Buff the Roar!

  • I was literally dancing in the ashes lol.

    Fun little glitch I had last night. I dove for an Ashen Captain treasure map to Ashen Reaches. No volcano. Just boiling water. I was pleased since I figured it had just stopped, I have plenty of time for those x marks. The boiling water never stopped...but it didn't boil me like a lobster either. Even cracked a mermaid statue (2 blue jems). Found a bottle for Devil's Thirst. Start to head over there. Volcano is going...but no flying rocks. I head over to a nearby Shipwreck to wait it out and get some more loot. Finish the Shipwreck, volcano active...no projectiles still so I Yolo it over there and gathered a couple of things. Recorded that clip. Moved to the other side of the island for better access to the remaining x marks. Finish up...leave...still no flying rocks lol.

    Other volcanoes were spitting rocks. Just not where I was.

    Yes, that reaper chest you saw made it home.

    I don't care if it gets fixed, doubt I could repeat it on purpose anyways. I just had a giggle and thought y'all would like to see it. Fun stuff.

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