Special Events for Sea of Thieves’ Sixth Anniversary!

See what’s in store for 2024 as you go all out for gold, glory and gleaming glass loot!

Six years! Who’d have thought it? It was on this day in 2018 that Sea of Thieves came crashing into the world and we’re still here cooking up new features, you’re still here playing them and we love you for that, and the seas are about to get busier than ever when PlayStation®5 players join in with our ungovernable shenanigans next month.

So how are we marking the anniversary this year? Mainly by letting you in on a whole treasure trove of secrets. We’ve got plenty planned for the next few Seasons and thought you might enjoy a taster of what’s on the horizon, which you can get simply by tuning in to the special 2024 Preview Event video on our YouTube or Twitch channels as of today.

Press play now to learn about new features on the way to spice up the Sea of Thieves sandbox in 2024! Exciting new weapons? Check. Inventive new tools? Yep. The return of Flameheart and the Burning Blade? Oh, don’t let us spoil it, just watch it:

Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event

Duration 20:57

Of course, there has to be an in-game sixth anniversary celebration too. This year it comes in the form of the Sixth Anniversary Celebration, an Event name that took weeks to pull together. Running from March 20th-25th, this sees Legendary Messages in a Bottle washing up on shorelines and settling into shipwrecks all across the Sea of Thieves, rich with promise and ready for the taking. In each one is a Voyage leading to Athena’s Fortune treasure, and you won’t even need to be a Pirate Legend to go get it.

Cosmetic rewards? Naturally: just setting sail while this Event is active will award you the anniversary gift of a Golden Sailor Capstan, while pirates who complete enough Voyages sourced from these Legendary bottles can tool up with the thematically appropriate Seaglass Rapier.

Did we mention Gold & Glory? That’s right, you can also earn double gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown, Allegiance and Guild Reputation via Gold & Glory boosts while this Event is live from March 20th-25th. Get involved!

Can we interest you in Pirate Emporium bargains to accompany your other earnings? We can? Nice, as there’s an Anniversary Sale kicking off today. This one runs from March 20th-28th, with discounts on fabulous cosmetics from Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island and the ever-popular Dark Warsmith collection. The elusive Reaper’s Mark Sails are briefly back in stock too, while the Conductor Emote can be freely claimed by all visitors to the Pirate Emporium for the duration of the sale.

The other big news on the wind in recent weeks is our upcoming PlayStation®5 launch – you can read more about this year’s new editions of the game and all the associated incentives of the Deluxe and Premium Editions in a recent article. April 30th is the big day for PS5® players, coinciding with the arrival of Season 12 for all players, bringing with it the first batch of new features teased in today’s 2024 Preview Event video. Full circle!

PS5 Pre-Order Trailer: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:45

We always say there’s no slowing down for Sea of Thieves, but we really have sailed into 2024 ready to battle hard on behalf of players, set on sustaining this world as a place for you to seek adventure and make memories with your crew. Putting in the work at the end of last year to secure Season 11’s January launch was a statement of intent; the 2024 Preview Event, along with our ongoing focus to keep improving in areas such as hit registration and anti-cheat, show that we’re still in this for the long haul. We’d love it if you were there too, to find out exactly what else is coming over the horizon.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 and all its knife-throwing, ziplining, double-barrelling action will launch on April 30th. Until then, we hope you enjoy the Preview Event, the Sixth Anniversary Celebration and the time remaining to ramp up your Renown and unlock all Season 11’s rewards! Frorb forever.

#BeMorePirate 2024 Trailer: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:42