Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • So this time I used Battleship and Mission Impossible sounds make the clip cool to watch so ill share it 🙂✌️


  • I'm on the part of the Tale where you go to Discovery Island and have to use the special telescope to find clues. I'm 100% certain I'm at the right spot and can't actually dig up anything. I've got a ton of holes just no clue. I've even tried sailing away and returning to "reset" the island but that didn't work, either.

    I've been on this checkpoint for a few days now and quitting the game and coming back the next day doesn't help. What am I missing?

  • So there me and my buddy were, sailing over to lone cove to do some Gold Hoarder's voyages. We were having a good ol time just sailing and meming. Then out of nowhere we hear someone talking. They sounded really old and angry, but we don't wanna judge so we just say nothing and listened for a little bit. It was actually hard to hear them at first becuase they were playing some music at the same time, it was really epic though so we kinda liked that part. As we got closer to the island we started to notice something was up. The ship skin he was using was definitely not one I've ever seen, it had all sorts of weird effects on it, and even the cannonballs were modified and as far as I know there are no cannonball skins in this game? I also couldn't board his ship, like I would fire myself out of the cannon and try to board, but I would just like go through his ship like it wasn't even there it was the weirdest thing. He kept talking all kinds of trash during our encounter too, he kept saying how he was "born to rule the sea of thieves" and stuff like that, really overly dramatic stuff. Then he rammed his ship into ours which put like a dozen holes on it, but his ship didn't even like stop moving at all, it just went right through us! We tried to get away but he somehow was able to spawn in like a dozen other ships and control all of them at the same time? Has anyone seen anything like this?! Definitely seemed like a hacker.

    So yeah we ended up sinking sadly, but luckily I was able to get his gamertag. "Captain Flameheart" so make sure you guys avoid this guy at all costs if you see him online.

  • A few days ago, my crewmate and I set sail towards the Ashen Tornado in the sky. We pull into Marauder's Arch, and start unloading shot after swing after blunderbomb on Warden Chi. We go back and forth from the ferry to the fight, when a galleon arrives. Well, more like they rammed the island. They anchored, jumped off, and started slicing Warden Chi. Of course Warden Chi was about to do his ground pound attack, and they all died. My crewmate and I laugh, stock back up from the barrels, and continue fighting. They respawn, and start attacking us. We dispatch them easily (they were sniping with a blunderbuss) and continue after Warden Chi. Warden Chi sinks our boat with some rocks, so we go get the boat, and sail back, only to see that the tornado is gone, and the galleon is sinking. We pull in to the island again, and can't find the skull. We load up all the loot, minus the Ashen Lord Skull, and sail to turn in, watching the galleon return to Marauder's Arch, and they fail to find the skull as well.

  • I set sail aboard The Whailing Meg, heading southeast from Sanctuary outpost towards a red tornado above Cannon Cove. On the beach near the dock, I see a group of skeletons performing a ritual so I pull into the cove and head ashore. With a blunderbuss and a sword I hack into skeletons while slowly weakening Old Horatio, when suddenly I hear a distant cannon that grabs my attention, distracting me enough that the skeletons take me down.

    On the ferry I hear more distant cannon fire above me. It seems there is a battle nearby. When I come back, I fire myself into the air over the island and spot a brigantine and a galleon just on the other side of the Northstar Seapost. I decide I need to speed things up while they are distracted with each other.

    Once I get into the final portion of the fight, I switch my blunderbuss to my eye of reach to help keep my distance and put damage on the ashen lord while fire rains from the sky. As things feel like they are almost wrapped up, I take a trip to the ferry and notice that the cannons have stopped. Launching myself into the air again reveals the brigantine pulling around the south bend of Cannon Cove. I know my ship is done for so I plan to hide and attempt a steal once they finish off the boss.

    Running back across the island, I find a keg and grab a vantage point along the southern ridge of the island when I notice that a sloop just made a pass on the brig docked near where my ship went down. Then I turn around and see that the galleon has returned and is coming around the island quickly.

    Instead of using the keg on the brig after they finish, I decide to use the keg on the boss while the three ships are engaged. I think to myself that the keg might be enough to kill him by itself. I head back to the other side of the island and drop the keg at his feet, then I cut into him with my sword until he starts raining fire again, but I end up falling.

    I sail back from a spawn at Shipwreck Bay and in the distance I see the sloop docked near the eastern beach as the tornado disappears. The brigantine looks to be a little bit northwest of the island and the galleon doesn't appear, possibly behind the island. As I pass by the Northstar Seapost, I fire off a long range shot towards a skelleon to have him join in on the fun and I drag him into the battle behind me. I thought the sloop had sank but I knew the brig was still there. I found them docked on the west side of the island where I anchored and fired until both my ship and theirs went down. The skelleon pummeled both ships until it dove into the ocean.

    After a quick gunfight with a man on shore, I searched the water and the island for the ashen winds skull, but couldn't find it anywhere. I suspected the sloop had taken off with it, possibly in a rowboat.

    Eventually the sloop comes back and I watch from a high rock to see if they stashed the skull. I tried to sneak aboard but ended up alerting them I was there. One at a time I killed them and searched the ship for the skull. When I couldn't find it, I hid on their sails. After a quick search and not finding me, they continued to load the treasure and set sail back to Sanctuary.

    When both were on shore turning in an item, I jumped down and sold some silks before hiding behind the capstan. After selling everything and a minute of standing around, one left the game. So I stood up, said "Well played!" and started playing 1812 on the banjo as I slowly approached the remaining pirate. He looked confused for a moment before he shot and cut me.

    I few moments later I get a message from him. He asked where I had been tucking. I told him and said I was looking for that skull. Then he confirmed that they sold it. I told him that the boss must have had hardly any health left when they killed him. He said it took them 5 cannonballs.

    Almost had it.

  • Я начинающий пират в sea of thieves, экипаж на моем корабле это собственно я и мой друг, мы прошли через огонь и воду что бы насладиться морским бризом... А теперь по теме, так уж получилось что мы являемся представителями фракции "Кости мертвеца", и нет мы не хладнокровные убийцы, как это подразумевается, главная наша фишка - это священный огонь! Жаль нет возможности запечатлеть этот момент, летит меткий снаряд и вот уже вся палуба в огне, трюм, мачта, товарищ мастерски книппелем сносит мачту, и она, словно крест, падает, как и шансы на победу у врагов. Непередаваемое чувство - стоять посреди пламени, хаоса, не обращая внимания на врагов, и горение, просто наслаждаться моментом. И лишь языки священного огня отражаются в моей золотой маске... А в мирное время мы в основном ловим рыбу, люблю как она шкворчит на сковородке, возможно и об этом напишу. И не думайте что мы - представители зла, мы лишь следуем завету нашего лидера и не трогаем начинающих моряков и не сжигаем всех безрассудно, у нас и так тяжелая судьба, но давайте без грустного, до встречи в новых постах!

  • I just had a meg spawn on the last ship of my solo skeleton fleet attempt, making me miss the ship's loot, and after spending a full minute trying to find what 2 rubies and a chest that spawned off meg, have a kraken spawn right on top of me.

    Made me wonder if anyone else has been Murhpy's Law'd that hard.

  • Started our brig and quickly saw a galleon level 5 reaper emissary, so we went to do whatever dirty crooked pirate would do!, sneak up around the island and attack!!

    Some Star Wars music added for drama ✌️😎


  • The ashen winds skull, really !!! that is the most stupidist thing to bring in to the game and will tip the game balance. worse than a keg explosion that you can recover from, if its used to burn down a ship even a full crew wont be able to recover from putting out the fire. ships can just do drive bys with the weapon in ships and put them on fire. Captain falcore talks in one breath in the video how you cant wall bang with a pistol against reinforced wood as only a M-16 can do that but who ever heard of a flame thrower in the 1700 or 1800's. it just shows that your running out of ideas and totally stupid. It should be removed from the game. Not to mention some idiots running around with it killing their own crew, because you let them and because they can. What were you drinking when you dreamed up this idiotic idea..

  • As encouraged from an earlier post: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/121893/how-to-deal-with-frustrating-turn-of-events-loosing-in-pvp-getting-rare-d-etc

    I like to write down some highlights of previous sessions. Keeps me coming back to the game for more! Let me know your thoughts!

    Disclaimer: I have not proofread or made edits so I apologize if there are any typos or flow issues

    Title: 2 man sloop Ghost fleets
    Who: Odyssey and I
    When: 07-28-2020
    What: Upon spawning into the outpost, Odyssey and I began our journey by stocking up our sloop that was decked out in bone crusher cosmetics. We picked up a few ghost fleet voyages, raised out reapers bones emissary flag and set sail. In just a couple of hours we completed 4 voyages with little no resistance and not a single other pirate in sight. During our last voyage, we encountered a Black Meg in the middle of our fight with the ghost fleet. It was electrifying to say the least. As we concluded our final voyage, the front of our ship (top deck) was littered with 30 + Skulls of the damned and about 8 storage crates of the damned. We had finally hit grade 5 emissary, so we set sail to reapers hideout. We didn’t have any treasure chests so we just loaded up the row boat with all the loot and harpooned our way into the hideout to sell. After selling we heard cannon fire. A player Brig with a grade 4 Athena emissary was shooting at our sloop. Odyssey and I used our clap emotes and told them GGs as our sloops mast began to fall forward. (we had nothing to loose). So for giggles, Odyssey began laying sniper fire on their cannon man while I made my way towards their ship under water so I could board. I was met at the enemy ships ladder by a blunderbuss, but still managed to get aboard. On board I sword lunged one of their crewmates into the water and finished him off with my flintlock. I took a few swipes from another enemy player, but quickly countered and got the last laugh. After a very brief encounter, their whole crew was on the Ferry of the damned. The 2 man sloop had come on top in their battle against a 3 man brig… or so we thought... We waited aboard their ship for the respawn as our sloop sank to the bottom fo the shallow shores of Reapers hideout. Upon respawn, I was able to sword lunge someone off the ship, kill another, before getting sword spammed with half health only to meet the Ferryman for myself. Odyssey tried boarding but with his 0 ammo he would also meet his fate on the ferry of the damned with me. After we spawned on a near by island with our freshly painted sloop, we decided to call it GGs and go our separate ways!

  • So, the tale starts at Ruby's fall in the devils roar...

    Were (me and my friend) grinding some skellies at Ruby's fall and the volcano erupts.

    We hurriedly leave the island, hoping to get away.

    Then the skellie horn sounds and a sloop comes at us.

    Then the volcano turns on aimnot and hits me and my friend, killing us both and when we come back, I see a meg as well.

    The happy ending to a happy story!

    I love the devils roar!

  • I was sailing toward a sloop at Galleons Grave Outpost, when a galleon decked with the Wild Rose cosmetics decided to chase me. I do a few loop the loops, but they still follow me. After losing them for a few minutes, I see that the sloop that I was going after had the Silver Blade ship set on. I asked the player a few questions about them, when the galleon came back for more. I popped off a quick message asking if they would like to help sink it. They complied, and we sank the galleon together. After that, they sailed back to the outpost, and I sailed into the sunset.

  • I was at Devil's Ridge. I was minding my own business, fishing. I was peppered with cannon fire. No provocation nor offer of parlay. You received nothing for your efforts. No points, no chests, no loot. You merely ruined a gentleman's 2 hour fishing run for nothing.

    Sea of trolls is right. Time to join the fray. Cracks knuckles You guys are not gonna like this. No quarter.

  • In these somewhat uncertain times, I wanted to share a story of when a PVP encounter ends in smiles and friendship between both parties...

    We'd had an adventure much like any other, an evening completing voyages as an Order Of Souls emissary with very little in the way of excitement. Having reached level 5 and gathered a good haul of skulls we stopped at Galleons Grave and handed in, ready to log off for the evening.

    In the distance we spot a galleon sailing our way, and with a healthy stock of supplies decide to head them off and engage in glorious combat! Before long we exchange cannon fire, quickly detonating the powder kegs in their crows nest (a lesson learnt, I hope) and ultimately sending their ship to the depths.

    With their loot onboard, our crew mates calls out "sails!". Once again a galleon in the distance is approaching us, undoubtedly the same crew looking to reclaim both their lost glory and gold.
    We clash, and again their galleon sinks. This time two survivors swim to us, but instead of dispatching them to the ferryman, one of our crew suggests letting them board.

    With cutlass in hand and expecting retaliation, we begin to chat, exchanging pleasantries and calls of "well played!". With no hard feelings on either side, we let them know that the loot has little value to us, and if they liked we'd sail them to an outpost to sell up.

    In the end their remaining crew brought their galleon back, on to which we loaded the loot and, being ready to log off anyway, gave them our remaining supplies.

    With all said and done we finished our session onboard our former enemy's galleon playing shanty's and drinking grog as we watched our now burning ship slowly sink beneath the waves....

    This isn't the most exciting story. But it does go to show that with a little sportsmanship, even a hostile encounter can become something so much more thanks to the freedom this game offers us!

    Be more pirate everyone. But remember, it's just a game.


  • Please share your early and silly experienced tales over some grog.

    When I went into a fleet!

    Early when me and my friend got the game, we sailed towards an enemy sloop whom we had dealt a lot of damage too.

    He sailed around this open sea network and we went right through it.

    Well, we got exited when a battle notification came up, It didnt end well, I'll say that!

  • Joined a server and saw a level 2 brig, we set our own reaper flag and went after it, after all.. theres room for only one reaper ship in the server right? 😂

    As we warmed up and adapted to their pvp skills we quickly took over and time and after time of them coming back to get revenche only faced defeat 3 times.

    Their attitude went from “ yeah kick his a@@ !! Cry like my b@@@ “ to “ I hate these guys, lets leave this server !” Very quickly.

    Well deserved lesson for them, everyone needs to get checked once in a while!! Ahoy!!!


  • I won my first fort today with my friend I'm happy

  • 15 ships sunk this weekend, a few lvl 5 oos and reapers, lots of loot, keep an eye out!! Or well get you next!! 😘


    By the way, in this video I hit with the cursed cannon ball and had no effect? Was it a false hit? Glitch? Wth 🤷‍♂️

  • There are a lot of negative posts right now so I wanted to make another positive one. What's your favorite thing about sea of thieves? It can be something you did or a part of the game you experienced regularly. My favorite thing to do used to be meg surfing behind my boat, but it seems to have been fixed. I used to have a clip of boarding another ship using meg surfing to jump in the back of another sloop when it was bitten.

  • alt text

    Me and my 3 friends were sailing. And we looted, killed other players and stuff. We made alot of money by doing the fort and opening ashen chests.

    But towards the end, we managed to take a golden reaper chest + Grade IV flag. But for some unknown reason, the server bugged and we got 0 gold and reputation.
    We also got 0 gold for a bit of loot we had gathered.

    so we went to golden sands outpost and i was bored so i wondered if you could actually traverse the beach with a dingy. And YES you can. Even accross a bridge i went towards the tavern. And we managed to get it inside :D .

    Made the day end on a positive note.

    Edit: Can't get second picture to load here, but it was me sitting in the dingy .

  • This is a Tribute Compilation Video about the Sea of Thieves
    and our Journey over the past 3 and a half years,
    two helpless snowflakes, trying to achieve the title of pirate legend.
    Over time we learned to trust no one, take everything and just be pirates!

    Making of a Pirate

    We really love this game and the adventures it can create, we look forward to everything that is still to come :)

  • On July 16, 2020 at 6:05 PM (GMT+8) I, Sandblisz single-handedly in a Sloop took down the Sea of Theives' recent threat to all pirate-kind, Captain Flameheart's Ghostly Armada of Ghost Ships.

    Below is the proof of my amazing feat and victory against Captain Flameheart.

    Also my bounty for defeating his Ghostly Armada. I sorted them out for easy access when selling them to each appropriate pirate guild.

    If there isn't a commendation for defeating Captain Flameheart solo, well, there is now and I earned it.

  • ... and thought of sharing it here for the enjoyment of all. It's my first ever video edit, so any feedback and recommendations are welcome! If you're not familiar with YTP format, they're abundant in PUBG game - basically game highlights with memes for a blend of gameplay and culture.

    let me know your thoughts! :)


  • yesterday thursday july 9 2020 i wanted to sail so i put up an lfg got one it was good and near the end of the day we where trying to make a sort of new player get that it's a pirate game two of my crew me and my new friend where on his ship but he either left or scuttled the end

  • So we share details of our adventures on the seas but what about the life of your characters before they became pirates? I'm interested to see if anyone else has created a backstory for their pirate and how they became known on the Sea of Thieves.

    If you don't have a backstory then why not take this opportunity to flesh out your character and create something more?

    (Some people may find this boring and may not want to participate but as someone who writes stories I am intrigued in reading others).

  • Haven't come across an active FotD in a while and then last night one popped! I went in for the steal and it ended up being one of the most hilarious, greatest heist I have ever pulled off! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/-3rsG1lImfU

  • I make all kinds of videos while not sailing but this one I think it came out interesting since I love the movies 300, so ill share it, hope you like it, sorry I got shaky in the last fight had to recover the Keg and lots of adrenaline.

    Props to my buddies : semperFER and platumu for helping me steal this fort and many others :)


  • We normally PvE and understand it's PvP. Not going to get in that can of worms, so leave it somewhere else. So, we was doing Lantern achievements when we got sunk. To be expected, we not the world's greatest players - but we like playing. Started playing with the Steam release. The treasures we get are normally what is lying around or skulls from skellies. The thing that ticked me off is being told by a kid - I'm 20 years Retired Navy and 19 years Armed Security after that, meaning hair is gray - what's left of it. Yup, do the math. I'm pushing 60. Anyway, where was I - oh yea - being told by a kid that we suck and to quit trying, go play something else. 6 times we showed up. 6 times we died/ship sank. But, it was 6 times that he couldn't hurry and sale our treasure that he stole. But - we did get Legends "This is Unacceptable" award, and with the addition of Pink Flame (cause we died) - we got "Festival Party Boat" award. And there's an achievement for setting up convoy with all ships with party lights that I'd like to get. Bet he can't claim any of them or will be able to get them either cause he don't PwP (play With players). I mean, he could'a called a timeout, - after the third time we tried, - given us back a Gem and said gg for at least trying - and we would'a happily gone on our way. Oh, he never died and his ship never sank cause he was an "expert" and told us so. Now, what game am I going to play next since I'm not allowed to play this one anymore. = = Fair Winds and Following Seas.

  • it was yesterday and i used my pistol and we saw a ship i tried to help stock his ship up he killed me i get why he did and we sunk him and i killed him with the sea dog pistol and sent him a message gg

  • If ye mateys reading this notice are, er, readin' this notice, I have composed and will continue to update my personal journal of my true tales of my adventures at sea. ((The journal is written as my character's 'in-game' personal journal of their happenings at sea. It is meant to not just be lore friendly but as though it was actually within the world itself. Here is the wattpad link, I deeply appreciate the read! I'm brand new at the game but very excited!))

  • Ahoy fellow shipmates, Captain Sandwich here. I thought that over a tankard of grog we could each share our harrowing tales of how we reached The Sea Of Theives. Whether your the sort of pirate who wants to quickly say a few words and then listen to others, or a loudmouth who loves to share their stories in the longest and most exaggerated way, come over and join me by sharing your backstory

  • I ambled out to the docks the other morning, just to scrape the barnacles off my sloop and enjoy the setting sun. I had no plans to stay long, or even to raise anchor. Then I saw a sloop in the distance, gradually getting bigger, flying a level five emissary flag. I thought they were heading for me, when suddenly they veered off and went after a skellie galleon. Hmm. I figured they must be pretty competent, picking a fight like that. But the battle raged on. And on. And on. When I noticed the sloop's mast had been knocked down, it was clear they were in serious trouble. My opportunistic pirate instincts kicked in, and I decided to sail out to collect their flag after they sank.

    As I drew closer, I could see they were getting hammered by the skellies. Their mast was still down with no sign of being raised. I found my pirate instinct withering as my conscience rose. Instead of killing the survivors and looting the wreckage, I decided to jump in and help them out.

    I sailed my sloop to intercept the galleon, giving them a good taste of my cannons and drawing them away from their crippled prey. It worked. A few more barrages of waterline hits, along with a couple cursed cannonballs, and down they went.

    I called out to the sloop, which turned out to have a crew of two. The captain (I assume) shouted his thanks. He said he was sailing with his little brother, and that they "got their (derrieres) kicked." Surely they'd have sunk if I hadn't jumped in to help. I told them to collect their loot, bid them farewell and sailed off into the sunset.

    Sometimes even pirates can be heroes. 🏴‍☠️

  • Hey guys,
    my name is Seb and i´m from Germany (thats why my english is bad :P. Joke i´m not good at)
    We (my girlfriend and i) are searching for some Guys to play Sea of thieves and other games. It would be grad if u speak german too cause my gf is as bad as i´m in english. We want to play all stories and more. And we want to have fun :D
    If u are interested: Add me :D

  • The Quest

    it’s 40 minute video here is duke greeting you

    Today’s voyage will start at Golden Sands outpost hear the instrumental ‘fortune call ‘

    Full video at Twitch.TV/Xx7runicrick,
    In the sloop the voyage is on the table. The Pirate pet ‘Missy’! flying about. My pirate pet is decked out see her little eye patch 🦜
    We’re sailing to ‘mermaids hideaway’
    I like to stay in the town for awhile than look at the treasure map. Than if you get the treasure you could return to the same time and show it off.

    Sailing in the southwest nautical direction.
    More music from my 🎶 instrument, raise the beer! ring the ships bell for good measure! honor friends that I’ve played with like SilliestFlop2 and Thatoneslav.
    (would you like to read on?)

    A small battle takes place near a campfire on mermaids hideaway

    There is a man near the camp here on the Island. Missy is perched on my Arrr Arm.

    and my Compass in hand!

    We start to dig

    in the sand reveals a chest. a small band of skeletons gets disturbed and eerily climb out of the sand. fighters. Soon after here we are on the way to town ‘Karnath Fortune’ is what I’m called. Have you heard of Spanish heraldry?

    🐰 the rowboat I find nearby needs pushing to get in to the sailboat. In Bunjie’s Halo you could flip a ‘Warthog’ and it would go flying. It’s like that, then row row row.

    (Oh!) a shimmer caught me Eye! Fast
    swimming back to sand right on Beach a treasure pile!

    “In this game there’s always a (challenge)catch or banana to eat.”

    this band beyond description https://open.spotify.com/track/3Z1ucuB61Hzmkd3pQUFy03?si=yx6dL3iBSyy1pezgKMEt9Q

    I bring the return to town into the scene
    Note I’ve

    because I’ve lost over 100,000 gold to other players
    Therefor having treasure and getting back to town are two separate things now I’m smiling note because of this feeling.
    I’m not giving up but persevering with my Pirate-life..

    The treasure wasn’t stolen and I return 🪕 )I’ve gained less than 5,000 golds this time but it was worth it! Hail to the king, I’m Captain Ruinous.

    Final thought being with a crew or going solo“the spartan figurehead looks cool”