Season Seven Community Day Set for September 17th

This Talk Like a Pirate Day special includes gifts, Twitch Drops, Ancient Skeletons and more!

Buckle up, pirates! The next Sea of Thieves Community Day has been marked in the schedule, and it’s set to be an absolutely storming celebration of piratical antics and community creativity. It’s coming up quickly on the horizon, too – kicking off at 10am UTC on Saturday, September 17th and lasting a full 24 hours. And it’s nestled into the heart of wider Talk Like A Pirate Day celebrations taking place across a long weekend, meaning that there’s even more than usual up for grabs!

As always with our Community Days (just check out Season Six and Five’s efforts), we strive to go bigger and better every time – and this one’s especially glittering, with the promise of some significant shinies to capitalise on throughout the course of the day’s events. So, now you know when it is, let’s get into what’s involved…

Herd Community

Alright folks, you know the drill. But if you don’t, we’re here to recap it for you anyway. As we have done for the last couple of Community Days, we’re putting in-game rewards in your hands: all you need to do to make yourself herd is use #SeaofThievesCommunityDay on Twitter from 10am UTC on the day, and you’ll contribute to raising the overall Community Emissary Grade.

As with our in-game Emissary system, there are five Emissary Grades for keen corsairs to climb – with the final Grade unlocking a sweet multiplier that gives everyone two-and-a-half times the amount of gold and reputation for their loot! As the usual Gold Rush periods are switched off for the day’s celebrations, once that final Emissary grade is unlocked, you can hand in for maximum value whenever you like – no need to hoard it.

Season Seven’s Community Day will also have a generous fixed boost on Renown for players wanting to power through Season Seven’s 100 levels of progression and unlock all those rewards, so there’s lots to play for!

Season Seven Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 3:12

A Megaton of Skeleton

It's not just gold, reputation and Renown ready for the taking on this special day, either. Once you fine folks hit that fifth and final Community Emissary Grade, you’ll also inspire a surge of Ancient Skeleton spawns. Yes, that’s right: for the first time ever, we’ll be standing ready to actively increase the number of Ancient Skeletons clinking around the Sea of Thieves!

Pirates on our seas will see a notable increase in these Ancient Coin-dropping creatures scurrying around island shores as soon as that final cumulative Grade is hit – so when it’s live, make sure you keep an eye on our Community Day hub page to monitor the community’s progress towards that goal.

Dis-count Us In!

If you manage to score some Ancient Coins on the day, the good news is that you can make them go even further with a Talk Like A Pirate Day sale in the Pirate Emporium. From September 15th-20th, a collection of fetching premium goods will have their prices slashed for your perusal and purchasing. A whole hoard of emotes will be on sale, and for those starry-eyed pirates out there, the beautiful Lodestar Ship Bundle will also be heavily discounted – so you can get all the twinkle for a lot less of the price. Perfect.

While we’re on the subject of cut-price bargains, it’d be remiss of us to not mention that the Rare merchandise store will be getting in on the festivities too. All Sea of Thieves-themed items will be eligible for a nifty 30% discount for the duration of Community Day, to all thrifty pirates who remember to use the COMMUNITYDAY discount code at the checkout.

Included in this sale will be some very special swag, as Season Seven’s one-day-only Community Day T-shirt and physical Community Day flag hit the store for an extremely limited time. With this promotion only active for one day, you’ll need to be speedy to secure your shopping list, so we suggest sliding on over to the store to see if there’s anything else that takes your fancy ahead of time. Don’t be shy, you deserve it – treat yo’self!

Gift It All You’ve Got

As Community Day takes place during our Talk Like A Pirate Day celebrations, there are plenty of opportunities to increase the contents of your various Sea of Thieves inventories. If you log in between September 15th and September 20th, you’ll find that the Arrrgh! Emote drops straight into your Vanity Chest – and if you swing by the Pirate Emporium at the same time, the Ranting Rogue Emote will be yours to pick up for free too.

If these aren’t enough to express your Talking Like a Pirate skills, we also recommend you swing by your nearest Merchant Alliance representative during that time. They can endow you with a superb box of celebratory fireworks to send up into the night sky. This box of sky-friendly sparkles will be available from September 15th to September 20th, so don’t forget to pick up your collection of shimmering signals when you play.

Of course, Community Day has its very own login bonus: the Season Seven Community Day Flag. Hoist this autumnal-flavoured flag high on the day to show fellow seafarers you’re in the know about the celebratory shenanigans. You’ll need to ensure you log in between September 17th (10am UTC) and September 18th (10am UTC) to secure the item as a permanent fixture in your Flag Box.

A Stream of Goodies

For those of you who love to watch Sea of Thieves streams: you’re in luck too, because tuning in to any participating Sea of Thieves creator on Twitch during Community Day could see you sailing away with the Gilded Phoenix Hull. Just link your accounts, watch a participating streamer playing for an hour to unlock your reward, and don’t forget to claim it within 24 hours! If you’re not already signed up to our Twitch Drops programme, or you need a quick recap of how it all works, make sure you swing by our dedicated Twitch Drops page.

If you can’t decide which creator to watch, Sea of Thieves TV itself will be broadcasting a special show that puts you, our viewers, in charge of the action. We’ll challenge the chat to steer our guests’ ship as they tackle everything a Sea of Thieves session has to throw at them – so we hope you can be trusted to make the right decisions! And if they’re not the right decisions, we hope they’re at least entertaining ones.

Unsaturated Hats

If you think either you or one of your crewmates deserves fame and a particularly fetching hat, look no further as #BeMorePirate returns in a supercharged fashion for Community Day. This is a day to celebrate our amazing artists, players, creators and community MVPs – so as is customary, we’ll be scouring our channels and the #BeMorePirate hashtag for amazing Sea of Thieves stories, from now until the end of the big day. Worthy winners will be awarded the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame, so get your submissions in soon to see if your antics warrant your pirate’s bonce being crowned with such a special bonnet.

Glove at First Sight

Hat’s not all, folks – you may remember that last Community Day we revealed a new competition for Sea of Thieves’ fashionistas: Style of Thieves. The first Style of Thieves competition will kick off later this month, with details of how to enter arriving next week, so stay tuned to find out how you could bag yourself the flamboyant finery on offer to well-dressed corsairs every Season. To reacquaint yourselves with our Style of Thieves plan, head to this handy recap on our website – and in the meantime, make sure your pirates’ wardrobes are ready for the contest about to ensue.

Take a Chance on Sea

If you’re already a part of our amazing community of pirates, we can’t wait to welcome you in for a day of celebrating what makes our seas so special: you. But if you’re new to Sea of Thieves or thinking about diving in for the very first time, Community Day – with its gifts and combined goals and players sharing some amazing efforts – is the perfect opportunity to take a chance on the sea. So set sail for adventure on September 17th, see what’s going on out there on the waves and maybe come back with a whole new crew of friends.