Tavern Tales

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  • So myself and @LucianSanchez82 logged on for one of our nightly Athena quests. I drop the quest down on the table, the daggers go in and upon inspection of the quest wheel we see to our delight:

    Wanderers Refuge:

    Snake Island:
    -X marks the spot

    Stephen's Spoils:
    -Cargo Run

    Crooks Hollow:
    -Cargo Run

    Barnacle Cay:
    -X marks the spot

    And to top it off the final Athena chest spawned back on Crooks Hollow! From start to finish (digging up the Athena's) it took 1 hour and 1 minute, that included sinking two brigs and a sloop, doing an additional riddle map and collecting all loot.

    We have noticed getting maybe two maps on the same Island every once and a while but nothing like this! Anyone else been getting this recently?

  • The other evening I was sailing solo on my loot-less Brigantine towards an inactive fort in order to get supplies. I spotted a Galleon on the horizon and assumed the crew had also spotted me. My assumption was correct as the Galleon made its way to my position.

    So I decided to pass up the fort in an effort to shake my latest pursuers, so that I could return to my original business. One of the Galleon crewmembers announces over the speaking trumpet that they're the American border patrol. They wanted to search my vessel for illegal immigrants. This is one of many instances where encountering other players kills the immersion of the game world.

    Nonetheless, I follow the usual procedures. Sail up wind, around islands/rocks, and so forth. Choosing not to respond to the supposed "border patrol" despite their continuous banter over game chat. After a good thirty minutes passed by the Galleon refused to give up. I wasn't bothered to turn and fight, so I scuttled and switched servers. As I was fairly certain that remaining in the same server would most likely have me encountering the Galleon crew once again.

    I wish those particular players could've been more creative. I appreciated their enthusiasm, but it would've been more entertaining if they had stuck to the spirit of the game world. Not the strangest batch of "Pirates" I've encountered on the Sea of Thieves though.

  • I was having a bit of a solo sloop the other day when another sloop began to chase me. He was obviously after a touch of pvp so i oblidged. I very quickly became aware that these were new players, as if their inability to aim a canon didnt prove it their tomy 'my first pirate ship sails and dress up kit' certainly did....
    Now, as im a man i am incapable of certain things (so my wife tells me) such as communication, empathy and the infuriating ability to apply shakespearean-esque analysis to the deeper messages being conveyed by the charectors of the bbcs much acclaimed eastenders.... oh, and multi tasking. As i cant multi task i cant sail my sloop and fire cannons at the same time (though i am sure if i allowed myself to be enlightened and embraced by the proverbs of dot cotton id be able to... or has she slipped this mortal coil now? ... that would explain the wrinkled face of the ferryman, stick a superking in his mouth and he'd be a dead ringer...maybe thats nick cottons hands poking out of the brig 'maaa, let me off this ship im clean honest'!!)... Anyway, i digress and if youre not english that whole bit in brackets will make no sense, apologies... after a while of this sureal encounter i got bored and spun the wheel so i kept circling. I then got out my speaking trumpet and shouted 'lads, im bored now and if im honest quite dissapointed that a 2 man sloop hasnt managed to sink me' well, the onslaught of cannon balls that followed was indicative of the fact they had the hump with me, so i proceeded to give them pointers 'im a moving target lads aim slightly in front of me' followed by 'too high shoot below the water line' they were getting more and more angry and the angrier they got the worst they got!... in the end i said 'lads, let me help you out' i then dropped the anchor and sat down on the deck... before nipping to the kitchen to pour a cheeky beer.... when i returned i was on the ferry, so after a brief exchange of pleasantries with dot and nick i spawned back on my ship to find i was sinking and could see my apprentice pirates sailing off into the distance.... i began to bail and i also at this point realised they had had the savvy to empty my wood barrel. I jad 3 holes and 2 bits of wood about my person... i fixed 2 holes and kept bailing...i could see the sloop had parked up at a nearby island so i sailed toward them whilst occassionally popping down to bucket... when i got close i could see they were both occupied with an oos on the island.... at this point i had an idea. I scuttled, swam up to their unoccupied ship and boarded.. up came the anchor, down went the sails and off i went. I circled the island and saw thembon the beach... i turned the ship towards them and sailed straight into the island, as i did so i got on the speaking trumpet and shouted alright lads.... they turned to look at me with horror and disbelief in their eyes and then....... do-do-d-d-d- do do (cue eastenders end credits)

  • What down right despicable deeds have you done on the sea that left you feeling unwashably dirty and ridden with guilt?

    I have a few foul skulls in the closet that I'm not proud of, one of which just happened recently.

    Thought it would be amusing to use a Chest of Sorrow to sink an enemy sloop, so we found one at an island, and I instructed my crew mate to transport it aboard. I watched with an eager eye from distance through spy-glass.

    Upon the ship being half way gone, the occupant appeared instrument in hand. And then looked positively happy thinking we had gifted a chest.

    The realisation that they may be new to the seas really started to sink in when I witnessed their reaction to the sobbing treasure receptacle. Hitting it with shovel, picking it up and putting it down, returning to the bowsprit instrument still playing in gestures of friendship.

    My pirate is mischievous, but not heartless. I pleaded with my crew mate to change our course but my calls were silenced by gunshot and the groaning of a sunken ship.


  • Our play yesterday again struck me that some ( not all ) dont seem to get Sea of Thieves at all. We had a load of treasure on our Sloop, including an Athena Chest. We were done playing for the evening, so we just wanted to sell our treasure and be done.

    Along comes a sloop to attack us, we fight them off, they retreat to repair while we continue to head to the port, my crewmate jumps off with the Athena chest while I sail around the island ( not docking with enemies about ) he returns and by then the sloop is on us again, we put a few cannon balls into him, but mostly we are just trying to sell our stuff, so my crewmate keeps jumping ashore with our treasure selling it and returning while I continue to circle the outpost ( getting some occasional distance so he gets a mermaid )

    This entire time the other crew are taunting, telling us what cowards we are, how they are beating us at every turn.

    We dont respond ( we hardly every respond to enemy ships vocally ), but can hear everything they say.

    After selling the last of our treasure we are done, they are claiming victory. We achieved all our goals, they achieved nothing ( did not even sink us ) we are just laughing at them, as we log off.

    Remember that a ship battle may be your goal, but that may not be the goal of the other ship. We literally beat them at every turn ( using their words )

  • I was going to an island on a one pirate sloop for a beacon when I see a megalodon a fire a cannonball at it and it takes a big bite out of the sloop so I keep going and repair and then I got distracted and went into storm and I got a white lantern colour from lightning and so then I get to island and shoot out of cannon land on beacon first try light it and go to outpost and then for some dumb reason I encounter another megalodon and sail for my life and then another one pops up out of nowhere and then I gave up and went to krakens fall and just explored and so that’s my adventure!

  • Jumped in a random Galleon with 2 inexperienced players and 1 experienced. They were in the midst of parking at sanctuary to grab some voyages. I threw down a normal Athena’s, and what’s this? Fort just spawned and right by us! Grabbed some supplies (they had 0 bananas and 0 wood and 5 cannon balls) then sailed over and started taking the fort down.

    Halfway through the waves a brig rolls up with an Alliance flag but they were also getting into firing positions and no greetings of hello. Not taking a chance, we unload on them and they sailed away. They parked in the water far away but in a good position to head us off at the outpost. We finish the fort and load fast.

    We head back to the outpost and here they come heading us off at the pass. Had the 2 newer guys jump in the water, swim down and turn in the Chest and skull. They catch up to me and the battle is on, cannons firing, one person manages to get on, hits the anchor but I killed him and we caught the anchor before the drop. We get ahead of them and approach daggertooth. This time I sent the 2 new guys with bad chest and tell them to stay visible.

    As we sail on and our 2 shipmates swim to the shore, the brig sees them drops chase and goes after them. Too late, one sold his chest the other gets killed but not before he said “sorry we sold all the loot”. With the brig anchored we get to Galleon’s Grave and sell everything, now that there was no risk in losing anything, I was ready to fight. But despite starting our Atheans and finishing it I never see the Brig again, they must have given up and quit the server.

  • With Cargo Runs fast approaching and the empty merchants stall at Morrows Outpost soon filling up, I roped my erstwhile mate @Ceyri in a most dubious endeavor - what if... we just ran it ourselves? With a couple of hours before our window would close forever we loaded up our sloop with all manner of crates and set sail to the Devil's Roar. After taking some time to set up we met a handful of pirates - and even managed to convince one to run an errand for us! Things were looking good, we were running things, respectable leaders in the trading company business - only to realize as the pirate sailed off to fetch our request that in our haste we had completely forgotten to prepare a reward. We had a riddle map on Ruby's Fall and Ceyri caught a mermaid back to our sloop hoping to collect a fitting prize before our courier returned. Alas her voyage against the clock was not to be, and as she struck the chest the pirate had returned. Unable to receive compensation he disposed of the loaned crate and left in a huff. Which yknow, fair. This whole trading company rigmarole, its tougher than it looks!

    alt text
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  • I want to report about my last night, I had such a great appetite for Sea of Thieves. I had done my job early, the evening would be long enough to do at least two or three Athena Quests. I am looking forward, my husband is on a business trip, the children are out of the house. Best conditions. At 04 pm everything is ready. I'm not in the mood for a solo action, but my friends are all busy in other games, nobody wants to set sail.

    • I start the game, try to find a functional Random Crew. After only one hour I found a game where three out of three possible people work actively, one person even talks to me. We agree to start an Athena Quest. After a few minutes I notice that we are only acting in pairs, but we are still busy with navigation and mooring. The deaf-mute comrade has left the game, I recognize. Well, there are still two of us, that will work. I start with the orders on the island, would like to coordinate the next routes at the same time and receive no more answers. Later, I find the missing player lying in the cabin on the bed, sleeping legendarily deep. I am briefly tempted to drive the ship against the cliffs, I control myself and leave the game. I drink a beer and then drive the next twenty minutes some tanks in World of Tanks - you can just start there and have no such problems.
    • I start the game again, looking for invitations to Sea Of Thieves via Xbox. The next hour I write applications on open inquiries, but it shows that nobody is interested to really exercise the invitations. Either I receive the message, one regrets, one has waited too long for participants and now decided to do something else and forgot to close the invitation, or the invitation is closed without further words. I drink another beer and watch for twenty minutes at Twitch how others are having fun.
    • I start the game again and actually reach a game via a group invitation. The other player wants to wait until the crew is complete, he does not vote on the proposed assignment. We equip the ship and are sunk twice, because we can hardly manage the ship. After an hour I say goodbye to the ship, still lying in port. I tidy up the kitchen and carry the empty bottles into the cellar, walk around the block with the dog.
    • I think about generating my own invitation to the game. However, I see a larger number of open invitations that share the same interests. But after the experiences at the beginning of the evening I cannot overcome to ask for one of them. I switch to TV. I turn on the animal documentary and iron my blouses for tomorrow.
      Then I go to bed.
      It is about 8:30 pm.
  • Was just solo slooping and this brig sunk me for no apparent reason so i tracked them down at morrow peak. They were parked up and had their alliance flag up. Rather than attack i quickly joined their alliance and sailed off... 20 mins later i get my share of 3 ashen skulls and shortly after that they cash in an athenas chest, result for me! Made about 6k without lifting a finger... felt i like i was on benefits britain!!!

  • There was one time, where this galleon with a full crew, stole the 2 chests I had off my sloop. So i followed them until they stopped at an island, and they had no clue i was on there, at least until i started talking to my friend in our discord. Little did I know, i didn't have push to talk on, so it transmitted my voice. I said "bro im on these guys ship and they got no clue". Suddenly I hear "oh bro cool, where u at?"

    they tracked me down and slaughtered me.

  • So I was playing Sea of Thieves as usual I got noobs for crew mates. So I was lifting the anchor like normal and then when I turn it the second time I notice the world around be has started spinning. I let go of the anchor as I’m flung backwards to the front of the ship. Then I look down and I notice I’m hundreds of feet in the air. Then me and all my crew mates are violently thrown off the ship down to the sea. And the ship plops back down and sits there like nothing happened. I know it was a short story but I thought what happened was hilarious. Rare please don’t remove this glitch!

  • So today ive been off work with a touch of man flu, so decided to have a cheeky half hour collecting treasure... logged on, solo sloop, few bananas and look for a quick shipwreck to pilfer before the wife gets home from work (obviously, im ill so she needs to find me sprawled out on the bed just a breath away from my demise upon her return, not playing SoT, how else will i get dinner cooked for me?).... anyway, i find a shipwreck and karma clearly wants to teach me a lesson as theres only one skull on it.... never the less, back to golden sands i go.... now, im not sure if any1 else has this issue, but due to the geographical spread of golden sands i normally do several laps of it before i find the Oos tent and my sloop dont have sat nav and i dont seem to have high enough levels yet to have unlocked a compass with google maps on it! So as im running around in a fashion similar to what the love child of benny hill and capt. J sparrow might do i hear a cannon... as i glance round i see a galleon sailing by... now, i may not have the skills yet of basic navigation but i am savvy enough to know that some one is now on the island with me.... i sell the skull lively and have it on my toes back to the sloop...

    When i arrive, there is a pirate on my deck... now anyone whos read any of my posts will know that combat aint my strong point so i dont want a fight... but i need to apoear confident so i point my pistol at him and walk towards him... he just stands and looks at me... so i think hes not shooting nor am i now i need to work out how to get rid of him.. knowing that an air of confidence normally conveys a message conducive with being double hard.. i begin to speak in my best east london accent ' bruv what you doing on my ship'.. he says nothing, maybe i need to get a bit guy ritchie on him 'if u dont wanna be counting the fingers that u havent got i suggest you get off my ship' I continue, alas, still nothing. So i figure ill just sail off... as me and my new friend sail into the distance.. i see their galleon in the distance... so i figure ill drop him back,

    When i get there they invite me to their party chat and theyre a jolly nice bunch so off we go in an alliance. These chaps are a group of americans and my geographical knowledge of america is on par with that of my knowledge of gs outpost, so i have no idea where they are from although i do remember thinking they sound like extras from deliverance.

    Now my gamer tag is nikjw, so most people in game call me nik but these fellas address me a j w ( pronounced jaaay dubyaa) which tickled me imensely.

    We set sail and come across a galleon. My new friends are ahead of me and encounter the galleon first... i know we are now heading into combat as i hear them shouting 'jaay dubyaaa, jay dubyaa shoot shoot' i then become aware they have boarded the ship as i can hear their battle cries... as they obviously chase these pirates around their ship i hear the shout 'run piggy, run! Squeal like a pig boy' whilst one of them makes squealing noises!... i was laughing so hard that i didnt hear the wife come through the door ...until she said 'feeling better' and walked out the room cursing sot under her breath..... guess ill be cooking my own dinner tonight and ironically its gammon!

  • me and my crew had our ship sunk by a brig and we got away in a rowboat and we had a skull and we sold it at an outpost that's all I have to say

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I sailed across a sloop sitting anchored at Kraken's Fall. Keeping a fair distance, I untied my rowboat, and made my way over to investigate. Upon arrival, I found the sloop lifeless, but stocked with 1 villainous skull, 2 hateful skulls, and 2 disgraced skulls. Making haste, I loaded all of the skulls onto the rowboat and rowed like mad towards Ancient Spire Outpost, out of fear that the owner might arrive back at his/her sloop at any moment, spot me, and give chase. Thankfully (and uneventfully), I arrived and made bank. So grateful for the kind pirate's donation, I decided to row all the way back to thank them for their support. As I rowed closer to the island, I saw the beacon atop the island light up - I kept rowing. Moments later, and much closer to the island, the sloop simply vanished into thin air. I never did get the chance to thank the good samaritan, but whoever you are, my new blunderbuss thanks you.

    Truly thankful,

  • We were chased by a galleon to the outpost so we scuttled and went into the PL hideout because we just hit Pirate Legend a few minutes before they started chasing us. Came out of the Pirate Legend hideout and there was a galleon. I swam to it, boarded and raised their anchor, set sail then went up to the crow’s nest. Got almost to Kraken’s Fall and one spawned in and the Megalodon started circling. They scuttled. So sad.

  • Ahoy pirates merchants and kin of the sea

    Captain Johnjah Of the ship The Broken Mast here again with another tale of the sea

    Tonight’s goal was a simple one to fill our ship with chests galore. After a long Athenas grind
    Since hitting PL we liked how full our ships had been getting and wanted to do a full ship.
    The evening starts well with 11 chests on shipwreck! 6 from gold hoarders and another 5 from a message in a bottle. An hour or so passes and we’ve amassed 24 chests (quite terrible haul tbh mostly sea farers) we have a single chest on marauders arch one part voyage – would be rude not to.

    Skelly ships are up two of em. Looking low in the water maybe later we decide.

    We land on the island tap tap and oh boy a sad boii.

    JJ: Cheese can I rowboat the skelly ships with sorrows?
    Che: Depends on what type is up
    skelly ship marker pops up crew of the Dancing demons
    Both: Well fff (too much effort for an understocked ship)
    Che: Wait captains ups!
    I release the rowboat sorrows strapped to my back and row head on. I board
    But blast it’s the captains. Your not to go down first so i grab the chest again and jump straight off to the counterpart skelly ship.
    The chest had finished this outburst so I headed below deck to try and survive as long as possible. Water was all Ready past the bottom deck and up to ¼ mid deck. I survive as long as I can before falling to the skellies.
    I greet the ferryman with a tale of my doom and gather a green lantern first of the evening and return.

    By this point the sorrowed ship had gone down and we was left with the captains.
    We duke it out with what supplies we had and took the kill.
    A nice captains loot spices and sea farers (shipwrecked) and hateful.
    On returning to galleons we decide to abandon the quest to fill our ship and go for the fresh fort at keel haul. standard sailing procedure calls for this when you clear the skelly ships you get the fort or so it goes for our crew

    So we empty ship I leave cheese with the duty of cashing in whilst I sail for the fort.
    We get to the fort and land with relative ease my opinion hardest part of a fort is landing gracefully on a sloop

    We have forts down to a t now we worked our way through the first 6 or 7 waves when know and behold a galleon wind in its sails dead on course.
    Bosun cheese grabs a big red barrel and takes a page out of my journal and plays the long con.
    In the meanwhile I continue with the fort 2 waves then captains.
    Final wave goldies. The entire island was out of powder and the last know barrel was out at sea about to board the unbeknowing galleon.
    Cheese confirms the board. The powders off. And he’s duking it out to cover the holes.
    Frantically searching the island a bell run In my head. One barrel remains in our crow’s nest.
    Climbing the mast I turn to see the galleon closer still no time to loose. I grab the keg and jump to the fort.

    Lit dropped and runn. BOOM! The fort sounds we’ve done it.

    I grab the key and jump on ship and G**O outta there!

    The galleon on our tail we sail for a bit unable to shake them we pass a close island to the fort A rowboat awaits me.

    Key in hand I jump off the front of the sloop and hold my breath for dear life whist I swim around the island to retrieve the rowboat.
    40 seconds below water I swim for a single breath before returning deeper.

    I hadn’t been noticed. They continued pursuit of the sloop and missed me entirely.
    I get to the rowboat and head towards the fort.
    The galleon had seeming stopped...

    The seas turned black as tenticals raised from the sea. Karen to the rescue kracken to most
    We both watched as cannons lit up the sky and the thud carried on the wind.
    But they fought well and bested her.
    By this point cheese had attempted a boarding to hinder their fight.
    Loose of the black sea they laid into the unmanned defenceless sloop.
    With nightfall soon upon us I decided it was best not to open the fort but to continue on my row to safer grounds... or well big ok rock in my case. With a beautiful vantage point no less.

    As expected after waiting at the grave of our fallen sloop they turned to the fort and we guess looked for the key..that was currently in my hand.

    I don’t know how long went past that they was on the fort days weeks years who knows but dam it was a long time... it’s only in writing this story I kept my sanity. (Wrote most of this whilst waiting on the rock)
    During this time we made one attempt to contact the galleon with an offer. Join the alliance leave the area and we will keep the alliance for cash in. However it fell on death ears well probably if they hadn’t already been by cannon fire. They lit us up like a Christmas tree.
    No 50% for you then.

    On fresh ship cheese continued with the voyages we already had and made a tidy little 4k sum
    I took a break from writing this to see they had finally gone!
    I search the horizon to the south all clear then north east but ahh there they are at the island I jumped off at for the row boat guessing to see if it was there. still nope
    The galleon soon moves on. Now they are directly ahead of me nothing between the rowboat and them.
    Known to be quite seeable from a distance the lantern on the rowboat and with a habit of showing as on from a distance I was worried.
    They continued onwards towards the fort. Missed again!
    They sail on past the fort not before pulling in close before leaving again. to drop someone off perhaps

    I await for the return of my bosun with the ship.

    Thunder rumbles rains starts dripping. Oh god.

    A supercharged storm. Over the past week storms have been extra volatile lashing out more than usual.

    I stood my ground as long as I could but the storm was unrelenting it destroyed the rowboat taken 5 bananas worthy of life and still wanted more.. me.

    The final strike struck. Time is against us now with the key on the floor the timer was going before despawn.

    Wind with us we sail full towards the key.

    On passing golden sands cheese jumps off with a chest of 1000 grogs and baits for outpost campers.
    Unsure if anyone was still at the fort before grabbing the key we briefly stopped at the sea post to give the impression we are here on other matters. This worked in our favour as it set us to sail in the direction we needed without it looking inconspicuous.
    Now the key...

    Right where I left you :’)

    We note a rowboat on the tip of a near by island.
    Now these guys have waited a long while at the fort it wouldn’t surprise me if they haddnt still got crew there.
    So we take the rowboat together leaving the key on ship safe from despawn and go checkout the fort.
    Towers clear. Outta area clear. Inside good to go.

    We hit the door and in the money!
    We load up the rowboat and onto the ship in a flash.
    We decide golden sands would be the best place to cash in knowing that it should be clear.

    We cash in without a hitch and enjoy a one up on the galleon crew.

    All in all we made around 30k and have yet another story to tell of the sea of thieves.
    So much for an easy nights break from Athenas

    Captain Johnjah Of the ship The Broken Mast Signing off.

    As always thanks for reading apologies for spelling grammar errors and such.

  • Last week I snuck on board 2 galleons and even helped one crew that tried to kill me bail their ship because they kept hitting into rocks and islands. Once the one I killed that tried to me realized I was on his ship bailing water her killed me and their ship sunk because they ran out of wood. I repaired 2 of there 4 holes with the planks I had on me and was bailing for them.

    Then the other galleon never knew I was on their ship until I got tired of hiding. Then they killed me. I mostly boarded to put my cursed cannonballs in the cannonball barrel. I was quitting and my partner and I had about 50 cursed cannonballs, so I wanted to give them to someone.

    Then on Friday night a galleon of newbie randos, I was trying to give them my cursed cannonballs and one let me on board to put them in their barrel. Then one ran up and put the alliance flag up, as they were trying to get the commendations. I went back to my ship to join. Then 2 of their crew boarded my ship and tried to kill me. Then I thought maybe they wanted the pink flame, so I killed them both. I’m not good at hand to hand combat, so it was odd I was able to kill them so easily. But they came back and continued to try to kill me. So I raised anchor after killing them again and then turned around and fire cannons on them. They fled and then I gave chase in my sloop and they scuttled.

    I’ve had 3 ships scuttle on me in one night. All I was doing was trying to get the pink flame and to help others get their commendations.

  • This story is based on true events.

    The crew onboard the flint and silvers revenge have a code, we are all captains and none of us are captains at the same time. A proper Utopia if you like? The ship runs smoothly you could say, not because of any one man or woman but because we all know our place and we all chip in to get the job done, that is all. There is no need for shouting commands or holding many votes because we all generally want the same thing; Fame and fortune upon the sea of thieves!

    I got a bit weary of the sea though, decided to hang my hook and hat up and give my peg leg a rest from my pirate ways when one day, I got a message that my crew mates onboard the 'shadows and discord' had fallen victim to a sociopathic, egomaniac who barked commands and shouted at them from his self imposed position of what he called 'legend captain lord' or something to that affect... My crew mates and I, we began communicating back and forth and as we did so, I began to recall that I too had the misfortune of sailing with this hellish tyrannical fiend a few times before and immediately began to sympathise with my mates and their plight!
    Their names; freeweed and cherryturner - my two mates who found themselves in a slavers clutches! My ship mates plunged into slavery on an athenas voyage in the Devils Roar nonetheless...

    I remember when I had sailed with this Devil, I had become a pirate legend a little time before but the little napoleon didn't like to recognise my achievement or my title, I distinctly remember him taking every opportunity to flex his rank with Athena and belittle mine and bark orders at everyone including me. He was a Young stout man but loud and grizzled far beyond his years with mad dogs eyes and when angered, had an eerily soft and light voice that chilled the spine.

    The communications with my old crew grew worse. Talk of the demon trying to get them to 'glitch' at the main mast? A way to execute them? Or banish them? Demanding and commanding and trying to put this one or that one in the brig, all the while trying to get an Athenas fortune voyage completed....Not quite the utopia my mates had become accustomed to...

    Through our secret messages, we conspired to stage a mutiny. Writing to eachother of dark deeds in dark waters in secret using magical windows to pass eachother short letters.
    Half the crew vs the little Devil and his first mate within the red mist of the Devils Roar!

    That was the plan!

    I wrote frantically hoping my messages to be carried safely;

    'If you really want to hit home with this guy, Steal his Athenas chest right at the end, drop the chests overboard, sink the ship.'

    After a long time and after a fearsome struggle, cherryturner ran off with the unearthed Ashen Athenas chest on a rowboat and freeweed took to the helm and managed to sail the gallion west out of the Devils Roar. The 1st mate to the little devil resigned from his position shortly after the mutiny had taken place and much of the minor loot had been lost - my crew mates by default got the upper hand on the Tyrant's ship as the majority , sending him immediately for once and for all, to the brig of his Gallion. This turn of events opened a portal for me to join my mates on the Devils ship as the 4th member of the crew, replacing the shadow lord who abandoned his demon captain. I accepted the invitation to the ship and zapped through the ether to be at once, on its hellish dim and bleak deck.
    I emerged from behind my mates down in the bilge to take a look at the devil foaming at the mouth and shaking with rage behind the bars of the brig of his own ship - To see it with my own two eyes if it was indeed really him.
    He was defeated, nothing more than a caged animal, Wild and ravenous with envy, disdain and a thirst for vengeance, mainly for me but nothing more than a caged animal.
    "I hope you die in a house fire" he choked "I hope it burns down with the doors and windows jammed shut and with you on the inside!'' he frothed at me like a viper "I am the true legend you hear me? You @%$%#** I am the captai...."
    My mate freeweed had at this point had enough and she slammed the door to the bilge shut, cutting his beastly howling short. Both my mates and I knew we had to scuttle the ship to silence the madman before going off to sell his Athenas chest....which free and cherry had stashed away somewhere before I got there...
    We had to scuttle before the demon found a way out from his confinement - And so we proceeded with our mutinous plan. We scuttled the ship with the little devil inside!
    The ship went down and it's diabolical captain with it, he bubbled and furiously belched as he too submerged below the waves, sinking just off the coast of ancient Spire Outpost, to a final, watery grave.
    "Solo, can you hear me solo? This is not the end of this solo! You hear me you fffff" he disappeared beneath the waves with his ship and faded from the plain of existence known as the sea of thieves but only once we were sure he was truly gone, Only once we were absolutely certain he had gone from out of time and space, (timed out) did we cash in the ashen athenas chest taking the pay for ourselves!

    The Devil did Roar, no more.

    He did tell me that he was the man himself that hell spat back out so... maybe he'll be back...mind you he thought more of himself than anyone else did...

    The End.

  • We had a blackout. We were renovating, I thought we had accidentally cut the cable because we were screwing a new ceiling lamp in the stairwell. Unfortunately I fell off the ladder in the dark ... down the stairs ... you will be safe from me at sea for the next few weeks, my ship is docked for maintenance.

  • FATBEARD AND CREW plow into the Halloween season, and that of the festival of the damned! Watch our adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzFG4PAY-Q8&feature=youtu.be (Warning! We use the F-word... like adults!!!... !!!)

  • This topic is deleted!

  • yesterday on the seas me and my crew had trouble with this troll and no I don't remember his name so I can't report him sorry it's so short

  • Based on my experience in the world of Sea of Thieves, it is my recommendation that we need a Solo Sloop Support Group (SSG).

    Have you sailed a s solo sloop and experience other vessels chasing you for hours and unable to catch you, have you joined an alliance only to be killed and looted or just unable to complete any voyages because other vessels just harass you? To which I am certain many people can relate with and answer YES!

    As for myself, I have been sailing the Sea of Thieves since the day it was launched and I find my self often sailing by myself. I do belong to a crew or fleet and it is vary rare to find an appropriate crew to sail with. I have tried sailing with random players, we all know how this goes. I do have friends to sail with, but this is always a timing thing.

    My experience over this past week has been nothing short of frustrating, trying to do Order of Souls as solo player. I could say that I have accomplished nothing within game this past week.

    My latest experience included starting an Order of Souls voyage on Lookout Point and I put me boots on the sand to start vanquishing them skellies. After the second wave, I see a sloop coming around Plunders Outpost and heading my direction. I quickly notice that they have an alliance flag flying. I board my ship and prepare to disembark and join there alliance. As soon as I join their alliance, they start to fire their cannons, not one hitting my ship. I quickly leave their alliance and set sail.

    As they start to chase me, I decide to do a figure eight around some islands to test there skills and hopefully lose them. With no luck, they continued to follow and are trying to snipe me. I checked my scope and I noticed that it was two pirate legends.

    Off in the distance I see that there was the cloud for skellie ships. So I figured I would run them into this zone and quickly exit to get red of these annoying pirates. Entering this zone went well for me, leaving with only two holes from the skellie ships. The ship chasing me did not do that well, but unfortunately they did not sink. But this proved to create great distance between our two vessels.

    But yet they continued to follow. After running around a storm, them being attacked by Meg, running them back into the skellie ship zone for a second time, killing one of them with the sniper rifle and after all this they kept chasing my ship.

    After great frustration and accomplishing nothing for an hour, I left the game.

    This has been a typical experience for myself over the past week and I am sure I am not alone.

  • Last night I logged in with a friend in a brigantine. We were in the mood for a relaxing evening so we dropped an Athena’s voyage and figured we would just cruise for an hour or so. We didn’t take much time to stock the ship as we were not going to the Devil’s Roar or doing Skeleton Ships or planning on much resistance.

    As we headed to our first island, we happened to check the map and noticed that there were three ships running the Reaper’s Mark at various points on the map. It didn’t take long for us to see that the Reaper’s Mark ships were ALL heading in our general direction. It became quite apparent that they were all coming for us and that they were in a coordinated alliance. We weren’t sure whether it would be worth our time to attempt to complete the Athena’s voyage we had just started. However, it was at this point that a third friend joined our crew. Now with a full crew, we figured we would attempt to complete the Athena’s voyage while fighting off this three-ship alliance – two sloops and a brigantine. Even if we didn’t finish it, we would have fun trying.

    And so, what we thought would be a relaxing evening turned into an exciting night of constant PVPVE, basically what this game was designed to be. It turned out to be some of the most fun I have had playing this game. As we sailed from island to island completing the Athena’s voyage, we traded cannon-fire, sent boarding parties, and continuously out-maneuvered their traps. We set traps of our own by sailing through tight areas and hitting their ships with gunpowder that we had managed to pick up along the way. We dropped their anchors so many times I lost count. We also had to gather resources as we could from islands, floating barrels, and the enemy ships since we had failed to stock up in the beginning.

    After sinking them a few times while completing about 75% of the Athena’s voyage, we decided to take a more definitive stand. So we set up at an inactive skull fort and played defense just as if we were defending an active skull fort. The fort gave us a steady supply of resources and gunpowder barrels. And we managed to park our ship in an “unsinkable” spot. What had been a steady back-and-forth turned into a slaughter.

    Eventually, the three-ship alliance called for a truce. They were quite impressed with our ability to sail in such a way as to not give them good angles to attack us even though they had three ships and we only had one. They had been communicating and coordinating with each other in party chat and were amazed that we continually thwarted their plans. On top of that, they couldn’t believe that we were actually completing an Athena’s voyage while fighting them.

    We decided to oblige their request for a truce and joined their alliance as they had provided us much entertainment. Now that we weren’t fighting off other ships, we quickly finished our Athena’s voyage, turned in our loot, and gave them our ship as we logged off for the night. What we had thought would be a relaxing hour of sailing turned into three hours of excitement, and good times were had by all.

    Some thoughts about this experience:

    1. Knowing how to sail is just as important as knowing how to fight! We were only able to succeed at fighting them because we were able to sail into positions that gave us the advantage. This isn’t just for good cannon position; but also for things like hitting them with gunpowder and boarding their ships while preventing them from boarding ours. This involves constant working of the sails and good steering, as well as knowledge of the map, knowledge of how the different ships turn differently, and knowledge of how the different ships respond to the wind differently. It also means making use of islands and rocks in the water to force other ships into certain positions.

    2. A good crew is key! I have no doubts that what we were able to do would not have been possible with a random crew. The three of us have been playing together basically since the game was released. We know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. We know when and where to fill in for each other. We know how to communicate with each other. This is not to say that you can’t have good fun with a random crew, and I often do, just not this kind of fun.

    3. Voice Communication! I understand that the game can be played without voice communication. With the chat wheel, you can cover most of the basic functions, in addition to many silly comments that really serve no purpose. I do that at times if I just don’t feel like talking, and have been able to have fun, even with random crews. However, successfully fighting off three coordinated ships while doing an Athena’s voyage would definitely NOT be possible without voice communication. You can play the game; and you can have fun; you just can’t experience everything that this game has to offer if you are not using voice communication.

    4. Griefing! I can very easily imagine someone posting a complaint about how what these three ships were doing was griefing. I mean we were just trying to complete our voyage and they just kept coming back and wouldn’t leave us alone. They had formed an alliance and were just out there to take over the server and prevent anyone else from doing what they wanted, even though they weren’t gaining any rewards from it. However, it is NOT griefing. A key part of this game is sinking ships and fighting other players. If you don’t want to play the game that way you are missing out on part of the game… but that is also a perfectly acceptable way to play. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for any PVP. But I know this game has it and on those days I have no problem moving to another server to avoid it. I would also say that if you continually find yourself frustrated with other players, then working on points 1, 2, and 3 may help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you on the seas! I'm always looking for new friends to sail with!

  • last night I was on a galleon and we had so many planks so the ship could be immortal

  • Last weekend when I was playing with a group ofpeople one of them was a friend one of them was a random and we kept cycling and different people cuz they wouldn't have stay. she started off slow and getting terrible voyages on The Forsaken Athena's. so after that we was constantly sacrificing each other with gunpowder's to the great Lord Te'En Tus. one of the guys kept avoiding it until I dive bomb him and the other 2. At the end of the day after a few forsaken Athena's we turned it on all our Loot.after all of the sacrifices we had much better loot mostly Ashen captains and villans in cursed. I decided to sacrifice a ship there wasn't much resources on it. by this time one of the crew mates has already left and the other two tried to stop me. in the end we decided to sail to the Skelly ship with the two other galleons in a slip which is currently fighting it. Ugly I traveling to the location to have this massive fight. I use a baller cannonballs that make sure we had no plans and I ate all our banana. I was making sure that the ship would get sacrificed to the great Lord. But they'll cannonballs no place no bananas not only did sacrifice our ship but we sacrificed 2 other galleon, sloop and 2 ghost ships without firing a single cannon

  • Come, sit down. Let me tell you a tale.

    Before the current era of pirates there was was the old ones. The old ones populated these islands of the sea of thieves long before the self proclaimed Pirate Lord came. The great god Te'En Tus gifted them with treasures of all kinds, as well as tools to give sacrifice to him. Many of the flocking to the Abbots to gain his favor. As time went on the old ones started using the gifts given by Te'En Tus to mindlessly and senselessly kill each other. Until the Great War which ended the civilization. Te'En Tus was Furious at the the old ones and to ensure his tools aren't used again he sealed off his realm so no one , not even the ferryman, can get his treasures or gifts again.

    Centuries after the great war ended the sea of thieves was greeted by new vagabonds. Some of which homes and shops on a few islands. Then came the rise of the pirate lord. This lord and his cohorts pillaged and plundered the islands of all the mysteries and treasures. He even caught the attention of Te’En Tus. This lord inspired many others to take the pirate way. The pirate lord introduced the pirate code for all to follow. Though many believe it was not he that made the code and rumors spread that it was the supreme god Ne'Ate. The pirate lord unknowing to him brought back Te’En Tus’ faith in mortals once again. So they decided to disperse is gifts across the labs want once again, to see what The Mortals would do.

    Some time after the emergence of the pirate lord came a rag tag group which formed an alliance. Te’En Tus was so please with the current path these mortals are taking. He decided to give a key to allow passage through his shroud to enter his realm. With no ferryman they will be tested harshly, but little did they know their success in Te’En Tus’ realm would serve as the gateway for others to follow. Due to their greed and betrayal of the alliance member named Jim. Te’En Tus became upset. He not only watched those inside his realm but outside as well.

    He watched as the other mortals fought each other but also come together. He watched as they pushed back the great Beasts of the Seas. He watched as a band together to take down The Hungry One. even though there were those toxic Mortals that just wanted to watch everything burn he saw in them, hope. As it was watching The Mortals he noticed that pair, pulling up that cannon from the sea. The cannon that belong to that cursive captain. What was his name, Firebark or something.

    Well whatever his name, Te’En Tus saw the war the war to come because of that cursed cannon. It changed that little girl, Wonda I believe…..or maybe it was Wanda. I forget which is which. She soon take the name Warsmith and lead those skeletons to sea. To prevent another great war Te’En Tus sent emissaries to test the mortals and prepare them for the coming war. Those that failed was sacrificed in Te’En Tus name and those that succeeded received a gift to help fight the skeletons.

    After Warsmith was defeated Te’En Tus became proud of the sacrifices to him and the way the mortals worked together to end that evil. With the rage Te’En Tus had for the alliance in his realm and the hope he had for the other mortals. Te’En Tus made the decision to punish the alliance and open the shroud to his realm. He forced their ship to be destroyed and broke the key to complete open his realm.

    Now with his realm open and his treasures ripe for the taking the mortals started coming. Te’En Tus wasn't going to let just anyone claim his treasures , so he made the mortals test their worthiness. Will you claim the treasure or lose everything in the process of your ambition.

    What do I know?

    Some call me a hermit, others say I'm a pilgrimage.

    In reality I'm just the last Abbot of Te’En Tus.

    But you can call me Kin. Kin Hachi

    (This is fanlore and not official story made by rare)

  • 1 day on the seas I had a fight with this pirate and we hit him five times but he did not die and he killed us a lot of times so annoying

  • Last night my family, a crew of 3 jumped on a Galleon and started to do an Ashena run. We left the 4th spot open in a closed game to allow any of our friends to join. At the very end a recent friend I just made popped online. I sent him a message that we were about to dig up the chest of legends and turn in some loot if he wanted to join, and of course he does.

    We waited for the last island, Fetchers rest, to stop erupting, sailed straight to it and my wife and son jumped on to dig up the chest while I watched the boat, the 4th crew member was still at the loading screen.

    As the ground went "thunk" and the chest was found the earth began to shake, and skeletons were abound. They dug in haste but at last they were dead, we kept the ship alive but heart filled with dread. When they returned to the island they were quick, but It was lost again as my son ran back to the ship. He could not find It again for he was lost, disoriented he became in the air he was tossed. I shot myself over with the cannon and ran around, eating bananas and dodging the ground. Eventually I see the chest floating in a lake, I grab it and ran for my life as my hands did shake.

    The chest was now safe on the ship, the island decided then to stop erupting of course. Regardless of the circumstances of what might have been, I was happy to have the help of a new sea of thieves’ friend. He helped me keep the ship alive and under control because the earthquakes kept moving us away from the island.

  • me and my captain of the black pearl saw a reapers mark flag on the map and we gave them free treasure and when it was time we had a drunken fight and we died that's all I have to say sorry for it being so short

  • Today was a good day for me and my friend , we sailed in a land of nothing but little ships and witnessed two of them fight.
    We found a great horde of treasure amongst the devils breath that is the roar. alt text
    Then we went home but on our way home we hit trouble and meg attacked, twas a glorious battle but alas we came out on top with nothing to show for it. alt text
    But me and my first mate had a wonderful time and be hoping to see more good times in the future.

  • Good day to ye mateys.

    I just wanted to congratulate the French sloopers that manage to steal our Forsaken Chest of Legends approximately 12 hours ago.

    Unfortunately, my crew mates failed to watch the ladders and we were completely out-gunned by your bunny hopping madness. I'm a little bitter about the bunny hopping, but alas, 3 on 1 and we still could not kill you, so we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    Try as we might, we could not catch you before you made it to ancient spire and up to the Tavern.

    When we first saw the sloop we waved in passing. As I heard the cannon I let my crew know "that was no cannonball". Instead of watching the ladders, they proceeded to the bow to watch the sloop sail by. Next thing I know, double gun shot and a crew mate down. As I leap from the helm I see our anchor drop and within a second my second crewmate down. Unfortunately, my PVP skills leave much to be desired in the game and I was quickly overcome. Now my entire crew are dead on the ferry with a Chest of Legends sitting flauntingly on the voyage table.

    20 minutes later and some spammed "Ha ha ha"s and "TY"s later, my crew could not catch that darned sloop. Well played french men, well played. I tip my hat to you.