Tavern Tales

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    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

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  • one day I woke up in the tavern and the stranger said come here captain closinghare I've got something to tell you so long story short he told me about the shores of gold and I followed the clues and I ended up on the island know as tributes peak witch people now call the shores of gold I over heard larinna talk about her fight there so I had heard talk of a skelly lord when he was alive his name was Rathbone now they call him the first gold hoarder so I solved the puzzles and I killed him to send him to the ferry and left with his head and sold it to the order for some gold the end. @Clumsy-George what do ye think of this tale

  • Has anyone on Sea of Thieves managed to become a well known feared pirate, like Blackbeard?

  • I’m at 397. You can check by clicking your profile.

    I thought this was pretty good considering I’ve never played Arena.

  • So a few weeks back, I encountered a galleon which was friendly. We formed an alliance, and we followed the galleon. We swapped ships a few times, and eventually we went to Plunder Outpost to face down a ship with the Reapers Mark up. My crewmate shot himself out of the cannon and checked the ship. It was clear. So we all went to the enemy sloop, and started bucketing it. Normally, this would be very ineffective. But we have SIX. PEOPLE. All scooping water into the sloop at the same time! That sloop was sunk within THIRTY. SECONDS. WOW.

  • This story is made to promote my new Tall Tale concept "The Serpent Crew"
    I accidentally posted this in the gameplay gameplay guides + tips to begin with, whoops.

    My crew and I were tasked with exploring the aptly named Snake Island. A ship had sunk just off the south shore, the crew presumed dead but with no evidence to support it we were tasked to investigate the area for anything that might explain the sudden disappearance. When we asked the captain for more information, he merely said his "friend" had asked for a favour and would then begin trail of mumbling trying to think of a lie to convince us. Begrudgingly we did as we were asked of him and after half a day at sea we arrived at Snake Island, our approach brought us in to the south shore right around where the ship had sunk.

    With the ship anchored, the captain decided to stay aboard and climb the crows nest to scope out the island and the horizon whilst the crew and I went to explore the sunken wreck below. After my crewmates had jumped into the water I took one final look at the captain as he ascended, I couldn't explain it but somehow I knew that something was about to go wrong, the whole thing seemed off, eerie even. I shook the doubt off and jumped in after the crew, by the time I was in the water my crewmates were just about to enter the wreck, one crewman went into the captain's cabin and the other went into the hull. As I got into the hull the other crewman there had a puzzled look about him. After gesturing to ask him "what?" I noticed that the hatches were left open, checking the rest of the hull showed no signs of a fight, no holes or burns, hardly even a splinter, it seemed as though the crew had intentionally scuttled the ship.

    After meeting the third crewman just outside the captains cabin who gestured that nothing seemed amiss, we all swam back up to the surface to board the ship. On the way back to the ship however, I noticed in the corner of my eye a figure stood on the beach beside a rowboat, I stopped to turn, whistling to my crew as I did. It was our captain, drawing his sword and headed further into the island, we swam ashore after him and began to follow his footprints.

    After reaching the the top of the island we saw him frozen still, staring intently at this strange alter carved into the rocks. Above it was a stone snake head, expertly crafted and hardly weathered but below rested a bright golden statue shining intently from the sun cutting through the trees, it looked like a man but as we approached it and our captain who had yet to move an inch it, more and more it resembled that of a serpent like creature. "What's that?" I asked the captain. He remained unmoved for what seemed like an age until he slowly turned his head towards us and whispered. "It'sss our'sss." He proceeded to take the Idol from the Alter and we all travelled back to the ship soon thereafter. It appears we gave up in our original quest to find the lost crew, when we reported what he had found out about the scuttled ship the captain once again remained unmoved, still intently staring into the eyes of this golden serpent.. thing. We boarded our ship and without a word the captain marched to his cabin and locked the door behind him. "Orders sir?" I asked him, silence followed, again and again I repeated lightly knocking at the cabin door, the only response was a pistol shot through the window besides. "We stay here tonight lads, eat something and get some rest, Cap'n'll have something for us when he wakes up tomorrow" I assured my crew, even if I was unsure myself.

    The next morning we woke up to horrid sounds of hissing, gathering the crew together we went to find the source and found it came from inside the captains quarters, the door however, was still locked from the inside from the day before. Within a few seconds we had broken the door clean off it's hinges with a couple blunder-bombs. The statue the captain found the day before was on the desk but the chair was turned around facing out the window of the cabin. "Sir.. are you... alright?" I stuttered in the doorway, but once again I was met with a silence, the only sound was the heavy breath of my crewmates and that haunting hissing sound which only grew louder with each second. I pulled out my cutlass and proceeded to enter the cabin with my two crewmates behind, moving up to the desk I checked around, the hissing sound was almost deafening now. I pointed to the Statue, instructing one of my crewmates to pick it up but as his fingers came into contact the captain lashed out in anger and attacked us, only the captain wasn't exactly our captain anymore.

    He still wore his jacket and black bandana which concealed most of his figure but there was no denying he was no longer human, at least not fully human. His legs were twisted and fused together, his skin became scaled, he had lost all his hair but worst of all was the face. It still mimicked that of a humans but the nose had been smoothed over leaving only two small holes to breathe from, his tongue had split and his eyes lost all colour and were as dark and soulless as the night sky.

    During the fight the captain had bitten one of the crewmen on the leg, I don't think five seconds passed before he fell to the floor paralysed, he died within the hour. We managed to defeat our captain or whatever he may have turned into but it cost the life of one and the sanity of the other, I was all that really remained. I had to put the mad crewmate in the brig for both our sakes, but as I locked the cell I heard a splash, something or someone had just entered the water. Charging back up, sword in hand I peered over the edge to see nothing but the ripples of the impact zone, I rushed into the cabin to find the captain's twisted corpse but it was gone, along with the golden statue he found. My heart sank like a stone and beat harder than drum. Without a second thought I loaded up the cannons with fire-bombs and unleashed hell upon that island, burning everything I could see; plants, pigs, snakes, anything and everything, burnt up like a bonfire, after that I turned the ship around and got away as fast as possible.

    Even now I still don't know what really happened out there that day, nor can I ask my crewmate as he too ended up dying before we could even return to Plunder Outpost. I don't know if he somehow got poisoned or just up and died from his madness but what I do know is I'm the last one left and I'll never be going back. If only I could forget it all I would but it haunts me wherever I go, that damned hissing gets louder again, follows me it does, he follows me he does, the captain! Well I wont let him have me, I'm going out on my own terms.

    If you are reading this, heed my last words

    whatever you do, don't anger the snakes, stay away from the snakes

  • Log in set on Galleon Adventure Mode Private Crew and bam! 4 storage crates on the dock! This has never happened to me before!

    350+ Cannon Balls, you name it, planks, cursed balls, food out the wazoo!

    Galleon barreling straight at me! What the Truck? I just logged in! Grab the crates, Jump on my Galleon get the hell away lose them in the fog.

    Are you kidding me? 4 loaded Storage crates, a death defying escape, fog granted from Poseidon himself. This is going to be the best session ever!!!!

    Go to post the LFG and gather a crew, hunt down them cyber bullies that try to gank a fresh innocent white sailed spawn at the Port and.....

    Xbox Live Services are down! No one can join the Chat or use the LFG or join or get my party invites....

    Never even got to shoot a single cannonball 🥴

  • When you try to attack a level 5 reaper ship, be ready for some hard labor if you get caught 😈

  • the time was day near a storm me and mr. @Clumsy-George were on a sloop we had just sunk a skelly galleon and a brig rolls up steals the loot and they try to sink us but we fight back and the waves are very high and I made a very lucky shot at them and hit them there were ontop of the wave so I hit them but in the end they got away from us and prolly sold all the loot the battle was fun the loot didn't really matter it was fun and no one sunk the end -firstmate closinghare208 to @ShirleyMcDavish

  • Chest of legends and all the treasure accumulated to 350k stolen, well worth the effort ☺️

  • Do it! I just had a wonderful experience that pretty much changed how I view this game.

    I’m sure there are people out there who, like me, felt compelled to always start a session by deciding what company we would be doing voyages for, and sticking rigidly to those companies’ quests. Last night, for the first time, my crew and I set sail without any preconceived notions of what should happen, or what we should do. And it. Was. Fantastic.

    The overall feeling of the session was far different from what I felt in sessions past. Previously, I avoided danger at all costs for fear of losing “my” loot. This session? No. Give me that Reaper’s Bounty! Kraken? I’m here for it! Megaladon? Time for Megaladon stew! Skellie ship? Bye Skevin! Our 2 hour session involved all of this and then some, and I’ve never enjoyed it more!

    Something about not having a voyage up freed my mind a bit – instead of feeling like I needed to run toward a finish line, I was able to truly enjoy the process and not worry about the consequences. I was running on a brig with a full crew (people I know and enjoy), and that helps immensely, but not having a voyage made it feel less like “work”. It wasn’t a grind: it was a daring adventure full of fights on land and sea, explosions, and cartoonish antics.

    So if you’re like me and feel obligated to sail by a voyage, cast off those lines of safety and throw caution to the wind. Not only was it probably as productive as one of my standard sessions (perhaps more so!), it was also just plain fun.

    Fair winds and following seas. 😊

  • Dear Sea of Thieves,

    I would like to say thank you for all the experiences, tales, and friendships that you gave me. This game brought very joyous moments in my life where I went on dangerous adventures crossing the most terrifying of foes. A truly great experience this game was, but unfortunately all great things must come to an end. I will no longer be able to play your game due to some health issues, or any other game for that matter. This game was an escape to bliss, that allowed me to ignore the problems of the real world. Your game was really something special to my heart and I want to return the favor. This game as you know contains many tales of legends that we as players could experience ourselves. So I wanted to share a tale to you as a thanks for the great experiences you gave me. This tale is based on experiences I personally had in the game and thus is an accumulation of my experience as a whole while playing. This is the somewhat true tale of the mighty Captain Barnabus Redbeard and his great trek through the Sea of Thieves using nothing but a rowboat.

    To whoever is reading this, I, Captain Barnabus Redbeard, have left a note of me journey so that one day a young adventurer can follow me footsteps to the great treasures that lie beyond the sea of thieves. It all started when me ship and crew were being chased by some greedy scoundrels. I came up with the bestest of plans to outsmart these scallywags. Our brig was no longer a beauty of the sea. So I decided to abandon her for a rowboat. I know a strange choice but she was the best option out there. Me and my crew loaded up our new mighty vessel with the treasures of the sea and let our ship run off into the beauty. The foolish scoundrels chased after it thinking we were still on it. Bah! Those scallywags never saw it coming. 20 hard days on the sea later me crew and I made it to Plunder Outpost. We hoped with the money we could buy a new ship. Instead a stranger offered me an otherworldly coin for all of the loot. We muttered back and forth until I had a decision. To this day me old crew thinks it was a dumb idea so they left me there and then but i accepted it. I always thought of meself as a man of adventure willing to venture far and wide for the next great thing. The stranger told me that the coin came from a land beyond the Sea of Thieves and that the great land had contained treasures unknown to man. He gave me directions and I set sail for North. It was just me and an old rowboat that had seen better days. At first it was going smoothly until a mighty ghost ship came up right beside me. And with nothing but me trusty rowboat, me lucky flintlock, and me dedication. I took down that mighty cursed vessel using its own cannons! Now I had a little more faith in this fierce vessel so I continued on. I slept a couple nights here and there at some seaposts. The grog was terrible. One morning took an unexpected turn when I spotted it… the elusive Shrouded Ghost. So the tales were true. The legend had become a reality right in front of my eyes. I thought it was finally me time to become a legendary pirate so I shouted at the beast so loud that the Ancients could hear me. The great beast turned to me and dashed at me with its sharp teeth agape. As soon as it started it was over. The mythic beast had swallowed me and my boat whole. I sat for a good while until I decided it was time to get out. I wouldn't go down as the pirate who was swallowed by a fish, I wanted more than some tall tale. I grabbed a gunpowder barrel and laid it at the beast’s beak. I shot it and BOOM! As far as I know the beast was dead. I will never know however because I woke up on the shores of Twin Groves. The blast had winded me enough for a knockout. Luckily the sea of the damned gave me a pass that day. All I had now was my rowboat and a singular tooth from that mysterious goliath. Unfortunately I even lost me gun. So I strapped the tooth to me neck and continued on. I previously lost me compass too so I used the stars to blaze my mighty trail. However I was never good with the stars so I ended up going west to Golden Sands Outpost. Luckily I stole a compass from those Gold Hoarding snobs and continued my journey north. The stranger had said that this mysterious land from which me coin had come from was just beyond the sea of thieves across the dreaded red sea. I was fearful but i wanted to end up in the books of legend as a pirate who crossed the red sea and made it to treasures beyond. Now this sea bordering the sea of thieves was known for taking down ships with even the brightest of crews, but I had hope that me rowboat could make it through. After all it did survive a shrouded ghost and a cursed ship. I was almost at the red sea until out of nowhere a kraken surrounded me near Smugglers Bay. Its ink was thick and there was no end in sight. All hope was lost. Then also seemingly out of nowhere came two galleons! They seemed to be in an alliance but that didn't matter because with my help they were able to get out of there safely. I let them take the loot as I was about to find the most amazing treasures. I'm just glad I could save them from the mighty kraken. At last I was there. I have made quite the journey. But alas this is only the beginning, I will now leave behind the sea of thieves to venture beyond and find new treasures. So I write this note and put it in a bottle so that maybe someone else will be as brave as I am and journey across the seas looking for new land.
    Signed, Captain Barnabus Redbeard

    If you couldn't tell most of my best experiences were on a rowboat. Though my journey in Sea of Thieves is over and I was never able to become the legendary pirate I always wanted to be, I hope that this fictional pirate forged out of my experiences can become a legend among the community. So one last thank you to Sea of Thieves and the community for giving me amazing stories. I hope that all of you can sail on and have bright futures full of plunder. Though my fictional and real story ends soon, it doesn't mean yours is over. So go out there and be like Barnabus always looking for new adventures full of treasure.
    Thank you all.

  • I've been victim to many betrayals throughout my time playing Sea of Thieves, most of them happening with alliance members at skull forts.

    They often sink my ship and kill me (and any crew mates I may have), and take the loot to an outpost.

    This time was super weird however. So weird that it was literally pointless for them to do, because it wasted both our time and possibly lost them their ship with all its resources. What happened was, me (playing solo on a closed crew, after getting tires of countless random noobs) and another sloop joined alliance after they showed up at the fort as I was dealing with it. When we killed the boss the other guys opened the door and started taking everything out. No one blew up a gunpowder barrel or anything.

    We placed EVERYTHING on their ship. They sail away while I'm going through the fort looking for any lose gunpowder barrels and resources I could collect. When I get back to my ship I see it swimming away full speed. I take the mermaid and find it empty, so I drop anchor.

    While re-positioning to head where they were going, I notice they tried blowing it up with the barrels I had. They dropped most of them from the crow's nest, onto the mast and one on the deck. I think the guy accidentally fell off the ship and didn't get to shoot the barrels.

    When swimming away the guy (or his friend) left the alliance, meaning I would get [Mod edited] from all that loot. So since I wasn't going to get anything, I thought I might as well get some payback. I went to Plunder Outpost where they went. I see their ship docked, sails up. I drop anchor next to it, grab a gunpowder barrel and blow it up on their ship.

    One of them returned at that point and started shooting at me, so the next barrel I just put under the ship, underwater. It unfortunately killed me, and when I respawned they have already filled the ship below deck with my barrels, I tried taking the closest one and running out of the ship with it, but someone managed to shoot me and they all blew up. By the time I respawned I was already far away on a new island with a new ship.

    Here's the reason why this betrayal was absolutely pointless for those of you who aren't as experienced. When you're in an alliance, you get 100% gold for whatever you sell, and whoever is in an alliance gets 50% on top of that. So there's no split in profit. They would've still gotten the full 100% if they didn't betray me, and I would've gotten 50% on top of their profits.

    If anyone here is well educated in psychology, could you please explain to me what is wrong with their brains, or what was going through their heads to do this?

  • So me and a few friends were in a galleon and we were in a server alone, we could tell because we had sailed around the whole map and found absolutely no one, so we made the best of it and did a bunch of quests normally dangerous in a server full of people, like hunting for reaper chests and stuff that would get you noticed and attacked. So we set off on a skeleton voyage and spotted a sloop. This was kinda weird because we were certain we were the only ones there. So I spotted some glittering treasure coming from below deck from the back. We then tried to chase them but got more than we bargained for. We had been chasing them up to 10 minutes or so and I got gradually more impatient. I started yelling through my speaking trumpet threats and challenges, trying to get them to just fight but they just kept running. Then creepy music started picking up and we all started getting uncomfortable. I was very unsettled by this because I was almost certain I heard faint laughing in the backround of the music, and then fog started to surround us. Dense, dark fog that we could barely see through. Then, the wind was going in the opposite way, the sloop became more and more fast, then shipwreck after shipwreck appeared and shipwreck after shipwreck we dodged. I used my spyglass and I could so the person on deck. They weren't paying attention to driving but standing on the back of the ship pointing at me. I jumped at this because they had a horrible look on their face and had rotten clothes with the Briggsy curse, so they looked as if they were crying. It then all of a sudden exploded before our very eyes and sank. Then we heard someone come on board the ship and we rushed to fight, but there was no one there. And then we heard as if someone had fallen on the ship and we all died. But as my spirit floated away I saw there was no one there to kill us. And at the Ferry of the Damned we saw them, with their back to us, standing in front of the door. We all proceeded warily towards them and they turned around with amazing speed, and for a second we could see what they looked liked and then the game crashed. I have been afraid of strange things like that in Sea of Thieves ever since, and if such things happen to you, LEAVE.

  • So I was sailing to an outpost after several recent victories to cash in my plunder, and found a fellow sloop docked, and though while tempted to fire on the poor fellow while undefended, I resisted. On the island we called a truce and we all sold our treasure, he of which even offered me a treasure chest to sell. I noticed that I could not see his face. I thought it was because it was night and it casted a shadow over it but when he stepped into torchlight I still could not see it. I did not pay much attention to it and sailed off. I passed through the Isle of Last Words when randomly my ship just fell apart and holes filled my hull I was certain it was not a gunpowder barrel, far too much damage, but my bucket did nothing, the water kept filling with tremendous speed. When it sank the mermaid appeared after much waiting and I used it as fast as I could but as the screen faded black I noticed it had pitch black eyes. I was startled by this and then found myself on Smuggler's Bay. I ran around the large island and went to the bridge connecting the peaks, and found a captains chest smack dead in the center of it. I picked it up and was making my way towards my ship when I noticed a shadow figure staring at me from between two trees. The figure seemed unusually thin and ran almost as soon as I spotted him. I dropped the chest and ran after this strange fellow and as soon as I stepped foot on where he was standing, lightning struck my ship and it exploded like a stronghold barrel. I then turned around and the shadow figure was there, cutlass in hand, and killed me. I then left as soon as I could.

  • Full and unedited video of the story

    This story is probably better told from the perspective of the new player. Us older players were honestly just kind of beating up on the new guy, but for the new guy, we drug him through a grand adventure that he, otherwise, would have no hope of seeing within his first few hours of gameplay.

    So I'll try to tell it from his point of view:

    I had just arrived in the Sea of Thieves, and was on my first voyage for the Gold Hoarders. As I wandered around the island, lost, I hadn't even noticed a sloop pull up next to mine. By the time I did notice it was basically too late. My mast was down, and their sloop was parked next to mine in a position that left them able to broadside me, but gave me no hope of firing a cannon at them.

    I was carrying a skull I had taken off of a captain on the island, when I saw them, I immediately dropped it and ran toward my ship. I could hear one of them screaming through their speaking trumpet. "Do not shoot at me!" He said.

    There were two pirates. One was quieter than the other one who seemed to like to show me how to sail my ship. The quiet one proudly let me know that he had robbed me blind of all the wood, food, and cannonballs I had on my ship. He noted that it was my payment for his time, seeing as I didn't have any treasure.

    Then they asked me to join in alliance with them. When they showed me how to raise the proper flags, he promptly knocked my mast over and fired on my ship, before boarding me again and sending me to the ferry. By the time I had gotten back to my ship, I was at a new unknown island, and the pirates were no where to be seen. What just happened? I thought.

    I went about my day heading back to wanderer's refuge to complete the voyage I was on. Before I ever got there I could see their sails on the horizon headed toward me. Out of fear of death and sinkage again I turned toward Wanderer's Refuge with haste.

    They were better sailors than me, and eventually caught up. I could hear them again saying "Anchor your ship!" Knowing that I couldn't beat them in a fight, I complied with their order and anchored. The nicer one boarded me, and the quiet one sailed away.

    It was explained to me that they were going to awaken the Fort of the Damned and they wanted me to come with them. The pirate manned my helm and sailed me toward the fort following his brethren. I simply complied. When we arrived, the quiet one boarded me and, as he said, "had a conversation with me." I wasn't allowed to touch barrels, move my ship into a position that put his under my guns, and most importantly, wasn't allowed to take any of the treasure. The treasure was his. Because we were in alliance, I would be paid for my share - I just couldn't sell any myself.

    "I'm happy with that." I said.

    Then they showed me how to complete the ceremony to awaken the fort. It involved lighting lanterns of different colors that they had previously gathered and finally putting a ritual skull on the head of a caged skeleton. Once this happened, the fort awakened and we began battling the skeletons that had started climbing out of the ground.

    The fighting went on and on with the quiet one constantly checking the horizon and the nicer one constantly telling me what color lantern I should have. These skeletons were shadow skeletons that could only be made vulnerable by a specific colored lantern light. If you tried so slice 'em with your sword otherwise, your sword simply flew through them, not dealing any damage. Finally, the boss appeared and I was ordered to go back down to my ship and man my cannons. I watched the quiet one start beating on him with his sword as I ran for my ship.

    On my way back to my ship, I noticed an explosive barrel. I picked it up - the thought had crossed my mind to load it onto their ship and take the treasure for myself. However, the quiet one caught me and exclaimed "What are you doing with that barrel, bro?! Don't even touch them." Then he picked it up himself and moved it somewhere he deemed more safe.

    Then we fired cannon shot after cannon shot at the Fort of the Damned hoping to kill this undead skeleton monstrosity before us. Things went fairly smooth and he died, dropping his key to the forts treasure vault.

    I was told to get on my crows nest and watch for incoming "bad guys" while they loaded up the treasure. Once they had all their treasure loaded, they told me I could start loading the stronghold barrels onto my ship. Which I diligently did. I thought they wouldn't purposefully make them explode, as they could simply outperform me in any fight we would have. Besides, they didn't feel the barrels were safe on their ship, and if I got them to the hideout on mine, they'd get some extra coin they wouldn't have got without me. They needed me.

    We sailed to the Reapers Hideout to sell our loot. I made over one hundred thousand gold after everything was said and done. Much more than the 2000 coin I already had. I was pretty excited about what I was going to buy with it. Finally I was told to wait in my crows nest and watch the horizon while they sold. I found a stronghold barrel up there. At some point, the quiet one had hidden it up there incase he needed to dispatch me quickly. What a pirate. I thought I saw him aiming his rifle at my sails at one point.

    "You forgot to tell me about the barrel in my crows nest." I said.

    He replied: "I didn't forget nothin.'"

    After everything was sold, the quiet one promptly sent me back to the ferry and when I was finally able to get back to my ship, I wasn't in alliance and the pirates had sailed off into the distance.

    The piratiest pirate experience I can think of.

  • Talked 3 friends into getting back into SOT
    Loaded up galleon full of supplies then took off
    Kraken spawn as soon as we take off
    Kraken immediately wraps around the hull entrance
    Kraken head on other side of the wrapped tentacle, no way to fire, no way go down and repair the ship
    Ship sinks
    Friends say stuff like this is why they don't play anymore, getting sunk by something that is out of their control.
    They log off to go play a different game.
    The End.

  • I had been playing for a long Brig session with a couple mates, doing some Vaults and Skull forts ect. When it can for them both to log off for the night, I though I would go solo for abit seeing as we were lvl 5 emissary.
    As I was innocently sailing along minding my own business when the ominous meg music began and I started getting flustered. Glancing behind me to the sturn of my boat, I kid you not I saw the pearly white, pink finned atrocity leap out of the water.
    In my fright, dismay and lack of realising the rarity of the situation, I simply directed my boat in the direction of the nearest island, which happened to be Golden Sands outpost and waited for it all to blow over.
    When the realisation hit me and I had told the story to some mates, my heart sunk and the regret kicked in. I could have been a hunter of the all so mighty Shrouded Ghost, but I didn't belive in myself all alone and ran off.
    I'm trying to think of a moral to this story, and I think that when you get presented with certain opportunities in life you just gotta go for it.

  • Last night my ship mate and I were sailing around, goofing off and just hunting skelly ship. We then sailed off to the Roar to sell off in peace (because its always empty) we sailed around the back side of Morrow's when I see a red glint on the shore and thinking some left a ruby behind I dive off the ship and what I found shocked me. My ship mate had just remarked that we hadn't found another Chest of Wondrous secrets and there on the beach was one! Now normally that is amazing in its self but the person who found it was still there and I was not in the mood to ruin someones night by stealing such a prize. I backed off and let it be know I would not attack and let this person sell their windfall. To my absolute surprise and shock EMTEFA gave me his Chest of Wondrous secrets! I tried to give it back but he was having none of that! When ask to why? The reply was "No Reason" I was floored by this act of absolute charity, I know that people say that the SOT has a toxic community but this just shows that there are really great people out there.

  • Was on the hunt. I had over 300 cannon balls and 100 planks as a solo slooper.

    I attacked the skelly galleon doing a full right lock, firing and repairing. It got hit pretty hard and i was having a blast.

    ..Then i heard a crash and i look forward and see a skelly sloop had came in to assist the gally.

    I wanted to kill the sloop first so i would have time to pick up the galleon loot so i focused my fire on the sloop.

    Only then did i realize as the skelly sloop was sinking, so too was the galleon... Double Payday!

    They sunk right next to eachother at the same time. I ended up with 4 storage crates and left with more resources than before and even more loot!!

    I pushed my luck and kept hunting before turning in after tracking down 6 ships.

    A player attempted to intercept me, loaded all the loot in the rowboat, sent my ship one way and my rowboat another.
    Rowed to the nearest outpost, cashed in and then had a little victory snooze on the beach. Good times.

  • When Sea of Thieves added the overview to the website I noticed I had a very high amount of times vomited compared to other people (around 700) and I was joking about it with one of my crewmates. The next day he spent two hours drinking grog to have a higher number. That started an all-out war with us both drinking grog non-stop. I am now around 22,000-times vomited, is this a world record or is someone even crazier than me?

  • Offffffff what a interesting place this is. Glad to of encountered some of you. It went by so fast ...sad face

  • the tale begins here at reapers hideout we were in an alliance I said to the guy lets have a duel (side note he became toxic not in this tale though) anyways we fought he resed me and I resed him and we both won and I played with him for a while this happened in the summer months it was fun until he became toxic as I said that's a tale for another time @Clumsy-George what do you think?

  • a long time ago I was sailing with mr. @Clumsy-George and we were hunting ships our ship and crew name was the unoradox and we sunk some ships and we thought someone got on but they didn't we were fine then I drunk so much I passed out again (code for I left the game) the end

  • I want to share a story that might be interesting, but also a bit disappointing.
    So, today together why my other two friends decided to go for a hunt on other players with our galion, and we didn't have to wait for long, to catch a little sloop seeming to be a pvp unit (pirate flag hoisted) but he took us into a rocky waters, so we lost him pretty fast, as soon as it cought the wind into her sail.

    Meanwhile, few miles away there was a brig (reapers bones 5th lvl- worth to say, we were reapers too, but on the 1st lvl) suddenly caught by kraken. Tought already, that kraken is may be pretty hard opponent, we came to help, hoping to get an alliance and go for a hunt together with the brig. Sadly, we also got caught and additionally attacked by a sloop, we were chasing earlier, so that ended up pretty fast.

    After we got respawned, we came to help reapers again (they sank that damn sloop that interrupted us), but without supplies, so after catching the brig, we've made an alliance, what was quiet funny, cause they were ready to attack up to the moment, we've said, we were friendly and just tried to hunt together.

    Sadly, as a fleet we didn't have much luck, cause we've been caught by a lonely brig, that decided to encounter us. Surprisingly, the fight seemed to be very balanced, especially, when our opponent succeded in breaking both main masts on our and ours ally ship. After that everything was a pure chaos- jumping from one ship to another, throwing fire bombs into each other, trying to meele on allies ship, throwing chain balls and shooting ourselves from the cannons. Literally, best sea battle I've ever had.
    Sadly, as I said, we didn't have supplies because of the respawn, so we quickly ran out of ammo, and because so, the battle was over, as ally brig sank, loosing it's entire treasure.

    So, yes- 3vs6 fight on our side has been lost, but it was also a lesson to do not be stupid (run after sloop into narrow passages) and always prepare yourself with a good amount of cannonballs.

    So, anyone wants to help us in improving our pvp? :D
    text alternatywny

  • Looking for the elusive grogball to show a group of skeletons a good time turned out to be a long adventure. Finding cursed ball after cursed ball, never being the grog soaked variety.
    Finally in a fort of gold, hidden a tower one was obtained.
    Rounded 10 of them up to take them out only to have a couple not take to drinking, requiring a hunt for another grogball. This time hidden in the legendary hideout was the only other grogball in all the seas. All in all a good couple of hours sailing. It was fitting that a skeleton captain named Three Sheets Nate was there to get grog soaked.

  • A few of my favorites.

    • Like a glove
    • Is that dock regulation size or what?
    • Naaaaaaaiiiiiiiilllllllleeeeedddd it!
  • This new update, have to sail around with the ship full of treasure chests that they wont even fit and had to stack them on the side of the ship.. this was bound to happen sooner or later...

  • on the sea of thieves me and miss. @ShirleyMcDavish where on a galleon with two other people one was in the brig and we sunk another galleon pretty quickly and they ran into a rock when they sunk and then we went after a sloop but that sloop was better than us

  • My crew and I on a 3 man brig, yes they exist, had Just plundered a Vault of ancients on Krakens Fall. Having collected every chest and gathered most of the piles of gold the door slammed shut and we loaded our ship up with our spoils.

    There were no ships on the horizon as we loaded our Brig with our haul and none still as we set sail south to Ancient Spire outpost. Our trip was not far but it was on the other side of a storm, the only foreseeable hardship on our Voyage ahead.

    The moment we left the calm waters, into the open ocean we notice a large dorsal fin circling our boat, a meg, it attacked us biting our Port side. both my crewmates, very new sailors were knocked into the water and attempted to live long enough to have a mermaid return them to the ship.

    I shot cannonfire at the megaladon, stopping another attack and fixed the holes in the ship. My crew were brought back and the meg eventually relented, just as we entered the storm. I tasked myself to bailing and repairing as one steered and the other merely played a song on his instrument.

    As I was throwing water over the starboard side and the ship was rocked by titanic waves I saw a Skeletal galleon rise from the depths and start opening fire on us. I shouted letting my crew know, as we were buffeted by the intense storm it was difficult to aim, but I shot a few rounds into it.

    This was when my crew mates said "what are you firing at?" they were on the port side firing at the other skeletal galleon.
    It now dawned on us we were in a 3 man brig, with a large hoard of treasure, in the middle of a storm, and fighting 2 skeleton ships that are now alongside us broadsiding us from both sides.

    I call for one of my crew to help as both of us go to bail and repair, the third steered the ship amongst the waves that dwarfed even the galleons.
    We were cannoned off our deck multiple times, cursed to dance, anchored and had many visits to the sea of the damned. At one point the water neck high in our brig only just surviving. Our mast was struck by lightning or cannon, we didn't even know which under the constant bombardment. The skeletal ships eventually fell behind as our wood supplies dwindled and we eventually came out of the storm.

    As the seas calmed wed noticed wed drifted west and were at barnacle cay, with 4 planks of wood remaining and no cannonballs left, we anchored.

    Having replenished our supplies we set sail south east to ancient spire.
    The seas then darkened, an inky black, it seems fate did not want us to claim our spoils. As the ship ground to a halt I raised sail and told my less experienced crew to U-turn, we had some supplies but not enough for a Kraken fight.
    We managed to get out of the Krakens ink with little damage and sailed around it.

    We eventually made it to the outpost with the rest of our journey uneventful, and unloaded our treasure.
    Everyone was thankful we made it, as everything short of another crew had come in the way of us cashing in our loot.
    So with the ship empty, and supplies ready, we decided one more voyage, a short one this time a simple chest find just to top off the night.
    At this point galleon came around the corner from our blind-spot and sunk our ship at the dock.

    Exhausted, we called it a night.

  • Made this find today, while exploring Ashen Reaches. It's a Tall Tale keystone with no connection to any current quest. Possible future plans Rare??

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Wind back the clock only mere hours ago. My first and lone foray into Sea of Thieves, wracked with anxieties for a a great many reasons. In spite of that, onward I sailed, a few simple quests in and I get adventurous, I take on an Order of Souls Voyage, feeling confident. My first stop? Crook's Hollow, not far at all. I park my ship about as smoothly as a rookie might, by failing to slow fast enough and running aground. Unamused, I dropped anchor and repaired the damage before hopping down to the shore, dealing with a pair of skeletons before noticing a lone chicken coop, sitting near to the cave entrance. I pick it up and look around, hearing the nearby sound of wandering wild chickens. I spot one, white and fluffy, not even having to chase it before catching it and stowing it in the cage. As I walked it back to stow on my ship, it poked it's head out and gazed at me with those small, beady eyes, unafraid. That's when I felt it, this chicken was special, it was too adorable to simple stuff into the hold and sell. So I placed her beside the helm, facing out over the deck, to help survey the waters ahead as I traveled.

    I finished up my objective on Crook's Hollow, taking down the skeletal captain and grabbing the prized skull with relative ease. I returned to my ship once again and shelved the whispering skull, only returning to land to make use of a few snake cages I'd spotted while looking for the skeletal fiend. Being sure to store the snakes down in the hold away from my new First Mate, And away from me, of course, on we went to our next target: Castaway Isle. The rising sun was met with some light crowing from my new best friend, heralding the journey ahead. Two captains to slay there, were it not for cruel fate.

    I stopped at a couple points of interest along the way, finding some nice items, a chest, a goblet, some food and wood to reinforce my stores. Henrietta's soft clucks and cute head-peeks from the coop always made me smile. But it was all for naught. As I walked an uncharted group of tiny cays, in view of Castaway Isle, gathering some wooden debris and mangoes, suddenly a volley of canon fire rang out, decimating my poor, young ship! It rapidly began to sank, and I couldn't make it back before it was submerged into the depths. A massive Galleon, not even flying colors of hostility, sporting a crew of at least four men, continued firing while two of their team swam toward me, as I was now ship-less. I felt far more fear than I would have simply being alone, my precious Henrietta had been aboard! Swimming away from my attackers and toward some cargo in the water, I got one single, horrified look at what remained. The coop....was empty.

    My poor, poor chicken. She'd either drowned or been blown free and floated away. I am not sure which is worse for my heart. The attacking pirates spoke with me, and didn't immediately kill me too, though I wouldn't have been too upset, given I'd have perished with my dear pet. They seemed to be feigning mercy, putting a few of the items salvaged from my ship into a rowboat sitting there, though the gunpowder barrel they also put in gave away potential mischief. Instead of taking the obvious trap/humiliating, depressed long-row to port, I simply swam to the mermaid, reacquiring a ship far further south and returning to Ancient Spire outpost, defeated, heartbroken, and voyage very unfinished as I resigned to bed.

    Perhaps someday I'll have her back, if Chicken pets are ever introduced. Open PvP cost me not only the loot and voyage, upsetting as that might be, but it cost me a new friend. I am uncertain I shall ever be quite the same.

  • During a recent voyage on the Sea Of Thieves, with a crew who have been assisting me for a while, whilst undertaking an Order Of Souls voyage, unbeknownst to me, I was about to take a shot that is extremely rare as a gamer without sight.

    One of my fellow pirates told me to fire and I think the remainder of the video shows the ridiculousness in all its glory

  • Just wanted to share a little tradition our crew has. Every time we are wrapping up our adventures for the day, we take a storage crate, fill it with all remaining resources we have (especially something useful - like cursed cannonballs and pineapples), and leave it on the pier for other pirates to find. Some kind of a "gift box" )))
    So, yesterday we had a really lucky day.

    I hope someone will too )

  • Hi all! This is just a story I came up with for my character. I've taken liberties with some of the lore from Sea of Thieves, as well as references from other works such as Goonies and to a minute extent, Star Wars (it's obscure but fans will likely get it), while incorporating it into the game world of Sea of Thieves.

    Since this is fictional back-story of my character, I'm not sticking too close to the game lore when I reference certain in game characters or locations.

    Other than that, I hope you enjoy!

    Chapter 1

    Our story begins unlike other tales of seafaring adventurers.

    OneEyed W1lliam wasn't always know by this name. He was once William Pordobel. A land loving scoundrel of a man, who found himself on the run from many a royal house for his misdeeds.

    This led him to a life at sea. He joined various crews, but eventually put together a small crew of his own. Just a small band of sailors aboard his brigantine which he won in a game of cards. She wasn't much to look at, but she was fast. Eventually they stumbled upon an old frigate that had run aground. After days of work, they managed to wrench her free of the rocks and patch her up. They were now able to take on more crewmembers. They also had a leaky old sloop to round out the "fleet". Together they hunted and looted many ships across the seas.

    Some years passed, before William and his crew came across a marooned sailor who had been stuck on a small atoll for 12 years, and with nothing but a few banana trees for sustenance!

    His name was Billy, and he told a fantastical tale of a gold laden galleon that had sunk their ship all those years ago. What caught William's attention was when he said the ship was manned by the dead. Surely this was a jest, or maybe years of being alone may have had it's toll on poor Billy.

    The crew all laughed at Billy, making fun of him and saying he should be left on the island to die, but William did not take kindly to this. He shouted at his crew to respect a man for surviving as long as he did (especially on nothing but bananas!), while reminding them that a few themselves were nothing more than bilge rats and beggars when they first met. "Anyone invited aboard any of our ships is to be afforded respect as a guest"! Billy was both surprised and humbled that a pirate would defend him, even as a stranger.

    William asked to hear more of this tale, and Billy didn't disappoint. He said that to this day, he sees that galleon sail past from the east time to time, and sail back days later with a fortune in plunder that would glow in the night sky, before disappearing over the horizon.

    That night, William called the crew together and put out a plan to ambush this galleon the next time it sailed past with gold in its hold. "Alright lads. I don't buy this ship of the dead nonsense, but if there really is a galleon that travels in these parts laden with gold, it's worth a look eh?". The crew nodded in agreement.

    Four days later, his scouts spotted the ship, and just like Billy said, she was coming from the east. They hurried back to the others and reported their findings. "This is it mates! Lets get ready!" Shouted William, and all three ships sailed east to lie in wait for the galleon to return.

    Three days later she reappeared, bathed in a golden glow of light from the treasure she held.

    It was a cloudy day with rain on the horizon, but the waters were strangely calm with only some light wind in the air...but the galleon continued to glide on the water as if it had a full billow in its sails!

    William was aboard the frigate with Billy at his side, flanked by the brigantine on the starboard side and the sloop port astern. As the galleon drew closer, the 3 ships prepared engage. The storm had begun moving towards them and the wind began to pick up.

    William shouted "Angle & drop the sails! Keep a tight formation until just before we are in cannon range!" The other ships followed suite and they began an intercept course. Billy's face grew nervous as they inched closer to the galleon. William saw this, turned to Billy and said "Hold fast Billy, you'll be alright mate".

    As they drew closer, the watchman in the crows nest of the brigantine started shouting down to the commander and pointing towards the galleon...William shouted at the Brig commander "What is it?"

    The commander of the brigantine lifted his speaking trumpet and shouted "LOOK AT THE SAILS!" The watchman in the frigate focused on the sails, and his eyes widened....He shouted down what he saw, and a crewman ran up to William with frantic breaths. "Well? come on man, out with it!" ordered William. "The...the sails... Cap'n, the sails... they're all torn with the mark of a skull & crossbones".

    Another pirate in these parts? He had not heard of this from other pirate crews. William quickly drew his spyglass and trained it on the galleon...he slowly lowered the spyglass. The sails were indeed tattered and torn, yet she was gliding atop the waves with ease. How can this be? He raised the spyglass again. "What the.....what in blazes is that thing?" William saw a galleon that should not even be able to float. In addition to the tattered sails, she had a rotting hull adorned with lanterns and wooden spikes, and some kind of massive skull for a figurehead. He handed the spyglass to Billy to have a look.

    Billy's eyes grew wide. "It's come for me. It knows I'm here". "Who's come for you mate?" replied William. "That sail...it's a cursed sail. It belongs to a ship of the dead from a cursed fleet. Ships with Kraken Skull figureheads. They know I'm on this ship, and that galleon is coming to finish me off! If they get back to the Sea of Thieves and I still live, the Gold Hoarder & Flameheart will hear of this and come for me. We're all doomed! I should have stayed on that blasted island!" said Billy in a wavering frightened voice as he started to back away.

    "Krakens? Gold Hoarders? Flameheart? Sea of Thieves? What the devil are you talking about? Get ahold of yourself man!" shouted William as he shoved Billy into the captains quarters. "You'll stay here until the battle is won. I'll not have a rambling madman on deck!" Billy just curled up into a ball in the corner of the cabin and started to whimper.

    The ships were almost in firing range. The gun crews at the ready. The storm was almost upon them, and wind started to pick up.

    Almost as if it were deliberate, the sound of cannon fire rang out from the galleon at the exact moment that thunder roared and lightning struck the sea. Seconds later, a violent swell appeared next to the galleon. A second, identical ship rose from the depths and pulled up alongside the galleon. Everyone just stood in disbelief at what they had just seen. "This has to be some sort of bad dream" though William, but he dare not show his concern in front of his crew.

    William raised his speaking trumpet and shouted "I do not care of dead men sailing dead ships! I only know that there is a fortune aboard that galleon that is ripe for the taking! If we succeed, we will be unchallenged by anyone who hears of the battle that we are about to wage today! We will be revered and celebrated by our brothers and sisters in arms, and feared by those who oppose us! I have never served with a finer crew in all my years at sea, and I ask you all to fight like you have never fought before....for fortune favors the bold, and we are AS BOLD AS THEY COME!"

    Crews aboard all three ships shouted and cheered in unison, before a serious tone took hold and everyone manned their stations.

    The battle was about to begin...

    Chapter 2

    The battle had raged on for a half hour. Somehow they managed to stay on the outskirts of the storm, but they had to do something fast before the storm's wrath would be upon them. Crews aboard the frigate and brigantine scrambled about, patching holes, bailing water, and firing away at the two galleons. The sloop would dart in and out between the ships in the hopes of drawing some of the fire away from the others, giving them time to regroup. She was small but nimble and able to dodge many of the volleys.

    "Blast this cursed storm!" shouted William. Something had to be done or they would not last much longer.

    He signaled his quartermaster to muster 3 sailors for a raid. "I need sailors who are fast on their feet and deadly with a blade. I'll also need a powder barrel. Get Billy up here as well, then signal the sloop to break off and pull up alongside. Have the Brigantine act as a decoy for a moment." The quartermaster hurried off and returned with 3 sailors, Billy and the barrel.

    A moment later the sloop was alongside. William and his party boarded the sloop, bringing the powder barrel with them. Before breaking off, he ordered the quartermaster to take command. "When we depart, I'll need you and the brigantine to try and separate those ships! We'll get the attention of the one with the empty hold". The quartermaster nodded and headed off to the helm.

    "Alright! Here's the plan. We are going to board one of those ugly things and set off the powder keg in the hold. That ought to even things up a bit for us eh?" barked William. "Once we pull up alongside that ship, you three will join me and board the ship. We'll fight our way into the hold and set off that barrel. Now, helmsman. Once we are aboard, slip back and stay astern of the ship to avoid the cannons....and be ready to pluck us from the sea when we jump!"

    He then pointed to two of the sailors. "You man the port side harpoon, and you on the starboard harpoon!" Pointing to two others, "The two of you, on the guns!" W1lliam turned to the helmsman, "You and Billy go below and take that barrel with you. Make sure we stay afloat!"

    The brig and frigate began their assault on the main galleon with treasure to force it to separate from the it's companion. A moment later, the galleon turned hard to starboard and made a beeline towards the brigantine, while the second ship continued on it's course, unleashing broadsides towards the frigate.

    This was their chance! With William at the helm, they made a quick approach from astern to the rotting galleon. "Fire the harpoon and reel us in!" shouted William.

    It worked! the galleon crew was so focused on the frigate that they did not notice the sloop slip in behind them. "Alright let's go", said William. He and three others climbed up the sloop mast, then hopped into the small opening in the ships hull leading to the captains quarters. As soon as they were aboard, the sloop detached the harpoon and slipped back a ways with Billy & the two other sailors onboard.

    Chapter 3

    There was a foul stench aboard. Rotting wood, dead fish, and an unbearable odor which could not even be put into words. One of the men could no longer keep it together and vomited onto the floor in the captains quarters. "Quiet!" whispered William as they peered out onto the deck. They could hardly believe what they saw. Skeletons firing cannons, brandishing pistols and blunderbusses, and running below deck with supplies to repair holes as quickly as they appear.

    "We have no choice", said William. "There's no way for us to get below deck without being seen. We'll have to fight our way down." He instructed one of them to hide the powder barrel in the corner, and remain there until he is summoned.

    "When I call for you, take that barrel, run right into the hold as far as you can. The lower the better. You light that fuse and run! As soon as you see the sky, you jump off this wretched ship and swim to the sloop. We'll be right behind you keeping these cursed things off your back. Understood?" Aye sir, she replied.

    He looked at the other two and nodded. The three of them darted out and started attacking the skeletons. A few good hacks and they just fell apart. "This is too easy" thought William...and he was right. With each skeleton they put down, an new one would rise from beneath the deck plates. "There has to be a way to clear a path" thought William. Just then, he hears a hissing voice barking orders from above. William looked back to find what appeared to be the captain at the helm. That was it! he shouted at the other 2 to join him and they hacked and slashed their way towards the captain.

    Sure enough, the skeleton crews shifted their attention to the helm and started making their way over to protect their captain. As soon as there was a clear path, William shouted "GO NOW!" In an instant, the sailor hoisted the powder barrel and sprinted across the deck and down to the lower deck. There were a few skeletons still below so she put down the barrel and started to hack and slash her way through. She would then go back for the barrel and move further before having to do it all over again as more skeletons rose up to replace the ones that were destroyed.

    William knew something was wrong so he ordered one of his men to go below while he and the remaining sailor would continue their decoy tactics. They would cut down a couple of skeletons, rush the captain, then break off, and repeat this dance while darting up and down the steps to the helm.

    The the two sailors below decks worked together to get further into the belly of the beast. the young woman set the barrel down in the middle of the hold and began unfurling a long fuse. As they worked their way back, they managed to leave the hold and were now near the map table of the lower deck. A that moment, she heard a loud scream. She turned around only to see her crewmate cut down by a skeleton at the foot of the steps going to the top deck. The man had fallen to his knees, his shoulders slumped and head down as he drew his last breath. She unsheathed her cutlass and began to fight furiously with one hand, while holding the fuse in the other.

    Back on deck, the other crewman started shouting " I think something is wrong! They should be back by now!". William agreed, and gave the order to make their way back towards the entrance to the hold. Below deck, the sailor knew that she had to do something fast. She looked around and saw a nearby lantern. She smashed it with her sword and used the flames to fight the fuse. Now she had to fight her way back and off this ship.

    She couldn't remember the exact length of fuse that she managed to unfurl, but she estimated having a minute or two before the powder would ignite. She had to move fast but she was quickly being surrounded by skeletons as she tried in vain to make her way out. She looked back and the fuse was nowhere in sight....that meant she had less than a minute left. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her leg as she fell to one knee. She looked back to see her trousers soaked in blood. She'd been shot in the leg. There was no way she would make it out now. She got back to her feet and kept fighting with her sword like a vengeful spirit. Hacking and slashing at any skeleton in reach.

    Just then, William and the other sailor appeared at the top of the steps. "Come on! You can make it! let's go!" shouted the sailor. William saw the blood and he knew she was in trouble. As he started to make his way down the steps, she quickly pulled her flintlock, pointed it at William and shouted "NO! STAY BACK OR I'LL SHOOT!"

    William looked at her in disbelief! "There's no time to lose Cap'n! The lit fuse is almost at the barrel." She looked her captain in the eyes and said " It's been a great honor to serve with you, but you need to leave now and save what's left of our crew. They need you now". She then turned and fired her pistol at an approaching skeleton.

    As a tear ran down her cheek, she said her final piece. "You be sure to tell the lads what Fiona did here today!" William nodded to Fiona, and tossed her his cutlass. With a sword in each hand, she limped onward while taking down skeleton after skeleton, until William could no longer see her in the darkness of the ship.

    At that moment, the last remaining sailor grabbed William by the arm and said "We have to go sir!" seconds later, the crew aboard the sloop spot the two men jump off the port side of the galleon. A few seconds later, the air is shattered by the sound of a massive explosion, Debris flies all around the hulking vessel as she slowly starts to sink.

    As the two men are pulled aboard, they watched the tip of the mast slip beneath the waves. They turned the ship and made their way back towards the rest of the fleet. They could see that they had taken a beating. The brigantine was on fire, and the aft mast on the frigate had collapsed, yet both remained defiant and kept fighting.

    Suddenly, without warning the galleon dove beneath the waves and disappeared. Minutes go by, but the ship was nowhere to be seen. Perplexed at what had happened and with sighs of relief, the crews begin to regroup and start tending to the wounded and repairs, believing the ship had retreated upon seeing it's escort destroyed. "We lost the treasure, but we survived. Billy, you have some explaining to do when we get back to my ship."

    Chapter 4

    The sloop pulled up alongside the frigate. The brigantine crew had gotten the fire out, and the frigate had cut away the destroyed mast. All three ships began to limp away when they heard the strangest noise...a horn of some kind. William looked around and could see no other ship in sight.

    Without warning the galleon rose back up from the water next to the brigantine and smashed right through her. The ship split in two and almost immediately sank beneath the waves.

    As the galleon made it's way towards the frigate, Billy ran up to William and shouted "Find Ramsey! Find Athena's Fortune!" He pushed William off the frigate and knocked him onto the sloop's deck. Billy shouted at the sloop helmsman "Get him out of here! Sail towards the storm. It's your only hope!"

    As the sloop began to sail away, Billy stood at the ladder and stared at the fast approaching ship. He closed his eyes, clenched his fists and stood tall. William could only watch as the galleon ripped through the frigate, setting off a massive explosion. The powder magazine had been hit. There was nothing left but debris and bodies in it's wake. It was as if the devil himself was in control of that cursed ship!

    As the sloop sailed further into the storm, the sky grew dark and fearsome. William began to douse the lanterns in an effort to hide their location from the fast approaching galleon, but not before a sniper managed to let out a single shot. The bullet hit the lantern nearest to him and sent glass shards flying into his eye!

    With a small fire near the map table, and blurred & bloody vision, William was helped up by one of sailors. He tore his sleeve and tried his best to bandage William's head to cover the wound. A second shot tore through the sailors chest. He dropped to his knees and keeled over.

    Thunder, lightning and heavy rain filled the sky, as a massive wave struck the sloop on the starboard side, sending the helmsman into the sea and William into a wall and knocking him out cold.

    As he came to, he kept hearing Billy's words repeat in his mind. "Find Ramsey...Find Athena's Fortune". What did all of that mean? Just then, William noticed that he was on land. Lush greenery around him, birds chirping and a warm sunny day above. As he got up to look around, he could make out the sloop afloat in the bay albeit heavily damaged. There was campfire nearby. He was alone.....or so it seemed.

    William looked around for a moment. He was having a hard time only seeing from one eye. Before him appeared a ghostly apparition bathed in an emerald green light. "You look a little worse for wear, my friend. You must be on quite the journey." it said....