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    Hopefully you're all familiar with the Pirate Times? Every other month we celebrate the weird and wonderful things you've all been up to in game by putting together a newspaper containing your stories! If you've never seen an issue, catch up here.

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    When we're building the January issue we'll take a look at your stories and some of our favourites will end up in the issue!

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  • I was sailing around and found a island (not marked on the map) with a pirate called "woman with eyepatch". Is this something new?
    It looked like the small island was half build. Maybe something for the future?

  • We love Blue! (the blue Meg)
    I don't know why, but Blue has become our Mascot/Guardian.
    Just Monday night my son and I had defeated a skeleton fort and where on our way to sell the treasure.
    We where attacked by a frigate, and almost lost our booty!

    At the last minute, Blue came past us and attacked our enemies. We and our treasure were saved!

    Blue often shows up during battles, and attacks our enemies?

    Thanks Blue, we love you.

  • Sorry, but thinking if I translate it, the sense of the story may vary, its on spanish:

    Ya! Mordisco! El sol está alto y trato de dormir... Déjese de picar!
    Sé que tiene hambre porque la rata de la semana pasada estaba famélica...
    Sólo espere hasta que zarpemos cuando el sol se oculte, que hoy cenará una jugosa mano humana.

  • Just thought I'd leave this here for those who want to see what the new pirate legend rewards look like.

  • Happy Birthday Sea of Thieves from Fatbeard, The fattest Villain on the 4 seas! From My crew to you, I offer the lives we stole this past year!

  • I've been sailing the seas since day one and I have to say year one has been a great experience. I can still remember the excitement of opening my first skeleton fort vault door and seeing that loot or the first ship to ship combat with another pirate. CHEERS to all my fellow year one pirates. CHEERS to another year of new content and sailing for glory.

  • My name is Nayfe Pacewell
    This is #MyYearInSoT

    As I began my journey, coming onto a year ago now, I had no idea what I was in for. I was just a clueless sailor fresh on the boat, it was like I was born again!
    With no knowledge or experience of the world around me I began my journey with no tutorial, just a sloop and a little sailing experience to keep the wind in my sails.
    As I grew and developed as a pirate, along with the beautiful game I came to love, I began to experience a whole new pattern of life, I began to grow and develop more as a human being, aswell as a gamer.
    My creativity could flourish, my fears could be abolished, and I could be the person I wished to be with no forced guidlines to measure up to.
    I have experienced every human emotion from the thousands of mixed experiences I've had that are unlike any other game I've played.

    Only sea of thieves has ever made this unique level of gaming possible and for the past year I have struggled to put it down. Playing since launch making many new friends, I hit Pirate legend in June 2018 and the further Athena 10 the following September.
    And still almost everyday, I get on the seas for a new adventure, finding and creating any new reason to play. From making videos and youtube channels, to playing our own mini games and looking for that perfect screen shot.

    Sea of Thieves has made this past year my GREATEST year, for not just gaming, but also for fighting my personal demons, making friends and expressing my innermost self.

    Thank you so much @RareLtd and the @SeaOfThieves team.
    For making my childhood dreams an almost reality.

  • Well gang, its March 20th again. I cant believe its been a whole year since the day after I changed my system clock to New Zealand to play the game a little early. On a serious note, my time with Sea of Thieves has been one of my most cherished gaming memories. There are people I met week one that I still play with to this day. The friends and memories I have made through this game have been absolutely incredible. While my actual anniversary with SoT was last December when I first played in the alpha, I wanted to make a compilation thread of clips Ive made from the retail build in its first year. Some are small moments while others are the result of me tinkering around in premiere for longer than i should have.

    Flying Shark
    I wanted to focus solely on moments from after the game launched at retail but this glitch from the beta is really funny and I need yall to see it, so here it is.

    The Look
    Not a clip, but according to the timestamp on this screenshot I first put together my pirate's signature look a week into the game. Its important to have a brand!

    Who Ya Gonna Call
    This is to this day one of my all time favorite moments. A pirate snuck aboard our ship and pretended to be a ghost. I was the only one who could hear him since Im on PC and we were in a party. A little antsy with fort loot on board, a crewmate killed him before we could catch his name. We'll never know the identity of this mysterious charismatic ghost...

    Meeting a Legend
    On April 11th I met my first pirate legend in game by having them walk up next to me out of nowhere while I was getting drunk in a tavern. Afterwards I hung out with their crew while they did a skull fort.

    30 Minutes 2 Party
    Back when patches were weekly, the server shutdowns the night before the patch were usually when the seas suddenly turned friendly for about half an hour. On one of these nights we met Speed Tracqs whose friend quit on him and he didnt want to be solo. We took him in and goofed around until the servers went down

    Hey On The Real Big Ups To The Sloop
    We needed to be at Snake Island but a sloop was already there. We were hoping that the presence of our galleon would be enough to scare them off, but the pirates on board looked more panicked than usual so we decided to engage. A worthy hunch - they were apparently working on the 20 chests achievement. So after a generous donation from our late sloop friends, we decided to complete the 20 chests achievement.

    Them Duke Boys
    One time we were being chased and I tricked the assailants into hitting an island so hard for a second they were midair

    Being Nice 4 Once
    After a long day where I was doing pvp, I loaded into a new session when my friends got off. After loading in, the galleon was empty and there was a woodcrate on the shore. I decided to cleanse my soul by filling it up and bringing it to a skull fort. My hope was thered be someone there to take it off my hands. While there was indeed someone there they didnt realize I had friendly intentions. After clearing things up through xbox messages I woke up the next morning to a surprise

    Heres the the original postcards I was sent:

    We Did It For The Money
    A galleon attempted to hassle us at an outpost, but wasnt able to prevent us from cashing in our loot. We found them again a little later on and were able to rob their captains chests for the achievement. They realized they had been robbed and tried to give chase but it was too late

    I patterned this one after a clip I back made in the Stress Test when I snuck onto a galleon and stole their chest

    Shark Whisperer
    My pirate has such a way with sharks! Theyre good good water pups who just want pets

    The Banana Scam Trilogy
    Sometimes I like to fire off onto boats and just eat their bananas until theyre fresh out. Back when forts were hours apart, I would do it as a deterrent if the ship was close by. The idea being theyd think twice to engage if they noticed one of their supply barrels was suddenly low.

    One day I unknowingly sneaked onto an episode of Jerry Springer. While ive been censoring then language on these vids in accordance with forum rules, I think being uncensored is important for the experience of this one. So just be aware before you click through this contains NSFW language

    Shark Sloop Squad
    The day of the Hungering Deep, Speed Tracqs got in touch to see if I could do the questline with him. Along the way a galleon decided to just pile onto our sloop and we started collecting everyone else we met along the way. A party boat of pirates vs. a giant water dog, who would win?

    Not a clip, but an important milestone. I hit Pirate Legend on June 6th!

    When the gunpowder skeletons first emerged, they had a preference for one of my crewmates

    Got Any Exciting Tales To Share?
    A crew plotted, but failed, to rob our Athena chest. Duke seemed pretty nonplussed about the events unfolding in front of him

    One day I saw two galleons spending a long time docked at a small island and decided to investigate. It was the Freemen of Nassau playing a keepaway game they call Skullball, and they graciously allowed me to watch it play out.

    A Trip To Space
    A crewmate leaving mid skeleton fleet battle left us all stressed as we were suddenly multitasking in a tense battle. While things got heated, the mood instantly cooled back down when our ship launched into the air and left us to freefall

    I was trying to fire myself onto the beach to pick up a skull. I didnt land on the beach.

    When the Cursed Cannonballs came out, a pirate tried to sneak onto our ship. Instead of killing him on the spot he got cornered and we managed to talk him into a deal of trading his cursed cannonballs for his life.

    High Seas Larceny
    Back when patches were weekly, everyone knew the This Server Will Close message. If you played enough you were hightuned to it - even if it was just a fellow pirate (me) typing it into chat to trick you (my crew). Realizing just how hotwired pirates were to this message, I upgraded its use from playful prank to pilfering.

    Athena 10
    On International Talk Like A Pirate Day I turned in the Athena chest that maxed out my pirates reputation. Very festive!

    Taking Care of Business
    Before there was a merchant at the stall on Morrows Peak, we tried our hand at running it for an evening.

    Ghost Hunter
    There was a sloop curiously on the edge of the skeleton fleet battle we were engaged in. Running low on supplies, I swam over to "borrow" some only to meet a pirate decked out in full ghost regalia. I intended to just take my supplies and leave, but when I heard he had a sorrows chest with him I decided if he wanted to pretend to be a ghost so bad I'd let him become one for real.

    Big Ol Water Dog
    Sharks just really adore my pirate, even the big ones!

    Action Movie Moment
    One time at a fort we all ran from a keg skeleton, leaped into the ocean, and fired back at him at just about the same time.

    Plunder! At The Outpost!
    While working on legend commendations I got into a situation where I needed to finish Athena quests but I had no use for the chest afterwards, so I decided to give back.

    Shark Rider
    Anyone can ride on a shark, what takes true talent is making one dance out of the waves.

    The Murray
    A crew stole our ships mascot foul skull. Determined to get him back from the scoundrels, not even we could predict the skulls family would have our backs in the rescue.

    Thanks for reliving some of my memories of the last year with me, I cant wait to make even more in year two!

  • Today is a day of celebration, and what a year it has been.
    I made some new friends here, we play like a lot.

    Lets celebrate like pirates.

    • Do a skull fort
    • Do a Gold Hoarder
    • kill off some skellie ships
    • Do a Athena

    Make friends, make rivals, make an Alliance. Or go to war with the server.
    Make stories good or bad, make some screenshots and post em here, or tweet em #thankssot or #happybirthdaysot.

    But by Neptune go out there and have fun, do what you want, you are free.

    I want to thank the people at Rare, the Pioneers, the community, and the randomers when i try Bilge Rat Adventures.

    Happy anniversary pirates.

  • Hi i just want to thank RARE for this awesome adventure ive played since alpha beta day one until today and for the first time i have something fun to play with my girlfriend.
    Thank you all there in RARE studio you all have been a part of a great product.
    And you have treated us like no other devs and Joe Neate you are a good meme!
    And the last thing is that i want to apologize to all the poor souls that had to pay a visit at the Ferryman i cant help it but butcher everything with a heartbeat.
    So be carefull next time that you encounter Captain Pride and the 7 Sins.

  • The wife and I finally encountered the shrouded ghost. Pink on top pink eyes very pretty and extremely aggressive. As soon as it surfaced it immediately attacked the side of the ship and sent us both flying off the sloop. I know we were a bit disappointed, we managed to save the ship and turned around to go back to its area, upon returning though a yellow one spawned in its place. Lol I feel if you make a shark this rare, at least allow us to fight it when returning lol. At any rate it was nice to see and the fact it just took a chunk out of us right off the bad made it feel like a shark battle for the ages. Also not sure if this helped, but we did have an ashen legends chest, having just completed the devils roar Athena voyage, we were almost at the outpost to turn in. I know we plan on testing this theory in the future, perhaps an Athena chest triggers it.

  • We went to get a Galleon, but a Kracken ate it...
    so we went for the Kraken... but it just left a Surprise Filling...

    Complete Story at "Destacados" section.

  • Yesterday our Dutch brigatine set sail with now a full legend crew.
    We are some happy stalkers set to make some pirates smile :)

    We take the risk to make allies and during our voyages slowly build up a nice alliance fleet of happy pirates.

    One moment we spotted a lonely legend unloading at a outpost and we know they need some love :)
    It was time for some serious stalking!

    To lure her out the sloop i covered the beach in glowing skulls and whenever this pirate talked to a vendor we quikly layed a treasure behind her and then hide.
    When the pirate deliverd her athena chest and wend in the hideout we quikly changed her lantarn lights so she now had a nice party boat like us :D

    We unloaded our loot and used her rowboat to gather her cargo and helped loading it on her sloop.

    She sailed out with a omg and thnx :")

    We continued our voyage making a party coloured fleet of 5 ships helping all against skellyships and clearing forts together and secretly changing their lantarns so they all got a taste of our party :")

    No one can take away our love and fun and we share our happiness with fellow pirates of any kind.

    We didnt sink for a change and enjoyed a sweet crashfree voyage full feelgood friendly pvp encounters :)

    Cheers for our Nl crew, God loves us all and loser terrorist walk the plank they dont make us hate others they make us love to be the good guys :P

    Oh i be out there again today hunting sad lonely and unlucky pirates to do cargo checks and make friends with my legendary coloured lantarn after i scared them rolling up with legend sails and hunting music for some excitement on approach ^^

  • I was on a brig doing a reapers run at wanders refuge and I did two and no one dared to attack us so we turn in all the chests and we were victories and after the second one I left and had a sleep in the tavern for tomorrow

  • Giving more importance to the fight rather than the win.

    A hardened pirate must keep in mind, and dont surrend no matter things are going worse.

    With training, I should have better moments, Not This Case!!

    This is a short VideText... Enjoy!

  • What everyone was wondering! The most intriguing and elusive hidden, arcane and enigmatic mystery that plant us the unknown!

    Hope Falcore watch this!

  • I find myself on a simple sloop at golden sands. it was a fine day for plundering, so i started gathering planks, food and cannonballs for me sloop. When I suddenly saw a gallion coming my way, not trusting them I set sail. It was good planning because as I passed bye they fired on me. All mist though, must be landlobbers.

    But then me 1 eye spot something, a cloud formed like a ship, skeletons calling us out. So me thought mebay we can team up. So I raise the friendship flag and sailed back to the gallion... bad mistake.

    The gallion fired at me, and 1 of their mates got abourd and lowerd me achor and was coming for me! Clearly he didn't knew who he was dealing with, I am Captain One Eye, legendary pirate! So I slew the blaggart, raise me anchor and sailed away.

    But the gallion was not done met me yet mate, they set sail after me. Knowing I could not outgun them I set out trying to stay ahead. Going into the wind, since a sloop is faster then a gallion if you go agaisnt the wind.

    Then a idea brew up in me, the skeletons ships were still waiting to be called. Knowing with my legendary status, i can mebay call them up and fight for me! So I sailed towards the ship cloud and waited on the edge of the skeletons area...

    As the gallion was clsoe enough, I lowerd sail and shouted: I call upon the fleet of a thousand grogs on ye!

    The water rumbled, as 2 skelly gallions appeard on me both side's of me sloop.

    Calling upon skeleton's even as a legendary pirate is always dangerous, so first they fired on me. But even as their cursed grog balls hit me, I was able to hold me sloop afloat and sailed away.

    As soon as they lost intressed in me, they went after the gallion that was still after me. I watched from afar as the 2 skelly ships fired and fired opun them.

    I laughed as the skelly's sended them to davy johnes locker with their ship. No one messes with captain one eye matey!

    But my tale does not end there, planning ahead I setted sail for The Devil's roar, hoping to get me a good coin. As i was passing trough the wilds, i saw another sloop fighting a lonely skeleton gallion. being humble I changed course to help them.

    A other gallion apperently had the same idea, we were unable to save the sloop, but sunk the gallion togehter!

    As I slowy sailed towards them I notice and skelly cloud.. a fort was holding a grand prize.

    So after some talk we formed a small allience and setted sail towards the fort... but mother athena had other plans for us....

    Suddenly the water rumbled as a giant blue shark raised form the depths, we anchord, gatherd our weapons and fired! We kept firing until the beast was slain and tressure floated that she had swallowd. We laughed at the good hunting as we gatherd the lood... but then the water rumbled again.. 'Meg!' I shouted as suddenly a giant yellow meg raised before our eye's, ready to avenge her sister!

    We quickly swimmed back to our ships and fired the cannons one after another, until she to was slayed, we celebrated!

    But there was 1 last thing to do, the skelly fort. We sailed together and ancord together, foughted wave after wave until finelly their captain came to see what was going on.

    After a fierce battle we killed the cursed captain and got the key to the vault! the lot was incredeble, we loaded everything on the gallion and setted sail to ancient spire.
    once there I helped them transport the loot and let them sell everything. I still got a fair bit of coin thanks to the allience. As a farewell I gave them the gift of a ashen legendary voyage, they were very thankfull and happy with them allowing to sell everything we gatherd so they could get the most coin and reputation. I left the sea with wishing them good luck.

    it was indeed a very good day for pirating.

  • So me and my Friend were just sailing around until my friend jumped of the boat he was joking and was swimming al the way down to the bottom we were in the middle of the ocean so it was pretty deep. when he arrived on the bottom he was almost dead but what he found there was amazing THE BOX OF WOUDROUS SECRETS.
    This al happend northwest of plunder outpost pretty close.
    Yes this is really lucky and I have no clue what it’s doing there so that means it spawns not only in the forsaken shores.
    Sadly we couldn’t find it back and we never seen it again.
    I have no screenshot of anything because we were to busy whit googling what the chest was worth and what it was doing there.

  • This topic is deleted!

  • So, I was going solo on a Sloop, ye see? Figuring I'd try to make some gold all by me lonesome.

    Now wit all the excitement over Duke sending fellow pirates out on the Reaper Runs and such, I figures I should get a taste of what it would feel like fer when me and my mates would do the voyage for real. That, an' I needed to do me commendation fer completing normal voyages wit the flag. So, I load me sloop up with supplies at Ancient Spire Outpost, grabbed an order form fer two pigs (One pink and black speckled and one solid black) from the merchant to be delivered to her at the outpost, raised up that accursed flag, and set off!

    Why choose to help the snobby merchants? I figures that if I did get attacked by somebody, at least I wouldn't lose any treasure. Besides, I love working with wit animals!

    Sos, here I go. After I leave port, that's when I realized I forgot the two cages. Even worse, was that a few Skelly Ships decided it was in my best interest to test their firepower. After I managed to deal wit dem and took the loot that floated to the surface, I set course back ter Ancient Spire to cash the chests and skull in and get the cages, then set out to Devil's Ridge to get the pigs. After getting back on the ship, I look up to see this plain sails Sloop trying to close in on me. I take evasive action and said with the wind. I turn back wit me speaking trumpet to ask if they were friendly, and that's when I noticed they started sinking, as if they might have either scuttled it forgot to patch a few holes in they ship. Instead, I started rolling on the deck laughing, shouting "IT'S DAVEY JONES' LOCKER FOR YOU!"

    Aside from that incident, all was quiet on the way to Devil's Ridge. I caught the black pig just fine. The speckled one was a bit trickier to catch, but I managed. After catching the two little pork-butts, and grabbing a powder keg fer good measure, I look up and see a Sloop in the distance, coming straight fer me. As I got back to the ship and dropped sails, I realised it was the very same
    plain sloop from earlier. I sail off, the sloop in hot pursuit. Every move I make, they mirror, I'll bet a distance behind me. So this goes on fer about five-ish minutes, and then I realized they think I'm on one of those Reaper Voyages that Duke is giving out, and they want to steal me "Treasure". I figures that I'm probably not gonna be able to turn the pigs in wit Dumb and Dumber following me every move like one of those blasted Shadow Skellies, so I decided to act like I'm sailing into the Devil's Roar. Unsurprisingly, they continue to follow me. Sos I start mocking them, see? I start wavin' and dancin', and generally all manner of shanties. That's when they started shooting their cannons. Barely even getting near me at all. Just wasting all that good iron fer nothing.

    I never did go into the Roar, though. I figured it would be a bit TOO risky, 'specially with the two pigs on board. So, I turn around and head back into the Ancient Isles, trying to think of a way I could loose 'em sos I could finish me voyage. By this time, I had already thrown the single keg I had overboard in an attempt ter deter them. They didn't hit it, unfortunately. I did try to fire a few warning shots with me cannons and eye of reach. Some of the cannon shot hit thier mark, but they still kept following me. I tell ya, they followed me to the edge of the Ancient Isles, and back across to the other side.

    This entire episode up to this point had been well over thirty minutes and I was starting to get a bit annoyed and wanted to finish me order before it expired. I had already tried telling them that there was nothing of value in the ship, besides only two pigs. They didn't listen. Oh well.

    So, I decided I'm gonna try passing Ancient Spire and jumping off me ship wit a pig and let the spirits sail me ship true. After I adjust the heading to get as close as possible, I grab the black one and dive in. I swam to the dock and heard a splash of water behind me. I turn to look, and one of the barnacle brains had jumped in after me. I didn't make any attempt to hide me laughter and mockingly called him out on this thurst for blood.

    I managed to sell the pig and jumped back into the water to me me mermaid before he had a chance to shoot or swipe me wit his sword. Before I let the mermaid take me back to me ship, I took a few shots at him when he doubled back to the dock to see if I actually sold whatever he believed I had. Can't remember if I hit him or not.

    So, once I was back on me ship, I figured it worked once, maybe again? There was just one problem. They stayed back a ways at the outpost after I teleported back to me ship. Once they realised I was coming in for a second pass, all they had to do was intercept me. I didn't go down very quietly, though. I lobbed a few more cannonballs into their plain sloop. Before I knowed it, one o' 'em jumped onboard and dropped me anchor and proceeded to try to kill me. I was laughing the entire time, telling them that they chased me all for nought. My words fell on deft ears, as I was soon given a temporary ticket to the Ferryman. Sad to say that I wasn't able to return to the land of the living in time to save me ship.

    The only thing that they got out of an hour long chase was just a speckled pig. They could've done two voyages for the Gold Horders in the time it took to finally catch me. An' I'm proud I wasted their time. Might've taught them a valuable lesson on if somebody don't want to fight, LEAVE 'EM BE!

    Case in point and the moral to this story, if you see the reapers mark on the map, and you get the urge to try and steal somebody's hard work and good fortune, think long and hard weather it would be worth your time to chase them down. Especially if it's a solo sloop. You might get a massive fortune of gold and skulls, or you might get just one very dirty and scared pig.

  • In recent exploration my comrade and I decided to attack a galleon that had just finished a Skull Fort. We pulled up in our brig and proceeded to, relentlessly, bombard the galleon with cannon balls. One cannon ball struck the mid level of their ship, the ball had struck a gunpowder barrel....but not just any other gunpowder barrel., but the stronghold powder barrel. What happened next was something i never expected to see happen. The galleon FLEW INTO THE AIR! LIKE FLIPPIN 10 FEET INTO THE AIR. Needless to say it was pretty epic. My friend and I were hootin and hollerin about it the rest of the session.

  • Myself and my brig crew were doing the Reaper's Run at Wanderer's Refuge when we saw a galleon approaching. Doing what we always do, we decided to be wary but give them the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't attack, especially with a second Brig doing the run and parked at Plunder Valley. One of my crew went AFK for a few minutes, leaving me on the island digging treasure and our third kept watch on our ship.

    Unfortunately for the Galleon, they decided to sink our ship with a gunpowder barrel rather than come to an arrangement - mistake one. They killed both my crew mates with the blast and I got killed climbing on board the ship. The other crew didn't hang around to see where we respawned - mistake number two.

    My crew mate and I respawned in the water and decided to swim ashore. We had hidden all our treasure as we always do until finishing the Reaper's Run so we had nothing to lose. The galleon sailed off for Discovery Ridge, leaving two of them behind with a row boat full of treasure and seemingly unaware that my crew mate and I were stalking them waiting for the right moment. As one looked in the barrels for supplies, after clearly being hurt by skellies, I sniped him. We then spotted the second nearby in the water and we both sniped him. Both dead, leaving behind a rowboat of treasure, and their galleon downwind at Discovery Ridge. We took all their chests, about 10-12 and stashed them in our secret hiding place. Just as we got this done, we saw their galleon appear at the shore... time for Wanderer's Bluff number one. Our other crewmate had just returned at this stage to the madness and was making the long trip back.

    I took the rowboat which I still had their chicken on and a few kegs - just to give the impression that I had stuff on board and I started rowing towards the other Brig which was at Plunder Valley. I had no intention of making it all the way, I had no bananas and was low on health. But it sold it enough that the Galleon pursued me... I got about halfway before being killed.

    Unfortunately for the other Brig, and fortunately for us, they started sailing to Wanderer's Refuge at this point. Having repawned on our own brig we watched the map and the horizon as the battle kicked off between the Galleon, which had lost so much treasure, and the Brig - who we assume had taken the blame for stealing it all.

    We parked up at Discovery Ridge after I did a hop off at Plunder Valley to do our second map. This was our second bluff - make them think we were on the second last map rather than just the second.

    The fog, thick as soup, had settled at this point so we could no longer see the ships battling - only observe their Reaper's mark shadows do the dance of war on the map. Eventually one disappeared and we decided to risk heading back to Wanderer's Refuge. Unfortunately, we arrived to be greeted by the Galleon.

    We hadn't stocked up enough cannonballs for a sustained fight but decided to engage them anyway. We took a few shots across the island low lands, we missed them, only to be greeted by "nice aim [homophobic slur]" - wow. So we decided to show them exactly how "nice" our aim can be. We swung around the island and bombarded them with all the cannons we did have - not enough to sink them, but enough to send a message. Made all the sweeter by their poor aim and failed attempts to board us!

    We ran out of cannonballs so hatched a plan to hang around for a few minutes to make them think we were maybe on the island tapping chests, then we sailed for Golden Sands Outpost with no treasure on board, only to stock up on supplies for another swing. This also sold them the idea that we were finished the voyage and going to drop off our loot. Sure enough, they turned up 5 minutes after we docked. As our ship sailed out, the two of us still on land hatched another plan to sink these guys and take whatever they had.

    We took maybe a bit too much time as I could hear them turn in 4 or 5 chests (including a grog) from my hiding spot in the Weapon shop close by. Eventually, I caused a distraction and got them to chase me as my crew mate hopped on their ship and headed for their crow's nest. Unfortunately, they decided to scuttle and logged out before we could enact our plan, and they didn't appear to have any other treasure. No problem, we still had a large enough stash on Wanderer's Refuge. So, with no sign of the Galleon again, we finished our Reaper's Run and recovered our stash, turning in over 30 chests and making over 50K gold in the process.

    My crew and I may not be the best PvPers but we can outwit most skally wags on the seas!

  • Dagger Tooth Outpost -
    After heavy discussion between different factions it was decided the legend crew in the Pirate Legend Hidout have to move.

  • I've done some great things in this game. I've stolen much fort loot, I've sunk Brigs and Galleons as a solo sloop, I've terrorized people who were detrimental to this game, I've became a Pirate Legend, I did my own Athena; all had a great sense of accomplishment.

    But none of them compares to stealing an Athena. An Ashen Athena at that.

    I wasn't keen to play much yesterday. Footy was back on the TV, I was studying away and having a few beers. A friend convinced me to play just for a little bit. We did a fort, we got his crab rave cannons - Good God - and decided we would see what people had aboard their ship. Watching a galleon sail around Morrow's Peak, I had a suspicion as they fired crew onto the outpost; are they on an Athena? We sunk our ship, we tucked on the Tavern, the shipwreck but the galleon said away. We preoccupied ourselves, I considered calling it for the session. But then we decided to chase it, to test it, see what it had.

    We caught up, I fired out of the cannon and in perhaps the greatest timing of any pirate ever, I dropped in behind the ship, went beneath it and waited for just a moment; they all returned for a moment and as they focused on our little sloop sailing by, I climbed aboard and tucked behind the chair. No Athena quest but plenty of loot. My mate said I think I see an Athena. No way I thought, surely not? Moments pass, my cheeks clenched, hairs down there with goosebumps upon goosebumps but there it was, placed before me was the Ashen Athena and they had no idea where I was. My mate returned to our ship down south where it respawned, I waited with knots in my stomach behind that chair, praying to Sea Jesus that they wouldn't find me. Of course, Sea Jesus hates me and decided to set a volcano off. It knocks me out of my tuck, first one is good but the second? I immediately turn my camera to see one of them approach the captains quarters and I realise my camera is off center of the chair; oh no I thought, my tuck has been ruined. But as they passed the volcano, a few seconds later the title screen for the outpost popped. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three!

    I launched from my spot. Down one, down two, down three as I start to hum the Pirates of the Caribbean theme...to myself. I took a few hits from the driver, I thought I had screwed it and once again I prayed to Sea Jesus to help me and he did. Two hits and the fourth goes down. I nick the Ashen Athena and bounce off the back. I proceed to swim around the back of the island and that's where my absolute legend of a mate saves the day; he arrives at the outpost and takes down one, two and three. I climb the ladder, I run into the Tavern barely missing a bullet and I hand it in. He was close, but missed it by that much.

    18.5k, half a level done. My goodness, it was the greatest feeling I had ever felt in this game.

    I feel bad for the crew we stole it from. I always have a sense of remorse when we steal at the best of times but this? I'm truly sorry for what we robbed you of. But my goodness, if that isn't the greatest thing I'll ever do in this game.

  • Was rank 50 gold 46 order of souls and 42 merchant. At the start of the first ever double coverage weekend I started out in a sloop and began my grind. A few ransoms joined and left helping stock my sloop. Eventually I set up a group post on the official Xbox club and a level 1 player joined. We played all day Friday and earnt half a million between us doing forts megalodons skelly ships voyages message in bottles. We carried it on today all day and I earn another half million and finally hit pirate legend. Today I helped a new recruit and 2 of his friends reach high level 30s in rank and earn there fair of coin and really draw 3 new friends into the sea of thieves community as we sailed a gallleon in a five ship alliance including us. They are now sailing in a pirate legend ship doing an anthenas voyage as my thankyou to helping me achieve this milestone and hopefully boost them toward pirate legend.

  • Mermaid too slow,
    Black screen too long.
    Re-spawned in far ocean.
    Ship long gone.

    My sad tale of misfortune in few words, what's your story?

  • So I was just on my merry way doing my last merchant voyage for the night until everyone's friendly neighbourhood shark came to say hello!

    Here's the video link for if ya wanna check it out: Friendliest Megalodon

    It was fun to see Meg up so close and just nuzzling my lil sloop~ I tried giving her a chicken but that didn't seem to appetize her much. She also didn't like me trying to get a ride on her back and left shortly after. Oh well, until we meet again, Meg! And the next time we meet she'll probably swallow my whole ship with me included, Yaharrrgh!!

    I raise meh grog ta ye and have a nice day further~

  • My crew and I were casually sailing around last night, managed to find a few skulls and chests, nothing major. The weirdest thing that happened though, occurred after we dropped off our loot.

    We did a drive by (where we sail near an outpost, my crew jumps off with the treasure and I keep sailing), and as they were selling the treasure I was attacked by the kraken. I managed to turn the ship to keep the wind at our backs but the kraken managed to wrap a tentacle around us. We managed to get loose and sailed out of the kraken's reach.

    We noticed a skeleton ship at an island behind where the kraken was. Then I noticed something, Kraken tentacles attacking the skeleton, even though there were still tentacles at the spot where our ship was attacked. It really looked like there were two Krakens in the same vicinity. Well, my crew had the idea of turning around and attacking the skeleton ship and the kraken from outside the kraken's reach.

    Well, that didn't work. As we got closer, the kraken attacked us along with attacking the skeleton ship. Then the skeleton ship fired on us. As we were fighting these two entities, a third popped up, a Megalodon. So now we have 3 types of AI enemies in the same spot. The kraken attacking both my ship and the skeleton ship. The skeleton ship attacking us and now the Meg, that also attacked the skeleton ship. And to top it all off, a thunderstorm rolled right over top of us. Needless to say, we did not survive that encounter.

    In hindsight, it was a bad decision to turn back but our curiosity at seeing the kraken go after a skeleton ship had gotten the better of us. But it was an interesting encounter as I had never seen those 4 elements (Kraken, Meg, Skeleton ship, thunderstorm) together at one spot at the same time.

  • the furnace on the ship is it uselless or it have an untility?

  • This may sound unbelievable but I swear it just happened and I can't believe it happened withing 40 minutes. So I was heading to an island alone on a sloop and I noticed that there was another sloop nearby it with the reaper's mark so I decided to see if I could try to attack it and maybe have it go away or something but I ended up chasing it into a storm and when I boarded their ship to see what they had, we got caught up in the storm with the Kraken attacking both of us. I ended up killing the Kraken but the other crew didn't make it, after all, they had default clothing and a default ship. After killing the kraken, I was still in the storm and there treasure was all around so I decided to wait out the storm for a bit. After waiting for about 4 minutes, a megalodon spawns and attacks my ship while the storm is slowly destroying my ship. So now I try to fight the megalodon low on planks and cannon balls and about 10 minutes into fighting the megalodon in the storm, a skeleton galleon spawns beside and then that is when I gave up.

  • Listen up boys, I have a exiting tale to tell about me and my captain.
    The day started by doing a reapers run without any problems, but on the second run ooooohh…. You are in for a treat. On the second run we sank 1 Skeleton galleon on our way to Wanderers, 1 Skeleton galleon while at the island so we ended up sinking 2 Skeleton galleon and completing the riddle.

    One Norwegian galleon fought a skeleton ship while we were on our way to Plunder Valley. The Skeleton galleon aggroed on us after the Norwegian galleon lured it to us. After a failed attempt to distance ourselves from the skeleton galleon the two galleons ended up ramming our brigantine and while we were repairing the sea turned black and the kraken rose from the depths of the ocean. Both the galleon and our brigantine was sunk by the mighty kraken, but we were lucky and had a rowboat so that we could save our loot from the kraken infested waters. After getting our loot safe aboard our new brigantine we set our sights on wanderers again. But when we arrived we were sunk by a pirate legend crew that had disguised themselves as a rookie ship that ended up ramming us sinking both ships and camping Wanderers.

    My captain at this point had lost almost all hope all hope, but I could not give up so I snuck on to the island and dug up the last 4 chests. All we needed to do was completing the second riddle. He went to complete the riddle that was on Discovery Ridge and found the chest in record time. All I needed to do was dig up the 9 last chests while a crew of pirate legends was hunting me on wanderers,you know no biggy… we succeded by having my captain lure the legends away with our ship, whitch bought me enough time to dig up the last chests. In the end I managed to hit all the 9 chests within 9 minutes and we got the legendary reapers run commendation. No loot sadly but we got our commendation and a great story out of it.
    My Captain (https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/user/mrporkington-ii)

  • Heres my pirate types i have encountered over the past yr.
    Dirt bag- a pirate who rolls up on a ship and fires without a word, toxic talk and an all around doucer. Hey Joe Neate or a rare employee may be on the other boat, you wouldnt want to leave a bad taste in there mouth would ya? ( avoid)

    Chicken dumper-they avoid all boats and pirates at all cost, scuttling at the first sign on danger, rarely high level (help them)

    Lazymen- a pirate who joins the crew and does nothing, good at the concertina, not much else, waiting for you to do everything. (Avoid)

    Time wasters- dropping ancor while full bellow, shooting cannon balls in to the sea. Drinking grog to throw in your face chasing you for no reasons(Avoid)

    The Richie-hardworking Rich pirate, a joy to have on your crew( add)

    The Royal- a good all around pirate knows all factions on the game, a hard worker( add them)

    The Legend- few steps above Royal, the true pirate legend, showing new players the ropes, finds treasures quickly, and always a kind word. Great pvper.The best of the best( add them if possible, they rarely add because they are so good)

    Just my opinions on pirates i have played with. Im sure you have more :) Which type of pirate are you?

  • Not long ago I read the story of @Straw-Hat-Blake and how he became a true Legend of the Sea of Thieves. I learned how he worked at taking down fleet after fleet by himself. At the time I had wild ambitions of taking down a skeleton fleet solo, but it involved a rowboat to be sneaky and a chest of sorrow. I never put that strategy into full swing though.

    Eventually I had developed the bucket strategy. Slam into the side of their ship and bucket water from yours to theirs. Still very tricky when solo but effective. After mopping up a few left over captain ships and random spawns, I finally decided to see if I was up to the task and went to take on a full fleet.

    Four attempts in the last week. Three sunken sloops. Three loads of treasure. And one flawless victory.

    My first attempt was the battle for the shores of plenty. Everything was going great. I was on my final ship when I tried to raise my sails and the game glitched. Instead of grabbing the sails, I stopped and lost all control until the instant my ship sank. I finished up the captain ship from my rowboat and hauled the treasure off but I considered it a failed attempt because I sank.

    My second try was in the devils roar. I miscalculated how much water was in my ship while trying to position myself against another, and I sank. By the time I returned with a new ship from the other side of the world, the final wave had been taken out by the volcano. No treasure. Total failure.

    Attempt three took me back to the shores of plenty and this was my best. First wave was two sloops. However, before I sank either of them, a third spawned. Once those three were taken out, a single galleon spawned. He was easy to deal with. Finally the captain's galleon and a sloop spawned. Normally I would concentrate on the galleon first but always save the captain ship for last. After hitting them with a cannonball a piece, I started to bucket as much water onto them as fast as I could. Sloop first, then the skelleon. Once it chimed that it was sunk, I could let out a sigh of relief and I started to repair all my holes. This was the victory I was after. Every ship taken down solo without sinking. A true legendary feat.

    The last attempt I made was in the devils roar again. I sank when the last two skelleons were up, but I managed to make it back to finish them off. The interesting part is the sinking captain ship launched my sloop into the air with me inside. I didn't land very far away but I flew very high. I saved a clip but it seems it hasn't had a chance to upload yet. Another failure in my eyes but I still got the treasure and got to take a nice flight.

    I'm still working towards the 500 but I earned a personal accomplishment by soloing an entire fleet flawlessly. The kraken on a sloop is a breeze now. Megs are predictable and easily taken out if you have the supplies. Skeleton ships are the true challenge for a solo slooper. Taking out six consecutively is an act of a true Legend.