Sea of Thieves Soars into Season Seven!

Become a Captain of Adventure and enjoy all that follows in the latest free update, out now!

Captaincy has come to the Sea of Thieves at last. As any canny sailor who’s been poised on the bowsprit with a hopeful ear to their speaking trumpet will know, the announcement came in June at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and after a bit of rescheduling to get everything in line for launch, Season Seven is live from today with Captaincy and all its comforts at the forefront!

This update is, as always, free to download for all players. Jump in now and you’ll soon be hooting with gratification as the Pirate Lord graces your Ship’s Crest with that perfect name you’ve had in mind since you first set sail, or a hilarious pun you’ve just made up. It’s not for us (or Ramsey) to judge.

From there you can switch up the décor below decks, earn and display Trinkets as souvenirs of your escapades, stock your shelves with Captain’s Voyages, enlist the Sovereigns as go-betweens to quickly and easily cash in your loot… there’s a vast amount of stuff to be enjoyed in Season Seven, and nobody can tell you about it any more eloquently than this man, our very own John o’ the trailers:

Sea of Thieves Season Seven: Official Content Update Video

Duration 7:49

If you’re keen to learn more about these new features and how they were devised to complement your Captaincy experience, there’s a Deep Dive video that also went live this week. Settle in for nine extra minutes of insights from designers, engineers and artists, covering everything from saving ship loadouts to chasing Milestones relevant to your play style and keeping a Captain’s Logbook to match:

Be More Captain: Official Sea of Thieves Season Seven Deep Dive

Duration 9:32

More information? Well, we did release a new episode of Sea of Thieves News last week, showing some of the smaller additions arriving alongside the colossal Captaincy feature set. Ever wished you could zoom in on maps or other held items? Or while you love the ability to plonk yourself down on a stool, have you always desired to pick one up and carry it to an impractical spot of your own choosing? Dear discerning pirate, this is the Season for you:

Sea of Thieves News July 28th 2022

Duration 2:15

There’s also a wave of new artisan gear for ships and sailors alike in the Pirate Emporium, from the fierce fish focus of the Wrecker Wrangler range to a sampling of special Ship’s Crests for your Captained vessels – and to cap it all off, a Plunder Pass bursting with extra prizes for powering through this Season’s 100 levels of progression and rewards. Go window shopping at the Pirate Emporium page to see all that’s new this month!

Unlikely as you are to bore of Season Seven’s bounty any time soon, you can still bank on our time-limited Adventures to keep you invested in Sea of Thieves’ story throughout the months ahead. And as nobody wants to leave Merrick in the lurch, your next undertaking will be a sortie into the Sea of the Damned to bring home everyone’s favourite prince of peg-legging in ‘A Hunter’s Cry’, beginning on August 18th.

We could go on, but even once you’ve finished watching all the videos above, there’s plenty of accompanying reading material to prepare you for this brave new world – like our dedicated Season Seven page and the complete release notes for this update. So we’ll just encourage you to take the plunge and download Season Seven at your earliest convenience, and have the time of your life taming the seas as a tireless pirate Captain!