Sea of Thieves: Launch Status Update

Running into issues? Here's a breakdown of our top priorities (updated)

Hi, we wanted to share an update with all our players about the top issues that we've been seeing since we launched Sea of Thieves. Below are the main launch issues along with their current status.

NOTE: This page is no longer being updated. For the latest information on game status, new features and known issues, please check the in-depth patch notes and the status page.

Last updated: April 10th, 12pm BST

Live issues:

1.    Achievements being delayed

  • Some achievements earned during launch week have not yet been awarded to players.

    Status: This turned out to be a more involved fix than originally anticipated. We are planning to test a potential fix for it midweek and will share more information as to whether that looks like it will succeed or we'll need a further client update.

    2.    Bounty Quests occasionally not triggering skeletons

  • There are two issues with this. One is in certain caves on specific islands where skeletons will not be able to spawn. We have a fix for this coming in tomorrow's client update, and there is further work ongoing to investigate why skeletons occasionally spawn in the ground.

    Status: Partial fix for this incoming on Wednesday April 11th, work ongoing for full fix.

    Advice: Sailing away and back to the affected islands can work as a temporary workaround.

    3.    Characters losing details such as hair colour/scars

  • We have seen a number of issues being reported on this since launch. We are working on some tooling for our Support team to be able to resolve individual cases that have been reported.

    Status: Hold tight, fix incoming.

    4.    Some shop purchases between April 4th (6pm BST) and April 5th (6pm BST) did not complete correctly

  • We have seen a number of issues being reported on this, and we have been able to track all transactions that did not complete correctly. We have identified who has been affected by this and will be rectifying.

    Status: Identified affected users, working on a plan to rectify.

    Fixed for next client update:

    1.    Some players unable to equip a second weapon

  • Players can find themselves in a position where they cannot equip a second weapon. This has been fixed and will be in the next update.

    Status: Believed fixed for next game update (ETA: Wednesday April 11th).

    Believed fixed – monitoring:

    1.    Player rewards being delayed

  • Due to the volume of players, our services that awarded players gold and reputation when cashing in rewards could be delayed. Players should expect to see these rewards eventually come through, as they are queued up in our message service.

    Status: We believe we have resolved this, and rewards should have flowed through to players now. We will monitor throughout the weekend.

    Advice: If you believe you have still not earned rewards, please raise a customer support request. We are working through individual cases and looking at the data.  

    2.    Players having difficulty getting into the game at peak times

  • During peak times (9pm–2am BST/4pm–9pm EDT/1pm–6pm PDT) we have been seeing a very high volume of players, which has been leading to strain on our server matchmaking services.

    Status: We believe we have resolved the issues which were leading to this. We will monitor throughout the weekend.

    Upcoming maintenance windows:

  • Wednesday April 11th, 9am–2pm BST


    Joe Neate, Executive Producer