An Update on Season Seven

Some news from our Executive Producer on the scheduling of Sea of Thieves' next Season…

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an update on the progress of Season Seven with you all. As we revealed during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in June, Captaincy is at the heart of Season Seven, and this is an update we are hugely excited about.

We believe Captaincy will transform the experience of playing Sea of Thieves, adding deeper meaning and history to every session and every encounter out on the seas, along with the much-requested ability to own and finally name your ship.

However, with such a fundamental update to the game, there is a lot of hidden work to be done in the background. This is an update that brings in a vast range of new stats to track, and has required a complex partnership across our Game, UI and Services teams to bring it to life.

As we started getting closer to the originally stated release date, it became apparent that things were coming in hotter than we liked and there was a real risk of not delivering to the quality and polish we expect, as well as putting undue pressure across the team to get it all over the line. Subsequently, we have made the decision to shift the release date back slightly to August 4th.

We understand this will be disappointing for those of you who are eagerly awaiting this update, and we appreciate your patience with this change. We know Season Six has been a looooong one, but we are super-excited about Captaincy and we hope you are too. Not too much longer to wait, we promise! We also want to make sure that with Season Seven arriving a little later than planned, you’ll have plenty of time to play through this new Season when it arrives and enjoy levelling up your Renown.

August promises to be an incredibly exciting month for Sea of Thieves – as we look past the launch of Season Seven, we also have our next Adventure ‘A Hunter’s Cry’ arriving on August 18th, so it’s going to be a busy month!

Running Sea of Thieves as an ongoing live experience is still a journey where we learn new things every day, but we will always consider what is the best course of action for the players and our development team alike. We believe the decision to shift this release is absolutely the right one to deliver the best experience for you all, while ensuring we continue to operate with a healthy and sustainable approach.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued support for Sea of Thieves. We appreciate you all, and as always, we’ll see you on the seas!

– Joe “Three Sheets” Neate