Need crewmates who have fun!

  • I’m semi new and want to work on my pvp skills mostly, but I also love quests, I just want to be able to defend myself from loot sharks! I have a mic and like to have fun, I really love this game but it’s so boring alone. I play as often as I can! Would love a Gally of 3+ people :)

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  • @sharkky1267 Any server region or language preferences?

  • The key to Sea of Thieves is using the built in XBOX Live LFG System.

    (Yes its on PC as well!)

    Host or join, I spent the first year on Open Crews...good lord lol.

    Now I'm at the point I've played so damn much I've gone back to Open Crews for the madness of it!

    But seriously, use that for your next session. You have 10-15 "Friends" that are always on by the end of the week!

    It would really behoove the game and especially help retain new players of they put it in the dang Menu.

    Hell I played XBOX for years and never realized what an amazing tool was at my fingertips. But for SOT's it's a must!!!!

  • Hey Sharkky,

    I try to play a few nights a week. Add me and if I'm sailing feel free to join.


  • i've been playing the game for a bit but i've gotten tired of randoms, so feel free to add me (thiccsnail) if you're still looking for anyone to play with

  • @sharkky1267 Hey you can add me if uou want, sometimes i kill everything with a heartbeat and sometimes its fun to chill and join other crews.

    Gamertag: FaceYourDemon

  • @sharkky1267

    Hello Sharkky1267 , i think you came to the right place to find some new Crewmates and in here , you have more chance on finding a Gem of a Personality as in this Forum still houses a few weird but Unique Pirates ...

    i, sadly , cannot help you because i'm so old that i soon need help of a walking cane to defend myself in PvP. i think my flintlock shoots with water bullets and me cutlass has even forgotten what a grinding stone looks like...

    But no worries , as said before , you will find Great Pirates in here... Oh, one more thing , if you play Solo , then don't be bored , do some Tall Tales and enjoy the Music and Stories that unfolds before your eyes ...

    Happy Sailing in yer New Crew...

  • @clumsy-george said in Need crewmates who have fun!:


    me cutlass has even forgotten what a grinding stone looks like...

    Hahaha gave me a good laugh

  • @faceyourdemon

    i always , try to make at least someone give a smile , thanks Mr Faceyourdemons for letting me know.

xbox onecommunityjust for funstory & lorecompetition
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