Flaunt Your Flair for Fashion in Style of Thieves

Put on your glad rags, strike a pose and snag some glorious gloves in our latest contest!

The Sea of Thieves is awash with pirates dripping in style. Whether it’s on our social platforms or our dedicated Discord channels, we’ve seen many model marauders strutting their stuff down those wooden plank runways in the name of fashion, and we felt like it was about time we shone the spotlight on the seafaring stylists among you.

We know that from funny blue hats to gold-emblazoned sails, you pirates love an exclusive accessory to reward your antics, so we’ve raided our wardrobe to offer up a bespoke addition to our ever-growing range of blue-and-gold offerings: the Fashionista’s Finery Gloves. All you need to do to get your hands on these (or in them) is to enter our upcoming competition, and we’ve got a sneak peek at what this new contest will look like right here so that you can get your threads ready.

Gear Up

The fashion world works in seasons, so on the seas it shall do the same! Going forward, with each new Sea of Thieves Season we will take to this very website (as well as our social media channels) to talk about the latest categories and winners – categories in which we’ll be encouraging you to dress your best, from chic and elegant to downright silly. So whether you’re a capsule wardrobe corsair or your chests are overflowing with outfits, we’re sure you’ll find a theme to suit your style.

To avoid other pesky pirates pilfering your panache, we’ll then give you a specific window of time to strike a pose, snap a screenshot and share it with us on social channels using the #StyleOfThieves hashtag, or in our dedicated Discord channel. Our crew will then shortlist those that we feel truly embody the themes before turning them over to an audience vote!

Yes, to get our seafaring community more involved in the process, shortlisted entries will go to a public vote via the Sea of Thieves Twitter account. This way we can celebrate not just the overall winners but those who didn’t quite make the cut, while also inspiring the next wave of savvy stylists. To really let the clothes do the talking, we’ll be only be awarding the prize to individual pirates unless a theme specifically calls for a crew. And we want to see you flex your creative muscles, so no Costumes on the catwalk!

Spy the Loot

A sucker for our current contest colourways, we’re adding to our tangentially connected cosmetics – the #BeMorePirate Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame, and the Golden Hour Sails of #SoTShot – with some more blue and gold for the winning scoundrels’ wardrobes. Whether you’ve already nabbed yourself the other prizes and can rock a co-ord, or you’re looking for that colour pop statement piece, the Fashionista’s Finery Gloves are sure to add a flash of glamour to your garb.

Keep your eyes trained on our social platforms for further announcements of when our first season of Style of Thieves is set to launch, as well as the category line-up, submission window and voting period! Until then, why not raid the equipment shops, clear some Tall Tales for new threads or peruse some of the sets available to earn via the #SoTGear tag? We’ll see you stylish sailors on the waves soon!