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  • This isn't much of a tale, but I've completed 100 forts now! I LOVE doing forts! Forts that have to be fought over or forts with only us, either way, forts or bust.
    alt text
    Thank you, MST clan for all the fun. I couldn't have done it without y'all!

    See y'all at 250!

    -DISLEX of
    alt text

  • Yup, I did it. Got righteously beat the heck out of by a single player on our galleon of 3.For several minutes.

    It was Hilarious!

    The day I am posting this I had a big screaming match in my house. One of those between my brother and I where the cops were called because people were skurred. No one got into trouble, in fact, their presence might have helped us as we tried to help clear some issues in the family.

    But I digress.

    Because I was in a cruddy mood after the night calmed and my brother left to go to his place... I decided to hop on the Sea of Thieves to simply "Be silly". I didn't want to voyage. I didn't want to "do mermaids" (as curious as that phrase may be). Basically, I didn't want to accomplish anything! I wanted to be silly.

    So I took inspiration from the pirate police you likely have heard of and we tried to copy their antics. It started off ok our Galleon annoyed another and they giggled until they finally got bored and shot me to death. no biggie I expected that.

    Another Galleon actually had quite a bit more fun and joined us in our antics a bit following us around as we sailed and acted like fools. But the police thing felt contrived... so we switched gears to do something more original:

    "Have you a moment to talk about our lords and saviors the Golden Chickens?"

    We changed clothes to more vanilla white dress(es) and bald heads. We played Gregorian chants over the airwaves and sang hymns to our golden friends. The 2nd Galleon rejoined us after we changed our tune and silliness followed. Stupid stuff really. I mean ..... really. But it was the sort of silliness that I needed.

    So we needed more converts to our cause and we started to chase the 1st galleon around like typical pests. We knew combat wasn't going to be successful. We hardly fired a round at first, we had literally zero intention of sinking anyone.

    But the 1st galleon had no interest in that. They just kept on running away, firing a few shots and scramming. Apparently they really wanted their mermaids, lonely kids.... We continued to pester them. We'd tack our sails and cross their stern and decided since they would not be converted to the golden feathered faith... we'd fire upon them. This went on for far longer than it should have. We had no REAL interest in sinking them, we just wanted to act like fools and maybe get a response.

    But then it happened....

    See, I'm usually no fool. I mean I'm hardly a Hercules, but I can predict enemy efforts pretty well usually. Yet, not this time. I fell for a tactic I use ALL THE TIME. The "enemy" vessel whose night was being obnoxiously interrupted by the faith of the golden bird led me into their stern and I actually followed for a time. As I SHOULD have expected we got boarded by a single player who dropped our anchor. Didn't bother me much even though I admit I felt like a toolbag for letting it happen lol! We tried to express the faith and hymns of the golden feather... but to no avail his cutlass ended us early.

    So we figured it was time to fight....

    I hate to admit defeat. I'm actually usually quite skilled at PvP even if I get a bit banged up my improvisational abilities often lead me to success.

    Nope. Not this time.

    This guy whooped my bald headed, dress wearing, chicken worshiping teeth in. My crew, well I typically don't expect much from them PvP wise. The ping issues my Australian friend faces alone prevent him from being consistent. Sure, he can smash on players too - but his "PC Advantage" hardware doesn't allow him the glory often. My other crew mate? same issues.. ping through the roof in her case even if the hardware isn't that bad.

    But this dude.. straight up.. one on one fight?

    Yea. Every turn he countered me. Face to Face sniper duel? Quicker aim. Sword fighting? He'd either dodge my lunges or read my blocking bait. Sure. I have a moderate excuse.. even my FPS was weird during much of it... and streaming Gregorian chants in your ear kind of kills the mindset.

    So, hats off to the random crew of players that reminded me not to get smart!

    We decided to leave the guys alone. They weren't going to allow themselves silliness in their game this night. Fine, whatever. We went to close on a skull fort after all that in an effort to change gears. We didnt get far...

    Clearly my Captaincy seriously lacked tonight.


    Maybe I'll have better luck during the day tomorrow. So be warned! If you start hearing chanting on the air ways while you sail, the Dedicated loyalists of the Golden Feather may be near! Though... I think I might need to practice some PvP essentials first lol!

  • So I start off last night's adventure of our crew that has been playing since the alpha. The little sloop the El Tee.

    So we are doing an OoS quest while hunting statues.. we come up upon the island that also had a shipwreck near it. There was a galleon doing whatever galleons do.. so we decided to do the shipwreck while we waited.

    We got the goods took it back to the outpost.. and headed back. As we started to head back we started getting notifications that our captains were dying. The Galleon was doing our quest and killing our dudes!!! We never stepped foot on the island.

    So we rush back to see the galleon starting to pull away and a guy swimming up to our boat.. we avoided a boarding but asked if we could "kindly have our skulls back" and they role played "arhh come and take them"

    So we proceeded to engage in battle.. well.. it wasn't exactly a battle.. we failed epically.. normally we are great shots.. we couldn't even land one.. lol

    So we chase them back to the outpost where we couldn't even hit their parked boat.. it was really sad. So we turn around and we are laughing hysterically about how bad we are being... we decide to try and ram them.

    WE MISSED A STILL GALLEON!! and then crashed into the island... even the other crew started laughing with us about how failed we were.

    We conceeded and said we failed epic today and told our tale about how we were surprised about the skeletons spawning when we never got on the island.

    They kept the 3 skulls but gave us a hateful for "our effort"

    My crewmate and I swore we would never speak of our fail again... but I couldn't resist sharing my story of the kindness and good sport of that Galleon we faced last night.

  • This can only be achieved with precision skills of steering.... and getting the ship stuck in very peculiar ways

  • I woke up drunk again today. Had a homebrewed grog apparently made from mud, sand and shark vomit for breakfast. Threw up. Learned to avoid (ahem) 'grog', from the wilds.

    Ate all my bananas last night during a shark attack, it was dark, and I was drunker than this morning, but I swear the thing was bigger than an entire galleon. I had to find more to eat before finally stumbling to the ship, and then realizing I was also out of boards to top it all off, I missed the darn ladder jumping back and fell in the ocean, drunk.

    Being a pirate is hard.

    I gathered boards, and found extra cannon balls while I was at it, not doing that again. I picked up a few cages from the Merchants and manage to load them without falling in the water. I saw something on the horizon and climbed to the nest, it was a galleon with full red decoration.

    I spent too much time hunting supplies drunk. I always spend too long drunk.

    I turn and miss the ladder. Fell to the deck. As I limped to the anchor, I wished I had a shipmate this day, but alas I was alone and could not call for sails. Each time the anchor turned, I would see the bright red sail coming closer, and right at me.

    Fortunately, I knew an old sailor's trick.

    I read a bit of science in a book I found washed ashore once, that the winds favor those whom forget to trim sails. She won't go full speed, but she'll go faster into the wind. I dropped the sail, and turn into the wind. A few minutes later, the dot on the horizon turned away abandoning the chase.

    I stared into the spyglass too long, and missed the unmapped rocks poking up over the ocean surface. The ship suddenly lurched sideways under me, and I leaped towards the wheel to spin it away. I hopped over the wheel's railing to begin repairs below, but apparently the nose was stuck and the entire ship shifted sideways suddenly, landing me just over the side edge. At least I'm not drunk this time getting wet, however my ship is probably sinking fast and "I" am not even on it!

    Have I mentioned being a pirate is hard? Mom said be an engineer, but I wanted loot and treasure.

    I spent two or three seconds panicking and blubbering as the ship broke free and sailed off, before turning and swimming full speed away from it underwater. "Put distance between me and the ship, as fast as I can." I thought. Sure enough, my mermaid friend Ugly Hairy (remember that's not a jab or a pun, that's just what he said his name was) popped up and swam me back to the sinking ship.

    Some frantic bailing and patching later, the ship was fine, and I had a small island ahead ripe for animal plundering. That sounded bad, I'm glad no one else will ever read this. I should see if Harry the Gold Horder would let me pry one of those locks off a chest for the diary.

    (Also, I should ask that skull lady on a date, she keeps asking to come with me on missions (shrug). I guess she's bored enough to risk getting killed or eaten.) Maybe being a pirate isn't so hard I guess, har har har.

    I pulled up to the island, raising my sails to slowing down, and carefully parked with my ladder against the underwater bank, as close as possible. It takes more time to park that close without hitting, but you get to load easier.

    There was a boss on the shore. Some fighting and island combing later, I had no animals, but two skulls and two chests, one a captain's chest. As I head down to load the shiny gold chest of so much value, I see the sun going down, it's going dark, and then I see the red galleon, pulling around the side of island from behind the rocks.

    (Sigh) Being a pirate is hard.

    But I had tricks, I pulled my sails up, and then my anchor before disembarking, and sails drop fast. I just had to make it to the ship before them, and think, "maybe they don't see me" right as all four cannons fire, not at my ship, but at me.

    Being a pirate is really hard sometimes.

    Seas being kind, they were terrible shots, and all missed. I made it, dropped the chest at the ladder, and hit the sails. They focused too much on shooting at me and run directly into the shore in the dark, and quite easily, I'm away.

    I hit my lights I never bothered to turn off, and then ran downstairs to check my map. Less eventful, island two nets my animals, two more chests, and two barrels of TNT. Even more fortunate, I filled a banana crate I found.

    By morning, I'm on open ocean, with a boat full of goodies. Not a ship in sight, clear skies, and the assigned merchant port rising in front of me, when I heard the roar. The shark from the other night, was circling my ship, three cannon shots from port. He hit the side, and ran down to repair and bail. He hit the other side right after, but I gotta nudge my course, so I ran up and grabbed the wheel, when I see the shark coming right at me, jaws open. I also see the sloop coming around the far side of the island to port as well. Two players shining spyglasses at me.

    I turn away hard, but it was no use, he hits the front of the boat and surges all the way to the wheel killing me, and leaving my boat headed to shore, sinking, with players landing there in moments.

    (I wait on the barge of the dead holding my tankard of grog, staring at it, wishing.)

    I returned to a sinking ship, it was too late, and the animals had drown, and I can hear the players talking about running the chests up to sale, but they have taken the cheapest ones, and I have rifle. I can't stop the furthest one in time, but I hit the closer one twice in a row finishing him, and headed after the other as he ran back. I hit him once, as he pulls a blunderbuss, but I swap to sword, charge, jump, and finish him, taking minimal damage from his shot.

    I ran to their ship, hit the anchor, then the sail, grabbed the wheel and scraped the side hard enough to take on water, and charge jumped off the back canopy towards my loot as we passed it in the water where my ship had vanished by now. The quest was a bust, but I had some skulls and chests, and got them sold before anymore trouble.

    Almost three thousand coins, not a bad couple days of pirating. At least the kraken didn't swallow me.

  • So I jumped into SoT on a closed crew Sloop sailed to Golden Sands to go see the new person in the Weapon smiths shop and when I get there a Galleon is docked there so I stop near the island and see one of the other pirates I say I come in piece and I’m only there to check out the weapons shop but the guy is having none of it and attacks me so I dispatch him look over the island for his friends see it’s clear and then look at the shop by this time the guy who attacked me is back but then fires cannons and sinks my Sloop so I take him out agian and find another play below deck reading the map who I also take out then I run and hid on the ship they both respawn and search for me not finding me get a quest and set sail, fast forward to the island where their quest is, they leave the ship and I switch hiding spots by this time they have one Skull and have on the ship working on getting the second another crew shows up takes out all 4 of the Galleon players and steals on of the skulls without seeing me then leaves by now the Galleon crew is back has their second skull aboard and sets sail agian I now come out of my hiding spot sneak into the captains quarters steal the remaining skull my self and hid it with me at this point they start talking about their skulls and what they have knowing one of the two has been stolen and their now safely away to sea they go to check on the remaining on to find it is missing at this point they all lose their minds and are at a lose for how it went missing( I through it over board) they finally find me and I jump over board and catch s mermaid to my ship

  • One night i decided to join a galleon crew to find what sort of mischief we can do as a crew. As i spawned in i instantly got to bond with the crew i was with (possiby due to all of us wearing dresses despite 3 of us playing male characters) and thus the tale of the knight, themilkman, 'mrs 4 rocks' (i nicknamed this pirate as this due to the fact she couldn't steer the ship to save her life and somehow managed to crash into 4 rocks simultaneously) and 'Pietro' (we called him that as we had no clue how to pronounce his name) began. Our tale began like any other crew, going around island to island, oupost to outpost, completing as many voyages as we can. However as we just finished digging up a chest and was heading to the nearest outpost we spotted a sloop which was in our direct path. We thought it would be a good idea to exchange a friendly "hello" with the sloop as we past them but as we got closer to the sloop we heard their cry for help as the megladon was roaming around their ship. We decide to pull up beside the sloop and help them defeat the megladon and once we finished that we all celebrated on our galleon with as many bananas and grog to fill our stomachs. It was during this time 'Pietro' had a sudden shift in behaviour and tried to attack the very people we just saved... although he wasn't doing a good job at it. We banished him to the brig so he could think about his actions but every time we came to visit him he would always try attack the people we saved (we did let him out the brig a couple of times but he didn't learn from before and continued to attack). Themilkman didnt want to be involved too much in what we was doing so he just took what treasure we had and swam the whole way to the outpost just to sell them. We thought 'Pietro' finally grew out his violent tendencies towards the sloop crew but little did we know he had a plan. Before any of us had time to react 'Pietro' took a gunpowder barrle off the sloop and blew it up, sinking the sloop and leaving it's crew on our galleon. After managing to put 'Pietro' in the brig and convincing that crew to join us and stay on our ship that we managed to go on our adventures with our new "foreign exchange students" as we called the sloop crew. However our adventure was short lived with milkman and 'Pietro' leaving as well as our "foreign exchange students" perishing to gunpoweder skeletons. Me and 'mrs 4 rocks' was left on our own and to that we desided to part ways after celebrating the time we had together with grog and what little bananas we had left.

  • ...and keep a keen eye on yer surroundings. Otherwise, I might get the drop on ye.

    Case in point - I had a run in with a sloop crew while solo last night. They gave me a run for me coin when they began to attack while I was hunting for cursed statues.

    I managed te patch up the ol'girl and attempt to give chase, but both ships got caught in a storm. Low on supplies, and with lightning striking dangerously close, I decided to keep on the chase.

    We was rolling in the rough seas, and I could hear breaks in the hull....but I can't leave the helm or I'll lose them!

    We kept on until we finally made it out of the storm. What's this? Neptune be praised! An outpost! The scoundrels were almost at the dock!

    Alas, I had spoken too soon.... I heard the familiar sound of a wooden hull buckling under the weight of sea water.

    I ran down below...2 planks left but 3 holes. I patched the 2 and bailed water ta buy me some time.

    In doing so, I had veered off course, and was now near the other side of the outpost. I didn't have time ta turn back. I loaded up on ammo and food, aimed me port side cannon, and shot meself towards the outpost.

    I landed short and had ta swim the rest of the way.

    I managed ta get ashore and noticed that they still had not cashed in the loot. I could hear them talking. They was talking about me sloop. About how it sank. One of them sez "I saw him shoot himself towards us, but his aim sucked".

    The other said " Yeah I saw. The sharks probably got him though".

    They figured they was alone, so one of them started drinkin' while the other brought items on deck. That's when I saw them...those beautiful, bright red barrels o'death. They was just sitting there!

    Damn! I don't have me eye of reach!
    I started to sneak closer, from one building to the next, but I need ta be careful & not be seen!

    I ran up an hid in the tavern. It was on a higher ledge than the shops an beach, with a rooftop nearby.

    I ran for that roof and nailed the landing. I quickly executed the sleep emote ta be sure I was not seen. Looks like it worked, as now they was both drunk!

    I stood up, took aim with me pistol, and....

    3 explosions back to back!

    I quickly boarded and grabbed what I could before she slipped below the waves!

    Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate's life for me...

  • Since I dont know where else to out this, Im putting it here...

    Do you lose you money and items if you delete your pirate?

  • We are going to sail for 72 hours!!!

    Just started, watch here:

  • I had to go to the little pirates room while soloing. So I left my headset on, I heard someone swimming over to my boat so I immediately let him know I was dropping an anchor in the white cove, he proceeded to wait for me to promptly wipe and get back to my pc. We both laughed about it and he sent me a friend request and we hammered out a voyage, but more importantly I made a new friend.

  • 🔞Une bouteille à la mer...🔞

    Bien le bonjour voyageur !

    Le capitaine '''Aroxwolf''' navigue dans un sloop de 40 tonneaux avec une voile noire en ce moment même.

    Il recrute un équipage de haute qualité qui suivra (ORDRES à la lettre !)

    La légende raconte que ce pirate à lui-même arraché son oeil avec son crochet avant une bataille de plusieurs heures contre un galion pour gagner en visibilité. Elle fut rude mais victorieuse.

    Il aurait ensuite fait prisonnier le capitaine du galion dans sa cale en lui fessant manger son oeil petit bout par petit bout avant de le déguster avec une chope de rhum d'âme maudite !

    Ne lui tourner pas le dos et respectez ces ordres si vous le rencontrez sous peine qu'il modifie son pavillon blanc en pavillon de pirate.



  • After a short gameplay session last night me and my crew were going to quit for the night.
    We were at an outpost when one of the crew was like:
    "Let's put some barrels at the side of the ship while she's next to the beach so we can push her onto the beach."

    So we did, it was a spectacle and while we didn't manage to beach her she sunk.

    After this we did our usual shenanigans at the outpost (hopping around visiting stores etc) when one of us suddenly exclaimed! There's a sloop here really close!

    So I went there and I boarded it, after saying hello the captain of this sloop grabbed a pistol and started shooting me.
    I jumped over his head and plunged my cutlass in his back. His sloop was full of riches, Captains chests, marauders chests and even two Chests of a thousand grogs.
    We sunk the sloop with their own barrel of gunpowder and turned in the loot.

    An unlucky captain of a sloop and a happy galleon crew with extra booty.

    See not everyone who attacks you at an outpost is an outpost camper. Often it's just people logging off for the night and spotting you. Tough luck.

  • Salty with cannonballs

    New cannonballs, eh? And Wanda's hintin' at something she's discovered recently.

  • Dear diary...

    ...these thieving waters are getting weird once again. As you may know, I, Captain Lotus, have been absent from these waters for many moons, due to some much needed repairs on my trusty boat, called xbox. I chose that name for her, because with her help I always find the box, hidden under the X.

    In my absence, a lot has changed. Another faul creature emerged from the water, or at least so I've been told by some old dude Merrick. I've met him at my homeport, he was leaving for some time, to relax at a spa in Switzerland, but seemed pretty confident that he'd be back. Also some rumors are spreading, about some magical chairs or whatever, I think you need to sit on them, or assemble them or something. I've been told about those by a fellow named Orin Ikea, he was kinda talking about furniture a lot. Weird guy, I think he was Swedish.

    Getting ready for my first voyage after a long time, I've heard about this new, FDA approved, magical spell, that affects atmosphere around you, reducing drag coeficient, so that you can turn around faster. I'm not much for any enhancement of this kind, but after some experimenting, the local shaman recommended spell numbered 8.5. I've also grabbed a new headfigure for my ship, a mighty bear. You'd be also happy to know, that the infamous "drum embargo" has been lifted, so we can finally rock on.

    I've set sail and in a few days I should arrive to my destination. If I'll be alive, I'll be sure to write about it in the next diary entry...

  • Pulled up on a Galleon at a fort that had just loaded up all the loot.. Right before we can attack the Kraken gets us. Instead of sailing off with the loot, the other Galleon sails over, anchors, launches 3 people over and starts helping us repair....

    I swim to their boat, kill the last guy still there and take their strong hold skull, swim to the fort and hide it. We eventually sank them, got all the rest of the loot and cashed it in.
    What did they think was gonna happen ?

    I am sure there are many more like this. Do tell...

  • It's been awhile since I have had a tale to tell. The majestic galleon christened as the 'Booty Brigade' had anchored in the port as the crew enjoyed other pleasantries.

    However, today the 'Booty Brigade' saw two crewmen make an appearance on the lesser known 'Sea Donkey' sloop.

    After awhile at sea, the Sea Donkey was loaded with chests and skulls. A green hue was surely emanating from the cracks between the deck boards.

    As we made our way to port, a plain galleon decided to turn broadside and fire the cannons as we tried to hail the crew. They missed. We fired back, a few cannon blasts later and the gunner found his mark, striking the enemy galleon, ripping through the hull. The landlubbers were struggling to make contact with our small sloop as we continued in a circle, still striking the enemy.

    The galleon began to retreat, we followed. We began to gain on the bigger ship but found ourselves turning away very quickly as tentacles breached the surface and surrounded the unsuspecting galleon.

    The Sea Donkey watched in delight as the Kraken began to wrap its strong appendages around the galleon. Shots fired at the beast, some missing their mark, but others on target.

    After a few minutes had passed, I'm sure it seemed an eternity for the seamen, now banished to the Ferry or the Damned, the Kraken pulled the ship below the surface and disappeared.

    The Sea Donkey and her crew finished their remaining voyages without hassle and turned in the loot for a nice payday.

    What a nice return to the seas. (http://imgur.com/MAE98ND)
    alt text

  • Ahoy there.. I'm about to take ye on a voyage ta' turn yer head. An' I ain't talkin' half way. See, I've many crews that sailed them seas and many tales to tell. So grab yer pints and be listenin' to tha words that be floatin' past me lips.

    I'tall started one stormy eve when I first wake to the open sea. Was still green I was. But I managed to find me a crew n' a crew of salty misfits at that. We unfurled sail and loaded cannons toward open sea, mates. But what was ta' come none of our empty skulls could imagine.

    We was out lookin' fer loot we was, when an enemy ship was spotted afar. A galleon it was. Cannons aimed toward our ship. None were boarded at the tick they attacked. Was over before ye could say aaarrrrrrr! Stranded we were on tha same isle we were hopin' to make rich on. Me crew were growin' weary and restless, they were.

    Since we were already there we decided ta' do what we came for. Treasure glorious it was. Three Cap'n's chest an few Merauders ta' boot. One of me crew decided to make a bargain with the Ferryman after a slight fall from a cliff. Bringin' the ship back, he was. But ne're did he return. Sunken each attempt he finally left the broken world we were livin' in.

    Ammo was dry and swords were dull.. Cept' mine. They don't call me Cap'n "Razor Sharp" Lacy for none. And in good time fer' the skeletons were closin in fast on us. Blunderbuss and Pistol many of em' had aimed at us. I hid behind stone and awaited their approach. Just as I was ready ta' pounce on em' I heard crew screamin' "I'm out of Banana's!" they were.

    Rushin' out from behind tha stone I put blade through bone of one of the skeleton crew. Collapsed he did into a pile of bone and dust. As I turned I seen one of me remaining crew bein' slain by the same skeleton crew. Now, it was just me an me last crew member against five members of the skeleton crew...

    • To Be Continued.
  • I usually don't post on forums, but tonight while solo doing a 6 chicken Merchant voyage I left Sanctuary Outpost heading for Sailors Bounty. I get there and find my chickens, on my way out I hear a cursed statue. Instead of looking around first I just dove in, I know" What were you thinking" I wasn't! But I dove in and it was a emerald and deeep, when I surfaced after destroying it low and behold another ship is parked just behind me. My first thought is great here we go, I look to my ship just in time to see someone climbing my mast. I pulled my pistol aimed and as I pulled the trigger "We're Friendly" popped up, I'm like ok we'll see? I ask if he hears me, he says yes but no mic, ok I can work with that. Come to find out he was new to the game and got abandoned by another guy and barely made it to me alone he had aOoS voyage of 2 captain's at Lone Cove and we were just passing by it so I told him I would help him and then go to Daggertooth to sell my chickens and he could sell the skulls. He thanked me and we did just that. We get to the outpost andin the water by the dock was 2 golden chickens a silver coffer and a gunpowder keg we get all of it out, I tell him he can have everything in the water, he comes up with a villainous and dropped it at my feet, I realized he didn't even know where to sell anything I worked with him and helped him sell his loot while selling mine. I was getting of line so told him to use my ship and to look for me another time and left. As soon as I quit he sent me a friend request. That was one of the best experience's I've had on SoT, one reason this game has me hooked. Thanks Rare for and grand experience!!

  • alt text

    Now all I need to do is sell 1000 banana crates

  • Hello,

    Like many, i missed the occasion of blowing up 5 skeletons (while 1 holding a barrel X 20) on active fortress during the previous event. The commendation is still unlockable but the only problem is: I haven't seen any gunpowder skeletons on any active fortress since the last update... any idea how to get those back on the fortress?

  • I pulling up to Plunder outpost when the Megalodon started pushing my ship towards the dock. I dropped the anchor and quickly unloaded my hoard. I started the video right after that and I wasn't sure what to do about the Meg.

    Edit: It's been so long since I've posted a video to a forum I forgot how to do it...….

  • I have come to enjoy a new tradition. Being the humble merchant I am, a world truth has shown itself to me. disaster can strike anytime. Be it pirate, a megladon looking for a snack, or a lightning bolt taking your pig. My new favorite bit of fun is to use my spare snakes I round up. At every outpost I offload at I hide a snake in one of 3 places, In the tavern to pester fresh spawns, In the Oos tent to spit on skull pawners, Or by the gold hoarders tent to torment the greedy. I have no idea if it has worked yet or not though if a snake spits on you in such a manner play your instrument let him dance and live to continue his mission.

  • What down right despicable deeds have you done on the sea that left you feeling unwashably dirty and ridden with guilt?

    I have a few foul skulls in the closet that I'm not proud of, one of which just happened recently.

    Thought it would be amusing to use a Chest of Sorrow to sink an enemy sloop, so we found one at an island, and I instructed my crew mate to transport it aboard. I watched with an eager eye from distance through spy-glass.

    Upon the ship being half way gone, the occupant appeared instrument in hand. And then looked positively happy thinking we had gifted a chest.

    The realisation that they may be new to the seas really started to sink in when I witnessed their reaction to the sobbing treasure receptacle. Hitting it with shovel, picking it up and putting it down, returning to the bowsprit instrument still playing in gestures of friendship.

    My pirate is mischievous, but not heartless. I pleaded with my crew mate to change our course but my calls were silenced by gunshot and the groaning of a sunken ship.


  • Pirate Legends Rotax99 and DazzaRex
    Big Haul and good times.
    3 Skull Forts and 3 Legendary Quests all turned in at once video link:

  • The Evening started out like many others, we did some drinking customized our ship and dropped a quest.
    This evening would again be an Athena quest.

    Different from other evenings we now had a new crewmember joining our crew. He only recently enlisted and we were set to show him the ropes and give him an adventure of a lifetime.

    As we set off with many a coop pen and baskeet we sailed the seas hopping form island to island teaching our comrade to fight, dig up treasure and catch animals. As we did we saw a few sloops on the horizon. One of my crew is keen on these little vessels and likes to help them. So we promised eachother not to sink them. Galleons however were fair game.

    One such galleon was spotted anchored by an island. We payed it a visit and sunk it. The bounty was rich and well earned.

    But lo and behold, another galleon turned on us on the horizon and was making speed. Not knowing our new foe we turned and started to move away from it. We had a ship full of earned and stolen loot and were not about to give up on it.
    The galleon persuing us was a tenacious one and we decided to pay it a visit. One of my crew and myself went up the mast and took a gunpowder barrel each and dropped off the side of the ship. Angled ourselves so we were on intercept course and tried to board.
    I got lucky and grabbed the ladder, the explosive strapped to my back I climed up, my mate was less fortunate and blew up on the side of the ship.
    It's crew probably thought they were done with boarders but there I was. I ran to the bow of the ship and lit the fuse, I dropped the barrel into their hold and dropped their anchor.

    What happened next was a dream come true.

    The crew of the ship I was on saw me and ran for me, not noticing the barrel that had been lit a mere 3....4.....5 seconds ago. Just as the four were passing the stairs where I dropped it a loud deafening explosion sounded. Limp bodies flew everywhere and dissapeared in a green cloud of smoke.

    The ship sunk to the bottom of the seas, it's bounties soon to be picked up by my crew.

    If you ever see a pirate named Buck Luny, be warned not to chase or if you do not to let your guard down. For this legend will not go down easy.

  • The year is 2018, an with no landlubber in sight, I decide to commandeer a sloop.
    So I set sail for the a Galleon hunt, after an hour of searching I found one an force it to shuttle/ or maybe I did sink it. I not sure, but down to Davy Jones they go.

    Luck would have it, a Skull forts pops up, Keel Haul Fort.
    I just turned in my treasure at Golden sands, so I sail towards the fort, or over to the rocks, between the fort an Sailors bounty.

    Cause I wasn't the only pirate that had notice the price to be had.
    The hole server was there 4 sloop an 1 galleon + me(hidden)
    I didn't want to rick my ship, so I swam to the island to see if I can negotiate with one of them, they killed me.
    But manage to negotiate with another sloop.

    So the 2nd time I swam to the island, the sloop laid off, cause more of the sloops were coming back.
    so I watch them battle for a while, But then I started clearing waves, 1,2,3,4,5 WHAT captain, Lucky I had hid a Barrel of love, an blew him up.
    Grab the key an started swimming out to my boat.

    Now all of the sloop turned toward the island, an was so close to spot me, but my ship was well hidden, an got on an sail away an hid the key to sail back.
    Found out that nobody know who has the key.
    So the sloop I negotiate with starting chasing they other sloop around, I help, but in my confusion, I let an enemy board me, he killed me an sunk my ship with the gun powder I had stash.

    So I sail for the Key i had hid, at that point Irl. I had to go to work soon.
    So sail with the key to the fort, waited a little to lay port, cause there where people on the island, an sloops around.
    Don't know how, but I open the door with nobody noticing, grab the skull an back to the boat, But the GREED, I jump in a took the Stronghold chest to, now I was good to go.

    I headed to Sanctuary outpost, got chased a little , but the 2 sloops chasing would rather fight each other, so a easy turned in. an back to the island just to taunt a little an tell the guys what had happen in the mist of all the confusion.

    That's was my little tail.
    An I will shamelessly tell that I Stream on twitch some time, an that was one of them :P fair I only have on Subscriber an 4 viewers, But a least they were ENTERTAINED.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • ....you never know with whom you might be sailing. I have borne witness to players abandoning crews when they hear/see a noob on the crew, whereas I prefer to remain and offer answers and guidance to the best of my abilities when matched with a crew.

  • My friends and I went to go complete a skull fort and we realized there were two galleons already fighting each other for control of the fort. We started to fight both galleons and none of us were making any progress so we decided to come up with plan. We decided to message one of the crews to offer a parlay and fight the other crew so we could share the loot. They agreed after a little hesitation and quickly became close allies. But to our surprise it wasn't over yet, the galleon wasn't going to give up that easily! . The galleon was relentless and to make matters worse a sloop came into the mix to make things that much more difficult. We all then had to juggle between sinking the galleon and sloop and eventually we sank both. Soon we all grew tired and all the crews gave up on the skull fort. At that point we still had some loot to sell so we went to sell it at the closest outpost but the galleon kept on following us! We knew if we stopped at a outpost we would only get to sell some of our loot and soon would be overpowered due to us being anchored. So we took a chance! We decided to try ramming our ship straight into the island and dropping our anchor in the middle of the island, which in theory would get our ship stuck in the middle of the island. To our surprise it worked! Due to our ship being literally on land they could not sink our ship no matter how many times they shot cannons into our hull and due to our ship being on land the ladders were positioned higher away from anyone trying to get on our boat (unless you grabbed the ladders at the right timing). So we were able to able to sell all our treasure and sank the enemy galleon. The final survivors that remained we laughed at in game and gave them a good final roast before we called it a night.

    We ended up spending about 3-4 hours trying to get the loot from the fort and it was worth it due to gaining this amazing story that I will never forget!

    We also tried to replicate this plan without anyone fighting us and it didn't work and I guess it was just by chance that it actually worked!

    Since this is a very out laddish claim I am happy to provide proof, I hope you enjoy:
    Part One
    Part Two

  • I'm a bit more of a casual player and haven't made Legend yet but when I was very early in the game (under 10 level on all factions) I was solo slooping as saw my first pirate legend. I believe I was on Cannon Cove. Immediately I see him and start swinging my cutlass. He blocked me easily and ran back a bit and started playing music. I drew my flintlock and he waved. I stopped my attack as it was futile anyway and he showed me his ship. (mine was default and bland) Then I went back to digging up my seafarers chest and found a captains chest and an antique reliquary (my first time coming across a piece of trinket treasure) I didn't even know where to turn it in at first. He went on his merry way like some sort of chubby purple and gold Santa Claus and it was a very memorable experience.

  • So I was playing by myself earlier today (trying to get up my merchants rank), and I ended up at Devil's Ridge. As soon as I got there, I could hear a mermaid statue nearby, in fact I could see it. Right there in shallow water was a red mermaid statue.

    I already completed destroying every mermaid statue in needed to (Legendary Curse Breaker title is mine...), but I saw this statue and wondered if I could destroy it myself.

    I learned from previous statues that you can get close enough to hit them with the tip of your sword and be far enough to not take any damage from the statues (which is how I'm able to destroy green ones by myself easily) but I have never been able to get a red one destroyed by myself, but this statue was in a good location to try it out by myself cause I didn't need to be submerged in water to get it.

    I went for it. I found the right spot for me to hit it with the tip of my sword and not take damage from it. I kept hitting it over and over again, trying to listen if any skeletons might spawn in.

    My finger kept hitting the right trigger on my Xbox and I kept focusing on listening for any skeletons. Over and over again I was still hitting the statue.

    I heard something, but it was my cat meowing for attention. Made me jump a bit, but I continued. My mind started playing tricks on me. I was so focused on listening for any skeletons to spawn, that every sound I heard it would almost jump, but then realize what the sound was.

    "Skeleton!? No, a motorcycle outside. Skeletons!? No, my cat. Not now Lynx. c**p! No, just my chair creaking a bit..."

    It felt like an eternity went by. I was still hitting the statue, but nothing was stopping me. Again and again hitting the statue. When will it break? Anyone gonna stop me?

    After awhile, the statue was close to breaking. "Come on now!" I said, excited I made it this far and it was close. "I know it's pointless, but I want to be able to say 'I did it'".

    After minutes of hitting the thing, it finally broke. I did it. Talk about pointless, but now I can officially say, "I broke a red mermaid statue by myself. No help."

    I know I can't possibly be the only out there who has done that. I got lucky that it was in the shallow water, I could breath air while attacking it close enough with the tip of my sword but far enough to not take damage from it easily, and no skeletons, anyone or anything stopped me, but I did it none the less.

    Personal achievement unlocked, Soloman Red Mermaid Destroyer...

  • A sloop was snapping at our heals, we were just starting a skirmish when a Meg surprised us both with a bite launching it across the top of a wave! https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvldlkd4296905a/14-07-2018_01-21-37.mp4?dl=0

  • Please don't expect an exiting story, but these are Tales that happen in SoT too.

    Doing riddle-quests solo is always a risk, as i found out again yesterday.
    Just getting back to my sloop with a marauders chest, i saw a gally nearby, heading obviously towards my parked ship.
    Being on Krakens Fall, i got enough directions to go, so i just set sails to get away from the Galleon.
    Of course the Galleon turns towards me and follows me without any communication attempt.
    After one full circle around the island i decided to just drop the marauders chest so they can pick it up and i can go ahead.
    They sailed past the chest without slowing down, so they seem to ignored it.
    I dropped another explosive "gift", which they sadly missed too.
    So now my ship was empty, only carrying the usual supplies and no loot anymore, but they are still following me towards Ancient Spire Outpost, almost straight against the wind.
    As the wind turned, i turned too, changing the course more towards west, keep going almost straight against the wind and making the hunt as boring as possible. But they are still following me, not catching up at all.
    The wind now turnes again, so it's time to turn the sails to the other side, make a slight course correction to pass Plunder Outpost on it's northern shore.
    Having this done, i had a look at the Galleon and realized, thes needed quite a while until they turned the sails into the wind after changing their course too.

    Shortly afterwards they seem to realize that they wouldn't get the fight or plunder they were looking for and turned towards Plunder Outpost to anchor their ship there.

    In the end i was free, staying on my actual course just to find a blue mermaid statue at Wanderers Refuge, a well filled shipwreck nearby and peaceful Golden Sands Outpost to sell everything from this wreck and even level up at the Merchant Alliance and unlock a title plus a new pocket watch. There was certainly more loot in this shipwreck than one chest, i surely made more profit due to this little regatta.
    To finish it up, i still had a Gold Hoarders Voyage active, so i even travelled a couple of sea miles for the commendation, bringing me closer to more reputation.
    As for the Galleon, i didn't meet them again, i hope for them that they had an active voyage too to collect some miles, otherwise they ended up with just nothing after a slow and boring hunting session. With this outcome, i didn't even tell them about the three ruby marmaid statues at Marauder's Arch i found earlier, which would have been easy progress for a galleon crew.

    So keep in mind: yes, you can try to hunt down ships. But if these ships don't look for a fight, just leave them be and look for a better opportunity. Also you might miss out on some useful information.