Sea of Thieves Available to Pre-order on PlayStation®5

Three new editions coming your way wherever you play, starting from today!

We’re delighted to share that Sea of Thieves is now available to pre-order on PlayStation 5, with three new editions hitting the PlayStation™Store today! Keen corsairs-to-be now have the option to pre-order the standard edition of the game, the Deluxe Edition or the Premium Edition from the PlayStation Store, which come with a variety of perks and bonuses. If that sounds interesting to you, we have excellent news: this handy article’s going to tell you what’s included in each!

For those of you on our existing platforms, do not fear: Steam, Windows 10/11 and Xbox versions of these editions will release next week alongside March’s content update. More on that later – but let’s get into what’s on offer for our incoming PS5® pirates!

PS5 Pre-Order Trailer: Official Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves

The standard edition of Sea of Thieves includes all the free updates we’ve released to players over the last six years, plus an entitlement to all the free content updates planned for years to come. Not only that, but owners of this version of the game will have access to a range of delectable digital bonuses accessible via the Sea of Thieves website upon login. These include the Sea of Thieves Original Soundtrack – 2024 Edition, the Sea of Thieves: Athena's Fortune audiobook and The Rough Guide to Sea of Thieves eBook – perfect for any swabbie who wants to brush up on their lore and orient themselves before setting sail.

Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition

For those who want to boost their in-game inventories and coffers before setting sail for the first time, the Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition offers everything included in the standard game and plenty more. With seafaring swag in the form of the Ocean Crawler Cutlass, Pistol, Shovel, Hat, Jacket, Dress, Trousers and Hook – plus a hearty 10,000 gold so you can start your Sea of Thieves shopping ASAP – you’ll be well equipped to start off your journey to Pirate Legend status in style.

But that’s not all, as Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition buyers can expect a further Deluxe Bundle of goodies containing the Collector's Thunderous Fury Figurehead, Collector's Thunderous Fury Sails and Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss.

Sea of Thieves: Premium Edition

Finally, the accolade of most super-sized of our new editions goes to the Sea of Thieves: Premium Edition. This comes with everything included in the standard and Deluxe Edition offerings, plus a hefty Premium Bundle containing the Collector’s Dark Warsmith Figurehead and Sails, the Dark Warsmith Hull, Flag, Wheel, Capstan, Cannons and Cannon Flare, the Dark Warsmith Costume and the menacing Diabolical Dog pet.

The Sea of Thieves: Premium Edition also includes the Season 12 Plunder Pass, opening up further avenues to earnable rewards as you play the game and raise your Seasonal Renown. And finally, this edition offers the opportunity to play the game five days ahead of our PlayStation global launch on April 30th! Yes, that’s right – folks pre-ordering this version will get a full five days’ head start on learning the ropes and earning rewards, with the game unlocking for them on April 25th.

PlayStation Pre-order Bonuses

Edition-specific content aside, PlayStation 5 players who pre-order any of these editions before launch will also receive a hoard of exclusive cosmetic items. These stunning bonuses include the Ruby Viper Cutlass, Pistol, Blunderbuss and Eye of Reach, as well as a Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet along with Kraken and Sea Dog pet outfits in which to dress it. So not only will your pirate look snazzy, your pet will too.

Everyone who pre-orders Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 will also have exclusive access to a PlayStation-only Closed Beta, taking place from April 12th–15th. Those who jump in and play during this Closed Beta will earn the Dauntless Adventurer Title and Dauntless Adventurer Sails – special swag allowing you to proudly peacock your status as one of the first waves of players to hit PlayStation shores. These servers will be PlayStation only too, offering a great environment to get up to speed without the danger of crossing paths with any experienced Pirate Legends.

Coming Soon

Steam, Windows 10/11 and Xbox versions have no need to feel left out, as these three editions will release on our existing platforms next week, alongside a jam-packed March content update. This update brings with it a Pirate Emporium restock, the introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat and a new way for more players to enjoy the Sea of Thieves! Solo Seas is an upcoming single-player mode, which will allow anyone without an active multiplayer subscription to Game Pass Core or PlayStation Plus to set sail on a solo journey through our world, enjoying its many and varied Voyages and Tall Tales.

You can hear all about this – and more – in the latest episode of Sea of Thieves News:

Sea of Thieves News March 6th 2024

Duration 9:18

For those of you excited to start your journey, we can’t wait to welcome you aboard. It’s a new dawn for Sea of Thieves, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the seas soon!