Presenting… Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook

Tired of cronching raw bananas? Bring glory to any ship’s galley with these practical, piratical recipes…

Who’s hungry? If you’re not presently peckish, that may change by the time you’ve finished reading this and, more importantly, let your eyes feast on some of the treats mentioned below. They’re just a few edible examples from Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook that have been dreamed up by Kayce Baker (or Shredz, as her pirate is known).

The recipes are presented as a collection curated by Larinna as she tours the Outposts, documenting the residents’ newfound appreciation for fine dining in the wake of visits from Hendrick. While you shouldn’t expect refrigerators and food processors to pop up in-game any time soon, there’s no denying the raw inspiration giving these drinks and dishes an authentic Sea of Thieves feel.

Recipes are themed around different regions of the world, with – for example – The Shores of Plenty serving up light, fruity offerings while The Devil’s Roar leans more towards roasted, fiery courses. Naturally, the secret to great grog is also included. A sample platter was even dished up at Rare by the dedicated canteen staff and duly taste-tested by the team – purely in the interests of ensuring accuracy, of course…

Whether you’re looking to serve a simple side dish or a banquet fit for the Pirate Lord, you’re sure to find something suitable – and there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options for those who prefer their Splashtails swimming happily in the sea rather than in a sauce. And if you find your supply barrels are running a little low on Kraken and Megalodon meat, alternative suggestions are provided.

There are over 80 recipes to explore, each appropriately marked with preparation time and difficulty so you don’t bite off more than you can chew. As it were. Sea of Thieves: The Cookbook releases on May 7th, but if you’re already salivating you’ll be happy to learn that pre-orders are already available at the likes of Amazon, Forbidden Planet and other good retailers. Find out more at the Titan Books website!