Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • i was on the sea of thieves joined up with reapers and we were set upon by another galleon (i was in a galleon as well) and a skelly ship pops up and we are being shot but both ships and somehow we didn't sink and we got away from the galleon and we sold the loot and when we were being attack by the gally and skelly ship we were in a storm it was a epic fight- closingHare

  • i set up an lfg post got three pirates right off one was a little british kid he got so annoying so i was sadden when i had to kick him from the party then we got someone else and we sailed around and fought people anchored them and sunk em and the two guys that boarded were laughing like hyenas and we had a good time and we won but it was fun - -closinghare.

  • I shall now share with ye' details of the largest loot haul I've ever had the misfortune of losing.

    I've played SoT for about a year now. Pirate Legend, Legendary Thief, Hunter of the Shrouded...all that good stuff. My two teammates are of similar caliber. Our little trio got XBOX Series Xs' for Christmas, and since then we have quite literally been unstoppable against XBOX and PC players alike. We hadn't sunk in Adventure since before Christmas (and 90% of the time we run reaper and fight everything that moves).

    Today we decided that we wanted to utilize the Double Gold Weekend and see if we could rack up a 1,000,000 gold loot haul using a level 5 reaper emissary. For at least four straight hours we killed every crew in sight, and did a Flameheart, Skull Fort, and Battle for the Sea of Thieves.

    It was by far the most loot I've ever carried. Without a doubt, we hit our 1,000,000 gold goal and then some. But then, on the horizon, a white sailed galleon appears. Lo' and behold, a god squad unlike any we have fought recently. Not just a standard run-of-the-mill Pirate Legend Galleon (we can chew through those like a mouse in a hanker-chief drawer). No. I'm talking a gold cursed, Legendary Sea Dogged, born to play SoT crew that probably hasn't seen the bottom of the ocean for at least a year.

    Long battle short...we fought valiantly but ended with a sink. There was so much loot that spilled out of our ship, it was lagging out the sector.

    F's in the chat. RIP
    We sunk right next to Reaper's Hideout so there was no chance of getting any back.
    Think about the saltiest potato chips you've ever had...now double the salt levels and you might be starting to get close to the amount of SALT I felt about sinking.

    ........But this is not a rage post. This is not me going 'wah, we need passive mode cuz I lost my shinys, wah'. No, quite the opposite. You better believe that my crew will be out there next weekend...and we will be out with a vengeance. So look-the-hell out!

    And remember, everyone sinks...everyone loses loot...and the next time a crew comes along and totally annihilates you...remember that this time it was your turn to lose. But it won't alway be. This time it was our turn. You win some, you lose some. Tonight, we lost big. But we've won big before, too. And we will win big again.

    You can count on it.

  • Was solo sailing a brigantine and pulled up at an outpost
    to cash in. Had a big haul so was there a while but nearby on an island there was a solo slooper doing a flame skeleton lord event.

    I sailed over, clipped his sail with chain and proceeded to sink the ship.

    He messaged "Eh, why?"
    I replied "Pirate".

    Heres the thing.

    I was parked in sight as a brig.
    Every lantern on because my cosmetics are so bright (Collectors frozen horizon) that i stand out massively so might as well.

    I was also there a while as was he.

    This solo slooper simply never bothered to check now and then for another ship and then got frustrated at me for sinking his ship.

    In reality this would be avoided of he checked his surroundings every now and then.

    Dont be that guy.
    Use your spyglass and i wouldnt of stood a chance. Not against a sloop as a solo brig. I wasnt in the mood to chase either so he would of got away.

  • Like what is the real answer?

    I was always told it was as long as you stay connected to the sever...is this not true?

    I hid a Storage Crate on Golden Sands and it de spawned somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.

    Or did someone find it? I severely doubt it. It was stashed.

    How long will a Robot stay a float?

    How long will a Storage Crate stay on land?

    How long would a storage crate in a row boat stay?

    How long would a chest on an island stay there after I place it?

  • So, haven't played the game for a while (over a year) and decided... why not give it another shot... logged in with some mates, went to clear a fort and ran into blatant cheaters who were not missing any shots, not taking damage and being downright mean the whole time mocking us...... this all caught on stream btw... we lost our ship, respawned and they made a beeline to us (knowing where we were), mocking us some more... killing us off spawn, we then had a weird bug where we spawned at the fort of the damned... got on the ship and went to do another quest... ran into the exact people again... who cut us off.. as if they knew where we were off too... then proceeded to teleport onto our ship and slaughter us.... some suicided and met us on the ferry... continued to mock and harass us... if this is the welcome back i get... im not playing this game again.. since im on pc and there is no easy way for pc players to report these low lifes.....

  • So we share details of our adventures on the seas but what about the life of your characters before they became pirates? I'm interested to see if anyone else has created a backstory for their pirate and how they became known on the Sea of Thieves.

    If you don't have a backstory then why not take this opportunity to flesh out your character and create something more?

    (Some people may find this boring and may not want to participate but as someone who writes stories I am intrigued in reading others).

  • Yesterday i did some Cargo Runs with a friend who plays more occasionally than me and has to deliver some more goods to get better reputation with the Merchants. So we did some and once we were asked to deliver to Plunder Outpost.
    So we did and already saw a Galleone not far away. We delivered and just when the last Cargo was aboard the Galleone arrived and started shooting. We voted down the Level 5 Emissary because we already wanted to call it a day and prepared to defend ourselves.
    Suprisingly the Galleone turned around and fled or was unable to do a smooth turn, because they made a long wide arc.
    We followed and catched them, after a short fight versus only 2 pirates we sunk the galleone and gathered some loot when one of the pirates was still alive.
    But oh wonder not salty and not shootung but carrying a skull out of the water to us.
    I said ok you are allowed to get on board, we can bring you back to the Outpost and you can sell what you want.
    So we did, sailed back to Galleones Grave - haha - and let her sell some of the stuff we got from them :D

    I have to say i never rescued a pirate from a ship i've sunk and let him sell the loot he has lost to us.
    Well we selled the most XD

  • So few evenings ago I joined open crew, start with typical "Ahoy, what are we doing?" but i get no answers. Absolute silence from other crew mates which means they are in private party chat. Ship is full of goodies so I look at the quest wheel and proceed to map table to look up few islands they have left in their quest. As I am trying to search for islands, screen changes and I am locked in the brig. I type typical why but get no answer. So I am thinking they have a lot of things maybe they don't want to take a chance and if I stay nice and quiet after some time they will bring me back. So I play some music and enjoy my ride. In the meantime Crew fights skeleton ship and loots shipwreck with reaper chest (its gold one) I figured I will wait until they sell reaper chest and I am going to leave. However they decided to go to outpost instead. While parking they crash ship and jump out to start selling. Ship has its sails down so its starts wiggling out and punching more holes. I type message "ship is sinking" so one of the cremates runs on board tries to bucket but now ship free of land its sailing away from outpost and quickly sinks, with great majority of loot on board. So this is where the things get funny. Ship re-spawns and my teammate who was trying to bucket water is with me in brig (glitch) So he can not get ship back, that means crew mate on island decides to take a mermaid back to ship, and as soon as steps foot back on ship ----- server merges and all that loot, with hours of their work is gone. Karma.... I laughed so hard.

  • One moment that would make others say "that's got to be the best pirate I ever seen".
    I sailed up on an fellow sloop docked at a large island. Scooped out thier ship, no one was aboard. I boarded loaded up thier row boat with thier loot. Which included box of fine bone dust, captains skull , tome of resurrection, and a stronghold keg. A few other regular trinkets. I dropped the boat attached it to mine and took off just as they arrived back. They gave chase. They caught up to me. We released our canons on each other, I made a few good hits. Sending one to the ferry. They broke my mast. But with one aboard couldn't turn in time. I made the repairs and took off. They gave chase. I looked in the distance and spotted another sloop. I sailed straight at them. They were legends judging by thier sails. They fired at me but missed. I angled my ship and they ended up crashing into the ship chasing me. I looked back as they engaged each other. I escaped into the roar. Sold the loot and celebrated.

  • Hi pirates,

    Well I keep running into this bug, and last time it happened weeks ago to my buddy he actually couldn't kill or get killed so some salty pirates reported him and he got banned, so yeah that was an unfair ban but hopefully these reports help get this bug fixed, what sucks is that if you stay in the match you risk getting reported or banned, if you leave the match you get penalized so what the heck ? :P

    Here we sunk and died near the fort on the edge of the arena map and as soon as I spawned in the fort I black screened back to the ship naked, couldn't pull weapons or shoot cannons, at least I was able to die so I ended up boarding a ship and got killed.

    Moment glitch happened:

    Moment I boarded a ship and got killed which (this time) fixed the glitch:

  • Brand new player here and I think I’ve only been playing for 2 days. And no this is not a complain message either. I’m fully aware of this is a PVP game. I’ve done my researches and understood the PVP element of the game before I purchased the game. I’m aware that I have to watch my back all the time. Here is just my very short tale...lol

    So I took my first voyage from the Gold Hoarder and did the quest. On the way back, I notice there was this ship coming after me. Since it was my first time steering a ship, I was all over the place and I scuttled the ship because I read somewhere that I should so I could save the loot, in this case my quest chest. Then I refused the help from the mermaid because I didn’t want to lose my quest item. Little did I know, there were sharks in the game...so I got killed by the shark. I tried the same quest again(still my very first quest), this time I found an island not too far from the outpost, so I docked the ship, took my quest chest and hid it in a bush. This way, I could check out the water around the outpost area to make sure there weren’t any ships close by. It was at that moment I felt like a pirate, I was hiding stuff from other players. I never had to “hide” stuff from in game players before in other games. It was an interesting experience. Anyway, the water was safe and finally I finished the quest.

    Curiousity kills I guess. I heard about the in game ghost ships but I didn’t know there were skeleton ships. So there I was spotted a interesting looking ship that doesn’t look like a regular ship. It didn’t try to chase me, it was just turning on the same spot which was odd. So I got close to take a closer look. Actually I swam over to it and they spotted me and started shooting cannon at my sloop. It was too late by the time I swam back to my ship. They sunk my ship and this time I accepted the mermaid’s help to get back on another ship.

    So far this game is interesting, you just don’t know what’s going to happen next. One thing that’s unfortunate is that you automatically think every ship is out to get you so when you see a ship on the horizon, you start to turn the other way.

  • I am, notably, a BAD pirate. I enjoy fair play, I hate starting fights, stealing, griefing, hassling people both new and old. I much prefer to share my loot with those who are kind and avoiding the cruel when I can. Yes, I support the idea of PvE servers because we shouldn't force our idea of entertainment onto others who do not feel the same. Why play Sea of Thieves, you may ask? Because it is the best sailing game on Xbox I can play with my friends. We enjoy sailing, doing voyages, and just hanging out together in the setting.
    That said, after finishing a lengthy Merchant Alliance series of voyages to get my girlfriend up to Legend we decided to head to the Arena Outpost in the center of the map to view an Easter Egg. We decided to stop by the Ancient Spire Outpost to remove our emissary as we did not wish for others to benefit from our hard work.
    At Ancient Spire a newly formed Brig was waiting, harvesting supplies, and getting ready for their adventure. Not wishing for conflict, we told them we did not wish for combat, but they ignored us and we allowed them to draw first blood. A mistake, to be sure.
    While my partner and I waited to spawn they deigned to attack our ship, search it for not existent loot, and spit on our honor. We could not stand for this. My friend worked on repairing the ship while I roused the rabble from their battle trance by showing them the finesse of a Pirate Legend! Firing myself upon their ship, I quickly killed their cannoneers and their helmsman. It was simple, they did not even draw blood despite their lackluster "Hipfire Blunderbuss" strategy.
    I wished to put the fear of interference into them as they would hopefully realized they were outmatched. No such luck, however. They returned, I killed them. They returned, I killed them. Buying time for my friend to set sail and escape. However, an ambush of the Skeleton Sloop called me away for my need to protect my ally was greater than my hate of these lowly ruffians.
    Realizing that their crew needs to kill me, due to the lack of a mermaid showing up to help me return to my ship, I ran to the prow in order to prompt them to finally kill me on their own. After a short time, they realized where the pointy end of the blade is supposed to go and finally sent me to the Ferryman where I returned to my ship and ridded it of the Skeleton Sloop.
    Believing ourselves free from this unwanted encounter we continued on our journey. Though, sadly, the enemies that we have made took insult to us not only surviving their assault but killing them no less than seven time on their own ship in response to their attack. They managed to recover and set sail to follow us, which was also a notable mistake.
    While my partner sniped at them to keep them off cannons I turned us into the wind and gathered one of our hidden gunpowder barrels. Allowing them to get close they attempted to harpoon us, which drew them close enough to leap from my mast to their ship. Lighting the fuse and fighting them to allow it to blow, I sacrificed myself to hinder them.
    My partner managed to escape while they returned and repaired and I set forward on another trap, at this point determined to mess with them as much as possible before they lost interest. Apparently, we are very interesting to them as they followed us for another 15 minutes into the wind, them losing speed as I decided to play around with my cursed cannonballs.
    Loading up an Anchorball I turned the ship with the wind to allow them to catch up, allowing them to believe they were gaining. In their mind I'm sure ramming us was a brilliant idea. The three of them couldn't kill me alone, to surely the three of them with my ally could stand a chance? No, they rammed, boarded, died, and then I dropped their anchor with the ball and watched as the last one tried to raise it again.
    Growing bored of them, and disheartened by their lack of survival instincts I turned towards the wind once more and simply sailed as they lost interest and eventually turned away.
    I do not claim to be a wonderful fighter in the Sea. I often try to avoid conflict and my skills specialize in fleeing combat. It's rare that I find foes that I dominate so completely and I admit I enjoyed it.
    I hope that in the future they give other pirates some birth as many of us do not wish to be assaulted while simply travelling from one spot to the next. That said, this was a tale that I determined should be told again, and I hope you enjoyed.

  • I’ve been playing for maybe a week now, so am kind of new and apologize in advance if my question is noobish or i am posting in the wrong section...
    But today I found a glowing figurehead on a beach that cause damage when I get closer...
    Second one I’ve seen, not knowing what to do, and since the first one killed me, I shot it repeatedly till it exploded...
    Can anyone explain what this is?

  • So about a year ago I was feeling a little bored from all the skeleton slaying on my own, so as the unknowing little pirate I was at the time, I decided to join a random galleon in an open crew session. I join within short noticed, landing on the 3 peoples deck. When I joined I was friendly treated by 3 people, 2 people I don't remember the names of and 1 person by the name of Houdini. This was the same day the fort of the damned had awakened and they had just started collecting the mysterious flames of fate. I decided to stay as I had never even been close to an event except for skeleton forts, so this would be exciting! We were actually able to gather the flames on a rather short notice and after getting out hands on the red pained ritual skull, we raised our sails from the outpost and sailed over there. It was a big thing for me as I placed down flame after flame with my new crewmates and finally the skull. The loud bells rang and skeletons of a different colour were summoned from the ground. Wave after wave we smashed and shot skeletons into bits before finally, that scary loud bell rang and the ghost of graymorrow was raised from the floor. We lured him down to the ship where we fired everything from cannonballs to countless bullets on the brutal ghost until he was sent back to his eternal doom as he once again "died". We grabbed the key and opened the vault to find a bunch of precious booty together with the beautiful, black and blue Athena Chest! We took all the loot and ran it down to our ship as fast as we could, under all this time I and Houdini had laughed and become what I would call friends. We rased to the closest outpost and sold it all and I finally had my first bite of the Athenas fortune levels. I and Houdini laughed, and while the other 2 left, I and Houdini friended each other and the day after that we played again, and after that again! We became...great friends and crewmates.

    This was a tale of how I met one of my greatest friends ever. The awesome, night shine parrot loving, Houdini.

    I hope to see some of you out on the seas, and who knows, if you see me, maybe shoot yourself over and stop for a grog or 2.

  • During one arena game we got boarded by somebody who was glitching and teleporting across our ship. I was running out of the bullets so I simply pointed my EoR at empty space assuming player will teleport there. Pressed a button and as I watch bullet fly towards the empty space, sure enough that player teleports from port side cannons to starboard cannons in one frame, right in front of that bullet, and I have a kill. Now what are the odds of that.
    Teleporting is the latest craze in this game, every match there is couple people doing it. Can somebody fix this ? Its happening in adventure mode, and short of sword or blunder everything else is pretty much useless. Not sure how people are doing it, but its been now pretty common.

  • So my significant other got a Series S xbox for an early Christmas gift and always wanted to play SoT. I've been playing since April, so I was excited to sail with her. Our first outing was nothing short of lucky and magical.

    First I helped her do the initial obligatory Gold Hoarder voyage to the nearby island from Dagger Tooth. Then I loaded up on some voyages to do. One of them took us to an island with an Ashen Guardian. We kill him and he drops a key, so I say "oh cool, let's go back to the outpost and I'll get a chest voyage." So we do, load it up and start checking the map for the island it's on. Neither of us can find it, but then I noticed the island on the map looks like the outpost we were already on and I think "there's no way..." but lo and behold the chest was buried on the outpost. I didn't even know that was possible.

    After that bit of magic, we go on a voyage for four skeleton captains. In between islands, we find and kill her first megaladon, a Shadowmaw. After we finish the voyage, a second Shadowmaw appears. We kill it but as I'm out getting the treasure, two enemy pirates managed to board our ship (they must have cannoned over because we didn't see a ship). So while they're distracted with her, I climb up to our crow's nest where we had stored half a dozen gunpowder kegs. I grab one, light it, drop and blow them both away. I tell her "as soon as you respawn, start bailing water." When I respawn, I start bringing up anchor and see the enemy ship coming up behind us. She takes the helm and we're off. They're gaining on us since they're in a brig and we're a sloop, so I go up to the crow's nest again and grab another keg. I think they saw me coming because before I jumped into the water, they started turning and I only got the left side of their ship, but it was enough for us to gain a distance and turn down wind. After a few minutes, they give up the chase and we head for the nearest outpost. It felt so good to get one over on them and she did great at the helm.

    Excited to make more tales with her.

  • i'm just saying this because i came across a a homaphobic toxic player he's not mine to report but i just was wondering if people have encountered toxic players that is all

  • I had a really pleasant and enjoyable voyage today, and a busier string of PvE encounters than I could have imagined.

    The day got started quite normally. I spawned solo at Galleon's Grave, stocked the ship, raised an Order of Souls emissary flag, and cracked open a bounty voyage – I'm still working on 9 Skellies Slaying. I got three maps: three captains at Wanderer's Refuge, two at Snake Island, one at Crook's Hollow. Wanderer's Refuge being one of my favourite islands in the game, I decided to head there first, stopping off at Isle of Lost Words, Shipwreck Bay and Rum Runner Isle for to further boost supplies and find a rowboat. I defeated an Ashen Key Master at Lost Words, and an emergent skelly captain at Rum Runner, and hit Wanderer's close to a grade 3 emissary. I took down the three captains and one crew, and decided to head over to Golden Sands to sell. I heard the skeleton ship music play, a sloop rose up to my starboard... and 10 cannonballs later, sunk beneath the waves again. Grade 4 emissary.

    I sold up, leaving a clutch of skulls and trinkets on the dock in the spirit of the Festival of Giving. I charted a course for Snake Island, running around the southern tip of Wanderer's and then south-east. As I passed Wanderer's, I saw a sloop stopped at the island. I passed close, hailing them with my speaking trumpet to tell them about the gifts at Golden Sands, but the crew didn't seem to be around. I continued on my way, and as I pulled into the open sea, the megalodon theme started. Given today's daily deed and the 'Monster that rose from the sea' mission, I lifted my sails and got on the cannons. The fight made a bit of a dent in my meat and fish supplies, but I soon had the 'Hunter of the Hungering One' title and the bonus doubloons.

    I'd been keeping an eye on the sloop at Wanderer's, and as I gathered the meg loot, I saw it moving towards me. I turned to cover the sloop with my cannons, but hailed them again offering to hand them some of the loot in the spirit of the Festival of Giving. At first I got no response, then noticed a green fin circling – an Ancient Terror had spawned on them! I added my firepower to the fight, and together we created arcs that meant the meg was very rarely out of our field of fire. I was only able to recover about of the Hungering One loot, but once we took down the Ancient Terror we were able to stop and talk.

    I noticed that the other player (also solo) was running the 'Maiden Voyager' title. Turned out he'd been playing for just a week. He also said he was ill at the moment, so I decided I would do my best to brighten his day. He spoke a bit of English, and I a bit of French – his native language – and we used a combination of both as we agreed terms. We agreed to split the loot and sell in an alliance. I showed him how to use the harpoons for recovering loot and we started to divide up the loot. Just as we were finishing and I was returning to my ship, the skeleton ship theme played, and a skelly sloop spawned on me. The new player seemed a bit concerned, but I knew the ship wasn't really to be feared. Together we finished it quickly, and split the loot. I hit grade 5 emissary for the first time in my pirating career. I explained how to form an alliance, and we had just run our new colours up the mast when another skelly sloop spawned on him! I was beginning to lose hope of ever leaving these waters, but that sloop was also sent back whence it came. After gathering that loot, we each had an ashen chest to go with keys we had collected earlier.

    I made repairs and set sail towards Golden Sands after my new friend. As we pulled up to outpost, I heard him say 'Oh no, all my stuff is in the water'. I looked around and saw that he had sunk! He must have had a hole that he didn't notice needed repairing after the last skelly ship. He tried to come aboard my ship but was killed by a shark – fortunately his new ship spawned at Mermaid's Hideaway, so he was back with me by the time I had finished gathering his loot back up.

    We sold together and each made a packet, also selling each other's loot for the plundered presents bonus. With the emissary bonus I made about 80-90k gold and about 100 doubloons; he was not running emissary and made about 60k gold. By the time we'd finished selling the largest haul on which my pirate had ever set his eyes, I was in desperate need of some lunch. I loaded his ship up with supply crates filled from my barrels, and sent him on his way.

    Finally, later on and influenced by a post I saw here a few weeks ago, I decided how to spend my gains. Purchasing a Redcoat Admiral jacket and belt, I completed a Santa-themed outfit that my pirate will be going around in for the next few weeks. (Unable to upload screenshot I'm afraid [sadbeard])

    Have a happy and safe festive season, everyone. Thank you to all of the pirates who make the Sea of Thieves a special place.

  • This happened 2 days back and the event confuses me still so I finally decide to jot it down here to get some opinions and shed some light on it.

    So I was in a sloop with my friend, and we had just reached level 5 emissary of the order of the soul when we were attacked by another sloop, so far so good, they were spamming cannons (especially chain shots) w/o any concern, at this point I was like maybe they have enough supplies and that is all fine. They eventually managed to break our sails, stop repairs with blunder bombs and eventually we sank. Now, we knew they would go the Reaper's hideout to sell our emissary so that is where we headed when we respawned, but we were late and they had already sold and scuttled, I knew these because of all the crates (storage, wood and cannon) on the water near the port.

    But this is where it got strange, when I looked at the supplies I was baffled at how much they had. 300+ cannons, 100+ chain shots, 300+ wood and finally the thing which made me suspect they had a hack was cause they had 20+ curse cannons of each type, and I m not kidding, of EACH type. I know for sure it was the same ship cause I found our 3 storage crates there too, how
    I know this? Cause they had the exact amount of wood, cannon and food, just the way I arranged them personally. So now the question is did they like farm supplies all day long and took just us down at the end just before leaving or am I missing something here and there is a secret to finding so many cursed cannons? Idk and I would love to hear from you guys what the case might be.

    TLDR: Encountered another sloop who had storage crates with 300+ cannons, 100+ chain shots, 300+ wood and most surprisingly 20+ cursed cannons of EACH type. Supplies hack?

  • so last night i was playing haven't played for for a long time got two Christmas voyages done anyways we're a brig and i tried to shoot off to the island but they were trigger happy with thier cannons so we boarded and killed them and one crew member of the gally was like you suck your bad they just got their bums handed to them anyways and i said gg when he killed me so he really didn't need to be toxic

  • I made a rookie mistake of parking my brigantine facing the island. I thought i was alone but i was wrong.

    Heard 2 cannon fires.
    Perhaps a distant battle? Climbed crows nest and seen sloop sails. Somebody has fired over to island.

    Started turning the ship but it was too late, mermaids upon me.

    I fought well but my loot was gonna be lost, i made a mad dash for tavern to sell my emissary flag and had a last stand un tavern.

    Hurt one but their friend came in and killed me.

    Respawned on my boat, i died again, double blunder to the face.

    Now here is the genius part...

    I scuttled so to get rid of my death spiral but i respawned just as my ship sunk. So i was still at outpost.

    They didnt see me and were after blood so they went back to their ship.

    I remained underwater for them to lewve, eating left over food to keep alive.

    I then managed to grab all the loot and sell it at the outpost and continue in my way. I literally lost nothing and they sailed away thinking they ruined my day. I was the one left smiling.
    I accidentally faked my own death and inadvertently tricked them to leave.

    No idea how i got that timing right but it was amazing.

  • I have had the opportunity to sail many miles on each ship. The gallion is always fun especially with a good crew, the brig can be a blast with is constant speeds in various wind conditions, and the sloop is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. But my all time favorite vessel would have to go to the row boat. It is the most stealthy of the bunch, can act as a storage crate, will hold a full 4 man crew, and best of all can attach to enemy vessels. 😏

    The amount of shenanigans the row boat can host is astonishing and anyone who hasn't spent at least one playsession only using a row boat should give it a go. What's your favorite vessel?

  • During the Fate of the Damned Event a friend and I were doing the Fort in an alliance with a solo slooper when I noticed a brigantine stopping behind some rocks in the distance. I don't remember anymore what inspired me to do it but I began to swim over there with the plan to steal the ship.
    Luckily, no one was there to guard the ship. So I dropped sails and turned to the Devil's Roar at first.
    In the meantime our ally noticed the mermaid of the tuckers in the water and told my friend but she just said "yeah" and ignored it. A good time to mention that our ally had no idea what I was doing. They stayed on their ship to guard it, which gave my friend the perfect opportunity to buy me time by pretend-fighting Graymarrow. And with that extra time I turned the ship towards the Wilds and headed for Marauder's Arch.
    Upon arrival I got rid of all their supplies and broke one of their masts. Then I returned back to my ship and helped my friend with killing the tuckers. One of them was I think afk because he didn't react to getting shot at all. We blew him up with the gunpowder barrel he was hiding with in the water.
    The other two tuckers managed to steal our ship for a bit and attack our ally but we got rid off them too after a few spawn camps. We quickly finished the Fort and gave our friend the Chest of Legends while we took the rest. The Reaper's Chests stayed on the island.
    By the time the brigantine came back we already sold everything.
    They didn't acknowledge my genius move at all, called us cowards, said some gamer words and left the server after we set their ship on fire. Then we did the Fort of the Damned again because we still had the lights from not getting sunk.

  • Well I did the only thing can be done with gilded voyage during giving time....
    I dig up every chest (like 50 of them) and gave (every single one) away to other crews. Now I am proud owner of that gold hoarder tankard, but also happy from the fact that many crews got bunch of captains chests yesterday to help them with their progress. Merry Christmas to every crew man that through the sweat of a man's brow and the strength of his back made progress. !! Cheers and Make way for Tortuga! mateys"

  • (This is going to be my forray in to posting how my play sessions go as someone who has been beaten down to the point that all I have left is anger and hatred for everyone in-game and off-game. Read if you're interested.)

    Day 1. Set off with nothing but absolute hatred in my soul, sailed around the opean ocean looking for any poor soul who'd encounter me. I cared little if I died or not, I wanted to let them know that my hatred burned bright.

    I spotted a ship in the distance and went full sail towards it turned out it was a skeleton ship, so I took my fury and rage out upon it. Sinking it, I plundered its debris and sold it off at the nearest outpost before sailing on to find fleshy sailors.

    Then I realized that I am sailing around the islands with the volcanoes and that no one likely sails around there, so I decided to take advantage of this and took on a voyage. It was upon battling skeletons that I remembered the pleasure I had when exploring islands, fighting the cursed dead and selling their malformed skulls. Though that pleasure was short-lived some moons ago.

    I also encountered a Megalodon, black as the charred remains of a skeleton I destroyed. I slew it with minimal damage to my ship, though I lost track of where its treasure was. Does not matter too much, I can at least call myself a Hunter of the Shadowmaw.

    After the voyage I set my ship on fire while petting my immortalized parrot. Though the future shall be coming soon so it is unlikely my journal will be filled. Perhaps my rage will subside after a week within the future.

  • I play with quite a lot my friends who are new to the game and its great to help them learn the strategies and different way to do things (even though they are catching on quick and most likely will be better than me).
    We were sailing along and we were engaged by a ship just of the coast of thieves haven and we were outmatched and outgunned. The crewmates were obviously a bit disheartened loosing our hard earned loot to these thieves.
    I then explained that in the pirate world that sometimes stealth may be a better option in returning our lost goods.
    So we hunted and we hunted and we seen the exact same galleon anchored at the Fort of the Damned. Gems sitting on the edge of the ship and the loot lined out across the ship neatly offering a huge flashy beacon for all those to see.
    Now understanding that they were stacking loot this presented a huge opportunity. So i decided that the best way to show these guys how we could deal with this situation was to to use stealth, which obviously i Galleon has no stealth quality whatsoever.
    We got ourselves into the the rowboat and quickly ascertained where their lookout was on the ship. The look out was no where to be seen. No glimpse of a telescope or movement. Distant powder shots on the island and that was it.
    Earlier we noticed that they were using game chat and this presented a huge opportunity for us to utilise this advantage should a scout return back to their ship.
    I told my guys that gunpowder weapons were no longer an option and to fight as hard as possible with the swords.
    This was a risky move because they could have been in game chat for mocking and could well have a lookout on that ship and we were already in some bother.
    We got there and we docked our rowboat onto the back of the galleon, we were in. This was only about retrieving our portion of the loot and if anything else was easy to grab then brilliant we grab and go.
    There was a look out, quickly and swiftly 2 of us attacked with the swords before any noise could be made. No alerts no noise but we had to act quick. My 3 new players grabbed the loot that they wanted and detatched the row boat and i climbed to the crows nest. I was discovered but the shots didnt land and i reached the top. I distracted with a couple of shots to knock people off ladders and threw a couple of blunder bombs to cause a wee bit of mayhem. Eventually turning as i had no more bombs or ammunition i spot it. the glorious kegs. Setting them alight and dropping them over the edge the ship was sent into carnage. I died in the process, but when i seen the loot being sold popping up on my screen, I knew the mission was successful

  • So me and one of my friends started a sloop thing, and when I loaded in the game I was met with a creepy ambience sound. My friend said they heard it to. So we looted some barrels and started were about to start off when for some reason we were hearing a creepy whispering, like a skull or something but louder. We didn't have anything around or on our ship though, I mean we had just started. We decided to ignore and sail off. We found some barrels in the water and decided to drop anchor and get the loot because we for near Reaper's anyway, so we looted it and I was once again about to start off but the I could've swore I heard the sound it makes when someone gets out of water and on to the ladder. My friend was already on the ship and looking at the map so I whirled around and took my cutlass out. There was no one there. I checked both sides to see, nothing. I figured the creepy noises were getting to me and I was just hearing things. We were sailing again when I saw someone in the water, I took my telescope out to see because they looked pitch black, but I new they couldn't be. When I used my telescope to see I couldn't make them out because a wave quickly rose to where I couldn't see them, but when it went away, they weren't there. I once again decided to think nothing of it, until I saw the island. We were headed towards smuggler bay, the island that I dreaded and never wanted to go back to. The sun was quickly setting and I especially didn't want to go back at night. We docked in the center of the cove and my friend went off to find the chest for the voyage we were doing, leaving me to keep watch in case of enemy ships. When we came back I realized what he was holding, a captain's chest. Then I heard a noise like someone or something falling onto the ship and we disconnected from the game. Instead of a normal message appearing at the main screen it said "D0nT c0Me bAcK."

  • I have 4 other friends I play Xbox with and 2 of them didn’t play sea of thieves. Well me and the others convinced them to venture off cod for a day and download it. Only one of them downloaded it first and when it was done I was the only one left online with him. So we loaded up into a sloop and we had to do his first gold hoarders voyage. And not 10 minutes in we had the kraken come up on us. I hadn’t seen the kraken in ages. We’re fighting it and it grabs me and kills me. So hes the only one on the boat and I’m not even sure if he knows how to repair the boat lol. I get back on and I’m fixing holes and then get the achievement for defeating the kraken! He killed it! Then after that a meg came after us so we figured we’d fight it too and then I skeleton ship came up and we were fighting both and beat both of them. Eventful first day I’d say lol. Then the other guy downloads a few days later and his first night on we did the fort of the damned and fought a skeleton galleon. So he got a good taste too on his first day. Throw em to the wolves!

  • At least in this video I made you can clearly see me capable of backing away and moving perfectly fine when being attacked by a sword


  • Ahoy matey's!

    This Is my first post on these forums, but a meaningfull one (at least for me).

    It's been a while since I starter sailing over the Seas, even if I don't have much time at my disposal.

    Today, I raised sails with a couple of Friends, trying to obtain the last achievements of the "fate of the damned" event.
    I'm no pirate legend, but I was trying nevertheless.

    We immediately saw that the Fort of the Damned was Active (two Reapers ships, allied, both level 5), and we raised the Alliance flag hoping to give a hand (and get helped on the way), accepting the alliance when we got in range.
    Unfortunately the two Reaper crew were of a different advice, and despite our words (spoken and written) they decided to sunk our brig and kill us.

    We respawned far far away (but still inside the Alliance!), and we begun a couple of quests, selling loot inside the alliance.

    Soon our "unaware allies" managed to reach us, and started to kill us without sinking the ship (we were no match for them).

    Left alone by my crewmates, I appeared on the ferry of the damned, along with One of their crewmates: I started talking, saluting him and explaining to him that we were Just trying to get the achievement of the event in the last few days left (in particular the "perfect match" achievement).

    He was decent and nice, telling me that his crewmates weren't friendly at all, and that they would never help me.
    I thanked him for the talk, and said that I wasn't mad at them for that.

    I spawned back at my ship, only to find the other crew there, waiting for me: they started killing and reviving me (since we were still allied), and mocking me.

    My words were of no use, they were just enjoying themselves (even if I was really no match for them).

    But in the middle of those deaths, reviving and mocking, I heard a voice....

    "did you get it"?

    At First I didn't understand...but then I saw: the one speaking was the pirate from the ferry of the damned.

    "No" i said, "seems not" while I was dying again and again, while mocked by the others..."shut up" they were keep saying.

    But After a couple more deaths I saw...the message that told me that all of my ship's lights were matched with all of the lights from another, allied ship.

    I went to the ferry of damned again, and there I met again the same pirate as before.

    "Did you get it?" He asked.

    "Yes" i replied, "thanks man, I really appreciate that".

    You know, I understand that It was maybe a little gesture by him...letting me having the achievement in that situation.

    But the context is important: in the last few months (well...all 2020) I struggled to have even an hour free to play the game since I'm working at my city Hospital...and that simple kind gesture from that stranger really made my day, after an eleven hour shift.

    I really want to thank you "Casanova" (there were a couple of capital letters after the username...but i really don't remember them, I'm Sorry).

    I Hope you read this, and know that you really made my day.

    See you all on the pirate's Sea, that often is wild and harsh, but sometimes friendly enough.


  • Well.....No one really knows how to get this. Unless.... Well you watch a YouTube video. Anyway I finally completed this adventure. I started to feel uneasy. "Yer okay aren't you" me crewmate said."NO" I screamed in pain. I felt like a wild beast. For years I was dreaming of killing Briggsy for her dirty deeds. Davy Jones,well that's another story. His story began when he killed his captain and his crew after a massive battle. They were thriving with fame and glory. He however was not. Davy was greedy,selfish and asked the captain to come down to the lower deck. As he was luring him to his death, the cheering stopped. Eerieness filled the air. "AAARGH" Silence filled the boat the water was black. Scraping was heard on the decks. A tentacle risen through the air and came slamming down. BOOM!!!!!! I fell asleep( still in the story of Jones) I lifted a curse a couple of nights ago freeing the Flying Dutchman they were gone, finally my door creaked open. The thing that entered the room had a peg leg and seemed to be a squid or octopus looking thing. Davy Jones!!!I woke up. It was a dream I hugged my pillow. Barnacles were on my floor. That's my story of how I knew Davy Jones. I awoken in a tavern. My hands were gold. I was at an outpost. "UGHHHH" I stood up from the table I was drunk. " Quite the celebration last night" "Surprised you don't remember it" said a mysterious stranger. That's where it all begins.

  • I found myself in a fairly empty server, nobody around for nautical miles, I see a skeleton fort and decide I can go to solo it, I start off pretty strong, however it begins taking a fairly long while, I'd wager I was 1-2 waves from clearing the fort, but upon respawn I see a brigantine beelining for the fort, it was a crew of 3 looking to take the fort as an easy win, but I parked in a blind spot allowing my ship safety as the skeletons began shooting for the brig. Alas they end up hitting my ship pretty repeatedly and I've lost the ship, I still lived however, remaining on the fort island.

    My plan was to wait it out and let them clear the fort for me, using a keg to sink their ship while they were on the island. However I spotted the brig getting into a scuffle with a Skeleton Galleon that strolled up onto them, the fort launching cannonfire at them as well. I decided I'd join forces with the NPCs and take the cannon tower, and I begin landing shots on the brigantine as well, after several scores of cannon fire they retreat off to an outpost, I've won! or so I figured, but alas with ship gone and no rowboats, scoring the fort became pointless.

    I decided to swim over to the outpost, striking down 3 sharks that attempted to kill me on my long swim, and then I make landfall on the outpost, watching the two run around the island, I sneak onto their brig and look for treasure, and figured since they wanted to come sink my ship, t'was only fair I return the pleasure right? I notice their anchor wasn't put down so I cranked the wheel hard right and lowered the sails, running the ship aground while also setting fire to it. I'll never forget the words I heard...

    "How the hell did this happen?!"

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