Since we kicked off the month of April with a brand new video series that takes you behind the scenes to explore swords and how your feedback factors in, it's about time for us to head back into the tavern for another Inn-side Story video! Last time, a duo of Senior Designers explored our Voyage System and this time, we're digging even deeper into Design territory.

Join Mike (Design Director) and Shelley (Senior Designer) as they talk about the limited resources available to pirates who sail the Sea of Thieves. Gone are the days of wildly firing off cannonballs, endlessly patching up your ship and searching only for islands with your targeted treasure buried on it! Instead, find out more about how these finite resources affect gameplay and can help you create more interesting stories…

Inn-side Story #14 - Resources

Duration 2:46

Reckon you'll be scavenging the surrounding islands in an attempt to equip your whole crew for every possibility? Let us know by joining in on the Sea of Thieves conversation on any of our social channels!