The Hunt Is On for the Skull of Siren Song

Battle your fellow pirates to claim a powerful artefact as Season Ten races onwards!

The second major update of Sea of Thieves Season Ten is upon us! Just a month after players gained the ability to form Guilds with like-minded sailors, the Skull of Siren Song Voyage is now pitting pirate against pirate in a race to claim a mysterious and valuable treasure. At the behest of a ghostly Captain Briggsy, crews across the Sea of Thieves are taking up arms to begin this new competitive Voyage.

The latest free content update landed on November 16th, introducing the titular emergent Event as well as a slew of smaller updates and fixes (see the release notes for complete details). This update is, as always, free for all players – all you need to do is download the latest version of the game and dive right in. While it’s downloading, why not check out the Skull of Siren Song Launch Trailer so you know what to expect?

Sea of Thieves: The Skull of Siren Song Launch Trailer

Duration 0:52

The Skull of Siren Song introduces an entirely new type of Voyage for players to experience as they make their way across the Sea of Thieves. To get to grips with what it entails, how to start it and where all these strange magical skulls keep coming from, you’ll want to watch the first video we released on the subject earlier this week: Skull of Siren Song Explained! It’ll walk you through the structure of the new Voyage and reveal the rewards up for grabs by anyone aiming to claim the Key, Chest and Skull of Siren Song for themselves.

Skull of Siren Song Explained: Official Sea of Thieves Season Ten Gameplay Guide

Duration 6:20

As with all our feature updates, a lot of thought has gone into how the new systems will interact with existing Sea of Thieves content. If you’re interested in hearing some of the team discussing these thought processes and how they’ve helped to refine gameplay, tune in to our latest Deep Dive. Alongside juicy insights into the dev team’s work, this lengthier video also points out finer details on the Skull of Siren Song Voyage that you may have missed, so give it a look if you’ve still got any questions about the latest update.

The Skull of Siren Song: Official Sea of Thieves Season Ten Deep Dive

Duration 9:57

Victorious Skull of Siren Song hunters have new rewards to look forward to in the form of Captain Briggsy-themed cosmetics and ship parts based on the Skull itself, but you don’t have to head into battle for a new look this month. Over in the much less violent Pirate Emporium, the brooding Ravenwood collection is making a comeback! After the ship set’s first appearance in the Season Eight Plunder Pass, it returns on general sale this month alongside the newly added Ravenwood Spyglass and bundle of four weapons.

Or, if you’re in the market for something a little cheerier than the corvid-inspired tools of an assassins’ order, the time-limited Festival of Plenty instruments are also back in stock. Colourful and perfect for belting out a tune during the encroaching winter nights, you’ll find these items a lovely seasonal addition to any crew.

Pirate Emporium Update - November 2023: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 0:52

Building on Guilds to bulk out Season Ten’s feature set, the Skull of Siren Song Voyage offers an intriguing shake-up to the Sea of Thieves sandbox, but that’s not all you have to look forward to before the Season’s over. Next up in December is the third and final major content update of Season Ten: Safer Seas! In this new game mode, pirates will be able to sail alone or with a single crew of friends within their own private world for the first time.

To learn more about Safer Seas as December draws in, keep an eye on our website and social channels for updates. In the meantime, you’d better get out on the seas – Briggsy isn’t known for her patience!