Celebrate Three Years on the Sea of Thieves!

Events, cosmetics, IRL goodies – see what we've got for you on our third anniversary!

You read that right, folks! It’s been three whole years since Sea of Thieves set out on its maiden voyage. From launch to Steam launch, from Anniversary Update to Seasons, to say it’s been quite the ride would be selling it short. More than 20 million pirates have now sailed the high seas looking for adventure, hunting treasure and cronching bananas, and we’re happier than a Megalodon in muck – wait, that’s not a phrase.

As the third anniversary was coming up, we asked our players to send us #SoTSelfies of their pirates, and 2000 of them went into the composition of the special celebratory mosaic design below! From everyone on the Rare team, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come along with us so far on the Sea of Thieves journey. 2021 is shaping up to be our biggest year yet, so keep your eyes peeled for what we’ve got coming over the horizon.

Now let’s roll out the barrel and start celebrating! There are goodies and bonuses galore to mark the occasion, so here’s a look at what fun we’ve got lined up.

First off, a little anniversary gift for anyone who logs in during our celebrations – the rather swish Prosperous Captain’s Sails as seen below! Simply play Sea of Thieves between March 18th and 25th and you’ll receive this very fetching memento.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass member, you can also grab yourself the Jump for Joy Emote for playing between March 18th and 21st. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, the Ocean Crawler Bundle can also be claimed for free between March 18th and June 18th as part of XGPU Perks!

Still need the game itself? Sea of Thieves is 50% off on the Microsoft Store from March 18th-21st, so it’s the perfect time for you to start your pirate odyssey and enjoy all the anniversary fun.

As for in-game events, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. We’ll be running a special Gold and Glory Weekend from March 19th-22nd, where not only is double gold and Trading Company reputation up for grabs, extra seasonal Renown is too!

Our final set of Twitch Drops for the current Season are happening from March 19th-25th, when you can earn the remaining Gilded Phoenix equipment, as well as a new Hornpipe Dance Emote if you want to cut a nautical rug. Just tune in to a streaming Partner every day for at least 20 minutes – find more info on our Twitch Drops page and in our Partner Directory!

Our final monthly update for Sea of Thieves Season One has also just gone live, and headlining the latest Pirate Emporium restock is the mystical Sea of Sands collection, along with some lustrous new pals in the Gold Curse Macaw and Alsatian. There’s a free ROFL Emote on offer too, for when laughing out loud just isn’t enough to express your mirth. We’re also running a very special anniversary sale at the Pirate Emporium from March 19th-22nd – perfect if you want to snag some very generous discounts!

As part of this update we’ve got the Vault Raiders event running from March 25th to April 15th, where you can help the Gold Hoarders recover some of their most valuable loot. Complete the challenges within and you can earn yourself the new Gold Hoarders weapon set. Talk about shiny.

Speaking of shiny, we’ve also added a range of limited edition Sea of Thieves anniversary clothing to the official Rare Store from today, so you can celebrate in style – including a limited edition bargain bundle of a metallic Reaper’s Mark T-shirt, Sea of Thieves Top Trumps and an Event Exclusive Coin. Don’t miss out!

And for those looking to explore the backstories behind some of Sea of Thieves’ main characters, the first free issue of our latest Sea of Thieves: Origins comic miniseries is available to download over on comiXology right now. Follow the tale of the noble Sir Arthur Pendragon as he strikes fear into the bones of any skeleton who dares roam the waves and earns his title of the Champion of Souls!

Quite the celebration overall, we think you’ll find. Thanks again to all the players who have cast off with us over the past three years – whether you’re on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 PC or Steam. The fun doesn’t stop here though, and we can’t wait for you to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for Sea of Thieves!

20 Million Players - Official Sea of Thieves

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