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  • I just need to rant about this. I was doing the "Stars of a thief" Tall Tale and was in the final part where you need to turn the pillars to answer the riddles to get the reward.
    Well! My riddle was
    "The old woman way angry, her friend made and eternal oath, to protect those who row by hand"
    "Without toughing the ground he watched from up high, (Some other stuff I don't remember) eternal warrior."
    So! I looked up a guide that told me the answer was "Kraken, Unending Flame, Proud Eagle, and Eternal warrior."
    I thought "Okay, why not. I'll try it!" But only for 1: the guide was wrong and 2: Two of the pillars had nothing on it that related to the second riddle. To no one's surprise the answer I was given failed.
    In an attempt to salvage the scenario I was in I attempted to solve the riddle myself without the guide (Which was already wrong on 3 other occasions so I wasn't surprised) And tried to do Kraken and Mermaid for the first set of pillars but nothing on any of the second pillars made sense with the riddle that was given to me. The first pillar has nothing relating to an eagle, one sun and 3 water related icons, and the second pillar had nothing related to an eternal warrior. Unable to actually solve the riddle due to both the faulty guide and the pillars not making sense I failed.

    That is not the part that angers me. What gets my goat is that apparently failing the riddle trap erases all your progress on the quest and makes you start over from the beginning. Some vile creature though up the idea that "Yeah, we're going to have them sail around the world randomly, wasting upward to an hour for every tall tale, then erase everything if they fail once. No profit, no commendations, nothing."
    While typing this it occurred to me that I need to relate key words of the riddle to the constellations in the book but again, that is not what angers me about this whole scenario.

    With that, I end my rant. I just wanted to complain in a way about it.

  • Spent like 2 hours gathering all the ferryman lights on my sloop, solo. Sp there’s 6. Got all 5 including killed by lightening which was a complete nightmare. On my way to the volcanos to get the last one. Kraken attack and no planks. Kill it and raise the anchor while bailing water super fast. Smash into the island decking. Run up the front of the ship to the decking, manage to plank up and save all my lanterns. Sail all the way to the volcanos from Crescent (the whole map). Float near the erupting one. Don’t get hit. Move closer. Get hit eventually. I hear the ferry door open but have a black screen still. Worrying about the ship now. Get in the ferry and grab the lantern. Respawn in the water. Ship fully submerged. Kill me.

  • Ahoy there me fellow tavern lurkers, gather ‘round for i have a short tale to share with ya all!

    Oi Tasha, a round of Grog on me for all pirates present.

    So yesterday on my weekly adventure voyage me and @Nessiroj started out with the two of us on a Gally and started stocking up whikst waiting on our two fellow crewmates, the plan was reach the shores of gold four more times to make a total of five, we all know how this Rathbone has been hoarding WAY too much gold for anybody’s liking.

    The wait took a bit longer then expected and whilst sailing to the peak of morrow we decided to stop by an active skull fort so i could do some waves and @Nessiroj could get some fishing done, not long thereafter we where joined by 3rd and 4th crewmate.

    A brig chose to swing by and shoot their crew over to try and take the fort from us, we noticed and gave them a swift ticket to the ferry of the damned, they tried once more after just finishing the fort but where yet again not able to take it from us.

    We got the loot aboard and once more set sail to morrow pick in order to get our tall tale going, when entering the devil’s Roar we noticed the brig following us and gaining on us. No problem or so we thought we are soon on our way to tribute peak making it real tough for them to follow.

    But then they got real smart real fast and noticed the stronghold gunpowder barrel in our crows nest and started sniping it from their ship, most shots where unsuccesfull but all of a sudden one big explossion, three collapsed masts, a broken helm, capstan and multiple holes filling our deck later we where done and sunk... the size of the explosion was so grand that our crew got sent flying and had no chance to get back in time... well played brig, well played....

    2 of our crew went to our new ship whilst me and one other stayed behind to delay them some more and then i noticed the most beautifull of things, they where right next to a volcano that just started spilling its guts... i got sent to the ferry and was quickly back on the new ship, respawned all the way in the south of the Roar and heading north full billow (where both the shores of gold are and we might even get to see the brig that got our loot) a fog bank rolled up un us and kept a lookout on the seas when to our joy we found a sad brigantine floating there with broken masts getting pummeled by rocks, we found them still st the scene of the crime pirating, we anchored down sent one man below deck to fix the holes the volcano was making and i went over to their ship, right as i boarded them a big rock hit on of the occupants sending him to the ferry once more, just before he went though i yelled out “We’re Baaaaaaaack!!” And made sure the brigantine sank.

    We got our loot back, which in all honesty they could’ve kept because with a crew full of pirate legends and more gold than can fit in the goaldhoarders lair we didnt really need it, but hey who doesn’t like a good revenge story.

  • Soooooo this just ticked me off I’m doing the “The Fate of the Morning Star” and when I went to go grab the ENCHANTED LANTERN the damn game doesn’t seem to let me pick it up, like if it’s stuck anyone find a away around this glitch?!

  • So me and my friend were wrapping a successful day on the seas. Just cashed in 18k of loot and had about 30 minutes to do something. So we settled on taking out 1 more Meg or Skelly Ship.

    Pass by a wreck and find a Foul Skull and Captains chest. As soon as we get back on the way a Brig starts to chase us. Mind you we were in a sloop. We figured we'd do a drive by drop off of the chest and then give them a fight.

    Drop chest begin fight and realize we are way out gunned and out classed. They out maneuvered us and constantly had us under fire. Realizing we are going to go down we grab the two TNT kegs from the mast and go for broke.

    2 kegs 2 direct hits, with me surviving. I manage to board their ship and they are in salvage mode. Blast 1st guy with the Blunderbuss which he survives but falls off ship, melee and kill the guy in the hold repairing, Blunderbuss the other two guys coming down stairs.

    Both ships sink. When I realize they had Captains skull, spices, red ruby and of course my foul skull.

    I was bummed because no way to get loot...until i turn around and low and behold they had a rowboat.

    Salvage their loot row to plunder outpost cash in for additional 5K.

    All this because they thought we had big loot. Had they won they would have gotten 100 gold instead they lost thousands.

  • So I've just realized that May 29th will be the first day that I started playing Sea of Thieves and wow it feels like so much longer than that.

    I truly miss that clueless innocence I had about the game when I first started playing... exploring each and every shipwreck for every bit of gold I could scrape up, the first time I bought a new outfit for my pirate, or the first time I boldly sailed my sloop too close to another ship and lost my ship right next to Crook's Hollow ...

    Man, it was just such a special feeling I had with each piece of loot that I loaded up on to the ship. I jumped on board for the tail-end of The Hungering Deep event, played through it with my crew and was just astounded by that experience.

    Since then I've never missed a single event or time limited cosmetic. I hit Pirate Legend back in September and got to Athena 10 soon after in October. I've sailed many miles with my own crew and when they were not available, my friends list became more and more populated with all of the different folks I've had the pleasure of sailing with through all of this time.

    Now I've been to the Shores of Gold, and conquered all Tall Tale commendations. I've seen this game grow so much over the past year, and I look forward to seeing it grow and prosper even more!

    First Set Sail on May 29

  • Excuse me... was some time I dont added more content here... now im returning!

  • I had died while with my party doing a bunch of missions when I respawned in a weird dungeon! I kept dying and respawning in this place but was able to make it to a boss called the Gold Hoarder. I fought for a long time but ultimately died and was respawned with my actual ship.

    Weirdest glitch I have EVER had. It straight up put me in, what I assume, is a tall tale dungeon!

  • My crewmate recorded this video of being killed by the Meg recently. What struck us as funny was the 'normal' shark also trying to attack her at the end, after she had already been killed! Watch, to the right of the harpoon:

    alt text

    Meg Shark: "I eat you!"
    Player: "Oh no, I'm dead"
    Normal Shark: "I eat you, too!"

  • So... this is a very odd story I had to share. I decided to try to hunt skeleton ships for the captain skeleton skull. Needed one more to get the bonecrusher wheel. I spotted on and started heading to it. It was in a storm too, which is great news... or so I thought. Not until they started shooting nonstop sleeping balls and forced me not to repair or bail. I was solo on a sloop, and she went down. I also remembered I had my rowboat and saw the skeleton galleon was half way sunk.

    I followed closely behind through the storm, almost lost the rowboat, and waiting for the rain to sink her... it didn't. She left the storm and I try bailing water into her. It is not working for me since I kept getting shot, had no food, and didn't want to die. I was sure I would lose... until I saw where she was heading. Hidden Spring Keep.

    It was a gift from God that she headed that way. I raced in front of her, dodging the sniper. If it got me it would have been game over. I raced as fast as I could row, grabbed food and a single explosive. I then raced in front of her, and dropped the barrel in her path, rowing away. I then waited anxiously. Very slowly she crawled. Then she touched it with the kraken figurehead's jaw. BOOM, and 5 seconds later, she went under. She didn't have the skull though, but either way it was worth it. Rowed to Sanctuary Outpost and sold it.

    Now I got bragging rights that I sunk a skeleton ship, solo, with a rowboat and minimal supplies.

  • Pirate Tribune
    Week 2
    May 16, 2019

    Hello my fellow pirates! For I am back with week 2 of my on going series! This week one of my friends just got to the Sea of Thieves. I trained him the best I could and we did loads of Skull Forts to get more trust and reputation from the three training companies. I have also spectated 40+ games of arena in the past couple of weeks for cool cosmetics. I have obtained 6 new obsidian items and a figurehead for my ship. I highly recommend that everyone checks this out because it is really fascinating. I wish everyone good luck in the Sea of Thieves. If you were wondering how to obtain this loot, head over to Mixer. I wish I had more to share, but this week has been mostly just farming gold with my friend. Farewell, I will speak to you all again next week!

    Captain Pirate Tribune

  • Who ever you are, I hope you find this and we meet up again sometime!

    So There I was, alone on my sloop as is always the case anymore. I know my limits, I can hold my own and do pretty well for myself with no crew which is the way I like it. That said, I am always excited to meet a friendly player, but that is rare indeed. So I had just finished a slew of missions, and was holding a pretty large amount of loot. I had sailed to Plunder Outpost to sell and passed another sloop leaving. We got close enough for me to yell with my horn so I did but no response. I was wary but went ahead and parked to sell. No one attacked, no mermaids, just me and a rather large amount of gold. As I sold my last chest, I sailed off towards the very close sloop now only one island away. I will admit, I was logging out soon and was willing to risk being attacked to try and make a friend. As I closed in on the sloop a Meg just popped out and started to circle. At this point I chose to hunt the shark as I really like their reward both after the fight and during! I was so close to the island and other sloop that they could have shot me while my anchor was dropped but they did no such thing. It's a long fight solo in a sloop and nearly drained all my wood but I got it! Then, my biggest fear was realized as the sloop turned sail and headed my way just as the loot pooped up. Ready to fight I swam and grabbed the meat and best loot and swam back to arm cannons. To my surprise as the sloop closed in it raised it's sails and a friendly voice said "hello! I saw you fighting that meg, do you need any help?". I was so surprised that the sloop was also solo, and offering me help, and being friendly! Unfortunately I didn't even get their name before another shark popped up! You guys, the first sharks body had JUST sank!!! The poor sloop didn't seem to be ready for it and the Meg specifically targeted them. The other pirate was knocked off their boat, which sank rather fast. They swam on my boat for safety but the shark then hit my boat killing them as I guess they had low health. I did not know their name, no way to find them and needed to call it quits soon. I felt bad, as they had some loot floating in the waves from their ship. I was truly excited for the polite gesture of the player.

    Thank you mystery pirate! If you read this, and this is you, message me!

  • I was solo on a sloop going for Maraudar arch when I noticed a Brigantine parking at a nearby island.
    As soon as I lowered the sail the Brig (full PL 10 customize) started chasing me from Maraudar arch all the way to Morrow's peak outpost with the wind in our face to make the chase as much boring as possible.

    At the outpost I turned the ship and launch myself to get the shore of gold quest then started heading north with the Brig still on my tail, with the pursuers trying to shoot themselves on my ship a few times.

    I managed to reach the red sea but with the protection of the shroudbreaker I could still go on and of course the other ship didn't had it.
    Turned the wheel to make my ship go in circle and shoot myself near their ship just to taunt them.
    At some point they decided to try their luck and chased me in the red sea to eventually sink when reaching the "edge of the map".

    Went back to where they sunk to find out they had lots of loot, got it all on board and the best part.... they chased me for a good 30+ minutes and I had NO LOOT!!

  • The wife and I finally encountered the shrouded ghost. Pink on top pink eyes very pretty and extremely aggressive. As soon as it surfaced it immediately attacked the side of the ship and sent us both flying off the sloop. I know we were a bit disappointed, we managed to save the ship and turned around to go back to its area, upon returning though a yellow one spawned in its place. Lol I feel if you make a shark this rare, at least allow us to fight it when returning lol. At any rate it was nice to see and the fact it just took a chunk out of us right off the bad made it feel like a shark battle for the ages. Also not sure if this helped, but we did have an ashen legends chest, having just completed the devils roar Athena voyage, we were almost at the outpost to turn in. I know we plan on testing this theory in the future, perhaps an Athena chest triggers it.

  • Just thought I'd share an old tale which was prior to the commendation for stealing another crew's Athena chest. I was towards the end of the grind for PL 10 and most of my friends were not online so I joined with a random crew from LFG. The players were all newer so it ended up being one of the longest Athena runs I ever had to do. This was partially my fault as I was busy doing some things around the house so I was multi-tasking and would help as needed. During our travels we meet another crew doing an Athena quest and they sounded French so we nicknamed them the Frenchies and started an alliance. They were efficient and completed their quest probably an hour before ours was final so they switched to merchant quests.

    Two of my crew ended up having the leave due to the length of time (I think they were happy with the half rep for Athena the Frenchies so kindly provided us with) so I put up a post on LFG to find us some replacements. My other crewmate invited his friend right away and I soon after invited a British guy from LFG. At this point we only had a couple skeles and a riddle map left and I had friended one of the Frenchies who asked if we needed any help because they were getting low on time. So I said yes and they came to help us clear these maps. Well the original crew member's friend turned out to be kinda of a jerk. After we had cleared the first skele map with the Frenchies' help (they even loaded the skulls to our ship) this jerk says that he's going over to the Frenchies' ship to practice sword fighting. I told him not to do this because they were helping us and due to the language barrier they may take his sword fighting the wrong way. Sure enough he ignored our warnings and killed a couple of them before their captain sent him to the ferry. So by then some private messages had been sent amongst the rest of us and we decided to brig the jerk in our jail. He of course made the comment that he didn't care if he sat in the brig, he was going to wait it out until he got the Athena chest rep. The British guy and I then noticed my original crewmate had put us on a course into the red sea and before we could drop anchor we had entered this deadly area and were starting to take damage so we quickly put him in the brig as well.

    Our boat was surely lost (same with our loot for the whole play session minus two maps) so I went down to the brig to play some music as we sank and then the weirdest thing happened. When I spawned back onto the new ship I was now inside the brig even though I was never voted in and there was no way possible to be since it was just me and British guy as the only active crew members. So now we had a galleon being sailed by the British guy and the other 3 of us were in the brig. I then asked the British guy to vote out the original crew member of mine (there's was no option for me due to I was never voted in there in the first place) to see if they could both vote me into the brig and then wait it out to vote me back out. But the British guy said he didn't want to take a chance even though my original crewmate promised to play nice.

    I couldn't believe this, I told him I was the one who invited him to this Athena quest that was almost finished and I didn't want to spend my time in the brig. He said he did not care and didn't need our help since he had the Frenchies with us. This angered me to the point where I messaged the Frenchies and told them the situation. I told them I didn't care if I got credit for the Athena chest and would throw it into the ocean if I had the chance to. At this point I wanted them to steal it and break the alliance because nobody on that ship deserved that chest at this point in my opinion. The Frenchies said back that they were willing to do this and asked if I wanted to be invited to the their crew for the turn in. It turned out that they had been a man short for a while now since we had taken so long. I told them they would be my best friends in the world if they did this but asked for them to wait to invite me until they were super close to the turn in so that way the British guy couldn't invite back up in time or to un-brig the jerks.

    So it had been a good 20-30 minutes since I had heard a word out of the British guy (he no longer had a need to talk to me since he knew I was mad that he wouldn't try to get me out of the brig) when he unmuted his mic and started complaining that my French friends had dug up the Athena chest, put in onto their ship and sailed away in a hurry. So he thought they were gonna turn it in for themselves. I informed him the situation was worse than he knew. I told him that I was actually in contact with that crew and I was leaving this crew to join their crew in a quick minute and that we would be immediately breaking the alliance at that point so that none of them would get credit for the quest. He was so surprised he didn't even reply back. I then quickly accepted the Frenchies game invite, loaded into the Frenchies' game, saw the pop up that the alliance was broken, and then one of them was waiting in the tavern so almost instantly I got the Athena rep. This was the first Athena chest I ever stole and it was originally mine LOL!

  • Talked 3 friends into getting back into SOT
    Loaded up galleon full of supplies then took off
    Kraken spawn as soon as we take off
    Kraken immediately wraps around the hull entrance
    Kraken head on other side of the wrapped tentacle, no way to fire, no way go down and repair the ship
    Ship sinks
    Friends say stuff like this is why they don't play anymore, getting sunk by something that is out of their control.
    They log off to go play a different game.
    The End.

  • Y'aaaargh me hearties...
    T'is a while since I truly sailed these seas and spent time wi' me crew, yet wi' a very low hung head at the moment, three fine Pirates in @J4dio , @DeviOusDogz and @Clumsy-George took me out in their fine vessel to experience these new tales.

    Oh what a glorious voyage it be, wi' fine old Sshteeve enjoyin' castin' the line and many a splashy fish be caught that eve.

    The tale be fun an' with a riddle or two to boot; though i be wonderin' how new adventures less learned in our ways and isles be knowin' where to look from Galadriel's mirror clues...

    It warmed me heart te see old Merrick back, only to have me joy dashed to hear about his relationship woes... I can only hope if I throw enough Kraken meat her way she will see her errors and go back to our fine legless comrade...

    And so me evenin' ended on a high, with plenty of rep to a new faction and me first tale told.

    I shall be back on the seas for real in a month or so, but fer now it was enough... it was enough.

  • Well there i be, pleasently mindin' me own bee'swax where me ship be birthed, just stockin' her up - as i always do when 'bout to set to sail. theen, this galleon comes a rollin' in seein' em early enough i jump on me ship, unfurl her sails and after a brief chase and they be shootin' at me - (missin' every shot i add) i got away . I takes her down to the Devils Roar.....to finish fillin' her hold.....and head straight back to the scene of the attempted crime......i reach it, and woe-behold there the galleon be - so not forgetin' our initial "meetin'" i unfurl me sails and make way to attack.....Every shot hit but she fled, so i be turnin' to finish me work and woe and behold! a bloody krakan gets me in its vice i lost me ship all me cargo but i did not go down without a fight!
    Karma?? nay! more like that bloody krakan makes it's way for me, if there be karma it be the galleon it got :/

  • Gonna spin my yarn about how the tall tales have been going for me and a friend lately. nothing detail heavy on the tales themselves just the pvp experiences during them.

    im revan and my ship mate is named the know. hes relatively inexperienced at sot but is an experienced gamer and full of enthusiasm haha. i lured him back to the game with the new update and began some tall taleage with him. id already done 3 tales solo so i had an idea of what was what at this early point. solo, no one had interrupted me. i saw one other sloop and helped them solve something in their book that was it.

    AS SOON AS THEKNOW SET FOOT ON MY SLOOP, we got attacked haha. was a brig. i fancy myself pretty skilled at pirate to pirate combat and a slippery captain. this crew had some serious mvp's though. we got tossed like it was nothing. i didnt kill him once and he killed us like 5 times each haha. WELCOME TO TALL TALES THEKNOW!

    finally we sank and after respawn we headed to the first destination. no issues, then did the other bits and headed to the last part of first quest where you go underwater to solve the tomb. LOOK WHO IS THERE. mvp brig just waitin for us.

    they werent really waiting lol they were starting the quest there! so i just sailed by and dove off as they cannoned. had theknow follow me under and we locked ourselves in the tomb underwater. i let him discover how to beat the puzzle on his own as we heard mvp destroying our unmanned sloop above. after the puzzle was solved and the tomb opened we spread out like a swat team and carefully came out the cavern. in the water we saw the mvper's searching the magpie sunken ship. we sprung up on them and got our murderous revenge! and teleported back to our ship. unfortunately we werent able to take the quest item and it was time to go hhaha.


    so we got on again and tried again. this time there was a damn galleon there. it was noob decorated tho and they were not able to keep up with our sloopin around the uncharted island so i knew even with 4 we were probably gona be fine. i jumped off and got the magpie papers and then teleported back to theknow and our sloop. the galleon was persistent.

    they followed us for the next two hrs.

    i managed to direct theknow to sail us wherever the clues led and meanwhile i hopped off at our chasers and boarded to pull the anchor usually buying a minute or two. when they were all bunched up they handled me but if it was two or less i was generally able to thwart them and delay them even longer. still they would not quit and got better time after time. they seemed to be learning. started trying to prevent my boards, trying to hold the dropping anchor and using wind and harpoons to their advantage.

    luckily i already knew all these things and instructed theknow how to best stay out of their reach. i even shot off their harpoons a few times cause im a crack shot like that ;) anyways our final tomb was at crooks hallow. and boy was there a storm brewin there. perfect for the final showdown.

    we were at the wind disadvantage so they were gaining quickly. i jumped to the island from the cover of the storm and seawater. after they passed i went to solve the tomb. all the while theknow is shrieking and sounding like things got pretty desperate. i had him circle the island as i would need pick up and i knew it would throw off the not so perfect galleon crew especially in a storm.

    after some time i did all the required tasks to get the shroud breaker and thats when it happened. theknow came around the bend and got harpooned right in front of me. rain was pouring and lightning crashing all about. the coral skellies were raising like mad as they do when you get the final quest item. theknow shouted his last words as he died to canon fire 'we are done for!' he told me the ship was getting shredded and we had no chance. i said hold my grog young man.

    i dropped the quest item and sword dashed to our sloop. i shot the harpoon and their ship began to drift out of a suitable cannoning range by the storms desire and twisting of their helm. i did a couple bails and raised our anchor. we started to sail out of the storm and i knew we had made it but there was more to do.

    theknow came back and fixed all damage and we sailed back to the quest item. the galleon crew had still not gained full control back and we had time to anchor and grab our loot. we headed off into the deep of the storm and came out the otherside alone. idk what happened to that galleon but i like to believe they drown in their own humiliation and fury from being out done by a sloop for hours.

    was pretty amazing. nothing is more intense than trying to read a dang puzzle book and figure out where to go while cannons and harpoons are whizzing by haha. only in sot.

  • So we are on a full gallion at the shore of gold inside the temple fighting the final boss. And we keep hearing canon fire. Well there is another crew at the island. We finished the boss got the skull and found out the other crew sunk our ship. Invited them to our party and asked why did you sink our ship? And his response was “it’s a pirate game!” Fair enough. So we snuck on their ship and found out they had the final medallion to get into the temple so we took it when they weren’t looking and sailed away. Guy from the other ship messaged me said give me back the medallion. I wrote back and said “ it’s a pirate game. Then sent a picture of us standing behind the medallion at the outpost to him after we sold our skull

  • After doing a Skull afore solo, my life flashed before my eyes. I was sailing back to an outpost when my ship decided to nose dive into the water. My heart stopped as I looked around and saw nothing but open water. Keep in mind, on the clip it looks as if the screen is glitching out, but in the moment everything was smooth. I watched my ship submerge into the water and disappear as if it sunk. Within seconds though, I was saved by who knows what, a skeleton lord, a pirate god, or maybe even The Shroudbreaker. Watch as my ship decides to go swimming with the fishies.Was this the Sea of Thieves devs pulling a prank, someone trying to crash the server, or was it just the curse of bad WiFi. I’m going to go with the third option if I had to make a guess.

  • Today I was travelin peacfully through the fog. On me quest to find meself a Shrouded Ghost. And having heard the tales that the shark could appeare easier if I be travelin in fog. So I did.

    While searchin the fog for the beasty. I hear a strange cry comin from the sea. A cry I have never heard the likes of before. If I where to describe it. I sounded like a whale of some sort. I heard the cry several times before being attacked by a red Megalodon. Which I took down with ease.

    Now tell me laddies, have any of you heard similar sound while in the fog. And could ya tell me what it might be that makes these cries in the fog.

  • Pirate Tribune
    May 9th

    Ahoy my Scallywags! Today I write the first diary entry of my long, dangerous, mystical voyages across the vast Sea of Thieves. Last week a large milestone came up in the land of the Sea of Thieves. A group known as the “Sea Dogs” visited me and my fellow crew mates. They seem to have set up a competitive blood seeking death match. I’m not the fighting type and look for more adventure, so I don’t have much experience with these new booty hunters. A group of people have developed a new way to collect food. I believe they call it “Fishing.” They call themselves “The Hunters.” These two new companies have so much potential in the Sea of Thieves and I am very excited to see what they have in store. Lastly, my favorite thing that has come up in the last week are the “Tall Tales.” The guy in the tavern finally has something to say. He started our journey across the Sea to seek out the “Shores of Gold.” I’m not sure if I’m the best pirate fit for the job, but I have a lot of sailing to do to think this one over. It seems that this is the longest journey that the Sea of Thieves has ever had. All in all, this has officially been the best week in Sea of Thieves history and I cannot wait to see what else jumps out of the murky water in the updates to come to Sea of Thieves.

    Captain Pirate Tribune
    Until next time!

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  • So I just got done with my 5th attempt at the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, and I’m a little mad to say the least. So I was doing this all as a one man sloop, as my crew is off on vacation most of this week. It takes me a while to do the first part of the quest, but I get it done within about 20 minutes. It then takes me about 10 minutes to follow the magic compass to kill Briggsy and takes me about 5 minutes to then kill her. So you think that the next part of of going back to Plunder Outpost would be easy, right? Well, every time I finally get off the island I either get A: attacked by the Kraken B: attacked by enemy players in a full galleon and C: a skeleton ship hints me down out of no where. I don’t know if I’m just really unlucky but I was furious trying to redo stuff I’ve done before and always getting wrecked by variables outside of my control. On my most recent try (and quite possibly the last), I got the skull and then a storm moved into my position at the dead of night, then the Kraken spawned on me and then proceed to suck me into its mouth. By the time I finally got free of its grasp, I get spat out on my ship which just sank. I then proceeded to hitch a ride on a mermaid, thinking I could go back and pick up my skull, but I spawn from Mermaid’s Hideaway all the way to Smuggler’s Bay. By the time I was about halfway there, the treasure despawned and I failed the quest. I’m just trying to get the cool curse thing but I can’t seem to even beat it once. I guess I need to pray to RNGsus more but right now I’m just ticked right now and I feel like going to play a different game because I’m just really fed up with this. I love this game and I’ve played since the beta but this...this is what butters my biscuit.

    Thanks for reading, have a good one!

  • Earlier today as I was adventuring around and I had found a chest of sorrow and was on my way to an outpost to sell it, when I ran into a skeleton ship. I had some cursed cannon balls so I stopped their ship and was in a position where they couldn't shoot me. Then I had an idea. I grabbed the chest of sorrow and planted on their ship and just watched as I sank their ship . then I could take all their loot. It was awesome!

  • Hello,

    PVP player and exclusively PVP on Sea Of Thieves for over a year now, I want to share my feelings and my vision of things in the game right now.
    Unfortunately, it's not that good.

    Talking about updates, they are very good and there is something to do. Damned canonballs add something very interesting to the game.
    Balancing weapons is perfectible, especially for the sword, but in overall that's OK.

    In fact, the problem is not the content of the game, but players.

    SOT offers a world where PVE quests can be accomplished, while having a completely free PVP. There is no safe place, and everyone can kill any other crew, even in an alliance.
    The game is meant to be "PVPVE".

    Players are therefore supposed to make PVE content, while paying attention to their environment and potential attack. When a boat is in sight, we can choose to attack it or not.
    Unfortunately, the reality is very far away.

    The problem is the players on Sea Of Thieves absolutely do not know how to fight, flee and ignore all the PVP aspect.
    When I approach a boat to attack it, here are the possible reactions of the other crew, sort from more to less frequent:

    • The opponents do not see us coming. My crew dances on their boat while waiting for their return, and we then smash them.
    • The opponents see us arrive, and immediately decide to flee for a long time.
    • The opponents let us approach them, tell us they are friendly. We usually earn insults when we tell them we want to fight.
    • The opponents immediately scuttle their ship when they understand they will soon be attacked.
    • The opponents will try to defend themselves, but they are far too badly positioned and / or not ready at all for defense.
    • The opponents give us a real counter attack (should represent 3% of cases)

    Also note that our acts of piracy are often accompanied by insults.
    According to some people, we would ruin the game, and we do not have a personal life.
    It's been over a month since I've received a single attack from another crew. We must always be on the initiative.

    The overall level of players is seriously low.
    Understand me well, I am not an incredibly good player. I have a good level in PVP, but I am very far from the level you can see on some known streamers.
    But sessions without any challenge comes most of the time. We explode the entire server, everyone ragequit, too hard to have fighting spirit on the part of our opponents, and in less than an hour we find ourselves in an empty server.

    I am well aware that the "Skill" in PVP is not innate to everyone. Flick-shot and a good aim, this kind of mechanics, it's not for everyone. I accept it.
    But please, a minimum of combativeness ...

    • Is it too hard to watch the boats coming in while you're doing your quest?
    • Stop full sail at anchor in front of an island, seriously?
    • Escape for an hour, that's all you can do?
    • A minimum of combativeness, it is possible? Maybe try to fight back?

    And this kind of player, not happy to be, how to say ... really not very good in PVP, ask PVE servers, to be sure to be able to do their quests PVE in peace.
    Although Rare said no (and luckily), that will happen with the release of The Arena: the good players who know how to defend themselves, so rare on SOT, will go in this new game mode , separating the PVP community and PVE.

    The good news with the patch that arrives is thanks to harpoons, fleeing professionals will have to change their strategy.
    But ... do I really want to continue chasing these not head chickens ?

  • It involves the last minute and a half of an intense battle in The Arena. There was the sounds of canon fire abroad. The clanging of metal swords filled the air. The sound of the waves crashing told us that we were in the thick of it. The need for blood was swelling.... it was a great experience to have during the last 1.5 minutes of the battle as I starred at my black respawn screen, watching the wheel spin. No greater moment than that right there. The audio in the game is superb. It is almost like I was able to play the game.

    Seriously, Rare.... Replace the respawn mechanics. After the animation ends... I should be popping back up on the screen.

  • What are they and how are they obtained?

  • An Idiot On A Boat
    There was two men, @Oxoidio, and @Kavaurus, and on one fateful day, these two not-so legendary pirates defeated 3 Skull Forts, killed 6 Krakens,and defeated two Megalodons- The Shrouded Ghost and the Shadowmaw. These not-yet legendary pirates were sailing to Golden Sands Outpost to sell their legendary loot and when they got there, there was a gallion filled with 4 Athena 10 Pirate Legends, and slowly but surely, killed all of them over and over until they rage quit from the game... what suckers. Once they sold all of their loot, they reached level 50 in all trading companies and became pirate legends. One day, the men finished their skull fort grind, and on the way to the outpost, they killed multiple sloops and brigantins, and one gallion as well as defeating the kraken, and then somehow scraped a rock and instantly sunk (They never saw that rock before even though they travel this route all the time). Just in the distance, Zykbrad, ToddKwest, and Captain Jack Sparrow were onboard the Black Pearl, and they spotted their most favorite people in the world sinking, Oxoido and Kavaurus. Oxoido was favored among Kavaurus, so they sailed over and recued him first. Sadly, both the legend's clothing magically disappeared when they were lifted out of the water, as Harry Potter flew away on his broomstick that was used to clean up after his dog. As soon as they were onboard, Zylbrad noticed that they might be suffering from hypothermia, and since they didn't have any blankets on board, they had to warm them up with their own naked bodies. Sadly, Todd just happened to have a gunpowder barrel left over from last time... wait no a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel, and when he embraced Kavaurus, it blew up, instantly sinking the Black Pearl. Captain Jack Sparrow cried while he was naked. Luckily, the Flying Dutchman was just off shore, waiting for them to leave, so they came over and warmed up the crew with their naked bodies. Todd was exiled from the crew, but he blew up every ship that came by them. They are such jerks. As they were sailing, all naked warming eachother up, a meteor entered the SOT Realm, and hit the flying Dutchman, killing them mall. The only survivor was Oxoidio, when it was revealed they he was the one who sent the meteor to eliminate all of his rivals. Sadly, Oxoido was a god and he coudnt die from Hypothermia, so he was transported to the Pirate Lord's hideout place thing to warm up and be crowned the new pirate lord! Oxoidio hated the Pirate Lord, so the first thing he ordered his enslaved players to do was eliminate the Singh family. It was successful, and a cleaner SOT was forged.
    The end.

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