands undiscovered my friend says can you hear that no I think you have been having to much grog maybe you...... ouch I wake up sore head and covered in sand it seemed that me and my friend got washed a shore and I look into the horizon and see a massive shark and split in half sloop that looked just like our boat. With no food there would be no hope for survival but we were in luck because I had me trusty cutlass and my old tattered fishing rod and all we needed to do now was to make a camp fire which would be easy to do I gave my friend my fishing rod and the I got to work with the camp fire I found a pot washed up in the sand. The days past doing the same old thing every day hunting, praying, running from skeletons, cooking and sleeping we were getting impatient waiting for nice pirate ms to come along and pick us up. The next day me and my friend wake up and we see a massive galleon we thought it was just another passing ship but it was moving so had to be docked up at the island next thing we know we see people come towards us they were holding guns at us so we gave them some treasure to save us and they ran off with it but me and my friend try to sneak onto there ship but this pirate said if you go on our boat will be see the ferry man but I said we would get on the boat if you tell us where we are the pirate said your at thieves heaven....... and we have never come back people at the outposts put up missing signs merchants worried that there cargo would be damaged the only thing that they could do was to get the pirates of sea of thieves to look for us and the cargo and who ever found me and my friend would get lots of gold. The next day I wake to see my friend making a row boat we could make our we to an outpost with this my friend said....... 3 hours of rowing we make it to an outpost with people ripping missing signs and buying us drinks in the tavern me and my friend felt like pirates again

    Thanks for reading special thanks to my friend for doing the survival challenge with me and this story wouldn’t be here

  • So I set out to finish out the Festival of the Damned, had to light the rest of the signal fires and get all 6 colours on my boat. I get the purple flame (cause its my favourite colour) and start checking off the list. Crooked Masts was a pain in the aft (cannon shot) but I got it then was hitting the Devil's Roar locations when I realized Cannon Cove was my missing one. (Also a cannon shot, but much more forgiving lol) Bee lined it to CC, but noticed a brig there, so I waited a bit for them to clear out. Got my fire, got my commendation, got my dubloons.

    I head over to Sanctuary to drop off the loot I had gathered, saw the same brig in newb colours and decided to offer them my bait, cursed balls and pretty much everything else they wanted. I announce myself, swim towards them (alliance flag up) when they start shooting at me. They were worse shots than me 😅! So I book it back to my boat, drop sails and barely miss a ram with them. No one jumped aboard and they missed a point blank cannon shot... dudes, really?! One of them was a squeaker and I heard a F you. I reported them all lol.

    I derp off, find a wreck, loot it and sold off the food. I figure lets go row to Golden Shores lol.

    Get in a fog bank when all of a sudden Danger Music! Here comes a skelly ship, I hear gun fire and prepare to defend and run. Turns out the newb brig was fighting them. I left before the skellies aggro on me too, headed east. Noticed on one of my horizon checks there's a brig with a broken mast. Probably would have been a cake walk for them if they had accepted my offer. 🤷🏽‍♀️😋

    Hit another shipwreck on my way, got some more meat and headed to 3 Paces to sell it off before going on my suicide run lol. Low and behold a Galleon started running me down, so I didn't stop, just jumped off and swam for it cause they looked like they had the Spartan set. (I've only seen the Spartan set try to attack me) so I figure my adventure is done for the night.

    I get to 3 Paces, and right before I can sell I get the Alliance popup! Nice!!! They were actually using the Parrot set (looks very nice btw) I grab my merm back to my ship to pull sails and see if they want my supplies since I was about to make a suicide run. They're not interested but MUCH more polite. They hop aboard and while I'm very nervous, they proceed to give me the other 4 colours! ( had green and purple) So I got Party Boat commendation and suprise Dubloons 🤩

    Then we get Krakened!!!!!

    It was a glorious battle! They helped me with damage control and steering while I fired my cannons until I was out of balls, and I harpooned the rest of the tentacles until we won!!! I only took a piece of Kraken meat for myself, and helped load the rest on their boat. I was very grateful. I set off to finish my experiment and they took down a skelly ship, then followed me north and the Booger Shark (the green one) shows up and starts harassing me. Takes a couple of chomps, but I have the boards to repair and veer off into the red to shake him. My buddies realize I'm seriously going to try for the shores in a rowboat and go to do whatever they were gonna do.

    So I put all the supplies and the collector chest in my rowboat and head east from T3. Rowboat sinks almost instantly lol. I try to swim it. I got 6 mermfolk in then saftey spawned back to my empty boat at T3. 😫🙄😋

    I message them via xbl to let them know the results of my little experiment and log out for the night.
    I don't care what you say, Sea of Thieves has a karma system.

    Megs and Sharks don't go in the red.

    You can't row or swim to the Golden Shores...at least without the quest (that's another experiment for later)

    😁 If you're wondering they hadn't cashed in when I quit, they said they were doing a 24 hour session, so I didn't worry about the gold. I had plenty of Glory tonight 😁


  • 4 months ago when I started playing SOT I sailed into the fog that was green and beautifully hauntingly green at that.
    I believe it was also the night at the time.
    Didn't know how to screenshot or record clips back then in my early days so I have no other evidence but recollection of my memories.

    It happened only once and never again. Was it some kind of glitchy randomness or is it a thing?

  • So I spent the evening goofing off, hunting mermaid statues cause fishing is dull, but they have neat stuff. Did a couple of messages in a bottle. Anywho, I had a bunch of balls, cursed and regular and wanted to be sure someone got them. Don't ask me why, I just did.

    So I found a Galleon at Galleon's Grave. I put up my white flag and spammed, We're Friendly, Truce, Mercy.

    They hauled aft outta there! I finished pulling up my sails. Figured they'd freak out more if I tried to chase them down. Maybe they'd come around. They did. Then the genius at the wheel managed to wedge them between the Island and the dock.

    I lol'd and was about to ask if I could somehow help, when they opened fire. I took the shots and tried to textchat "want supplies?" Buuuut they kept shooting. I could have opened fire back. They weren't going anywhere. I scuttled cause I was done for a bit. I tried to textchat again, but they started shooting at me more. I swam around the corner so I could again tell them what was gonna be in the barrels. Kept shooting, one guy swam out to try to finish me off.

    I swam towards my merperson and killed a shark, grabbed the meat and noticed the swimmer was still coming after me. I took my merm back to my boat so I could go sell the shark meat. I was going to go taunt them, but I meassaged the swimmer and explained their mistake. They had gotten out of the corner or scuttled by the time I got back, looks like the did pick up the cursed balls tho. I lol'd.

    Moral of the story:
    Sometimes (not very often I understand,) people are just trying to be nice.

    Also don't sell your Merperson Jewels to the Goldhoarders.

  • This story takes place shortly after they added the ability to hand items to other players.

    As usual this adventure starts off with my captain logging out for the night. I was sailing around floating some ideas around in my head, when i see a sloop parked at Wanderers Refuge on the southwest side.

    I didnt wanna sail to close and be seen as a threat. So when i got what i felt was good swimming distance, i turned my ship strait west. Lined it out, and jumped off.

    I wanted to make it to the sloop unseen, so i stayed underwater only commin up for a quick breath. On my final push to the sloop i got one last breath and still hadnt seen anyone on the boat or island.

    I came up slowly to the ladder facing away from the shore. I heard some skellys and what i thought was fighting close by.
    So i climbed the ladder and as i got on deck i see a pirate with his back to me fightin a couple skellys a little ways inland.

    I stood on the boat, still with no plan in mind till he was finished. I expected him to turn and see me right away. But after he finished the skellys he pulls out a map and starts lookin at it. I jumped of the boat and make my way up the beach in a full run. As i got closer i realize he hasnt heard me so i slowly crept up to him u til i was standing directly behind him.

    By this time my captain is eatin pizza on the couch next to me laughin the whole time that i had managed to creep up on the guy unnoticed. Still unsure what to do (i wasnt there to kill anyone) i decided to peek over his shoulder to see what he was workin on. It was a riddle.

    Ooooohhh i know this one.

    As hes lookin at the riddle i pull out a bannana and put it to the back of his head. If he turns around i wanna have this thing right in his mouth. But suddenly he takes off running.

    I didnt know what to do so i just followed him as he runs into the island a little ways.
    Suddenly he stops..... so i stop too. He pulls out a compass looks at it. Then he starts to turn around.... and i just kinda circled with him till we both were facing the way we came.

    My brothers in tears and im suprised i pulled this off so i waited to see what he was gonna do. Now i must admit i dont remember the first part of the riddle. I remember it was short and i remember the last part which we will get to soon.

    Anyway he takes off at a full run back towards the beach. I follow a step or 2 behind until he stops again and pulls out a lantern. He shines it around a few times then pulls out the riddle again. Then he makes his way to somethin... cant remember what, it has been to long, some landmark or whatever. Anyway he shines his lantern till he finds the sweet spot and completes the first part of the riddle.

    What happens next i wasnt ready for. Stupid griefer skellys pop up. I wasnt even thinkin about this happening. I panic and do a 180 and run away at top speed. I get a little ways away before i turn around and i see his back is still to me as he fights the skelly.

    I wanna mention now that not once has this guy stopped to check his surroundings. These are the type of players that come to the forums after being sunk. Now back to the story.

    When hes done fighting he pulls out the riddle. I slowly make my way behind him and see whats next. You all remeber this one
    Mutionous snake in the gaveyard. The only reason i remember this is because i struggled with finding it my first time too. Alot of players did actually. Its easy to miss.

    Ima skip through this next part quickly because what happens next is just me following this guy around for the next 10- 15 mins while we run up and down the island. I was ready to pull my hair out and almost grabbed my mic and gave him the answer. My brother is whisperin in my ear to kill the guy, but im in the zone now. Im gettin good at stealthin this guy.

    FINALLY he finds the spot. Pulls out his compass. And takes to many steps......
    Im circling him as hes diggin up the entire graveyard till he finally hits the spot.

    As hes diggin i pull out the bannana and put it to the back of his head again. I no he has to turn around now cause i seen his ship was behind us in that direction. He picks up his chest and turns to find a fat pirate standing there holding a bannana to his lips.

    What happens next actually made me jump too. My tv was up really loud and it had been pretty quiet for a while. A man with a very deep voice screams in terror and says " JESUS CH*** WHAT THE F***" then takes a few steps back and drops his chest.

    Now im not sure if this guy hates bannanas or if he was mad another man had his bannana on his lips but he draws his sword. Im still standin there with my bananna held out. He says nothin and stares at me.
    Oh so its a duel u want huh, i think. So i wiggle my bannana around a little.

    He suddenly rushes in flailing wildly. I back up and circle him at the same time. He powers up a charge attack and misses. Then i jab him with the bannana
    Alright im lying here but i would if i could.
    He missed the charge and i start jumpin around dodging him pretty easy.

    Then he suddenly stops and draws his pistol. I see he carrys the gentleman combo like myself sword/pistol. He aims and fires as im jumpin sideways. He misses and reloads. By now my brother is screamin at me "KILL HIM" ,but as i said this isnt what i was here for. He reloads standing still. He reloads , fires, misses again. Reloads again, fires, nothin.... hes out of bullets.

    By now i have had enough. So i turn straight north and run at full speed. Check a few times and he is giving chase. I make it to the beach and get in the water and turn around swimmin slowly backwards. He stops on the beach and we stare at eachother as i slowly move away. I turn to dive and log out.

    THIS is where the story should have ended. A perfect end to a perfect night. But no. Things never go as expected with this game.....
    As i turn so swim away and dive he gets on the mic and yells "YA YOU BETTER RUN FAT BOY". My brother goes Oooooooooohhhhhh, tryin to egg me on.
    Why does it always have to be like this.
    Well i guess i gotta teach him some manners now.

    I still dive but make a u- turn after i know im deep enough. I swim around the island on the west side and get on land. Cant see him from here. I run all the way back to his boat. Hes not there yet. Prolly gettin his treasure.

    I raise his anchor (ya he had it down). Drop his sails. Just in time to see him commin down the way with his treasure in hand. He stops and stares at me. I pull that bannana out and eat in front of him as i sail away.

    I run downstairs and check his food barrel.
    20 somethin bannanas. So i stand there and start to eat them all as fast as i can. I mean we all know he doesnt like bannanas anyway. I hear footsteps commin as i had a few left. I fill my inventory as he comes downstairs straight for me. I run around the barrels and go back upstairs and jump off the ship and dive. Logged out after that.

    This was the first and last time i tried to give someone a bannana. Until i do this tall tale and meet this Briggsy skelly. Gonna try and hope that skelly takes it and it completes the quest instantly. Didnt go so well when i tried with the Hungering One.

    Stay tuned for Jester of the Seas # 3 Sunken Dreams commin soon.