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Picking Your Pirate

What kind of pirate will you be? That’s the first question people ask themselves as they prepare to set sail on the Sea of Thieves, while visions of their possible future selves swim before them in a haze of ambition, excitement and grog.

If, while browsing the pirate possibilities, you don’t see anything that just screams out “Yes! That’s the kind of shifty-looking scoundrel I want to be!” you can always summon up more alternatives from the ether until you spot a shape that really embodies your inner marauder. Should you choose to shake things up further into your adventures, it’s also possible to gulp down a Pirate Appearance Potion and completely renew your physique.

Whether you elect to be an aged, wiry sea dog or a lumbering, barrel-chested brawler, there’s no need to worry about the finer details like the length of your hair or particularly interesting scars. Those traits will come later, when you’ve taken your first steps on your new pirate feet, earned yourself some gold and paid a visit to the nearest Clothing and Vanity Chests. There are plenty of stylish alternatives available by default, or you can opt to spend plunder at Outposts on everything from trousers to tattoos.

If you spot a pirate who’s sporting an accessory or style choice you simply can’t find in the local clothing shop, however, it’s probably a reward from the Voyages they’ve been on. As you make your way through the world and accomplish some daring feats of your own, you’ll start to build up your own collection of hairstyles, peglegs and other features that will help you become the fearsome buccaneer you’ve always dreamed of presenting to the world.

By Nine-Cat Nura

I’m Nine-Cat Nura, writing to you from the Sea of Thieves. Why? I was promised a good amount of gold if I did, that’s why. Besides, the rest of my crew are ashore, handing in a couple of skulls to Madame Olive over at the—well, I’m getting ahead of myself.