Tavern Tales

  • Hi all

    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

    We're on the hunt for stories for our January issue. Got a tale to tell? Please write it up below and add a screenshot to illustrate your adventure.

    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

  • Come one come all!!! Tell the tale of the mysteries of the sea! Be it ghost meg, chest of wonders or ancient skelle tell yer tale! My stories ye say!? But of course!

    Wonders - found this beauty on brimstone rock! I actually was getting really ticked at devils roar. The volcano was about to go off so I sailed away and as I was leaving a skelle fired a cannon, hitting my mast and broke it. This left me dead in the water and the volcano finished me off. When I respawned on brimstone there she was! Right on the beach! I freaked out so bad I forgot to record it lol I only have a screen shot of the turn in!

    Ancient skelle - I found two of these guys, ironically right after I found out they existed lol one at crows nest and the other at fort of the damned! Low payout on both but still neat to run into!

    Ghost Meg - Still never seen one 😱

    Tell yer stories and let's work to crack the code and find these mysteries! Yarrr!

  • Hello guys,

    I just want ot report in I am Toys R Us official spokeboy and this is what I have to say. I only just learned about the Caronavirus after being offline forever. The insane thign is I didn't even log into my xbox live profile becaos I have a new password. Dig this, if you are going ot reer to the vrius just called it Drew 'Drew Beldso' , I have this relationbship and it's funny. Okay, see you gusy after the code red thing.


  • Yesterday, on a sloop we set sail.
    Ventured into the Devil's roar to do some Oos quests whilst flying the emissary flag.
    Each time we leveled up to grade 5, we would return to morrows peak and cash in and claim the emissary quest and then lower the flag and raise it again.. We did this 5 times over, continuing to just do devil's roar Oos quests.
    Eventually our map radials were becoming overly full of emmisay quests, consisting of 4 captains on Krackens fall, shipwreck Bay, maurders arch and scury Isle.
    So we set sail for Krackens fall as grade 1 emissarys and dispatched the 20 captains there. Reached level 5 and went to cash in, claim another emissary quest and lower the flag.
    Next stop Maurders arch.. Same story, kill all captains, reach level 5 and head back to outpost, claim another emissary quest.
    And off to shipwreck Bay, this time we didn't even need to kill the captains there to reach level 5 before we headed back to claim more emissary quests and carry on..
    We continued to hit these 3 islands and attack any ghost ships, megs or pick up items from passing flotsam or islands until we had 10 maps for scury Isle.
    We then sailed to scury Isle and the sight of all those gold skeletons sat waiting to greet us on the shoreline was hilarious. A quick run around the island to gather them all up into large bunches and then a quick well aimed cursed cannon ball shot followed by fire and cannon shots made dispatching those simple.. Gathering 40 villainous skulls was the tedious part..

    So if you need to take down skeletons as part of the cursed crews commendations, this method will make things very easy for you, just a few cursed balls and you can take down over 100 skeletons with ease. 😉

  • Whether it is your first adventure, or your 2,482nd, what is your favorite adventure?

    Mine would be the first day I played the game. I loved the scenery, the colors, the music, basically everything. I sailed around, anchoring at islands just to see them, and I figured out why you don't sail into the Shroud pretty quickly. The difference between when I first played and when I play now is astronomical. I have made many memories in this game, but the first day is my favorite.

    What's your favorite adventure?

  • I feel kinda bad. My last bit needed was Merchant Alliance. 5 levels. I used the Emissary system to complete the last 5 levels.

  • The first time in a very very long time have I ever been actually fustrated by someone let alone it be my own teamate. Im a pretty chill guy and always have a hell of a time with randoms in open lobby that I usually get the ball rolling for some crazy stuff or we just hangout and have fun.

    Went into another lobby and was good until we had another pirate join in. The guy was trying to take charge a bit on what we wanted to do but we all agreed lets go take out a the sloop at an outpost nearby and test our luck maybe they have loot.

    We get there and had a decent fight just to see they didn't have any loot or anything. I was like alright lets get rolling (Just let them sink and head to a skull fort) and the other pirate started patching them back up and saying no lets just wait for them to come back and spawn camp them. I immediatly asked him why? they don't have any loot or anything lets just go it's a waste of our time.

    It's good target practice he says. I couldn't even say anything in disbelief. This guy wanted to sit here on a empty sloop (White sails) and just kill these guys over and over for no reason but just to be an ***hole and enjoy ruining the experience of the game for somone.

    They scuttled right away thank god and we left to the skull fort. Tension throughout the ship. One guys leaves ( I don't blame him) and the 3 of us started on the fort. Took me about another min but I wasn't doing it with this guy anymore. Shot a gunpowder barrel near by (Killed him with it") Grabbed some blunder bombs and waited for him to come back. I told the other shipmate he was a cool guy and to have a good day/Hope his voyage is good and blasted the salty dog right back into the ferry and left.
    Out of all the voyages this was the only one in such a long time that actually kinda got to me. If you guys ever run into a salty dog out there brace yourself for a rickety ride. Save yourself the time and reroll into a better voyage

  • Nara Le Gaucher,
    Maxou Langue-de-Bois
    Pedro Le pourfendeur de Requins
    Rem le Grapineur

    De bons bougres.

    Ils sont en mer depuis une semaine à peine et c'est pas gagné !
    Mis à part Rem qui navigue depuis Novembre, le reste de l'équipage est totalement bancal !

    Entre celui qui rate ses créneaux,
    Celui qui n'arrive pas à cuire son poulet,
    Celui qui tire des boulets sur le sommet des îlles
    Et j'en passe...

    Derrière ceci se trouve une petite bande d'amis qui est tombée sous le charme de Sea of Thieves il y a de cela une semaine donc.
    Un jeu ou nous avons retrouvé le plaisir de notre enfance,
    Le but claire et simple qu'est celui du jeu vidéo :

    L'amusement !

    Si jamais, l'envie vous submerge de nous suivre,
    de vivre nos mésaventures,
    que vous soyez débutant ou bien confirmés (nous sommes avide d'aide et de conseils),

    Je stream quasi-quotidiennement ce voyage, ici : http://twitch.tv/naramina

    Alors dire que je ne souhaite pas faire un coup de pub, cela serait tout de même un peu mentir même si la chose que je désir le plus, c'est d'interagir avec vous, avec les curieux et les passionnés !

    Alors, juste, clique sur le lien et regarde ce qu'il t'attends sur cette chaîne.
    J'investi beaucoup de temps et de passion dans ce que je fais et Sea of Thieves est entrain de devenir un moteur pour cela.

    Merci de m'avoir lu et, je l'espère, à très vite même pour le plus simple de "coucou".

    Bonne journée Pirates !

  • Check out this video I whipped up of my thieving over the last two years on sea of thieves. Earliest capture I have is from during the cursed sail event! From Xbox right through to pc! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/v67NHf02orw

  • I'm not really sure if this is the right segment for my story, but here it goes...
    Yesterday I sailed with my friends in a brigantine, looking to defead the cursed squeleton ships. We found 3 other ships in the area (1 galleon, 1 brigantine and 1 sloop), it was almost a perfect adventure, although there was some confusion in communication because my crew and I speak mainly Spanish, were only two of us speak English (me not so well, I'm not that quick to respond or undersant 100% of it, but I can get a hold of it, like 80%). We sold the items, there was a problem at the begining we sold 2 items, before them, then he explained to us about distributing all the items on the sand for a perfect pay, but they understood and distributed the rest of the items fairly, then we started to do friendly pvp with each other, we were actually having a lot of fun joking. Then some people from the English speakers had to go (they were all in a Xbox Party, approximately 10 to 12 people, some of them were playing other games), with some of them a nice girl who was like they leader, had to go. In that second adventure, right from the start there was some confusion because the other crew said they all had to go and the were giving us all the fleet, so we Spanish speakers made another Xbox Party so we could communicate, then they said that they were not leaving so we only were able to invite 2 other friends to join us, so we were in 2 brigantines with 1 person of the English speakers. We sailed to the area and we started fighting the cursed ships, then someone from our party said that the sloop was trying to sink our boats so when I saw the sloop near I boarded it without thinking and I killed one guy. Then I saw the second player of the crew appear right before he killed me. The sloop didn't sink. We ignored the sloop to keep fighting, kept busy also repairing and getting water out of it. Then the sloop kept coming to our brig, sometimes with gunpowder barrels near to us but we manage to stop them before they were under our brigantine. Here's the thing, I didn't notice that there was a second sloop till later. There was an outsider who joined the fight without notice. It was not on my near sight. This was a huge confusion because I thought that the sloop in the alliance betrayed us. The other crewmate who speaked fully English was in the game chat and we said to him to explain so I also thought that he explained the situation. I was wrong, again more confusion (you know it can be like that were we all are saying directions to our own ship crews). I changed parties, I went to the English speakers and instantly a man named "RED" (I'm afraid to give his true gamertag and I don't know if I should out him) who took the leader roll started to yell to me, swearing, he was very very angry, he didn't even let me talk where he knew of my language capacity. Then through all the yelling and his swearing I somewhat manage to explain and also tryed to understand what happend, sometimes I manage to get him to hear me when I raised my voice to a lever where he could hear me, never yelling like thim, thought. Then one girl from their crew stepped up and explained the issue with the other sloop and that there was this huge misunderstanding, so we get in an agreement to don't attack each others and defeat the cursed ships and then go to sell. RED was never calm, he repeated what the girl said like if I was a moron. I know that it is comprehensible to get angry, but man, when you get THAT angry like him, you need some anger management.
    So we finish the fight and then we sailed to the nearest outpost to distribute the loot. That's when the big problem started, someone from their crew sold some items right at arriving at the outpost, and they blamed us. Then we all put the rest of the loot in the sand, those guys, I'm not sure if RED was the one who distribute it in 4 different piles, but he was the one who assigned us the piles. All the piles got 1 cursed skull and 1 cursed chest and some random items, of course he gave us the ones with the poorest items, but anyway, they all started to sell, I remained still holding one skull watching all of them running, again some confusion and RED got really angry , he starts yelling and swearing again I asked what was happening and he said it was because my other crew, the one in the other brig started selling the "wrong" pile (were all the piles had 1 skull and 1 chest), then my other mate who speaked fully English and I tried to translate between the crews, again more confusion, RED was not trying to undersand and kept calling us liers, then they started killing my crewmates so they start attacking them back, I manage to sell the skull and then they killed me, I didn't attack no one, but anyway... I went to their party to ask very calm "hey, what's happening? What happend?" and again he kept swearing, saying that I was a lier or that my crew was lying to me, that he didn't even was going to explain anything to me and that I better get out of the party (all of this through swearing and calling me bad names againg) I really tried to keep a decent and calm conversation but no, he kicked me out of the party. At this point I was really annoyed of all of his swearing, so I impulsively send him one text message, with only one word that I knew it was going to offend him, I'm against of this type of behaviour and specifically the use of this bad word, because I'm part of the lgbtq+ community myself, but still I sended him a "f4g", huge error, I know, but I got pretty annoyed of all the bad words he called me, I only used this one word that one time (and till the end of all). Well, you can imagine, all hell breaks loose.
    When I went to the English speakers party instantly all of my party disbanded, but I thought they, or some of them, were still on the game. Then someone killed me "who's the "f4g know" he said. They put me in jail, the other one in my brig said to the other crews in the alliance, "hey, come here, let's start killing this b***h" and start killing me again and again calling me names, I didn't get out of the game because I wanted to keep the two brigs, but they kept killing me, RED remained dead on the lament ship(?) so he could attack me verbaly everytime I died, he had all the time in the world to torment me till I was out of the game, he said. So I saw I was the only one left of my crewmates. I didn't said a word throught all of this, I was somewhat between amazed and terrorized and a friend told me to transmit the videogame on twitch so he could see. So I did. Then I tried to talk to red one las time, he kept demanding that I talk, "who got your tongue now?" so I tryed to talk with him one last time. Again, big error, he didn't let me talk, I said I was sorry for calling him that word, but I did it because right from the first moment that I ever talked to him he only swered, how it can be that with one bad word his anger scalated even more and that I had to put with all of his swearing? But, he didn't care. So at this point my pride was somewhat hurt so I decided to stick a while, even thought they kept killing me (and I manage to kill them inside the jail). So I'm pretty much convinced that all of their party reported me (where we should have reported them from right on the start from all the bad words), so I got my first microsoft suspension. I never do things such like this, and trust me, I knew it, but now I really learned to never, never, get carried away again feeding haters. But what worries me a lot is that, he said that I messed with the wrong people, I saw his profile, a grown middle age man with a list of 500 contacts and I'm afraid that they keep telling people to report me again and again. He must still be pretty angry because my friends and I also report him (we are like 6 people) and he may be suspended as well. So, should I wait? Should I change my gamertag, and make my profile unapproachable to anyone so people cannot see me? Should "not English speakers" refrain to play the game till we can choose different not English speakers servers? I have never had this type of confrontation with an English speaker, I've even found some really nice kind players who dont's speak my language, thought, I'm disgusted and afraid of this specific case. I know we can form and select the crew for our own ship, but what about the rest of the players of the servers? I know, "it's just a game" but we all gamers love videogames and that's why we are passionated about it, thought we should not take things seriously, but I only want to enjoy my games like the majority of us. I'm not keen with this kind of terrorism... What should I do if I keep getting reported because of RED? I'm sad about this...

  • Grab a pint and listen to my tale of trickery and survival from last night. I left port under the Reaper’s emissary flag and flying the flag of the Reaper’s Mark. Though I was flashing my pirate colors I was really only interested in finding random treasure and grinding a bit of Hunter faction. It didn’t take but a few island stops to have some serious loot on board. My next small island stop revealed a skeleton captain looking for treasure. Upon relieving him of his treasure map I uncovered a Reaper’s Chest and a cursed Chest of Sorrows. “Well”, says I, “I better go see the Reaper, I can always fish later.” So I set sail towards the Reaper’s hideout. I’m bailing tears out of the boat and watching the horizon as I’m pulling up to the hideout when here comes another sloop. White sails, all lanterns turned on, and their coming straight at me. No time to stop at the hideout now, but I got the blubberin’ baby chest on board and running means I have to deal with his cryin’. I also wanted to unload the Reaper Chest to make me less of a mark on the map, so I devise a plan. I turn downwind past the hideout and fix my sails. I put the Chest of Sorrows on my rowboat and cut it loose...a small sacrifice considering my other loot onboard. As my boat passes the hideout I grab the Reaper Chest and slip over the side under the water. I make it safely to the island, sell the chest and hop a mermaid back to my boat. Once back on board I discover that the row boat with the shiny treasure on it hadn’t been enough to get them to stop chasing me. It was time to take the fight to them. By now they had settled-in right behind my boat, rookie mistake (remember the white sails and lanterns?). I slipped over the side of my boat again and waited for them in the salty brine. As they passed I grabbed their ladder and scurried aboard. I find the Captain at the helm blissfully unaware of a stow away. The first mate is up at the bow looking at me own ship. I start hacking at the captain and he strafes and jumps overboard. I run up to the bow and before the first mate ever turns around I blunderbuss him in the back and finish him off with my sword. Now I drop anchor and climb up the mast hoping to find and explosive barrel...nothing. I hear the captain swimming full speed up to the boat and I look down from the crows nest to see him coming. Right as he reaches the ladder I jump off the crows nest and land behind him in the water. He stops climbing and looks around but doesn’t look down deep enough. I blunderbuss him from below and finish him off with that shot...he must have not had any fruit on him after the backstabbing at the helm. With both pirates killed I throw my fire balms onto the deck and hop a mermaid back to my boat. I never see those guys the rest of the night and after a few detours I make it back to the hideout for an uneventful turn-in. While turning in I notice a lone row-boat much like the one I cut loose with the blubberin’ chest and I smiles to meself thinking that maybe those guys had earned themselves some treasure after all.

  • His name is Kasey.

    His mother and Aunt were both initiates in The Order of Souls. His mother betrayed the Order, raised by his aunt, Kasey being a male he could never truly join the Order of Souls but without that knowledge of his aunt, he took part in the Kraken ritual. Without the proper teachings in the Order, the ritual cursed him to be linked to the beasts themselves. Now when he sets sail the Kraken will seek out Kasey with a vengeance.

    Kasey works closely with the Order of Souls to seek out his mother and bring her to justice for her betrayal of the Order and aiding the pirate skeleton lords.

  • Please consider subscribing, I enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/qmUMYJNfnH4

  • witch one is most uncommon to find in this game?
    I'm wearing this title (brave vanguard) from the First day of the game, have passed like 3-4 years, anybody have this title?

  • I just swam a marathon - from Golden Sands Outpost to Sanctuary Outpost!


  • Glorious sailor,
    Above the gold chalice,
    The treasure of the ancients tried to steal.
    The mist hides all these blessings,
    Only the dead know how to disperse the fog.

    The glorious sailor has set out on the road,
    We'll find out later!!

  • Ello ello,
    Even though there's no specific charater creation persay. Does anyone else create a unique backstory to their pirate?

  • hello my dear pirates, yesterday night i was discussing with some of my friends about the capitancy update.. what do you think you need to become an "legendary captain"?
    (whatever is coming this update :/ )

    • Become 75,of the principal faction plus Athena 20 ?
    • Athena 20
    • A new chellange?
      tell me know what do you think :)
  • The Pirate Lord had been way too kind to us and we knew our luck was coming to an end.

    For the last 4 hours we had been terrorizing our server flying the flag of the Reapers Bones emissary on our little sloop. All ships were attacked on site and we sunk every last one of them. Even the ships asking for an alliance, we sunk them and stole their goods. Our strategy was always to launch one of us on their ship, drop the anchor and unleash the cannons.

    Towards the end of our adventure we had probably 30+ items on our little sloop and we could feel the tide turning out of favor...and it sure did. Not but a couple minutes after starting our path to Reapers Hideout did we spot a level 1 Reaper in a Brig.

    Welp, they caught up to our sloop, launched a crew, dropped our anchor, unleashed their cannons and took it all.

    Totally worth every hour.

  • I am an optimist. Everytime i sail somewhere doing any voyage i think that everything would be smooth and nothing bad will happen. Even if i meet other ships i always talk to them through VOIP in the distance and when they're sailing toward us that's the time to fight. Usually voice communication prevents aggresion and we re doing our voyages in peace. Also i like to fight with the loot on board. I don't have a problem when any ship is parked next to the island we're sailing (just avoiding ones at outposts when i've got a loot), they will be friendly or dead.

    Yesterday i was sailing with some pirate who after heard that i want lvl up athena emmisary by doing athenas thieves run, he was scaried like a chicken. First of all he said that we shouldn't do it and there are other safer activites to level up an emissary flag. That there are ships waiting for those who are going on that island, players are camping at outposts/islands etc.

    I was shocked. I did athenas thieves run like 10 times and had 0 problems in it. My loot has never been ninja-stolen, noone camped for my crew at any island.

    I convinced him that i've got high level of luck and everything will be ok. It was truly magical experience of an pessimist and an optimist voyage. for 4 hours he was scaried of any ship she saw on the horizon and he tried to take as much information about that ship as he can. we know anything about these ships. My approach was quite different. It was ok that there are other ships on the horizon, I just checked their position and went to the island. The Bad was that i can't have any gunpowder barrel on crowsnest (it's my no1 weapon to prevent chasing), at last we can have the legendary ones which we need to sell ASAP.

    We managed to earn approx 400k and reach top ledger in athenas.

    I think people should use VOIP more frequently and try to fight for their loot if it is neccessary instead being constantly scaried about anything they sees on the sea. On the other side i learned many tricks to have a safer session and how to predict enemy manevours.

  • I had a great time the other day with this update. a lot of times its been a struggle with reapers on my sloop but the other day i noticed a merchant galleon and sailed right at them as i was being chased by a reaper brig. i yelled out for aid and heard nothing. then the moment of truth came. i sailed right by and they didnt fire on me haha, and they let loose on the brig. MY HEROES!

    I doubled back and we all dumpstered the brig. was awesome. we split loot and all was good.

    later that session another reaper galleon came after us. luckily wind was in our favor and we caught up to our galleon bros. the enemy galleon turned off for a bit but then got the courage to come in at us. the galleon was a man down but we came at the reaper on both sides. i landed a mast chainshot and went to turn around...

    MY ALLY WAS GONE lol. i think they had some bombs on board and i guess they got hit or something cause they were gone in literally ten seconds haha. also my partner on the sloop disconnected. so i pointed my ship into the wind to escape. then i saw a guy with a bomb in the water coming to board me. i shot him and we both died and on the ferry he said he was from the ally galleon coming to help me haha.

    VERY BAD COMMUNICATION.. but a very fun experience haha. especially the first encounter... haha.

    im hopeful this update will make alliances much more common among regular emissaries vs reapers.

  • So, we started off with my two friends and I, on a galleon. We had a fourth crew member that had to get off. Me and my two friends were having a good time sailing the seas and getting ready to get off. we stopped at an outpost to sell all our goods and decided to go take down one last stronghold for the night. the attack went flawless, nobody bothered us and we took all the loot without a problem. on our way back to an outpost my friend decided that we just had to stop at this island because there was 4 more skulls we could get there, we had a lvl 5 emissary with the skull lady (still too new at the game to know all the names) well, we got the skulls and were headed to the next outpost when a small sloop decided they wanted to mess with us. no big deal right, were a galleon with plenty of supplies and more people. Well, about half way into the fight, we were winning and a ghost Galleon spawns on our right and starts attacking us, not too awful, we know how to outrun those we were thinking, when all of a sudden another ghost galleon spawns on our left side. Alright this is a bit more of a problem, now were fighting a sloop, and two ghost galleons at the same time, our game plan is to try to outrun the ghost ships and then take the sloop down the rest of the way. Then out of nowhere the kraken spawns under us and wraps around our ship. so, struggling to keep our galleon from sinking, we were being attacked by a sloop, two ghost galleons, and a kraken all at the same time. we obviously sank, didn't stand a chance, and lost probably around 50k in loot and the 15k we were going to get from selling the emissary flag. we all logged off at that point and called it a day. I like to tell myself that the sloop got destroyed by the fleet of nightmares we left behind, but it most likely made out with an easy fortune that they didn't have to work that hard to get.

  • text alternatif
    I'll just leave that here ^^
    I call it "The struggle of being a pirate"

  • So, I started sailing with my brother and a friend and decided to do some cargo runs while being an emissary. There was a Reaper Bones LvL 5 on the other side so we didn't care, we even got to LvL 5 in no time.
    We then realized that they were going to chase us, so we prepared and sunk them next to the red sea. We had their lvl 5 flag, so we lowered the Merchant Emissary and started with the Reaper's bones. We sunk a few ships and had ton of fun.

    I am really enjoying every game session!

  • This topic is deleted!

  • The game laughs at you and gives you 1 gold and ~1 xp

  • ok so I been sailing with this new York girl a lot lately and her brother has joined us several times. so luckily I wasn't alone or im certain my story would have been much different haha. she wanted to do gold hoarders so we got a brig and voted for that and got underway.

    so we went to our first island and noticed there was a grade 5 reaper on the map already haha. they weren't attacking yet, either they were distracted by other ships or they were waiting for us to fatten up. I think the idea is more treasure on board faster you level faster you get bonus and I also think the flag you drop when sank is worth more if its higher level. so anyway we did some chesting and then when we hit lvl 3.... they came for us. we saw the ominous shadow of their galleon sailing straight at us!

    They took some stabs at us but to no avail we were dippin them well. I boarded once and burned them, killed one and dropped anchor and died. it bought us a few seconds of space. we dipped by an outpost and my two partners jumped with stuff, turned in, mermaid back, and repeat. I was dippin and jukin the ship around the island. they boarded one guy but I killed him and they rammed us a bit but nothing major. they sent a guy or two to the island to fight my people but they were already too late as they turned in quick. After about 15 mins of tense delivery we got all our stuff turned in safe and we didn't really have anything to lose but our level three flag bonus so we ran for a bit.

    finally I was like screw this its takin up too much time and whether we escape or not they will see us on map and chase forever so we gota kill them or at least try while we have nothing much to lose. so we turned in on them. I peppered a couple shots and they harpooned me onto their ship. I set fire and killed two guys then went below to guard their holes as they sank but unfortunately was like one weak hole haha so no go. the other two boarded my ship and idk what all happened but we sank and that was that.... for now.

    Was a bit of a bu mmer to go down like that. we didn't lose much but they did get the main prize our flag and something felt personal about that haha. and they had the reaper uniforms on which are like these evil monk looking things and they were GRADE FIVE and just no one challenging them so I was like nah brah we goin back and getting our flag.

    We sailed to nearest fort and loaded up on bombs and then went to reapers hideout to.. hide haha. sister pirate kept our ship safe and out of sight the entire time and me and the brother pirate had a bomb each and hid behind rocks watching their galleon approach like they didn't have a care in the world as they were THE TOP DOGS RUNNING THESE SEAS haha. they slammed anchor and ALL FREAKIN FOUR JUMPED OFF TO THE ISLAND, THE FOOLSSSSSSS. I could not believe our luck that no one stayed to stand guard. One even ran right by me but I was doing hide emote which is like fetal position and your nametag will not show at all. as soon as they passed the steathly mission was a go. We boarded them and I dropped a bomb in back and brother pirate dropped in front. the evil monks started racing back after the eruption but I was there waiting with blunderbuss and sword I killed two before they knew I was there and the other two were bucketing like desperate mice when me and brother pirate ran through them.

    They sank in an instant but our flag was not there they did have about 8 random chests we turned in. I assume when they initially jumped off they turned our flag in with the cockiness and pride of a thousand fools congratulating each other about besting us after our half hr encounter. but then we brought the BOOM haha. and then the real prize.... WE GOT THEIR GRADE 5 FLAG. sucker was worth ten thousand and put us from lvl 0 to 16 haha. we gained so much reaper rep and didn't even play as them. it felt so freakin good. my adrenaline did not recede for like half an hour after haha.

    Afterwards we saw an athenas emissary brig. we went at it and right before we got their they set sails and we thought 'snap we will never catch them as they had a decent lead and same ship' but I said hold my grog. I took two chain shots and angled the cannon high and let them loose. one missed but the other smacked a mast and down it went. we caught up to them in after a few seconds and I jumped on with a bomb and honestly they looked so sad haha. was just two pirates and they really only put up a token defense and didn't even bother returning to ship after they were vanquished haha. we got their grade 3 flag and a lot of Athena treasure. we took that back to reaper and there was ANOTHER reaper gallon there but idk what happened.

    Somehow they sank right as we got there. idk if they were about to quit or they just had a hole they forgot but we fought them on the beach and won that battle as they couldn't respawn but we could with our ship right there and we got their freakin flag too haha.

    anyway was mostly about killing the grade 5 four evil monk galleon but those other two kills and the miracle hail mary chainshot were pretty awesome.

    Though i have some reservations about solo sailing with this update, sailing with a crew is A BLASTTTTTTTTTTT! at least this nite was haha.

  • Bells ring at the outpost where several boats have gathered and are anchored offshore with other boats still ariving.

    Somethings going on as crews gathering on the beach holding weapons and watching eachother uneasy.

    The crowd slowly grows and is moving towards the tavern while a single explosion from some joker rocks a boat on the background..

    The tavern is quikly filled with pirates eager to hear some news and others waiting outside trying to get a glimps through a window.

    Gossip and laughter and some annoying little ones puking around. Pirates emoting and dancing on nice pirate tunes.

    The Oos lady calles to keep our heads as as she opend the legend hideout and prepares for the arrival of the pirate lord himself and a delegation of important faction members and none other then our very own mister @Musicmee

    Today as every other really important day we are hyped and demanding an explenation or some form of update on what is going on?

    Thats when the outpost gets covered by fog rolling in changing our seas and the crews are silenced when the delegation arrives and @Musicmee starts counting down and explaining to all of us whats next?

    Holding a long list of patch notes watching the gathered pirate crews he takes a down in one and starts with a heavy Aaarrrrw

    Pirates and sailors, bucketeers and plankman. Todaaaaaaay today is update day! The crowd explodes and cheers and guns fire in the air!

    The hype is real! What news brings he? What next they got in stores? Minutes pass for the crowed to return silenced listening to what else hes got to say..


  • alt text
    Captain Ricewynd's me name, the fastest Pirate in the Sea of Thieves and I've got the speeding tickets to prove it.
    Allow me to recite the tale of my adventures with one salty little Pirate Captain, I never knew his name, only the ferocious look in his eyes as he chased me from The Ancient Isles to The Shores of Plenty, to the Devils Roar and even into the veil itself.

    It starts, as all good tales do, in the pub. A drunkard, fat he was with one eye, sat on the floor crying tales to all those who would listen of distant lands where the buildings were paved with gold, the rivers ran with gold, the trees were gold and bore gold fruit which burst open with the juice of...more...gold.
    basically there was a lot of Gold.

    Now me, I love gold. You can give it to other people and they will give you stuff and I LOVE stuff. Knew a guy in Madagascar would give you a fruit basket for 3 gold with a little bow tie and everything, and old Jess down in Kingston for 2 gold would draw your face onto an octopus and then beat the devil out of it.
    Strange woman that Jess, anyway where was I?

    Ah yes!

    So it was me and me crew. Old Penny me trusty Tankard, Fingers the Cockatiel, and Brian a pig I forgot to offload at Ancient Spire.
    We'd just hit the shore of Discovery Ridge, fixed the hole, then moored. I had a map to follow and a chest to dig up. With spade in hand, I set up the beach determined to find me some fresh booty. And maybe a few more planks.
    Once I reached the summit of a small hill I turned to admire me ship, the Chunky Pigeon, as she sat glimmering in the bay, her fresh coat of paint sparkled in the sun like a hundred brilliant rubies and it was there I saw it.
    Black she was, from sail to hull. I could see her just on the horizon, racing toward me like the devil was behind her.
    Fast as me legs could carry me I raced down the beach and climbed onboard just as the dreaded black ships hull crashed into mine, the great thumping sound of wood splintering echo'd throughout the dim morning haze as both ships screamed in agony.
    I saw the other Captian, like me he was alone with no crew other than his left hand. He lept from his ship, barrel of gunpowder in hand and made a dash for me ladder.
    But he did not know the name of the ship he rammed nor it's famed Captian.
    I am Captian Ricewynd, the fastest Pirate in the Sea of Thieves and I never drop me Anchor!

    I threw down the sails. The Chunky Pigeon leapt forward, her hull so full of holes I could have gone fishing in her hold. I looked down and saw the face of the other Captian, glaring at me with those wide devil eyes, frothing at the mouth that his prize of slightly inconveniencing me had been snatched away at the last minute.

    I laughed and went below to patch up me darling vessel. But was I not to know this would not be the end of this tale.

    For whence I returned to deck I looked back to see those same black sails behind me. The devil himself sat behind the wheel, his fists clenched in anger, steam poured from his ears and salt rained from his jaws as he tried desperately to catch up to me.

    alt text

    I must admit, I may have let him get a little closer than I should 'ave. But the sight of a wild nooblington in a fit of rage is one of Gods most wonderful of creatures, and I could not help myself but gaze in wonder.
    The chase was on, but try as he might he could not catch me, I dodged and waved around islands but still, he kept coming. I twisted around rocks and doubled backed on him yet still he was undeterred.
    I threw my back to the wind and watched as his ship became naught but a speck on the horizon but I knew each time I stopped he'd come sailing in.
    For days we chased each other. From Sharkbiat Cove to the Forsaken Brink, I hid behind Daggers Tooth but his maddening eyes sought me out wherever I traveled. I led him to the Devils Roar where I toyed with the fates of fortune around the blasted mountain herself, through the wrecks of many an unaware sailor who moored too close to her screams, yet even as fire rained down upon him still he chased. I looped around the Ashen Reaches and sped out into the Devils Vial and yet even as the waters turned red and background music slammed into the devils C minor did he not stop.

    On the third day, my patience for this maddened Captian began to wear thin. I weaved between the Galleons of Pirate Hunters, dodging cannon fire and abusive comments but to no avail.
    It was finally at Reapers Hideout I got him.

    I saw the twin islands ahead and hatched myself a little plan, speeding past them I threw myself into full gear, watching him slowly vanish into the Horizon, then I turned, full battle turn as if to finally confront my pursuer and sped untoward him.
    And worked it did.
    Egear at the chance to finally get a shot off at me he turned sharply, exposing his broadside. His shot missed and I answered with more speed. I came so close to his hull had I still me left hand to strike out me sword I would have decapitated him.

    Confused he turned and launched after me. But before he could I was a mile ahead. Scrambling quickly he jumped to his crow's nest and spotted me on the other side of Reapers Hideout, sitting just off the coast with me sails down.
    I thought to meself, this Captian ain't too bright, head full of cabbage, but is he stupid.
    And would you adam and eve it, he was.
    Thrilled at the chance of finally catching me with me pants down he sped full sail towards me, right between the two islands of Reapers Hideout and right into the shallows.
    The almighty crunch of wood snapping as his hull beached itself upon the rocks was like music to an old sailors ears.
    He lept from his broken ship and charged after me, musket in hand. but I had already set sail, for I am Captian Ricewynd, the fastest Pirate alive and I never drop me anchor.

    I heard him scream from the shore, words so cursed his mother would slap him into next week for daring to utter them. I hid behind a rock some way away and waited, played a hand or two with Brian and was only 20 gold coins down when I saw our angry little friend go screaming past, full sail, eyes locked directly ahead, searching for me.
    Course I sailed the other way, returned to collect me chest at Discovery Ridge and turned it in for just about enough profit to offset me debts. I've heard tales of course, perhaps he is still out there, that mad salty Pirate, chasing shadows determine to sink that one ship he could never catch up to.

    And the moral of the story is, never play a pig at poker, crafty little devils cheat I swear by it.

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  • This adventure includes 2 real players, A meg, A reapers bounty and finally: 2 new noobs.

    Me and my friends were having fun sailing the seas when a reapers bounty spawned quite near to us. We decided to go and find it and we eventually got it on board our ship!

    We started to head to reapers hideout but halfway into the voyage, we ran into a hungering one and had to fight it. The battle was long and ate up 20 pieces of wood on the hull but eventually we beat it. But no sooner had we looted the meg that we were attacked by an enemy player. By this point we had drifted quite far away from the reapers hideout but we got there before our ship sank. Sadly, I was killed just before I got to the reaper with the bounty and the other player stole the loot and sold it!!! We then got killed by him and were spawned with our brand new ship!

    Yay for me !

  • Hello Friends,

    This Tale comes from a play session I had just a few days ago...
    I had just joined a fresh server with my usual crew and an aspiration to get gold. We were in a fine galleon and were all fairly competent at the game so we got supplies from the outpost and we were off towards riches. Little did we know the danger that awaited us on the high seas. We started off on a good note, beginning the Shroud breaker Tall Tale. As we went through the mission, we felt as though we were unstoppable as we found the scarab totem and sailed towards the last island. As we approached the island the winds changed and the sea turned black... The Kraken was upon us! We fought to the last sailor but in the end the beast sunk our vessel. We desperately sailed back to the area where our last craft sank to find the totem but it was lost and the tale...failed. So we lifted ourselves up by our bootstraps and started the tale once again. Then it happened once again. On our way towards the last island the Kraken struck. This time I took no chances and dove into the murky depths with totem in hand and swam to shore which was in the distance. Our ship once again sank but the totem was safe with me on the island. However, our problems were not over yet. As I awaited my crew, who were sailing back to the island for a third time, I heard the rattling of ungodly bones and skeleton pirates spawned and surrounded me. Being already at half health and with no food left I ran. Finding refuge on a boulder on shore that the skeletons seemed unable to climb (Thank God they spawned without guns). I waited all night in game, then finally my crew came and extinguished the cursed souls. We then found the hidden room and easily solved the puzzle. We began finding the medallions on the island. As we found the second medallion our hearts sank as we heard cannons sinking our ship. Rogue pirates came to plunder whatever we had aboard our ship. We took up arms but they took out two of our crew mates. Me and my companion hid inside the hidden room in the bushes that lined the outside. It seemed to work as we went unseen and the rogue swashbucklers eventually left. My companion and I finally came out and found the last medallion and the Shroud Breaker was ours. We rushed towards the beach and awaited pick up from our crew. As we saw them on the horizon we knew that this nightmare was near its end. The journey to the nearest outpost was tense. Should a ship or a creature of the deep show up this adventure would all be for naught. Thankfully we arrived to the outpost safely and the adventure had reached its end.

    That is my tale,

    Hope ye enjoyed!

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