The Sea of Thieves is full to the brim with treasure, be it in the form of magical skulls, crying treasure chests, luxurious silks or gleaming trinkets washed ashore. But are you ever left holding too much of it as a Galleon approaches? Well, the answer to your piratical prayers is perhaps… the rowboat!

Load your rowboat full of treasure, grab an oar and paddle yourself out of a particular creek. This mini-marine queen will put an end to flipping a coin to choose which bit of loot gets left behind (and which limb survives a shark attack).

You’ll be able to find these nifty boats on beaches when our upcoming content update Forsaken Shores hits on September 19th – word on the sea is that you’ll need them to get through hot water too!

Have a watch of our latest Behind the Scenes video, as Senior Designer Shelley Preston and Community Video Manager Jon McFarlane discuss the development of the rowboat.

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Rowboats

Duration 4:26

Are you looking forward to staring your crew in the face as you do all the hard paddling? We bet you are.

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