Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • It's a normal day in the seas, lad.
    Me sails a'turnin', me wheel a'spinnin', me flag a'wavin'.
    Me's and my crew pulled up to an outpost like any other, daggertooth or some similar estranged location.
    Oh, didn't I say?
    We'd just got a bunch of the ol' chests for that ol' slender feller over at the gold 'oarder. We anchored our boat 'close as well could, well tight, an' we began unloading like any other feller on 'ese open waters.
    Must'a got a hefty profit on that one, aye.
    With the new inclusion of pets, me an' me crew went to that emporium. Funny ol' place, tha', the birds an' monkeys jumpin' aroun' like they're ain't no next Friday, ya hear?
    I's wanted to look for a monkey, so I got 'un right away an' continued up to the roof of that fine establishment, up a barrel or two.
    View's 'mazin', see the sun over the sea, like some ol' diamond or doubloon. Me sloop's dancin' away on the waves, then I's sees these rather estranged fellers up on tha' big ol' brig of there's.
    Ain't no time in my life since I jus' watched, you hear? Jus' saw the lunky ol' fellers stri' up like it was 'igh noon, right up to me ol' ship.
    I weren't planning on stayin', you know, so I's just looked onward as he started unloaded their cannon fodder.
    Chain shots, I tell ye! Chain shots, over an' over. Must'a wasted a 14 cannonball or so. Right pieces of work, they. Ain't like I's was angry, sad or nothin'. Was about to go retire for a grog or two 'til this happen'!
    Ends up tha' brig strides right back out of the dock, right out ta the sunset, they do. Left me poor ship just a'sinkin', poor girl sunk down an'a never came back up. Sunketh when unprevoketh.

    I's truly see this' world changin', for better or fee' worse.

  • It was a fairly normal night on the seas. I had made a brig incase someone wanted to join me on the waves (Unfortunately, no one did).
    I was looking for some fun and noticed a skull fort in the air.
    I continued towards it and arrived with little resistance.

    When I arrived on the island I decided to sink my ship to avoid any issues from others while I completed the fort (Yes I had High Expectations lol).
    I completed about 7 or so waves and was doing well....
    Then I noticed a sloop coming towards the island fighting a sleleton sloop... To the right I noticed a brig coming in hot.
    I took the opportunity to took on the fort and watch them fight it out.
    They did fight and the sloop was victorious. They didn't even stop on the fort!
    I died and had to take my boat back to the fort (Only a few waves left).

    I took the chance to say Hi to the sloop as it sat at DaggerTooth Outpost. They were surprisingly nice guys, we laughed about the fight they had with the brig. (I take the mermaid back to my ship that was ghost sailing towards fort)

    As I arrive back I noticed a galleon docked up there and an other on it's way in. I had left a row boat on the shore of the fort incase of emergency or victory.
    I get on the island by shooting out of my cannons and land next to the Captain.... I hit him several times and he perished. I grabbed the key and took off in the rowboat..passing the other galleon as it pulled up on the fort.
    I hear the cannons and gunshots as I row away. I make it to Cannon Cove and stash the key.
    I get my ship and notice a NEW FORT!

    I recover the key and decide to use the old key on the new fort and the take new key to old fort, once activity around it slowed down.
    "The ole Swap Around".

    I use the old key on the new fort and load all the loot. I start fighting the skellies and think to myself "You know, I bet some new people would like this loot. Maybe I should open the crew up to randoms". (I have been PL 10 for a while now).

    I open the crew up with about 3 waves left on fort.
    Sooner than later 2 people join up.
    (NateDawgTX and LoneRider01)
    (I am going off memory but pretty sure the names are correct. I am still pretty mad lol...anyways).

    They join and drop sails, leaving the fort I am currently doing. I stop them and explain situation, I ask if they can hear me (Verbally) and they say Aye!.
    We get out act together and finish the fort. I grab the key and explain I am going to take them to "The Old Fort" to grab the loot.

    I get on boat and set sail with the key stored below deck.
    I am steering towards "The Old Fort" when I black screen.

    Yes, they brigged me and then got hit with a skelly ship.
    I watched the water flood in and heard the cannons pelt our ship.

    I pleaded my case in chat (Text) and Verbally. Explained The key situation again. Pleaded some more... And asked to be Un Brigged.
    The boat sank at some undisclosed location( Lossing both the fort loot but also the "Old Key").
    I load on the island next to the boat, They voted me out of brig!
    I was like "Ok guys where did we sink!?"... Then black screen again.

    Yes, these geniuses brigged me again.
    I am upset that they screwed me out of 3 hours of work. I am upset they trolled me for absolutely no reason.

    Then I remembered why I never open the crew up to randoms.
    A 3 hour and 2 fort loot lesson learned.

    I thought I would share this with you, Mostly to get it off my chest.
    Look out for these 2 stooges mentioned above.

    Utterly disappointed.

  • I've loved this game since day 1. I have spent most of my time (probably close to 95%) solo slooping and really enjoying myself. I took a little time off here and there but today I finally made Pirate Legend. I actually brought my son on my journey today because I knew I had the chance to reach it. It was an awesome experience with him.
    Not the easiest path to PL but a very incredibly rewarding one.

    A side stat - I made PL with only completing 6 skull forts.

    Anyway...just felt like sharing!

  • It was a sun warming weather, the winds on me and my crewmates face as we sailed the sea with a Sloop. Stocked with loot from hours of voyaging and fort destroying. (Way before FOTD) and trying to cash in cargo that happens to appear on beaches.

    As we decided to call it a day and bid farewell, it had been hours, heading toward a distant outpost to cash in our loot to the required factions. We came a Galleon. Sloop vs Galleon was never something we planned for..but. We left them alone as we sailed away but...seems fate was not on our side. They quickly dropped anchor to do a spin and without warning, cannon fires erupted. -Lucky Shots-

    Continuing on we figured we just keep sailing away and...no..they gave chase. Of course they be flying the Skull and Crossbones flag with Pirate Legend sails. In no way were we going to try to confront these pirate with the loot worth more than our pride, and fact was we were not really stocked for combat after early skeleton ship battling. Skipping the first outpost, both jumping off to sail one chest or item each while ship continued, they followed it. Darn its gonna be a long day.

    They caught wind of our mission after the second pass and left a pirate on the outpost, nearly killing us as we sold our beloved stronghold chest. Made it back to ship. Holes in our ship as it seemed we got to close and they continued to catch up and fire random shots, some even other pirates trying to board our vessel.

    Using clever movements and following the wind, we kept a distance but they were better shots and the wind alone gave them the speed. Having hit us enough time until we ran out of planks...blast them. We indeed had kegs so my best mate took the charge, climbing the rope and coming down with a keg. Jumping off and attempt to either board or blow them away...missed.

    Second try was also no luck for myself as they quickly shot the keg in my hands, darn this hook! We were left with a single choice, load the rowboat and leave the ship. We did just that and after much planning and time, we turned a rock, out of sight before dropping the rowboat. Ship sailing forward, unman. They chased as me and my mate rowed to the nearby Outpost.

    At last we sold everything, but the chase had left us with a taste we didnt like. We watched them sail to our ship, which happen to pass an active fort. We decided to sink it, no need to keep her alive now. Bless her.
    As we watched and sold our loot...my crewmate saw they were still at the fort, and it was a nearby fort about 6+ squares away. (Keel Haul) After talking about it...My crewmate decided to go to them, but they see us i we came on a rowboat.. "Not if we swim."
    The sea had gotten to him but he fed his belly and stocked with more fruit with his loaded blunder. I followed...

    We swam and swam. Few roaming sharks appeared but with out combind swords and single shots, we kept them at bay. Longest swim I have ever done...but we have. Arrived at the Fort! They havnt seen us, nor knew we were near. We swam closer and closer..climb the nearest tower and found a small keg. We waited. Our plan was simple, wait until the Fort was completed, opened the vault and sink the souls on board! to the depths. Four man crew was slow on the completeion, even with the fact it took us some time to swim, what a feat it was that even myself and crewmate couldnt believe we completed it.

    Time it took to finish the fort, they were good enough to store some kegs in there own crowsnest. At least what seemed like another hour, the Captain appeared and they were all inside the Fort. Myself remained in the tower, along with my own keg while my crewmate jumped to there ship, hide in the nest. After sometime the Vault was open and they began to load. Wasn't long before they were about finished, so I made my way to the front of the ship, keg in hand. We must not die....so we planned our timing. Crewmate dropped the oh so powerful Keg down on the top deck, fuse lit! My keg attacked the front. As they exploded, we hide again. In the tower while I was forced into the water. My crewmate killed one random pirate who seemly survived, inside the tower using the cannon he fired on them...until nothing was left but shiny items. Luck, in the middle water was indeed a rowboad with our name on it.

    Many can guess what happen afterwards. We took the loot on the rowboat and took off. With a compass and eyes we made ourway back to the Outpost. But not without encoutering the same galleon again....they never did find that rowboat or loot.

    -Keep an watchful eye on the seas. Many strange things lurk in the waters

  • Started like any normal adventure. Gang of three pirates spending time together on the open seas. Fishing at mermaids hideaway, catching pondies for the glory of double Exp. After what seem like hours a single crew mate never had done the legendary, Fort of the Damned. So why not attempt it?

    Collecting only couple of the required lanterns, we decided to drop them off before heading to the devils roar to acquire the flame of fire. Upon arriving all lights had been lite already, what luck?, and we already have three ritual skulls. So we begun.

    Waves after waves of the shadows we defeated. Testing our limits and calling out colors among our own crew to defeat them. Every so our nerves of knowing another crew would appear, even with an Allied flag up...it could end badly. After what seemed like hours, Graymarrow appeared...but he wasnt alone. Upon one death our crewmate saw a Galleon just around the corner and before we knew it...they attacked.

    Rookies they were as a single Brig was able to hold them off with quick team work and Extra kegs. But as many times we sunk them...they returned restocked until we ran out of options. We crashed our ship into them and sank them once again. Low on supplies and desperatly fighting off GM himself, we were no match for the third/fourth return of the Galleon.

    As we made our way back from...Smugglers Bay, we stopped at a few norm forts to pick up Kegs. Along the way back we passed a Brig, nothing happen they sailed toward the Fort. A solo Sloop attempt to best the Galleon but quickly sunk. Quickly the other brig turned toward us and...What this? Alliance was formed! Winds gave our sails the speed we charged the Galleon.
    ..but the Fort had been completed...

    None the less we were already here and sank the crabs of the sea. But they were quick...and hid the Key from us. Days went by as we blocked the galleon from returning, searching high and low for the key...no luck. Lost or hidden beyond our eyes....we lost the Fort but formed a Alliance with a brig.

    After which we sailed away, leaving one member to stalk the fort...just as the Galleon returned, opened the Vault.

    Quickly our Brigs returned, our solo crew member blew up the Kegs from within the Vault to by time...but they were quicker. We chased them, wind on our side and there's. They were ahead and with Athen and Reaper chests...they were sold. But they were fools if we stop. Both Brig dropped anchor side by side of the Galleon, jumping on deck and firing cannons on them.
    We won the fight, stolen the skulls and crates left.
    Victory was ours nonetheless. We lost great treasures but gained bigger reward, New crewmates to take on the Fort another 3 times.

    "Its not about the Gold, its about...the Glory!!"
    -Pirate Lord.

  • https://www.mupload.nl/img/d2fjmakyjuiz.png

    Last night i was looking for a nice adventure and didnt really know what to do. I usually just sail out looking for nice spots to chill and gather some loot on the way without bothering of actually doing any voyages.

    It was nice i sailed around and catch some fish to cook at a campfire and feed the pet.

    I noticed @Nightfallcomes online and since he's so friendly i thought yeah lets try and join see what he is up to :)


    He is great! He is the winner of talk like a pirate day with this natural raw pirate voice and instantly gets you in for some role play fun.

    We where sailing the red sea but i was not to worry he found a weird indian stone and the whole boat glint like a reaper so no worry right O.o

    Some secret pirate stuff going on i was not aware of we found a huge island to explore!
    This voyage was getting mysterious and i took on a role as dr jones while @Nightfallcomes was actually solving some ancient indian puzzles where we found some ancient ruiins and statues on this island.


    Then this bob guy showed up and he was somehow involved in this and he showed us the way to some ancient underground network of tunnels!
    We followed him struck by this gold fever thinking about what treasures these mysterious dungeons could hold.
    It was a trap turned out as he knew the way passed all kinds of deathtraps and spikes while 2000 pirates died try to follow him.
    In the end we catched up with bob but he somehow found a way out and left us in this huge hall O.o

    (Gotta say these guys are patient with me dieing all over the place)

    It was filled with.. gold

    Piles of it piles and piles of gold just laying there and anyone can take it..

    Then skellies and boss superfatso showed up to crash the party -.-

    It sure took us long enough but these treasures needed protection so we took it on us to save the sea of thieves xD

    Then we lost the skull in the treasure room when we died drunk when more skellies popped up -.-

    So well im told i have finished a tall tale :D cheers nightfall pirate voice that was a fun voyage

    Dr. Jones

  • One of those stories you tell everyone else, but forget yourself. Crewmate brought this one up and recalled it clearly.

    During the early days of Sea of Thieves, spending hours grinding away for loot and rep just to rank up the only three factions. I wanted to try something I hadn't heard anyone doing yet.

    Spending a chunk of two hours sailing the sea, doing gold hoarder voyages and finding random items on the beach. On a sloop mind you, it was a full ship of treasure but I didnt want a random pirate to see and sink the ship. I wanted to make it more of a fun encounter....but it become a hassle when realizing I have no way to signal pirates to me.

    You see I sailed to Devils Ridge, because it had a nice cave and so I dropped everything I had inside, sorting it nice and neat then just waiting....waiting for some random ship to appear.

    You see I wanted to appear as a marooned or shipwrecked pirate, left to either die or go mad with that one pistol.

    Luck would have it, a random Galleon was heading my way. Waited inside the cave with all the shiny stuff, along with a normal skull I had before, part of the role.
    As they raised sails and dropped anchor, the four pirates walked the beach, mic on. (Goodie) they ran the other direction of me, so I sat still and turned my own mic on. (before the speaker) began talking to myself. Hoping they hear my distant voice, sure enough they did.

    "Hello" one pirate said as all four appeared closer to the cave and all stopped.
    "Oooh thank the heavens! Fellow pirates, and I see you got a ship. You have no long I been waiting here for someone to appear."
    To be confused would be understandable. The four just stood by the cave, not yet noticed the loot yet it seems. So I was standing before them with a skull in hand and speaking in a manner that wasn't normal. I continued.
    "Dear Fred aren't you happy, these people came to...what was that? Oh heavens no, they aren't here for the treasure....are you?" I said
    The four moved forward and saw the loot, a grand loot of two hours worth. Soo many chests. They seem to gather I was serious and like good sports, offer to help a pirate out.
    I told them I just needed to head to the nearest outpost, and if you happen to be cheerful, some grog? Of course they gave me the okay. Leaving the cave and heading to the ship, all four following.
    They asked questions, how I got there, why I was there, who was...Fred and such. I gave them a story of such. Found this buried treasure but a bad storm made my ship sink and thus washed up, I been there for....Months. But good old Fred kept me company. (Even added in a few jokes on how friendly Fred was. You do the math)

    Anyways, after more talks and getting drunk. I offered them a deal. If they allow me on there ship and sail to an outpost, they can keep the Loot.
    At this point they could of easily killed me and take the loot nonetheless, or...play along?
    Well...what happen?
    They went along. Spending a couple min together, picking up and dropping chests onto the galleon. Talking among ourselves and me just 'glad' to have met some good pirates to help this poor one.
    Once everything was loaded, set sail. We drank, sang and danced. Fred was brought up many times...but in a silly way he was lost... (On purpose) "FRED!! nooo come back!!" I planned to wait until they got close to an outpost and just jump overboard to swim after Fred...but they quickly dropped anchor and waited for me.... sniff sniff.

    Quickly on the ship we sailed again, at this moment I was a little lost on what to do but continued to play the role. Once we arrived, as agreed they sold the loot and I didnt move from the dock. Just talking to Fred, moving to the tavern later. After everything was sold we gathered in the tavern to dance and drink more. Fred was accidently sold.
    After awhile, (It was a hour+) I told my new found pirate mates I must be off and bid them...farewell. Taking out my instrument and playing a special song. PL tunnel opens and...I walk down....to the shock and "ooh dude! he a PL" Logoff

    You never know. The next pirate you meet might just reward you for just playing along. Enjoy the seas.

  • Some will see this as a bad pirate thing, but it makes great story to repeat to people.

    Simple story of a single, one pirate acting solo and what he done to a Galleon of one can assume "cabin boys" or rookie pirates? Open mic so one could hear every word and disorderly coordination between the four.
    Attacking a single sloop with nothing to lose but time and maybe resources but hey..it was that time of year. Let have some fun.

    Having sailed around and trying to outrun the Galleon and its three sails, speed was not in my favor but at the last bit moment it didnt matter. Having run to the front of the sloop and jump off, watching as the Galleon pulled along side my sloop and it slowly passed by, followed by what can only be known as a Keg on deck. I caught hold of there ladder and watched as my sloop sank to the depths.

    Holding low and tight to the ladder, I waited...they dropped anchor and not once raise sails, small clue into what level of experience they were. Listening to them rant and laugh at destroying a sloop player. Even go as far to call me a coward to now fight back. Ok.

    As I heard the anchor raise and they speak among themselves, allowing me to know what and where they were. One checking map, two on anchor, and the last mostly checking the waters for anything to float. My chance was small but I took it, climbing the ladder up and peeking....making my way into the captains cabin and outside to the small balcony where most players never check, unless they were smart. No Rowboat.

    Moments past as I sat and listen to them beck and call each other on where to go, what voyage they wanted to try or hunt another sloop down. Some even threaten to lockup one of their own for not voting quick enough. My sleeping body just outside..listening to the winds blow and off to the distance a fort cloud....They had chosen the Fort.

    Monitoring there footsteps and what they were saying, I found most would stay below deck and mess with the map and burn food. Even shoot at each other. Took this quick moment to jump out, climb the stairs and take the wheel. Im in control...rocks. Turning the wheel sharp and head into the rocks. Ducking back down below and into my hiding spot. Seconds 'CRASH' the front of the ship went up and around the rock, shouts of crying pirates below deck. Followed by hammering planks as they work to sail the holes. Among themselves they argued who was driving and not watching. One even pointing out how they even made such a huge turn, hawk eye one here. Some more time cannon fire from the fort. So many...hits to the ship and scared little pirates, but they were smart enough to park close so they stop shooting.

    It wasnt a long fort, but they had a lot of troubles. For most of the time, they brought back most of the kegs from the fort and into the crows nest. Well as they became desperate to kill the skeletons, it just so happen the kegs would...magically appear on top and below deck. Much to the confusion and freaky nature, "This fort isn't the haunted one is it" one would say. Over time, the captain of the fort appeared and while they were busy with him....it just so happen the ship began to sail away. Much to one of the pirates sudden shock and attempting to return. (Only one sail). Having hidden myself now in the crowsnest, with about 10 kegs or so, easy to hide one body.
    Watching as one or two returned the ship, again believing something up with the fort....or maybe one of their own did it? Har har. They soon had the Capt. dead and vault open. Watch I did as they loaded all the loot on the ship, even when the kegs from the nest appeared on the top deck again. Not a one bothered to say anything.

    They sailed away...not to a outpost but to a random island. Why? idk didnt care...I now had a Stronghold keg...and as the ship anchor and all four jump off, I took the keg down and hid below. But not before...making a :) on the map. (never understood why people add male parts) Even going as far to move the loot around, on deck, near wheel, in a circle. They were on a large island, As they made it back to the ship, one finding the map and losing his mind, who or what is doing this? And the loot moved itself? "It has to be this event, ghosts on ship?"

    It was at this moment I had to get ready to leave, Keg below deck and myself. I turned my Mic on and microphone. "Oooooowwww!" I said.
    "What? Who said that"
    "I am the ghost of the sloop you killed...oooowww!"
    "Dude someone is on our ship, where is he"
    "Ooooooow. Time to meet your demise!!"
    Lite fuse-RUN- up the stairs, see pirates looking at me...and suddenly...Loud thunder bang!, I jumped off the ship as the shockwave was strange enough able to explode the kegs in the nest and...not shocking one in a single pirates hand, they found on the island...

    The galleon was lost, the pirates were dead. As for me?
    Alive and thanks to a rowboat, had taken it to an outpost to turn in the rich loot left behind.

    -Remember kids, just because you sank a ship. If you dont see a dead body, you havn't won.

  • Who else mainly uses the the Superior weapon known as the flintlock here on the seas.

  • Fort started at 9pm ct
    Battle ended 6am ct
    First Alliance- Two brigs and a sloop
    Second Alliance- Galleon and a sloop
    Hand to Hand advantage- Galleon and Sloop (3 very good pc players vs 1 for first alliance).
    Ship Combat advantage- Two brigs and sloop (Fort defense tactics were impeccable and they owned a 6-2 sink advantage by nights end).
    FOTD''s cashed by nights end:
    Two brigs and sloop 1 and 1/4
    Galleon and sloop 3/4.

    Final play- Galleon and sloop crew sneak attack (tucked while graymorrow was being killed) and steal key then open door!. In the ensuing battle both sloops go down along with one Brig (stronghold barrel). The galleon survives a serious onslaught by the remaining brig forcing the brig to retreat for more ammo (cannonballs). The galleon loads a rowboat and takes some loot (no gems or reapers) towards Ancient Spire then uses the galleon ship as a decoy and sails it West. The surviving brig treks South towards Plunder Outpost then turns North towards Daggers while their partner brig (respawned at Sannes) runs to cover Plunder Outpost! Meanwhile the brig allianced sloop heads towards Ancient and spots the rowboat! The sloop holds his own for a bit and delays the cash in at Ancient as the posse was on its way. The Brig team sinks the incoming galleon and cashes 20% of loot. The galleon team pulls off the 80% heist of the second fort.
    I'm tired...... We're all tired! What a great night and I'd like to thank our opponets for making it so! Two crews that wouldn't accept defeat......

  • So my wifey and i where sailing the ocean blue tonight,enjoying our favorite game....decided to start our adventures tackling a ship cloud battle.fighting valiantly we best the six ship armada,blood sweat and boards be damned,were off to a good start!riding high on our victory,we set off in a dash for the nearest fort.as we arrive,cannon fire screaming frfom every turret we manage to nestle our ship away,out of cannon range,we set out for the skellies on hidden spring keep.wave after wave of pirate undead descend upon us,besting me a time or two.back on the ship and as i grab more food i spot something.A stowaway!tucked behind my map table....I make short work of them and return to the fort,thinking him alone,having not seen a ship.yet 2 pirates continued to harras us with guerilla warfare hit and run distraction tactics.only one thing to do...finish this fight and sail with our fort key and return later for our booty.we escape,key in hand but our adversaries in hot pursuit.and suddenly i see the water turning black as the tentacles arise....Kraken!we fight,supplies dwindling and morale wavering,yet we fight.but somethings amiss,whats that circling?a fin of purple,razor sharp smile.of course,its meg,i think to myself as it turns for my brig,mouth gaping open....and that is the tale of woe and sorrow,the story of defending youre fort to the last bullet,dashing away from enemy pirates with a fort key,only to lose everything to atag team kraken megoladon.....so yeah,thanks a lot Joe Neat!only kidding joe,i love this game,lol.....

  • You can be a big fan, you can have millions of gold, you swim in doubloons but you cant buy a pet or new emote.

    There are ancient skeletons out there with the invisible megan waiting to be found!

    But its not for everyone..

    Some cant buy ancient coins or are not allowed to. Some are hunting invisible foes but cant seem to find any..

    Its not for everyone you know.

    Your friends they have pets. People waving at you with new emotes.. it hurts you are always lagging behind.

    But it is not for you.

    You always stayed behind when they left to do fun things because life is unfair and for you it is too expensive to share this experience.

    Its not for everyone.

    You are captain salty, a landlubber without a boat, a solooper without a pet friend, captain lonely, captain poor.

    A life as a thief, a burglar or a beggar. A pirate of misfortune wielding a old rusty dagger.

    Its not for everyone and its not to share.

    This is for you to one day wake up in this old dirty tavern to look up and find a message in a bottle with a other worldly inscription worth a 1000 ancient coins.

    Because it should be for everyone also for you to one day step inside and join a adventure with a pet friend and this new expression by emote or just the awesome new figurehead for your own boat.

    But its not for everyone

    Its a pirate code for europe to change for ancient coins. 1000 ancient coins just like that so you can finally own a pet.

    Its not for everyone.. but maybe this is for you? Share your salt and Ill choose one to share some of my pirate happiness :")

  • So me and my kid were playing and thanks to a server merge got an aggressive Galleon and a Skellie Galleon on our tails. We decide I should take the rowboat and drop off some chests at Daggertooth so It's not a loss lol. When suddenly, my rowboat decides to fly...
    You can see everyone's lamps over to the left lol. I got out and plummeted back into the sea.

    Landed at liars backbone. What the barnacle?!

    So I mermaid back and he's managed to scrub the skellies off on the aggro kids, so we go snag the Athena chest we were working on, and head back and find the rowboat, (and the bit of loot) still just a little ways off of Daggertooth. I wish I would have thought to get a clip of me falling back into the water lol.

  • I haven't written much for quite a while, but felt this adventure we had was worthy of a tale - it really is a testament to great leadership, a crew that works well together as well as a good deal of ingenuity and determination :)

    With thanks to @eredhar @RL-Captain-Nemo and to @CaptainPheebs

    'Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn.'

    Well, except our crew that is. Eredhar, Nemo, Pheebs and I. We were makin' preparations at old Daggertooth Outpost to head out and lock swords wi' the Shadows of Fate and their baleful leader, Captain Gideon Graymarrow, to send them back to the depths from whence they came. We were sailing for glory, not gold.

    Come closer and I'll share the tale, although me skin crawls wi' the memory of it.
    Twas October. When the wheel o' the year turns and the veil between worlds grows thin. Did they choose this time deliberately, knowing they had the greatest chance o' success? Mayhaps. But the Skeleton Lords' hands gripped the seas and dank fog lay across the waters, it's whispering tentacles wormed their way into the minds o' pirates an' merchants alike. Alliances were rare and ye were more likely to meet the muzzle of a pistol than a friendly greeting, life were cheap and greed and betrayal the order o' the day. Dark times.

    Duke, that gullible fool had succumbed to those whispers and unwittingly or not, aided the cause o' the cursed. We'd been across and talked wi' Stitcher Jim, that weasel who now claimed to ha' gazed into the Box o' Wondrous Secrets and seen his true self and been appalled - maybe love softened his cankerous heart, mayhap his master had cast him out - who knows. But in his guilt he had news to share of Old Boot Fort, of dark relics and infernal rituals. So we set out, the camaraderie of our crew keeping the dark at bay, the laughter and song drowning out the whisperings.

    First to find a Ritual Skull or two. These were easy to come by, Duke himself had a stash o' maps showin' the locations o' Shadow Captains guardin' these 'ere skulls but we could comfortably find one or two p'raps, from the maps held by Cursed Captains roamin' the shores. A rapid scan o' the horizon showed us the sails of another galleon, anchored at Shipwreck Bay - we thought to try our luck and gain some strength in numbers and, well provisioned, we set a course towards them. As it 'appens, they were on a quest provided by the Pirate Lord 'imself, uncoverin' the secrets that lay hidden across the Sea o' Thieves but they allied wi' us happily enough an' were kind enough to provide Eredhar the opportunity o' gainin' our first Flame of Fate, a glowing beacon o' pink. Buoyed by their generosity and hearts warmed by the sight o' their flag on our map, we turned our bow towards Marauder's Arch. The weather were set fair an' the malevolent cloud o' the Fort o' the Damned behind us.

    Marauder's Arch gave us a map, a rowboat an' more provisions. We didn't linger but headed west towards our destination, a small island known as Black Sand Atoll. Fortune or the blessing o' Ramsey were with us, not only a buried skull but the island were guarded by a Skeleton Captain, so we relieved him of his skull an' map and sent him back below. Twas at this time we also had our first encounter wi' other treasure seekers on the seas - a holler from Pheebs and we watched as a sloop came barrelin' towards us, bows dippin' and risin' through the waves. We watched them approach, tryin' to discern their intentions from the course they set but turned our cannons towards 'em just in case, twas always better to be prepared fer the worst and the worst it were as they drew up parallel to the galleon an' fired a shot towards us. We were surprised at this, bein' as our ship towered above 'em, four cannons trained on their hull an' mast and a crew just itchin' fer combat. Nary a word were exchanged as they sank silent beneath the seas, as swifly as the glowering sun set beneath the horizon. Sad to say their chicken were lost in the scuffle, but they did provide us wi' a few pieces o' plunder which rose to the murky surface.

    There be nothin' like a swift an' easy victory to warm the cockles of a pirate's heart, the portents held good and in high spirits we went about our business collectin' all we needed fer the battle ahead.

    Twas on our way back from the Devil's Roar that there were the merest suggestion that things might not be goin' our way. Twas not much, a Flame failin' to light our lanterns, a distant galleon skirmishing wi' a Skeleton ship or two, other faint sails on the horizon as pirates o' all callings pursued their business on the Sea of Thieves. Our allies were away in the Shores o' Gold as we swept across stormy seas towards our destination - a glowering cloud o' the densest gloom.

    Our hearts sank as we approached. The dank and dreary fog seeping into our souls, casting an ominous chill across our minds and doubts surfaced, would we be enough to weather the onslaught o' the Damned? Where were our allies? Wi' only four crew, would we prevail, could we prevail and hold both fort and the fabled treasure it held?

    Eredhar rallied us wi' orders and strategies, his voice ringing out against the dark and wi' our hands busy wi' glowing lanterns and the grip o' the sword and pistol we braved the Shadows. Wave after wave they came but we were ready, food stored against hunger, kegs hidden away for the final test against Graymarrow hisself, quips and jokes and laughter a shield against the baneful eyes o' the hippocampus and the obscene altar quartered in the belly o' the fort. The Ferryman sent us back time and again as we mustered and fought on, becoming more skilled as the battle progressed, our tactics evolving with each wave until the final claxon tolled, dire and horrible. Graymarrow. The vicious Captain o' The Twisted Horn emerged from the detritus to face us. Taunting us, he raged. Summoning his Shadow minions, he cast us out o' the Fort and we battled him across the rotting terraces, the cursed sands lit only by the glimmer o' foul candles until we were forced back to the shore itself. And that were his mistake, ye see? Withdrawing to the decks of our galleon we pounded him wi' volley after volley, the cannons roared and sang as we ran frantically to reload and restock, relentless in our fervour. Rocks splintered an' the glare of the explosions showed his terror. Praps he called across the waves fer aid, praps twas the Gold Hoarder hisself placin' thoughts o' gold in the heads o' pirates an' urgin them to take the risk, but a brig hove into view, closely followed by a small sloop - though the latter were consumed in a fight against a Skeleton Sloop and we deemed them of little concern.

    The brig however, were another story. Wi' Graymarrow still undefeated for the second time, we needed to prepare for a battle of a different sort. We had no doubts as to their intentions as they barreled towards us, and we scrambled to make ready. They were coming up alongside within cannon range...... voices shrieked alarm and orders as I turned the ship, the first salvo was let loose against them! Yet foolishly we'd been free wi' our use of cannons against our ghastly foe and were runnin' short of shot..... Eredhar leapt across the water and boarded the brig, as it turned out they'd anchored themselves and while he dispatched as many as he could, they were a sitting duck! Four cannons blazed and rang out, pistol shots whizzed across the gap between us and the brig slowly settled to the bottom of the sea. The remaining crew swimming fer their lives or mayhap they were still confident o' securin' our ship fer themselves and a few tense moments followed as we scanned fer signs o' mermaids, or sharks or any flash o' movement in the water.... Pheebs yelping as a stray shot from the cursed Shadow Skeletons winged her - we spotted one adversary beneath the waves, then another and once again pistols rang out and to the Ferry they went.

    We hurried then, wary of the risk - Reaper's chests already blazed wi' a hellish light below decks, marking us not once, but twice for all eyes to see - a prize hard to resist for any dyed in the wool pirate. We needed to dispatch this fiend as rapidly as we were able. Graymarrow cackled and bellowed at us from the shore, confident in his mastery of the dark arts, summoning yet more hellions to his aid, gathering the dismal fog around them like a cloak. There were one chance, as we fired our dwindling stock of cannonballs, of ending this. We knew Graymarrow was weak now, failing in his power - and when a Shadow lackey scuttled into view bearing a lit keg, intent on causing harm to our ship, the chance came. Straightway I jumped overboard, determined to wrap my arms tight around Graymarrow's shade, hold him close as the mindless Shadow took us both to perdition.

    Our ship's timbers groaned under the weight of the plunder taken from the cursed vault, as we ferried still more from it's dark clutches. Yet whatever malevolence lay across the seas that day was not done with us. It's tendrils still crept across the swelling seas, insinuating themselves into the nooks and crannies o' hearts and minds, redolent with thoughts of violence, pregnant with ponderings of easy plunder. And they found a willing crew.

    We were halfway done loading the galleon, some trinkets and crates still lay unclaimed when we spied on the horizon the sails of the brig. Like an arrow they sped before the wind, like an arrow their course were straight an' true. To us. We were in dire straits, short on both food an' firepower, our intent to head for Plunder Outpost and disgorge this hoard of cursed loot immediately. But we knew the crew of the Brig would not only be thirsting for revenge but their minds glazed over with the greed for the gold that we held. We watched in dismay as they hurtled closer, sails dropped and we fled before them. A fanfare sounded and horror of horrors, a Skeleton Galleon rose from the deep, summoned to regain their cursed hoard. Clashing their swords and howling revenge they fired on us - venomballs and a rain of iron. South and south and into the wind..... no time even to graze the dock of Stephen's Spoils, share a grog and tell him our tale, or hand over our gems to a grinning Merrick... no, we sailed on and on now in fear of two swift foes pursuing us!

    We had no wind, we had no wind! The brig ever closer, we could see the gleam in their eyes and we ran before them cursing the turn of our luck, the Skeleton ship turned away by the Seapost now setting course for us once again. Our only hope was to turn East, but that would leave th' Outpost on our lee and still give the advantage to the speed of the brig! Discussions ensued, what to do... we had no kegs... could we board them while we sailed on short crewed? No....our hope was to keep the sails trimmed and eke out whatever speed we could, to plunder barrels as we ran. To Thieves Haven, Eredhar yelled out! It was a desperate plan but the island and it's hidden refuge had served us well in the past - t'would take some keen sailing to squirrel ourselves away in the heart of the isle without losing speed and bein' caught in open water! We grazed through the northern entrance, helped by judicious use of the harpoon and while the Skeleton Galleon circled the island, firing on us at opportune moments, the brig was strangely hidden. We knew now that they'd try to board us, twas their only option really, as bein' pursued by the noxious cursed galleon they couldn't hold fast an' fire at us through the entrance. We scanned the cliffs desperately, for a sight or sound of hostile crew and were rewarded by pistol shots from above, skimmin' the deck as they sought a target. Water splashed and the sounds of hands on the ladder confirmed our worst fears... Guard ladders! The cry rang out! We turned and fought and died - no swords had they, but two firearms - first Eredhar, then I sent to the Ferryman yet Nemo triumphed! Then one in the water sent on and we dropped sails and ran again and this is where the skill, fortitude and cunning of this Captain and this crew came into it's own. Thieves Haven might not have deterred the brig and it's scallywags but we still had a trick or three up our sleeves plus a few more resources garnered from Ramsey's isle.

    East again, yes and what was to the east? There was the opaque whiteness of fog on the horizon but something else too.

    Having sailed the brig a time or two, one conclusion we oft came to was - Don't Take a Brig into the Devil's Roar. Tis only one deck and that made of eggshell. Bein' pounded by fiery rocks from above is not the preferred occupation o' brig crews seekin' treasure nor adventure. To the Roar!

    This didn't deter our foes however, or p'raps the power o' the Shadow Lords were still confuddling their minds. They followed close as we turned north east, our sights set on the flaming beacons before us.

    More fool us. The volcano we chose was tall, steep and bounded by sharp, jagged rocks. Lava and boulders rained down upon us and we were sent below deck to avoid death and repair damage while one remained on deck to steer and keep watch. The brig followed us...followed our every move. Not only followed but caught us with their harpoon, surviving the onslaught of fire and brimstone! We broke free again and swept north - could we rid ourselves of these cursed Reaper chests at Morrow's Peak? Take the bullseye off our foreheads at least and then slip unseen into the whiteness of the fog or on to Galleon's Grave? No... no time, they were on our stern, drawing ever closer.

    North then, to another volcano but then? Hope was fading fast. Our stores still low we couldn't survive a pitched battle and to lose what was so hard won was a fate we couldn't contemplate. North again. When you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

    In desperate times the wildest ideas come they say, and we grinned as the latest was proposed, grinned and laughed. As we cruised past Morrow's Peak and left it in our wake, intent on a flaming fate, our Captain proposed that we vote on a voyage. Not just any voyage though, this one would need a visit to Grace Morrow.

    No time to lose! The next volcano loomed ahead, showers of cinders already scorching the deck, the water roiling hot beneath the timbers. Surely this time the fire would do it's work? Desperately Eredhar took the wheel, Pheebs and Nemo and I headed down to prepare for the worst the conflagration could throw at us. The sky was roaring at us, hell descended red and orange and ablaze. Pyroclastic purgatory was upon us. The plan was to harpoon the rock, make a fast grazing turn, see the brig disabled at the very least and head back to Morrow's Peak. It didn't quite go that way.... the ship turned, the rock was harpooned, the ship turned more and.... was faced squarely with a gap the size of a rowboat. Panic ensued. The brig at our stern harpooned us, fired on us, timbers splintered above and below deck, boiling water surged in and our galleon lurched backwards against the collision. In desperation Eredhar harpooned the rock again - You will go through!! He screamed! Water flooded the lower decks, to our waists, our chests, we bailed and healed and patched and boiled, health dangerously low and the water furiously pourin' in around us. The ship's timbers screamed, shattered as she was forced over the rocky shallows. Inch by inch she moved forwards, reluctantly, fighting every step of the way until...finally...with a last gasp she was through!

    Even then, in the midst of our celebration, we watched the brig slowly circle the edge of the erupting volcano. Slowly, doggedly they followed.

    Yet now we had a plan and a small advantage against them, south to Morrow's Peak and Grace would provide our salvation. With luck they'd think we were trying a drive by to turn in the most precious of the treasure, with luck they would not have an inkling of our real intent.

    South again and under pressure, with their speed they were almost upon us once more as we came close to the Peak. It was then we spotted two other ships, brig and galleon to the south, too close for comfort, lured by the Reaper's chests no doubt and heading our way. Nothing we could do as the brig behind harpooned us again and pulled us close, no choice but to board them in this last instant, try and deter them somehow and give us that space we needed. The harpoon was cut free, pistol shots fired and 2 died as the second brig sailed into firing range. Cannons rang out, but not those from our galleon, from the first brig! A canny ploy to keep the crew occupied and fightin' another ship while we fled to Morrow's Peak. It gave us the precious minutes we needed and as we headed up the western side of Morrow's Peak we fired ourselves ashore and voted, trusting our worthy ship to keep to her course northwards. As we returned, the Shroudbreaker attached itself to our helm.

    Jubilant now, we headed north to Galleon's Grave, with a wary eye kept on our wake for signs of pursuit. It seemed as if both brigs were otherwise engaged and finally we could breathe a sigh of relief. We docked, still shaking from our encounters and narrow escapes, feeling the pressure and the fear slowly lift from our shoulders and unloaded. And yet. Halfway into unloading, the galleon we'd seen to the south was spotted careening north towards us. Well. Twas a shame we didn't get to test our escape plan yet, so we dropped sails, emptied our pockets into the storage barrels, took inventory and headed north east towards the Shroud. The Shroudbreaker began to sing and the seas became red, the galleon followed. We raised sails and turned towards them, and the galleon followed. Something must have been distracting them because the galleon kept on going right past us, at least until she sank beneath the waves that is, her crew of two astounded at their fate even up to the point that we sent them to the Ferryman when they tried to seek safety aboard our ship.

    ~ Kat Truewalker ~

  • Bought the pretty hair dyes and the Unicorn. Every thing else is ugly.


  • Is there any groups of people or people in general to help get the commendations for 20 viewers at once? Its not an easy task when your a noob streamer. Can anyone help out?

  • My crew stumbled across the ghost meg at the FotD and killed it in the most hilarious way possible! They didn't even realize it was the ghost meg till the commendation popped up! Check it out and if you like what you see with our content then don't forget to subscribe! We appreciate all the fans and feedback! Enjoy!

  • me and my friend started the game by sailing around for no reason till we found a shipwreck!
    while we were looting it another sloop arrived and they were friendly.

    they were also the same person as the one we did a fort of the dammed the day before.
    we decide to do it again so we made a deal...
    if me and my friend would get the pink, white, green flames and the skull then they would get the red, blue and purple.
    fair enough we thought and got the flames and skull and met up at the fort.

    as we started the fort a galleon arrived we feared them as they were legends but they told us they were friendly
    so we took their word for it.
    another ship arrived... it was a sloop!
    we knew if they betrayed us they would be in a bad spot but the galleon said that there is allready enough people at the fort oh well open fire...

    as we finished the fort one on the galleon said how shall we split it (the one that said that did not want to betray us) as another starts to open fire on us sloops...
    so i was alleady holding a mega boombox so i jumped in the water sneaked on their ship and turned the volume up!

    i could feel their hand shaking as i fight them off one by one.
    by the time i killed one the first deck was filled with water (what did you expect? tears?)
    as they spawn now they just try to bucket and one fight me but then i kill them again.
    they sink and take refuge on the island where they take a keg and drops it under our ship my friend gets on it and fixes it very quickly we kill the ones on the island and attempt to get all the loot before they come back.

    here comes the fight of time.

    the other friendly sloop says: lets get all the loot on your boat then we all sell.
    so me and my friend gets a bit more than half of the loot while the other sloop is lookout then they see them closing in so we go.
    the othersloop fought them to give us more time wich they did.
    we made it to golden sands to see another galleon that just spawned my friend sold the reapers chest then he got attacked.

    i saw them board head over to our ship and tried to board 2 out of the 3 made it they lowered the anchor
    and proceded to fight me...
    i killed them both then raised the anchor then dipped.
    my friend fought valiantly!
    just kidding he is a pirate!!!!!!!

    the other galleon had catched up so we had no left i think the golden sands galleon boarded them cuz they just started to turn away we tried to go towards plunder but they started catching up then the meg attacked them then! they started catching up again then it attacked them again... and now we had so much time that we could stop so we stopped at a fort and the friendly sloop arrived and we left and created a new alliance the friendly sloop said they would kill the galleon.
    and the galleon thought we had put all the loot on the
    other sloop.

    the sloop did not kill them but it gave us more time!
    we made it to plunder but did not have enough time to sell the galleon arrived and and shot two people over wich we killed we ran now towards ancient spire and the galleon might have thought we sold everything or we dropped the loot of at plunder beacuse that is where they were at for the rest of the game.

    on the way to ancient spire we saw a brigantine at the fort beside it wich we ignored untill it went to ancient spire....
    we then sailed all the way over to galleons grave and sold everything..

    the friendly sloop checked the fort again for any loot but it all despawned.

    us and them also met up at galleons grave said GG
    and left
    this tale was abit long but i thought it was worth telling

  • Wielding a chunk of meat while you are in water augmente the spawn rate of sharks !

    alt text

    Streamer from Québec : French and English
    Come to see me on Twitch !

  • I was solo sloopin' running merchants voyages and got into some PvP. A duo brig crew had just sunk another brig and I moved in to practice my sword play.

    My sloop was boarded by none other than AweCoop, a quick footed sword aficionado and I was quickly cut down. After a couple of GG's I went on my way and had a couple new viewers in my Mixer stream. AweCoop and his friend had stopped by to check it out and dropped a few hundred thousand sparks for my stream. Now, Ive met some greasy, no mic bad sports who will spawn kill you just for the hell of it but AweCoop revived my faith in the respectful sportsmanship among pirates out there.

  • One barrel??
    Aye its been this dramatic emotional rollercoaster one barrel please!
    takes a zip
    So anywho me cat just died in me arms while i hold both his front paws and kiss him on the head.. after a couple o days going bad.. not eating i had to feed him etc.
    He shocked twice and then breath 3 times and he left us while i hold him like that.. i completely crashed right!
    I mean..
    zip hip
    I knew this was coming and i was there for me friend and i dunno build up so much emotions that suddenly all got free.. i was crying like a baby
    It was difficult and sad but also beautifull somehow. I buried him and took a day off.

    Another barrel would you please?

    So well pets they sure get you you know but this is sea of thieves we should be able to steal them and lock em in the cage only to be released when a ransom is paid.but well im not buying a dead pet this update for personal reasons obvious..

    I set sail that evening to get out a little and to forget rl for a moment escaping this emotional outburst im having.

    zip hip

    I join this guy he is on a brigatine doing reaper chests solo so well ill help out but explain im sad and distracted..
    But this pirate is serious and a winner and all about melee pvp where im just your average xbox player who likes funny roleplay and gift loot away for fun.. maybe not the best match i guess..
    So he jumps on every boat we see to pick a fight and im solo on the brig fighting galleons and get boarded and its chaos so i tell him i like to gather loot and dont need to fight every boat wasting time for nothing but well its all about winning from this galleon crew somehow untill they steal our gems and i finally decide to leave the battle scene and sail off for some distance. "Lets get another reaper this fight is lost and takes forever?"

    Oh man my mistake!

    Me crewmember gets mad angry at me for not continuing this battle and starts this rant about all my failures and no strategy and i dont discuss and we need to win etc.

    Im silenced we are on a different wave lenght.. but the rant continues
    How i got nothing to say and he is right and i fail and i should uninstall etc.

    I get out on this island bunny hopping around and he asks why we are on an island..

    Well sir im here to play not to be bullied around you know i just want to have fun and his rant continues..

    I ask him when he is so good but cant deal with losing a couple of gems over a reaper fight if maybe a pirate game is not a good choise? There are other winners out there also good and sometimes we are outmatched its part of a multiplayer game?

    Its my failure and the rant goes on until i bid him a pleasend evening and leave the party to start a solo sloop.

    Yeah i dunno ill take another barrel for the go and drink this over..

    I just got a fight over a funny pirate game but i guess emotional and not sharp nor fit to have such a serious discussion about all my failures on the sea..

    Im eager to explore the new content but hopefully i can play with someone like korsair and have fun again :")

  • The alliance I was in all left and with my skull but only two colors, I decided to do the mercenary voyages, but I wanted to collect the colors to kill the special skeletons. After collecting the two from the fort left by my alliance, then acquiring two myself on snake island, I came back to the fort to get my skull I left behind, and I see the other flames were all there. Somehow the fort lit them itself. So I slapped that skull in there and went to town.

    The later waves were tough but the blunderbuss helped. Eventually the Skeleton lord spawned and I killed him using the cannon from my ship. The instant he died, I sever merged.

    Once I took the key to the vault, I realized it was open and full. So I had all the treasure and the key. I loaded up everything because it felt like a shame to leave it behind even though all I wanted was the gems and reaper chests. I even took the kegs which I don't normally do unless I plan on using them.

    As I finished turning in my gems to Merrick, I see a brown sloop with white sails heading towards me. Usually the sign of a PVPer. Since I don't care about anything I have except the reaper chest, I go to offer up everything else for an alliance. I was even going to give him my key and log off. I was forgetting however that I have 4 large explosives in eye sight, and as soon as I make my offer, he snipes them.

    I spawn near by and make it back just in time to see him leave. A chase ensues and he boards a couple times before we have a ship to ship battle. We were pretty evenly matched in hand to hand combat and ship combat. I know I made some mistakes that I was aware of even before I did them. I was playing risky. Eventually I was knocked off my ship by a cannonball as it was in a tight turn but close enough to an island that I didn't get a mermaid in time before it sank. I then watched him sail off with most of the treasure and possibly a key.

    I should have taken the important stuff and left. I definitely shouldn't have taken the kegs. I should have dropped off the reaper chests first. I'm not mad for losing it all. It was an awesome experience. That guy was half lucky and half worthy. I showed up on his server, I made stupid decisions leaving myself vulnerable. In the end though, it was his skill and knowledge that helped him succeed. I wanted those reaper chests back, but if I wasn't going to get them, I wasn't going to let him have them so easily. I gave him a good battle for them but he won, and I salute him.

  • "To hell with an alliance! You should have brought that up before you sunk our ship!!!! You're gonna die now!" 😂 - This was the answer to my question of "shall we form an alliance so we can finish the fort?".
    This guy chased me around the fort for a good 5 minutes! I was tucking everywhere trying to get him to calm down! As his galleon was coming back in he says " We got a runner with a barrel somewhere!" ROTF😂😂😂
    The Fort of the Damned fights are going to be amazing! Forget getting the commendations anytime soon until we all learn to play nice!😂

  • It’s safe to say that this community is unlike any other. It’s also safe to say that this community is a bunch of thieving pirates...including myself, but this voyage was unlike most of my ruthless scuffles with the scallywags of our seas.
    No, my voyage is of an underdogs story.

    I skimmed through a few lfg posts and found something I’d never done before, joined one of those sketchy 5 boat alliances that need a slot filled. You know the posts. 5 BOATS ON A TEAM WE RUN THE SERVER!!
    Well... I que up and join a party of 12 people. Madness, people talking over each other, demands of teamwork from across 4 boats. I get told I’m joining the Galleon of the group (I hate galleons) but ok, hesitantly I stick around. 2 other unfortunate pirates join the galleon. Little did I know, the 3 of us were going to become real close real quick. Our 4th by the way was a teenager who insisted on fishing the whole time....

    In the alliance there is a Brig running merchant voyages, 2 sloops doing skull forts, and a lone sloop who was going around recruiting into the alliance. Our job as the galleon was the run Athena voyages.

    Speed running through our voyage we pick up a few reapers chests. The brig makes a few off comments about killing us for them... first red flag of the night. Lite humor is tossed around and so we drop one at an island so they’ll go away and stop making weird comments.

    We’re nearing the end of the voyage and the helmsman spots a mega keg on an island. For giggles he picks it up and says we might need it. By the way, everyone except the boats captains muted one another so we could communicate effectively. Now I’m no captain and to be honest no one on the gally was, we just had our roles and stuck to our specialties. With that said, I could hear everyone. The brig starts retelling a story of how they’ve stolen Athena’s before.

    Their favorite story was that they pulled one off of a Father/Son sloop that we’re bonding over the game. They said they’d swap chests even though they didn’t have one themselves. Laughs echoed in the party as I sat back and thought about those poor people, gullible so did they deserve it? Perhaps but nothing a scoundrel like myself would do. That’s the lowest of the low.

    Flash forward, we have the Athena chest on board and are moving to the outpost. The merchant brig says they’ve been waiting all day to trade with some one and to meet us at the outpost. We decline politely and avoid the said outpost. Well if you’re a legend in this game than you’ll know the speeds are different. We start to go to galleons grave, against the wind... meanwhile the brig attempts to catch us, and they do.

    Watching them gaining on us, I ascend into the crows nest and sleep. Waiting for a harpoon to pull them into us. It happens! Wait, I tell myself. Don’t do anything crazy unless they shoot us. Before I can finish my thought, they peppered us with weary balls, regular cannonballs, and a venom ball. I jump out of the nest, keg lit Incase I die on impact or anything else. I run to the middle of the brig and blow it up! Congrats!!! My first mega keg used on a players boat. I count 3 heads not including myself on the ferry. Spawn back. Screaming has erupted in the party chat. Why mate?! All light humor! We weren’t gonna steal it! Screw off I tell them, my crew is fuming! Luckily my guys stayed alive and were bucketing their hearts out. We’re in a huge argument with these guys. Every curse word in the sea is thrown at one another in this party.

    I’m climbing back up to the crows nest while telling these 3 about themselves. I RIP down our alliance flag, tell everyone including the boats that were innocent that we’re out and to thank the brig for them not getting an Athena!

    The sloops start to muster up, they’re wanting blood. They’d been screwed over by the brig before apparently and all the flags come down. No ones in an alliance but everyone wants to kill the same enemy.

    We’re at morrows peak trading the rest of our fortune in when I spot the brig again. The miss their angle to sink us with out us retaliating. 3 cannons going to town on the brig. 5 jig balls in a row, they’re dancing into their graves. Our 4th still fishing....

    They hit us too and we’re done with our boat so we let it sink. Mutual assured destruction. They come on land and we’re going at it. A legendary brawl only the bravest sea dogs would join.

    Not looking too good. It’s a 3v3 but really a 3v2 cause our 4ths still fishing. They break his line though.... all hell breaks loose. They unleashed a manhunter of our fisherman. He snapped! He’s slashing and shooting everything that moves at the outpost. Kills all three of them before I could finish a combo! They spawn in another island, 2 sloops team up and kill them immediately! The brig is defeated, their legend titles are meaningless in this server and we, the random crew galleon become the new leaders of the alliance! Gentleman pirates is what we were deemed and the server stayed peaceful until we logged off.

    I love this game!strikethrough textbolded text

  • I set sail with a few luxurious cloths from the outpost, frustrated I couldn't get a good animal run. After delivery I decide to waste some time before new voyages appear and sail over to crooks hollow to see what I can find on this falcore's ghost.

    After searching the island for a night and finding nothing, I suddenly hear cannon fire on the ledge above me. I climb to a high rock and see a sloop sailing past. Something seems familiar about it and I realize it's the same sloop I first acquired after finding myself in these seas. My options were limited but I saved enough gold to buy what I called the "beer hull and sails".

    It sails past heading towards plunder outpost. I scan the horizon and see a second sloop coming from the north as if they are in chase and they have the ghost flag hoisted.

    As they get closer to crooks hollow, they seem to gain interest in my ship. I send out an "AHOY" as they slowly circle the island, but I see no reaction from the man standing with a cursed cannonball in his hand.

    I scuttle my ship and watch them from a ledge as one investigates the area. Once he decided it was ok and started bringing some random items I found over to the beach, his crewmate joined him and they were attacked by skeletons. As soon as the first pirate went down, I aimed my sniper and missed my shot on the other. He started to hop away from the skeletons while eating something but my second shot was enough to take him out.

    I sword lunged to their ship and dropped the sails ramming the beach. Then as it turned to sail away, they came at me again. I took them out and left their ship, giving them a chance to save it and giving me enough time to grab my emerald, my rowboat, and take off towards Stephens spoils.

    They made a pass by the seapost almost like they were going to crash. I send out an "Ahoy again" as they go but see no response. Before I turn to take my mermaid, the beer sloop passes by going to crooks hollow and I decide to see if they will be friendly.

    I pull up to the island near their ship to see them on the beach. I offer them a crate of tea I harpooned from some floating barrels. @RavenEightSix wore the outfit of the blackdog and adorned the day one patch over his eye. It was obvious he had been around for a long time but it seemed like he hadn't spent as much time at sea. Between the outfit, the eyepatch, and the ship itself, it was hard not to see a little of my younger self in him. That was the same outfit I came to the sea in, the same I still wore, and he manned the same ship I purchased for myself after coming here. His crewmate @reven33 seemed to be equally experienced and dressed in kraken clothing. They seemed to handle themselves well with their voyage and seemed eager to accumulate their wealth as many of us already have. So I decide to help them.

    Once everything was loaded onto their ship, I told them I could provide them with the map to some skull and bone crates buried on shipwreck bay they could deliver. They agreed and we set off for what is one of my favorite islands in the seas.

    They followed behind me as I paced around the island trying to pinpoint these crates. As I would find them, they would fight off any skeletons that might appear and take the crate back to the beach next to the ship. Once 10 were collected, we split them between the ships, and reven33 sailed with me on the Onyx Ghost to make the deliveries as raveneightsix took off with ol'beery.

    Things went smooth with reven. One of the blue megs that resemble the hungering one appeared. It swam along our starboard side looking at me as I loaded the cannon and it seemed to change its mind and disappear. A skeleton sloop breached next to us but I raised the sails halfway and unloaded cannonballs in it until it went down. We collected the treasure and continued on with our deliveries. After stopping at the north star seapost and then the wild treasures store, we see raveneightsix sailing towards us. It wasn't long before I realized we never dug up any crates that needed to be delivered to Stephen's spoils. So I tell them I'll purchase another voyage and meet them back at shipwreck bay.

    We collect another 10 crates and as we start to sort them, I see a sloop anchored off to the north of the island. I suggest we load up the crates quickly just in case the sloop decides to mess with us. I start harpooning the crates onto their ship and then head back to mine. Reven was already there with a single crate for Stephen's spoils and an odd crate for the wild treasures store. We set sail heading south as raveneightsix takes off to the east. After we turn in the one crate for Stephen's spoils, we head north towards the wild treasures and reven informs me that raveneightsix lost his ship to a coordinated attack from both a skeleton ship and a meg. We continue on and turn in our last crate before realizing a bear and bird sloop is heading our way. I sail down to galleons grave as they chase. As we turn around the island towards the dock, they cut across the north side of the island and fire a man onto the outpost. I try to communicate with one of the pirates as he swims towards our ship but he is unresponsive, so I decide to take off to avoid them. As we get closer to crooked masts, I notice they gave up on their chase, so I check the map and head north west towards raveneightsix who is already on his way towards us.

    I tell reven to load the treasure in the rowboat and once we meet up with raveneightsix, I detach the rowboat from my ship and secure it to theirs before setting off for daggertooth outpost.

    A sloop is parked by the docks at daggertooth and turns to sail away as we get close. They take a couple shots at us before turning around the north side of the outpost. Eventually they come back around and everyone opens fire. A keg they had stored below deck explodes seconds before their ship rams mine, and I decide to grab a keg I had stored to finish them off. I jump in the water, swim under their ship and release the keg. It floats up hitting their ship and kills me in the explosion but damages their ship beyond saving. By the time I make it back from the ferry of the damned, one of them had boarded my ship. Instead of fighting him, I abandon my ship to help protect reven and raveneightsix. Once I'm on their ship, the hostile pirate on mine tries to use my cannons to fire on us, so I scuttle, but as I exit the menu, I am shot and killed by a blunderbuss.

    A couple of minutes go by before I find myself on crooked masts, then I start earning gold through my alliance giving me reassurance that raveneightsix and reven fought off the pirates successfully and were turning in the treasure from the skeleton sloop I had taken out earlier. I take this moment to rest and contemplate the voyage I had been on.

    Some people didn't enjoy the voyages Duke had available for pirates. Some felt they weren't anything special as far as being unique or distinguishable from other voyages in the past. Digging up these crates and distributing them across the seas to the various seaposts was not something they would enjoy, but I liked them. Maybe the core aspects of it were nothing to be excited about but pirates are forgetting that it's not the voyage itself that is supposed to be the best part of any voyage, it's the adventure you find yourself on and the exciting moments you have especially when encountering other crews. These Shipwreck Bay voyages may be thought of by many as tedious, unexciting, uneventful, or just plain unenjoyable, but I look at shipwreck bay different now than I ever have before. The memories I've had from the experiences I went through will stay with me and they have given the island more of a personality that it didn't have before.

    I sat looking at shipwreck bay as I thought of the adventures I've had on and around it. I remembered searching the blackwyche for the first time, climbing rocks to the skeleton throne built by the bilgerats, diving into the depths looking for these new and mysterious mermaid statues, and now I have the memory of these skull and bone crates.

    They are almost all gone now. The time for shipwreck bay is almost over as many of the skull and bone crates have been dug up and delivered. Another moment in the sea of thieves history that will come and go like many others, but it will always be remembered by those who were involved and cherished by those who had these positive memorable experiences.

    The seas can be hostile and unforgiving but we pirates are resilient. We can always pick ourselves up when we fall and we can learn from our mistakes to improve our tactics. I don't hold it against a pirate for being bloodthirsty or thieving, it's the nature of the sea, but sometimes you find pirates that see the benefit of teamwork. They realize two crews are better than one and decide working together can be profitable for everyone. My voyage could have been one that was easily forgotten with no real moments worth noting, but coming across a crew I could work with and identify with turned my voyage into something I may not ever forget. These crew interactions can change a situation drastically. An every day uneventful voyage can become a fond memory with the addition of another crew, friendly or not. I've sailed the sea of thieves for over a year and I still find myself enjoying moments like this that one simply cannot predict. I salute the other crew I worked with and hope that other pirates will hear this tale and start to have a more positive outlook on even the worst situations the sea can throw at us.

  • We stopped your vessel for an inspection of restricted cargo to which you gracefully complied. Upon discovering you were just an honest pirate working on their tall tales we wished you well and departed. Unbeknownst to myself one of my crew members put a gun powder barrel in front of your boat which detonated. I hope you saved your vessel. This crew member has been placed on administrative leave from his position with Sea of Thieves Security Brig Reaper's Scythe. We offer our heartfelt apologies for the incident.

  • Having a sword in your hands gives you higher chance of being struck by lightning !

    alt text

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  • My crew and I took a few months off from Sea of Thieves (due to other games coming out, frustrations with the game, burn out...the usual stuff)

    So on Wednesday night we hopped in with no real plan, just sail around and see what comes our way. We found some treasure in some sunken ships, took out a skelly or two, found some treasure washed up, over all a good, quiet night. Until we get ready to leave the game. We're out at Golden Sands and after we sold our last item, we decided to end the night by going after a brig that we could see at Sanctuary Outpost. We get a galleon moving and after sailing a few hundred yards away from Golden Sands, the water turns black. Sure enough, here comes the Kraken. But that's not all. Just before the tentacles appeared, a skeleton galleon surfaces off our port side. My crew lays into the skeleton ship as I turn to try to keep us in the wind, but then the tentacles start attacking. Thankfully, none of us were sucked off, but every time I would get us situated with the wind in our sails, the tentacles would hit the ship and spin us around.

    In the past, with the tentacles hitting us and the skeleton ship punching holes in our hull with their cannons, we would surely sink. But my crew diligently worked to patch the holes and bucket out the water as I stood my ground at the helm, fighting the waves and monster, until finally we were out of the inky water and away from the kraken. The skeleton galleon stayed with us though. So we headed to Crescent Island. We pulled into the little bay and used the anchor turn to bring our cannons to bare, but the skeletons decided to turn away and disappear. We used the island to repair and restock and found some treasure sitting on the beach. After all that excitement, we decided to turn our treasure in and call it an night.

    With the success of Wednesday night, we decided to hit the waves again on Thursday. That night was a little more exciting. Again, we went in without a plan, and the gods of gold and the sea were good to us. Throughout the night, we found numerous mermaid gems, captain chests and valuable skulls. Our adventure the night before also made us a little braver. We saw several skeleton ships roaming the sea and rather than avoid them, we charged right in. During one fight, we lured a skeleton galleon to a nearby fort and used the supplies and cannons to take them out.

    We tried to take out a skeleton sloop, but the sucker was too quick and maneuverable compared to our galleon to get them with our initial barrage. We tracked them down to another nearby fort, where we rammed their bow and one of my crew took a powder keg aboard. As we pulled up close to the shore to repair, the sloop sank and we recovered to treasure.

    As we closed out our second successful night of the week, we saw a player brig taking on a skeleton galleon. I told my crew we were going to assist and we set course at our fastest possible speed. As we rounded the outpost where the battle was taking place, I turned our galleon so that cut in between the player brig and the skeleton ship that was trailing them. The skellies rammed our starboard side, but we managed to force the ship to turn with us, bringing it alongside us and allowing the brig some breathing room. The skeleton ship peppered us with cannons, killing my crew and punching holes all over our side. Our ship foundered and I found myself on the Ferry.

    Though we failed to take down the skeleton ship, we at least put forth an effort to assist that other crew. I don't know if they got away, finished the fight or sank, but I felt good in that we gave it a try and we finished the night with that last battle.

  • Hello everyone,

    in the past few days I had three unusual encounters in the Sea of Thieves. (You can skip to the third one.)

    1. First encounter was in the Adventure mode, I joined Open Crew and had two crewmates, one little kid and one guy who was constantly YELLING insults. We went to pick up the Reaper's Chest from a nearby shipwreck. We got the chest and I saw the "bad guy" picked it up and dropped it back into the water. So I picked the chest and hold it, but the "bad guy" told the kid to brig me, because that's ME who want to throw it into the water... Well, I got the doubloons anyway, reported him for his disgusting behavior in front of the kid and left.

    2. Second encounter was in The Arena. Open Crew again, this time with a guy, probably from some Spanish speaking country. He was swearing in Spanish too, but he also took our ship outside of the map on purpose and was laughing hysterically, yelling something about capitalism *facepalm*.

    3. The day after I joined Open Crew in The Arena again, Xbox players with Controllers only. As I was loading in the game, I heard some guy with heavy russian accent. Oh God, he was sooo funny. I thought that he must be some streamer or content creator, so I searched his gamertag on Google and I couldn't believe what I found. This guy even has his own tavern in the game!

      Some of you've probably already guessed it, it was the @Clumsy-George. Entertaining us (enemies including) for a few hours in a row without saying single rude word. Man, his stories about massive and strong Russian women... or about Gulag... :D

      I am really shy and I tend to not speak in the game, because of my bad English and my Eastern European accent, so I just occasionally make a sound or unmute when it's really needed (someone boarding us, etc.). But George took his "weakness" (if his accent is real) and turned it into his strenght.

      We didn't win a single match that day, but for me it was the most memorable night with Sea of Thieves.

      "Shomebody's shwimming, I tink."

    Thank you, George! Thanks goes to the rest of the crew too.

  • This is a story of how a four man galleon crew regretted attacking a lone pirate on a sloop. That lone pirate is me...
    So there I was, docked at an outpost, selling me booty, when I saw a galleon fast approaching.
    Naturally, being a lone player and not wanting to engage in a fight I was surely going to lose, I greeted them by shouting over that I was friendly and that I didn't want to fight.
    I was met with the reply "eat lead" followed by several cannon balls crashing into the front of my sloop, which was anchored at the dock.
    I knew that I couldn't win this fight head on, so I ran on to the island and into the bushes. Slowly, I crept around the island and into the water on the far side. Then, I stealthily swam over to the galleon, making sure to swim as deep as possible until I reached their ladder.
    Holding on to the ladder, I checked my supplies. 1 banana, a sword and a pistol with 3 bullets. This wasn't looking good. As I was devising a plan I could hear the galleon crew talking.
    Guy 1: " Ha, that guy in the sloop didn't stand a chance"
    Guy 2: "I know, let's get our treasure and sell it on the island"
    I could see one guy standing with his back to my ladder so I knew this was my chance. I climbed on board and charged a heavy attack and stabbed the first guy in the back. I was met with an "oh s**t" and a gun shot from his mate. Wounded and out of bananas I decided to run below deck, I went to raid their banana stash but it was empty.
    Fearing the worst I hid on the lowest deck and aimed my pistol at the stairs. No one came down and I could hear them saying that they thought I'd fallen in the water!
    I slowly crept up a level and saw the guy reloading his ammo, so I shot him straight in the back. He went straight to Davey Jones. His friend hearing the gun shot came down to investigate, we fought for about 30 seconds, and we all missed our remaining shot but I managed to beat him in a sword fight. Seeing an opportunity I grabbed their captain's chest and jumped into the water, by this time the first guy had respawned and fired two shots into the water, both missing their mark. I ran over to the gold hoarder and sold the chest! Success, but this wasn't enough...
    I replenished my banana supply in the tavern and hid in a bush, then I saw two of them running around looking for me and a third one, carrying a skull... Seeing my target I ran out of the bush and started slashing, panicking, my victim dropped the skull, ran in a circle and then picked it up again, but it was too late, I slew him and then sold the skull for myself.
    The other two guys then ran towards me and I managed to lose them on the island. I swam back to their ship to see if they had any more loot, there were two marauders chests and a skull in the captain's cabin, so I grabbed a chest and jumped back into the water. As bullets whizzed past me I ran to the gold hoarder and sold a third piece of loot, kindly donated by them to replace my ship...
    Not wanting to risk anything more, and satisfied with my victory, I swam over to the mermaid, as they were taking shots at me from their ship I plugged my mic in and shouted over to them: "thanks for the treasure, that will teach you to pick on smaller crews". I was met with a stern "f you, come and fight us", to which I replied: "you lost a 4 vs 1, see ya and thanks again!". I then took the mermaid to my relocated ship.
    And that's my story of how a galleon crew thought they could bully a lone player who was docked at an outpost minding his own business, they paid the price in gold and took a hit to their egos at the same time!
    Hope you enjoyed this true tale and beware: don't underestimate lone players!

  • Playing "Ride of the valkyries" slowly changes the wind direction in your favor !

    alt text

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  • To be Honest I really don’t know how it happened... Just a lot of Dedication and Effort, I guess... I mean, you hear Stories of the Impossible but that’s just it, they’re Stories... Unless you have harpoon that can single-handedly scale a cliff face, like this saucy Galleon. I mean, it’s in its natural habitat... Undisturbed by the greater Community... And at least now I know why it’s called Galleon’s Grave, and why my Crew won’t let me use the harpoon anymore...(https://share.icloud.com/photos/0E7VDHzNaGs37_6IPUffHmjaQ)

  • I spawn in and begin stocking my sloop. I'm soloing again, while my crewmate sleeps.
    I decide to go below deck and change my clothes - the sun is high and my Hunter's Cloak is too heavy for such tropical climes.

    I just have time to get naked when I turn to see a golden-bearded pirate with cutlass in hand, an Arena Master. Unbelievably he waits while I draw my own blade and we exchange passes. He is clearly the better swordsman, but below deck he can't jump around the way he would like and I keep my guard high and we swagger blades back and forth. I over-extend myself with a lunge and he finally manages to draw blood.
    "Yeah, nice touch," I say, genuinely impressed.
    The Arena master immediately disengages. "Are you just getting started?" he asks.
    "Nah, I've played a bit, but I don't pvp much."
    I don't know if he heard me, munching on his banana. I head to my food barrel and grab a narnie myself. We sheathe our blades and head above-deck.

    The Arena Master says he is looking for battle, but the seas seem quiet at the moment. His crew has sunk the same brig three times, and they are looking for a more challenging match.

    His crew turns out to be just one man, a silent fellow, who boards my ship, offering me a pair of sapphire mermaid gems upon arrival. I take them before realising my mistake. These pirates must be assuming I'm a lubber new to the Sea, wearing nothing but my skivvies, no livery on my sloop.

    "You know, if it's a fight you want..." I say, raising my cutlass.
    "Nah bruv," The Arena master says, "Wouldn't feel right fighting you, now that we've spoken. Besides, we're pretty picky about who we sink, the crew and me. It's gotta be a good fight."

    My pride may be hurt, but I swallow it. Looking at the pair of them and their ship, they way they position themselves, I know his assessment of my chance in battle is accurate.
    "Well, I'm heading down to the Roar. Good luck to you both."

    Before they leave, the quiet pirate reminds me to sell the gems. "I will," I promise him, "to the Hunter's Call - that's where they can still do me some use."
    He waves and swims off.

    I don't care what their standing with the factions, those two are Legends and represent the very best the Sea has to offer. Long may they sail.

    I almost posted this thread in FEEDBACK + SUGGESTIONS because I wanted to let people know it's not all doom and gloom. This game still has the capacity to surprise and delight.