As we head into autumn and the air begins to cool, things are heating up in Sea of Thieves! Our third major content update since launch, Forsaken Shores, will be available to players on September 19th, free of charge to all who own the game or play via Game Pass.

Forsaken Shores opens up a new, previously unreachable region of the Sea of Thieves: The Devil's Roar. Navigating this treacherous land brings with it new threats, new challenges and new adventures. Superheated water, burning rocks raining down from volcanoes and exploding geysers are just some of the new environmental elements that will change the way pirates traverse land and sea. Are you prepared?

Official Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores Teaser Trailer

Duration 1:43

Does the trailer have you intrigued? Play Sea of Thieves ahead of the Forsaken Shores update to investigate the identity of the mysterious sailor in the rowboat and the story behind that sad, slightly sinister song. You can also find out more about the ways in which your own crew will be able make use of those incoming rowboats in our recent Inn-side Story video.

To explore Forsaken Shores, head out onto the seas in less than two weeks' time on September 19th. Gather your crew and prepare for a land like none you've sailed before!