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  • Was on an open galleon last night with some really sound fellas i stumbled upon. Just finish selling our loot at the outpost and see another galleon pull up..

    They have fancy sails and seem well dressed so i think theyre fair game and decide to rob them.

    Now having seen the various videos of a certain streamer lately we all know how to sneak onto a ship in a stealth fashion i decide that a more direct approach may be more appropriate so i board the ship 'good evening chaps just here to rob you' i announce boldly walking into their captains quarters.

    3 of them are in there and they have all the loot on the bed.. theyre very methodical chaps as they have formed an orderly queue up to the loot and wait their turn to take a piece.

    Being british, i decided the only appropriate thing to do in this situation was join said queue and wait my turn. As i did the 4th pirate returned and also joined the queue.. behind me!

    It was like being in tesco (or m&s or aldi depending on how posh you are when it comes to your weekly shop)

    When i get to the front of the queue i whip out my bag for life (im no fool, i aint paying 10p for a bag) pick up a skull and have it on my merry way.

    After a leisurely stroll to the proprieters of skulls r us i return to their ship and help myself to a chest which i proceed to sell..

    When i return the 3rd time all this shopping has left me a little tired and i know a tea break is imminent so am in need of a labour saving technique

    They dont seem to have a work experience boy on duty to carry the remaing chests to the island for me so i start to load their rowboat.

    Well, this must have been the point their security manager came back from his break as all of a sudden i heard someone shout at me then shoot me in the back.

    They then cannoned our ship until it sunk my cheering about how ill never steal their treasure (apart from the skulls and chests id already had?)

    It was so surrealstrikethrough text

  • Nothing extravagant just a fun little moment-

    A crewmate and I were joyriding on a shark, when our third crew member Ceyri hopped on and managed to make the shark leap out of the air and do a spin. Anyone can dance on a shark, but to make a shark dance? Thats talent.

  • My spouse and I were nearing the end of an Athena voyage. Even on nights we decide to focus on voyages we are always open for where the wind takes us. Even though we like sailing a sloop with just the two of us, we also like making alliances. Not for sharing the rewards, but for the pleasure of playing together with others. We also can have a lot of fun also sailing with allies under the Jolly Roger. It is the potential to meet and make new friends no matter how the sea may be calling to us at the time that can make alliances worth it.

    It was a very quiet evening. We were just a few stops away from getting to dig up our Chest of Legends. There had been no other ships spotted until a galleon turned our way under the glow of moonlight. We were sailing with our lights on as they were. As any pirate worth their salt we did not alter our course to our next destination. We simply kept a watchful eye on them as we assumed they were on us.

    With no fear of having to evade them and curiosity of wondering what type of encounter might be coming our way, the galleon closed in aligning their sails to follow in line behind us. We slowed our pace to allow them to get within shouting range with our speaking trumpets. They spoke first. They said they were happy to see another ship and wanted to make an alliance. However, they pleaded that we needed to stop in order to do so. There was a small island with a few pillar like rock formations just off our bow. We raised our sails and slowed to a stop around the far end of the island.

    The galleon crew was slow to raise their sails despite the desperate commands of their captain. They dropped their anchor late plowing straight into the opposite end of the island, their ship resting in frame by the rocks. The captain, we assumed as he was the one giving the orders to the crew, said they needed to repair their ship. One of their crew not realizing we could hear them and out of their anxiousness to carry out their true intentions, asked "can we go kill them now". The captain replied no, help repair the ship first.

    We waited till they made their repairs and returned to the upper deck. The captain shouted that they were coming over to greet us. I lowered our sails and our trusty little sloop moved forward. I took helm as my spouse asked for a good firing window. I guided our sloop around the island. The starboard cannon belched out a carefully aimed cannonball causing the galleon crew to spin on their heels and run to their ship. It did not matter. The cannonballs continued, needling between the rocks landing true. As each one did in succession until we had spun all the way around filling the galleon up with holes on both sides. The last we heard before we sailed on to finally collect some skellie captain heads was "I told you there are toxic players. They are probably Pirate Legends."

    That brings this story to the second galleon we encountered at the end of our voyage that night. We were sailing back to turn in our last glorious haul for the evening. A galleon approaches in the distance towards us from our starboard side. As they close in someone shouts out that we needed to drop anchor and be prepared to be boarded. That our lives would be spared if we handed over all that we had onboard and agreed to be their slaves. No slip of intentions this time.

    Knowing what our answer was going to be nothing needed to be said to each other. My spouse raised the sails as I turned to meet their demands, or so we wanted them to think. Facing each other we drifted towards one another. I had turned the ship wide across the path of their bow to come up along side them at a safe distance. Requiring the galleon crew to traverse the space between us and keep us within good firing range. Before our ships slowed to a stop across from one another the galleon dropped anchor.

    A member of their crew climbs into a cannon at the same time. Another crew member aims that cannon and fires it as a third climbs into their rowboat hanging off their stern. The fired crew member soars flailing overhead to land in a splash. The rowboat drops into the water with a kerplunk and a person onboard. A cannonball misses as my spouse drops sail before running to our cannon. We had both assumed without a word spoken that we would give them our answer as they attempted to climb onboard. The wind now said otherwise.

    Our trusty sloop once again smoothly turned at my light coaching spinning the wheel. I spun our sloop around the galleon as every shot from our cannon splintered their hull and sent the crew onboard to meet the Ferryman. We made a perfect circle around the galleon and continued looping. We continued giving them our inventory of cannonballs as requested. I am sure it was not exactly what was requested and most certainly not how. We were still very generous. At the end of our second spin around the galleon, it turned belly up and sunk to the soothing deep below.

    I kept us in a loop to see what might float to the surface. The crew was climbing into the rowboat they had planned to use to shuttle our well earned booty to their ship. Being the pirates we are, we Never Say Die and we Never Surrender. We set forth for no king's orders or anyone else who shall attempt to force their rule upon us. Therefore we looped our sloop around one more time, this time around their rowboat. We watched as chests were being loaded aboard. As we spun around towards being off the bow of their rowboat, my spouse shot the only cannonball that missed both galleons that night. The person standing in the front of the rowboat proclaimed "you missed". Which was quickly followed with "no you didn't" as the following volley hit and sank their wooden life preserver.

    I then righted our ship in the direction of the outpost we were heading towards before being greeted by a second galleon. We turned in our chest and headed to the tavern. We proceeded with getting drunk on grog to celebrate before logging off.

    Moral of the story? Never assume because you are in a galleon that a sloop cannot open a barrel of whoop.

  • Come round me once more pirate lads,
    as well me pirate lasses.
    And hear me tell another tale
    While the cold of night it passes.

    Me bro in law I've now convinced
    to join me on the seas.
    And what an epic night we had!
    Though it was not a breeze.

    A crew of Jordans we two sail
    the same moniker apportioned.
    A running joke our family tells
    blown far out of proportion.

    At ancient spire we started off,
    the sun it shone so bright.
    But a couple chests and mermaids in
    itched for a proper fight.

    For Skelly ships we scanned the seas,
    but scant they were around.
    But much to our great joy did see
    that galleon shaped cloud.

    We sailed northwest as fleet we could
    straight through a mighty squall.
    But barely from the course we strayed,
    by Skelly loot enthralled.

    Once on the other side we saw
    how far we'd yet to go.
    "Is there a chance we'll be too late?"
    We hoped and willed not so.

    Thru shores of plenty quickly sailed
    past isle after isle.
    The wind it was against us now,
    this still could take a while.

    When to the ship-shaped cloud arrived
    the music it did cue.
    We knew the fight was on forthwith,
    bring on that Skelly crew!

    Two sloops burst forth from choppy waves
    and solid fight did give.
    But twixt we twain we handled all,
    our little ship did live.

    Once they were done two more arrived,
    to give us both what for.
    For such small ships they absorbed our hits,
    soon we would need to board.

    For we were low on cannonballs
    we thought we'd come prepared.
    For food and planks we still were set
    (despite many repairs.)

    Soon they submerged and loot bobbed up
    though there was little time.
    Out to the shining swag I swam
    this loot was mine, all mine!

    A skull or two I'd so far caught
    when the Captain's music started.
    Now here would be our biggest test,
    back to our sloop I darted.

    Now low on shot we made hits count
    on one but less the other.
    The Captain's ship we'd hardly touched
    but I had faith in my brother!

    Soon we'd be completely out
    in panic mode I ran.
    Straight to their deck the ladder climbed,
    when into us they rammed.

    Now here mistakes I'd made twofold,
    my cannonballs were full.
    And now as well were down a man
    to fix the many holes.

    Quite soon after my ill-timed jump,
    I found myself quite dead.
    And he was found quite by himself,
    where had my choice now led?

    Once from the damned ferry's decks
    I managed to return.
    Just in the to watch us sink,
    my soul with rage did burn.

    Our wee rowboat we climbed aboard,
    at least we'd grab our stuff.
    My intrepid soul sunk with our ship,
    that fight had been quite rough.

    When suddenly we heard and saw,
    a Skelly galleon sink!
    Apparently we'd done enough
    before we met the drink.

    Now only one of them remained,
    a new plan we did frame.
    If "Rowboat Jordan" I be called,
    best live up to my name!

    Now explanation's called for here,
    this name me mates bestowed.
    For e'er the first in line I am
    When there's boats that need be rowed.

    Four powder kegs had bobbed back up
    from our wreckage down beneath.
    So when the Captain's ship came round,
    the boom box I'd bequeath.

    Four times I'd have to this dance,
    and four times not to die.
    Or elsewhere with the ship I'd spawn
    and just break down and cry.

    But by some miracle survive I did
    each pass and then each boom.
    Leapt from explosions like action stars,
    one more and they were doomed!

    So one last time we rowed about
    this great rock in the waves.
    Waiting for their final pass
    and blow them to watery graves.

    One final BOOM and yet they sailed,
    could still have more gall?
    Soon waves about their deck did lap,
    we'd done it after all!

    Out to the rising swag we rowed,
    the waves our Rowboat tossed.
    The several captains skulls and chests
    made up for what we'd lost.

    Now began the journey long,
    to cash in our hard earned prize.
    And in our tiny rowing boat,
    more safe from greedy eyes.

    A full day to row it nearly took,
    by dark we hit the sand
    of sanctuary Outposts shores.
    Never happier to see land.

    So now when ye are sinking fast,
    don't pout that ye are done.
    Just think of Rowboat Jordan's tale,
    by small means was greatness won!

  • As a solo player( I can't find anyone in the Xbox community (yes I know its cross playform) that is as active as I am.) So I sail my Sloop across all 9 Seas, killing skeletons, and using rowboats to take other Pirate's treasure. But I have encounteres way too many Crackens. As a solo on a Sloop, you stand almost no chance against the Cracken. After all, you have to repair anywhere between two and 5 holes when it hits you, and you can't just sail away. Then you have to bail the water from said holes, and finally, you can shoot the cracken again. But oops, you took too long, and as you get on your cannon, ready to broadside some Kalamari, BOooOoOoM! Cracken smacks yer ship again.

    And don't even get me started on what happens as a solo of he just removes ya from yer deck.

    C ya soon, n sail the 9 seas!

  • Not really an exciting story, but its a story of a crew that almost made me lose my cool.

    Day started out normal. Started a sloop with my crew mate, we got the ship stocked, stopped by a fort for some Barrels. Fought a few ships here and there. Some stood there ground pretty well while others tried to run. We sank them all.

    Then it happened. The sloop that caused us so much pain. We noticed that a particular sloop had been to a few islands so we thought maybe the sloop had some loot.

    We get close, they actually turn to engage. We fight. Its pretty close but we are landing our shots more often and catching their ladders. They decide to make a break for it. We chase them. They do all the right things, against the wind, bobbing and weaving around islands. Keep their sails angled.

    They scuttle.....what? Why? We weren't really winning and they weren't really losing.....did they really scuttle? No loot either. Okay

    Go about our business as usual. Same sloop approaches us. Same deal as last time. Fights us. Again, our shots are landing better and we are catching their ladders. They decide to run away doing all the right things....then.....scuttle....?? Again?? What the hell is going on....??

    This happens again for a 3rd time and at this point I'm getting frustrated. They are actually frustrating me with the way they are scuttling......

    Take a deep breath. Go towards The Ancient Isle's from the Wilds. Sink a Galleon that wanted some revenge. We see another sloop. Caught them with their pants down. They try to run, get them with a great anchor ball.....as they hit us with a sleep ball. We sail RIGHT passed their ship. We must have really needed our nap. As we get up, we anchor turn. Try to cut them off. We slowly catch up to them as we keep on the sails better then they do.

    We catch them. Boarding operation takes place. Things happen. Ships circling, cannons firing, players dying. I respawn to our almost sank ship. Thanks to my crew mate who got a lecture about his sillyness afterwards.

    While this whole thing is going on, RAM, player 3 joins the party. "WHAT THE....NOW YOU SHOW UP!" That scuttling sloop came back and rammed us. Is firing cannons. Boarding our boat.

    My crew mate finishes off the first sloop and we get ready for Scuttling Susan over here. I kill the first one but not before they drop our anchor. Their sloop in position, pelting us with cannons. My teammate comes back and gets to repairing. I hit the enemy with a peace ball and buy us some time.

    Crew from sunken sloop spawn with mermaid and try to board. Kill them, get the anchor up, start going after scuttling sloop.

    FINALLY GOING TO GET THAT KILL. I see them bucketing and they start to angle sails and start to sail away. We line up and start the chase. I can taste the victory in the air. Finally I'm going to sink that ship.....and then it happened......they scuttled....again......AGAIN.

    I give those guys props. I actually got twitchy because of their little tactic. One eye squinty while another eye and my shoulder twitches. Good going to the both of you.

    I'm not salty....I was born with this level of salt already.

  • So i am trying to get the bone crusher customization for my ship. I have the cannons but i cant unlock the anchor and wheel until cashing in 20 skeleton captains chest and 20 skeleton captain skulls. So just defeat the skeleton ship clouds once they appear and it should be easy. However, when travelling to them they despawn half of the time before i get there. And when it final decides not to despawn and i complete it. Even if i drop anchor where the captains chest sunk it is a nightmare trying to find where the loot went. 3 out of 5 i have done in the last week i have either not found the loot or on one occasion, found it as it was sinking due to the fact we had to kill the megladon first because it wouldnt leave us alone after it spawned in just as we sunk the ship. There are many easy ways to solve this, either have a smoke, similar to the mermaids, so it is obvious where it is and not just a shine which looks just like the rest of the sea unless your close to it, or have it spawn a rowboat with all the loot on that rises up, or not have it despawn for an hour, not just after five minutes. Please can this be fixed as soon as possible because i couldnt think of anything more frustrating than working for loot that you literally cant find.

  • I was sailing the seas, when I noticed a fellow sloop being attacked by a skeleton galleon. I started sailing over to help them as they only had white sails and were new players. They were sunk by the time i got there, but there was one still in the water. I raised my sails to help. I could here him talking. He sounded young. He said he was coming aboard. I let him board. As soon as he boarded he shot me with a blunderbuss. I could here him bragging about shooting me and stealing my ship. With his crew mate. I respawned, I took him out. Out of principle i found them a few islands over. Sailed up and sank them and then sailed my ship around them in the water. Then left. If you are going to shoot players that come to help make sure that you are a good pirate first. Just a thought for new players.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • Had an overall rough day today. While helping an lfg group with an athenas today were were sunk 5 times the same ship and they literally took all our loot any time we got some. I felt defeated totally. I ended up on a brig this evening with a player named itzmerome and I would consider him an ambassador of the community. He talked about helping new players and alliancing just to help people out. He helped my group do a skull fort and single handedly sunk 3 ships that were hostile. Hes a legend in my book and a reminder that good pirates do exist.

  • Let me tell you a story:
    I was in a crew of 3 (in a galleon) and we were on our way to a skellie fort. We got there and we killed a sloop crew that was already killing skellies. Once we killed them and sunk their ship, we finished off the waves and started gathering loot. We picked up about 4-5 before another galleon comes by. We start getting away from the fort to sell the loot before they take it from us. They meet us at the outpost and start firing at us, but we plank quickly and they are now on our ship. Me, being an awesome PvP pirate, took on two pirates and killed them. Since they didn’t lower their anchor, they smashed into a rock and started sinking. After they sunk, we went back to the fort to get the rest of the loot.
    When we were about to take off, I was in the crows nest looking at about 3 people on a row boat with loot and two gun powder barrels. Because I was so high, I couldn’t see wether or not they were friendly. They jumped off and the gunpowder barrels exploded and created holes. We finished planking and killing them, than took their loot 😂
    After we went back to the outpost and sold our loot, we started making our way to the other skellie fort near by. About a couple seconds out of the outpost, we encountered a kraken and our ship sunk in about 3 minutes.

  • My girlfriend and I were running a sloop the other night, working on a merchant voyage fetching chickens and pigs. Since we started at Dagger Tooth Outpost, Shipwreck Bay was the natural choice to acquire the desired animals. After trapping the single chicken and six pigs to be delivered to Galleon's Grave Outpost, I proceeded to climb the fallen mast of the beached Blackwyche up to the peak of the island to scout the horizon. No ships were seen whilst I scanned over all directions, so there was nothing left to do but head back down. As usual, I elected to dive into the water near our ship to make the fastest decent. I wound up and lunged cutlass first into the ocean below...

    Ś̸͔̰̮̈́P̵̦͓̈͆L̶̛̞̄Ä̵͓́͑̕S̷̡̞̀̉Ĥ̴̥̠͖́̐!!! Oh no, I couldn't see - my screen awash with a single hue of the deep green sea. "This crash seems different," I thought while I restarted my PC. POST was fine, Windows starting loading with its orbiting circles, so far so good... but then blackness. A bit of testing confirmed my worst fears, my GPU was dead - only basic display drivers would operate it successfully, but that meant no hardware acceleration, no gaming. Thankfully, I was able to reclaim a card from a prior generation out of a secondary PC, so I can still sail on the, albeit less beautiful, Sea of Thieves.

    I hope the real-life tangent of this tale is well-received; by no measure do I blame this hardware failure on this game. Likewise, it is not meant as feedback - it was a stochastic failure of an old device. I simply wanted to highlight the serendipitous coincidence between the splash of a hyper-Olympian high-dive in the game and the final crash of my video card. It was the worst fall damage I'd ever experienced...

  • We're no strangers to this cove
    You know the pirate code and so do I
    A pile of treasure is what I'm thinking of
    You wouldn't get this from any other pi…. rate

    I just want you in my alliance
    Gotta make you my crew

    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you

    We've known the song for so long
    Your ships been aching but you're too shy to fix it
    Inside we both know where the planks are
    We know the music and we're gonna play it

    And if you ask me if I'm a guardian
    Don't tell me you're too low for me

    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you
    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you

    Never gonna brig, Never gonna brig
    (Brig you up)
    (Ooh) Never gonna brig, never gonna brig
    (Brig you up)

    We've known the song for so long
    Your ships been aching but you're too shy to fix it
    Inside we both know where the planks are
    We know the music and we're gonna play it

    I just want you in my alliance
    Gotta make you my crew

    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you
    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you
    Never gonna brig you up
    Never gonna let you drown
    Never gonna sail around and maroon you
    Never gonna steal your chest
    Never gonna snatch your skull
    Never gonna blow a keg and hurt you

    (I made a few changes to Merricks original verse)

  • Ahoy fellow pirates! I've recently been tossing about the idea of writing a Sea of Thieves fanfic, as my crew and I have written a lore to our ships and crews, and wanted to piece them together in the form of a short novel, so, I started! This book will tell the backstories of our ships and crew members. All of the stories in this fanfic (excluding some of the character backstories) are real, authentic stories from our time on the seas. So, please tell me what you all think! And as more chapters are added, I'll be sure to update the thread! Fair winds to ye, and I hope to hear what ye think!

    ~Captain Les "Close-Call" Paul

  • It’s 5 in the morning, I’ve been grinding Devils Roar Athena voyages with my buddy in a sloop, with his brother and a random in another. We have 4 chests of legends on board when his brother goes afk. The plan was to trade the chests but the random had other things in mind, he messaged the brother saying that he was gonna sink us with or without him. Needless to say the brother told us and took the wheel and turned them the other way, anchored often etc.
    About an hour later we go a little to close to a skull fort after trying to alliance with a brig (he didn’t speak good English but he agreed, solo brig player) and our ship sunk.

    Another nearby sloop came by and saw me in the water with all of my loot and helped me get it all into their rowboat, so did the brig player. They then waited at the fort with me while my friend brought our ship back. The brig player said that we got 50% of the loot but we didn’t do anything, so we gave it to the sloop and formed an alliance. They got some of our loot as thanks and we are now friends. NOT ALL PIRATES ARE TOXIC ON THIS GAME!

  • We all share the same dream. To be a Pirate legend in the Sea of thieves! Not just to be lvl 50 in all of the factions. But to gain the respect of the community. And ultimately to have your gamertag placed in the game!
    For me personally this has been a fleeting pipe dream. I don’t stream or use Twitter, I play on Xbox, and heck I can’t even get an invite to the pioneer program haha. But that’s never stopped me from being the Pirate I’ve always dreamed of. And I’m here to share a chapter of my #SotStory
    This Adventure began with a simple quest to find the Shrouded Ghost. But like most pirates I quickly learned it wasn’t going to be that simple. Some people just accepted this and moved on. Others like myself get their own taste of what Captain Ahab went through every day that he didn’t find Moby D**k.
    I figured that I would fight the skeleton ships and hope that the ghost spawned on me while doing them. None of my crew shared the same passion for the hunt. So I found myself alone on the seas. Taking down every skeleton ship I could see.
    But everything changed when I noticed the new legendary commendation for skeleton ships “legend of the Sea of thieves.” It was like this little flame started burning inside of me. I immediately wanted to be one one the first people to get this title!
    (I was at grade 2 at this time)
    Since my crew wasn’t playing ball I knew I couldn’t be the very first. But with all of the talk about solo sailing being dead, I wanted to show that it’s alive more than ever by achieving one of the games most difficult commendations completely solo. But to do this I knew I would have to do something truly legendary... Solo sloop an entire skeleton fleet!
    For loss of better words I’ll just say things things didn’t go as planned haha
    Whether it was taking a cannonball to the face, being cursed into oblivion, or just getting knocked off my ship by a sniper/cannonball. I couldn’t catch a break. But It wouldn’t be legendary if it was easy!
    Slowly but surly I learned the dance of the skaleons. And one day It just clicked and I was able to get to the captains round. It was the legendary “three sheets neate” himself!
    The battle raged on longer than I would have liked since I had to defeat him last to get the loot, but eventually I came out victorious. Check that off the Sea of thieves bucket list!
    I didn’t have a single plank or cannonball left and I had a couple holes in my ship so I had to bucket every so often. So I sailed to an outpost as fast as I could.
    But on the way there I saw a naked sloop and it was like something came over me. “Give him the loot.” I said to myself. I’ve always liked giving loot away to new players. But nothing like this. Nothing that I had worked this hard for. But it just felt like the right thing to do for some reason. So to His and my surprise I sailed straight to him and gave him every piece of loot that I had!
    He said that the last ship he saw was also pirate legend and chased him down for an hour just to grief him into a new server. And thanked me for saving his experience because his morale was almost broken. I told him that not all pirates are toxic. And that griefing is not what a real pirate legend does.
    Then boom! That small flame of an idea to started roaring into something I never anticipated. I vowed to give away every bit of loot on my road to “Legend of the Sea of thieves!” If I could improve even just one other players experience then it would be worth it.
    So I set out again. On the same road but with a whole new purpose. I wasn’t just fighting for myself anymore. I was fighting for all of the players around me. To my surprise I was defeating fleets left and right.
    And no matter how beautiful that loot was. I’m a man of my word.
    I couldn’t always find other players nearby. So sometimes I would leave the loot on the docks of an outpost. Always with my signature straw “hat” circle. I have no double that a lot of this loot went to waste. But if just one person found one then it’s worth it to me.
    I have to admit I felt like I had bit off a little more than I could chew once I realized the commendation needed 500 skeleton ships.. That’s a lot of loot to give away haha. But One by one I defeated fleets and I gave away every bit of the loot along the way! My friends list has about doubled haha. Though I wasn’t always welcomed with open arms..
    Each photo represents an ENTIRE Skeleton Fleet worth of loot. Either gifted to another player or left on a dock or favorite island for a player to find.

    I can’t stress enough how I have fought tooth and nail for every one of these. just to bring the loot back to a fellow pirate.

    I left loot at snugglers bae a handfull of times. It always feels good do come pay my respects to Xboxx addict. (I leave a trail of loot from the beach to the cave so people can find it)
    I also loved leaving loot at Merrics Photo on Sharbait Cove. (Can’t wait to show you how much has changed Merrick!)
    Unfortunately I didn’t realize that Xbox deletes photos after a while so I lost a lot. But the memories will last forever.

    It has been one heck of an adventure! I’m almost sad it’s over and then I remember that this is just the beginning for Sea of Thieves. Looking forward to the the next chapter with you guys!

  • Just rolled up to plunder outpost saw a sloop with no skin, white sails etc. Assumed they were new. They went to sail off, i shouted 'dont worry lads, varry on i wont rob you'. I got about my business, they got about theirs. When i returned to my sloop they had left a crate of equisite spices and an ashen maurauders chest on my deck... clearly it pays to be nice!

  • I don't know much of my journey but within four months I became a pirate. I focus on the skull lady collector for a month and the second month I focus on gold digger and merchant by the 3rd month and a half I sail the seas I jump from ship to ship for commendations and did only skull 4rts at times I feel bad cus I used some friends for a while during the times I did, I'm sowwy for using u at times. Woells in my four month I only did skully 4rts and commendations by December 14 I became a pirate legend cus of my friends who help me dou if it wasn't 4 them I would not be a legend in short time after I first set sail in the seas

  • alt text
    I would like to share my story of How I became an Undead Pirate Captain in the realm of the living!
    I've posted it on my blog, Popcorngamer

    (already submitted for The Pirate Times review)
    I also declared Sea of Thieves as Popcorngamer's Coop GOTY 2018!
    Go check it out! :)

  • So one night I decided to end off the day with some quick sailing. I ending up in a galleon crew. One guy looks like he’s played for a bit while the other two were new. They were about 1/3 into a skull fort so I helped out. After about an hour we got some pretty good loot. I recall we got that new skeleton gunpowder keg. I imagine the 2 new players have never seen this before. I was really tired and just wanted to get this over with, but the new guy wanted to see how it worked. I just finished stacking all the kegs in the mast, right when the newbie shot the keg. As anyone who’s played this game enough would know this keg has a higher than average explosion radius. Big enough it blew us and the entire ship up causing us to lose the treasure. I did not sleep well.

  • I thought for a change from all the topics about crossplay, double gunning, etc, that I would make a new thread as a distraction. What is your favorite experience playing SOT?

    Mine was around August/September last year when I was on leave from work and playing with a friend during the day. We sacked a skull fort but didn't have time to loot it as another sloop was almost on us, so we ran with the key and they followed us. This ended up being an adventure that lasted for hours - literally, as for part of the voyage I was sitting on an outpost doing an urgent teleconference with my work that went for about an hour and a half, during this the chase continued.

    We tried running into a storm to lose them, no luck. We tried out sailing them but they were able to maintain the distance. We tried ducking and weaving but again they were good enough to stay with us, though we did gain a little distance on them (as with two identical ships the leader always has the advantage, though whether they can exploit it is different). Eventually at night we had managed to get some distance and they were still coming out of the storm so their visibility was reduced. At this time I slipped off the sloop and hid on the outpost (can't remember the name of it but it is the one with the ship that is wrecked on top of the mountain). While hiding on the outpost, in case they found me, I hid the key on the roof of one of the stores while I hid further away. The intention being that if they killed me they wouldn't know whether the key was on the outpost or still on the ship, and at the least would lose time trying to find it (I doubt that they ever would have as it was very well hidden on top of the roof). They obviously didn't see me get off our ship and continued to chase our ship, so I stayed at the outpost (this was during my teleconference) and just made sure that I picked up the key every 5 minutes or so to make sure that it didn't despawn.

    During this time my shipmate continued to sail around to various islands on the map, making sure to every now and then to jump off the ship near an island to create confusion as to where we may have hidden the key, before eventually sacrificing our ship by sailing it into the red.

    Interestingly our chasers knew the game well and instead of looking for the key or giving up, they instead went back and checked to see whether the fort had been opened (which obviously it hadn't) and so they hung around at the fort. So we were dismayed after all that time that we would have to risk losing the loot. Knowing that a chance of loot is better than no loot, we attacked them at the fort by running past the fort and dropping my shipmate over the side to engage them on the island. While they had done a phenomenal job up to that point, this was their mistake as they allowed themselves to be distracted by my shipmate giving me an opportunity to get the jump on their ship and sink her with cannon fire. We then finished the enemy crew off.

    So we ended up with the loot, an awesome tale of endurance to get it, and the best part was that they also had a reasonable amount of loot on their ship that we were able to collect as a bonus.

    A great session and, even better, just one of many that I have had with this game.

  • After looking through which Bilge Rat commendations i have left to complete i notice i still have some left where i need to complete quests whilst the reaper flag is hoisted.

    So last night i set about completing some gold hoarder quest solo with my flag raised.
    I never bothered to stock the ship with supplies, just simply threw down a quest and got onto it. During my few hours playing, the same Galleon 5 times steamed across the world to engage in combat with me, but i was never there to engage in combat. As soon as i saw this ship making it's way to me i would hop off on the island i needed to be on fully stocked on bananas and lower my sails half way and let the sloop head off to sea heading away from the galleon. I then swiftly set about tapping chests and solving riddles all the while keeping an eye on when the galleon and my sloop were close to each other. Then simply scuttle the ship and catch the mermaid once i was done with that Island.
    This all amused be greatly, and they kept chasing this reaper mark for over 2 hours.
    On my last quest i decided to try something else. This time i loaded some explosive barrels on board and deployed the same method of jumping ashore and letting the sloop sail away whilst the Galleon was closing in fast. And once again i scuttled as they got really close, and to my amusement. They must've struck a barrel in the water because i saw the explosion and the ship rock and shortly afterwards sink to the depths.
    And there was me not looking forward to doing these commendations!
    So don't always assume just because a ship is bearing the reaper mark you need to sink it, people could just be trying to complete some quests. And if you see them trying to avoid contact with other players, leave them be!

  • Another round ye scurvy dogs!
    As well a stool or two
    For ye've come to hear me spin a yarn,
    improbable? Aye, but true!

    A new style of sloop I tried today
    the hull paint darkest black.
    With pitch Black sails and kraken wheel
    we'd go on the attack.

    The inky menace figurehead
    adorned her fearsome frame.
    And ever by my slooping side,
    me best and first mate James.

    At Golden sands we first arrived,
    that Outpost I like best.
    When suddenly a ship we spied
    hauling in from the West.

    No time to get away had we
    the Skelly ship was nigh.
    Out on the seas we might avoid
    but here we'd fight or die!

    Our bony foes hurled ballast balls
    with little to no avail.
    The black spot was too small and quick
    and I too fleet with pail.

    We fought them hard and fought them well,
    though cannonballs were few.
    Eventually we'd have to steal
    from that very Skelly crew.

    So steal we did and down they went
    the spoils they did rise.
    Some lovely chests of precious gems
    and skulls glittered in our eyes.

    Now the plan this night was legend bound
    and Athena's fortune sought.
    To crescent isle we sailed for next,
    that's about as far as we got.

    Soon after we'd made landfall there
    and skeletons engaged.
    More sails appeared pointed our way
    surely battle was presaged.

    We readied guns but rammed we were
    and two men hopped aboard.
    We took them down quite easily,
    and the leaks were not ignored.

    Another pass and still yet more
    we fired at each other.
    These pests we would handle yet,
    but the megalodon was another.

    The fight went on and bites were had
    more holes from teeth than shot.
    This hectic battle won't be won
    "Unless, maybe..." we thought.

    If only they'd hit shadowmaw
    and take him off our tail.
    Then maybe we'd escape intact
    and not our voyage fail.

    And sure enough he took a hit
    though it was not our ball.
    So turned tail back to crescent isle
    and hoped they'd lost their gall.

    But sadly no they trailed us back
    but this time one man spoke.
    He claimed they meant us no ill will
    and seemed a pleasant bloke.

    They'd only come to gather snakes
    but feared we'd put up fight.
    "Well next time lead with talk" we said,
    and things should be alright.

    So fine I felt about this truce,
    an alliance we did form.
    Though it took some time for them to join
    much longer than the norm.

    I carried on to fight undead,
    but me first mate felt unease.
    "I'll stay here with the ship" said he.
    In case these gents were sleaze.

    Slowly then they came around,
    and told us they were off.
    "Have a good one!" I replied,
    My nicety was scoffed.

    I dove right back into the fray
    once more James stayed on deck.
    When sure enough the cannons came
    they had us by the neck.

    To my great shame I wasn't there
    to fight those lying knaves.
    I'd once more gotten killed myself
    fighting captains in the caves.

    In my absence me first mate fought,
    and knowing 'twas the end.
    The powder keg's short fuse he lit
    the ship it's wrath did rend.

    Once from the ferry I returned
    there were still two of them left.
    With eye of reach I made it one
    needing punishment for theft.

    At sailors bounty James has spawned,
    The black spot was renewed.
    Our enemies were sailing off,
    but with only one man crewed.

    For one remained on crescent isle,
    fleeing to the sea.
    His mermaid he had got to catch,
    else he would face me.

    But on their way to Golden sands
    these knaves they hit a hitch.
    For suddenly the azure waves
    turned black and dark as pitch.

    I cheered from my small vantage point,
    still marooned upon the isle.
    While first mate James sailed back to me
    both giddy with a smile.

    We watched with glee while low on shot
    they tried to best the beast.
    And from the Crow's nest I could see
    the krakens tasty feast.

    Down they went and in we sailed
    to finish off the job.
    With ruthless trained efficiency
    it's precious loot we robbed.

    No chest of legend did we find
    for late this all had drawn.
    But a grand time we'd both had this night
    it had all been quite fun.

    So when to the black spot ye sail,
    and alliances beseech.
    Remember this ballad and heed these words:
    Karma is a beach.

  • Maxed out on Athena rep and working towards legend commendations I found myself in a situation where I needed to complete Athena voyages, but had no need for the chest itself. I suppose I couldve just cashed it in, but I dont really need the money either. So I got the thought do something a little more elaborate. You see Im the sort who likes to get themselves where they really shouldnt and what would be better than to challenge others to do the same? Im talking a tavern roof filled with goodies all for the taking - if you manage to get up of course! So I grabbed some merchant crates and did a little test
    alt text
    The final product would look a little more extravagant but every creative project needs its first draft. With the knowledge I could pull off what I envisioned, I set off on my long trek. One Athenas voyage, a skull fort, a boat chase, and three kraken encounters later the roof and around the tavern started to look a bit more like proper magpie bait.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    The pot consisted of the athenas chest, two mermaid gems, skull fort loot, a bunch of skulls, a grog chest, and two mauraders chests that were ah... lets go with "donated" by a brigantine that attempted to hunt me down. How gracious of them!
    alt text
    I didnt have to wait too long for people to show up after I scuttled my boat. I expected to have to wait for a crew to spawn in and have some time to burn. However as I was attempting to get onto the water tower to hide, a sloop started pulling in! I quickly scrambled and hid in a less than ideal spot. The pirates were so wrapped up in turning their chests and making purchases they didnt even notice the score on the tavern. Would I be forced to wait for another crew after they left? As if the ocean itself heard my thoughts, a brigantine pulled in right beside the sloop. They noticed the haul.

    Ive made a clip of what happened:
    Link to video

    The funniest thing to me is everyone kept assuming the meticulously laid out loot was left by a crew who was attempting to hide it. Could you imagine? "Hold on, a boats coming in. Stop selling, we gotta spend the next ten minutes placing everything just so in the most eyecatching manner possible. They'll never find it!" I guess its easy to not consider something an elaborate gift when its called Sea of Thieves

    Really pleased with how my little prize haul turned out!! It was exciting to see the crews work together to split it

  • As we can see, Duke is hiding. If we talk to him he says something about a strange pirate. Who is that pirate, and why is Duke hiding from him?
    alt text

    I think the guy is Demarco, from The Arena trailer and the Sea Dogs faction leader.
    alt text

  • This past weekend, as I usually do, I started a brig up, stocking the ship and getting things organized for my ship mates to join me once their schedules freed up. Normally this goes relatively quiet and by the time they become available our ship is mostly stocked, sometimes even having found a rowboat in doing so. However, this past weekend, I had only spawned (galleons outpost) in for about 10 minutes, long enough to partially loot the outpost and get my ship set to full bone crusher. As I was about to jump onto the dock to go grab more supplies, I see out of the corner of my eye a sloop over by sunken grove seemingly heading my way. Normally one of the first things I do when stocking the boat is to lift the anchor, and thankfully I had done this already. So I jump back on my ship, pockets empty, I drop sails and correct them to wind as best I could, figuring that either the sloop is there to spawn kill me, or they needed that particular outpost. Unfortunately, I was heading directly against the wind, so there was no jump out of the gate speed, more like a slow build up this time. I can now see the sloop getting closer, and I see them course correcting to head at me. And now, they are close enough to see the reaper flag.

    Thankfully, their angle to my ship is not true as the wind starts to shift into my sails a bit more. I adjust the ships direction to assist getting more wind into the sails and my speed increases just as the sloop is nearly on top of me. The other crew fire some sniper rounds, and fired their cannon. Not sure if they tried to send over a boarder or not, if they did, he/she missed. If not, their cannon fire and sniper rounds all missed.

    I quickly gained distance from them, now heading into the DR. I quickly make up my mind that I will let them chase me, entertain myself at their futility to try and catch up. So I gain enough distance so that they can't get any angle to fire boarders or cannons, and I maintain this distance. Often changing my sails to incorrect angles just to slow down. I must have looked like I had no clue what I was doing to them. But I continued this, looping around some islands, and sailing all the way over to lands of plenty. They gave chase. There were a couple of times I saw other ships out there, and I purposely sailed to keep plenty of distance, hoping that my pursuer would not lose interest in me and go take on these other ships out there. I sailed, north and south, east and west. Slowing as needed, but keeping that distance. 20-30 minutes must have went by when I found myself sailing past lost gold fort, which had the Skull Cloud appear above it just as I approached. Knowing by now that the sloops crew must be frustrated I watched them, anticipating they might go after the fort. And sure enough they did.

    So now, having decided I did not do enough to frustrate them in their pursuit of PvP, I sailed around plunder valley, out of view for them. I then ran the island, searching for a row boat and gunpowder barrels. Checking all of the normal spawn points on the island. Eventually finding a couple of GPB, but no row boat. So I sailed around to old salt and to sharktooth bay. Neither having a rowboat, but finding some random loot and a couple of mermaids, I decided I would have to find another way to get to them since the rowboat was proving to be hard to come by. So I sailed to Plunder Outpost to sell what little loot I had gained. And just as I arrived there, one of my mates joins the ship. She aids in stocking the boat for battle, and just as we set sail our third mate joins.

    Now fully manned, we look over and see that the cloud is gone. They had finished the fort. So we waited for a few minutes, hoping they would go ahead and open the door. Soon setting sail, we catch good wind and get over to the sloop. Bombarding it with a furry of cannon fire. The ship went down very quick. I send my two mates to the island as I circle it with some distance, a little worried about the MegaKeg. suddenly I take cannon fire from two island cannons. They are still there. One of my mates gets behind them with a GPB, and ends up killing himself and the other pirate, also setting off the megakeg in the process, taking out the sloop crew.

    I am able to save our brig and sail it in close to the island. The sloops crew had already removed the contents of the vault and set it all on rocks closest to where their ship had been. So we grab the loot, sail over to plunder and sell it all. Turning what started out as a potentially frustrating beginning into a glorious ending.

  • The other day I was roaming the seas, as I often do, letting the wind be my guide, when I happened upon a big fat skull fort right before my bow. I thought to myself, "why not," so I went in full sail and tucked my little sloop close to the towering walls of Lost Gold Fort. The fort is well fortified and defended, but I set forth upon the task and waded through waves of crazed skeletons, my cutlass rending them asunder. Life was good.

    Plot Twist Number One

    Alas, out of the corner of my eye did I spot a pair of masts on the horizon. A brigantine and her crew, thirsty for plunder, made a beeline to the fort. I didn't need to wait for them to announce their intentions. The Jolly Roger they flew made it clear they weren't coming for tea and biscuits. I jumped back on my sloop and readied myself for battle.

    I fought valiantly to defend my stake, but was overwhelmed and found myself adrift some distance from the fort. Worse, I was again within range of the island's guns. My poor sloop went down, and me along with it. My only cargo was a large number of gunpowder kegs I'd collected in my prior wanderings, which floated up and spread out upon the surface of the waves. I mention this seemingly trivial fact because it will become important later.

    When I came to, I found myself standing on an island looking at a brand new sloop. Scanning the horizon, I realized I was only a few islands off from Lost Gold Fort. The wind favored me, so I thought to myself, "why not." I hastily grabbed a few supplies, which unfortunately included zero planks. (Remember this, because it will become important later.) Nevertheless, I again set sail to seek my revenge and, more importantly, my booty.

    With the wind filling my golden sail, it didn't take long to return to the scene of the battle. I saw the brigantine, some distance from the fort. They clearly had spotted me, too, as they maneuvered out from the protection of the fort, ready to engage. It was roughly at this point that the aforementioned kegs of gunpowder become important. I don't know if they simply weren't paying attention, or some other mishap befell them...but somehow they ran right into a cluster of my kegs. I witnessed the brigantine sink rapidly before my eyes. When I reached the fort and dropped anchor, not a soul was left alive. Even better, I spotted the skeleton fort captain appear on the cliffs before me. He marched right into my sloop's cannons range. So I blasted him. The key was mine.

    Plot Twist Number Two

    I had expected to have to sail away with the key safely in my possession, returning later to claim my prize. That brigantine couldn't have given up so easily, right? So I waited a bit, scanning the horizon. Finding nothing as far as the eye could see, I finally decided to take advantage of the time and loot the vault. So I repositioned my sloop for ease of loading and dropped anchor.

    At that moment, I was migrated to a new server.

    Hmm. Now I knew the brigantine would not return. Nobody would be coming. I was in the clear, so I immediately ran up to the vault, key in hand. To my complete and utter surprise, I found the vault already open and full of booty. It was all there, every glorious scrap of loot, all mine...and I still had a perfectly good vault key in my hand.

    I didn't know what to attribute my good fortune to, but who am I to question? I whispered a thanks to Athena and started the arduous task of hauling all that loot down to my waiting sloop. Those familiar with Lost Gold Fort will know it's no easy task, and it took a fair bit of time. But at last the work was done, and I set sail for nearby Plunder Outpost.

    Plot Twist Number Three

    At this point we must remember that I never really stocked up my sloop before returning to the fort. And although I did gather some supplies before I left the fort...they were to prove completely insufficient to battle the skellie ship that popped up just as I headed out into open water. Arrr!

    I'm no slouch at battling skellie ships, mind you, but this particular battle never went my way. I managed to sail back to the protective waters of the fort, tucking my sloop close against the towering walls. But the skellie ship was fast and relentless, hitting me repeatedly with cursed ballast-balls, forcing me to continually bail and repair every hole, not just the lower deck as I normally would. On a normal day I probably could have withstood the onslaught and eventually turned the tide...but when I got down to only three planks, I knew I had to vamoose or the day would be lost. I waited for the skellies to turn the corner after their last pass, then dropped sail and made a frantic run for Plunder Outpost.

    At last, a bit of luck. My strategy worked, and the skellies--being the poor sailors they are--ran headlong into the side of the fort. It didn't delay them long, but long enough for me to sail out of range before they could catch me.

    I finally made it safely to port, where I happily sold off my hard-earned spoils. I left only two items on my sloop. One was the extra fort key. The other was a stronghold gunpowder keg, tucked away in my crow's nest. Remember this fact, as it will become important later.

    After selling all that lovely loot, I set myself to my next task: finding a new skellie fort to plunder! After all, I had in my possession the key to a big fat vault, and I wouldn't even have to go to the trouble of fighting off wave after wave of defenders. What green-blooded pirate could resist? Fortune favored me yet again, as a giant skull appeared in the sky not far to the north. I thought to myself, "why not?" This time I made sure I was well-supplied before weighing anchor, dropping sails and sallying forth towards my next plunder!

    Soon I approached the fort at full sail, cannonballs screaming over my bow. It was another well-defended fort, with high walls and hoards of crazed, meatless defenders. With no time to lose, I pulled in close under the guns and anchored at a small dock where I could easily load all that glorious booty.

    I fought off a couple waves of skellies, until at last only one defender remained, a cutlass-waving bone-head I chose to name George. I let George live to witness my epic theft. The key fit, and again I felt the familiar tingle in my bones as the vault opened and presented me with my completely unearned spoils (the best kind!). George watched me dutifully, following me from vault to ship and back again as I collected my treasure. Naturally, I took all the big ticket items first: the chest, skull, bonedust...and the powerful mega-keg (now I had two).

    Usually when I plunder a vault, I leave something behind, resting on the altar. It's a bit of a tradition, really. You could call it an offering, for good karma. Or maybe it's more of a calling card. In any event, this time I left more than usual, leaving behind a Chest of a Thousand Grogs, a decent skull, a trinket, and a seafarer's chest. I figured if anybody actually made it to the vault, they deserved something for the trouble. Besides, I really didn't want to deal with that drunken chest. I digress.

    At last, the work was done and the loot was loaded into my sloop. I waved farewell to George and set sail for Plunder Outpost.

    Plot Twist Number Four

    Scanning the horizon, I spotted a sloop prowling around my destination. Okay, new plan. I would head for Ancient Spire, instead. I didn't really expect trouble from the sloop, considering the skull cloud still loomed over the fort. Who would go after a sloop sailing away from an active fort? Well, apparently these yahoos, since I noticed them come about to give chase. Hmm.

    I had a considerable lead on them, but no wind. I set sails to stupid, but they had a better angle and gradually closed the distance. Making some tricky maneuvers through the rocks on the way to Ancient Spire bought me a little more time, but I knew I'd be hard pressed to unload everything before they caught up. Nevertheless, that was exactly what I intended to do. I really didn't want to sail on to Morrow's Peak and risk running into something even worse, and I'd already spent a considerable amount of time on my adventures. I resolved to cash in quickly and deal with the sloop when they arrived.

    That time came more quickly than I'd expected. I'd only managed to turn in the stronghold chest when the sloop charged around the island straight for me. But I had a plan. I scrambled up my mast to retrieve one of my lovely stronghold gunpowder kegs. I'm pretty sure I involuntarily cackled as I grabbed the mega-keg and dove into the water.

    The sloop crew was so busy hammering my sloop with cannonfire, they didn't even notice me boarding their port ladder. I found one of them at the wheel, looking more than a bit surprised to see me. I smiled and lit the keg. He panicked and tried to jump off the back of his sloop, but it was far too late. The other one never even saw it coming.


    I waved at my attackers on the Ferry of the Damned. They didn't wave back. They just stood there, silently staring at me. This was one of my most satisfying moments ever.

    I returned to life in time to see their sloop give its final sigh before sinking to the depths. My new friends never made it back. Shame, really. But I had no time to muse over the circumstances, as I feared my own sloop might soon be sunk. I dashed below decks expecting the worst, but found only a single bucketful of water in the hull. The nitwit on the cannon failed to put even a single cannonball below the waterline. Amateurs!

    With that my story comes to an end. The loot and glory was all mine, save the few pieces I left behind for any poor sots unlucky enough to raid my plundered fort. All in all, a fine day of high adventure on the Sea of Thieves!

  • So my crew and I join a server (three of us total) and we sail to the active raid. There's two ships- a brig and a galleon who are part of an alliance. The galleon has the pirate legend sails so we know they're high leveled in Athenas, so we decide to just join their alliance so as to not cause any headaches for us.

    We do the raid with them, and the loot is distributed accordingly. We get the raid chest, the galleon gets the barrel and bone dust, and the other brig gets the skull. At this point tensions are high- we caught one of the legends sleeping in our ship but pretend not to notice him and everyone else is staring at each other. The brig makes the first move towards the nearest outpost (Golden Sands), and the the rest of us follow. The galleon is behind the brig while we're off to the side discussing how we're going to steal the raid loot.

    Just as we pretty much give up that thought, a Kraken attacks and both the brig and the galleon are trapped. We pull up near the dark waters and shoot ourselves towards the galleon to assist. Two of the legends on the galleon shoot themselves towards the trapped brig since the Kraken was targeting them which left two legends on the galleon with us three. Since both of the galleon's remaining crew were on the cannons, we decide that I'll go up to the crow's nest to detonate the stronghold barrel. This effectively sinks the galleon since it killed the rest of that crew, and the brig sank from the Kraken at the same time.

    We shoot ourselves towards the brig to find a rowboat, and we place all the loot (including the raid loot both ships had!) on it. There were survivors, but the sharks finished most of them off leaving two legends from the galleon. Once all the loot is placed, we slowly rowboat out of the Kraken water while fending off the giant squid, and all five of us go onto our brig that was untouched.

    As we sail out we anchor saying that we missed some loot. One of my guys jumps down, and the two legends follow him. I and my remaining crewmate unanchor and head for Golden, where we see that the two ships in our alliance were waiting for us.

    I place the majority of the loot onto the rowboat we had, and all the guys on Golden waiting for us were following me thinking I had the raid loot (we promised to give them back). As I distracted them, my crew began unloading the raid loot towards where they need to be. I and the randoms start unloading the rowboat by the merchant, and I guess when they noticed that the raid loot was delivered they were the ones who delivered it.

    So we basically, we stole loot from our own alliance so we could get the points towards our commendations for the raid loot. We stayed in the alliance so they could get the money though. And they never found out.

  • Ahoy, everyone!

    Yesterday, my friends and I were utterly disgusted by what happened to us. We were robbed, big time, but not by what you could characterize as a fair part of the game. I get robbed my loot all the time...and it's fine...it's part of the game! I usually really do not mind as I also do it sometimes hehehe... but listen to this...

    We had just finished completing a fort. We were three on a Galleon (open crew) as one of our mates left earlier. When we were carrying the loot, a guy named Alex-something joins our crew.
    ''Ahoy, Alex!'' we cried. ''Good time to be joining us''.
    Alex didn't talk on voice chat but answered in the regular chat. He helped us carry the loot to our ship. On our guards, we looked around as we carried the 20k gold booty to the nearest outpost... when we arrive...one of our mates cried ''GUYS THE LOOT IS GONE!'' ''What???'' we replied.
    Alex wrote down in the chat: ''Didn't you see the sloop behind us? He was my friend. Enjoy your spoils.'' Up in the crow's nest, he blows himself up with the bone barrel and we all die.

    So what happened? Here's our hypothesis. Alex spends hours joining and leaving crews until he finds one that has spoils on it. Once he finds his prey, he has another friend on a vc (twitch, skype, discord, etc) and gives the location of his ''crewmates'' to his friend...you then know the rest. His friend goes behind the ship and Alex throws overboard the loot. What is weird is that no one saw any other ship and the sloop got here very fast. Alex had only been in the crew for 3 min before we left...

    Anyways, am I the only one to think that this is abusing the game's mechanics? To think that this is utter cheating? What's for sure is that there are good pirates and bad ones...these guys are the worst of the worst. I'd like the dev team to take this into consideration, as this could become quite a problem. Overall, I'm not playing in open crew anymore that's for sure...and if a guy named Alex-something joins your crew...watch him ;)

  • Come all ye sailors and listen to me! Ill tell you a tale of our ship on the sea!
    For when ye sees the sails of the fish and a mermaid on bow, we our presence allow.

    Myself, the quite greenish Captain 'Fresh' Taco, and me helmsman, Wasbeer were sailing one faithfull day.
    Completing our deliveries and plundering treasures along the way. You must have sketched an image of we have ye?
    For this is what the navy perceived us to be:

    'For this is what the navy perceived us to be:'

    So we set afoot on an island in the middle of the waters and as the helmsman ran around collecting the livestock for our next delivery, i took a well deserved break from my captaining duties. As i sat on a rock, eating my bananas and watching the seas, me eyes spotted something with glee!

    Out in the sea we saw a prize as big as whale! And the best of all, it was only docked out at the fort waiting for the gale.
    Me mind started speaking with two voices, one Faithfull, one Whiled. I yelled to me helmsman, ready our ship! we're going on a voyage so wild! We sailed at a speed unfair, with a trick in mind that only the bravest pirates dare. Our sloop was about to assault a galleon with a daring trick to vault!

    As we neared a the dock, I thought of a good plan to mock! We put our explosive at the tip of our ship and we would hit them with the speed of a whip. I took the helm and me helmsman bailed from the ship, for his order was to cripple the crew on land to the hip. As our bowsprit ran them through, the explosion launched me it is true! As I woke up at an island away, I could see in the distance the galleon sway!

    As it looked like our ship was blown with me I climbed aboard and set sail again I tell ye. Me leg be broke and me arm was bad but still I had my trusty and whiley head. I sailed to the dock a second time. And there I heared that faithfull chime, as me helmsman clamb aboard, I jumped to secure the hoard. The helmsman circled the island and harrassed the fort for there where still members there of the galleons accord. As I smuggled our finds away me helmsman led the landlubbers with cannonfire astray.

    Then at each pass we made we secured the booty that we stole, me helmsman looked through his spyglass and saw another Galleon coming to fill us with holes. It was the other galleons relieve, or actually the same one as before it seemed. As my helmsman made one last pass, I took the chest with spine and away our ship was cast. We sailed though the storm with a galleon on tail, and made it to the outpost with one more trick to end this tale. For it is the galleon that was hardy and strong, and it's crew that wanted to make sure our ship was gone! (To the bottom of the sea that is of course)

    So at dock we loaded quick and informed another sloop that lay there of the incoming danger that was about to bear. The kindhearted lads helped us unload our ship and I felt a stroke of pain at the last trick we pulled. We changed our ships hull and sails to match that of the other sloop. and then we both set sail with the galleon on tail and weaved our courses through the storm.

    A Rare sight it is not for a galleon and two sloops to be spot, but we ditched the other crew and away we flew, for there was more loot at the fort we knew. As we sailed for the fort and almost a kraken made our trip abort, we escaped the tentacled clutches of the beast at sea and we arrived back at the fort with a delightfull glee. We took the final hoard and saw on the horizon the other sloop and galleon abort. We sailed for an outpost far away and turned in our final loot with a delightfull sway.

    The first part of our hoard
    The second part of our hoard

    And that is the tale of how the name of the masked, whily and furfull robber that is known as a raccoon, became the mascot and the name of our ship laying here in this Lagoon.

    So For all ye young sailors that listened to me, keep a watchfull eye on those seas.
    Because before you know what you have been hit with, the attack and your hoard will be added to our myth.

    Cheers lads! I be signing of to me quarters now.

    • Captain 'Fresh' Taco, Captain of the Raccoon
  • This is a tale of revenge and adventure on the high seas.
    My tale begins on my solo sloop, I see a galleon doing battle with Skeleton ship in the distance, i raise anchor and go to offer aid (the ship bore no insignia or cosmetics so i thought they may need a hand) i sailed over and just as i arrived the skelly ship sank beneath the waves. I parked my sloop, pointed cannons to the sky and hailed the galleon crew. My cries of peace and cooperation were met with poorly aimed cannon fire and a boarding party that i avoided attacking for as long as i could. Eventually it became clear there would be no peace. I simply waited for my parked sloop to sink from the single hole they had shot in it and played a tune as i was repeatedly sent to the Ferry.

    Once my ship had sunk I hailed the xbox LFG seeking a pirate to help me reclaim my treasure from this foolish galleon. A fine gentleman joined my crew and together we set sail for the last know location of the galleon. As we found them another skeleton ship already giving them a withering broadside. We slid in behind them and caught them in a devastating crossfire. After only a few seconds their ship slipped into the sea. All was not over yet for the Skellies had turned their wrath on us and we were forced to choose between the last crewmate escaping in a rowboat with my treasure and the crew of angry bone bros bearing down on us. We let the rowboat and its contents slip away and worked desperately to stay afloat, but to no avail. As we swam about the waves we spied another galleon bearing the sails of an overachiever. we hailed him with request to come aboard. they were granted and we teamed up to sink the skelly scourge.

    As it was the captain of the ship was taking the new year in stride and was streaming and helping new players find their sea legs, he was a PL and Athena's 10 along with being a pioneer, and one of the nicest chaps ive meet on the sea. Me and my mate joined the empty spaces on his crew and went to find and sink the first galleon. We found them retrieving a crewmate and my loot from a nearby island. After a short skirmish we sunk them and went on our way drinking and singing shanties.

    And this is where the greatest part begins. We find a solo sloop who willingly joins our crew as a servant and sinks his own ship after ally with us and comes aboard to help however he may. He is a fairly new player and we begin to show him some tricks as we sail to pick up an Athena's voyage. at the outpost he asks how to get titles for his pirate, in the following discussion we learned that he never knew to speak to the factions and purchase promotions to get better voyages. This poor Bilge Rat had ground up to rank 20 in some factions using only the default free voyages! I couldn't believe it! I was so impressed that I surrendered my spot in the galleon crew to our inexperienced friend. I hope our Legend showed him the ways of the sea.

    TLDR: a tale of revenge that became an amazing voyage and opportunity to instruct the most dedicated green pirate I have ever met.

    If anyone took the time to read all of that story thank yee, and remember: there is always someone who can use a helping hand on the Sea.

  • Edward Maltravers was the son of the local magistrate. He was handsome, athletic and charming and he knew it. He was also privileged, arrogant and prejudiced, as occasionally defines such young gentleman, who wear their flaws like badges of honour and seem to lack the simple humility that God gives to many of similar station. Wealth, nobility and privilege can breed greatness: both in action and demeanour. From time to time however, they also produce men like Edward Maltravers, men without honour or compassion, despite their upbringing.

    For the most part the villagers and Edward had little contact. He spent a great deal of his early life closeted away in the Manor House with a string of nannies to tend to his needs. This was followed by boarding schools and, eventually, a commission in the army which saw him stationed many miles to the south of his father's estates. This is not to say that the villagers and Edward Maltravers were strangers.

    The long summer holidays out of boarding school were perhaps the worst. Edward was in the habit of throwing elaborate balls for his school friends; sometimes more than one over the eight weeks between mid July and late September. These balls would often last for days and his guests might stay a few days, a few weeks or the whole summer. They say that birds of a feather flock together and Edward's friends were no more noble or decent than he was.

    They seemed to take the most unnatural delight in belittling those less fortunate than themselves and never missed an opportunity to amuse themselves at another's expense. I myself had felt the cruel sting of their venomous disapproval. In my pride I had responded to their taunts, but soon regretted my decision. A good beating with a riding crop is something you don't easily forget. Being unable to complain about it hurts even more.

    Edward and his friends were, it is fair to say, universally disliked and yet, due to their station in life were never the subject of complaint or criticism to the magistrate himself who, unlike his son, was a decent man and treated everyone with courtesy and respect. It was just a pity that he seemed blind to his son's flaws.

    You can perhaps imagine my horror therefore upon discovering that Edward and my beloved Bessie were to be married.

    Day Eleven: January 5 - The more I sail these waters the more wonders are revealed to me. I have seen islands entirely populated by skeletons, seas that roil with the tentacles of kraken; rising from the depths to swallow ships whole. I have witnessed leviathans that smash vessels to tinder and ghostly ships which emerge from dark waters to harry unsuspecting crews floundering amidst the violence of a terrible tempest.

    Still, my adventures continue to bring great profit and, the odd death aside, I am rising quickly in the esteem of the various factions. I find, in fact, that a life on these waters is greatly rewarding. And it offers opportunities which I can ill afford to miss. You see there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea am I now afloat. And I must take the current when it serves, or lose my ventures.

  • So, yesterday, I was doing a treasure quest, wasn't even a far journey (just neighboring islands) and I hear this roar. Now, just to note, I've only recently started playing, and did not start the hungering deep quest, wasn't even playing music. So as I was saying, I heard a roar, and thought 'oh no, not the kraken', but then this massive purple monstrosity appear next to my ship. As it was a sloop, the shark was larger. Luckily, it didn't interfere with me, but I want to ask of anyone else has experienced this, and can the megalodon spawn outside of the quest?