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First Steps

Bel and I grew up here, but pirates who make it to the Sea of Thieves from elsewhere have a habit of finding themselves washed up on Old Sailor Isle, a peaceful haven just outside the borders of our pirate paradise. I’ve heard stories that there’s a friendly face to greet them, talk them through the fundamentals and send them on a Maiden Voyage into the Sea of Thieves itself once they’ve practised the basics of navigation, combat and ship repair. Even an experienced pirate can relive their Maiden Voyage if they choose – who knows, there might be treasure you didn’t find the first time around…

After all that sailing, most pirates like to enjoy a hearty, er, celebration when they first arrive. If you’re one of them, chances are your next conscious experience will be coming to your senses in one of the Sea of Thieves’ many taverns. Taverns are located at Outposts, and there are at least half a dozen that I know of dotted across the map – we’ll look at them in more detail later. For now, you can rest assured that your ship will be anchored nearby, no matter which watering hole you start from.

If you’re lucky, you might draw the attention of a Mysterious Stranger who’s keeping an eye out for new arrivals. He may look almost as fearsome as me, but it’s worth doing as he suggests if you’re just starting out on your career in piracy. Not only will it give you an opportunity to get the lay of the land, so to speak, you’ll also find a little bit of gold can go a long way in the early days.

When your headache’s finally been eased by the comforting presence of coins in your purse, it’s time to think about what you’d like to do next. And, more importantly, who you’d like to join you on the journey…

By Nine-Cat Nura

I’m Nine-Cat Nura, writing to you from the Sea of Thieves. Why? I was promised a good amount of gold if I did, that’s why. Besides, the rest of my crew are ashore, handing in a couple of skulls to Madame Olive over at the—well, I’m getting ahead of myself.