Be More Pirate and Claim a Rare Reward!

We’re revisiting the #BeMorePirate tag to inspire new acts of player ingenuity!

We first introduced the world to the idea of being more pirate back in the Flameheart-free days of 2017, when the only shouts and squawks you’d hear over the ocean were those of other player pirates (assuming you were one of the lucky ones who’d smuggled their way into our Insider Programme, of course).

It’s incredibly heartening, then, to see bilge rats old and new continuing to use #BeMorePirate on social channels as the rallying cry of the community some three-and-a-bit years later! Almost brings a tear to our good eye. Well, it’s that or the Kraken meat that’s burning on the stove, one or the other.

Given that it’s been a while since we first introduced the tag, we figured it was about time that the ante was sufficiently elevated regarding what it truly means to #BeMorePirate. Don’t worry, we’re not going to start demanding you play Sea of Thieves exclusively from seabound vessels (unless you want to, of course). No, we simply want to start honouring those who we spot truly embodying the mantra of #BeMorePirate with that most coveted of corsair commodities: a nice hat.

From in-game clips of cunning combat, stunning sculptures formed of spoils, acts of maritime generosity and everything in between to sensational showcases of real-world Sea of Thieves fandom – the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame is for anyone who goes the extra nautical mile with their skills, ingenuity, commitment or enthusiasm for Sea of Thieves to truly #BeMorePirate!

As you’re all cut from the same loot-hungry cloth, we expect you’re busy snarling at these very words, demanding details of how to get one of these finely tailored skull decorations for your own pirate’s bonce. Fortunately, you just need to continue doing what you’re already doing.

Use #BeMorePirate to highlight your own work, or use it to nominate the actions of a particular picaroon you think deserves some recognition, on whatever social media platforms encourage such contemporary antics (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are all particularly good places for tagging). We’ll be keeping our eyes on the tag and will hand out hats to those we deem deserving, but please note: we’ll only be sending out a small selection every fortnight in order to keep an air of exclusivity around this coveted cap.

So in short, do something that impresses us and shows your dedication to the inspiring and adventurous life of a buccaneer, flaunt it with #BeMorePirate on social media and we’ll reward the best boasts we see with a beautiful blue bonnet!

However, we should clarify that this head-warmer isn’t a replacement for the in-game player immortalisations that will continue to be added around the seas in future. It’s just a more immediate way for us to reward the remarkable, amusing, impressive or heartwarming acts from (and inspired by) the Sea of Thieves community that we see on a daily basis. It also gives our most piratey, well, pirates, a way to flex their notoriety with a hat as unfeasibly glorious as they are. Win-win!

So get out there and show us why you, your cherished crewmate or a favourite freebooter truly symbolise what it means to #BeMorePirate, and earn a nice hat so that everyone will instantly appreciate how brilliant, suave and naturally handsome you (or they) must be. Cheers!