Captaincy Is Coming to Sea of Thieves!

Yearning to put your stamp on a ship you can truly call your own? Not much longer now…

That’s right, as revealed in our singalong segment at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12th, the long-awaited promise of Captaincy is soon to be fulfilled in Sea of Thieves.

Season Seven arrives in July, and with it comes a whole set of Captaincy features that will not only allow you to name your ship and emblazon it on the crest for all to see, but customise the ship’s interior to your heart’s content and earn a whole host of new progression rewards too. Miss the Showcase event? You can watch the trailer right here…

Captains of Adventure - Official Sea of Thieves Season Seven Trailer

Duration 1:52

Hopefully this gets your buccaneer blood pumping for everything coming to Sea of Thieves in Season Seven. Plenty more detail to be shared as we get closer to launch!

As you’ll have seen in the trailer above, we’re also celebrating the landmark of 30 million players. It’s a truly staggering milestone that means the world to everyone here at the studio. We want to thank you all so much for joining us on the seas since 2018, and we are giddily excited to see how many of you go on to take up the mantle of Captains.

In honour of this 30 million player milestone there’ll be a Gold & Glory Weekend starting on June 17th, offering double gold and reputation and boosted Renown for all treasures cashed in. Before June ends you can also look forward to content updates delivering further improvements and fixes, heaping new treasures onto the Pirate Emporium shelves and ushering in our fifth time-limited Adventure, ‘The Forsaken Hunter’. And then the age of Captaincy will be imminent…

It’s set to be an exhilarating couple of months for Sea of Thieves, so settle into your Captain’s chair, start brainstorming the best ship name on the seas and brace for the next phase of adventure!