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  • Fantastic prizes won by some talented pirates!

  • There’s panic at the Outposts as banners are appearing throughout the three regions of the Sea of Thieves – banners that are calling you out! Every pirate worth their salt is being challenged to battle at sea, as the dead make war on the living in grim galleons that wield curses against the unwary.

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  • We were doing our second Athena's for the day and were heading for the final island to get the legendary chest where a sloop was parked nose first facing the island.

    About a grid square or two away from our destination the kraken decided to play with us. Whilst my regular crew mate likes the challenge of defeating Karen with cannons, just to break up the monotony, I'd much rather just shoot the front two tentacles with my pistol to break her hold and save resources.

    We're usually placid players just doing voyages, forts and events. But once or twice a week my regular crew mate feels the need to exert some PvP gameplay for a couple of minutes, which is fine. A sloop had not too long ago fired upon us at our previous island as it sailed by very close so his want for seeking vengeance was justified.

    I couldn't tell if this was the same sloop at our destination but it's crew had a lot of time to move on, if they desired. After our kraken encounter we sailed on only using half of the rear sail with the other two sails completely up.
    As we approached our helmsman's son sword lunged over to the parked vessel. He could see a level 10 Athena figurehead adorned the bow and that there was somebody moving about below deck inside the sloop.
    I stood on the helm of our galleon atop of the stairs where I could watch both ladders for a boarder while my mate fired upon the sloop, killing its occupant in the process.
    My mate's son boarded the vessel where he told us that he saw a regular Gold Hoarder's voyage on the table and that the boat was full of loot.

    It was strange not to see a mermaid, perhaps the sloopist was playing solo. We assumed he / she must have rage quit.
    It was hard not feeling sorry for this person now. Maybe they were afk until we arrived?
    There had to have been a dozen chests, mostly captain's.

    I started to doubt our actions.
    Surely an Athena's level 10 player knew the risks of sailing solo and being afk for so long. Surely he/she also knew not to park the boat facing the island and to cash-in every so often.
    Then again, maybe he / she had been playing with an Athena 10+ PL who had since left the game.

    If this tale sounds familiar to your experience yesterday then I apologize and hope that you learn from it.
    Don't point your vessel to the island when parked, keep it broadside in case of attacking ships.
    Don't go afk whilst solo and always cash-in regularly.

    After retrieving the legendary chest of our voyage and the sloop's loot, my crew sailed in silence for some time until my mate's son said "Imagine if they were doing an Athena's voyage and had dug up the legendary chest?".

  • So ...im slooping merchants with my husband to get his 30 commendations done....gally asked to steal our boat we said no thanks. He told them no we were doing merchants. They for some reason thought if they killed us they could steal our boat. That's not how it works. Anyways fast forward 45 minutes we complete the merchant. Great. Hree's the gally again claiming we brought it upon ourselves we fired first. Then they claim to have fired a "warning shot" First. Ok whatever we sell our 2 full cannon ball crates. We scuttle because our supplies are basically gone and we have an empty banana crate and an artifact. They didn't even pick those out the water. They invite my husband to a party. They said just give us your ship. He told them no multiple times. They claimed that he never answered them. He left the party. The girl [Mod Edited] (or something like that...horrible at pvp) was the gamertag. Claimed she can still hear us. We go into a party. She can still hear us. Figured out she was trolling my twitch stream the find us on the map. Ended twitch stream. Bravo. You didn't get our loot or animals and most important ....our boat!! Thanks for keeping us on our toes!!!!

  • I felt like I had spent enough time at sea today. But I thought I would give the 56 enchanted cannonballs and 17 gun powder barrels collected along the way to someone.

    In the distance was a galleon on a pier, I approached with my sloop. I called out that I was a solo player who was just leaving the game and wanted to pass on his supplies. I was shot immediately. I jumped off my ship to the beach and kept shouting my intentions to them, holding up one of the glowing sphere. I finally convinced a player to accept the enchanted ball offered to him. Shy as a wild animal, he grabbed a bullet and ran away. I offered two more bullets and asked for access. Another crew member commented that I was funny. Another whispered, "Kill him". A third one, however, took twice. I just mentioned that I still had 53 bullets and several blasting barrels, boards, banners, etc., when my ship was sunk. Why would they sink my ship, I asked, and that I carried the bullets with me, I told, before I was shot...

  • I was calmly sailing around. Just watching my map and sails. Hardly any waves. Then suddenly: action music, loud noises on both sides of my sloop. I sailed right into a skeleton captain's domain!

    I'm not sure why I decided to fight rather than run, but I sent a hail of cannonballs to the enemy ships. I think I hit most of the time and to my surprise, one of the skeleton ships sank! When I ran out of cannonballs (and wood) I had to make for a port to restock. Upon my return I only needed a few more shots to also sink the second.

    I surely was no match for the next two, but given that I only managed to fire two cannonballs in my previous skeleton ship encounter two weeks ago and now I sank two of them without dying or sinking, I'm pretty sure I'm making progress!
    (edit: I was solo-sailing a sloop)

  • So yesterday I had the day off work and I was bedridden for a medical reason so I decided to go hard at Sea of Thieves and ended up playing for 13 hours in 1 server and was able to get away with not being sunk.

    What was your longest session and the adventure you had?

    Here's my story I'll try to keep it short haha...

    So me and a friend who also had a day off logged on in the early am and started a sloop and we spawn at galleons grave. I take a look around things seem active, I see a brig and 2 galleons sailing around. One of the galleons started coming right towards us to start and it ended up being 1 guy and we were going to be friendly. The brig also came by and they wanted to kill the galleon so we just decided to team up because there was no swaying their objective of sinking the lone sailor on the galleon. I know...a bit unfair but sometimes I choose my alliances wisely as I wanted to get some work done and don't need to make enemies with the wrong people.

    So we sank that galleon then talking to the brig they were out for vengeance they said on a trolling galleon on the seas. We see the reapers mark over at Smugglers bay way across the map, it was another galleon... By the time we both make it in the area they are at Sailors Bounty. The Brig gets there first and goes full attack and nails them with 2 kegs. I drive by as my crewmate goes in with another keg and I lace them with a full set of 10 cannonballs and do a 180 for another pass. Galleon was actually making a decent effort but we were just too much for them. They were facing the brig and only got to shoot off 1 cannon before I land a solid Peaceball and neutralize their offense. In just a few short moments the galleon was sunk with all the profanities being shouted at us...

    Then something insane happened...I gained telepathy somehow with a glitch when they died apparently. There was a sweet spot that I could be in the water where they died and i could hear everything the galleon was saying although they were across the map. So I sat there in silence as I listened to them for about 10 mins about if they want to go back and fight us and how they can see us with the reapers marks still sitting at Sailors Bounty. Last I heard was they were going to a sunken ship to loot it but I thought that was crazy how I could hear them it was the first time that happened to me.

    The rest of the day was filled with killing skeletons with cursed cannonballs and a merchant grind with the Reapers mark to finish my 30 voyages completed with it raised. Ended the day on our sloop with around 100 total cursed cannonballs on hand, about 400 regular cannon balls, 250 planks, 150 bananas, and 20+ kegs. I felt so attached to our ship we sailed on for about 13 hours!

  • Master Bell’s Personal Log IV

    Has the cap’n gone mad?! He wants me to rig the ship, in preparation of turning INTO the storm?! How the hell does he plan on surviving that? I’ve seen ships destroyed by storms tamer than this one, crushed and capsized by the waves, before washing up on land, far from where they sank. The worst part about it is, the cap’n KNOWS the danger! He knows, yet he still orders us, to trim the sails to the starboard, he’s gonna get us killed! Sure, we’ll lose the Aurai’s Blessing in the storm, but only ‘cause the both of us will sink! It’ll be a miracle if we come out of this alive! Whatever good the captain thinks will come of this maneuver, is slim, compared to the chances of bad. He wants to sail into the most violent storm, any of the crew have ever seen, just to avoid a ship. For the love of all things holy, why not change course, and sell our loot elsewhere?! I suppose I should be getting back to our suicide mission. Let’s hope the cap’n knows how to maneuver this storm.

    ~Master Bell – Sailing Master of the Wicked Revenge

  • Here I tell, the tale of meself, from the very beginning to now.

    So it started, with a new boat and a new crew. First time for all four of us, mere sailors at the time. The sea was different in those days, not a sloop or Brigantine to be seen. It was the days of the Technical alpha. Simple yet great. We had no idea what to do. As we where about to leave the outpost for the first time, golden sands it was, a castaway approached us, stranded on the island. He told us his tale. He had no crew nor a ship, so he stayed with us and tought us all the way of the sea. His name was Crusader Sween. It was a great time that day. Voyages a plenty we completed that day, plenty of gold in our pockets.

    We bought ourselves Blunderbusses, (yes, you could purchase it back in the day.) And went back to sea. Another ship approached us. They were friendly however. We made great friends with some of them and later after a few missions of our 9 person armada, we hit the hay. Many times we did that. Sailin with the first pirate I ever met, Crusader Sween.

    Launch rolled around and I hadn't seen the Sween since beta. I nearly forgot about him, the pirate that tought me the ways of the sea, the one who I held closest to me heart.

    The day when the skeleton fleets invaded the sea, me and me crew where sailin to the blasted skellies to kill em.
    On our way to the fight we saw a sloop, and decided to see if they would join us.

    Low and behold, it was the man him self, Crusader Sween. After many months of not seeing him, I had nearly forgot his name. We crewed up and sunk the skellies to the bottom. Since then, Sween and I have been sailin the seas like the old days. Old pioneers to New pioneers, we still find joy in playing together.

    From the Shores of Plenty to the Devil's Roar, we've sailed them all (well maybe not the Devil's Roar yet haha.)

    I hereby dedicate this post to the man himself, Crusader Sween.

  • I am now the newest pirate legend in sea of thieves. My wife beat me by a couple of days just so happy that grind is over. I’m already a 4 in Athena now to take my time ang enjoy this game. Can’t wait for the forsaken shores on the 19th.

  • Our adventure began last night simple enough. My best mate had started a voyage and needed some help, so I joined her. We sailed our brig with reapers flag on, doing a merchants quest. Sure enough, several ships came our way, trying to grab our bacon and eggs. Two ships came at us, the first we turned away with a flurry of cannon fire, the second we simply out maneuvered to get to the outpost. We loaded our boat with more cages. Chickens and snakes to Ancient Spire we needed to deliver. No sooner than we left Galleons Grave then a Galleon sailed up to us. They had the angle, and nearly had us, but we once again were able to slip through. This crew were no fools, as they quickly anchor turned toward us and just as quickly were sailing once again. The chase lasted for quite some time. Neither ship getting a good angle for cannons, our brig unable to out run them. It was an epic stand off. Eventually, with a storm ahead my best mate just wanted to deliver the goods and switch servers, so we dropped the flag and ran through a storm with all lights off. It worked as we came out of the storm the Galleon had miscalculated our direction and were going the wrong way. We set off for Ancient, having a good lead, we were able to sell our goods before waving the Galleon goodbye.

    Taking a short break, we started a new brig, again to try and get best mate's commendation for 30 quests with reapers on. However, shortly after spawning the skull cloud appeared, only a couple of islands over. The cloud was so large and calling us, that we didn't put a flag up, and didn't even decorate our ship. Surely no one was there yet as it just appeared. So we sailed towards it. But what was that just past the fort, a galleon. They didn't appear to be heading towards the fort, so we continued our approach, but with caution. We were not even in the zone yet when the Galleon turned and sailed directly towards us. My best mate just wasn't in the mode for PvP, so we sailed away, believing the galleon would turn and take on the skull fort. However, the galleon didn't turn. Instead it continued towards us. Soon we saw the text- we're friendly and lets for an alliance. I asked my best mate what she wanted to do, I was ok with whatever, as we hadn't wasted time stocking the ship, had no cages and nothing of value, a lost ship would not be the end of the world. With skepticism she said lets drop anchor and see what happens. So we dropped anchor. The galleon passed us, doing an anchor turn a little ways past us. While we were raising sails and preparing our ship, we saw it, a new alliance was formed. Maybe they were legit, but still nothing was assured. The galleon began to move heading our way. One of the "legends" on the other ship stood on the bow waving. The veered into our ship. Three "legends" jumping onto ours with guns ablaze. Both me and my mate just stood there, laughing that we had been duped.

    Deciding she had enough, my mate logged off. I went to our new ship, and sure enough, thank you for adding us to your alliance galleon, for they had sailed to the skull fort, and our ship was at the island next to them. I sent a message to my best pirate assassin, simply stating, PvP on the Sea. A reply of "inv" came so fast I couldn't believe it. He joined, and we agreed, 4 "legit legends" we might need a third. So he contacted another friend of ours and told her we needed to avenge our mate. As she joined us, the skull cloud disappeared. Wow, must have been easiest fort ever I thought. As soon as she was on board we sailed off towards the galleon. Not caring if they see us or not. This was not about the loot, but about revenge. Sailing up we clearly did not catch them unaware as they unleashed a flurry of cannon fire, CCB and regular cannons flying over our heads. Our assassin went flying from a cannon to their ship as my third and I patched the ship and returned fire. I had set a perfect path around their ship with sails just right so we would not go too fast, but not be a sitting duck. Our assassin was able to board their ship and fight off one defender, then made his way to their crows nest. Apparently, while grabbing their stash from the vault, they had also grabbed some GP and left it on their deck. Our mates found more GB in the crows nest. Lighting it he dropped it and killed the cannons. Our ship continued to land deadly blows as our assassin went below deck on the enemy ship. Killing anyone that tried to patch any holes.

    Their galleon sank and as it sank we dropped our alliance flag, hoping they would not respawn close by. We turned and slowly approached the loot that floated up. What a glorious sight it was, filled with not only loot from the fort, but also what appeared a hard days work. Possibly even and athena voyage of stuff. The crew of the galleon respawned at the fort, and began using the forts cannons against us. We fought back and after some time had subdued them all. Most of the floating treasures sank during the battle. But we did get the fort chest and two things of spices. Our assassin was on the island killing off the remainder of their crew. He took a look inside the vault, and saw they hadn't finished. There was still a lot let to be had. But, the galleon was coming in hot. So we decided to head to an outpost and cash in our rewards, and finish our revenge. The galleon came straight at us, ignoring the fort. They unleashed another flurry of cannon fire. CCB and regular cannons flying about. We returned fire to keep them at bay. Neither ship having the advantage and neither ship landing any serious blows. As we approached Golden Sands myself and my third mate jumped off with loot in hand. We sold the fort chest and one of the spices before the enemy could vanquish us.

    Our assassin got back on our ship just in time to save it from sinking. Heading back from the ghost ship, we set out again exchanging cannon fire with the enemy until we reached sanctuary where we sold the last spices. Our assassin taking every chance he could to try and board their ship, sometimes successfully, and others not so much. Having fun with our revenge, and streaming the events so my best mate could watch, we went back to the fort. Galleon still giving chase. My ship mates jumped off and grabbed some loot as I circled around. Killing the enemy pirates that went after them. I circled around and picked up my mates, all while continuing to keep some distance from the galleon. We set off again to golden, selling off some more treasures. Now it was just straight up PvP. We continued our dance with the other galleon. One last piece of treasure, we set off to sanctuary. I had my assassin accompany my third mate to the island as I exchanged cannon fire with the galleon. The waves were choppy and made hitting them quite a challenge. But land a few blows we did. The galleon sent three "legit legends" to the island to try and intercept my mates. But my mates easily sent them to Davy Jones locker. The galleon, with only one pirate onboard sank to our surprise, they must not have fixed their ship after a few of my shots connected.

    We set off one last time and made sure all treasure that didn't sink was collected, sold and decided to start a galleon so my best mate could join back in, having her second wind after watching our calamity and revenge on the galleon.

    On our new server, what did I see, a skull cloud so big I felt I could touch it. At galleons grave we were spawned, next to a skull fort with no one in site. So once again, we set off for the fort. This time we had no one approach, no one even in site. We finished the fort and sold our goods. Having heard sooo many complaints about how PvP is dead for so many reasons, I decided to break ranks with my normal and go on the hunt. Normally I am a don't confront, let them be the first to shoot, but having heard so much complaining I decided I needed to test this. So we checked the map and sure enough, a reaper flag. We set sail, and found it to be on a sloop. The sloop saw us and began to run, but in a defensive way. They planned on countering. They even switched flags to the Jolly Roger making sure we knew, they were ready for us. But along chase, after some cannon fire exchange we saw a squirrel in the form of a brig. Not quite feeling right about a galleon against what appeared to be a solo sloop, I turned towards the brig. The brig turned and ran. While chasing this brig, we saw another squirrel, a galleon. Now that was more of a challenge, so we sailed off to them. Having spotted us along the way, they dropped sail and our dance began. They didn't run, and were a decent challenge. They hit us with many CCB, and some well placed regular cannon fire. But we pushed on, and eventually, after quite the back and forth, we prevailed. Their ship sunk, their crew tried to board our ship. Dispatching each one we saw the treasure trove they carried. Several villainous, some chests and silks. Grabbing the loot we set off towards ancient spire to sell off. Along the way, my assassin saw the brig and shot himself towards them. I was tired by now, and ready to call it a night, so I continued towards ancient. We got to ancient just as our assassin boarded the brig. Once he was on board he saw they had a grog chest, some other loot, and a weeping chest on land. So, my mates convinced me to take one last ride. So, we set off, the brig crew finally spotting our assassin managed to get the drop on him and sent him back to our ship via the ghost ship. After another lengthy battle, once again CCB and regular cannon alike being exchanged, the brig sank. I am sure that weeping chest didn't help their cause. Grabbing the loot we went and sold. Having allowed my crew to feed their blood l**t, I wonder if this will be a new trend for us.

    All in all, it was yet another adventure for me and my crew. So much fun and so much reward and I guess I just wanted to say that PvP is not dead. In fact I have been in more PvP over the past two weeks than at any other time. I would also like to point out to those that say CCB's have killed the game, they most certainly have not. Not a single battle I have had over the past week was decided by CCB use, and last night we saw a lot of them fly our way with many of them connecting.

    For anyone that is wondering, my assassin plays on console. And during the revenge fight, he could tell who was on pc and who was on console, and dispatched them equally.

    Thank you Rare and SoT for another adventure/memory for me and my crew.

  • I couldn't find any pirate legend wallpapers on google so i just made one. Would be nice to see on a shirt!

    Full Res (https://ibb.co/iSE1qU)

  • Was tryin to do some merchant quests with reapers mark today to get the commendation for doing 30 with it up. I was going solo cause it was early and not really anyone on and a random would probably slow me down. I typically never sail alone and with a big target on my head on top of that haha. But I had done two no problem. Saw a few brigantines but they left me be.

    Then i saw another sloop steering straight to me as i approached an island with my pig on board and still needing a snake at snake island. I yelled I was friendly but he proceeded to shoot and hit my piggy. He was a trooper tho so I carried the wounded ham below for safety and ducked inbetween snake islands main land and side island. Then the damn skelly on the island hit me a few. I am repairing and trying not to run into anything. The sloop wheeled around for another run on me. He had a default ship and his turning/aiming wasnt too tight so I knew he was probably a lesser pirate. But with my piggy hurt and my ship damaged it was all I could do to keep things afloat. He zipped off and I thought I was safe. I came back around the island and there he was circling right at me.

    That's when I got a message from @stacky-a asking if I had room for another pirate. HECK YA I DID! I set the ship on a straight clear path and hopped off the back to board him. The skelly on the island gave me another hole but I knew help was on the way. This was my chance. I got on and shot the guy. He had a full set of the black admiral suit with the gold sash from hip to shoulder. He pulled his sword but I ran him through. Luckily, there was a nearby rock formation and I ping ponged his ship into it. He came back and I dispatched him easily. Stacky came on and didnt know what was going on but instinctively rescued the ship and fed the piggy. She got back on course to snake island and I killed the fiend a third time as he spawned above his sunken ship. I mermaided back and all was well... Then meg bit us and we flew off the ship together as the boat sped on with several holes in the back! lol but we were able to get back in time and repair. Mr pig was safely returned to the merchant as well with his new snake friend. Snakes are misunderstood you know?

    Thanks Stacky! Without you, that mission would have been a bust and the fool pirate would have gotten away with it instead of having to rage quit as he never showed up again to find our reapers mark.

    forgot to mention stacky is Austrailian so that's the title haha

  • Or else I ticked off Neptune somehow. https://youtu.be/maaPTtfpFrY

  • Gather 'round, me buckos, for I have a tale to share. One of infamy, greed, and terror about the seas!!! Fire crackles and Hawks cry

    Twas a dark and dreary night amongst the high and looming seas of The Wilds. A crew of three emerged from the fog of the ocean dawning an all black ship. The head of the crew being Jolly Josh Pickaroon looking about the area from on high via crows nest. The ship headed full waft towards a fort to initiate resupply.

    The crew having resupplied and now thirsty for voyage, robbery, and quarrel seek to either occupy their gold l**t by another ship or by conquering the islands themselves! And so began their journey of robbery amongst the entire ocean. Three sloops falling victim to the crew stealing everything from their cursed skulls right down to the bananas in their hands!!!

    Sinking nearly 5 ships while observing, they came upon a mysterious cloud in the sky. Cursed Corpsman thinking it be a figment of malaria or perhaps scurvy, but nay, there it was! A Skull fort in the distance! NineStackerAce plotting the course, they carefully sailed and watched the horizon as they crept closer and closer to lining their pockets with even more wonder and gold!!!

    No ship, be it from sloop to galleon was safe in our wake. Quickly mooring and disembarking they began cutting up the skeletons something fierce! Wave upon wave, it was truly a fight for the hoard beneath!!

    The horizon she be clear for all of 10 minutes until... Until a galleon crew of 3 was spotted off in the distance dawning a clean hull and green sails stalking us as if we could be its final meal for the day...

    The crew feared not and continued slashing and hacking its way through many a skeletons. It was a valiant battle, one that would go down in history. Nevertheless, despite our infamous presence about the server, the galleon was headed full sail towards our very location. Aware of the situation, the crew dawned their best fighting stances once again! cannons loaded and pockets full of shells, we sailed head on towards the combatant!

    The galleon crew sinking their ship a whole 3 times whilst battling the Brig crew of 3. Their only tactic, all be it poor, was to abandon ship and occupy the island, but this would go fruitless after meeting our cutlass and guns! They did it all. Hiding in the cannon towers, slinging gun powder barrels, attempting to board! It was all to no avail!

    Finally the Skeleton Captain showed his face! The battle lasting for what seemed like hours, but was true to one minute to dispatch of the wicked captain! Finally the key was ours, but the crew was on our tail for a 4th time!!

    Now having the key, NineStackerAce as quarter master took the key and hid within a cannon tower in which the rival crew had tried to do. The Brig crew weighed anchor and sailed away quick as can be. The galleon crew landed about the island and searched every which way they could, but they failed to successfully search the towers as I hid with key in hand.

    The last tactic for us to successfully get away with it all would be for the captain, Jolly Josh Piackroon, to sail right next to the tower and for me to jump at a leap of faith and to land upon the boat safe and sound. Finally the made headway towards the very tower I was in.

    I jumped for my life and for our gold and, by Athena, I made the jump! The rival crew had no clue and could only look on as their poor tactics and much effort sailed right away from them! We had the key! We did it, lads!

    The next task would be to return, but when? Surely the crew will remember us and stalk the island waiting in anticipation for that key to come back right into their hands! So we sailed all the way to Dagger tooth outpost! There we would dawn new cloth, a new hull, new sails, and a new flag. Change our fairness as much as we could so they'd be fooled!

    We sailed back to the rightful fort with much nervousness. Whilst on heading we armed up once again at the many forts along the way. Having stocked over 120 cannon balls, we were ready for another fight. All for the gold. All for the fame. All for the greed!

    We reached Sanctuary outpost and observed the fort in which we fought over for many a time. We saw sloops and Brigs about the sea in various locations, but they were all too familiar with the likes of us and kept clear.

    No ships were at Keel haul fort. We made our way once more. I patrolled the island 4 fold before giving the all clear. No mermaids, no powder barrels, no sailors to rival us and steal our treasure. We couldn't believe it.

    We opened the vault and there it was, our much fought for hoard and prizes! The rest would be history from there. A pay off marking up to 15,000 GOLD!!!! We were surely pleased with our efforts.

    The tale remains that to this very day the rival galleon crew wanders the seas cursed to be coated in salt from their very deeds and attempts to rid of the famous Brigantine crew! Now they search the seas dispatching every ship they come across... Or so they attempt to at least...

    So that's the story of YayMayorBee182, Corpsman7, and NineStackerAce, in what was the greatest adventure to this very day for the crew in Athena's blessed and also cursed seas.

    So next time you're sailing about and plundering, be a watchful eye for the privateer crew of 3. 3 devilishly handsome privateers with a pirates mind to match! And it best be your wise decision to simply surrender to them and hand over all ye loot and supplies or be torn asunder and executed by the likes of these fearless and well regarded men.

    Legend says they not even be of Pirate Legend fame!... for now...

    Picture of our plunder down below. Also dawning 15 gunpowder barrels off screen.

    link text

  • For any fans of metal. I am also working on a "Becalmed" version. If this goes well enough I may do more.

  • With all of the negativity coming across the forums, with some still trying to shine a light, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on what has made this game great. The adventures we have had. So for this thread, I would like to hear your stories. Share about the best times you have had in game. They can be short stories or long tales of adventure. Let's take some time to remember what has made this game something we all are so passionate about.

  • This new server merges are the WORST . My new arch-enemy .

    After Finish an Athena's Voyage lasting more than 3h due to traveling complications (Other crews trying their (un)luck) we decided to try ourselves our luck on a Ship Raid.
    We Flawlessly made it!
    When we were about to pick the last item from the water the server merged! That last chest got stuck on the water not possible to grab. A new raid started on us with the worst kind of Cursed ball! THE GROG
    we went straight to the bottom! All items lost! :(
    My friends remained there trying to avoid the treasures to go down while I got back to our new ship. I cursed the game the whole way till there.

    when I arrived, we retrieved half of our previous loot to see our ship go down again.
    Fortunately I had the clear though of pick everything from the water and deposit all inside the Skeleton ships. Luckily it was the last round of the Raid.

    We made our way back there cursing the game and planing our action.
    Not following the rules we decided to sink the captain ship first. The other ship with our Stuff had suffer quite some damage and was slow and fragile.
    So we made it, the two enemy ships went down at the same time and we retake our loot back to us plus the new captain ship loot.

    After that a new skull fort appeared and we cleared it as well, after defeating the crew that was there before us.

    It was quite a roller-coaster of emotions.
    Talking more seriously, this recent Server Merges are a NIGHTMARE!
    Be Careful it can ruin your whole voyage and lead to some frustration. Thankfully we managed to turn around this and take advantage of the situation.

  • Here is a tale.
    I was sailing the seas upon my Brig. The way I always do. When I happened upon a sloop with 2 fellow pirates aboard. I thought that I would challenge them for the treasure they had aboard, but I tried a different approach. I would befriend them, help them with there voyage, and wait for the moment to strike. It worked. After we sailed together to numerous islands. Fighting and gathering skulls. We sailed to crooks island, where they docked there ship in the inlet. I sailed my ship into the mouth of the inlet, cannons pointed at thier ship and blocking thier getaway. When one left the ship, I made my move. Letting loose with numerous canon shots into thier deck, igniting a powder keg which exploded below deck. They sank. I gathered up my loot from the win.
    As I explored the island the sloop approached. I board my ship and climb the crows nest to watch the approach. One of the crew jumped into the water and swam towards my ship. He fired a shot hitting me. I raised my pistol and fired, he fired at the same time. Both shots hit there mark. We met up on the ferry. Where we spoke and had a drink. At this point I had a change of heart and returned thier skulls. We added each other to our friends list and plan on recruiting a crew and sailing together. Mutual respect.

  • I wanted to share a tiny moment that makes the game good for me.

    I always try to give my last stash to someone, rather than cashing it in. Today, I spotted a sloop with white sails that clearly was for anchor. I picked up my captain's chest, jumped from my ship and sneakily boarded the sloop, only to find its owner asleep upon the wheel.
    I wanted to leave the chest there, but there was a brig coming, so I raised the anchor and made for Golden Sands (I believe). It's hard to steer when a pirate is blocking your view by sleeping on the wheel :p
    When we were almost at the outpost, another pirate spawened on deck. Not sure if they were already part of the crew. They certainly weren't on board when I left.
    They let me sail for a little bit, and then they shot me with a rifle.

    If this was you: thank you for making that moment happen :p It was too good.

  • So I was sailing around on my sloop collecting cursed cannonballs (Find it so relaxing) Then I noticed someone flying the Reapers Mark on the Seas, so I went to investigate... So sailing for 10 minutes and I finally see that Red Glow in the distance, it was to my surprised a Galleon, I've not really seen them for a while let alone flying a Reapers Mark.

    So I decided to cautiously approach this parked up Galleon, noticed I mentioned I always collect Cursed Cannonballs? ;) Well I utilised them!

    I first started making some holes, She then started sailing trying to make her escape so my first trick was the Anchorball I then shot some more regular cannonballs into her, I then prevented the crew repairing with the Barrelball and then I shot the rest and before the rock and shallows stopped me I launched one more Cursed Cannonball.... You guessed it! The Helmball! I finally made it off the shallows, repaired and cycled around to where the galleon was and thar she be, sinking away, I eventually killed the crew and I collected their loot, which they hid poorly...

    Crate of Bananas (50/50)
    7 Chicken Coops
    1 Seafarers chest
    1 Castaway Chest

    So I picked them up, and then I noticed something.. I kept getting 4 fps dips and it was becoming unresponsive, then I saw someone on my ship (Enemy + White text) I couldn't report him because they had no name, but my performance was fine before that person showed up so as you guessed it my victory turned into a loss!

    But I'd never had so much fun since my first Galleon kill with just a powder keg!

  • Thank you.

    As I solo'd a gold hoarders voyage that lead me to a number of islands near an active skull fort, I paid close attention to the Brig fighting at the fort; primarily to make sure I kept my distance. At the same time, the number of chests on my boat was building up, so I was considered the best place to quickly unload them.

    I was at Salty Sands and the closest outpost was Sanctuary. Unfortunately, it was also the closest outpost to Keel Haul, where the Brig was fighting. I was fairly certain they were as aware of my presence as I was of theirs, but I also knew they had a lot more to risk by playing games with another ship (aka: me); especially since they didn't know if I was a single or a duo. Unsure of how much longer they would be fighting, I finished digging up the chests on Salty, weighed the risks, and headed south west (fighting a headwind) to the outpost.

    I made the wrong decision.

    As I sailed, I looked up into the sky and noticed the skull had disappeared. The Brig's crew had taken down the outpost. I knew it would take them a couple of minutes to unload the booty onto the ship, so I stayed on coarse. Unfortunately, as I got closer to Sanctuary, I saw them speeding east. I quickly decided to change coarse. Surely, they'd sell their loot before screwing with another ship, right?


    Rather than continue south (towards Golden Sands) and risk getting intercepted, I opted to head east and try to use the wind and islands in my favor. I was able to buy some space by out-navigating them a few times but the Brig's speed allowed them to close gaps almost as quickly as I built them. Then, after a couple of minutes of chase, I saw the most beautiful thing...the Kraken; with its blackish waters and wonderful tentacles. If I hadn't had loot on my ship, I would have turned back to help the creature take down its prey but, alas, I had chests to turn in.

    Screw you, Brig.

    Thank you, Mr. Kraken.

  • Come one, come all!
    Meet the Davy Jones Shop!
    Ladies and Gentlemen, come closer!
    The Best products at the Best Prices!

    This was what every single vessel that crossed our path last night heard.
    It was the truth, we had the best product you could want.
    Our specialty was the Cursed Cannonballs, we had every kind of it.
    You'd just need to choose which and how much you wanted, if you had the gold of course.
    (Hope Warsmith is proud of us, we made her dream come true.)

    We also had other stuff, like animals, BoomPowders, Bananas, WoodPlanks, Regular Cannonballs, Crates and Cages, Quests and Some Relic decorations for you, if you had the gold of course.

    Here at Davy Jones we supply everyone the poorest and the richest.
    If Gold may be a problem to you, we accept other ways of payment.
    We trade with every kind of supplies! You Have plenty of Bananas but you need Cannonballs? Don't be Shy, we trade that for you!

    Remember! If you See us, come meet us roaming in a Sea next to you!
    But Don't try anything Stupid.
    The Poor Souls who tried met the Davy Jones themselves.


  • Oh I feel so sad because I waste their time...

    When I was about to leave I store everything I had inside some barrels at the outpost.
    More than 5 cursed of each kind, almost 100 cannonball, 50 planks and 50 bananas.
    Another crew come over when I store the last item and I called them, I insisted when they were delivering things to follow me, when they were about to leave one fella jumped out of their vessel and finely come to me. I rushed to the barrel I put everything to share with him. But everything was replaced by 3 bananas. :(

    Not even 5 to fill his pockets, but 3...

  • It was good to see the Athena's voyages working again last night.
    My crew set off in a brigantine to continue the uphill grind, happy that the pigs had an appetite once more.

    As we headed toward our designated outpost to hand in the livestock we noticed a sloop moored at the outpost bearing the reaper's flag. So we calmly raise the front sail and halved the back sail to slow down enough to give that crew more time without feeling threatened. Still without any sign of movement we circled the outpost before using the bullhorn to convey our intentions.

    The solo sloopist replied with relief in his voice and offered us an alliance. He was selling up before logging off for the night so we pulled our vessel in to share the dock with him and went about selling our animals, some chests and skulls.
    The nice chap offered us a captain's chest and although we declined his generosity appreciatively, telling him we had no need for money, he didn't come back to pick it up again.

    We continued on our voyage as I watched his sloop disappear off the map table. Funny how it reversed for quite some distance before vanishing.

    Shortly after the map table showed the ally sloop again at the skull fort. We knocked out the rest of our voyage pretty fast, all the while keeping an eye on our new friend. Sure enough a galleon was heading towards him. So we cashed-in and went over to offer support but by the time we had reached the fort neither the sloop nor galleon was there.

    We copped a battering from the fort cannons but managed to park in a good spot so my helmsman went to take them out while I repaired the hull. Our third crew member (playing from work) was afk for quite sometime during this.
    Unfortunately the rear sail wasn't completely up so we drifted quite a bit and back into the line of fire from the fort's cannon towers.

    Our ally arrived and pulled up in the spot we had earlier. My helmsman returned and pulled the brigantine in again.

    We started fighting the skeletons on the fort with our ally and possibly did two or three waves when the galleon reappeared. We never asked our ally if he and the galleon had fought and both sunk but I assumed as much.

    Our third crew member had now returned and we absolutely peppered the galleon with holes while our helmsman went over to powder keg them. Unfortunately they had the same plan and sent two powder kegs over, killing us both and sinking our brigantine in the process.

    Although we sank, as did the galleon, it was good to see all four of their crew on the ferry while our helmsman and our ally were still alive at the fort.

    Luck was on our side, our replacement ship spawned only one island away so we sailed back and continued the skeleton waves keeping a watchful eye on the horizon whenever we could. Except for myself, everyone died during the last wave while I focused solely on defeating the captain.

    I wanted to just grab the key and check the horizon while my crew re-spawned but under the direction from my helmsman I opened the vault and proceeded to load the sloop with all of the stronghold loot.

    A 29 minute server shutdown notice appeared then later as 19 minute notice. Odd but true.

    I sailed back with our ally on his sloop while my crew sailed ahead to ensure the outpost wasn't inhabited by anyone but NPCs before sailing off to a nearby shipwreck.

    I unloaded the loot while our ally cashed it in until my helmsman requested that I catch a mermaid back as soon as possible as the kraken had a hold of our vessel.
    We taught Karen some manners and went about searching the shipwreck. Such a charming creature, she was still waving at us as we sailed back to the outpost. Awe. :o)

    Blinded by the sails we steered slightly into the kraken's ink. The tentacles immediately submerged and the ink stained water quickly moved to encircle our vessel again. We thought it was round two for sure.

    Lady luck shined upon us once more and the ink soon dissipated all together.
    We docked, sold our loot and called it a night. :o)

    A shout out to our ally @Mediocre210 who showed how the right attitude can turn a captain's chest into an entire stronghold worth of loot.

  • This is a story of how a four man galleon crew regretted attacking a lone pirate on a sloop. That lone pirate is me...

    So there I was, docked at an outpost, selling me booty, when I saw a galleon fast approaching.

    Naturally, being a lone player and not wanting to engage in a fight I was surely going to lose, I greeted them by shouting over that I was friendly and that I didn't want to fight.

    I was met with the reply "eat lead" followed by several cannon balls crashing into the front of my sloop, which was anchored at the dock.

    I knew that I couldn't win this fight head on, so I ran on to the island and into the bushes. Slowly, I crept around the island and into the water on the far side. Then, I stealthily swam over to the galleon, making sure to swim as deep as possible until I reached their ladder.

    Holding on to the ladder, I checked my supplies. 1 banana, a sword and a pistol with 3 bullets. This wasn't looking good. As I was devising a plan I could hear the galleon crew talking.

    Guy 1: " Ha, that guy in the sloop didn't stand a chance"

    Guy 2: "I know, let's get our treasure and sell it on the island"

    I could see one guy standing with his back to my ladder so I knew this was my chance. I climbed on board and charged a heavy attack and stabbed the first guy in the back. I was met with an "oh s**t" and a gun shot from his mate. Wounded and out of bananas I decided to run below deck, I went to raid their banana stash but it was empty.

    Fearing the worst I hid on the lowest deck and aimed my pistol at the stairs. No one came down and I could hear them saying that they thought I'd fallen in the water!

    I slowly crept up a level and saw the guy reloading his ammo, so I shot him straight in the back. He went straight to Davey Jones. His friend hearing the gun shot came down to investigate, we fought for about 30 seconds, and we all missed our remaining shot but I managed to beat him in a sword fight. Seeing an opportunity I grabbed their captain's chest and jumped into the water, by this time the first guy had respawned and fired two shots into the water, both missing their mark. I ran over to the gold hoarder and sold the chest! Success, but this wasn't enough...

    I replenished my banana supply in the tavern and hid in a bush, then I saw two of them running around looking for me and a third one, carrying a skull... Seeing my target I ran out of the bush and started slashing, panicking, my victim dropped the skull, ran in a circle and then picked it up again, but it was too late, I slew him and then sold the skull for myself.

    The other two guys then ran towards me and I managed to lose them on the island. I swam back to their ship to see if they had any more loot, there were two marauders chests and a skull in the captain's cabin, so I grabbed a chest and jumped back into the water. As bullets whizzed past me I ran to the gold hoarder and sold a third piece of loot, kindly donated by them to replace my ship...

    Not wanting to risk anything more, and satisfied with my victory, I swam over to the mermaid, as they were taking shots at me from their ship I plugged my mic in and shouted over to them: "thanks for the treasure, that will teach you to pick on smaller crews". I was met with a stern "f you, come and fight us", to which I replied: "you lost a 4 vs 1, see ya and thanks again!". I then took the mermaid to my relocated ship.

    And that's my story of how a galleon crew thought they could bully a lone player who was docked at an outpost minding his own business, they paid the price in gold and took a hit to their egos at the same time!

    Hope you enjoyed this true tale and beware: don't underestimate lone players!

  • Oh man...
    So last night four of us were crewing a galleon, and had just gotten through three of four chapters to an OoS quest. We just got done selling most of the skulls we got, leaving the last chapter for a safe finish -so we'd at least get most of our pay. We sold the dozen or so skulls quickly.

    Then we saw it: A brigantine sailing toward the outpost, but obviously holding back to see when we'd leave.

    Three of us stayed at the outpost and one of us sailed off in the galleon to give the impression that our business at the outpost was done.


    They sailed right up to the gold hoarder and beached the ship... one guy was so excited to sell his chest of sorrows that he jumped off as it crashed.
    As he ran up, we lay in wait... I was right at the gold hoarder, waiting for him. He rounded a rock and I jumped out to shoot but... click! I guess you can't shoot now when you're standing within a certain distance of a point of sale. Fair enough... I hacked at him, he dropped the chest and and my friend started shooting at him. I grabbed the chest an sold it -$1300 or so!
    Then, we killed a second crewmate, boarded the ship and fought them off until our ship got here. By then, one of us had died and was back aboard the galleon and manning the guns!!!

    Well, sir... we fought them off and sunk them. Then, we took the many chests that floated up, along with their kegs and sold the hell out of them!!!

    Then, we drank our butts off laughing and reliving the scene hahahah
    Like cats re-enacting a kill.

    What a blast!

  • So, XBOX did a mistake and they posted the FS trailer before. [EDIT] Now its deleted, so you can't see it.

  • Last night the extreme happened.

    A whole server, six ships, together in a single alliance, everyone speaking my language.

    I'll mention briefly that they all did their Athena quests undisturbed and everyone shot everyone with the purple cursed bullets. Excellent for reputation and income. The orders could be completed undisturbed in all peace. We shared bullets, boards and bananas with everyone. But it turned out - little surprising and overly clear - how boring, monotonous and linear the orders really are. Nothing surprising happens - one runs against hordes of skeletons, is killed, blown up, stabbed, shot, then collects something valuable, catches an animal or digs up a treasure, while one is continually killed, blown up, shot, stabbed. Even with the division of labor - two people fighting, while the other one is doing the job - it remains a struggle of wear and tear between patience and the sheer number of skeletons. It was an experience with regard to the often put forward demand for private, peaceful servers or a language filter. Athena's chests were redeemed every half hour.

    The game lives solely from the mixture of different nations, game ideas, opportunities, danger and thrills in the open world.

    If someone wants to accuse me for using unwanted words, fell free to blame my translator: Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

  • So I was hoping to complete 5 voyages while flying the new reaper mark flag just to earn some extra Doubloons (I'll do a total of 30, 25 more later...), and I was sailing solo. Pretty gutsy, but I was determined to get them done.

    I was completing my 4th one, and I was doing some gold hoarders. I had 1 island left to go to, to Discovery Ridge, but there was a bit of a set back, another ship was there. So I waited at a nearby fort and watched the ship carefully.

    After awhile, I saw the ship take off. I could get this voyage done...but I was flying the reaper mark...the ship knew my location and were heading straight for me.

    Funny thing, I didn't have much on my ship, just 2 chest I found extra (seafarers and mauraders). I could tell what kind of guys these people were going to be already, so I threw my loot of the boat and semi hide it (not really well...they were coming in hot, so I just threw them somewhere semi hidden...), scuttled my ship (gotta try again later to complete a voyage flying reaper mark...), and hid.

    No sooner when I did that, the ship just got there and I watched a person looking around where my ship just sank. "You're not finding nothing" I thought. I didn't stick around long where I was at, so I went to a watch tower.

    I climbed up, and at the top of the ladder, just inside the tower, a gunpowdered barrel was there. I sat down and waited to see if this person would leave, but he either heard me swim to the tower or spotted me while climbing cause I saw him coming right for me.

    "Gees, buddy!" I thought, "didn't get to sink my ship so you want to kill me. Alright, have it your way." I pulled my gun out and pointed it right at the gunpowdered barrel. I heard the guy climb the ladder. Just as he got to the top, I shot, and KABOOM!!! We both died.

    On the ferry, I can hear this guy cursing out words, complaining about how unfair I was, how I cheated...and so on. I just smiled knowing I ruined his fun. Go sink someone else if that's what you like to do, but not me. I'm gonna stop your excitement.

    Afterwards, I completed the rest of the 5 voyages flying the reaper mark. Now I need to do 25 more, but that's for a later day...

  • I'm not exactly sure if it's a glitch or not so I don't know where to post this.

    Last night we had been sailing for a very long session doing the 30 voyages CCB commendation and at this stage never saw another vessel or a skull cloud.
    Another crew member and myself stopped off at a fort to grab more supplies as the rest of our crew sailed onward to the next quest destination.
    The original plan was to mermaid back so as to get these voyages knocked out as fast as possible.

    The fort barrels were plentiful with goodies including many cursed cannonballs.
    Whilst grabbing all we could we noticed that the stronghold door was open with loot inside.
    So we started stacking all of the loot and a ton of gun powder kegs on a rock for when our ship finally returned.
    We waited quite a while but didn't see another ship at all.

    Our game session would have been well over six hours.
    A skull cloud finally appeared near the end of our session and we completed that still without seeing anyone else on the server for a good few hours and even then they weren't around for long.

    Just wondering could the skull fort have glitched, not showing the cloud or spawning the skeletons yet open the stronghold door leaving the loot behind or was it Santa?

  • not much of a story here, but it's been a long time coming and i think this story will be one i'll hold near and dear to my heart.

    after grinding and grinding for months, i knew tonight would finally be my last night as a basic pirate. my friend and i set a time, finishing up all obligations beforehand to ensure we'd be ready, and hopped online.

    slight problem, though. apparently, tonight had to be the night the xbox app has issues. it refused to let my friend log in, but i managed to pop on. we waited, she tried a few things here and there while i did a few merchant voyages, but after an hour she'd given up. we decided to give up our night of pirating in favor of another game... but i couldn't give up just yet. i asked her to wait a few minutes, let me do this last voyage that should push my final level up into fifty.

    i hurried, collecting and turning in everything as quick as possible... and that's when i saw it. the smallest sliver between 49 and 50.... quietly taunting me. i threw down another voyage, grabbed only the chicken coop, and set off on a determined voyage from galleons to ancient, looking to pick up my final golden chicken at barnacle cay.

    sea of thieves, of course, wasn't going to let me have an easy voyage. i was against the win the entire time. meg came and said hello not once, but twice. on my second meg visit, she popped in just as i had to sail through a rough storm, using the wildly spinning wheel the best i could to safely dock and pop onto the island.... leaving with a golden chicken and a quick lightning bolt to my pirate before making my getaway.

    i didn't bother docking. it had been a long voyage, i was exhausted and my friend had been waiting. with chicken in hand, i sailed my boat right into the dock and jumped off, turning the golden hen in. i'd done it. my final rep knocked up to level 50.

    finally, a pirate legend!

  • I will stop Wanda and her mutny of the seven seas if she won't come to me then I'll hunt the ye winch down it be the duel of fates who would join me on the battle of epic porptions

  • Hello everyone,

    i know that i am not the most positive last time about this game.
    well its not the game perse but the team that gives no info about the achievements.

    but thats not what i am here for.
    we all know that the game did not score high in reviews.
    and the last update if not well recieved by most gamers.

    I realy think its just a mather of ajustment to the new barrel system before you like it.

    i find it not optimal but its not bad.
    there is a post on the forum where someone made awesome screenshot on how it could look like.

    but i realy realy hope when the new big DLC drops this game gets a lift again. because this game is realy a special online game. its so different then any other online game i played.

    i just needed to get this out of my system.
    realy hope this game gets a long live!