Creator Spotlight - BriittyBear

Say hi to this high-energy streamer, dedicated gamer and mental health supporter!

For this latest Creator Spotlight we sat down with the ever-energetic BriittyBear, a streamer known for a love of wine as well as grog, rare fish-chomping mishaps and overall high seas shenanigans. Join us to learn all about the Bear Clan founder and how she became the pirate you know and love today!

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[Q]: What was your introduction to the world of games?

[A]: I started gaming when I was around six years old and fell in LOVE with it right away! My first systems were the NES and Nintendo 64. Some of my favourite games through the years have been the original Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy X, Mass Effect, Fallout, World of Warcraft and Sea of Thieves. I’ve met incredible people through the world of gaming, many that are close friends and even some that have truly become family!

[Q]: How did you become part of the Sea of Thieves community?

[A]: A friend of mine recommended I give the game a try on stream, so I first set sail in early 2020! I fell in LOVE with the beautiful graphics and the fact that EVERY time you set sail, it's always a different adventure. From there, I met more and more people from the community!

[Q]: How did creating content become your ‘thing’?

[A]: I’ve always loved gaming and the community that surrounds it! I started creating content three years ago and it IMMEDIATELY became a passion of mine. I worked 10-hour shifts at a factory while creating content on the weekends, then I went full-time in September 2019 and it has truly changed my life. The fact that I get to make people smile and laugh is a remarkable thing!

[Q]: How do you decide what kind of content to create?

[A]: I have been told I’m high-energy and I always try to bring that to my streams! My community (the Bear Clan) is also very focused on promoting mental health as it’s such a huge part of our everyday lives, so no matter if we’re playing Sea of Thieves, just chatting or doing community games, making a safe and welcoming place has always been key to my content!

[Q]: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating content?

[A]: One of the challenges I’ve found is finding a way to create fresh new fights and steals. As much as I love a good Fort of the Damned tuck, I’ve found I have more fun (and so does my community) when I do silly things like ‘Friendship Trackers’, placing a Reaper’s Chest or a Reaper’s Bounty on someone ELSE’s ship to always know where they are! It’s FRIENDLY, I PROMISE!

[Q]: What different channels do you have?

[A]: I stream full-time on Twitch and constantly upload to YouTube! I also have an Instagram that includes lots of food and beverage pictures, a Twitter (which I’m STILL trying to figure out) and a TikTok!

We also have a Bear Clan Discord where we have community events such as server takeovers, movie nights and more. We use it as a place to connect, game and support each other 24/7!

[Q]: What’s been your most memorable Sea of Thieves moment so far?

[A]: One of my FAVOURITE, most hilarious moments was while I was solo Slooping. I stole an Ashen Chest of Legends from another pirate at Morrow’s Peak. While that pirate was on the Ferry of the Damned, I was rifling through their barrels to find some food to protect myself, and grabbed a SHADOW STORMFISH! Once the pirate respawned and shot at me, in a panic I ATE THE SHADOW STORMFISH right in front of them! My community NEVER lets me forget it, and I was wheezing from laughing so hard!

Shadow Stormfish… Sand Battlegills…

Duration 1:01

[Q]: What do you enjoy most about the game now, and what are you looking forward to in future?

[A]: What I love most about Sea of Thieves is how different every adventure and encounter is. It never ceases to amaze me that we can set sail 50 times with the same ‘plan’ in mind and each adventure will be wildly different! It makes the game so much fun never knowing what is on the horizon.

I am SO thrilled about the Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life update! Every big update has brought more players and viewers to the seas, and I can’t wait to have new encounters with many new friends. Keep crushing it, Sea of Thieves team!

[Q]: How did you come up with your channel name?

[A]: My channel name is actually a nickname given to me by my mom when I was little! I was her “Little Britty Bear”! (AWWW, RIGHT?!)

[Q]: What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in gaming?

[A]: On Friday nights, I sail with the one and only BlackScreenDave. A friend in the stream challenged us by saying, “Hey you two! For every ship you sink within the next hour I’ll donate $10!”.

We decided all those donations would go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the community went NUTS. Everyone started matching the donations, server-hopping for us to find ships as fast as possible, and our community raised over $1700 in ONE SINGLE HOUR. It was truly remarkable, and I get a big smile every time I think about how we all came together to accomplish something so incredible for such a great cause.

[Q]: What do you like to get up to when you’re not streaming?

[A]: I love spending time outside and working on things for our new house. I’ve recently discovered I LOVE mowing the lawn and planting! We have a smoker that has absolutely become a hobby. I love cooking, grilling and trying new recipes, so if you have any smoker recipes, please send them my way!

It has also been important to me to balance screen time with getting fresh air and sun. Working out and running have also been a huge part of my life and I hope to do another half marathon soon!

[Q]: What advice would you give to a new content creator?

[A]: Play what you love! Play what makes you happy! It’s very easy to want to stick with certain games because the game is popular or you “have better numbers”, but I can assure you if you are having fun and loving what you’re doing, that is the most important thing.

Also, if you hear someone getting close to your ship yell “GREETINGS!” you should RUN!

[Q]: What’s one thing you would advise a content creator not to do?

[A]: Don’t burn yourself out! Take breaks, hydrate and stretch. Your community will understand if you need a water or snack break. Taking care of yourself will only improve your energy and that will be reflected in your streams!

[Q]: Could you give us one more random fact about yourself?

[A]: I don’t eat ANY food without using some type of silverware. Grapes, pizza, popcorn, toast, crackers, you name it! I don’t like food touching my hands!

And that wraps up this Creator Spotlight. We’d like to thank BriittyBear for putting aside some time to give us a better look at her life as a creator and Sea of Thieves player! We won’t be forgiving her for eating that raw Shadow Stormfish though…

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