Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • Aye with such a new event on our seas. It has become a hassle to deliver out booty to the Reapers Hideout without some barnacle sea cow hiding in some bush waiting for me. But that isn't all bad, oh no.

    You see, my crew and I came across one of those new and rare Bounty chests, the one that also places a deadly mark on your location on the sea. So everyone within eye sight will know of you and what you possess. Oh how we hate these things but the lady by Reapers Hideout requests them and offer up a fine reward for each return, so why not?

    Anyway, my crew found one off by Morrorws Peak and as we sailed the days back toward the Reapers, we seen a fresh Fleet had raised from the depths, nobody seem to be tackling it so we gave it a once though. Deciding after we drop off to head for it. Moments into our delivery we spotted a Brig, already at the Reapers....waiting. We stopped short and decided to make a circle of the island, one crewmate sneaked of our ship and swam over.

    Oh the lords, they were planning to wait for us. Two stood by the masked lady while assumed the third remained on the ship, thus it became clear of there goal. Pirate Legends they were and they stooped to this? What mockery to the name Legends. Decked in all black and watching our ship as we made circles....we decided with a grunt, they couldnt possibly wait all day. Headed to the Fleet.

    -Fleet Battle-
    We suffered but we raised victory in our quest, more loot and silk to bring to our dear Masked friend, but what of our Brig? No sign of them, didnt even attempt to attack while we were busy, maybe....
    Loaded the loot on our ship and heading back to the Hideout, no sign of the Brig. Hooray!

    Full speed ahead we sailed toward the island until..."CAPTAIN!! BEHIND!!!" What? The Brig was waiting behind some rocks by the "Arena" fort and were gaining fast on us. So what...will just "In the water! Mermaid!!" Drat! someone was still on the island? It had been will over 40min...desperate Legends...

    "Blast it, JUST RAMP THE ISLAND!!" Our sails hit the wind and our hull banked the island, flying over the sand and trees. Twisting of the wood busted open many holes, but with loot in all three of our hands, we jumped the front of the ship. Two Silks and Reapers Bounty. There ship dropped behind ours, gliding past between the two islands.
    Just below the Tent, suddenly "Bushes!! I see one" One of the legends was wearing Ghost pants....so the glow from there legs gave them away. They ran past myself and another, ignoring our silk.....going for the Bounty.

    Dropping out loot, all three of us pulled blunder and blasted the little Legend. Distracted, grabbing the Bounty and forgetting the Silk we gave it to the Masked lady...in time. Our ship never dropped anchor so after hitting the island, it shifted and sailed away....but theres...remained. Told our ship to scuttle, the loot on board was worthless to us.

    We jumped there ship and lay waste to it. Firebombs lit up the sky and burst into flames. They respawned only to burn and be shot at. Ship was gone, mast fell but they continued to fight. Only until our own flames killed us did the fighting stop.....Victory none the less.

    Pirate Legends....desperate legends....little pirates.

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  • 15 gruelling, sleepless hours of evasion, destruction, digging and harpooning and finally... My haul of a lifetime.

    262k gold and 280 doubloons of sloop determination.

    I need a grog.

  • The adventure begins on Daggertooth, an I grab some supplies, when I see a the yellow light a Bounty reaper chest.
    It was just east of fools lagoon, nor far from reapers hideout, I thought that even if I sink, Ill not lose anything.
    But I get there, an saw no ship at all, dive down a get the Bounty chest, an sail over an deliver it, easy!!! think I was more or less alone on the server an other just joining in.
    sometime spend sailing from every small island, looking for key masters, an scouting out other ships, found out that there was 2 galleon, 1 brig an 1-2 sloops.
    Then the FotD started, an I just headed over to reaper hideout to sell some of the captain chest, silk an skulls, before heading over there.
    "Tried" be sneaky an hide my ship at the Arena Taven, but just as I get there the FotD skull vanish, an I set sail, an the normal fort skull vanish to, an I get kraken :( well turn around an sailed out of the ink. south to castaway isle, to I could sail over to the FotD, I sailed behind the fort, raised the sail almost to the top an let the ship drift.

    I angle the cannon, cross finger that I had the angle, an fired, I kinda missed, an was on the side of the fort, an had to jump down in the water an then go to the island, as soon as I get on the island an tried to go up the ramps I got shot 2 times from behind, dead.

    Now back on my ship, still in the fog an have drifted a bit around in a better position, I sail toward the fort, but till my surprise??? no galleon?? but 2 reapers chest in the water.
    I just harpoon the bounty reaper chest an set sail to reapers hideout.
    When I almost get there, I can see a Galleon coming from the south side of wander refuge, not nearly close enough to stop me, so I get it delivered, but now starts the chase, back to the FotD to look for more loot.
    Pretty much I just put my sail on half, turned the ship to the left an fired myself up to the vault, no loot or big boom barrels :,( so I just picked up a normal keg, boarded the galleon, an was so close to sink them, before they killed me.

    They where not done, but after a chase back to reapers hideout, where I could use the reef an storm to my advantage, an they sunk an short after rage quit.
    I didn't fire my cannon at them, they just sunk to the crash dmg, storm dmg an lack of supplies

    I dont know what happen at the fort, my guess is that one of the other ships on the server had been better at being sneaky an blown them up but got killed themself, Or someone faild with the harpoon an a stronghold barrel while another moving one to the crowsnest, all I know is that Im just the lucky winner, coming out after being killed, just a 30 sec sail to a free bounty reaper.

    Any comment an thought are welcome, specially on the las part, what could have happen since they sunk.

  • Me and my friends started a normal adventure on the old classic brig, The Hammer Head. Quickly we felt alone on the seemingly empty seas so we decided to get us some companions, 2 chickens Big Dave and Small Dave. Little did we know that these 2 chickens would come to survive almost everything the sea of thieves could throw at them. They survived megs, krakens and skeleton galleons.

    Disaster would strike when we would decide to raid a fort. Everything went smooth till we spotted another pirate on our boat accompanied by a sloop. We rushed back to defend our boat. An epic battle followed, which ended in the sinking of both the ship, including Big Dave and Small Dave.
    Devastated, we went back to the fort only to find out that Big Dave and Small Dave survived the whole ordeal and were still floating in the water!

    We returned them to our ship and continued our raid on the fort and eventually divert all our spoils!
    But our journey had come to an end and we had te leave both Big Dave and Small Dave behind. We decided set them off on their own journey!

    To this day I still wonder if they survived. But after what those chickens went through, they probably did.

  • I´ve been playing this game since some time before the Hungering Deep came out. I´m a fan and I do believe that this game has an immense potential. Since the Hungering Deep I´ve been writing down a story of my pirate. My pirate is named Patch. The story is about him having adventures with his Captain Tiberius, his brother Popeye, love of his life Madame Olivia and with the passage of time I´m adding characters that will influence Patch in some way. Patch is changing with the world he´s living in. I would love to connect with devs and maybe make a comic book. Also with the addition of Umbra to the game I really think that Patch deserves an immortalization in form of a grave on Ancient Spire Outpost somewhere near the tavern. I don´t know if the devs will listen because I´m really trying to make this happen. I will continue to write the story as the updates will be landing. And with the help of you fellow pirate readers we can send this post all the way up to quarters of developers. Hopefully they will respond to this. Wish y´all happy stealing.

  • once upon a time there was a galleon with my friends and @ashbert157 's friends and we did a gilded Athena and we lost it all but that happens and I wish we had sank them but we got annoyed and logged off but I'll try again with a normal Athena the end.

  • Ahoy fellow pirates! I've recently been tossing about the idea of writing a Sea of Thieves fanfic, as my crew and I have written a lore to our ships and crews, and wanted to piece them together in the form of a short novel, so, I started! This book will tell the backstories of our ships and crew members. All of the stories in this fanfic (excluding some of the character backstories) are real, authentic stories from our time on the seas. So, please tell me what you all think! And as more chapters are added, I'll be sure to update the thread! Fair winds to ye, and I hope to hear what ye think!

    ~Captain Les "Close-Call" Paul

  • When I play with my son, we do solo animal collection voyages on a brigantine. He prefers the brig, because it "locks" in position and sails straighter. The sloop needs constant attention at the wheel.

    Since we're alone on a brig and often have to leave the ship alone for extended periods while we are chasing a chicken, we are sometimes attacked. It's how the game works.

    Frequently, people see we are just hunting animals, have no loot and aren't a threat to them. But, we are also often attacked for no reason other then... it's not Sea of Pals.

    It's the game, and we understand.

    Recently, we were sunk with two crated pigs on board, and as we swam to the mermaid, my son expressed sympathy for the pigs.

    "They're crated and can't get out, and they're just going to drown and die," he said.

    I told him that when we die, we go to the Ferry of the Damned and that when pigs die, they do too.

    He asked why the pigs weren't running around on the ferry with us, and I said they have their own ferry:

    The Ferry of the Hammed.

    He loved that, and we both laughed our way to the next outpost to buy more animal voyages.

    We couldn't think of a name for where the snakes go.

  • We came across a galleon last night that had solid black shredded sails. I have nearly every sail in the game but these were different than anything I've seen! Very ghostly looking!

  • I've never posted anything like this and I hope it's allowed. If not, I appologize and mods, feel free to remove this thread.

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    alt text

  • Avast ye Scallywag's! (Buckle In!)

    Gather around and let me tell you a tale. This story begins like any other gilded Athena voyage, with high hopes, excitement and a healthy dose of fear.

    Like any day on the seas our two man sloop must be ready to take on any adversary. However, you can often attract more bee's with honey. In the first leg of our voyage we sailed upon a one man sloop running the same gilded Athena voyage. Instead of shooting first and asking questions later we tried diplomacy. While the temptation of a docked row boat loaded with blindingly shiny chests was hard to ignore, having a friend on the seas to watch our back and help us cash in twice the loot was too good to pass up.

    Halfway through our voyage a long time thief and friend returned from shore leave (hopped online) to pursue untold treasures with us. Unfortunately our boat was full. However, our new friend and ally was more than happy to have an extra set of hands.

    Not only were we able to turn in all of our loot but we managed to swipe and turn in six count them SIX Athena's. That's one hand and one hooks worth! It was a very lucrative day.

    To top off our long journey we decided to investigate a long standing Fort that we had thought to have been ignored. Only to find a Galleon anchored just outside.

    This was our chance to wrestle the spoils away from some unsuspecting crew. Say what you will about the dangers of a four man galleon, I'll take the odd of two full sloop crews every time.

    We descended upon them with a barrage of hellfire, cannons and even a powder keg. Their ship wasn't long for this world. They had just made it to the final wave. We fought valiantly and had the Skeleton lord on the run but we saw in the distance a galleon with the wind at its back charging in for revenge. We were low on supplies and had no more explosive barrels to ensure a safe and quick victory so we backed off.
    One sloop went to a nearby outpost for a supply run and to turn in any last items that could have been confiscated through a rough battle. My crew stayed behind to play pass interference.

    The pirate gods smiled upon, because a ghost pirate galleon rose from the watery depths right next to our foe. We managed to circle the fort opposite the skeleton galleon. Trading shots to wear down our foe's resources and distracting them in order to have our full team back at their throats.

    The skies cleared and we knew it was too late. They finished off the skeleton lord. They immediately dropped all sails and headed north with the wind at their back. I made chase, keeping an eye on them and leaving my crew on the fort to intercept any last ditch effort to skulk away from the fort with a full row boat of booty.

    Their galleon was fast, the wind was in their favor, and the idea of getting that fort key was slipping out of my grasp.
    The pirate gods knew I needed a miracle. A chance to catch up, to inspect their ship to learn the location of the fort key.

    So they sent the Kraken. Black ink streched across the horizon, giant tentacles reached to the sky and began engulfing the galleon in it's clutches.

    I was a safe distance away but had to know, I had to find out. I launched towards the inky mess and swam to their ship.

    Unfortunately, It was too late. Their ship sank, they fled to their getaway mermaid and the ocean was black as mud. Nothing bright, shiny or even remotely keylike rose to the surface.

    I sailed back to pick-up my crew mate and headed towards the nearest outpost for resupply.

    In sea of thieves, you win some... you lose some...

  • salut a tous,
    Je suis synix, joueur sea of thieves athena 10.
    J’ai récemment lancer ma chaîne Twitch dans le but de vous partager mon gameplay. Si vous voulez discuter ou même venir jouer avec moi vous êtes les bienvenus. J’attend également vos avis constructifs afin de pouvoir améliorer mes lives Twitch.
    A très bientôt j’espère.
    Le lien de ma chaîne:https://www.twitch.tv/shokz_synix

  • I have been working on the Legends of the Sea when the most interesting "feature" happened...

    While I was atop the Crooked Masts looking for the book near beacon (which I did not find even though I am pretty sure I already have a commendation with it...) a brigantine pulled up one sail and started to make a slow circle towards my lonely ship. I had to jump for it to make it in time and so I did. At that moment the Megalodon music started playing. Me being still docked, it was clear the meg was going for them, but we were too close to the shore. I dropped the sails down and started blasting front of their ship with cannonballs, they took few hits, rammed into me, I took few hits, something really bad exploded that left the back of my ship full of holes which quickly filled the ship to the verge of sinking. While I was repairing the tattered sloop, the meg started attacking them so it seemed like a good idea to turn the ship around to give them few more hits before making my escape while they deal with the meg or that's what I thought.

    After I completed my attack, the brigantine ignored the meg and turned towards mine ship in attempt to pursue, but that's when my ship got a miraculous speed boost...
    Goodboy speed boost
    The brigantine got so much baffled by it that they stopped... but we, I and the Goodboy, continued...
    Goodboy and me almost naked because the game doesn't save clothes after logging out
    ...for many, many squares, during which he even helped me to avoid many, many big and small rocks (because somebody was too much preoccupied watching the shark)...
    Goodboy pushing the ship in the Devil's Roar near volcano
    ... it was a lovely journey until his wife Megan screamed at him that their kids kidnapped a little mermaid or something and so he had to leave...
    Goodboy slowing down, Megan in the back waiting for him
    ... we got all the way from the Crooked Masts to the Ruby's Fall.
    The map of Devil's Roar including the Ruby's Fall
    It was a great adventure that ended way too soon due to unfortunate family matters.

    On more serious note, seems like it got stuck in the rowboat somehow.
    On less serious note, a family of peacefull megalodons would be great addition to the empty seas - and they could perhaps even hunt the nasty sharks that bug swimmers from time to time.

  • There are more and more disgusting grinder alliances everywhere, me and more two friends were on a brigantine preparing ourselves to complete the FOTD, so when we had every single light color and the ritual skull, we were heading to the fort, when suddenly the red eyes skull cload appeared, we so we arrived there and we found out that there was a 4 brigantine alliance accomplishing the fort, so I hid myself on the island waiting for them to finish it, and my crewmates went away with the ship. After 30 minutes they finished it and brought the athena out and they let at the shore, I grabbed it and ran towards my hideout and waited for my friends to pick me up, and so they did and we got this free athena chest and they got salty after they discovered that their precious chest was stolen. EVERY REAL PIRATE THAT READ THIS, NEVER JOIN ALLIANCES, END WITH THEM, YOU SHOULD RUIN EVERY TRACK OF GRINDER ALLIANCE IN THE SEA. See you

  • Calling all filthy bodies!

    Come and share the scariest thing you have seen on the seas!

    For me it was a calm, quiet day on the seas, having just finished a fort, and going to turn in the spoils of the day. I hadn't seen a soul all day, and I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary as I pulled up to the outpost. I felt secure enough that I even made sure to do a very nice parking job! Once my Anchor was down, I made my way amidships to begin the process of unloading. As I reached the ladder however, I heard a plunk and an odd hissing sound behind me. Being the curious soul I am I hopped off the ladder and turned around to behold: The Stronghold Gunpowder keg, lit and burning away at my feet. I am quite sure the scream I let out woke up the neighbors, but there was naught to be done. One massive kaboom later, and I awoke on the ghost ship, silently marveling at the impressive long-con I had just fell victim to.

  • ....Reapers Hideout campers. Same crew just camping the island....super fun 😐

    They just made it a mission to keep hunting me down. With that kind of action, it's not worth the risk for the extra gold when solo.

  • so as we all know yesterday was update day and I was sailing with me crew and I saw a sloop coming in for a ram and we were at marauders arch and a sloop rams us but no one boards and we sink them the end

  • We started to do some pirate voodoo and something went wrong ... well ... cannot expect things going well when doing voodoo, but well...

    We named him Willy, just in case someone could free him someday ...

    Epitaph: He honorably died in combat protecting the mast, he don't had a good life.

    (image triheadedited to display)

  • This story begins about two years back, whispers had spread across the seas of a man camped out on Shark Bait Cove by the name of Merrick, you may know him now as the man who runs the hunters call, naturally me and my mate Captain Oden decided to see what the fuss was about, as did 2 other galleons, we decide to form an alliance and hear out what the old man had to say, he told us tales of his crew, and the monstrous creature that did them in! After reading his journals and hearing his story’s, he taught us a song, gave us some coordinates and we set out. After arriving at the coordinates we positioned our ships and sand our song, before we know it.... BOOM!! A ravenous beast called The Hungering One emerged from the depths!! No not a hungering one, The Hungering One!! He began to circle us, we all unleashed a hailstorm of cannon fire that would make The Pirate Lord proud! He took a chomp out of Me and Captain Odens sloop and the damage was to much! We jumped over board and climbed atop one of the galleons, at this point The Hungering One had begun to slow down, he was hurting! But still fighting, he came in for a bite of out galleon, but he was behind the ship! Out of range! We had no wood! It’s the end of us!!!! Then we here a shout! “I’ve got this lads! This beast won’t sink us yet!” It was Captain Oden!! He grasped his cutlass and charged in to the gaping maw of The Hungering One! We thought for sure he was a goner but alas!! He had done it! The beast let out a mighty roar before going limp and sinking into the bottom of the water we mourned the loss of our legendary Captain, before he climbed up the ladder and raised a frothing remakes of grog! “ WE GOT HIM BOYS!!” Captain Oden roared almost as loud as the beast! We nearly didn’t make it back to tell Merrick for how drunk we were! I’m proud to say I still sail with Captain Oden to this day!

  • a long time ago in a sea far away there was two pirates on a sloop their name where @ashbert157 and @closinghare208 and they were doing a voyage at the sunken grove and we were off the ship and a ship managed to come near us and boarded us and told us we couldn't get back on our ship and so we made friends with the guy who boarded us and we sailed with him the end

  • I noticed a sloop sailing towards Golden Sands last night. It appeared that the captain didn't know they were being followed because the sail was not set to full billow, and I was gaining fast. The plan was to sneak up & ambush because, pirate stuff. He saw me & turned to fight.

    As we prepared to cross paths for a broadside, I noticed he had the Noble Pathfinder sail like me. I guess he noticed too because he yelled out "Pathfinder truce!"

    No shots were fired.

    We both anchored and spent some time playing music, drinking grog, swapped supplies & sailed off in different directions.

  • Myself, @MinishEB , @JudgedMeteor03 , and @jpedoto were setting off in a fully loaded Galleon to take on a Skeleton armada. As we approached the armada location, we saw another player, in a sloop, fighting two skelly sloops. We joined in the fight when we arrived. Eventually all the skelly ships had sunk, we began to fight the next wave of two skelly galleons. Nearing the end of the fight, we noticed the sloop wasn't able to withstand the onslaught of fire raining down from the skelly ships, and sadly sunk. When the battle ceased and the fires were extinguished, we saw the lone sloop captain swimming towards our ship. We waited to see what he would do (was he friend or foe) he chose foe and opened fire on us. He soon met the Ferryman.
    By the time we managed to pull all the loot out of the sea, we saw that same sloop sailing up to us to try and take the booty. A fight ensued, his ship, barely hanging in there, managed to fire two ballast balls, instantly sinking our ship (to our surprise). As he repaired his mangled ship, the four of us began loading all the loot into our rowboat and prepared for our final stand. The enemy vessel pulled up next to our little rowboat, shots were fired. As some of the crew began to board the ship, the Pirate Lord must have been watching, for a Queen Meg appeared and began attacking the enemy sloop!
    After the sloop was disposed of once more, three of us continued to load the rowboat and defend it from a frenzy of sharks. The fourth of our crew chatted with a mermaid and went back to retrieve our ship. By the time the ship made it back to the rowboat, I had been devoured by the frenzy, and another crew-mate despawned and reappeared on the boat. As we were searching for the rowboat, our remaining crew-mate watching over it, we managed to ever-so-slightly run over the rowboat, destroying it in the process.
    ONCE AGAIN, we began to hull all the treasure out of the sea (for the third time at this point) and back onto our boat. Halfway through getting all the loot back aboard, we spot him again, the sloop, racing toward us. Surely thinking that there was no way that crew managed to retrieve the lost loot. Once he neared, another battle broke out. Ending fairly quickly using the remaining cursed cannon balls we had in our inventory. After all that, we managed to make our way to the nearest outpost and turn in our bounty.
    To celebrate, we filled the ship with water, right up to the brim, lit it ablaze, and sailed around, searching for other ships to bask in awe at our beautiful vessel. Eventually, she made her final stop, limping, as she made landfall.

  • So we heared and saw the skull!

    Whomering in the sky with it's red eyes, telling us, that there is some glory to come!
    we set sail, leaving the devil seas with it's vulcanos, sure to know, that there is the chest we wanted. A chest, other pirates earned, a chest to be stolen!

    We get close to to the fort, spectating, spying,... they are still in the fight for honor with those painted ghosts, so there is time. Time for a trap to set.

    My fellow mate swam over to see and hear what our victims plan there is.

    I took our sloop and rided it hard over to the gold fort. We need some BOOOOM to prepare. So the barrels get soon be loaded and the sails lead me to plunder outpost. This tiny town, where every ruler of the epic fight on the fort of the damned sales their treasures.

    The barrels were easily positioned in the tavern, the trap is set. Our sloop runs away, alone, half sails into the sea, without a captain.

    The time was just right, the fort was owned and the treasure comes along to plunder, just as planed.

    The chest comes to the tavern. BOOOOM, pirates were killed, chests were grabbed and sold. Steal!

    With my pistol i tried to hit the lookout, hopefully filled with more BOOOM and my last bullet was on the right curve and the hit was perfect. The mast falls, the crew was killed, only one survived, the galleon sunk.

    He tries to safe the loot with the remaining rowboat. Puts on chest by chest. Then we ambushed and took whats ours!

    What a heist! 2 pirates set trap, 4 get killed, 1 ship sunk, 2 pirates getting all the gold.

    Perhaps, this isn't a new story. I'll be sure there were many of that stories before. But this one was ours, spontaniously and with a perfect timing and - man, what a great feeling this was. Now, after a year of sailing, i can say, this day i really became a thief in the sea of thieves and i am proud of it :)

    cpt m1yagi

    PS: i thank my all-time-mate MGy Schwami for this epic moment! You are the best weapon on my boat, dude!

  • Bonjour,
    J’ai validé toutes les Fables du Flibustier de la 1 à 9 mais un promotion légendaire ne s’est pas validée dans la fable 9 bien que tout soit terminé. Est ce un bug ? C’est arrivé à quelqu’un ?
    Merci par avance

  • a long time ago there was me and @ShirleyMcDavish and I just spawned in at golden sands and when we spawned in and our ship was already gone and in it's place there was a galleon on fire and we wondered what the bleep is going on here they sunk our ship some how and we spawned in at smuggler's bay the end.

  • There we be, leagues away from home, a cursed mermaid of red in sight, chests safely nestled in the bowels of our ship when suddenly - SILENCE! Mics gone quiet, and before me eyes, I witness my crew light a keg and blow our booty to the depths, such depravity! MADMEN! A ruby red jewel lost forever!

    Who else has had a run in with the Cabin Fever?

  • The way pyromaniacs welcomes
    the new year!

  • [Español] [RoL-PvP] [Parca] [ 1 Nave V/s 3 Naves ]

    Ahoy! as youtube presentation image isnt working, I just cannot use creator's crew channel as normally since it has to be on youtube... and no first image videos doesnt work to make content being viewed.

    Anyway, this is more a movie than a video. Enjoy!

    Duración 1 hora y 20 minutos.

    No olvidar las Palomitas de Maíz!

    [May speak in rough english]

  • salut a tous,
    Je suis synix, joueur sea of thieves athena 10.
    J’ai récemment lancer ma chaîne Twitch dans le but de vous partager mon gameplay. Si vous voulez discuter ou même venir jouer avec moi vous êtes les bienvenus. J’attend également vos avis constructifs afin de pouvoir améliorer mes lives Twitch.
    A très bientôt j’espère.
    Le lien de ma chaîne:https://www.twitch.tv/shokz_synix

  • The sea was upon us. Time was short and my crewmates and I (Brig crew) were desperate to finish the quest of "Giver of Gifts"

    But it was no small feat, with how the seas of today are no other crew is trust worthy or some just flat out dont care. Bah some dont even know what your talking about until its too late. Never the less we drop sails and marched on.

    Hours of spending our voyages in the Shores of Plenty, trying to collect the last remaining few gifts and leave them at the table by the mysterious lady on Reapers Hideout, mainly the ones we needed were 10 generous gifts. The most difficult of the bunch. Selling only a few humbles here and there, even leaving a few behind just for kicks.

    It was our last remaining few, we will...must preval. After so long of spending out days and time, waiting around the Reapers plane, taking in practice shots with our rods to catch fish to waste time. Even the Reapers Mark did no justice to bring in curious sailors. Deciding we need to simply...go out and "hunt" for some pirates...and hope they will accept us and turn in out goal, for them it be a happy profit but for us it be a worthy cause.

    Off on the distance we spot a Brig, simply sailing from island to island, snake island at best. They be out first. But fear struck us...what if a merge of the seas? if nobody were on the island...would we lose our profit? Dash we decided to leave one man behind to make sure nothing were to happen while myself and another sailed to them.

    Along the way, we came across a Skeleton Sloop, blasted them to the depths we did but the cannon fire spooked the other Brig...they tried to sail away. We gave them space and circled around, until they decided to come back to Snake island. We raised our flag to show Peace and cannons pointed to the sky to show no threat to them.

    We approtched with sails up and spoke, but they did not speak back. Silence filled the air...unsettling. All three of the men on the Brig looked at us. Ready for anything..one took the cannon, we begged for mercy and offer them "Gifts" "Presents" Finally one Spoke. "What gifts?"

    After explaining the goal of our arrival and further of the items will grant them rare coin, they were still uneasy about it. One replied "Sounds like a Trap" (I laughed so hard) But one was brave and made a small deal, one comes along as the others stay at Snake Island, fair and easy we only need one to turn them in.

    Sails dropped and we head back to the HideOut, along the way....another Skeleton ship appears, blasted them we did but ignored them as we arrived to the island. Anchor dropped and we jumped ship. Still the othe pirate kept his distance from us as we arrived to the Table, from his point of view a lot of shinies. "Oooh nice." he said as he turned in the first, second, third and four. Each would be granting him 10 doubloons to himself and crew.

    After such a long day, and the final 10th was turned in, with a Lock our achievement arrived. Giver of Gifts!! title was ours. We bid fair well the the lucky and happy pirate who made his way to the mermaid.
    Cheers to us and the pirate crew we had done what few couldn't do.

    (As a small bonus. Glitch happen where we could hear the other crew as he left and I quote. "I guess it wasn't a trap after all. Did you guys get all those doubloons? Weird they didn't want them.")
    alt text

  • https://www.mupload.nl/img/fyvvakijd.gif

    Some stuff left on sale but today nothing really suits me.

    Its something new like a grand voyage of adventure and this promised to be more then just some tall tale session.

    My road leads where no ancient coins can help me Earnest my man i have to leave and say goodbye.


    Looking the other way wont help nothing really works as i always hear her whispers.
    Unwillingly i collect those skulls for the wicked witch and there is not so much i can do to stop it.
    This time i ask her to please let it slide for i am now bound on this voyage to save my pride.


    With the goldhoarder things are different as we both seem to understand the decorative value of captain chests as well as sharing the secret knowledge of whats inside since i have this very living fantasy drawing perfect clear pictures of what glint it hides.

    But for this voyage he cant share me any clue or marks on the map?


    Its something im used to do to first check if they left a empty coop? Well i could really use it on this great adventure up ahead. Ill catch me a lucky chicken and put her up the bow!

    But a leftover coop she never had.


    Everything prepared and stocked for our journey we finally jump to the bar.

    We sure like some drinks and dance until we puke tonight!
    Some may play nice tunes.

    We best make this a party so we can say goodbye.


    Goodbye for what? Asks Jim.
    Whats haunting you good man?

    Well good Jim..

    Today marks age 40 i grew really old and had to update my char with grey instead of gold.

    Today i have no more use for dubbel dubs, gold , sails or nice new cloths. I became a old dude and lost my thirst for gold, no more hunger for a fight im so old theres only one thing left to do.

    The quest for the fountain of youth.

    Rumour has it one drinking from the fountain can reroll his char.. so i shall once more be a greedy bloodthirsty pirate and all shall flee when they spot me from a far.

    All had a good laugh as we drunk the night away and celebrated until morning then i waved ahoy and finally sailed out.

  • a long time ago (two days ago) and we where sailing to a fort and we saw a galleon coming for us but it turned off and tried to shoot us but missed and the turned around.

  • My first adventure to kick off 2020!


    After first cleaning my neighborhood from all the lovely fireworks i finally sat down for some serious pirate adventure.

    I am working on commendations and need to defeat two face and the dutchess so im stuck on doing legendary gift voyages.

    I start solooping and for now only did the first map to fight two face. Ill work on the dutchess when i have some help with all the vulcanic activities and the dutchess not allways counting.

    So far so good i managed to kill two face with canons 8 times and collected a lot of gifts in the wilds.

    On my way to turn it in and call it a night i remembered Spiral still needed some gifts for the commendations so i send a invite to help turn it in or give it all away.


    We waited for so long on the reaper hideout! We put up a reaper flag and wrote 2020 with gifts on the beach.. we split up and Spiral searched the ferry for dead pirates while i was trying to get attention from a nearby sloop by firing fireballs and ccb fireworks in the air.

    Nothing worked until Spiral shortly came back and we server merged.

    Again waiting and on the lookout for pirates but this time other reapers showed on the map and one was heading our way finally!!


    We sweetened the pie by collecting a reaper chest for extra attention and this worked...

    Well the reaper ship turned out to be a troll duo sloop only collecting the reaper chest and 2 skulls and even when we text how to turn in the gifts they just said no and left those on the table.. then they start wrecking our boat.

    Thats it we then just sold the gifts worth some 300 doubloons ourselves.

    I was so sorry i just tried to help get the commendation but then we get trolled after all this waiting thats no fun.

    Well we got some nice pictures and while i had to log off Spiral played a little on to see a galleon sink the troll sloop!

    Thats kind of a happy ending 🤭

    Thnx @SpiralOut46and2 i still enjoyed goofing around and bringing you a pet fish on the ferry 🤭 hopefully we have more luck next time.